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surgery and cardiac care and No. 1 in NewJersey for coronary bypass surgery by CareChex.
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2 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Page 3
Pekiin at history
l Youve made your generous donation. The synagogue con-
struction has been completed. Your name has been inscribed
in a dedication stone. You feel you have made a small mark in
Jewish history. And as you take in the honor at the dedication
ceremony, you wonder: Will people long remember?
A partial answer to this question has surfaced for the long-
dead Jewish donors who dedicated an ancient synagogue in
Pekiin, a town in the western Galilee.
This week, the Israeli Antiquities Authority reported that
reconstruction work in an ancient synagogue revealed 1,800
year old Hebrew inscriptions on what had been the top of a
These inscriptions will add an important tier to our knowl-
edge about the Jewish settlement in the village of Pekiin dur-
ing the Roman and Byzantine periods, the Antiquities Author-
itys Yoav Lerer said.
While the latest version of the synagogue dates only to 1873,
it stands on the site of one that was toppled
by the earthquake of 1837. Earlier archaeo-
logical finds found at the site include two
1,800-year old stone tablets likely to be from
the ancient synagogue. One is engraved with
a menorah, shofar, and lulav, and the second
shows a Torah shrine.
The Talmud tells of a Jewish community in
Pekiin, and says that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yo-
chai taught there.
Restoration work has been underway to
upgrade the visitor center in Pekiins ancient
synagogue and nearby Beit Zinati for the
last year. It will tell the story of the Jewish
presence in the town over the last 2,000
years through the history of the Zinatis,
the towns oldest Jewish family. Margalit
Zinati, the last member of the Zinati fam-
ily, still lives in a house next door to the
synagogue. She is the last Jewish resi-
dent of the town, which now is predomi-
nately Druze.
Oh, and about the ancient donors: Per-
haps because an analysis of the inscrip-
tion has not yet been formally published,
their names were not announced by the
Antiquities Authority. What a fleeing
thing is fame.
Larry Yudelson & Israel21c.org

Ikea Israels special

Candlelighting: Friday, February 24, 5:24 p.m.
woman-free charedi catalog Shabbat ends: Saturday, February 25, 6:24 p.m.
l How do charedi Jews do hygge, the Israels charedi community has
Nordic coziness concept that infuses come under fire before for its pen- For convenient home delivery,
Ikea? Judging from the pages of the chant for erasing women from photos,
catalog recently made expressly for but theres fresh irony in intentionally call 201-837-8818 or bit.ly/jsubscribe
the design giants Israeli ultra-Ortho- staging a Jewish home without wom-
dox clientele, they do it without a en for the benefit of men. (Ikea since
PUBLISHERS STATEMENT: (USPS 275-700 ISN 0021-6747) is
woman in sight. has distanced itself from and apolo- published weekly on Fridays with an additional edition every
October, by the New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck
The catalog, which Ikea Israel says gized for the catalog, explaining that Noshes4 Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Periodicals postage paid at Hackensack,
was produced by popular demand, it was made by the Israeli operation, briefly local16 NJ and additional offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes
to New Jersey Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck,
features the same Ikea classics weve without consulting HQ.) Inadvertently, rockland 18 NJ 07666. Subscription price is $30.00 per year. Out-of-state sub-
all come to love (or loathe), but in a though, men photographed pouring cover story 22 scriptions are $45.00, Foreign countries subscriptions are $75.00.
jewish world 26 The appearance of an advertisement in The Jewish Standard does
Jewish, entirely male domestic space. juice in their Sektion kitchens almost oPINION 42 not constitute a kashrut endorsement. The publishing of a paid
The brands customizable wardrobes seem to volunteer to take on more dVAR TORAH 47 political advertisement does not constitute an endorsement of any
candidate political party or political position by the newspaper or
are filled with pressed by whom, responsibility at home. ARTS & CULTURE49 any employees.
we wonder? white shirts and black Perhaps all the Jewish women are calendar 52 The Jewish Standard assumes no responsibility to return unsolicit-
dress pants. Billy bookcases strain un- just on vacation. Cue a parallel, wom- obituaries 53 ed editorial or graphic materials. All rights in letters and unsolicited
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der volumes of the Talmud, and boys en-only edition shot in Ibiza, complete crossword puzzle54
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gallery 55
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editorially. Nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without
and mother-free table. lection? Leah Falk/TheJewniverse.com real estate60 written permission from the publisher. 2017

Jewish Standard february 24, 2017 3

There is a cow in each and every one
of us. An animal that looks to eat and run wild.
Our purpose is to tame it and channel its power.
Lubavitch social media editor Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone, responding on
Twitter to reports of a cow wandering the streets of Queens on Tuesday after
escaping a slaughterhouse. The cow died after being tranquilized by police.


Premium shows
feature comics
and lawyers
Crashing, an HBO (one per week) can be for amFAR, the founda-
series co-created seen on the new premi- tion for AIDS research.
by comedian Pete um streaming service, Johansson, who has
Holmes and JUDD CBS All-Access. JUSTIN raised mucho money for
APATOW, 49, debuted BARTHA, 38, co-stars as amFAR, told the audi-
on Sunday, February 17. Colin Morrello, another ence that her mothers
Holmes plays Pete, a lawyer at Lockharts new best friend died of AIDS
T.J. Miller Gina Gershon Sarah Silverman
sheltered suburbanite firm. JERRY ADLER, 88, in 1983. LENA DUNHAM,
who married his child- will appear in a recurring 30, was supposed to
hood sweetheart and role as Howard Lyman. host the event, but she
dreams of making it as a Fans of The Good Wife was ill. No doubt, look-
stand-up comedian, but know that Lyman was a ing after Dunham was
his world unravels when partner in Lockharts old her boyfriend of 5 years,
he finds out his wife is firm, and his addled ways rock guitarist JACK AN-
cheating on him. He frequently provided TONOFF, 32, who grew
decides to pursue his comic relief. Adler still is up in Bergen County and
dream and plunges into best known for playing went to the Solomon
the rough New York Jewish mob associate Schechter Day School
comedy scene. The Hesh Rabkin on The of Bergen County. Fun
eight-episode first Sopranos. fact: Antonoff dated
season features a Good Fight pro- Johannson when they
number of real-life ducers say that Wife Justin Bartha Jerry Adler Michael Cammalleri were teens.
comedians and actors star JULIANNA MAR- As I was thinking of Jo-
using their real names GULIES, 50, may make ber after two years. that monogamy may raised by her mother, hanssons marital woes, I
and playing versions of a guest appearance at (They have a daughter, not be natural. But if in pretty tight financial chanced to read a Febru-
themselves. Episodes 2 some point. They are still ROSE, now 2 years old.) you read the whole in- circumstances. In the ary 14 Variety interview
and 3 feature T. J. in discussions with her Both divorces came terview, which is online, Playboy interview, Scar- with JAKE GYLLEN-
MILLER, 35 (Silicon about that. without any preliminary that comment was part lett describes her father HAAL. 36, in which he
Valley). Also in Episode In a recent column media information that of several long thought- as kind of a dreamer. said he would like to play
3, GINA GERSHON guest item about Jews the marriages were in ful answers about mar- Unlike many former Teyve in Fiddler one
stars as herself. SARAH in the NHL, I trouble. Nor did Reyn- riage. That quote was child actors, she praises day. (Hes just opened
SILVERMAN, 46, will accidentally omitted olds, Johansson, or bookended by her say- her mothers manage- in a Broadway revival of
guest star in episode 6 MICHAEL CAMMALLERI, Duriac (so far) give ing (Im paraphrasing) ment of her acting ca- a STEPHEN SONDHEIM
(airs March 26). 34, a star left wing who details about why the that an ongoing, faithful reer (from the time she musical, Sunday in the
The hit CBS series now plays for the New marriages ended. marriage is a beautiful was about 8 years old Park with George.) If I
The Good Wife, Jersey Devils. Thanks to However, in a recent thing and that a long- until she was in her late were Yetta, the Fiddler
has been rebooted the Standard reader Playboy interview, term marriage is a beau- teens). She says: My matchmaker, Id fix Scar-
with a spin-off, The who pointed out Johansson opened the tiful responsibility. mom is very ambitious, lett up with Jake. Theyre
Good Fight. Wife this omission. door a crack by ac- As Ive noted be- and shes also good at both musical, great
co-star Christine Baran- Matrimony has not knowledging that fore, Johansson is the multitasking. She has a looking, Jewish, and part
ski returns as lawyer gone well for marriage is hard work daughter of an Ameri- lot of life force, my mom. Scandinavian. Plus, if you
Diane Lockhart. Financial actress SCARLETT and implied, perhaps, can Jewish mother, I definitely inherited that combine their names,
reversals force Diane to JOHANSSON, 32. Her that she or her husbands MELANIE SLOAN, and from her. Its no sur- you could come up with
join another existing 2008 marriage to actor had a problem with Karner Johansson, an prise, then, that Sloan nice combos, like Johall
Chicago law firm. The Ryan Reynolds ended in doing the work. architect originally from was her daughters which is a lot better
first episode aired on 2010. Her second, to Most media picked up Denmark. Her parents date when Scarlett than ScarJo, a media
CBS on February 17. This French ad man Roman one line in the interview. split up when she was was honored on Febru- moniker that Scarlett
episode and nine more Duriac, ended in Decem- Johansson told Playboy quite young and she was ary 7 at a gala benefit says she hates. N.B.

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32130 Jan CPO Strip Ad.indd 1FEBRUARY 24, 2017 1/5/17 3:30 PM
Dear Mr. Kushner
Frisch alums write to fellow graduate Jared Kusher about immigration ban

he Frisch School in Para-
mus, an Orthodox high
school, draws students
from all over the area, and
its graduates often retain a strong bond
to the school and to other graduates.
They also graduate the school, they
say, with a strong understanding of Jew-
ish values and a deep connection to the
Jewish community. Nava Friedman Gabrielle Kaplan
Graduates leave the school and go on
to life in the wider world with a wide range of someone who is an alumnus of our school
political beliefs and affiliations. and it is not a huge school, Ms. Fried-
One of the schools most well-known man said. This is someone who has had
recent alumni is Jared Kushner, who grew the opportunity to get into the highest level Frisch School graduate Jared Kushner serves as a senior adviser to his father-in-
up in Livingston and graduated from high of government, and have the kind of influ- law, President Donald J. Trump.
school in 1999, going on to Harvard College, ence that very few of us have. So how can we
NYU Law School, the New York Observer, real harness this connection that we have, in this into each other at various meetings and ral- refugees into the country. Those things are
estate investments, and eventually the White political atmosphere, to provide a message lies. Ms. Kaplan thought the letter was a great connected. As a people who have a personal
House, where he is a senior adviser (at 36 that we feel needs voicing? idea; she, Ms. Friedman, and other friends all connection to refugee status, it is something
these things are relative) to his father-in-law, In the particular moment, we were par- posted it. In a week, it amassed almost 200 impossible to overlook. Its not just in history
President Donald J. Trump. (Had he been a ticularly concerned with the immigration signatures, mostly from alumni, most of them books. We have seen it ourselves, and so we
few years younger, he probably would have and refugee ban, she continued. It seems Mr. Kushners age or younger. Some former have to take a stand.
gone to the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School like a really good opportunity to make our teachers, administrators, and parents signed Its not just something that can happen,
in Livingston, funded by his family and voices heard, and particularly because they as well. There also are some oxymoronically or that might happen. Its something that has
named after his grandmother, but it did not are coming from a community that has ties anonymous signatures. happened to us, and so we are in a unique
open in time for him.) to Jared. We wanted to get our values across, and position to raise awareness of it.
Some other Frisch graduates (although cer- Aside from all the glamour and the con- they come straight from the Torah, Ms. There are some groups in the Orthodox
tainly not all of them statistics are not avail- nections, in some way, when I read profiles Friedman said. It talks about how we are community, defined broadly, particularly
able) see Mr. Trumps presidency as a direct of Jared, I feel like I recognize him, she said. supposed to care for the stranger. Our coun- in the Northeast, that are working on ways
contradiction of many of the Jewish values He is representative of us in some ways, so try took care of our parents and grandparents to oppose harsh treatment of refugees and
they were taught and by which they have I think it behooves us to make this kind of who came here, and then there were the oth- immigrants, she added.
chosen to live. They are most upset by the statement. ers who didnt and suffered horribly because Ms. Friedman, Ms. Kaplan, and their
presidents executive order, which attempted The letter is polite, respectful, and short. It of it. That made us particularly concerned friends were able to find some of Mr. Kush-
to keep out visitors from seven Muslim-major- does not mention Mr. Trump by name, and about what is going on. ners email addresses, although no one knows
ity countries indefinitely, other immigrants talks only about the immigration ban, and The Jewish education I received both at if he still looks at any of those accounts. Mr.
for various periods of time. It has been called how it conflicts with Jewish values. home and at school always had as one of its Kushner, unsurprisingly, has not responded
a Muslim ban, caused havoc and great Ms. Friedman talked about the letter with most fundamental elements the idea of lov- to the open letter from Frisch graduates, any
fear at the nations airports, and was both some Frisch friends, including her class- ing the stranger, Ms. Kaplan said. It is all more than he has to the one from Harvard
stayed and then withdrawn. On Tuesday, the mate Gabrielle Kaplan, who also grew up in over the Bible. That is part and parcel of why grads. But, the signers think, maybe there is
Department of Homeland Security issued Teaneck. Ms. Friedman and Ms. Kaplan both we are taking a stand against the executive some chance that it might make a difference,
new rules that if left untouched will lead to live in New York now, but they kept running order and coming out in favor of welcoming and they are obligated to try.
more restrictions and deportations.
Mr. Kushners Frisch classmates were not
This is the letter that Frisch alumni sent to fellow graduate Jared Kushner, class of 1999
the only ones to have been taken aback by
his father-in-laws policies, and most par- Dear Mr. Kushner, fresh in our minds as we see refugees from some of the most
ticularly by the immigration ban. One of his It is a rare opportunity to have you, a fellow member of the
war-torn countries on this planet barred from entering our
classmates at Harvard, like Mr. Kushner the Frisch School community, play such a critical role in guiding
The Torah repeatedly teaches us to love and welcome the
grandson of Holocaust survivors, wrote an the future of our country.
stranger, for we too were once strangers in Egypt. In fact,
open letter to Mr. Kushner, asking him to use As fellow graduates, students, parents and educators of
the central holiday on the Jewish calendar is dedicated to
the Frisch School and proud members of the American Jew-
his influence to help repeal the ban. That commemorating this fact. We implore you, as a Jew and as
ish community, we are alarmed by the Presidents Executive
open letter went viral and amassed many sig- Order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim
a graduate of an institution that instilled you with Jewish
values, to exercise the influence and access you have to an-
natures very quickly. majority nations. Your family and all of ours know too well
nals of power to ensure others dont suffer the same fate as
One of those graduates, Nava Friedman, what can happen when America shuts its doors to those
millions of our co-religionists. We ask you to ensure they gain
who grew up in Teaneck, where her parents most in need.
the second chance our grandparents received to succeed
Like you, many of us are the children, grandchildren and
still live, and was in the class of 2008, wrote and thrive in America.
great-grandchildren of those who escaped to this country
a similar open letter to Mr. Kushner. Where when the lands of their birth promised almost certain death;
the Harvard letter drew on American values, like those of your grandparents, many of their parents, sib-
however, hers drew its inspiration from the lings and extended families did not make it to our shores and The Undersigned Members of the Frisch School Community:
Jewish tradition. perished in the Holocaust. The memory of the St. Louis rings [A list of names follows]
I just starting thinking that here is



Taking courage
Bnai Yeshuruns Project Ometz aims to help families facing mental illness
Banji Ganchrow children help with their able to discuss what has are supported by their mental health pro-
mental illness with parents worked for them. Rabbi fessionals, but parents often do not have
Mental illness has never been an easy who are starting that painful Zahtz also was very clear anyone to support them. Parents are reluc-
topic. process. in saying, We will only tant to discuss their own struggles, often
Although many people suffer from After speaking to many match up people whose focusing only on the needs of their child.
mental illness, the stigma attached to it local day school principles children already are under As a community, if we dont know what
prevents people from discussing it with and mental health profes- the care of a mental health is going on with the family, we cant help
others. As a result, not only is mental ill- sionals, and learning that professional. The parents them, Rabbi Zahtz said. But the fact that
ness devastating, it can be isolating to both many children are affected, seeking support whose Parents are slow and hesitant to come
patients and their families. Rabbi Zahtz recognized that children do not have to forward, really illustrates the need for a
Rabbi Ari Zahtz, the assistant rabbi at something had to be done. be getting counseling, program such as this one.
Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, an Ortho- The bigger picture is open- although one hope is that On Monday, February 27, Dr. David Pel-
dox synagogue in Teaneck, is trying to ing the conversation and they will consider the ben- covitz, a well-known child psychologist,
change that. addressing the stigma, he Rabbi Ari Zahtz efits of such professional will speak at a teleconference, open to
Together with other members of the said. One day, we are hop- help eventually will go the public, sponsored by Congregation
community and guided by mental health ing it wont be so hard to be open. Though to the website and detail their situation. Bnai Yeshurun, called You Are Not Alone
professionals, Rabbi Zahtz has started he knows that Project Ometz isnt the only They then will be paired with parents who Parenting a Child With Mental Health
Project Ometz, with the goal of changing solution, he is hoping it will be a positive are under the care of a mental health pro- Challenges. Dr. Pelcovitz is an instructor
the way our community views mental ill- step forward. fessional but want to lend support. And in in pastoral counseling at Yeshiva Univer-
ness. (The Hebrew word ometz translates Project Ometz will provide a nonjudg- the process, it will give them courage to sitys Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological
to courage, in acknowledgment of the tre- mental ear; parents will know that some- find the strength needed to support, help, Seminary, and the director of psychology
mendous courage it takes to come forward one will listen to them and help them and heal their child. at North Shore HospitalNYU School of
to ask for help.) The goal of Project Ometz devise strategies to cope with everyday Rabbi Zahtz thinks that support from Medicine. He has worked with Jewish com-
is to pair parents who have been successful living. Parents who have and continue to other parents is a good first step in help- munities in the United States, Europe, and
in navigating the process of getting their live with a child with mental illness will be ing these families. As the patients, children See Courage page 59


Dinner Chairs: Rachel Heumann Esther Lerer Careena Parker Lindsay Setton
Dinner Campaign Committee: Kenny Eckstein, Co-Chair Lee Lasher, Co-Chair
Norris Nissim, Co-Chair Bruce Brafman George Feintuch Ahuva Halpern
Andrew Harary Michael Harris Jonathan Kolatch Drew Parker Jeffrey Parker SUNDAY, MARCH 19TH, 5:00 IN THE EVENING
Michael Ratzker Moshael Straus Billy Weiss Evan Zisholtz
Visit www.ahavathtorah.org for information or call 201-568-1315

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017 7


Enemy of the people?

Journalism professor Ari Goldman to speak in Wyckoff

The New York Times is
he New York Times hadnt yet
been designated an enemy of
the best friend the country
the American people by the has. It is far from perfect,
president of the United States
when I spoke to Ari Goldman last week.
but it serves as an essential
Mr. Goldman, a professor of journal- check on government abuse
ism at the Columbia School of Journal-
ism, is a former religion reporter for the
and corruption.
New York Times. Next Sunday morning,
March 5, he will speak at Temple Beth has changed radically, he said. They When someone says Time changes
Rishon in Wyckoff about how the Times just got rid of their regional copy desks. for me when I light the Shabbat can-
and other news organizations cover Now, they organize by things like break- dles, I can sort of prove that it doesnt
Judaism and Israel. ing news and features. actually change. Its the same as it was
Complaining about the New York The Times is a whole new entity from before and after. But if youre willing to
Times long has been a hobby for Jews and what it was even five years ago. The focus add empathy and see the world from
others. Donald Trump, however, broke is no longer on the paper. The focus is on the point of view of the believer, you
new ground in taking his media criticism the web presence. Far more people read can tell their story better. Empathy is
to the White Houses twitter bully pul- it on the web than in the paper. he said. a value in all reporting, but I think its
pit (Richard Nixons attacks on the press Ari Goldman But the changes dont alter the core of greater importance when you write
were shared only with confidantes, the principle of the Times: Now more than about religion.
underlings who compiled his enemies in the Constitution, he suggested that in ever people have to understand the Religion isnt always provable, and
lists, and his recording system) and in a sense the New York Times is a public importance of getting facts, he said. its not always backed up by facts. Its
borrowing harrowing language from such trust. Only someone who doesnt under- The biggest responsibility of journalists a point of view, and you want to allow
successful foes of the press as Joseph Sta- stand its role would call it the enemy. is to tell the facts accurately. Thats the people to have their point of view. You
lin and Joseph Goebbels. Mr. Goldman said his talk will not be bread and butter. People have to know can question it but you have to see it
political. But the political environment, the difference between truth and lies. from the point of view of the believer,
he said, is proving good for his profes- Ultimately, you cant get away with he said.
sion and for his journalism school. lies forever, Mr. Goldman said. Are there limits to such empathy?
People are energized to follow the And what about the realm of reli- Yes, Mr. Goldman said. I think
Now more news more and to want to change the gion, which relies on the evidence of if someone is doing harm, if a certain
world and they believe they can do that things not seen, as Hebrews 11:1 puts it? practice is harming people, you would
than ever through journalism, he said. Thats How do you cover religion for a secular still try to see it from the believers
people have to helping our enrollment numbers. newspaper? point of view, but you have to call out
Recent years have seen a decline in As it happens, Mr. Goldman teaches a the abuse.
understand the the number of journalism students, class on just that topic.
importance of matching the steep drop in journalism Theres a great term that I use: Who: Ari Goldman
jobs. Tens of thousands of journalism empathetic objectivity, he said. Jour-
getting facts. jobs have been lost, he said. Its cer- nalists are supposed to be objective, to
What: All the religion thats fit to
print: How The New York Times
tainly impacted our school. just tell the story down the middle, to and other news organizations cover
In the wake of the presidents Friday Mr. Goldman is a graduate of Yeshiva tell both sides. When you write about Judaism and Israel.
Twitter attack against the New York College and Columbia Journalism religion you have to add a heavy dose Where: Temple Beth Rishon, 585
Times and four television networks, Mr. School. He started at the Times as a of empathy. You have to understand the Russell Ave., Wyckoff.
Goldman emailed that the New York copy boy. For much of his two decades believers point of view even if it its not When: Sunday, March 5, 9:45 a.m.
Times is the best friend the country has. at the Times, he covered religion for provable by facts, statistics, or data.
How much: $15 members, $20
It is far from perfect, but it serves as an the papers Metro section. Until very If someone says this piece of bread
nonmembers. Includes breakfast
essential check on government abuse recently, editing at the paper was becomes the body of Christ, I cant say buffet.
and corruption. divided between foreign, national, and Youre wrong, its not true. I have to be
RSVP: (201) 891-4466.
With freedom of the press enshrined metro desks. Now, the whole operation empathetic to their point of view.

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JTS scholar presents
mysticism webinar
Joanne Palmer

o what is kabbalah, really?
Is it a spiritual fad that cycles in and out of fash-
ion, catching on in the non-Jewish world, snaring
celebrities like Madonna before they discard it for
the next thing?
Is it the subject of scholarly tomes that are groundbreak-
ing in the academic world, full of extraordinary historical
detail and insight, but far too dry for the mass market?

Courtesy of the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

Is it a spiritual practice that allows unscrupulous practi-
tioners to separate fools from their money?
Or is it possibly a practice that can change hearts, and
lives, and that an academic, grounded in intellectual
rigor, can teach both as an abstraction and as a spiritual
Dr. Eitan Fishbane of Teaneck, an associate professor of
Jewish Thought at the Jewish Theological Seminary in Man-
hattan, is a firm believer in the last possibility offered here.
He teaches kabbalah both as an academic subject and as
a spiritual practice to rabbinical students; he has written
books about it and is at work on another, Poetics of Zohar,
to come from Oxford University Press, and now hes offer-
ing a condensed look at it online, as the third in a series
of three-session courses that JTS has opened to the public.
Dr. Fishbane is excited about the format, but he is even
more excited about the content. There is a powerful and
renewed thirst for spiritual meaning and understanding in
our time, he said. There is a new curiosity about what B (NS) K90, an amulet for the protection of a mother and her newborn child, Italy nineteenth century.
the mystical dimensions of Juda-
ism have to offer both for our where he integrates the academic and the spiritual, when
historical understanding of Juda- he began to teach at JTS 11 years ago. Before he made that
ism, but also for the insights it choice, he said, his career could have gone in a more con-
can offer contemporary Jews I very much feel ventional academic direction, although its seeds were
into their own spiritual lives, planted early in his college life. He earned his doctorate at
theology, and relationships to that this body of Brandeis under the guidance of Professor Arthur Green,
the divine. ideas and literature whose connections to Jewish mysticism, both as a scholar
I very much feel that this and as a person, are deep. He taught at a secular university
body of ideas and literature has a has a great role to Carleton College in Minnesota before he moved to HUC
great role to play in offering new play in offering new in Los Angeles and then to JTS. My role at JTS, especially
inspiration in our day. interacting with rabbinical students, has cultivated my com-
The minicourse will be Dr. Eitan Fishbane inspiration in our day. mitment to the spiritual dimension of guidance, he said.
designed to offer a window into At JTS, I can also be engaged in scholarship, teaching in a
the mystical tradition, first through setting the stage histori- in particular, a new openness and a desire for spiritual way that is academically rigorous.
cally, to where kabbalah in particular and mysticism more meaning and growth. This is a new chapter in the history of JTS, where the
broadly fits into the large spectrum of the Jewish experi- Dr. Fishbane is a member of the rabbinical school coun- spiritual and pastoral growth of rabbinical students has
ence, he said. More particularly, it will show people some cil, where he acts as a spiritual mentor to aspiring rab- been deepened, he said. And now the seminary has a
of the essential features and characteristics of Jewish mysti- bis, reflecting on their spiritual goals and questions, and broader mission of community learning. My contribu-
cism, and will be framed by a broader understanding of it as engaging in both group-based and individual mentoring tion is to try to bring the spiritual Torah inspired by the
a kind of spiritual awareness, a way of understanding real- about their spiritual introspection and reflecting on ways in language and ideas of Jewish mysticism to the Jewish
ity, God, and human nature, a way of interpreting the Torah which these mystical or spiritual themes can be integrated
and the life of the mitzvot. It seeks to discover the ways in into their rabbinates. What: The Jewish Theological Seminary offers a
which divinity and divine meaning is to be found beneath He has undertaken similar if less long-term projects when webinar on kabbalah, Kabbalah Revealed
the surface of ordinary perception. As Heschel thats the he teaches at synagogues. I see it as part of a larger mis- Who: Taught by Dr. Eitan Fishbane of Teaneck
20th-century theologian and JTS professor Rabbi Abraham sion, to do my part to contribute to the spiritual reinvigora-
When: On three Thursdays, March 16, 23, and 30, from
Joshua Heschel articulated it, this world is an allusion to tion of Conservative Judaism, and a spiritual renaissance in noon to 1 p.m.
the deeper mystery of existence. the Jewish community.
Cost: $60
Certainly the Conservative movement, long known for Dr. Fishbane grew up in the Conservative movement his
its dedication to rational, logic-based scholarship, has family belonged to a Conservative synagogue, he was edu- To register: Go to www.jtsa.edu/kabbalah-
revealed-2017 or just google Eitan Fishbane and
not been a hotbed of spirituality. But I think that there cated in a Solomon Schechter school, and he spent his sum-
kabbalah revealed
has been among Conservative synagogues, and at JTS mers at Camp Ramah but he came to his new worldview,

10 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Sandi M. Malkin, LL C
Interior Designer
The first of the three (former interior designer of model
sessions will bring the rooms for NYs #1 Dept. Store)
surprisingly different
and even radical
theologies of Jewish For a totally new look using
mysticism to bear on your furniture or starting anew.
contemporary Jewish
Staging also available
experiences of God
and faith. 973-535-9192
community, particularly around the ideas of re-imag-
ing theology and what we mean by God by seeing

Your Hometown Community Bank!

God and theology in a more meaningful, relevant way
than many contemporary Jews can imagine, using the
Courtesy of the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary

ideas of the Jewish tradition.

