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Write’Right Write Right: Paragraph to Essay ia three-level wrting series for intarmedtate to high intermediate students. Each unit takesa process writing approach in order to encourage students toIndependenty brainstorm, outing drat revs, ane edit their own writing. As stucents move through the sere, they will mastor paragraph wing and various writing skils inorder to te shortessays by the end Book 1: Paragraph Writing Book | introlucesbasicparagraph structure an theweling procas, Students wil practice various typos of ting including descriptive, expository opinion naative creative, nd eter wing, ne ont rr Beale aint ahi rene g (UT Fe seeeeaece Fy * Sentence Building aera Fy + Writing Analysts: + Brainstorming-Ouilining Drofting A BuildaGrow" ‘Studentslearn about each step of the weting nrocess and practice the brarstorming, ullining drafting reviing and editing oftheir own paragraph Step 3 Sentence Building, ‘Stuclents oractice writing Mey sentence structures and patterns fram the weltirgmodal. ‘Asthe sentences are related to the wring topic students canbegin to gather ideas. Brainstorming & Outlining ‘With the gen brainstorming example rom the \weting model, students begin tobrainstorm and thenoutlineteir own verting. More words ard ‘expressions that the students can use are also Unit Goal & Warm-up After atrief explanaton ofthe uni-goal, ‘dudens gat abatterandarsianding of thetypa of writing they will da through ashert writing warmup. Writing Model & Writing Analysis Stucents gat an idea about how to organize hat writing and what kd of datals ta inclida by reading and aralyaing the writing modal. First Deaft& Final Draft Guided tps help students sel-reuse and edt their frst draft. After writing thelial draft ‘students can get teacherscomments and write ‘Uangs that will help improrethelc writing ability ‘More Sentence Practice ‘Students review and master the unit's bey Sentence stuctures and patterns. 9 vi) Pacey _——e| Reuse eel Dodero et na eco et DO] org Writing Task Practicing each step of the malting process Describing your favorite person Descibing your favorite place Explaining how to play a sport or game Giving information about a country Giving an opinion about what makes a good neighoor Giving an opinion about if being akid or an duis better Teling about your scariest(happiest, saddest, etc) experience Teling astory ‘Thanking a teacher or someare you respect Unit Goal Using the writing process Descrbinga person Describinga place Explaining how to do an activity Giving information Giving opinions Giving opinions by comparing Writing about an experience Writing astory Wrating a polite letter Key Points Brainstorming, Outlining Drating Revising Editing be lke - adjectives relative pronoun (that-) adjectives to describe the atmosphere see/hear+ cbject +-ing prepositional phrases be (not) allowed to J ~ can be- i including -/such as- J oneof~ ‘relative pronouns (which, who) Agcod-is- Mf should (not) - ‘when + present tenseipast tense dont have to | While Beng -is- than being # Itis-to- than to ~ The est moment in ry life was when ~ Itheppened-when- # While ~~ i! Aiter- {airy talebeginnings ‘elative cause (who) i/ reported speech Ithas been - since # [hope ~ am waiting to~ 1! | realy appreciated you -ing 4 30 38 5a 2 78 Writing Process ‘Unit Goal Wetting « parecraph using the wrting process Key Foints Breinsiorming, Otining, Drang, Revising Eeltng When you write about something, you follow several steps. The stepsare Brainstorming, Outlining, Drafting, Revising, and Editing. FE) Look at what you do in each writing step. © Brainstorming : Write down ideas about the topic. 4 © Onillning: Organize your ideas. © Dratting: Turn ieee t © Revising Change and improve the content of your writing. 4 © Editing Correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors. A paragraph is group of sentences that talk about one topic. thas, atopic sentence, body sentences, anda lesingsentence. Inaparazranh, yyoucan describe, explain, give your coinion or tell a story about the topic: Indentthe beginning My Favorite Season of aparagraph ‘My favorite season Is winter. | I lke the cold Write the writing steps underneath each picture. aad ee Whe eal | Ws vavtig — L te scarf and gooves thot my grandma made for me. In the winter, there are lots of fun things to do, On weekends, Body sertences like to go Ice skating with my friends. When It snows, we make snowmen and have snowball fights. Winter has ‘great holdays, toa My favorites ore Christmas and New Years Day because 1 get presents. {pets oath se) a 6 + Wilting reas ‘res = Brainstorming Step “Think abut the topic. = Whitedown ary words or ides thet you ca think ot > Cross out badideasand add deals ityou need to, + Outlining Step Organize your de2s mt 6, dort need to write complete sentences. ea “ia wearng sear? and gloves grandma made 4 : "gears (Christmas, ny favorite season: Topic _—‘favorite season -winter . Body Why favorite season? weather? activities? like cold weather and snow like wearing scarf and gloves grandmamade for me -golce ckating, make enowmen, have snowball fights great holidays: Chrietmae, New Year's Day | best of all seacone yd [7 Outline what you brainstormed onpage 8. Topic ‘Body Unt +9 + Drafting Step * Revising Step ‘Write the ideas rom your outline into complete sertences and a parasraph. Think about what to change in your writing to mae it better. Don't worry about makingit perfect. WV Revising Ties Eoue + Take out unnecessary details or sentences: Take