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Melissa Rosanio

SERP 403/503
Transition Planning Document (IEP)
Student Information
Student Name: Lissette
DOB: 16 March 1995
IEP Meeting Date: 01 April 2016
Previous IEP Meeting Date: 01 April 2015
Current Grade Level: 12th
Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

Indicate the method used to invite the student to the transition meeting:
The student was invited to attend the transition meeting via mail. Her family
was also notified by a call home from her instructor.
Age Appropriate Transition Assessments and Summary
Personal Interests:
Lissette has expressed interest in finding employment, managing small
amounts of money, living independently, getting married, and having
Lissette will participate in work force training classes through Montgomery
County Community College.
Lissette has a desire to work in the food service industry, cleaning, and

Independent Living Skills (Optional):

For the first four years following graduation Lissette will be living at home but
has expressed interest in living in a supported living facility.

Student Strengths, Preferences, Interests

Who provided information about student strengths, preferences, interests:
Lissette, both of her parents, the guidance counselor at her high school, and
various special education teachers provided information on Lissette.
Was invitation of an outside agency considered? Were they invited? Did they
Due to her interest in the food industry, a supervisor from one of her local
diners was invited to the meeting and attended the meeting.
Measurable Post-Secondary Goals
Training/Education Goal:
After high school graduation, Lissette will attend Work Study Skills courses
and complete a non-degree program in food service at Montgomery County
Community College.
Training/Education Connected IEP Annual Goal:
After high school, Lissette will experiment with riding the public bus system
from her home to the community college and back to her house.
Employment Goal:
After the completion of the Work Study Skills course, Lissette will work on
campus at Montgomery County Community College in the food court with
supports from the staff.
Employment Connected IEP Annual Goal:
Lissette will tour various employment locations and meet with
managers to discuss what skills she should possess in order to begin
working in their specific field. Her areas of interest may include food
service, cleaning services, or laundering services.
Independent Living Goal (When necessary):
After graduation, Lissette will utilize public transportation, including buses,
scheduled vans, and the city bus with limited supports.
Independent Living Connected IEP Annual Goal:
Lissette will begin to practice daily living skills that are necessary for
individuals who live independently. She will practice cleaning up after
herself, completing her own laundry, and managing small amounts of
Transition Services/Activities
Transition Area Service/Activity Person/Agency Start End
Responsible Date Date
Employment Touring food Special Education Augus May,
industries, cleaning, teacher t, 2017
and laundering 2016
Education Completing Special education Augus Januar
Community College teacher and high t, y,
Applications school transitional 2016 2017
Education Touring Montgomery Special education Augus May,
Community College teacher, Parents t 2017
Independent Taking city bus, Parents Augus May,
Living managing checking t, 2017
account 2016
Education Registering for Parents, Augus Augus
Montgomery Montgomery t,201 t,
Community College Department of 7 2017
Disability Services
Courses of Study Supporting Goals and Activities
Course Year Year Year Year
Work Force Training 2017 2018
Freshman Success course 2017 2018
CF 130- Intro to Culinary 2017 2018
English 101 2017 2018
Transfer of Rights at Majority
The student and his/her parents were informed of the transfer of rights under Part B of
IDEA (except for a child with a disability whose rights remain with a court-appointed
Yes: (Date):
Parent/Student Signatures: