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III Grammar 1

Sem II STD- III English General Assignment -2017

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Q.1 Fill in the blanks with A, An or The.
Q.2 A. Underline pronouns and circle its noun.
B. Fill in the blanks with pronoun.
Q.3 A. Underline following Verbs.
B. Fill in the blanks with verbs from below bracket.
Q.4 A. Fill in the blanks with Is, Are or Am.
B. Fill in the blanks with was/Were.
C. Fill in the blanks with Have/Has/Had
Q.5 A.Underline following Adverbs
B. Fill in the blanks with adverbs from given bracket.
Q.6 A. Underline prepositions in the following sentences.
B. Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the given bracket.
Q.7 A. Fill in the blanks with and, or, but or because.
B. Use And, or, but because to join following sentences.
Q.8 A. Essay
B. Comprehension.

Q.1 Fill in the blanks with A, An or The.
1. Yesterday we bought ____ apple.
2. Look at ______ flower in the ____ garden.
3. I don't want ____ice-cream. I want ____ cake.
4. ____ moon shines brightly in ____night.
5. That is not____ doll.
6. Will you eat ____ orange?
7. ____earth goes round ____ sun.
8. _______Taj mahal is in Delhi.
9. I waited for you more than ____ week.
10.____ book was very interesting.
11.I bought ____umbrella yesterday.
III Grammar 2

12.____raincoat is of good quality.

13.Rahul asked for ____ cup of coffee.
14.It takes ____ hour to reach ____ zoo.
15.I bought ____ book from ____ market.
16.Mother made ____ cake for me.
17.He lives in ____ bungalow.
18.He lives in ____city of Chennai.
19.____ school is near my house.
20.Ankit borrowed ____ yellow t-shirt which I bought yesterday.
21.____Indian ocean has ____ huge variety of whales.
22.____ school is open today.
23.Children play in ____ park.
24.Grandma walks in the ____ night.
25.____ lion roars when it is angry.

Q.2 A. Underline pronoun and circle its noun.

1. He was not feeling well.
2. They were fighting with each other.
3. Rina is reading a book. It is a comic book.
4. Tarun is a good boy. He is my friend.
5. Sonia is my friend. She is running very fast.
6. John is small boy. He is five years old.
7. The boy was crying. He was hungry.
8. Shalu promised to clean the table. But she forgot.
9. The children are laughing. They are happy.
10. Navin is my brother. He studies in my school.
11.Mummy and I went to see the drama.
12.We went to grandpas house to visit him.
13.They cleaned the house after the storm.
14.The book is interesting as it talks about animals.
15.Mona is a good girl. She dances very well.
16.We have a holiday tomorrow.
III Grammar 3

17.Rina and rekha are my friends. They have called me today.

18.Emily is my friend. She gave me a new pencil box.
19.The soldiers are brave. They are marching down the road.
20.Rohan is my friend. He has found his pet dog
21.This is my bag. I like it very much.
22.Veenu is my sister. She studies in my school.
23.Sonia is my friend. She is reading book.
24.Bob, Sonia, and I are friends. We are going to park.
25.She asked me about the holiday plans.

B. Fill in the blanks with pronoun.

1. Rani is a brave girl. _________ went home alone.
2. An apple dropped on his hand, _________ is very tasty.
3. _________ likes to read books.
4. _________ are enjoying in the show.
5. _________ am writing now.
6. _________ is reading.
7. _________was playing in the ground.
8. _________ wore a diamond necklace.
9. _________ were at the school.
10._________ visited museum last week.
11._________ is ill so _________ cannot come to school today.
12.Run fast or _________ will miss the train.
13.Ramu sent for the doctor because _________ could not sleep last night.
14. Ranjana will fail if _________ do not work hard.
15.Ramu is intelligent but _________ is very careless.
16.My name is rashmi. _________ have done ______ work.
17.Reena worked hard but _________ she did not win the prize.
18.Work hard or _________ will fail.
19._________ is raining heavily, therefore _________ cannot go to school.
20.Dimpy is intelligent and _________ works hard.
21.We cannot drink this coffee because _________ is too hot.
III Grammar 4

22.Mona and Sona are friends. _________ are rankers.