things out they don't fit the topic = + Move sentences: Keep sentences that are about the same ides together. Dosll My Favorite Season bm eh tie cet 3 Mok you ig ccs gana ain IA My favorite season Is winter: I lke the cold weather. I lke weering ‘the scarf and gloves that my grandma made for me. There are lots of fun things fo da, On weekends, T ike to go Ice skating with my Friends. ‘We make srowmen and have snowball fights. Winter has great holldays. Revision I dori lke summer because it Is too hot. I think winter Is the best. My Favorite Season of My favorite season Is winter T lke the cold Weather. When it Is cold, = ae - I like wearing the scarf and gloves that my grandma made for me. In ‘the winter, there are lots of fun things to do. On weekends, I like to go Ice skating with my friends. When It snows, we make snowmen ond have snowball fights. Winter has great holidays, too. My favorite holidays are Christmas and New Year’ Day because I get presents. I think winter Is ‘the best of all the seasons. = (2 Writea dratt from the outline you made on page 9. TD Answer the questions. 1. Inthe revision, underline the phrases or sentences the writer added to the draft on page 10. 2. inthe draft on page 10, underline the sentence the writer ook out. Write why it was taken out below. 10 + Waiting Process unit © tt + Editing Step After revising your writing, correct any grammar, capitdization, punctuation, or spelling errors. [Look at what you correct when editing, Fill in the blanks toedit the sentences. subject -verb agreement He lite to read books He ___toread books. the right tense : Yesterday, Imeet Torn Yesterday, | Tom, tthe ight form: [ke to go to swimming, > like to go. beginning ofa sentence: we had pizzafor dinner. ~ had pizza for dinner. propernouns: Amanda the United States Cairo ‘names of months, days ofthe week; holidays : March Wednesday Christmas ‘a perlod(.), question mark(?), or an exclamation point(D at theend of a sentence : What canwedo— What 2 great day —» ‘commas(,) for words in a series and between the day and year: | like ice cream, cake, and cookies. November 13, 2015 apostrophes(’) to show possession and in contractions : Sally's ourfriends’ can't didn't ‘correct spelling : He is my best freind. He is my best 12 » Wire Process 2S Insert a word or phrase. © Inserta period, == Changeto acapitaltetier 7 Changeto > small letter | Aime scomm, S Takeout pecs. FU Switch words rftters. AY insert an apostrophe. >) Changea word] Start anew paragraph. —_ J PP] Edit the following paragraphusing the editing marks above. My Favorite Holiday My favorite holiday is Childrens Day. Since it is national holiday, my parents dorit work and T dort go to school. My parents is always busy, so If 5 nlee to spend time with them. also there re so many things to do and see on Childrens Day. There are parades, and some museums, zocs, end amusement parks are Free for kids. The best part about Childrens Day ts getting presents. At last year, my parents get me a puppy. I wish It was Childrens Day every day! 1) Onpage 10, revise and edit your draft. Write your final draft below. unit «13 My Favorite Person Unit Goal Describing a person Key Points be ike ~ / adjectives ‘lative clause (that ~) D J escribing a person ‘© Talk about the person like you are drawing a picture of him/her. © Use adjectives to describe the person's looks and personality © Use examples and explain with details to describe what the person is lke. 14 © My Favorite Person [Look at the picture of the thief. Write information about him using the words from the boxes. scar chubby freckles cap crooked nose striped shirt thin lips jacket short, curly hair jeans sneakers HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON? Face/Hair: He has green eyes. Body/Clothes: He is chubby. Please call the police immediately if you see this man! There will be a reward for information leading to his arrest. Unit2 © 15 Writing Model Writing Analysis (© Read the writing model and answer the questions. Use the writing model to fill in the outline below, my favorite person - my grandfather My Favorite Person My Favorite person is my grandfather. He has gray and white hair on the sides of his head, but not a lot of hair on the top. He has big, blue eyes that look like Cnoks mine. He also has a big stomach that he calls his "Santa 2 sreyend white hair not alot of hair Claus belly.” He is old. He has wrinkles and can't walk quickly. He has to wear thick glasses when he wants to + big, blue eyes that read. However, he is like a little boy. He loves sweets « big stomach that and cookies, and he likes to watch cartoons with me. He likes to joke eround and laughs really loudly. He is my best friend. Characteristics + old: has wrinkles, hasto teas 1. What is the paragraph about? + like a little boy: loves: likes to 2. Underline the topic sentence and the closing sentence. = likes to aughs lou 3. Put ) around the part describing the grandfathers looks. Nest slnughaboudly 4, What does the writer's grandfather like to do? my best friend 16 © MyFoverite Person nit2 © 17 Write the first sentence using “be lke -." Write examples in the second sentence. (GES My grandfather is like a little boy. He loves sweets and cookies. 1. My teacher is 2. My best friend is _ 3. My favorite singer is Complete the first sentence using an adjective from the box. Add details in the second sentence. young, busy funny ice talented hard-worki caring (GET My grandfather's old. He has wrinkles and cant walk quickly. 