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Congratulations on

downloading your

Goal Achievement Formula! In this document, you will find a

breakdown of 5 action steps that

can determine how you can complete your

goals. I use these steps in order to evaluate who I want to be in the future
and how to improve my life. I break down this steps in detail with specific ac-
tion steps in order to make it easy for you.

By following this list, you will be able to successfully craft your goals and
achieve them. I hope you feel empowered when you read these tips and I
hope you put your thoughts into actions to transform your life.

I look forward to hearing about your success. Remember, you have the tools,
you just need to make it happen.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to

beat others. Ayn Rand

All my best,

Take this formula into account when youre creating your goals.
You will find that this list covers specific tasks that you can do
in order to create realistic goals.


In order to get the most out of this checklist, I suggest you focus on the first
point. When you have a clear understanding, then move to the second point.
Try to not move ahead. Remember, you can read and re-read this checklist,
but taking ACTIONS will drive you to reach your goal.

Pay special attention to the definition and action steps. Those

action steps are phases in your development that will allow
you to climb the ladder for success. I have also added some
examples to guide you. Not everyone is the same, even within
the examples people might react differently.
Ok, I think we can start.
Are you ready? Lets begin:
Analyze who you were in your past, who you are in the present and who
you want to be in the future Your history and your legacy.

Definition: Who you were, who you are, and who you will be in the future. You
define that!
Your life and experiences make you unique.
Your life and experiences shape you into the person you are.
Your past can either guide you in the direction you want to be headed or
your past can be a guide for what you want to change in your life.
Your present determines the actions that you need to take in order to plan
your future.
Your present is about living the moment NOW.
Your future is about the goals that you have set forward.
Action Step:
Who do you want to be in the future?
Plan for your immediate future, but also have medium and long term goals.
Take action now and write out your goals on a piece of paper.

If you want to delve even deeper, write out your autobiography and make an
assessment on your life. This will give you a great perspective into the place
where you are heading.


Lets say that one of your goals is to improve relationships with others. Your goal does
not have to be very specific yet, we will work on that. Keeping this goal in mind, you de-
cide to write out your autobiography. When you write out your autobiography, you re-
member events that you might have forgotten or might be in the back of your mind.
Playing sports in high school, for example, and the feeling that you felt from being part
of a team.
As a result of this exercise, you might get ideas into incorporating the same feeling into
other areas of your life. Being a team with your family and establishing rituals to have
a team-like relationship with your spouse/significant other.
The main idea is to uncover who you have became and how you can improve it based
on your own story. Remember, you write out your story until the day you disappear from
this world, so in order to know where you are going, you want to know where you have
Analyze what is your definite purpose.
Definition: My ultimate goal. If I asked you, what is your single most im-
portant purpose? What is the first thing that comes to mind?

A definite purpose is something that you are willing to sacrifice in order to

reach your purpose.
This purpose will become your reason for living
The definite purpose is your long term goal which is tied to your values,
beliefs and your inner thoughts about who you want to be and what you
want to do.
Keep in mind that this definite purpose is deep inside of you and you are
searching for this purpose.
The best way to analyze your definite purpose is by envisioning the what
if - in a positive way. What if I could _______.
Action Step:
What is the one thing that I cannot live without, that I need to reach?
Does it go hand in hand with your future expectation?
What are you willing to sacrifice in order to reach your purpose?

Write out in a piece of paper the first thing that comes to mind. What would
you give up in order to reach that goal?

Make sure that your goal is realistic and specific.


Staying on the topic of improving relationships with your spouse/significant other, keep
in mind that the definite purpose is directly related to the goals that you are setting for-
ward in the previous step. There are 3 areas in which this definite purpose helps you
shape your definite purpose:
1. Feeling There is something intense about the feeling that your definite purpose
reaches inside of you. In this case, the feeling of having the best relationship with
your significant other is the best feeling.
2. Timeless There is no end date to this purpose because you can keep doing it forev-
er. In this case the relationship building that you are creating does not have a time
when it ends, on the contrary, it stays with you forever because you seek it.
3. Willing to work for itNo matter what, you will work towards the relationship with
your significant other because you will make sure this works 100%. No questions
Analyze what is your action plan.
Definition: The planning and the how-tos in order to reach my destination.

In order to reach your goals, what is your action plan?

What will I need to change in my life in order to reach my definite pur-
How will those actions affect my goal planning?
This is the area of research. You might need to delve a little deeper and
find out how to reach the destination you are seeking.
The action plan will be the steps of how you will be able to reach your pur-
pose and your goals.
Keep in mind that this action plan can change. Take it easy and start with
easy and actionable steps!
Action Step:
Detail step by step what you need to do in order to reach your goal.
Write out what are the changes that you will need to make in order to meet
your expectations. Is it a change in your routine? A change in your thoughts?
Be very specific use numbers as a way of measurement, dates as a way of
deadlines and concise language to easily understand your plan.

