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10 Top-Quality Programs In This Issue!

June 1989

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for the Gold!
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the Cut?
1989 USER GROUf»
More Than 250 Listing

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" m
Features The Programmer's Page:
Self-Modifying BASIC
Best Arcade Sports Games Randy Thompson 52 "
Mickey McLean and Tom Nelsel 11 * Machine Language Programming:
Guide to Commodore User Groups, Laws of Motion
Part 2 Jim Buttertieid 56 64
Mickey McLean 20 * MacroBASIC
Terry Bryner 58 128/64
First over Germany
Ervin Bobo 23 64 Departments
Jordan vs. Bird: One on One Editor's Notes
Steve Hedrick 24 64 Lance Elko 2 *
Rocket Ranger Letters to the Editor 4 *
Tom Netsel 24 64 Commodore Clips: News, Notes,
Predator and New Products
Ervin Bobo 26 64 Mickey McLean 6 *
Deathlord The GEOS Column: Help Pad
Erik Olson 27 64 James Tubbs 44 128/64
Minimodem-C Feedback
Tom Netsel 28 128/64 Editors and Readers 46 *
Bug-Swatter: Modifications
Games and Corrections 49 *
Jericho II: The Revenge Horizons: The Commodore 128—
Robert Bixby 29 64 A Dinosaur?
Match Mania Rhett Anderson 64 *
Donovan E. Anderson, Jr 31 64 □Aversions: Nintendo Revisited
Fred D'lgnazio 66 *
Grafix Converter
Sieve Emsley 37 64 Program Listings
Ramdisk MLX: Machine Language
David E. Bray 38 64 Entry Program for
Hi-Res 80 for the 128 Commodore 64 and 128 . 69 128/64
Tony Phillips 40 128 The Automatic Proofreader ... . 74 128/64/+4/16
SpeedCount How to Type In COMPUTE'.'s
Buck Childress 41 64 Gazette Programs 92

BASIC for Beginners: Bugbusters

Larry Cotton 48 128/64/+4/16
Advertisers Index 76

Power BASIC: 64 CommoOWO 6J. +4 PluS/4. 16 " CommoOwe 16.

128 Monitor Enhancer IM^CcmmoOOre 128 • = Geneca!

Shawn K. Smith 50 128 Cover photo by Mark Wagoner ©1989

COM PUTEr»Giielte|ISSN 0737^716| a [xitoh^nwrnly by TOMPUTE'PubircatKWsJ^^

a pan oi Capflai Ofes/ABC. Irs 625 Sevenm toe., Nm YorK NY 10019. © 1989 ABC Co™™ Majaiirss. lie. All ngnis lasei.M EOitorai ol'cas are kxalM 61 Suite 200.32J Wast
WB"dover Avo. GroonsDoro, NC 274QB. Domestic suOscriDlrons-12 issues. S2J. POSTMASTER Send aodioss changes to COMPUTE! a Gaialte, P.O. Bon 10957, Des Monies, IA 50340.
Second-class postage pad nf Now York, NY and aOdwornii mailing

TOR'S cliiliiilii
FOB —J~—■* I~~J ~* ~* "^ USERS

Editor Lance Elko

Assistant Art Director Robin L. Slrclow
Features Ed nor Kelih Forrell
Assistant Ed'too Rhetl Anderson
Randy Thompson
Assistant Features Editor Tnm NdIspI
Technical Editor Patrick Parrlah
Assistant Technical Editor Dale McBane
Assistant Editor,
Submissions & Disk Products David Hpnslpy
Editorial Assistant Mickey McLean
Copy Editors Karen Slepak
Tammie Taylor
'11 always remember my college days as a special time of learning and freedom. Karen UhtondOrf
Programming Assistant Troy Tuckor
They are an increasingly distant memory, but I'm still sometimes pleasantly Contnbutmg Edi1o*s Jim Butterfiold
carried back in time by a song, a book title, or a film clip from the 1968-1972 era. (Toronto. Cflnana)
Fred Dlgnano
As it usually goes with nostalgic relapses, one memory triggers another. One re (E. Lansing. Ml)
cent association led to my recall of a question asked by students away from home DavJd English

for the first time, immersed in their first philosophy course: What is truth? ART DEPARTMENT
Junior Designer Meg Me Am
The trouble with totally absorbing yourself in this great riddle, I found out Mechanics' An Supervisor Robin Case

quickly, is that life goes on without the slightest regard for the sincerity of your Metfianiciil Artist Scolty Oillmaa

deepest meditations. You soon discover, for example, that your stomach is growl PRODUCTION
ing, you're out of food, you need gas in the car to get to the grocery store, and so Production Direcior Mark E. Hlllyer

on. In a short time, with an adjusted perspective, the great question becomes trite As&r&tanl Production Manager De Potter
Production Assistant Kim Potti
and laughable. I remember jaded college seniors laughing at and mocking poor, Typesetting Terry Casts

confused, and beleaguered freshmen who were not quite sure, for the first time in Advertising Production
Carole Dun ton

their lives, what was real and what was not. Assistant Anita Arm field
Having been involved in the workaday world of business and publishing for COMPUTE! PUBLICATIONS
many years now, I feel like I'm light-years away from these postadolescent con Group Vice Pres«tonl.
PirtHisner/Editorhal Director William Tynan
cerns. In a business, particularly this one, there's no confusion about abstractions. Managing Editor Kathleen Martinek

You deal on concrete terms with writers and editors, programmers, software pub Senior Editor Lance Elko
Editorial Operations D-rector Tony Roberts
lishers, financial people, advertising people, circulation people, production people, Senior Aft Drodlcn Janice R. Fory
and so on. You deal with good writing and bad writing, good programs and bad Executive Assistant Sybil Ageo
Senior Administrative.
programs, and lots and lots of numbers—numbers of pages, readers, renewals, and Julia Fleming
newsstand copies. Administrative Assistant Iris Brooks
Customer Service Supervisor Caihy McAllister
But a closer, more careful look reveals a different scenario. Numbers are abso ABC CONSUMER
lute, sure. But you have to interpret and weigh them, determine what's significant, MAGAZINES, INC.

and look for trends—a highly subjective exercise. You have to deal with rumors. Is Senior Vice Prgqidflnt
Vice President, Advertising
Richard D. Bay
Peter T, Johmmeyer
Commodore really dropping the 128? Is there really an Amiga-based videogame ViCD President. Circulation Robert I. Guraha
Vicn President. Production llene Benon-Werner
machine? Does Commodore really not know how many computers they've sold? Director, Financial Anafysis Andrew D. Landii
On Tuesday, a leading software publisher tells you that the 64 software market has Senior An Director John Ciofafo

a bright year ahead; on Wednesday, another one says that the market has dried up. CIRCULATION
Closer to home, one staffer touts the merits of a new program, while another calls it Subscriptions Ora Black mo n-De Brown
a piece of junk—"Mr. Editor, it's your call." Harold Buckley
Maureen Buckley
A few weeks back, 1 read through a batch of letters from readers who were dis Beth Henly
illusioned with games. "Please just skip the games—give us more programming Thorn at D. Slater
Raymond Wnrd
utilities," said one letter. Several days later, a different batch of mail brought pleas Newsstand Mitch Frank
from several readers for mow games. Jana Friedman

It's been nearly 20 years since I spent any serious time musing over questions Customer Sarvca S- Aqekeml-Adarategba
of truth, illusion, and reality. With a wife and three kids, a demanding job, and a ABC Consumer Magazines, irx ^
house with a leaky roof, the illusory and the hypothetical are as accessible as a re CHILTON Company One oi inp ABC Publishing Companies.
mote planet in a distant solar system. Lately, though, there's that rare and odd mo a part of CaD'Ur Ones'ABC ine
ment when, in the twilight of sleep, the ghosts of questions many years old slip President Rot»n G Burton
through the day's details. They nip and gently press for a little time. But they don't 825 Seven-n Avenue
New>pfk. NY 10019
get it.
My son's first-grade teacher wants him to practice his printing under his par Newiorfc ftHC Conajn-fir Magjimes. inc
>b> NV 10019 TBt <2l2)2fl5-fl36Q BftnVflJ
ents' watchful eyes. My youngest daughter isn't getting enough of my attention,
and I need to call a late columnist first thing in the morning. Then there's that pile GrflflmbarQ. CCWPLTTE' PuBiaTiOrE Surte 20Q J24 WesI
Ave GrwisD&n. «C 274QQ Tel (9l9f 275-38M Kathleen Ir-gra
of letters to the editor that needs to turn into a column in two days, and 1 must call Nfl* England A Mm-flllanllC: Bernard J Tr-flObaU. Jr <212>
31&-1G&S KntrMu&n ligrflm (919} 275-9609
around for some roofing estimates. And, finally, there's that last-minute "Editor's Midwtit 4 Soulh*sir jpr-y Tnomjracn LudftO Dennis -Jennifer

Notes" column, which, with a few more keystrokes, I will have finished. (312] 726 &H7 {C^-cago] tfl3> ■ r ;:-:■:-■" i J

h CoklfTlbU: Jtf"y Tr^-npaon. LucW

Dwin.» MHlff F>il1a j3*0B22?
Sauihtlil 1 IrtlorKal d J. ThwoDnlU. Jr (2l2f 315-1605.
1^ 275-yr3Qq

i la Arnia ArmiflkJ CO
Sj> ?Hi

si mqUrr.|.fi iH d Da fltk!^e5^ea i^ The Edrt&r

lc. Sunn ?co. 3


Senior Editor

2 COMPUTEfs GaiertQ Jung 1989

HOT. __^

It may reach
the lOO'sthis
summer, but
that's mild
compared to
this scorcher
from SSI:

Curse or
we Azure
It's the sizzling
sequel to Pool
of Radiahce,
the best-selling
AD&D1 role-
playing game
from SSI.


Look for Curse of

the Azure Bonds this
summer at a store
near you.

Available for most

home computers.

[}tflGEG:i5 te EJKACjONS, ADftI>,

to tiifi fditnr
Send questions or comments to Letters programs and so few for the 128. It's a given, offering to pay for the docs, only
to the Editor, COMPUTED Gazette, matter of practicality." Practicality? to find the programmer has moved,
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, North You're kidding! Laziness is the real rea leaving no forwarding address. This is
Carolina 27403. We reserve the right son! There are more than 2 million 128s especially frustrating when the pro
to edit letters for clarity and length. in the U.S. alone, and those of us who gram proves to be very useful and
are dedicated to the 128 are tired of the you'd like to get the updates the pro
geoSurnrlse major software companies and individ grammer has offered for a small addi
I've searched every magazine rack in ual programmers ignoring the 128 and tional fee. Three fellows our club would
town and have yet to find the one thing its capabilities. especially like to find are Dennis Co
thai every GEOS user needs desperate Although some software compa lombo, author of "Electronic Cottage"
ly: a GEOS-dedicated publication. After nies have converted some of their en (last known address: Orcutt, Califor
nearly four years of GEOS, I'm very tertainment programs for the 128 nia); Will Corley, author of "Lynx" (last
surprised that the people at COM (Infocom now makes Commodore known address: Sacramento, Califor
PUTE! have not seen to this reed. games only for the 128; Origin gave nia); and Mike Apsey, whose name ap
music to Ultima V in 128 mode), the real pears at the end of the listing of "64
Bob Easly
Indianapolis, IN reason for lack of 128 software is lazi Morse R/T" (last known address: Van
ness. The software companies say, Alstyne, Texas).
Sorry, but we prcliy much have our hands "100,000 copies sold!" That number Perhaps it's naive of me to think
full with Gazette, COMPUTE!, Amiga would easily double if they made sepa any of them might read this and drop us
Resource, COMPUTED PC, and the rate 64 and 128 versions, but they just a line, but I figured it was worth a try.
various magazine companion disks. How don't want to spend any more time
Pete Baker
ever, there is a publication—and it's a than they have to on the 128. However,
good one—that might meet your needs. if a new 16-bit computer came out, they
Marysviile-Yuba City HACC
GEOWORLD, in its second year, is pro would rush their rear ends off making
7127 Arrowhead Trail
duced using GEOS and is laser-printed. games for that machine.
Browns Valley, CA 95918-9630
It's available by subscription (12 issues for As for Mr. Johnson and those who
$20). For more information, write feel as he does: Sell your 128 and get a All Greek to Me
GEOWORLD, 38 Santa Ynez Street, Santa 64! It's obvious you wasted your money I'd like to type in "Monthly Calendar,"
Barbara, California 93103. on a computer you won't even use! found in your March 1989 issue. How
Learning Lament John Berger ever, there are some characters I don't
Scran ton, PA understand, nor do I find them ex
G'day down under here! Thanks for
your wonderful magazine, which has plained in the typing instructions. Line
brought much enjoyment to myself and File-Copy Solution 1010 (and several others) have a letter
enclosed in brackets with greater-than
my children; not so for my wife, I've subscribed to the Gazette Disk since
though, who is now a golf and com and lesser-than symbols typed over
1986. How can I get just one program
puter widow, but I'm working on her.
them, followed by an underlined string
copied to another disk, for my own use,
of asterisks.
For some months now, I've noticed without copying the whole disk?
that you've not had any educational Barkley Vineyard
Marjorie Webber
programs listed. I've found these help Sanibel, FL
Oklahoma City, OK
ful for my preschool and school-age
children. Please let me know if you Since you've subscribed since 1986, you In every issue, we include "How to Ti/pe
plan on publishing any in the future. already have a couple of programs that In COMPUTED Gazette Programs." It's
will do the job. in the December 1987 is usually found on the last page of the mag
John Forster
Kellerberrin, Western Australia sue, we published "Disk Rapid Transit," azine. We list it in the table of contents,
which copies any file—BASIC or machine and tee spot the program listings section
In Gazette's first couple of years, we pub language—at lightning-fast speed on the with boxes reminding readers to consult
lished dozens of educational programs— 64. In the March 1988 issue, we published this page before typing in programs. The
mostly in the areas of math, spelling, and "ML Cloner," which copies any machine characters you're having trouble with are
early reading. Over the past two to three language program. It works on the 128, noted in the "How to Type" article (page
years, we've stopped seeing submissions 64, Plus/4, and 16. Also, if you have a 92 in the March issue), the symbols you're
of these kinds of programs. We'd gladly 1571 drive, you can use the file copier referring to—brackets with greater- and
publish some good ones if we had some found on the companion Test/Demo disk. lesser-than symbols—indicate that you
from which to choose. should hold down the Commodore key and
Programmers In the
Victims of Sloth press the character enclosed in the special
Bermuda Triangle?
brackets. The underlined characters indi
In your March column, you printed a I wonder how many others have down cate that you should hold down SHIFT
letter from E. Stuart Johnson saying, loaded freeware or shareware from and type the character that is under
"Now 1 know why there are so many 64 BBSs and sent letters to the addresses scored—in this case, the asterisk. G
4 COMPUTED Gazeito Juno 1989
only from tCp & Cr Commodore


JK Commodore" 1670
MODEM Software orders over $100 and
1200 BAUD ,.1/ Includes GEOS & QUHntum Link Accessories under6 pounds will
DIRECjtfW be shipped Federal Express
64C W/1S41 II Dliva _ _ $289
$69 ' : / C wl 1541 Driva& 1802C Monitor $489
(Even at these prices) You only pay TCP's standard
shipping charge. Orders arriving before 4:00 PMour
time will be shipped out same day. II part of your
order is backordored Ihe remainder will be shipped
w /
C- Commodore UPS Ground.
To order: No surcharge onDiscovar, Master . . ' -''■-'- ■ ■ ■■
1541II credit card la no! charged unllf your order Is shipped ■ COD orders

CE Commodore* 5v4" DISK DRIVE accepted wllh no COD IcnIWs insure your order at no extra cosl To you
■ Sh r pp I n q. 2 S o r s 5 n ■ - r- l rr^' j ■ Lr P S G r c _ - d C arl In f snipping charge

1084 COLOR onEipre<iAir.APO,FPO.AK.HIand (orsign orders ■ Mall Orders: Wb

accept money orders, certified checks, and personal checks. Allow 2
MONITOR wa8ks (or personal Bnd company checks lo cleat ■ We accept pjreliass
orders from qualified Educational and Corporate Institutions ■ Defective
( 640 x 400 Resolution Hems replaced or repaired at our discretion. PA deliveries add 6% sales
tax. Prices and terms sutyecl to change without notice AU.SALES ARE nHAL
I 4 Operating V ■■ ■


MAGNAVOX 6762 b 640 x 240 Riioluilcn

■ 3Modes ■ 1 YeerWatianty $249
COMMODORE 1802C C- Commodore111764
■ Color Monitor ._ - _ 256K RAM EXPANSION $119
2 yi. warrant1

1180 NEW! SCall

C= Commodore* 1191 NEWI $Call
1351 MOUSE 1092 $319
I Mouse & Joystick 1124(24-pin) ...$Call
Gestation d»on <5
■ GEOS Compatible gjotf.

NX-1000 „„

AMI NX 1000 Rainbow


(color primer) $229

modO'Q I .,.,J174
For all your AMIGA . 128D w/Commodore 1034 Colo* Monitor ;....$719 NX-1000C Rainbow
needs calltcp! 12aD w/Magnavox 8762 Color Monitor S679 ^iore tn[et.^^
512KRAM _„_ ;f] S2Z9
Upgrade $159
n Softworks
1010 Eilemai .„.
Floppy Drrvs $219 BHODERBUND (24 Pin Pnnler). .5CALL
Bank St. WiilK M IE9 95
16BO Modem $139
PnniihopM .,125.95 GEOS 128 S39.95
Call lor othn AMIGA Products GEOCalciza S39.95 SUPER GRAPHIXJH
Ultima V «■» 95
Pimior Interlace
WJPrintsr Irom Tussey $29.95
Bara-sTaielil 124.95 QEO Publish ,.$29.95
Caveman Unhlympics SI 9.95 GEO Write 128 S39.95 SUPER GRAPHIX
DISK-KOUNTS Double Dragon $24.95 GEOS 2.0 tofW $31.95 Interface w/BK butler
Jorfion vs. Bird $19.95 QEO Calc S29.95 down loadable lonts 154.95
vi/Printer tram Tussey S19 95
Monopoly SI 9.95
DISKS Skfltt or OiB J19.95 professional sorrwARE SUPER OR A PHI X GOLD .£94,95
par M* OM0 j_j; $jr£ Waiteland 121.95 wiPnnlm Iram Tussoy S84.B5
Fleet System 4/128 $47.95
MAXELL DSDD (19.95 W.W Fa»W»d S23.M Data Manager/I 28 $31.95
LANCE HAFNER Deiklop Publisher $39 95
SONY 05/DD S19.95 110.95 BasHtluall-Pro Game or SwinCsIC !28 w/SISmvaya S32.BS CHOOSE 500 XJ S14.9S
CouitslOe Coilaoo S29 95 Sylvia Porter's Personal
POWEK SUPPLIES Full Coirni Baseball S29 95 Financial Planner 64 S29.95
YOUR TheBtKS SI 2.95
Bat Handle .-..S17.95
MicrowOiW/(WC64.J34.9S 3 in 1 Football $29.95 Word Writer 12S n/Speller $31 95 WEAPON!
Esies lor 128 $69.95 3-Way S22.95

OPEN: 8:00AM■ 77:00PMMon ■ Frl. 10:00AM■ 8:00PMSal, 12:00PM■ 3:00PMSun Bast Coast Time


3075 Research Dr. Slav College, PA ISBDf Fat. BIA-137-4K0

Edited by Mickey McLean

Low-Cost Educational
KIDware (1380 156th NB, Suite H2,
Bellevue, Washington 98007) has re
leased 20 new disks containing educa
tional programs for children ages
2-16. Each disk ($11.95) has six
menu-driven programs that feature
music and graphics.

New for the 128

Heme Data Systems (P.O. Box 714,
Station C, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6J 3S1) and Brown Boxes (26 Con
cord Road, Bedford, Massachusetts
01730) have announced the release of
Double Dare, out' of a new series of software packages based on popular TV game s'iou'5. QDisk version 2.1 ($9.95), a device
driver for the Quick Brown Box. A
Circle Gets the Square battery-backed CMOS-static RAM car
tridge for the 64 and 128, the Quick
Have you ever felt you could do better than the game-show contestants the
Brown Box is available in 16K ($69),
producers had selected? Now you can find out in the privacy of your own
32K ($99), and 64K ($129) configura
home. GameTek (Navarre, 6750 West Broadway, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
tions. The two together allow QDisk
55428) has released computer versions ($!4.95 each) of the popular game
to be used as a nonvolatile ramdisk in
shows "Hollywood Squares," "Super Password," and "Double Dare!."
128 mode. QDisk is application-trans
Hollywood Squares asks players to second-guess computer celebrities in
parent and can be used with standard
the popular game of tic-tac-toe. The game comes complete with the show's
CP/M software.
theme music and wisecrack comments. Two computer contestants can com
]ugg'ler-128 ($19.95) has also been
pete head-to-head, or one can play Gametek's expert player, Microkid.
released by Herne Data. The program
In Super Password, one or two players are paired with computer celebri
provides read, write, and formatting
ties to give and receive word clues. Players go through the same rounds their
support for more than 130 types of
television counterparts do, including the $10,000 speed round, where the
MFM CP/M disks. Features include
champion must correctly guess ten words in 90 seconds.
menu screens for selecting and install
Double Dare, based on the syndicated game show produced by MTV,
ing disk types and formatting new
combines the challenge of answering questions with physical challenges such
disks, a user-definable set of up to
as launching yourself off a teetertotter to land on a trampoline. Computer
three default disk types, and support
players control their onscreen character's ability to jump over, throw, or toss
under all versions of 128 CP/M for
the 1570, 1571, and 1581 drives.
The program also features total

Long-Distance Larceny support by 128 CP/M DOS com

mands for the extra disk types without
A North Carolina teenager has been charged with using his Commodore 64 the need for special programming. Us
and modem to access a long-distance telephone service's computer and ac ers have the ability with litgg'ler-128 to
quire customer security codes. With these codes, he allegedly made calls and analyze an unknown CP/M disk type
charged them to other people's bills. and report possible matches from its
The Greensboro News & Record reported that he has been charged with il internal database of disk types.
legally accessing Atlanta-based Southernet USA's South Carolina computer The primary distributor for both
and running up approximately $12,000 in long-distance charges. He allegedly QDisk and jugg'ler-128 is Poseidon
used a program to test a series of random numbers to find customer security Electronics (103 Waverly Place, New
codes. It was reported that he was online for more than a week. York, New York 10011)* Poseidon of
Officials seized his computer, printer, modem, and disk drives. The teen fers lugg'ler-128 for $16 and QDisk for
ager could face up to 12 years in prison. $10. Both prices include postage.
6 COMPUTE'S GszBfre June 1989

Rolling Along
You'll need your best joystick skills to
maneuver a ball through a multi
dimensional puzzle on ten different
planes in Mind-Roll ($29.95), from
Epyx (600 Galveston Drive, P.O. Box
8020, Redwood City, California
94063). Each successive plane in
creases in difficulty, but you can re
arrange the planes in any order for
play or practice.
You'll need to walk a plank, hunt
for hidden amulets, fill the screen
with tiled squares, and roll over puz
zle squares in a predetermined se
quence. All onscreen activities must
be completed before time expires. Sports Hotline
Plane 7 features time boosters, which
Need up-to-the minute baseball scores? Want to track your favorite player's
give you extra seconds to negotiate
statistics? If so, check out the new sports online service from USA Today in
obstacle courses, roll down a race
conjunction with Line Networks of Greensboro, North Carolina.
track, or complete a maze,
The USA Today Sports Center (Four Seasons Executive Center, Building 9,
After each plane, any remaining
Terrace Way, Greensboro, North Carolina 27403) offers a wide range of ser
time units are converted into points.
vices, including complete statistics for professional sports, schedules for pro
You also have the opportunity to im
fessional and college sports, personalized news and statistics on a favorite
prove your score with bonus rounds,
team or player, the latest-breaking sports news and scores via a live ticker
which follow each completed plane.
wire, and national fantasy-league games for baseball, football, basketball, and
Online members can also trade, buy, and sell baseball cards, have online
conversations with other members or USA Today sports experts, purchase au
World of Commodore— thentic professional sportswear, and play popular board games.
"California, Here An optional graphics telecommunications program ($24.95) displays the
board games and the service selections with color graphics.
We Come"
The first West Coast edition of the
World of Commodore Show runs Science-Fiction Star
from May 19 through May 21 in the
Los Angeles Convention Center. Electronic Arts (1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, California 94404) makes
The Hunter Group (204 Rich you the star in a science-fiction horror-movie setting with Project Firestart
mond Street West, Suite 410, Toronto, ($29.95). The game projects the feel of a movie with the use of close-ups,
Ontario, Canada M5V 1V6), which or tracking shots, fades, pans, sound effects, and a dramatic musical score.
ganizes the show in association with You must solve the mystery of what is happening to the research ship
Commodore, is working to create a Prometheus as it orbits Titan, a moon of Saturn. On-board scientists are con
show that features something for ducting genetic experiments while trying to create artificial creatures to act as
everyone. Expected highlights of the mine workers on distant asteroids. Suddenly, the ship falls silent and the Sys
three-day event include a variety of tem Science Foundation sends you to investigate. You must find out what has
new-product announcements, stage happened, rescue any survivors, find the science log, and then blow up the
presentations, seminars, hands-on ship and get out.
browsing, and contests. During the mission, close-ups of monsters and pans of rooms around the
The original World of Commo ship move quickly across the screen, making reaction time important. Game
dore Show, held annually in Toronto, activities include battles to the death with monsters and the search for clues,
celebrated its sixth year last Decem weapons, and security passes in rooms littered with bodies. Tension is built as
ber. In November of 1988, the first you hear the sound of the unstoppable self-destruct mechanism counting
U.S. World of Commodore Show was down. Every phase of the mission must be completed in order for you to
held at the Philadelphia Civic Center. solve the puzzle of the Prometheus and defeat its ultimate threat. >
COMPUTERS GazsltB June 19B9 7

Medalist Names New Line

Medalist international (180 Lakefront
Drive, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030),
a division of MicroProse Software,
will use MicroPlay as the brand name
for its own line of software titles. The
games will be developed by Micro-
Prose especially for Medalist.
The first two releases are Keith
Van Eron's Pro Soccer ($39.95), an
arcade-style simulation produced in
cooperation with Van Eron, renowned
goalkeeper, and Destroyer Escort
(S34.95), a simulation of naval combat
on a World War II battleship.
In Pro Soccer, you can play the
Computer artist wins TV's Emms
indoor or the outdoor version of soc
cer. An overhead point of view pro
Emmy Award Winner vides for 3-D effects.
Ever played World Class Leaderbaard, Echelon, or Heavy Metal? If so, you've Destroyer Escort puts you aboard

had .1 close-up look at the graphics and animation work of Emmy Award a naval destroyer as you plan the tac
winner Doug Vandegrift. Vandegrift, art director for Access Software, received tics and strategies of an engagement

the most coveted award in television for his work on Jim Henson's "Muppet at sea set during World War II.
Babies" on CBS.
. -rt?irtmftm
Vandegrift was the storyboard director for the animation team that won
the award for Outstanding Animated Program for 1987-88. *****e****4****«**********4

"1 love my work as a cartoonist, but 1 see a brighter future in home com
puter entertainment," Vandegrift said. "That's why I devote full time to
Access Software. It's different—-and very challenging."

Mindscape Inks Agreement

Mindscape has signed a North American publishing agreement with Mirror-
soft, a London-based software publisher. The agreement gives Mindscape the
right to publish in the U.S. and Canada multiple titles from Mirrorsoft's Image
Works line.
The initial Image Works release by Mindscape will be Speedball, a futuris
In Stereo
tic arena sports game where players use physical and mental talents to bribe
officials, tackle opponents, and hurl a metal ball around a steel arena. Your 64 or 128 can now have six-voice
Over the past four years, Mindscape has distributed Mirrorsoft's Harrier stereo music capabilities with the SID
Combat Simulator in the U.S., and Mirrorsoft has distributed in the U.K. some Symphony Stereo Cartridge ($34.95),
of Mindscape's 16-bit titles, including Balance of Power and Sliadowgate. from Dr. Evil Laboratories (P.O. Box
190, St. Paul, Indiana 47272). The car

Attack Copter tridge allows you to play Sidplayer

songs from both standard and en
Sega's arcade hit Thunder Blade ($34.95) has been released by Mindscape hanced versions, plus songs available
(3444 Dundee Road, Northbrook, Illinois 60062) for the 64. ' from the public domain. You can also
The game offers two different visual perspectives: top down and from be create your own stereo Sidplayer songs
hind the helicopter. The top-down view allows you to see the surrounding with COMPUTE!'* Music System for the
area in 3-D, while the view from the rear allows you to fly forward through Commodore 128 & 64: The Enhanced
the approaching landscape. Sidplayer, by Craig Chamberlain, avail
As helicopter pilot, you must defeat the enemy while flying over sky able from COMPUTE! Books.
scrapers, mountains, deserts, and the ocean. The cartridge plugs into a 64 or
In addition to Thunder Blade, Mindscape has released 64 versions of the 128, with no assembly required. Two
Sega arcade gnmes Out Run, Space Harrier, and Alien Si/mirome. Future re RCA mnle-to-male cables and a nine-
leases include Shiuabi, Action Fighter, and After Burner. volt alkaline battery are required. G
8 COMPUTEIs Gazelle June 1989

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The Best 56 Page
"Everything Book"

geos 128 2.0 Prices & Service With Any Order
• Geowrito Workshop 128
• Geospell 128
• Many dramatic Improvements STAR NX1000
• Both 80 and 40 column modes
• Much, much more NX-1000 Speedy 144cps Orati mode, 36eps naar-leller-
quafity. Fealuros induda Iron! panel controls and mulipla
NLO. lonts. Friction and Iraaor fead.plus convenient slngla
shoot feed moda.
NX-1000 Pilnlmi Psralld) 74B27 J164.B5
NX-1000C PilnlK (Commodoro) 75060 J169.W

Diskette Storage NX-1000 Rilnbow Color Printer

NX-10O0C Rtlnbow (Commodore)

• 100 disk (5 VI') capacity.

• Lock and keys lor extra security and easy
• Includes 8 indox dividers [or organizational
filing and retrieve!.
• Made ol durable ■■■ ■ -salic, high impact
• Attractive smoko colored lid.
Sufl. Retail $19.95
G6B26 S9.'J5

Features include modBSBlection.pSchsalocion.ieOcpsIn
A JVJTr1 A rr f\f\ high spead dial: mode and I2(kps In utility mods. Noar-
loiter-qualltyl<i»t prints aL30cpE. Includes both Irlctiontood
and liied Iraaor tor standard wldih partoraiod edge. Both
TsuMOir:L::/jus5i?KD/;Qsirurri.-i.y.■!.-:<!isL-.^.d Cornmodoro and standard parallel input.
flMQ. two fjyBlick poriB, atorlalporr, a pa'oliol port, an OWdtii IBOPilntoi 71634 I224.BS
aiiornal diskdnvo port, and a built-in 3.5" disk drive.II avsn
IndudQE a2-bu[ton mouse I
Amis* 500 73729 tCALL

amiga 2000
Tho 2000 has mullilaskingabilitiat.tprilBs, aijMi-lnnra-
processor and built-in speech. With koyttonrd. mouse,
joyilidi, F1S 232 an fl Gen Ironies pon 6, the ZOO0 is a powerful
cofrputer.fi has abuirl-ln 3.5" djfihdriyo.mounttrglocaiions
opllon ior IBM RC/XIcompallbllily. Standard RAM Ha lull
Amlfl«!000 77617 (CAU.
Trie complete compuier lor horns, school and small bust-
ness-Supponedbyhlgh-qualrtyperiphoriils and over 10.000
Eottwar o piog rams. Fulliypawriiar-stylo key board. 6JK RAM,
eight sprites, tnroa voices.
^CComp.U,, 54574 „».«

Commodore Hardware Panasonic

1670 Modem. 1500 Baud 7S24fl CALL
3G952 «■«
1351 HouiK, fc«/C128 37E35
ISOICCompoalleMonJior 54595 (CALL CALL Saiect over MEundionson front panel. Four NLQ fonts and
iwo draH fonts, each siiod 5 10 20 charjm. Pioportnnal
153115" Digk Drive 74023 1179.95
1541 II Disk Drlvo 545BS J1M.95 ' wt """* Pr1nler 792W CALL spacing. Graphics 240i2i&Jpi. Draft ai 192 cps. NLQ at
17B4 RAM Enpenslon C64 72513 ti 14.95 PRICES TOO LOW TO ADVFIITISF' 3Bcp5. Push or pull tractor feed. Two year warranty.
Panasonic KX-P11B0 82779 S189.95

^e 0tet*/y accept mail orders! . 1 Handling,

ExtteFoo For Charges! Order Arrounl Charge
TENEX Computer Express ■ S3.75

po box es^
South Bend, IN 46660 $75.00 J 149.99
SI 50.00-1299.99 7.75
w« Verify ChBrue Card Addromes MOO.OOaup 8.75

ORDER TODAY CALL 1-800-348-2778

COMMODORE 64 and COMMODORE 12B are rerjistorod iradomarta ol Commodore Electronics, Lid. AMIGA Is a roglsterod trademark ol Corrvradsro Amlja Inc.. AI'O, Fi'O. AK. Hi, C.KJ,
VI. GU. and lorelgn ordors ara subjoct to additional chipping charges, NOTE: Duo 10 publishing loadtimos. producl pricoo and specifications 010 Bubjod 10 change without nollce.
With all the great sports software available for the 64 and 128,
picking the best games is no easy matter. But we converted the
office into a locker room, and now that we've tested enough games
to develop a charley horse in our joystick arms, here are our picks

and compiled Ay Mickey McLean and Tom Hetsel

D c

ealistic major league view that switches to an

baseball teams and overhead angle once the ball
* action are what make is hit. This can be distract
The Sporting Nezvs Baseball, ing, though, causing the de
from Epyx, our top choice fensive player to
among baseball games for momentarily lose the ball.
the 64. The game succeeds The graphics are excel
in achieving a balance be lent in the pitcher's and bat
tween strategy and arcade ter's boxes, but they're not
action. You assume the roles as sharp in the overhead
of general manager, field view, in which the players
manager, and player. Rosters appear rather small. The ani
can be made from current mation, however, is excellent
major league teams or in both views. The
you can build a team batter always takes a
from Hall of practice swing
Famers. You can before he's ready to
also choose whether hit the ball, and the
or not to use a designat pitcher nods approval
ed hitter in your lineup. to the catcher's sign
As the field manager, set Sound before delivering the pitch.
up your own batting order, The pitching motion is also
make substitutions, and call plays Payability
clearly depicted. Although small
on the field. Base runners can at Realism in stature, the fielders also move
tempt to steal, the pitcher can try to well. You can see their arms move
pick off runners on base, and fielders through the throwing motion each
can be moved according to a batter's time they fire the ball to a teammate.
tendencies. Pitchers have several pitches at These small touches give a realistic
their disposal, including fastballs, change- feel to the game.
ups, curves, and screwballs. Each pitch can The only thing lacking in this one- or
also be targeted for a certain area of the two-player game is quality sound. Other
plate, and balks are possible. When you're than the obligatory crowd noises, there are
in the batter's box, you can choose to swing very few noteworthy sounds. The one noise
high, low, inside, outside, or level. you will notice is what sounds like a Bronx
The game provides a behind-the-batter cheer each time a player makes an out.

Ratlngy. 5—excellent, 4—flood. 3—avetage,

2—below average, I—very poor

HardBall! - Accolade

12 COMPUTE!1* Gazette

n Accolade's 4t/i & selected one. On the plus

Inches, take your oppo side, the defensive control
nents deep for the player does change to the
touchdown and then come defender closest to the ball
back and flatten them on de carrier as the offensive play
fense. Call a variety of offen er moves down the field.
sive and defensive plays and Both teams have rosters
execute them with one con with two players available
trol player and ten com for each offensive and defen
puter-activated gridiron sive position. Each player on
warriors who are pro the roster has varying expe
grammed to carry out their rience and ability. You must
assignments on each play. decide what type of game
On offense, choose a you want to play and
formation, a play, then select the play
and a receiver or ers who will best
ball-carrier. When carry out

on the defensive side your game plan.

of the ball, choose a Accolade did not
formation, a control include many football
player, and whether or not sounds with this one- or
to blitz or red-dog. The game two-player game. Most of the
also features a complete kicking background noise is limited to
game, including kickoffs, punts, the crowd's cheering and music
field goals, and extra points. from an offscreen marching band.
The game is presented well, with The only possible distraction in the
realistic movements by all the players. game is the switching of screens when
After each touchdown, the ball-carrier the ball-carrier moves downfield, but this
even performs a dance similar to the Ickey becomes less of a problem after you've
Shuffle. (Note: 4th & Inches was produced played the game several times and be
long before the Cincinnati running back come accustomed to it.
popularized his TD dance.) The game's Its regulation 11-on-ll competition
only major limitation is the inability to pass and its fast action make 4th & Inches our
the ball to a receiver other than the pre- choice for top gridiron game.

: 5—excellent, 4—goad, 3—average,

2—below average, I—Hem poor

John Elway's Quarterback - Melbourne

House/Virgin Mastertronic
Juno 1989 13
O \ 3 A I.


Accolade's Fas/ weaknesses. One of your

features an up-tempo players may be a strong re-
three-on-three contest bounder while his substitute
on the computer hardwoods may be a better shooter.
between the Jammers and You'll need to decide which
the Slammers, two fictitious player can best help
pro basketball teams featur your team.
ing a cast of stars with dif Hack an opponent or
ferent talents and abilities. become overly aggressive
The large, realistic-looking underneath the basket and
players have moves that one of your players could be
would make Mars Blackmon called for a foul, which could
or any other playground leg result in one or two shots at
end jealous. Their on- the foul line for your
court repertoire opponent. Fast Break
includes slam differs from the real
dunks, fadeaway game of roundball
jumpers, and spin only in the number
moves down the lane. of players on the court
The size of the players (three instead of the reg
also makes it easier to see ulation five) and the player's
who has possession of the ball. inability to throw the ball or
Design your own offensive step out of bounds.
play and incorporate it within the The variety of sound effects in
game. When your team controls the corporated within the game is an out
ball, you can run your special play or standing feature of Fast Break. Accolade
choose from a selection of plays de has included the sounds of the crowd
signed by the Accolade coaches. If you'd cheering, clapping, and stomping. As the
rather play a run-and-gun style, forget the players move on the court, you hear their
plays and run a freelance offense. shoes squeaking and, of course, the sound
Defensive plays can also be selected of the ball being dribbled. The swish of the
each time the offense decides to call a play. net has not been left out, either.
Each team's roster consists of six players, Two players can battle head-to-head or
with two available at each of the three posi one can compete against the computer
tions. Each player has his own strengths and in this highly rated game of hoops.

5—excellent, i—gooS. 3—are/age.

2—below averasre, I—mi poor

Jordan vs. Bird: One on One - Electronic
14 COMPUTE!'* Gazette
Slam Dunk - Virgin Mastertronlc

If you've ever wanted with a full complement of

to coach a team to the six players on a side. Other
Stanley Cup, Mind- options include a choice of
scape's Superstar Ice Hockey uniform colors, a choice of
can make you feel as though rules, and a choice of play
your dream has come true. ing either a practice or
Its realistic simulation of a a league game.

pro hockey team is what Player movement is ex

makes it our number 1 cellent, especially the skating
choice for best hockey game. and stick action. After a vi
You can guide the team cious check from an oppo
through a complete season nent, a player may end up
and personally coach it sprawled on the ice in a
through each game. daze. Hit your oppo

You can change de nent too hard and

fensive and offen you'll wind up in

sive alignment and the penalty box.

make substitutions While in the box,

throughout the game, you have no control

player on the ice.
or you can sit back and
watch the computer coach The game keeps track of
the standings during the sea
your team.
As for the action on the ice, son. Player trades with other

the players on your team can body- teams are possible if the other team

check, fake shots, send the puck agrees to your offer. You can also re
through the air, and pick up penalties. cruit players from the minors and
The action has everything the NHL hold training camps for your team.

has—except the fights. This one- or two-player game strikes

Before each game begins, you have an excellent balance between strategy and
the option to control either the center or action. You can hit the ice for a friendly
the goalie on your team. You can play a game of hockey or try to build a hockey
two-on-two game with one player and a dynasty that dominates the other
goalie per team or play a regulation contest teams in the league.

Ratings: 5—excellent, 4—gooo", 3—swage.

2—Below amase, J— veii poor

Powerplay Hockey: USA vs USSR -

Electronic arts
June 1989 15

ome games are based in this topnotch golfing sim

Oon movies; others, ulation. This attention to
on books; but jack detail doesn't come without
Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of a price, however. Greatest
Major Championship Golf is 18's screens build more
based on a video. ABC slowly than the ones in some
Sports asked golf's Golden golf games, but the wait is
Bear to select his favorite 18 worth it.
holes from the U.S. and Brit Animation, though lim
ish courses that play host to ited to the golfer and to the
major tournaments. Jack dis ball in flight, is smooth and
cusses those holes on the realistic. Players can compete
video and explains why they against up to three human
rank among his favor opponents or a variety
ites. Then he shows of computer-generat
viewers how he ed male and female
plays them. golfers, including
Now you have oooo Nicklaus himself.
the opportunity to play
those same holes on OOOOG A large part of
Greatest 18's appeal
your 64 or 128. Visit
Augusta, Baltusrol, Muirfield,
ooo stems from the way the
game feels through the joystick.
Merion, Oakmont, Pebble Beach,
Riviera, Royal Lytham, and St. An
oooo Even at the expert level and
playing from the pro tees, you get
drews. For added variety, the disk oooo the feeling you have more control
also includes two courses Nicklaus de over the ball than with other
signed himself. Test your golfing skills golf games.
at Castle Pines, Colorado, and Desert Skins scoring or match play, deter
Mountain, Arizona. mining wind intensity and direction, the
The graphics in this package are first- ability to change your perspective, com
rate. Each hole is a careful reproduction of puter or manual club selection, and a sta
the original. From the clubhouse at St. tistics page are just a few of the features
Andrews to the Pacific Ocean bordering that make this outstanding package from
Pebble Beach, you'll find plenty of detail Accolade our choice for best golf game.

Ratings; 5—excellent, t—gooH, 3—average,

2—below average, I—wry poor


World Tour Golf - Electronic Arts

World Class Leader Board - Access
16 COMPUTE!* Leader Board - Access


I yH ost computer boxing will work against your oppo

^ I games put you at nent and then create your
I ringside, watching two next fighter accordingly.
brawlers trade punches. With Each fighter is drawn
TKO, Accolade puts you in with lifelike features and
side the ring, with your op faces that show punishment
ponent staring you straight as the three-, five-, or ten-
in the eye. round bouts progress. Throw
A split-screen features a punch with your joystick
large images of you and your and your boxer responds im
opponent seen from the waist mediately. Action is as
up. Your boxer throws a smooth as a right cross.
punch to the jaw and you You can throw nine dif
see your opponent's head ferent punches to the
snap back as your head and body with
glove connects. Fail your joystick. Back
to block your oppo your opponent into
nent's jab, however, the ropes and your
and your face gets cut or punches carry more
turns black and blue. weight. To protect your
TKO features both one- self, select a guard position at
and two-player options. Create any time in response to your
your own fighter with special opponent's attack.
ized attributes, calibrate his Between rounds, a statistics
strengths and weaknesses, and then screen informs you of how many
work your way up through the ranks punches each fighter threw to the
of contenders. You can even select a head and body and of how many
face for your boxer. If he's got what it punches connected. It also lets you
takes, you can get a shot at the champ. know how much damage each fighter
A fighter's win/loss record is saved to has inflicted.
disk after each bout, so you can take him If you're looking for a good, clean
right to the top if he's good enough. If you fight, step into the ring with TKO. It's a
start losing bouts, try to find a strategy that winner by unanimous decision.

Ratings: 5—excellent, k—gaoS. 3—

Z—bBlaw average, J—veri poor

Fight Night - Accolade

Star Rank Boxing - Gamestar
(Metiiagenic) Jitna 1389 17
When it comes to from simple to complex, giv
sports games, no one ing players several depths of
outscores Epyx in the play. To sprint around the
field of Olympic-style compe j velodrome, simply move the
tition. But Epyx surpassed it 1 V joystick forward and back
self when it decided to give ward rapidly. Mastering the
players a taste of the Sum 23 different moves on the
mer Olympics held last year uneven parallel bars or the
in South Korea. In fact, the 40 possible combinations in

team from Epyx does more the diving event, however,

than simply enter the compe requires concentration and a

tition with The Games: Sum higher degree of joystick
mer Edition—it cap dexterity.
tures the gold medal. Animation is
Programmers, smooth and flawless,
musicians, and art and the participants
ists at Epyx went all are well drawn.
out to capture the Sound, often treated
thrill and excitement of as an afterthought in
Olympic competition. If many games, hasn't
you were unable to attend been neglected, either. Birds
the Olympics in Seoul, The chirp at the archery range as
Games is the next best thing. arrows whoosh to the target, and
From the opening ceremony, with you can hear water dripping from
its outstanding musical score and the diving board at the
snapshots of Korean life, you realize Olympic pool.
this game is a cut above the rest. A panel of animated judges award
Up to eight players may represent any points in some events, but the computer
of 18 countries in any or all of eight keeps track of the scoring and
events: Diving, Uneven Parallel Bars, awards medals after each event.
Rings, Hammer Throw, Velodrome Cy For a program that takes top marks in
cling, Hurdles, Pole Vault, and Archery. all categories, check out The Games: Sum
Participation in the events ranges mer Edition. It's a gold-medal winner.