1. My teacher is 2. My best friend is 3. My favorite singer is 18 * MyFovorte Person ‘Combine the two sentences using “that.” (END My grandiather has big, blue yes. Hie-eyes lok ike mine that + My grandfather hos big, blue eyes that look like mine. 1, My sister wears red glasses, Her glasses make her look smart. > My sister 2. Kate has small, brown eyes. Her eyes disappear when she smiles. ~ Kate 3. Donna has a beautiful voice. Her voice is nice to listen to. Donna (END My grandiather hhas.a big stomach,,He calls hie-stomact his "Sante Claus belly.” that > My grandfather has a big stomach that he calls his "Santa Claus belly” 4, My mom has a loud laugh. You can hear her laugh anywhere, >My mom ee '5. Angela has many books. | want to borrow her books. Angela 6. David has many talents. | envy his talents. David vunit2 © 19 Brainstorm about a person you want to describe. Looks gray and white hair 20 © My Favorite Person Characteristics old: wrinkles, can't walk quickly, wears glasses like alittle boy: loves ‘sweets and cookies, likes to watch cartoons likes to joke around = laughs loudly Looks Characteristics has frecklesdimples] is a gentlemanta genius/the oldest) wears glassestbraces/a hat) is pretter{taller/bigger] than . has curlystraight/spiked/ wavy hair plays the pianofvolin/guitar} wears hair in a ponytailfa bur/pigtails] plays soccer{basketbal/baseball] Unit2 * 21 My Favorite Place Unit Goal Describing a place sentences about them. Key Points adjectives to describe the atmosphere ‘seeihear + object + ~ing prepositional phrases Jason + books are everywhere + Tots of desks and chairs + many places to study + very quiet + can read books or watch movies. ‘What is Jason's favorite place? ‘What is Ann's favorite place? Tene Describe it: ‘© Think about the place you are describing as a picture. © Use adjectives to show the atmosphere of the place. ‘© Tell where things are located with prepositions, 22 © My Favorite Place Read about Jason's and Ann's favorite place. Guess the places and write + lots of stores and places toeat + can buy clothes, shoes, bags, and more + can window-shop + crowded and busy = Describe it: Unie3 © 23 My Favorite Place My favorite place is the park near my house. Outside my house, I hear cars honking loudly. The sidewalks are crowded with people and the buildings are all close to each other. However, the park is different. It is very peaceful. I can often hear birds singing in the park. There are also open spaces with green grass and colorful flowers. I usually see people napping or chatting there. In the middle of the park, there is a marble fountair wooden benches. On a nice day, I like to sit on one of ‘the benches and read a good book. It is wonderful to have a relaxing place in a busy and noisy city. and 1. Circle the topic sentence. What is the paragraph about? 2. What isin the park? 3, What does the writer like to do in the park? 4. Underline the closing sentence. How does the writer feel about the park? 24 © My Favorite Place Use the writing model to fill in the outline below. Mm my favorite place - the park a (em ow Reason why | like the place ~ outside my house: cars sidewalks, 3 buildings close to + park is different What the place is like Atmosphere of the place: very Sounds/ Views: + birds open spaces - people napping, : fountain, benches Activities: - sit on a bench and ——————_eue QM woo park - wonderful to have a unit » 25 Describe the pictures using the correct prepositions from the box. Write the Imagine and describe the atmosphere of the following places using two adjectives from the box. You can use the words more than once. prepositional phrases at the beginning of the sentences. messy quiet calm peaceful crowded in along ‘around next to energetic dirty noisy cheerful relaxing infrontof _inthemiddie (of inthe corner (of) __at the end (of) (EDD The city is noisy and crowded, (park, marble fountain) ~ In the middle of the park, there is a marble Fountain. 1. Mycity (museum, old statues and paintings) 2. My room 3. The lake (living room, piano) 4. The mall 3. The ballpark (superstore, parking lot) Write sentences using “see” or “hear” and the given words. (GEN Cars, honk) ~ Lhear cars honking. (Ferris wheel, roller coaster) (hall, office) 1. (boys, run) > 2. (birds, sing) > (lake, tall trees) 3. (people, take pictures) + 4, (bees, buzz) - (sidewalk, bright streetlights) is, buy groceries) + a 5. (far 26 » My Fovorte Place Unit © 27 rainstorming, Brainstorm about a place you want to describe. a My favorite place: parknear my house ‘Atmosphere “rept outside my house: crowded sidewalks, many buildings: 28 © MyFavorite Place Sounds/Views birds singing - green grass, colorful flowers - people napping, chatting - marble fountain, wooden benches Ea Reason why I like the place ‘What the place is like (atmosphere, sounds/views, activities, ete.) Atmosphere Activities tropical deserted unique play sports take walk hang out cory comfortable romantic go shopping lookaround chat relaxing magical pleasant goonrides ride abike relax nit * 29 How to Play a Game Unit Goal Explaining how to do an activity Key Points be (not) allowed to = can be =i! it~, ~ Complete the sentences about how to play charades using the phrases in the box. + your teammate guesses the word correctly + make motions and act out the word on the paper + two or more people + to talk or point at objects ‘pen and paper to write words Charades is played by Youneed You You are not allowed i , your team wins. Write sentences about how to play soccer using the phrases from the box. + your team scores the most goals + to