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SAS 18001 29001

About us
We are a third party oilfield inspection company, a top
provider of Oilfield Inspection Services in North Africa.
Headquartered in Sfax Tunisia, the company's Inspection
activities focus on drill stem elements, BHA, tubulars and
lifting equipment Inspection services covering all Oil and
industry standards.

Founded in 1993, TUBOSER is considered one of the most

active oilfield inspection companies in Tunisia, Libya and

For high quality level of services, TUBOSER employs highly

qualified inspectors, Inspection Supervisors and Engineers
using a high sophisticated technologies and inspection
equipment. This high level of quality and experience makes
of us the first direction of many national and international
Oil and Gas companies.

TUBOSER is managed according to the requirements of the

International standards ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 29001 (API Q1
identical) (Quality management System for Petroleum and
gas industry) where the Process approach and monitoring
is the key feature for Continual Improvement based on the
Customer requirements.

TUBOSER is also managed according to the ISO 14001

(Environmental Management) and to the OHSAS 18001
(Health & Safety Management).

The TUBOSER Integrated Management system made of

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Management
System is certified by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance
(LRQA) since 2005 and continues to be.
TUBOSER is managed by a team of professionals who has
collected an extensive experience and understanding of the
full range of inspection activities, testing and specialized
All our inspectors are certified as per the requirements of
ASNT-TC 1 A and our Written Practice that is Hellier Approved.

TUBOSER is committed to provide the best quality service to

her customers based on the requirements of Tunisian National
requirements customer requirements, API Standard
specifications, DS-1 and also L.O.L.E.R; British Standards: BS
EN 12079 as well as DNV 2-7.1...etc.
We are equipped with the most sophisticated testing
measuring and inspection devices on the international

The radius of our companys action includes the following :

Drill pipe inspection according to recognized standards:
DS-1, API spec 7,
API RP 7G (last edition).
Casing, tubing, plain end casing liners, pup-joints
and accessories.
Line pipe inspection.
Drilling accessories and bottom hole devices.
Sucker rod inspection.
Magnetic particle inspection.
Drilling rig inspection (5 years inspection) according to API
Running and assistance of premium connections casing
& tubing.
Handling equipment inspection.
Dye Penetrant inspection.
Ultrasonic end area inspection.
Pressure test witness.
Calibration test witness.
Hydrostatic test witness.
Inspection of WT Hydril threads Drill pipe, PH6 & CS Tubing.
Inspection of lifting equipment and lifting accessories.
Safety is one of our core commitments to our clients the safety of our employees, your employees and our
partners. We take a proactive approach to safety, and always have safety plans in place before a job starts. Our
technicians and inspectors receive comprehensive safety training and we follow OSHA guidelines as well as
Hazmat PPE standards.
Our safety programs include OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as a guidance.

Environmental challenges transcend national borders. Therefore, an ever-increasing global demand exists for
experience in tailor-made, integrated, environmentally orientated contracting activities.
We are dedicated to providing inspection services that lead the industry with environment in mind, while
operating our business for the benefit and wellbeing of our employees, customers, general public, and
countries where we work.
TUBOSER Quality Policy
and deliver a program that successfully meets those needs. Our Standard Operating Procedures are
documented and followed company-wide. Our inspection procedures align with, and in many cases exceed,

we can continually improve our work.

Tuboser Report Ware ...

...All your inspection reports online
Our solution Tuboser Report Ware is able, following
strict internal procedures, to process automatically, classify
and archive inspection reports by creating a full-text indexing,
and make them easily accessible for further processing.
With a user-friendly and simple system it ensures a comfortable
handling. Tuboser Report Ware is a scalable solution that can grow with
your requirements well into the future.

Tuboser Report Ware Benefits

t Your information is structured
t Your documents are protected
tFind the document instead of its search