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Detailed Lesson Plan in ICT

I. Content and Materials:

How to Reformat a Computer using Windows 7 Operating System

PowerPoint presentation, projector, laptop and chalk

II. Learning objectives:

1. Discuss in class how to reformat a computer using a Windows
7 Operating
2. Identify what are the things that needs to be considered
before reformatting
a computer.
3. To develop the students decision making skills by challenging
the students
thinking skills on why there is a need to reformat a
computer by initiation.

III. Learning Plan:

Teachers activity Students activity

A. Motivation

Good Morning class! Good Morning Maam

Before we proceed to our lesson

for this day, I would like to ask...
what comes in to your mind when
you see the word Virus and
Reformat Students answered Computer

The teacher writes the word Virus

and Reformat on the board.
Some students raised their
Very Good!! That is correct. Who hands
owns a computer here in their
All Students answered Yes
Great! And I believe everyone Maam
here has used computers doing
assignments and reports for your
school projects and also for
leisure like Facebook, YouTube
etc., right?
All student answered Yes Maam
Have you experienced any
trouble sometimes like when the
computer is not responding or its
like working on its own. Student 1 answered: One time
our computer just wont open
Can someone share their an application and in which
experience and tell how the there are multiple screens that
problem was resolved? keeps on popping up and we
cant properly use the
computer. We need to have a
computer technician to check
on it for us and we are told that
our computer needs to be
reformatted in order to fix the
issue and then after it was
reformatted the problem got
fixed and we are able to use our
computer after that.

Thank you for sharing your Student 1 answered: Around

experience. I have one more 500 pesos
question for you. How much did it
cost you to have your computer

Yes thats how much it usually

cost to do it. Thank you so much

B. Firming up: Proper discussion

Now our lesson for today will

greatly help you when you
encountered problems such as
this in the future.
I will teach you how to reformat a
computer using a Windows 7
Operating System
Students listens and taking
Starts the power point down notes

How to Reformat a Computer

using Windows 7 Operating
System Student 2 asked: Maam what
are the things that are needed
Formatting a computer involves when we reformat a computer.
erasing all of the data on the
computer's hard drive, and then
reinstalling the operating system
so that the computer is restored
to factory defaults.

Thats a good question. First you

will need a storage device where
you can store data since you
need to make sure that you have
a good backup of all your
important files since when you
reformat a computer it will
reset/delete all the videos, data
files and programs that you have.
Meaning it will go back to its
default state. And we dont want
that to happen. So better make
sure you have a very good
backup of your data files or
documents, videos, pictures and
music. Remember programs
cant be backed up; they will
need to be reinstalled

Writes on the board Programs

cant be backed up; they will
need to be reinstalled.
Student 1 answered: Flash Drive
Student 2 answered: External
Things that are needed before Drive
reformatting a computer Student 3 answered: DVD
Student 4 answered: CD
1. Storage Device

Class can you give me examples

of storage devices that you can
use to store data?

Writes on the board Students thinking and are silent

a. Flash Drive
b. External Hard Drives
c. CD
d. DVD

Anymore suggestions?

Okay, thank you class you are all

correct and I would like to add Student 3 answered: Yes maam
another Im using icloud for my iphone
in which whenever I sync my
Writes on the board iphone with my computer it
automatically backs up or save
e. Cloud my pictures.

Class are you familiar with Cloud? All students answered Yes

That is correct! And it also have a

feature when you have it enabled
it can back up your data
whenever you are connected to
the internet. Amazing right?
Technology nowadays is really
amazing. Usually cloud is free but
you can also purchase it if you
need a much bigger storage for
your data

Writes on the Board

2. Window 7 Operating
System including the product
key or a recovery disk

You can actually use other

Windows Operating like for
example the current one in the
market is Windows 10 but we will
focus on Window 7 since its the
most used operating system
today. Product keys are included
in the package it consist of 25
characters and will be asked later
during the installation process.

A recovery disk may be included

in your computer package when
you bought it .This includes the
drivers for your computer
hardware including the free
Operating System Student 1 raised her hand:
Maam Can we use a flash drive
3. External DVD or CD ROM instead?

