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Teach the Writing Process

Good writers

Plan, Pre- "What do I think? How will I organize my thoughts?"

Write brainstorm, cluster or mind/concept amp, free-write, loop
consider purpose and goals for writing
use graphic organizers to connect ideas
design a structure for writing

Transcribe, "I am going to write as much as I can using my pre-writing plan."

Write, Draft
This can be independent or collaborative work. Use writing frames that will
assist students who struggle with writing.

Revise for "Does it make sense?"

meaning model revisions of your own writing with a think-aloud
reread writing
read work aloud

Edit for "Do I have any mistakes?"

grammar spelling
and Capitalization
conventions Organization
Try a tool like this Editing Checklist.

Rewrite "How can I make this writing more interesting, clearer, stronger, and ready for

Write more. Revise and edit in next drafts.

Publish "Who will I share my writing with? What is the best way to share it?"
class magazines or books
bulletin boards
letters or emails
websites, blogs, wikis
See The Comic Book Project, Youth Speaks, and The Urban Debate League
for programs that provide students with exciting and motivating ways to
"publish" their writing. They are all identified as "exemplary literacy
enhancement programs" by the Carnegie Corporation of New York's Council
on Advancing Adolescent Literacy.