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In this project work the product chosen by us is stock cubes from Knorrcompany. We
tried to cover the brief history of the company, the brief history of the brand. We have also tried
to cover the SWOT analysis of this brand. At the end we have proceeded to the 4Ps of the
marketing for stock cubes Knorr product.


A passion for good food goes right back to Knorr's earliest days. The business was
formed in 1838, when founder Carl Heinrich Knorr pioneered experiments in drying seasonings
and vegetables to preserve their flavor and nutritional value. Since then, Knorr has become
an international brand offering a wide range of bouillons, soups, seasonings, sauces, soupy
snacks, dressings and frozen and ready-made meals.

Knorr products owe their tastes and flavors to the culinary skills of its chefs. Knorr
embodies a truly global cuisine, which began when the globe-trotting sons of its founder started
importing new ideas from overseas. The tradition stands today and Knorrs drive for innovation
still centers around its original factory in Heilbronn where international teams of chefs contribute
to product innovation.


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Food philosophy of Knorr, one thats been years in the making. Their story starts back
in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened a factory a factory in Heilbronn, Germany, supplying
chicory to the coffee industry. He began to experiment with drying vegetables and seasonings,
to preserve nutrition and flavor, leading, in1837, to the launch of the first Knorr dried soups
across continental Europe. This breakthrough ushered in a string of advancements. From the
launch of the nutritious Erbswurst, or pea soup, in 1889, to pioneering Knorr European sauce
mix in 1908, creativity and innovation have been at the heart of everything our chefs do.


In 1912, we introduced something really exciting, the first product of Knorr is Bouillon cube.
Now, families could enjoy delicious dishes at home without the need to make stock from
scratch. This humble little product proved a hit. Just one example of how, with dedication and lot
of love, Knorr Endeavour to help customers cook better meals every day.


Knorr is available around the world and in every country. We pride ourselves on genuine
understanding of local flavors, providing great tasting favorites and helping you sample
authentic flavors from other cultures.

In 1957, flagship Knorr brands like bouillon and soups were sold in 8 countries and by
2000,Knorr products were sold in nearly 90 countries around the globe. This led us to an
important milestone that same year, when Knorr joined the Unilever family.


Throughout the 20th century, Knorr launched many exciting recipes throughout the world.
Knorr soupy noodles in India, Knorr home-style stock in Canada and the US, Knorr soups
across Europe and the rest of the world. In fact, Knorr products are now enjoyed by 320
million people every day. All of this still carry the iconic signature of Carl Heinrich Knorr, with
whom it all began. Today, the kitchens of Knorr are playgrounds to hundreds of real chefs,
passionate experts who work together to hone recipes that help customers serve up tasty meals
all the time.

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Knorr always strive to discover new ways to make the meals memorable, with clever ideas
and products. We go to extraordinary lengths to get the best flavors from ingredients, and we
embrace global cuisines. Knorr aim is to help you create good and simple food that is full of


It is the commitment to providing customers with the highest quality food that now leads Knorr
to a new future, one that embrace sustainability. Knorr investing in new more efficient
processes and embracing the principles of sustainability right through the business, from seed
spoon.It is not an easy path, but sourcing the ingredients responsibly helps to ensure that we
can continue to provide families the world over the great tasting, nutritious meals for years to


The target market of cubes Knorr product is for a mother or women who looks to prepare
a quick meal and concern about health benefits.Also look forward for an appreciation from their
loved once for the special dishes. The segmentation of cubes Knorr is in the term of
demographic is for a female age between 25 to 50. The geographic segmentation is for sub-
urban and rural area.



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Association with quality and taste. Low brand awareness levels
Strong brand heritage.
Innovative of flavors. The only all in (consumers are not really aware of the

one purpose seasoning in the market brands benefits and despite reasonably

that are flavor variety of dishes. high recall.

Expanding distribution network Limited distribution.
The price is affordable. Offering suitable for urban markets only
New entrants competitors that have

very much similar products.

Limitations of the products.


Disposable income has increased Strong presence of heavy competitors.