23.Malini works hard. _________ performs well in the school.
24.Ravi is jumping. _________ is a naughty boy.
25.Ratna is singing. _________ has good voice.
26.Please give ________ your book.
Q.3 A. Underline following Verbs.
1. Monkeys eat bananas.
2. Winter comes after autumn.
3. A dogs bark in the night.
4. Everyone make mistakes.
5. Tina speaks English very well.
6. The party began at 8.00 pm.
7. We saw our uncle last week.
8. We will be going to school tomorrow.
9. She was absent yesterday.
10.They shall show us magic.
11.Dad will take us to party tomorrow.
12.Tania was busy yesterday.
13.He will be joining us tomorrow.
14.Rani and Raja are going to temple.
15.We are doing our work.
16.Please give me your pen.
17.Cut the cake carefully.
18.Close the door, please.
19.She is spending her money wisely.
20.They are playing football.
21.She has done her work.
22.He had finished his homwwork.
23.The peon rang the bell.
24.I shall write my Domework tomorrow.
25. Madhu reads fast.
B. Fill in the blanks with verbs from below bracket.
III Grammar 5

( come, barks, looking, making , works, comes, blew, kept, fell, jumped, start, look, ready,
go, take , tell, coming, playing, dark, open, called, found, ringing, feeling)
1. Winter ______ after autumn.
2. A dog ______ at the night.
3. You are _______ tired.
4. Everyone is ____ mistakes.
5. Alisha _________ in a department store. She ________ home alone.
6. The wind ________ throughout the night.
7. An apple is ________ on his head.
8. The princesss ball was________ into the well.
9. A frog ________ into the well.
10. Jack ________ the highest marks for English in his class.
11.The party will________ at 8:00 PM.
12.You will ________ fat it you eat too many sweets.
13.The new school building ________ ready soon.
14.We will________ to the zoo after breakfast.
15.I will be ________ my bath before breakfast.
16.If we ask her she will_______ us how to play chess.
17.I hope jean is________ with us.
18.We are ________ games this evening.
19.It shall be________ soon.
20.Dad is________ us to the movie tomorrows.
21.Our new school will________ on Tuesday.
22.I am _______ hungry.
23.The telephone is _______
24.Tina has______ her pet dog.
25.They have ________ me today.

Q.4 A. Fill in the blanks with Is, Are or Am.

1. The stars ______ shining in the sky.
2. We ______ doing our homework.
3. Vinit and viky ______ writing now.
4. My grandpa ______ walking in the garden.
5. The boys ______ eating fruits.
6. The girls ______ always best.
7. It is made of wood.
8. She is a teacher.
9. This book is mine.
10.They are happy.
11.We are going to school.
12.She is my cousin.
13.These apples are tasty.
14.Those mangoes are sweet.
III Grammar 6

15.This is my pen.
16.That is your book.
17.I am an engineer.
18.This house is mine.
19.She is vani.
20.Vani and Rani are talking.
21.The plane ________landing.
22.The soldiers ________marching down the road.
23.I ________ writing with pencil.
24.The girls _____ laughing.
25.The boys _____ crying.

B. Fill in the blanks with Was/Were.

1. The peacock ______dancing.
2. Rina ______ writing.
3. Who ______ the monitor of the class?
4. We ______ never late for class.
5. I ______ at school in the morning.
6. He ______ absent from Saturday.
7. She ______ an intelligent lady.
8. It ______ cloudy yesterday.
9. We ______ happy.
10.Your books ______ in the class.
11.They ______ in school.
12.Rita and ankita ______ always together.
13.You ______ not helful.
14.You and I ______ alone in the class.
15.The fan ______ very fast.
16.Sania ______ ill.
17.That dress ______ beautiful.
18.That ______ my book.
19.The chairs ______ very small.
20.there______ charts on the wall.
21.We ________ very tired after the match.
22.Vinneet and Aman ________ hungry.
23.It ________ cloudy yesterday.
24.farida ________ a good girl.
25.Vineet ________ ill.

