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Hi everyone

Im Mr Smith

In this program Im going to talk about the immigrant day And Im going to Interwiew two
immigrants one of them from Japan and the other from Mexico

first Im going to talk a little about the immigrant day

The immigrant day start On October 14, 1969, when Nick loannidis, known as Nick the Greek,
immigrated to America from a small island in North Greece. He came to California, and settled in
the city of Huntington Park. A tailor by trade, Nick got a job with the May Company the second
day he arrived in the United States. Because of his special talents, the company hired an
interpreter for him, and within 2 years he had saved enough money to open his own tailor shop
in Huntington Park. Once he got established at his place of business he applied for his citizenship
papers and was sworn in as an American citizen.

Nicks celebration is rooted in the sincere pride he has for America and its tradition of liberty and
freedom. Every ethnic minority has served to build and strengthen this great nation. Immigrants
were largely responsible for our turn of the century transformation into a world industrial and
agricultural giant. A report by Charles 0. Paullin from the Dictionary of American Biography
revealed the tremendous contributions of immigrants from the 18th and 19th Century in the
following arts and sciences: 20 percent of the businessmen, 20 percent of the scholars and
scientists, 23 percent of the painters, 24 percent of the engineers, 28 percent of the architects,
29 percent of the clergymen, 46 percent of the musicians and 61 percent of the actors were of
foreign births.

In recognition of the great contributions of Americas immigrants, the Congress designated

October 28, 1987 as National Immigrants Day. This Act was passed on that particular day and
month to coincide with the Statue of Liberty dedication by France to the United States in
October, 1886.

The celebration take place inside the Freedom Shrine, which displays with pride a large and
complete collection of letters and photographs received over the years from public officials from
across the country praising National Immigrants Day.
Can I interview you?
Yes, you can.
What is your name?
My name is Hataru, in English firefly
Where are you from?
I am from Japan
What is your city?
My city is Yakohama, it is a city near of Tokio.
How long have you lived in USA?
Mmm, I have lived in USA for fifteen years ago.
What do you do in USA?
Well, I started to work in USA as a Doctor and then I started to study a Specialization in
Clinical Genetics. Now I work as a Doctor.
Thats Ok. Its very interesting. Now I would like to know about your family. Can you talk
about your family?
Yes, I can. Well, I live with a little family
What Kind of custom do your keep from your country?
First, its customer in my house to take off our shoes, before of we go inside the house.
Then we wear slippers at home. Second, we are never late. Third, we dont eat chew-gura.
Fourth, we avoid wearing many jewels, great colors clothes and much perfume because,
you can consider as a poor person (underworld person)
What is your favorite food of your country?
We like eating sushi and ramen, which are prepared by my husband.