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Vital needs is heart of your business. The following steps are vital needs for foreign trade:
1) Deciding the right export product for you (Potential Product selection)
2) Deciding the right country to sell your product (Market & Country selection)
3) Selecting Potential Importers (shortlisting the prospective buyers)
4) Making Supply arrangements for the product (Outsourcing of export goods from the
5) Fixing the right export price (strategic pricing of your products)
6) Diplomatically deciding the mode of receiving payment (Careful collection of money from
the importers)

Deciding the right export product for you (Potential Product selection):
You must find your own way to choose the product. Your success in the export depends on
what product suitable to you. You must analyse your position, situation, age, education,
economic condition, family background, experience in business, strength and weakness,
managing capability, sourcing capacity etc. Before identifying a product for you. Selection
of suitable product for you is essential for your success.
You must consider existing export trends and refer export statistics. You can collect specific
information and guidance regarding the product to select for export in the following
organisations by providing your details:
DGCIS, Kolkata
FIEO, Newdelhi and Chennai
Indian Embassies
ITC, Switzerland
CBI, Netherlands
Select Engineering products only if you have engineering background. You must avoid bulk
and high value products since you are a beginner.
Select a product which have sufficient supply all the time and near to your office/home on
regular basis with right price because Importers can demand your products urgently.
Select a product which does not need after sales service since beginner find difficulty in
arranging service centres in foreign countries.
Select a product which has regular and stable requirement or demand in the market,
otherwise you will have to change the product.
Avoid the products in the negative list.
Select one product in the beginning and after establishing in that product, then look for
another product.
Consider your investing capacity before choosing your product.
Explore the demand of your product in the countries.
Experience and knowledge on your product is essential as follows:
Description, applications, contents, features, specifications, Product Information
Price, Currency, FOB, CIF, Quantity rebate
Weight and unit of measurements
Quantity: minimum / maximum
Quality (meeting importers requirment in your supply)
Shipping: Transport mode / order lead time / delivery time
Packing: Materials / Dimensions (tare & nett)
Terms of payment: Advance payment / LC / DP / DA
Study about your competitors, their price, marketing strategy, their reasons for success or
failure etc.
Have knowledge about the availability of rate of Duty Draw Back (DDB) for your product.
Don't choose a product which have high competition to get success in exporting your
Beginners should avoid exporting branded products, edible and perishable products.
Handicrafts are advisable or identify a product from potential products list.
Products under general list
Export Thrust Sector Products
Products recommended by the Board of Trade
Extreme Thrust Sector Products
Products under Commodity Country Matrix
Commonly Identified Potential Products are:
Coir Products Tea Leather Products Sports goods
Tobacco Products Spices Agarbathy Paint & Varnish
Coffee Processed Foods Jute Products Organic Chemicals
Herbal Products Toys Drugs Textile Products
Cashew Cereals Pharmaceuticals Pipes & Tubes
Marine Products Footwear Bangles Garments
Cotton Fasteners Grapes Ketchup
Yarn Nails & Screws Mangoes Candle
Fabrics Machineries Generators Tomato Products
Detergents Jewellery Flowers Castings & Forgings
Sarees Granites Tyres Metal Manufacturing
Made-ups Consumer Goods Cotton Bags Plastic Products
Auto Parts Electronics Goods Oils Sewing machines
Bed Sheets Herbal Dyes Cardamom Stee furniture
Towels Computer Softwares Pepper Wooden furniture
Cycle & Spares Cement Chilly Paper & its products
Hardwares Sugar Salt Safety matches
Handicrafts Agro-chemicals Onion Umberalla
Hand Tools Mushroom Jam Transport Equipments
Cutting Tools Fruit Juices Sauce
Top 10 Export Products from India are:
Gems Garments Pharmaceticals Electronic Goods
Jewellery Leathers Machineries Metal Manufacturers
Textiles Drugs Instruments Transport Equipments
Government of India promotes exports of agricultural and horticultural products,
handicrafts, handloom products, gems & jewellery, leather and footwear, medicinal plants,
herbal products and also gives incentives for exporters.
There are more than 1500 products which are coming under Focus Product Scheme, Market
Linked Focus Product Scheme, Vishesh Krishi Udyog Yojana Products. Exporters who
exports these 1500 products can get additional incentives from GOI.

Deciding the right country to sell your product (Market & Country selection)
Identifying your product based on your experience, knowledge, information, availability,
location etc is relatively easy but identifying your right country of export is difficult due to
many considerations.
You can identify the market potential to export and collect specific information and
guidance regarding the product to export in the following organisations by providing your
DGCIS, Kolkata ITC, Switzerland
FIEO, Newdelhi and Chennai CBI, Netherlands
Indian Embassies ITPO Newdelhi & Chennai
IIFT, Newdelhi Trade Point, Ministry of Commerce,
NCTI, Newdelhi GOI
Knowledge about the importing country is essential for marketing your products;
Rules & regulations of the country
Financing Procedures & Credit System
Currency and Exchange Rates
Licensing Formalities in the Country
Culture, Sociology, Geography, Climate, Economy
Imports & Exports of the country
Political Stability
Distance from our Country
Sea and Air Ports of that country
Importing Policy & Concessions for Importers in Importing Country and availability of
Import Concession in the importing Country
Specia Incentives
Importing Country's Economic Trend
ECGC Rating
Avoid countries where exports are banned by GOI. Also avoid business of far away
countries due to insufficient shipping services, higher freight rate and for our non-
competitive price.
Under "Focus Market Scheme" declared by GOI, about 125 countries are listed and
exporters are entitled for duty credit scrip equivalent to 3% of total FOB value of exports.
Under "Special Focus Market Scheme" another 49 Countries are added by GOI and
exporters are entitled for duty credit scrip equivalent to 4% of total FOB value of exports.
Focus Product Scheme
New Focus Product Scheme
Special Focus Product Scheme
New Special Focus Product Scheme
Market Linked Focus Product Scheme
Vishesh Krishy Grama Udyog Yojana Scheme