Ratings: 5—eicellsnt, 4—good. 3—average,

2—below average, I—my soar

World Games -
Winter Challenge - Thunder Mountain
18 COMPUTE'S Gazette
Retail Outlet: Penn Station, Main Concourse
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Call Mon-Frl:9:30am-4:30pm
(718)692-1148 I -Knn-7KQ-AKAK ■ FAX NO. 7186923372
(""692114B 1 I OUU #37 OOOO | TELEX 422132 MGRANT
«««.„«. 0rder Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-7:00pm / Saturday-Closed / Sunday 9:30am-6pm.
20,30,40,60,80 MB
0128: D commodore HARD DRIVES
COMPUTER PACKAGES Software commodare
$11995 PCI 0-1
Built-in Disk Drive

SPECIALlt . *iimexPA.'iSiONmodule line

1 A.
■ CI28-D COMPUTER WBUILT-IN C-UC -64C POWEfl 5UPPLI 179 86 .A 77-7.16MHI- JFioopyDjaXCiivBS i»
DISKDRIVE :■■'.'.:■'■ H B n Reso j w n M ono Moiiiloi • A!l Ho *■ to
• COMMODORE 1902 RG8 COLOR C-t«D MODEM. Cables & A3ap:ers • MS DOSSGW Bisc
I coyuooore usa mouse IBM XT COMPATIBLE PKQ
s: :-.
COMmoCOFlEUSt MOUSE 512K RAM ■ 3B0K R»« ttrvo ■ \T
M C -i b> 1M. 1E9O . to si
COMMODORE COLT $QOQ Eei cl 10 Cli. ■■■■:.: i 1; ■ • Bis;

C-179,-— „
170a $499
CHJIH ( l!80 tilW
#2 C/128^D COMPLETE PKG. Daisy Whtel LeiterQuailty Printer COMMODORE
$469 '&15B1 *17995 $59 MPS-1O00 PRINTER *169
dps-iioi a.-,, ,'.■-... L.. '169
C/128-D WITH IO84S 'C'154111 S15995
COMMODORE 10B4S $294.95
AMIGA 500...$529 PS 3!l SL



AMIGA 500 FX-850 H» LO&S0 tSS
FX-10S0 S493 IQ-1060 HM
AMIGA 2000
LQ-500 Q15 LX-BCO 1193
Amiga 500 M512K • Built-in I tSta L&9M. KvO
•12" MONITOR 3 5- tfek Drive. Mo use- RGB omcula wiK Panasonic
•GEOS SOFTWARE PROGRAM lisa iwa... sag

$1399 ism
tut iH4._
{IBS 1124...
44 50 lus 11308
AMIGA 500 With 1004S. AMIGA
AMIGA 500 W/1084S
400 3S"D[lvo 2000 NX-UXMC
,, ...H 68.85
RGB NX-I00O !168.95
AMIGA 2500 NX-10CO flintal SIIB.BE

COLOR NX-JW3 ',:■£&,


4<eytoard- Mume -Amiga O I 5717 A-2VX Compute' w/Keybaud • 3-5' O$K ftwt OKIDA7A1S0 SitSSi
#4 COLOR PACKAGE Basic ■ S|Slem Sollwao
»Woitm -RGD Colw Mono ■ Fre» Mouse* OKIDATA190 SE39.95
OHIMATE 30. tl1».9S
AMIGA 1010 DISK DRIVE *189."
AMIGA 2000 HD Jj|jg£:
S294.95 ■■Keytward 'Mouse
I'Sjsiem EotMare • Amiga Base IR"3JTE221

C.O-0-iJcccpiM No additional
IHlnt PdlW


The Southern New Mciko Commodore User's

A Guide to
Group, P.O, Box 4437, Uni, Park Brdv, Las Cni-
ces, NM 88003
Deming Commodore User Group IDCUQ, 1400
Mallery Dr., Deming, NM 88030
Commodore Users Group of Roswell (CUCOR),
1619 N. Kansas, Rotwdl, NM BH201
NF.W YOltk

New York Commodore Intereil Group
(NYC-lg). 115 Essex Si,, Box-146, New York,
NY 10002
Kids Computer News, St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's
School, 619 W. 114th St., New York, NY 10025
Bron< Users Group (BUG-64), P.O. Bon 523,
Bronx, NY 10475 (BBS" 212-671-7050)

User Groups
Folklife Terminal Club, Box 555-R, Co-op City
Station, Bronx, NY 10475
For Your Computer Only, 35 Belleview Ave., Os-
sining, NY 10562 (BBSo 914-941-5405)
Commodore User Group of Wcs1che>ter: P.O,
Bo> 1230, whiiu Plains, ny 10602
Queens Commodore Users Group, 37 SkiLlman

Part 2 Ave., Brooklyn. NY 11211

The Compule'r Fieaks, 84 Sterling PI., Brooklyn,
NY 11217 (BBSs 718-857-9285]
Brooklyn Commodore Uter'» Group, 1735 E.
I3ih St., A|H. 7N, Brooklyn, NY 11229-1952
(BBSs 718-945-1969)
Universal Processing Institute, 45-45 220th St.,
Compiled and Edited by Mickey McLean Baysidf, NY 11361
Commodore Users Group of Greater New York,
190-25 Woodhull Ave., Hollis, NY 11423
This annual Gazette feature provides an up-to-date list of user groups Commodore Long Island Club, Inc., 2949
Roxbury Rd., Oceanside, NY 11572
across the U.S., throughout Canada, and around the world. Part 1, pub
BLCC, 151 DuBois Ave., Sea Cliff, NY 11579
lished in last month's issue, included states A through M (Alabama- Brentwood 61/128 Computer Club, Pub. Lib,,
Montana). Part 2 includes user groups from the remaining states 2nd Ave. & 4Ui St, Brentwood. NY 11717
Quicksilver Users International Commodore
(Nebraska-Wyoming), from APO sources, and from foreign countries. Knighls (QUICK). 33 Smith Ln, Centereach,
Under each state heading, groups are listed in order according to zip NY 11720
Ml-Comm User Group, 26 Arolea Rd., l.i'vittown,
code. Groups from outside the U.S. are listed alphabetically under each
NY 11756
country heading. Club 64, P.O. Box 2265, Patchoguc, NY 11772
If your group does not appear in this list and you wish to be in Ridge C-64 Users Group, 94 Ridge Rd., Ridge, NY
cluded next time, send your club name, address, and bulletin board ser Tri Cily Commodore User's Group (TCCUGI,
vice telephone number (if available) to: P.O. Bo< 12742, Albany, NY 12212-2742
Hudson Valley Commodore Club. P.O. Boi 2190,
Commodore 64/128 User Group Update Kindlon. NY 12401
Caiskill Commodore Users Group, Box 160
R.F.D.. Wbodboume, NY 12788
P.O. Box 5406 Fnntlei Computer Useis, K.f.D. 1, Boi 352A,
Greensboro, JVC 27403 Chaw, NY 12921 (BB5« 518-846-8803 or 518-
Your group will then be listed in our monthly "User Group Update" Oswego Commodore User Croup. 424 Mahar
Hall, State University College, Oswego, NY
column in an upcoming issue of Gazette. 13126
Note: When writing to a user group for information, please remember Central New York Commodore Users Group
ICNYCUC). hSS7 Peck Rd., Syracuse, NY 13209
to include with your request a self-addressed envelope with postage that is The Commodore Computer Club of Syracuse.
appropriate for the country to which you're writing. P.O, Box 2232, Syracuse, NY 13220 (BBS" 315-
Mohawk Valley Computer User Croup, c/o Hol-
MHRASKA NEW JtRSl-Y mann, 78 Carfietd St.. Ft. Plain, NY 13339
Ulka Commodore User Croup, 1801 Storrs Ave,,
Pathfinder Commodore User Group, P.O. Box Data Exchange-Beneficial Users Group 64/128
Uika. NY 13501
683, Fremont, NE 68025 (DE-BUG 64/128). 213 Burns Way, Fanwuod, NJ
Commodore Users Group of Massena (COMA), 7
Greater Omaha Commodore Users Croup, P.O. 07023
Water St.. Massena, NY 13663 (BBS" 315-764-
Box 241155, Omaha. ME 68124 (BBSs 402-Jio- Elillsdale Commodore bi Users Club, 32
6400) Lsplanade Uke Dr., Hillsdale, N] 076J2
Lealherslocking Computer User's Club, V.O- Box
Mid-Nebraska Users of Commodore IMUC). Commodore 64 Beginners Croup, 680 Leigh 1284.OntMnta. NY I3B2O(BUS» 607-433-2313)
192U N. Huston Ave.. Cran.l Wand. Nt 68803 Terr, Hfeslwood, N| 07675
The Rainbow International C-64 Users' Group.
McCook Commodore Users Croup, 1010 Bui Garden Stile Commodore User's Group Inc.. 89
55 Expressway Village, Niagara Tails. NY 14304
2nd St, McCook, NE 69001 <BBS« 308-345- Stratford Hd., Union l;a1k MJ 07724 The Niagara Falls Commodore/IBM Club, 2405
1152| Commodore User Croup o) Central New Jersey, Willow Awe., Niagara (-alls, NY 14305
Platte Valley Computer Users Group IPVCUGJ, 112 Old Bridge Kd, Malauan. NI 07747
Geneva Commodore Users' Group, 25 Pine St.,
P.O. Box 662, Gering, NE 69341 Universal Software Incorporated. 83 Bald Eagle,
Geneva, NY 14456
NfcVADA Huckettstown, N| H7H40 Commodore Users Group o( Rochester
Morris Area Commodore User Group IMACUG),
Clark County Commodore Computer Club
(CUGOR), P.O. Box 33463, Rochester, NY
P.O Bin 492, Ml. T.ihor, NJ 07878 14092
Cs). 3273 S.ivatli, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Commodore E. Brunswick Users Group Com-puter Club, P.O. Bon 4339, Elmira, NY
NI W MAMI'SniRl ICEBUC). i Kings Rd., li. Brunswick. NJ 08SI6 14904
Manchester Commodore Users Group, CO. Box Nt:W MI-XKX) NOK III C":\I«JI INA
1641, Manchester, NH 03105
Computer Programmers Unlimited (CPU), 2310 Foothills User Group, 1012 Jesse Tr.. Mount Airy.
New England Computer Pioneers, P.O. Bun 815, Ti-odoro NW, Albuquerque. Nil 87107 (BBS" NC 27030
Conioocook, NH 03229 4I7-357-B361) Triad Commodore Users Group, P.O. Bo* 10833,
Commodore Help And Information Network Los Alamos Commodore Users Group, 4214-A Greensboro, \C 27404 (BBS" 919-288-0372)
(CHAIN Gang), P.O. Bo* 1155, Laconia, NH Ariiona St., Los Alamos, NM 87544 (BBS" 505- Sanlee Commodore Club, 514 Colonial Dr., San-
0324? 662-5940) ford, NC 27505
Commodore Users Croup. P.O. Box 129, Con Taos Area Commodore User's Group, P.O Bos Baileys User Group IBUC), P.O Box 70, Holly
cord, NH 03302-0129
5686, Tins. NM 87571 Spring*, NC 27540

20 COMPUTE'S Gazelle June 1989

Computer Users of Lincolnton. Hi. 3, Box 351. Pittsburgh. PA 15236 TX 75OB3
Uncolnlon, NC 28C°2 Bullet Commodore 64 User Group, 1' O. Boi 12S Users of Dallas/Ft. Worth, P.O. Bos 28277,
Salisbury Compute, Rt 1, Bu> 349B, Salisbury, 2-108, Butler, PA 16001 Djltos, TX 75226-0277 (BBSo 214-285-7646)
NC 28144 Castle Commodore Computer Club. P.O Boi Mid-Cities Commodore Club, PO. Box 313, Bed
Wilmington Commodore Users Group, 210-1 961, Mew Castle, PA 16103 (BBS" 412-946- ford. 1\ 761195 (BBS= 817-268-4191)
Wisteria Dr., Wilmington, NC 28401 8592) Central Texas Computer Users Group. 902 Car
Down East Commodore Users Croup. P.O. Bin North Coast Commodore Users Group Erie. PO. lisle Killeen. TX 76541-7321
1255, Havelock, NC 28532 Box 6117, Erii\ PA 16512-6117 (BBS" 814-899- Commodoie Languages and Operations Croup
Unifour Commodore Users Group, P.O. So* 1796) (C/LOG), Rl, 1, Box 158, Gruesbeck, TX 76642
9324, Hickory, NC 26603-9324 (BBS" 704-328- Blucjuniata Commodore Users Group, 18 Ridge Commodore Houston User Group (CHUG), P.O.
4875| Rd., Levdslown, PA 17044 Box hl2, TombaU, TX 7737S (BBSff 713-445-
Ashcvllle-Buncombe User Croup (A-BUC), P.O. Huntingdon County Hackers, P.O. Box 132, Mill 24H4]
Box 15578. Asheville, NC 28813 Creek, PA 17060 The Willis Commodore Users Group, 8 Fores!
Harrisburg Area Computer Group. 721 S. 29lh Trails. Willis, TX 77378
St., Hamburg. PA 17111 Tri-County Commodore Users Association (T-
Central Dakota Commodore Club, P.O. Box White Rose Commodore Users Group, PO Box CCUA). 557 Lakeview Cir., New Braunfels, TX
1564, Bismarck, ND 5B502-15B4 7501, York, PA 17404-0501 7813(1 (BIISb 512-6201371)
CenPUG for Commodore. R.D. 4, Bo< 99A. |crsey Amistad Commodore Users Group, P.O. Box
Shore, PA 17740 421212, Del Rio, TX 7BB42
The Commodore User Group, Inc. (TCUG), P.O.
Gods of Public Domain. BQFnlthDf,, Oitasauqua, Top of Texas Commodore (TOTCOMl, Box 2851,
Box 63, Brice, OH 43101 (BBS" 614-755-26114]
PA 18032 Pampa, TX 79066-2B51 (BBSs 806-665-4764)
Central Ohio Commodore Users Cioup, P.O. Box
Lehigh Valley Commodoie User Croup, 4315 Tri-State Commodore Users Group (Tri-CUGt,
28229, Columbus. OH 4322B-O229 (BBS" 614-
Crackersporl Rd., AllenlOwn. PA 18104 P.O. &■< 8971, Amanllo. TX 79114-8971
The Scranton Commodore Users Croup (SCUG1, Commodore Users of Tenas (CUTI, 7007 Mem
South Toledo Commodore Computer Club. P.O.
499 Mulberry Si., =804, Scranton, PA 18503 phis Ave., I.ubbock, TX 79413
Box 6086, Toledo, OH 43614
(BBS= 717-4B9-5H19) El Pasci Commodore User Group, P.O. Box
Basic Bits Commodore Group. [\O. Box 447, M.
lngcrso] Rand Computer Users Group (IRCUGI, 3709.14, Tl Paso.TX 79904 (BBS- 915-833-1024)
Ridgevitle, OH 44039
R.D. 1, Box 173, S.lyre, PA 18840
Commodore Preference Users Connection (CPU UTAH
Lower Bucks Users Group, P.O. Box 397, Croy-
Connection), P.O. Bo< 42032, Brook Park, OH
dun. PA 19020-0959 (BBS= 215-547-7009) Mountain Computer Society, 3898 Cheryl St.,
44142 (BBSo 216-238-4578)
El'A Commodore Users Group. Edwin) H. Co W.-st Valley, UT84119
Ciii.iiin,;.' Falls Commodore Club, P.O. Box
hen. 1712 Aidtnn Uir Rd., Dresher. PA 19025 Cache Valley Computer Club, 315 W 400 S,
3025, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 Smithtield. L'T 84335 (BBS= 801-752-1187)
INole: Open lo all jednal ymvmnMitl tmplcyets
Mahoning Valley Commodore Club, P.O. Box
twA fhelr families.! Moab Commodore User's Group, 860 S. Antiq
1180, Youngstown, OH 44501 uity Ln., Moab, UT B4532
llorsham Amiga/64, 20-A Lumbor Jack Cir,,
Commodore Users Group, 29425 Battler Rd., Box
Honshum, PA 19014 Fayson Area Commodore Users Group (PAC),
175, Dennison. OH 44621 P.O. Box 525, Sal™, UT 84653 (BBSn 801-423-
Commodore Users Group, Philadelphia Area
Canton/Akron/Massillon Users Group 2734)
Computer Society, PO. Box 57096, Philadel
(CAMUG1, P.O Box 2423, North Cinton, OH Southern Utah Commodore Hobbyists, 528 N.
phia. PA 19111-7096
44720 Blue 5k¥ Dr., Cedar Citv, UT B4720
LCC, P.O. Box 48141, Philadelphia, I'A 19144
Mid-Ohio Commodore User's Club. Box 1363.
Main Line Commodore Users Croup IMLCUG),
Cuwll Kd., Buller, OH 44622 Vl-KMOXT
1046 General Allan In.. Wusl Chester. PA 19382
Commodore Erie Bay Users Croup (CEBUQ, Connecticut River Users Group (CRUG), P.O,
(BBSS 215-354-9750)
P.O. Box 1461, Sandusky. OH ■14870 Box 151, Westminster, VT 05158
lluxmont Commodore Users Group, 1206
Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club, c/o
Cowpath Rd., llalfiekl, PA 19440 VIKCIMA
Cure oi Ars School, Berwick & Roe Streets, Cin
Commodoie Users of Berks (CUB). 810 Sledge Northern Virginia Commodores, 9206 AnnhursI
cinnati, OH 45237
Ave.. West Lawn. I'A 19609
Southwestern Ohio Commodore Users Group St.. Fairfax VA 22031
ISWOCUG). P.O. Bo> 46644, Cincinnati, OH keiodf isi and WAC User Group, 3309 Rose l.n, Falls Church,
45246 VA 22042
Narragan5ett Commodore Users Group. 1' O. Box
The Daylon Area Commodore Users Croup Capitol Area Commodore Enlhusiists (CACE),
8707, Cranston, HI 02920 (BBSs 401-737-9774)
(DACUG), 1117 Lavcrn Ave., Kotlcring, Oil 607 AbbOtU l.n., Falls Church, VA 22046
SOUTH CAROLINA Washington Area Commodore User Croup, P.O.
Dayton Area Commodore Users Croup Commodore Computer Club of Columbia, P.O. Box M4. Springfield, VA 22150-0684
(DACUC), 2040 Turnbull Rd., Daylon, Oil Bo« 5691, Columbia. SC 29250 Dale City Commodore Users Group, Inc.. P.O.
45431 (BBS" 513-878-1408) BIBS, 658-C Wlndormera, Charleston. SC 29407 Box 2265. Dale Cily. VA 22193-0265
Hancock User's Group (HUG), P.O. Box 1651. Commodore Peek and Poke Society (CPE'S), P.O. Fredericksburg Commodore Club, P O. Bo>
Findlav OH 45839-1651 (BBS" 419-423-6648) Box 71872, Charleston, SC 29415-1872 (BB5» JU38. iredencksburg. V-\ 22404-8438

803-875-99051 South Richmond Commodore User Group. P.O.

OM AIIOMA Commodore Ham User's Croup (CHUO, P.O. Bo> 1393, Midlothian, VA 23113
Commodore User's Group of l.awlon, P.O. Box Box 221, Coos,> Creak. SC 29445-0221 CURVii, P.O. Box 28284. Richmond, VA 23228
Greenville Commodore Users Network (GCUN), (BBS* HO4-2B8-1439)
3392, Lawlon, OK 73502 (BBS" 4115-357-6181)
P.O. Box 5272, Station B, Greenville, SC 29606 The Richmond Area Commodore Enthusiasts
Commodore Users of Bartlesvllle, 1704 S. Osagc.
Rock Hill Area Commodore Users Group (TRACEI, 2920 Pinehurst Kd , Richmond, VA
Bartlesville, OK 74003 (BBS* 918-336-3872)
(RHACUG). P.O. Bin 10243, Rock Hill, SC 2322S
Stillwaler Computer Society. 3124 N. Lincoln.
29730 Tidewater Commodore Users Group. P.O. Boi
Stillwater, OK 74075 (BBS" 105-372-1333)
61814. Virginia Beach. VA 234e2 (BBS= 804-
Tulsa Area Commodore Users Group (TACUG). SOUTH DAKOTA 499-1319)
P.O. Box 691842, Tulsa, OK 74169-1842 (BBS"
Aberdeen Commodore Club, 926 S.9lh Si., Ahfi- Peninsula Commodore Users Group, P.O. Box 1.,
dwn, 3D 57401 Hflmplon, VA 23666 (BBS" 804-886-0901)
Muskogee Commodore Users Group (MCUC),
Port 64, P.O. Box 1191, Rapid City, SD 57709 Portsmouth Commodore Users Group (PCUG),
2429 Cc-orgia. MmkogTO, OK 74403
P.O. Bo* 6561, PoiUtnDUth, VA 2370.1 (BUS"
Osagc/Kay Commodore User's Group ItNMiSSI ■! B0448B-B372)
IOKCOM1, 317 Woodbury, Ponca Cily, OK
FCI'A. P.O. Boi 548, Antioch, TN 37013 Southside Virginia Commodore Users Group
Clarksville Commodore Users Croup, I'.O Bov 240 14th Ave.. Hopmwll. VA 2.1860
OKHiON 2171. Clarksvillc. TN' 37042-2171 Henry County Commodore Computer Club. Rt
United Commodore Users Group, 5665 Tioul Commodore Association of the Southeast 9. Box 61, Martinsville, VA 24112
Creek Rd., Mt. Hood/Parkdali;, OR 97041 (CASE), P.O Box 2745, Cl.irksvillc, TN 37042- Lynchburg User Group, Rl. 2, Box 180, Lynch-
Commodore East County (CEO, 2424 SE Eva.it 2745 burg, VA 245111
Avc.. Tioutdale, OR 97060-2328 Dungeons anil Dragons User Group. RL 1. Boi Commodore Users of Lynchburg (CUOU. I'.O.
Crash-64 Salem Area's Commodore User's 28A. Cumberland Clly, TN 37050 Bo\ 338h, Rivermont Station. l.\rnchburj;. VA
Croup. P.O. Box 241, Salem, OR 97308 (BBS' Multi-User Computer Club. 213 Holiy Ave., 24503 (UBS* B04-H45-3135)
503-585-3092) South Piusburp. TN 37380-1313 (UBS» 615- vvAsiii\t;ro\
Albany Corvillis Commodore Users Group 837-8352]
E/T. P.O. BOX 1767, Uothell. WA 98041-1767
(ACCUC), I'.O. Bo* 1124, Corvallb, OR 97339 Ualeigh-Barllelt Hackers CUG, [«mea Patrick,
NW Commodore User Group, 2565 Dexter N
United State* Commodore Users Group, P.O. 3457 GateWOOd Dr., Memphis, TN 38134
S203, Seattle, WA 98109 (BUS" 206-281-7661)
Bo* 2310, Roseburg. OR 97470 Memphis Commodore Uacrs Club, P.O Box
PSACE, 1313 5th Ave. West, Seattle, WA 98119-
CUA, P.O. Bo* 531, Medlbrd, OR 97501 34095, Bartlett, TN 3H134-0095 (BBS" 901-366-
I'LNNSUVANIA U.W. Commodore User Group, P.O. Box 75029,
A-K 64 User Group, 1762 Fairmont St.. New Ken
TEXAS Seattle, WA 'WI2S
sington, PA 15068 Society of Computer Owners and FHT I-nthu- Renlon Computer Group. 4'>I7 S. 164lh St., Se-
Bettis Commodore Users Group, 592 Arbor l.n.. siasts (SCOPE), P.O. Bm 833095. Uirhaidwn. aule, WA 98188 t-

COMPUTE'S Gazoltn June 1989 21

Arlington Commodore Users' Croup, 4416-12fiTh Commodore User Group (ACT), P.O. Bos 599,
Place NE, MaryavUle, WA 98270 Belennnen, A.C.T., Australia 261ft (BBS* 062-
810847] Club Commodore dc Tlbas, Marvin Vega, P.O.
Club 64, 6735 Tracyton Blvd. NW, Bremerton. WA
Box 516, Tibas, San |ose, Costa Rica
98310 Hedland Commodore User Group, David War
University Place Commodore Home Users ren, P.O. Bo. 2551, South Hedland 6722, West niiNMARK
Group (UPCHUGI, PO. Box 11191. Tirana, ern Australia
M1DTJYDSK Compuler KlublMCKlJegstrupvej
WA 98411-1101 (BBS" 206-565-0690) Melbourne Commodore Computer Club Inc.,
86. 8800 Viborg, Denmark
World Wide User Group. P.O. Box 98682. Ta- P.O. Box 177, Box Hill, Victoria 3128, Australia
com.i, 1VA 18498 (BBS= 20^-531 2447) South Australian Commodore Computer Users INI1IA
Tri-Clly Cummodore Computer Club (TC Group, P.O. Box 427, North Adelaide, SA 5006, Commodore Users Group, c/o S. Ram Copal,
CUBED), P.O. BOX 324. Kfchlind, WA 99352 Australia 1012, 19th D Mjiii Rd., Rajajinagar First Block,
(BBS« 509-783-1931) Slawell Commodore User Group, P.O. Box 299, Bangalore 560 010, India
Blue Mountain Commodore Users, 550 5. 2nd Stawell,-3380, Australia
Ave.. Malta walla, WA 99362-3H9 (BBS* 509- HI-I.CIUM
529-5226) Inn Commodore User Group, M. Shajari, Islahan
L'Amiral Club C = 64 & Amiga. P.O. Box 41. B- Universi[\F, Isfahan, Iran
WFST VIRGINIA 1090, Brussels, Belgium
Blueficld User Group 20/61 (BUG). PO. Box I1RAZII
I!Q0, Bhiefield, WV2470) Fin Club, Kofi Sugimuyj, 2-1-10-
Brasil Commodore Users Group (BCUG), Edson 1107 Higa^hi-Tflishi Y^o Osaka, Japan 581
Commodore Home User's Group (CHUG), 81
Conselheiio, Kua Chico PontM 1621, Sao Paulo,
Lynwood Ave,, Wheeling, WV 2fiOOJ m i:\ico
SP 02067, Brazil
Mid-Ohio Valley Commodore Club, Inc.
Commodore Users Group Porto Alegre, terreira Arcane 17-Commodore User's Club, Fausto Pena
(MOVCC), P.O. Box 2222, Parksnburg, WV
de Abreu 91/3, 90040 Porto Alegre KS, basil Nunez, Calle Plata 3307, Villa San Alejandro,
2610I-222? (BiSS" 304-295-650!)
Curitiba Commodore Club, R. Ver. Garcia R. C.P. 72090, Pui'bla, Pue.. Mexico
Northern West Virginia C-64 Club, 228 Grand
Velho 33, Apio. 41—Bairro Cabral, B0030 Curi Bosc Commodore Users Group, Lie. Oscar E.
St., MOrgajitown, WV 26505
tiba PR, BrGE.il Sacn? Salinas, Av. Francisco 1. Madero con
WISCONSIN Oiieme3 a 1001. Cd. Rio Bravo. Tam.. Mexico
Commodore Hobbyists Involved In Personal CANADA Club Commodore de Jiurcz. Calle del Manantial
Sysleim (CHIPS), P.O. Box 1006, West Bend, = 1448, Ciudad ]uare/. Chihuahua, Mexico
Wl 53095 32500 (BBSb 011-52-16-14-34-57)
Etrilisli C nliiinhi.i
Wisconsin Association of Vk/C ■ i nlliu-.i.l-.i-. Club Commodore del Sureste, Carlos M. Diaz
Cistlcgar Commodore Computer Club, R.R. 1, Escotfic, Col. G. Gineres 25 X 14 192 A, 97070
(WAVE), 1020 Kurd? Dr., Blm Grove, Wl 53122
Site 37. Camp. 7, CasUflgar, B.C., Canada V1N Menda Yucatan, Mexico
Milwaukee Area Commodore Enthusiasts
(MACE), P.O. Box 2621S, Milwaukee, Wl 53226 I'AKISTAN
Chilliwack Commodore Computer Club. P.O.
Madison Area Commodore Users Group
Box 413, Sardis. B.C., Canada V2K 1A7 T1GLON, c/o Ahmed |amal. P.O. Box 7237, A.H.
IMACUG), P.O. Box 1305, Madison. Wl 53701-
Juan de Fuci C64/128 Users' Group. P.O. Bos Kd., Karachi-74400, Pakistan
1305 1BBS" 608-251-6612)
7IH«, Depot 4, Victoria. B.C.. Canada V9B 4Z3
UuldCHft Inc.. loo Arrowhead Dr.. Giten Bay. I'MllII'l'INIS
Keluwnj Computer User Group, "11-4131 Lake-
Wl 54301
shore Rd,, Kelowna, B.C., Canada V1W 1VH Society of Commodore Users In Metro Manila
COMM-HAY64. P.O. Box 1152, Green Bay, Wl (SCUM), c/o RupntO A. O. Navarro, 946 Mu-
Tori < <'<|uill-iLji Computer Club, 1752 Renton
54305 (BBS" 414-494-1527] rillo St., Quiapo, Manila, Philippines 1001
Trice County Compute! User Group, Rt. 1, Box Way, Ton Coquitlam, B.C., Canada V3B 2R7
164, Prentice, Wl 54556 (BBS= 715-762-4599)
(BBS 604-942-0947) I'UI-KTO RICO
J'rince George Commodore User's Association
Weslern Wisconsin Lacrosse Area Commodore Commodore Users Exchange, c/o ). S. Cardona,
(PGCUA), 1491-17th Ave., Prince George, B.C..
Users Group. 622 Avon St., Lacrosse, Wl 54603 P.O. Box 1601. Caguas, Puerro Rico 00626-1601
Canada V2L 3Z2
Fond du Lac Area Commodore Users Club. P.O.
Box 1432, Kind du Lac, Wl 54936-1432
Commodore League of Riyadh (CLR), P.O. Bos
VVYOMIN(. Commodore Concepts User? Croup ICCUG),
Iti2ln. Riyadh 11464, Sau.li Arabia
7H3, Sleinhich, Man,, Cinttdl KUA 2A0
Cheyenne Association ol Compuler Enthusiasts
(CACIL), P.O. Bin 1733, ChovsnrU, WV 82003 Ni-w Brunswick
Casper Commodore Users Group ICCUG), c/o The Commodore User Club. Bedok Central, P.O.
The I'ORCE, P.O. Box 2203 MTO, Sainl John,
CtS2V Mountain Electronics, 511 E. 2nd St., Cas Boi 693, Singapore 9146, Republic oi Singapore
N.B,, Canada H2L 3VI (BBS" S06-849-9405)
per, WY 82601 Sl'AIN
Moncton Users Group, Box 2984 STN A, Monc-
DISTRICT OF COLUM1SI,\ ton, N.B., Canada E1C HT8 (BBS= 506-382- Costa Blanca Computer Club, c/o Ed Kelly,
4362] Mantebello 25, La NucM-Alicanie, Spain 03530
USO Commodore User Group, 207 Beyer Rd. SW,
Washington, DC 20032 Ontario SYVIDLN
NAVAIR Commodore User Group, Naval Air
Hramptun User's Group (DUO, P.O. Box 384, Stockholm Compuler Club, Lars Persson, Box
System Command Recreation Association,
Bfunpltm, Ont., Cmada 1.6V 21.3 1KI58, 200 32 Malmo, Sweden
Washington, DC 20361
Elamlllon Commodore Users' Group, 201 MilU'n Compuler Ciub Sweden, Han1. Eng»trom, P.O.
Edison Commodore User Group, ]nhn Pinch, c/o
Kd,, Stoney Creek, Out., Canada LSE 2G6 (BUS" Box 7O40, S-103 (W. Stockholm, Sweden
NKL, Code 5707.61, 4555 Overlook Ave. SW,
Washington, DC 20735 SWITZERLAND
Ice Software Exchange, Box 188, Warren, Ont,
Canada P0H 2\'O Computer Anwendei Clubr Postfach 29, B042 Zu
USER GROUPS OUTSIDE THE U.S. Midland Commodore Users Group, c/o W. E. rich, Switzerland e

McKibbon. R.R. 3. Fenelang, Ont., Canada I.0K

IPO (BUS- 705-526-5910)
fiarni.i Commodore User Group. \27i> Gifft'l Rd.,
The Muensler Garrison User's Group, c/o Ran Simla, Ont., Canada N7S 3K7
dall Harper, 583rd Orrf, Co., API). NY 0907S The S.iull Commodore Compuiet Club, SMI Old Attention—Commodore
Commodore Cumputer Users Croup Heidelberg Goulala li.iy Rd., Saull Ste Marie, Ont., Canada
[West Germany), P.O. Bd. 232. APO, NY 0910% P6A 5KS (BBS= 705-94S-1H35) User Groups!
tel.: 011-49.622-1-124O8 (BBS" 011-49-6203- TPUG Inc., 5334 Yunge St., Suite 116. Willowdalc.
65010) Ont.. Canada M2N 6M2 |BBS" 416-733-2933 or
International Commodore Owners Network ■116-273-6300)
(ICON), c/u Glenn Whitehead, E. Co. 708th Change in name?
S.B., AI'O. NY 09185 Quebec
Alconbury Commodore Compute! User's COBLI, VI1 Place Pilon, Ste.-There=e, Que., Can-
New address?
Croup, Ami.: M.Sfit. Willie ]. JofinBon, Box 58, ada]7B ir.i Add a BBS?
APO, NY D9238-S0M Disk-O-Tcch, P.O. Box 522, BouGhflrvlIle, Que.,
U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo May Cuba Com Canada |4B 6V2 Write us and
puler Users Croup, P.O. Bon 10011, TBPO. Nor 1.'Association de Micro Infoimatique dc 1'Kstrie
folk. VA 23593 (BBSs 011-53-99-4J57) (L'AMiE). P.O. Ben 1627. Shcrbrooke, Qub., tell the
Chicksinds Computer Club IC cubed*. Attn.: Canada |1H 5M4
Recreation Center, RAF Chick-onds. Shefford Commodore community
Beds., England SG17 5PZ
Club Commodore Colombia, c/o JorRC Bonilla, in our monthly
AUSTRALIA AvenldS Caracas No. 52-7'l Oi. 401, P.O. Bin
Commodore Hints And Tips Swapping 36621, Bogota, Colombia, S.A. "User Group Update."
(CHATS), I'.O. Box 212, BnsnHn, .1040, Vic- ComSoft Commodore User Group, IJ. lr. Carde-
lOrtO, Australia nu, Aparttdo Aeiro ')H72, Call, Colombia, S.A,

22 COMPUTE'S Gazette June I9B9

First over Germany across the sky, you must take into ac
count wind drift, and your aircraft
guns, and even the pilot (you). If you do
get injured, it's time to hope you've
The package shows a B-17 being at makes much broader turns than any picked a copilot with the right qualifica
tacked by German fighter planes, but other fighter plane you may have flown. tions. Joystick response diminishes, re
don't be misled—first over Germany is Represented as a black dot moving flecting his level of expertise.
not a true flight simulator. over the map, your B-17 moves ever so
There are several reasons for this. slowly. As you fly, you'll notice a for
Foremost perhaps is that Strategic Sim mation of black dots moving from west
ulations has more experience in creat to east. You don't have to pay attention
ing board-type war games and D & D- to them now, but in the next practice
type adventures. First over Germany has mission you'll have to join the formation.
elements of both genres. Second, the Subsequent missions must be
graphics for the game were created willi flown in order. They include bombing
Graphics Magician, the animation sys practice and flights to Chanute Field,
tem used in the graphics adventures Illinois; Westover Field, Massachusetts;
from Polarware. While it's n good sys Gander, Newfoundland; Preswick,
tem, it does not lend itself to flight England; and Thurlc-igh, England. If
simulator-style animation. you've chosen a navigator with high
But all this is not to say that First aptitude and experience, you'll proba
over Germany is unworthy of your con bly make it. As you fly, the scale of the map/
sideration. Taken as a whole, it emerges landscape varies, changing from high
as a mission simulator—one with a lot altitude to an enlarged view as you de
of challenges. scend for a landing. There are views
Do your utmost to from inside the aircraft, including a
Before you start playing, make a
copy of the disk. Any copy program pilot's view, but these are not meant to
maintain heading and
should work. This is necessary because compete with screens in true flight sim
Vint over Germany writes information altitude. The alternative ulators. These views are static, with
to the disk each time you play. nonworking instruments, and with en
Next, select a crew. Try to choose is to fall out of emy aircraft indicated by black dots in
the men who possess the best combina the sky.
formation and become Again, the idea is not to simply
tion of aptitude, experience, and stami
send you into the sky in an aircraft simu
na. It is all well and good to have a easy pickings for some
bombardier with high stamina, but if he lator, but to provide you with the overall
has so little aptitude or experience that hotshot Lttftnvaffe fighter experience of a real bomber group.
he can't hit the target, he'll be of no real While the graphics and the rudimentary
jockey. animation may be disappointing to
use. On the other hand, remember that
he hangs in space surrounded only by some, I doubt that those who trouble to
the plexiglass nose of the plane. If you, involve themselves in the missions will
the pilot, are prone to crashing, the Upon arrival in England, you'll fi be displeased with the game.
bombardier could probably benefit nally get to fly combat missions over The documentation for First over
from a little extra stamina. France and Germany. There arc 25 mis Germany is good and includes a brief
OK, you have a crew and now it's sions in all, bombing industrial targets, history of the 306th, as well as step-by-
time to learn to fly. The screen shows ports, shipping yards, U-boat pens, and step instructions for learning to fly. Al
an overhead view of Wendover Field, the like. All missions are said to be au though there may seem to be many
with flight instructions and a superim thentic versions of those flown by the training and transit flights, remember
posed flight path. At the bottom of the 306th Bomber Group, on whose ex that their purpose is to provide you with
screen are readouts for altitude, speed, ploits the game is based. experience before sending you into com
power to the four engines, flap attitude, Along the way, you'll encounter bat. Toward this end, each flight ends
and so on. Nothing in the scene sug enemy fighters and flak. In spite of with a status report on the crew and an
gests you are in the cockpit of the air these, you should do your utmost to efficiency raling for the pilot.
craft. In fact, the plane is seen poised on maintain heading and altitude. The al Although the game combines ele
the runway down there; remember, this ternative is to fall out of formation and ments of board war games and adven
is not a flight simulator. become easy pickings for some hotshot ture games, it doesn't involve the same
The manual gives step-by-step in Luftwaffe fighter jockey. complexity of control. You'll use both
structions for takeoffs, climbs, turns, The hazards are real and cause real keyboard and joystick to fly. The key
and descents. Basically, you're to take damage to your aircraft. You may have board commands, for the most part, are
off, fly a circle, and land, but it's not as to contend with damage to one or more keyed to the alphabet: F to lower flaps,
easy as you may think: Clouds scud engines, fuel lines, the oxygen system, R to raise them, T to display time, N to

COMPUTE!'sGi>20Ue June ISB9 23

call on ihe navigator. to jump with the big boys, you'll have basket. Again, up to four players take
In the final analysis, First over Ger to spend practice time on the floor, turns shooting, while the program
many is disappointing if approached as learning your moves. Fortunately, Jor keeps tTack of the stats. You have 60
a flight simulator but impressive if ap dan vs. Bird allows warmup opportuni seconds to shoot five balls from each of
proached as a mission simulator. Be ties in each of its three separate events. five bins placed at different locations
cause of the many missions involved, it Four difficulty levels, from a sim just beyond the 3-point line. As with
should provide hours of" entertainment. ple recreational mode to a no-holds- the other events, a Warm-Up section
—Ervin Bobo barred professional war zone, gradually with no time limit allows the players to
acclimate newcomers to the fine art of practice before entering the competition.
First over Germany
advanced elbow swinging. This well-packaged game for the
Strategic Simulations 64 comes with a double-sided game
In the One-on-One section, you as
1046 N. Rengstorff Ave. disk, a Command Summary Card, and
sume the identity of either Larry or
Mountain View, CA 94Oi3 a documentation booklet chock-full of
Michael, and the computer becomes the
other. Or, if you wish, you and a friend
can square off against each other, each
becoming one of the two NBA heroes.
The rules are simple and not much
Jordan vs. Bird- different from the half-court rules most
of us learned in our youthful play
One on One ground days. Using the easy-to-under-
Basketball car happen anywhere. stand menu, you can modify the rules
Thanks to the electronic age, the mini before play begins.
mum space requirements for the game Drive, dart, shoot, and dunk your
have shrunk to the few square feet of a way to an 11- or 15-point preset objec
computer. Instead of visiting a gym, tive—scoring 1 point for each shot
you simply boot a disk when you want within the 3-point line and 2 points
to hear the familiar rhythm of a drib from beyond the line. If you and your
bled ball and the high-pitched squeak partner have the stamina, you can play
information and tips from the master
of busy basketball shoes. a full game with 2-, 5-, 8-, or 15-minute
hoopsters themselves. The opening
Hoping to capitalize on this phe quarters.
music that accompanies the title, don
nomenon. Electronic Arts has consulted It took me only a short while to get
in a Rap-and-Roll style, will make yoi
two of the world's foremost basketball the hang of Jordan vs. Bird, and it wasn't
laugh. As a matter of fact, this garni
pros and created in their image the ulti long before 1 modestly proclaimed my-
scores consistently high from ever1
mate one-on-one computer game. self the Sultan of Slam. I was disappoint
area of the court. At no time does
Basketball superstars Michael Jor ed, however, that each player's super
come close to getting into foul troublt
dan and Larry Bird collaborated with moves could not be seen on [he Slow
computer game designers Mark Mad- Motion Instant Replay option men
—Steve Hedrif
land, Steve Chin, Joe He lies en, and tioned in the documentation booklet. Jordan vs. Bird: One On One
Garth Hitchens to produce a basketball This option is missing from the 64 ver Electronic Arts
sion and is reserved for IBM PC users 1S20 Gateway Dr.
who share this same booklet. Still, I San Matea, CA 94404
found the other options and the game $29.95
itself most entertaining, especially
when you let the computer play itself.
That's when Jordan and Bird tear up the
court for your amusement. Rocket Ranger
After each quarter, the computer The ME-109s dive on you as you bi
displays both players' stats, enabling through the clouds. A slight adjustrr
truly competitive players to adjust their to the rocket pack strapped to your b
games accordingly. quickly lifts you above the wave of
Air Jordan's Slam Dunk Contest is Nazi fighter planes. More attackers
the segment of the program where aeri swarm past with machine guns blazing.
al displays of human flight are quite or You blast several planes with your dead
simulation worthy of their combined dinary. Up to four players soar through ly radium pistol, but it's too late. Your
efforts. The result \B Jordan vs. Bird: One Ihe air with the greatest of ease, com rocket pack is shattered by enemy fire. It
on One. peting for the favor of the judges and falters, and you plunge toward earth.
You may remember an earlier One the highest ratings. What's a mild-mannered scientist
on One by EA that featured Larry Bird You choose from the ten hottest like you doing in a situation like this? It
and Dr. J (Julius Erving). While the dunks in the NBA, including the Twist probably all began when you first load
game was impressive in its day, the ear er, Kiss the Rim, Air Jordan, Two Hand ed Rocket Ranger, an interactive movie
lier version can't compare to the newer Hammer, Windmill, and Back Slam. from Cinemaware that mimics the
version with its improved flexibility The player who executes the best dunks movie serials popular in the Saturday
and superior graphics. and scores the highest ratings wins. malinees of yesteryear.
If you like basketball, Jordan vs. With the Follow the Leader option, After Rocket Ranger's opening cred
Bird is a computer game you'll relish. Michael Jordan chooses and demon its, you find yourself working in your
Imagine yourself controlling the accu strates one of his dunks; then you and lab !ate one night in Ft, Dix, New Jersey.
racy and touch of Larry Bird's long your group try to duplicate it. The year is 1940. Suddenly, a rocket
game or launching yourself gracefully Not to be outdone, Larry offers pack, a radium pistol, a wrist monitor,
through the air toward a reverse-slam Larry Bird's 3-Point Contest. Here, and a secret decoder wheel materialize
dunk, just like Michael Jordan. Sounds you'll find out who's the best shooter at on your desk.
easy, you say? Think again. If you want a distance of 23 feet, 9 inches from the An accompanying note explains
24 COMPUTE'S GazoUB June 1909

