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Venue- The Premises of the City Hall of Cimislia
Address: Stefan cel Mare, 14; MD 4101, Cimislia, Republica Moldova
Language of the meeting- English, Romanian
09:00 9:30 Arrival of
Welcome Coffee
and Registration
9:30 10:00
Oriano Otocan The President of ALDA
Gheorghe Rileanu - The Mayor of Cimislia
Badan Tatiana - The president of CALM
Dorin Chirtoaca The vice president of the
Congress of local and regional authorities of the Inauguration of
Council of Europe Local Democracy
Marco Gemmer - Acting Head of Operations Agency Moldova
section EU Delegation Moldova Welcoming
Jose Luis Herrero Head of Council of Europe Speeches
office in Moldova (tbc)
Pascal Vagogne - The ambassador of France tbc
Michalski Artur - The ambassador of Poland

Local Partners of LDA Moldova

Signature of
Partners of LDA Moldova Memorandum of

Family Photo

10:00 - 12:00 Conference on Migration - LADDER event ALDAs project

Local development and engagement of different Local Authorities
stakeholders and citizens are at the center of the as Drivers for
development policies by increasing their capacities to act Development
and their awareness and understanding of the Education and
interdependent world, thus enhancing their engagement Raising
in global issues. awareness" is
Why Migration? funded by
Taking into consideration that LDA Moldovas partners EuropeAid. For
decided to include migration as one of the topics on the
which they would like to work together, also the multi- implementation
stakeholder approach (engagement of LAs, CSOs, period, it will seek
private sector, to enhance and
education sector, citizens etc) has proven to be efficient increase the action
and with a clear added-value in achieving specific of Local
objectives, that can be applied at a larger scale (to the Authorities in EU
whole community, local, regional, national, international DEAR policies,
level), we intend to bring the successful experience of the with special
project LADDER on the migration issues, as well as to reference to the

With the financial support of the European Union

discuss the current situation on migration in Moldova EU Neighboring
and to reflect on the recommendations what can be done area.
to make the situation better.
12:00 12:30 Coffee Break
12:30 14:00 Discussing Cultural Heritage Policy of Moldova- Public CHOICE - aims at
discussion in the frame of the project CHOICE enhancing civil
societys role and
During one hour and a half public discussion in the to build its
frame of the project CHOICE on the topic of cultural capacities to
heritage will bring local perspective on the topic- develop a
sharing the results of small projects implemented under heritage-friendly
re granting scheme of the project and reflect on the role living
of civil society in the process of development of cultural environment in
policy of the country. Belarus, Armenia,
Moldova and
14:00 15:30 Lunch
15:30 16:00 LDA Moldovas Partners Meeting

16:00 Departure to Chisinau

"This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the
European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of
ALDA and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of
the European Union. "

With the financial support of the European Union