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Number and Algebra Mathematics Lesson Plan

for Year .

Content descriptor/ Focus Questions

Activities and Management Considerations Assessment
30 mins-40mins approx.
Recognise, model, Intro 10-15mins:
read, write and order Mat session: evidence: ordering
numbers to at least 100 Reinforce class rules and expectations- listening behaviours (eyes, ears, What number is of trains on
(Year 1)/1000 (Year 2). hands, legs crossed). this? worksheet- can they
Locate these numbers on a Clarify how I get attention- clap and mimic back, then arms folded waiting What number comes number from 1-100
number line for instruction. after? with/without
Then discuss what we are learning today. which number assistance.
Orders numbers comes before?
to 100 (Y01007) UN WALT: learning to count from 1-100 in order, practicing our numbers and during mat time:
KU 1,8 putting them in order. -questioning
FSiM- UN KU8: We can To help us remember the numbers I found a video we can watch and count Ability to recognise
compare and order the along with. numbers and the
numbers themselves. Intro video with song. Have kids reciting numbers. order of numbers.

Explict teaching- Using interactive whiteboard Checking counting

Or: remove number wall game, and just check understanding by picking during work time.
Mathematical Focus numbers and asking what comes before or after.
Interactive whiteboard.
Recognise and order
Main Body 20 mins:
numbers to 100
Model activity of cutting out number trains and ordering- begin by cutting
out trains, once the carriages are cut out then lay them out in order before
gluing on to the long strips.
Transition to desks. Send girls first then boys back to desks- collect sheets
from two students on way to desks.
Proficiency Strand/s
Understanding Cut out trains of numbers to 100 and glue in order.
As students start to complete or make progress in order go around while
they are working and ask them to count from 1 or from somewhere else in
the sequence to further assess number recognition.
Example Lesson Plan
Conclusion 5mins:
Stop class. Ask do you feel more confident with your numbers, or did you
learn anything more today? (thumbs up or down). Pack up and transition
to next activity. Incomplete work can either be placed in tray for later
completion or finished quickly during transition.

Early finishers can colour in trains, then do a dot-to-dot

Tailored Plan Resources:

Help the slower students with some cutting. Video
Low-achievers: Monitor progress throughout activity assisting where needed. Number train worksheet
Year 1 can be directed to number lines around the room and helped with Long piece of paper for gluing
small sections. scissors and glue
coloured pencils for early finish colouring
Potential differentiation for higher year 2s- blank spaces in number train
High Achievers: for writing in correct number, i.e. higher and lower number etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?