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that a group of scientists in the year The Nazi Zeppelin Fleet spreads ground for those too young to remember
2040 have sent you these objects via a across Europe, Africa, and South Amer the likes of Commando Cody.
time machine. They hope you can use ica with increasing speed unless you In addition to capturing the atmo
them to change the course of history slow its progress. Rescuing the brilliant sphere, plot, and sounds of the Satur
and prevent the Nazis from winning professor and his beautiful daughter day serials, Rocket Ranger is fun on both
World War II. will buy you more time to assemble a strategic and an arcade level. You can
Apparently, a cosmic error has given your moon rocket. And since this is
Nazi technology a tremendous boost— war, it also helps if you blast a few of
allowing this gruesome gang of goose- Herr Hitler's henchmen with your
steppers to win the war in 1940 without trusty radium pistol.
America's having a chance to intervene. But you can't fight the entire war
All this revolves around a base on the from Ft. Dix. You need the rocket pack
moon where the Nazis mine lunarium, to make a rescue attempt, to steal rocket
a powerful element that fuels rockets parts, and to destroy targets. Your de
and rocket packs. coder wheel lets you know how many
As Rocket Ranger, you must delay units of lunarium your rocket pack
the Nazis long enough to locate the five needs for each destination. It also
secret rocket parts needed to build your serves as a form of copy protection.
own spaceship. Then, try to capture Getting off the ground takes a little
enough lunarium to power it to the practice. Takeoffs can be tricky—and
moon, where you hope to stop the Nazi humorous—when you're carrying a put on your jet jacket and zoom around
war machine. heavy load of lunarium; the animation is the globe, but you can't defeat the dia
Chapter 1 of this two-disk game particularly good during this sequence. bolical fiends just by playing super
begins in Ft. Dix, your base of opera- In a typical encounter with the Na hero. It takes some strategic planning to
zis, Rocket Ranger must box his way develop an effective network of agents
. .-■■ -:.; ■■■■ ■-■■■: -. --■;■ past a brawny Nazi guard, avoid aerial and resistance fighters. You need their
torpedoes fired from enemy Zeppelins, help to locate and infiltrate rocket fac
Strap on a rocket pack
take on squadrons of fighter planes, tories and to capture supplies of lunar
and bash the bad guys in trade shots with gunners hiding in jun ium. With your agents in place, you can
gle temples, and blast away at hostile strap on a rocket pack and bash the bad
jet-propelled arcade antiaircraft batteries. All this happens guys in jet-propelled arcade style.
before he even reaches the moon and —Tom Nelset
style. faces a legion of Amazon guards.
The graphics and animation are
Rocket Ranger
impressive in all these arcade-style sce
tions. America's top scientist, Professor
4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd.
narios. The artists did a particularly
Otto Barnstorff, and his beautiful good job when they created Jane Barn-
Westlake Village, CA 91362
daughter, Jane, have been kidnapped storff. Any red-blooded American hero $34.95
by the Nazis. The pair are being trans would want to rescue her before the
ported by Zeppelin to Germany, and Nazis were able to turn her into a zom
from there to a desert rocket base for a bie and force her to mine the moon's
trip to the moon. The Nazis plan to use lunarium.
the professor to increase the efficiency Cinemaware didn't skimp on the Predator
of their lunarium operation. In addition audio, either. Each sound adds to the Is this game one of Activision's better
to performing your other chores, you drama—from the takeoff to the realistic efforts? Predator is an arcade shoot-'em-
must prevent this from happening. SOS of your wrist computer. Bob Lind- up combined with some text-adventure
At Ft. Dix, Rocket Ranger's joystick- strom's original musical compositions puzzles, but somehow the game fails to
controlled menu gives you four choices: especially capture the feel of the campy involve me.
War Room, Fuel Depot, Rocket Lab, Saturday serials. An unexpected bonus Apparently, the writers of the doc
and Takeoff. Military intelligence has to the audio effects is ReelTalk, umentation assume everyone has seen
assigned five agents to work for you, to Cinemaware's own technique for mak the movie on which Predator is based. If
help you locate the rocket factories, ing animated characters speak with dig you haven't, you'll probably have no
lunarium bases, and military targets. itized voices. idea why you're leaving a helicopter in
You contact them in the War Room, Cinemaware has put a lot of the midst of what seems to be a jungle
road their reports, and order them to in thought and effort into Rocket Ranger, war.

filtrate and develop resistance efforts in and it shows, right down to the docu For that matter, you won't even
any of 26 different countries. mentation. The instructions needed to know how to leave the chopper. As the
Since you need fuel for both your play the game are in one booklet, mak game begins, men slide down what ap
rocket suit and the moon rocket, it's im ing it easy to find operational answers pears to be a fixed pole (probably a
perative that your agents and their re when you're playing the game. rope) and then run off the right edge of
sistance fighters locate supplies of Another entertaining booklet (this the screen.
lunarium. Your agents are trained for one sent from the future) explains the Though the documentation
this kind of work, but you must give plot and includes training manuals for doesn't mention it, each man carries a
them their orders. Send them where the rocket pack and other items. It's fun different weapon. When one appears
they can do the most good—but watch to read for its tongue-in-cheek Teutonic carrying a weapon you wish to use,
out for the Gestapo and the sinister flavor and its numerous under penalty of click on the fire button. Now you've as-
Colonel Leermeister. You can also raid death warnings. It also includes a brief sumed control of Major Dutch
the lunarium bases yourself to augment history of the Rocket Ranger movie seri Schaefer—the role Arnold Schwarzen
your supplies; you should send the ele als. This adds a nostalgic touch for those egger played in the movie.
ment back to the Fuel Depot, which old enough to remember the black-and- Next, you move to the right, across
keeps track of your quantity. white adventures, and it provides back a screen that scrolls as you near the
26 COMPUTED Gazette June 1989
edge. Along the way, enemy soldiers Whatever it was, 1 was stuck there until
appear and shoot at you. It's a good the clock ran out and the game ended. It Deathlord
idea to shoot back. Scoring a hit on a seemed a shame, since the package Electronic Arts, publisher of the excel
soldier (or having a soldier score a hit boasts that the game has 30 screens of lent Bard's Tale series, has come out
on you) causes blood and gore to erupt nonstop terror. Once you've fought with another solid fantasy adventure.
from the victim's back. (It's not as grue your way through a level a few times, While it may not be a breakthrough,
some as you might think—1 didn't no you're supposed to learn its pitfalls so Deathiord is a very enjoyable game.
tice the blood and gore until my wife that it's easier to complete the level the Deathlord is different from the
pointed il out.) next time. standard fantasy game. Instead of being
Along the way you'll discover the After a lot of trial and error, I man staged in the usual European-flavored
bodies of your fallen comrades. If you aged to overcome level 2's brush-covered scenario, it is set in Japan and has a com
think one of their weapons contains obstacle. It turned out to be a large rot plement of samurai, ninja, yakuza, and
more ammunition than yours does, you ten log. You have to stand at just the other Oriental characters. You may at
can swap. Simply drop your weapon right spot to jump on top of the log; first have a problem identifying so many
and pick up another one. Check the sta once you've landed, you fight your way different characters and recognizing
tus bar at the top of the screen to see if along it to the next level. their attributes. But as you play, you'll
you've made .1 good trade. The game is an existential dilemma soon learn all their names and skills.
The status bar also lets you know in that your only purpose seems to be to After you've made two scenario
about your other weapons, such as stay alive and accumulate points. Since disks, you assemble a party of charac
hand grenades and bulletproof vests, as you have no other apparent reason for ters. You can choose from 16 classes, in
well as the proper function keys to acti being there, it would have been better cluding fighters, thieves, peasants, and
vate them. There's also a clock and a to remain in bed. In fact, following the four different users of magic. Instead of
Scoreboard. frustration of level 2, I'm inclined to re creating all new characters, you can im
turn to bed, assume a prenatal position, port your favorites from either the
and turn the electric blanket up to 9. Bard's Tale series or Ultima 111. Once
you've selected a party of up to six char
(Though after thinking it over, perhaps
I'd have better luck if I swapped my M- acters, you're ready to begin your

16 for a flamethrower.) search for the evil Deathlord.

Now for the technical aspect of the
game. I'm a great believer in brief docu
mentation, but Predator's is so brief that The Deathlord world is
you don't know what you're doing in
the jungle or whether there's anything huge—there are 16
at the end of your quest. Maybe it's a
continents, each ivith its
good idea to see the movie first.
The packaging and documentation own cities, towers,
are no help in determining whether
You start with three hand gre you'll see any sign of the Predator other dungeons, and ruins.
nades, but you can get other weapons than its triangular image. I still don't
and ammunition by searching the know if you eventually face it in direct
chests that litter the jungle path. Some combat. I liave a feeling the Predator is It won't be easy—the Deathlord
chests contain booby traps, and the that armor-clad bad guy who keeps zap world is huge. There are 16 continents,
only way to find out whether they do is ping me off the second log. 1 know each having its own cities, towers, dun
to open them. Even then, some of the there's a way past him, but this is anoth geons, and ruins. Each dungeon or tow
icons that represent the weapons are er of the game's puzzles I've yet to solve. er can have up to 16 levels that can be
hard to identify on the monitor. The Predator's graphics arc small, but hidden under cities or ruins. There are
grenades and extra ammo are fairly they range in quality from adequate to countless pyramids, temples, and vil
clear, but 1 have no idea what some of good. The same can be said for the lages to explore, with a grand total of
the other weapons are or when to use sound effects. Unfortunately, 1 haven't 157 levels of play. It's a vast world—
them. Good luck. advanced far enough into the game to larger than Ultima iV.
From time to time, you'll hear a discover the excitement of what 1 as With so many levels, there's no
strange sound and see a glowing trian sume was a rousing good movie. Once shortage of detail in the game. Be pre
gular object move across the screen. again, 1 assume that excitement is lurk pared to encounter a variety of mon
This is the targeting device of an alien ing somewhere down the path. sters who vary in intelligence. Some
creature, the Predator of the title. Don't Computer adaptations of movies simply charge into you blindly; others
let it center on you. While you can be usually contain only simplified se are more cunning and wait until you're
shot several times by the soldiers, the quences or the bare outlines of the vulnerable. The sun rises and sets, af
alien needs to zap you only once for the plot—so I won't fault Predator for that. fecting how far you can see on the map.
game to end. But I've always been impatient with Even the phases of the moon change.
When you've made it to the village those who buy a movie title and then Guards of the cities remember you if
where soldiers shoot at you from win write a game for it, hoping to cash in on you've attacked someone inside, and
dows, you've completed level 1. You'll the movie's popularity. This has hap chests, once emptied, refill slowly.
be awarded bonus points based on the pened too often in the past, and I'm Everything you do has an effect in the
length of time it took you to get there. afraid it's also the case with Predator. game, so be careful.
Level 2 begins in another section of Combat itself is kept simple. Rath
—Ervin Bobo er than using the kind of tactical maps
the jungle. After only one scroll of the
screen, 1 found myself stopped by a Predator found in Ultima IV, Dcatlrford's combat
brush-covered barrier that 1 couldn't Activision is a simple We swing, you swing affair.
get through. I tried everything to get by: P.O. Box 3048 There are enough weapons, armor, and
shooting, throwing hand grenades, MenlO Park, CA 94025 magic spells (84 of them, in fact) to keep
jumping, pulling, kicking, and running. $14.95 things from getting boring, and the
COMPUTE'S Gazelle June 1989 27
pace of combat is quick and dirty. Ex isn't the most impressive adventure answer, touch-tone or rotary dialing,
cept for the disk access, which really game—but it's a good one. seven LED status lights, and a built-in
isn't too bad, the entire game moves —Erik Olson speaker. It also supports a full range of
very quickly. AT dialing commands and includes
Deathlord other features.
Instead of fighting every foe you
Electronic Arts 1 experienced no software compati
meet, you can attempt to negotiate. The
1820 Gateway Dr. bility problems, either. My favorite ter
character may ignore you, take your
San Maleo, CA 94404 minal programs run like a charm, since
gold and leave in peace, or take your
$29.95 the Minimodem-C has two separate
gold and attack anyway. There are 128
different monsters, each with its own emulation modes: Hayes and Commo
abilities and degree of nastiness. dore 1670. I tried the modem with sev
eral popular public domain programs,
Minimodem-C and they all worked fine.
Modems are a lot like automobile tires. If you need a terminal program or
ft THE (lUrNCCKS They don't attract much attention as want to upgrade your old one, you'll
:';. untkvti): 'Jflu inn long as they do the job. It's only when like MultiTerm, included with the Mini

| BIS! they stop working or a problem devel modem-C. This full-featured program
ops that they get noticed. comes in both 64 and 128 versions, and
V For years, 1 was content with my supports both Punter and XMODEM

| IRDHUUIT poky 300-baud modem. It worked, so 1 file-transfer protocols.

\ '■'-;' i
', '.■■'.■'■ never really gave it much thought. Most MalHTem offers both ASCII and
■ 1 ML! D:.'.r....
of my calls were to local bulletin graphic terminal modes and permits
1 i" E - multifile transfers, track-by-track trans
| Info ">-%
boards, but since I don't upload or
download many programs, speed was fers, and even whole-disk transfers. A
never much of a concern. I enjoy read built-in phone book with multidialing
The keyboard layout is acceptable ing and posting messages—and 300 features lets you dial two to five num
but troublesome for those who are used baud was all I needed. bers cyclically until a connection is
to other fantasy games. All the keys Everything was fine until last year, made. This is a handy feature when
have a function, but there are few intu when I was forced to use a different you're calling several bulletin boards
itive links among them. The F key is telephone company. I moved to a town whose lines are frequently busy.
used to search, for example, and M whose telephone equipment is rumored As an extra bonus, Aprotek pro
lights a torch. This means it takes a little to have been installed by A. G. Bell vides an introductory subscription to
lime to learn how to use the various himself. Many BBS callers—including CompuServe with every modem pur
commands. One excellent feature is myself—complained about line noise chased. This includes a usage credit for
Deathlord's use of macros. You can set garbling their messages. Some parts of about two hours of connect time.
up certain moves or cast spells at the town were affected more than others, The Minimodem-C comes with a
tap of a function key. I keep all my heal but I discovered that callers using one-year warranty, and Aprotek offers
ing spells in macros. newer, 1200-baud modems seemed to a technical-support telephone number
Deathlord is not the easiest fantasy have fewer problems. That's when I in case you experience any problems
adventure to survive. In fact, the game started noticing my old modem. with the modem or can't get it to work
is extremely deadly. As you begin to ex Enter the Aprotek Minimodem-C. with a particular terminal program.
plore this world, you can expect to lose This 1200-baud modem is impressive
your entire party several times. When a in every way. It's small enough to hide
character is killed, the death is recorded under a 3 X 5 card, but it's big enough Ifs small enough to hide
on the disk—so back up your character to solve my telecomputing problems—
disk frequently. Be especially careful without breaking my budget. With the under a 3 X 5 card, but
when you leave land: It's easy to get Minimodem-C installed, I called the
big enough in features to
lost on the oceans, and there's no way boards where line noise had been a
of determining where you are. problem. I'm pleased to say that garbled solve all my
On the lower levels of play, Death- messages are now a thing of the past.
lord maintains its Japanese flavor, but, The Minimodem-C's circuitry ef telecomputing
as the game progresses, there are more fectively filters out most of the noise,
standard items and monsters. I would and it was even able to connect with
have preferred seeing the Japanese plot that obscure, distant bulletin board. breaking my budget.
continued throughout. Not only is the Minimodem-C four
The game also falls short when it times faster than my 300-baud modem,
comes to the clues you need to solve the but it also handles data transmissions
many puzzles. Talk to everyone and be more accurately. Since blocks of data In several weeks of use, the Mini
prepared to make a few educated come across with fewer errors, fewer re modem-C has performed flawlessly. It
guesses. Mapping, always important in transmissions are required. dials numbers, reads and posts messages
fantasy games, is vital in Deathlord, The Minimodem-C, which plugs without garble, uploads and downloads
where secret doors and fake walls can directly into a 64 or 128 user port, programs without errors—e very thing I

be anywhere. Search everywhere. comes with a seven-foot cable that con could ask of a modem. In fact, it works
The manual is probably the worst nects to a standard telephone jack. so well I no longer even notice it—and
I've seen from Electronic Arts. It's full There's nothing else to buy, and since it that's just the way 1 like it.
of typos and bad grammar, and it gets draws its power from the computer, —Tom Netsel
downright confusing at times. Fortu you don't need an external power cord. Minimodem-C
nately, none of these flaws are fatal. Despite the small size of the Mini Aprotek
The game is addictive, and each rime modem-C, Aprotek has packed it with W71-A Avenida Acaso
you discover something new, you'll plenty of features. It works at 300 or Camarilla, CA 93010
find yourself diving right in. Deathlorii 1200 baud, has autodial and auto S79.95 6
28 COMPUTErs Gazette June 1989


Robert Bixby

"Jericho II" picks up where

the original "Jericho"—

Last year, Jericho the supermoth Joystick control is easy. Press
June 1988 Gazette—left
broke into your competitor's kilt the stick forward to move the pad
factory and—with a little help from off. This unusual game of dles clockwise and pull back to
you—consumed every scrap of fab move them counterclockwise.
ric found in the warehouse. Now Breakout has two players,
your competitor has devised a way four paddles, and more
to get even. In a one-on-one war of
the kilts, you must fight to keep Jer balls to deflect than in the
icho and his equally voracious
original. Two joysticks
friends within your opponent's fa
cilities and away from your own. required.
"Jericho II" is a unique two-
player variation of the popular
Breakou(-style game, in which you
try to keep a ball bouncing in-
bounds until all the bricks on the Pest Control
screen are gone. In Jericho II, the Plug one joystick into port 1 and It's men against moths in "Jericho II," a
balls are moths, and the bricks are another into port 2. When you type two-player flight of fancy.
colorful pieces of cloth. RUN, the game goes into demo
mode, which is very much like the Use the paddles to keep Jericho
Typing It In game itself. On each side of the within your opponent's warehouse
Jericho II is written in machine lan screen is a piece of the cloth used to and away from your warehouse, lo
guage. Type it in using "MLX," the make the kilts. One belongs to you; cated on the other side of the screen.
machine language entry program the other belongs to your opponent. The more pieces of fabric missing
found elsewhere in this issue. Jericho the moth flaps around, from your opponent's warehouse,
When MLX prompts you for start soaring from place to place, until he the faster your score increases. To
ing and ending addresses, respond bumps the cloth. He then eats a sec make things more difficult, Jericho is
with the values given below. tion and moves on. As Jericho takes joined by several of his kilt-eating
Starling address: 0801 a bite of fabric, the cloth changes friends as the game progresses.
Ending address: 1518 color. When it turns orange, it's Each player has five ware
Enter the data for Jericho II. Be sure nearly eaten through. houses' worth of fabric. When a
to save a copy to tape or disk before Press any key to start the game. player loses all of his or her fabric,
you exit MLX. Each player has control over two the game ends and the player with
When you're ready to play Jeri large paddles—the joystick in port 1 the most points wins. The number
cho II, load and run the program. controls the paddles on the left, of warehouses your opponent has
Although Jericho II is written in while the joystick in port 2 controls lost and your total score appear at
machine language, it can be loaded, the paddles on the right. Your pad the top of the screen above your
saved, and run like a BASIC dles surround the fabric contained paddles.
program. in your opponent's warehouse. Sec program listing on page 82. 6
COMPUTERS Gazette Jgne 1989 29
WORLD'S BIGGEST Software Submissions Invited
UTILITIES UNLIMITED, /nc. PROVIDER OF We are looking for HACKEH STUFF: print utllltres,
parameters, telecommunications, and the
II you wish to place your ortfor Dy Dhone. please
12305 N.E. 152nd Street call 200-294Q530. Add 53.C0 shipping S hand C64/128 unusual.
ling; $3.00 COD on ell orders. Visa, M/C
Brush Prairie, Washington 98606 accepted. Dealer Inanities Invited. UTILITIES We now have over 1,000 parameters in stock!
The Stipet Card copier wpj ite EE5T disk achival utility erei created lor Lock Pik 64/128 MH put logelhei by our pack learn, a; a IqqI foi tJi jse Inlroduct/ig Ihe World's Tint Color ScrwaBamp m a cartridge, Eiplade! V4 1
the Commodore compute: until now. Introducing5TJ7EE-CABD PLUS! We who have a desire to i« tKe iDfemdl Worfeicgs of a pacdnt^ei. The boob -mII no* Support DiredlT from Ihe saeen. PULL COLOR PRINTING iot Lhe
look Ihe original Wea a step luithei Ths hardware board will now m all give you SlEp Bf-Slep ]astTdCti«tS on breaking protection tor backup of 100 ?.!::!;,- Sldr NX-100 .-..-.1 ako the OhidaFd ID 1 20 ptiotexs.
Coaunodoie and compctile disk dnvej The soltwaie is easier to use, yoX popuUi picqum titles. Use: Besmoil and Saperedil. In sanctions are so
The Hat Powtrhl Disk Driie dnd Printer Cartridge pcsducEd !or the COMHQ
more powerful than, e^ cEear and pieciM that anyone can use il.
DOHE USER. Super Friendly with the features most asked for.
Wnat can it copy? Well...in short, eisrjrlhinff! We have not found anytWrig • SUPEH FAST built-in singk drive 8 or & FILE COPY, copy files ol up 1a
inal SUPER-CAWJ PLUS could nol back up! If you don't believe us, fry il Iqi
BOOK 1: includes Hcsman and a disk with many utilities _.iL< !i as; HERNAI
235 BLOCKS in length, in less than 13 seconds!
SAVE, ID SAVE, PISH LOG lih ■ :| lals more, all wilh [oilniclEoni on disk.
Along-time (avoute. • SUPEH SCREEN CAPTURE. Capture and Convert lay Screen to KOALA at
The SUPER-CABS PLUS board insialls INSIDE yom 1541, 1541C. 1541-11. DOODLE,
BOOH 2: 100 NEW EMHPUS, Hesrani. an disk and ctiiridge plus moie
157! and most Commodore compatibles Wild fuH a lew minutes ol time • SUPEH FAST FOflMAT (8 SEC'S) ■ plus FULL DOS. WEDGE w/standard
ulililies to include: k Garni five me w oa Bow to Xibe ParamElen .ind a Qhh
end a ECTftwdnTei. anYone can *ailly insioil ihe board formal!
Sciuer. 119.95 ucb OR BUY BOTH FOH 0K1S S29.95
Van with FRET ffttnun Cartridge • SUPER FASTLOAD and SAVE (5tt in 0 SECSJ worb with ill C-S4 or C-1Z8')
Trie SQirwme pectege includes AIL ol Ihe necessary programs to make
Ho Miller Wul ViaUge! And wilh most alki market drives EXCEPT the
archival backups ol eferythlng! The 1700. J764. cod 1750 BEU (RAM
THE 128 SUPERCHIP ■ A, B or C soother ttnl! 1581, HS-D. 1 or 2_
Eipandeis) are supported roi lewei disk swaps Parallel cables aie also A — There h an empty tocWl insid* vaut 129 |"St "Siting lor our 5lip# • SUPEH PRDfTER FEATDEES allow* ANY DOT HATPIS PRINTER even
supported With a parallel coble and SDPEH-CABD PITTS, you can copy a Qip to give you 32K «ailh ol gie^l BuiSl-in [inline, all at just tlie Tancb t-i a 1526/802 Io print HIRES SCREENS {uimq 16 shade GRAY SCALE),
disk in os litUt? as« SECONDS! Without a paioUel cable, backups lalce only Finger. Yon gel built-in fpaimes: file Copier, Nibbler, Trick & Sector Ediln*. ,\ > PriDler or Inierldce CcmiinitJoa can bo used wiifa SUPER EXPLODE!
2 mlnulcs! Screen Dump, and even a 3C0 1200 b^ud Terminal Proqrim thdl's 1650. 1670 V4.J or V3.0.
StTPEB-CAHD PLUS does HOI snip the protection torn the disk! 11 makes an
d rid Hayes compalible. Sesl ol all, it doesn't use up dny memory. To use, - NEW and IMPROVED COHlrTRT feature dllows anybody to convert (even
simply touch a lnnc!icu: key, and il responds io your command. TEXT) Screens into DOODLE or KOALA Type Pictures *r Tall Color!
Identical copy' This means dial copies ol copies are also identical NO
HUUIMETESS HEaiTIHED! B - rMSSUPER HI imUTlES, a complete utility package fai (he 1581- Copy • SUPER FAST SAVE of EXPLODE! SCREENS as KOALA or DOODLE FILES
whole disks liom 1541 or 1571 formal to 1501- Many optiohs include 15S1 w/COLOR
Think about how many original sortwaie piogicms you awn. How. iiow disk editor, drive monitor, Rani writer and will also peiJotm many CP-'M 5 • SUP£R FAST LOADING wilh Color R.--Diipku ol MODLE or EOALA libs.
much does a backup cosi tor eoch ol thew programs? You can easily we MS-DOS utility funclion*. • SUPEH FAST LOAD a SAVE can be TURNED OFF or ON without AFFECT
bow sirPEECMD pins win pay foi itself'
C — "C" IS F9H CGHBO and ihai's what you gel, A supei comtination ol ING Ihe HIST ol SUPER EXPLODES FEATURES. The rest of Explode
both chins A and B in One chip^ switchaLJe al a great covings tc you. All V4.J u still j-:ive.
Chifrt iDclade 100 Parioelm FRIEI > SttPER EASY LOiUlDfG and B0HNDIG of ALL PROGRAMS from Ihe DISK
1MI/1541C $«,« Chips A or 5 $29.95 h. Chip C: SU 95 u. DIEIECTOBY.
DUAL _., SBS.90
1571/1541-11 $5$,0$ DiflECTQBY
That's right! Over lOOOgiaphira in a 10 disk ser foi only J29,95.There are
DUAL $108.90 graphics for virtually overjlhing in this paclcage. Th^se graphics woik • NEVER TVPE"A FUI NAME AGAIN when you use SUPER EXPLODE'S
with Print Shop and Pnnl Master. ,..;■:■■ LOADERS.
SUPER PARAMETERS 500 Pack #1 and #2 • CRPTURE ^0 COLUMN C w D-128 SCREENS! (wilh optional DISABLE
500 PdCh #1 - S24.95 has Ihe vintage parameters on it that ;l0 One eke has SWITCH], Add 15.
Ttai pack comes in -; 5-disk set,
500 Pact #2 • S29.S5 h« all the mosl cuircnl parameters on it. And put ALL THE ABOTE FEATURES, JMTC KUCB KOBE!
together 4$ only Utilities UnEtd. can. A13 Super Parameter Packs are com PIU5 A FREE OTETTY DISH wSUPIR EXPLODE! V4.1.
pletely menu driven, iasi and reliable. Included on bolh 500 Packs is our MARX YOUH (.-■:. 64-C or E-1ZB', D 12B* SITI3 FAST jad EASY 1« me.
sfale-oi-the-aTi 64/128 Super Nibblet .i! no eilra charge.
Utilities Unlid. hm done it aqain!' Wo have corualid^taJ and lowc-stJ the
prices on Ihe most copula; parameters on the market . . . Super- SUPER TRACKER
PaianLelers, nflw you can get J000 pai^meteis- and our 64/128 nibnler
package loc jusl 139.95!!! This is a complete ]0 disk sel, lha( indndes
Utilities Unlimited has done it again. At last an easy way to find out where the protection really is.
every paramelei1 we have piaductd. Super Tracker will display the location of your drive head while you are loading a piece of software.
PARAMETERS CONSTHUCTION SO This information will be very useful, to find where the proteciion is. Super Tracker has other useiul
TKf Company thai has The Has! Pariattm is ifaout to do iomtlhijig
DjtbeUnalile. We aie giving you moie t>I dui s*crels. Using this Vtr^ £iSr options such as: track and hall-track display, 8 and 9 switch, density display, write protect on/off.
p[t>c;ram, il wiEl nni only Redd, Compare and Wrile PariniElen fur You; it will
ilso CulOmin Ihe diik wilh jauj name. It will impress you as well as your
This incredible little lool is encased in a handsome box that sits on top oi your drive. Works with all
iTiciiis. the "Piiijieler Ccstncbon Set" 15 like nothing you We ever seen. C/64/128 and most C/G4 compatible drives. Some minor soldering will be required.
In lact rou can even Rud Piiineftn that you may have already written;
(hen by using your construction set tewrile it with your new
Hcdd. 124.95
Introductory Priced at Just $69.95

Donovan E. Anderson, Jr.

"Match Mania" presents a series of Test your visual and tangles are numbered so that the
visual puzzles. Four rectangular pattern that doesn't belong can be
patterns are drawn on the screen; indicated by typing its number. If
mental perception with the response is correct, the program
three of them are identical, and one
is slightly different. Your goal is to tells how many seconds passed
select the oddball pattern. this mind boggier for one before the correct response was en
If the task sounds easy, consid tered. Otherwise, the player gets an
er this: A clock is counting the time other chance to guess, in the two-
and you're being judged not only or two players. For the 64. player game, players alternate turns.
on your accuracy, but also on your
speed. Both one-and two-player winner judged by the number of
games are included. correct responses or by the total
elapsed time. Press C and the win
Getting Started ner will be selected by the number
Match Mania is written entirely in of guesses (the lower the number of
BASIC. Using "The Automatic guesses, the better). Press T to
Proofreader" to ensure accurate choose a winner based upon total
typing, enter the program and save elapsed time (the less time, the bet
it to tape or disk. To play the game, ter). If you select T, you can option
load the program and type RUN. ally request that a time penalty of
Match Mania prompts you for 45 seconds be given to a player who
the number of players. Enter 1 or 2, makes an incorrect selection. This
Only one of these rectangles is unique.
then press RETURN. Next, type in helps prevent players from making Spot the differences in "Match Mania."
the players' names (also followed random selections to try to beat the
by RETURN). Now select the puz clock. The game continues indefinite
zle size. The greater the number of The game begins after you've ly. To end the game, enter 0. A two-
lines and characters, the more diffi answered all the prompts. The first player game can be ended only on
cult the game. player's name will be shown at the the first player's turn. The total
If you choose to play the two- top of the screen. That player points are displayed when the
player game, you must decide should sit at the keyboard and wait game ends.
whether you would like to have the for the puzzle to appear. The rec See program listing on page 84. G
COMPUTE'S Gazette June 1989 31
Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants

Air Orders Processed Within 24 Hours


System The Commodore Colt, a

$418 95 Special
■ 3 Mode Operation » Ekcs) FSD-2 Disk Drive computer with allihe
1-64: Runs 64 software ■ Commodore 1802C Monitor built-in Fealures you
Z-C128 Faster, more need. The Colt Includes
memory lor increased
products ry 3-CPM1
Uses Standard
$44995 640K. HAM, CGA viOeo
support, two 5 25 360 K
□isk drives, serial and
cpm titles parallol porls wilti Itireo
clock speeds (4.77/7.16/
9.14 MHl).

$659 95
SAVE! 10% off any software title in stock when ordered with a 128-D, 64C, or Colt PC!

ec Super Graphics Gold

COMMODORE Excel FSD-2+ Disk Drive The XflCttc Super Graphics
Gold pnmo r mierlace
1670 Modem combines improved spaed,

leatures and more memory
lo satisfy ihe most
Save time and increase demanding user Xetec has
64C drive compatible,
productivity w.[h the Commodore mcorpofaied a 32 K bulfer,
[he EvceJeraior Plus 16 active DIP swilches, a
1670Modem. The 1S7Dutilijes
Disk Drive Is quieter, utility disk wilh 40 fonls, 16
ihe popular "AT" Hayes
smarter, laeior. and additional innovative
command soli, buiJl-m speaw. foal me & ond a lifetime
more reliable Tfi^ri tho
auto dial, and auto answer For warranty tnio the Super
T54! and 1W1C.
aMofdabiirly and reliably
choose trio Commodore 1670 95 Graphics Gold. Xetecnow
provides you the mosi
Modem 1-year warranty complete printer Interface
available Fo' your
$74 95
COMMODORE 64 Joystick
1581 The Epyx 500 XJ scores
significantly higher, Jasler.
Tired Of buying yet another Disk Drive and easier than any joystick
manulaclurfld The 500 XJ
supply for your Commodore comes *im palm grip and
64? Go with the Micro PAD Add moro compuEing powar trigger fingn-r tiring. Break
Power Supply. The MW lo your CommodorB with your previous record wilh lha
701 -A features double, fused the15B1 Disk Drive. The Epyi 500 XJ.

systems, schematics, and a 1W1 loaturas 3.5" 720K (Atari. C-6J)
one-year warranty. Stay sioraga capacity and DSi

$13 95
wrEh Ihe besl. stay with DD. Addlha 1581 on your
Micro R&D. 1-yaar Warranty Ccmmodoro loday.

2105 A
GoldStar, a name you can
CM 8762 depend on, now provides the
2105 12-composite Magnavox GoldStar
The Magnavoi CM 8762 14" monochrome monitor Eor BM7E5Z 584 95 2105 G ComposilB... S79 95
monitor is f>e smart choice tor your compuMng needs. The BM7622 ...$84 95 Z105 A Composile ...S79.9S
your computing needs. GoldStar 2tc£ supplies a 7BM-613 ....$79.95 U10 CGA 14" $219.95
Standard resolution ps 640H x high resolution of 640H k 7BM-023 S79 95 1420 EGA 14-. . £318.95
240V. This momlor irtdudesQ 200V for IBM, Commodore, CM8702 ... $179.95 1430VGA14" $379.95
built-in tilt stand plus a green Apple and Atari computers CMB76Z ...$£39.95
— 1«0Suparscon $459.95
levt display switch. For a with composite outputs SCM-SIS
" —'- ..1259 95
monnor Wflh RGB TTL (CGA)

Wilh your choice ol erEhor 9CM-O53 ... . S339 95 Commodore

and composite Inputs, slay
green or amber disoCay.

$79 95 9CM-O82 $439.95 1S02C $189 95

wnh rfia Marjnavoi CM 8762. GoldStar's 2105 monrior will
'084 $379 95
highlight your nome or office
Suggested uss 128DorColtPC. compuEing needs.

Lyco Means Total Service.

1200hc 1200E Modem

iiMo power and Commodore Modem
nca Tho
Avaie* i200nc delivers Connection Cable by Full Hayesr command
i1-i-o great (eaiuros of the
Avacei 1^00 and nwe.
Peak Peripherals Ml. on-line voice data
Switching, plus
including Hayes! YouMotal solution for Commodore &4,'12fl ■ 2 condguraiwn sortings
compalibihry, to allow ■ 4 phone numbers stored
to modem connect ons.
use wiffi virtually an • FxiL-rn.ii configuration
leading communications switches
$25 95
$69 95
software ■ View menu

2 y rcir warranty 2 year warranty

Avalex Commodore Hayes US Robotics
1200i PC Card . 165.95 1670 5G9 95 Smartmodem 300... S13995 Spottsler 1200 PC $79.95
169.95 Smartmodem 120QB ..$279.95 Cou' V 1200 1169.95
1200p $83.95 Smanrnodam 1200 $279.95 Couf er 2400 PS
Supra ...$259.95
IZQQMc Modem 189 95 Sma'1 modem 2400 ...S399 95 Cour er24t>0 . ...$289 95
2400 .. 1119.95
240O\ II PC Card .. $129.95 Smartmodem 2400B $419 95 Cou' or 2400a $319.95
2-100 $135.95 Cour ur B600MST.. . .$519.95


Seikosha Citizen Panasonic Okldata

5P Series RibDon $7.95 1200 S137 95 1180 $179 95 OkimaleM $139.95
SP 1600AI . J179.95 IBOD $159.95 1191 S235.9S OKimale 20 w/can .. . .$189.95
SPI200ASRS232 ..$18995 MSP-40 S279 95 3131 $289 95 18! SJ09.95
SPlOOOAP J169 95 MSP-50 S299 95 1032i S28995 180 521995
SL80A1 $31995 MSP-1SE S315 95 1124 ,.,..5319.95 182. S225.95
SK30MAi S359.95 Tribute 124 S369 95 1592 S359 95 183 S239 95
SK3M5AJ W<5 95 MSP-45 S379.S5 1595 S429.95 320 ....S337.95
SL !33Ai $599 95 MSP-55 S43995 152424 Pin 5545.95 292winlarlocB W4995
Premiers 35 5489 95 Ml S469 95
TfiBul8 224 S549 95 390 S469 95
Star Mlcronlcs
293 w'.nisrfixca 558S95
NX-11JO0 $158 95
N>t-10OOC(6*C) ..$169.95
NX-IOCKJColor . . $217.95 Epson
NX-1000C Color
(64C) $!25 95
II79 95
NX-15 $289.95 For fast output and professional print FXB50 S329 95
fJX-2400 $299.95 EXflOO S349.95
qualtly, choose Epson's LX-800. Thislult
NH-10 $319.95 featuiod SO calurnn printer has 3 speed ol FX1050 S429.95
NR-tS W19.95 1 BO cps (draft) and 30 cps (NLO). LQ85O S5I595
Epson's e> elusive SelscType Ironi conlrol
panel lets you cuslormze documems wi^h
HH20 $339.95

popular type styles. The Epson LX-BOO
HR40 $599.95
delivers affordable, professional pnnllng
M1709 $439.95
for your homo or oi'ice.
MI7241, .,$569.95

Citizen 120-D Fl you are seeking world Citizen 180-D You can al«a»5 rely on ins
renowned prinlef Gillian 180-D From us
perlormance (or your home, price/performance value, to
look nolurther Ihanlha 120- a pnni speed or ISO cps
O. Yojroata processing (0raN)o>29cps(NLO)lnB
needs are handled quic*Jy at Cituen IBO-Disan
a prinT speed of 120 cps siceilem primer lor ine
{draft| or 25 cps [NLO). The home of sn>aH bu^rness
120 O features 9 pin dot
matrix pnnt quality, standard
paralW centromcs mleriace
and a 4K lert buffer.

$13795 $159 95
Lyco Computer
& Consultants
Since 1981

Air Orders Processed Within 24 Hours.

Panasonic KX-P1191
Announcing Ine Panasonic KX-P 1191. a 9 pin
Office Automation primer wiih advanced features thai put if ahead
oliisclass. The1!9i fealu'esthe EZSei
operator panot trial lets you access the most
commonly controlled printer (unctions right
from the from panel The 1191 has olfier ad
vanced lealuros, including an adjustable push/
pull tractor Isod and multiple paper paths. All
these laatures coma packaged In a rugged.
ergonomic des gn with a two year limited parts
ana labor warranty.

$175 95 $31995
KX-P1180 KX-P1124

The 11 SO by Panasonic otters you more than For excellent pnnl quality in a nigh speed
wfial you might expect in a low cost printer printer, choose the KXP 1124. Us 24 pin print
Wflh multiple paper paths, versatile paper head produces dralt tent at a quick 192 cps
handling, and front panel programmabilily (Draft) or letter quality ten at 63 cps. In
fhioughthe EZ Set Operator panel. Iho 1160 addition. theKX-P 1124 provides such 'quantities limited
is an excellent value. The n BO also failures standard features as selectable pusrvpuN
2 eicelloni prim qualities. Near Latler Quality tractor. 5 resident print font6. parallel
and Dralt. with speeds up Id I92cps In Drati Centronics Interface and a standard 6K bufter Attention Bargain Hunters
and 3B cps In Naar Latter Ouaiily plus crisp, Panasonic's KX-P 112* ensures that your Panasonic 10911 Model II
clear graphics, printing will be last and professional closeoutl Call tor details.

Okimate 20
Color Printer
Okidata 180 SP1600AI

Imagine capturing rne color capaD-hiiea of

your computer arid Ifren pointing [hose 5iirne
screen irrnges <n vivid color Tho OKIMATE
20 Fias trivially tfesfgnaa lypu lunrs ana a 24 With a print speed of IBOcpsdriiftor SOcpsior
element prim head For near letter quality near letter nual ly punting, the high performance
printing and tun color Brapmcs ai an OKIDATA ^60 will save time while making you
price. Wneihar your printing more productive. OKIDATA makes printing Slay ahead ol the competition wiih Seikosha's
s recuire sophistication or tun-filled easy with one-touch con no I plus s[»ridard SP1600AI printer, an excellen[ 9 pin dot main■
y. [He OKIMATE 2D is iho pnnier you COMMODORE and CENTRONICS parallel output at 1 GO ops (OraM)and JO ops (NLQ).
hava Doen Jooking for. interfacing already included. Add up [nose Seikostia provides 8 kinds ol dot addressable
superior features and ycu too will cnoose the graphic printing

$138! [95 OKIDATA 180

(interfacing available) $219 95 $179 95

V Pr»ce Gurtrjinicn
^ Since 198*. we have led lh& industry by continurng TO Ofler Ihe IqwbsI nalional prices wJiilo providing quality ,
V service. Many companies have como and gone trying lo imitate out quality and senses. LI by some oversight
^ we do not have ihe lowest prices advertised on Hie products you desire, then we would appreciate the oppor- i
/ lunity to rectify this oversighi

Why shop at Lyco Computer?

How do I know I will get the product I need?

Our mandating staff is woll-educated in ihe computer industry. They receive continuous formal I raining
by our manufatlurers which enables them lo develop and mamiain a high degree of e<perfis« on Ihe
products they represent Thougn our stncT guarantee on providing only new merchandise prohibits
Tree Trial periods and a flUriranieo an compatibility, a wealth of knowledge is available 10 Our customers
Jo help with the purchasing decision. As rhousiinds of pimplo o^ory week capitalize on our savings
and services, wo hope you too. wt.l make Lyco Compuier your Lrst choice.

What about warranty or service?

We decided several years ago thai a Customer Service Department was needed in ihe indusiry. Un-
forlunatflfy. lew of our competitors offer this service. Our Customer Service Department is available a(
(717) 494-1670 to provide assisiance in all warranty matters Our product line enjoys "name brand
recognition." and we Pack all oTourmanulacturors stated warranty Terms. Many manufacturers will
allow defective products 10 be exchanged. Before reluming any item Thn! apponrs to bu deiaclive, we
ask Thai you call our Customer Service Depart mem To assist you in determining 11he product is tfafec-
Tive II Ihe product is Ooto'mmeo defective. They will give you a special .luthonzalion number and
speed processing of your order.

Will you rush an item to me?

Since 1981. we have set the standard in the industry by orc-cessing orders within 24 hours -not 4 to 6
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Our records show we I ill 9514 a! our orders daily. Temporary shortages are normally lillsfl wilhin 10
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Sales: 1-800-233-8760 or 717-494-1030 wait for trie order and benelit Trom Ihe price savings. Any time prior lo shipment, you may cancel or
change Ihe out of stock product by contacting ogr Customer Service represeniatives.
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MaitwCaid international orders, please add £5 plus 3% for priority mail Advertised prices and avarfatJiliTy are
^ y subject to change. Not responsible lor Typographical errors.

c r o ■ ex

Nx-1000 $158 95
Star's answer to 9 pin do! matrix printers. A soft touch control panel
and Star's paper park feature solves your multi-document needs. 144
cps draft and 36 cps NLO give you high resolution 9 pin performance
in an affordable package from Star.

Announcing STAR'S NX-1000 Printer in 4 Models!

