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Human environmental factors affecting motivation

Transcript of human environmental factors affecting motivation

If environment is defined as the sum total of one's surroundings then
environmental factors that affect students' motivation include human as well as
non-human factors.

The immediate human factors that surround the learner are the teachers, the
other students and his/her parents.


Fairness and respect-These are shown in specific behaviors like:

- treating students as people

-practicing gender, racial and ethnic fairness

-providing students with opportunities for them to participate and to succeed

Social interactions with students -The specific behaviors of a facilitative social

interaction are:

- Working with students not for the students

-interacting productively by giving students responsibility and respect

-having of sense of humor and willing to share jokes

-allowing students to participate in decision making

Enthusiasm and motivation for learning shown in:

-setting high standards

-assigning appropriate challenges

-encouraging students to be responsible for their own learning

-providing reinforcement and encouragement during tasks

Attitude toward the teaching profession

- serving as an example of a lifelong learner to his/her students and colleagues

-working collaboratively with colleagues and other staf

-helping students succeed by using diferentiated instruction


teacher's affective traits

Be grateful to those who were not as motivating and inspiring, in a way , they
also helped you become better person in the sense that you strived to become
better than them. (James H. Stronge, 2002):

Caring- Specific attributes that show caring are:

-sympathetic listening to students not only about life inside the classroom but more
about students' lives in general.

-understanding of students' questions and concerns.

-knowing students individually, their likes and dislikes, and personal situations
affecting behavior and performance.

human environmental factors affecting motivation

Positive expectations of students manifested in:

-striving to make all students feel competent

-having high personal teaching efficacy shown in their belief that they can cause all
students learn

Reflective practice:

-reviewing and thinking on his/her teaching process

-eliciting feedback from others in the interest to teaching and learning

Classmates- bullying and the need to belong

Students from part of the human environment of the learner. In fact, they far
outnumber the teachers in the learning environment.