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Ben Otoadese

I didnt choose the skux life, the skux life chose me. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a

movie about a boy named Ricky Baker, and his Uncle as they survive through the wilderness,

on the run from the police, and Child Protective Services. Ricky Baker is a bad, tough, and

independent character that lots of people can relate to.

Ricky Baker is relatable because at first he is a bad kid. An example of this is when he

was showed graffitiing the wall, and destroying property. This shows that he doesnt make an

effort to stop being bad, and that he doesnt care either. Another example is that Ricky Baker

Ran away in the first day at his new home. This shows he is a bad kid, because even after the fact

that if he does something bad that he will go to juvie, but he doesnt seem to care, and doesnt

give the family a chance. People can relate to Ricky, because they may not be as bad as him, but

they have all have done bad things in life, and they all have probably felt the same way Ricky.

Not only is Ricky Baker mad, but he is confused because he isnt being led in a straight path, and

because of it he is trying to act tough.

In addition, Ricky Baker is always acting tough. One example is that he thinks being in a

gang would make him tough, or that it would change his persona and make people respect him.

This shows him acting tough, because he always say things like, I didnt choose the skux life,

the skux life chose me, making it sound like none of this was his choice, but it was just destiny

for it to turn out like this. Another example of him acting tough is when they found the hikers

for the second time, he took a gun, and threatened to shoot them if they didnt drop their

weapons even though they were holding food. This shows he is trying to act tough because he

thinks that since he has a gun he is more powerful than those guys, and he has the authority over

some people, and that hes so gangster for doing this. Some junior high students can relate to this
because they act tough to help them feel powerful and big. Ricky Baker acts tough because he

doesnt want to show the pain of the stuff he has been through, like losing friends, and going to

multiple homes. Because of this he doesnt like help from other people.

Likewise, Ricky Baker is relatable because he doesnt want help from others. One

example of this is that he ran away when his Auntie died, and it was just him and Hector, and the

Child Services were coming to pick him up. This shows that he thinks he can live in the wild,

without Hector's help, even though he has no experience with living in the wild. Another

example is when he decided to go get food for them when Hector was hurt. He went out into the

wild, and ended up getting nothing. This shows that he thought that he could go and just hunt

like it was nothing, and come back with tons of food, but he didnt have any proper training, so it

didnt end up like what he wanted. People can relate to this because they feel that they are

independent enough to do everything on their own, but in reality, everyone has to ask for help


In conclusion, You may not choose, or like the life that you have, but sometimes you

have to just suck it up and roll with it, because life isnt always fair, and you can hope for the

future. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople seems to say that even though you may not like it, like

Ricky Baker, you should learn to deal with it, and not take out your anger on others. Actions like

this would lead to better relationships, which in return, could help you find your place in life.

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Introduction The essay begins The essay begins The essay begins The essay simply
Paragraph with a strong with an introduction with an introduction begins with only a
Your score: 4 introduction paragraph that paragraph but is thesis statement and
paragraph and contains the missing either the not a fully
contains the required elements: attention-grabber or developed
following parts: attention-grabber, the bridge and/or the introduction
attention-grabber, bridge, and thesis attention-grabber is paragraph OR the
bridge, and thesis statement. clich or the introduction
statement. The However, the transition does not paragraph is missing
thesis statement attention-grabber actually lead into entirely.
appears as the last may not be as the thesis statement.
sentence of the effective and/or the The introduction
introduction. transition may not paragraph contains a
be as smooth. The thesis statement that
thesis statement is located at the end
appears as the last of the introduction
sentence of the paragraph.

Thesis Thesis contains a Thesis contains an Thesis contains a Thesis is missing or

Your score: 4 strong arguable arguable claim/interpretation thesis statement
claim/interpretation claim/interpretation that cannot be does not correspond
with 3 pieces of supported by logical effectively argued to assignments
evidence supported reasoning. 3 pieces because it is not purpose (might be
by thorough and of evidence are thematic and/or is informative instead
logical reasoning. included but may be illogical. Specific of argumentative).
more vague and evidence also may
nonspecific to the be missing from the
piece of literature. thesis statement.