Imitations of stock cubes Knorr that
over the past few years, thus
may results on decreasing the product
increasing the consumers
market share.
purchasing power. Has a possibility that the product will be
Awareness of healthy, hygienic and
phase out soon.
conveniently packaged food is on the

Consumer exposure to foreign

products has also increased.

More television advertisement on

cooking shows.


The competitors of Cubes Knorr is Maggie.

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Products of Knorr under category product of stock cubes, in Malaysia there are five
flavors variants namely Knorr Chicken Cubes, Knorr Beef Cubes, Knorr Chicken NAM Cubes,
Knorr IkanBilis Cubes and Knorr Tomyam Cubes. Knorr aim to capture a Malaysian target
market with produced product with typical Malay taste such as produced flavors of Tom yam and
IkanBilis. Another product strategy is developing packaging of product in cubes shape. It is easy
for customers to make dishes in a small quantity with the best taste of seasoning product. This
way also will be able to capture the new market. Traditionally, Knorr stock cubes product is
available only in a packaging that is design for household consumption. The product is easy to
prepared but not long lasting and perishable product compared with new packaging in a cubes


Like any company, Knorr company has setting the price based on competitive price.
Competitive price is setting the price in comparison with competitors. This competitive price has
three optionthat are the price lower, the price the same or the price higher than competitors.
Knorr company offers a price matching service to match what their competitors are offering.
The price of Knorr product lower from their competitors to grab the market opportunity.Knorr
companyalso using psychological pricing. They will consider the psychology of price and
positioning of price within the market place to attract the customers.


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Knorr entered the market in various ways. The distribution network is well spread
almost everywhere in the country included in Malaysia. Easily available in all
stall.Knorrcompany has its own distribution network its products. They have several
warehouses, one of each division is in Malaysia. The company does not use their own
transportation for distributing the product. They have outsourced their distribution process to
various third party distributors. Then, these distributors supply the product all over the world
included in Malaysia.


Promotion is that part of communication that consist of company messages designed to

stimulate awareness, interest, desire and action of customers to purchase of the products or
services. Knorrcompany spends a huge amount of promoting their products. Knorr markets
their products heavily on print media, banners, signboards, social media and the most important
they promote their product very effectively through TV commercials. They sponsor various of
cooking shows to promote their usage of products. They also use the sales promotion, by giving
a free sample to customers to grab the attention of buyers.


In the brand development we redesign on this brand and become KiubKuahLaksaas a

brand development and put a innovation on this brand.In this brand development project, we
tried to cover the background of the product development, objective of the product, the
advantage and disadvantage of the product. We have also tried to cover the scope of the
project, the basis of marketing mix of this product. In this project also included the SWOT
analysis of this brand and the process of product development.


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QueenCube Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysia company which involve in a food industry business.
QueenCube Sdn. Bhd. established on 27 December 2012 with registration number
KV2000157T. This company was formed of private limited companies in the Act of 1965. This
company consist of six members, who have a major shares and as a board member of the
company. The name history of QueenCube Sdn. Bhd is created by the board members. The
meaning of queen cube is as a symbol to show the leader of the product in the cubes shapes.
Which means, our company want to produced many products especiallyany type of gravy but in
the cubes shapes. QueenCube Sdn. Bhd was joined the food industry because food industry
nowadays has a high potential and has more opportunity in this industry. QueenCube company
produced the type of instant meal nutritious product. The first product of our company is known
as Kiub Kuah Laksa.

9.1 Company vision:

To be the worlds best instant meal company. Being the best means providing
outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value, so that every customer is contented
and happy with our products.

9.2 Company Mission:

To be the leading premier consumer products company focused on any type of instant
gravy. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards to investors as we provide
opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and
the communities in which we operate and in everything we do, we strive for honesty,
fairness and integrity.

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9.3 Company Objectives:

To become a company that can market the product to the whole peninsular of
Malaysia in 2015.
Being a company that can expand the market with the variety of instant gravy
in a cubes.
To achieve the sales target of 3,000 units in the 3 months period in the east
coast market in Malaysia.
To produce instant gravy that was delicious and high quality from our company
with the international Halal standards.