NX-1000C NX-1000 Rainbow NX-1000c Rainbow
Willi a Star NX-KHHJc printer your printing options will The Siar NX-IQOOHambow adds a whole new Step inio a work! lull of color wilh \he Slar NX-lOOOc
never cease lo amaze you. ThuSlar NX-iOOOchas dimension lo your work Ihrouflh rnulTi-coFor pnnting Rainbow pnnier. Seven color priming, is available
standard Commodore senal interface for 64/128 Slar has designed 20 prinTing options mio this printer along wilh Ihe sarne standard Features of all Slar NX-
computers Print speed is selectable ,n 144 cps Add To rhis paper parking. Epson-IBM emulation, high 1000 printers Standard Commodore sofur interlace
(draft) or 36 cps (MO) and paper parking will lend rosoluTion NLO/grophlcs for a pnnier wilh otfra talent is included. Enhance your Commodore productivity
vmsatiNty io your documunl hantlhng needs The Star over tho competition. Star's NX-1DD0 Rainbow does will the Star NX- 1000c Rainbow
NX-IDQQc will fullill your requirements lo the loner .IN the won\

$16995 $217 95
$225 95 SOD
nk St Wntsr S1995 oleap Baseball $19.95
Prim Shop $19.95 Mooioan Certilicalo Milker $14,95
eader Bd Prim Shop Conip.m $22.95 i" l .-.mi Disk
1 .n 'i.>.'i( Slmulailont:
ses 1 or 2 S11 95 Graphic I it> i $19 95 ■■ .
Pnaniaslolll $25.96
Hal S22 95 Carmen San Diego. $9.95 BtaiD -
Questron II S25 95
...S9.9S World $199 Lords orConouBBi 59 95 Wnj I ■
Pool ol Radiance $25 95
595 3 11195 . San Dingo. Modem Wars 122.35 D.skfli ..SI 1.3!
lard Triple USA
□ unooon Master Asst $19 95
■ Music Consiruclion Sel $9.95 ■ ■ i Maicn
Eternal Dagger . . $25 95
$11 95 Carmen San Onega. Poworplay Hochey J16 95 $119
Gettysburg S35 95
$19.95 Europe . S22.91 pjnball Consirucnofi $9.95
PsnJer SlnkB £25 95
*... . SI3.95 Arc.idB Garni! Consir . .$179< SKateor Dia S19.95 Airbnrny Hflnper S22.9 TypJioon ol Swel... S29 95
Star Wars S17 Yeagers AFT S2295
Dti: SIS 9 Warflame Consir $19 95
$18.95 Risk S25 95
ope. Piral»s S23 9
Fwestan . . $1995 Subioalc:
nopper S1B95 Bdid's lull- III -Jl.ll- I
FlifltitSimulator II $3095
Hum lor Fled Oct RedSiomi m.m ri . .
n: Stealth Mission . .S3D95
Monopoly Fastload t5S1r.i-,
I . . 119 95 Jat S23 95
Caliloiraa GamsE . . .$22 95 $2? 3
lage $22 95 Individual Scunery
Wasteland 4.4 oil Roan Hacinfl Si 195
i SI9.95 Dishoi -«6 SU95
Gamos. Winlaf EH . .. $22 95
ansion S1995 S199 Individual Scenery
Bara's Tale II Games Summo: Ed $22 9S
IBI S19.95 Sig.ff Di5k#7or 111 $1795
i SI 9.95 LegendotBlacKsilver ...SI 1.95
S205 Scenery Disfc Japan SI7.95
lie' $22.95 Spa ring News
i Wood .520 9. Scener/ DisK San
inger S1995 Baseball $22.95
Alien Syrmroiiwr J16 91 Francisco $17 95
Ome Bomber $1 \.95
$19.95 Club^ou^e Spcr SIS 9 Scenery Onh Weslem
'I S26 95 DHSIhSmprd $16 95
Oul. Li n Europe $17.95
11 S16 9S Final AssauN S11.9&
'act-on 119.95 Impo55iblo Mission 2 .. $ n 95 Timmorlii:
H,irl.(.p $11,95
MalrocroM ., $13.95 S«ncnK12B $27.95
lodon . .. S7 99 /20 $19 95
H $7.99 Sir Spon Basheioaii sn 95 Wardwfitw 3 $22.95
Stf Sport Soccer $11.95 Data Managei 2 - 64 .. SI 1.95
Included: Towai Toppler S22.95 AjlKlun: $23.95 D<IBMonagBM28 S26 95
Ml _ S3! 95 pov. e Space Station Oblivion .SI 1.95 Iiii run IV .$3*35 Painor64 S22.S5
Publisher ....531 95 eatures .rxl ease oT .522.95 Panner 129 S26.95
Sir. Spon FoolMil S17.95
use are rawycuis i*t ■■ ■ '■■ Sponsancfli _S14.95 Timts of Lori- Sw.tK.iic h Sideways
eicepi"or>s» gjai>h<c interlaces Battleship $16 95 UHLm.i I. $22 95 64 $11.95
S29 95
S3S95 M.jc'i irifi than a singk? LA CucUicwn . $11 95 Ill SZ2 95 Wond Writer 128 $22 95
.$39.95 product. GEOS I2U oTi—. .1 SuD Bame Simulator SI 1 95 Ultima v $33 95 G«0sWn!w64... $2?95
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SM.95 UnlionWgild-.
rnPak. S29 95 .. LilUjns. Technocop S2295
t>- Si ArtGalleiy I and 2 ea .S17.95
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h $29 95 n,Kl Lnr"p £1 1 55 E32 .'. An G.llluly F,irll.l.',y $13.95
S39 95 Enl-gMonman! Si l 95
J35 9S CEOS 3.0 Ovaitabte .. 535 <J5

Attention Printer
S1S.95 NXZ400 S6.95 Epson FX-266 .
in NX-IOOOBIIK* $6 95 Alan 130 XE . . . is 95
EMURH $28.95 NX-IOOOCotor $9.95 Commodore 1571
PP104-Bomlatwiin KX-PIIOi Amiga $7.9
indicaloi S19.9S |1OB1. 1091| $9.95 Commodes 1902 56.!
PPiOi-6 outlet Start OWmate $5.95 Commodors 1541. S4S
powaistnp $9.95 Colo'Otiimale $6.95 Ssikasha SP-1000 .$6.9
Modem Proledof S'0.95 OK1100 Senos S7.95 Atari 520 S1VIMQ
$35 95
nrp/aphics. S5S95 Soiiu>5h.i SPSonos $9B5 3 b-iicu . SB .9
1 . S74 9S
LX-BO0/FX850 1695 Stn/NX-10
$29.95 Printer LO-500/800/850 SS.95
Vhii $32.95
per G SJ4 9S
$49.95 Disc
1000 sheet lasei $16.95 M I !-,:■,:■ $29 95
1000 mailing labels SB.95 M llw'Dr. Halo II Storage
y cables for moat
200sneelOKI30 JB95 ..S59 95
plications for many
SaraieiPaper451 Hoi! .$1095 M III (C-64) ...$32.95 OVS-105V4 ,., $3.95
lar computers.
200sheel laser S6.95 Krai! Micro Mouse QVS-7SSV4 $10.95
(PC| $36.95 QVS-40 31/2 ..S9.95
" 1351 Mown. .. .. $38 95


.S5.95 OSDD . S4 95 SSDD SI?. Tac3 $9.95 W^OIBM/AP ...S29S
DSDD 5 IB 95 Tac2 S1095 KraHKCI!IAP:PC - ...$i6.e
3.5 TOC5 $1295 Kia" PC Joystick
Ma Hi I: DSDD Tac 1 .IBM/AP . ... S2695 Card . ...S24E
SSDD $11.50 Slik Stick $8 95 !'■ 11■: .■•■ Maeitr W
DSDO $1795 GlackMai .,$1095 1 CPMroMor.. ins
SSDD .$9.95 Bobs $11 99 Epyl S00 K) AT/64 .. S136
Bonus; DSDD 113 99 3-Way $19.99 Epy. 500 XJ KIAP .. ...$22.Q
SSDD $1095 Buinundle $16 75 Wco Elgosllcrt . $14'j
DSDD ....$13 95
Winner 909 $24.S5 Powerpla* Joystick.... ...ste.g



Steve Emsley

Because of the variety of

storage formats used by
64 paint programs, a

picture drawn in one paint

program is often
If you start drawing a picture with Grafix Converter prompts you for
inaccessible to another.
one paint program and then decide the name of the original file. Type
you'd like to use a certain feature of With this utility, you can the name of the picture without any
another, you usually can't just save extensions. (For example, if you've
it to disk and load it into the other use as many paint saved a file from Doodle! with the
program. Paint programs for the 64 programs as you need to name STUFF, it will appear in the
have vastly different capabilities, disk directory as DDSTUFF. When
and they use a large variety of stor complete your prompted for the filename by Grafix
age formats. Converter, you should enter
"Grafix Converter" bridges the
masterpiece. For the 64 STUFF, not DDSTUFF.) Grafix
gap. It allows you to convert picture with a disk drive. Converter prompts you for the new
files from one paint-program for filename. Again, type the name
mat to another. Grafix Converter without any extensions.
does have its limitations, however; After you've entered the neces
it can't convert from hi-res to multi sary information, Grafix Converter
color or vice versa. vert files from the following hi-res prompts you to place the source
paint programs: Doodle, Paint Now!, disk into the disk drive. Place the
Getting Started The Print Shop, and Art Studio. It disk containing the original file into
Grafix Converter is a BASIC pro also supports these multicolor paint the drive and press RETURN. If
gram. Be sure to use "The Automatic programs: KoalaPad, Create with you've changed your mind, press
Proofreader," found elsewhere in Garfield, Arti$t64, Rainbow Painter, the left-arrow key to abort. The
this issue, while entering it. Save Blazing Paddies, Advanced Art Stu program reads the picture file and
the program to disk before you at dio, and Micro Illustrator. prompts you for the destination
tempt to run it. To begin, type RUN Once the format is .selected, the disk. If you press RETURN, the
and press RETURN. program asks for the name of the converted file is written to disk. If
Grafix Converter first presents paint program used to create the you press the left-arrow key, the
you with the main menu. Press 1 to original file (FROM:) and the name operation is aborted. Grafix Con
convert a high-resolution picture of the one to convert to (TO:). Sim verter returns to the main menu
file, 2 to convert a multicolor file, or ply press the numbers correspond when it has finished.
3 to quit. Grafix Converter can con- ing to the correct programs. Next, See program listing on page 80. G
COMPUTE'S Gaiette Jura 1989 37

David E. Bray

"Ramdisk" is a machine language This machine language ramdisk. This directory appears ex
program that turns your 64's un actly like that of a standard 1541
utility lor the 64 creates a
used memory into a superfast disk disk drive. The optional file specifi
drive. Ramdisk has many of the ramdisk in the RAM
cation can be a filename, with or
features of a standard Commodore hidden beneath Kernal without wildcards. If a file specifi
disk drive. You can load, save, and cation is given, only matching files
ROM. With it, you have
scratch programs from the ramdisk. will be listed. Example: DIR "SE*"
You can get a directory of the files 12K of temporary storage
RLIST "filename" lists the speci
on the ramdisk. You can even ap
in which you can load fied file to the screen. The CTRL
pend programs from the ramdisk to
and save programs key slows the listing; SHIFT freezes
the program in memory. Ramdisk's
it. The Commodore key aborts the
one limitation is that it only works instantaneously.
listing. RLIST is useful for viewing
with BASIC programs and machine
a program without loading it into
language programs that load like
memory. If wildcards are used, only
BASIC programs.
its directory. Example: RSAVE the first matching file is listed.
Typing It In
Ramdisk is written entirely in ma RLOAD "filename" loads the DEL "filename" deletes the speci
chine language, so you'll need to specified file into the BASIC work fied file from the ramdisk. Wild
use "MLX," the machine language space. If the file is not on the ram cards may be used to delete all
entry program found elsewhere in disk, Ramdisk returns a FILE NOT matching files. Ramdisk prints the
this issue, to enter it. When MLX FOUND error message. You can number of files that have been de
asks for starting and ending ad use Commodore's standard wild leted when it's finished. Example:
dresses, respond with these values: cards within the filename. (A ? DEL "PROG??"
Slatting address: 0901
matches any single character and * ERASE ["diskname"] erases the
Ending address; 0FE0 matches any number of characters. contents of the entire ramdisk.
For more information on using
Be sure to save a copy to disk or You'll be prompted with the ques
wildcards for pattern matching,
tape after you've finished typing. tion Are you sure? Answer Y (yes) or
consult the manual that came with
Although it's written in ma N (no). If a disk name is provided,
your disk drive.) The first file that the disk header will be renamed
chine language, Ramdisk loads and
matches the pattern is loaded. Ex
rims like a BASIC program. To get when the ramdisk is purged. Other
ample: RLOAD "RAM-
started, load the program and type wise, it will remain unchanged. Ex
RUN. APPEND "filename" appends a ample: ERASE "RAMDISK"
program on the ramdisk to the end
KILL disables the ramdisk. Use SYS
Eight Commands of the program that's currently in 50688 to reenable it. To reenable
Ramdisk adds the following eight memory. APPEND works correctly
the ramdisk with the previously
commands to BASIC. All of the only if the last line number of the saved files still intact, type SYS
commands work only in direct (im program in memory is less than the 50691. You won't be able to reenable
mediate) mode. Optional command first line number of the program be
the ramdisk if the memory where the
parameters are listed in brackets. ing appended. Otherwise, Ramdisk program resides has been corrupted.
prints an error message. As with
RSAVE "filename" saves the file Remember that files in the ram
RIjOAD, wildcards can be used. If
in memory to the ramdisk. Ramdisk disk are not stored permanently. If
there's no program in memory, AP
issues an error message if the file you tum off the computer, the ram
PEND behaves just like RLOAD.
name already exists, if there's not disk is destroyed. To prevent losing
enough memory for the program, valuable data, be sure to save copies
or if the ramdisk directory is full. DIR ["file specification"] lists a di of your programs to disk or tape.
The ramdisk has room for 30 files in rectory of the files currently on the See program listing an page 83. G
38 COMPUTEI's Gnzotlo June 1989
For Arcade and Strategy Game lovers
Gazette has published more than 200 games in the past six years. Which are the
best? The most exciting? The most challenging? The editors have looked at them all
and picked the best dozen arcade and strategy games for the 64. Now they're all on
one disk—with documentation—ready to load and play.

12 Top Ready-to-Run Games for the 64!

Crossroads II: Pandemonium Heat Seeker Arcade action at its Arcade Volleyball Fast-paced, two-
Ac lion-packed shoot-'em-up that best—for the nimble-fingered and player arcade version of America's
you'll play for hours—includes maze nimble-minded. favorite beach sport.
cditor for customizing, Omicron Frantically paced, multi Mosaic Classic battle of wits for one
Basketball Sam & Ed Delightfully level arcade action. or iwo players.
clever one- or two-player arcade Powerbal! Futuristic version of Power Poker One of the most
game with outstanding graphics and Breakout, packed with challenges. addictive strategy games you'll ever
animation. Q-Bird Graphically stunning play—guaranteed.
Delta War Fast and furious two- act ion/strategy game. Scorpion II Superb game of mental
player game loaded with options. Trap 3-D universe that demands challenge with great graphics.
your best strategy skills for survival.

YES! Send me _ copies of the Best Gazette Games disk.

I've enclosed $9.95 for each copy.

Sales Tax*,

Ciiy Sutt zip

Mail personal check or money order for S9.95* to Best Gazette Games Disk
P.O. Box 5188
Greensboro, NC 27403
"Residents ul New Vurk. IVnnsylvania. and North Carolina add apprupria[c sales lax for your stjic. All orders must tic fuid in U.S. funds by a check drawn on a
U.S. bank. Sorry, nu credit card orders accepted. Please alloa 4-6 necks for delivery.

i-Res 8
the 1
Tony Phillips

Many owners of the Commodore The clear parameter can be 0 or

Simplify your 80-column
128 realize that among the best fea 1. If it is set to 0, the existing 80-
tures of their machine are the column bitmap will remain intact. If
graphics with this short
extended BASIC and 80-column it is set to 1, the bitmap will be
hardware. However, because of the wiped clean before the transfer.
way the 80-column system is machine language program. The column parameter can
mapped in memory, the 128's ex range from 0 to 40. This is the phys
tended BASIC doesn't support column mode before running the ical character column on the 80-
graphics on the 80-column screen. program. (See the owner's manual column screen where the transfer
For this reason, programmers find it that came with your computer if will begin. To transfer a 40-column
hard to generate bitmapped graph you have trouble changing modes.) bitmap to the left half of the 80-
ics on the 80-column screen. With Run the program. If all goes well, column screen, use 0; for the right
"Hi-Res 80 for the 128," crisp reso you should see a screen full of gar half, use 39.
lution and a wide screen area are bage. The screen will clear and the The mask parameter can range
now available at your fingertips. program will draw a large X on first from 1 to 3. This parameter tells the
the left and then the right side of program how it should combine the
Typing It In the screen. current contents of the 80-column
You'll need the 128 version of screen with the contents of the 40-
"MLX," the machine language entry column screen that you are stamp
program found in this issue, to enter ing upon it. Set the mask to 1 to
Program 1. When you run 128 MLX, indicate an OR mask. This is the
you'll be prompted for the starting mask you will use most often. It
and ending addresses of the pro simply stamps the 40-column image
gram. These are the appropriate ad directly on top of the 80-column
dresses for entering Hi-Res 80: screen. Set the mask to 2 to use the
Slatting address: $1300 bitwise AND function to super
Ending address: S149F impose two images. A mask value
of 3 indicates the use of the bitwise
Once you've finished entering the
EOR {Exclusive OK) function. (Re
program, be sure to save a copy to
Program the \28's BQ-column graphics fer to your owner's manual for
disk with the name Hi-Res 80. (The
the easy way—with BASIC 7.0's built-in more detailed information on the
demonstration program expects to
commands. operation of OR, AND, and EOR.)
find a file with this name.)
Hi-Res 80 transfers images in
Program 2, Hi-Res 80 DEMO,
Hi-Res 80 works by transfer only one color. This is due to the
is a BASIC program that demon
ring the 40-column bitmap screen memory constraints of the 80-
strates how to use all the features of
to the 80-column chip's dedicated column chip. Also, after any graph
Hi-Res 80. Use "The Automatic
RAM. To use Hi-Res 80, draw your ic transfer has been completed, the
Proofreader" while entering it to
graphics image on the 40-column 80-column screen will be unusable
prevent typing mistakes.
graphics screen; then use Hi-Res 80 for text because the bitmap corrupts
to transfer the image to the 80- the 80-column character defini
Give It a Try
column screen. Since the 80-column tions. This situation is easily reme
Load Program 1 with the statement
screen is twice as wide, you may died by either resetting the
HLOAD"HI-RES 80" have to draw your image in sections computer or by entering this line:
and then enter this short demon and then transfer each section to BANK 1S:SYS 65378
stration program: the 80-column screen separately.
With some experimentation,
See Program 2 for an example of
10 GRA]'HIC1:SCNCLR:GRAPHICO: you should be able to make graphic
DRAW 1,1,1 TO 320,200 how this is done.
displays that rival those of much
20 DRAW 1,320,1 TO 1,200 Use the following command to
30 SYS '!8<>4,]A0:SYS 4864,0,40,0 more expensive computers.
transfer an image:
Be sure that your computer is in 40- SYS See program listings on page 86. G
40 COMPUTE!* Gazelle June 1989

Buck Childress

Students and writers are often ex Proofreader," found elsewhere in

pected to write a certain number of this issue. When you've finished
words. Whether it's a 200-word es typing, save a copy of the program
Give your SpeedScript
say or a 2500-word research report, to a disk containing SpeedScript 3.2.
you can hit the mark exactly with Note that your SpeedScript 3.2 file
3.2 text files automatic must be saved on this disk with the
This utility patches into Speed- filename SPEEDSCRIPT.
Script 3.2, causing it to display the word-counting capability When you run SpeedCount, it
word count at all times. The count loads SpeedScript, patches in a ma
appears in the upper right corner as you write. chine language routine, and then
and is continuously updated. When runs the word processor. A zero ap
you enter, erase, or delete words, pears, indicating that there are zero
the count changes instantly. Even words in the file. Start typing and
when you load a file, the words are watch the count increase. Delete
counted automatically. words, sentences, or paragraphs
and watch the number decrease.
Getting Started The changes made to Speed-
SpeedCount is a short (240 bytes) Script are not permanent, so you
machine language routine listed as must load and run SpeedCount
a BASIC loader. To avoid typing er whenever you want to use it.
rors, enter it using "The Automatic See program listing on page 87. G

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Help Pad

Jim Tubbs the filename HELPGRABBER.ML package. geoWrite 2.1 is included

and one with the filename HELP with GEOS 2.0 and GEOS128 2.0,
Get online help quickly and easihj
CRABBER. Save Program 3 with Notepad is included with all ver
with this desk accessory for CEOS
the filenames NOTECONVERTER sions of GEOS.
and GEOS128.
.ML and NOTE CONVERTER. One Help Pad is menu-based. It re
copy each of Program 2 and Pro quires that you have at least one
How many times have you been
gram 3 will be converted with Pro main-menu entry. You can have up
working hard on a term paper with
gram 5, "GeoConverter," our to 14 entries. Each main-menu en
geoWrite or writing the ultimate
GEOS conversion utility. The other try must have 1-14 submenu en
game with geoProgrannner when
copies are suggested as backups in tries. To create the menu files, load
you found yourself flipping
case anything goes wrong. gee/Write 2.0 and create a file with
through the manual for some ob Now type in Program 4, Help any name you like. On page 1 of
scure bit of information? Wouldn't
Pad BASIC. Use "The Automatic your document, type your main-
it be nice if you could just click a
Proofreader," found elsewhere in menu entries. Be sure to place each
menu and have the manual pop up this issue, when you enter the pro entry on a separate line, pressing
onto the screen? With "Help Pad," gram. Help Pad BASIC loads Help RETURN after each one. You must
it can.
Pad ML, modifies it, and saves it as have least one entry and no more
Help Pad consists of four pro
HELP PAD. HELP PAD will be than 14. After you've typed the last
grams: "Help Pad ML" and "Help
converted with GeoConverter. Pro entry and pressed RETURN, select
Pad BASIC," which together make
gram 4 can be used to create anoth PAGE BREAK from the PAGE
a desk accessory that allows you to
er copy of HELP PAD if something menu. The page break must be on
display the help files you've creat
goes wrong. the line immediately following the
ed; "Help Grabber," a conversion
Now type in Program 5, Geo last entry.
utility for creating help files; and
Converter. Be sure to use The Auto
"Note Converter," a short desk ac
matic Proofreader when you enter
cessory that modifies Notepad files
it. GeoConverter is used to make
to work with Help Grabber. A fifth the program files into GEOS files.
program, "GeoConverter," con
Save a copy of GeoConverter to
verts these files into GEOS format.
your GEOS work disk.
Run GeoConverter once for
Getting Started Help Pad ML, once for Help Grab
Three of the programs are written in ber, and once for Note Converter.
machine language, so you'll need to You'll be prompted for a filename
use "MLX," the machine language each time you run the program.
entry program, to type them in. The Type HELP PAD for Program 1,
MLX prompts, and the values you HELP GRABBER for Program 2,
"Help Pad" puts CEOS instructions
should type in, are as follows: where they are most useful—on the
Help Pad ML gram 3. GeoConverter converts
Starting address: $55FE your files into GEOS files. Menu entries can be about 25
Ending address: S5BFF
characters long. You may be able to
Help Grabber: Building a Help File make longer entries fit if they have
Starting address; S0400 The power of Help Pad lies in the a lot of narrow characters. You can
Ending address: $0957
fact that you can build your own spruce up your menu entries by
N'oie Converter: help files. You don't need any pro using different text styles (bold,
Starting address: S5000 gramming tools; you need only underline, and so on). Font changes
Ending address: S5157
know how to use geoWrite and the and page-format commands are not
When you have finished typing in Notepad desk accessory. Help supported and are ignored. If you
Program 1, be sure to save it to disk Grabber creates help files from files want to indent your text, use the
with the filename HELPPAD.ML. created with geoYirite 2.0 (or later) space bar. Tab characters are treated
When you have finished typing in and the Notepad. Eiles created with as page-form at ting commands and
Program 2 and Program 3, be sure geoWrile 1.3 will not work with are therefore ignored by Help Pad.
to save two copies of each to disk. Help Grabber. geoWrite 2.0 can be Once you have completed the
Save one copy of Program 2 with found in the Writer's Workshop main menu and have entered the

44 COMPUTE!1! Gazotte June 19B9

page break, you should be on page that increases with each new file. Previous, go back to the main menu
2, ready to enter the submenus. Once you've renamed Notes, by selecting Main, or exit the desk
You must have one page of you're ready to create the Notepad accessory by selecting Quit.
submenus for each individual entry file for your next main-menu entry.
in the main menu. For example, if Continue creating Notepad files Hints and Tips
you have six main-menu entries, and renaming them until you have If your menus fail to appear when
you will need six pages of sub a file for each main-menu entry. you click Main or a main-menu en
menus. The submenus must be en When all your Notepad files try, be sure that the help file created
tered in the order in which they are complete, make sure your by Help Grabber is on a currently
appear in the main menu. The sub geoWrite document and Notepad logged disk (a disk whose name ap
menu for the first entry of the main files are on the disk with Help pears under one of the icons in the
menu must be on page 2, the sub Grabber and double-click the Help upper right corner of the deskTop
menu for the second main-menu Grabber icon. You'll see a clear screen). If the file is there but there
entry must be on page 3, and so on. screen and a menu. Select OK on are still no menus, go back and ex
Type in the submenus the the menu. When the dialog box amine the menu file that you creat
same way you did the main comes up, type a name for your ed with geoWrite. Be sure that page
menu—each entry on a separate new help file. Be sure you don't use 1 contains the main-menu items,
line, with a page break after the last the name of your geoWrite docu each on a separate line. Also, make
entry. The last submenu must r.ot ment or the name of one of your sure that the page break is on the
have a page break after the last en Notepad files. line immediately following the last
try; the end of the document serves From this point on. Help Grab menu entry.
as the page break. When you have ber does the work. First, you'll see a If your text isn't appearing un
completed the submenus, you are dialog box containing the names of der the right submenu, or if you
ready to close your document. Be all the geoWrite files on the disk. have blank or missing pages, look
sure you have one page of submenu Click on the file that contains your at your Notepad files. Be sure that
entries corresponding to each menu entries. Next, you'll see a dia the text for your first submenu en
main-menu item. log box that contains the names of try begins on page 1 and that your
all your Notepad files. Click on the Notepad files have the exact num
The Text file for the first submenu. The box ber of pages (one page for each en
Now you're ready to type in the ac will continue to pop up until you try in the corresponding submenu).
tual help files using Notepad. As select a file for each submenu. Be Be careful not to add a page by flip
with submenus, you must have one sure to convert the Notepad files in ping past the last page in Notepad.
Notepad file for each main-menu the same order that they follow in Also, make sure that you're select
entry. Normally, this would be im the main menu (here's where num ing the Notepad files in the right
possible because Notepad keeps bering them helps). Help Grabber order when using Help Grabber.
only one file (called Notes) per disk. knows how many Notepad files If you want to change one
To compound the problem, the need to be converted, and it alerts menu entry, you don't need to
Notes file is a system file, so you you when the last file is done. At change the Notepad files; simply
can't rename it. Note Converter this point, click on Quit to return to change the menu file and run Help
was written to overcome this limi the deskTop. Grabber again. Only if you change
tation. Note Converter modifies the the order of the submenu entries or
Notes file so that it can be renamed Help! the number of submenu entries will
and used with Help Grabber. You can now open the GEOS menu you have to change the Notepad
To create your help files, select and select Help Pad. Once the files. If you change anything, how
the Notepad desk accessory from screen is drawn, you'll see a blank ever, you'!! have to use Help Grab
the GEOS menu. The first Notepad pad on the right side of the screen ber again.
file you create should correspond to with a menu at the top. There are Help Pad files can get very
the first entry in the main menu. three choices: Main, Previous, and large—up to about 50K. If your sys
You must create a page in Notepad Quit. Clicking on Main brings up tem is configured with two drives,
for each submenu entry. For ex the main menu. Previous returns to you can have Help Pad on your
ample, if your first main-menu en the previous menu, and Quit exits work disk and the help file on your
try opens a submenu with five Help Pad. data disk. This is practically essen
entries, then your first Notepad file When you first open Help Pad, tial if you are using geoPublish or
will require five pages. only the Main and Quit options are geoProgtammer.
When you have completed all active. Click Main to go to the main If you want to use Help Pad in
the pages of the Notepad, close the menu. If the menu fails to appear, your own applications, you need to
accessory. Next, select the Note be sure that your help file is on the be aware that Help Pad alters the
Converter desk accessory from the disk. The main menu is a list of sub computer's color map. If your ap
GEOS menu. When Note Convert menus. Using your mouse, click on plication makes use of color memo
er has finished, find the Notes file one of the menu items. This dis ry, the routine that calls the desk
and rename it with another file plays the submenu. Again, make a accessory should first save the color
name, such as Notesl. You will selection. This time, the information memory either as a temporary swap
need to use a unique name for each you request appears on the pad. file to disk or in its own internal IK
file. We suggest that you name each After you've read the text, you can buffer.
file NotesX, where X is a number recall the last submenu by selecting See program listings on page 78. 8

COMPUTE'S Gazette June 1989 45

Do you have a question or a prob puter would most likely be the same 40 OPEN 15,8,15,"S0:GREETING":CLOSE
lem? Have you discovered some as, if not more than, the cost of buying 15:SAVE "GREETING",B
thing that could help other 50 LOAD "FILENAME",8
the computers separately.
Commodore users? We want to Software emulation (where one ROUTINE
hear from you. Write to Gazette computer uses a program to run the
Feedback, COMPUTED Gazette, software of another computer) is real What's wrong?
P.O. Box 5406, Greensboro, North ly not feasible in this case. The 64
Robert A. Weeks
Carolina 27403. We regret that, would be incredibly slow at emulat
Union Bridge, MD
due to the volume of mail received, ing the PC's 8086 instruction set and
zve cannot respond individually to BIOS routines while the IBM PC You're on the right track, but line 30
programming questions. would be sorely inept at generating has a problem. You can't change a
such basic 64 features as colors, program line simply by printing it to
sprites, and sound. the screen, even if it's followed by a
Besides the technical difficulties, CHR$(13). The computer recognizes
Stereo SID Chips Revisited however, computer manufacturers that it's not in immediate mode and
In the March "Feedback," we cited an don't seem interested in creating an will refuse to enter the line. There are
article by Mark A. Dickenson in the IBM PC/Commodore 64 clone. If you two ways you can fix this: You can use
Diablo Valley Commodore Users want to run both PC and 64 software, a method called the dynamic key
Group newsletter "Open Forum" that you'll have to buy two separate sys board, or you can use the machine
provided instructions for installing a tems and do your best to make room language utility "Rewrite" that ac
second SID chip in a 64. It has recent on your computer desk. companies this issue's "The Program
ly come to our attention that the hard If you're concerned about the mer's Page."
ware modification described by Mr. cost of duplicating your current peri The dynamic-keyboard method
Dickenson has been incorporated into pherals, remember that PCs and 6is utilizes the computer's keyboard buff
a commercially available cartridge for are capable of sharing certain devices. er to simulate keypresses. By POKE-
both the 64 and the 128. To find out As long as you purchase a monitor ing characters into this buffer—
more about this device, see "In Stereo" that supports both composite input located at 631 on the Commodore 64
in this month's installment of "Com (for the 64) and digital RGB input (for (842 on the Commodore 128}—and
modore Clips." the PC)—such as Commodore's then POKEing the number of charac
1084S—both computers can use the ters into location 198(208 on the 128),
64/PC Compatibility same monitor. With a serial interface you can fool the computer into think
I own a 64 and love it. My husband
for your 64, the computers can share ing that someone is actually typing on
wants to get an IBM PC compatible,
an external modem. And if your print the keyboard.
but 1 don't want to give up my 64 or er has a standard Centronics parallel To update your program using
my desk. Will there ever be a com port, H, too, can be used by both the the dynamic keyboard, you should
puter that is 64 and IBM switch-
PC and 64. print the modified line 10 to the
able? Even if it requires two
screen (as you already are doing),
different disk drives, it would be Self-Modifying BASIC print the command GOTO 40 just be
worth it. Is it even possible? I'm trying to write a BASIC pro low that, move the cursor back on top
Janice Lisena gram called GREETING that keeps of line 10, stuff the keyboard buffer
Meirose Park, IL a tally of the number of times it's with two RETURNS—CHR$(13)—
been run. I want GREETING to dis and then exit the program to enter im
It's possible to create an IBM PC-
play some graphics if it's been run mediate mode; let the computer do the
compatible computer that also runs
four times and to run a program if it rest. With two RETURNS waiting in
Commodore 64 programs, but the re
hasn't. So far, I've been unable to the keyboard buffer, the computer will
sult would not be entirely satisfac
get it to update successfully and re- enter line 10 and then jump back into
tory. The hardware of the two
save itself. the program via the GOTO statement.
machines is so different—different
Here's the part of the program All this can be achieved by adding the
microprocessors (the brains of the
where I'm having trouble: following line to your program:
compuler), different disk formats, and
so on—that for one computer to prop 10 C=0:REM NUMBER OF TIMES
erly emulate the other, you'd have to
20 IF C = 4 THEN GOTO 60 632,13:POKE 198,2;END
cram the two machines into one case. 30 C-C + 1:PR1NT:PRINT"1OC-"C
As a result, the cost of such a com- CHRSI13) The dynamic keyboard is indis-
46 COMPUTEIs Gazelto June 19B9
pensable for some uses. However, JC 120 DATA 32,183,255,72,32,1 then executes a carriage return over
43 the line, thus adding it to the program
when you use it to change program
MJ 139 DATA 3,104,41,64,240,21
lines, all of your variable definitions in memory.
are cleared. The program Rewrite MX 140 DATA 76,204,255,162,1,3 When the entire file has been
found hi this issue's "The Program 2 processed, the converter automatical
PX 150 DATft 198,255,76,207,255
mer's Page" allows you to modify ly deletes itself, leaving only the con
BASIC lines from within a program PC 160 DATA 2,32,201,255,165,2 verted BASIC program in memory. Be
and still keep your variables intact. 51 sure to save this program.
AH 170 DATA 75,210,255
To use Rewrite, enter the
PP 180 INPUT"[DOWN}fNl^NPUT FI Sound Advice
command LE NAME";IS I have a Commodore 64 with a
SYS 828,/ine number,new UneS KQ 199 INPUT"{D0WH]OUTPUT FILE
monochrome monitor. Unfortu
where line number specifies the CA 200 DV=8:SA=7 nately, the monitor has no speaker.
BASIC line that you wish to change JK 219 OPEN15,8,15,"I0":REM RE Is there some way i could hear the
and new line$ specifies what you computer's sound by attaching aux
want to change the line to. For ex EG 229 OPEN1,8,3,IS:INPUT*15,E iliary speakers or the like?
ample, to use Rewrite with your N,EMS:FS=IS:IFEN=9THEN2 Sanjoy Dasgupta
GREETING program, change line 30 New York, NY
3 There are several ways you could do
30 C-C + 1:SYS 828,10, "C-" + STR$<CJ
CJ 240 PRINT"{3 DOWN)RUN[3 UP) this. One way would be to take a
In order for this line to work cor ":CLOSE 1:CLOSE 2:CLOSE 15 standard Commodore monitor cable
rectly, you'll need to load and run Re- sBMD
(available from your local Commodore
QQ 250 OPEN2,DV,SA,"0:"+O5+",P
ivrit'c's BASIC loader or include the ,W":INPUT#15,EN,EMS:FS= dealer or from mail-order companies
BASIC loader in your own program. OS such as fameco, 1355 Shoreway Road,
See "The Programmer's Page" for EH 260 IFEN=0THEN320
Belmont, California 94002, 415-592-
more information. 8121; or Software Support Interna
TS... REPLACE? {RVS)V tional, 2700 NE Andresen Road,
Another BASIC Editor !OFF}/TRVS}tJlOFF}:" Vancouver, Washington 98661, 800-
I'm trying to write a program that PF 290 GETAS:IFASOrlY"ANDAS<>"
356-1179) and connect its audio out
will convert a SpeedScript 3.2 text N"THEN299
PX 309 IFAS = "tJ"THEN240 put line to the auxiliary jacks of your
file into a BASIC program using the JC 310 PRINT#15,"S9:"+OS:CLOSE hi-fi system via a Y-splitter. This
method discussed on page 94 of tho 2:GOTO259
would give you sound through both
Commodore 64 Programmer's Refer GS 329 SYS828:IF(PEEK(144)AND1
91)=0THENPRINT"{DOWN}DO speaker channels, although it
ence Guide.
NE.":GOTO240 wouldn't be stereo.
So far, I've had little success. sj 330 print"i/o error during Another alternative would be to
Can you help me? {spaceTconversion.":inp
connect the audio output line to a
D. R. Cool small amplifier/speaker unit such as
Huber Heights, OH FJ 340 GOTO240 the one available from Radio Shack
(catalog number 277-1008B or 277-
The method you're referring to—the To begin, type in this routine and
dynamic-keyboard technique—was save it to disk. Then, load and run
discussed in the previous response. By SpeedScript and enter the text of
A Bit of Mystery
using this technique, you can add, de your BASIC program. Keep the fol
lete, or modify program lines while a I was recently looking through the
lowing rules in mind:
memory map of the I/O addresses
program is running. • Every program line must have a described on page 322 of the Com
The following program uses the line number.
dynamic keyboard to convert a
modore 64 Programmer's Reference
• No line number can be higher than Guide. I noticed that opposite bit 5
SpeedScript file into a runnable
63899. of location 53270, in large bold let
BASIC program.
• Each program line can be no more ters, was the statement: ALWAYS
than 80 characters long and should SET THIS BIT TO 0! What happens
end with a carriage return. when this bit is set to 1? Will setting
I ,A:X =X+A:NEXT: IFXO1172
3THENPRINT"DATA ERROR":S • Control characters like )CLR} or it damage my computer?
color codes must be entered from Stuart Smith
XB 20 DATA 76,93,3,76,294,255 Calgary, Alberta
XS 39 DATA 133,251,41,64,18,5 SpeedScript us format com
BG 40 DATA 251,41,191,133,351, mands. (Press CTRL-Z and then Rest assured: There's no way you can
41 enter the control character.)
damage your 64 by POKEing. Loca
ftG 50 DATA
FX 69 DATA 201,95,298,2,169,11 When you've finished, save the tion 53270 happens to be a VIC-II
JB 70 DATA 133,251,96,32,225,2 program as a normal SpeedScript file chip control register having several
(using f8), exit the word processor, bitwise functions. Bit 5, in particular,
PB Bfl DATA 240,221, 32, 135,3,2(1
and run the above converter. At the supposedly turns the video signal on
FR 99 DATA 13,208,2,169,31,72 prompt, enter the name of the text file or off. On older 64s, setting this bit
109 41,128,74,133,251,
that you just saved. The converter would completely blank the screen.

110 41,63,5,231,133,25 reads a line at a time from the file on But on newer 64s, this bit has no ap
1 disk and POKEs it to the screen. It parent effect on the video output. 6
COMPUTE!'; Gazelle Juno 1989 47

Larry Cation You are immediately rewarded— the computer retorts "REDO FROM
your message prints. But what's the START" no matter what is typed,
Writing BASIC programs is excit 0 right after it? And what are we numbers or letters. And the strang
ing, but it can also be extremely trying to do here, anyway? Aren't est part: His program had worked
frustrating at times. For every hour we actually trying to gather user in perfectly for him the night before.
you spend in deciding how to put? If so, we must use the INPUT Apparently, some of the earlier
accomplish a certain task and writ statement, not PRINT: 64s contain an internal bug—yes,
ing the code, you probably con 10 INPUT'ENTER NAME"N even computer designers err—
sume another hour or more in which causes the INPUT statement
debugging (finding errors) and What happens when we run
to reject a legitimate entry if the in
honing your masterpiece. this one-liner? Syntax error! INPUT
put line is over one screen line long
This month we'll consider sev requires a semicolon between the
and the cursor is forced past the
eral BASIC debugging aids; STOP, last quotation mark of any message
first position of the second line.
CONT, REM, and PRINT. We've and the variable name. Put one in
My friend's computer, a 64C,
looked at two of these before— and run it again.
does not suffer from the same mala
REM and PRINT—but not in the dy. Neither does my newer 64. But
context of debugging. Redo from Start my oldest one-—bought in 1982—
Aha! The requisite question mark
succumbs to the same REDO
Some Typical Blunders and a blinking cursor. Great. Your
FROM START fate. Moral: Limit
First, let's create an error: problems are over, right? Not quite.
your INPUT statements to less than
Type any name and press RE
10 PR1NTENTER NAME"N one screen line in length.
TURN. A new error message has
Actually, we've created at least been printed unmercifully on the
four errors in this one-line program.
Pull Out the STOPS
screen by your once-friendly com
How can STOP, CONT, REM, and
If you attempt to run it, the first puter: REDO FROM START, fol
PRINT help to bust bugs? Go back
error is immediately obvious—a 0 lowed by a repeat of your message.
to our first error-laden line. Insert
and an N print instead of the in If you've never seen this one
tended message. Why?
STOP and a colon between the line
before, it can be very disconcerting.
number and PRINT:
First, quotation marks are Redo what from start? The pro
missing before ENTER, so the com 10 STOPrPRlNTENTER NAME"N
gram? The question? The answer?
puter thinks ENTER is the name of What this means is that the com When you run it, you'll imme
a numeric variable. Since only the puter expected a number, but the diately see BREAK IN 10, READY,
first two characters of any variable user entered letters instead, If the and the familiar blinking cursor. At
name matter, the computer search programmer really wants letters, he least there are no syntax errors.
es for the value of variable EN. or she must use N$ instead of N. Now type CONT and press RE
Finding none, it prints 0. When it The correct line is TURN (CONT is BASIC for CON-
gets to the quotation mark, it thinks 10 INPUT'TNTER NAME";N$ Tinue). Our program continues
there's a message coming and where it left off and the original
Is programming always this
prints N as its first (and only) letter. errors recur.
grueling? No. You learn from your
How do you spot an error like STOP and CONT are often
mistakes, and the next time you
this? First, you must know what it is used together to isolate software
program, you'll remember the cor
that you want to print. A literal bugs. The technique is to put the
rect syntax. While we're on the sub
string, such as ENTER NAME, re STOP and colon just before a sus
ject o'f the infamous REDO FROM
quires quotation marks on both pected bug, run the program, type
START error, a friend of mine at
ends of the phrase if it's followed CONT, press RETURN, and watch
work was demonstrating a program
by any other information. Only what happens. If this doesn't trap
he'd written on his 64 at home. His
when a PRINT statement is the last the bug, move STOP to another
program contained an input state
thing on a logical line can the end place in the program.
ment something like this:
ing quotation mark be omitted. But STOP behaves like END; the
be careful with this shortcut. 100 INPUT'TLEASE SELECT I, 2, 3, 4, 5, main difference is that STOP inserts
To fix the error, add a quota the message BREAK IN XXX before
tion mark between PRINT and EN When confronted with what READY and the blinking cursor.
TER; then run the program again. looks like perfectly normal syntax, You can even use END in place of
48 COMPUTED Gazene Juno 1989
BASIC for Beginners

STOP. Although you won't see the Great! No syntax error. Then, go
message BREAK IN XXX, the pro back and look closely at the syntax
gram can still be CONTinued. after the REM. Hopefully, you'll
discover that you typed the number
To Be CONTinued 0 instead of the letter 0.
CONT works only if all of the fol
lowing are true: What's My Line?
Previously in this column, we've
• You ran the program with RUN.
encountered two error messages
• You haven't pressed the RUN/
that give programmers headaches.
STOP-RESTORE key sequence. In last month's column, we stated
Both point to a line other than the
• You haven't created another syn one that contains the error. that several readers had experi
tax error by misspelling CONT. The first occurs when you try enced problems with "Monthly
■ You haven't edited the program. to execute a user-defined func Calendar" (March 1989) and that
tion—for example, DEF FN A(X). If the program works correctly with
While on the subject of error Commodore printers. This program
there's a mistake in the function
messages, it might be a good idea has been particularly troublesome
definition, the computer discovers
for you to familiarize yourself with
this error only after the function is to some printer/interface combina
some of them. A complete list can
called. And, it tells you that the tions. It seems that a number of
be found in an appendix in either
error occurred in the current line Commodore-compatible printers
your User's Guide or the Program
rather than the line where the func and many interfaces that emulate
mer's Reference Guide.
tion was defined. (See the February Commodore printers simply can't
The most common error mes
1989 column for further details.) handle Monthly Calendar. Since
sage, of course, is the cryptic SYN
The second error message that the last issue went to press, we've
TAX ERROR IN XXX. Offering little
misdirects you occurs with the received dozens of letters every day
insight, the computer simply tells
READ statement. If the computer about Monthly Calendar. So many
you that a syntax error occurred in a
attempts to READ data but finds readers have asked for solutions to
particular line-—not what the error
none or finds a syntax error in the make Monthly Calendar work with
is. (See below for cases where even
data line (for instance, DATA their printers that we've worked on a
this doesn't work.)
spelled DATE), the OUT OF DATA modification that, to our knowledge,
ERROR IN XXX message prints. will work with any Commodore-
Typos compatible printer or interface.
The line mentioned in the error
Actually, most syntax errors can be
message is the line that's READing Substitute the following six lines for
traced to a simple typing error. For
the data, not the DATA line itself. those in the original listing.
example, a BASIC keyword is
This error was discussed in the Au
spelled wrong (PIRNT instead of DP 930 CS=INT ( (BB-LEN(HOS) )/2)
gust 1987 column. MR 998 GOSUB2l:ifl:CI.OSEStOPEN5,
PRINT). The most bedeviling error
occurs when you accidentally type ;LEFTS(SPS,CS);HDS;RES;
the number 0 instead of the letter O Math Errors HD 1100 PRINTS,"-";DfiS (D + Z) ;C
or vice versa. Many programs con
Math errors can often be debugged HRSI16)+TBS;
by using a combination of STOP flP 1815 HDSU1I!) =LEFTS(SPS, U-L
tain a lot of POKE statements (to be
EN(Ht>S(HH) )/2}+HDS(HH)
and PRINT. If you expect the com
covered next month), such as RE 1860 &5(2)"RE?+"^n+HD?(l)+C
puter to calculate a certain value IIR S (16) + " 2 2~"+LE?T S (!i P
10 POKE 53280,0:I'OKR 532»1,O;PI1KE
and it doesn't, you need to pull out
a few STOPs. For an example, type: FG 1870 L$(2)=t,S(2)+CHRSU6)+"
The more POKE statements 55-"+HD812)*CHRS(16)+"
10 A-4:B = 6:C = 3
there are, the harder it is lo spot a 0
among the O's. In the above line, 30 PRINT E Plus/4 owners can use Month
it's in the third POKE. Again, this ly Calendar with minimal changes.
Before you run it, guess the val
error could be isolated by selective Change lines 150, 2070, and 2680
ue of E: 15? 11? Now run it. If it's not
ly using STOP: as follows:
what you expected, insert a STOP in
10 POKE 53280,0:POKE 532S1,0:STOP:
line 20 before E is calculated: FD 150 COLOR fl,2,3:COLOR4,2,3
POKE 646,1 PF 2070 COLOR 4,14,6:COLOR 0,7
20 D*=A + B*C:STOP:E = D/2

Run the program again. When
A REMarkable Bugbuster SP 2683 T=X+¥*40+3192:IF X=W T
you see BREAK IN 20, type HEN T=T-X+40
How can you use REM as a BASIC
print n
debugger? You can insert REM to The other Plus/4 changes in
make the computer deliberately from immediate (direct) mode. volve the variable DS. DS is a re
skip something, as in this example, D must be correct before E can served variable on the Plus/4 and
using the previous program line:
ever be correct. The value for D will must be changed to another vari
10 POKE 53280,0:POKE 532S1,O:REM be 22. able name. Change DS to DR in
POKE 646,1
We've touched on just a few of lines 770, 780, 820-840, 860, 1130,
This time, instead of the pro the bugs likely to be encountered in 1310-1420, and 1770-1800.
gram halting in its tracks, it blows BASIC programming; we'll deal with Thanks to reader Charles H. Nash,
past the REM to the next line. more in the coming months. G Jr. for these modifications. G
COMPUTE!* Gazelle June 1989 49

