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Emcee 1: Fiesta is one of the most awaited and anticipated event of each town of our beloved

country. This is not just talks about celebration but it will exemplify the unity of each town

Emcee 2: The time has come once again for The Promise Land by the inhabitants, Marcos Ilocos
Norte to celebrate its Annual and Patronal Town Fiesta. The timing of our celebration could not be
better for this opportunity can be used to welcome the new year, celebrating what is to come.
Ton i g h t t h e n i s a l o n g r e v e l r y o f j o y a n d a s i m p l e b u t a v e r y memorable,
meaningful celebration for us. This is a telltale sign that once again, we will be on our
old self and be proud of our achievement.

E1: L e t u s g i v e t h e n o u r s e l v e s a v e r y r e f r e s h i n g a c t i v i t y a n d g e t ourselves
back to the festival mood that had been the way that unite us Marcosians, tonight is our
NIGHT, so KEEP YOURSELF AFFRONT and being the warm fiesta on the roll.

E1 & E2: Good evening and a Miraculous Fiesta, Marcos!

E1: before we finally spread out the red carpet, may we all stand as we invoke the presence our
Omnipotent Creator through a prayer to be led to us by Mr Angelito Raquel, Town's Legal Assistant
II. Please remain standing to show patriotism to our country through singing the Philippine Nat'l
Anthem, Miss Flordeliza Agdinaoay, Data Machine operator I, conducting. Mrs. Annie A. Aguigam,
Administrative aide VI will lead us in singing proudly our Marcos Hymn.

E2: why do you think our dear Marcos is said to be the Promise Land by the inhabitants?

E1: Marcos is called Promise land by the inhabitants because of its vast expanse of contiguous
and fertile delta areas. The town has lush vegetation and terrain which is suitable for rice faming-
the main livelihood of the Ilocanos. And it is really great feeling as we know, MARCOS Ilocos Norte
has been writing its famous name not only outside the town premises but all throughout the country
inside and outside.

E2: And this time, with a very long-time preparation of this most awaited event, we will witness how
Marcosians said to be the Promise Land. And as for the moment, Marcosians will expose their
creativity and patient hands as they will contend for the Best Latern of the town 2015. This would
be a great oppurtunity to be given for the Marcosians as they share their endowment.

E1: And to finally get us go, Mrs. Rowena Rosquita, Director General 2 nd Pinakbet Festival, will roll
out the red carpet.

E2: and to make this competition authenticated, we had chosen the trusted persons to judge on
the Best Lantern of the town 2015. (judges)

E2: and here are the criteria in judging the Best lantern of the town 2015.

E1: Marcosians are really exceptional, regarding its name taken out from the benevolent and
quick-witted, The Late President of the Philippines, Apo Ferdinand E. Marcos, we can say that not
only in the farms we can excel but, from head to toe, we can be bowl over every town in South.
E2: indeed, we can not just be called crea-tives, Creative Natives but we are great model of good
leadership. May we all lend our ears as he will extend his warmest gratitude and proudness to all
of us his constituents, a diligent and hardworking Marcos' Vice Mayor, Atty. James A. Felipe.

E1: Thank you sir! We are very elated and priveleged to have you officiating us. Had you watched
the most talked about Tan-ok Festival?

E2: actually, that event will not be out of my list to watched.

E1: so had you witnessed startling stamping feet of Marcosians?

E2: definitely, everytime I watch their performance during Tan-ok, it would uplift my chin and say,
Proud to be a Marcosian.

E1: and at this juncture, we again be impressed with one of the hidden flair of the Marcos People.
So sit back, relax, held your heads up high to the Marcos' Tan-ok Dancers.

E2: What a spectacular performance! I wish I could put on their dancing shoes. You are really

E1: Had you seen the bloody preparation of the officials of the government for this event? And this
event is a successful one because of the hands-on preparation of the municipal government and
they will not be motivated to work diligently withour his governance, may we give a round of
applause to the person behind this palmy fiesta, his excellency, Honorable arsenio agustin, to
deliver his message.

E2: Thank you sir, you indeed exemplify good leadership. And, this is the most awaited moment,
the announcement of winners for the best lantern of the town 2015. who's your bet? What lantern
do you think will light up and give shine to the town of Marcos? May I call on the chairman of the
board of judges, to announce the winners.

E1: This celebration is a moment that shows cammaraderie of Marcos people, well, no doubt,
everyone draws a curve a line to their faces right now. We all know that every show has an ending;
every sentence has its period, maybe this time, this celebration will end but for Marcos people it is
a forever moment to cherish on. So, to halt this successful event, May I call on honorable Jessie
Ermitanio, ABC president.

E1&E2: once again, Congratulations winners! Happy fiesta Marcosians! Marcos Forward Forever,
Backward Never. Thank you and good evening to one and all.