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"Conductor.","","Conductor.","Insulator.","Measuring an Electric Current.

uctor Resistance.","","Finding Circuit Voltages.","Measuring Voltage and Current
.","Variable Resistance.","Adding Positive Values.","Adding Negative Values.","A
dding Signed Values.","Algebraic Addition of Currents.","Subtracting Signed Volt
ages.","Subtracting Negative Currents.","","Select Random Value.","","Three Resi
stors in Series.","Two Parallel Resistors.","Potential Divider.","Loading a Pote
ntial Divider.","Pull Up, Down Resistors.","","Push Switch.","Change-over Switch
.","Stair-case Switch.","Relay Switch.","Three-level Switch.","","DC Voltage.","
Switching a DC Voltage.","Variable DC Voltage.","Alternating DC Voltage.","","Cu
rrent.","Voltage.","Resistance.","Formula Transformation.","","Voltage Divider."
,"Loading a Voltage Divider.","","Current Divider.","Further Current Dividing.",
"Kirchhoff's Current Law.","Further Current Law.","","Series Resistors.","Two Re
sistors in Parallel.","Three or more Resistors in Parallel.","Series Parallel Re
sistors.","Further Series Parallel Resistors.","Triangle Method.","","RMS Voltag
e.","Peak Voltage.","Peak - Peak Voltage.","Combining AC Voltages.","Angular Val
ues.","Frequency Measurement.","Period of AC Sine Wave.","","Resistor, Voltage a
nd Current Relationship.","Capacitor, Voltage and Current Relationship.","Induct
or, Voltage and Current Relationship.","Series RCL Voltage Current Relationships
.","Angle of Rotation.","Parallelogram for Voltage Phase Angles.","","AC Ohm's L
aw.","Combining Alternating Currents.","Voltage and Current for R.","Voltage and
Current for C.","Voltage and Current for L.","Capacitive and Inductive Current
Phasors.","Oscilloscope Measurements.","","RC Series Circuit.","RL Series Circui
t.","RCL Series Circuit.","Series RC Voltages.","Series RC Phase Angle.","Series
RL Phase Angle.","Using Sin and Cos Trigonometric Functions.","","RC Parallel C
ircuit.","RL Parallel Circuit.","RCL Parallel Circuit.","RCL Waveforms.","","Cap
acitor Charging.","Capacitor Discharging.","Capacitor Charge & Discharge Cycle."
,"Calculating Capacitor Value.","Calculating Capacitor Charge.","Capacitor Charg
ing Waveforms.","Calculating RC Time Constant.","","Capacitor Reactance.","Capac
itors in Series.","Capacitors in Parallel.","","Storing Energy in an Inductor.",
"Calculating an Induced Voltage.","Calculating Inductive Energy.","Inductive Cir
cuit Waveforms.","Calculating RL Time Constant.","","Inductive Reactance.","Indu
ctors in Series.","Inductors in Parallel.","","RC Series Impedance.","RL Series
Impedance.","RCL Series Impedance.","R.C Parallel Impedance.","R.L Parallel Impe
dance.","RCL Parallel Impedance.","Conductance, Susceptance and Admittance.","",
"AM Radio Transmitter Block Diagram.","AM Radio Receiver Block Diagram.","Main T
ypes of Antenna.","Antenna Current and Voltage Distribution.","Simple Communicat
ions System.","Morse Code Communication System.","Measuring Wavelength.","Wavele
ngth to Frequency.","Amplitude Modulation.","Frequency Modulation.","Simple AM D
iode Detector.","FM Demodulator.","Signal Multiplexer.","Fibre Optic Communicati
ons.","","Tuned Circuit at Resonance.","Series Circuit at Resonance.","Parallel
Circuit at Resonance.","Finding the Q of a Tuned Circuit.","Tuned Circuit Bandwi
dth.","Coupling Tuned Circuits.","Selectivity.","","Attenuation.","Cascading Amp
lifiers and Attenuators.","Symmetrical T Attenuator.","Asymmetrical T Attenuator
.","Symmetrical pi Attenuator.","Asymmetrical pi Attenuator.","","RC Low Pass Pa
ssive Filter.","RC High Pass Passive Filter.","Band Pass Passive Filter.","Band
Stop Passive Filter.","Wide Band Passive Filter.","","RC Low Pass Buffer Active
Filter.","RC Low Pass Active Filter.","RC High Pass Active Filter.","","Positive
Feedback.","RF Variable Frequency Oscillator.","Phase Shift Oscillator.","Wien
Bridge Oscillator.","Astable Multivibrator.","Unijunction Transistor.","UJT Osci
llator.","","Superposition Theorem 1.","Superposition Theorem 2.","Constant Volt
age Source.","Constant Current Generator.","Thvenin's Theorem 1.","Thvenin's Theor
em 2.","Norton's Theorem.","Maximum Power Transfer.","","Polar to Rectangular Nu
mber Conversion.","Rectangular to Polar Form.","Rectangular Addition.","Rectangu
lar Subtraction.","Complex Number Multiplication.","Complex Number Division.","R
C Series in Complex Form.","Circuit Values from Complex Numbers.","","DC Power V
and I.","DC Power I and R.","DC Power V and R.","Series Resistor Power.","Paral
lel Resistor Power.","","Amplifier Power Gain/Loss.","Power Levels Expressed in
Decibels.","RC Series Power.","RL Series Power.","Capacitance Reactive Power.","
Inductance Reactive Power.","Power Factor Correction.","","Basic SCR Operation."