So what about the webinar? The first of the three
sessions will bring the surprisingly different and even
radical theologies of Jewish mysticism to bear on con-
temporary Jewish experiences of God and faith, Dr.
Fishbane said. One example of it is the understanding
of Jewish mystical theology as a theology of radical one-
ness, of understanding the whole of being, the whole of
reality, as unified and as one with the divine self. Thats
as opposed to the framework thats more common in
the liturgy, as God of judgment, of kingship, a patriar-
chal god who is father to understand God as the great
energy force of life that infuses the entire universe, as
the vitality that streams through the world, through the
very core of our souls and bodies.
Early modern kabbalah is very focused on God as
the ultimate, endless source, he said. The Ein Sof that
flows through reality as an endless series of emanations,
sometimes as light. Therefore the human experience of
Commercial Lending Team Community Banking Group
God that is characterized as enlightenment and illumi- Robert Kim, Jessica Sepulveda, Daniela Apolito Nancy Hong, Aynur Karce, Frank Pindar, Nicole Zelma
nation is both metaphoric and literal, and also poetic.
And thats just the first lecture C. Herbert Schneider Angela Farina
The webinar series, coincidentally, is a project that President & CEO EVP, Retail Banking
Dr. Fishbanes wife, Rabbi Julia Andelman, oversees in
her role as the director of JTSs community engagement
department. Online learning for rabbis isnt new at the
seminary, but this is only the third course aimed at the
general public. The first, which drew more than 70 stu-
dents, was called Before the Paths Diverged: Encoun-
ters Between Judaism and Early Christianity. Those
students came from across the United States, as well as
from Brazil, Germany, Israel, Canada, and Chile. The $50,000,000 AVAILABLE TO LEND
next course, taught by Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky, a famil-
iar face to public television viewers, was Aphrodite and
the Rabbi: Roman Culture and the Creation of Judaism
That added students from Luxembourg and England to
the already broad mix of the first one. Coming Soon to Fairfield!
The format shows the teacher and also can focus on
text and illustrations, as it did in Rabbi Visotzkys lec-
Closter Englewood
ture. People can choose how much they want to par-
ticipate, Rabbi Andelman said. They can ask ques- Montvale Teaneck
tions, although of course the more people there are
watching online, the less opportunity there is for any
one of them to do so.
The seminary now has a video recording studio that
can produce state-of-the-art videos as well as stream-
ing media. Thankfully gone are the days when a webi-
nar would include long freezes as well as unfortunate
First Commerce Banks Directors include:
up-the-nostrils camera angles. Instead, it has unlim-
ited capacity to offer cutting-edge scholarship to audi-
Abraham Penzer Aaron Sussman
ences around the world. Eliezer Weinman Gershon Biegeleisen
Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017 11

New school in town

Planning enters the serious stage for a coed Idea High

f Tikvah Wieners hopes come to
fruition, a new modern Orthodox
coed high school will open in Ber-
gen County in September 2018.
Its a school that aims to answer the
question: What if school was more likelife?
Life, after all, does not come in 45- or
90-minute periods. Life does not sepa-
rate out the language-based aspects of
your activities from the mathematical,
your secular activities from your reli-
gious identity.
Life is often a group activity.
Ms. Wiener, who lives in Teaneck, is
a former head of the English depart-
ment at the Frisch School in Paramus, Tikvah Wiener Rabbi Michael Bitton Raz Haramati
now the countys only coed Jewish high
school. She is now finishing up her He said that with a growing number stuff. Youre the product. and a very meaningful way of learning.
third year as chief academic officer at of students in the day school system, Ms. Wieners partnership with Rabbi The day is going to be divided into lon-
the Magen David High School in Brook- theres enough demand. I think theres Bitton began years ago, long before she ger blocks of times, giving kids a chance
lyn. Magen Davids director of instruc- room for four great high schools in our went to Magen David, when he called to to really get into their learning, whether
tional technology, Rabbi Michael Bitton community, each with its own position. ask about the interdisciplinary work she Judaic studies or secular. Theyll be
of Lakewood, will be her partner in the Its good for the marketplace. Hopefully was doing at Frisch. able to make things that are important
venture. When this school year ends, what it does is it makes all the products At the Idea School, they will be co- for them, whether art or STEM that
they will leave Magen David to devote even better. heads of school. stands for science, technology, engi-
themselves full time to creating what We want to be part of the community We chose that title deliberately, neering, and math or other projects
theyre calling the Idea School. Idea and contribute to the community, Ms. she said. One of our aims is to create they want to create.
is an acronym for innovation, design, Wiener said. To that end, she has been a collaborative environment. We want Hebrew acquisition is going to be
entrepreneurship, and the arts. meeting with principals of day schools teachers to be co-teaching. So our lead- a major focus of the school. Well be
that will feed into the school, and of the building chesed into the school day,
high schools with which it will compete. she continued.
The school will not neglect content and One of my concerns is how are we

The current skills and traditional types of text acqui-

sition, Ms. Wiener said. There will be a
Hebrew honoring and protecting our kids child-
hood and adolescence. When we think
model of beit midrash, the traditional study hall. acquisition is about how kids learn and how people

education was But the twist she is excited about is a

focus on interdisciplinary teaching, with
going to be a learn, should it be in a very high anxiety
environment? The system weve created
created about teachers teaching in teams, where his- major focus of for our kids seems to be really anxiety-

125 years ago. It tory and English, for example, would

not be demarcated as separate subject.
the school. Well producing. The panic over the resume
building to get into college. I have to
hasnt really A study of Greek history might lead to a be building be this all-around fantastic person at

changed since study of philosophy, which might lead to

going out and interviewing people about
chesed into the age 16, they think. I have to save the
world. Were really looking at the whole
then. It was a their values. She has seen that model school day. person, being mindful to give kids time

factory model of used in some of the non-Jewish schools

she has studied, most specifically High ership model is a collaborative one. The
to be kids, not overscheduling them,
so theyre not coming home and doing
education. Tech High in San Diego, Calif. The next fact that he is a man and I am a woman, another day of school after school.
step for her school would be to bring in and that we fall on different parts of the Raz Haramati of Englewood comes
As readers of her columns in this the Jewish counterpart to the philosophy. Orthodox spectrum its nice to model from a family of Jewish educators. Both
newspaper have come to learn, Ms. Wie- You should always be thinking about the different ways we want our students of his parents taught at the Yeshiva of
ner is passionate about making students what it means to be Jewish, no matter to get along and to respect each others Flatbush for decades. He chaired the
passionate about learning. She is a devo- what class youre in, rather than this opinions. board of the Yavneh Academy when his
tee of a technique called project based bifurcated schedule where Im in Eng- Ms. Wiener said what might seem to four children were younger. Now he has
learning and has organized a network lish class and I dont think about what it be an untraditional model for educa- joined the board of the startup school.
of schools devoted to the technique. means to be Jewish until Im in Talmud tion actually is rooted in the Jewish tra- Im excited by the thought of doing
She and Rabbi Bitton have begun class, she said. dition. Were moving the school away something different, he said.
to gather support for their idea. That The current model of education was from standardized tests testing for one He has known Ms. Wiener for many
includes an endorsement from the Jew- created about 125 years ago, she said. It answer because life is about learning years, and invited her to sit on the
ish Federation of Northern New Jersey. hasnt really changed since then. It was a that answers are complex, she said. Yavneh board. When she told me that
Jason Shames, the federations CEO, factory model of education. Look at the You might do one thing in one situation she was thinking about opening up her
said that Tikvah is bringing something way schools are set up: You go from one and another in another situation. Thats own school, my first reaction was, How
unique to the table. A new model for Jew- room to the next. Here Im going to learn part of what the Talmud is about. can I help you?
ish education is coming to town. Its not a math, there Im going to learn science. She promises the new school will offer He said Ms. Wieners ideas of what
duplication of whats being offered. In the end, youre going to learn all this a very personalized way of learning and how students should learn align


Free! Open to the Public!

s a t h t e r
d ay h e c
S u n S c
Were looking for
skills such as
iteration towards a
solution, pulling in
from diverse areas of
knowledge and
ability. These need to
be primary skills.
with his experience in the business world, where
he works in finance. Were looking for skills such
as teamwork, collaboration, iteration towards a
solution, pulling in from diverse areas of knowl-

u m
edge and ability, he said of his workplace. These
need to be primary skills. People are driven by fol-
lowing their passion. Thats something that should

on i
e m
be central.

nd S
Hes excited by the idea of a Jewish school taking

a e S SD
a holistic and integrated view of the world, and not

only from the skills-versus-compartmentalized-knowl-

i m
edge perspective. When we talk integration, it isnt
just integrating your language arts with your history
to get a holistic view; its understanding that modern
Orthodox Judaism is not two separate spheres of Juda-
P u r w i t h t h
dTe a c h e r s
ism and the secular world. Integration needs to occur
o o
there as well. Fundamentally we believe the study of
dh h il
science and the discovery of the world is part of Gods

r l y C
mission of creation and the continuation of the cre-
ation process. Its not just a secular activity. Its funda-
mentally a religious activity.
E a
You need to imbue students with knowledge and
skills, but it all needs to be done from an integrated
Jewish perspective, one that will lead to students more
passionately connected to their Judaism. Solomon Schechter
He said such a model is rare in Jewish education.
In fact, theyre studying a Presbyterian school
Sunday Day School of
geared around design thinking and passionate
learning for an idea of how such an integrated reli-
March 5 Bergen County
gious perspective might work.
Tikvah and Michael are the leaders, they have
the vision of where they want it to go, he said.
10 11:30 am 275 McKinley Avenue,
New Milford, NJ 07646
They need help with getting the Jewish commu-
nity behind them. RSVP
We want to bring Jewish education into the 21st
century. The big challenge is lay support to get
behind this initiative. We need more people step-
ping up with their checkbooks and their time to
bring this idea to fruition.
Find out about our inquiry-
based approach and warm,
More than 407,000 likes.
inclusive community!
Like us on Facebook. For more information or to schedule a personal tour,
email us at admissions@ssdsbergen.org



Feeling like youre home

Local women join Heart to Heart federation trip to Israel

ive Bergen County women vis-
ited Israel earlier this month as
part of the Jewish Federations of
North Americas Heart to Heart
mission. The mission included 68 women
from 19 communities across the country.
In addition to four packed days visiting
projects funded by JFNA and partner orga-
nizations such as the Jewish Agency for
Israel, World ORT, and the Joint Distribu-
tion Committee, some of the local partici-
pants spent time in Nahariya, the Jewish
Federation of Northern New Jerseys P2G
Partnership City in the north.
It was a special visit, as we were able
to spend some quality time with the folks
on the ground who run the programs that
are directly supported by JFNNJ, said
Dana Post Adler of Tenafly, a board mem-
ber of JFNNJ and the National Womens
Philanthropy Board of Jewish Federations
of North America and co-president of the
Womens Philanthropy Board of JFNNJ.
We had an emotional visit at the train- From left, Gale Bindelglass, Suzette Diamond, Dana Post Adler, Franci Steinberg, and Lisa Hecht overlook Jerusalem.
ing center within Nahariyas firehouse,
where we presented one fireman, Gil Bar- adults, and JAFIs emergency assistance
sano, with a photograph and plaque of his to families in the Jerusalem area who lost
son Adar, who was killed in action during their homes in the November forest fires.
Operation Protective Edge and who had I got to see and do many things, and
also been a volunteer firefighter in Naha- meet many people that I wouldnt have
riya, Ms. Adler reported. The training cen- had I been on a tourist trip, she said.
ter was funded by JFNNJ. Being with Dana on this very special
We visited Bayit Cham Warm House journey was like having my own personal
where we met two successful young scholar in residence.
women who had used the services of the Ms. Hecht said her most moving expe-
home when they were considered youth rience was being asked to lead the She-
at risk during their teenage years. We met hecheyanu prayer with three other first-
with a Hungarian Holocaust survivor who timers as their bus reached Jerusalem
told us her story at the survivors group at sunset. I will always remember that
that our dollars support, and we toured moment: my first trip to Israel, arriving
a small food pantry and thrift shop for in Jerusalem the City of Gold and
needy families. Having lunch by the Medi- reciting this ancient prayer surrounded
terranean with the P2G leadership and the by so many amazing women.
deputy mayor, my friend Orna Starkmann, It was the fifth Heart to Heart Mission
is always a special treat. for Gale S. Bindelglass of Franklin Lakes,
Ms. Adler recruited the other local and her 13th trip to Israel in 11 years. She
participants. One of them, Lisa Hecht of said that on every trip she comes away
Tenafly, had never been to Israel before. thoroughly impressed by the spiritual,
The best part of the trip for me was agricultural, and technical wonderment The women attended the group bnot mitzvah of these Ethiopian girls. They
seeing Israel through my dear friend of Israel and feels romantically in love have come a long way in their lives and it was so wonderful to share this day
Lisas eyes for the first time davening at with this complicated and glorious land. with them and their families, Franci Steinberg said.
the Kotel, walking through the Old City, On last years mission she marked
and soaking up the connection that we her adult bat mitzvah alongside Russian the Holocaust Memorial Committee, and Iraqi dishes for needy neighborhood
all have to the history of our people, women who spent a lot of their lives board member of JFNNJ and Jewish Fam- children, a program the federation sup-
Ms. Adler said. I also hope that she was not even knowing they were Jewish, she ily Service of Northern New Jersey. She ports through JAFI and JDC.
impressed by all the good work we do said. This year she held one of the four built a teaching kitchen in her home to While enjoying the lunch we all
through our federation. poles of the chuppah over a group of host outreach events for the Jewish com- made together, quite to my surprise
Ms. Hecht said she indeed was Ethiopian-Israeli bnot mitzvah. munity revolving around her philosophy after spending real quality time talking
impressed by projects such as Masira, Ms. Bindelglass has many communal of food, love, and gratitude. with the chefs running the event I was
a JDC program to help integrate and affiliations: past co-president of Womens Thats why one of her favorite experi- tapped on the shoulder, asked to stand
empower disabled Arab-Israelis in their Philanthropy, immediate past chair of ences during Heart to Heart was cook- up, and they bestowed me with their
communities; the Ethiopian National the Jewish Community Relations Coun- ing alongside grandmothers in Petach apron, Ms. Bindelglass said. I was basi-
Project, which runs a variety of support cil, past chair of the Brotherhood Sister- Tikvah who earn an income preparing cally named Top Chef of a group of 70
programs for Ethiopian-Israeli youth and hood Interfaith Committee, member of traditional Moroccan, Tunisian, and women, and they asked me to go home


Local More than Dental Care for the Whole Family
Achieve the confidence and
Like us on positive attitude that comes
Facebook. with a beautiful smile. We will
customize your care according
to your needs and desires.
Specializing in chipped,
cracked, and worn teeth,
dentures, and implants, with
With hugs and care for your whole family.
checks, federation Diane Jonas, DMD
was physically there General Dentistry
for our Israeli facebook.com/
Daniel Feit, DMD
brothers and sisters jewishstandard NJ Specialty Permit 5007

who suffered in these 19 Franklin Street Tenafly, NJ 07670 (201) 569-4535

forest fires, providing
love and money to
buy immediate
to my teaching kitchen, cook in their apron, and
email them photos. To me, this was very exciting
and affirmational.
Franci Steinberg of Tenafly, a member of the Wom-
ens Philanthropy Board, said she saw Heart to Heart as
an opportunity to visit Israel not as a first-time visitor
or to see the usual sights, but to see Israel from another
viewpoint and to see how Jews in America help Israel.
Ms. Steinberg said one highlight was watching the
parents at the Ethiopian group bat mitzvah. These
families were beaming with joy, and I will never forget
the pride and smiles on their faces as they watched
their daughters, she said. They have come a long
way in their lives, and it was so wonderful to share
this day with them and their families.
Suzette Diamond of Cresskill, a JFNNJ board mem-
ber, said she participated in Heart to Heart to see the
impact of donor dollars firsthand, and she was not
Our first morning in Jerusalem we visited an oncol-
ogist at what used to be his home before a forest fire
over Thanksgiving weekend completely burned every-
thing they owned, Ms. Diamond said. They are three
generations living in one home he and his wife,
daughter and son-in-law, and their two children. Luck-
ily they escaped without injury, but also with no time
to take anything with them, including their shoes.
By the Monday morning after the fire, funds col-
lected by JAFI from partners including JFNA were pre-
sented to this physician and about 600 other families
affected by the fires.
With hugs and checks, federation was physically
there for our Israeli brothers and sisters who suffered
in these forest fires, providing love and money to buy
immediate necessities, Ms. Diamons said. Once you
travel on a mission, you realize the impact we have in
other communities.
Ms. Adler noted that even a short mission like Heart
to Heart is enough to dispel mistaken impressions
about Israel.
Israel is so many wonderful things, and unfortu-
nately what we read and see in the news is often dis-
torted and wrong, she said. My biggest message is to
go, and go often. See for yourself what the country is
like, learn the precarious geography, sample the fabu-
lous food, speak to the people.
Trust me, youll feel like youre home.


Briefly Local

Teen conference will focus

on Jewish campus issues
The Jewish Federation of Northern New Anti-Defamation League, Hasbara Fel-
Jersey hosts iCan Answer Now, a teen lowships, Rutgers Hillel, Israeli Ameri-
conference, at the Hasbrouck Heights can Council, Jerusalem U, StandWithUs,
Hilton on Sunday, March 5, from noon Zionist Organization of America, and
to 5:30 p.m. Teens will learn about Israel Israel Action Network.
and Jewish issues on campus. Sponsors include the sisterhoods of
Speakers include Chlo Valdary, direc- the Fair Lawn Jewish Center/CBI, Temple Bruce Ritholtz, zl Suzanne Cohen Diane and Rabbi Daniel Cohen
tor of partnerships and outreach at Jeru- Emanu-El of Closter, and Temple Sinai of
salem University, the comedian and
actor Jon Rudnitsky, and Shahar Azani,
Bergen County, along with many fami-
lies. For more information, call (201) 820-
Maayanot scholarship dinner March 4
the executive director of StandWithUs. 3944 or go to www.jfnnj.org/iCAN. Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls co-director of Israel guidance.
Partnering organizations include the holds its annual scholarship fund dinner Lori and Elliot Linzer are dedicated
on Saturday, March 4, at Congregation to Jewish education and involved in all
Keter Torah in Teaneck. aspects of life at Maayanot. Lori Linzer is
This years dinner is dedicated to the a vice president on the schools executive
Speaker to highlight memory of Bruce Ritholtz. The school
will present his wife, Michelle, and their
board, a member of the board of trustees,
and has served on Maayanots education
Israeli village for disabled children, Annie, Dani, and Talia, its Beer and dean of students search committees.
In honor of National Disabilities Awareness Month, Avnet Torah Memorial award. Suzanne Cohen In addition to being strong financial sup-
Kleiner, a member of Jewish National Funds speakers will receive the Teacher of the Year award, porters of the school, the Linzers have
bureau, will speak at Temple Israel & Jewish Community Cen- the Amudei Maayanot awardees are Lori hosted many Maayanot events, including
ter in Ridgewood on Sunday, March 5, at 10:30 a.m. and Elliot Linzer, and Diane and Rabbi Friday night onegs, parlor meetings, and
Mr. Kleiner is director of development for Aleh Negev- Daniel Cohen will be honored as Parents the Maayanot book club.
Nahalat Eran, a pioneering rehabilitation village in Israels of the Year. Diane and Rabbi Daniel Cohen are dedi-
Negev that provides severely disabled children and adults Avnet Kleiner The Beer Torah award commemorates cated to the values of community, Jewish
with a comprehensive framework for life. He also is a founder the impact that Bruce Ritholtz had on the education, and personal development, as
of two nonprofits, ALFA, which works to advance the rights of Israeli Holocaust sur- Maayanot community, by sitting on its is shown in their work as senior rabbi and
vivors, and WhatIsrael, which promotes constructive conversations about Israel on board of trustees and executive board, and rebbetzin of Congregation Agudath Sha-
university campuses worldwide. For more information, call (201) 444-9320 or go to by serving as a driving force for the found- lom in Stamford, Conn. They host shab-
www.synagogue.org. ing of the schools development commit- batonim and have served on educational
tee. To commemorate his exceptional panels.
devotion to Jewish education, Maayanot All funds raised at the dinner will benefit
also will name its Thursday evening mish- Maayanots scholarship program, which
mar program The Bruce Ritholtz Mish- awarded more than $1.4 million to families
Hadassah to learn more mar Program.
Suzanne Cohen has taught Tanach at
in financial need this fiscal year.
For information or to register, call Pam
about a new national park Maayanot since 2003. She also is the chair Ennis at (201) 833-4307, ext. 265, or email
Robin Gold, program director for the Hamilton Partnership of the Tanach department and the schools ennisp@maayanot.org.
in Paterson, speaks at a meeting of the Fair Lawn chapter of
Hadassah on Monday, February 27, at 1 p.m., at the Fair Lawn
Jewish Center/CBI. The Hamilton Partnership is the official
nonprofit partner of Paterson National Park (which includes
the Great Falls). Ms. Gold will discuss the historical aspects
of this newly designated national park, which is close to Fair
Lawn, and the activities the partnership has planned to make Robin Gold
it a place for everyone.
Her presentation will follow a brief business meeting. Refreshments will be served.
For more information, call Leslie Felner at (201) 873-2476.

Menendez is guest at Norpac meeting

Gail and Benjamin Rieder of
New Milford welcomed Sena-
tor Robert Menendez (D-N.J.),
and 98 others for a Norpac
brunch on February 12 to sup-
port the senators re-election Cantor Sarah Silverberg, left, with Herb and Theda Teddy Fine and Rabbi Noah
campaign. Guests included Fabricant, sing the Shehecheyanu prayer together. COURTESY TBO

officials from Bergenfield, New

Milford, Teaneck, and other A musical library rededication
localities, as well as former
Congressman Steve Rothman at Beth Or in Washington Twp.
and freshman Congressman Earlier this month, Temple Beth Or rededicated its library and joined in song to honor
Josh Gottheimer. For informa- Theda Teddy Fine for nearly 50 years of devoted and cheerful service. The library is
tion, email Avi@NORPAC.net Senator Robert Menendez with Gail and Bin- now named for her. Her husband, Herb, is a former TBO president.
or call (201) 788-5133. yamin Rieder COURTESY NORPAC


JCC Rockland 14th Annual International MARCH 5 -
JCC Rockland



The Womens Balcony

A Film by Emil Ben-Shimon and Shlomit Nehama


North American Distribution:
Menemsha Films
2601 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: 310.452.1775
Fax: 310.452.3740




Film: The Last Blintz

Tuesday, April 4, 7:30pm


TICKETS ON SALE jccrockland.org/film-festival or 845.362.4400 THE FRISCO KID


Jewish film festival
is varied and vibrant
ews make movies, and people make movies diversity, complexity, and history through a Jewish lens, The Womens Balcony
about Jews. its longtime chair and guiding force, Micki Leader, said.
March 5, 7:30 p.m., at the Lafayette Theater,
It seems to be an immutable law, going back Some of the films have been nominated for Golden Globes
and March 21, 1:30 p.m., at Regal Cinemas
to the very beginning, in Hollywood and even and Ophir awards.
Directed by Emil Ben-Shimon Hudson Valley Premiere
earlier, in Astoria and Fort Lee (although they Question-and-answer sessions will follow many of the
Israel, 2016 Feature, Comedy, Family, Marriage,
were far more self-conscious and discreet screenings; audiences will be able to listen to and ques-
Traditional Jewish Life, Wives vs. Husbands 96 minutes
about it then). tion filmmakers, actors, directors, and critics, as well as
Nominated for five Ophir awards
For 14 years, JCC Rockland has been celebrating those experts in law, culture, sports, and the Holocaust, who
In this rousing, good-hearted and joyful tale about
films, filmmakers, and stories with its international film will be able to put the films in context.
women speaking truth to patriarchal power, an accident
festival. This year, the festival, sponsored by Lia Toyota, The festivals goal is to create a unique opportunity to
during a bar mitzvah celebration leads to a gender rift in
offers 18 films from eight countries. There are 21 oppor- address challenging issues, while fostering greater under-
a devout Orthodox community in Jerusalem. When the
tunities to see these films, at the Regal theaters in Nan- standing of the world around us, the history that brought
womens balcony in an Orthodox synagogue collapses,
uet and the Lafayette Theatre in Suffern, from March 5 to us here, and to help us build bridges of friendship for the
leaving the rabbis wife in a coma and the rabbi in shock,
April 15, and movie buffs from Bergen County, as well as future, Ms. Leader added.
the congregation falls into crisis. Charismatic young
from Westchester and Orange counties and New York City, For the full list of films and synopses, go to jccrockland.
Rabbi David appears to be a savior after the accident, but
are expected to join the crowds from Rockland. org. To buy tickets, call (845) 362-4400.
slowly starts pushing his fundamentalist ways and tries
The movies touch on issues of culture, identity, Here are some of the films you can see.
to take control. This tests the womens friendships and
creates an almost Lysistrata-type rift between the com-
munitys women and men.

A Grain of Truth
March 13, 7:30 p.m., at the Lafayette Theater
Directed by Borys Lankosz Hudson Valley Premiere
Poland, 2015 Feature 110 minutes
Based on the best-selling Polish novel, A Grain of Truth
is a masterfully constructed whodunit that pits the forces
of enlightenment against anti-Semitic myths. Once the
star of the Warsaw prosecutors office, Teodor Szacki
has left his career and marriage to start a new life in a
close-knit Polish town. As an outsider he faces resistance
when called on to get to the bottom of the brutal murder
of a well-known social activist whose body is discovered
outside a former synagogue. As the trail of victims grows
and the killer remains elusive, clues point to a connection
with the myth of blood libel. Aided by a veteran police
detective, a reluctant prosecutor, and a local rabbi, Teo-
dor must solve the case before public and media hysteria
undo all the progress the country has made in shedding
its xenophobic past.

March 14, 7:30 p.m., at Regal Cinemas
Directed by Jonathan Geva
Hudson Valley Premiere Israel 2016 Feature
96 minutes Nominated for two Ophir awards
Abulele is a fast-paced upbeat modern family story
about children dealing with loss in their lives. After his
older brother is killed in a car crash months ago, Adam
struggles with grief and guilt, with his teacher, with bul-
lies in school, and with his distracted parents. But every-
thing changes the day he meets an Abulele huge ancient
monsters that can make themselves invisible. Local legend
says they are extremely dangerous, which explains why a
Special Forces unit is combing Adams neighborhood in
pursuit. But in fact, they are quite friendly to children in
need. With the Special Forces closing in, its up to Adam
to ensure Abuleles safe return to his clan.
See film festival page 48
Scenes from, top, Womans Balcony, left, Cloudy Sunday, and A Grain of Truth.

18 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017


Malcolm Hoenlein to speak in Monsey

Twentieth annual Israel and Pearl Stern Memorial Lecture to focus on U.S.-Israel relations
LOIS GOLDRICH for him. He came up with the idea for a of Presidents of Major American Jewish

lecture series. Organizations. Mr. Hoenlein, a repeat pre-
wenty years ago, while he was The idea was readily accepted. Indeed, senter, spoke in 2010. The talks title then
sitting shiva for his father, Israel on March 19, the Israel and Pearl Stern was Assessing U.S.-Israel Relations: Is the
Stern, Jules Stern of Spring Val- Memorial Lecture series will present its Special Relationship Still Intact?
ley received a visit from Rabbi 20th annual speaker. (When Mr. Sterns Thats the same thing hell be speaking
Moshe Tendler, the religious leader of his mother, Pearl, died some nine years ago, about this time, said Mr. Stern. He and his
late fathers synagogue, the Community her name was added to the program.) wife, Lila, are affiliated with Shaaray Israel,
Synagogue of Monsey. The series, funded by the Stern family, formerly the JCC of Spring Valley. The
My father had been a longtime mem- has brought the community many dis- only difference between the last talk and
ber and president of the congregation, tinguished speakers. This years talk will the upcoming one is the Roman numeral
Mr. Stern said. I asked Rabbi Tendler if feature Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive II in the talks title. Well hear what
he could suggest a continuing memorial vice chairman and CEO of the Conference has taken place in the seven years since
the first lecture, Mr. Stern said. Gener-
ally, about 150 people attend each lecture,
Who: Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman and CEO of the Conference of hailing not only from Rockland County but
Presidents of American Jewish Organizations
from northern New Jersey, Westchester,
What: Will speak on Assessing U.S.-Israel Relations II: Is the Special Relationship and Long Island as well. Malcolm Hoenlein
Still Intact? His father clearly made a mark on the
When: Sunday, March 19, at 10:15 a.m. community, Mr. Stern said. In May 1997, Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland,
Where: At The Community Synagogue of Monsey, West Maple Avenue at the an op-ed in the Rockland Jewish Reporter full of beautiful things about my father. As
corner of Cloverdale Lane was basically an obit of my dad; and it happens, Rabbi Muschel was the third
Why: For the 20th annual Israel and Pearl Stern Memorial Lecture after dad died I got a letter from Rabbi speaker in the lecture series.
Nachum Muschel, principal of the Adolph SEE MALCOLM HOENLEIN PAGE 20

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OPE ROM (Evergreen Kosher Market Center)
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12/5/2016 2017 PM19

Malcolm Hoenlein David Harris of the American Jewish

Committee, Wall Street Journal writer
Rockland mitzvah project yields
Brett Stevens, and Rabbi Abraham Coo- a trove of recycled stuffed bears
Mr. Stern chooses the speakers. I choose per, the associate dean of the Simon Rabbi Claire Ginsburg Goldstein, who
two types of speakers for the series peo- Wiesenthal Center, have represented has brought more than 172,500 recy-
ple who are deeply involved in the rabbin- other parts of the wider Jewish com- cled stuffed toys to children in Israel
ate and in religion, prominent names in the munity. After each lecture, which is fol- through her Bears from Bergenfield
community and worldwide; and people lowed by brunch, Mr. Stern conducts a program, worked with bat mitzvah
who can give us a broad feeling with refer- survey to see what people thought of the girl Ilyssa Cohn of New City on her
ence to Israel and the Jews at large. The lec- presentation. At least once, a speaker bear collection. Rabbi Daniel Per-
tures draw attendees from all streams of the was so popular that he was invited back nick of her shul, Beth Am Temple in
Jewish community, he said. the following year. Pearl River, oversaw the mitzvah proj-
A list of past lecturers reads like a We do everything we can to attract ect. The organization collects gently
Whos Who of the American Jewish as great a number of people as pos- used stuffed animals and toys and
community, including such noted rab- sible from the community at large, flies them to Israel for children of all
bis and scholars as Rabbi Tendler, as Mr. Stern said. Thats what my father faiths who have been traumatized by
well as his son, Mordecai; Richard Joel, was a community person. A Jew was war and illness.
former president of Yeshiva University; a Jew, and a human being was a human After the bears were sorted,
Rabbi Meir Yaakov Soloveichik, and being. Among his other efforts, Israel washed, and counted, Ilyssas
Rabbi Abraham Twerski. (I remember Stern was a founding member of Good mother, Dawne Cohn, bought Bears
that when Rabbi Twerski walked into Samaritan Hospitals Foundation for from Bergenfield ribbons to tie on the
the room with his black suit and long Better Health. Twenty-five years ago, bears she was collecting to donate.
beard everyone thought he would Jules and Lila Stern dedicated a Jew- The toys are for Bayit-Cham in Naha-
speak Yiddish, Mr. Stern said. But he ish meditation room at the hospital in riya, Bat Melech-Miklat, and Meir
spoke the Kings English.) honor of his parents. Medical Center in Kfar Saba. Ilyssa Cohn

Community Synagogue of Monsey & The Stern Family

Cordially Invite You to Attend
The Annual
Israel and Pearl Stern
Memorial Lecture
Guest Speaker:
Malcolm I. Hoenlein
Executive Vice Chairman/CEO

L Shana
of the Conference of Presidents of The new Torah scroll is received by members of the Chabad of Suffern.