touch the ball with your hands + kick and shoot the ball into the net + two teams of eleven people + a soccer ball and nets ‘© Tell what people need in order to do an activity (materials, tools, equipment). ‘© Give directions on how to do and complete the activity ‘© Explain what people are allowed and not allowed to do. 30 * Howto Playa Game nit © 31 [© Read the writing model and answer the questions. How to Play Badminton Badminton is an easy sport to play. You need badminton rackets, a shuttlecock, and a net to play the game. It can be played by two or four people, and can be played indoors ‘or outdoors. In the game, you have to hit the shuttlecock over the net with your racket. You are not allowed to hit ‘the shuttlecock more than once. If the shuttlecock doesrit go over the net, your opponent gets a point. Whoever gets 21 points first wins the game. One game usually lasts about 30 minutes. Badminton is very fun, and it can be enjoyed by the entire family. 1. What is the paragraph about? 2. What is not allowed in a badminton game? 3. How do you win a badminton game? 4, What does the writer think about badminton? 32 + How to Paya Game VM friting/Analy Use the writing model to fillin the outline below. MO badminton - easy to play [ Body Y f Basic information about badminton + Equipment: + Number of players: + Where it is played: Game rules + Rules: 1. have to 2. not allowed to 3 opponent gets a point + How to win: + Playing time: _——— (MM™ woo badminton - very _ can be enjoyed by unit4 © 33 Change the sentences using “be (not) allowed to. (EDD You can hit the shuttlecock only once. > You are allowed to hit the shuttlecock only once. You cannot hit the shuttlecock more than once. ~ You are not allowed to hit the shuttiecock more than once. 1. You can use your feet to pass the ball. 2. You cannot trip an opposing player. 3. You can put down more than one card at a time. 4, You cannot roll the dice more than once. S Use the passive to explain what is possible: ~ can be ~ Rewrite the sentences using “~ can be ~ by ~.”" (GENE Two or four people can play > Badminton can be played by two or Four people. 1. The goalkeeper can touch the ball. 2 Any player on the field can kick the ball. 2. wo teams of rine players can play the game. x People of all ages can enjoy the game. 34 © Howto Playa Game S Explain what you can or can't dor be (not) allowedto | The st huttlecock doesn't go over the net. Your team gets two points, The other team catches the baseball, ‘One team needs to get two ‘more points to win the set The basketball goes through the hoop. They win the whole match. One team wins three sets. Your opponent gets a point. Twot feams are tied at 24 points. The runner is safe A player takes a step without dribbling ‘The batter is out. Arun ner reaches the base before he is tagged The other team gets the ball [7] Write sentences using “If” and the answers above. (GENED The shuttlecock doesn't go over the net. Your opponent gets a point. 5 > If the shuttlecock doesnt go over the net, your opponent gets a point Unit 4 « 35 Choose one sport or game you want to explain and brainstorm about it. Howto play badminton equipment/players rackets, shuttlecock, net two or four people rules hit shuttlecock over net not allowed to hit shuttlecock more ‘than once =shuttlecock doesn't: go over the net “> opponent gets point -winner: whoever gets 21 points first: -lasts 30 minutes 36 © How to Pay Game Outline what you brainstormed on page 36. POPP ODPD PDP DDD PODS Basic information (equipment, number of players, etc.) © came rules = Cee ie Equipment Where itis played Actions hhockey stick ice rink track pitch block ‘goalie mask/pads | soccer field stadium defend dribble golf club swimming poo! golf course seve miss baseball bat/glove | tennis/basketball court baseball diamond | shoot swing, unit © 37 My Country Unit Goat one of ~ © Tell facts instead of thoughts or opinions. © Give specific information about the subject, © Give examples and names. 38 * My Country Giving information, Key Points Including ~/such as ~ relative pronouns (which, who) What do you know about the following countries? Write three facts about each country using the phrases from the box. be located in be famous for be from te! England Bye ay South Korea ¢@¢) = 1. England is located in Europe. 1 2.England is famous for Big Ben. ‘and double-decker buses. 3. David Beckham is from England, 2 Theu.! 1 1 2 2 3. 3 unit © 39 Modell \Writing/Analysis) [Read the writing model and answer the questions. Use the writing model to fill in the outline below. My Country England ~ Tam from England, a country in northwest Europe. The c= capital of England is London. The city has many famous sites, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. One Capital of England$ most famous landmarks is Stonehenge, which is London: many famous sites, including, located in the south of the country. Stonehenge was built 5,000 years ago. It is one of the oldest man-made monuments in the world. In addition, there are many famous writers Famous places/things and musicians who are English, such as the playwright William Stonehenge: located Shakespeare and the rock band The Beatles. England is Full of culture and history. Come and visit my country! one of in the world 1. What is the paragraph about? Famous people 2. Write three facts about England. famous writers and musicians: William Shakespeare, » The Beatles 2a 3) —_—————$_—<— om OG 3. What does the writer suggest in the closing sentence? eee * England - full of and Come and visit my country! 