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00755-2009 Cosmopolitan Lingua
Nyelviskola Kft.

NV: dtum:

1. Complete the sentences.

1. We ________ British, were American.

2. Whats that? Its ________ identity card.
3. ________ your teacher live in London?
4. I ________ sing, but I can play the guitar.
5. This bags ________. Look! Its got my name on it.
6. Is ________ any milk in the fridge?
7. Im taller ________ my brother.
8. I spoke to him on the phone ten minutes ________.
9. They ________ like the film they left after 10 minutes.

2. Underline the correct form.

1. My father work / works in a bank.

2. Shes my childrens / childrens teacher.
3. I have always / I always have breakfast at home.
4. Theyre beautiful flowers / flowers beautiful.
5. I dont like get up / getting up early.
6. We dont have some / any money.
7. Please drive careful / carefully. The weathers bad.
8. Can we meet on / in Monday evening?
9. My fathers doctor / a doctor.
10. I have a lot of / a lot brothers and sisters.

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Simon __________________ (not be) at work yesterday.

2. I ________________ (buy) a new car last week.
3. My sister ___________________ (listen) to music at the moment.
4. We __________________________ (not have) a holiday next year.
5. Where ___________ (be) he yesterday morning?
6. They ___________________ (not drive) to London they got the train.
7. ________ she _______________ (have) a party next week?
8. Who ______________ (be) the three greatest politicians of the twentieth century?
9. She ___________________ (not like) writing postcards.
10. How often _________ you _________ (use) your mobile?


4. Complete the words in the sentences.

1. I sometimes have an e________ for breakfast.

2. I must buy a new w____________ Im always late for work!
3. I gave my brother a w___________ for his birthday last year. He often loses his money.
4. I usually have s______________ for lunch. I love bread.
5. I want to write something can I borrow your p________, please?
6. I have a c______________ at home but I dont use it very often. I check my emails at work.
7. I was late for work because the b_________ was late.
8. I read the n_____________ every day.
9. Shes listening to the news on the r__________.
10. I read two b___________ when I was on holiday last summer.


5. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. He __________________________ (look for) a job when he leaves university.

2. I ____________________________ (be) to Italy three times.
3. Our office ____________________ (not clean) every day.
4. She _____________ (not go) to the party, she went home.
5. Happy anniversary! How long _________ you ___________________________ (marry)?
6. Sarah _____________________ (cook) lunch at the moment.
7. They ______________________ (watch) TV when we arrived.
8. _________ you ever _________ (see) a crocodile?
9. I dont think it _________ (rain) tomorrow. There arent any clouds.
10. Paella ______________ (make) with rice.

6. Complete the sentences with one word.

1. Put ______ your coat. Its cold outside.

2. I went to France _______ learn French.
3. How __________ do you do exercise? Every day?
4. What _________ you do if he doesnt ring?
5. _______________ it was a cold day, she didnt have a coat.
6. A post office is a place _____________ you buy stamps.
7. She ran ______ of the house.


7. Complete the words in the sentences.

1. We have five f on each hand.

2. They usually go ab__________ for their holiday.
3. It was very f . We couldnt see anything.
4. Her husband is very qu . He doesnt talk too much.
5. People normally wear t on their feet when they do sport.
6. My uncle was ill but now he is getting b .
7. I dont m doing housework. Its OK.
8. As is not an insect because it has eight legs.
9. The train was very cr and we couldnt sit down.
10. He has a good salary. He e a lot of money.


8. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Wheres Lynne? She ___________________ (go) to Cuba. Shell be back next week.
2. Mike ____________________ (work) in his study. Shall I call him for you?
3. If I had the chance to live abroad, I _________________ (go).
4. Im sorry. I think I __________________ (break) your camera when I dropped it!
5. I would have said hello if I _________________ (see) you!
6. I ___________ (have) lunch every day with Clare in the canteen I really enjoy talking to her.
7. Didnt you hear the phone ring? No, sorry. I ______________________- (listen) to music.
8. She told me she _______________ (want) to meet me the next day.
9. Between 1984 and 1986 Patricia Cornwell ______________ (write) three novels.
10. I ___________________ (eat) less chocolate at the moment because I am on a diet.
11. We cant go to that restaurant again! I ___________ (go) there twice last week.
12. You will get your results in a month a letter ___________________ (send) to your house.
13. He ____________________ (work) at the company for years, and he still loves it.
14. When I got home, I saw that somebody __________________ (break) one of my windows.
15. Ill wait until she ________ (get) here and then well come over together.

9. Complete the sentences.

1. How much money did you take ________ of the cash machine?
2. Youre Joels cousin, _____________ you?
3. I wouldnt have missed his party if I _______________________ (not / have) a bad headache.
4. We cant have dinner ___________ all the guests are here.
5. The police _____________ me whether I had witnessed the crime.
6. If I _________ you, Id make a complaint to the manager.
7. Do you know where the nearest taxi rank ________?
8. Will you be __________ to look after the children next Thursday evening?
9. Are you responsible _________ the sales figures?
10. Can you tell me ___________ the main entrance is, please?
11. My brother and I want to set ____________ our own online business.
10. Underline the correct word(s).