C. Fill in the blanks with Have/Has/Had

1. I ______ two legs.
2. We ______ six chairs in this room.
3. He ______ no socks.
4. She ______ a new buckle for her doll.
5. I ______ no lunch yesterday.
6. Ashok ______ two bikes last year.
III Grammar 7

7. You ______ a pen.

8. They ______ many pencils.
9. Those girls ______ new computers.
10.The soldier ______ a gun.
11.A month ______ 30 days.
12.She ______ coffee and bread in the evening.
13.A year ______ 365 days.
14.Yesterday we ______ dinner at 8 oclock.
15.A square ______ four sides.
16.They ______ no car.
17.She ______ two pencils.
18.The teacher ______ a chalk.
19.My mother ______ two glass of water in the morning.
20.Rina and Rita ______ five books.

Q.5 A.Underline following Adverbs

1. The horse runs fast.
2. The woman walks slowly.
3. The flight came late.
4. John went to school today.
5. He is sitting outside.
6. Rajesh looked down
7. I knew it before.
8. Learn your lesson well.
9. The teacher laughed loudly.
10.The express train runs fast.
11.The child slept soundly.
12.Rita writes carelessly.
13.He is going tomorrow.
14.Teacher is sitting here.
15.Kapil is going there.
16.The aeroplane is landing down.
17.The child is sleeping now.
18.He got this book yesterday.
19.We will not do this lesson tomorrow.
20.The dog is barking slowly.
21.The moon is shining brightly.
22.Neha is running fast.
23.Sheena reads well.
24.Mahi writes beautifully.
25.We live here.

B. Fill in the blanks with adverbs from given bracket.

( early, soon, late, tomorrow, tonight, now, yesterday, today, out, far, everywhere, above,
inside, here, up, upstairs, there, outside, clumsily, merrily, fast, loudly, excitedly, well,
III Grammar 8

carefully, happily)
1. Rahul clapped ___________
2. I drive ___________
3. Anu reads ___________
4. The children ran ___________
5. They were talking ___________in the class.
6. The athlete ran ___________
7. The boys sang___________
8. The joker walked ___________
9. Mohan is playing ___________
10.Jyoti is standing ___________
11.Vandana is waiting ___________
12.The boy looked ___________
13.The puppy stays ___________
14.The girl is ___________
15.The aeroplane is flying ___________
16.I looked for him ___________
17.We travelled ___________to look for him.
18.He went ___________ to play.
19.We meet him ___________
20.It is sunny ___________.
21.It rained ___________
22.The baby is crying ___________
23.Meena gets up ___________.
24.Tia will return ___________.
25.The school is closed ___________.
26.They will come ___________.
27.He will come ___________.
28.He woke up ___________.

Q.6 A. Underline prepositions in the following sentences.

1. The man fell off the ladder.
2. We had dinner at 7.30 p.m.
3. Tom was born on a Friday.
4. There are seven days in a week.
5. Sue is running after her dog.
6. Several people are waiting in the bus stop.
7. I received a letter from Sara yesterday.
8. He will join office fromtomorrow.
9. She is in the garden.
10.He sat on a chair.
11.My mother is at home now.
12.He lives with his uncle.
13.Heena is fond of music.
14.I bought this book for Rs 100.
15.The purse is near the table.
III Grammar 9

16.I go to bed at nine.

17.She is standing near her.
18.His house belongs to his parents.
19.There was a squirrel on the tree
20.She is standing behind her mother.
21.They ran towards the hall.
22.Rina is standing between the edges.
23.Sara was at home yesterday.
24.Sheena was going to park .
25.The map is over the wall.

B. Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the given bracket.