40 © My Country UnitS © 41 S Give examples in a'sentence: including ~ /suchas~ ‘Make the sentences longer using “including -” or “such as ~." (GETS London has many famous sites, (including) > London has many famous sites, including Big Ben and Tower Bridge. 1. Seoul has many places to visit. (including) 2, The U.S. has many big cities. (including) 3. Italy has many delicious kinds of food. (such as) 4. China is famous for many places. (such as) Ss ‘Show that the subject is one example of many: one of ~ } 7] Rewrite the sentences using “one of -.” Make sure to use superlative adjectives and plural nouns. (GID stonehenge is an old man-made monument. ~ Stonehenge is one of the oldest man-made monuments in the world. 1. Tokyo is a big city. 2. The Mona Lisa isa famous painting 3. The Amazon River is long. 4. New York Cily is expensive 42 «© MyCountey Give extra information in a sentence: which + details (EEMED One of England’s most famous landmarks is Stonehenge. itis located in the ‘south of the country. = ~ One of England’ most famous I in the south of the country. h is located 1. Many tourists like to visit the Grend Canyon, It is located in Arizona. 2. French people like to eat crepes. They are thin pancakes with fruit or sugar filling. 3. Afamous song about New York i “New York, New York.” It was written in 1977. 4. A popular landmark in Taipel is Taipei 101. Itis the tallest building in Taiwan. Rewrite the sentences using “There are - who are -. (END Many famous writers and musicians are English. “> There are many famous writers and musicians who are English. Many famous baseball players and golfers are Korean, 2. Many great painters and sculptors are African. 3, Many rich businesspeople and CEOs are Middle Eastern 4, Many popular soccer players are European. unit S » 43 Brainstorm about the country you want to give information about. ‘Outline what you brainstormed on page 44, PPP P FF FF FF FFF FF FFI SG capital famous landmark famous people + London + Stonehenge + playwright Shakespeare ~famous sites: ~insouthof England + rock band The Beatles 1) Big Ben built: 5,000 years ago 2) Tower Bridge -one of the oldest 3) Buckingham Palace man-made monuments Famous places/things EE Famous people (ee ea Tourist attractions/buildings Nature i | statue aquarium — memorial forest canyon coast r j temple castle cathedral mountain range peninsula botanical garden waterfall skyscraper palace tomb 44 © My Countey units» 45 Good Neighbors . = (@]_ Write phrases about what a good teacher and a good student should and should not do. Unit Goal Key Points 4 good ~ is ~ ‘should (not) ~ when + present tense // when + past tense Giving opinions A good teacher. should prepare for class v should not yell at students should not should review what he or she learned that day A good student. { should should not cheat on tests Give your personal views on the topic. Support your opinions with specific explanations. should not Use examples to make your opinions more convincing, 46 * Good Neighbors unit © 47 Good Neighbors There are three qualities that make good neighbors. Firstly, I think good neighbors are neat and orderly. ‘They always keep their own houses clean and pick up all the trash near their homes. In addition, I believe good neighbors are kind and helpful. For example, our next-door neighbor Jennifer helped us find our dog when he got loose. Lastly, good neighbors should be considerate, and think about how their actions affect their neighbors. They should not listen to loud music ‘or make loud noises late at night If we are all good neighbors, our neighborhoods will be better places to live. 11, What is the paragraph about? 2. Write the three qualities of good neighbors. D_ 2 2 ‘3. What example does the writer give to support the second quality? 48 © Good Neighbors Use the writing model to fill in the outline below. i ‘good neighbors - three qualities, = First quality “ explanation neat and — Second quality ~ example kind and + Jennifer helped. Third quality: oo Explanation: + should be , + should not listen to loud music or ———— f/m wi good neighbors — neighborhoods will be Unité © 49 Change the sentences using “A good ~ is ~. (ADE Steve is 2 neat and orderly neighbor. > A.good neighbor is neat and orderly. 11. Me, Lewisis a friendly and generous teacher, 2 isa helpful and sincere friend. a Tony is a loving and caring father. 1 ‘Sams a punctual and hard-working employee. Complete the first sentence using an adjective from the box. Add explanations. in the second sentence. kind wise neat tidy ‘thoughtful helpful hard-working (BEBE Good neighbors should be considerate. They should not listen to loud music. late at night. 1, Good friends should be _ 2. Good brothers should be 3. Good students should be ‘4. Good parents should be 50 * Good Neighbors ‘Complete the sentences using "when + present tense.” (GENE When I have a problem, my friend listens tome. 1 my mother cooks for me. 2 my sister plays games with me. 3 my classmate studies with me. @o my grandparents buy me a present. ‘Make the sentences longer using “when + past tense” and the given words. (ETE Our neighbor helped us find our dog. (loose) ~ Our neighbor helped us find our dog when he got loose. 