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Activity worksheets LEVEL 3 Teacher Support Programme

The Ring Photocopiable

While reading c He fought in America and many other places.
Chapters 1 4 d He had a small boat with a sail.
1 Who in Chapter 1 e He saw Anita telling a story to a group of
a had a terrible secret? fishermen.
b told their stories to the narrator? f Soon the soldier came twice a week, on
c lied to the narrator? Tuesdays and Sundays.
d saw Rafael in the boathouse? g Miguel watched the soldier go out to his boat
e had long hair and a beard? with Anita.
f threw stones at Rafael? Chapters 57
g lives in the house at the end of the village? 5 What strange things happened on the night
that Anita disappeared?
h called to the narrator to help him?

i studied to be a doctor?
j did the narrator find on the beach when he 6 Complete these sentences about with a word
went back 12 years later? from the box.
2 Put in order the story of Manuels death from
Chapter 2. Write numbers 110. animal boat clothes coast donkey
a c Manuel became weak and sleepy. meal music noise paraffin ring
b c Manuel fell asleep and his heart stopped. rocks shop stories village
c c Manuel smoked a cigarette. a The soldier arrived in his in the
d c Manuel went cold. early afternoon.
e c Manuel went into the water to do b He went to Rodrigos .
something with the nets. c He had a big can of for
f c Manuel went white. Rodrigos new lamp.
g c Something happened to the nets. d He had a with Rodrigo.
h c Suddenly a shark attacked Manuel. e He came to the caf and told lots of funny
i c The men put a shirt round the top of .
Manuels legs. f Rafael came into the caf in his best
j c The shark bit off one of Manuels legs. .
3 Match each adjective with a noun to make g The soldier went at about ten oclock and
phrases from Chapter 3. they heard the of his engine.
a beautiful 1) books h Rafael stood up and started to dance to the
b village 2) boys .
c small 3) brothers and sisters i The next morning the news about Anita went
d good 4) child round the like fire.
e picture 5) fisherman j Rafael went down the in his
f story 6) girl boat to look for her.
g little 7) magazines k Santiago couldnt find his and
h big 8) plans said Anita took it.
i poor 9) town l Some fishermen found Rafael in the
j another 10) village afternoon in a quiet place near the high
4 Underline the mistakes and write the right m He was like a mad .
words. n He had the gold on a fishing
a Anita was two years older than Rafael. line round his neck.
b The soldiers name was Carl.

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Activity worksheets LEVEL 3 Teacher Support Programme

The Ring Photocopiable

7 Underline the wrong words and write the d Rafaels mother knew that he was mad
right ones. because . .
a Rodrigo had a fine restaurant. e When Clara saw Rafael covered with blood
b Rodrigo was poor. she told him to . .
c Claras husband was killed by a donkey. f Rafael couldnt catch the soldiers boat because
d Rodrigo gave food and a house to Clara and .. .
Rafael. g The doctor thought that it was not possible
e Rodrigo lived on the beach like a fish. that Rafael .
f Luis Valdez has a boat just outside the village. h The doctor felt that Rafaels mystery was
g The doctor went to Luiss house to listen to going to .
Anitas story. Chapters 1315
Chapters 812 11 The doctor asks himself some questions in
8 Which of these adjectives and phrases does Chapter 13, but cannot find good answers.
Marta use to describe Anita in Chapter 8? Complete his answers. Then check with the
always in trouble lazy angry beautiful information in Chapter 13.
lucky clear voice never helped clever a Did Rafael kill someone? Whom did he kill?
never worked full of stories proud happy Not the soldier because
strange and silly ideas in love kind terrible Not Anita because
long and pink fingernails very good child b If the soldier was killed, who killed him?
9 Are these sentences about Chapter 9 right (3) Not Rafael because
or wrong (7) or not given (?)? Not Anita because
a Anita stayed with her parents that night c If Anita was killed, who killed her?
and talked to the soldier. c Not Rafael because
b Anita took things out of her box and If the soldier killed her, why
put them in a bag. c 12 Put in order these sentences from Chapters
c Anita sometimes met the soldier in the 1415. Write numbers 19.
same place that she met Rafael. c a c Anita stopped meeting Rafael.
d Anitas true prince was the soldier. c b c Rafael gave Anita the gold ring.
e Anita was wearing the gold fish ring c c Rafael killed Santiagos donkey, cut it up
when she left. c and put the pieces in the sea near the high
f Anita gave the fish ring back to Rafael rocks.
and told him about her plans. c d c Rafael made a plan to kill the soldier.
g Rafael went mad because she didnt e c Rafael saw Anita meeting the soldier in
return. c secret at a special place near the high
h Marta wrote a story about a magic ring. c rocks.
10 Finish these sentences from Chapters 1012. f c Rafael tied the donkeys back legs to the
a Anitas story was not very good because soldiers boat.
.. . g c Rafael went to the caf and saw the
b Rafael and the soldier were looking at each soldier.
other in the caf like . . h c That Sunday, the soldier arrived at the
c Village people are afraid of hospitals because village.
they believe that . i c The soldier came to the village.

