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Justification for the topic

the researcher select this topic to under stand the professional

communication this was the over his objection be extorted in court from the
lawyers lipsory that claims that disputes which may lead to litigation can most
justly and expeditiously be handled by practised experts, namely lawyers and
that these experts can act effectively only if they are fully advised of the fact by
the parties whom thy represent. Full disclosure will be promoted if the client
knows that what he tell to his lawyer cannot

non discloser agreement

Tentative Chapterization
Chapter I


Chapter II

Scope of the section

Chapter III

Indian law relating to the section

English law relating to the section

Chapter IV

Section 126 of the IEA 1872 and its relation with s.91 of the Crpc 1973

Chapter V

Research objectives

The objective of the project is to present a detailed study of the topic

Professional Communications and how for Privileged and to explain why legal
privilege so important and also to explain what is the constitutes to the legal

Research Question

Whether evidential material obtain from the employees prior to the

communication is excluded from privileged?

Whether this section is relation with s. 91 of the CRPC 1973?


In this project the researcher mainly explain to relate this provision between
India and English laws, sec 126 of the evidence act 1872 and its relation with
sec 91 of the code of criminal procedure 1973. And using some case law to
make understand this project.

The research methodology which is used in this project is doctrinal method. For the
completion of this project both the primary sources and secondary sources like books, articles
by various authors and websites.

Literature review

1)Privileged legal communications by Gauri kulkarni pg 14 in this book the

author compares the laws dealing with privileged communication in India and
England and he explained litigation privilege he referred some Indian case laws

2) The law of evidence by ratnlal & Dhirajlal 25 th ed., in his book the
author given comment on the section and what are the scope of the section and
illustration. He given the more usefull information in this topic

Set of data
Fields, COMMENTARY ON LAW OF EVIDENCE, 12th ed., v.1, 2006.
Sir John Woodroffe and Syed Amir Ali, LAW OF EVIDENCE, 18th ed., v. 1, 2009.
Butterworths, New delhi
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