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-What is it used for? Gunpowder was used for many things like: firearm, mines,
tunneling. It was used to fill in artillery shells, cannon balls, rockets, mining, and civi
engineering. Also, used in acrobat and puppet shows in decorating the stage to
create a mysterious atmosphere.
2)History of Gunpowder
- Powder was meant to be a potion for eternal life but ended up being a potion for
death, alchemists were mixing all kinds of compounds but ended up being a failure
creating gunpowder.Poder was -gunpowder is the first physical explosive and
propellant, gunpowder was created by the Chinese, it was invented in the late 9 th
century, in the 11th century knowledge of gunpowder spread rapidly.
--gunpowder was invented in the 9th century in china, the discovery led to the
invention of fireworks and earliest gunpowder weapons
3)The impact of gunpowder on China
-The invention of gunpowder started a new era of warfare. The Chinese used
gunpowder to make incendiary fire arrows in 904 A.D. (approximately). In 969 A.D. ,
they used gunpowder to launch the arrows making them more like rocket propelled
weapons. Gunpowder was also used to make very early prototypes of bombs. Later,
in the 15th century, Gunpowder has made to make a hand cannon, an early
prototype pistol
-Gunpowder played an important role in Chinese warfare. The Song dynasty used
gunpowder weapons to defeat the Mongols and the Jin dynasty
4)The impact of Gunpowder on the world and over time?
- They brought with them the knowledge of gunpowder from China.
-The movement of gunpowder into this part of the world was facilitated by the
Mongol invasions of China, India, Persia, and Egypt.
-It was introduced into the region because of the Mongol invasions.
-Even the new technology of modern warfare is made possible by a version of this
powder, which is likely to continue to be relevant long into the future.