L Shana
Major American Jewish Organizations
New Torah for Chabad of Suffern

Topic: Assessing U.S.-Israel Relations II: The Chabad of Suffern, led by Rabbi Torah was welcomed at the shul, and

Shmuel Gancz, recently celebrated hakafot and lunch followed.
Is the Special Relationship Still Intact? receiving a new Torah scroll at a dedica- The Jacobs, Chen, and Chichinashvily
tion ceremony. The celebration began at families donated the Torah in memory of
Sunday Morning March 19th 2017 at 10:15 AM the Gancz home in Montebello and then their husband and father, Yaakov Chichi-
the scroll was danced to the Chabad nashvily. For information, email rabbi@
Community Synagogue of Monsey
House on Haverstraw Road. Next, the jewishsuffern.com.
89 West Maple Ave Monsey N.Y. 845 356 2720
Wishing you a sweet newa sweet
year. new year.
Brunch Following LectureWishing
No Charge you
Jamie and Steven Dranow Larry A. Model Harvey Schwartz
Gregg Brunwasser Jamie and Steven
Michael Dranow General
L. Rosenthal, Larry A.Manager
Model Harvey Schwartz
Gregg Brunwasser Michael L. Rosenthal, General Manager
As your local Dignity Memorial providers, we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.
We reaffirm ourCandlelighting
As your local Dignity
commitment Memorial
of service

to the we wish you the best this Rosh Hashanah.
Jewish community. More than 407,000 likes.
We reaffirm our commitment of service to the Jewish community.
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Rd. 10510
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Jewish Memorials ofservice monument
Rockland and full
a complete 6:47
service provider. and inscription provider.
Large display on premises. 845-425-2256
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Hellman Memorial Chapels
15 State Street Spring Valley, NY 10977
www.jewishmemorialsofrockland.com 845-356-8600
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5 x Hashanah ad 5
5 8/18/05 V2x5
ir 8/18/05 V2 ir

Reducing stress and anxiety

On the first Wednesday of the month, Nyack. The next classes are on Wednes- WISHING YOU
Rockland Jewish Family Service offers days, March 1, April 5, May 3, and June 7,
a mindfulness and meditation class led
by Carole Brill, who offers techniques to
at 11 a.m. All proceeds support RJFS mis-
sion. For more information, call Carol King
reduce stress and enliven our lives.
RJFS is at 450 West Nyack Road in West
at (845) 354-2121, ext.142, or email her at
MARCH 11 6:45 PM
NCJW offers lecture on healthy skin MARCH 12 8:45 AM
Dr. Fayne Frey, a board-certified derma- Jewish Women on Wednesday, March 1, at
Call us: 845-359-5920 or Visit: www.theojc.org
tologist, presents a program on myths 7:45 p.m. The program will be at the JCC
and truths about anti-wrinkle creams and Rockland, 450 West Nyack Road, in West ORANGETOWN JEWISH CENTER
other skin care regimens for the Rock- Nyack. Refreshments will be served. For 8 Independence Avenue, Orangeburg, NY
land section of the National Council of information, go to ncjwrockland.org. Rabbi Craig Scheff Rabbi Paula Mack Drill
Rabbi Ami Hersh President Lloyd Fishman

Musical family services in New City Wishing the

Temple Beth Sholom holds musical ser- continue March 3, April 7, May 5, and
vices for the whole family, called Rock
My Soul Shabbat, at 6:30 p.m. on the
June 2. The synagogue is at 228 New
Hempstead Road in New City. For infor-
Jewish community
first Friday night of the month. Services mation, call (845) 638-0770. of Rockland a
Yom HaShoah commemoration Happy Purim
invites author on Holocaust
Dan McMillan, author of How Could Jewish Center. It is hosted by the Holo-
This Happen: Explaining the Holocaust, caust Museum & Center for Tolerance
Temple Beth Sholom
is the keynote speaker at a community- and Education in Suffern. For more Come Celebrate With Us!
wide Yom HaShoah commemoration information, call (845) 574-4099 or go to 228 New Hempstead Rd. New City, NY
on April 23, at 5 p.m., at the New City holocauststudies.org. 845-638-0770 www.tbsrockland.org
Rabbi Brian Leiken Cantor Anna Zhar

Womens group to meet writer

Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rock- 18, at the Rockleigh.
land Countys Womens Philanthropy Call Beth Weiss-Dunn at (845) 362-
group plans a meeting with best-selling 4200, ext. 121, or email bweiss-dunn@
author Jennifer Weiner on Thursday, May jewishrockland.org.
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170 N. Main St., New City, New York
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Under the supervision of Rabbi Zushe Blech-Chlov Yisroel
From My Hero Brother From Swim Team

Reel Abilities film fest at JCC Rockland

The JCC Rockland will host the Reel Abili- March 7, and The Rebound, directed
ties film festival as part of the New York by Shaina Allen and Dancing on
Disabilities Film Festival. It is a celebra- Wheels, directed by Qingzi Fan, both
tion of diversity, inclusion, and the arts. on Wednesday, March 8. All films begin www.thejewishstandard.com
Among the films are My Hero at 7:30 p.m.
Brother, directed by Yonatan Nir, set For information, email Liz Rosenblum
for Thursday, March 2; Swim Team, at elizabethr@jccrockland.org, go to
directed by Lara Stolman, on Tuesday, JCCRockland.org, or call (845) 362-4400.
Cover Story
the war
is over W Fair Lawn author

e can get all pompous, or

mealy-mouthed, or vague,
or windy, about the mys-
teries of the human condi-
causes by the time the Nazis got the rest of
his family; his mother and two sisters were
arrested with him but they were separated.
All of them survived, although Hirsch didnt
learn that until later. My father didnt like
to talk about that part of his life very much,
tion, but in the end they remain mysterious. Iris said. He didnt like to talk about the

writes about how her In the face of pain, trauma, grief, fear,
unimaginable evil, how do people go on?
camps but he loved to talk about the

father rebuilt his life How do they keep going? How do their
hearts keep beating? How do some of them
eventually love, laugh, not forgive, not for-
get, but regain some measure of joy?
He didnt like to
Yes, faith is an answer, but that just kicks talk about the
the question back one step. If its faith,
where does that come from?
camps but he
If there is any one answer, its that there is loved to talk
no one answer. Just as each story of trauma
is different, so is each response to it.
about the
When it comes to the Holocaust and aftermath.
yes, of course, thats where we were going
the fact that anyone was able to go on and aftermath. The survivors were all broken
live is astonishing. How did they do it? This and adrift but they were all alive. They
area has been home to many such survi- didnt know why they survived my father
vors, each with a terrible story, a miracu- did have a little bit of survivors guilt but
lous escape (because everyone who sur- they were alive.
vived had a miraculous escape), and a new Hirsch had been in the camps with an
life. Of course its unlikely that anyone was older cousin, who worked hard to protect
able to shed the past fully all that pain, him. The cousin made it to liberation but
all that loss, all those figurative nightmares died a week later. But Hirsch and later
that for so many people became literal the fictional Daniel in his daughters book
nightmares, every single terrible night. But was liberated by British soldiers, who
so many survivors still managed to rebuild. brought this almost dead boy back to life,
One of those survivors was Hirsch Dor- Iris said. Daniel, like Hirsch, was befriended
bian, who settled in Fair Lawn with his wife by a non-Jew who also was being nursed
and children, and lived there until he died back to functionality by the Brits; this man,
in 2010. His daughter, Iris, an actress-turned- older, mysterious, not completely hon-
journalist, who grew up in Fair Lawn and est, and kind, was central to Hirschs story
returned to live there recently, has turned his and even more to Daniels (because fiction
story into a lightly fictionalized young adult works that way).
novel, An Epiphany In Lilacs. In real life, it was ORT that shaped the
As its title suggests, the book is a story of rest of Hirschs life. When he was in a DP
hope. thats where he went from the hospital
Hirsch Dorbians story began in Liepaja, ORT workers taught him the rudiments of
Latvia; he was born in 1930, arrested on tool and die fabrication.
erev Yom Kippur in 1944, sent first to Kai- Hirsch had a cousin in Paterson, so he
serwald, then to work camps, including landed there when he was 18; one of his sis-
Stolpe, and liberated from Stutthof in 1945. ters, her husband, and their mother went
He wasnt yet 12 when he was arrested, there as well. His other sister was in Brazil.
and he was 14 when he was liberated, Iris Of course, in 1948 there was a draft,
said. His father already had died of natural and the Korean War was brewing. Hirsch


Cover Story

took an Americanization program at East in the late 1920s. Her mother,

Side High in Paterson, joining a crowd of Mina, was born in Latvia to a
Holocaust survivors. He couldnt exactly mother who died in childbirth
be drafted, because he wasnt yet an and a father, a rabbi, who died
American citizen, but he was told that he a few months later. Mina had
didnt have to be drafted, but that doesnt a Dickensian childhood, Iris
mean we wont start the deportation pro- said, shuttled from one abusive
cess against you, Iris quoted her father as relative to another. There was
saying. So he went to the recruitment cen- nothing for her in Latvia, Iris
ter in Times Square, and literally, some- added, so her grandmother,
one from the Marines comes and says, I who had joined a Zionist youth
need a few good men. Hirsch Dorbian group not out of conviction but
was one of them. because they were nice to her,
He had another stroke of ironic luck. went to Palestine safely before
He was on weekend leave, and he was at the Holocaust, joined a kib-
home when his unit shipped out, Iris said. butz, met Eliyahu, and even-
His captain said Youll go with the next tually had Esther.
group. But the war ended, and there was So now its 1956. Hirsch was
no next group and many of his friends in in Israel, visiting his cousin,
his original unit never made it back home. Reuven, heading off together
After he was honorably discharged, to a memorial for Latvian
Hirsch went back to the tool and die busi- Jews. On the bus, they started talk-
ness. He had had enough of being regi- ing to a woman sitting nearby it was a
mented, Iris said. long ride and eventually they learned
Hirsch Dorbian who adopted the that she, too, was going to the memorial.
first name Harry but always really was They established that all of them were
Hirsch threw himself into the busi- Latvian. They got off the bus together,
ness of becoming American. He worked started walking together, and when they
very hard and successfully to lose his were about to say goodbye she asked my
accent. He adored Edward R. Murrow, father if he knew this woman. She asked
and modeled his accent after the broad- what became of Hannah Dorbian? Is she
casters, Iris said. An accent was a stigma, still alive?
and he wanted to assimilate. Shes still alive, my father said. Thats
He saw anti-Semitism in his adopted wonderful! she said How do you know?
country, although of course it was muted. Because shes my mother, Dad said.
He would see ads for boarders in the local So Mina invited Hirsch and Reuven to
Paterson paper, saying things like Chris- her house, but my mother, who was
tian couple is looking for same, Iris said. worried that her mother was trying to
And he was a Marine the year that Tru- make a match, fled the premises. Her
man integrated the Marine Corps, but it own father, Eliyahu, had just died, and
was still the Jim Crow south. Dad saw it, she was still mourning. Hirsch Dobian as a Marine, and Esther and Iris today, at home in
and he was appalled. It brought back very But she was young, and it was spring- Fair Lawn.
bad memories. time, and happiness broke in. My father
Hirsch was in his mid 20s, not married and his cousin rented a car Reuven moved to Fair Lawn. cheap. Shed be clutching me and haggling
but settled in Paterson, when he took wanted to show Dad Israel and my moth- Esther Dorbian, who has a huge person- with the vendors.
a trip to Israel. Thats where he met his ers mother encouraged my mother to go ality and a great sense of style, owned a Joan Hefler Goldstein, who also grew up
wife, the formidable and charming Esther with him. And thats when sparks flew. clothing store in town for 45 years; Esthers in Fair Lawn and lives there as an adult,
Yoselevich Dorbian, although certainly he Months later, they got married and closed only last year. Before that, she sold remembers Esthers with great fondness;
had not been looking for her. moved back to Paterson. Elliot was born, from the house, Iris said. When I was a in fact, she remembers it with love. She
Esther was born in Palestine; her father, and a few years later, in 1960, Iris followed. kid, shed take me to the Lower East Side, had great stuff, but it was also the kind of
Eliyahu, a committed Zionist, left Latvia When the children were young, the family where she would get these clothes for place where youd go just to talk, Joan


Cover Story

Hirsch Dobian sits on his mothers lap, flanked by his sisters, Reva and Cilla. All
Hirschs parents, Channah and Mendel Dobian. survived the Holocaust.

said. You could spend an entire after- Iris wanted to be either an actress of sleazebags in the music industry,
noon there, just talking with Esther and or a journalist; for reasons she can- she said.
the other ladies. Esther has charisma, not explain now she thought journal- But journalism always beckoned, so
she said, and a great nose for stories. ism would be more intimidating, so eventually Iris applied and was accepted
Iris grew up with these larger-than- after a solo vacation in England that to journalism school at Columbia
life parents, went to local public schools took her to just about every club and partly on the basis of pieces shed writ-
and to the Fair Lawn Jewish Center, and other music venue in Great Britain but ten in the Forward and then became
then to college at NYU. There, I discov- afforded her the time to see nothing the editor of Stage Directions, a journal
ered the downtown New York City club else, including any standard tourists aimed at theater professionals. She was
scene, she said. It was the 1980s, and sites she followed that dream. She using the expertise shed gained in the-
I have no regrets. My best friend and I was mildly successful she got some ater but her parents background was
would study, and then at night wed go to acting fellowships, was accepted into lying fallow.
dance, at Danceteria or the Ritz, where I a theater company at Vassar College, In 2008, Iris wrote a book called
later worked as a cocktail waitress, or the and another in the Barter Theatre in Great Producers. Its a combination
Pyramid, or the Peppermint Lounge. We Virginia, and earned an Equity card. of interviews with successful Broadway
would be out all night, until it closed, at I knew that in the theater there was a producers, including Cameron Mack-
3 or 4 in the morning, and then I would premium on youth, she said, and she intosh and Michael David, and descrip-
have a Shakespeare class at 9. was young. (And also very attractive, tions of the work of either recently dead
You can only do this when youre but that she didnt say.) She also wrote ones, like Joe Papp and David Merrick, or
Esther and Hirsch Dobian young. lyrics for musicians, but there are a lot longer-dead ones, like Florenz Ziegfeld.

Hirsch stands at his cousins grave in Neustadt-Holstein,

Germany. The two survived the camps together, but
Hirsch Dorbian, right, and a fellow Marine. Aaron died the week after he was liberated.


Cover Story

Esther and
her children,
Elliot and Iris,
for Mom.
for Dad.
at Rockefeller
Center on a
day in early

for You.

What makes our day program special?

Its simple. We offer more.
(For the Ziegfeld piece, Iris was able to
interview the 100-year-old Doris Eaton Stimulating and individually Enhanced services for
Travis, a onetime Ziegfeld girl, who was focused social, educational Parkinsons and movement
spry then, Iris said, and lived for another
five years.) and cultural programming disorders
But the publishing world is not ter-
Full-time nursing care to Door-to-door transportation
ribly secure, and the journals Iris used
to work for were sold and resold, and manage medications and included
her positions would vanish, reappear, chronic medical conditions
and vanish again. Its a hard life. Iris
Get-Ready and after- hours
had to reinvent herself and she did. Specialized support for home health aide service
She now is a business journalist, work- memory care and individuals arrangements available
ing for Buyouts Insider PE Hub, writing
about private equity and venture capi- with Alzheimers Nutritious, hot meals
tal, living in Fair Lawn after 30 years in
On-site medical services with Support group for caregivers
Hirschs story has always been with access to dentist, podiatry,
Iris. Her relationship with her father
Funding assistance available,
rehab therapies and more
was unusually strong, and his story was including VA grants
vivid. And as a creative person the Iris was an actress before she turned
acting, the writing, the journalist came to writing.

Come see. For free.

from the desire to create she increas-
ingly felt the need to tell it. aftermath, she said. About the DP
When her father died, she began to camps. About coming to America. I
write personal essays. It was therapeu-
tic for me, Iris said. Her first one, called
A Prayer in Times Square, told about
think that this fills a necessary gap in
It is not about the horror, she added.
an experience shed had when her father It is about how you move on after most
was deathly ill. There was a Christian of your family has been destroyed, and Call now for your trial day. Its on us!
caravan there, and they said that theyd you dont know if anybody is alive. You
offer up prayers for you, she said. A are trying to move on. You have to try
young guy walked over to me, and said, to move on. SI
Do you want a prayer? and I said yes, What about the books title? BU D CO
and he offered a prayer. My father loved flowers, Iris who IT N
He said, Lord, please let Hirsch Dor- is named after a flower, after all said. W KLA
bian go quickly, but please let the family He loved lilacs. He used to tell me about
have some time. how when he was in the hospital, heal-
She wrote about that experience while ing, he had to walk outside. He just had R OM
it was still raw; a week later, she sent it to to get outside, to be in the air, in the sun,
online Jewish literary journals, including with the flowers.
Blue Lyra Review, which accepted it. She The British medics would tell him to
A Member of The Jewish Home Family
also remembered a story shed written be careful when he went outside. They
years before, from a teenaged Holocaust were always watching him, she said. Read the reviews at:
survivors point of view, telling what And why? Where they being abusive?
basically was her fathers story. Domineering? Oh no, she said. They did
Out of those fragments of experi- it out of love. They told him to be careful
ence and art An Epiphany In Lilacs out of love.
10 Link Drive, Rockleigh, NJ
emerged. She remembers something her father Gallen Day Center is a not for profit, non-sectarian program
So much is written about the Holo- had said. We knew that once we get into
open to all seniors regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.
caust, but so little is written about the New York Harbor, were home.


Jewish World

Jewish groups seek action from Trump

to match his words on anti-Semitism
RON KAMPEAS Committees CEO, explained why Jewish
groups that otherwise might have welcomed
WASHINGTON He hates it, he really hates a simple statement of intent to combat anti-
it. Now whats he going to do about it? Semitism were sounding a more skepti-
President Donald J. Trump capped three cal tone.
weeks of missed opportunities to condemn To date, the administrations response
anti-Semitism by doubling down on Tuesday has been disappointing, to say the least,
with a statement unequivocally condemn- Harris said. Weve only just reached the
ing it. stage today thankfully, if belatedly of
The anti-Semitic threats targeting our hearing President Trump acknowledge
Jewish community at community centers the issue and call it by its rightful name
are horrible and are painful and a very anti-Semitism.
sad reminder of the work that still must be For reasons that escape me, until now its
done to root out hate and prejudice and been about generic words like hatred and
evil, Trump said after touring the National intolerance, or about the president defend-
Museum of African American History and ing himself against non-existent charges that
Culture in Washington. hes an anti-Semite. Its elementary: to com-
Message back from a Jewish community bat a problem you first have to define it, and
longing to hear these words: Great. Now how the definition of this particular problem is
do you plan on dealing with the problem? anti-Semitism, pure and simple. Then you
Glad @POTUS stated #antisemitism is hor- need a robust plan of action. Lets hope it President Donald J. Trump speaks at the National Museum of African
rible, Jonathan Greenblatt, the Anti-Defama- will be forthcoming and soon. American History and Culture on February 21.  KEVIN DIETSCH/POOL/GETTY IMAGES

tion League CEO, said on Twitter, using the The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which
acronym for president of the United States. has been supportive of Trump, called on anti-Semitism. top advisers like Stephen Bannon, Ste-
Now need @whitehouse to share plans on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to establish Of the major groups who commented, phen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka, who
how to stop it. ADL ready to help. a task force to track down the perpetrator the Orthodox Union seemed the most emerged from a political culture of Euro-
Greenblatts whaddya got posture per- of bomb threats against Jewish community inclined to declare case closed. pean-style nationalism that rejects what
vaded the organized Jewish community. centers, and said Trump must outline his We appreciate that President Trump it terms identity politics and argues
David Harris, the American Jewish administrations plan to combat surging spoke directly to this matter, the OU that minority complaints about discrim-
said in a statement about Trump and the ination are overstated.
bomb threats. The words of a president Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
of the United States carry great weight Netanyahus visit to the White House
and it is important that Mr. Trump last week presented an opportunity to
Brightview. addressed the American Jewish com- make amends, and at first it seemed that

Bright Life! munity and all our fellow Americans at

this time. We appreciate that the FBI
Trump was game.
The State of Israel is a symbol to the
and Department of Justice are investi- world of resilience in the face of oppres-
gating these incidents and the possible sion, Trump said in prepared remarks
civil rights violations they entail. We at a joint February 15 news conference
also appreciate the work of the Depart- with Netanyahu. I can think of no other
ment of Homeland Security that sup- state thats gone through what theyve
ports the safety of our Jewish commu- gone and of survival in the face of
nity institutions. genocide. We will never forget what the
The Jewish community has been grap- Jewish people have endured.
pling with how the new president deals So there it was: genocide and Jew-
with anti-Semitism since January 27, ish people adjacent. All was good.
Independent Living: Its the carefree when the White House marked Interna- For about 20 minutes.
retirement youve dreamed of! At Brightview, tional Holocaust Remembrance Day with An Israeli reporter asked Trump about
Let Your all you have to do is what you want to do. a statement that noted victims, survi- the spike in anti-Semitic incidents in the

vors, heroes of the Holocaust, but did United States, and whether the presi-
not mention the Jews. dent believed it had anything to do with
Bright Assisted Living: Highly trained
associates provide the care you need. What at first seemed like an oversight Trumps rhetoric.
soon calcified into suspicion that it was Trump replied by noting the breadth
Shine Wellspring Village: part of a world view, as White House of his Electoral College victory over Hill-
Compassionate professionals officials doubled down on the omission, ary Clinton and a statement expressing
at Bergen Countys Premier condescending to explain to their crit- love for his Jewish daughter, Ivanka;
deliver our highly specialized
Senior Living Community dementia care program in ics that it is necessary to be inclusive in her husband, Jared Kushner, and
a secure, state-of-the-art marking an event that uniquely targeted their grandchildren.
neighborhood. Jews for elimination. It became weirder the next day at
Officials calling critics of the statement a news conference when a friendly
asinine and pathetic didnt help, nor reporter, Jake Turx from the cha-
Call Cindy or Mary to did the revelation that a bid by the State redi Orthodox Ami magazine, reas-
schedule your personal visit. Department to mention Jews in a state- sured Trump that no one in his com-
201.479.9437 ment was rebuffed by the White House. munity thought the president was an
396 Forest Avenue Paramus, NJ 07652 Fueling suspicion that there was more anti-Semite.
www.BrightviewParamus.com to the omissions than clumsy oversight Turx went on to ask what Trump was
was the presence on Trumps staff of planning to do about the waves of bomb


Jewish World More than
The Ascend Family of Brands
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threats against Jewish community centers that have Like us on
severely disrupted Jewish life in North America. Facebook.
Trump would not allow Turx to complete his ques-
tion and launched a broadside against the baffled Ascend Home Health
Backed by two decades of home care excellence, our Medicare-certied home health agency
reporter and anyone else who suggested that he was offers a complete menu of care and services, delivered by a team of highly trained, compassionate
anti-Semitic. Trump called Turx a liar and said he professionals. At Ascend Home Health, we nd ways to help our patients live more independently
with a higher quality of life. Ascend Home Health now offers Heart at Home, a program specializing
hated the question. in CHF. We also provide skilled care for complex wound care and diabetic management.
What turned Trump and led to his Tuesday morn-
ing statement?
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His spokesman, Sean Spicer, would not say, except home health aide, and companionship services to clients of any age. At Ascend Concierge Home Care,
that Trump thought a tour of the African-American our goal is to help you keep your loved one independent, happy and in optimal health. Ask us about
affordable live in options, and Touch of Essence, a new high-touch program.
museum was an appropriate occasion to expound
against hate and discrimination. Trumps remarks Please reach out to Mirlana Morris at 201.281.7441 with any questions.

were prepared.
Two precipitating factors may have been the fourth facebook.com/
wave of bomb threats on Monday against JCCs, cou- jewishstandard
pled with massive vandalism at a St. Louis-area Jewish
AscendHomeHealthCare.com | AscendConciergeHomeCare.com
cemetery. The White House may have wanted to head 365 W. Passaic St. Suite 115 Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 | 888.666.1117
off a new round of criticism that it was ignoring anti-
Semitism, especially as Jewish groups were heading to
Twitter with impatient calls for a strong denunciation
from the president.
Another factor may have been Ivanka. Whereas the
press offices initial statement Monday night on the
JCC threats again omitted any mention of Jews, Ivanka
Trump followed it up with a tweet that at least alluded
to Jews, adding to her call for religious tolerance the
hashtag JCC.
Trumps erstwhile targets also sensed an opportu-
nity to hit back: Clinton, who infrequently pronounces
on issues of the day and has been oblique when she
does pronounce directly challenged Trump on Twit-
ter to speak out. Muslim groups, targeted by Trumps M A AYA N OT Y E S H I VA H I G H S C H O O L F O R G I R L S I N V I T E S T H E CO M M U N I T Y TO O U R
rhetoric, raised funds for a reward for the perpetrator
of the threat and to repair the toppled headstones at
the cemetery.
Calls by Jewish groups for actual plans, and not S AT U R DAY N I G H T, M A R C H 4 , 2 0 1 7 | 8 : 3 0 PM | CO N G R EG AT I O N KE T E R TO R A H
statements, were not the only sign that Trumps
remarks were unlikely to allay tensions.
Spicer opened his briefing with reporters on Tuesday WE A R E G R AT E F U L TO H AV E T H E O P O R T U N I T Y
by repeating Trumps words, and delivering an impas-
sioned plea for Americans to visit the African American TO D E D I C AT E T H I S Y E A R S D I N N E R TO T H E
museum and its National Mall companion, the U.S. Holo-
caust Memorial Museum. He then turned combative. M E M O RY O F B R U C E R I T H O LT Z , Z L .
Is he going to denounce this one, is he going to
denounce this one? he asked, mocking reporters. At We are honored to present to his family our
some point the question is asked and answered! Beer Torah Memorial Award.
(Spicer also responded to the U.S.-based Anne Frank
Center for Mutual Respect, which issued a statement
mocking Trumps statement as a pathetic asterisk
of condescension. He said of the group: I wish that I N A D D I T I O N, PL E A S E J O I N U S I N H O N O R I N G :
they had praised the president for his leadership in
this area. And I think that hopefully as time continues
to go by they recognize his commitment to civil rights,
to voting rights, to equality for all Americans.)
Trumps Democratic critics werent letting go either.
Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), running for the
chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee,
peppered his Twitter feed with follow-up questions
for Trump.
Why has it taken @realDonaldTrump so long to even
say the word anti-Semitism? Ellison wondered. Per-
LO R I & E L I OT L I N Z E R R A B B I DA N I E L & D I A N E CO H E N M R S . S U Z A N N E CO H E N
haps it has something to do with placating his base? A M U D E I M A AYA N OT H O N O R E E S PA R E N T S O F T H E Y E A R T E AC H E R O F T H E Y E A R
Representative Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.), whose bid
earlier this month to force a vote on his resolution
emphasizing that the Holocaust targeted the Jews was For information on donation opportunities, or to RSVP for the Dinner, please contact
blocked by Republicans, said Trump needed to be Pam Ennis, Director of Development, at ennisp@maayanot.org
more consistent in his condemnations.
Trumps statement is long overdue and doesnt
begin to scratch the surface of what needs to be done,
Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls
he said in a statement. 1650 Palisade Avenue | Teaneck, New Jersey | 07666 | www.maayanot.org


Jewish World

Trump, Jews, and

the weaponization
of anti-Semitism
Andrew Silow-Carroll anti-Semitism after being asked about it

Mario Tama/Getty Images

twice last week, and coming on the heels
Was that so hard? of a White House International Holocaust
At some point in the last week, it looked Remembrance Day statement that some-
like President Donald Trump was never how omitted any mention of the Jews, was
going to use anti-Semitism in a sentence. mind-boggling to many groups, including
It took a fourth series of hoax bomb the Anti-Defamation League, which said so
threats at JCCs around the country and in a tweet.
imprecations from Jewish groups across the It had reached a point that I already Stephen Bannon listens at a White House news conference on February 16.
ideological spectrum for the president at last started imagining a White House Passover
to use the A word. greeting that didnt mention the Jews. notice it. ADL, the group most identified with
Anti-Semitism is horrible and its going Starting at sundown, the world will come So why did it take the administration combating anti-Semitism, for repeatedly
to stop, and it has to stop, Trump said on together to remember certain events in five tries to get it right? I am counting calling him and his campaign out for
Tuesday morning. The anti-Semitic threats Egypt, it would begin, and end with, Ive the two news conferences, in which either ignoring or encouraging intoler-
targeting our Jewish community and our made it clear that all plagues are horrible. Trump basically punted on the question ance. Maybe Trump saw CEO Jonathan
Jewish community centers are horrible, are What made Trumps demurrals stranger from two Jewish reporters; a statement Greenblatts February 17 column in the
painful and they are a reminder of the work is that denunciations of anti-Semitism are to from the White House on Monday that Washington Post recalling how the
that still must be done to root out hate and presidential declarations what kosher sym- denounced hatred and hate-motivated Trump campaign repeatedly tweeted
prejudice and evil. bols are to supermarket goods: It doesnt violence of any kind without mention- and shared anti-Semitic imagery and
That it took so long for Trump to condemn hurt to have one, and usually only Jews ing Jews or anti-Semitism, and daughter language, thus allowing this poison to
Ivankas tweet saying We must pro- move from the margins into the main-
tect our houses of worship & religious stream of the public conversation.
centers. #JCC. The JCC hashtag was The most ominous explanation,
a nice touch, but not exactly a Queen offered by Bradley Burston from the
Esther-style declaration of co-religious left-wing Haaretz newspaper and a sur-

Purim is right
solidarity. prisingly outspoken Chuck Todd of NBC
Pundits spent the past week trying to News, was that Trump was throwing a
explain Trumps hesitation. Peter Bein- bone to or at least trying not to alienate

around the art blamed narcissism, using the theory

that when Trump hears anti-Semitism,
the alt-right trolls who formed a small
but vocal part of his winning coalition.

he cant help but take it as a personal Mr. President, we believe you and
attack that he must fend off. I wondered many other Jews believe you, so please
if it was simple belligerence that the make it clear that not only are you not
more you ask this president for some- an anti-Semite but that you reject people
SINAI Purim thing, the more he is likely to say you
cant make me.
who are even if they did vote for you,
Todd said last week.
cards are on Or maybe he was just annoyed at the If Trump had been struggling with

sale now!

