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THIS RENT AGREEMENT is executed at New Delhi, on day of April

2014 BETWEEN Smt. Santosh Sharma W/o late Krishan Kumar R/o,
C-51, Gulmohar Park New Delhi-110049. hereinafter called the
first party which expression shall mean to include them, their legal
heirs, successors, legal representatives, executors, nominees and
assignees, of the one part ;


Ms. Ritika Khare D/o Mr. Amar Khare R/o E-8/268, Trilanga
Bhopal (M.P.) Pin code- 462039 Permanent address Hereinafter
called the second party. And at present WHEREAS the first party are
the absolute owner of Property bearing No. C-51, Gulmohar Park
New Delhi 110049, and has agreed to let out second Floor of the
aforesaid property which consisting of 1bedrooms attached toilet- cum
baths and the second party has agreed to take the same on monthly
rental basis as agreed upon.


1. THAT the second party shall pay the monthly rental of

Rs.9,000/- (Rupees Nine Thousand only per month, payable in
advance on or before the 5th day of each English calendar

2. THAT the lease is granted for a period of eleven (11) months

commencing from 01-05 -2015 to 31-03-2016' However, the
same can be extended for another period of eleven months with
an increase of 10 % of rental value over the previous period, with
written consent of both the parties and fresh agreement will
made on the revised mutually agreed terms and conditions. In
case second party fail or not able to attend terms and conditions
this agreement terminate stand automatically.

3. THAT the second party shall use the aforesaid premises for
residential purposes only. The second party will also not perform
or permit to be performed any act in the premises which may
cause public nuisance or which may amount to be illegal.

4. THAT the second party shall not sublet the whole or any part of
the said premises to anyone else in any case as he has no right
to do so.

5. THAT the second party will not change the structure of the
premises, in any manner whatsoever, either affecting the whole
of the property or any part thereof, by raising concrete partition
walls or by raising any type of structure, which does not exist at
the time of taking over, except with the prior written consent of
the first party. THAT the second party shall always permit the first
party or any of their authorized agent or representatives, to
enter into the demised premises for inspection or to carry out
repairs, at any reasonable time, whenever necessary by the first

6. THAT the Second Floor has a separate electricity sub- meter. The
second party shall pay all charges for consumption of electricity
in the premises, @ Rs. 08 per unit. The second party assures first
party timely payment of the electricity bills and water bills Rs.
300/- per month. THAT the second party shall be responsible to
attend all the minor day-to-day repairs such as fuses of bulbs
and tubes/replacement of water taps etc. at his own costs and
expenses, but the major repairs shall be attended by the first
party at their cost.

7. THAT this Rent agreement can be terminated even before the

agreed expiry of the lease period, by the either party by giving
one month's time in written notice to the other party. however
this notice is effective only after six months completed.
otherwise security deposit will be forfeited

8. THAT the second party shall abide by all the bye-laws, rules and
regulations of the local authorities in respect of the demised

9. THAT the second party shall pay the charges like inter-net, gas,
cable network domestic maid service etc and any other if sought
for from time to time .However, The House tax payable to
Municipal Corporation will be paid exclusively by the first party

10. THAT the second party shall hand over the vacant and physical
possession of the demised premises neat and clean with full
fittings/fixtures quite in working order to the first party on
termination of this Rent Agreement.

11. THAT the second party has paid a sum of Rs. 9,000 /- (Rupees
Nine Thousand only) in favor of first party as Security Deposit,
free of interest, which will be refunded to the second party on
peaceful vacation of the demised premises after deducting the
dues if any payable by the second party up to the date of

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have signed this

Rent Agreement on the date above written in the presence of under

mentioned witnesses.


1. First Party

2. Second Party