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Progress test LEVEL 3 Teacher Support Programme

The Ring Photocopiable

1 Match the two parts of the sentences. 3) His old donkey.
a Rafael went .. 4) On the beach like an animal.
b Twelve years later, Rafaels face .. 5) Rodrigos second cousin.
c Rafaels mother .. 6) He was killed by a shark.
d When Rafaels father was attacked by the shark, .. 5 Are these sentences right (3) or wrong (7)?
e The men covered Rafaels father with their clothes a Anitas sister said that Anita was beautiful and
.. clever but not very good. c
f Rafael always hated sharks because of .. b Anita met her prince in secret at night. c
g Rafael fell in love with Anita, .. c Anita wore the ring that the secret prince
1) mad a year ago. gave her all the time. c
2) to keep him warm. d One night Anita left her home to meet her
3) what happened to his father. true love but then she came back. c
4) was dead. 6 Circle the right words.
5) the other fishermen could do nothing to help a Sometimes Anita kept her gold ring under
him. the carpet / her clothes.
6) the shopkeepers daughter. b When Rafael left the village to get money he
7) looked thinner and ill. worked for a fisherman / a goldsmith.
2 Underline the wrong word and put the right one. c Rafael was so ill that they took him to hospital
a Rodrigo told Anita to read and sing. on a donkey / in an ambulance.
d Before dying Rafael told the truth / lies to the
b Rodrigo wanted Anita to marry someone from the doctor.
village who was a farmer. e Rafael died of tuberculosis / madness.
c The soldier gave a donkey to the cafs owner as a 7 Finish the sentences.
present. a The medicines will help Rafael . .
d Rodrigo lost his favourite daughter but he did not b Rosa did not want the doctor to take Rafael to
go away. .. .
e Rafael wears a gold ring round his finger. c Rafael is mad .
d Rosa promised Clara . .
3 Circle the right words. e Rafael told Clara that he killed . .
a Rodrigo didnt want Rafael to marry Anita .. f Rosa never told anyone about Rafaels secret because
1) because he had nothing to give her. .. .
2) because he was not young. g When Rafael arrived at the hospital in an
b Rafael wanted a gold ring from .. ambulance, he was .
1) the shopkeeper. h When Rafael opened his eyes after two days in
2) the goldsmith. hospital he asked if he .. .
c Rafael still has the ring .. i Rafael and Anita used to meet in a secret place
1) at the house boat. .. .
2) on a fishing line. j The ring Rafael gave Anita was like the
d Santiagos donkey .. magic ring in her story. It was the promise
1) was too old and weak. .. .
2) was big and fast. k When Anita thought Rafael was very boring, she
4 Match the questions and the answers. .. .
a What did the soldier know about Rafael? .. l While Anita and the soldier kissed, .
b What was the girl on the cassette singing? .. m Rafael kept the back legs of the donkey on the boat
c What couldnt Santiago find? .. to . .
d What happened to Claras husband? .. n When Clara saw the blood on the clothes of her
e Where and how did Rafael live? .. son, the soldier . .
f Who was Marta? ..
1) A love song.
2) That he wanted to marry Anita.

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