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7th Grade Volleyball

TOPIC: Volleyball

Lesson focus/Skills: volleyball serves

Equipment: 20 Volleyballs

Facilities: gym

Lesson Time: 3:00 4:00 Lesson Length: 1 hour


At the end of the class the students can:


Explain how to do an overhand, underhand and side arm serve.

Answer questions on how the hands, arms and feet are supposed to be when
doing the proper service.


perform fitness activity for approximately five minutes.

Correctly serve underhand using correct form and get the ball over the net.

Correctly perform the overhand serve 80% of the time they serve it.

serve the ball correctly and inbound 90% of the time during the culminating


Listen attentively to instructions when being given.

Show sportsmanship by following the rules that have been set up for the
specific game and encourage their teammates.

Fitness Activity:

Four side warm up drill and partner tag.
Talk about the serving area (where to serve and the rules with serving) and
the different types of serves you can do. (overhand, underhand, and side

Activity Skills:

Overhand, Underhand and side arm serve

Demonstrate how to do an Overhand, Underhand and side arm serve, and

explain how the hands, arms and feet are supposed to be.
Give the student time to practice. Demonstrate how the practice will be done
(when I say go you will get a partner close by and one of you will get a
volleyball and the other one will find a spot on the line where I showed you.


A. Assess the student by conducting a serving game; explain how the game will
be done.
- We are going to play a quick serving game; I will number you so remember
your numbers. You can either serve underhand or overhand serve. The goal is
to get it in bounds if you do overhand serve and get it in you get 2 points and
1 point for underhand serve. Just remember do the one you feel comfortable
with but also challenge yourself. One person serves at a time and once they
get it hits the floor the next person can serve but not till then. In a way you
are shagging for each other. Your points are team points. Check for
understanding and demonstrate.

B. Check to see how many got an underhand serve in bounds and the overhand
serve. Then to review have two students demonstrate the way to do both
serves while the class give the key components to each of the service.


Ask the student to practice the overhand and underhand serve for practical test
next meeting.
Lesson Plan

Principles of teaching 1

Dr. Perlita Custodio

Mr. Simon Peter Romualdez