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Lamb Shank Potjie Recipe / Lamb Shanks in a Cast Iron Pot

Preparation Time: 30-Minutes

Cooking time: Approx. 3-4 Hours

Difficulty: Easy

Serves: 6

3 Tbsp Cooking Oil (Vegetable, Canola or Olive Oil)
6 350-400g (12-14 Ounces) Lamb Shanks (trimmed - ask your Butcher)
2 Celery Stalks, chopped
1 Large Onion, chopped (I prefer Red Onion which is slightly sweeter)
1 Large Carrot, chopped
6 Large Garlic Cloves, chopped/crushed
6 Anchovy Fillets (drained)
2 Cinnamon Sticks
2 Small Fresh Bay Leaves
2 Fresh Sprigs of Thyme
2 Tbsp Gin
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
4 Tbsp Tomato Paste
1 x 750-ml bottle of Red Wine (Merlot is best)
3 Sweet Bell Peppers (red/yellow/orange)
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Sweet Potato, peeled & chopped into small cubes
Salt & Black Pepper to taste

Make a fire using Charcoal or a hard wood that will make nice coals. When the coals are ready, you
first need to brown the Lamb Shanks. There are two ways to go about this:

1. The original recipe says to place Olive Oil into the pot and to place the pot on the fire, to heat
the oil. Once the oil is hot, insert the Lamb Shanks and brown them evenly on all sides.

2. My method is to brown the Lamb Shanks on the open fire using a traditional grid before
putting them in the Pot. To do this, brush the Lamp Shanks lightly with Vegetable or Canola Oil
(Olive Oil burns too quickly using this method). Then, lightly season the shanks with a little salt
& black pepper. The excess oil can be thrown into your pot. Brown the shanks on the open fire.
Note: I opted for this process, as trying to brown 4 or more Lamb Shanks in a Pot is a mission
on its own, especially in a Pot with a curved base.

3. Once the shanks are browned remove them from the Pot/Grid and set aside.

4. Add the Onions and Garlic & any left over oil to the pot, together with the other herbs &
spices Stir-fry for a minute or two, just to release their flavours (again this is my variation).

5. Place the Lamb Shanks back in the Pot with the other ingredients and then add all the other
remaining ingredients.

6. Bring the Pot to a simmer, close the lid and let it cook until the sauce thickens and the meat
starts to fall off the bone.

7. When the meat is ready, take the lid off the pot to reduce or thicken the sauce.

. This process will also combine any additional fat/oil floating on top, into the sauce.

Cooks Notes:
1. You must check on the Pot occasionally to make sure it is simmering at a relatively steady
pace. It must not boil and you must make sure the heat of the fire stays relatively constant. The
best way to ensure a good heat consistency is to place coals all around the side of the pot and
only a few underneath, if necessary. Keep an eye on the temperature of the coals and keep a
small side fire burning, with new coals which can be added around the pot, if necessary. The
cooking time will depend entirely on the heat of the fire and the size of the Lamb Shanks, but it
should take approximately 3-4 Hours

2. Side Dishes: I havent included any side dishes, but Mashed Potatoes; Couscous or Rice
are recommended. I would suggest keeping these side dishes simple as the Lamb Shanks dish
is very rich & hearty and needs something to tone it down a little. You could also serve the
Lamb Shanks with a nice soft white bread. If you use a bread, then use one that can soak up
the sauce!