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Mark Ferguson

Career Research

26 February 2017

Delaware State Police

With my current major I wish to become a Delaware State Trooper, as a Trooper, I would

not only have the responsibility of the residents of the Delaware area but also those who come in

to Delaware to visit our state. Some requirements to become a Trooper, must be a U.S citizen,

must be 21 years old or older, must have high school diploma or GED, while having a minimum

of 60 credits, no residence is required but must be a Delaware resident by time of academy

completion, must be in good-health, drug-free, no criminal background, will have background

checked and other requirements are accessed when accepted. To give myself the best possible

chance to be accepted I will continue to go to the gym, keep focusing on my education to excel

in all my classes and to keep my mind determined on getting this job.

The selection process is broken down into 5 aspects. The Written Examination consists of

the following three multiple-choice instruments:

Written Test: Measures cognitive abilities in the areas of memorization, visualization, reasoning,

spatial orientation, written expression, written comprehension, problem sensitivity and

information ordering.

Work Styles Inventory: Measures motivational, value-related, and attitudinal characteristics.

Life Experience Survey: Measures past history and experience. Then the Physical Fitness Test

evaluates applicants on the following:

- Aerobic Capacity: 1.5 Mile Run
- Strength: Push-ups (as many as possible in one minute)
- Endurance: Sit-ups (as many as possible in one minute)

The Oral Board Interview measures the ability to communicate information or ideas to other

people in the areas of comprehension and reasoning, oral expression, interpersonal interactions,

decision-making and initiating action. Fourth, the Polygraph Interview focuses on the areas of

criminal activity, drug usage, employment history, financial decision-making and driving history.

Finally, the Background Investigation-includes another in-depth interview with the candidate, as

well as multiple interviews with the candidate's family, friends, neighbors, supervisors, co-

workers, acquaintances, etc. The investigator will also verify the candidate's correctness.

Delaware State Police are on competitive salary - during training over $47,000. After
training, over $55,000. Which can also improve depending on what position you start as. Coming
out of the academy and starting higher the private can increase your pay.

Delaware State Police offer great benefits to their troopers and so does the agency. They

Excellent pension plan - (Mandatory retirement at 55, the option to retire at 20 years)

12-hour shifts with option of standby status for court, State-share health insurance, Division-
issued equipment, and uniforms.

Liberal vacation and sick leave, College tuition assistance, Take-home car with state-of-the-art
information technology after 18 months.

Deferred Compensation/Investment Plan, Tax-deferred medical/child care program, Blood Bank

membership, Eligible membership for employee's credit union. All this comes within the first
year to year and half depending on your status and rank among the other officers.

State of Delaware - Delaware State Police - Recruiting - Requirements


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