1. The bus arrived _______ 8.30 A.M. ( at, between)
2. The children are swimming _______ the pool. ( in, with)
3. There is a picture _______ the wall. ( on , off)
4. There is a fence _______ the house. ( up , round)
5. Granny is sitting _______ the fire. ( in , by)
6. Peter is hiding _______ the chair.( Between , behind)
7. Jack climbed _______ the mountain. ( in ,up)
8. I dived _______ the river. ( up, into)
9. We divided the sweets _______ us. ( to , between)
10. Do not go too _______ the edge. (back, near)
11.The school is _______ the park. ( with, near)
12.The book fell _______ the shelf. (to, off)
13.There is a long mirror _______ the wall. ( after, on)
14.There is an old castle _______ the hill. ( from , in)
15.There is a big balloon _______ the tree. ( to , over)
16.We always wash our hands _______ meals. After, before)
17.Divide these toys _______ Rina and Tina. ( with , between)
18.I go to bed _______ nine.( in , at)
19.The rickshaw is coming _______ us.( towards , by)
20. He died _______ cholera. ( to , of)
21.She flew _______ Kolkata. ( of , to)
22.The sky is _______ heads. ( below , over)
23.The girl climbed _______ the ladder. (round, up)
24.There is a fence _______ the field. ( off, round)
25.The rider fell _______ the horse. ( by, off)

Q.7 A. Fill in the blanks with and, or, but or because.

1. Mona has a pen _________ sona has a pencil box.
2. She loves books _________reads every day.
3. The baby is happy _________ playing.
4. Veena learns mucic _________sings very well.
5. Malini works hard _________performs well in school.
6. Mona is hort but Tina is tall.
7. Rina came last in the race _________ she is not sad.
III Grammar 10

8. Veena went to the market _________ shops were closed.

9. Fire broke out in the fair _________ everyone was safe.
10.We went to meet Jay _________ he was not at home.
11.We have to get up early _________ we have school tomorrow.
12.I could not do my homework __________ I was not well.
13.We cannot play outside __________ it is raining.
14.Mother will scold me __________ I have lost my purse.
15.Chetan went to visit the doctor __________ he had fever.
16.Dont talk loudly __________ the baby will wake up.
17.Dring the milk quickly __________ it will get cold.
18.Water the plants everyday __________ they will die.
19.Dont play in the rain __________ you will fall sick.
20.You can have coffee __________ tea.
21.Do you like apples __________ mangoes?
22.Have your breakfast quickly __________ you will miss the school bus.

B. Use And, or, but because to join following sentences.

1. Mona has a pen. Sona has a pencil box.
2. Mona is short. Tina is tall.
3. You can have an apple. You can have a banana.
4. She loves books. She reads every day.
5. Rina came last in the race. She is not sad.
6. Roshni cannot catch the bus. She was late.
7. Do you like apples? Do you like mangoes?
8. Veena went to the market. The shops were closed.
9. Fire broke out in the fair. Everyone was safe.
10.The baby is happy. He is playing.
11.Veena learns music. She is a good singer.
12.Dont talk loudly. The baby will wake up.
13.Drink the milk quickly. It will get cold.
14.I cannot drink coffee now. It is very hot.
15.Water the plants every day. They will die.
16.Malini works hard. She performs well in school.
17.We went to meet Jay. He was not at home.
18.Dont play in the rain. You will fall sick.
19.You can have coffee. You can have tea.
20.I teach him. I am his teacher.
21.Have your breakfast quickly. You will miss the school bus.
22.Meena is a girl. Rakesh is a boy.
23.Ravi is jumping. Reeta is skipping.
24.Ice is cold. Fire is hot.
25.We cannot go to school. It is holiday today.
26.The shopkeeper sells oranges. He sells bananas.
27.He came. He joined the play.
28.Walk fast. You will miss the train.
29.He sang. He worked.
30.Tushar is a good boy. Tushar is a kind boy.
III Grammar 11

31.You should go to home. You are not well.

32.We wanted to swim. The water was too cold.
33.You are weak. You have fever.

Q.8 A. Essay
1 Save water
2 Good Habits
3 My favourite Hobby
4 Uttarayan
5 Christmas
6 Computer
7 Holi

B. Comprehension. ( unseen)