1. My tutor helped me study. (test) 2. My friends came to visit me. chospital) 3. Our coach cheered us up. (soccer game) 4, My uncle came to pick me up. (school) nit 6 © 51 Choose one of the following topics and brainstorm about it. + What makes a good neighbor/teacher/student/friend? kind, helpful keep their houses clean Jennifer helped pick up trash near their find our dog homes ———— + should not listen to loud music ormake loud noises late at night er, mer. 52 » Good Neighbors ‘i ‘Outline what you brainstormed on page 52. ; PP PPL SF FF SSS SF SCSSSEFS Topic Erie Good/bad qualities generous tolerant. warm-hearted understanding sympathetic cheerful polite courteous well-mannered mild-tempered talkative grumpy citical selfish bbad-tempered unit » 53 Warm-up) Being a Kid Unit Goal Giving opinions by comparing Key Points don't have to / Whi Boing ~ is ~ than being ~ ftis ~ to ~ than to ~ {© _ Mark the sentences as (G) for advantages and (8) for disadvantages of having a brother/sister and being an only child. Having a brother/sister Being an only child + have someone to play with (6) + don'thave any fights (6) + havefights ( ) + have all your parents’ attention ¢ ) + don'thave your own bedroom ( ) + don'thave anyone to play with ¢ ) + can share clothes ( + have to goto school alone ( ) + get less presents () + don't have someone to talk about + have someone to talk about problems with ( ) problems with ( ) shave more privacy ( ) Write two good and bad points for each side. + Having a brother/sister GD You cs + Being an only child © Write about both sides of the topic you are comparing. (EB You ‘© Wiite why you support one of the two sides. © Give positive reasons for your side and negative reasons for the other side. bad | 54 » Belnga Kia nit © 55 Writing Mod Being a Kid Being a kid is better than being an adult for many reasons. First of all, it is more fun to be a kid than to be an adult. Adults have to work until late in the evening. They dont have enough time to have fun. However, kids finish school in the afternoon and can play. Kids also have two long school vacations every year. Secondly, kids don't have to make money. Unlike adults, they dont have to worry about paying the bills or buying food. Lastly, while adults have to solve problems by themselves, kids ‘can get help from adults. For these reasons, I think it is better to be a kid. 1. What is the paragraph about? 2. Why can kids have more fun than adults? 3. What do adults have to do? Write at least two things. 56 © Beings kid Use the writing model to fill in the outline below. Mmm being a kid - First of all more fun, ~ adults: work = kids: have Secondly kids dont have to = don't have to pay the bills or Lastly kids can > adults: better a FT NN fm not enough about problems unit? © 57 Write sentences about the given subjects using “unlike” and “don't have to.” about s / parents 3. teachers / students 4. women /men ‘Complete the sentences using “while.” (GATT Adults have to solve problems by themselves, butkids ... its have to can get hel from adults. 1. Young people have 2 lot of energy, but old people .. z Many kids have curfews, but adults... = Students have to take tests, but teachers * Most parents are strict, but grandparents. 58 © Beinga kid Write sentences using “Being - is - than being ~" and “It is - to - than to -" and the given words. Make sure to change the adjectives into the comparative. (GSN kid vs. adult Gun) > Being a kid is more fun than being an adult. — It is more fun to be a kid than to be an adult. 1. scientist vs. businessperson (difficult) 2 singer vs. actor (enjoyable) 3: pilot vs. race car driver (exciting) 4, mother vs. father (good) 5. police officer vs. firefighter (dangerous) unit7 © 59 Choose one of the following topics and brainstorm about which is better. Outline what you brainstormed on page 60. . PPP P FF PPS SSS FSS GF IF SVS) salidoran adit sastudentoratecher a manorawoman ae Kids ‘ Adults: +more fun: + less fun: “Tnth schol intheafzernoo anpay workantlaein the evening ~ two long vacations every year not enough time to have fun + don't have to make money: have tomake money ~don’t have to pay the bill, by food + can get help from adults about problems - have to solve problems by themselves UU | UU SUUEUUUUUUS ru 60 © Being a kid First of all (Secondly Lastly (not) worry about... have to... weight health cook grade tests appearance/looks career/employment | dochores__plan lessons grades/exems —_boss/co-workers, shave pick up their kids Unit7 © 61 My Scariest Experience Unit Goat Writing about an experience Key Points Tie -est moment in my ile was when ~ Write what happened in the pictures and how the people felt. Use the past tense and the words from the boxes. EVENTS: FEELINGS + havea car accident shocked scared sad + lose his pet excited happy thrilled + win first place frustrated proud upset + goto the amusement park nervous worried angry ‘© Tell about something that happened in the past ‘© Describe when, where, and how something happened. ‘© Write the events in order. 62 © My Searlest Experience unit + 63 \Writing/Analysis) [© Read the writing model and answer the questions. Use the writing model to fill in the outline below. My Scariest Experience the scariest moment - when The scariest moment in my life was when I got lost in = 7 ‘the woods. It happened two years ago when I was ten. My family and T went camping in the woods. While my ‘When parents were setting up the tent, I decided to go hiking two years ago by myself. After walking for about 30 minutes, I suddenly Where realized I was lost. Pretty soon, it began to get very dark. wcthanoncis T was so scared that I almost cried. About an hour later, I finally found our campsite. When I got back, my parents ‘What happened were angry, but glad that I was safe. I learned my lesson wna aveathiappenad and never went hiking alone in a new place