Israeli soldier gets 18 months in killing

An Israeli soldier who shot a downed outside of the IDF headquarters, called
Palestinian terrorist was sentenced to 18 the Kiriya, during the sentencing. Among
months in prison. their chants: The people of Israel do not
Elor Azaria, 20, who was convicted abandon soldiers and Weve come to
COST: of manslaughter last month in an Israeli take Elor. The soldiers father, Charlie,
$1 per card military court, was sentenced by a panel thanked the protesters and urged them
(includes envelope) of three judges at the Israel Defense to remain calm. All of the soldiers here
3 WAYS TO ORDER: Forces headquarters in Tel Aviv. Azaria are our sons. So I request everyone show
1. Online at www.sinaischools.org/purimcards also was demoted to private from ser- restraint, he said.
2. Call 201-833-1134 x106 geant, and given a 12-month suspended In their sentencing decision, the
3. Purchase at the following locations: sentence. judges stressed that the severity of the
Best Glatt Maadan Caterers Holy Name Gift Shop Military prosecutors had asked for a incident was mitigated by the fact that
SINAI Offices located at: sentence of three to five years. it took place in an active combat situa-
Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey Azarias attorney said he will appeal tion. This was a key component of the
Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy the sentence, and also is appealing the defenses case.
Torah Academy of Bergen County verdict. He will request that Azaria be The judges also found, however, that
Heichal HaTorah High School
Maayanot Yeshiva High School free until the end of the appeals. Pros- Azarias actions did harm to societal
ecutors have called for Azaria to enter values and said that Azaria violated the
www.sinaischools.org 201- 833-1134 prison as early as Sunday. Israeli armys rules of engagement and
About 100 people demonstrated values. They also criticized the army for

28 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Jewish World
a political calculation, it was reminis-
cent of one that played out in the 2008
coverage is almost always skeptical,
highlighting hate-crime hoaxes or
campaign, when then-candidate Barack quoting those who deny that there has
Obama was being pressed to disavow been a surge in hate crimes here or in
an endorsement from Nation of Islam Britain since the U.S. elections or Brexit.
leader Louis Farrakhan. When he was
asked about Farrakhan during a debate
with fellow Democratic contender Hill-
This week, when much of the press
corps was focusing on how and whether
Trump would denounce anti-Semitism,
ary Clinton, you could almost see the
thought bubble over Obamas head as
he weighed rejecting Farrakhan without
Joel Pollak, a senior editor-at-large at Bre-
itbart, was accusing the media of hyping
fears of anti-Semitism. Pollak blames an
Mario Tama/Getty Images

alienating supporters who considered ongoing pattern of false hate crimes

him a hero. and the medias reluctance to report on
Obama answered by reiterating his left-wing anti-Semitism. But mostly he
denunciation of Farrakhans anti-Sem- blames general anti-Trump hysteria.
itism, leading to a semantic debate with Trumps critics seem to want to
Clinton over the distinction between believe false accusations of antisemi-
denouncing and rejecting. Eventually tism, which justify their hatred of him
the ADLs then national director, Abe and maintain a sense of outrage and
Foxman, declared that Obama had unity among activists, Pollak writes.
cleared the Farrakhan hurdle. For Pollak and other Breitbart contrib-
If Trumps allergy to the A word is a utors, the reporting and denunciation
political calculation, what would it be? of anti-Semitism is a partisan weapon
He knows that three out of every four wielded by the left to discredit the
Jews didnt vote for him, and perhaps right. ( Just as Trump asserted that its
someone is whispering to him, a la James a charge wielded by a dishonest media
Baker, that he gains no advantage by cav- to discredit him.) Of course, Breitbart
ing to a special interest as liberal as the also politicizes anti-Semitism, using it as
Jews. a scarlet A to be worn, almost exclu-
Trumps critics pin the issue on his sively, by Muslims, campus radicals,
chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, who self-hating Jews, and European leftists.
came to the Trump campaign after In fact, it has become an increasingly
steering Breitbart News, which he him- familiar trope both on the left and the
self called a platform for the alt-right, right that the other is more anti-Semitic.
among other right-wing movements. In At least both sides agree that anti-Sem-
turn, Bannons defenders note that Bre- itism is bad, even if they hesitate to take
itbart is enthusiastically pro-Israel and responsibility for the version that metas-
often keeps tabs on anti-Semitism. tasizes among their ideological allies.
But search anti-Semitism at Breitbart They want to target the Jew haters but
and a pattern emerges a pattern that are wary about friendly fire.
could explain the week that was. The site
seems most exercised about Jew hatred
Maybe the mistake of Jewish groups in
seeking a strong response from Trump
when it is committed by Muslims, mem-
bers of the left wing in Europe, and far
is that they are living in a simpler past,
when both sides could agree that anti-
Best Prices
left and anti-Israel activists on American
college campuses. When it does report
Semitism was an evil, no matter who the
perpetrators or what their politics.
Best Technicians
on hate crimes in the United States, its  JTA Wire Service
Quality Mechanical and Body Work
not taking better care of the soldiers such calls reflect a national crisis of ethics.
Only Shomer Shabbat auto repair shop around!
family and the defense minister for his Following the announcement of the

20% OFF
interference in the case. verdict, several right-wing lawmakers
Azaria, a medic in the elite Kfir Brigade, called for Azaria to be pardoned.
came on the scene following a Palestinian Israels security demands he be par-
stabbing attack on soldiers in Hebron in doned, Jewish Home party head Naftali
the West Bank on March 24, 2016.
One assailant was killed, and Abdel
Bennett said in a statement. Elor was
sent to protect Israelis at the height of a
Fattah al-Sharif was injured. Minutes
later, while Sharif was lying on the
wave of Palestinian terror attacks. He can-
not go to jail or we will all pay the price.
ground, Azaria shot him in the head in a
shooting that was captured on video by a
Sari Bashi, Israel and Palestine advo-
cacy director at Human Rights Watch, OR BODY WORK
local resident for the Israeli human rights said in a statement, however: Sending Exp. March 31, 2017
NGO BTselem. Azaria was arrested the Elor Azaria to prison for his crime sends
same day and indicted nearly a month an important message about reigning in
later. Autopsy reports showed that the excessive use of force. But senior Israeli 618 Cedar Lane Teaneck, NJ
shots by Azaria killed Sharif. officials should also repudiate the shoot- (Across from the Firehouse)
Before shooting Sharif, Azaria had to-kill rhetoric that too many of them have P: (201) 836-0455
cared for a stabbed soldier. promoted, even when there is no immi-
The case has been controversial in nent threat of death. Pardoning Azaria F: (201) 836-8967
Israel, with some on the political right or reducing his punishment would only Sunday Thursday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
calling for solidarity with Azaria and oth- encourage impunity for unlawfully taking Friday: 8 a.m. to 1 hr. before candle lighting
ers, including military leaders, suggesting the life of another person. J TA Wire Service Shabbat: Closed

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017 29

Jewish World

Meet the gonzo Jewish filmmaker

behind Trumps fake news on Sweden
Cnaan Liphshiz attack had taken place there the previous immigrant crime debate, which Horow- have the first few seconds of the attack,
day or even recently. itz has spent considerable and contro- Horowitz, a Los Angeles native who
Pressed to explain his false claim that some- Karl Bildt, a former prime minister of versial efforts investigating. lives in New York, told the Daily Mail.
thing terrible had happened in Sweden last Sweden, wondered on Twitter what Trump In his Fox News interview, Horowitz, a They repeatedly punched, kicked and
week, President Donald Trump traced the is smoking, and a newspaper, Afton- former investment banker turned activ- choked me as a number of bystand-
canard back to the reporting of Ami Horow- bladet, ran a daily roundup from Friday ist with a camera, claimed violent crime ers watched. Eventually they dragged
itz, a gonzo Jewish-American filmmaker who featuring nothing more sinister than a small by refugees was out of control in Swe- me into a building, which at the time I
talked about Swedens problem with Muslim northern avalanche. den, and that the Swedish government assumed was to finish me off. Horowitz
immigrants on Fox News. Later Saturday afternoon, Trump indi- is covering up reports of rape to protect ultimately was released.
Last Saturday, during a campaign-style cated that the only thing that happened Fri- vulnerable migrants. On Monday, violence erupted in
speech in Florida on border security and day is that he caught Horowitz talking about Coming amid a polarizing debate another no-go zone, Rinkeby, where
immigrants, Trump urged listeners to look Sweden on Fox News. about the millions of immigrants arriving locals torched several cars after police
at whats happening last night in Sweden, The presidents reference arguably was in Europe from the war-torn Middle East arrested a man there, a daily newspaper,
leading to widespread puzzlement and a breakthrough for Horowitz, focusing and Africa, Trumps comments touched Dagens Nyheter, reported.
mockery from Swedes who said no terrorist rare international attention on Swedens off a discussion about the presidents Horowitz, a vocal critic of Trump dur-
shaky handle on the facts. ing the campaign, describes himself as
But, Horowitz said, it also put a at times conservative, at other times lib-
spotlight on the main issue: Swedens eral. He said the incident in Husby was
problems with immigration and crime. not his first close call while making films
Which is positive. that offer a hard look at liberal causes or
Horowitz also has reported on what he defend Israel.
and others call Swedens no-go zones In 2016, he took an 11-hour road trip in
areas that are densely populated by the West Bank to counter claims that Israeli
mostly Muslim immigrants from Africa security forces restrict movement there. At
and the Middle East, neighborhoods that a crossing point into Israel, an adrenaline-
many native Swedes, and Jews especially, filled Horowitz was filmed throwing rocks
avoid for fear of harassment and robbery. back at Palestinians who hurled them at
A 43-year-old father of two, last year him and others waiting to enter.
Horowitz went to a no-go zone in the In 2009, while filming a prickly docu-
Stockholm neighborhood of Husby, mentary about the U.N. double standard
where he recorded an alleged assault on on Israel and other issues, he traveled to
What Life Is Like at Brightview Tenafly himself by several Arab speakers who
objected to his filming on the street.
war-torn Cote DIvoire to investigate inci-
dents in which U.N. soldiers opened fire
It is a full day to look forward to. My c rew ran off when they on unarmed demonstrators. In the same
approached, but since I was miked we film, Horowitz seized the microphone at
Rediscovering favorite pastimes. Sharing meals with friends. Enjoying the privacy
to hear yourself think.
Brightview Tenafly is filled with people who are comfortable, who feel at home,
who are rejuvenated and gain the energy to pursue their passions.
An appreciation for possibilities rather than limitations is the focus.
Everyone enjoys Brightview.
Residents are engaged in a full calendar of intellectual and cultural pursuits,
sports and exercise, music, art and travel.
Mom and Dad enjoy themselves and are no longer isolated in a house that has
gotten to be too much.
Everyone sleeps better at night.

Please call Richard

to schedule a personal visit.
Tenafly 201-510-2060
A SSISTED L IVING Ami Horowitz asked New Yorkers to sign a fake petition in support of police
officers in 2016. Courtesy Ami Horowitz
55 Hudson Ave. Tenafly, NJ 07670

WE OFFER REPAIRS 1245 Teaneck Rd.

We want your business and we go the extra
TALLESIM CLEANED SPECIAL SHABBOS RUSH SERVICE mile to make you a regular customer 837-8700
30 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017
Jewish World

the controversial 2009 Durban Review Conference in criminal activity, said he edited their answers manipula- squelches that information.
Geneva, telling attendees that they should be embar- tively. Horowitz denied the charge and attributed their reac- Lund also noted an increase in sexual harassment in
rassed and ashamed by their anti-Israel bias. The inci- tions to pressure from their superiors. public swimming pools, though she wrote that Horowitzs
dent also was captured on tape by JTA. In an op-ed published by the Svenska Dagblade earlier claims that rape is increasing are false.
And in 2015, he sailed with Syrian immigrants infil- this week, Linda Nordlund, a former chairwoman of the Still, while there was a dip in the number of reported
trating Europe across the Aegean Sea, reporting that Liberal Youth of Sweden, criticized Horowitz for relying on rapes in 2015, the average has risen in Sweden by 18 percent
he saw an ISIS recruiter attempting to recruit some of anonymous sources in asserting that a majority of women from 2011 to 2016. They now average 6,341 cases annually,
the would-be newcomers. waiting at a police station were there to report rape. She said compared to 5,260 cases in the years 2006 to 2010, accord-
In 2014, he filmed the reactions of students at the Horowitz is known for his xenophobic views and that his ing to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.
University of California, Berkeley, as he variously report is full of inaccurate statistics and innuendo. (Some attribute that to a change in the types of acts that can
waved Israeli and ISIS flags on campus; students are But in that same op-ed, Lund also said that Trumps be classified as rape.)
shown ignoring the ISIS flag but reacting angrily to false claims and Horowitzs fake news eclipse a nec- Theres been a lot of discussions about statistics, a lot of
Israels. In another film he asked New Yorkers to sign essary discussion on real problems including the undis- back and forth, Horowitz said of the effects of his report-
a petition titled Cops Lives Matter. puted overrepresentation of foreigners in criminal activity. ing in Sweden. Theres a lot of disinformation, but on the
Initially, Horowitzs no-go experience in Sweden Authorities in Sweden do not publish precise data on the whole, this overdue discussion is a good thing for Sweden
generated little attention in the country, where main- nationality or ethnicity of perpetrators, and the media also and Europe. JTA Wire Service

stream media tend to not report the ethnicity of per-

s %
1.50 %
Sweden had been k e t Plu
a r
one of the most n ey M %
st Ra

welcoming nations in Intere
Europe to refugees,
% 1 1 . 51

but in 2016 it
drastically cut back
on asylum quotas. 1 %
st Ra
1 . 26 $1,00
000 -
$2,0 00,00

petrators of crimes, according to an employee of the

1 . 00 APY*
$99 9,999

,000 -

Swedish Migration Board who spoke to JTA on Tues- $200

day on condition of anonymity for fear of being fired.

But Trumps remarks focused intense attention 99,9

0 - $1

in Sweden to the link between crime rates in the ,00

? m
country of 9 million and its admission of more than

rs N
300,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Muslim coun-

tries, since 2013.

Sweden had been one of the most welcoming

nations in Europe to refugees, but in 2016 it drastically
cut back on asylum quotas. The government said the
cutback was over housing issues.
Some observers have cited Sweden to defend
Trumps executive order limiting immigration from some brokerage
seven predominantly Muslim countries. Some
regard Sweden as an inspiring role model for its
rms and banks paying
efforts to resettle asylum seekers. But others see it 0.05% or less there isnt much to add.
as a failed experiment, and say it has contributed
to an unprecedented rise in the popularity of far- If your money market account is barely adding
right anti-Islam parties that are riding a wave of dis-
content over the arrival of unskilled immigrants at a
anything to your balance, come to Kearny Bank.
time of economic stagnation. Well put your cash to work in our competitive
As for Swedens 20,000 Swedish Jews, they have Tiered Money Market Plus Account and you can
seen an explosion of hate crimes against members of
their community in recent years. Dozens of incidents watch the returns grow.
are documented annually in Malmo alone, a southern
city with only 1,000 Jews. One third of Malmos popu- At Kearny Bank the numbers
lation of 300,000 are Muslims.
Trumps remark also exposed Horowitz to criticism add upfor you.
for his gonzo style of journalism, which owes more to
Michael Moore and The Daily Show than to CNN. In
the past he has filmed interviews without permission,
provoked onlookers reactions with outrageous stunts,
and edited footage to ridicule interviewees. Horow-
itz defends his methodology as accurate, though he
admits it is confrontational and provocative. 42 Banking Oces 1-800-273-3406 kearnybank.com
On Monday, two police officers he interviewed for *APY=Annual Percentage Yield. APYs in effect as of 2/01/17 and subject to change without notice. Minimum daily balance of $100,000 is required to earn interest and avoid a
his Sweden documentary, in which Horowitz claimed monthly service fee of $25. Fees could reduce earnings. Transaction limitations apply. Deposit limits may apply. Accounts earn a blended rate based on the tier requirements. New
Muslims are overrepresented among perpetrators of money only. New money means funds that are not on deposit with Kearny Bank. Consumer accounts only, one account per depositor. See an account representative for details.

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017 31

Jewish World

Missouris governor, Muslim activists launch security and peace to the Jewish-American community
who has undoubtedly been shaken by this event
efforts to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery Greitens cited the concept of tikkun olam, or repair
The Jewish governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens, said he $17,750 as of Tuesday afternoon. of the world, and asked helpers to bring rakes, garbage
will volunteer to help repair a St. Louis-area Jewish cem- The activists said any funds remaining after the cemetery is bags, wash rags, and more cleaning supplies. My team
etery where at least 170 gravestones were toppled during restored will go to repairs for other vandalized Jewish centers. and I will be there tomorrow, and Id invite you to join
the weekend. Through this campaign, we hope to send a united mes- us, he said.
Meanwhile, two Muslim activists have launched a crowd- sage from the Jewish and Muslim communities that there is The governor already had condemned the vandal-
funding campaign to raise $20,000 for repairs. The drive, no place for this type of hate, desecration, and violence in ism on the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery in University
started by Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi, brought in America, they wrote. We pray that this restores a sense of City and called on people to fight acts of intolerance
and hate.
Disgusted to hear about the senseless act of desecra-
tion at the cemetery in University City. We must fight
acts of intolerance and hate, Greitens wrote in a tweet
Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey Monday evening after the vandalism was discovered.

JCRC State Legislative

The attack on the cemetery took place sometime
between Friday night and Monday morning.
Chesed Shel Emeth Cemeterys executive direc-

Advocacy Day tor, Anita Feigenbaum, told the New York Times that
between 170 and 200 headstones were toppled. Some
were broken. The headstones are in the cemeterys
oldest section, dating from the late 1800s to the mid-
A chance to meet with state legislators in 1900s, she said.
I just am quite shocked it affects so many people,
Bergen, Hudson, Passaic counties so many families, so many generations, Feigenbaum
told the Times. This cemetery was opened in 1893.
to discuss key issues. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Lt. Fred-

rick Lemons of the University City Police Department
declined to classify the vandalism as a hate crime.
Right now, everything is under investigation, Lem-

ons said. Were looking into all possible leads. The
Racism, Anti-Semitism and Security police are reviewing cemetery surveillance cameras,
according to the report.

Senior and Adult Disability Services Greitens, a former Navy SEAL whose military awards

include the Bronze Star, was elected the first Jewish gov-
Educational Funding Parity ernor of Missouri in November.
In a post on Facebook he called the vandalism a

Israel Solutions: NJ Water despicable act of what appears to be anti-Semitic

Tuesday March 21, 2017

We do not yet know who is responsible, but we
do know this: this vandalism was a cowardly act. And
we also know that, together, we can meet cowardice
with courage, he wrote. Anyone who would seek

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey to divide us through an act of desecration will find
instead that they unite us in shared determination.
50 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, NJ 07652 From their pitiful act of ugliness, we can emerge
even more powerful in our faith.
Immediately after the announcement of the vandal-
8:30 Breakfast and Briefing
ism, the Chesed Shel Emeth Society, which owns the
10:00-12:30 Visits to legislators' local district offices cemetery, posted a message on Facebook informing
families with relatives buried there that it is assessing
1:00 Lunch and de-brief
the locations and damage and will post names that are
affected as soon as we are able. Many monuments are
facing down and we wont be able to read the names
Ron Rosensweig, Chair, JCRC and see if there is any damage until we lift the stones.

Stan Goodman, Chair, JCRC Government Relations In an update on Tuesday afternoon, the society said a
Committee local monument company had begun to put the monu-
ments back on their bases. It said it would try to have a

Adele Grodstein & Emma Horowitz comprehensive list of the toppled monuments posted

Event Co-Chairs by Wednesday.
A local church, the All Nations Church, launched an
appeal to help repair the damage caused by the vandals.
Register at www.jfnnj.org/advocacy The church said on its website that it would match up to
Questions? Contact David Silverman $500 in donations to the cemetery.
Destruction of Jewish headstones is a painful act of
DavidS@jfnnj.org | 201-820-3944
anti-Semitism, said Nancy Lisker, director of the Ameri-
can Jewish Congress in St. Louis. We feel the pain of the
Couvert $18 | Free for students
Jewish Federation families whose grave sites of loved ones were desecrated
and look to the authorities to apprehend and bring to
Dietary Laws Observed OF NORTHERN NEW JERSEY
justice those responsible for this heinous act.


Jewish World

French Jewish scholars hate speech trial

leaves anti-racism activists bitter, divided
CNAAN LIPHSHIZ The verdict in Bensoussans trial, which
began last month, is expected to deter-
The hate speech trial of a prominent mine boundaries of free speech in aca-
French historian charged with calling Arabs demia in a country where moderates fear
innately anti-Semitic is dividing French both radical Islam and the surge of xeno-
Jews and sowing dissent within the local phobia it is triggering. Georges
equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League. But the trial already is pitting anti-rac- Bensoussan,
It is all happening over just two words: ism activists against one another, includ- right, at a talk
mothers milk. ing within LICRA. One of Frances most with Mino Chamla
Georges Bensoussan, one of the worlds revered thinkers, the philosopher Alain in Milan, Italy, on
leading experts on Jews in Arab lands, Finkielkraut, resigned from its honorary September 16,
used the two fateful words during a radio board in protest over what French media 2014.
interview in 2015. Citing the work of an are calling lAffaire Bensoussan. MOKED/
Algerian sociologist, he asserted that in Long frustrated over what they regard as FEDERICO VALENTE

Arab families in France and beyond, every- politically correct censorship, right-lean-
body knows but will not say that anti-Sem- ing French Jews reacted with outrage over
itism is transmitted with mothers milk. Bensoussans prosecution, using language
Bensoussan later insisted he meant this even more heated than the hyperbolic
as a metaphor for culturally transmitted rhetoric common in their favorite media.
bias. Nevertheless, his words prompted Former Le Monde reporter Yves Mamou
both the Collective Against Islamophobia called the prosecution a jihad against the Anti-Semitism, condemned the prosecu- said that people whose origins are in
in France and the International League truth and Frances new Dreyfus trial, in tion as shocking. Muslim countries have been responsible
against Racism and Anti-Semitism, or reference to the wrongful conviction of a I think its deplorable how LICRA has for most of the hundreds of violent anti-
LICRA, independently to initiate a crimi- Jewish army captain for treason in 1894. lowered itself into this quagmire of a trial Semitic incidents recorded in France in
nal trial against him for allegedly inciting Sammy Ghozlan, founder of the center- against telling the truth, he added. recent years. At least eight people were
racial hatred. right National Bureau of Vigilance Against Ghozlan, a former police commissioner, murdered since 2012 in jihadist attacks on

In Memory of
This is the child
Andy Alter I have prayed for...
~ Samuel I 1:27 ~
The leadership and staff of Development Corporation
for Israel/Israel Bonds mourn the passing of Andrew
(Andy) Alter, a dedicated member of the company for
nearly two decades. ANNUAL BENEFIT DINNER
Sunday Evening, February 26, 2017
As executive director of Rockland County Israel Bonds, Marriott Glenpointe Hotel, Teaneck, NJ
Mr. Alter, who had visited Israel on numerous occasions, HONORING
exhibited a passion for the Jewish state that helped
make the Rockland sales effort consistently successful
year after year.

Mr. Alters enthusiasm was well-received by a receptive

and appreciative audience, enabling him to build a strong
and supportive leadership base. Adam & Ilana Rabbi Chaim & Malca Esther & Moshe Moshe & Orit
Mr. Alter made significant contributions to the success
of the Bonds enterprise, and his presence, on both the Please join us to help
personal and professional levels, will be greatly missed. transform the lives of
We offer condolences to his family, and offer the hope
children with special needs.
that they will find comfort among the mourners of Zion.
Join us for the premiere
of our inspirational film,
and for a magical moment at our dinner
with Jacob Adler and his loving, dedicated
parents, Hillel and Debby.

Richard Hirsch Israel Maimon Stuart Garawitz www.sinaidinner.org 201-833-1134 x105

Chairman of the Board President & CEO Vice President, Sales


d Jewish World

Jewish targets. to sue Bensoussan. Bensoussan was paraphrasing the statements of the
Discontent over Bensoussans prosecution spread to more The move dishonored LICRA, he said during an inter- Algeria-born sociologist Sman Laacher, a non-Jew
centrist circles, exposing the left-leaning LICRA to criticism view with RCJ radio, accusing LICRA of opting for inquisi- who said that anti-Semitism in Muslim areas is in the
by Finkielkraut. tion against Bensoussan. air that one breathes.
Last year, Finkielkraut received the countrys ultimate I call on all activists, followers and sympathizers to draw Laacher and Bensoussan were using metaphors,
academic distinction when he entered the Academie Fran- their own conclusions [about LICRA] from this ignominy, Finkielkraut argued, and neither speak of any biologi-
caise, the countrys pantheon of great thinkers. On January he said. Finkielkraut called the prosecution of Bensoussan cal dimension to the culturally transmitted phenom-
29, Finkielkraut, a member of the dovish JCall a group an exceptionally grave event politically, judicially, and enon they describe. That refutes the incitement to
of French Jews who oppose Israels settlement policy historically. racial hatred charge, he said.
announced he would resign from LICRA over its decision During the interview, Finkielkraut noted that in 2015 But in an election year with the far-right National
Front group leading in the polls, this technicality soon
was eclipsed in the media by the trials broader impli-
cations on free speech and race relations.
The trial is a way of avoiding investigative thought
and any public expression on Islam except for praise,
Finkielkraut said in the RCJ interview.
In a scathing op-ed in Marianne, a weekly, colum-
nist Martine Gozlan called the trial shameful and an
attempt to silence free thought.
Its a recurring accusation by advocates of several
French thinkers, Jews and others, who have paid a
personal and public price recently for speaking out
against Islam or in defense of Israel.
The list includes Michel Houellebecq, who has
received death threats for writing a novel critical of
political Islam; Bernard-Henri Levy, who is reviled by
many members of his left-wing circles for defending
Israel, and Finkielkraut himself, who was ejected vio-
lently from a public gathering recently because he is
a Zionist.
Gozlan also noted that LICRAs fellow plaintiff, the
Collective Against Islamophobia, has been accused
including by LICRA itself of propagating anti-Semitic
disinformation against Prime Minister Manuel Valls,
whose wife is Jewish.
On February 2, Philippe Karsenty, a French Jewish
activist who is deputy mayor of the Paris suburb of
Neuilly-sur-Seine, echoed Gozlans sentiment in an
op-ed he wrote with lawyer Pierre Lurat.
How could a group established to defend Jews
come to assist a judicial jihad waged against a Jew-
ish intellectual specialized in the history of the Holo-
caust? they asked.
It was a withering attack on LICRA, a group founded
by a Jewish journalist in 1926 in an effort to defend
a Jew charged with the Paris killing of a Ukrainian
nationalist. The Ukrainian was responsible for
pogroms in Ukraine in which the Jewish killers rela-
tives died.
Amid growing criticism, the head of LICRA, Alain
Jacubowicz, who is Jewish, broke his silence about the
affair. In an op-ed published earlier this month, he
accused Bensoussan of benefiting extremists with
his statement on Islam.
Jacubowicz had a point.
Bruno Gollnisch, a Holocaust denier and European
Parliament lawmaker for National Front, embraced
Bensoussans cause. In a January 25 op-ed published
on his website, Gollnisch equated Bensoussans trou-
bles to those of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was sidelined
as the National Fronts leader after many convictions
for hate speech against Jews and Muslims.
There are truths were forbidden to speak, Goll-
nisch wrote about both men.
Bensoussan in turn broke his own silence on the
affair and replied to Jacubowicz in an open letter pub-
lished Monday.
Turning Jacubowiczs claim against him, Bensous-
san wrote that the popularity of a populist, anti-immi-
grant party like the National Front is being fueled by
a denial of reality, a suicidal strategy of blindness and


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Music She Loved

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Art History SAT & ACT Prep Course Rubach Family Purim Carnival
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What came after the Impressionists? Post- Be prepared and confident going into May and June enjoy junior bounce and moon bounce, slides, games,
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Sun, Mar 12, 1-4 pm, Carnival opens at 12 pm for families
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Impressionist revolution. Sundays, Mar 12-Apr 30, 8:30-11:45 am, $575
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series, $16/$20 per class
Call Judy at 201.408.1457 to register or for more info, visit
jccotp.org or call 201.569.7900.

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- Anxiety - Social Challenges

- Depression - Life Transitions
- Adjustment to - Stress Management
Chronic Illness

201- 357- 5796 121 Cedar Lane

TemimaDanzig.com Teaneck, NJ


Teens get ready for BBYO International Conventions opening ceremony on February 16.

At Olympic-style confab, BBYO teens

showcase energy and international flair

DALLASMy interview with Aaron Mantell, 16, and Dan-

ielle Wadler, 17, two teens from Long Island, is drowned
out by a parade of chanting students passing us by.
Welcome to the BBYO International Convention.
Until this point, my experience at the Jewish plural-
istic teen organizations convention in Dallas consists
largely of navigating a venue whose every inch is lined
with teens, and giving up on any notion of using the
hotel elevators. But now I understand and feel the true
nature of this gathering of 5,000 people including
2,500 Jewish teens from 48 states and 30 countries.
Its a little overwhelming, but it always ends up being
really really fun, Danielle said. Like you get past the
overwhelming, and you get used to a thousand people
screaming at you all day.
Its really impressive, Aaron added. Its always mind-
blowing. These people fly around the world to get here
and have the most energy Ive ever seen in teenagers.,
The enthused BBYO delegates who interrupt my talk BBYO top leaders, International Nsiah Ellie Bod-
with Danielle and Aaron, en route to the conventions ker and Grand Aleph Godol Aaron Cooper, at the
opening ceremony on February 16, are just the tip of the international convention. JASON DIXSON PHOTOGRAPHY

iceberg. The festivities are nothing short of the opening

ceremony at the Olympic Games. The many American But the BBYO convention is about more than energy
and international delegations are outfitted with hats, and hope its also about vision and resolve. For five
capes, and athletic jerseys, chanting fight songs. Pop days, the student-led youth organization and its dele-
music blasting from the loudspeakers. Students danc- gates come to hear prominent speakers at plenary ses-
Sign up for the ing and singing on stage. Picture a rock concert, summer sions and hold smaller breakout discussions, sharpen-
camp color war, and high school football game, all put ing their leadership skills and grappling with hot-button
Jewish Standard daily newsletter! together and multiplied by 10. issues facing both the Jewish community and society at
Its hardly my first major Jewish conference, but the large. The ultimate goal, according to this years conven-
Visit www.thejewishstandard.com energy is incomparable. tion tagline, is Changing the Game.
and click on SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY I have not been in a room in my entire life with so The theme of the conference comes from our desire
many teens, so much energy and so much hope. Thank to put teens in control of their own destiny, to let them
you for the hope! We need this gathering! the Jewish know that not only can they shape the Jewish commu-
Theological Seminarys chancellor, Arnold M. Eisen, nity, but they can shape the world, Matt Grossman,

said at the opening ceremony, apparently agreeing with BBYOs CEO, said. In so many teen settings, theyre
my sentiment. SEE BBYO PAGE 39




Starting Thurs. Feb. 23rd

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Sunday & Legal Holidays 10 - 6, Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6, Sunday & Legal Holidays 10-6, Mon. -Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-2
Mon. - Wed. 10 - 7, Thurs. 10 - 8, Friday 10-1:45 Mon. - Wed. 10-7, Thurs. 10-9, Fri. 10-1:45 Mon. - Thurs. 10-7, Friday 10-1:45 Closed Saturday & Sunday *Msrp.


Ask About our
camp family
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Restrictions may apply.
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Kaplen JCC on the Palisades taub campus | 411 e clinton ave, tenafly, nJ 07670 | 201.567.8963 | jccotp.org
Jewish World

listening to adults tell them what they can do and what
they cant do, and theyre bound by different rules. Here,
we put them in charge, we tell them that the future is
theirs, and they respond in very powerful ways.
In an increasingly borderless world, one of the hall-
marks of both the 2017 BBYO convention and the organiza-
tions growth trajectory in general is international expan-
sion. This years gathering saw delegates from Austria and
Poland for the first time.
The power of the BBYO movement comes from the
connectivity that exists between the teens, and a lot of
that connectivity starts at the convention, Grossman
said. The global nature of what we offer is a differentia-
tor in their lives. Theres nowhere else, or very few places,
where a teen from Dallas, Texas, can find a best friend
from Slovakia. But they come here and they can find that
best friend, and then they can see them again during the

summer experience, and they can connect with them

online while they work on a project together. And that


whole notion of connectedness is tied in a very real way
to the notion of Jewish peoplehood.
Fittingly, the youth movements top leaders Interna-
tional Nsiah Ellie Bodker of BBG, the girls group, and
Grand Aleph Godol Aaron Cooper of AZA, the mens
division have spent their gap year between high school
and college visiting BBYO communities in North America
and around the world in order to strategize on growth and
SEE BBYO PAGE 41 Enthusiastic teens show their feelings at the opening ceremony of the BBYO International Convention.