Will only be used if the

computer or laptop that you will
reformat has no available CD ROM
and that is if you are using a CD
installer for the Operating System.
To site a very good example is a
Netbook and a computer tablet
like Asus Transformer.
Students say in unison: Piracy

Yes you can. If you are able to

purchase a license from Windows All Students answered Yes
there is an available maam
downloadable installer that you
can download from their website.
Now you might ask and I believe
most of you are aware that there
are some sites like torrent
websites that offers it free of
charge and you can actually be
given a way to crack the code and
be given a product key that you
can use but that is not good and
that is called what?

Its punishable by law and there is

a downside to this free software.
Most of it has back door viruses
and now only that when you use a
non-legitimate license when
Windows updates it (it is done
automatically unless you have it
disabled)it will be able to
recognize that you are not using a
licensed software and most of the
application that you have will not
work and its bad so dont be a
pirate okay?

Very good next

4. Student 5: When your computer

Computer/Laptop/Netbook/Co is affected by a virus
mputer Tablet that needs to
be reformatted

Right? The most important thing Student 6: Application that is

above all. not working

So we have all that we need.

Now class a disclaimer. Not all
computer issues can be resolved
by reformatting. There are a lot
things that you need to check out
first before considering
reformatting a computer because
sometimes it might be something
to do with the computer hardware
or software itself that needs to be
check like you just might need
some updates or install the

Can you give me some good

example of computer issues that Student 3 answered: Yes Maam
can be resolved by reformatting a I remember my father
computer? experienced having a blue
screen window when he was
using his computer
Very good! Yes, that is correct.
Any other answers? He did a research and he was
able to find an article that says
Yes that is correct but sometimes that he can do a system restore
it might just need some updates and use the backup data save
or you can do a quick uninstall from his computer prior to the
and reinstall of the application date when he have the problem.
that is not working but if the
problem persist consult the
doctor. Kidding aside yes you go
right in and reformat the

Yes specific problems like virus

infiltration, annoying application
that wont work definitely
reformatting will do the job but
when all else fails after you have
tried reformatting a computer you
might really need to reconsider
buying a new one.

Though have you experienced

when you use your computer and
you get a blue screen

Student 1: Maam what is BIOS?

What did you father do in order to
resolve it?
Yes, definitely that is the best
thing he can do before he can
resort to reformatting his
computer. Mostly this happens if
there was some changes made
like new installed application and
new updates that affects the
operating system coming from

Though what about a black

screen? Do you think 100 percent
it will solve the problem if you
reformat the computer? Raise
your hands if you agree.

Moves on to the next slide while


To sum it up

Reasons why you might need to

format a computer:

You have built a computer and

you must format the hard drive
so you can put an operating
system on it.
You have replaced your main
hard drive and the new one
needs to be formatted.

Your computer has a black screen

on startup. Sometimes formatting
can wipe a problem away.

You have a software problem that

is too detailed to fix.

You have a major virus that you

cannot get rid of.

Please make sure to take down

notes for your copy because we
might have a quiz later on if we
are able to finish the lesson. Ill be
writing down the important
information so you will be guided
to what might appear in the quiz.
And this will be really helpful .By
the end of the lesson you will be
equipped with the knowledge you
can perform or do reformat pc by
the end of this lesson and earn
money. Right?

Writes on the board

Step 1

So thats the first step in How to

Reformat your computer. I have
prepared a slide show for you
class. It includes pictures which
you will encounter during
installation so you can get familiar
to it.

Turn on the projector and start

playing the slide show created
using PowerPoint

Lets move on to the next step

Writes on the board

Step 2

BIOS is.

BIOS (basic input/output system) is the

program a personal computer's
microprocessor uses to get the
computer system started after you turn
it on. It also manages data flow
between the computer's operating
system and attached devices such as
the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard,
mouse and printer.

