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Romanticism Webquest

Directions: Complete the Webquest using the websites listed below as well as the
Romanticism Notes on the school website. You may also do a google search if you need
more information. These are due today and should be completed on a Google doc and
shared with me. keith.neal@dpsnc.net

American Romantic Movement (1800-1865)

1. What were some of the main beliefs of the writers, artists, and thinkers of the Romantic Age?
List and 3 that you find most interesting.

2. List and describe the 5 Is of Romanticism.


Differences between the Age of Enlightenment and the Romantic Age

3. In your own words, write a list of 4 of the most significant differences between the two
periods. Be sure to look up any words that you do not understand. (Make two columns: Age of
Enlightenment and Romantic Age. You may use phrases instead of complete sentences for
this question.)
Age of Enlightenment Romantic Age

Important: Scroll down to American Romanticism for this link.

Romanticism and Realism

4. In your own words, write a paragraph describing the differences between Romanticism and

Art in the Romantic Era
5. What were some of the major characteristics of Romantic paintings? After looking at the
paintings on these websites, see if you can find patterns or similarities in what and how these
artists paint. Think about subject matter, use of color, style, space, shape and balance. Make a
list of 3 characteristics of Romantic art; include examples from some of the pieces that you
The Basic of Romantic Art | The Art of Manliness

Music in the Romantic Age

6. In your own words, write a paragraph describing the basic characteristics of Romantic music?

7. In your own words describe the connection between music and nationalism?