ATLANTA, GA March 24


Jewish World

BBYO non-religious way, Noga Vieman, a Maccabi Tzair staff Before their international leadership tenures are com-
FROM PAGE 37 member, agreed. plete, Ellie and Aaron who will begin at Brown University
inspire the local chapters. International Nsiah Ellie Bodker, who will attend Syra- in the fall and hopes to go on to law school from there
Aaron, 18, of Winston-Salem, N.C., is particularly cuse University in the fall and hopes to major in informatics, want to help BBYO meet its goal of surpassing 20,000 mem-
moved by seeing BBYOs operations in Hungary, said that I really found my voice through BBYO. bers around the world.
whose estimated Jewish community of 100,000 is I think a lot of eighth-grade girls start out really shy and Its a special moment in Jewish history that 2,500 young
down from 800,000 before the Holocaust, but is uncomfortable with BBYO, but the idea that people were people from across the globe can come together at the con-
thriving. listening to me and I could say whatever I wanted, and run vention and celebrate what it means to be Jewish, Gross-
Seeing our program there, and seeing that its a program on whatever topic I felt I was passionate about, man said. This is a place where they can be hopeful, they
been so successful, and its only been there for a was really appealing to me, she said. can be bold, and they can be community-builders. JNS.ORG
year. I think its super beautiful and amazing and
something we take pride in, Aaron said. Its amaz-
ing to see us be a part of vibrant Jewish communi-
ties, but also the ones that still have the remnants

Cocktail Evening
of awful tragedy lurking in the back of their heads.
After spending six weeks abroad in Europe and
Israel, Ellie and Aaron are set to visit South America
in the spring before their tour of duty ends in May.
We have this global platform to run programs and
inspire Jewish teens, that the more we see whats
out there, the more were inspired to dive into
these issues and take action and get our task forces
for Healthcare Professionals
involved in whats going on around the world, Ellie,
18, of Kansas City, Mo, said.
This year especially, were so focused on the
global aspect, and incorporating people talking
In Support of
their native languages a little more, and embracing
the diversity and unique-ness in the room has really
been a focus, she said. Jewish Federation
The need for Jewish connectivity also can exist in
places where you might not think such connection is
lacking. Daniel Segal, 18, a youth leader for Maccabi
Tzair, an Israel-based sister organization to BBYO,
explains that the 25 to 30 different youth movements
all cater to specific populations, except for Maccabi
Tzair, whose pluralistic nature mirrors BBYOs.
Daniel said that he started Maccabi Tzair in third Keynote SpeaKer
grade, and there he learned how to manage work-
ing with people. By eighth grade, he was not only Amir Sagie
part of a team, but the head of teams, and that posi-
tion gave me skills for life, he said. Today, he oversees
Deputy Consul General of Israel in New York
the efforts of 60 youth coordinators and 200 Maccabi
Tzair program participants from third to 12th grades.
The fact that you have many Jews [in Israel] Thursday, March 23
doesnt mean its not necessary for them to get in-
formal education after school, Daniel said.
We help them meet Judaism in a way that is Temple Emanu-El of Closter
proper to their life, where they can relate to it in a
180 piermont road n Closter, new Jersey

Couvert: $136 per person $75 per person

established Healthcare professionals allied Healthcare professionals
new Healthcare professionals
five years or less in the field

Spouse or Guest Welcome n Dietary Laws Strictly observed

rSVp by March 16

you will have an opportunity to make your gift to Jewish Federation

Make your reservations online at www.jfnnj.org/healthcare
For more information please contact arielle Kuzdral
The British delegation is on stage during BBYOs 201-820-3911 or ariellek@jfnnj.org


Saying no to

Jewish law and Mideast peace


hat thorniest of all issues, the Israeli- Shulchan Aruch, he wrote, adding that Karo
hat is going on here? to think that this barbarity which Palestinian conflict, is on the front meant to adopt the amendment to the Bar Pappa
All of these can she was free from in her life, at burner, so a review of Jewish law on ruling.
be isolated inci- least physically, would lap up the subject is in order. In any case, all agree that settling the Land of
dents, all happen- against her in death, even in this Granted, halacha is not monolithic, and it is Israel is important enough to set aside even Shab-
ing within the last few weeks, but very, very muted way. not closed to interpretation. Different people see bat rules.
they are starting to add up. We live in troubled times, he the law differently. This is as true in this case as On the other hand, there is biblical evidence
There have been threatening continues. Hate and barbarity in any other. One thing is not open to interpreta- to suggest giving up land is not so great a sin, or
phone calls to JCCs and other Jew- are always with us. But today they tion, however: We are commanded to settle the may not be a sin at all, if the price is right. Solo-
ish institutions, mainly but not are being granted permission to Land of Israel all of it, not just a piece of it. mon gave 20 cities in the Galilee to Hiram, king
entirely in the United States. There act. So important a mitzvah is this that there even of Tyre, yet the biblical text offers no condemna-
have been four waves of those We must fight it, he adds. is a rabbinic ruling allowing Shabbat to be vio- tion, probably because of what he got in return:
calls so far; twice, the Kaplen JCC It is important that we realize lated in order to buy property in the Land of The building materials for Gods House and his
on the Palisades in Tenafly has that we are not the main targets Israel. According to the Babylonian Talmud trac- own. (See 1 Kings 9:11.)
received one of those calls. of this hate. We are not Mexican, tate Bava Kamma 80b, a member of In the current case, trading land for
Thankfully, no one has been or Muslim, or visibly foreign. Most the Bar Pappa family decreed, the peace would be worth the price,
hurt. The calls have been hoaxes although not all of us are white. deed of sale may be written even on too, if the peace offered is a true
although that is perhaps the We blend. But we have to realize Shabbat. peace, one that battles terrorism
wrong word, implying as it does that hate is alive once again not This offended other sages, who with vigor; that includes all of the
some element of teasing fun. that its ever been dead and that attempted an amendment by ref- states now opposed to Israel; that
These calls have been cruel tricks, we can hear its dread footsteps erencing a ruling made by another has a system that puts peace into
designed to instill fear. They have shaking the earth, if we listen. sage in a different context. While it practice through such means as
sent children out coatless on We have to listen. We cant is not permissible for a Jew to make trade and tourism.
unusually cold days. They have afford not to listen. the transaction on Shabbat, they Entering into this consideration
disoriented fragile old people. We dont know why President said, he or she may ask a non-Jew to Rabbi are two sins I discussed exten-
They have unnerved the com- Donald J. Trump has been so act in his or her stead. While to do Shammai sively in my January 8 column:
munity by their pointless, stupid, opposed to naming and condemn- so in other cases violates a rabbinic Engelmayer pikuach nefesh (threat to life) and
unmistakable hatred. ing anti-Semitism, giving it two prohibition, the mitzvah of settling shfichut damim (the needless spill-
There was vandalism in a Jew- sentence fragments in a talk at the the Land of Israel takes precedence. ing of blood). Pikuach nefesh is considered to be
ish cemetery in suburban St. Louis National Museum of African Amer- That amendment failed to satisfy two of the pre-eminent in religious Judaism. Almost nothing
this week. About 180 headstones ican History and Culture. Most of most authoritative codifiers of Jewish law, who not even Shabbat or the laws of kashrut takes
were toppled. Again, no one was the time he does not denounce often take opposing views: Rabbi Joseph Karo precedence when life is threatened.
hurt at least physically. Josh anti-Semitism, as opposed to (author of the Shulchan Aruch), and Rabbi Moses Expropriating Palestinian land to build new
Marshall, a journalist who created intolerance in general, despite Isserles (the Rema, author of a halachic gloss to settlements puts the lives of the people who
and edits Talking Points Memo, being urged to do so by a gamut of Karos work). move into those settlements in danger. Almost
writes that his mother was buried Jewish leaders, including not only Ruled Karo, It is permissible to acquire a certainly violence will erupt, and blood almost
in that cemetery. She was born in the ADLs Jonathan Greenblatt and house in the Land of Israel from a non-Jew on certainly will be spilled. Thus, both pikuach
the United States, the daughter of the American Jewish Committees Shabbat and to sign and register it. (See Shul- nefesh and shfichut damim are halachic factors
Jewish immigrants, lived free of David Harris, to name just a few, chan Arukh, Orach Chaim, 306:11.) that must be taken into account.
anti-Semitism but sometimes felt almost at random, but also the The Rema agreed, but only if the document The same, obviously, is true of a one-state solu-
guilty about that freedom, a con- ZOAs Morton Klein, who gener- was written in a language other than Hebrew. tion, which carries with it the necessity of deny-
tinent away from the Holocaust, ally has been loathe to ask for such That is because writing on Shabbat in a language ing to the Palestinians living in such a state equal
and died young, many years ago. statements from the president. other than Hebrew is only a rabbinic prohibi- status under the law. (Anything else risks having
He still misses her. We know that forthright denun- tion, which is trumped by the biblical impera- the Palestinians become the majority and vot-
This barbaric and pointless van- ciations of anti-Semitism, like tive to settle the Land of Israel. ing Israel out of existence.) Aside from the many
dalism hurts, he says. forthright denunciations of rac- This scandalized Rabbi Yechiel Epstein, author times the Torah requires that there be one law
Stones can be replaced and ism, misogyny, and other forms of a commentary on the Shulchan Aruch. A for citizen and all other residents (see, especially,
the dead are dead, Mr. Marshall of hatred, are necessary. Hatred grave error occurred in the printing of the Exodus 23:9 this Shabbat, and also Leviticus
writes. But it strikes hard against grows in the dark. Slime accumu- 19:34 and 24:22), the Torah also requires Israel
something deep inside of me, lates in shadows. Lets bring it out Shammai Engelmayer is the rabbi of to act morally, or risk losing its right to the land.
something even over the decades into the light and disinfect it. We Congregation Beth Israel of the Palisades in Explained Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, in
still umbilically connected to her, cant afford not to. JP Cliffside Park. commenting on several verses in Leviticus 18:

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A season of scenarios

Just as the people is the people of God, so is the

J udging by the topsy-turvy nature of the Trump adminis-
trations first few weeks in office, youd think that Purim
has come early this year. Except for the fact that the
story of Purim is something of a farce, albeit one that
involves narrowly avoiding a tragedy, while the Trump presi-
there is a chance he might die in office, or be otherwise unable
to fulfill his responsibilities due to medical disability. Despite
claims of good health, little about his medical history has been
released to the public. Even if he has no pre-existing condi-
tions, there is no getting around the fact that he was born in
land, too, the land of God....The flowering of the land dency, many of us fear, is a farce that may, or will, or already 1946; as an any insurance agency would explain, its all a mat-
is dependent on the moral flowering of the people.... has become a tragedy the likes of which even Shakespeare ter of statistical probabilities. (Im not including the possibil-
It is for the fulfillment of Gods will by men of moral could not have imagined. ity of incapacity due to psychological issues here, because all
purity that each seed germinates, each flower blooms, Before looking ahead to what may come to pass, let me but the most extreme forms of mental incapacity are difficult
each fruit ripens.... begin by noting that as far back as the autumn of 2015 I started to prove.)
Hence, if the society that lives in this land subverts saying that Trump was going to be our next president. This No doubt, even if it was clear that disability or death were
the purpose of its existence by social and moral cor- was not an act of prophecy, I hasten to add, but rather an exer- due to natural causes, conspiracy theories about assassination
ruption, the land, too, loses the reason for its exis- cise in the sort of futurism that Alvin Toffler made popular attempts would abound. And given the friction that seems to
tence..., and, in that case, the land will vomit out that with the publication of Future Shock back in 1970. What this exist between Trump and the intelligence community, the
society even as any organism will reject an element requires is a careful review of history and attention to patterns possibility of some form of poisoning, a time-honored staple
that has become incompatible with it. and trends of the past. for monarchies, dictatorships, and film and TV melodramas,
Finally, even if halacha would seem not to support In this instance, I noticed the parallels between the reality- undoubtedly would come to mind. The more straightforward
trading land for peace, we have the word of the Tal- TV-star-turned-candidate and our first (and so far only) movie forms of assassination would also constitute a fourth possi-
star president, Ronald Reagan. As different as bility. The last president to get shot was Reagan, a
their demeanors and even their messages may little more than two months into his first term.
have been, both were masters of the electronic Gerald Ford was the victim of two assassination
media. For Reagan it was radio and television; attempts; both times the shooters missed.
Just as the people is for Trump it is TV and Twitter. And both exhib- It would be only natural to assume that any
ited that Teflon quality, whereby scandals and attempt on Trumps life would come from
the people of God, accusations that would sink anyone elses politi- someone on the left, or perhaps an angry
so is the land, too, cal career seemed to bounce right off them. I Muslim or Mexican. But I think it might well
was sure enough of the outcome that I bet a come from one of those alt-right types or Sec-
the land of God.... colleague $100 that Trump would be our next ond Amendment people that Trump has been
The flowering of the president, and did so at a time when it didnt Dr. Lance
courting throughout his campaign and first
even seem likely that he would gain the Repub- weeks in office. If he doesnt come through on
land is dependent on lican nomination. the promises he made to them, or that they
the moral flowering When I was making my prediction, some think he made to them, we can only imagine
thought it meant that I wanted Trump to win. I most certainly the kind of anger that a sense of betrayal would produce in
of the people.... did not. For me, the point was to analyze the facts objectively extremists of that sort. As the prophet Hosea observed, they
and draw a logical conclusion. I stress this because now I want that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.
mud that sometimes the law must be set aside in order to make it clear that what I think may come next is based on I want to stress that I am not wishing for any of these out-
to protect the national interest. The consequences the same kind of analysis. I am not absolutely certain about comes, and certainly not advocating for them. Any one of
of an action must always be considered. (See Rabbi this, but I do believe there is a better than average, maybe them would constitute a national trauma, and leave the
Yochanans statement regarding the destruction of the even a good chance, that Trump will not finish his term. United States even more divided into hostile camps than ever
Temple in BT Gittin 55b-56a.) I want to emphasize that I am not predicting that this will before. And after all, wouldnt it be better still if Mr. Trump
Some early rabbinic commentators suggested that happen. I simply am noting that there are four distinct ways in had a change of heart, and mind, and became the kind of
settling the Land of Israel outweighs all other com- which Donald Trump could be the first president since Nixon president we all would hope for?
mandments, but our tradition does not agree. As we to serve less than the full four years to which he was elected. For this reason, let me outline a fifth scenario, and lets call
recite each morning as a reminder, the study of Torah The first possibility, and the one on everyones minds, is it a Purim scenario, with Trump in the role of the foolish king,
stands above all other commandments. (See Mishnah impeachment. It is nothing short of astounding that the pos- Ahashverosh. We have some good candidates for the part of
Peah 1:1.) sibility was being discussed even before the election took Haman in his administration, most notably in his senior coun-
The Torah is clear on life-and-death issues. As Leviti- place. I wont bother to list the many reasons why the House selor, Steve Bannon. Melania Trump has pulled a Vashti by not
cus 18:5 tells us: You shall keep My laws and My rules, of Representatives might vote to bring articles of impeach- joining her husband at the White House. To select a replace-
by the pursuit of which man shall live. Said the Tal- ment against Trump, and a trial leading to conviction and ment, Ahashverosh held what is sometimes considered the
mud, shall live by them, not die by them. (See BT removal from office might take place in the Senate. I only want very first beauty pageant Trump has had a long history with
Yoma 85b, BT Sanhedrin 74a, and BT Avodah Zarah to note that the possibility exists now, even with Republican such events but if anyone can play the role of Esther in this
27b, or the Mishnah in BT Makkot 23b for discussions majorities in both chambers, and would become even more scenario, it would be his daughter Ivanka, a Jew by choice,
of and exceptions to the meaning of the verse.) likely if midterm elections gave the Democrats full control of who has been acting as a de facto first lady. Trump actually
As Samson Raphael Hirsch explained, there are Congress. has said that he would want to date Ivanka if she wasnt his
grave consequences when the Torahs moral laws are A second possibility is resignation. Recall that Nixon daughter, and some find these and other comments hes
ignored: The land will vomit out that society. was the last (and only) president to resign, and he did so to made about her creepy, but then again the traditional Purim
avoid impeachment. Trump might follow the same course if story does not quite fit modern standards of propriety when
impeachment seems likely, or he faces some other legal action it comes to attitudes toward women.
regarding his finances. And while many believe he has the The important point is that Ivanka is known to be a moder-
kind of personality that would lead him to hold on and fight, ating, even progressive influence on her father, and she is in
everything about him as a politician has been characterized the perfect position to play the role of savior in the manner of
The opinions expressed in this section are those of as unprecedented, so is it really unimaginable that he might Queen Esther. All we need now is a Mordecai to help to moti-
the authors, not necessarily those decide that being president isnt worth it to him, that walk- vate her. With Purim almost upon us, hope (and hopefully
ing out would be just like declaring a bankruptcy, and that he humor) springs eternal.
of the newspapers editors, publishers, or other
could do so while pinning the blame on the media, his politi-
staffers. We welcome letters to the editor.
cal opponents, and anyone else he deems an enemy? Dr. Lance Strate of Palisades Park is a professor of
Send them to jstandardletters@gmail.com.
A third possibility is based on the fact that at the age of 70, communication and media studies at Fordham University in
he is the oldest person to move into the Oval Office, which the Bronx, and the president of his synagogue, Congregation
means that his future life expectancy is limited. It follows that Adas Emuno in Leonia.



I am woman, hear me roar (against sharia law)

I am woman, hear me roar marrying Don Hollinger, her ever-present strong supporter of Keith Elli- apartment in Milan. And that
In numbers too big to ignore fianc. Finally, women had real choices. son as chair of the Democratic was not all. William Nygaard,
And I know too much to go back an pretend Someone once said, Culture is the mem- National Committee. She also the novels Norwegian pub-
Cause Ive heard it all before ory of the food you ate when you were very was an Obama White House lisher, was shot three times
And Ive been down there on the floor young. For most girls growing up then, champion of change. What in the back and left for dead
No ones ever gonna keep me down again freedom to live our own lives and be what- is not so well known, how- outside his Oslo home, Hitch-
Oh yes, I am wise ever we wanted to be was the food we were ever, is that she is a champion ens wrote. The fatwa is still in
But its wisdom born of pain nurtured on. We embraced the fact that of sharia. force today, although it is said
Yes, Ive paid the price each girls future was dependent on only My first memory of hear- not to be actively supported
But look how much I gained one person herself. ing the term sharia law was Martha but no one really knows.
If I have to, I can do anything This thought came to me as I marveled in 1989. On Valentines Day, Cohen What was perplexing for
I am strong at the tremendous numbers of women and the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran many of us at the time was
I am invincible their families who showed up across our declared a religious edict, known as a fatwa, that there didnt seem to be any tremen-
I am woman country and the world at the Womens demanding that death be imposed on the dous outcry against this fatwa by the world
March on January 21. And though there has author Salman Rushdie and all involved community. Shock, yes. A chill in the air,
I Am Woman by Ray Burton been much discussion from all kinds of with his book The Satanic Verses, for its definitely. However, I dont recall any ral-
and Helen Reddy media outlets about what this march really perceived blasphemy against Islam. What lies, and there was definitely no sustained

meant and what will happen in the future, most of us recall is Mr. Rushdie going into movement decrying this evil measure,
o one who was living in the it delivered one message that no one can hiding for many years, only seen on rare focused on killing those whom the ayatol-
1970s can forget this song, the deny. Women are empowered and deter- occasions, with bodyguards in tow. What lah deemed unfit. After all, Rushdie was no
way Helen Reddy sang it, and mined to keep it that way. many people do not know is the fate of oth- warlord but a writer of fiction.
the impact it had on the young Helen Reddy was right. No ones ever ers who were involved with the publication Since that time, we have become increas-
girls who heard it. gonna keep me down again. No, never. of his novel. ingly familiar with the impact of sharia
It was an anthem, something that dove- And so I was filled with great sadness According to a piece in Vanity Fair by law, especially when it comes to killings
tailed perfectly with Mary Richards (aka and trepidation when I saw that one of the the late Christopher Hitchens, in addition of women who shamed the family honor
Mary Tyler Moore), who we watched launch marchs key organizers was Linda Sarsour. to Iranian attempts on Rushdies life over by simply living their own lives. Remem-
a successful career as a single woman. Or Some of you may recognize Sarsour as the the years, Hitoshi Igarashi, the novels Japa- ber Noor Almaleki? Her father intention-
Anne (aka Marlo Thomas) living alone executive director of the Arab American nese translator, was stabbed to death on the ally killed his daughter in Arizona in 2009
in New York City and having the audac- Association of New York, as a surrogate campus where he taught. The novels Italian because she had become too Western-
ity to end her series, That Girl, without for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and as a translator, Ettore Cariolo, was knifed in his ized, he said, and brought disrespect to

The gifting winds of change

ecently, my wife and I spent some interesting comparisons and contrasts closing plenary on Feminism There also were wonderful pre-
a wonderful Sunday attend- between then and now. as Tikkun Olam 19 years ago, sentations on women rabbis (a
ing a conference sponsored by For example, while nine speakers made now is president of JOFA. And delightful neologism), both in
the Jewish Orthodox Feminist presentations at both conferences, by 2017 other earlier presenters, like a stirring presentation at the
Alliance. one of the female speakers sported the title R. Yitz Greenberg and Esther plenary by Rabbi Lila Kage-
It was a long day that began with a 9 a.m. of rav and another of rabbi. Sadly, a num- Krauss, were simply attendees dan, the first woman to use the
plenary and lasted until 5:30, when the sixth ber of 1998 speakers have gone to their this time, sitting in the audi- title rabbi as a member of the
session concluded. It was chock full of pre- eternal reward. In this regard I note princi- ence among many who most clergy in a modern Orthodox
sentations on, for example, womens Torah pally, but not exclusively, the serious loss of likely had no idea how impor- synagogue, and an eye-open-
learning, ordination and leadership roles, Rivkah Houpt, Belda Kaufman Lindenbaum, tant to the Orthodox feminist Joseph C. ing scholarly session on Past
agunah, conversion, mental illness, sexual Shaindy Rudoff, Honey Rackman, and espe- movement their neighbor was. Kaplan as Prologue: Ordaining Women
abuse and Women of the Wall. And thats just cially R. Emanuel Rackman, who I referred to Some of the sessions this Rabbis and Their Discontents
what was offered in the first of the six equally in my unpublished article as the grand elder year focused on topics that simply werent led by Dr. Pamela Nadell and R. Dr. Zev Eleff.
diverse time slots. statesman of Modern Orthodoxy. Our com- on anyones agenda in 1998, primarily Yael (21st century aside: Dr. Eleff was one of five
This wasnt the first JOFA conference munity deeply misses them. Ukeles and R. David Bigmans very personal virtual friends I finally was able to meet and
we attended. Nineteen years ago we spent Others have changed roles. Blu Greenberg, exploration of When Plan B Becomes Awe- chat with in person at the conference.)
Presidents Weekend at the Second Interna- who as president of JOFA chaired the earlier some: Jewish Single Motherhood by Choice. But even more touching than the speakers
tional Conference on Feminism and Ortho- conference, now bears the title of founding And two other sessions discussed Orthodoxy and presentations was the unscripted and
doxy, sponsored by JOFA, Drisha, Ohr president. She was acclaimed at the opening from a 21st-century vantage point Drs. Syl- moving moment during the plenary, when
Torah/Midreshet Lindenbaum, (the late and plenary as the dreamer who laid the ground- via Barack Fishmans and Jerome Chaness one speaker asked all the women in the room
lamented) Edah and the Womens Tefillah work for the Orthodox feminist movement, academic yet engaging and impressionistic who had ordination or were studying for the
Network. (Historical aside: the First Interna- lauded as someone whose moral leadership, analysis of Somewhere A Place for Us? Per- rabbinate to stand. More than 20 women,
tional Conference on Feminism and Ortho- tenacity and gentle chutzpah have shattered sonal, Societal, and Institutional Changes for stood to thunderous applause.
doxy, held the year before, was not spon- the traditional limits for women and created Orthodox Women in America and Israel, In light of the recent unfair, poorly thought
sored by JOFA because it was that conference undreamed of possibilities, and honored and an exciting SRO discussion among Dr. out, and unnecessary paper issued by a
that led to JOFAs creation.) with the presentation of a scholarly Fest- Yehuda Kurtzer, Dena Weiss, R. Shmuel Hain, seven-man rabbinical panel declaring women
I was quite moved by the 1998 confer- schrift. (In addition to all of Blus wonderful and R. Ethan Tucker on Blurred Boundaries: rabbis beyond the pale in Orthodoxy, and
ence and wrote an article about it called contributions to Orthodox feminism, she was Post Orthodoxy. giving an at best lukewarm endorsement of
An Orthodox Jewish Feminist. Unfor- my babysitter back in our early Far Rockaway Ordination was a major topic at the con- yoatzot halacha, it was heartwarming to hear
tunately, I couldnt get it published not years, and Im honored that weve remained ference in many ways. Thirteen women with R. Herzl Hefter, the founder and rosh beit
even in the Jewish Standard (with a differ- friends ever since.) some type of ordination and title (rabbi, midrash of the Harel Beit Midrash in Jeru-
ent editor). Rereading it this year, I found Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, a speaker at the rabba, maharat etc.) were listed as speakers. salem, gently correct someone who asked



the family. He now is serving time. Or the from 2014 seems to imply that following
2008 murders of Anna and Sarah Said, sharia is simply about following a certain
Texas teens who were shot many times by diet. @RobertWildiris I dont drink alco-
their father because they would not agree hol, dont eat pork, I follow Islamic way of
to forced marriages. This case is still open, living. Thats all Sharia law is.
because their father left their lifeless bodies Yet she avoids mentioning the basic fact
in a car and ran. that women are not free under sharia. Dis-
And what about the case cited in Sar- sent is not tolerated. Women are not even
sours 2012 CNN piece, called My Hijab allowed to leave their house unaccompa-
is My Hoodie? Sarsour asserted that the nied by a male family member. It is not
murder of Shaima Alawadi in San Diego about a diet, loans, or credit, it is about the
that same year was a result of Islamopho- subjugation of women. As Pakistan-based
bia. However, the facts found that her hus- journalist Khadija Khan writes, How come
band killed her after finding out that she she forgot to mention that in Saudi Arabia
was going to divorce him. He is now serving and many other Muslim states, her kind of
a 26-years-to-life sentence. activism would cost a woman her family,
And what about female genital mutila- her honor and probably her life?
tion? This is when a girls clitoris is cut so And dont think that Sarsour believes in
that she cannot have any sexual pleasure in civility toward those with whom she dis-
order to keep her honor. Though the figures agrees. A particularly cruel tweet focused
are not completely reliable, because of the on Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, both Helen Reddy in 1973
sensitivity of the subject, this heinous ritual fighters for freedom and against sharia.
is happening in America. It even was dra- Sarsours desire? I wish I could take their why a march dedicated to the empower- And why not a womans rally against
matized in an episode of Law and Order. vaginas away they dont deserve to be ment of women would embrace a woman honor killings and female genital mutila-
Sarsour is not only a supporter but a women. For those who dont know, Ayaan who believes in and is actively working to tion? As Helen sang, I am woman, hear me
cheerleader of sharia. One tweet from is a victim of female genital mutilation. Defi- subjugate them to the men in the world. Lets roar.
2015 says, Youll know when youre living nitely no sisterhood here. debate those like Sarsour, but lets not lend
under Sharia Law if suddenly all your loans Ive been down there on the floor, no them the spotlight in events that are antitheti- Martha Cohen is an award-winning
& credit cards become interest free. Sounds ones ever gonna keep me down again. This cal to their mission so they can fool the unin- producer and creative executive. She lives in
nice, doesnt it? Another interesting tweet lyric keeps ringing in my ears as I ponder formed in an effort to return to the Dark Ages. Fort Lee with her husband and son.

about his ordination of women. I dont ordain women,

he said. I ordain people.
And one personal note. At these types of conferences Letter
I always loved meeting friends I hadnt seen for a long
time. That didnt seem to be the case for me at this one
until the lunch break, when I saw a female friend I had Senator Robert Menendez true fought for Israel as the one true democracy in a sea of autoc-
known in college. We were having a lovely chat when friend of Israel, Jewish community racy, to use a phrase he often favors.
another female friend, this one from high school, joined A recent op-ed by Carolyn Glick in the Jerusalem Post levied Senator Menendez speaks out, constantly and consistently,
us. Then the high school friend, who obviously knew the erroneous accusations of anti-Semitism against Senator Rob- in public and privately with foreign and domestic leaders,
college one, turned and asked her with some surprise: ert Menendez (D-N.J.) during the Senate Foreign Relations against discrimination aimed at Jews and in favor of support
How do you know Joseph? I jumped in and answered: Committee hearing on the nomination of David Friedman. for our ally Israel. Hes been a fierce critic of BDS and of anti-
I know you the same way. I went out with both of you! These accusatory remarks, based on a question of Friedmans Semitism in Europe, the Middle East, and on college cam-
Ah, to feel young again. (My wife of almost 47 years and adherence to his prospective duties as ambassador, are gross puses right here at home.
my children approved this story.) distortions of Senator Menendezs stance on Israel and his In my personal capacity as the national president of Nor-
I began my earlier essay by noting that at Jewish relationship with his Jewish constituency. pac, and as a board member of many major Jewish organiza-
gatherings where participants introduce themselves, The senator was questioning whether Mr. Friedman, who is tions, I have found no stronger and consistent advocate on our
I would often describe myself, with a certain existen- personally passionate about a particular issue Israel would issues than Senator Robert Menendez.
tial loneliness, as an Orthodox Jewish feminist. I wrote, be able to make the transition from private citizen-advocate to We must take care about against whom, and when, we
though, that after that first conference, I will continue to an official representative of the United States government. In level accusations of anti-Semitism. This accusation is care-
describe myself as an Orthodox Jewish feminist. But now policy making and diplomacy for any issue, personal passions less, improper, and hurtful against someone who has been
I wont feel so alone. must often be put aside. a champion on U.S.-Israel relations. In a different gener-
In 2017, however, I know that not only am I not Senator Menendez has a long history as one of the staunch- ation, someone like Robert Menendez certainly would
alone, but I also am part of a movement that is grow- est supporters of the Jewish community and the state of Israel. merit a place among the Righteous Among the Nations
ing larger and stronger and having a positive impact He was among the first members of his party to publicly at Yad Vashem.
on the lives of thousands of women and men by denounce the 2015 Iran deal, a deal that Ms. Glick also lam- I respect Carolyn Glick. We met when I chaired a dinner at
expanding the role of Orthodox women in ritual, basted, and he has been either the author or a leading sponsor the ZOA when she was honored. While she is usually on tar-
Torah learning, and leadership roles. Its a brave new on almost all bipartisan pro-Israel legislation. He has regularly get, on this matter she was incorrect and owes the senator and
world were living in, and I pray it will even be braver fought to promote the safety and security of Israel, even at her readers an apology.
for our children and grandchildren. times against his own party leadership, which entailed signifi- Ben Chouake, M.D.
cant personal risk and cost. The largest Jewish newspaper in Englewood
Joseph C. Kaplan, a regular contributor, has been living in Bergen County appropriately labeled Senator Menendez the National president, Norpac
Teaneck and practicing law in Manhattan for many years. Father of the Iron Dome. In battles large and small, he has (Norpac is Americas largest pro-Israel political action committee.)



