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Mine2-4D Web Updates

Running the Mine2-4D Web Update Server

Scheduling regular Mine2-4D update services and information on server configuration


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1 Overview 1
Purpose of this document 1
Prerequisites 1
Acronyms and Abbreviations 1
More information 1
2 Before You Start 2

3 Installing the WebUpdate Server 3

Installing the latest version of the WebUpdater application 3
4 Configuring the WebUpdate Server 4
Configuration Procedure 4
Purpose of this document

This document outlines the procedures required for installing, setting up and using the Mine2-
4D Web Update facility.


No previous knowledge is required, although some knowledge of Windows installation

procedures would be beneficial.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

If you are going to be using any acronyms or abbreviations in your document, list them
below, using the following table format:

Acronym Description

M24D Mine2-4D
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IP Internet Protocol

More information

More information on Mine2-4D can be found in the Help file, and from www.mine24d.com

Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 1

Mine 2-4D web updates are a useful way of automating the update of
your Mine2-4D application automatically, over the web. You can
schedule these updates to the most convenient times, and the update
process can also be run manually as required. The Mine2-4D web
update service will only provide an automated download service for
products that are currently installed and licensed.

Before you can install the mineWebUpdate Server (the components

that need to be installed on your local machine to enable automatic or
manual updates), you will need to ensure the following
conditions can be met:

You must be able to provide an exclusive folder on your local drive within which
Mine2-4D updates will be stored. This storage area cannot be used for the storage of
any other files.

The new folder (referred to throughout this guide as the Shared folder) must have
read/write access granted for all users of the Mine2-4D program on the same

Your firewall, if installed, must allow the mineWebUpdate Server application to

connect to the IP address through Port 80 using HTTP downloads
(no uploads are initiated from the webUpdate Server). Your Systems Administrator
will be able to organize this. Without the necessary firewall permissions, you will not
be able to use the mineWebUpdate facility.

Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 2

Installing the latest version of the WebUpdater application

The latest version of the Mine2-4D Web Update installer can be found on the Mine2-4D
Website (www.mine24d.com), or from your local Datamine Representative. Note that valid
login details are required for accessing the Mine2-4D website.

1. First, uninstall any previous versions of the WebUpdater application, or alternatively,

use the installer to remove it by continuing straight to step 2.

2. Double-click the installer package. If running under Windows XP Service Pack 2, you
will see a confirmation dialog before the installation wizard starts:

3. Click Run to begin installation. If you have a previously-installed copy of the

WebUpdater server (i.e. you did not wish to follow step 1), you will be given the
option to Remove or Repair the existing installation. It is recommended that you
select the Remove mineWebUpdate Server option on this screen and click Finish, let
the installer remove the application, then restart this procedure from the beginning.

If there are no previous installations, you will be shown the start screen, described in
the next step.

4. At the start screen, click Next to display the End User License Agreement. Select
the I agree option and click Next to continue.

5. Click Next to start the installation. A progress bar is displayed during installation.
Once this phase is complete, click Close.

6. You can now see the mineWebUpdate icon in the Windows System Tray:

Now that you have installed the mineWebUpdate Server, the next step is to configure
it so that updates can be scheduled, and the required connection settings are defined,
as described in the following chapter.

Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 3

Once installed, you will need to complete the setup process by providing the following

Define if you are installing a Local or Server installation:

o Local Installation: this method will allow you to run updates from each
installed client individually. All downloaded updates will be applied to your
product immediately.

o Server Installation: This method is designed to be used in conjunction with

the mineUpdater. Updates are downloaded to your server and prepared for
update of all client systems. Client systems are then updated from your
server. You must have administrator privileges on the machine that is being
installed to.

The location of your updates folder

Referred to as the Updates folder, this is a location that is designated for Mine2-4D
updates exclusively. There are specific setup instructions for this folder, described in
the following section.

Define which products to update

You can update your Mine2-4D or Enhanced Production Scheduler applications using
this utility. Only licensed and installed products can be updated.

Specify when to schedule updates

Daily, monthly, weekly updates are possible, or you can define your own update
intervals. Conversely, you can disable automated updates during installation to rely
on manual ad hoc updates from the System Tray icon.

Set up your connection details

Specify how your machine connects to the web, and if a proxy server is used, how to
connect to it.

Configuration Procedure

The following procedure is used to set up your mineWebUpdate Server:

1. If you are going to be installing a server setup, create a local folder that will be used
for the exclusive storage of Mine2-4D updates. This folder must have Read/Write

Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 4

access for all users of Mine2-4D on the current workstation. This folder must not
contain files other than the files used and downloaded by mineWebUpdate.

2. Copy the mineUpdate.mud file from C:\Program

Files\Gijima\WebUpdate\MudFile to the folder you created in the previous step.
This is important.

3. Right-click the mineWebUpdate System Tray icon to show the context menu.

4. Click Setup Wizard.

5. Click Next on the welcome screen to show the server type selection panel:

6. Select whether you are installing a Local or Server setup and click Next (see the start
of this section for more information on what this decision affects).

7. If you have selected a Local installation, you can click Next to show the Finish
screen. If you are setting up a server updated, the next step is to specify a folder to
store update information. This folder will contain all downloaded update material for
subsequent dispersal to client machines. Click Browse to locate the relevant folder.

8. Once a local (Shared) folder has been selected. Click Next.

9. The following screen is used to define which product(s) will be updated by the
mineWebUpdate Server.

Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 5

Initially blank, clicking Add allows you to select a product or products using a
separate popup dialog.

Select a Product Group, Product (the latest Version will be added automatically) and
click OK to add it to the setup screen.

10. Click Next to access the scheduler screen:

Select the option that relates to when you wish to schedule automatic updates, or, if
Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 6
automatic updates are not required, ensure the Manual Updates Only option is

11. Click Next to view the connection screen. This screen is used to determine if you
connect to the Internet using your Local Area Network settings (the default setup) or,
if a proxy server is used, the connection details for the remote machine.

12. Once you have defined your connect settings, click Next to display the finish screen.
Click Finish to complete setup.

Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 7

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Installing and setting up the mineWebUpdate Server 8