The BIOS (/ba.s/, an acronym for Basic

Input/Output System and also known as
the System BIOS, ROM BIOS or PC BIOS) is
a type of firmware used to perform hardware
initialization during the booting process (power-
on startup) on IBM PC compatible computers,
and to provide runtime services for operating
systems and programs.[1] The BIOS firmware is
built into personal computers (PCs), and it is
the first software they run when powered on.
The name itself originates from the Basic
Input/Output System used in Some student raised their hands
the CP/M operating system in 1975.[2]
Originally proprietary to the IBM PC, the BIOS
has been reverse engineered by companies
looking to create compatible systems and Student 3 answered: F12?
the interface of that original system serves as
a de facto standard.
The fundamental purposes of the BIOS in
modern PCs are to initialize and test the system Student 4 raised his/her hand
hardware components, and to load a boot Student 4 answered: F10 Maam
loader or an operating system from a mass
memory device. The BIOS additionally provides
an abstraction layer for the hardware, i.e., a
consistent way for application programs and
operating systems to interact with the keyboard,
display, and other input/output (I/O) devices.
Variations in the system hardware are hidden
by the BIOS from programs that use BIOS
services instead of directly accessing the
hardware. MS-DOS (PC DOS), which was the
dominant PC operating system from the early
1980s until the mid-1990s, relied on BIOS
services for disk, keyboard, and text display
functions. MS Windows NT, Linux, and
other protected mode operating systems in
general ignore the abstraction layer provided by
the BIOS and do not use it after loading, Students raised their hands
instead accessing the hardware components
directly. Student 5 reads:
Once in the BIOS Menu, Select
the Boot Menu. Change the order of devices so that your
computer boots from CD before
booting from the hard drive.
In order to access the BIOS you Save your changes and exit.
will need to restart the computer Your computer will restart.
and enter the setup screen when
the manufacturer logo appears.

The key to do this will be

displayed and it varies by

Can someone guess some of the

most common keys that are used
to access the BIOS Menu?

Yes Student 3

Very Good! Yes that is correct

anyone who has some other

Yes Student 4

Very Good !
Click the mouse to move next
slide and writes on the board
while discussing

The most common keys are


Now once clicked it will direct you

to the BIOS Menu. Once in the
BIOS Menu, Select the Boot Menu.

Can somebody read the next


Select Student 5

Thank you Student 5. Yes this very

important, you will need to set it
up that way it will read first the
data that the CD drive has
because currently your C Drive is
set to boot whenever you turn on
your pc which has the operating
system. But if you are installing
from a flash drive, then you will
need to set the BIOS to boot from
Removable Storage.
Now once done lets move on to
Step 3

Switch slide

Step 3

If the CD has been inserted and

the BIOS is set correctly, you will
see a message telling you to
Press a key on the keyboard and
set up process for Windows 7 will

Your system may automatically

launch the setup program without
asking you to press any key


Moves on next slide

Step 4

After completion, the Windows 7

logo will appear. No files have
been altered on your computer
yet. The data will be deleted in
later steps.

Step 5
You will be prompted to confirm
your Language, Time & Currency
format, and Keyboard or input
method. Select the appropriate
options for you and click Next.

You can select English (Republic

of the
Philippines) but most of the time
we use English (United States).

Step 6
Do not click Repair Computer, even
if you are repairing a computer by
reinstalling Windows. Once clicked,
Setup will begin loading the files it
needs to continue.

Step 7
In order to advance, you must
indicate that you have read and
agree to Microsofts terms of use.
Be sure to read through it so that
you know your rights and
limitations as a user.

Step 8
This will allow you to perform a
clean installation. Formatting the
computer means wiping it of all the
data that is on it, so you will be
performing a clean installation, so
that you will be given the option to
erase the disk.

Step 9
A window will open asking where
you would like to install Windows.
In order to perform a clean install,
you need to delete the old partition
and start with a clean slate. Click
Drive options (advanced). This
will give you the ability to delete
and create partitions.

Select the partition of your existing

operating system and click the
Delete button.

If your hard drive has multiple

partitions, be sure to delete the
correct one. Any data on a deleted
partition is lost for good.

Confirm the deletion process.

Step 10
There is no need to create a
partition before you install
windows 7, this is done

But if you would like to create

another partition you can set it up

Step 11

The percentage next to Expanding

Windows files will steadily
increase. This part of the process
can take up to 30 minutes.
Windows will automatically restart
your computer when finished.
Setup will launch again, and a
message will tell you that Setup is
updating registry settings.
Setup will then configure your
computers services. This happens
every time you start Windows, but
will happen in the background next
A window will open letting you
know that Windows is completing
the installation. Your computer will
restart again when this is
Setup will now load drivers and
check video settings. This part
does not require any input from

Step 12
Your username will be used to
log in to the computer and
personalize your account. Your
computer name is the name that
your computer will display on the

You can add more users later

through the Windows 7 control
Windows will ask you for a
password. This is optional but
highly recommended, especially if
the computer will be accessible by
users other than yourself. If youd
rather not have a password, leave
the fields blank and click Next.