Trump-Netanyahu meeting shatters

Palestine First regional peacemaking strategy

he morning after
Israeli Prime Minis-
ter Benjamin Netan-
yahus first official
meeting with President Donald
J. Trump last week, many head-
lines proclaimed that the two-
state solution whereby an inde-
pendent, sovereign Palestinian
state would be created alongside Ben Cohen
the state of Israel within agreed
and final borders was if not
quite dead, fast approaching deaths door.
I want to suggest that those who interpret the outcome
of the Trump-Bibi meeting in that manner should dig a little
There is something of a revolution in thinking and approach
going on, and whats being overturned is what you might call
the Palestine First strategy of regional peacemaking. But
that doesnt have to mean that a solution involving Palestin-
ian sovereignty has been extinguished.
The idea of Palestine First was rooted in the mid 1960s,
just before the Six-Day War, when Yasser Arafat and his com-
rades in the Fatah movement took over the Palestine Lib-
eration Organization. Until that point, the PLO had been an
instrument of the Arab League. By asserting Palestinian inde-
pendence from Arab collective decision-making, Arafat set the
stage for a violent struggle against Israel in the name of Pales-
tinian return, and full sovereignty from the Mediterranean
Sea to the Jordan River.
It took thousands of deaths and several bitter wars for Ara- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald J. Trump at the White House on February 15.
fat to realize that his armed struggle was doomed to failure. AVI OHAYON/GPO

In 1990, the Palestine First strategy took a heavy blow when

Saddam Husseins Baathist regime in Iraq invaded Kuwaitan The Middle East has gone through several extraordinary
intra-Arab dispute suddenly toppled the Palestinian issue in transformations in the last 20 years, whose cumulative
the hierarchy of Arab priorities. Following the First Gulf War, effect has been to question whether the state system in the
Israels representatives met face to face with the Arab states Palestine First region as it today even can survive. Nobody can seriously
and the PLO in Madrid, launching a lengthy, inconclusive make the argument that creating a Palestinian state in this
peace process. never meant simply context would be a boon for peace, either with Israel or
In parallel, however, the Palestine First strategy was res- that the Palestinians more broadly. Nobody save, perhaps, for a racist could
urrected when the Norwegian government opened a secret argue that the Palestinian birth rate poses a greater threat to
channel between the Israelis and the PLO, resulting in the should rank at the top Israels existence than do Iran and its Hezbollah ally in Syria
1994 GazaJericho Agreement a follow-up treaty to the 1993 of the Middle Easts and Lebanon. Nobody can make the moral or strategic case
Oslo Accords which created the Palestinian Authority and that resolving the question of Palestinian independence is of
was designed to set the Palestinians on the road to full state- myriad national and greater import than, say, that of Kurdish independence, or
hood. More than 20 years and one brutal civil war later, the religious struggles. the profound lack of religious freedom, or the crying need
Palestinians still are ruled by a divided leadership and do not to generate economic and educational opportunities for the
live in a unified state. youth of the Arab world.
That period includes, of course, the eight years in which evidenced on a minute-by-minute basis in Palestinian school The regional approach to peacemaking outlined by
President Barack Obama was in office. In marked contrast to textbooks, on Palestinian TV, and across the internet. Trump and Netanyahu, grounded in a partnership between
his predecessor, George W. Bush, Obama elevated the Pales- This is the environment that Trump walked into when Israel and the Sunni Arab states, is foremost recognition that
tinian issue to the center of Middle East politics, further antag- he became president. Were Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) or there are grave problems that run across the borders cre-
onizing Israel by rehabilitating Iran, which explicitly seeks Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), or Hillary Clinton, in the White House, ated in the aftermath of World War I. If Israel is to achieve
the elimination of the Jewish state, as an international actor Id wager that they all would conclude as Trump has, in the peace with the Palestinians, and if the Palestinians finally
through the 2015 nuclear deal. But neither Obama nor sec- language that makes the most sense to him that the cur- are to turn their Authority into something resembling a
retaries of state Hillary Clinton and John Kerry could deliver rent version of the Palestine First playbook should be tossed functional, accountable state, then those Arab states that
on Palestinian statehood, and the Palestinian leadership aside. Im looking at two states and one state, and I like the are yet to make their own peace with Israel have to lead the
embarked on an international campaign to seek unilateral one that both parties like. I can live with either one, Trump way. Doing so will finally unravel the illusion that, just by
recognition of their independence in various United Nations said on February 15. existing, Israel is the source of the regions crisis.
and international agencies. Palestine First never meant simply that the Palestinians Should that moment arrive, I hope that everyoneArabs
That embittered and failed strategy, which saw Palestinian should rank at the top of the Middle Easts myriad national and Jews alikewill find it liberating. JNS.ORG

representatives verbally assaulting the historical and religious and religious struggles. In addition, it meant acknowledging
connections of the Jewish people to Jerusalem and the land that the absence of full Palestinian sovereignty, and the unful- Ben Cohen, senior editor of TheTower.org and the Tower
of Israel, is the principal memory of the Obama years when filled demand for the return of all the Arab refugees of the magazine, writes a weekly column on Jewish affairs and Middle
it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian dimension of the regions 1948 war and their descendants, lay at the heart of the regions Eastern politics. His work has been published in Commentary,
many conflicts. It didnt deliver for anybody, and served ills. It is that assumption that was so dramatically exploded by the New York Post, Haaretz, the Wall Street Journal, and many
only to deepen Israeli fears of Palestinian eliminationism, as the meeting between Trump and Netanyahu. other publications.


Dvar Torah
Mishpatim: Discerning justice

arshat Mishpatim oppressed. Whenever we a central spiritual challenge on our jour- stranger, for you too were strangers in the
blesses us with resort to the logic of whats ney. We are commanded not to wrong or land of Egypt.
the power of dis- mine is mine, God reminds oppress the stranger. This mitzvah appears The clarifying phrase ve-atem yedatem
cernment, as we us that All the Earth is Mine. twice in Mishpatim. The first time we see et nefesh ha-ger (for you know the soul of
attempt to live our lives in Mishpat is usually trans- this commandment we are charged to keep the stranger) gives me the key to the door
balance with Divine justice lated as rule, judgment, or it because we ourselves were once strangers of compassion. The verb yada (to know),
and love. We are blessed with ordinance. When I encoun- in the land of Egypt. signifies intimacy. When I encounter the
the holy task of being pres- ter this word, I understand it This reasoning does not quite hold. stranger, I am commanded to know her
ent, vigilant, and kind, that as impeccability. When the Those who suffer oppression often them- soul, to step inside her skin, to see that his
our actions might be in agree- Rabbi Toltec Shaman, Don Juan, selves go on to oppress others. Whatever pain, his joy, is not different than my own.
ment with the vision of whole- Shefa Gold cautions Carlos Castaneda hurt I suffer becomes the source of my This moment of knowing breaks the chain
ness and connection that we Jewish Renewal that he must be impeccable, destructive powers. The wound that is of oppression.
received at Sinai. he is trying to impress upon layered over with scar tissue makes me When I encounter the suffering of the
We embark upon this holy his student the utmost impor- insensitive to the suffering of others. To stranger it can be an opportunity for me to
task in the context of the value system of our tance of staying alert and aware of the con- acknowledge the pain of others, I would approach and begin to heal the place inside
particular culture, time, and place. The Torah sequences of ones actions. Every word and once again have to feel my own. myself that remembers suffering. From
gives us an example of a people struggling to deed ripples out to affect the whole so the Parents who abuse their children have that place of newfound wholeness I can
express a loving and exacting justice in their welfare of the whole must be considered. most likely been abused themselves. The then work for justice and become a healer
world. In order to follow the example of our This consideration extends through time chain of suffering continues. Each subse- of the worlds pain. The secret ingredient is
ancestors, we must discern the principles of as well as space. How will my actions benefit quent generation seeks revenge for the mis- profound connection with the other. Gazing
justice and apply them in our own lives and or harm generations to come? fortune it has endured. We inherit the myth into the soul of the stranger, compassion is
in our own world. For instance: We are blessed with the responsibility of of good guys and bad guys so that we born. This compassion embraces your own
If you take a neighbors garment as a being scrupulous with what we consume, know exactly who to blame. The stranger in suffering as well as the strangers. Remem-
pledge, you must restore it to him before what we waste, and how our lives impact our midst is always a likely target. We are bering what it was like to be the stranger,
nightfall because thats his only covering the planet. This responsibility helps us to caught in this cycle of oppression in which the spiritual challenge is to let your heart
and where is he going to sleep? When he stay awake and aware of our potential to our suffering festers and grows inside us, open first in compassion for yourself, and
cries to me I will hear, for I am gracious. destroy as well as create. Mishpatim strips becoming a weapon of continued blame then expand to encompass the reality of the
(Exodus 22:25-26) us of any excuses for cruelty or apathy. Even and retribution. Yet the spiritual challenge stranger who stands before you.
In other words, kindness supersedes the our enemy may count on our help when she remains: How can I transform my suffering
rules of property. Empathy for the neigh- is in need. into compassion for the stranger? Rabbi Shefa Gold, a native of Paramus,
bor who might shiver through a cold night When a mitzvah is repeated in the Torah, We receive this commandment again in now lives in New Mexico. She is the
is what is really important. We are given the its a sign to pay close attention. When it is the very next chapter; this time it comes author of Torah Journeys: The Inner
assignment of being Gods ears as we listen repeated 36 times, we know that not only with further clarification. Do not oppress Path to the Promised Land, from which
for and respond to the cries of the poor and is that mitzvah important; but it stands as the stranger, for you know the soul of the this is adapted.


Orthodox reporter simple question. Not a fair question. Okay, Israel is pivoting toward Asia in a very students find roommates.
sit down. I understand the rest of your clear and purposeful way, Netanyahu, Joomie which was launched during
seated by Trump question, Trump said, before calling him- who was making the first visit to Singapore the BBYO International Convention in
During a contentious press conference self the least anti-Semitic person that you by an Israeli prime minister, told Lee at the Dallas last weekend prompts users to
at the White House last week, President have ever seen in your entire life. state dinner. Next month Ill go to China; answer questions on their Jewish youth
Donald Trump told an Orthodox reporter When Turx attempted to interrupt the somewhat later this year Prime Minister group affiliations, levels of Shabbat and
to sit down after the reporter asked a president, Trump told him to be quiet. [Narendra] Modi of India will come to visit kashrut observance, music preferences,
question about the uptick in anti-Semitism You should take that instead of getting Israel. Perfectly poised between China and sleeping habits, and more. After answer-
across America. up and asking a very insulting question, India is Singapore, and Im not [saying ing the questions, students can see profiles
Jake Turx, from Ami Magazine, he said.  JNS.ORG this] merely in the geographic sense, Im of other users who have downloaded the
responded to Trumps call for a friendly saying that as a gateway to Asia, Singapore app, are planning to go to or already are
question by saying that nobody in his is a perfect partner. at the same institution, and might match
community has accused you or anyone Netanyahu declares In the past, Israeli-Singaporean relations their needs and interests.
on your staff of being anti-Semitic and pivot to Asia during were relatively discreet, partly due to Sin- We believe that usage of Joomie will
that we understand that you have Jew- Singapore visit gapores large Muslim population. Netan- help facilitate the transition to college for
ish grandchildren, you are their zayde yahus visit, therefore, marks a significant many students, and ultimately promote a
(grandfather). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netan- warming of relations between the coun- greater engagement in Jewish life in cam-
What we are concerned about and what yahu said that Israel is pivoting toward tries.  JNS.ORG puses across North America, Matt Gross-
we havent really heard being addressed is Asia during an official visit to Singapore. man, BBYOs CEO, said.
an uptick in anti-Semitism and how the Netanyahu enjoyed a state dinner Mon- The idea for the app was formulated
government is planning to take care of it, day with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee New app helps during a hackathon sponsored by the
Turx continued, referring to recent inci- Hsien Loong. Both leaders praised the Jewish students find Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family
dents such as bomb threats at JCCs. nations strong bonds and similarities. Lee roommates who meet Foundations ROI Community, in which
Trump interrupted Turx and accused talked about Israels assistance in build- teenagers brainstormed ways to use tech-
the reporter of being dishonest and ing Singapores armed forces, and said his their needs, interests nology to connect with BBYO or summer
insulting. country believes a two-state solution is the The Jewish pluralistic teen movement camp friends while they transition to col-
See, he said he was going to ask a very only way to achieve peace between Israel BBYO introduced a mobile app to help lege. Joomie can be downloaded in the
simple, easy question, and its not....Not a and the Palestinians. Jewish high school seniors and college Apple app store or Google Play.  JNS.ORG



Film Festival is secretly a radio operator in the Greek

from page 18 Resistance. After a beautiful Jewish girl is
On the Map assigned to be his assistant, their forbid-
March 15, 7:30 p.m., at Regal Cinemas den love blooms. But the persistent hunt
Directed by Dani Menkin for the Jews inexorably spreads and sud-
Hudson Valley Premiere Israel 2016 denly simple choices become life-and-
Documentary 78 Minutes death decisions.
Still demoralized after the 1973 Yom Kip-
pur War, Israel was hungry for something Fever at Dawn
good to happen. On The Map is a fast- March 21, 7:30 p.m., Regal Cinemas,
moving, emotional, and awe-inspiring and again at 7:30 p.m. on March 28
documentary, telling the story of the 1977 Directed by Pter Grdos Hudson Valley
Maccabee Tel-Aviv basketball team, the Premiere Hungary, 2016 Feature
one that that toppled the four-time defend- 110 minutes
ing European championship Soviet team, Based on the novel, Fever at Dawn is a
brought the first European Cup to Israel, life-affirming story of love against all odds
and became The Team of the Nation. set against the backdrop of the immediate
Featuring interviews with the Jewish- post-Holocaust world. The characters are
American athletes who made history, com- Jewish concentration camp survivors with
bined with the pulse-pounding action of a fresh mental and physical wounds. But A scene from Abulele.
high-stakes game, the film captures the they do not let these wounds define them.
spirit of a nation triumphant and victori- In 1945, after having been freed from Ber- prodigies) living in Ukraine under Rus- scared, pretend otherwise for the sake of
ous against all odds. gen-Belsen, Miklos, a 25-year-old Hungar- sian rule. They befriend a young German the others. These 11 children will do the
ian man, is being treated at a Swedish hos- girl, Hannah Reich, and the three become impossible to reach the Swiss border in
The Law pital with many other Holocaust survivors. inseparable friends. Their world is one of order to survive.
March 19, 7:30 p.m., The doctors diagnose him with a severe curiosity, joy and talent. When Germany
at the Lafayette Theater lung disease and tell him that he has declares war on the Soviet Union, the Jew- The Pickle Recipe
Directed by Christian Faure no more than six months to live. But he ish Brodskys help the German Reich fam- March 29, 1:30 p.m., at Regal Cinemas
Hudson Valley Premiere refuses to give up. He wants to find a wife ily to hide. Quickly, though, the German Directed by Michael Mannaseri
France 2015 Feature 90 minutes with whom he can start a new life, and Army arrives in town, and now its the turn Hudson Valley Premiere USA 2016
The art of legislative deal-making becomes sends letters to 117 Hungarian girls who are of the Reich family to try to save their Jew- Documentary 97 minutes
riveting political drama in The Law, the also being treated in Sweden. One of the ish friends. Due to the insanity of grown- Joey is a divorced father and king of Detroit
true story of Simon Veil, who survived girls is 19-year-old Lili, who likes Mikloss ups, at home and abroad, the childrens party MCs on the wedding and bar mitz-
Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen to become letter, and they start corresponding. world is turned upside down. vah circuit. He loses his sound equipment
the first elected president of the European in a freak accident in the movies open-
Parliament. She is seen leading the impos- Moos Ed: Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmller ing scene, his daughter Julies bat mitz-
sible struggle as health minister in 1975 to March 22, 7:30 p.m., at Regal Cinemas Hudson Valley Premiere USA, 2016 vah is only weeks away, and shes count-
legalize abortion on behalf of all French Directed by Job Gosschalk Documentary 12 minutes ing on him to MC her party. With no other
women suffering and dying from back- Hudson Valley Premiere Ed is a film about Rocklands Edward options, Joey turns to his shady Uncle
alley procedures. Tirelessly addressing and Netherlands, 2016 Feature 91 minutes Simons violinist, violin teacher, conduc- Morty, who agrees to give him the money
balancing demands from the many oppo- After her mothers death, a young girl tor, and inspiration. Ed, who is 100 years on one condition he must steal his
sition parties, the Catholic Church, and named Moos stays home to take care of old, wakens with a vitality driven by his grandmother Roses top secret dill pickle
even factions in her own party, she refuses her father instead of following her dream passion for music. He played violin in the recipe. Responsible for the success of the
to be distracted by stinging personal and of acting school. Moos is an inspiring Pittsburgh Symphony, was conductor of deli she started with her late husband, its
anti-Semitic attacks. The unflappable Veil story of a young Jewish womans search the American Ballet Theater, and had a a recipe that she has vowed to take to her
will not let this landmark opportunity for to find her voice. Its about friendship, long career conducting on Broadway. Sixty grave. But she has a soft spot for Joey, so
justice for women slip away. In memory of laughter, love, and over-devotion to fam- four years ago he founded the Rockland the game is afoot.
Congressman Ben Gillman ily. Its Chanukah evening and everything Symphony Orchestra, for which he is still
is just the same as its always been for music director and conductor. He helped Fire Birds
Cloudy Sunday Moos. But when her longtime childhood establish the Community Music School, March 29, 7:30 p.m., at Regal Cinemas
March 20, 7:30 p.m., at the Regal Cinemas friend Sam surprises her by returning now the Rockland Conservatory of Music. Directed by Amir I. Wolf
Directed by Manoussos Manoussakis from Israel to live again in Holland, Moos Hudson Valley Premiere Israel 2016
Hudson Valley Premiere gets the jolt she needs to examine her Fannys Journey Feature 105 minutes
Greece, 2016 Feature 116 minutes life and the choices shes made. So she March 28 at 7:30 p.m. and again at April 5 Nominated for 10 Ophir awards,
Winner of three Hellenic Film Festival begins, with comic, romantic, hectic, and at 1:30 p.m. at Regal Cinemas won for best supporting actress
and two Italian Film Festival awards poignant results. Directed by Lola Doillon The Fire Birds is a murder mystery
Based on the book Ouzeri Tsitsanis, Hudson Valley Premiere that enticingly entwines past and pres-
Cloudy Sunday portrays the destruction Wunderkinder and Ed France/Belgium, 2016 ent with a smart mix of humor, charm
of the vibrant 500-year-old Jewish com- March 26, 7:30 p.m., Lafayette Theater Feature 94 minutes and melancholy. When the body of
munity of Thessaloniki during the brutal A group of Jewish youngsters flee Nazi- an 80-year-old man is found with stab
German occupation of Greece. A love story Wunderkinder: Directed by Marcus O. occupied France and Italy in the inspired- wounds and a number tattooed on his
and the early years of one of the greatest Rosenmller Hudson Valley Premiere by-fact WWII poignant drama Fannys forearm, the case is assigned to a down-
Greek composer/ librettist/singers of the Germany, 2011 Feature 96 minutes Journey. A beautifully shot and acted on-his-luck Israeli detective who has
20th century, Vasilis Tsitsanis, deepen the Winner of eight film festival best film period piece, the film is a tale of bravery, returned to duty after a lengthy suspen-
story. In fact the title refers to his beloved awards strength, and survival. In 1943, 13-year old sion. The investigation leads him to a tat-
classic Synnefisameni Kyriaki, one of the Set in Ukraine in 1941, this World War II Fanny and her younger sisters were sent too parlor and a club of Holocaust survi-
songs featured in the film, and the Resis- drama from the producers of Europa, from their home in France to an Italian vors with a zest for life, who seek solace
tance anthem in WWII. In the small tavern Europa tells the story of three children foster home for Jewish children. When in romantic recollections of their prewar
where Vasilis performs, German officers, brought together by their love of music, the Nazis arrive in Italy, their caretakers world. As the plot rewinds through the
Greek collaborators, black marketeers, and torn apart by a world gone mad. desperately organize the departure of the victims final months, a story of deadly
and undercover Resistance fighters min- Siblings Abrascha and Larissa Brodsky children to Switzerland. Suddenly left on dalliances, desire, loneliness and rejec-
gle. Giorgos, Vassilis young brother-in-law, are Jewish musical wunderkinder (child their own, Fanny is instructed, If you are tion emerges.

48 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Arts & Culture

If I Forget
tackles tough questions about heritage
Miriam Rinn recommendation for tenure at his small When Lou (Larry Brygmann) comes on of the legacy of social justice that inspired

liberal-arts college, and he is both ner- stage, one of the plays central metaphors generations in the first half of the twentieth
teven Levensons Jewish family vous and excited about the publication of reveals itself. Lou inherited a clothing century. That is the heritage that Michael
drama If I Forget, now at the his latest book. store from his in-laws in a poor section of claims as his own, the one that marks his
Roundabouts Laura Pels The- Michaels sisters, Sharon and Holly, Washington, an area that is now gentrify- Jewish identity. When Sharon accuses him
atre, asks several difficult ques- Hollys husband, lawyer Howard (Gary ing. Sharon is particularly fond of Lous of attacking their family and all it stands
tions: What is the significance of heritage? Wilmes), and her irritating teenage son current tenants, Latinos who have paid the for, he cannot understand her anger. A
Do we know who we are without it? Who Joey (Seth Steinberg) are the other guests same low rent for many years. Holly has further irony is that Israel may be the only
gets to determine that heritage? at the party. The youngest of the three a plan to take the space over for the inte- place where a secular Jew can live the fully
While it is not entirely successful, the siblings, Sharon (Maria Dizzia), lives in rior-design business she wants to establish. engaged Jewish life Michael so admires.
play bristles with provocative declama- the house with Lou since their mothers Whether this ambition is anything more What does Jewish heritage and identity
tions on American Jewish life, Holocaust recent death and is the sort of woman than a bored housewifes fantasy is debat- mean in an open, assimilationist society to
politics, gentrification, academia, parent- who feels that the world takes continuous able, but Holly has a clever name and busi- someone who is not religious? These quan-
hood, parnassah, and other aspects of advantage of her. She recently broke up ness cards, so she figures shes ready to go. daries seem ever more confounding next
middle-class angst. Its often very funny, with her boyfriend, whom she caught in a All she needs is the space. to the brazen anti-Semitism of some of the
and highly intelligent throughout. compromising position with her cantor The Fischers struggle with who the store fans of the current administration.
Spanning the summer of 2000 to the on her recently dry-cleaned duvet, no less belongs to and what its heritage means to The second act brings alterations to
winter of 2001, the play opens at Lou and she cant stop reminding her siblings them individually. Does Lous dream that everyones situation. Lou has had a stroke
Fischers house in northwest Washington of how little they do compared to her own his children will take over the family busi- and is much frailer; his children have to
D.C., at a party for his 75th birthday. The sacrifice. Holly (Kate Walsh), the oldest, is ness bind them together or drive them come together to deal with his care. Michael
guests include his son Michael ( Jeremy hostile and undermining in her own way. apart? How realistic is it that a Jewish father has experienced a dramatic setback and the
Shamos), a Jewish studies professor, and Wealthier than her siblings, she subtly wants his kids to take over a dollar store in others have their own issues as well.
Michaels wife, Ellen (Tasha Lawrence), a carps at what they do, especially picking a rundown neighborhood? Not very. Most If I Forget is a recipient of an Edger-
social worker. Michael is deeply worried at Michaels writing. Its too obscure, its Jewish merchants sent their children to col- ton Foundation New Play Award, and it
about their daughter Abby, who is on a too boring, and its too unsuccessful. lege in order to avoid such a fate. certainly merits attention for its complex
Birthright trip, or as Michael describes it, One of the strengths of the play is the The more effective metaphor in the play family and political dynamic. While the set
a 10-day bus ride through a war zone. interplay between these three; they feel is the uproar over Michaels book, Forget- design awkwardly emphasizes the Fischer
Ellen is much more supportive of Abbys like people who have known each other ting the Holocaust. Theorizing that Ameri- familys separation, Daniel Sullivans brisk
visit, which she sees as a spiritual jour- long enough to understand just how to can Jews have embraced the Holocaust as direction keeps the focus on the social cur-
ney, something that may help Abby cope wound. Levenson is part of the team their true heritage, Michael argues that the rents underlying the time just before the
with her psychological struggles. Michael responsible for the hit musical Dear Evan communitys obsession with the Shoah September 11 attacks, which would change
and Abby have just bought an apartment Hansen, and he is sensitive to the slights and its commensurate knee-jerk support so much in the countrys psyche. An engag-
in Park Slope on the strength of Michaels and injuries siblings can inflict. of Israel is a symptom of its abandonment ing play for open-minded theatergoers.

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017 49


Kenneth Lonergan, right, gives directions to Manchester-By-The-Sea stars Lucas Hedges, left, and Casey Affleck.

The tribe goes

to the Oscars, 2017
NATE BLOOM sure is Jewish: Arrival (SHAWN LEVY, the Jewish community. In any event, in

48, and DAVID LINDE, 56; Levys best 2016 Garfield firmly established himself
he 89th Academy Awards will known as the director of The Night in as an A-list dramatic actor (Hacksaw
be presented on Sunday, Feb- the Museum films. Lindes paternal and the Scorsese film Silence) and
ruary 26 on ABC, starting at grandfather, a lawyer, fled Nazi Ger- well be seeing him in top films for a
8:30 p.m. Jimmy Kimmel will many. His father, HANS LINDE, 92, long time to come.
host. This year, like other recent years, became influential nationally while Lead actress: NATALIE PORTMAN,
the honorary Academy Awards were serving as an Oregon Supreme Court 35, Jackie. Its unlikely that Portman,
presented in a separate ceremony, but justice); Fences (SCOTT RUDIN, 58); who won the lead actress Oscar in 2011
will be noted at the televised ceremony. Hacksaw Ridge (DAVID PERMUT, (Black Swan) will win this year. Vot-
Documentary filmmaker FREDER- 62); Hell or High Water (JULIE YORN, ers figure shes already won one; shes
WISEMAN, 87, received an hon- 50); La La Land (MARC PLATT, 58 young-ish; and theres no tidal momen-
orary Oscar. A former law professor, father of actor BEN PLATT, 23; and tum for Jackie, the film, now. Still, I
he became a full-time filmmaker in GARY GILBERT, 52, a co-owner of the think Portman and the script captured
1967 and his so-called observational NBA Cleveland Cavaliers); and Moon- Jackie Kennedys sense of vulnerability
films usually are studies of institu- light (JEREMY KLEINERS, 41). about her place in the world. I believe
tions (schools, prisons, hospitals), that exact vulnerability later led Jackie,
presented without narration. A Acting categories her sister, and perhaps her daughter as
partial exception is his latest film, Lead actor: ANDREW GARFIELD, 33, well, to seek out Jewish men. Ill expand
In Jackson Heights (2015), which Hacksaw Ridge. As Ive noted in my on that idea in a future column. Mean-
showed a diverse New York City column, Garfields father is Jewish and while, the odds favor a win in this cat-
neighborhood in Queens, to his mother isnt. Twice, in the context egory for French actress Isabelle Hup-
be precise through local of defending Ridge director Mel Gib- pert (Elle). Like Portman, she was in
meetings (at a mosque, son, Garfield said hes Jewish. Other every scene in her film. Unlike Portman,
synagogue, etc.). times, he edges off that self-description. she has never won an Oscar and shes
The following are my Like many celebs, he calls himself spir- 63. Voters likely figure its high time
confirmed Jewish nomi- itual, but isnt a member of an orga- to honor this universally acclaimed
nees in all but the tech- nized religion. Recently, Ive thought actress. On February 17, talking to the
nical categories. that there may be a Jewish upside to Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Hup-
working with Gibson it probably pert gave the first detailed interview
Best picture forced Garfield to think seriously about about her Jewish background. She said
Here are the Best Picture what being Jewish means and maybe that while she was raised Catholic, she
nominees with a producer Im thatll lead to something of benefit to identifies as half Jewish. She said her



Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge

Animated film, feature length: OSNAT

SHURER (Moana). Shurer, 46, the films
producer, was born and raised in Israel
and served in an IDF intelligence unit. Doc-
umentary film, feature length: Life, Ani-
mated. While I wasnt able to confirm that
the films producer, Julie Goldman, is Jew-
Natalie Portman in Jackie ish, I mention it because it based on a 2014
book of the same name by journalist RON
is that Micas mother isnt Jewish. Upper West Side by his Jewish stepfather SUSKIND, 57. The book and film chron-
Hurwitz met Damien Chazelle while and Jewish mother. Both were secular and icle Suskinds efforts to assist his autistic
both attended Harvard and there they both were psychoanalysts. His late father son. Documentary, Short Length: Joes
helped form Chester French, a successful was Irish Catholic. Lonergan (who says Violin (directed by KAHANE COOPER-
rock band. He scored Chazelles Whip- hes an atheist) told The New Yorker that MAN, 52; co-produced by Cooperman
lash. He also composed the music for the he was about 8 years old when he finally and RAPHAELA NEIHAUSEN. Both live
two La La songs nominated for best orig- realized that everyone wasnt Jewish. He in Montclair). Cooperman, long a Jon Stew-
inal song: City of Stars, which won the grew up in an affluent (but not super rich) art Daily Show producer, became head
Justin Hurwitz Golden Globe, and Audition. The lyrics world of mostly liberal, mostly Jewish pro- of the New Yorker magazines video wing
for those songs were written by nominees fessional folk and their offspring. Not sur- (Screening Room) a few years ago. She
Jewish father survived the Holocaust by BENJ PASEK, 31, and Justin Paul. Pasek prisingly, most of his works plays and heard a 2014 radio story about a Holocaust
hiding in North Africa, but many of his met Paul at college. Both come from reli- films have featured mostly Jewish or survivor who had responded to a radio sta-
relatives died. Her husband is Jewish, and gious families of different faiths (Pasek half Jewish people from this milieu. (The tion appeal to donate his used instrument.
she said shes visited Israel four times for is Jewish and Paul is Christian). Their 1996 play This Is Our Youth and the films Cooperman tracked down the survivor,
film screenings. I think it is a wonderful works include a hit Broadway version of Margaret and You Can Count on Me.) JOSEPH FEINGOLD, now 92, and made a
country, she said. A Christmas Story (words & music). (See Its strange that no critical piece Ive read New Yorker film about his life and the life
sidebar story about Hurwitz.) notes that Manchester is his Irish-side of the poor Bronx girl who received his vio-
Musical categories film. The central character, Lee, is Irish lin. (You can see it now on YouTube. Just
The best original score nominees are All other categories Catholic, and his life is virtually destroyed enter the title). Also in this category: DAN
NICHOLAS BRITELL, 36, Moonlight,; Director/Original screenplay: KENNETH by alcohol the so-called curse of the KRAUSS, 40ish, the director of Extre-
and probably MICA LEVI, 30ish, Jackie; LONERGAN, 56, is the only Jewish nomi- Irish. Manchester is Lonergans break- mis, a Netflix original film about the grim
and JUSTIN HURWITZ, 32, La La Land. nee in these categories (Manchester-By- through film, and I hope it finally prompts realities of end-of-life care that was filmed
Britell, 36, is a Juilliard graduate, whose The-Sea). He was raised on Manhattans a film version of Youth. in a California hospital.
first film work was an original composi-
tion for Natalie Portmans first directo-
rial effort, the short film Eve (2008). Justin Hurwitzs proud mother speaks
Since then, he contributed consider-
Aided by an interview I did with Jus- age 10 he composed his first tune. years: Justin went to Harvard in 2003
able original music to 12 Years a Slave,
tins mother, GAIL HALABE HURWITZ, The family lived in southern Cali- to study music. There he met Cha-
scored Portmans first full-length film
I learned much about Hurwitzs fam- fornia before moving to a Milwaukee zelle. Both played in Chester French
(the Israel-set Tales of Love and Dark- ily since he won two Golden Globes suburb in 1998. In Wisconsin, Justin for one year, dropped out, and began
ness), scored The Big Short, and pro- (score for La La Land and best song, went to a top conservatory. His only rooming together and collaborating
duced the short and long film versions of City of Stars). Heres what Ms. Hur- sibling, HANNA HURWITZ, 31, is a very on what would become their first full
Whiplash. Ironically, Whiplash (2014) witz, a registered nurse, told me about accomplished classical violinist. Gail length film (Guy and Madeline on a
made director/writer Damien Chazelle a her family and Justin. Gail comes from told me that although he never had Park Bench). It got a distributor and
star who could get financing for La La a Sephardi family and Justins father, a chance to take a Birthright Israel was released. Near the end of his time
KEN, a writer, comes from a Rus- trip, Hanna did, with much joy. Gail at Harvard, Justin was part of Harvard
Land, and that film almost certainly will
sian/Polish Jewish family with ties to added: We have a very large family Lampoon. After college, both Justin
rule the musical categories. I say prob- the Milwaukee area. Gails father was on my mothers side living in Israel, and Damien moved to LA with the
ably about Mica Levi because like many born in 1903 in Aleppo, Syria, and her because all of her family moved there intention of making films. But it was
Brits, her background is hard to ferret mother was born in 1915 in Beirut, from Lebanon and remained there a slow start, and to make a living in
out. Shes had two parallel careers since Lebanon. Her parents came to the throughout their lives. I would say LA Justin got jobs writing comedy.
2008. Under the stage name Micachu, States around 1920 and settled in Los that both my children are very proud ( He wrote for The League, wrote a
she and her band have had success play- Angeles. Ken and Gail were wed in of their Middle Eastern heritage and Simpsons episode, etc.).
1983 in a Los Angeles Sephardic syna- culture. Gail then related the path to La
ing her experimental pop music songs. As
gogue, and Justin was born in 1985. Gail said that Justin was very close La Land Guy and Madeline
Mica Levi, her first film scoring was for
She says that Justin started piano to both his grandmothers Gails was well-enough liked that Chazelle
Under My Skin (2014), a sci-fi film star- lessons at age 6 and it was clear very mother died in 2015, at about 100, got funding to do a short version of
ring SCARLETT JOHANSSON. The score early that he had an aptitude for this and his paternal grandma, who lives Whiplash. It was a hit at Sundance,
won the European Bafta awards. Levis instrument a devoted student [who] in Wisconsin, is alive and 100! (By the and a full-length version of the film
father, Erik Levi, is a music scholar who progressed rapidlya piano teacher way, Gail and Ken now live in the San was funded and it was a surprise big-
specializes in the history of music in Nazi introduced him to composition and Francisco Bay area.) market hit. Whiplash led to funding
Germany. I couldnt confirm that he was [we] bought him a synthesizer and at Gail says this about Justins college for La La Land. NB

Jewish, however, and my educated guess


Calendar Tikvah, noon. Bring lunch. programs and services
950 Preakness Ave. for senior adults in the
(973) 595-6565. community. Michal
Kleiman, (201) 408-1412,
or www.jccotp.org/

James Polk
Election consequences: Christina Kamilaris
The JCC of Fort Lee/
Purim cooking in
Congregation Gesher
Paramus: Christina
Shalom hosts visiting
Kamilaris, the registered
scholar Janet DiNardo
dietitian at ShopRite
White as part of a
of Paramus, offers
series, Elections Have
a Purim cooking
Consequences, a CSI
demonstration and
Scholar Fund program,
recipes, noon-2 p.m., in
1 p.m.; refreshments at
the kosher department,
12:30. The discussion
under OU kosher
is on James Polk.
supervision and with the
1449 Anderson Ave.
stores mashgiach. 224
(201) 947-1735.
Route 4 East and Forest
Avenue. (201) 638-8514.
MARCH Safam, the Boston-based band that has helped shape the MARCH 1 Friday
Jewish music scene in America since 1974, will perform at MARCH 3
5 Rutgers on Sunday, March 5, to benefit the new 40,000-square-
foot Eva and Arie Halpern Hillel House, set to open on the
Game night in Paramus:
Womens Philanthropy
of Jewish Federation of
Shabbat in Jersey
City: Bnai Jacob hosts
Rutgers Universitys Wilf Family Campus, 70 College Ave, in April. (Safams Northern New Jersey
The Shabbat Project:
holds game night, an
vocalist, Dan Funk, is a Rutgers alumnus, and his father, Rabbi Julius Funk, opportunity to try
Millennial Edition,
for Jewish millennials
was the founding director of Rutgers Hillel.) Go to www.rutgershillel.org and mah jongg or canasta,
(professionals, singles,
follow the links to the concert. Guided tours of the building for sponsors will 7-9:30 p.m. Wine,
couples, and friends,
cheese, and crudits. 50
begin at 4:30 p.m., followed by dinner with Safam; general tours begin at 6; Eisenhower Drive. www.
20s-40s), with food,
conversation, and
doors open for the concert at 6:30; it begins at 7. jfnnj.org/gamenight.
celebration, led by Rabbi
Aaron Katz, 7-8 p.m.
Congregation Bnai Israel, the author of A Guest at
Thursday 176 West Side Ave.
MARCH 2 (201) 435-5725 or www.
Saturday 7:30 p.m. Sponsorships
available. 10-10 Norma
the Shooters Banquet.
My Grandfathers SS
Monday bnaijacobjc.com.
FEBRUARY 25 Ave. (201) 796-5040. Past, My Jewish Family, FEBRUARY 27
A Search for the Truth, Saturday
Shabbat in Wyckoff: Mah jongg in Closter:
Temple Beth Rishon Sunday 10:30 a.m. 115 Park Ave.
(201) 659-4000 or www. The Sisterhood of
offers services led FEBRUARY 26 hobokensynagogue.org. Temple Beth El of
Shabbat opera in
by Rabbi Ziona Northern Valley begins
Zelazo, including a fundraising series, Teaneck: Temple
Casino trip: Hadassahs Emeth offers Shabbat
meditations with music Fair Lawn chapter takes a Mah jongg...The Fun
and self-reflection, Continues, 7 p.m. Also services at 10:30 a.m. At
trip to the Sands Casino 1 p.m., a film of Giacomo
10-11 a.m. 585 Russell Resort in Bethlehem, March 6, 15, and 20. 221
Ave. (201) 891-4466 or Schraalenburgh Road. Meyerbeers opera,
Pa. Bus leaves the Fair LAfricaine, starring
bethrishon.org. Lawn Jewish Center/ (201) 768-5112 or www.
tbenv.org. Shirley Verrett, Ruth
CBI at 9 a.m. Breakfast Ann Swenson, Placido
Israeli wine tasting:
on board. $30; includes Domingo, and Justino
Lauren and Greg
Sandler host an Israeli
$20 slot play money and
$5 toward food. Checks
Tuesday Josh Capon Diaz, will be screened,
wine tasting for adults, Professor Sarah Rindner FEBRUARY 28 with introduction by
payable to Hadassah. Lavish lunch program: Mark Shapiro, music
particularly Temple  MICHAEL LAVES
Bring a valid ID. 10-10 The Kaplen JCC on the director of Cecilia Chorus
Beth Tikvah religious
Norma Ave. Varda, Book discussion: The Palisades in Tenafly of New York and artistic
school parents, led by
(201) 791-0327. Jewish Center of Teaneck hosts its annual Lavish director of Cantori New
a wine expert from
Kedem Winery, along continues Leaves of Lunches, a culinary York. Desserts and
with appetizers and Faith book club with a adventure beginning beverages. 1666 Windsor
desserts, at their Wayne discussion of Sherwood with a light breakfast Road. (201) 833-1322.
home, 7:30-10:30 p.m. Andersons stories in at the home of Alissa
Proceeds benefit TBT Winesburg, Ohio, and Zachary Epstein of Casino in Hoboken:
religious school and 8 p.m. Discussion led Tenafly, 10:15 a.m., with United Synagogue
family programs. by Sarah Rindner, who a culinary presentation of Hoboken holds its
teaches English literature Rabbi Meeka Simerly by seasoned executive annual Casino Night
Rescheduled program.
Greg, (201) 704-3768. at Lander College for chef Josh Capon. Next, fundraiser, 7-11 p.m., at
Loving liturgy in the Hoboken Elks Club.
Women and has taught participants choose
Rita Gabis Wayne: Rabbi Meeka Proceeds benefit the
Music in Fair Lawn: English at Maayanot from a selection of
Simerly begins Hoboken Homeless
River of Dreams, a six- Brunch with author: and SAR high schools. lunches, served in local
Exploring the Jewels of Shelter, Hoboken
piece Billy Joel tribute The United Synagogue 70 Sterling Place. homes and venues at
our Liturgy, a course for Emergency Food Pantry,
band, performs at the of Hoboken hosts a (201) 833-0515 or jcot. 12:15 p.m. Proceeds will
adults, Tuesdays through and Jubilee Center.
Fair Lawn Jewish Center/ brunch with Rita Gabis, org. support a range of JCC
March 14, at Temple Beth
Calendar C
1005 Washington St. vocals; Ronen Mikay, of partnerships and
Purim run in Fair Lawn:
(201) 659-4000 or www.
saxophone; Diane Honig,
piano; Liat Tretin, Ayelet The Sisterhood of the
outreach at Jerusalem
University, will speak. In New York Singles
Horn, and Daphne and Fair Lawn Jewish Center/ (201) 820-3944 or www.
Sharon Amir, vocals; with CBI hosts its annual
Purim USATF-certified
jfnnj.org/iCAN. Sunday Sunday
Victor Lesser, musical
director, Manhattan City 5K run/1 mile walk, Israeli film in Tenafly: FEBRUARY 26 FEBRUARY 26
Music. Ms. Prezant died in beginning and ending IAC Cinematec, a
a rock climbing accident at the shul, 10 a.m. Race series of Israeli films at Seforim sale: Yeshiva Seniors meet in Suffern:
in 2012. Funds raised will proceeds benefit Camp the Kaplen JCC on the Universitys students Singles 65+ of the JCC
support local families in Ramahs Tikvah program, Palisades, continues with continue the 30th annual Rockland meets for lunch
crisis through the JCCs an overnight camp for Farewell Baghdad, Seforim Sale, North at Sutters Mill, noon. 214
Stephanie I. Prezant children with special 7 p.m. Series with English Americas largest Jewish Route 59, Suffern, N.Y.
Bucky Pizzarelli Community Support needs. Music, snacks, and subtitles continues book sale, in Belfer Hall, Individual checks. Gene,
Fund. 411 East Clinton T-shirts for the first 125 May 28 with Is That 2495 Amsterdam Ave., (845) 356-5525.
Concert in Closter: Ave. Robyn Rosenfeld, registrants. Costumes You? 411 E. Clinton Ave. on YUs Wilf Campus
Temple Beth El of
Northern Valley
(201) 408-1429, encouraged. 10-10
Norma Ave. Registration,
(201) 408-1409. in Manhattan. www.
rrosenfeld@jccotp.org, or
continues MusicLAB (201) 796-5040 or MARCH 3
www.jccotp.org. Monday
(Live at Beth El), a new
series underwritten by
MARCH 6 Tuesday Teaneck Shabbaton: The
Whole Foods Market, Sunday FEBRUARY 28 Shidduch Project hosts
with Bucky Pizzarelli and MARCH 5 Museum trip: Jewish a pre-Purim Shabbaton
Friends, 8 p.m.; doors Federation of Northern Purim to Pesach: for modern Orthodox/
open at 7:30. Bucky The news: Ari Goldman, New Jerseys Reach for Drisha faculty members, machmir professionals,
will be joined by his Columbia University the Pomegranate travels including Wendy 23-40, at Congregation
performance partner Ed journalism professor to the Tenement Museum Amsellem, Miriam Keter Torah. Includes
Laub, Buckys son, Martin and former New York in Manhattan for a Gedwiser, Jon Kelsen, three interactive meals,
Pizzarelli, and violinist Times reporter, discusses docent-led tour, 11:30 a.m. Aaron Koller, David oneg with speakers,
Aaron Weinstein. 221 Right Off The News for followed by lunch at Silber, and Devora cocktails, and speed
Schraalenburgh Road. the Food for Thought Reserve Cut Kosher Steinmetz, teach (Dis) dating; musical
(201) 768-5112 or tbenv. Book discussion in order, Service, and Havdalah and kumsitz,
Distinguished Speaker Steak House. Bus service
org/musiclab. Paramus: As part of Freedom: The Spiritual and housing. Hosted
series at Temple Beth available. Minimum gift
the One Book One Transition from Purim to by Rachel Ruchlamer
Rishon in Wyckoff, to JFNNJ required. www.
Community project Pesach, for a seminar and Dr. Shani Ratzker.
9:45 a.m. Sponsored by jfnnj.org/pom.
sponsored by the Jewish through April 4, at Shidduchprojects@
the Fred Emert Memorial Federation of Northern
Adult Education Fund Feature film: The Kaplen the Drisha Institute, gmail.com or call
New Jersey, the JCC JCC on the Palisades 7-9 p.m. Drishat Shalom (201) 522-4776.
with TBR patron Paramus/Congregation
support. Breakfast in Tenafly screens the Fellowships are awarded
Beth Tikvah offers a
buffet. 585 Russell Ave. discussion by Carolyn
Israeli film Fill the
Void, 7:30 p.m., for a
to outstanding young
women and men who are
(201) 891-4466 or www.
Kaufman on this years series Top Films You in college or beginning MARCH 5
book, Let There Be May Have Missed. An their professional or
Stephanie Prezant zl Water by Seth Siegel, Orthodox girl in Tel Aviv graduate careers, and Pre-Purim benefit:
Purim pandemonium in
10:30 a.m. 304 East is looking forward to an who seek to join a Frum singles, 30-45,
New Milford: Solomon
Tribute concert in Midland Ave. Refreshments. arranged marriage to cohort of dedicated meet at Marine Park
Schechter Day School
Tenafly: The Kaplen JCC (201) 262-7691 or www. a young man she likes. peers to engage in Simcha Hall in Brooklyn
of Bergen Countys
on the Palisades presents jccparamus.org. On Purim her older deep, meaningful for dinner, sushi and
Sunday @ Schechter
the 5th annual Music sister dies in childbirth. Torah learning. 37 West wine bar, music,
Series presents Purim Israel on campus: Jewish
She Loved tribute She helps to care for 65th St., Fifth floor. comedy, shadchanim,
Pandemonium, an Federation of Northern
concert in memory of the new grandson and (212) 595-0307 or www. and facilitators, 6 p.m.
interactive experience New Jersey hosts iCan
Stephanie Prezant, 8 p.m. soon her father asks drisha.org/drishatshalom. Proceeds benefit Project
with Schechters Early Answer Now, a teen
Live music performed by her to marry her sisters Mazon. Baila Sebrow,
Childhood Troupe, conference, at Hasbrouck
family, guest musicians, husband. Commentary (516) 849-5863 or
10-11:30 a.m. 275 McKinley Heights Hilton,
and vocalists, including by Jim Coble, coffee, and Bsebrow@aol.com.
Ave. www.ssdsbergen. noon-5:30 p.m. Teens will
Jonathan Prezant, snacks. 411 E. Clinton Ave.
org/schechter-rocks. learn about Israel and
vocals and piano; (201) 408-1493 or www.
(201) 262-9898, ext. 213. Jewish issues on campus.
Jeffrey Prezant and Udy jccotp.org.
Kashkah, guitar and Chlo Valdary, director

Cuddle up with Sharsherets gift

Sharsheret is selling cozy
Sherpa blankets as gifts
for anyone looking for a
way to provide support,
comfort, and warmth to
a loved one as they navi-
gate breast or ovarian
cancer. It also is a way
to introduce the recipi-
ent to Sharsherets per-
sonalized support and
The blanket will be
sent in a private package,
and your friends contact
Beach Boys billed at bergenPAC information will be used
only to mail this special
The Bergen Performing Arts Center, at 30 North Van Brunt St. in Englewood, presents gift. For information, call
the Beach Boys on Wednesday, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. Captained by Mike Love, the Beach (201) 833-2341 or go to
Boys play about 150 shows a year. Buy tickets at www.ticketmaster.com or by calling www.sharsheret.org.
bergenPACs box office at (201) 227-1030. VIP upgrades are available at https://mikelove.


r Calendar Crossword
Benefit boutique in Wyckoff
Temple Beth Rishon in Wyckoff hosts the the soldiers as well as for the Americans
Ladies Night Out Boutique to benefit who host them. A bond of friendship and
Zahal Shalom on Tuesday, March 7, from love develops during the veterans short
6 to 10 p.m. It will offer jewelry, gifts, sta- stay here, which can last a lifetime, and it
tionery, active wear, childrens clothing, helps every participating family develop a
scarves, accessories, personalized gifts, connection to Israel.
macarons, handbags, porcelain dollars, a The shul is at 585 Russell Ave., in Wyck-
book signing, and more. off. The boutique costs $18 in advance and
For 25 years, Zahal Shalom has hosted $25 at the door and includes shopping,
groups of 10 disabled Israeli veterans each food, and wine. For reservations, call (201)
spring. It is a heartening experience for 783-4522 or www.zahalshalom.org.

Across Down
1. Be petulant (after losing a game of 1. Not one for a haircut
Shesh Besh, perhaps) 2. 49- Down, to an idealistic Zionist
5. Foe of a pauper voiced by Scott 3. Idly (like an uninspired schlub)
Weinger 4. Great foe of Kirk
10. Aid for a shochet 5. Talking Bush?
14. Baruch follower 6. Rabbi Weiss of note
15. Make like Judah (but not Jonathan) 7. Guides for the perplexed; Abbr.
Maccabee at getting captured 8. No such thing as ___ question
16. Comic actor Eugene 9. Pieces from a Spielberg classic?
Job hunters attend a previous job fair at Yeshiva University. COURTESY YU 17. Great African writer? 10. Hamas rival; Abbr.
19. Challah need 11. Rabbis Sunday counterpart
YU and Touro to host Jewish job fairs 20. What a Talmud has that an iTalmud
does not
12. Share a pair of tefillin to the point of
21. Secular texts? (Abbr.) 13. Descendants of David, once
Yeshiva Universitys Center for the Jewish More than 60 Jewish day schools from 15
23. Biblical, e.g. 18. Most Western Wall prayers?
Future and the Azrieli Graduate School states and organizations from North Amer- 24. David was anointed with it 22. Make Israel Great Again, e.g.
of Jewish Education and Administration ica and overseas will be there to meet and 25. Classic rap group managed by Jerry 26. And the children of Israel ___ for
will host the annual Jewish Job Fair on conduct interviews with candidates. Heller Moses (Deut. 34:8)
Thursday, March 1, at the Max Stern Ath- To book appointments with day school 28. Eastern European Chief Rabbi? 27. Shulem Shtisels secretary
30. Lo and no (in a vote) 29. Romema and Menora Mivtachim
letic Center on YUs Wilf Campus, 2501 employers in advance and to receive
32. 2003 James Caan comedy 31. Stereotypical skill of many a bubbi
Amsterdam Ave. at 185th Street, in Man- email updates, register at www.yu.edu/ 34. Most in need of a massage and a 33. Strasbourg sibling
hattan. The fair is free and open to the jewishjobfair/video. shvitz 36. Little lady after a chupah
public from 7 to 9 p.m., with priority 35. Roman or Khazarian 37. Heatherton and Andrews
admission for YU students and alumni Touro students and alumni in all majors 38. Simmons and others 39. Most like the figures of 37-Down
39. Central European Tennis player? 40. 65-Down, e.g.
beginning at 6. and professions are invited to attend
41. Jewish Jr. 41. Ones forgiven in a jubilee year
In addition to showcasing a variety of Touro Colleges Career Fair on Wednesday, 43. Grande who studies Kabbalah 42. Makes like Johanssons Black Widow
professional opportunities at Jewish day March 1, from 1 to 4 p.m., in Manhattan. 44. But ___ after twenty-five years its 45. Power problem thats no problem
schools, organizations, and nonprofits, Participating employers will interview for nice to know. (Tevye & Golde) for the Ultimate Power
the fair provides a networking opportu- available jobs or internships. Online regis- 46. Tannaim needs? 48. Mashugana
47. Agitated state (of Saul when dealing 49. Home of the countrymen
nity for job-hunters seeking information tration is available at www.touro.edu. For
with David) 50. Doodad
on careers in the Jewish community. information, call (718) 535-9375. 51. Western European Prophet? 52. Actress Debi
53. Rugrats dad 54. Thurman with 52-Across in 2005s
55. Work a chuppah Be Cool
56. What blows up in a tent? 58. Last stop for Moses
57. Marvel of a name? 60. Show with a Pharaoh

Sign up for the FREE 59. Arch for Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel &
61. Molding that sounds like a synonym
62. (9-Down) belonging to this little fel-
64. ___ Heifer

Jewish Standard for oy vey

63. Western Asian diplomat?
66. Sabbath command
65. Illness related to 64-Down: Abbr.

daily newsletter! 67. Kaplan and Kapler

68. Wicked adviser to Saul
69. Retired fleet that didnt have regular
The solution to last weeks puzzle is
on page 59.
flights from TLV
Visit www.thejewishstandard.com 70. Make like the rock at the Caesarea
and 71. How a reliable Baal Koreh reads


1 2

3 4

n 1 Rebekah Adelson, the Jewish National Funds 5

Israel Programs admissions director, receives let-
ters from Shomrei Torah sixth grader Noah Golden.
He and his classmates wrote notes of encour-
agement to Israeli firefighters who fought the
recent widespread fires in Israel. COURTESY ST

n 2 On February 5, Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne

celebrated Tu bShvat with a seder led by Rabbi
Meeka Simerly and Cantor Charles Romalis. It in-
cluded the four questions, song, dance, fruits, a bagel
brunch, and childrens craft session. COURTESY TBT

n 3 Rabbi Aaron Katz of Bnai Jacob in Jersey City,

standing to the statues left, delivered the invocation
and benediction at the 87th annual wreath-laying cer-
emony at the Abraham Lincoln statue in Lincoln Park
in Jersey City. John Hallanan, a Jersey City Council
member and president of the citys Abraham Lincoln
Association, is at Rabbi Katzs left. Honor guards were
provided by the Jersey City Fraternal Order of Police
and the Hudson County Sheriffs Office. PHOTO PROVIDED

n 4 Elaine and Michael Padva, left, with Wendy

and Ken Zuckerberg, Saige Siskin, Sam Rak, Barry
Blecher, and Karen Albert, all members of Temple
Emanuel of the Pascack Valley in Woodcliff Lake,
were among the many participants at Sweet
Tastes of Torah, the community-wide celebra-
tion of learning on February 11. PHOTO PROVIDED

n 5 Hazak Senior members from Temple Emanu-El in

Closter enjoyed a morning of song with Cantor Israel
Singer, accompanied by pianist Shira Shaked. The
group also celebrated the 90th birthday of Martin
Breit, front, wearing a white vest. COURTESY EMANU-EL


Jewish World

A compelling documentary probes Holocaust tourism

GABE FRIEDMAN film is oddly compelling. The disconnect 25 minutes in, a Spanish-speaking guide

between setting and character provokes a at Sachsenhausen begins to tell a group of
ow do people behave range of feelings. The sight of crowds pour- tourists about the camps prison-within-a-
when they visit a concen- ing into a room is creepily reminiscent of prison system used to interrogate Jews.
tration camp or a Holo- Holocaust prisoners being shepherded But shortly after he starts his talk, a
caust memorial? into train cars or gas chambers. Footage of group of English-speaking tourists crowds
Do they act as if they are in a place of rev- visitors trying to get their tour headphones the screen, obscuring the Spanish group.
erence or mourning? Or do they behave as to work is amusing until it isnt. The fact A British voice overlaps with the Span-
crowds do at any tourist attraction tak- that some visitors joke around or act like ish one. As the English group grows, one
ing selfies, goofing around, snacking and theyd rather be anywhere else inspires young woman balances a water bottle on
drinking as they amble along? feelings of anger (at least in this viewer). her head. Eventually the Spanish group
Just what constitutes appropriate behav- The people who came to these places
ior at a Holocaust memorial site has been a 40 years ago came with a different pur-
hot topic recently. Last month, the Israeli- pose than people now, Loznitsa told the
German writer and satirist Shahak Shapira
reignited the public debate about Holo-
New York Times last year. Now people
dont remember, and sometimes I think
The people who
caust tourism with a website shaming tour- they dont even understand where they came to these
ists who appear in flippant selfies taken at
the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Shapiras
are and what the places are about.
The film takes its title from German
places 40 years
site, titled Yolocaust, superimposed smil- writer W.G. Sebalds final novel, Auster- ago came with a
ing tourists with gruesome images from the
Holocaust, such as piles of corpses. Sergei Loznitsa set up stationary
litz, about an eponymous academic whose
parents were killed in the Holocaust. The
I find it dangerous that this is becom- cameras in two former concentration protagonist visits the Theresienstadt camp purpose than
ing normal, Shapira told a German news
program shortly before shutting down the
camps. in the Czech Republic to learn more about
his parents deaths, ruminating there on
people now.
project, saying it had served its purpose. It wears a T-shirt with an image of a skull, memory and history. Loznitsa has said his
kind of suggests that people are not dealing another with the phrase Cool story, bro. documentary is a variation on the novel. disappears almost entirely from view
with the real purpose of this memorial. Some take smiling selfies or lighthearted (The filmmaker was traveling this week and shrouded by the nonchalant, English-
Last summer, the smartphone game group photos in front of Sachsenhausens declined a request for an interview.) speaking crowd even though the viewer
Pokemon Go raised eyebrows for guiding Arbeit Macht Frei gate. The only dialogue comes in a few scenes continues to hear parts of the guides talk.
some of its users into the Auschwitz-Birke- Despite its lack of narrative or plot, the involving tour guides in the first, about The scene represents what could be
nau Memorial and Museum as well as to seen as Loznitsas powerful thesis: Its
the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in easy to be swallowed up by the tourist
Washington, D.C. This followed a few experience and forget to engage with the
years after an American tourist took a smil- significance of a place even at sites that
ing selfie at Auschwitz, drawing outrage commemorate one of historys most hor-
on Twitter and calling attention to other rid tragedies.
online chronicles of inappropriate selfie- Still, none of the tourists captured by
taking, such as the Facebook group With Loznitsas cameras are blatantly disre-
My Besties in Auschwitz. spectful. Nonchalant, yes, and somewhat
And now the behavior of tourists at self-absorbed in the 21st-century way.
Holocaust memorial sites and the tough There are plenty of selfies in Austerlitz
questions surrounding it is explored in (including one particularly funny one
a probing documentary film, Austerlitz, involving an overweight man slowly rotat-
by Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa. ing a selfie stick); even a man wearing a
The film just had its U.S. premiere at the kippah happily poses for photos in front
Museum of Modern Arts Doc Fortnight of the Arbeit Macht Frei gate.
festival in Manhattan, but it garnered By the end of Austerlitz, most viewers
praise last year, after it was shown at major are likely to feel conflicted about how to
international film festivals in Toronto A scene from Austerlitz, a documentary that chronicles the tourist experience judge these unwitting tourists. After all, is
and Venice. in two former concentration camps.  PHOTOS COURTESY OF AUSTERLITZ/LOZNITSA it fair to judge someone by how they are
Presented without commentary, the captured on camera for a few minutes?
90-minute black-and-white film is a series And shouldnt Jews be encouraged by
of long, lingering shots of tourists walk- the fact that Holocaust sites continue to
ing around Dachau and Sachsenhausen, draw record crowds? Doesnt that signal
a former concentration camp near Ber- increased interest in learning about Holo-
lin. Loznitsa placed stationary cameras caust history?
around the camps, capturing thousands of Loznitsas point, however, is not about
visitors sauntering in and out of the frame. individual tourists, whether they choose
It is unclear whether Loznitsa hid his cam- to take a silly selfie or to reflect deeply
eras, although the tourists seem oblivious throughout their visit. The message, he
to them. has said, is that visiting a concentration
Most of the visitors seem as if they are camp should not be presented like any
walking in a shopping mall or perhaps an other mundane tourist experience.
art museum. They mostly look aimless, I think it must be like a church, he
restless, tired, and bored. Some laugh and told the Times. If you want to pray for
smile as they file into a room, like they are the souls of all the people who are in the
headed to a party. Some stand because of ground in this place, then come.
their unfortunate sartorial choices one The tourists in Austerlitz are oblivious to Sergei Loznitsas cameras  JTA WIRE SERVICE