128 Monitor Enhancer

Shawn K. Smith SYS command. In case you want to The read command uses the
save 128 Monitor Enhancer as a following format:
Add four useful commands to the BLOADable machine language file, IRtrack sector [device number]
128's machine ta/tguage monitor the loader displays the starting and
and give it bidirectional scrolling, The track and sector values can be in
ending addresses for the routine.
disk-editing capabilities, and a hexadecimal or they can be ex
You may use these numbers to
FAST-modc toggle for full-speed pressed using the monitor's own
BSAVE the program to disk.
80-coltimn computing. numbering conventions. The device
number is optional; if none is given,
Scrolling and FAST Mode
it defaults to 8. To read track 18
One of the 128's strongest features Once the program is enabled, four
($ 12), sector 1 from device 8, for ex
is its built-in machine language additional monitor commands are
ample, you enter !R12 01.
monitor. This monitor offers many available. To see each in action, first
The syntax for the !W com
standard commands, including hunt, enter the monitor by pressing F8 or
mand is the same as for the !R
fill, assemble, and disassemble. typing MONITOR.
Nevertheless, there's still room for The new command that you'll
improvement. For instance, the 128 IWtruck sector [device number]
probably use most often is bidirec
monitor doesn't support bidirec tional scrolling. To activate this When writing to the disk with
tional scrolling, nor is it capable of function, enter B and press RE the !VV command, exercise extreme
reading from and writing to a spe TURN. (To turn it off, enter B a sec care. Be aware that any changes you
cific disk sector. But now there's ond time or exit the monitor with make to a disk may damage one or
"128 Monitor Enhancer"—a RAM- the X command.) With bidirectional more of the files. Also, to be on the
based monitor extension which scrolling activated, you can use the safe side, the first time you use the
gives you all of the aforementioned cursor keys to scroll backward and !W command, try it on a scratch
features and more. forward through a disassembly {D disk. Only when you're sure that the
command) or memory dump (M command works properly should
Getting Started command). The cursor must be in you use it on your other disks.
128 Monitor Enhancer is a short the far left column when you hit the
{964 bytes), relocatable machine cursor-up or cursor-down keys for Program Notes
language program written in the bidirectional scrolling to work. Enhancer works by redirecting the
form of a BASIC loader. To avoid The £ command toggles the monitor's command-evaluation
typing mistakes, enter it using "The microprocessor between SLOW (1 vector at $032E (814) to itself. Thus,
Automatic Proofreader," found MHz) and FAST (2 MHz) mode. whenever you enter a command
elsewhere in this issue. Be sure to The first time you use this com from the monitor, the routine first
save a copy of 128 Monitor En mand, the computer is placed in checks to see if it's one of 128 Moni
hancer to disk or tape before you FAST mode; the second time, it re tor Enhancer's four commands. If it
run it. turns to normal operating speed. is, the program executes the neces
Before you use the 128's ma 5ince the 40-column screen is sary code. Otherwise, it exits
chine language monitor, load and turned off in FAST mode, this com through the normal command-
run 128 Monitor Enhancer. The mand is useful only if you're work evaluation routine.
program will display the prompt ing in 80-column mode. Bidirectional scrolling is
STARTING ADDRESS? $1400. If this achieved by similar means: The
address is suitable for your current Reading and Writing program wedges the command into
application, simply press RETURN. The remaining commands, !R and the keyboard-scanning routine at
Otherwise, enter another address; !W, allow you to read from or write $033C (828). Unfortunately, this
you can express this address in dec to any disk sector using a 1541, approach results in a slight timing
imal or hexadecimal notation. If 1571, 1581, or compatible disk problem. On occasion, as you're
you choose hex, be sure to precede drive. The !R command reads the se cursoring around the screen, an in
the address with a $. lected sector (256 bytes) into the cas verse space is left behind. (This oc
After you've chosen a starting sette buffer at $0B00 (2816). The !W curs only on the 40-column screen.)
location, the BASIC loader POKEs command does just the opposite: It Fortunately, this minor glitch has
the machine language routine into writes 256 bytes from the cassette no effect on the program's operation.
memory and activates it using a buffer to the given disk sector. See program listing on page 77. 6

SO COMPUTED Gazelle June 1989

Rihliuns Price E«ch Block Color Host FROM THE
P.O. Box 3245. Harlan. IA 51537 Trnnjlof
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Apple Imagewriter II 4-C 10.00
wnle in new addrass balow.
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New Subscriber: Fill in your name and address Citizen 120 D 5.00 6.00 7.95
The Computer Reference Bible
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Self-Modifying BASIC

Randy Thompson wish to change and new lincS speci evaluates mathematical expres
fies what you want to change the sions, such as a plotting program
The technique is unconventional line to. For example, to change line that accepts formulas input by the
and the results are often unpredict 20 to read FOR 1=1 TO 100:NEXT, user? Here's a short routine that
able. It's been called sloppy—even enter the command SYS 828,20, makes BASIC do all the work:
dangerous—and many program "FOR 1 = 1 TO 100:NEXT". 10 INPUT "FORMULA";FJ
ming manuals tell you not to do it. There are a couple of limita 20 SYS 828,30,"PRINT " + FS
But sometimes it's the most effec tions that you should be aware of. 30 REM THIS LINE WILL PRINT
tive way to get something done. If First, you cannot add program lines
you haven't guessed what It is, I'm with this routine, you can only This program calculates for
talking about self-modifying change them. If the specified line mulas entered by the user. Al
code—programs that actually re number does not exist, the program though simple in operation, it
write themselves as they run. aborts with an UNDEFINED would be a long, complicated pro
Self-modifying code is com STATEMENT ERROR. Second, you gram without self-modify ing code.
mon in machine language. The 64's cannot expand the size of a BASIC
CHRGET routine, which the com line. Your new line must fit within
Customizable Programs
puter uses to read BASIC com the current line size or it will be
Let's say you're writing a program
mands, is a prime example. Located truncated. (Keep in mind that, be
that allows the user to modify the
in memory at 115 ($73), CHRGET cause of BASIC'S tokenization pro
screen colors. There's a problem,
alters the operand of a LDA instruc cess, you can't just count the
however. The program resorts to its
tion in order to get the next charac number of characters on the screen
default colors every time it's run.
ter in a BASIC line. The same task to determine the current size of a
How do you get around this? Use
could have been performed differ line.) For this reason, it's a good
Rewrite to hard-code the user's
ently but not more efficiently. idea to enter long REM statements
choice of colors and then save the
While it's easy to write self into lines that you know you will be
program back to disk. For example,
modifying programs in machine modifying later.
if the background and border colors
language {even if by accident), it's
are POKEd into memory at line 10,
difficult to do so in BASIC. With What Is It Good For? you could use the following code to
machine language help, however, it Self-modifying code is a strange
change the default colors:
can be done. Presented here is a concept, and you can do some pret
1000 SYS 828,10,"POKE 53281," +
short machine language routine I ty strange things with it. I'll try to
STR$(BG) + ":POKE 53280,"
call "Rewrite." Rewrite gives you confine myself to practical exam + STR$(BD>
the power of self-modifying BASIC, ples here, but don't let that limit 1010 OPEN 15,8,15,"S0:filename":
allowing you to edit lines while your creativity. CLOSE 15:SAVE"filename",B

your program is running. The first example that comes to where BG and BD are the user's
Rewrite is listed as a BASIC mind is a caiculated GOTO, where choice of background and border
loader. To ensure accurate typing the line number following a GOTO colors, respectively. You could also
when you enter the program, use instruction is calculated by the pro save the character color or anything
"The Automatic Proofreader," in gram. To do this, simply set the else you wanted.
cluded in this issue. If you like, you variable L equal to the line number What about saving the high
can change Rewrite's starting ad that you wish to go to and execute scores for a game? Instead of saving
dress by changing the number in the following code: the scores to a disk file, place them
line 100. 10 SYS 828,20,"GOTO" + STR$(L) in DATA statements and use Re
20 REM THIS LINE WILL BE write to update them. You could
store database information, as well.
To use Rewrite, enter the following
See how it works? By the time In fact, you could use Rewrite to
SYS from within your program (the
the program reaches line 20, line 10 store any type of information. Just
SYS address will change if you alter
has changed it into a GOTO state resave the program when you've
the program's starting address):
ment. You can use the same tech finished—as in the color example
SVS 828,/imc tu<ntber,iiew IhieS
nique to perform calculated above—and your data will be ready
The line number parameter GOSUBs, too. every time you run your program.
specifies the BASIC line that you Ever try to write a program that See program listing on page 78. 6

53 COMPUTES Gazette Juno 1989

The State Of The Smart. Super Snapshot Features Include:
The Cartridge Wars, for awhile theie. ilwas i"ough going ■ tnjiyuaVeoi ■ Warki wiih ALL Comm'HJorc S hn cemputen & dnvti.
ligrn.ng to be Bio best. Tha result? Jus! ask the user groups. Ask iha dealers • TpuUj iriniparcni <*her. duahjed.
Ask the magazines. Public opinion is unanimous. Trie Cartridge Wbis are ' Turbo mndc ■ Up (n ] 5X fi&icr Imding, 7X filler lavinfl.
* Super DOS Wedge supports dflVffflJ 8,9. ]i\ A 11 wiih citra conuniMd*.
ovur - and Super Snapshot is lh« cfuar wmnoil
■ Archive ALL rncrmr) resident pmflrirru ui diik ji iuiE>*M>iijig file*
■ Inclusive ■ C-&* Hoot Stcior.
How did wo do il? By under siand.nfl that i[ is nolanough anymora jusl lo be
i [Jump scTct'ii lo duk in papular graphic program tatttiilb.
the rnosi powerful. In lodny's rnarkfli. you'vu also got id bo smart. Like Supor
■ Dump screen* iricludmy sprites lo primer (niiny supported) m 3 »t/«,
Snapshai v4 ■ Only Super Srupihol dumps BOTH rnuki-cnhir & hi-res formats
' Spntc diajhlc/ic-enablt Jb eMendd life Game Mister fumfcc.
As the list of laatures at (tie right cloariy shows, we've given Super Snapshot ■ Spnifi monitor & full fcjisite-i tpntc editor.
v4 enough capabilities (o dazzle even the mosl demanding power user. Bui ■ Tisi disk topicrfoi I or 2 drives *uppoits I34l/I57lfl58t.
■ Kltensive I1ASIC jdJiLmniL cntTimjiids f(ir p«wcr pn>ftfimmen
we've also worked hard to give those uoEttet a sense o! style and gracs. To
■ Fin fik copter f«1 or? 1541/1511/1581 dm*.
make sure inn! not on'y could you do a task, but Thai you could doit easily and
■ 24 TltmrllilS support is iv«il*hld
logically. Wtiiloour compotilors wore making utilities lor Comniodoio
' J;rcc KrickcE In PlTlfflDtCf duk ■ over 1 (W) pararnctcrii!
computers, wu wore dusignmg our utilities lor trie peoplu who own Itiose ■ Includct the !cgcn>ljT)' Shorgun II from Kia^rkcr Jill
computers. » \lfl, Muniioi dties NOT conupi mcirniy. Interrupt, ciiinmc, mr-diTy. and
itnimft a running prngnm. All «Lin<!ird c^nmamls PLUS bjnk-swmfnng.
So when you choose a mulli-lunclion cartridge (oi your system, choose hi diicctionj] scioliing. IO cununand, track A ^cftor cdimr, ASCII hunt, and

Super Snapshot V4 - ihe cartridge that was designed to appeal to a Mflh&r dnvc monitnt.

intelligence. Yojts.
Plus much, much more!

Super Snapshot v4 / Only $64.95 Also available: The Slideshow Creator

ATTENTION I28 OWNERS: C-64 Disablo Swiich available Allows Now you enn cn.Urs dti?zlirip BiiiJsihowB Irom nyn mg icrnnne (li.il you've c

you to boot 128 software WITHOUT removing your Supor Snapshot ifiih Supar Snajjehod Optttrnt Includa lad« irv'oui. a i diVqM. pop on/off. s\*lm o
Uisflny d 10 i-Tflfer.i lo'-t loQ.^o'jy you' porsor
cartridge1 Add $8.00
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Thanks For Tho Memory
Mosl CotimodO'e users are contenl lo uso Ihetr ccnpuiDr^ whiriin Ihfl conslraints friaced on i by a limited

amouniolRAU But some peopip wan! more Moiespecd Morepower And (hoi m ean&| list erne Itiing- mnjcmcn'O'y
Power users tiavc long tinown thai Iho ideal soluiion lo their memory problems i& out Ihere in Iho fo'fn ol Cornrno-
dole's incredible 1750 RAM o-p^nsion iTioriulp Just plug it in and you've yoT a whopping 512ft of onhoard f'AM - WA TTS The Master - Can i Get ample power9
the s^mo flmounl o'mcmrjiy found on most IBM tonpulors1 Tho is liujmomoiy carlndflo thai all sorK>us Commodore Sorry aboul mar &c\±a j >\ ■iiiO au^rnXjrrAECi1 Gufiecfi-
power uscr^ wflnl There's only one prohlnm ntians'CH us Inal lte majority ol Commodore computer cuO
Vou can t Imd thom. ■cms can be Iracsd back lu ui msiji.Hiu.itc power supply
Thai's right Thusu RAM urtH* are nlmost impossible lo buy Wti'vn -ilways spe™i"ucd In tmrtintj soluliona to Wncn iNe row* hunpiv raira it can (and alien doesi ceiljh
Commodo'e rotolod prooloms ■ here's whal wd camo up wilti mKiIlW^ damage To the tompuler ifspn ■ and a cawc
meitfowp rs no \oke
Firsi, we bought fxand r>cw Commodoio 1764 RAM eiipiirtsion units. Iho ones wrth only 256k of HAM onboard
NonT. wo had Chip Lavel Destgn ongineer and produce a custom upgrade ihHn lakes Pi 1^64 lo a lull BtZfci Thats Thisaoesni have to happen ro you We arc now selimg jj
the BflinS hall meg of RAM as fl regular 17501 RruUly, wo tested i;nch nnd nve'y cartridge, and wmranteed Ihom to he^vy-duty powdf suptfy thai will greatly diminish your fear
be free I rrjm dotacts □I a po*e« supply frlure Trwse are NOT atienrartet uruis
Now Ihere's noltiing to slop you Irom taking your Commodore 64 or 123 lo levels ol power and sopriislication mat ■ fney are mMe Qy Commcpo'cTe and arc ideal tor use wiTi
the cn<i<nar designers never (jven dre.imed ofi II you're uSLnq programs like GEQS Irijm Burkp^ny. Ihe Pockel Series RAM eipanders They will +?rovw3e you wilti a nn?ic siaine.
from Oiqilar. Soudons; luture vnrsions of M;iunrif;k Irom Krackor Jm. Fleet Systnm IV from ProTftSBlonaJ SoHwfire. or ■df iX-'id.ih'p 5iinfc^ ni power This nnit wr.i wurkon ALL C164 5
no polcnl PaoerClio III 'njm B.iticrni'i included, it you're uvng ANV o' (huso progr.tms. you won | beliuvij the ,1'itf 64c on tr«f m^'Kei
iiiMpriTN ,. thai Iho eilra memory makes' 11 ycuT SySipn i^ irtiooitirit lo you lake me tirtrg yep la
IMPORTANT NOTES - HEAD CAREFULLY saieguard your <nve5lrr»Gnf by gelling a Commodore H(!O«y-
'C-64E4C <bul NOT C-l?8 1?BD) Dwnirl MUST buy 8 hoavyduly pownr supply to UBO t?»aO WUtB The pownr Duiy Power Eu|ipiy l&tray f'nwcr you can depend on - win
supply is WOT included - ■! is available I'om us sufn^ntely. no uneipecfw! stocks
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fte»iuiaiii«iiiESuptiuni..jwietira('j»COn anrjpwuiui*«fcs Order-UippMloU5* itasn«si
?™ NE AMrewl Ftosfl Vsncsuior.
F f 0 A P D nr pgucuioiu BMSS *M 53 » per order (B 5 S H U S STiK»rr| .5 by UPS ground in rnar
-3K5 fas- jra 3A"aili ..j.as- adJi-Htffcomd jMmnjiiUB iflyais^cnv1 Alaska a Hwjinaii

ssa»< sffiKIiaiiqi.-'-rMSJHtwjp n
Attar hours orders accepted at
B« irtajd'ia =J M imimnum Hw^, IB :ne M rm BCtK 0» SOFTWlflE J« S! DO W- P«h KUUriaJ rx
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(laran Forenn ui5icmtts mus: ca!i or «Wt to shipping cfjrnes Ostkivp i!bto a™ icplxM j: no ovsige ( Technical support avaJlable. Call
«!»rUSSOflw«£Wiwt' 120b) 695-9G4B. 9am-5pm P.icilic limit,
Orders Outside USA c*il r206l 6D5-1393.

AbacusES Software ^tFfoMtatund Software" egyx ■jmti"""" »«./
17 36 SQOXJ JOyllick DBS IJ3r]
Arcsde Gan» Cotsi S«l Ifl97
17 36 Bank SiWBI Wl«B : 33 97 Djnleanip 1897 Ogre POAO ftri i. .r-,1' 1597
1736 183) CaMCTia Gar- !'9) Tunas d 25*7 *^GHW3 I5JW
2'9> IS 9' C-r«!e A 18 91
36 3' B** Sum! Spoiler 159J . M97
Hotter Basic Inr 0 3197 Carmen Sflrdwgo Ekpo&o 24 9' 2497
Cad Pak w J'9' ComAn Sanhga LJSA . 24 B7 Fasl Lowl C»nndge 2197 AUItwiaTrHogy (1-2-3] - XB4
Cad Pak 128 ww CalnHn SBnMgo World 2197 Final A11WI . . 'AW
1191 1S9' 4 xaKurq 219'

GeMH Pm Srcp Cofrvano^

Tr* Garni Stfmiw E !•»)
14 97
CoW l?B 36.91 P.'S CvHfnci »ik i 15 9) Horn* VidM Produor 3097 AdHnod An Snidto 27 97
CF'MlormC.iIBiteokl 17.38 IS 97 Impos^
Furi-an 61 LA Cl Art WXlBrBOB 5 D . 21.97
P.S ariHua Dili 3 IS 37
PSHMOmOaine! 1497 Lso« Birtjarun . . SSil
Gun ^sce A ft.? [Mi 12 ?G Unccrm • B-1M DeM Ttun *W IIS1
19 9)
Oos Tnc»s A Ippi Boo. 1520 Surnan 18 9) HCPU
Geji Tntta S Tiro Di&* 1216 24 91 Bob i Ism Pro 64 . 30 37
Slot* C Caroler 64 36 97 !5 97 BtOjTetmPri)12e 3697
SCCW 128 Si 97 Soaw Staiion OMviw 25 97 BW Duaieas Fom Sr« 1' 97
36 97 ICAPCOMJ Sfnyw-q Hti^ fesptall
!4 97
•Carrier ConurHnO . . 22 97
1197 249? CSMPi««S«iM»iujII. 235'
■BB7 Saeel 5|* s . 249? C5M Pr^Hinn Manual H
1817 G"M1 Sprti Foolt*l 2107 DooO*
18 9? Sctwi Econa Skc* 2417
SU Bra IiWn ;ib? 691
»97 10 9)
»97 FaiMmsl2g 36 37
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QonoolOTY Family Irea 120 36.97
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1541 RAMBOard*
Byte The Copy Protection bullet!
A New Tool-From Some Old Friends
You know m When twy potecuon Began Uirowing 1541 *i*b h?M5 Oul of atgnmeni *e gay? you Knacker Ja< When \
Let's lace u - war is hen. And in Iho Commodore world, one
iis ugly head, wecrealed the Ria:kef Ja» EWe senes. When Ite copy pfotrciion wars escalated, we responded with Bull S'Eye and the Hacker's
d( Ihe ugliest wars ol all is being waged by Hie copy protection
Uli&ty Kil And when you [leaded lo eujSore Ihe mysteries ol commercial -grade protection ssh&mes. vnc «qre thero "in Kratke* Ja* Revealed.
industry. They're lough. Tho/m clover. And they re very, very Now the ccpy proTeciion inrtushy lias uspad Ihc ants again They've made il haidpr than ever to make legitimate backups ol your expense
determined. II you've soon sonio of the current ice oul \hoio,
wttware Do you ihinfc you should have to spend money to buy 'auihorrjotC backups ol selfware lhai you already own1'
you know just how dntormmod they are Wall, wg'ig |USl flS
Neilher do we
determined And wo'vo got n wny lo walK right through (ho Introducing Wavenck. [ho bmt weapon we. ve ever made lo let you ft'ond yourwli 'rom cop* prolecdon coinconng Maverick is ^advanced,
coldest ice oul thorn
il hjgactually feplrad frv^fyother backup uti^ty we've eve* created Thar a right - Maverick aw* (he OMV a/chival sofr*arB *e inafli,ticriin>
What15 Our secret? Tin- new HAMBOard. a Small CarO Ihnt AM of our RiD efixte go inio maiung &ure trial Mavenck i^jr the nvsl ptwer'tf tsci-Lp u1.' Tf .lj.si'ab'"' ■ kpn ANY ^oorce1 Tjhe a k»k
can easily be installed in your 1541 in 5 mmules using |U&1 a
al iW ol tnow foalurn
screwdriver With ifiis rumarkabto pete ol firmwaip in piaco,
backup hassles are a Ihmg ol tho past1
RAMBOard gives you spwd ■ it comes bundled with a fast • fiEiV CiLGS '' "[-;■ i r a u- , _'njlriX'sfclop ■ CiipiL«oli-clvimgRapfllolipoiKliCi
copier lhaT can archive an unprotected dala disk in under 60 4 FrrsrsMiierwiliUi yui'v. i i'<'i;"i>r * Snqieo'dUfllftfve highSfOW OalaCCt-e'
seconds RAMBOard gives you power - working with our ■ Dir«tDT>H«lll«lpsyiHiO'gan»yajraA£ • EXCLUSIVE GEOS" Pvkidule PAFftWf tEHSi TOOLS
dynamic Wavenck software, RAMBOard will backup programs
trial other systems canL( evgn scraleh the surface of. Bosl Of • SdolFdr^MLmofiiior''iitl>DrivQMafi • Byre pillurnscan'Wfiar high BpeedwortfiDB
a EXLUSIVEPot-JiarsulJStritr-f ^nvic« availatils • ImiJinical Eupparl 1mrn c*if &lo« 0>[Jt'rrs
aU, FAMBOard won't becomo obsofotfl ■ when newer, even
tougher protection sehomus come along, we'll create now And Qiis isjU5t Ihe beginning Ouf luiure plans lo* Mavenck include enpandod RAMBOard supporf. flAM cipanMn mcduiejuppcfl. and even
Wflvnri&RArviBO.ird paramotoru lo cut right through Ihorn a 1541/1571 ;1531 mlalivo Md cofjie/' And rt-Uri our uraque Subscnbor Program, you can receive Maverick updalpa automdl«caliy - Ihc indanl
Backed Oy our la/nous RftD, you know that we'll do whatevor ihey're released1
it lakes lo keep RAMBOard operating behind one my lines' You know us Wa ro mo ipanv Ifial has worked hard for years lo oslaClitfi an ironclad repuiawn For d>nam»c products, 'a* duck, and
Got your RAMBO'ird today And 'ho noxt lime some com parw.iy^ bean a part of your past Anaj^kyHj^yQuh;iviiyaurCon"mO(K<ri wu'i-iiw.iysttfapjncfyou'liAire
pany tries to char:;
ram you've already paid '<"
you To* nn "aulhcmed' backup ol a prog
remind "f.rm that w,ir IS hoi I ■ Attention: Registered Maverick owners! MAVERICK 2.0/ONLY $34.95
and you know how to raise a imlo hell ol your own. Pararoeler Uotiule=i is mm aailable, (My S9.95 Wo* Includes Parameter Modules I, 3, & 3!
'Maverick Was Formerly Known As" Renegade" From Kracker Jax
1541 &1541CRAMBOard/ONLYS34.95 Maverick ¥10 Upgrade aiso aniWe. Only S95S
Nol To Be Confused With The Game 01 Tho Same Name
In Most Cases. Plugs Right tn-NO Soldering Required
154111 RAMBOard ONLY $44.95
This Version DOES Requiro Soldering THE 1581 TOOLKIT
Profosional Installation Aviiilnbiif-Coniacl Us For Details
' 11 Ml i i 0.1 Hi 11A n 0;i 11 o 11,11,1111 ■ ■. -. i) i ■/1 o i U it> Wi I li M vi vi ii '■
Without It, You Don't Know What You 1581 Is Capable Ol
I Wow people away || Iho "Woilfl a Commoaoro Show* hold In Pennsylvania m Novnmhor 1988 It's nowor
tM scope aslamsh nnyoriu who soos it worn. And. il you Havo a 1581 Orivo. it 19 tho single mml tmponani piece
of software thai you can own II 13 Tho 153! Toolkn-and il mil Iranaform your 1581 into somotm™ remarkable
We know Ihe mariol, and ivo know thai if you've boughi any olher 15B1 utility in tho pasl, youWpranaOly been
n.sappo.niEd But while othor companies rustled ill-conceived and poorly executed (woducls lo markot to'cash m'
onlhene* 1581 drrva, v.e Old things differently. CXir programmers took Ihe lime to beconw e.perts on the 1S81
Before they even looked al a drawing boaid. So when Ihey linishofl the Tooikil prraecl a lull year later they haa
a;comp isned what no one else had - me aealion of a lighl, .nleg.aleO package of essenlial utilities itial make
THE 1750 CLONE the ISSTmorethan iho sum of its parts. Takeatook at thesoToofkrl uiilities and see why were soeicirodaoouL it
• Fast Disk Cop.er • Fast File Cop*r ■ Track 8 Sector Editor
Thanks For The Memory • Directory Editor > BytB Pattern Search ■ E™rScarm(M
Wosl Commodo-o users o<o conroni lo use therr computers • F.leTrackSSnctorTracoi • UNrafastFormalior • RalccalabloFastLoinJor
• Partition Creator
within Ihe conslramis plnend (in thorn by a limiled amount ol
fWM Bui some pcopla wiknl rnoFo. Moro srwtrd. Mcro puv/itr All 10 of those cuslom utilities use uitromoly fast road/write routines. Whorouor apnro»rinlo Ihey allow full
Jicgo55 10 partitions Its obvious wo croaled Tho 150,1 TooWt to bo tlm dnesl sel ol in. mvrn'.iblii Inr itic 1501
And thai moans jusi onn thing ■ moio rnomory.
ilnra Bui werjidnl slop thmu Order now. and we'll also send you Iho 1581 DOS Roferonco Guide FREE' With
Prwor users have long known (hat Inn ideal solirlion to then °?.?eA°°,PaPes ol 'owso, valuaBio information, you'll quickly f.nUthis book ind.spensablnl Written by David Martin
momory proBlems is out Itioro in tho form ol Commodoio's (INFO Magazines Copy Corner reviewer), this manual represents a year's worth of research and investigation
incroflrBle 1750 RAM flippnsion module. Just plug it in and into the inner workings of Iho 1581 flnve We've also aOflod u«t.a utilities, including such handy items as a machme
you've got a whopping 512k ol onboard RAM - ihe samo language monrlorwith DnvoMon. the oerlect companion for ihe 15S1 DOS Reference Guide
amount of memory round on mosl IBM computers! This is the We've spent a lol of time working hard 10 make sure thai rvooocy knows more about me 1581 Ihan we do Don't
memory cartridge Iriat all serious Commodore power users soil your 15S1 shorl. Gel the 1S81 TooNgt today, and lei us show you just whal its really capable ol We.I lake
wan!. There's only one problem your 15ST ahsoluloly as far as il was designed lo go And Ihen we'll take rl farther
You carYl dntj them.
THE 1581 TOOLKIT (ON 3.5" DISK)/ONLY $39.95
That's nghi. Theso RAM units are aimosl impossible to buy
We've always specialized in finding solutions lo Commodoru Includes Your FREE 1581 DOS Reference Guide
related problems ■ hore s wrwi we came up with. The 15B1 Toolkil Works On The 0-64 Or The C-128/C-128D In TIid 64
Flrsl, woboughl brand now Commodore 1764 RAM expan
sion units, Ihe onos with only 256k of RAM onboard. Neit, ivo
had Chip Level Design engineer and produce a cusiorti up-
oraQo that takes a 17M to a lull 512k' That's the samo hall
meg ol HAM as a regular 1750! Finally, we tested each and Sorderless 64K Video RAM Upgrade COMMODORE
every cartridge, and wana n teed them to be free from delects No* iral CcmncOore has JwaSpJ ihe C-1280 *flti
Now there's nothing lo stop you Irom taking your Comrro-
WKof rtilwFWW. we sSx« f* g HEAVY-DUTY
ran atfess fN& faflasfic new icatue son
dore 64 or 128 id levers ol power and sophislicnlion thai i-to
orig mal designers neve r oven d roamed ol > 11 you're using prog
a':eaev his CNe upjfAN ol usmg all WK
RAM li vJjen-r^C 1?3t siidt irnrci. POWER SUPPLIES
rams Nko GEOS Irom BerVotoy, the Pqckei Sonos Irom Digital loi. you own all 1S4 of ntlm RAH far Conwriffllore
Soulions: luluie versions ol Maverick Irom KracVer Ja<; Floot WA TTS The Mailer ■ Can I Gel ample power?
fell *.\: ciRxuaty Imij Ry:c 6 brmiE and Ehe
Syslnm IV Irom ProlesSion.il Sottwjiro. or Itld potent PaporCIrp lull wk of video ham pfovKtos you with ms atxiiir Sorry about thai Actually, it's no laughmq matter Our tecrirnctans tell
III from Batlenes Included: if youro using ANY of those prog lo serial [hfough video momory a»wei] as mliancM us iliai ihn majority ol Commodore computer problems can be naced
rams, you won i believe Ihn diltoroiKO that Irio extra momory color resolution. back [o an inadequate power supply. Wfien thi! power supply laiis. it
makes i Up unlilrww, to upgrade Iho (MZflloWKolvittoQ
can (and often does! cause adaiionoi damage lo Hie computer ilsei -
IMPORTANT NOTES ■ READ CAREFULLY RAW ycu would have lo first seardi oul the compo-
arn) a computer melidown 13 no |oke.
■C-64 S4c (but MOT C-1S8-128D) ownors MUST buy a heavy. nHHs.lfteiiftndaconnwleiil rep#r ouflel to dewrtder
duly power supply to use theso units The power supply is 3txj irsia I (he pans What a haule' This doesnl have 10 Happen (o you We ate now selling a heavy-duty
VOT included - it is available from us seperately. S0LL/T1DN — We lw%e -■■ooe^ i rrudule Ihai power supply lhal will greatly dimmish your leaf ol a power supply
II you ALREADY own a 17M RAM cartridge, we can upgrade Eampty [ftjgs in to The mc4her board of youf C-128. failure These are NOT ahennartel units - Ihey are made by Comrno-
it lor you Your unrt MUST be m perlecl working order for us No ipfa^pfwr wtor - Ho tal djmige - No
Oore, artf ate ideal tor use wtfh PAM eiparvter? They null provide you
o upgrade it The turnaround Time on upgrades is appro* 2 inttiamoresijbie.flcpendablesourceolpoiiw This unit mil wort on
waeks It hi NOT be necessary lor you to purchase a now p^ k ratable in
MckW a has an pam noceBan/ lo ^ ^ ALLC-MsandWC on the market
lower supply - the orw thai cumo wilh your 1764 will 5liU work
uporide. and Uadei B ■) hWiicii cicppr that tou
II your system is important lo you, lake (ho eitra step lo saleguard
Supply ire ftAMs flqan, no widen™ it nsesyjy
your mvesimem by geniog a Commodore Heavy-Ouly Power S
THE 1750 CLONE II you have acceu to low omI RAMj. *o suggest
lousy Powei you an depend on ■ wilh no uneipected stack!.
Model B.
ONLY $199.95 Both models include easy to lolkjw insrailaiian in-
slruclions. a tesl program lo verily proper installa
1764 UPGRADE tion, and the pluq m Vidoo PAM Upgrade
C-64 Version - Only $29.95
ONLY $124.95 C-128 Version - Only $44.95
"*.. $29.95

PLE>S£ REAQ BEFOSE ORMfliW. iVp mtp, nny Men ten.*.-; trtcti VISA HC ml Dnaw M* n« w*r to Soivw n

FK:i".'iou>SOare&j[ec'UkrtWvirTuT.,yC9D v4 wwrd ttt&i C"3i'.'J*;p|i-: I: U S A \timDti)
WA 9B£*'
r P 0 A P 0 a ms«wira wjw jm S3 io w onto W S S h U E sftpping t s, UPS ijnwB in m»
C34E1 FAS; Jr« BAV MR ivWtiV MO SI »p(J K»jno sjvml lU 5 tesangn*! AljsU » Hmiii Illi Or tall our ion JiiT ordtfr hrn» al
pipiw .MQ S7 K r*1 o'W if* S fi h COD avtisfre 10 U S ntonwn only ISO 1'800-356-1179. 9am'Spm Pacillclime
q viih y^ji S S H Cirrus per wtter Canadian ciftlcmer^ mj/faiojiateir* Si Hchar^H MI
ty incliding S4 CO rminimi.Ti chaigej la Ihe lisi ino rj«es ol SOFTWIRf arfl Si M to eatn iMtonal hkb Aller hours ordurs accepted j I
pei ihipmenl All names must be subnitlH it U S lunds CaraMn^ mu^t 9l or anlc \<x ns^jre shwrg (20G) 695-9G48 ! d.i y ■. .-i week.
tharge^ Fueign cuBrwwrs nuv til a #nle '01 shipping [large; De'Ktve itms *e repiafed al ro ctorge if Techmcnl support available. Call
pij 1: mvo>oiofr; wpoMiiM"inv »rous US SOnwWEorOeriwsSlOOiw&esrwipeii
Air al our rB^,'3'S3 W54 MitiarM Hfl S'J'ES sr f Watfw^ijn rrtdens OWtte »J 7 6S Klyona1
r w tKr la dyrq* Ai1 un « Vj: uplea sjtK*i«o w mjnjgemfnt

Laws of Motion

Jim Bullertleld per left corner of the screen. The X X and proceed with our formula.
position is stored directly in the Add the vertical acceleration (5) into
The movement of bodies which are horizontal-position register at the Y velocity and then update the Y
influenced by forces is a complex SD000 (decimal 53248); the Y posi position. Remember that we're deal
area. Newton started the science of tion is set into RAM at locations ing with two-byte numbers.
calculus in part to explain why the $2080 and $2081 (8320 and 8321,
2011 LDX $A2 (update X register)
planets move as they do. The math respectively). The Y velocity, at 2013 CLC
gets difficult, especially when sev $2082 and $2083 (8322 and 8323, 2014 LDA $2083 (add Y vclocily ...)
eral bodies are in motion. respectively), is initialized to 0. At 2017 ADC #S05 (... to acceleration)
2019 5TA S2083 (... and store in .. .)
It all becomes easy if we recall this point, our machine language
201C LDA $2082 (... Y velocity)
the principle behind calculus: Ex routine takes control of the sprite. 201F ADC #500
amine something with sufficiently 2021 STA S2082
great magnification over sufficient Look Out Below 2024 CLC
ly small intervals of time, and 2025 LDA $2083 (update Y position)
We want to update the position of
2028 ADC $2081
everything is simplified. Greatly the sprite at regular intervals. The 202H STA $2081
magnified curves become straight ticking of the jiffy clock (TI), which 202E LDA $2082
lines; complex motions viewed over happens 60 times a second, is ideal 2031 ADC $2080

an instant become linear. as a triggering event. (We wouldn't 2034 STA 52080

be able to see events on the screen This last value is the high byte
A Simulation that happened faster than that, of the sprite Y position; we put it
A fast computer is the ideal device anyway.) The jiffy clock's low byte into the register at $D001 (decimal
to calculate these tiny motions over is at address $A2 (decimal 162); our 53249). A new thought: We don't
and over again. In the process, the program must wait for the contents want our sprite to go completely off
math becomes simple. Let's try our of this location to change. Assume the bottom of the screen. So we test
hand at a simple object in motion: a that register X contains the previous this value to see if it has reached a
brick dropping from the sky and contents of $A2: limit—say, $F0 (decimal 240).
bouncing a few times. We'll use a 2000 CPX $A2 (is TI the same?) 2037 STA SD001 (store Y position)
sprite to represent the brick and 2002 BNE S200A (branch on tick) 203A CMP #SFO (greater than 240?)
write the program for the Commo 203C BCC S2000 (if not, continue)
When the contents of $A2 no
dore 64.
longer match the X register, we skip What should we do when the
At any instant, we can deter ahead and update the position. sprite passes our limit? We'll make
mine the motion of our brick, in Meanwhile, as we wait, we'll check the brick bounce.
both the X and Y directions, from the RUN/STOP key so that the
two simple formulas: program can be stopped manually
New Velocity = Old Velocity + as desired: Follow the Bouncing Brick
Acceleration X Time How do you simulate a bouncing
2004 JSR SFFE] (check for RUN/STOD
New Position = Old Position + object? You reverse the velocity:
2007 DNE S2000
Velocity X Time
2009 RT5 (exit with RUN/STOP) Going down changes to going up.
We'll repeat the above calcula How do you make a value nega
If the clock has ticked, we cal
tions at regular intervals and choose tive? You subtract it from 0. Thus, 0
culate our X motion. This is simple:
our scale for realistic motion. In the minus 6 gives —6, and in two-byte
Move one pixel for every two clock
X direction (across the screen), we'll hexadecimal, 0000 minus 0001
ticks. How do we detect every other
assume a constant velocity and an gives FFFF—the hex equivalent of
tick? Easy: Test the lowest bit of the
acceleration of 0. In the Y direction, -1. Value $FFFF acts like a nega
X register (which contains an old TI
we'll use a value of 5 for accelera tive number, and, for all practical
timer value). If it's even, skip
tion—that's gravity. If we had a purposes here, is a negative number.
ahead; if it's odd, move the sprite.
rocket ship that could exert thrust, There's another consideration
200A TXA (TI has changed)
the acceleration would be the com with our bouncing brick. We want
200B LSR
bination of gravity and thrust. 200C BCC $2011 the object to lose energy. Therefore,
BASIC draws the sprite for us 200E INC SDO00 (increase on odd tick) we halve the velocity before we
{a simple brick shape) and initially make it negative. If the brick were
positions it (sprite 0) just off the up- Now we log the new time into falling at a rate of 6, for example, it

56 COMPUTE'S Gazelle June 1989

If offering free software is what it takes for For every GEOS product you buy, we'll send
you to try our GEOS products on your you one of equal or lesser value absolutely free.
Commodore, then by golly, we're prepared to Which means you can buiid an integrated
do it. Just buy any library for half
GEOS product
from your local
dealer and follow the directions
OH, ALRIGHT! II Berkeley
the cost.
But hurry, 'lliis
offer expires August
15,1989. After that, we may not be
on the form below. Softworks feeling so generous.
The brightest minds arc working with Berkeley.
kl.l>f.Mi*IH>N lh.STHH.THWS

To rriwi (h* irfkr U i Ir. ■ 1 r-ti, i ■-d r,j..J,. u-^i vdur <inh-1 "~i.»
L I \- hf ■!■* Li -.■..-».. '.I- D9 im-li* L tv*v, j-^r kqj rir-br Iht*i-hi Mn IV ftlO (/ lll
L'*"J ml fejruU \i Vmt SN' niui rrmii^
2 S**.T>fKjlf.F*iiiHkhl-jhl -mi- inpiuPitk-irLjrpIrl Lint-hrf 1 uttPIUt-Ci If
(■hj pun hutfd i pn 4j> 1 Tntx' hiqup I p «j «rr cr» rtlni n>«f frf f **»' I "*"(•"—e E

i i
JTyui punKhfil i pn-Jul fncii^n^fl El «*arr mdUH Ulbn [in J^t fnun
nfFwrOrruplif^n**!! H *« iwi Imm
Kilt*pp-*«i Fran4,n>up« 1. El■ HE • Tn-»iftipun-nh ill Upfinhnpuu-ofiLWnm-iTi4.nl*
• Ite UPC BHemir fn-n f* \~, k_h,r- ,'" F^in fj-^-.l

i i
• l^n^niTiBnisifci mc[H u»h(,V ^. .|j. (j! .. L,rL

i-pB, ' *» P^U"V I".1 F*«iH

i i
rllWP It' JU a4d>TA t4«nm4

'■- '- I - ■■■■ ifamhl^

"l>n» atlcl A uil*il Lih jJtdtf [V lrirm ir.|ninil.n> Ir
Had hhr<ri«JiiTiiird by In1 F*X p. 1* uwdin tfcmn.I—l -nli «i> -
i; i
|_353H5 J

would go back up on the bounce AF 50 DATA 0,141,130,32,24,173

-with a speed of —3. To halve the ,131,32

JM 60 DATA 109,129,32,141,129,
rate, we divide by 2 by using a right 32,173,130
shift (LSR and ROR). The remain HK 70 DATA 32,109,128,32,141,1
ing code is 28,32,141
PJ 80 DATA 1,208,231,240,144,1
203E LDA S2082 (halve V velocity ...) 94,173,130
2041 BMI $2000 (. .. only if posilive) KH 90 DATA 32,48,189,78,130,32
2043 LSR $2082 (now halve Y rale) ,46,131
20-16 ROL $2083 RA 103 DATA 32,173,130,32,20R,
2049 LDA $2082 (is Y velocity ...) 7,173,131
204C BNE S2055 <... less than 57) FE Llfl DATA 32,201,5,144,19,56
204E LDA $2083 ,169,0
2051 CMP#S05 MH 120 DATA 237,131,32,141,131
2053 BCC $2068 (if so, exiO ,32,169,0
2055 SEC (otherwise, make.. .) XB 130 DATA 237,130,32,141,130
2056 LDA #S00 (... Y rate negative) ,32,144,159,96
2058 SBC $2083 CC 140 FORJ=B192TO8296:READA:X
2O5B STA $2083
205E LDA #$00 1175BTHKNSTOP
AX 150 FORJ=704TO766:POKKJ,O:N
2060 S1!C $2082
2063 STA S2082
2066 BCC $2007 (and continue)
2068 RTS
KD 170 POKE2040,11:REH POINT T
To try the program, type in and
DX 180 POKE51248,0:POKE53249,6
run the BASIC loader below. 0:REM LOCATE SPRITE 0 A
T (0,60)
DQ 190 POKE53287,2:POKE53269,1

Bouncing Brick IRRM


JG 210 POKE832B,60:POKEB321,0:
GK 10 DATA 223,162,2(18,6,32,22 REM INITIALIZE ¥ POSITI
5,255,208 ON
C(J 20 DATA 247,96,138,74,144,3 RI1 220 POKEB322,0:POKE9323,0:R
KA 30 DATA 23H,166,162,24,173, 1
131,32,105 AA 238 SYS 9192
JB 40 DATA 5,141,131,32,173,13 JX 240 POKE53269,0:HKM TORN OF
0,32,105 F SPRITE 0

"MacroBASIC" is a powerful utility that adds

macro capabilities to your 64 or 128. Macros
can consist of executable BASIC commands,
or just text strings for help screens, notes to
yourse f, and so on. MacroBASIC even allows
you to store frequently used BASIC subrou
tines in a macro that can be merged with a pro
gram in memory at the line of your choosing.
MacroBASIC does even more. It adds a
combination scratch pad and BASIC subpro
Give your comj uter the poiver to gram library capability to your 64 or 128. It
keeps important information at your finger
add frequently used subroutines tips, making your computer friendlier and
more useful than ever before.
to your BASIC programs or recall
Getting Started
MacroBASIC is written entirely in machine
custom help screens with just a language, so enter the version for your com
puter using "MLX," the machine language
few short keystrokes. Versions for entry program found elsewhere in this issue.
When MLX prompts you, respond with the
both the 64 and the 128 included. values given below.
MacroBASIC 64
Starling address:$0801
Ending address: $1918

MacroBASIC 128
Starting address; $1CO1
Ending address: $2E50

Be sure to save a copy of MacroBASIC to disk

before you leave MLX. Although MacroBASIC
is written in machine language, you can load,
run, and save it as if it were a BASIC program.
58 COMPUTE! s Gazette June 1989

MacroBASIC supports two bits. Type -BITS and then type exactly as if you have typed the
types of macros—information mac LIST to see the new section of code. commands on the keyboard. When
ros and executable macros. Infor Waiting for a keypress is an you have finished defining the
mation macros display information other common operation. The macro, type = to save it in memory.
on the screen and are listed using WAIT macro adds to the program in (Remember that for MacroBASIC to
the up-arrow command. To list an memory a section of code that save the macro, the = must be in
information macro, type tname, causes it to wait for a keypress. By the first column.) To delete a macro,
where name is the name of the mac default, WAIT and BITS insert code type —name, where name is the
ro to be listed. Executable macros beginning at lines 5 and 100, re name of the macro you want to de
perform actions and are invoked spectively. To avoid overwriting ex lete. MacroBASIC asks for confir
using the left-arrow command. isting code, MacroBASIC allows mation before deleting the macro.
Simply type -name to execute the you to specify where executable An alternate method of creat
macro name. macros insert code. This is done by ing an executable macro is to list a
Both versions of MacroBASIC appending the string Zline number program segment on the screen;
add several commands to BASIC, to the execute command, where line simply enter =name and then use
along with four predefined macros. number tells where you want the the cursor keys to move the cursor
These commands work in direct code inserted. For example, the up the screen, pressing RETURN on
mode only; they do not work in command -BITS£9000 inserts the each line. MacroBASIC uses the
BASIC programs. Commands must code at line 9000. BASIC editor and saves the line
begin in the first column of the only when the RETURN key is
screen. MacroBASIC commands Creating Macros pressed. Lines can be edited before
can be viewed at any time by typing Besides offering predefined macros, you press RETURN.
1HELP (an information macro). MacroBASIC allows you to create Subroutine macros that refer to
Type £ to view a list of all the mac custom macros of your own. You themselves with a GOTO, GOSUB,
ros in memory. Other predefined can design macros to move and dis or IF-THEN statement must be
macros include BITS, WAIT, and play sprites, create sound effects, handled carefully. Because they
COLOR (the 64 version also in and so on. You can define as many may be inserted at any line within a
cludes a macro called DEVICE9, as 50 macros, with up to 8K of text program, MacroBASIC must adjust
which is explained below). These for help screens and notes. these jumps correctly. To do this,
are all executable macros. To create a macro, type an place a £ in front of the target line
The COLOR macro changes the equal sign followed by a macro number. You can see this feature in
screen colors: Just type -COLOR to name. The macro name must con operation by listing the WAIT mac
see the screen change to a black sist of the alphanumeric characters ro (type TWAIT). Line 10 looks like
border, black background, and blue 1-8. The border will then flash once this: 10 GETKY$:IFKY$ = " "
text. The BITS and WAIT macros to indicate that a macro is being de THENE10. The £ sign tells Macro
are for BASIC programmers. Since fined. Type in the macro one line at BASIC to adjust the target line
the setting or clearing of a single bit a time. Information macros are sim number when it is inserting the
is a common operation, it's a perfect ply lines of text; executable macros macro into a program. Now when
candidate for an executable macro. are BASIC statements. Commands you type -WAIT£9000, the GOTO
Executing the BiTS macro (by typing with line numbers in executable will be adjusted accordingly.
-BITS) adds a section of code to the macros are appended to the pro Macros can be saved in library
program in memory to generate OR gram in memory; commands with files on disk for later use. Type "file
and AND masks and the functions out line numbers in executable name to save the macros in memory
necessary to set or clear individual macros are executed immediately, to a disk library file (do not put quo
tation marks around the filename).
To load a macro library file, type
+filename, where filename is the
MacroBASIC Command Summary name of the macro library file to be
loaded. This command replaces all
E displays a list of the macros in memory
'name displays the macro called name current macros with the macros de
-name executes the macro called name fined in the library file. If you wish
-mtmr£200 inserts the macro name at line 200 to retain the current macros, type
—name begins creating macro named name (also allows deletion of existing
nfiiename. This command searches
macro name)
through the library file, ignoring

ends creation of macro
*nmnt saves macros io a library file on disk called name duplicate macros. MacroBASIC
+itame replaces macros in memory with those in the library file called name prompts you before it loads any li
mama displays names of macros in the library file name, allowing addition in brary macros not already in memory.
those in memory
You don't need to load Macro
S displays disk directory
BASIC to use a library file. Each
@ sends disk command
# changes disk drive (128 only) library file contains a copy of
MacroBASIC. Simply load the li
All commands must start in column 1.
brary file like a BASIC program and
then type RUN.