,"Simple Alarm Latch.","Time Delay SCR Switch.","SCR Phase Control.","Triac and
Diac.","","Half Wave Rectifier.","Full Wave Bridge Rectifier.","Zener Diode Char
acteristics.","Zener Diode Voltage Regulation.","Zener Diode Series Resistor.","
Zener Diode Current.","Zener Diode Power Rating.","Transformer Turns Ratio.","",
"Fixed Voltage Regulator.","Variable Voltage Regulator.","Regulated Power Supply
.","","Attraction and Repulsion.","Magnetic Field of a Straight Conductor.","Mag
netic Field of a Single Coil.","Electro-magnet.","A Closed Magnetic Circuit.","M
agnetic Circuit with an Air Gap.","Force on a Conductor in a Magnetic Field.","P
ermanent Magnet Induction.","Electro-magnetic Induction.","Self Induction and Ba
ck EMF","","A Simple AC EMF Generator.","Generating a Greater EMF Output.","Gene
rator with DC Output.","DC Motor and Speed Control.","Stepper Motor.","","Transf
ormer Alternating Voltages and Currents.","Input Impedance.","Maximum Power Tran
sfer.","Auto Transformer.","","3-phase Generation of EMF.","Balanced Star Genera
tor.","Adding a 3-phase Balanced Star Load.","Unbalanced 3-phase Star Load.","3-
phase Balanced Delta Load.","Star and Delta Transformations.","Displaying a Phas
or Output.","","Electrical Charge.","Electrical Energy and Tariff.","Measuring E
lectrical Energy.","Electrical Energy for Heating Water.","","Hydrogen Atom.","E
lectron Shells.","Carbon Atom.","Silicon Atom.","Copper Atom.","Germanium Atom."
,"Silicon Crystal Covalent Bonds.","P-type and N-type materials.","","The PN Jun
ction Diode Characteristics.","Simple Diode Circuit.","Forward Biased PN Junctio
n.","Reverse Biased PN Junction.","Finding the Diode Forward Resistance.","","Li
ght Emitting Diode 1.","Light Emitting Diode 2.","Opto Coupler.","Seven Segment
Light Emitting Diode.","Relay Protection Diode.","","NPN Transistor Construction
.","NPN Transistor Principle.","Transistor Configurations.","DC Operating Condit
ions.","Transistor Switch.","Simple Signal Amplifier.","DC Transistor Amplifier.