Remember, this is your first stepping stone. How are you going to build your


Staying with the same example, an ideal action plan is to come up with ways and the
how tos to improve this relationship.
Some action steps include going on a date once a week, preferably on a specific day of
the week, and get a babysitter to take care of the kids, turn off electronics (of course
not when there is a babysitter), or disconnect from the outside world and get to spend
time with your significant other.
Another action plan is to be a team when it comes to cleaning, taking care of the
kids, take turns who does house chores and how many chores5 each, 10 each.
Notice we are using numbers and datesso that the plan becomes actionable.
Be accountable
Definition: Making a commitment to yourself and to the people that matter
most, your biggest cheerleaders.
You are making a commitment with yourself, you need to be accountable
for your actions.
The best way to be accountable is by sharing your goal with someone you
trust a close friend, family member, mentor, co-worker, etc.
This person will become your partner and will help you stay on top of your
day to day tasks.
They can also offer motivation and offer a safe haven for when you are
feeling down.
Be courageous, ask someone for their help. If they love you, they will be
happy to offer their help.
This partner is someone who is willing and able to listen to your challeng-
es as well as your good days.
Make sure you choose wisely. Does
not have to be your best friend, it can
be someone who you trust and you
Action Step:
Draft a contract and write down your goal within your contract.
Sign the contract and ask your accountability partner sign the contract as well.

Keep this contract visible and make an appointment every week to re-visit the
contract that you drafted. Remind yourself why you are doing this.


In this case you can select your accountability partner to be your significant other as
you are both looking to improve on the relationship. However, if you believe that you
need someone else to keep up with the goals and the end result, you can also ask
someone else to be your accountability partner. This person can be a friend who knows
both of you and knows how important it is for you to keep up with this purpose.
The contract does not have to be fancy, something like this would work: This contract
is between me (insert your name) and accountability partner (insert his/her name). In
order to reach the goal of (insert name of goal), we adhere to this contract to do our
best in order to reach this goal. The action steps that are included in this contract are
(list the steps). Both entities understand that this contact is binding and is being used
as a tool to keep (insert your name) accountable. Only positive changes can take ef-
fect, as we see fit. I will also be accountable in thoughts and in the way that I behave.
This contract is to be signed on (insert date) and will be revisited every (insert day of
the week) for up to 4 weeks. After 4 weeks it will be revisited and drafted again.
If you notice you are being specific and you are making a commitment to yourself! That
is what this is about!
Have deadlines
Definition: Have specific dates in order to stay on track. Delineate when you
are going to carry out step 1-5.
Understand that setting goals is a process.
Things are not done overnight, they take time.
You need to be able to have specific dates in mind in order to reach your
Dates need to be realistic and need to be part of the process.
In order to reach a long term goal (1 year long goals), have several
benchmarks dates in the middle.
Meet your deadlines or adjust accordingly.
Action Step:
Write down a deadline when you want to complete your long term goal.
In between each deadline, write down specific dates that would allow you to
measure your results.
Create goals within your purpose.

Note: Every day is a day closer to your goal. It all depends on your


The deadlines for this kind of goal depend on your feeling and how you can measure
your results:
1. By (insert date) I will be able to feel comfortable with my significant other when it
comes to (insert action)
2. By (insert date) I will look back and make sure that we have been to at least 2 dates
with my significant other
3. By (insert date) I will make sure that I have a conversation with my significant other
about the topic that has given us the most problems in the past or (insert topic)
4. By (insert date) I will plan a trip or a small venture to take my significant other as a
reward for improving our relationship.
Remember, you define the deadlines and what is most important to you.
Congratulations! You have successfully completed the formula for under-
standing the best way to really reach your ultimate purpose and your goals in
general. I advise you to think clearly about each step as the opportunities are

In this guide I gave you a specific example, however, this is just to give you
an idea. There are other examples that deal with improving yourself as a pro-
fessional, traveling the world, making more money, finding your passion, eat-
ing better, getting fit and being healthy, and the list goes on and on. Everyone
is different and unique and we all have different purposes. With this list,
you can go step by step through the action plan to make that purpose hap-
pen. Remember, it is about the actions and how you can make it happen. Be-
lieve that the change you are seeking is on the way. Those are my sincere

The road of life twists and

turns and no two directions
are ever the same. Yet our
lessons come from the jour-
ney, not the destination.
Don Williams, Jr., American
novelist and poet

I sincerely hope that you reach your destination and you enjoy the lessons
from your journey.

All my best,