again. outils duced to, + after + suddenly realized 1. Whatis the paragraph about? + pretty + itbegan to 2. When and where did this event take place? + about an hour + finally found our campsite + when + my parents were angry, but 3. When did the writer realize she was lost? 4. How did the writer's parents feel when the writer got back? _ never 64» My Scariest Experience nit * 65 Choose superlative adjectives from the box and write sentences using “The -est Combine the two sentences using “while.” Make sure to change the verb into moment in my life was when ~" about the given phrases. Use the past tense. the past progressive after “while.” scariest saddest happiest. ~— greatest. «= worst. ~—s most exciting (GEN My parents set up the tent. | decided to go hiking, > While my parents were setting up the tent, I decided to go hiking. (ERD eetlostin the woods 1. I watched television, I heard a loud noise > The scariest moment in my life was when I got lost in the woods. - 1. win the lottery 2. [slept on the couch. My cat jumped on me. 2. ride the world’s tallest rollercoaster 3. I played on the computer. The power went out. 3. have my tooth pulled out 4. | played soccer. | tripped and twisted my ankle. 4, fight with my best friend ‘Write sentences using “It happened ~ when ~" and the given phrases. Combine the two sentences using “after.” Make sure to change the verb to -ing after “after.” | walked for about 30 minutes. | suddenly realized | was lost. ap el eee ice a co when twas © + After walking for about 30 minutes, I suddenly realized I was lost. — It happened two years ago when fen, 1. I studied for five hours straight. | took a break. 1. a year ago: | was twelve years old 8 2, three days ago: | went to the mall 2. Lplayed all afternoon: Itook anap 3. last summer: | was in fifth grade 3. | walked in the rain without an umbrella. | caught a cold 4 in.2010: I went ona trip 4. I talked on my cell phone for three hours, | needed to recharge the battery, 66 © My Scariest Experience unit © 67 Brainstorm about your scariest(happiest, saddest, etc.) experience. ‘The scariest moment: when lost in the woods: when/uhere: what happened: ~ two years ago (ten years old) - went hiking by myself in the woods - walking for 50 minutes lost - got dark, scared, almost cried found campsite an hour later 68 + My Scariest Experience Outline what you brainstormed on page 68: IFPI SF FS FSF SS SSS FSF SFY) When Where What happened Feelings (Iwas ..) Experiences (It was...) lonely bored moved terrific fantastic amazing thrilled frightened hort memorable awesome thrilling relaxed pleased nervous terrible awful weird nie » 69 | Cinderella Story Unit Goal Writing story Key Points fairytale beginnings relative clause (who) reported speech Bc: Rudolph's red nose helped Santa deliver all the presents, ( ) A) One Christmas Eve, it was hard te see because it was dark and foggy Everyone cheered for Rudolph and his red nose. ¢@ Introduce the characters, and when and where they lived in the beginning. © Tell about a problem or a situation that the main character experienced in the middle. Tellif the problem was solved or how the main character changed in the end. 70 * Cinderela Story [© Number the pictures in order to make the story. Rudolph, who had a glowing red ‘nose, was born in Santa's village. = The other reindeers made fun of hhim because of his nose. Santa asked Rudolph to light the way with his nose, [2 Now, write the full story using the sentences above. Unit © 71 \Writing|Model| (©) _Read the writing model and answer the questions. Use the writing model to fill in the outline below. 7 When: on ti Cinderella yen: once upon atime Who: a beautiful young woman Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman named Cinderella. She lived with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, who treated her like a maid. One day, the a prince, who wanted to get married, invited all the young ‘what fiappened’ ladies toa ball. Cinderella’ Fairy godmother gave her a Chesrectie Pret dress and carriage for the ball, but she told Cinderella : + treated Cinderella like a maid to return home before midnight. Cinderella went to the %; * + invited young ladies toa ball ball, and when the prince saw her, he fell in love. When + Cinderella left at midnight, she accidentally leFt one of - + helped Cinderella goto the bal, but told her glass slippers behind. The next day, the prince used herto ‘the glass slipper to find Cinderella. The two married and + lived happily ever after. + Cinderella : —z + the prince : + 1. Who is the main character of the story? + Cinderella : 2. Who are the other characters in the story? + , used the glass slipper to find Cinderella 3. What happened at the ball? f 4, Why is the glass slipper important in the story? die Swomerisdanciived 72 © Cinderela story Unit © 73 Write sentences using “there” and the given words. Conce upon a time, a beautiful young woman named Cinderella) Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman named Cinderella. (@ long time ago, a family of three bears) 2. (ina land far away, a village of magical elves) 3. (once upon a time, tivo ogres in the forest) 4. (long, long ago, three kingdoms ruled by three sisters) ‘Combine the two sentences using “who.” EEN The prince wanted to get mareg, Heinvited llthe young aces toa bal who ~The prince, who wanted to get married, invited all the ladies to a ball. ‘The knight was very brave. He fought the monster. 2. The servant was actually 2 prince. He became the young woman's friend. 