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Application of Simultaneous Inversion in Characterizing Reservoir

Properties in X Field, Sabah Basin

Lee Ming Xiang| Supervisor: Mr. Luluan Almanna Lubis | Co-Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Lo Shyh Zung

Introduction Results & Discussion

Another approach for better hydrocarbon prediction and
reservoir characterization Elastic Properties Analysis
Objectives of this case study are: AI SI
(i) Predict the lithology and fluid distribution in X field Adopted from Goodway, et al., 1997

(ii) Obtain a reliable estimation of P wave velocity (VP), S-

wave velocity (VS), and density (). Vertical Scale

Two issues in this project which are: 1cm: 22.6m

(a) 1cm:109.4m 1cm:109.4m

Adopted from degaard & Avseth. 2003
(i) Feasibility of simultaneous inversion in complex L L
Inverted AI Inverted SI
reservoir H H

(ii) Well group wavelet versus statistical group wavelet

for better inversion result
Adopted from Goodway, et al., 1997

Research Area (b) 1cm:109.4m

Inverted Rho Inverted Vp/Vs



(c) 1cm:109.4m 1cm:109.4m

Formation Gross sand (m) NTG Fluid
Figure 5 Cross plot (a) SI vs AI (b) Vp/Vs vs AI (c) MR vs Lambda Rho Mu Rho
Unit 4 16.9 0.70 Gas

Figure 2 Location Map of Study Area. Adopted from Madon Figure 3 Base Map for Well Location with Stage IVC LR of well SEL-1
Unit 5 22.9 0.71 Gas
et al., 1999 Unconformity Surface
Unit 6 15.8 0.69 Gas
Unit 7 45.7 0.85 Gas AI: Acoustic Impedance Rho: Density
SI: Shear Impedance NTG: Net to gross

Seismic coverage: 300 km2 Unit 8 62.5 0.77 Gas/Oil LR: Lambda-rho
MR: Mu-rho
H: High
L: Low

Unit 9 54.9 0.91 Water

Partial angle stack:
(a) Near (5-15)
(b) Mid (15-25) Inversion Analysis
(c) Far (25-40)
8 wells with complete well logs Conclusions
Elastic properties plays an important role in allowing exploration teams
Figure 4 3D Seismic Line Across X Field Complex from A to A
to predict lithology and fluid distribution.
Well group wavelet is yielding better inversion results compared to
Methodology statistical group wavelet.
Simultaneous inversion is feasible to be conducted in complex reservoir

Hampson, P.D. & Russell, H.B. (2013). Joint Simultaneous Inversion
of PP and PS Angle Gathers. CSEG Recorder, 38(6).
Madon, M. (1999). Sabah Basin, in Petroleum Geology and
Resources of Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Petronas, 501-539.
Goodway, B. (2001). AVO and Lame Constants for Rock
Parameterization and Fluid Detection. CSEG Recorder, 39-60.
Figure 6 Comparison between well and statistical group wavelet