COMPUTED Gazelle June 1989 59

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More Powerful than a Turbo ROM
It's Fast, it's Compatible, It's Complete, It's...
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Ultra-Fast Disk Operating System lor the C-64, SX-64 & C-12B or library cases. Each binder or case Is custom-made in pine
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Please add S4.25 Ehippino/handlinn, per order, plus $2 50 lor AK, HI, APO. FPO,
CanadaS Puerto Rico. SiO.OO add'l lor other overeoasorders. MAresK)enisadd5% Narne
salestai VISA'MC,COD.Check,MorayOrder. AllowSweflkslorpersonalchecks Addreis
Call or wile lor more inlornialion. Dealer, Dislrfculoj, & LJG pricing available.
Please specify computer and drive when ordering Clly

Creative Micro Desiqns, Inc. Slate Zip .

P.O. Boi 7B9. Wilhraham. MA 01095 phone; (413) 525-0023 Pease oiow J-4 w**ti tc d
50 Industrial Dr., Box 646. EL Lonsmeadow, MA 01028 FAX: (413) 5254147

Disk Commands
MacroBASIC makes it easy to issue the $ command still works on drive space from $1300 through $1B7A
disk commands. MacroBASIC al 8). DEV1CE9 is not defined for the in bank 0 and the space from $03FD
lows you to get a disk directory 128 version. However, Macro through $4000 in bank 1. (Because
using the dollar-sign command; BASIC 128 has a command, the of this, you lose a small amount of
just put a disk in the drive and type pound command, that changes the variable storage space.) MacroBASIC
$. An added benefit of this com default disk drive. Type # followed 128 also uses the RS-232 buffer at
mand is that it doesn't destroy the by the drive's number. To make $0C00-$0DFF when appending
program in memory the way LOAD drive 9 the default, for example, macros from a library file. As in the
"$",8 does. type #9. 64 version, MacroBASIC 128 disk
Other disk commands, such .is commands assume drive 8 will be
NEW, COPY, RENAME, Technical Notes used when it first starts up. This can
SCRATCH, INITIALIZE, and VAL MacroBASIC 64 wedges itself into be changed with the U command.
IDATE, are equally easy to use. BASIC through the IMAIN vector at MacroBASIC has several limi
Type MacroBASIC's at command $0302. MacroBASIC 64 uses the free tations. While macros can be com
(@) followed by the first letter of RAM from $CO00 to $CFFF and the posed of many lines, each line must
the disk command. For example, RAM under the Kernal ROM. be 40 characters or less in length.
@NO:ntiiiiL',ID formats the disk in Macros work only in direct You can't use BASIC'S CMD com
drive 8. Name should be a string of mode (not when a program is run mand in macros. The CMD com
16 characters or less, and ID is a 2- ning). MacroBASIC disk commands mand executes properly, but the
character string. The command assume drive 8 will be used, but rest of the macro is ignored.
@SO:Filenamc deletes the file Ffle- this can be changed by executing MacroBASIC does not allow
name from the disk. the macro DEVICE9. The change is nested macros. You may create as
Normally, these commands re permanent, but you can build a many as 50 macros with up to 8K of
fer to the default disk drive, drive 8. DEVICES (or a macro for any other text, but macros ca,n't execute other
With the 64 version of MacroBASIC, drive) by changing the value as macros. Finally, MacroBASIC is not
executing the macro DEVICE9 signed to the variable A in the first disabled by RUN/STOP-RESTORE.
makes drive 9 the default drive for line of the DEVICE9 macro. Type SYS64738 to disable Macro
MacroBASIC commands. After this MacroBASIC 128 also wedges BASIC 64; press the reset button to
macro is executed, all disk com itself into BASIC through the disable MacroBASIC 128.
mands work on drive 9 (note that IMAIN vector at $0302. It uses the See program listings on page 87. G
60 COMPUTE'S GbibUb June 19B9

Note: Only selected titles are May—Networking the 64, Guide to User

listed in contents for each Groups (Pt. 1). Treasure Diver. MOBMaker.
128 Math Graphics, 154! Speed S Alignment
June—Buyer's Guide to Printers, Guide to
User Croups (ft. 2), Arcade Volleyball,
1986 ANY ISSUE FOR $6 Excelfonl-80 (128), Graphics Wedge
February—Uxilron. Snapshot, 128 Memory
July-Hard Disk Drives for the 64/128. Civil
Miip, Disk Edilor, Custom Labels
War on Disk, (Juick Save, Error Analyzer,
April—Turbo Copy, CP/M on the 128. Direc
tory Filer, 128 Windows, Input Windows
Issues not listed are SYS Stamper
August—MIDI Made Simple, Buyer's Guide
May—Arcade Baseball, tapyre Hunter, sold out. Limited to Music Software, Cribbage (128), 128 Shell
Klondike, Super Synth, Word Counter
June—Solarpix. Quick Key, Fonlmaker, Help
quantities available. Hooter, 3-D Sprites, Zoom
September-Write All About It! (desktop
Screens, 64 AutoRiiol Maker
July—Saloon Shootout, Budget Planner, Order today! publishing). Pattern Fill, Multicolor Graphics
Dump, SpeedCheck 128, Disk Package.
Math Worksheet. Sound Designer 128, CF/M
MutUSort 128
Public Domain Software
October—Commodore Goes Back to School,
September—Ultrafont +, Video Jigsaw,
Buyer's Guide to Preschool Software, Scor
Window Wizard. Fast File Copier, 80-Column
pion 11, 64 Compressor. Speed Print, Speed
Character Editor. DOS Window August—Bounty Hunter, Sprite Magic. Sprite
Columns. 128 Text Sorter
October—PigS for BuckS. Ringside Karate, Stamp. SOColumn Sector Editor (128),
November-GEOS 2.0: A Major Upgrade,
Menu System. 128 Sound & Music (PI. 1) Relative Files
Buyer's Guide to Word Processors and Spell
Movember—Fill-61 128 Keywords. 1526 September—Sub Attack, Exercise Pacer.
ing Checkers, Rally Racer, Block Out (128),
Underlincr, Turbo formal, 123 Sound & Screen Maker, Impossible Scroll, Video Slide
Sprite Killer, Notepad 64, Font Grabber
Music (Pt. 2) Show, 80-Coluinri Magic
October-SpeedScript 128, Chopper Pilot,
December—88's Best Games, Ringside
Stars: A Simulation of the Heavens, Directory
1987 Magic, Font Printer, Animator 64
LXIV!. Crossroads II, Digi-Sound, Dynamic
January—Keyword Construction Set, One- Windows, Quick! (1541 speedup), 1526
Movember—Litlerbug, Sketch Pad, Poster
Touch Function Key, GEOS Icon Changer, I'rintScreen, Key Lock
1'rinter. Renumber 64, Accessing the 128's
CP/M: Surviving with 40 Columns
80-Column Screen
February—Collision Course, Division
December—Crossroads, Snake Pit, Word 1989
Worksheet. MeinltASlC 64, MetaBASIC 12S.
Find. Animal Match. Disk Rapid Transit, January—Guided Tour of Major Online Ser
128 DOS Wedge, 128 Sound & Music (Pt. 4)
I'rin[Screen, (icoTmli Restorer vices. How to Get Published, Disc Biiti,
March—Ringside Boxing. Color Craft, 128
Jewel Grab, 128 Animator, Smooth-Scrolling
RAM Expansion. CP/M RAM Expansion,
Windows, Handy Filer. Smart Disassembler
Sprite Manager 1988
February—Around the ttbrld with Com
April—Omicton, Music Improvisor. Print January—How to Buy a Modem, Buyer's
modore. Buyer's Guide to Personal Publish
Shop to CEOS, TurboSave 128, TurboSave Guide to Modems. Needlework Graphics Edi
ing Software. Tank Ambush, Gridloc (128).
64, Countdown Timer tor, Tile Paint. Sound Manager
The Great Arcade Machine. 1581 Alphabet-
t/lay—SpeedSoipt 3.0. Powerball, Cassette February—Buyer's Guide to Graphics Pro
iicr, Sound Wedge
Sleeve Maker, No-SYS Loader. Fast Bool, grams, Easy Load, Turbo SpeedScript, Fas!
March—Dream to Reality: Simulation De
(iameports Ii4 Mode for the 128
March—CP/M Software for the 128 (Ft 1), signers Speak Out, Buyer's Guide to Sports
June—Bingo, Fraction Practice, Free-Form
Games and Simulations, The Anglers, Bac
Filer, Disk Vacuum, Hi-Res Graphics on the XPressCard 128, Ml, Cloner, Big Screen,
teria (128), 1'lanehender, Bitmap Busier,
128 Color Lister
Monthly Calendar, MultiView
July—Basketball Sam & Ed, Calendar Aprll-CP/M Software for the 128 (Pt. 2),
Maker, Crash Prevention, 128 Graph De 3-D Speedway, SpeedFile 64, Ramdisk 128,
signer, QEOS File Storage, Text Framer Mirrors


Corresponding monthly disks are available only for issues from January 1986 forward.
Software discounters S.D. of A.
of America , Free shipping on orders
U5A Canada Orders— 1-R00-225-7638 over $100 in continental USA
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Aritk Fox S9.fl8 Ddfyrry Su.hh
Race your moocc Dfjthlord 59.HR Ernir'i S\f Splnh. . .Sb.HB The Milton Bradley
SuperbiJte at heart- AW' Fi rancid I Cuokbouk .57.8U Einie'h Ma^ir SliapoSb.BB Board Cime that's
pounding speeds u|i
to 20(Jmph on 12 of
& *^ Hard Hji Mach ...57.88
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Gruver's Anrmal Adv.th.HH
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Ihe World's most U'KJly ul Aniicnls .59.88 INFOCOM tions is now a lerrific
Lords ol Cnnqursl . .59.BEL HlleWillirir'i Culd*. .VI.IIH
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Maililt Madnc« 59.IIB Iniocomim
course*. Mp.it Conn. Set .. .Si.iiH Gamma Fune . . . .M.BB to UK the computer.
PtfUVS M.IIB lanr Mjil.nkm . . UI.HIl
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V i Ml .Mil BBOntRBUND Tauthdawn Fooihal! S^.Bfl Wi; Type . (b.BB Doc Ihe ihMrosei . SS.flB
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Air ill Am i-i.HH An Air G*nv Cuml. kili'LIKI Ullinulr Wizard . . .S9.SS Ftk>ny 59.88
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fighl Si'i i -■mil C aultJrun 56 HR Wiirld Tour Coll .. .51.88 Grt'at Inl'l. Paper Airplane (iala.ian SH 88
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( [1\ Rambo: Flrsl Blood
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shjnului .Si.su Amrr. Conks French 59. H a Gt>Fd ffeiuril Bate . Sl.ua Par! II 56.88

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Equi-)[nan Slum COW
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Highland Cuna .. ii.nn Snitl [V-kUV Publisher Jh-BB explored.
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Home Banker 54.88
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Home Minager S4.88
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award winning, liijjh GAME STAR COOgD IIohkii IK) 14-HII Missletrafl is so fast
Champ. Ba.otioll ...S9.HR
performance paper Champ. Baslelball . .59.86
SHAKE IM1A & agile the enemy
airplanes, designs in GF1 Ch. Fonlball . . J9.HB Oirurniration . . . 1S.8B h,is only minuli's lo
ram Us Feud . . SB.8B
clude everything On Court tennis . . .59.BB
leopard; 5S.BH react. This blazing
Star League Bastbjll
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Whcrl (if Jnrturx- I S9.HH Our Discount Price S9.88
Our Discounl Price $9.88 Tipm SMrftt^t Mjnd 5b.BB

Win. lose or DraM . 58.HI! Frottw Sb.BB

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ft Cum[>armhftli*, jIIdh 3 needs (irJrjnce. So CrOrOrM Shipping; ConitoentaJ U-S-V-Ordcri onder 5100 add S3: free vhippiitK on ofden o*er SI 00. AH, HI. FPO, APf>add S.^ on jII orders.
CiFudj A Pwrtn Rmi-jcW i'.SDcin M urdvt*.. ^orr>, no olher Inlerndtionjl orders detected! P^ n^ick^b add &% «li-s I jx on iht IoTjI drnounl oi order intludinp shipping (hirJ■e^. CUSTOMER
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iil l II more ili
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\MH1IM (lltMHV
horns The Commodore 128—A Dinosaur?

Rhelt Anderson modore PC-compatible Colt. It's despite the inevitable falloff of 128-
easy to see why Commodore might specific add-ons and programs.
Almost a year ago, the original Com think of one of its own computers
modore 128 disappeared. Com as a threat to its livelihood. And the 64?
modore 1571 disk drives and 1750 I think the Commodore 64 is With the recent disappearance of
RAM expanders became scarce. safe for now. Commodore wants one Commodore 8-bit magazine,
After years of being one of the best- you to buy a 64 as your first home and with the drastic fall in the circu
selling computers around, tho 128 computer. When you're ready to lation of another, should Commo
was abruptly pulled off the shelves. move up, the company would like dore 64 owners be worried? Not at
The 128D, a higher-priced version of you to buy an Amiga. It doesn't all. The Commodore market still
the computer that sports a detach want you to take the intermediate looks good from here (in fact,
able keyboard and built-in drive, be step to the 128. The Amiga is pick Gazette's circulation in the past six
came the only 64-compatible ing up steam, and Commodore months has shown a moderate
computer around. would like you to move up directly. climb). 1 fully expect that the 64 has
Now, if we believe a current For Commodore, it's a danger at least two more years of being an
rumor, the 128D has also gone the ous game. Unable to successfully important and vital computer. Even
way of the dinosaur. This will likely market the Amiga to the consumer after the last 64 leaves the store
come as a shock to many of our at large, Commodore has relied shelves, the user's groups and mag
readers, especially when you con upon the extreme loyalty of its us azines will keep the machine alive
sider that, according to our last ers. While the company wants to for a long, long time to come.
readership survey, one-third of the concentrate on its next generation You might ask how long Com
respondents who planned on buy of computers, it dares not move too modore will continue to sell the 64.
ing a new computer in the next year fast lest the 64 owners feel betrayed. Your guess is as good as mine. The
were planning on a 128. forces on the company first push it
Fortunately, the Commodore The Smart Shopper one way, then pull on it from the
64 is still in production, but pessi How will our readers be affected by other. But if the price of the Amiga
mists ask how long even that com the demise of the 128? First, expect 500 breaks below $300, look out
puter (purported to sell a million a to see a drought in new software re 64—Commodore will have a new
year) will stay in production. leases for the 128. Of course, 128- introductory-level computer.
specific software has never been
What's Going On? plentiful, anyway. Those who own Wild Speculation
A few years ago, Commodore a 128 and already have all the soft But wait—maybe Commodore has
stopped production of the 64, hop ware they need don't have much to something up its sleeve. A new,
ing to kill off the computer to make worry about (but if you want a 1571 more powerful Commodore 64.
room in the market for the 128 and drive, you'd better buy one now). Something to perk up the low-end
the Amiga. The public (and dealer) Readers who have been plan market. After all, the 64 has re
reaction to the move prompted ning on buying a 128 have a diffi mained unchanged for over five
Commodore to think again. Recent cult decision to make. Should you years. More colors, perhaps? More
ly, Commodore stated that it would stay with the 64 and forget the 128? memory? Better graphics and
sell Commodore 64s as long as peo Or should you go ahead and buy sound? Why continue to market the
ple wanted them. the 128 now? Or should you buy a 128 if you have a super-64 in the
So why did Commodore dis different computer altogether? It wings?
continue the 128, if people evident depends. If you really want a 128, I'd bet against it, but I'm willing
ly want them? Probably because buy it now. Otherwise, I would ad to take the credit for predicting the
the company gets little out of the vise you to stick with the less ex future if Commodore comes out with
machine. With its two microproces pensive 64. The best reason for a new and improved 8-bit. B
sors and its two video chips, the 128 buying a 128 is to have 80 columns
is probably one of the more expen of text for word processing, if that's
sive home computers to produce. something you need. Next Month:
Some observers have speculated Current and future 128 owners
that a 128 costs more to manufac will continue to benefit from Com
Mail from Readers
ture than an Amiga 500 or a Com- modore 64 software and hardware,
54 COMPUTES GaiBire Juno 1989
This publication is
available in microform
Can Your
Computer Make
from University you
International. $1,000,000?
LOTTERY uses jM raw nuwer and Storage ol your
compuleMD detune anflreMi!': the nwllDcr sclccliciii
memoris mi #m tne uariofls lottery sames you
; si U J--1 qq Mnlteti to ints oate or ftHS'tneidocs thai
oilier ;i>:vjr,msuse.Uiyy micjnr n.j: /.oik in ^nui siaie
T T't ID ts no ■ etTCI SyBtCit. .tviiftllle1
The MicroFtyte JOYSTICK, trio only lully
Jinn Ihii umwtnfl llsi Ol WfflrMf. .i:.inq (n:-
proportional continuously variable joystick con
specify. trol for Flight Simulator II
Loll srj fi4,C6 ■ /I2B) ■ Lotiwy +'liPiu i"ll
". . .11 transforms an excellent program into a
Loltery ST Aim) ■ Loner* PC truly realistic (light simulation system" B A.C.E.
IBM PC XT a i arifcampatitH;
Corra 12a f.fiis ■larefegisieicd
_ Please »rnU information abuul ihcsff lilies:
1 Is nl (Jfinni.idiKelnr Commodore 64/12B
• MicroFlyte ATC Joystick SS9.95
C/XT AT ,!!■ rs{i ij irarlPIl i'r sol
In i lluMflnr.K MKliines Inr •Test/Calibration Disk: A diagnoslic tool tor your
joystick S4.95
Aian S I h a iegi ilCHidlWMfciiWfh (il At.ln Coil)
Niimn Amiga
Id oiaer send S29 £)fj to each ulus S3 00 gostapc S
■ Micro Flylo Joystick—Plugs into ino mousa
Company Uiulilkilkui dandling oer order lo
'Illinois fesidentt add Bfa sales tan port & works with most software . S119.9S
■Oiflcs o lit si da" Nor in Amenca aaa S3 00 • Analog Joystick S59.95

Address. Include S4 00 shipping of joystick orOers. FSII is

a trademark of subLOGIC Corp.
COD orders calf Order DirQCI Irom:
Stnlu _ Zip

I 13,21 566 4647

Cull talMret! B00-5IIJO44. In Michij(iin.
Aluta hiiu) Hunll c«l! rnllwi 31:1-761-!'<«> Or
Superior micro Systems, Jnc MICROCUBE KiS™'
mad iiiLtutrv In University Mk-iufiLin InlitrnalKinal. PO Boi 7U ' ttrnfiiM ii 6TXJ90 -•
JQO North Zisoli Hmti. Ann Arhnr. Ml J8106 CORPORATION ,703,777-7157

Complete from July 1983 through December 1988

Everything's included! Features, Send me copies of the GAZETTE

Games, Reviews, Education/Home 5-Year Index Disk.

Applications, Programming, I've enclosed $5.95 plus $2

Bugswatter, Feedback, Columns postage and handling (S7.95 total)
(or each copy. Amount

Superb interface, including pull-down menus, Sales Tax'

help screens, and keyboard, joystick, or mouse ORDER NOW! Total

• Super-fast searching and sorting capabilities Name

• Options screen allows you to choose text

colors, drive number, and input device
Cily Slam
• Full documentation on disk
• Three modes of operation—Browse Mode for Mail personal dieck or monay order lor 57 95 lo
quick scanning, View Mode for detailed infor
GAZETTE 5-Year Index Disk
mation and descriptions, and Edit Mode for
P.O. Box 5188
adding items from upcoming issues Greensboro, NC 27403
• Print to any printer ■Now York, North Carolprui, and Ponns/lvana rnsiOonts must add appropriate} sales rax. All
or&srs must bo pad in U.S. lurKis !>y a criocK drawn on a U.S. bank. Sony, no crndlt card
■ Turbo-load option for maximum speed orders accepted Preaaa aflow -1-6 weeks for delivery
Nintendo Revisited

Fred D'lgnazlo only 16 colors, has brighter

colors than the Nintendo.
A couple of months ago I wrote a The Nintendo invasion is here You say that more than
column subtitled "Is There Life half of all homes with children
in a big way. Is its success
After Nintendo?," in which I exam have a Nintendo. I do not
ined the origins of children's fasci based on merit or on agree. For example, in my
nation with the Nintendo video neighborhood, which is a typi
marketing hype?
game system. The column came out cal neighborhood, I found out
sounding a little like an endorsement that only two of five houses
for Nintendo, so 1 wondered if any have Nintendos, In school, I
readers would rise to the challenge asked 21 people if they had a
and defend their Commodore 64. Simulator II for the Nintendo? Nintendo or not. I found out
I was not disappointed. Last No, because it would be im that 1 had an IBM, 1 had a
week I received a letter from Dennis possible to control the aircraft Sega, 7 had Commodores, and
joslin of Ridge Manor, Florida. The with two pads. 5 had Nintendos. That's a long
letter is so eloquent that I thought Can you make titles for way from one-half.
I'd print it in the hope of stirring up your home VCR movies with Thanks for reading this
some more debate between com the Nintendo? Now comes letter, and I hope it makes you
puter users and Nintendo video- the biggie: Can you do any think about what you said in
gamers. Here's the letter: thing productive on the Nin your column. Also, keep up
tendo? I think you know the the good work (except for the
I have a tune for you to answer to that one. last one).
hum. How about the theme Well, since there is noth Sincerely,
song from the title screen of ing you can do productive on Dennis joslin
Neuromancer? Perfect digi the Nintendo, then why buy
tized music. The song sung by one? The games on Nintendos
Devo. Or why not hum some can be fun, but the graphics What Do You Think?
After I'd received Dennis's letter, I
of the many examples of digi are nothing new. "Games can
saw a report on television that said
tized sound for the Commo be done better on a 64 than on
Nintendo had captured 87 percent
dore 64? Or hum a tune that B Nintendo," says iipyx presi
you made yourself from In dent David Morse. The reason
of the American videogame market.
stant Music by Electronic Arts, people buy Nintendos is to be
I would certainly call that an
or a similar program? Are "cool." Usually, these people
there any cartridges for the (mostly kids) think that the What do you folks out there
think? Are you alarmed about Nin
Nintendo system that have Nintendo is the best game
tendo's success? Do you think it's
music that good, or are there machine available. The peo
any that allow you to make ple who think that are crazy. based on Nintendo's merits (as I
maintained) or on marketing hype
your own music? Can you do As a game system, the Nin
anything at al! with sound on tendo is good at some games, (as Dennis believes)? What does the
Nintendo phenomenon mean to all
the Nintendo? No. but have you compared it
Do you know any game with Sega? Most people don't of us Commodore 64 owners? What
for Nintendo with as much even consider a Sega because kind of counterattack strategies do
you recommend for Commodore's
complexity as Rocket Ranger, then they wouldn't be as pop
execs? What impact will Nintendo
or with the great digitized ular. The Sega has much bet
have on computer games in general?
speech on Rocket Ranger, per ter graphics, a huge game list,
fectly understandable, with a and 64 colors instead of 52. I'd like to hear from you.
Please write to me:
German accent that sounds That brings me to anoth
real? And the mouth of the er point: You say that Nin Fred D'lgnazio
person talking moves with the tendo graphics are colorful. c/a COMPUTE'S Gazette
word he is saying? They are not. The colors on 324 W. Wendover Ave.
Is it possible to make Nintendo are flat and boring. Suite 200
games as complex as Flight The Commodore 64, with Greensboro, NC 27408 G
56 COMPUTED Gazelle June 1989

• Copies most protected disks In 2 minules wllhout 64 WEST 36th ST COMPUTER
need (or parameters Including rapid-locked NEW YORK CITY NEEDS
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V5.0. Send stamped envelope (or list CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-451-9780
• Copies up to 40 tracks using 1 of 2 1541 or 1571 NEW YOIIH STATE RESIDENTS CALL (111) .'.'.". -V I i ■
drives. Copies both sides on 1571 MON.-IAT. IOi00AH-7:)0i>H • SUN. 10: )OAM-r,g<]ai'M
• Copies itself (lor this reason, no relunds given)
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i; a i i i t e

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new I fttf .'I1
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for Commodore Computers ■ ANALYSIS PROGRAM S29.95 Disk. Tape
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40 nodes and 63 branches. Branches may conlain resistors, capacitors,
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ELECTRONIC TECHNICIANS, COMMO0DI1C 6VIIS Convert your C64/C128 lo a DX7 with the

VESI V* occeol
• FILTERS fl voice digital lynihwlivr moduNi
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ELEVEN uparalo uw-irianiJty. Compute' AdmT OoiNjn progr-orm will nffn V°u tuilc
Faim » Muilc. •••.•> vi Tiylor (114. SwiU Hula. CA 93454
any cu^rc*n ds'jtp Wnle
FREE WEASEL-GRAPHICS Ptwna B0(M4?-3»3» In CA S05-fl2S-6««i
detailed mb ^W 59
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Store up lo 30 of your favorite programs m a singfti OaTteiy-baOied canndge tot oasy.
instanr access Change conienls as often as you wish The Ou-ck Grown Bo^ accupt$
Need a back issue
rnosl unproiectod and "frozen" programs including [he only word processor thai saves

magazine or disk?
your lex! as you type. "The Wnle Slulf" Coexists with GEOS and Commodaro RAM
Expansion Units LoaCer utilities included 'or bolh C-Sfl an4 C-i?G modes
16KS69: 32KS99r64KS1M(p|^sS3 5Jh. MAres add 5%) Call for" Wirtn Stutl" phg
Qro*n Bo^es. Inc . J6 Concord fld . S^ford. MA 01730 (617) 27&O090, 8623575.
"Good ReHpbft Slutf" Into (Jonfab 88)
"A Little Gem1" Twn C0H Ufl jA*it//^pr Bfl;
"You'll Navar Lo»B Your Cool, or Your Prog'ami" fllVW fnVcv '^7)
See p. 61.
"A Worthy Product—Long Overdue" ^fto/ /fi^t '88}
Btlis R. cowpen
Machine Language Entry Program
For Commodore 64 and 128
"MLX" is a labor-saving utility that Entering A Listing MLX Keypat
allows almost fail-safe entry of Once you're in Enter mode, MLX prints
machine language programs. Included the address for each program line for 7 8 9 0
are versions for the Commodore 64 you. You then type in all nine numbers
and 128. on that line, beginning with the first
4 5 6 F
two-digil number after the colon (:).
Type in and save some copies of which 0 I O P
Each tine represents eight data bytes
ever version of MLX is appropriate for
and a checksum. Although an MLX-
your computer (you'll want to use it to 2
format listing appears similar to the
enter future ML programs from COM- K
"hex dump" listings from a machine
PUTEI's GAZETTE). Program 1 is for the
language monitor program, the extra
Commodore 64, and Program 2 is for A D
checksum number on the end allows
the 128 (128 MLX can also be used to M /
MLX to check your typing. (Commo
enter Commodore 64 ML programs for
dore 128 users can enter the data from
use in 64 mode). When you're ready to 0
an MLX listing using the built-in moni
enter an ML program, load and run Space
tor if the rightmost column of data is
MLX. It asks you for a starting address
omitted, but we recommend against it.
and an ending address. These addresses
It's much easier to let MLX do the proof
appear in the article accompanying the 128 MLX Keypad
reading and error checking for you.)
MLX-format program listing you're
When you enter a line, MLX recal A B C D
culates the checksum from the eight
If you're unfamiliar with machine <F» <F3) <F5) <F7)
bytes and the address and compares
language, the addresses {and all other
this value to the number from the ninth
values you enter in MLX) may appear
column. If the values match, you'll hear
strange. Instead of the usual decimal 8 E
a bell tone, the data will be added to the 7 9
numbers you're accustomed to, these
workspace area, and the prompt for the ( +)
numbers are in hexadecimal—a base 16
next line of data will appear. But if MLX
numbering system commonly used by
detects a typing error, you'll hear a low 4 5 6 F
ML programmers. Hexadecimal—hex
buzz and see an error message. The line (-)
for short—includes the numerals 0-9
will then be redisplayed for editing.
and the letters A-F. But don't worry- 1 2 3 E
even if you know nothing about ML, or N
hex, you should have no trouble using Invalid Characters Banned T
MLX. Only a few keys are active while you're E
0 •

After you enter the starting and entering data, so you may have to un R
ending addresses, you'll be offered the learn some habits. You do not type
option of clearing the workspace. spaces between the columns; MLX
Choose this option if you're starting to automatically inserts these for you. You can slip past MLX: Because of the
enter a new listing. If you're continuing do not press RETURN after typing the checksum formula used, MLX won't
a listing that's partially typed from a last number in a line; MLX automatical notice if you accidentally type FF in
previous session, don't choose this ly enters and checks the line after you place of 00, and vice versa. And there's
type the last digit. a very slim chance that you could gar
A functions menu will appear. The Only the numerals 0-9 and the let ble a line and still end up with a combi
first option in the menu is ENTER ters A-F can be typed in. If you press nation of characters that adds up to the
any other key (with some exceptions proper checksum. However, these mis
DATA. If you're just starting to type in
a program, pick this. Press the E key, noted below), you'll hear a warning takes should not occur if you take rea
and type the first number in the first buzz. To simplify typing, 128 MLX re sonable care while entering data.
line of the program listing. If you've al defines the function keys and + and —
ready typed in part of a program, type keys on the numeric keypad so that you Editing Features
the line number where you left off typ can enter data one-handed. (The 64 To correct typing mistakes before fin
ing at the end of the previous session version incorporates the keypad modi ishing a line, use the 1NST/DEL key to
(be sure to load the partially completed fication from the March 1986 "Bug- delete the character to the left of the
program before you resume entry). In Swatter" column, lines 485-487.) in cursor. (The cursor-left key also de
any case, make sure the address you en either case, the keypad is active only letes.) If you mess up a line really badly,
ter corresponds to the address of a line while entering data. Addresses must be press CLR/HOME to start the line over.
in the listing you are entering. Other entered with the normal letter and The RETURN key is also active, but
wise, you'll be unable to enter the data number keys. The figures above show only before any dala is typed on a line.
correctly, If you pressed E by mistake, the keypad configurations for each Pressing RETURN at this poinl returns
you can return to the command menu version. you to the command menu. After you
by pressing RETURN alone when MLX checks for transposed charac type a character of data, MLX disables
asked for the address. (You can get back ters, if you're supposed to type in A0 RETURN until the cursor returns to the
to the menu from most options by and instead enter 0A, MLX will catch start of a line. Remember, you can press
pressing RETURN with no other input.) your mistake. There is one error that CLR/HOME to quickly get to a line

COMPUTE'S Gaiella June 19B9 63


number prompt. name. The 128 version makes up for programs will usually have a starting
More editing features are available this by giving you the option of scratch address of 0801 for the 64 or 1C01 for
when correcting lines in which MLX ing the existing file if you want to reuse the 128. Other programs must be re
has detected an error. To make correc a filename. loaded to specific addresses with a com
tions in a line that MLX has redisplayed Remember that MLX saves the en mand such as LOAD "filename",8,1 for
for editing, compare the line on the tire workspace area from the starting disk (BLOAD "filename- on the 128) or
screen with the one printed in the list address to the ending address, so the LOAD "filename", 1,1 for tape, then
ing, then move the cursor to the mis save or load may take longer than you started with a SYS to a particular mem
take and type the correct key. The might expect if you've entered only a ory address. On the Commodore 64,
cursor left and right keys provide the small amount of data from a long list the most common starting address for
normal cursor controls. (The INST/ ing. When saving a partially completed such programs is 49152, which corre
DEL key now works as an alternative listing, make sure to note the address sponds to MLX address C000. In either
cursor-left key.) You cannot move left where you stopped typing so you'll case, you should always refer to the ar
beyond the first character in the line. If know where to resume entry when you ticle which accompanies the ML listing
you try to move beyond the rightmost reload. for information on loading and running
character, you'll reenter the line. Dur MLX reports the standard disk or the program.
ing editing, RETURN is active; pressing tape error messages if any problems are
it tells MLX to recheck the line. You can detected during the save or load. (Tape, An Ounce of Prevention
press the CLR/HOME key to clear the users should bear in mind that Commo By the time you finish typing in the data
entire line if you want to start from dore computers are never able to detect for a long ML program, you may have
scratch, or if you want to get to a line errors during a save to tape.) MLX also several hours invested in the project.
number prompt to use RETURN to get has three special load error messages: Don't take chances—use our "Auto
back to the menu. INCORRECT STARTING ADDRESS, matic Proofreader" to type the new
which means the file you're trying to
MLX, and then test your copy thorough
Display Data load does not have the starting address ly before first using it to enter any sig
you specified when you ran MLX;
The second menu choice, DISPLAY nificant amount of data. Make sure all
LOAD ENDED AT address, which
DATA, examines memory and shows the menu options work as they should.
means the file you're trying to load
the contents in the same format as the Enter fragments of the program starting
ends before the ending address you
program listing (including the check at several different addresses, then use
specified when you started MLX; and the Display option to verify that the
sum). When you press D, MLX asks you
TRUNCATED AT ENDING AD data has been entered correctly. And be
for a starting address. Be sure thai the
DRESS, which means the file you're sure to test the Save and Load options
starting address you give corresponds
trying to load extends beyond the end several times to ensure that you can re
to a line number in the listing. Other
ing address you specified when you
wise, the checksum display will be call your work from disk or tape. Don't
started MLX. If you see one of these
meaningless. MLX displays program let a simple typing error in the new
messages and fee! certain that you've
lines until it reaches the end of the pro MLX cost you several nights of hard
loaded the right file, exit and rerun work.
gram, at which point the menu is redis
MLX, being careful to enter the correct
played. You can pause the display by
starting and ending addresses.
pressing the space bar. (MLX finishes
The 128 version also has a CATA
printing the current line before halting.) Program 1: MLX lor Commodore 64
LOG DISK option so you can view the
Press space again to restart the display.
contents of the disk directory before
To break out of the display and get back SS 10 REM VERSION 1.1: LINES 8
saving or loading.
to the menu before the ending address 30,950 MODIFIED, LINES 4
The QUIT menu option has the ob 85-487 ADDED
is reached, press RETURN.
vious effect—it stops MLX and enters EK 100 POKE 56,50:CLR:DIM INS,
BASIC. The RUN/STOP key is dis I,J,A,B,AS,aS,A(7),N?
Other Menu Options abled, so the Q option lets you exit the DM 110 C4«48iC6=16:C7=7!Z2=2:Z

Two more menu selections let you save 4=254iZ5=255iZ6=25 6:Z7=

program without turning off the com
programs and load them back into the puter. (Of course, RUN/STOP-RE
CJ 120 FA=PEEK(45)+Z6*P£EK(46>
computer. These are SAVE FILE and STORE also gets you out.) You'll be :BS=PEEK{55)+Z6*PEEK(56
LOAD FILE; their operation is quite asked for verification; press Y to exit to ):H5="0123456789ABCDEF"
straightforward. When you press S or L, BASIC, or any other key to return to the SB 130 RS=CHR$(13}:LS="[LEFT)"
MLX asks you for the filename. You'll menu. After quitting, you can type :SS=" ":DS=CHRS{20):Z$=
then be asked to press either D or T to RUN again and reenter MLX without CHRS(0):T$="[13 RIGHT!"
CO 140 SD-54272:FOR I=SD TO SD
select disk or tape. losing your data, as long as you don't
You'll notice the disk drive starting use the clear workspace option. [SPACE)SD+24,15:POKE 7a
and stopping several times during a 6,52
load or save (save only for the 128 ver PC 150 PRINT"(CLR)"CHRS(142)CH
sion). Don't panic; this is normal be The Finished Product RS(8):P0KE 53280,15:POK
havior. MLX opens and reads from or When you've finished typing all the E 53281,15
writes to the file instead of using the data for an MLprogram and saved your
usual LOAD and SAVE commands work, you're ready to see the results. (2 SPACESi"SPC(28)"
(128 MLX makes use of BLOAD). Disk The instructions for loading and using J2 SPACES][OFF](BLU ] ML
users should also note that the drive the finished product vary from program x ii £red){rvs]
prefix 0: is automatically added to the to program. Some Ml. programs are de [2 SPACES]"SPC(28)"
{12 SPACES] [BLU]'1
filename (line 750 in 64 MLX), so this signed to be loaded and run like BASIC
should not be included when entering programs, so all you need to type is
the name. This also precludes the use of LOAD "filename",8 for disk (DLOAD CHINE LANGUAGE EDITOR
@ for Save-with-Replace, so remember "filename" on the 128) or LOAD "file [3 DOWN)"1
to give each version you save a different name" for tape, and then RUN. Such JB 180 PRINT"{BLK]STARTING ADD

70 COMPUTE'S Gflzerie June 1989

";iGOSUB300:SA=A 3*(A5 = tl.»)-4*(A? = tl/")-5 HH 750 PRINT"D{DOWNJ11iOPEN15,8
D:GOSUB1040:IF F THEN18 *(AS="J")-6#(AS="K") ,15,"10:":B=EA-SA:IN?="
0 FX 4B6 A=A-7*(AS="L")-8»{AS=": 0:"+IN?!lP OP THEN810
GF 190 PRINT"[BLK}(2 SPACESjEN ")-9'(AS=MU")-10«{AS="I SO. 760 OPEN l,8,8,INS + ",P,W"iG
300:EA=AD:GOSUB1030:IF p..) FJ 770 AH=INT(SA/256)iAL=SA-(A
[SPACElF THEN190 CM 487 A»A-13»(A5=SS):IF A THE H*256)!PRINT#1,CHRS(AL)
R WORKSPACE [Y/N]§43";A 0",A,1):GOTO 540 PE 780 FOR 1=0 TO BiPRINT#l,CH
ING...")iFORI=BS TO BS+ KC 500 IF AS = " [HOME}'1 THEN PRI 0940
MX 510
GK 520 IF A?OL$ AND A?<>D5 OR
R DATA" UB10601GOTO470 S)+256*ASC(BS+ZS)iIP AD
file":print ts"(rvs]q -IiI^B
[off3uit[2 downJ[blkJ" FA 840 NEXTiIF STO64 THEN F-3
HK 260 A=0iFOR 1-1 TO 5:IF A$= iIF IN$=NS THEN CLOSE3: >0)+l GOTO960,970
-IiI-5 QC 560 FOR 1=1 TO 25 STEP3:B5= CL0SE1:CL0SE15:GOSUB10
90,700,280:GOSUB1060:GO S
/3)°A GQ 870 RETURN
1)<>"Y"THEN220 INE |i4i"iF=liGOTO440 0
EM 290 POKE SD+24,0:END
HJ 580 GOSUB1080:B«BS+AD-SA:FO HJ 890 SYS 63466:IF(PEEK(783)A
PP 320 A=0:FOR J"l TO 2iAS=MID {2 DOWNi"iGOTO700 GOTO970
S(B$,J,l)|B»ASC(AS)-C4+ GO 600 F»0:GOTO440 SC 910 A=PEEK(831)+256*PEGK(83
(A$>"@")*C7:A=A*C6+B QA 610 PRINT"(CLR}(DOWN)[RVS} 2)-l:P=P-2*{A<EA)-3*(A>
JA 330 IF B<0 OR B>15 THEN AD=
20 OKE780,3:SYS 6333S
RN i AE 940 GOSUB1080:PRINT"(BLU}"
": "; UB350:GOSUB380:PRINT SS XP 950 POKE147,0:SYS 63562tIF
CK+Z5"(CK>Z7):GOTO390 cc 640 NEXT:PRINT"(RVS}";iA=CK PR 960 GOSUBlOaO^RINT'-iBLU}"*
JC 390 CK-CK+Z5*(CK>Z5):RETURN KH 650 P=l:AD»AD+8iIF AD>EA TH 0220
[SPACE}THEN400 SUB10B0iGOTO220 0,990,1000iGOTO220
SK 440 POKE198,0!GOSUB360:IF F 710 D$:RETURN
GC 450 FOR 1=0 TO 24 STEP 3:BS RX 710 INS-NSiINPUT"(DOWN(FILE RX 1010 AH = INT(A/256) !AL»A-(AiI
=SSiFOR J=l TO 2lIP P T *2S6):POKE193,AL:POKE1
HD 470 GET ASiIF A?=NS THEN470 D[OFF}lSKt §43"; 75,AH:RETURN
S>"@"ANDAS<'"G")THEN540 INTnTiDOWN}"iGOTO880 1050
GS 485 A—(A?»"M")-2*tA$=",")- HQ 740 IF ASO"D"THEN730 HA 1040 IF(AD>511 AND AD<40960

COMPUTE'S Ga;o/fo June 1989 71



:RETURN {OFF} I) IT {DOWN) i BLK)" NE ":F=l:G0T0 360
(DOWN)IBLK)"IF=liRETU 50,640,650,930,940:GOSU ):NEXT I
B 950:GOTO 240 530 F=0:AD=ADt8:IF AD<=EA T
,208tPOKE SD,240:POKE UB 260:IF(ADO0)OR(AS = N ca 540 CLOSE 3:PRINT"{DOWN|
Program 2: mlx tor commodore 12s (BLK)":AD=0:RETURN DJ 580 FOR I=B TO B+7:A=PEEK(I
AE 100 TRAP 960:POKE 4627,128: ■*-Z5'(CK>Z7) :GOTO 330 2);SPS;:GOSUB 320:NEXT
DIM NLS,A(7) DO 320 CK=CK*Z2+Z5*(CK>Z7)+A (SPACE)I
XP 110 Z2=2:Z4=254:Z5=255:Z6=2 AH 330 CK=CK+Z5'(CK>Z5):RETUHH XB 590 PRINT"{RVSJ";RIGHTS(HEX
56:Z7=127:BS=256*PEEK(4 QD 340 PRINT BES;"(RVSJ ENTER S(CK) ,2)
627):EA=65280 (SPACE)DATA ":GOSUB 250 GR 600 F=l:AD=AD+8:IF AD>EA TH
(32):LFS=CHRS(157) ,3 EB 610 GET A$:IF AS=RT$ THEN P
256"PEEK(A+1) (5 RIGHT)"; XS 630 ON F GOTO 570,610,570
JB 140 KEY 1,"A":KEY 3,"n":KEY QA 370 FOR 1-0 TO 24 STEP 3:B§ RF PRINT BES'M DOWN]{RVS) L
5,"C":KEY 7,"D":VOL 15 =SP$:FOR J-l TO 2:IF F OAD DATA ":OP=l:G0TO 66
(RVS)(2 SPACES}i9 @> RC 390 GETKEY AS:IF (AS>"/" AN N 220
{2 SPACES}"RTS;TftB(12)" D AS<":") OR(AS>"@" AND PF 665 IF LEN(F$)>14 THEN 660
(12)"{RVS}{13 SPACES) QB 410 IF A$="-" THEN AS="F":G SQ 680 GETKEY AS: IF AS = "T" THE
{BLU}" OTO 470 N 350:ELSE IF ASO"D" T
FE 170 PRINT"{2 DOWN) FB 420 IF A$=RTS AND ((1=0) AN HEN 680
{2 DOWN)" 0 480 EH 700 DOPENd, (FS+",P") ,W:IF
RESS{4>";:GOSUB 260:IF NT BS:J=2:NEXT:I=24:NEX TO 740
{5 RIGHT)";:L$="
ATA"RTS;TAB(13)"{RVS)L [L$,I,2)»A$J IF K25 THE OTO 22 0

72 COMPUTED Gazette Jura 1989


GOTO 790 Publications
=SA+FNAD(171)-BS-1IF—2 Back Issues/
RQ 790 IF F THEN 8001ELSE PRIN Disk Orders
D WITHOUT ERRORS ""iGO Individual back copies of maga
TO 2 20 zines and disks are available by
EH 800 gosub 950:print"[blk]
ErvsJ error during load
mail only while quantities last.
i i4i":ON F GOSUB 810,8 Please clip or photocopy, and
-^i "Hawaiian Odyssey" Scenery
QJ 910 PRINT"INCORRECT STARTIN mail completed coupon and
Adventure - totaling the secret jewel of the
G ADDRESS (";HEXS(AD)t" check to:
goddess Pele Irom the cockpit of your
single-engine aircraft for high-performance jcl(
isn't just as simple as spotting an object from a
EXS(AD):RETURN Single-Copy Sales distance and then flying toward it, No, you must
P.O. Box 5188 find and loHow an intricate svl ol clues scattered
'■ i RETURN Greensboro, NC 27403 about the Hawaiian Islands that, with luck, will guide

PRINT"DISK ERROR ";A$:R you to your i|oal.