","AC Transistor Amplifier.","Two Port Transistor Model.","Hybrid Circuit for Co
mmon Emitter Configuration.","Equivalent NPN Transistor Circuit.","","Signal Cli
pping.","DC Load Line.","AC Load Line.","AC Current Gain.","Push Pull Output Sta
ge.","Crossover Distortion.","Power Output Stage.","Two Stage Amplifier.","Casca
ding Transistor Amplifiers.","Calculating Coupling Capacitor Values.","","Emitte
r Follower Configuration.","Input Impedance.","Transistor Biasing Voltage.","Shi
fting the DC Bias Level.","Common Emitter Amplifier.","Bias and Stabilisation.",
"","LDR Pull Up, Pull Down Circuit.","Thermistor Pull Up, Pull Down Circuit.","L
ight Operated Transistor Switch.","Light Dependent Resistor and Relay Circuit.",
"Thermistor Controlled Switch.","","Basic N Channel FET.","Basic MOSFET Transist
or.","FET Negative Biasing.","FET Automatic Biasing.","Depletion / Enhancement M
OSFET.","Enhancement MOSFET.","","Inverting Op-Amp.","Non-Inverting Op-Amp 1.","
Non-Inverting Op-Amp 2.","Dual Supply Op-Amp.","Input Difference Amplifier.","Bu
ffer Amplifier.","Integrator Amplifier.","Differential Amplifier.","","Inverting
Long Tail Pair.","Non-Inverting Long Tail Pair.","Negative Feedback.","Positive
Feedback.","Virtual Earth.","Gain and Frequency Response.","Common Mode Rejecti
on Ratio. CMRR.","","Voltage Oscillator.","Schmitt Trigger.","Sinking and Sourci
ng Output Current.","Timer Delay Circuit.","Light Sensitive Comparator.","","Dif
ference Amplifier.","Summing Amplifier.","Integrator Amplifier.","Digital to Ana
logue Conversion.","Digital to Analogue Using a Resistor Ladder.","","Measuring
Voltage. (Voltmeter)","Measuring Current. (Ammeter)","Measuring Resistance. (Ohm
meter)","Effect of Meter Loading.","Meter Overload Protection.","","Wheatstone B
ridge.","","Resistors.","Capacitors.","Diodes.","Silicon Controlled Rectifier.",
"NPN Transistor.","Identifying Transistor Types.","Diode Probe.","Logic Probe.",
"","Microprocessor / PIC(r) Microcontroller.","Basic PIC(r) Operation Diagram.",
"Basic PIC(r) Application.","Instruction Set Summary.","PIC16F84 Register File S
ummary.","PIC(r) Program Structure.","Code example 'Configuring the Ports'.","",
"PIC16F84 Block Diagram.","Program Memory Map and Stack.","Data Memory Organisat
ion.","Direct and Indirect Addressing.","STATUS Register.","OPTION Register.","I
NTCON Register.","Program Counter.","PORTA PINS RA3:RA0.","PORTA PIN RA4/T0CKI."
,"PORTB Pins RB3:RB0.","PORTB Pins RB7:RB4.","TMR0/WDT Prescaler.","Data EEPROM
MEMORY.","Crystal Oscillator Operation.","RC Oscillator Operation.","Configurati
on Fuses.","Other Features of the PIC16F84.","PIC16F84 Pin Diagram and Operating
Features.","","PIC16C71 Block Diagram.","Data Memory Organisation.","A/D Conver
sion Block Diagram.","ADCON0: A/D Control Register 0.","ADCON1: A/D Control Regi
ster 1.","A/D Conversion and Input Selection.","PIC16C71 Pin Diagram and Operati
ng Features.","A/D Conversion Procedure.","","Format for Byte Oriented File Regi
ster Operations.","ADDWF f,d : ADD W and f.","ANDWF f,d : AND W and f.","CLRF
f : Clear f.","CLRW : Clear W Register.","COMF f,d : Complement f.","DECF f,d :
Decrement f.","DECFSZ f,d : Decrement f, Skip if 0.","INCF f,d : Increment f.",
"INCFSZ f,d : Increment f, Skip if 0.","IORWF f,d : IOR W with f.","MOVF f,d :
Move f.","MOVWF f : Move W to f.","NOP : No Operation.","RLF f,d : Rotate Lef
t f through Carry.","RRF f,d : Rotate Right f through Carry.","SUBWF f,d : Sub
tract W from f.","SWAPF f,d : Swap nibbles in f.","XORWF f,d : Exclusive OR W
with f.","","Format for Bit Oriented File Register Operations.","BCF f,b : Bit
Clear f.","BSF f,b : Bit Set f.","BTFSC f,b : Bit test f, Skip if Clear.","BTF
SS f,b : Bit test f, Skip if Set.","","Format for Literal and Control Operation
s.","ADDLW k : ADD Literal and W.","ANDLW k : AND Literal and W.","CALL : Subr
outine Call.","CLRWDT : Clear Watchdog Timer.","GOTO : Go to address.","IORLW k
: Inclusive OR Literal with W.","MOVLW : Move Literal to W.","RETFIE : Return
from Interrupt.","RETLW k : Return Literal to W.","RETURN : Return from Subrou
tine.","SLEEP : Go into Standby Mode.","SUBLW k : Subtract W from Literal.","XO
RLW k : XOR Literal and W.","","Parallelogram Area.","Trapezium Area.","Triangl
e Area.","Annulus Area.","Cylinder Surface Area.","Pyramid Net and Surface Area.
