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There are two perspectives about the Earths creation.

First is scientific theories through natural cosmic processes while the second is biblical through Gods 6-day creation,
as described in Genesis 1 of the bible.

How the Earth was formed? How do living things in the present day was formed?
A. Earths Formation
Based on the Core Accretion Theory, the Earth is formed from the collapsing gravity of our emerging solar system, which
was then composed of dust and gases, about 4.6 billion years ago. Gravity clumped them into larger particles that eventually
became part of the Earth's rocky core. Denser materials sank to the center, while the lighter material became the crust.
Movements in the Earths mantle gave rise to mountains and volcanoes. At some point, condensed water vapor started to
build the atmosphere that cooled the planet and subsequently caused the crust to solidify. Cooled water vapor then created
heavy rains, which formed the oceans.

B. Formation of Living Things

On the origin of life, evidences of earliest living things dating back 3.5 billion years ago were discovered in Western

Unlike the formation of the Earth, there are a few theories but there is no one prominent theory on the origin of life, though
their common denominator is that there was a spontaneous formation of simple, then more complex, then self-sustaining
biological molecules.

The Oparin-Haldane Hypothesis proposes that life could have developed from non-living matter through a process of
gradual chemical evolution, which created the key building blocks of life in its early days. Over millions of years, larger and
more complex molecules could have developed to form ribonucleic acid (RNA). This gave rise to the RNA World
Hypothesis, in which RNA, not DNA, was the first genetic molecule of life on Earth.

Therefore, we know roughly when life began, but the how, remains a mystery.

Is the Earth really changing?

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and floods are key natural events that change the Earths landscape. In the bible,
Genesis 6-9 talks about the great flood while Exodus 19:18 describes about earthquakes at Mount Sinai.

In modern times, think of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that raised the sea floor by two meters, the 2013 eruption of
Niijima island in Japan that eventually merged with its nearby Nishinoshima island and finally, the slow and continuous
sinking of Maldives in the Indian Ocean due to rising sea levels.

These are evidences of changes of the continuing changes in our planet.

With this information, the question that entered my mind is: Does the bible need to support the hypotheses and theories
about creation, or should it be the other way around?

I would say neither. Scripture and science are two different disciplines with different objectives. They do not need any proof
from each other in order to thrive. What is needed is mutual respect for a harmonious environment among its followers.

Scripture and science play different roles in our lives. As a Christian who strongly believes in God and the scripture, I believe
that heaven, Earth and everything in between them come from God. As a learned individual, I believe that science helps to
explain how creation was made possible, that our environment is evolving and that we should learn to adapt to
environmental changes in order to survive the next million years.

Thank you and good afternoon, everyone!