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Halez Abdullah

Ms Singer

English II

December 19, 2014

Junk Food and Fast Food Should not be allowed in Schools.

But critics say schools made a serious mistake when they began adding soft drinks and

junk food to their menus, in large to prop up struggling lunch programs for which federal

reimbursements have not increased since the early 1980s (Watson).Considering this foods,

schools should be the one environment where there is no advisement on unhealthy foods such as

fast foods and junk food. Just like students are taught good behavior and conducts at school, they

should also be taught good eating habits. Students spend most of their time in school; therefore

there should be more advertisement on healthy foods and the benefits of eating healthier. Fast

foods and junk food may make someone feel hyper and active after they have consumed the

unhealthy products, but in most cases there is usually a crash after a while of eating the

unhealthy foods. Junk food obviously tastes great, but most students do not know harmful these

foods can be. It is very harmful for them to constantly consume these foods. Most students are

not aware of exactly what they are putting into their bodies. Unhealthy foods such as junk foods

and fast foods should be banned from school because students can get distracted in class,

students can become obese, and students can get diseases.

Students can get distracted in class. It is very easy for students to become disturbed and

not pay attention to their teachers. When there is something else adding to the distraction for

students it just makes it much worse. For example, when students are conversing with another

classmate, this causes interruption. Also, eating in class is another interference while trying to

pay attention and listen in class. Students tend to make a lot of noise while they are eating and

also pay more focus on their food rather than their instructor. More importantly and what may be

the biggest disruption is students eating unhealthy foods. When students eat junk foods they

become lazy and very tired. This causes them to constantly zone out and not pay attention to

their teachers. If they are listening to their instructors more likely they will not remember

everything being said by their teacher because of how the junk food makes them feel. Junk food

also causes a crash which most like leads the students to fall asleep in class. Falling asleep in

class can be a distraction especially if the student is snoring.

Students can become obese. Similar scenes play out daily at middle and high schools

across the nation, where soda and a bag of chips have become the meal of choice for a generation

brought up on fast food. So widespread are sugary soft drinks and high-fat snacks on campus that

what children eat at school has become a focus of the debate over how to reverse an alarming

increase in overweight and obese youths (Watson). Obesity is a huge factor that America faces.

Obesity in America is only becoming worse and it is increasing every day. Not only has obesity

increased in the Unites States, but it has especially increased more in the southern states. Since

Tennessee is part of the southern states it is more likely that someone from our very own state

becomes obese. Unfortunately obesity in Tennessee is only going to become much worse. The

only thing that can be done is to eat much healthier. The school systems especially need to

consider this. They need to realize the numbers in obesity are only going up and they need to try

to help students better their eating habits. If the schools continue to provide junk foods and allow

the students to purchase these foods at school they are only adding the numbers of obesity. No

schools should allow any type of unhealthy products this includes all snacks and artificial drinks.

Students can get diseases. Along with the fact that students can become obese, students

just like everyone else can get diseases from having a poor diet. Students can get all types of

diseases including but not limited to diabetes type a, diabetes type b, high blood pressure, high

cholesterol, heart disease, cancers, and the list continues. The fact that students are being served

unhealthy fatty foods every day at school only makes it more likely from them to get a disease. It

makes it very hard for the students to maintain a healthy diet if they are constantly being feed

foods that can cause them to get diseases. Students only have a limit of choices to choose from at

school, so the choices of healthier foods such as greens, fruits, and etc. should be much more.

Students everyday are being served foods that cause diseases such as pizza, hamburgers, french

fries, fried chicken, chicken tenders; also they serve the students drinks with huge amounts of

sugar such as chocolate milk and strawberry milk. Just like schools want to teach students and

want to help them excel in knowledge, they need to help them excel in their health first. Schools

should focus on teaching students about how to maintain a healthy eating and what can cause

then to get diseases so that students may stay away from junk food and go towards eating

healthier foods on regular bases.

United States as a whole needs to eat much healthier and needs to maintain a healthy diet

and exercise. The best place to promote better eating and staying active is at school. Schools do

not do enough to help their students on making better choices for their health. This is an

unfortunate thing; schools do care about their students education, but need to do much better on

providing education about health. Students need to realize that in the long run consuming junk

food and not exercises will only hurt them and cause a bad future for them. Snack machines and

drink machines should be switched out for better health snacks to help students make better

choices. All schools should eliminate all destructive foods such as junk foods and fast foods

because students can get distracted, students can become obese, and students can get disease.

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