","","Surface Area of a Cone.","Sphere Surface Area.","Lines of Symmetry.","Plan
es of Symmetry.","Pyramid.","Cube.","","Cylinder Volume.","Triangular Prism Volu
me.","Pyramid Volume.","Cone Volume.","Sphere Volume.","","Density.","Mass.","Vo
lume.","Speed.","Distance.","Time.","","Bisecting a Line at Right Angles.","Cons
truct a Perpendicular Line.","Dividing Longer Lengths or Distances.","Bisecting
an Angle.","Finding the Centre of Rhombus.","Finding the Centre of a Circle.","R
epeating an angle.","Draw Fixed Angles of 30 and 60.","Draw Fixed Angles of 90 and
45.","","Speed, Velocity and Acceleration.","Displacement / Time Graph.","Velocit
y / Time Graph.","Mass (Density and Relative Density).","Momentum.","Weight.","F
riction Force.","Stress.","Strain.","Work, Energy, Power and Efficiency.","","Mo
ment of Force.","Moments of Force in Equilibrium.","Torque.","Simple Lever Mecha
nical Advantage.","The Inclined Plane.","The Screw Jack.","Simple Dual Pulley.",
"Single Pulley Block and Tackle.","Multiple Pulley Block and Tackle.","Simple Be
lt Drive.","Gearing.","Gear Train with Idler.","Compound Gear Train.", "Resoluti
on of Forces.","Parallelogram Forces.","The Addition of Forces.","Triangle of Fo
rces.","Polygon of Forces.","","Light Propagation.","Radiation.","Reflection.","
Image in a Plane Mirror.","Refraction.","Apparent Distance and Actual Distance."
,"Total Internal Reflection.","Prisms.","Illumination.","Lenses and Focal Length
.","","Character Codes.","Mouse Signals.","Additive Colour Mixing.","Flat Screen
Display.","Simple Graphics Adaptor.","256 Intensity Levels.","Colour Monitor.",
"Disk Drives.","CD-ROM/DVD.","Serial Port Communications.","Serial and Parallel
Data Transfer.","","Data Sorting.","Data Merging.","Data Searching.","Data Array
.","Data Stack.","Data Queues.","Linked Lists.","Binary Trees.","","Fixed Length
Record.","Sequential Files.","Index Sequential Files.","Random Access Hash Tabl
es.","Locating Individual Records.","Check Digits.","Parity Error Checking.","Cy
clic Redundancy Check.","","Computer Hardware Configuration.","Computer Operatin
g System.","Local Area Networks. Star Network.","Wide Area Network.","UK Tele
phone System.","","Manual Data Handling System.","Computer Data Handling System.
","Data and Information.","Data Entry and Verification.","Data Validation.","Met
hods of Processing Data.","Data Security - Backups.","","Stages of System Develo
pment.","System Flowcharting.","Processing Strategy.","File Management System.",
"Computer Hardware.","Computer Software.","","Programming Structure.","Constant
Values.","Data Types.","Data Strings.","Working with Character Strings.","Condit
ional Branching.","Select...Case Statement Block.","For...Next Loop.","Do...Unti
l Loop.","Procedures.","","Frequency Distribution.","Standard Deviation.","Pie C
hart.","Probability Tree.","Probability Addition Law.","Probability Multiplicati
on Law.","Quartiles.","Cumulative Frequency, Box Plot.","Continuous Even Distrib
ution.","Sampling Theory.","Correlation Analysis.","Moving Average.","Seasonalit
y.","","Simple Decimal To Binary.","Simple Binary to Decimal.","Decimal To Binar
y.","Binary to Decimal.","Decimal to Octal.","Octal to Decimal.","Decimal to Hex
adecimal.","Hexadecimal to Decimal.","","Sign and Magnitude.","Ones Complement N
umbers.","Twos Complement Numbers.","Decimal to BCD.","Binary Addition.","Binary
Subtraction.","Floating Point Binary Numbers.","","Simple OR Logic Function.","
Simple AND Logic Function.","AND Gate Function.","OR Gate Function.","NAND Gate
Function.","NOR Gate Function.","NOT Gate Function.","Exclusive OR Gate Function
.","Equivalent Exclusive OR Circuit.","OR Function from NAND Gates.","Mixed Logi
c Analysis 1.","Logic Analysis 2.","","AND Gate.","OR Gate.","NOT Gate.","NAND G
ate.","NOR Gate.","EXCLUSIVE OR Gate.","Equivalent OR Gate.","Equivalent NAND Ga
te.","","DL (Diode Logic).","DTL (Diode-Transistor Logic).","TTL (Transistor-Tra
nsistor Logic).","ECL (Emitter Coupled Logic).","IL (Integrated Injection Logic).
","MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Logic).","CMOS (Complementary MOS).","","NAND
RS Flip-flop.","NOR RS Flip-flop.","Clocked RS Flip-flop.","D Type Flip-flop.","
T Type Flip-flop.","Master Slave Flip-flop.","JK Flip-flop.","","Half Adder.","F
ull Adder.","Parallel Adder.","2-4 Line Binary Decoder.","Decimal to BCD Encoder
.","Binary Multiplexer.","Data Masking.","Adding a Data Parity Bit.","","Bistabl
e or Flip Flop.","Clocked R,S Flip Flop.","D Type Data Latch.","Divide-by-Two Co
unter.","Divide-by-Four Counter.","4-Bit Binary Counter.","","Ripple Counter.","
Up/Down Counter.","Divide by 7 Counter.","Synchronous Up Counter.","Synchronous
Down Counter.","","Right Shift Register.","Left Shift Register.","Parallel Load
Shift Register.","","Logic Buffer Stage.","Bipolar Transistor Driver.","CMOS to
TTL Logic Interface.","Clock Pulse Generator.","","Basic 555 Timer.","555 Timer
Duty Cycle.","Monostable.","","Boolean Postulates in logic 0 and 1.","Commutativ
e and Associative Rules.","Identity.","Absorption and Negating Rules.","Distribu
tive Rules.","De Morgan's Theorems.","Simplifying using Boolean Theorem's.","Sim
plifying using DeMorgan's Theorem's.","","Basic Micro-Computer.","Micro-Computer
Architecture.","Microprocessor Block Diagram.","","Microprocessor Data Bus.","M
icroprocessor Address Bus.","","Memory Cell Addressing.","Chip Select and Addres
sing.","","Logic Unit.","Accumulator.","","Microprocessor Clock.","Microprocesso
r Reset Circuit.","","Instruction Register.","Instruction Decoder.","Control Sig
nals.","Chip Select.","","Transistor Switch.","Multi-Emitter Transistor.","Read/
Write Sense Amplifier.","Bipolar Memory Cell","","Read Only Memory.","Random Acc
ess Memory.","","Immediate Addressing","Implied Addressing.","Absolute Addressin
g.","Offset or Relative Addressing.","Zero Page Addressing.","Absolute Indexed A
ddressing.","Zero Page Indexed.","Indirect Addressing.","Indexed Indirect Addres
sing.","Indirect Indexed Addressing.","","LDA Load the Accumulator.","STA Store
Accumulator in Memory.","ADC Add with Carry.","AND Logical AND.","ORA Inclusive
OR with Accumulator.","EOR Exclusive OR.","CMP Compare Accumulator.","SBC Subtra
ct with Carry.","LDX Load the X Register.","LDY Load the Y Register.","STX Store
X in Memory.","STY Store Y in Memory.","","CPX Compare to X Register.","CPY Com
pare to Y Register.","DEC Decrement Memory.","INC Increment Memory.","ASL Arithm
etic Shift Left.","LSR Logical Shift Right.","ROL Rotate Left One Bit.","ROR Rot
ate Right One Bit.","BIT Test Accumulator With Memory Bits.","JMP Jump to Addres
s.","JSR Jump to Subroutine.","NOP No Operation Performed.","","Branching.","Cle
ar Flags.","BRK Break.","DEX Decrement X Register.","INX Increment 'X Register."
,"DEY Decrement Y Register.","INY Increment Y Register.","RTI Return from Interr
upt.","Push Register Contents.","Pull Register Contents.","RTS Return from Subro
utine.","Set Status Register Flags.","Transfer between Registers.","","Addition.