Step 13

This is the 25-character key that

came with your copy of Windows.
Check the Automatically activate
Windows when Im online to have
Windows automatically verify your
key the next time it is connected to
the internet.

Step 14

To make sure that your copy of

Windows runs securely and stably,
it is highly recommended that you
choose one of the first two options.

The first option will install all

updates automatically, the second
option will prompt you when
important updates are available.

Step 15

These should be correct already as

they are linked to your BIOS, but
you can change them now if they
are not. Check the box if your area
observes Daylight Savings.

Step 16

If your computer is connected to a

network, you will be given an
option to identify that network.
Most users will select Home or
Work network. If your computer is
being used in a public place, select
Public network. Mobile broadband
users should always select Public
Windows will now attempt to
connect your computer to the
network. This process is
completely automated

Step 17
Explore your desktop.

After one final loading screen, your

new Windows 7 desktop will
appear. Installation is now

C. Integration / Transfer:

With these steps done your

computer is now back to its default
state. You may need to update
some drivers and download some
application you might have
previously and transfer your files
you have recently saved or backed
up prior to reformatting your
computer. You will now be able to
reformat computers and save a lot
by doing it yourself but more
importantly this is an added skill
that you can use to generate

Technology nowadays is really fast

phased but with the power of the
internet you can update and gain
more knowledge. You can try
searching other websites in case
you would like to more about how
you can reformat other computers
like an Macintosh or a Mac since
the setting are very different from
a Windows Operating System but
Mac users are rare and mostly
unlike the Windows operating
System which is widely used in the
industry even at home. Though
Macintosh Operating System
Installation/Reformat is way much
easier than a Windows Operating
System. Mac has a recovery
system like Lenovo Computers.

Next meeting we will have an

activity and do hands on training
and apply what we have learned
today. Be sure to read and have
your copy available so you have a
guide. You can also copy my file or
have these papers photocopied.
These includes the images so you
have a better picture of what is
expected during the installation


To refresh your memories before

we have your quiz lets do have a
game. Please count from one to
four starting from the front row to
the right and then go to your
corresponding group. The first
group to finish arranging and has
the most correct steps will be the

Hands out cut-outs that includes

the steps/procedure to each group

Post it at your designated area on

the board

Writes on the board

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Are you ready class? Do you have

any questions before we start?

Okay at the count of three you can

start..12..3 Go!

Arrange the procedures in order


Search the web on How to create a

partition for Windows 7.Include step by
step procedure with images and url
address. Use a long bond paper. No
need to use a folder. Write your name at
the bottom of the page. Use 0.50
margin on each side to maximize space.

IV. Evaluation:
A. Identification
1. BIOS stands for ___________.
2. __________ a computer involves erasing all of the data on the
computer's hard drive, and then reinstalling the operating system so
that the computer is restored to factory defaults.
3. Netbook and __________ are examples of computers that doesnt have
cd or dvd rom drives.
4. __________ consists of 25 characters which are needed during
5. __________ are easier to reformat compared to a Windows Operating
6. __________ cant be backed up; they will need to be reinstalled.
7. First step on how to reformat a computer.
8. __________ is punishable by law.
9. __________ a model of data storage in which the digital data is stored in
logical pools, the physical storage spans multiple servers (and often
locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and
managed by a hosting company.
10.A _________ may be included in your computer package when you
bought it this usually include all the drivers for your computer
hardware including the free Operating system

B. Enumeration
11-14 Storage Devices
14-18 Common Keys
19-20 Things need to be save before reformatting the computer

V. Assignment:

Search the web on How to create a partition for Windows 7.Include step
by step procedure with images and url address. Use a long bond paper. No
need to use a folder. Write your name at the bottom of the page. Use 0.50
margin on each side to maximize space.