3, The old lady was really a witch, She gave the apple to Snow White 4, The old man wanted to become young again. He drank the magic potion. 7A © Cinderela Story Change what is being said into reported speech. (GND “Return home before midnight,” the fairy godmother told Cinderella, > The fairy godmother told Cinderella to return home before midnight. ‘Come back home before the morning,” the woman told her grandson. 2. "Make three wishes,” the genie told Aladdin, 3. "Open the book after sunset,” the elf told the girl. 4. "Slay the dragon,” the queen ordered the knight. (GEDND “Do not open the box,” Pandora's husband warned Pandora. > Pandora’ husband warned Pandora not to open the box. ‘Do not say the evil wizard’s name,” the mother told her son. 2 "Donot enter the West Wing,” the Beast ordered Belle. 3. "Do not let the vampire inside the house,” the vampire hunter told his family. 4. "Do not look at Medusa,” the wise man warned the warrior. Unit © 75 Decide what story you want to write and brainstorm about it. Beginning: once upon atime /beautiul young woman, Cinderella ——<—<$<$<——O Midalle: stepmother/stepsisters treated Cinderella ike a maid “> prince invited young ladies to a ball “> fairy godmother helped Cinderella goto the ball > prince fll in love with Cinderella > Ginderella left one slipper > prince found Cinderella again using the slipper End the two married and lived happily ever after jorming 76 © Cinderella Story Outline what you brainstormed on page 76. Beginning Who PPS FFF FF FF FSF SIS Where fairy giant sultan cave cottage dwart goblin mermaid (enchanted) forest palace/castle elt dragon alien dungeon outer space Unit © 77 Thank-you Letter Unit Goal Writing a polte letter Key Points Ithas been ~ since ~ hope ~ Lam writing to ~ {realy appreciated you -ing Hust wanted to thank you for all you did during summer camp. | | ‘Write back soon! | hope we stay friends forever. September 1, 2012 HiSteve! How are you? | can't believe it’s been two months since our summer camp! Anyway, it was great getting to know you at camp. _ ‘© Write a polite letter to someone you respect or don't know very well Your pal, ‘© Write a formal greeting and closing, Bob © Use polite language and no slang. 78 © Thankyou Leter Complete the two letters Bob wrote using the sentences below. How have you been? It has been | ‘awhile since our camp ended, Bob Smith | Regards, { I'm so sad summer vacation is almost over, aren't you? Polite letter to camp counselor, Morgan September 1, 2012 Dear Morgan, My vacation is almost over and | am ‘going back to school in two weeks. I really appreciated it.| hope we can keep in touch. Please write back when you cen. unit10 + 79 —_———a November 9, 2011 Dear Ms. Dalloway, How are you? It has been a while since I last saw you. Have you already moved to Los Angeles? I hope you like ‘your new job and your new home. Everyone in our class is doing fine. Our new teacher's name is Mr. Rogers. He is very tall and smart. OF course, he is not as nice as ‘you are! Anyway, Iam writing to thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I really appreciated you teaching me many valuable things. I will always remember you. T hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Sally Draper 1. Who is Ms, Dalloway? 2. Why is Sally writing to Ms. Dalloway? 3. What did Sally write as a closing before her signature? 80 » Thankyou Letter Ms, Dalloway, a Asking about the person + How are you? + has been a while + moved to Los Angeles? + hope you like new job and Talking about yourself + ourclass is + new teacher: Mr. Rogers, tall and not ‘Saying thank you + thank you for + appreciated many valuable things + will always remember you Last words + hope —_— MEA MM Sally Draper Unie10 » 81 ‘Write sentences using “It has been - since ~" and the given words. (GED a while / last saw you ~* It has been a while since I last saw you. 1. along time / last wrote to you 2 months / we last heard from you 3 tolong wes saw ah the ayes / we last talked to each other Change the sentences using “I hope. ‘Do you like your new job? +1 1 like your new job. 1. Do you like your new school? 2: o ou your psn? 2: Ne youding wins? aan you enjoying your vacation? 82 © Thank-you Letter Change the sentences using “I am writing to thank you for -ing.” You were a wonderful teacher. > Tam writing to thank you for being a wonderful teacher 11. You were an amazing coach. 2. You were an excellent tutor. 3. You gave me helpful advice, 4. You showed me around the city. Change the sentences using "I really appreciated you ing.” You taught me many valuable things. ~ Lreally appreciated you teaching me many valuable things. 4 You taught me English. 2. You helped me with my homework. . You cared so much about us 4. You worked so hard as our teacher. Unit « 83 Decide whom you want to write a thank-you letter to and brainstorm about it. ‘Asking about her Talking about me Thank you awhile since llast saw you -ourclassiis fine - forbeing a wonderful -moved toLA? new teacher: teacher hope you like new job Mr, Rogers, tall, smart, for teaching me valuable and new home not as nice as you things e—rv—___] L Last words hope to hear from you 84 © Thankyou Letter (7 Outline what you brainstormed on page 84. PPP FFF LFF FFF FF FF SS Asking about the person Talking about yourself Saying thank you Coren ise Closing Polite sentences Sincerely, Regards, | ook forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Best regards, |_| am sorry for my late reply. Respectfully yours, Kindest regards, | | apologize for not writing to you seoner. Unit 10 © 85