Supporting Details All supporting Supporting details One supporting Supporting details
(x2) details are logical are mostly logical detail may be may not be present
Your score: 4 and connect to the but might exhibit missing and/or may or logical.
thesis . Supporting weak connectors to contain a direct
details are broad the thesis . quotation or specific Supporting details
enough to Supporting details evidence that should may be random or
effectively summarize the appear in the body off topic.
summarize the content of the body paragraph.
content of the body paragraphs and do Supporting details
paragraphs and do not contain specific may not connect to
not contain specific evidence. the thesis statement
evidence. or effectively
summarize the

Transitions/Transitio Transition Transition sentences One transition Transition

n Sentences sentences effectively summarize the sentence may be sentences may not
Your score: 4 summarize the paragraph and missing and/or present a logical
paragraph and rephrase the topic transition sentences conclusion for the
rephrase the topic sentence. They also do not effectively paragraphs.
sentence. They also offer a preview of rephrase the topic
offer a preview of the next supporting sentence. They do Transitions/Transitio
the next supporting detail. not preview the next n sentences are
detail. supporting detail. missing or off-topic
Transitions within and random.
Transitions within the paragraph link Some transitions
the paragraph ideas. apparent/may not be
effectively link logical choice

Evidence Textual evidence Textual evidence Textual evidence Textual evidence is

(x2) logically and logically supports does not support sparse, absent, or
Your score: 4 effectively supports thesis and thesis and/or unrelated to thesis
the thesis and supporting details. supporting details and/or supporting
supporting details. Each body in placesmay details.
Each body paragraph contains appear random in
paragraph contains approximately 2 places. Some body
approximately 2 pieces of evidence, paragraphs may not
pieces of strong but evidence may be contain the 2
evidence in presented out of required pieces of
chronological order chronological order evidence
within each within each
paragraph. paragraph.

Analysis/ Body paragraphs Body paragraphs The writer has Body paragraphs
Commentary contain effective contain explanation included plot lack analysis and
(x2) explanation of of evidence in your summary in some contain mostly plot
Your score: 4 evidence in your own words, and places instead of summary.
own words. Each each piece of analysis/
piece of evidence is evidence is explanations, OR, There is little
explained in at least explained in at least the writer has not evidence of logic
two sentences that two sentences. explained each piece and/or reasoning.
analyze how the However, the of evidence with at
piece of evidence analysis may be least two sentences
proves the thesis and more obvious and consistently. OR,
supporting details lack depth, the writers analysis/
Analysis shows therefore, not fully explanations may
depth and goes proving the claim only state the
beyond the obvious. presented in the obvious.
thesis or topic

Conclusion The essay ends with The essay ends with The essay ends with The essay simply
Paragraph a strong and a conclusion a conclusion ends with only a
Your score: 3 memorable paragraph that paragraph but is rephrased thesis
conclusion contains the missing either the statement and not a
paragraph and required elements: link back to hook, fully developed
contains the link back to hook, rephrased thesis conclusion
following parts: link rephrasing of thesis statement or the so- paragraph OR the
back to thesis, statement and key what statement is conclusion
rephrasing of thesis points, transition, weak paragraph is missing
statement and key and so-what entirely.
points, and so-what statement.
statement However, the so-
what statement may
not be as effective
or logical

Evidence of Punctuation is used Punctuation is used Punctuation is Little to no

Proofreading correctly and correctly. sometimes used punctuation and/or
Your score: 4 effectively correctly. punctuation is often
Paper is double used incorrectly
Paper is double spaced- 12 point Paper is not double
spaced- 12 point Times New Roman spaced and/or not in Paper is not double
Times New Roman 12 point Times New spaced and not in 12
Roman point Times New
No evidence of Little evidence of Roman
major major Several examples of
spelling/grammar spelling/grammar major Many examples of
errors. errors. spelling/grammar major
errors. spelling/grammar

Organization Essay is organized Essay is mostly Essay contains Essay contains

Your score: 4 in an effective way organized from intro organizational errors major organizational
from intro, body, to to conclusion that detract from the errors OR is random
conclusion. Essay is paragraphs and meaning of the at beststudent has
also organized within paragraphs essay. not outlined or
within body from topic sentences organized ideas
paragraphs from to conclusion prior to writing.
topic sentence to sentenceswith
conclusion sentence. only minor errors
present that do not
detract from the
overall meaning of
the essay



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