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Farmdale Elementary
Farmdalehawks an IB World School

Farmdale Elementary

Dual Language Program

(English/ Spanish) Farmdalehawks

Students in the Dual Language Program receive

a 50/50 program of instruction in both English
and Spanish. The goal of the program is twofold:
to develop students who will be bilingual and 2660 Ruth Swiggett Dr.
biliterate in both languages and develop an Los ngeles, CA 90032
appreciation of both cultures. The program P: 323-222-6659 | F. 323-222-9693
spans kindergarten through fifth grade. E: farmdalehawks@gmail.com
www.farmdalehawks.org Mission
Single Language Program Principal, Oscar Sandoval
Farmdale is a school community dedicated to
Students in the Single Language Program are providing all students with a rigorous
introduced to a second language beginning in standards-based education and the essential
kindergarten. The language goal is to develop skills necessary to succeed as life long
basic conversational Spanish and become learners.
familiar with the cultural aspects of the Vision
language. The Farmdale community of students, staff,
and families is committed to providing the
Parents highest level of education with a strong,
Parents are active participants in the IB inquiry-based academic program within a safe,
program. Through workshops and grade level friendly, technology-rich environment that
meetings, parents increase their understanding prepares students to become global learners
of IB pedagogy and gain insight on how to and leaders.
support their child at home. The most important Parents, students, teachers and
question parents can ask their children at the administrators work together to help set
goals for student learning.
end of the school day is What questions did you
ask in class today?"
International Baccalaureate- Primary Years Programme
Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Transdisciplinary Learning
Global Thinkers
Teachers have designed the Program of
Inquiry (POI) curriculum to support the six IB
Transdisciplinary themes. The curriculum The Farmdale IB Program prepares students to
focuses on three essential questions: have the intellectual, personal, and social skills
What do we want to learn? (written) needed to be successful in our increasingly
How best will we learn? (taught) globalized world. Our work is to develop students
How will we know what we have who are internationally-minded. This is a student
learned? (assessed) who is reflective, considers others perspectives,
shows interest in the world community and
Students of different ability levels are
embodies all of the Learner Profiles attributes.
grouped together to provide opportunities
to practice being open-minded and caring
towards everyone.

As Part of the commitment to action, a

5 grade student presents her findings
from the Exhibition project to a 1 grade

Action Exhibition
As an IB student, the purpose of learning is to
take action. During and after each inquiry unit As the culminating PYP experience, it is required
students are encouraged to change habits, that all 5 graders complete the exhibition project
alter thinking or educate others based on their which encompasses all of the attributes of the
new understanding. Teachers frequently ask learner profile including the five essential
students: What will you do as a result of this elements. This is a collaborative and student-led,
Student Success in-depth inquiry facilitated by teachers. Final
inquiry or new learning?
Teacher Empowerment Projects are presented to students, parents and
Parent Involvement the community-at-large.