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The grant proposal project was the hardest project I ever completed.

I had no prior grant

writing experience before this project. Each component was challenging.

Finding the demonstrated need was not too difficult in my experience. As a teacher

working in the classroom there is a lot of things we wish we had. I had to refocus the wants of a

teacher and think of it in a professional development manner. Which brought me to the

demonstrated need I decided on which was helping teachers learn how to properly use their

mobile technology.

The part I had the most trouble with was setting the goals and objectives. I was confused

about the difference between the two. To receive funding, a proposal must demonstrate fit

between the instructional strategic plan, the goals of the sponsor, and the objectives of the

project, (Daniel, West, Daniel, & Flowers, 2006). Writers need to have lots of data and clearly

lined goals and objectives. After the one on one conference with Dr. Baylen I was able to know

the difference between the two.

Aligning the needs to evaluate was not the hardest part for me in this project. I have a

good amount of experience with developing and deciding on assessments for my lessons. I

enjoy creating the assessments and designing the lessons in my own class.

As a former event coordinator thinking about the different items needed for a

professional development days was not a challenge. I know what a crowd of people need during

a day of meetings.

Being a leader within an organization is an important thing to me. I enjoy taking on

leadership roles. Designing professional development and helping educators hone their craft is

a way I can be a leader in my field. Being a part of helping a teacher feels wonderful. Being able

to a part of their career path is a humbling and exciting thing. Researcher Sandra Bridwell

conducted research on urban African-American teachers from different areas of the country and
almost all, said that the support they received from administrators was inadequate, (Bridwell,

2012). In my short time as a teacher in the classroom I have noticed it is hard to find a school

where the majority of teachers feel supported by their administration. I hope that people I work

with can look back and see that I am a supportive part of their journey.

Looking back at this assignment I would not do many things differently. I think I did a

good job overall. My beginning of the assignment was not very spectacular, but after meeting

with Dr. Baylen I was able to fix items I was lackluster on.

I think this class and assignment has opened new doors for me. My first grant proposal

was very hard, but if I keep working on writing grant proposals with coworkers I can become

much better at grant writing. Writing grant proposals can be very helpful in the education field.

Teachers and schools are lacking a lot to help our students, especially the rural and urban

schools. Most teachers avoid writing grants because it is very hard to do. If I work hard at it and

become a good grant writer, I can help my fellow teachers and small schools.

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