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thefishlabUOW (Facebook)
Appointment on Tuesdays for her lectures
Corrine (Technical officer) (Pracs)

Textbooks optional, mainly to develop deeper understanding

-Brusca et al 2016 Invertebrates 3rd ed
-Pough et al 2009 Vertebrate life 8th ed
-Castro & Huber 2010 Marine biology 8th ed (general book)
-Pechenik 2007 A short guide to writing about biology 6th ed (helps write better
The blue planet DVD (inspiring series)
Lecture 1 Mon 3.30-4.30pm 35.G20
Lecture 2 Tue 3.30-4.30pm 35.G20
Tutorial Tue 12.30-1.30pm (week 3 onwards) 20.3 (no tutorial at week 6, 8)
Practical Tue 9.30-1.30pm 43.101
Week 6 - rocky shore field excursion to bellambi
Assignment 1, 8%: due Friday 7th April 5pm
Based on practical work during week 3 and week 4
Written in style of a journal article, not lab report format.
Mid session quiz, 10%: Tuesday 2nd May
1.5 hours, short answers, knowledge from week 1-7.
Group presentations, 10%
Assessed during session, week 3-5, 7, 9-13 (no tute w6, w8)
Rocky shore report, 12%
Friday 12th May 5pm
Based on field work (w6) and computer pracs (w7)
More emphasized than first assignment

Practical exam, 20%

1.5 hrs, short answer questions and drawings
Asked about specimens you have seen during prac
Prac exam is open book, revise thoroughly and take notes to trigger memory.
Theory exam, 40%
3 hrs, essay and short answer (no multiple choice)