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Happiness is coded by the genes

Viruses can silence genes

Heart healing virus SERCA2A protein has been found effective in gene therapy
Time lapse imaging can increase pregnancy chances in IVF
Scientists discovered young gene in fruit flies blah blah for life
The kind of biomaterial may determine the success of medical implants
Scientist have recently discovered a new class of immune cell called CD52 to protect
people from type 2 diabetes
Junk DNA (and jumping genes) is suspected to be behind destructive diseases
Cellulose requires fewer enzymes to convert biomass to biofuel
Scientists found underground rat species immune to cancer
Scientists found no danger of cancer developing from gene therapy
Scientists discovered 5 new sections of the genetic code of individuals are linked to
Aspirin can help slow down DNA mutation in cells
Evolutionary biologists found out an ancient plant under ice for centuries can regrow

Research has identified more imprinting disorders caused by ART 4

Proteins ability to inhibit HIV Release discovered 3
Research found fungus deadly to patients grow on trees 3
Researchers come up with treatment of whale infertility using protein (PAWP) 4
Women with vitamin D deficiency reduces successful IVF pregnancy rates 4
Kisspeptin as a safer method to stimulate ovulation in IVF treatment 4
Cloning technology has been used to generate stem cells that are genetically
matched to adult patients 1&5
Exposure of pregnant women to certain phenols may disrupt growth of boys during
fetal development and first years of life 3
Cellphone exposure may harm male fertility
Discovery of protein Juno which allowed eggs and sperms to join together
Geckos sent to space in study on effects of sex in zero gravity all died 2
Women treated for cancer Hodgkin lymphoma will be able to understand the risk of
future infertility with new research 3
Sperms from men of any age are equally healthy
Male hormones could boost female fertility 1
Vitamin D helps sperm cells swim 1
Obese & overweight women have an increased risk of miscarriage 5
Students build eukaryotic chromosomes from scratch 1
Kisspeptin is a key mechanism in human reproductive health 3
Higher risk of birth problems after assisted birth conception 4
Exposure to common quaternary ammonium disinfectants decreases fertility in
mice 2
Sexual differences of cells matters in biomedical research 2
A girl has 3 biological parents 4
Killer worm sperm destroys ovaries and organs of different species after breeding
Cannabis use affects size and shape of sperm in young men 2
A rare stem cell that holds potential for infertility treatment was discovered (PAX7) 5
There are no FDA approved drugs to treat low sexual desire in women, but no for
the lack of trying 4
A company develops contraceptive microchip that can be implanted under the skin
and controlled wirelessly 3
Ultrasound of the male genital tract is more useful to detect abnormalities related
to male reproductive health 1
Biologists discovered one of the major genes responsible for female differentiation
(FOXC2) 5
Couples with high cholesterol levels may have to wait longer to become parents 5
Pregnancy test can detect testicular cancer 3
Ebola may be sexually transmitted 3
Researchers pioneer new imaging method for prostate cancer patients (18F-
Letrozole: new treatment that increases pregnancy cases in women with fertility
disorder 4
Shock and kill approach cure hike of HIV in world first 5
Mi-RNA may be required in developing bovine gametes of both sexes 5
Centella asiatica is the latest anti-aging skin breakthrough 5
Male infertility is related to mortality 3
Study shows that stress degrades sperm quality 3