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My gut is telling me this morning that the Wiccan

efforts had no desired impact.

Time will tell.

Ok, so I guess I could give a reason for probable failure (but this is not
the error in their spell). The people who participated in the wiccan ritual
this time around were small potatoes who are not completely aware of the
conspiracy and have some good in them. Their spell had faults that mirrored
the lies on CNN, and because of the way the spell was arranged, it could
not have portions of it be based on fiction and still work. I won't say what the
actual errors were, but that pretty much sums it up.

I am going to leave the prayer I figured would cancel their spell on this page
and will bump it to the top the next time it matters.

I was told by MANY people, not just a few, to NOT say what is wrong with
their spell that they distributed, and to ONLY post what should be said to
counteract it. Here it is, say it in a way that is appropriate for your religion:

Dear God: Tonight the forces of darkness will be attempting to damage

Donald Trump, our president and a man of good faith. Please counteract
their work of darkness by canceling all efforts to confuse Trump, and help
Trump succeed in all efforts he embarks on that are for the good of the
nation, the good of our spiritual future, and the good of mankind. Please
give our president a special blessing and gift for bringing truth, awakening,
and persuasion to good, to all people whether they support him or not.

End of prayer. Repeat this prayer as much as you can with conviction in
your heart.

That short prayer will be likely to exploit the flaw in their spell.


In the name, authority and power of the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we agree with
and send this prayer throughout the earth and the heavens to stand together against
this mass witchcraft attack directed over the next few days against President Trump, his
family and friends, his advisors and his cabinet, and us, whether the effects are intended
to be immediate or delayed.

We are seated in the heavenlies with God, are saved by Jesus Christ, and have the Holy
Ghost indwelling us. We have power and the victory against satan and his minions,
agents, allies, and servants because of the victory of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is
finished. They are defeated. We are victors. We come in His power, not ours.

We cover ourselves and every person coming in prayer against this mass witchcraft
attack with the blood of the Lamb of God. We loose warrior angels to protect and guard
us. We armor ourselves with the whole armor of God, and ask the Holy Ghost to turn
our swords of the Spirit into flaming swords of power, might and swiftness. We lock our
shields of faith into a collective shield wall that will cover every man, woman and child
coming in prayer and intercession against this mass witchcraft attack that may be
directed against us at any time or from any place. We are more than conquerors in this

We rebuke and bind the intentions, efforts and works of every participant in this mass
witchcraft attack to automatic and total failure. We loose angels of God's choice to mar
every letter, marking, drawing, sigil and symbol, confuse every syllable, vowel, and
word muttered, spoken, chanted or prophesied, and block and disrupt every bodily
gesture, movement and stance of every one of these practitioners that are participating
in this mass spell, whether they are solitary or joined in a group or coven.

We cover every instrument of witchcraft with the blood of Jesus Christ to discharge its
power and disconnect it from its satanic power source. God, please destroy every
instrument of witchcraft being used for this attack. We ask you to crush their stones and
crystals, splinter and break their wands and rods, shatter their mirrors and crystal balls,
rend and tear their clothing and regalia, render powerless any doll, image or effigy being
utilized, and otherwise make all these instruments of evil useless forever and ever.

We cover with the blood of the Lamb of God to discharge the power of every magical
hex mark, pentagram, hexagram, septagram, octogram, circle, triangle, square,
pyramid, cube, platonic solid or matrix used to gather and concentrate their magical

We cover every participant in this mass witchcraft attack with the blood of the Lamb of
God, to nullify their personal power, and disconnect them from their satanic power

We also loose escape and evasion into every animal and human that would be used in
this mass witchcraft attack as a blood sacrifice, and ask that warrior angels be loosed to
protect these intended sacrifices from capture, and release them if they are already
being held.

We bind to utter failure and fruitlessness every single charm, chant, incantation, spell,
curse and ritual that is coming from any source (be it human, demonic, or fallen angel)
against President Trump, his family, friends, and his cabinet. By no means shall any
weapon formed against them succeed.

LORD, we loose legions of armored and armed warrior angels of sufficient authority,
power, rank and number to go attack immediately every demon, devil, or fallen angel
sent forth from these witches, or that are aiding and/or being commanded by them.

We loose singing angels singing praises and songs unto God and Jesus Christ to fill the
houses, buildings, groves, convocations, conference calls, chat rooms, websites, social
media sites, and every gathering place where these witches are coming together for
their evil work.

We loose civil war between every member in every coven, so that they will attack each
other with rage and fury. We bind every thread and stream of their magick to unravel
like a rotting cloth. We hereby cancel and nullify every demonic assignment against
President Trump, his family and friends, his advisors and cabinet, and us also.
We loose 1,000 shekinah light missiles at every single participant in this mass witchcraft
attack, ground zero being their hearts, minds and souls. LORD, blind them as you did
Saul on the road to Damascus. Break their concentration. Distract their mind. Turn off
their electricity. Put out their fires. Storm on their procession. Bring fire down on their
groves. Impede, hinder and hamper them in every way, shape, form or fashion pleasing
to You, O LORD of Hosts.

We pray for the salvation of every participant in this mass witchcraft attack (be they
small or great), that in Your mercy, LORD, you will convict them of their sins, and break
every heart with Godly sorrow which works repentance unto their salvation.

To GOD ALONE be the glory!!!

Feb 25, 2017