Kiub Kuah Laksa is a kind of instant gravy meals based on fish and other adding
ingredients that is dried to form a cubes shape. This product is produced from high quality of
ingredients such as onion and fish. This function of product is to facilitate and accelerate the
user to prepared Kuah Laksa. The consumer can make the three types of Kuah Laksa with this
Kiub Kuah Laksa. From only Kiub Kuah Laksa they can make the variety of Kuah Laksa such as
Kuah Laksa Peneng, Kuah Laksa Johor and also Kuah Laksa Kelantan. Naturally, to make
Kuah Laksa is more complicated and it also using the high cost. But, when using this Kiub Kuah
Laksa this is more easier than traditional of making Kuah Laksa and this also can save the cost.

10.1 The objective of the product:

To maintain the endurance of the product at the room temperature.
This product is more easier for consumer to prepare KuahLaksa
The time management to prepared KuahLaksa is more shorter than using a
traditional ways.
Can cut the cost of preparing KuahLaksa.

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10.2 The Advantage of the product:
Non-perishable product
To facilitate the career women to prepare KuahLaksa in the short time but have
a good taste.
Durability of the product storage can be maintained even in the room

10.3 The disadvantage of the product:

This KiubKuahLaksa isnot yet known by the consumers because this products
are still new in the market and have not been commercialized yet and this
product require more aggressive promotion.


The target market of this product is suitable for career women. This is because, the
career women do not have enough time to prepare the traditional Kuah Laksa. The traditional
Kuah Laksa take a lot of time to prepare. The scope of this product only focus on west coast at
the beginning, then will be extended to the whole of peninsular Malaysia within in two years.


By using SWOT analysis, the QueenCube company can determine its position in the
market and enhance more strategy in the future. This also, may affect the markets and can
penetrate the global markets. Indirectly, this product will be famous in the market and attract
more consumers.


i) Product strengths:

In the terms of products, the QuuenCube company is the only of the company
that markets a cube of Kuah Laksa based on natural materials around the east west of
Malaysia. Although, there are several companies producing instant gravy, but it was only

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produced in the paste. The products in the paste form are difficult for consumers to
store the product. It also non-durables and should always be stored in the cold
temperature. QueenCube company produced the Kuah Laksa in the cubes shape can
maintain the originality of taste.

QueenCube company produced Kiub Kuah Laksa which is the best product
innovation by using a good technology and natural ingredients and also high quality.
Different with other instant gravy, mostly they using a chemicals and additional flavor that
can reduce nutrients and the originality of flavors. Our company also focuses on the
quality and cleanliness of the product. This product has received recognition from

ii) Human resources strengths:

QueenCubecompany also has strength in terms of human resources. The

employees of company have a higher skills and qualified. They are very hardworking,
dedicated and educated in the field of food processing. QuuenCube company also lucky
when our company having employees who are willing to work hard to prepare the latest
product of company.

Besides that, the production, finance and marketing department teams are very
experienced in their own field. The production teams of the company using their
production skills to produce the innovation product and also they using a new
technology. In the finance department, they have experience in managing the company
budget and trusted involving about financial matters. In the marketing department, they
have experience in managing marketing strategies for the company.


i) Weaknesses in terms of financial:

The weaknesses in terms of financial, the company has limited capital.

Therefore, the company had to convince the bank to obtain the necessary loan. The

10 | P a g e
bankers are not confident with company ability because our company is a newly
established. Our company have to show the stability of companys management and
marketing strategy use by company.

ii) Weaknesses in terms of market:

QueenCube company difficult to market the product because our company is still
new in the market and not yet recognized in Malaysia compared with well-known
company which operates in more develop place such as Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Pinang
and Johor. This condition causes the growth of the company has not been growth of the
company has not been growing rapidly.


i) Product opportunity:

QueenCubeSdn.Bhd. is the first company that produceKiubKuahLaksa in the

market. Therefore, our company must take the opportunity to grab the customer
attention for this product. It also to grab the large market to expand the market share to
the international markets.

ii) Company opportunity:

This will provide the opportunity for our company to expand the market shares
because it has a little bit of competitors. A small competitor can provide a good chance
to company to move forward to expand the market share in Malaysia and the company
also can take the initiative to introduce this brand to Sabah and Sarawak.

iii) Lifestyle changes opportunity:

The lifestyle changes nowadays also can give opportunity to the company.
Changing lifestyles of society, that wants easy and simple in cooking or in preparing a
meal, especially working women that not have enough time to cook something that
complicated because the constraints of time and energy. Therefore our company grab
the opportunity to produce KiubKuahLaksa that can full fill their needs and wants. In the

11 | P a g e
long term planning, our company also may produced many types of Kuah in the cubes


i) Competitors threats:

Competitors is one of the threat. It capable to become a threat for the company.
The nearest competitors for the company is the company that produced instant gravy.
The competitors usually from the company that has already strong market. The nearest
competitors of our company is Bio Haruan Tech (M) company that produced product
under the Rizza Brands, which that the company produced instant food such as instant
Laksa. Pak Ngah food marketing and Adami Food And Spices industries Sdn. Bhd also
the competitors.



Products is anything that can be offered in a market for attention, acquisition, use, or
consumption that might satisfy a need or want. Products also anything that can be offered on
the market and it has a set of characteristics of packaging material, quality, brand and colour.

KiubKuahLaksaproduced by QueenCubecompany that is a consumer product

classification under conveniences product. Consumer products is that customer usually buys
frequently and immediately. Consumer products also is a product that purchased by end user.
KiubKuahLaksa is designed in the cube shape. Selection of design in the cube is to facilitate the
process of preparation KuahLaksa and also to fulfil of needs and wants of consumers.


Branding is the name, term, sign, or design or a combination of these and identifies the
maker or seller of a product or service. The branding also can differentiate our product with the
competitors product. Branding also something that can easy to remember or to call the brand of
the product.

12 | P a g e
QueenCube is agreed to brand the name of the company product withKiubKuahLaksa,
where the branding can help customers to identify or differentiate with other products. Kiub is
represent the products are form in the cube shape. The production of KiubKuahLaksahave
been registered and protected by law and has received recognition from JAKIM.


Packaging involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product.
QueenCube company has determined that using of the three types of packaging, that is
primary packaging, secondary packaging and also tertiary packaging. For primary packaging,
Kiub Kuah Laksa is wrapping by aluminium paper. It to prevent the cubes is melting and

Secondary packaging is using the square shape box. The packaging is attractive and
easier for users to open it. It is also easy to bring to anywhere and it not too large. There is six
cubes in each box.

Then, in the tertiary packaging is using a shipping box for bulk handling. The packaging
can protect the primary and secondary packaging of the risk of damage during storage and
shipping process.


PT 4284A Jalan 7/44


13 | P a g e 16100 Kota Bharu


Figure 11.1: The Packaging Product of Edge View.


Labeling is part of packaging that contain the information printed on or with the product.
QueenCube company using the label on the packaging for the purpose of promoting the
products through the attractive graphics to attract the attention of consumers. This product
have some label such as the name of the product, address, logo company, bar code logo, the
logo of made in Malaysia and Halal symbol.

14 | P a g e
Figure 11.2: The labeling


1) Clean and washed the fish. Then, boiled with salt.

2) Reducing the fish using the Fish Meat Separator and blended the fish using the

15 | P a g e
3) Once onions and ginger is peeled, washed and cut it and then ground it using a blender.

4) Mixed together the onion and ginger into the fish and cooked it using the machine Fish
Dough Mixer

5) The process of forming a cube by using a cube processing equipment

16 | P a g e
6) Put the
cubes into
the vacuum
dryer oven
with a temperature of 60C for a drying process.

Lastly, KiubKuahLaksa on vacuum pack for a fresh and long lasting.


Put 450 milliliters of water with 2 cubes of KuahLaksa in a pot, wait until boiling.

17 | P a g e
Then, add the other ingredients according to your taste.