PP B40
ETURN Ai with other mythical quests, only the proper
approach can put you on Ihe right track To linding
FSliBANK liA=PEEK(AD)tA the hidden jewel. !:,ven ii you carl determine ll's
location, tiie jewel is only visible under a
+2) slnaly-defined set ol conditions. Make a mistake
XX 860 BANK 15iSYS DEC("FF68") Crty: during your final approach and you may get lost so
,0,lfSYS DEC("FFBA"),l, completely lhat youTI never be able lo find your way
1.01SYS DEC["FFBD"),A,A bock!
Stale: zip
L,AH:SYS DEC("FF90"),12
Type ol c
920:SYS DEC("E919"),3:
PRINT"SAVING "fF? Issue Magazine
AB 880 A=BS:B=BS+(EA-EA) + 11GOS Quantity MontriAfear) or Disk Name Price'
UB 920:SYS DEC("EA1S"):
"Hawaiian Odyssty" Scenery Adventure disk can
TO 220 be used with any Sub LOGIC flight simulation
program, including Flight Simulator II, Stealth
f peek(2816)-5 then gos
Mission and Jet. Ihe disk covers the entire lildnd
ub 950:print"{down]
chain in such Incredible detail you can almost leel
{blkHrvs] file not fou
the heat from the volcanic crater at Mauna Loa!
ND ":GOTO 220
"Hawaiian Odyssey" Scenery Adventure from
Subl.OGIC you've never seen anything like it!
M:AD=FNftD(2ai7) :IF ADO
SE AD=FNAD(2819)-l:F=-2
Top Selling Commodore 64/128 Products
JD 910 A-BS:B=BS*(EA-SA)+1:GOS This Monlh:
UB 920:SYS DEC("E9FB"):
IF ST>0 THEN 800:ELSE 7 SUBTOTAL: 1.Right Simulator II (S49.95)

90 2.Stealth Mission (S49.95)

NY residents—Add 8Vt% Tax:
POKE193,FNLB(A):POKE194 3."Western European Tour" Scenery Disk
XB 920
,FNHB(A):POKE 174,FNLB( NC residents—Add 5% Tax: ($29.95)

B):POKE 175,FNHB(Et> :RET 4.Scenety Disk # 7 - O.S. Eastern Seaboard

URN <S 29.95)
CP 93fl CATALOG:PR INT"|DOWN) Bach I3suus ol COMPUTE', anfl COMPUTBt s Gu-
5.Jet (S39.95)
IBLU)** PRESS AN* KEY F itstio ate Sfl.OQ oacli. Ttio following issues are NOT 6.San Francisco Scenery Disk (S29.95)
OR MENU **":GETKE¥ AS:G .■wailabte COMPUTE: Fall I87B-3/BI. 9/81. 11/B1, 7.Scenery Disk tt 3 - U.S. South Pacific
OTO 228 2/85-12/82. 2I&3, 4/83, 1/85, 11/85- 12/85 Gaioltt: (S 24.95)
7-83-12-83. l/W-7/84. 9/94. It/H-I2ffl4.
MM 94 0 PRINT BES'MRVSJ QUIT S.Scenery Disk # 4 ■ U.S. Northwest
1/8S-T/B5. 9/85-n/85. 3/86
{4}";RTS;"are you sure (S 24.9 5)
Single OiSks IO> COMPUTE' or Gazelte aie S15.00,
(SPACE}[Y/N]?":GETKGY A NOTE: Mo disks dated prior 10 June 1986 aio avail
S:IF A5O"Y" THEN 223:E See your dealer to purchase SubLOOIC products,
able. The Octolmi, 1987 Od/orii> disk is no longei
LSE PRINT"tCLRj":BANK 1 avaiiabFc.
or call us direct to order by charge card at (BOO)
637-4983. Illinois residents coll (217) 359fMB2.
5: END Back issues Qi COMPUTE'S PC MHgflirrw are
SOUND 1,500,10:RETURN SIC 00 each this publications is available only ns a
JE 950
magazine/disk combinations Ttio tallowing is^un^ SubLOGIC Corporation
AF 960 IF ER = 14 AND EL=260 THE
am NOT rrainlllllo PC Uagalim 8/87. 11/87
N RESUME 300 501 Kenyon Road
Disk/magazine comtunauons am 51600
MK 970 IF ER=14 AND EL=500 THE Champaign. IL 61820
Shipping and handling included
KJ 980 IF ER=4 AND EL=783 THEN Payment rnusl be in U S dollars by check drawn on
Plea« addicts any frrdbaclurrxie&pondence regarding

F=4:A5=DSS:RESUME B00 U S bank.

SuIjLOGIC pi-infum, operations, Of Uils Thcjhi rtcitc^"
tolurrin to ATTN: Chairman's OHIi-r-

COMPUTERS GazotU) June 1989 73

The Automatic Proofreader
Philip I. Nelson substitutes the full keyword for the ab 20 PRINT "AUTOMATIC PROOFREADS

breviation and allows the Proofreader R FOR ";:IF VEC=42364 THEN

to work properly. The same technique {SPACEjPRINT "C-64"

"The Automatic Proofreader" helps 38 IF VEC=50556 THEN PRINT "VI
works for rechecking programs you've
you type in program listings for the C-20"
already typed in. 40 IP VEC=3S158 THEN GRAPHIC C
128, 64, Plus/4, and 16 and prevents
If you're using the Proofreader on LR:PRINT "PLUS/4 (. 16"
nearly every kind of typing mistake.
the Commodore 128, Plus/4, or 16, do 50 IF VEC=17165 THEN LO=45:HI=
Type in the Proofreader exactly as
not perform any GRAPHIC commands 46:GRAPH1C CLR:PRINT"128"
listed. Since the program can't check it 60 SA=(PEEK(LO)+256*PEEK(HI))+
while the Proofreader is active. When
self, type carefully to avoid mistakes.
you perform a command like GRAPH
Don't omit any lines, even if they con 70 FOR J=0 TO 166jREAD BYTiPOK
IC 1, the computer moves everything at E ADR,BYT:ADR=ADR + l:CiIK=CilK
tain unfamiliar commands. After finish
the start of BASIC program space—in +BYT:NEXT
ing, save a copy or two on disk or tape
cluding the Proofreader—to another 80 IF CHKO20570 THEN PRINT "*
before running it. This is important be
memory area, causing the Proofreader ERROR* CHECK TYPING IN DATA
cause the Proofreader erases the BASIC STATEMENTS":END
to crash. The same thing happens if you
portion of itself when you run it, leav 90 FOR J=l TO 5:READ RF,LF,HF:
run any program with a GRAPHIC
ing only the machine language portion RS=SA+RF:UB=INT(RS/256):LB=
command while the Proofreader is in RS-(256*HB)
in memory.
memory. 100 CHK=CHK+RF+LF+HF:POKE SA+L
Next, type RUN and press RE
Though the Proofreader doesn't F,LB:POKE SA+UF,HB:NEXT
TURN. After announcing which com
interfere with other BASIC operations, 110 IF CHK<>22054 THEN PRINT "
puter it's running on, the Proofreader •ERROR* RELOAD PROGRAM AND
displays the message "Proofreader it's a good idea to disable it before run
Active", Now you're ready to type in a ning another program. However, the D

BASIC program. Proofreader is purposely difficult to dis 120 POKE SA+149,PEEK(772)iPOKE

Every time you finish typing a line lodge: It's not affected by tape or disk SA+15O,PEt:K(773)
operations, or by pressing RUN/ 130 IF VEC=17165 THEN POKE SA+
and press RETURN, the Proofreader
STOP- RESTORE. The simplest way to 14,22:POKE SA+18,23:POKESA+
displays a two-letter checksum in the 29,2 24:POKESA+139,224
upper-left corner of the screen. Com disable it is to tum the computer off
140 PRINT CHRS(147);CHRS(17);"
pare this result with the two-letter then on. A gentler method is to SYS to PROOFREADER ACTIVE":SYS SA
checksum printed to the left of the line the computer's built-in reset routine 150 POKE HI,PEEK(HI)+1iPOKE (P
in the program listing. If the letters (SYS 65341 for the 128, 64738 for the EEK(LO)+256*PEEK(HIt)-l,0:N
match, it's almost certain the line was 64, and 65526 for the Plus/4 and 16). EW

These reset routines erase any program 160 DATA 120,169,73,141,4,3,16

typed correctly. If the letters don't
match, check for your mistake and cor in memory, so be sure to save the pro
170 DATA 8B,96,165,20,133,167,
rect the line. gram you're typing in before entering 165,21,133,168,169
The Proofreader ignores spaces not the SYS command. 130 DATA 0,141,0,255,163,31,18
enclosed in quotes, so you can omit or If you own a Commodore 64, you 1,199,157,227,3
may already have wondered whether 190 DATA 202,16,248,169,19,32,
add spaces between keywords and still
see a matching checksum. However, the Proofreader works with other pro
200 DATA 210,255,160,0,132,180
since spaces inside quotes are almost al gramming utilities like "MetaBASIC."
, 132,176,136,230,180
ways significant, the Proofreader pays The answer is generally yes, if you're 210 DATA 200,185,0,2,240,46,20
attention to them. For example, 10 using a 64 and activate the Proofreader 1,34,208,a,11
PRINT'THIS IS BASIC" will generate after installing the other utility. For ex 220 DATA 165,176,73,255,133,17
ample, first load and activate Meta 6,104,72,201,32,208
a different checksum than 10
230 DATA 7,165,176,208,3,104,2
PRINT'THIS ISBA SIC". BASIC, then load and run the
A common typing error is transpo Proofreader.
240 DATA 24,165,167,121,0,2,13
sition—typing two successive charac When using the Proofreader with 3,167,165,166,105
ters in the wrong order, like PIRNT another utility, you should disable both 250 DATA 0,133,168,202,208,239
instead of PRINT or 64378 instead of programs before running a BASIC pro ,240,202,165,167,69
260 DATA 168,72,41,15,168,IR5,
64738. The Proofreader is sensitive to gram. While the Proofreader seems un
the position of each character within the affected by most utilities, there's no 270 DATA 104,74,74,74,74,168,1
line and thus catches transposition way to promise that it will work with 85,211,3,32,210
errors. any and every combination of utilities 200 DATA 255,162,31,163,227,3,
The Proofreader does not accept you might want to use. The more utili 149,199,202,16,248
keyword abbreviations (for example, ? ties activated, the more fragile the sys 290 DATA 169,146,32,210,255,76
instead of PRINT). If yon prefer to use tem becomes.
300 DATA 6fl,69,70,71,72,74,75,
abbreviations, you can still check the 77,B0,81,82,S3,88
line by LISTing it after typing it in, The New Automatic Proofreader 310 DATA 13,2,7,167,31,32,151,
moving the cursor back to the line, and 10 VEC=PEEK(772)+256*P^EK(773) 116,117,151,128,129,167,136
pressing RETURN. LISTing the line tLO=43tHI=44 -137 g

74 COMPUTEIS Gazelle June 1989



SOFTWARE Arcade type games, utilities, etc. For
sample disk & catalog, a and S2 lo: ONLY
THE BEST. PO Box 3SB, Paorio, IL 61651-0358
Lotto Picker Plus, the original lottery
FREE PUBLIC DOMAIN SOFTWARE ■ Renutst selection software, allows you to store
mnning Lotto, Keno. S Pick 3/4 numbers •ONLY THE BEST I'D GAMES ON 10 ds disks!*
free catalug i" send S2 for sample disk
& choose betaeen three modes ol probability ■Over 400! 520. Lea than a nickel each'
ami catalog (refundable). C64-128. CALOKE analysis (hot, due. unbiased) in order to rjrve ioj "Many over 100 block) lun;;! Menu-Driven*
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"222, Hunl'n, WV 25701 (304) 529-3232 H22 Sflxonbarg lilvd., SaxonbUfg. I'A 16056
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Suits ZOt-CG. New York. NY 10038
FREE SOFTWARE TOR C-64. Send one stamp Info/Dealers 718-317-1961
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Holland Kd. S562-G, Virginia Beach. VA 23452

WordStar"" V2.Z6 For C-128 S39.95 S4.50

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COMPUTERS Gazette Classified is a low-cost way to tell over
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face (any number of lines ) Inquire aboul display rales.
Terms: Prepayment is requifed. Check, money order. American Express. Visa, or
MasterCard is accepted. Make checks payable to COMPUTE! Publications. Reader Service Card
Form: Ads are subject io publisher's approval and must be either typed or legibly
printed. One line equals 40 letters and spaces between words. Please underline words
to be set in boldface.
provided with the
General Information: Advertisers using post office box numbers in their ads musl supply
permanent address and lelephone numbers. Orders will not be acknowledged. Ad will
appear in next available issue after receipt.
advertisers index
Closing: 3rd of Ihe third month preceding cover dale (e.g.. June issue closes March 3rd)
Send order and remittance to: Kallileen Ingram. Classified Manager. COMPUTERS to receive
Gazette, PO. Box 5406, Greensboro. NC 27403. To place an ad by phone, call Kathleen
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Notice: COMPUTE! Publications cannot be responsible for offers or claims of advertisers, additional information
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Classified Display Rates: Classified display ads measure 2Vi" wide and are priced
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additional inch, e.g 4" ■■ $700. etc) Prolcrred supplied material is Velox or PMT

COMPUTE'S Gn;-erro June 1989 75

video digitizer for the C-64, C-128
Introducing the worlds first FULL COLOR! video digitizer tor the
Commodore C-64. C-128 & 128-D computer.
VIDEO BYTE can give you digitized video from your V.C.R.. 8/W or
COLOR CAMERA or LIVE VIDEO (thanks lo a fast! 2.2 sec. scan time). Reader Service Number/Advertiser Page

• FULL COLORIZING! is possible, due lo i unique SELECT and INSERT color proctss.
where you can select one of 15 COLORS and insert ilw color imo one ot 4 GRAV 102 Accolade IFC
SCALES This process will give yuu over 32,000 dillerent color combmaijons lo use in 103 AVT 68
your video piclures
■ SAVES as KOALASI Video Byte allows you to sat? ail your pictures 10 disk as FILL 104 Berkeley Softworks 57
COLOR KOALA'S Alter which (using Koala or suitable program) you can go in and
redraw or recolor your Video Byle pic's 105 BRE Software 68
• LOAD and BE-0ISPLAY1 Video Byte allows you to load and redisplay all Video Byle
pictures liom inside Video Byte's menu
106 Brown Boxes Inc 68
• MENU DRIVEN! Video Byte comes wild an easy ID use menu in™ UTILITY DISK and 107 Computer Direct 42-43
digiii/er prrujrarti."
• COMPACT! Vidun Byte's hardware is compact1 In fact no bigger than your average 108 Computer Heroes 68
rsmulgu Video Byte conies with its own cable.
• INTEGRATEDI Video [lytf is designeO lo be used mill or wiUroul EXPLODE! V4 1 color
109 Creative Micro Design 60
tarinilijc Explode! V4 1 is Ilic perfect companion. Crown Custom Covers 67
• FREEI Viacn liyte users arc automatically sent FREE SOFTWARE updales along will)
new documentation, when it becomes available. 110 CW Data-Labs 68
• PHINTI Video Byte will printout piclures to mosl printers However when used wnh
Explode1 Vt 1 your prailoul's can be done in FULL COLOR on the RfllNflDW NXiOOO. 111 Data East BC
RAINBOW NX-1000 C, EPSON, JX-BO, SEIKDSHA COLOR and the OKIOATA 10/20. 112 Datel Computers IBC
Why DRAW a car. airplane, person or for that matter
anyirimo when you can BYTE il wrncn DVTE 113 The Experts 68
Video Byle it mslead VIULU BY I C
114 Fearn & Music 68
SUPER EXPLODE! V4.1 w/COLOR DUMP 115 Gosselin Computer Consultants 68
If your looking for a CARTRIDGE wtiich can CAPTURE ANV SCREEN. PRINTS ALL
HI-RES and TEXT SCREENS in FULL COLOR to the RAINBOW NX-10OG. RAINBOW 116 Lyco Computer 32-36
fJX-tOOQ C. EPSON JX-80 and ine OKIDATA 10 or 20 Prints in 16 gray scale lo all
oihei primers Comes wilh the worlds FASTEST SAVE and LOAD routines in a car
117MIBR0C0 67
tridge or a dual SEO . PRG Me reader Plus a built-in 8 SECOND formal and 118 Micro Cube 65
MUCH. MUCH MORE1 Than Explode1 W1 is lor you
PRICE? $44.95 + s/H or M9.95 ^'optional disable switch. 119 Montgomery Grant 19
— )■■■ - IN 64 MODE ONLY NRI Schools 44i
VISA |MIM», VIDEO BYTE only S79.95
11*3 SUPER EXPLQDEI V4.1 ".'(, 120 P.A.V.Y. Software 51
TD OflQER CAtl I-312 1516661 PLUS S1.5O S/H COO'S ADO S4O0 121 Renco Computer Printer Supplies 51
Personal Checks 10 Days lo Clear IL RESIDENTS ADD 6% SALES TAX
122 The Soft Group 76
123 Software Discounters of America 62-63
124 Software Review 68
125 Software Support International 53-55
SOGWAP Software 68
COMMODORE REPAIR CENTER Strategic Simulations Inc 3
126 SubLOGIC Corp 73
1-800-772-7289 127 Superior Microsystems 65
[312] 879-288B IN ILLINOIS
Tektonics Plus 76
C64 Repair n«« . 42.95 C128D Repair CALL
128 Tenex Computer Express 10
C-128 RepalrFe.cw,,. 64.95 Amiga Repair CALL
129 Tussey Computer Products 5
1541 Permanent Drf».«™
Pr nters
- „
130Ultrabyte 67
1541 Repair 79.95 Monitors CALL 131 Utilities Unlimited 30
1S71 Repair 79.95 Other Equipment .. CALL 132 Weaselgraphics 68
(Have SerJ.iT arid Card Numbers te&dyJ


COMPUTE! Subscription 51
(APO. FPO. All! AOD 110.00]
COMPUTED Best Gazette Games Disk 39
[Subject ro Parti Availability] COMPUTEI's Gazette Back Issues 61
COMPUTED Gazette Disk 25
COMPUTEI's Gazette 5-Year Index 65
COMPUTEI's PC Disk Subscription 9
CALL (312) 879-2350
COMPUTEI's PC Subscription 41
C-64 Power Supply 34.95*
C128 Power Supply 59.95*
Other Parti CALL
■jPlui S3.00 5lilpplng;HamJllng|


EX 263 PRINT"STORAGE <1!EX):";H F0,13,20,50
EX$(S)"-";HEXS(S+A):PRI 1IM 6B0 DATA B9, 23 , 48 ,16 , 20 , 5D ,
NT:PRINT 16,C9,01,F3
Before typing in programs, please GF 270 SYS (SI QS 690 DATA 03 , 23,50,B9,20,D4,
refer to "How to Type In ER 280 PRINT CHRS(18)"12a ML E B5,4C,A2,15
COMPUTE'S Gazette Programs," NHANCER ENABLED." AQ 700 DATA 24,D7,30,03,A9,08,
elsewhere in this issue. HJ 290 REM ML CODE IN HEX FORM 2C,A9,10,8D
AT SJ 710 DATA Cl,17,20,33,16,20,
BD 300 DATA A9,0B,8D,2E,03,A9, EB,Bl,20,7D
14,8D,2F,03 JD 720 DATA C7,20,7D.FF,13,00,
EX 310 OATA 60,C9,58,00,08,20, 68,58,63,A9
4D,14,A9,58 SH 730 DATA 00,8D,03,FF,A5,EC,

Power BASIC: FF 320 DATA 4C,06,B0,C9,42,D0,

06,20,44,14 EX 740

128 Monitor Enhancer GR 330 DATA 4C,8B,B0,C9,5C,D3, A2,fl3,A0,00

12,AD,30,D0 JA 750 DATA 20,BA,FF,2B,C3,FF,-

Article on page 50. RS 340 DATA 29,01,D0,35,20,B3, A2,2C,20,C6

77,D0,03,20 DR 760 DATA FF,60,A9,2C,20,C3,
FH 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1989 COMPU AP 350 DATA C4,77,4C,8B.B0,C9, FF,20,CC,FF
TE! PUBLICATIONS, INC. - 21,D0,06,20 DE 770 DATA AD,BF,17,85,EC,AD,
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED JB 360 DATA 83 ,16,4C,8B,B0,4C, BE,17,85,EB
RH 20 BANK15:TC=111S91 B2,B0,A9,66 PM 7B0 DATA 60,A9,03,85,66,85,
KP 30 PRINT"|CLR}"TAB(9)"{RVS) RD 370 DATA A2,14,EC,3D,03,D0, 67,85,68,20
{2 SPACESJ128 ML ENHANCE 04,A9,AD,A2 RC 790 DATA E4 , FF,C9,20,D0,03,
R(2 SPACESj" XA 383 DATA CG,78,AC,3C,03,8C, 20,S4,FF,C9
QB 40 PRINTTAB(12)"COPYRIGHT I 73,14,AC,3D JM 800 DATA 20,F0,3B,C9,0D,F0,
989":PRINTTAB{6)"COMPUTK SJ 390 DATA 03,BC,74,14,8D,3C, 37,38,E9,30
I PUBLICATIONS, INC." 03,8E,3D,03 BC 810 DATA 90,32,C9,0A,90,02,
PA 50 PRINTTABI10)"ALL BIGHTS PF 400 DATA 58,60,7B,48,C9,11, E9,07,C9,10
(SPACE)RESERVED" F0,0F,C9,91 AJ 820 DATA B0,28,8D,B5,0A,A2,
MR 60 SS = "S14a0":REH RELOCATE XB 410 DATA F0,0B,68,58,4C,AD, 04,06,66,26
AF 70 PRINT:PRINTTAB(18);SS:IN FF 420 DATA 68,D0,F6,8D,C0,17, D0,F5,18,AD
PUT"(UP)STARTINS ADDRESS A5,E4,2C,C0 JA 843 DATA B5,0A,65,66,85,66,
II j 86 BM 430 DATA 17,10,02,A5,E5,C5, 8A,65,67,85
RP 90 S=VAL(SS):IFS=3THENS=VAL EB,D0,E5,A5 KR 850 DATA 67,8A,65,68,85,6B,
(STRS(I)EC(MIDS(SS,2) ) ) ) XS 443 DATA EC,C5,E6,D0,DF,24, B0,04,29,F0
HP 90 PRINT:PRINT"STORING DATA D7,30,03,20 QG 860 DATA F0.BE,60,3B,AS,66,
MQ 450 DATA 03,C7,20,AD,15,2C, ED,Cl,17,85
ER 100 READ¥S:DO:POKE5+A,DEC(Y C0,17,10,03 SR 873 DATA 66,A5,67,E9,00,85,
S):C=C*DEC(YS):A=A+1 DJ 460 DATA 4C,27,15,20,E4,FF, 67,A5,6B,E9
HD 110 READYS:LO0P UNTIL YS = "E C9,20,00,10 JK 880 DATA 00,S5,68,60,A0,00,
OD" QQ 470 DATA A5,EB,C5,E5,F0,C5, A6,68,8A,29
N BEGIN BR 480 DATA IB,4A,00,4C,A3,14, A9,66,8D,AA
JC 130 PRINTCHRS(IS)" = >REC11ECK C9,2E,F0,0F GM 900 DATA 02,20,A2,02,60,4A,
DATA STATEMENTS<-" HA 490 DATA C9,44,F0,0B,C9,3E, 90,09,4A,B0
P8 140 STOP:BEND F0,04,C9,4D KK 910 DATA 15,C9,22,29,07,09,
F ML CODE 2E,BD,BD,17 MP 920 DATA C3,B6,B0,04,4A,4A,
ME 160 IF SO5120 THEN BEGIN:R EA 510 DATA 20,E1,15,A5,F8,48, 4A,4A,29,3F
EM RELOCATION REQUESTED A9,00,B5,F8 EK 930 DATA D0,04,A0,80,A9,00,
RE 170 PRINT:PRINT"DATA OK. AD JA 523 DATA 20,CE,15,AD,BD,17, AA,BD,0 7,B7
JUSTING ML FOR NEW STAR C9,2E,D0,17 PR 940 DATA 29,03,60,20,E9,B8,
TING{2 SPACES]ADDRESS." JG 530 DATA A9,11,20,D2,FF,20, C9,20,F3,F9
QD 180 PRINT 48,16,23,5D BE 950 DATA C9,52,F0,09,C9,57,
BF 190 DEF FNO(D)=(PEEK(D)-320 AH 540 DATA 16 , A.\ , EB , B A , 20 , 52 , F0,0B,68,68
RPEEK(D)=76OR(PEEK(D)>1 B9,20,D4,B5 JH 960 DATA 4C,BF,B0,A2,31,2C,
39ANDPEEKfD)<143)ORPEEK PK 550 DATA 4C,3C, 15,24,D7,30, A2,32,8E,AC
(D)=44ORPEEK(D)=17 3ORPE 03,A9,08,2C RK 970 DATA 17,8D,BD,17,20,A7,
EK(D)=174ORPEEK(D)=237O MH 560 DATA A9,10,20,52,B9,20, B7,B0,0A,A5
RPEEK(D)=185) E8,B1,20,7D RR 980 DATA 60,8D,Cl,17,20,A7r
GM 200 DEF FNA(D) => ( PEEK (D + 2) > 1 DS 570 DATA C7,20,7D,FF,IB,4A, B7,90,03.4C
9ANDPEEK (D + 2) <24) 00,68, 85, FB AR 990 DATA BC,B3,A5,60,8D,C2,
RK 210 DEF FNH(D)-INT(D/256):D MB 580 DATA 68,58,60,4C,75,14, 17,A9,0B,8D
EF FNL(D)=D-FNH(D)*256: 4C,70,14,20 QJ 1300 DATA BC,17,20,A7,B7,B0
POKES+1,FNL(S+11):POKES XX 590 DATA CE,15,4C,A2,15,20, ,05,A5,60,8D
+6,FNH(S+ll] E4,FF,C9,20 MO 1010 DATA BC,17,AD,BC,17,C9
PQ 220 P0KES+69.FNL(S+102):POK DH 600 DATA D0,0E,A5,EB,C5,E4, ,04,93,E2,C9
EE+71,FNH(S+102):POKES+ F0,ED,A9,3D QF 1020 DATA IF,BU,DE,20,CC,FF
746,FNL(S+952):POKES+74 MH 610 DATA 20,D2,FF,4C,27,15, ,A9,08,20,C3
8, FNH(S+952):POKES+770, C9,2E,F0,0F DF 1030 DATA FF,A9,0F,20,C3,FF
FtJL(S + 954) :POKES+77 2,FN RH 620 DATA C9,44,F0,0B,C9,3E, ,A9,00,A2,3F
H(S+954) F0,04,C9,4D RQ 1043 DATA 20,68,FF,A9,02,A2
XR 230 F0RT*STOS*A:IF FN 0(T)T BC 630 DATA D0,E2,A3,3E,2C,A9, ,B8,A3,17,20
. "; :TB=(PEEK!T+1)+PEEK PM 640 DATA 20 ,E1,15,20,CE,15, ,17,A3,0F,20
(T+2)'256)-5120:POKE(T+ 23,7D,FF,1B KR 1063 DATA BA,FF,23,C0,FF,B0
1) ,FNL{S+TB) :POKE (T+2), JK 650 DATA 49,00,AD,BD,17,C9, ,1B,A9,31,A2
FtJH(S+TB) :T=T+2 2E,D0,29,EA FR 1070 DATA BA,A0,17,20,BD,FF
KB 240 NEXT:BEND:PRINT HA 660 DATA A9,03,8D,C1,17,20, ,A9,0B,AE,BC
BS 250 POKES+78,PEEK(828)!POKE 33,16,20,48 HB 1080 DATA 17,A0,08,23,BA,"F
S + BB,PEEK(829) ES 670 DATA 16,20,5D,16,C9,02, ,20,C0,FF,90

COMPUTE'S Gazette June 1989 77

QF 1090 DATA 06,20,92 , 17,4C,92 GH 270 DATA 1.16, 132 ,002, 160, 00 57BE:F0 25 C9 17 F0 0A C9 20 3D
,16,EA,AD,C1 4.177, 251 ,240 57C6:B0 14 EE 8E 56 4C AF 57 34
SH 1100 DATA 17,20,FB ,F9,8E,B3 QS 230 DATA 014, 169 ,032, 196, 00 57CE:C8 ce ca Bl 20 85 2E C8 84
,17,BD,134,17 2,176, 003 ,185 57D6:8C 8E 56 4C AF 57 20 45 5F
da ma DATA AD,C2,17 ,20,FB,F9 EB 290 DATA 252, 001 ,145, 251, 20 57DE:C1 EE 8E 56 4C AF 57 AD DE
,8E,B6,17,8D 0,208, 238 ,096 57E6;90 56 C9 0E F0 29 EE 90 23
RH 1120 DATA B7,17,AD ,HD,17,C9 XP 300 DATA 076, 227 ,168, 076, 11 57EE:56 A5 05 18 69 0B 85 05 DB
,57,D0,23,A2 3,165 57F6:A5 35 85 13 A5 36 85 19 22
DG 1130 DATA 0F,20,C9 ,FF,20,7D 57FEIEF. 8E 56 AD BE 56 18 65 Dl
,FF,42,2D,50 580fi■20 85 20 90 02 E6 21 A9 CC
CS 114 0 DATA 20,38,20 ,30,00,20 580E:00 BD BE 56 4C AF 57 A0 C9
,CC,FF,A2,08 5816:00 BC BE 56 EE 90 56 20 fl7
AE 1150 DATA 20,C9,FF ,A0,00,B9 Before typing in programs, please 581E:5C 58 60 AD 8D 56 D0 04 65
,00,0B,20,D2 refer to "How to Type In 5826:20 93 Cl 60 C9 B0 F0 11 4D
DG 1160 DATA FF,C8,D0 ,F7,2I),A2 COMPUTE! s Gazette Proarams," 582E:A9 IB BD 7B 56 A9 19 BD CC

,17,20,CC,FF 5836:72 56 20 93 Cl 20 7B 57 CF
elsewhere in this issue.
GD 1170 DATA A2,0F,20 ,C9,FF,A0 583E:60 20 47 5A A9 FF BD AB

,00,B9,AR,17 5846:56 A9 IB 8D 72 56 A9 19
584E:8D 7B 56 20 93 Cl AD BA 3A
DF 1180 DATA 20,D2,FF ,CB,C0,OD
,D0,F5,2H,Ct! 5856:56 20 B9 57 60 00 AD 90 CF

The GEOS Column

FE 1190 DATA FF,AD,Bn ,17,C9,52 585E:56 0A 0A 6D 90 56 6D 90 IE
5866:56 AS A9 FF 99 00 55 88 Al
586EtB9 F7 58 99 00 55 BB C0 C5
Bli 1200 DATA 20,C6,FF\A0,30,20
5876:FF F0 02 D0 F3 20 6C 59 03
CK 1210 DATA 0B,C8,D0,F7,20,CC
See instructions in article on pagt S87E:60 AD 8D 56 C9 FF F0 32 44
5886:C9 00 D0 0D A9 19 A0 IB 15
,FF,18,A9,08 44 before typing in.
58BE:8D 78 56 BC 72 56 20 93 78
KC 1220 DATA 2(I,C3,FF,A9,0F, 38
5896:C1 20 Cl 5B 20 9F Cl ID 0E
,20,C3,FF,60 Program 1: Help Pad ml 589E:BF Al 0a 2F 01 20 47 5A FB
FH 1230 DATA A0,00,CA,D0,FD,8B 58A6:A9 FF BD BD 56 AD CF 59 19
55FE:00 20 99 SB 20 52 59 A9 41
,D0,FA,60,55 5BAE:8D 8C 56 BD BA 56 20 89 64
5606:80 85 2F A9 00 20 39 Cl 89
BE 1240 DATA 31,3A,30,38,20,30 58B6:57 60 A9 80 BD BD 56 20 D7
560E:20 9F Cl 0B C0 A0 00 30 24
,20,31,38,20 5616:01 20 A3 Cl 01 A0 00 08 0P 58BE:5B 5A 60 AD 90 56 EE CF 26
XS 1250 DATA 30,30,49,30,23,00 58C6:59 SD CF 59 20 80 C2 A9 41
561E:07 30 01 C0 00 A9 09 20 5F
,0B,00,00,00 5626:39 58CE:00 A0 54 B5 08 84 09 20 0F
Cl 20 9F Cl 09 16 Al DD
BP 1260 DATA 00,00,00,"EOD" 58D6:05 C2 60 7F 58 7F 5B 7F AF
562E:00 2F 01 A 9 00 20 39 Cl 16
56361A9 08 A0 Cfl 85 3J 84 34 10 58DE15B 7F 58 7F 58 7F 58 7F 8F
561E:A9 AH AH 00 85 35 84 36 3C 58E6:58 7F 58 7F SB 7F 58 7F 97
5646:A9 2E A0 01 85 37 34 3B Cl 5BBBS58 7F 5B 7F 58 7F 58 7F 9F
564E:A9 5C A0 56 85 02 84 03 A0 5BF6:5B ID 27 Al 00 2F 01 2B ,'■.

Rewrite 5656tA9 00 20 51 Cl 60 09 15 A7 58FE:32

565E:AF 00 21 01 03 72 56 00 A5
5666:DF 56 78 56 00 21 58 82 C4 590E:01 49 53 Al 00 2F 01 54 2B
Article on page 52. 566E:56 00 El 5B IB 4D 41 49 12 5916:5E Al 00 2F 01 5F 69 Al 4D
5676i4E 00 IB 50 52 45 56 49 50 591E:00 2F 01 6A 74 Al 00 2F BC
567E14F 55 53 00 IB 51 55 49 A4 5926:01 75 7F Al 00 2F 01 B0 PF
BF 100 AD=828 5686:54 00 00 00 00 25 00 00 PI 592E:8A Al 08 2F 01 BB 95 Al 84
PP 110 PRINT CHR$(147)"HEWRITE 568E:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3B 5936:00 2F 01 96 A0 Al 00 2F F8
: SELF-MODIF¥ING BASIC" 5696:00 00 00 00 00 00 0G 00 43 593E:01 Al AB Al 00 2F 01 AC D4
:PRINT 569E:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4B 5946:B6 Al 0G 2F 01 B7 BD Al B3
XG 120 PRINT "COPYRIGHT 1989": 56A6:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 53 594E:00 2F 01 FF EA A9 5F A0 4A
PRINT "COMPUTE! PUBLICA 36AES00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 5B 5956:59 95 02 84 03 20 5A Cl AE
TIONS, INC." 56B6:00 00 0(1 00 00 00 00 00 63 595E:60 01 A0 00 64 00 00 0A C2
HD 130 PRINT "ALL RIGHTS RESER 56BE:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 GB 59S6:0A 01 01 00 00 00 A9 77 49
VED":PRINT 56C6:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 73 596E:A0 59 8D A9 34 3C AA 34 44
CS 143 FOR I=AD TO AD+109:READ 56CE:48 45 4C 50 46 49 4C 45 B4 5976:60 AD 05 85 10 01 60 EA ED

D:POKE I,D:CK-CK+D:NEX 56D6:20 20 20 20 56 31 2E 31 A6 597E:A9 00 A0 55 85 20 84 21 46

T 56DE:00 A9 19 8D 72 56 A9 IB 4D 5986:A2 FF 86 IE A0 00 Bl 20 C5
FP 150 IF CKO13757 THEN PRINT 56E6:SD 78 56 20 93 Cl A9 00 3C 59BE:C0 06 D0 13 C9 FF fc'0 38 D6

"ERROR IN DATA STATEME 56EE:8D 8E 56 8D 8F 5G AD B9 G4 5996:98 18 65 20 85 20 90 02 lfl

NTS" 56F6:34 8D 91 56 A9 00 A0 50 BF 599E:E6 21 A0 00 4C 8C 59 99 02
HR 160 PRINT "TO USE, ENTER:11! 56FE:35 0E 84 0F A9 07 35 10 F7 59A6:06 00 C8 C0 06 D0 DF E6 9B
PRINT "SYS"STRS(AD)",LI 5706:A9 01 85 11 A3 CE A0 56 AB 59AE:IE 20 B3 C2 10 D8 A5 IE 68
HE NUMBER,HEW LINES" 570E:85 16 84 17 20 3B C2 A9 24 59B6:8D CF 59 0A AB B9 D9 58 28
EK 170 DATA 032,253,174,032,13 5716:00 A0 50 85 02 84 03 20 97 59BE:8D Dl 59 C8 B9 D9 58 8D D7
571E:74 C2 F.O 03 D0 03 4C 7B 7A 59C6:D2 59 20 2A Cl 20 D0 59 G9
AP 180 DATA 1B3,032,019,166,14
5726:57 HE S? 56 AD 8F 56 C9 35 59CE:60 00 4C 00 00 A5 IE C9 D7
572E:02 F0 ID AD 89 B4 C9 08 92 59D6:0D B0 3E AD 6B 59 C9 FF 33
57361F0 013 A9 08 20 B0 C2 20 3P 59DE:F0 19 0A 0A 6D 6B 59 6D 6B
PC 190 DATA 133,251,165,096,13
573EIA1 C2 4C FA 56 A9 09 20 33 59E6:6B 59 AA A0 00 B5 00 99 75
5746:00 C2 20 Al C2 4C FA 56 AF 59EE:06 00 E3 C8 C0 06 D0 F5 04
BG 200 DATA 174,032,158,17 3,93
574E:AD 91 56 20 B0 C2 20 Al 77 59F6:20 2A Cl A5 IE 0A 0A 65 69
5756:C2 20 AE Cl A4 00 50 54 7A 59FE:1E 6? IE AA A0 00 B5 00 FB
JP 210 DATA 240,069,201,089,17
575E:48 45 52 45 20 49 53 20 0E 5A06:99 06 00 E8 C3 C0 06 D0 BD
5766:4E 4F 20 48 45 4C 50 46 DA 5A0ESF5 20 2A Cl A5 IE BD 6B 53
FA 220 DATA 160,000,177,034,15
576E:49 4C 45 20 50 52 45 53 29 5A16:59 60 20 9F Cl 19 BF Al 21
3,000,002,200 20 47 5A
5776:45 4E 54 00 60 52 5A1E:00 2F 01 A9 0A A0 BF 85 31
CS 230 DATA 196,002,208,246,16 577E:A9 00 8D 8D 56 BD BE 56 EB 5A26:33 Si 34 A9 A4 A0 00 B5 S3
9,000,153,000 57a6:8D 8A 56 20 B0 C2 A9 00 CD 5A2E:35 B4 36 A9 2E A0 01 85 7B
EB 240 DATA 002,165,12 2,072,16 57BE:A0 50 85 10 84 11 A9 00 0F 5A36:37 B4 38 AD 8B 56 B5 05 4F
5,123,072,169 5796:A0 02 B5 06 B4 07 20 BC 34 5A3E:A5 35 A4 36 85 IB B4 19 B9
MH 250 DATA 000,133,122,169,00 579E:C2 20 18 5A A9 FF BD 90 5B 5A46:60 A9 00 A0 50 B5 04 84 C4
2,133,123,032 57A6:56 A9 IF A0 50 BS 20 SA 36 5A4E:05 A9 FF A0 01 85 02 84 A0
RH 260 DATA 121,165,104,133,12 57AE:21 AC 8E 56 Bl 20 C9 0C FD 5A5fi:03 20 78 Cl 60 20 9F Cl 44
3,104, 133,122 57B6:F0 5D C9 00 F0 59 C9 an FB 5A5E:3B BC Al 00 2F 01 20 A8 7A

78 COMPUTE!'* Gazette June 19B9

02 30 01 B3 04D8 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E0 0780 0A 12 85 07 00 45 4E
54 3F
5A66:C1 01 Al 00 3B
04E0 :00 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 E3 0733 45 52 20 46 49 4C 45
4E 8A
5A6E:3B 00 A9 A4 A0 S0 es 35 85
04E8 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F0 0790 41 4D 45 3A 00 A3 AD A0 81
5A76:84 36 A9 2A A0 01 35 37 IE
CF 90 04F0 :00 00 00 00 03 00 00 30 F8 0793 87 B5 02 84 03 20 56 C2 1C
5A7E:84 38 A9 3B 35 33 AD
04 FB 04F8 :00 00 00 00 20 29 38 A9 60 07AO A5 02 C9 02 F0 01 60 20 C7
5AB6:59 0A AA BD 00 54 85
00 54 85 Al 0500 :00 20 39 Cl 20 9F Cl 00 58 07A8 77 C2 4C 2C C2 31 10 04 AF
5ft8E:8D 88 56 E8 BD
00 A0 50 A6 0508 :C7 00 00 3F 01 A9 IB A0 6F 07BO 04 35 11 08 02 11 48 00 89
5A96I05 8D 89 56 A9
E4 Cl E0 D2 0510 ;05 85 02 84 03 A9 01 20 67 07B8 20 93 Cl A9 C7 A0 37 85 E2
5A9E:85 0A 34 OB 20
5AA6:00 F0 0A 20 00 00 20 77 92 0519 : 51 Cl 60 0E 1C 00 00 4B 54 07C0 02 84 03 20 56 C2 60 81 S3
02 26 0520 : 00 03 31 05 00 41 05 34 A<1 07C8 0E 0B 05 14 E3 07 OB 05 U8
5AAE:C2 20 FF 55 60 EA A9
D5 41 0528 :05 00 3E 35 39 05 00 B8 63 07D0 28 F4 07 0B O5 32 FF 07 B9
5AB6:A0 50 85 20 84 21 20
5A A9 00 8D A9 34 0530 : 87 4F 4B 00 51 55 49 54 Cl 07D8 0B 05 3C 0C 08 0B 05 46 B2
5ABE:5A 20 21
34 20 93 Cl 60 Fl 0538 :00 49 4E 46 4F 00 4C 2C 02 07E0 1A 08 00 18 19 1A 20 48 39
5AC6:B4 3D AA
5ACE:00 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 EA 6E 0540 :C2 20 93 Cl 20 47 37 20 BE 07EB .45 4C 50 46 49 4C 45 52 73