1. You wouldnt / wont get the job if you dont apply for it!
2. You mustnt / shouldnt ride without your helmet. It is illegal.
3. Please talk more quieter / quietly. You might wake up the baby.
4. Shes the woman whos / whose brother won the national lottery.
5. I think banning / ban cars from the city centre is a good idea.
6. The boss said / told me not to tell anyone about the promotion.
7. Very few / little people turned up at the meeting last week.
8. Ill see you the next / next Friday.
9. There arent any / no big parks in this town.
10. Im so tired. I wont be able to drive unless / if I have a break and some coffee.
11. I usually / used to watch TV in the evenings, but now I go to the sports centre.
12. Will / Shall you tell me if you hear any news?
13. If you went to visit her, shell / shed be so happy.
14. I must / might work harder if I want to get a better job.


11. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

1. I could understand the film because it was dubbed _________ German.

2. I spent 1,600 _________ a holiday to Japan.
3. Im thinking _________ applying for a job with Microsoft.
4. Shes been _________ charge of the accounts department for two years.
5. Im so tired. I am really looking forward ________ my holiday next week.
6. Excuse me, may I try these trousers ________?
7. Let me pay ________ the cake you bought the coffees!

12. Complete the sentences with one word.

1. When I got ___________ playing football, the doctor said I couldnt play again for four weeks.
2. The film The Beach is ___________ on the novel by Alex Garland.
3. Jeff __________ yoga for an hour every day it helps him to relax.
4. I tried to phone Mike, but the lines engaged. Ill call him _________ later.
5. It was lovely seeing you again after so long. Lets _________ in touch.
6. Shall we meet _________ lunch on Tuesday? Theres a new Italian restaurant in the High
7. Tickets for U2 concerts always sell __________ really quickly.
8. It was great to see you. I hope we bump ___________ each other again!


13. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Take a map with you in case you __________ (get) lost.

2. Where have you been? I __________________ (wait) for you for ages!
3. Its very noisy here at the moment because the flat next door ________________________
4. She would have been happier if she _______________________ (not get married) so young.
5. You shouldnt ____________ (say) that to her yesterday. Shell never forgive you.
6. My little brother has promised ________________ (not talk) in class.
7. I arrived at the cinema half an hour late and the film _________________________ (start).
8. The man that the police are looking for ________________ (say) to be in his 30s.
9. By the end of the year we _________________ (save) enough to buy a house.
10. This time tomorrow I ___________________________ (sit) on the plane to Hawaii.
11. When it started raining we ____________________________ (play) for about half an hour.
12. Ill phone you as soon as I __________________ (speak) to Tim.
13. Ouch! I __________________ (cut) my finger have we got any plasters in the house?
14. The thief admitted ________________ (steal) the bracelet.
15. I wish I _______________ (not tell) the truth when my friend asked me if I liked her boyfriend.

14. Complete the sentences with one word.

1. It sounds as _________ the people next door are having a party.

2. Julian didnt __________ to be very sociable, but now he goes out much more often.
3. Were __________ the living room painted at the moment.
4. I dont speak German, but my husband __________.
5. Theres ________ milk. Weve finished it all.
6. Sam went to France for his holiday last year, __________ he?
7. The man with ____________ I used to share an office has just set up his own company.
8. Neither Ben _________ Liz can come to my party.
9. The caf, _____________ is on the corner of Green Street, sells great coffee.
10. I cant _____________ used to driving this car. Its really different from my old one.
11. _____________ having a lot of work, the lawyer agreed to take on a new client.
12. ______________ earlier we leave tomorrow morning, the less traffic there will be.
13. You cant ___________ left your keys at the restaurant. You used them to open the door.
14. It was ___________ a windy day that we decided not to go to the beach.
15. I dont feel well. Id _____________ go to the doctors.


15. Complete the words in the sentences.

1. extremely pleased = d________

2. when you open your mouth very wide because you are tired = y________
3. acting without thinking = i________
4. the opposite of tight (trousers) = l________
5. a person who sees a crime = w________
6. a snow storm with very strong winds = b________
7. you use these to breathe = l________
8. the person who plays the drums = d________
9. a person who writes about the good and bad qualities of a book, film, or play = c________
10. a group of people who sing together = c________
11. a person who works with you in a company = c________
12. another word for luggage = b________
13. a person who speaks two languages is b________.
14. an illness where you usually have a cold and a temperature = f________
15. you put your head on this when you sleep = p________

16. Complete the sentences with one word made from the word in brackets.

1. There is still too much _____________ in the third world. (poor)

2. He behaves like a child. Hes very ___________________. (mature)
3. Be careful you dont fall. The pavement is very _______________. (slip)
4. He loved his birthday presents, _______________ the new laptop. (special)
5. His first novel was very ________________. Im sure itll be a success. (impress)
6. Microsoft is a ___________________ company. (nation)
7. Isaac Newton was a very famous ________________. (science)
8. Chicago is a large __________________ city in the USA. (industry)
9. The hotel was great but __________________ the weather was terrible. (fortunate)
10. I felt very _____________________ when I couldnt remember her name. (embarrass)

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