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Max Hantel

• Literature
o Don’t conform the literature to your ideas, build around the literature
o Remember Hiroshima built around one cards – Ford
o Take on historical context of topic, literature
 Historical genealogy – why past is key to future, etc.
o Questions resolution
o Decisions to make:
 Relationship to topic
• Topical or warrant for resolution or affirm resolution or Kritik the topic
 What is your relationship to framework or topicality
• If no plan – what is strat is T-USFG is read
• Answer DAs with aff turns case – Kritik DAs (high risk, high reward)
• Rape of okinawans has been continued by American military justifying need for forward
• Framing of CP is a solvency deficit to the CP – intertwining between reps
• Negative says you shouldn’t get multiple reps – no division between plan text and
• i/l cards designate why starting point, bearing witness is needed to break the system
o point of intervention/ try-or-die
o least strategic k aff – but need plan text for hs judges
o solve a manifestation of impacts
• find specific cards
 vision of topic
• where you want the topic to go
• Heg good, etc. read no link – has nothing to do with
• Have link defense
• Kritik and answer impact turns
• Don’t lose to offensive args
• Neg Ks – best argument is a permutation
o Think about how Ks may interact with your aff
• K Affs
o Structural violence
 Militarism is a juggernaut, eroding culture
o China threat aff
 Arrest cycles of paranoid threat construction
o Drones
 Mechanization of war
o Orientalism aff
o Remember Hiroshima aff (Butler 09 – “differential ways in grievance” “site of unnecessary struggle”)
 Remove nukes from territorial waters
 Framework – mcclearen 99 “unflinching recorders of the struggles” “define notions of what is
topical in pedagogy”)
 Zinz 93 “do not absolve educators of educating of these events” “hiroshima is still our text”)
o “NO” plan
 Say some shit – depends on judge
 Make plan about language – Word PICs (see antonucci for word PIC help)
 Historical genealogy – why past is key to future, etc.
 Card that talks about what you’re doing and why we have to exclude
• Framework (email framework blocks to Max)
o Be dominant on question of valuable education
o Your interpretation key to in-depth knowledge of the topic – contextual evidence
o Call them racist – Richard Delgado card
o Impact turn notion of fairness – veneer of objectivity
o Your aff is the heart of the topic
o Interpretation of why there is predictable negative ground
o Carol Cohn 87 – impact turn roleplaying
• Implementation
o CX of 1AC is the most important part of the debate
 Judge needs to understand your aff
 Constant CX practices of 1AC
• What do you do?
• What mechanism?
• Role of ballot?
• How do you solve?
o 2AC- Kritik DAs, have impact calc – torture o/w nuke war
 Cut cards on framing issues – Precarious Life by Judith Butler – conflating individual lives is
dehumanizing, makes arresting violence impossible, war becomes inevitable
o Predict word PICs that might be run against you
 Impact turn PICs – say why language is bad
• Content
o Orientalism
o Defending cultures and self-determination good
o Okinawan structural violence,
o Gender aff
o Bagram torture aff
o Irony affs okay – Jody Dean ev
o Including more women in military will solve all the problems – disruption of
 Defending white men’s burden irony aff
o Peter Koveillo – homoerotism of nuke “apocalypse from now on”
o Historical genealogy – orientalism
 Neitzsche genealogy and history by Michael Foucault
 Chalmers Johnson – D&G
 Ian Buchanan