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Learning activity 1

Evidence: My holiday trip

Select a place you would like to travel and consider a special celebration to take
part in there. Complete your agenda format including information about the
celebration and the place you are visiting. You can see an example in Introductory
material section 2. How to make arrangements and predictions? Then answer the
questions about your plans.

Friday Saturday Sunday

In the morning Be at the airport at Visit a museum
6:30 visit my grandparents

In the afternoon Come to Germany Lunch dishes from Ice skating


In the evening Visit my aunt to Go to cinema

celebrate Valentine's Get to know the city
day with her night

Viernes sbado- Domingo

en la maana
En la tarde
En la noche


1. Where are you going to? Germany

2. How long are you staying? 3 months

3. Who are you visiting? to know the country

4. What are you doing on Friday? Preparing for trave

5. What are you doing on Saturday? on Saturday I will know a museum

6. What are you doing on Sunday? The Sunday visit to my grandparents

7. When are you leaving? I return the 23 of june

8. When are you returning? The following year to resume my studies in germany

9. How are you going to feel after your trip? i feel satisfied and eager to travel more

10. What memories are you going to keep? The custom of the country , and its beauty

When you finish your work, send the file to your instructor through the platform as

1. Click on the title of this evidence.

2. Click on Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make sure
the file is attached.
3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
4. Click Enviar.

Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning

guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to
develop them and deliver them correctly.

Criterios de evaluacin
Intercambia informacin acerca de intenciones y acuerdos haciendo uso de la
estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.