11.5: How to use label

13.2 PRICE

It is the sum of all the values that consumers give up in order to gain the benefits of
having or using a product or service. Price also is one of the most flexible element of the
marketing mix because it is easy to be modified to suit with the market. This pricing of
companys products also is something that dynamic.

QueenCube company is using the penetration pricing strategy, penetration strategy is

set a low initial price to penetrate the market quickly and deeply to attract a large number of
buyers quickly to gain market share. The company has agreed to put the retail price of RM 1.75
per 48 Gram of cube for each box. Below is the calculation of the cost of production.

Raw Material Price (RM)

Ikanselayang 50.00

18 | P a g e
Bawangmerah 1.00

Bawangbesar 1.00

Miscellaneous 13.00

Total RM65.00

Calculation of cost for produced 7200 gram / 150 box

Cost per Unit:


150 UNIT

= RM 0.44

Cost Price:

Raw Material Cost = RM 0.44

Packaging = RM 0.15

Management = RM0.20

Transportation = RM 0.20

19 | P a g e

Dealer Price = RM1.42

Retail Price = RM1.75

Market Price = RM2.10

Profit = 30.3 %

13.3 PLACE

The distribution channel is a set of interdependent organizations that help make a

product or service available for use by the consumer or business user.

(The second level of distribution level)

20 | P a g e
(The Third level of distribution level)



The QueenCube company decided to advertise the product Kiub Kuah Laksa more
aggressively through the print and electronic media to promote a product. Moreover, these
advertising can be delivered more widely to the target market. Electronic mass media channels
selected by our company is in the radio. Radio network is used to promote is ERAfm, HOTfm,
and Sinarfm to give more information about the product.

Then, our company also using the electronic print media mass such as in magazine to
advertise this Kuib Kuah Laksa. The purpose of advertised in magazine is to promote this
product to career women. The magazine is advertise in Keluarga magazine. In this magazine,
this advertisement on the front page. In Wanita magazine is advertised in the middle of the

21 | P a g e
The company also is advertised in the Harian Metro newspaper. This product is
advertised on the right side of extra sheet that containing a news and information about the
new product.

Our company also using a sales promotion. Sales promotion is a short term incentive to
increase sales and purchase. There are various types of sales promotion that can be used in
promoting the product. Our company offers a free gift. If customers purchase three box above,
the users will get the Tupperware as a free gift.

The other promotion is economy packs. Economy packs will be given when the
consumer making a purchase of three boxes just only RM5.90. It is saving 40cents with the
purchase of economy packs. Our company also doing a product sample to give for customers
to try our product.


14.1 Brand enhancements:

(Variety of product line)

We will produce variety types of Kuah in a cube shape. For example Kuah Kari, Kuah
Masak Lemak Cili Api, Kuah Kurma and many more.


In terms of packaging, we will using a slide box that it will made easy for the customer to
use it.

14.2 Promotional strategies.

Before this, we use aggressive advertising in our forecast, then when our product is
already well known, we change our promotion strategy from aggressive become less
aggressive especially in television because advertising using the television will use a lot
of cost.

22 | P a g e
14.3 Pricing strategies.
We will use market skimming pricing with high initial price to skim revenue layers from
the market. It makes sense when our products quality and image support its higher
price, and enough buyers must want the product at the price.

14.4 Place or distribution strategies.

We will expand our product around Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak because
before this we only expand our product in South country.


As a conclusion, our company will find out more opportunities to expand the market
share of the product.Our company also continues to searching for new ideas to keep more
advanced than competitors. In our brand modification, the objective that we want to achieve is
to maintain the endurance of the product at the room temperature so that our product can last
longer without affect the quality. Another objective that we have to achieve is this product
iseasier for consumer to prepare Kuah Laksa and the time management to prepare Kuah Laksa
is shorter than using a traditional ways. Because of our target consumer is career women, so it
is suitable for them to prepare Kuah Laksa in the short time but have a good taste. Not only that,
this productcan cut the cost of preparing Kuah Laksa.

23 | P a g e


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Unilever Group, (n.d). The Brand Of Knorr Available at


Product Packaging of front view

25 | P a g e
Product Packaging of Back View

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