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ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

How is the internet governed?

A non-profit corporation reponsible for coordinating and maintaining the
global system of domain names and ip-numbers. Since its start, ICANN
has performed these functions under a contract with the US National
Telecommunications and Information Administration. This contract expired on
30 September 2016, whereby final control over the internets system of unique
It is a giant, organically growing identifiers was trasferred entirely to the private sector.
The internet is a decentralized global electronic
platform with billions of users,
communication infrastructure consisting of where new technologies, devices IETF, the Internet Engineering Task Force
An open community of researchers, computer engineers and network
thousands of local and regional networks that are and applications are developed
and incorporated continuously, designers that collaborate to develop and communicate technical standards of
owned and operated independently by different different kinds that facilitate the evolution of the internet.
without central planning or
companies, organizations, authorities, universities, authority. W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium
etc, but linked together in a way that allows An international membership organization that is responsible for developing
communication in countless forms, seamlessly and and maintaing standards for the World Wide Web, such as HTML, HTTP and
almost instantly, across and between continents.
IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
International professional association of engineers. IEEE develops standards
for e.g. LAN (Local Area Network) and Ethernet.


Instead of central authority They do this by developing These standards and protocols To ensure that the basic rules The Internet Governance Forum
there are several independent technical standards and are not enforced by law. Any of communication on the is an annual global meeting,
organizations that have assumed protocols that ensure that the computer manufacturer or internet benefits the users, the arranged on a United Nations
responsibility and gained the different technical devices and net operator is free to choose organizations involved in its mandate and bringing together
trust of the internet community parts of the system fit together whether to comply with the agreed governance are commited to stakeholders of various kinds
for coordinating and governing and talk the same language, and standards and protocols or not. involving stakeholders in open and users, technology developers,
certain vital aspects of internet by coordinating and managing But if they dont, their products will transparent working processes. net operators, businesses,
communication. the system of unique identifiers not be able to communicate with This is the so called multi- governments to discuss how
names and ip-numbers that other devices on the internet, so stakeholder approach which they want the internet to develop.
allow users and service providers they will probably be difficult to is a basic principle of internet It does not result in any binding
to find and identify each other on sell. governance. decisions, but provides input
the internet. and ideas to the organizations
mentioned above, which are
responsible for developing
internet policies.

It is a little bit like a language. There is no law forcing

you to use the same words and grammar as others.
But no one will understand you if you dont.