","Subtraction.","Multiplication.","Division.","Units, Tens, Hundreds etc.","Fur
ther Addition.","Further Subtraction.","Further Multiplication.","Further Divisi
on.","Directed Numbers.","Finding Next Number in a Sequence.","Temperature Conve
rsion Application.","Matrices Addition.","Matrices Multiplication.","","Rounding
Numbers.","Significant Figures.","Exponent To Ordinary Form.","Standard Form or
Index (SI) To Ordinary Form.","Ordinary to Standard Form or Index (SI).","","Ra
tional and Irrational Numbers.","Factors of N.","Prime Numbers.","Prime Factors.
","Lowest Common Multiple.","Highest Common Factor.","","Square Roots.","Square
Root of a Product.","Cube Roots.","","Angle Names.","Vertically Opposite Angles.
","Alternate Angles.","Corresponding Angles.","Supplementary Angles.","","Pythag
orean Theorem.","Sine","Cosine","Tangent","Find Length of Opposite Side using Si
n.","Find Length of Adjacent Side using Cos.","Find Length of Opposite side usin
g Tan.","Tangent Properties.","","Triangle Interior Angles.","Congruent Triangle
s.","Quadrilateral Interior Angles.","Exterior Angles.","Octagonal Angles.","Loc
us or Loci.","Enlargement.","Negative Scale Factor.","","Decimal to Percentage."
,"Percentage To Decimal.","Measurement 1 as a Percentage of Measurement 2","Perc
entage Change.","Percentage Error.","Compound Interest.","Appreciation.","Deprec
iation.","Product of Percentages.","","Ratio.","Proportional Parts Quantity Divi
sion.","","Proper and Improper Fractions.","Mixed Numbers.","Addition of Fractio
ns.","Subtraction of Fractions.","Multiplication of Fractions.","Division of Fra
ctions.","Fractions to Decimals.","Fractions to Percentages.","","Bearings.","Ve
ctor Parallelogram.","","Radius of a Circle.","Circle Area.","Chord of a Circle.
","Tangent of a Circle.","Arc of a Circle.","Length of an Arc.","Segment of a Ci
rcle.","Area of a Segment.","Sector Area.","Circle Theorem.","Circumference Angl
e.","Subtended Angle.","Cyclic Quadrilaterals.","","Associative Laws.","Non Asso
ciative Laws.","Commutative Laws.","Non Commutative Laws.","Distributive Laws.",
"","Algebra Rules.","","Formula Transformation.","Algebra Addition.","Algebra Su
btraction.","Algebra Addition and Subtraction.","Algebra Subtraction and Additio
n.","","Algebra Multiplication.","Algebra Division.","Algebra Multiplication and
Division.","Further Algebra Division.","","Sign Rules.","Identity Law for Addit
ion.","Identity Multiplication Law.","Inverse Addition.","Inverse Multiplication
.","Inequalities.","","Powers of a Number","Fractional Indices.","Multiplying Nu
mbers with Indices.","Dividing Numbers with Indices.","Multiplying and Dividing
Standard Form or Index (SI) Numbers.","","Removing Brackets 8a(a + c) + 5c(a - c
)","Removing Brackets 7b(a - b) - 4a(b - a)","Removing Brackets (3c + 3) (4c - 2
)","Factorising 5a - 5b","Factorising 3a + 9b","Factorising 2a + 4b - 8c","","Si
mple Linear Equation. n1x","Simple Linear Equation. x + n1","Simple Linear Equat
ion. x - n1","Simple Linear Equation. x n1","Solving Linear Equation. n1x + n2
= n3x - n4","Solving Linear Equation. n1x - x n2 = n3","Solving Linear Equation
. x n1 = n2 n3","","Horizontal Graph: y = n.","Vertical Graph: x = n.","Diagona
ls Graph: y = x and y = Nx","Straight Line Graph: y = mx + c","Quadratic Equat
ion Graph: y = ax","Quadratic Equation Graph: y = ax + bx + c","Simultaneous Linea
r Equations: y = -x, y = mx + c","Gradient of a Point on a Curve.","Gradient of
a Curve.","Distance / Time Graph.","","Positive Gradient or Elevation.","Negativ
e Gradient or Depression.","X-Y Coordinates.","The Slope of a Line.","Translatio
n.","Reflection.","","Sine Curve.","Combining Sine Curves.","Cosine Curve.","Tan
gent Curve.","Degrees to Radians.","Radians to Degrees.","","Wages and Salaries.
","VAT (Value Added Tax).","Hire Purchase and Credit.","Simple Interest.","Forei
gn Currency Conversion.","Income Tax.",