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Se ook enfant (Granites. ‘THE LATIN re Pra © iit uo no quate suing septem 9 ove To deem MW undecin 12 ddim 1B redeem 14 quatrdc 1s quindeim 1 sedecim 1 0 iT wv wt x x XL xu xi xv xv xv Latin does nt bv silent Het. The Roman grominition of the sphabet tithe fost commen diptbong ae ts follows ia tee ° ks a a s a 2(as;n good) js fot 2 a 4 5 6 VIL sepondcei XIX 8 dude 19 undevigt We Foc example, in Engh, the fllaving sentence: Aris Paul canoot hang ts word oe witching smear ing, The sme Latin setenos: Pru vrtrat Pla may ne the flowing word onder without changing it main Pat verberat Par ove: Pers Pan verb. “Ther ar ie declensins A Latin word siento with avays presented wilt the nominative and genie case Tos, et doin, Fst delnsion eel) in most ass i used for fei Sing, tos, rue (2) Second Declension (odes), omits {he maser) empl the ope) Sing Phi Sing lar omins ‘minum ‘int oi ‘ings tempo ‘emit ‘empiam temp ‘epiewm temple ‘Third Deiesion (comtoat dec) is wed for masculine, feminine and Seer ous fuga Rigas Sees Conn ‘git uns, 2 um ‘gi a die, ‘gin ‘gina urus,2 um ‘ign do, dare, 0 squadragin singin pti seognis onsginta Scents, qunringnto, a mile Ist 2nd sed a sh XXX XXM XL Ux 90 xx 8 xc 9 i 00 ec 200 cc 300 CCE 300 M1000. MM 2000 do iia 100.000 dais conten iia 2000.000_vigin conten iia Third Declnsin (4 stems) alo sad for «small ba Masculine & Feminine Neuter Ts ene Ge nro recta Scribus ‘oribus ih Dectesion (ede is mny we i emi nas Feminine ee eee Sing (ne) Pr (0,05) (vost) nati own) wee Cae nr num a capi The Urb he iy), ith a capita eter, means Rome rims, sscimd, a om quar, um septimus, um Most Lai words ar on a case system Each ofthe sic eases defines the fine ae la un, ron rized by sending Nominate: sabjoet, Genitive: postessiononiginquality Duties Inet objet Abate: reposional object Wocatnes _ diet ares esi 3 a undeis,, In nominative ats the personal pronouns ae ony used | rphnz he nbjet Not ofthe ne, the eral eo Sune ae include in ie et form, Mass, Fem, Newt, (be, bin) (he, ee) 6 * Newt (he he) Sai cc) (hey ther) thes hem) Sr) Si) Sri) Sis) Possessive Pronouns Poses pronouns have the same tenminations ab the ‘jective ofthe fst and second declan, Thy ae ot teed whan the owner vious tis tu tum Sour yous Ss si, suum i ha tho, his ‘ester, vesira, vestrum. Your, YOUS ice Tieie declension i the sume 18 the personal pronoun, ek of myself tof yoursth cys thie heel tel Tun peson ‘ing Ey Gen Dat Abt Sing (is) Mase. he ey tie fine te Pr. (ese) Masc. em, Net, fhe hac hace eum hiram am te bis hie toes hase te fis hie Fem, ace hie he na ‘Sing. Pi (tof your) eet ert ‘Mase. Fem. Newt, Mase. em. Newt ihe ia isd” ith iste at isdos ss ius (Game temination a5 See ee ete ium stam tad io iat ist Sing Pin (atone over ter) (hos nes ovr there) Mase. Fem, New Mase, Fem, Newt fe in lad (same terminations ifs ie ssdbeth ae) iti in | ‘ti Sing. Pia Gal (atten) Mast. Fem, Mase. Fem. Newt, ‘ese an (ine terminations ipsus sus 5 dot nea) it ‘eam pam Poriarer nr In Latin, relative pronouns take their gender and number orn the adn fo wiih hy ee Mas Fem, Neat sgetint who) gue sd (bic) Sis ose) cos fui (or whieh) [Si (or hom) ca Eat tie) ‘esa (vinm) quam fuod (whi) osehom) ga suo tehich) Fem, Net omm = guaran urn ‘tas ‘ulus un 08 us gue ‘as ulus uns ee 1 Lata, iateropatve pronouns ake thir onde nd nu ber om the noun to which they refer Masculine and fe nin trrgatie pronouns ave the sae fas Sing. Msc Fem, Newt (hot) whch) ‘is ‘i ‘em ‘id qk qu ge Mase Fem, New, (oho?) sick) aa ‘ie own quorum ‘bas ‘ulus as uus PREPOSITIONS {Lain prepostons are es numerous than in Engh Tey ae flowed yan active an aie, ec ya iin onsiting of «noun anda paricple o vo nouns inthe Abluive Case. I expases tine, magne, case, or cc ‘Ure capt, oman non spoon, (Once Rome was the Roman id mt despa) Cook Steady rou ‘There at tees in Latin, The content ell you whether toe the defi oth ineft aice aealaton Oa Adjectives are divided into two pater of declension. FintlSecond Decision Adjettves ae oo & a ee = Plu. (educated) Mais. fem, Nom. deel —Goctae Dat) dats dots ‘Ace. doen dot AN) dls dots Woe doe dotae “hind Desenson Adjectives Sing 86) form ‘eis fore feos Sing (i) Pie (i8) Neat ert oe eribus Ssterios eribas | Ssteribos Yeerls ster Cater ree See Demonstrative pronouns, Soe Possesive pronouns Ue Bred “The sompantive form ofthe dctive is band by ading the sues lor of us tothe sem of the adjcive varple: does (ise, dct (stem, doto (wise) Por. (rier) ‘MatclFem, Newt, doctors ection {ostirum doctionm oes deta octioss doction octinbus dors ostioe setois socio cis dor ostins oct octionem oct “The spelt i formed by adding the slices ine, = Ismay st simu (he most) the ter of the ace tive The declension then similar to dots, um. There are many exceptions otis gneal ue ned ‘The infinite clave f acter important fete of the [in langage: Assist tm ine (AD es Jsstofthe infinite cian ays exprsed and inthe ‘ecustne cae Usa sme ated with 2 tha Sn vtam eae brevem. (that fe shor) ADVERBS Most vet se forms by adding a slic othe stem Ihe ajc The sufi ig fo he adlectvs of the Fist ‘second decinson ander forthe adjectives othe did