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1. Rice powder (bedak sejuk)

Ingredients: rice, water, container
i. First, wash the rice two to three times to remove any dirt.
ii. Place the clean rice inside a container and soak it with water.
iii. Leave the container for 5 to 12 months.
iv. During the soaking period, the water must be changed every 2 weeks
to avoid the rice water from having pungent smell.
v. Soak the rice until it becomes powder like at the bottom layer.
vi. Next, strain the water in order to get only the rice powder.
vii. Add some water to the rice powder to make it in a liquid form.
viii. Using plastic, dot the rice powder liquid on a clean cloth.
ix. Then, dry the rice powder overnight.
x. Lastly, store the rice powder in a suitable container.
xi. To add some fragrance to the rice powder, store the rice powder with
dried pandan leaves.

To use it, take the rice powder and mix with a bit of water. Then, spread it over
your face.


a) It has cooling effects.

b) It helps whiten your skin.
c) It reduces oil on your skin.
d) It also helps in smoothen your skin.