5B 3D AB 34 8C 1C 0548 :56 07 A9 42 A0 08 85 14 DC 07F0 20 20 IB 00 18 4A 49 4D 44

5AD6:A9 35 A0
5ADE:AC 84 AS 33 69 0A 35 05 76 0550 :B4 15 20 ED Cl A0 00 B9 3F 07FB .20 54 55 42 42 53 00 50 AA

18 84 19 62 0558 I 56 09 99 64 05 C9 00 F0 89 0800 . 2E 4F 2E 20 42 4F 5B 20 E2
5AE6:A5 35 A4 36 85
0E 6ft 0560 :17 C8 D0 F3 00 00 30 00 Bl 080B :34 37 38 00 45 4C 4B 20 19
5AEE:A0 00 Bl 20 C9 00 F0
0568 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 72 0810 ;50 41 52 4B 2C 20 4E 43 59
5AF6:20 45 Cl E6 20 A5 20 D0 5C
5A 60 A0 99 0570 :0O 00 00 00 33 30 00 00 7A 0818 :2E 00 20 28 20 20 20 20 27
SAFE:03 E6 21 AC EE
F0 IB A0 65 0578 :A9 07 85 10 A9 D3 A0 05 AD 0820 :20 20 32 38 36 32 32 IB 0C
5BO6:0O Bl 20 C9 20
FU 16 20 E2 0580 ;85 3C 84 0D A9 E7 A0 35 E4 0828 :00 EA A9 36 A0 08 B5 02 BD
5BOE:00 Bl 20 C9 20
5Bl6:C9 Cl 20 71 5B C6 20 A5 19 0588 :85 16 84 17 20 95 07 A9 EB 0830 :84 03 20 5A Cl 60 01 AB IF
5B1E:20 C9 FF D0 02 C6 21 4C IE 0590 ;00 8D FB 05 A9 FF 8D FB Dl 0838 :00 64 00 00 0A 0A 01 01 DC
5B26:0D 5B 4C 63 5B 20 81 5B B3 0598 :05 A9 D3 A0 05 85 02 84 E1A 0840 :00 00 56 09 03 15 BF 00 97

5B2E:A9 20 20 Bl Cl 85 06 A5 B6 05A0 :03 20 74 C2 20 7A C2 FB 50 0848 :O0 24 00 00 3C 3F FF 3C 7C

5B36:05 95 07 E5 06 85 06 A5 03 05AB :FB 20 42 09 A9 00 A0 20 40 0850 :20 01 24 3F FF 00 20 01 6A
84 09 35 8F 05B0 :95 10 84 11 A9 00 A0 14 C5 0858 . 3C 20 01 20 20 01 38 20 46
5B3E:1B A4 19 35 08
5B46:1A B4 IB A5 37 A4 38 85 2B 05B9 :85 06 84 07 AD FB 05 20 83 0860 ;01 20 20 01 3C 20 01 00 71
5B4E:0A 84 OB 20 24 Cl A0 00 F7 05C0 :30 C2 20 BC C2 F0 06 20 8E 0863 ;20 01 20 20 01 20 30 01 B8

5B56:B9 91 5B 99 33 00 C0 06 74 0 5C8 :FC 05 4C 99 05 CE F8 05 10 0870 i20 28 01 3C 24 01 00 22 C5

A5 1A A4 83 05D0 :4C 39 06 00 00 00 10 0873 i01 38 3F FF 24 03 00 38 5a
5B5E:F0 03 C8 D0 F3
5B66:1B 85 18 84 19 A9 0D 20 01 05D8 :00 00 00 00 00 00 E2 0830 :00 00 20 00 00 20 33 07 23
5B6E:45 Cl 60 8D D3 SA 38 A5 3B 05E0 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 57 42 0838 :01 03 00 FF FF 00 00 43 61
SB76:18 ED D3 5A B0 02 C6 19 09 05E8 :72 69 74 65 20 49 GD 61 CD 0390 :45 4C 50 46 49 4C 45 20 EA
5B7E:85 18 60 A0 00 B9 33 00 61 05F0 :67 65 20 56 32 2E 30 00 1C 0898 ;20 20 20 56 31 2E 31 00 CE

5B86J99 91 5B C0 06 F0 03 CB A8 05F8 :0O 00 00 00 20 77 C2 A9 11 08A0 :00 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 BO

5BBE:D0 F3 60 00 00 00 00 00 H6 0600 :56 A0 09 85 02 64 03 20 21 08A8 :03 00 00 0O 03 03 33 00 B8
5B96:0<1 00 00 A5 16 8D DF 5B A9 0608 :74 C2 20 7A C2 BA F0 FA C7 08S0 :00 00 33 03 03 33 00 00 C0
5B9E:A9 3C A0 8C 85 02 84 03 56 0613 :EE FB 05 20 B9 C2 A5 11 E8 08B9 :00 00 03 00 00 33 33 00 C8
5BA6:A9 00 A0 52 8D OD SB 8C 92 0618 ;38 E9 20 85 07 A5 10 85 8B 08C0 ;00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D3
5BAE:DE 5B A0 00 8C E0 5B A2 01 0620 :06 A9 00 A0 20 85 10 84 5F 08C8 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8

5BB6:00 A9 0F 91 02 C0 11 F0 F8 0628 : 11 20 BF C2 20 77 C2 EE 36 08D0 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E0

5BBE:03 C8 D0 F5 ES E0 5B AD 02 0630 :F8 05 60 4E 6F 74 65 73 76 08D8 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8

5BC6:EB 5B C9 17 FQ 10 18 A9 11 0638 :00 20 77 C2 A9 01 3D FA CE 08E0 :00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 F0

5SCE:28 65 02 85 02 90 02 E6 C8 0640 r05 A9 07 85 10 A9 D3 A0 EL 08E8 :0O 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 F8

5BD6:03 AO 00 4C B7 5B 6(1 00 E7 0648 :05 85 0C 84 0D A9 33 A0 IB 08F0 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01
5BDE:00 00 00 AD DP 5B 29 40 6F 0650 :06 85 16 84 17 20 95 07 37 0BF8 ;0O 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 09

SBE6:20 77 C2 AD 91 56 CD 89 C9 0658 :A9 D3 A0 05 85 02 84 03 D2 0900 :00 00 00 00 00 03 30 00 12

5BEE:84 F0 06 20 B0 C2 20 Al 59 0660 :20 74 C2 A9 02 3D F9 05 CB 0908 ;00 00 00 00 00 00 30 00 1A

5BF6:C2 4C 3E C2 01 FF EA A9 9D 0668 1A0 20 A9 00 8 5 FB 84 FC 24 0910 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 22

5BFE:5F AS 00 00 00 00 8D 0670 :A9 00 A0 80 a5 0A 84 0B D5 0918 :00 00 00 30 00 30 00 00 2A

0678 :AC F9 05 B9 00 81 C9 00 2F 0920 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 32
0630 :F0 3A 85 04 C8 B9 00 81 33 0928 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 3A
06B8 :35 05 20 E4 Cl A9 32 AO 44 0930 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 42
0690 :80 85 02 84 03 A5 FB A4 12 0938 :O0 00 00 00 33 30 30 33 4A
0698 :FC 85 04 84 05 A9 FE AO BA 3940 :00 00 A9 00 A0 34 85 32 A9
Program 2: Help Grabber 06A9 :00 85 06 84 07 23 7E Cl 8E 0948 :84 03 A9 33 A3 53 85 04 E7
040W:BF FF FF FF 80 00 01 80 6E 06A8 : 18 A5 FB 69 FE 85 FB 90 D6 0950 ;B4 05 20 78 Cl 60 30 00 01
0408:7F 01 80 08 01 80 38 01 BB 06B0 :02 E6 FC EE F9 05 EE F9 Cl
0410:30 08 01 80 7C 01 82 4A B9 06B8 :05 4C 70 06 20 77 C2 38 65
0418:01 82 49 01 81 Fl 01 80 D0 06C0 :A5 FC E9 20 85 FC A9 56 E7
0420:41 01 BF El 01 82 41 01 B4 06C8 :A0 09 85 02 34 03 23 74 ID
0428:82 41 01 82 42 01 82 7C Al 06D0 :C2 20 7A C2 8A F0 FA 20 EF
01 82 02 06D8 :B9 C2 A9 00 A0 20 85 10 3D
Program 3: Note Converter
0430:01 B2 00 01 82 00
0438:C0 01 80 00 01 FF FF FF F8 06R0 s 84 11 A5 FB A4 FC 85 06 12 5003 BF FF FF FF 80 00 01 80 07
0440:83 06 00 FC 04 57 09 FC E7 06B8 :84 37 20 8F C2 EE F8 05 Rfi 5008 7F 01 30 03 01 30 08 01 54
0443:04 48 45 4C 50 46 49 4C 4C 06F0 :AD FA 05 CD FB 05 F0 09 EE 5010 80 08 01 80 7C 01 82 4A 52
0450:45 20 20 20 20 56 31 2E F3 06F8 :2fl 77 C2 EE FA 05 4C 41 FF 5018 01 82 49 01 ai Fl 01 80 69
0453:32 00 00 00 00 CA 41 4D 74 3700 :06 20 77 C2 20 A8 Cl 01 SC 5020: 41 01 BF El 01 32 41 01 4D
0460:45 53 20 C4 2E 20 D4 55 21 0708 : 32 00 32 07 0D 01 95 00 7D 5023- 82 41 01 82 42 01 82 7C 3A
046B:42 42 53 00 00 00 00 00 3C 3713 :20 AE Cl 3C 00 3E 18 43 42 5030- 01 B2 00 01 82 00 01 82 9A
0470:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 78 3718 :4F 4E 56 45 52 53 49 4F 42 5033: C0 01 30 00 01 FF FF FF 91
0479:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 0720 :4E 23 4F 46 20 48 45 4C A4 5030: 83 05 00 FC 50 57 51 FC 33
0480:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 89 0728 :50 46 49 4C 45 03 20 AE F6 5048: 50 48 45 4C 50 46 49 4C 0B
0488:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90 0733 :C1 3C 00 48 49 53 20 4E D8 5050; 45 20 20 23 20 56 31 2E 8C
0490:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 99 0738 :4F 57 20 43 4F 4D 50 4C 98 5058; 32 00 00 00 00 CA 41 4D 3D
0498:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A0 0740 :45 54 45 2E IB 00 60 AB CB 5063: 45 53 20 C4 2E 23 D4 55 B9
04A0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AB 0748 :00 A9 00 99 56 09 C8 C0 8 3 5068: 42 42 53 00 33 30 00 00 25
04A8I00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B0 0750 :14 F0 02 D0 F6 60 A9 56 D4 5070: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 11
04150:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B3 0758 :A0 09 85 16 84 17 A9 76 55 5078: 00 00 30 00 00 00 00 00 19
04B8:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CB 0760 !A0 07 85 02 84 03 20 56 13 5080: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 21
04C0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CB 076B :C2 A5 02 C9 02 DO 06 20 9D 5UB8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 29
04CB:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D0 0770 :?7 C2 4C 2C C2 60 81 0D DE 5390: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 31
04D0:00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DB 0773 :0A IE 16 10 02 11 48 OB C6 5098: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 39

COMPUTEIs Gazette June 1989 79

50A0: 00 U0 00 00 00 00 00 00 41 GP 340 PRINTI2,HTS;HSS;CHRS(0)
5 HAS: 0H 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 49
JP 20308 DATA 032,086,049,046, ;GTS;
50B0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 51
050,000 KM 350 PRINT#2,IDS;:GOSUB3B0:P
50B8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 59
CH 20314 DATA 000,000,000,202, RINT:PRINTGFS" CONVERTE
50C0: 00 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 61 D"
50C8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 69
QS 20320 DATA 069,08 3,032,196, ER 360 CLOSE2:CLOSE15:END
50D0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 71
046,032 KA 370 US="U1":GOTO390
511D8: 0B 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 79
XX 20326 DATA 212,085,066,066, RR 390 US="U2"
5 0E0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 81
50E3: 00 00
083 KP 390 PUINT#15,US;2;0;ASC(T3+
00 00 00 00 00 00 89
AG 20476 DATA 076,255,085 "0");ASCfSS+"0"i
50F0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 91
50F8: 00 00 00 0 0 EA A9 4F A0 D6
FM 413 DATA 0,255,3,21,87,10,1
5100: 51 85 0E 84 0F 20 0B C2 88
5108: A0 16 A9 07 91 0C
5110: A0 B0 85 0A 84 0B
Program 5: GeoConverter
5118: A4 00 8D 55 51 8C 56 51 12 HE 10 REM COPYRIGHT 1988 COMPU
5120: 20 E7 Cl AD 55 51 AC 56 7F BEFORE TYPING . . .
512B: 51 95 14 84 15 20 29 C2 DD Before typing in programs, please
5130: A0 45 A9 07 99 00 81 AD 97 refer to "How to Type In
5138: 00 84 AC 01 34 S5 04 SA 68
5140: 05 A9 00 A0 HI 85 0fl 84 94
5118: 0B 20
J8 SPACESjREVISED MAY IS elsewhere in this issue.
E7 Cl 4C 3E C2 4E C0
5150: GP 74 65 73 00 00 00 08 AB
AC 30 POKE 53280,0:POKE 53281,
Program 4: Help Pad basic PS 40 FORI=1TO10:PRINT"(DOWN)"


:NEXT Grafix Converter
TE! PUBLICATIONS, INC. IGHT 1988" Article on page 37.
CK 40 FOR J»20224 TO 20330:REA !GRN)" i,J:next
E J,0:NEXT OR "GFS BE 50 POKE53280,.:POKE53281,.:
AC 60 FOR J=20476 TO 20478 PA 110 HDS=""iPOR 1=1 TO 4:REA L=828:LL=335:LH-337:FL=8
DISK" GD 130 NL$="";TS=CHRS(18):SS=C RINTSPC(5)TS(.)"
MM 90 OPEN1,8,1,"0:HELP PAD" HRS (1) :OPEN 15,B,15,"10 (18 SPACES}":NEXT
XS 100 SA=20224:EA=23552 :":OPEN 2,a,2,"I" CC 80 PRINTSPC(5)"{RVS!{RED] G
256:POKE 194,SA/2 56:POKE KB 150 FOR E=0 TO 7 XE 90 FORI=1TO3:PRINTSPC(5)TS(
780,193 KQ 160 DS=NL$:GET#2,B$:I=1:IFB .)"(18 SPACES)":NEXT
MD 120 POKE7Bl,Sft-INT<EA/256)» S-NLS THEN220 QF 100 PRINT"{2 UP}"SPC(12)TS(
2 56 : POKE782,EA/256: Si's6 AX 170 IF ASC(BS)<>130 THEN220 1)"(27 SPACES]"
5496 HM 180 GET#2,HTS,HSS:1=3:IF HS GM 110 PRINTSPC(12)TS(1)"
ETE":END FH 190 GETI2,B$:I-I+1:1F BS="" 9(7 SPACESl"
BD 20224 DATA 191,255,255,255, THEN BS=CHRS(fl) RE 129 PRINTSPC(12)TS(1)" COMP
EF 20230 DATA 001,128,127,001, GD 210 DS=D$+BS:GOTO190 HC 130 PRINTSPC{12)TS(1]"
128,00B RK 220 FOR 1=1 TO 31:GETS2,B$: (4 SPACESlALL RIGHTS RE
EF 20236 DATA 001,128,008,001, NEXT SERVED{4 SPACES}"
128,008 AX 230 IF D$=GF$ THEN260 EJ 149 PRINTSPC[12)T$<1>"
CS 20242 DATA 001,128,124 , 001, EC 240 NEXT E:IF NTS=NLS THEN2 [27 SPACESl"
130,074 60 EX 150 PRINT"{3 DOWNj(WHT}"SPC
GB 20248 DATA 001,130,073,001, FX 253 TS»NT$:SS=NS$:GOTO140 (17)"CHOOSE"
129,241 CR 260 IF DS=HL$ THENPRINT" XB 160 PRINT"{2 D0WN){RIGHT}
QJ 20254 DATA 001,128,065,001, (DOWN){RVSjFILE NOT FOU (?H. HIRES":PRINT"
191,225 ND(OFF(":GOTO360 {D0WN}{RIGHT}{6>2. MULT
EX 20260 DATA 001,130,065,001, CP 270 PRINT"(D0WN]CONVERTING I":PRINT"{DOWN}{RIGHT)
130,065 (SPACE}"GFS <3>3. QUIT"
KE 20266 DATA 001,130,066,001, MJ 260 DTS=TS:DSS=SS:TS=HTS:SS MD 170 GOSUB1370
130,124 =HSS:GOSUB370 XC 180 IFAS<"1"ORAS>"3"THEN170
JK 20272 DATA 001,130,0011,001, MB 290 GET12,MTS,MSS:IF MSS="" QJ 190 A=VAL(AS):IFA=3THENEND
XE 20279 DATA 901,130,192,001, BM 300 FOR 1=0 TO 65:GET 12,BS {WHT]";:IFA=2THEN229
12B,000 :NEXT FP 210 F0RI=lTO4:PRINTI"{LEFT}
DR 20284 DATA 001,255,255,255, HG 310 GET#2,CT$,GTS:GOSUB370: . "HIS(I):NEXT:GOTO230
AE 29290 DATA 000,252,079,250, S=DTS:SS=DSS:GOSUB370 . "MUS(I):NEXT
091,252 FP 320 FOR 1=0 TO 32«E+2:GET#2 CS 233 PRINT"(5 DOWN}
JF 20296 DATA 079,07 2,069,076, ,B3:NEXT {3 SPACESlFROM: ";
080,070 FQ 330 PRINTS2,MTS;MS5;:FORI=0 BB 240 GOSUB137fl:IFAS<"l"ORAS>
FR 20102 DATA 07 3,076,069,032, TO 15:GETB2,BS:NEXT "7"THEN240

BO COMPUTED Gazelle June I9B9

PD 250 F=VAL(AS):IFF>4ANDA=1TH 20:IFF=1THENGOSUB1230 DM lflBO ES="PIC."+E$:X=220:Y=8
QF 260 IFA=2THEN289 .":FORI=.TO999:PRIHTt2, ATOR
n. Hii
U ■ CHRSI16);:NEXT BB 1110 SC"2 3552:POKEC,16:SYSF
"7"THEN300 GOSUB1210:RETURN QP 1120 BO=PEEK[33576):SC-3257
EN300 20:GOSUB1230:GOSUB1240: GJ 1130 BG=PEEK(34576):SC=3257
JH 330 IFA=2THEN350 AC 75B HN = 128:GOSt;B12 00:GOSUBl A
FQ 340 PRINTSI$(T):GOTO360 220:GOSUB1230:GOSUB1240 FF 1140 BO=2:BG=1:SC=32576:CR=
SE 360 PS = "": INPUT'MCLR) 255) ;CHRS(0);CHRS(1);CH XX 1150 DO^PEEK(34814):BG=PEEK
(2 DOWN){2 RIGHT(NAME 0 RS(7);IRETURN (34B15):SC=32768:CR-33
HEN70 20:NL=192:GOSUB1210:GOS FB 1160 SC'23552:CR=3 2 576:RETU
FG 380 ES=PS:X=. MA 7B0 NL=24:GOSUB1210:GOSUB12 QP 1170 BG=PEEK[32 64 0):SC=3276
RK 390 IFA=2THEN410 40:NL=22:GOSUB1210 a:CR=337 92:RETURN:BLAZ
DG 400 ONFGOSUB8 9 0,900,910,920 PE 790 PRINT#2,CHRS(B0);:GOSUB ING PADDLES
JGOTO4 20 1250:RETURN AQ 1180 BO=PEEK(3 3576):BG=PEEK
KX 410 ONFGOSUB930,970,1040,10 PR 800 HN-92:GOSUB120 0:GOSUB12 (33577):SC=32576:CR-33
50,1060,1070,1080 30:NL-24:GOSUB1210 592:RETURN:ADU ART STU
60 16:GOSUB1210:RETURN SA 1190 BG-ABS(254-PEEK(22748)
FE 430 PRINT:POKELL,X:POKELH,Y RJ 82B HN=160:GOSUB1200:GOSUB1 ) :BM = 24 768:SC = 22768:CR
EB 440 NS="":INPUT"(2 DOWN) 220:NL=64:GOSUB1210:GOS =23768:RETURN:MICRO IL
PA B30 NL = 127:GOSUB1210:GOS[IB1 GH 1200 OPEtI2,8,2,NS:PRINT*2,C
CX 470 ONTGOSUBB90,900,910,920 RS(BO);:GOSUB1250 -1T0NL:PRINT(2,CHRS(0)
EE 480 ONTGOSUB940,970,1040,10 40:RETURN CF 1220 PRINT"BITMAP...":FORI=
50,1060,1070,1080 GG 860 LN=220:HN=24:GOSUB1200 .TO7999:PRINT*2,CHRS(P
40 )}t:NL=19:GOSUB1210 N:BITMAP
AE 500 GOSUB1260 QS 880 GOSUB1230:GOSUB1240:GOS CJ 1230 PRINT"SCREEN.,.":F0RI=
0 EJ 89B ES = "DD"+ES:i' = 92: RETURN: EK{SC+I));:NEXT:RETURN
{DOWN)":BH=24576:NS^NS* ES QS 1260 PRINT"(CLR)(WHT)
",P,W":LN=.:IFA-2THEN59 SH 930 ES="?PIC ? "+ES+"*":GOT £3 DOWN)(4 SPACES)INSE
CS 580 ONFGOSUB109B,1100,1110, FF 940 E$ = -1UJPIC A "+ES + " ETURN>(DOWN)"
1120:GOTO60O [8 SPACES]" BR 1270 PRINTSPC(12)"HIT '<' T
FX 590 OHFGOSUB1130,1140,1150, AG 950 ES = LEFTS(ES,15)+Ci)RS(16 0 ABORT":RETURN
1160,1170,1130,1190 0) MP 12B0 PRINT'MWHT) (2 DOWN) IN
GE 610 ONTG0SUB640,680,690,700 BS 970 OS="":FORI=1TOLEN(ES) HIT <RETURN>(DOHN)":G
PD 620 ONTGOSUB7 40,7 50,7 7 0,800 S) :IFR>64TIIENR = R + 32 pp 1290 OPEN15,8,15!INPUT«15,E
,82O,840,860:CLOSE2 QP 990 OS-QS+CHRS(R):NEXT R,ERS,E1,E2:CLOSE15:IF
DP 640 HN=92:GOSUBl200:IFF=2TH 101G ES = " [CRT?>"*QS + "*":GOT KG 1300 PRINT"{CLR)(2 DOWNlDIS
=1TO1024:PRINTS2,CHRS|1 BD 102C ES-"(CRT0>"+QS+" :FORI-0TO2 000:NEXTI:GO
RK 650 IFF=3THENPRINT"SCREEN.. S,16) CP 1310 0PEN15,8,15:CLOSE15:I=
,CI!RS (16) ; :NEXT QG 104H ES""P-"+ES:V=96:RETURH KD 1320 DATA32,253,174,32,212,
RH 660 IFF=4THENGOSUB12 30:NL=2 :ART 1ST 64 225,162,,160,,169,,32,
4:GOSUB1210 JX 105G ES="RP."+ES:Y*92:RETUR 213,255,96
PX 670 GOSUB1220:RETURN NlRAINBOW PAINTER JH 1330 DATA162,,169,,189, ,92,
RB 680 HN=32:GOSUB1200:GOSUB12 DP 106E ES="PI."+ES:Y-96:RETUR 189, ,93,189,,94,189, ,9
20:RETUR^f N:BLAZING PADDLES 5,232,208,241,96

COMPUTED Gtizona June 1989 81

tj 4,H A^ 1PAINTER 0A31 :97 94 53 55 55 82 AA A3 A8 0CD9:E3 E0 14 90 F3 6B A9 80 IE
PADDLES ,AD 0A39 :0F FF F0 00 00 00 00 28 IB BO
0CE1:8D 0E D4 8D 0F D4 3D 12
0CE9:D4 AD IB D4 60 AD 00 DC
USTRATOK 0A49 :A6 82 A5 AA 82 AA 2A AE 72 0CF1:29 0F C9 0D D0 B6 20 6E B9
MQ 1370 GET AS :IFAS = ""THE' 0A51 :A8 3A BA A0 02 AE 80 03 6C 0CF9:0B 4C 04 OD C9 0E D0 03 27
JG 1380 RETURN 0A59 :BA CO OF AE F0 IF BA F4 36 0D01:20 BB 0B AD 01 DC 29 OF 33
0A61 :56 AE 94 55 FB 55 65 EF 24 0D09:C9 0D DB 06 2B D2 OA 4C 72
0A69 :59 55 79 55 55 2C 55 14 IE 0D11:1A 0D C9 0E D0 03 20 IF 87
0A71 :38 14 10 2C 04 40 00 01 8D 0D19:0B 60 CA C5 D2 C9 C3 CB 94
.Iprii 0A79 :00 00 00 DO 00 00 00 00 BD 0D21:CF A0 C9 C9 A0 E2 F9 A0 46
Uur1 IUI ■ U II 0A81 :82 00 02 AA 80 02 EB 80 26 E2
0D29:D2 EF E5 F2 F4 A0 C2 D2
0A89 :32 AA 80 02 AA 80 00 AA 7B 0D31:E9 F8 E2 F9 A0 A0 A0 AO E3
See instruct. in article Oil vage 0A91 :00 00 AA 00 00 28 00 00 9B 0D39;A0 A0 B3 B0 B0 B6 AO D3 C2
0A99 :D7 00 00
29 before lupins
1 3r
in. D7 00 03 55 CO 8E 0D41:F4 EF EE E5 E3 F5 F4 F4 E3
0AA1 : 01 55 40 01 55 40 01 D7 29 0D49:E5 F2 AB D4 E5 F2 F2 El 37
0801 :0B 08 FF FF 9E 32 32 38 F2 0AA9 :40 01 14 40 03 00 C0 00 3E 0D51:E3 E5 AB A0 A0 A0 AO AO 5E
0309 :3B 00 F8 BB FF FF BF 22 16 0AB1 :00 00 00 00 00 00 BB 00 C5 0D59:A0 A0 C7 F2 E5 E5 EE F3 AC
0811 :0D 0D 0D 0D 0D 0D BD 0D 21 0AB9 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AD 7B 0D61:E2 EF F2 EF AC AO CE EF BB
0B19 :0D 0D 0D 0D OD 0D 0D 0D 29 0AC1 :3C 04 C9 E0 D0 0A AD 64 AA 0D69:F2 F4 EB A0 C3 El F2 EF DC
8821 :0D OD 0D BD 0D OD OD BD 31 0AC9 :04 C9 20 D0 03 20 C2 0C 8D 0D7UEC E9 EE El A0 B2 B7 B4 6C
0B29 : 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 39 0AD1 :60 20 21 09 AD 28 04 20 09 0D79:B0 B5 C3 E8 F2 E9 F3 F4 7C
0831 :20 20 20 20 B0 CO C0 C0 2A 0AD9 : IA 09 3D 80 14 A9 04 85 CB 0D81:ED El F3 AC AO Bl B9 B8 4C
0839 :C0 C0 C0 CO CO CO C0 C0 49 0AE1 ;FC A9 50 B5 FB A0 00 BC 30 0D89:B8 A0 A0 A0 A0 A0 A0 A0 AF
0841 :C0 C0 C0 AE BD 20 20 20 2E 0AE9 :7C 14 20 3A 0C EE 7C 14 17 0D91:A0 A0 A0 AO AO AO A0 AO AB
0B49 : 20 20 20 20 2B B0 C0 CO 7D 0AF1 :ad 7C 14 C9 17 90 F3 A9 A7 0D99:A0 A0 EA 7B A9 EA 8D 15 3A
0851 :CB BD 43 4F 50 59 52 49 64 0AF9 : 14 A0 00 20 3F 0C A0 13 C0 0DAU03 A9 31 3D 14 03 58 60 64
0859 :47 49 54 20 31 39 38 39 C3 0BO1 iA9 98 85 EB A9 07 85 FC F3 0DA9:A2 00 AO 00 38 DO FD CA 77
0861 :AD C0 C0 C0 AE 0D 20 28 A6 0B09 1 20 7E 0C CE 7C 14 D0 F8 OC 0DB1:D0 FA 60 A2 H0 AO 00 3E 3A
0869 :20 20 20 20 20 20 DD 43 18 0B11 :A9 01 A0 13 20 2A 0C AD F0 0DB9:7E 14 A9 ID BD D6 0D BD 8E
0B71 :4F 4D 50 55 54 45 21 20 F5 0B19 : 30 14 8D 29 04 60 20 21 BB 0DC1:DC 0!) A9 05 BD D7 0D A9 A2
0879 :20 50 55 42 4C 49 43 41 CB 0B21 :09 AD 28 04 20 IA 09 BD 75 0DC9:D9 8D DD 0D AD 89 14 8D 0A
0881 :54 49 4F 4E 53 DD 0D 20 29 0B29 :80 14 A0 00 A9 14 20 54 CA 0DDl:87 14 A9 A0 9D 00 00 AD 8E
0889 :2G 20 20 20 20 20 20 AD 27 0B31 :0C A9 50 85 FB A9 B4 85 2E 0DD9:87 14 9D 00 00 E8 E0 0A DF
0891 :C0 CO AE 33 32 34 20 20 FD 0B39 :FC A0 13 A9 00 8D 7C 14 36 0DE1:90 F0 A2 00 AD D6 0D IS CF
0899 :57 2E 20 57 45 4E 44 4F 95 0B41 ■20 8A 0C EE 7C 14 AD 7C 86 0DE9:69 23 3D D6 0D BD DC 0D 47
B8A1 :56 45 52 BO C0 C0 BD 0D 15 0B49: 14 C9 17 90 F3 A0 13 A9 B9 0DF1:9O 06 EE D7 0D EE DD 0D IS
B8A9 :2B 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 B9 0B51: 01 20 69 0C A9 07 85 FC 4F 0DF9:CB C0 0C 90 D5 60 A2 00 A3
08B1 :2B 20 20 AD AE 47 52 45 35 0B59: A9 98 85 FB A0 00 20 7E 9E 0E0UA0 00 BE 7E 14 A9 31 8D SB
08B9 :45 4E 53 42 4F 52 4F 2C ID 0B61: 0C CE 7C 14 D0 F3 AD B0 46 0E09:D6 0D 8D DC OD A9 05 8D F9
oaci :20 4E 43 B0 BD 0D 20 20 6B 0B69t 14 8D 5<! 34 60 2B C0 0A 46 0E11:D7 0D A9 D9 8D DD OD AD DA
08C9 :2B 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 D9 0B71; AD 3C 04 20 IA 09 BD 30 30 0E19:88 14 BD 87 14 4C D3 OD 2F
O8D1 :20 20 AD C0 C0 C0 C0 C0 07 0B79: 14 A9 04 85 FC A9 64 85 B9 0E21:0O 00 A2 00 A0 00 8C 21 D0
03D9 :C0 C0 C0 CB C0 C0 C0 C0 E9 0B81; FB A0 00 ac 7C 14 20 8A 85 0E29:OE 8C 22 0E A9 ID 8D 38 A9
0BE1 :C0 BD 0D 0D BD 0D 0D 0D F7 0B89: 0C EE 7C 14 AD 7C 14 C9 83 0E31:OE A9 05 8D 39 OE BD 00 B5
08E9 :0D 0D 0D 0D 00 00 00 20 56 0B91: 17 90 F3 A9 28 A0 14 20 7C OE39:00 C9 20 D0 06 20 03 OF 9B
OBF1 :A9 0D 20 6D 0F 20 58 12 BO 0B99: 3F 0C A0 27 A9 98 85 FB 8F 0E41:4C 49 0E A9 01 8D 22 OE C2
08F9 :20 12 12 20 35 12 20 B7 CC BBAl! A9 07 85 FC 20 7E 0C CE B0 0E49:EB E0 0A 90 E9 A2 00 AD E3
0901 : 12 20 94 13 A5 C5 C9 40 FF 0BA9: 7C 14 DO F8 A9 15 AO 27 B6 0E51:38 OE 18 69 28 8D 38 OE 9C
0909 :F0 BE 20 A9 0D 20 6D OF CO 0BB1: 20 2A BC AD 80 14 8D 3D 6B 0E59:90 03 EE 39 0E C8 CO OC 11
0911 :20 EE 0C 20 94 13 4C 11 0D 0BB9: 04 60 20 C0 0A AD 3C 04 7D 0E61:90 D4 AD 22 0E FB 01 60 G9
0919 :09 C9 60 D0 02 A9 20 60 92 0BC1: 20 IA 09 8D 80 14 A0 14 12 0E69:AD 21 0E F0 OD CE 88 14 3B
0921 :AD 26 04 C9 E0 DO OA AD 3D 0BC9: A3 28 20 54 0C A9 64 85 5D 0E71:AD 88 14 C9 02 90 10 4C 64
0929 :50 04 C9 20 D0 03 20 A5 18 0BD1: FB A9 04 B5 FC A0 13 A9 63 0E79:FF OD CE 89 14 AD 89 14 C9
0931 :0C 60 00 B0 0B 00 00 00 61 0BD9: B0 8D 7C 14 20 8A 0C ER 56 0E81:C9 02 90 03 4C B4 0D 68 FC
0939 :00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4B 0BE1: 7C 14 AD 7C 14 C9 17 9B 3F 0EB9:68 20 9B OD 58 A2 00 SE 02
0941 : 15 11 B0 A4 99 00 A4 99 1C 0BE9: F3 A0 27 A9 15 2H 69 0C A9 0E91:!8 D4 A9 E0 9D 20 05 9D 47
0949 :03 E7 95 00 E7 99 00 E7 17 BBFl'iA9 07 85 FC A9 98 B5 FB D5 0E99:70 05 BD D2 0E 9D 48 05 90
0951 :99 00 E7 99 00 E3 B8 00 C7 0BF9: A0 14 20 7E OC CE 7C 14 F9 (JEM i AS 01 9D 20 D9 9D 48 D9 38
0959 :C7 IS 00 24 98 00 E7 90 FB 0C01: D3 F8 AD 89 14 8D 64 04 21 0RA9:9D 70 D9 E8 EO 18 90 E2 E5
0961 :00 E7 90 00 E7 95 00 E7 FC 0C09: 60 3D 81 14 A5 FB 38 ED Al 0EB1:A5 C5 C9 19 DO 03 4C F0 F8
0969 :98 00 E7 90 00 E7 90 04 92 0C11: 81 14 85 FB B0 02 C6 FC 77 BEB9:08 C9 27 DO 03 4C E2 FC 4A
0971 :E7 90 24 E7 95 E5 57 AB 3A 0C19: 6B 8D 81 14 A5 FB 18 6D F0 0EC1:AD 00 DC 29 10 D0 E9 AD 28
0979 :EA A3 FO FF CO BO 00 14 22 0C21: 81 14 85 FB 90 02 E6 FC C6 0EC9:01 DC 29 10 DO E2 4C F0 5F
0981 : 14 14 90 91 92 90 91 92 5A 0C29: 60 8D 81 14 88 B9 23 04 C5 0RDl:B8 E0 20 20 10 0C 01 19 FB
0989 :97 97 96 93 91 9E 93 99 21 0C31: 20 IA 09 C8 99 28 04 88 8B 0ED9:20 01 07 01 09 0E 3F 20 56
0991 :9E 97 99 97 A3 BB AO C5 98 0C39: CC Bl 14 DO EF 60 81) 81 45 BEE 1:20 3C 19 2F 0E 3E 20 20 FC
0999 :73 41 26 12 49 E4 9E 79 30 BC41: 14 C8 B9 C0 07 20 IA 09 CE 0EE9:E0 A2 00 A0 00 8C 22 0E AD
09A1 :E7 9B 79 E5 4E 79 E6 LE 21 0C49: as 99 C0 07 C8 CC Bl 14 25 0EF1:A9 01 8D 21 0E A9 31 8D ED
09A9 j79 E4 9E 79 E7 9E 79 E7 Bl 0C51: 90 EF 60 3D 81 14 CS B9 3A 0EF9:3B 0E A9 05 8D 39 BE 4C F4
0 9B1 :9E 79 B7 9E 79 E3 8E 3A 0B 0C59: 28 04 20 IA 09 8B 99 28 Fl 0FB1:37 0E 8E 34 14 8C 85 14 4A
09B9 :C3 0C 3F 00 00 00 00 44 DC 0C61: 04 CB CC 31 14 D0 EF 60 83 0FB9:A2 0A AD 21 0E FO IE AD E0
0 9C1 :51 04 66 49 66 66 49 66 A4 0C69: 3D 81 14 38 B9 C0 07 20 B2 0F11:38 14 38 E9 07 49 FF 3D 09
0 9C9 :66 59 66 66 79 D6 9E 79 76 0C71: IA 09 C8 99 CO 07 88 CC 8B 0F19:B6 14 8A 33 ED 86 14 AA S0
09D1 :96 9B 59 A6 8E BB EE 5F 0D 0C79: 81 14 B0 EF 60 20 96 0C 29 0F21:AD 86 14 IB 69 30 BD 27 0A
09D9 :7D F5 82 49 26 0E 79 E7 51 0C81: 20 IA 0C 20 9F OC 4C 0A 63 0F29:04 A9 18 DO 1C AD 89 14 82
09E1 t 0E 79 E7 0E 55 E7 OE 69 07 0CB9: 0C 20 96 0C 20 0A 0C 20 A4 0F31:38 E9 07 49 FF 8D 86 14 B2
09E9 :E7 0E 79 E7 OE 79 E7 0E 55 0C91: 9F 0C 4C IA 0C Bl FB 20 E6 0F19:BA 3B ED 66 14 AA AD 86 FD
B9F1 :79 B7 5E 79 E5 8E 38 EA E2 0C99: IA 09 AA A9 28 60 3A 91 5A 0F41:14 18 69 30 8D 00 04 A9 BD
09F9 :0C 30 FF 00 00 00 00 50 6E 0CA1: FB A9 50 60 A2 00 A9 E0 7B 0F49:04 8D 54 OF 8D 57 OF 8D BD
0AB1 :50 00 42 40 00 42 40 00 13 0CA9i 9D 28 04 90 CA 07 E8 E0 IA 0F51:60 OF FE 00 04 BD 00 04 5B
0A09 :4E 50 00 4E 40 00 46 40 0C 0CB1: 0A 90 F3 A9 20 9D 23 04 D7 0F59:C9 3A 90 09 A9 30 9D 00 D6
0A11 ■ go 56 51 11 AE 8B 88 5F FD ■ 0CB9; 9D B6 07 E8 EB 14 90 F3 2A 0F61:04 CA 4C 53 OF AE 84 14 43
0A19 :S5 55 92 96 94 9F 97 94 CF 0CC1: 60 A2 00 A9 EB 9D 3C 04 47 0F69:AC 85 14 60 20 9B BD A9 FA
0A21 :93 97 94 93 97 94 93 97 7E 0CC9: 9D DE 07 EB E0 OA 90 F3 1C OF71:00 8D 5F 14 8D 5D 14 8D B7
BA29 :94 93 97 94 93 97 94 93 60 0CD1: A9 20 9D 3C 04 9D CA 07 71 0F79:20 D0 8D 21 D0 A9 04 8D 62

82 COMPUTE! s Gazette Juna 1989

3F81:8E 14 A2 00 as 15 D0 BD 63 1229:0C 8D 67 14 60 20 BB 0B EA 14D1:53 53 20 41 4E 59 20 20 CB
3F89:21 14 C9 63 F0 07 9D 5C E7 1231:4C 1A 12 60 AD 69 14 F0 76 14D9:4B 45 59 20 20 54 4F 20 37
3F91:14 ES AC 88 0F A9 BE 20 62 1239:17 20 D2 0fl CE 68 14 D0 FC 14E1:20 42 45 47 49 4E 20 20 AB
3F99:D2 FF A9 0B 20 D2 FF A9 CC 1241:15 AD 69 14 49 FF 8D 69 9B 14E9:20 20 20 00 06 05 07 03 83
8FA1:06 BD ea 14 8D B9 14 A9 DC 1249:H 20 DF 0C 8D 68 14 60 02 14F1:01 01 01 01 01 03 07 05 32
0FA9:93 20 D2 FF A2 00 A9 30 8C 1251:20 IF 0B AC 3D 12 60 A9 10 14F9:06 00 00 02 02 02 02 03 64
BFB1:9D 04 04 9D 18 04 E8 E0 7D 1259:0F 8D 15 D0 8D 1C D0 SD 24 1501:03 03 04 18 5A A3 CC 23 SD
0FB9:0B 90 F5 8D 00 04 8D 27 6B 1261:1D D0 8D 17 00 A9 00 BD 26 1509:86 F4 30 BE* DF BF 7F IB C5
3FC1:B4 A9 08 A0 00 99 00 D8 96 1269:1B D0 A9 56 8D 00 D0 A9 Al 1511:20 40 B0 00 00 BB B0 BB 6B
BFC9:99 00 D9 99 00 DA 99 00 28 1271:86 8D 02 D0 A9 B6 SD 04 D0
0FD1:DB C8 D0 Fl 20 A5 0C ?0 19 1279:D0 A3 E6 3D 06 D0 A9 44 31
0FD9:C2 0C 20 B4 0D 20 FF 0D Al 1281:8D 01 D0 BD 03 D0 8D 35 IB BthUHL TYHINU .
0FE1:78 A9 EE 8D 14 03 A9 0F 6C 1289:D0 8D 07 D0 AD 6B 14 BD 38 Before typing in programs, please
0FE9:BD 15 03 53 60 8D 90 14 68 1291:26 00 i\9 0F 8D 25 D0 A9 6F refer to 'How tc TvDe In
0FF1:8C 92 14 8E 91 14 AD 86 25 1299:03 8D 27 D0 8D 28 D0 8D 4F
COMPUTE! s Gazette Programs,"
0FF9:14 C9 03 90 05 A9 S3 8D 60 12A1:29 D0 8D 2A D0 A0 00 B9 A5
1001:8K 14 AD 8F 14 F0 03 4C D2 12A9:C6 14 99 FB 07 C8 Cfl 04 D9 elsewhere In tms issue
1aQ0 »Of
ihu jmor 1i.v
fl Ei tj SB 14 AD SB 14 0E 12B1:90 F5 EE 6B 14 60 EE 63 93
10U:CD 8E 14 F0 03 4C 7A 10 9B 12B9:14 AD 63 14 C9 03 B0 01 BD

1019:A9 00 SD 8B 14 8D 8A 14 78 12C1:60 A9 00 8D 63 14 AC 61 7F
1021:20 5A 11 Bl 19 C9 E0 F0 C7 12C9:1<1 A2 00 B9 EC 14 9D 11 40 Bomti >
1029:05 A9 20 20 70 11 20 9A DE 12D1:D8 EB E0 05 90 F5 EE 61 A4 ndliiDi;
1031:11 20 5A 11 Bl 19 C9 20 E3 12D9:14 AD 61 14 C9 10 B0 01 Dl
1039:F0 0D C9 E0 F0 03 20 AE DE 12El:60 A9 00 BD 61 14 AD 62 92 See instructions in article OH vage
1041:10 20 8B 11 20 9A 11 20 Al 12E9:14 18 69 05 8D 62 14 C9 83 38 before tvpinv in
j; 0
1049:D9 11 20 5A 11 Bl 19 C9 BF 12P1:1E 90 05 A9 00 3D 62 14 93
1051:20 F0 0D C9 E0 F0 03 20 EC 12F9:AC 62 14 A2 00 B9 CE 14 52 B801:0D 08 C5 07 9E 32 30 36 17
10 5 9:AE 10 20 7C 11 20 D9 11 6E 1301:29 3F 9D 11 04 EB CS EB B6 0809:33 3A A2 80 00 00 A9 35 IE
1061:20 5A 11 Bl 19 C9 E0 F0 08 1309:05 90 F2 20 5B 12 60 20 22 0811:85 FB A9 08 85 FC A9 00 0C
1069:05 Ay 60 20 70 11 EE 8A B4 1311:DF 0C 29 07 AA BD 04 15 29 0819:85 FD A9 C6 85 FE A0 00 76
1071:14 AD BA 14 CD 5D 14 90 36 1319:8D 66 14 BD FC 14 8D 65 B6 0821:B1 FB 91 FD C8 D0 F9 E6 7P
1079:A7 EE BC 14 AD 8C 14 29 EC 1321:14 A9 08 BD 00 D4 3D 01 05 0829:FC S6 FE A5 FE C9 CE D0 39
1081:03 C9 03 D0 09 20 23 BE 20 1329:D4 8D 07 DA 80 03 D4 A9 2B 0831:EF 4C 00 C6 20 E7 C6 A9 90
1089:20 EA 0E 20 4E 13 EE 60 35 1331:0F SD 13 D4 BD 05 D4 3D 4A 0839IA2 A0 C6 20 DF C6 A9 15 20
1091:14 AD 60 14 29 08 F0 04 C3 1339:0C D4 A9 FC 8D 06 D4 3D 5B 0841:8D 08 03 A9 ce BD 09 B3 96
1099:ft9 29 D0 02 A9 2A 3D 5C 80 1341:0D D4 A9 10 BD 04 D4 A9 29 0849:60 A5 9D F0 4B A9 67 B5 0B
1BA1:14 AD 90 14 AE 91 14 AC IB 1349:15 8D 0B D4 60 EE 64 14 A7 0851:FB A9 C6 B5 PC A0 01 Bl 19
10A9:92 14 4G 31 EA AS 1A 8D 64 1351:AD 64 14 C9 02 D0 06 A9 8F