Stanley Bard Karl Shaw two grandchildren, and one and Workmens Circle
great-grandchildren. branch in Jersey City. Obituaries are prepared with information
Stanley Bard of Boca Raton, Karl R. Shaw, 84, of Engle- provided by funeral homes. Correcting errors is the
Fla., 82, died February 14. wood died October 18. Arrangements were by Predeceased by her
responsibility of the funeral home.
He was the manager and He was an insurance Eden Memorial Chapels, husbands Louis Weiner
co-owner of the historic agent for Berkshire Insur- Fort Lee. and William Chait, she is
Chelsea Hotel and was ance Group in Massachu- survived by her children, 201-791-0015 800-525-3834
known as a benefactor to setts and a member of Sylvia Weiner Stuart Chait of Pennsyl-
Sylvia Weiner, aka Sylvia
the artistic and cultural Chavurah Beth Shalom in vania, Roberta Chester of
Chait, ne Axelrod, 98,
Exclusive Jewish Funeral Chapel
community. Alpine. Florida, and Arlene Rog-
Sensitive to Needs of the Jewish Community for Over 50 Years
Predeceased by his wife, He is survived by his wife, of Islamorada, Fla., ers of West Virginia; four
formerly of Elizabeth, Serving NJ, NY, FL & Israel
Alice, and a brother, Mil- Lynn, ne Kersch, children, grandchildren, and seven
Graveside services at all NJ & NY cemeteries
ton, he is survived by his Mark of California and died February 18. great-grandchildren. Prepaid funerals and all medicaid funeral benefits honored
children, David and Debbie Donna Shalek of Manhat- She was longtime mem- Arrangements were by
Always within a familys financial means
Bard and Michele and Mat- tan, and five grandchildren. ber of the Jewish Educa- Eden Memorial Chapels,
tional Center in Elizabeth Fort Lee. 13-01 Broadway (Route 4 West) Fair Lawn, NJ
thew Grabell; sister-in-law, Arrangements were by
Richard Louis - Manager George Louis - Founder
Sylvia, and grandchildren, Eden Memorial Chapels,
NJ Lic. No. 3088 1924-1996
Allison, Justin, Benjamin, Fort Lee.
Amanda, and Myles.
Services were at Temple Alfred Targovnik
Emanu-El of Closter. Alfred I. Targovnik, 93, of
Established 1902
Arrangements were Fort Lee died February 14.
by Gutterman Musicant Born in Brooklyn, he Headstones, Duplicate Markers and Cemetery Lettering
Jewish Funeral Directors, owned Kings Choice Tie With Personalized and Top Quality Service
Hackensack. Shop in Manhattan before
Please call 1-800-675-5624
retiring. He was a member
Sidney Cohen of Congregation Gesher
Sidney Cohen, 86, of Wayne Sholom/JCC of Fort Lee. 76 Johnson Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601
died February 14. He is survived by his wife,
A member of the Air Force Rose, ne Weiniger, sons,
Reserves, he owned Nicolas Brian of Englewood and
Associates in Westwood. Harris of Marlboro, and two
The Christopher Family
Predeceased by his sis- grandchildren. serving the Jewish community
ter Rose Gordon (the late Arrangements were by
Abe), he is survived by a Eden Memorial Chapels,
since 1900
nephew, Harold Gordon
(Fran), nieces Helene Scott
Fort Lee.
Paterson Monument Co.
(Howard), and Gail Weber Harold Wahl MAIN BRANCH
Paterson, NJ 07502 Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(Howard), and great-nieces Harold I. Wahl, 97, of Fair 317 Totowa Ave. 681 Rt. 23 S.
and great-nephews. Lawn died February 18. 973-942-0727 Fax 973-942-2537 973-835-0394 Fax 973-835-0395 Veterans are Honored Here
Arrangements were by He was a U.S. Army TOLL FREE 800-675-0727 We are committed to celebrating the significance of lives that
Louis Suburban Chapel, World War II veteran and a have been lived, which is why we have always made service
Fair Lawn. retired IRS accountant. He to veterans and their families a priority.
was a founding member of We assure that all deceased veterans have an American
Robert Schoems Menorah Chapel, Inc
Jack Elinson Shomrei Torah Orthodox Jewish Funeral Directors Flag and a Jewish War Veteran Medallion flagholder placed
Jack Elinson, 99, of Teaneck Congregation of Fair Lawn Family Owned & managed
at their graves at the time of interment. Our Advanced
died February 13. and Brotherly Benevolent Planning service has enabled us to expedite military
Generations of Lasting Service to the Jewish Community
honors, when requested, because the need for the
He was the founder of Association Linas HaZedek
Serving NJ, NY, FL & Our Facilities Will Accommodate documentation is immediate and it is part of the pre-need
the department of medi- of Hudson County. Throughout USA Your Familys Needs protocol. And if requested, an American Flag may drape the
cal sociology at Columbia Predeceased by his wife, Prepaid & Preneed Planning Handicap Accessibility From Large
casket at a funeral service.
Graveside Services Parking Area
University. Libby, he is survived by his
We have also established an Honor Wall of veterans names,
Predeceased by his children Steven of Roseland Gary Schoem Manager - NJ Lic. 3811
and it is a part of our Annual Veterans Memorial Service.
wife of 68 years, May, ne and Barbara Halenar of Conveniently Located
Gomberg, he is survived by Ridgewood; a sister, Shirley W-150 Route 4 East Paramus, NJ 07652

children, Richard (Lynn),

Elaine (Rene Ciria Cruz),
Edelman of Midland Park; 201.843.9090 1.800.426.5869
Mitchell (Sande), and Rob-
ert (Cecelia); grandchildren, A Traditional Jewish Experience 800-522-0588
Alex, Sarah, Morgan, Blake,
Matthew, Zusha, and Sara,
Pre-Planning Specialists Graveside and Chapel Services
and great-grandchildren, MEMORIAL CHAPELS
Max, Zane, Keira, Mace, and 800-322-0533
Stella Mae.
Arrangements were Barry Wien - NJ Lic. No. 2885 402 PARK STREET, HACKENSACK, NJ 07601
by Gutterman Musicant Frank Patti, Jr. - NJ Lic. No. 4169 ALAN L. MUSICANT, Mgr., N.J. LIC. NO. 2890
Jewish Funeral Directors, Arthur Musicant - NJ Lic. No. 2544 MARTIN D. KASDAN, N.J. LIC. NO. 4482
Frank Patti, Sr. Director - NJ Lic. No. 2693 IRVING KLEINBERG, N.J. LIC. NO. 2517
Sharon Scholack Advance Planning Conferences Conveniently Arranged
Sharon I. Scholack of Fair at Our Funeral Home or in Your Own Home
Lawn died February 15. 327 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ GuttermanMusicantWien.com
Arrangements were by 201-947-3336 888-700-EDEN
Louis Suburban Chapel, www.edenmemorial.com
Fair Lawn.


Help Wanted Help Wanted Co-ops For Sale
(201) 837-8818
Crypts For Sale Situations Wanted Situations Wanted

Sanctuary Abraham & Sarah, Par-
1 HORIZON ROAD, PH1 amus, N.J. 2 in tandem crypts
SINAI SCHOOLS Ft. Lee, N. J. available. Save thousands $. More EXPERIENCED
Best Hudson River VWS, info call 303-868-5791
Renovated, Appx. 3,500 SF Help Wanted for Teaneck area.
SINAI Schools seeks an experienced and highly Penthouse w/900 SF Terrace,
3 Bdrms +Den, Sunken L/R LICENSED & INSURED
qualified individual with strong supervisory experience
and administrative skills to lead our new inclusive
w/13 ceiling hght.
A MUST SEE $699,000
special education elementary school at SAR Academy We are hiring workers to clean PROTECTION
Contact: DORIS COHEN homes and offices 201-660-2085
in Riverdale, New York. PROMINENT PROPERTIES Contact us at Handpicked
201-218-0731 973-652-7500 Certified Home
Successful candidates will have an advanced degree; manager@aprocleaner.com
Health Aides
experience in the field of special education; the skill HOME Health Aide/Nurses Aide.
Hourly - Daily - Live In
to develop, motivate, and supervise the faculty; and NURSE SUPERVISED
20 yrs experience with Elder Care
seeking live-in/out position. Refer-
excellent communication and organization skills. 3 HORIZON ROAD, PH4, Situations Wanted ences Call 973-356-4365
Ft. Lee, N.J. Creative
New school to open in September, 2018. Position to CHHA Certified Nurses Aide/Long
Spec. VWS, fully renovated,
time care - 15 years experience companionship
appx. 3500 sf Penthouse VETERAN/COLLEGE graduate
begin September, 2017. caring for the elderly with Alzhei- interactive, seeks employment in telephone
+900 sf terrace overlk Hudson
Salary commensurate with qualifications and River, 3-4 Bdrms, sunken L/R mers/dementia. Knowledge of intelligent sales. 25 years experience in pur-
w/13 ceiling hgt., 4 units on flr. kosher food preparation, will shop, conversation & chasing and marketing of diverse
experience. clean, administer medication and products. Proven success in gen-
Beyond beautiful!
drive client to MD appointments. social outings
Qualified minorities and/or women are encouraged to Grt price reduction $749,000 erating new business through
References upon request. 201- Downsize building strong relationships, senior
apply; EEO. Contact: DORIS COHEN
Coordinator buyer of toys, hobbies, hard goods
PROMINENT PROPERTIES and bulk toys. Honest, hard work-
SINAI Schools invites candidates to submit letters of 201-218-0731 COMPANION: Experienced, kind, Assist w/shopping, er. email:yendisid@optImum.net
interest and resumes to: trustworthy person seeking part errands, Drs, etc.
time work. Weekends OK. Meal
Rabbi Dr. Yisrael Rothwachs, Dean preparation, laundry, housekeep- Organize/process
yrothwachs@sinaischools.org ing. Will drive for doctors appoint- paperwork, Cleaning Service
ments; occasional sleepovers. 973- bal. checkbook,
www.sinaischools.org 519-4911
bookkeeping A Team of
Resolve medical Polish Women
Help Wanted insurance claims Clean
Free Consultation Homes Offices
Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls in Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper Experienced References
Teaneck, NJ seeks dynamic teachers to join 201-893-2145
computer & Internet literate RITA FINE
our team for the 2017-2018 school year. fluent in Quicken, Excel & Microsoft Office 201-214-1777
Openings for full and part-time teachers organizational skills/maintain busy calendar www.daughterforaday.com ALSAIGH
in the following subject areas: travel arrangements/banking relations Established 2001
Hebrew, Math, Chemistry, great telephone personality SERVING THE AREA

Engineering (STEM), Physics, English, some Hebrew knowledge a plus SEEKING job as companion/care- FOR 25 YEARS
giver, live-in, 7 days a week, 11 yrs
History and Learning Center specialist. Jewish holidays observed experience, references on request POLISH FAMILY BUSINESS
Englewood home office - flexible hours 973-930-5291 201-679-5081
Please send resumes to kahanr@maayanot.org Respond to janec@jewishmediagroup.com Ten -years-experienced CHHA is
very good with elderly people.
Drives with valid lics. References
Antiques upon request. 201-214-7318

Antiques Wanted We pay cash for Antiques

Modern Furniture & Art Sterling Associates Auctions


Oil Paintings Silver

Oil Paintings Sculpture Paintings Porcelain Silver
Jewelry Furniture Etc.
Bronzes Porcelain
Bronzes Silver 201-768-1140 www.antiquenj.com
Oriental Rugs Furniture
Chinese Porcelain Art info@antiquenj.com
70 Herbert Avenue, Closter, N.J. 07642
Marble Sculpture Jewelry
Jewelry & Costume Jewelry FREE APPRAISALS TUESDAYS FROM 12-2
Tiffany Items Chandeliers
Chinese Art Bric-A-Brac
Other Antiques
Tyler Antiques ANS A ANTIQUES
Established by Bubbe in 1940! Over 25 years courteous service to tri-state area
We come to you Free Appraisals ESTATES
tylerantiquesny@aol.com Shommer BOUGHT & SOLD
Call Us! Shabbas Fine Furniture Antiques Accessories
201-894-4770 201-861-7770 201-951-6224 Cash Paid
Shomer Shabbos www.aadsa726@yahoo.com 201-920-8875

personals driving serviCe

Solution to last weeks puzzle. This weeks puzzle is
on page 54.
Chapter 3 Offers retirement age
women the opportunity to stay SERVICE

connected and engaged with
peers to share information, Airports Cruise Terminals
skills and knowledge relevant Manhattan/NYC
and enriching for this stage of School Transportation
our lives. Whether formally re- 201-836-8148
tired or still active in the work- 201-314-9592
place, this is a chance to make
new friends, hear speakers on
a variety of topics and enjoy
Meetings are the last Wednes-
day of the month at 5:30 pm, Your Neighbor with Tools
Rudys Restaurant, Home Improvements & Handyman
Hackensack, N.J. Cost is $27.
Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates
For further information and to
be put on our email list, please Over 15 Years Experience
call Susan 201-343-8374 Adam 201-675-0816
Natalie 201-265-2087 Lic. & Ins. NJ Lic. #13VH05023300
www.yourneighborwithtoolshandyman.com Jewish Music with an Edge

HoMe iMproveMents Ari Greene 201-837-6158

Cleaning & Hauling

CLEANOUT, INC. Home Repair Service

Carpentry Painting
We clean up: Locks/Doors Electrical
Attics Basements Yards Basements Paving/Masonry
Garages Apartments Bathrooms Drains/Pumps
Plumbing Maintenence
Construction Debris
Tiles/Grout Hardwood Floors
Residential Dumpster Specials General Repairs Courage the presentation by emailing them exercises a different model of help.
10 yds 15 yds 20 yds
NO JOB IS TOO SMALL FROM PAGE 7 to projectometz@bnaiyeshurun. Refaenu helps individuals and fami-
201-342-9333 24 Hour x 5 1/2 Emergency Services Israel on a wide range of issues that org. Everyone will remain anony- lies suffering with mood disorders
www.rickscleanout.com Shomer Shabbat Free Estimates
face children and adolescents. mous, so there is confidentiality in and other related issues through
SENIOR CITIZENS 10% OFF 1-201-530-1873 According to the flier advertising asking questions. support groups both for people
Cleaning serviCe pluMBing Project Ometz and the teleconfer- The teleconference will introduce living with those disorders and for
APL Plumbing & Heating LLC ence, For too long, the stigma of Project Ometz as a community ini- their relatives and friends. Both of
Do you need a helping hand to Complete Kitchen & mental health has prevented fami- tiative to help families raising chil- these organizations are starting with
clean your home or office?
A PRO CLEANING Bath Remodeling lies from reaching out for help. Our dren with mental health challenges baby steps but both are working
can assist you Boilers Hot Water Heaters Leaks goal is to break down that barrier. and discuss important related hard to eradicate the stigma.
Try us today! Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured The call begins at 8:15 pm and issues. It is open to the entire Jew-
973-652-7500 the number is (641) 552-9173. The ish community. More information on Project Ometz
manager@aprocleaner.com 201-358-1700 Lic. #12285
access code is 636984. Everyone Project Ometz will join Refaenu, is at ProjectOmetz.org. Learn more
online can submit questions during another local organization that about Refaenu at Refaenu.org.


Estimates CO. Repairs
201-487-5050 83 FIRST STREET
MAZON IS ending hunger pursuing justice meeting basic human needs tikkun olam
keeping kids healthy tzedakah raising awareness a legacy of giving nutrition for seniors
making a difference fostering responsibility advocating for people in need promoting health and
well-being soup kitchens food banks food pantries social justice partnering for change building
a robust emergency food network encouraging public policy reform concern for others fulfilling a
jewish tradition optimism working to end food insecurity nutrition and health education initiatives
a strong safety net a voice for people who are hungry enhancing quality of life jewish values in action

Call us.
We are waiting for
your classified ad! Tel 310.442.0020 | 800.813.0557 | mazon.org
201-837-8818 10495 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 100, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Real Estate & Business

Teaneck Chamber to host seminar for homeowners Millenial Shabbat

On Thursday, March 30, Teanecks improvement loans and the process of many factors affecting selling and in Jersey City
Chamber of Commerce will host a listing your home for sale. maintaining your home. Come with On Friday night, March 3, from 7 to 8 p.m.,
homeownership seminar for current Moderated by Wendy Dessanti your questions. Congregation Bnai Jacob Jersey City will
homeowners as well as those who are (Weichert Realtors), the panel of The session will run from 7 to 8 p.m. host The Shabbat Project: Millenial Edi-
thinking of selling their property in the speakers will include Barbara Ostroth Refreshments will be served. Your tion. Professionals, singles, couples, and
near future at the Five Star Residence, (Coldwell Banker), Michael Baer (attor- RSVP is appreciated but not required to their friends in their 20s to 40s are invited
650 River Road, Teaneck. ney), Liz Santos (Residential Home attend. For more information, contact to enjoy food, conversation, and celebra-
Topics will include discussion on Funding), and Kesha Davis (KD Relo- Wendy Dessanti at (201) 310-2255 or tion. Dress casual. The synagogue is at 176
increasing your homes value, building cation Solutions) who will provide email wendydess@aol.com. West Side Ave., Jersey City. RSVP rabbi-
permits and COs, mortgages and home timely information and tips on the aaron1@gmail.com

Jimmy the Junk Man

Basements Attics Garages Fire Damage
Construction Debris Hoarding Specialists
201-661- 4940


Mobileye develops camera-based systems that help drivers keep passengers
safe on the roads.

NOW WHAT? Mobileye signs with BMW

and equips NYC ride-share cars
Israeli camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System
keeps picking up speed as it gets integrated into cars
of today and planned vehicles of tomorrow

JOIN US LIVE Israel21c staff from these cameras to create the high-
definition maps required to make the
MONDAY, MARCH 6 I 8:00 PM Israels Mobileye will introduce Global next generation of autonomous driving
RoadBook, its road experience manage- a reality, in an inclusive way which will
ment data-generation technology, in create an industry standard, said Dr.
newly developed BMW Group models Amnon Shashua, chairman and CTO of
NEW JERSEY entering the market in 2018. Mobileye.
The technology will provide real-time In addition, Mobileye technology to
HOME BUYERS SEMINAR information on traffic density, potential support sensing, mapping and driving
road hazards, weather conditions, on- policy is integral to its partnership with
With Marc Stein, Broker Owner at Links Residential street parking, and other data. BMW and Intel to produce fully autono-
& Jason Berg, Branch Manager at FM Home Loans This agreement to crowdsource real- mous vehicles planned for 2021.
NMLS#220661 time data using vehicles equipped with In other Mobileye news, the company
[Mobileyes] camera-based Advanced recently installed its collision-avoidance
Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology technology in 4,500 for-hire vehicles
PARTICIPATE IN THE SEMINAR! is a critical enabler for autonomous driv- (such as those available through popu-
LIKE LINKS RESIDENTIAL ON FACEBOOK, ing through next-generation high-defini- lar apps including Uber and Lyft) in New
WATCH LIVE AND ASK QUESTIONS! tion (HD) maps aimed at making driving York City.
safer and more efficient for consumers, In addition, Mobileye will outfit pub-
according to a joint statement. lic buses in Columbus, Ohio, the winning
ADAS is already used by more than 25 city in the U.S. Department of Transpor-
automakers in 313 models. tation Smart City Challenge, with its
Camera-based ADAS systems are Shield+ vision-sensor system for pedes-
Licensed Residential Mortgage Lender, New
already making the roads safer. Global trian collision avoidance in public transit
RoadBook is an initiative to utilize data systems.
Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance.
Licensed Mortgage Banker, NYS Department Israel21c.org
of Financial Services. NMLS#2212

60 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Real Estate & Business

Take it easy in Israels Valley of Springs TM

An antidote to fast-paced life, slow tourism

offers vacationers a more leisurely travel experience.
Viva Sarah Press A concept from Italy
The concept of slow tourism originated in Italy, where
The Valley of Springs Regional Council of Israel has local communities and tour operators set into motion
announced its second annual Slow Tourism initia- a new kind of travel experience aimed at putting
tive, calling on travelers to leisurely enjoy the hik- lesser-known locales on vacationers itineraries and
ing trails and natural springs in the area. giving local cultures more exposure and opportunities
Slow tourism, like slow food, is a new and more for hospitality. TENAFLY TREASURE $1,199,000
unhurried way to travel, enabling visitors the The concept translates well to the 16 kibbutzim and Classic Dutch colonial built in grand style has been restored & expanded
opportunity to enjoy in-depth experiences and to six moshav communities in the Valley of Springs area, w/abundant architectural detail & custom cabinetry, large rooms make it perfect
for entertaining, 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 fireplaces, set back
interact with a location and its residents. which are only too happy to be added to the local on almost acre park-like East Hill property.
This is the time to take it slow and really enjoy tourists schedule. These communities make for great ALPINE/CLOSTER
the Valley of Springs at its best. The valley is green, places to visit or sleep over. Orna Jackson, Sales Associate 201-376-1389
768-6868 666-0777 568-1818 894-1234 871-0800
the rivers and springs are in full flow, and the wild- The slow tourism concept strengthens the regional
flowers are beginning to bloom making for gor- tourism economy by enabling visitors to stay in this
geous scenery, Osnat Betzer, tourism manager of region and get a better understanding of the area, says
the Valley of Springs Regional Council, says. Betzer. We are sure that whoever comes to the Valley
The Valley of Springs bordered by the Jezreel
Valley to the west, the Lower Galilee to the north,
of Springs region will return time and again to these
special tourist attractions to the natural springs and
the Jordan River to the east, and the Jordan Valley to the trail walks. Israel21c.org t TEANECK t
to the south holds many of Israels gems includ-
ing more than 40 natural springs, birdwatching
spots, historical sites, fabulous bridges, and beau-
tiful flora and fauna.
Through March 4, local tour guides and vol-
unteers will take visitors along segments of the BANK-OWNED PROPERTIES
85-mile-long Valley of the Springs Trail. The entire
route takes six days to complete so the Regional
Council has broken it down into daily hikes.
The paid guided trail walks (which must be
Investment Opportunities
reserved in advance), to be held every weekend
through March 3, are five miles at most. Those GARDEN STATE HOMES
whod prefer to walk the Valley of the Springs 25 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ
Trail solo can simply follow the orange markings 1279 Dickerson Rd. $625,000 1 3 PM
Martin H. Basner, Realtor Associate
along the way. (Office) 201-794-7050 (Cell) 201-819-2623 W Englwd Area. Charm Brick Col. Nat Chestnut Woodwk. Generous
Winding through history, nature, and agriculture Sized LR/Fplc, FDR, Enormous EIK/Sldrs to Deck/Yrd, Den. 4+ BRs, 4
at a comfortable and relaxed pace, the trail begins Bth Units. Fin Bsmt. 2 Car Gar.
on top of Mount Gilboa and descends to Harod 1325 Hudson Rd. $629,000 1 3 PM
Stream, then to Belvoir, a Crusader castle built W Eglwd Area. Brick Tri-Lev. Ent Foyer, LR/Fplc, Form DR, Fam
around 1140, to the Ottoman railway and Kibbutz
Tirat Zvi, and finally over to Beit Shean.
Let Us Finance Your Rm, Ceramic Tiled Updated Kit/Bkfst Rm, Laund. Super Mstr Ste/
WIC+Jacuzz Bth+4 more BRs, 2.5 Bths Tot. Tandem Gar, C/A/C.
House Purchase 88 Cranford Pl. $415,000 1 3 PM
Kangaroos and mosaics Lov Exp Col. Prime Loc. Many Updates. LR/Fplc, DR, Fam Rm off of
The area can be visited year-round but the best
Direct lender Updated Kit. 3 BRs, 2 Updated Bths, Fin Bsmt. Gar, Deck, H/W Flrs,
time to explore the Valley of Springs is between 2 to 3 day approval C/A/C, Fenced Yrd. Rm to Exp.
November and April.
In addition to walking trails, the Valley of Springs
Closings within 30 days
Northern NJ Appraisers
area is famous for its natural springs including Gan t TEANECK t
Hashlosha National Park (also known by its Arabic FHA loans w/55% debt ratio Room for All! Mostly Brick 6 BR, 3.5 Bth Exp Ranch. Lg LR/Fplc/
name, Sachne). The natural pools here are warm Skylite, Form DR, Skylited Fam Rm, Fin Bsmt/Bar. 2 Car Gar, C/A/C.
year-round with an average temperature of 82 Credit scores as low as 580 75' x 132' Prop. Whittier Area. $599,900
degrees, making it a perfect spot for a winter dip. New Construction/302' Prop. Prime South of Cedar. Anticipated
Nearby are three other inviting springs Ein Completion: Spring 2017. 7 BRs, 5 Full Bths. Approx 5,330 sq ft of
Shokek, Ein Moda and Hakibbutzim River in the Fin Liv Spc incl Bsmt. Still time to Customize! $1,100,000
Park of Springs. While this big nature park can eas- ALL CLOSE TO NY BUS / HOUSES OF WORSHIP /
ily be navigated on foot, tourists have the option to HIGHWAYS / SHOPPING / SCHOOLS & NY BUS
rent bikes or electric vehicles to scoot around the For Our Full Inventory & Directions
springs, fish ponds, shady groves and an ancient Visit our Website
flour mill. Daniel M. Shlufman www.RussoRealEstate.com
Larry DeNike
Other fun sites to visit in the Valley of Springs
area include Gan Garoo, a four-acre animal park
MLO #58058
Managing Director
MLO #6706
(201) 837-8800
replete with seven types of kangaroos plus an ladclassic@aol.com dshlufman@classicllc.com
assortment of cockatoos, flying foxes, laughing
kookaburra, cassowary, wallaby and emu; the
Classic Mortgage, LLC
Serving NY, NJ & CT
third century Maoz Haim Synagogue famous
25 E. Spring Valley Ave., Ste 100, Maywood, NJ
for its mosaic floor; the Tel Tsaf archaeological
site; and the Kfar Ruppin public garden, among 201-368-3140 MLS
many others. www.classicmortgagellc.com #31149

Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017 61

Real Estate & Business

El Al luxurious winter escape

SELLING YOUR HOME? includes Hilton Tel Aviv and
Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem
Available for departures through March 23
El Al Israel Airlines, Hilton Tel Aviv, and now through March 23. Price is based
the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem are offer- on per person, double occupancy, and
ing a new winter vacation package. includes taxes, and all carrier imposed
Included in this deluxe Israel getaway surcharges. Single supplement is $950.
is roundtrip economy class air on select El Al offers the most nonstop flights
nonstop flights plus six nights/seven between the U.S. and Israel for a total
days in deluxe accommodations with of 23 every week this winter: 11 from
daily Israeli breakfast. (A minimum of JFK, six from Newark as well as the
two nights is required at each hotel.) only nonstops from Los Angeles and
Passengers may enjoy the six night hotel Boston, three every week from both
stay during their visit in Israel any time destinations.
through April 2, which is the last hotel For additional details, terms and con-
checkout date. ditions about the El Al/Hilton Tel Aviv/
This roundtrip air/six-night hotel pack- Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem vacation
age is $1,599 from Boston, $1,699 from package, visit www.elal.com. To pur-
New York ( JFK/Newark), and $1,849 chase, contact any travel agent or El Al
from Los Angeles, with departures at (800) EL AL SUN (352-5786).
Call Susan Laskin Today
To Make Your Next Move A Successful One!
BergenCountyRealEstateSource.com Cell: 201-615-5353
2017 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.
An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC. Busy Israeli mom develops
the organization app 24me
NVE-3312 Warmth Mortgage Ad 5x6.5_NVE-3305 Warmth Mortgage Ad 5x6.5 1/13/17 10:49 AM Page 1 Liat Mordechay Hertanu and husband managing day-to-day life becomes
Gilad had three kids within four years. more challenging and its hard to set
Their multilingual personal assistant priorities when so much is happening.
aids busy people like themselves. We felt you need a central dashboard
Finally, low mortgage rates With three little kids, we felt over- for your life.

you can really warm up to. whelmed with daily life management,
she said.
Hertanu emphasizes that 24me isnt
just a mommy app. Its really inter-
So in early 2013, she and her hus- esting to see we have 50-50 male and
band took on another task. They co- female users, from all age groups,
founded 24me and developed a smart though the main age group is 21 to 34,
personal assistant app hailed by CNN, she says.
USA Today, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Hertanu is a graduate of the com-
Mashable, and other media outlets. It puter science school at IDC Herzliya
was awarded Best of the App Store and was among the first cohort of
by Apple in 2014. IDCs Zell Entrepreneurship Program.
Downloaded by millions of people She began working at startups dur-
for iOS and Android phones and the ing college and went on to positions
Apple Watch, 24me features a fully with several successful technology
MORTGAGE integrated calendar, to-do list, and firms and Fortune 500 companies in
Rates as low as notes, not only updating you on what North America.

2.625 2.704
you need to do but allowing you to pay We traveled to the U.S. when I was
% % bills, check in with social networks and pregnant with our first child, Daniel.
even purchase items through the app. I was working with a startup and my
Relax. NVE has great rates, Rate APR*
And because Israelis arent the only husband joined a full-time M.B.A. pro-
great service, and lots of options. Rates valid on Loan Amounts
busy people, 24me is available in 31 gram at Washington University in St.
Up To $1,000,000
languages. Louis, says Hertanu. She enrolled in
When it comes to purchasing a new home or refinancing your
Last October 10, Hertanu was one an executive international MBA pro-
current mortgage, NVE offers a full range of flexible mortgage
of four accomplished Israeli business- gram at the school.
products. Plus, our Mortgage Specialist will work closely with
you, every step of the way, to ensure a smooth process and women honored by the America-Israel Entrepreneurship seems to be a
speedy closing. Friendship League at the 10th annual genetic thing for Hertanu, who was
Israel Day at the New York Stock born in 1978 and raised in Yavne by
Call today at 201-816-2800, ext. 1230, or apply online at nvebank.com
Exchange. a teacher (mom) and computer engi-
The biggest challenge in time man- neer (dad). She and her three sisters
agement is capturing everything that were encouraged to excel in science
happens since were overwhelmed and technology.
NMLS #733094 with dat a, Her t anu says from My uncles were involved in making
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is accurate as of 1/12/17 and may vary based on loan amounts. Loans are 24mes offices in Or Yehuda, where businesses, and that set an example
for 1-4 family New Jersey owner-occupied properties only. Rates and terms are subject to change without
notice. As an example, the 7-year loan at the stated APR would have 84 monthly payments of $13.05 per she handles marketing and business for me from an early age. I remember
thousand borrowed based on a 20% down payment or equity for loan amounts up to $500,000. Payments
do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums, if applicable. The actual payment obligation will
development. as a child doing entrepreneurial stuff
be greater. Property insurance is required. Other rates and terms are available. Subject to credit approval. With so much information com- and trying to make small businesses,
Bergenfield I Closter I Cresskill I Englewood I Hillsdale I Leonia I New Milford I Teaneck I Tenafly ing from different resources of data, she says.

62 Jewish Standard FEBRUARY 24, 2017

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Adaptive to the ever-changing market, we engage clients with a consistent
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