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National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities

Regional reports February 2017

What are Regional Forums up to?

South West

North of the region small amount of

money left
South of the region slightly more
money left
Can all regions pool some funding and
pay a bid writer to apply for grants to
keep National/Regional Forums going?
Losing Advocacy Groups in the region
quickly due to lack of funding
Keeping in touch by email can carry on
relatively cost free pledge to keep in

North West

Lucky got Pathways Associates who

access lots of funding from different
Running regional conference next week
for 250 people
Commitment to support Regional Forum
to continue
North West Training and Development
Team also seeking funding
Mark still need National Forum despite
having strong Regional Forum.
Stronger together. Government need to
hear from
people with learning disabilities directly

London South

Extra bits of money from NHS London

for specific issues
Will keep it going as long as possible

Yorkshire & Humber

Still going to do Regional Forum

Save money by people bringing own
Give self-advocacy groups free room

East Midlands

Central England People First have

Last meeting will be 15/3/17 Ian and
Marie the 2 co-ordinators will finish
Small amount of money left Central
England People First may be co-
ordinating body
Regional Forum email address will
Working on setting up Inclusion


Been looking at sustainability for a while

Been asking people what they want to
Meet in March and talk about the future
Enough money for 6 months roughly
Do fundraising in the meantime
Link to Inclusion East facilitate
regional National Valuing Families
Other infrastructure type groups led by
services & commissioners
Get back to what people themselves
want and think is important rather than
being driven by government agenda
Discussion about legal status of the
group become a charity etc. Look at
Baring Foundation grant
Relying on local groups to keep going
and disseminate information and pull
peoples views together

South East

Passionate about continuing can stay

connected via technology
Find 1 person to remain point of contact
once a week (Tina)
Also have a role to feed into up to
Not going to have regional meetings

North East

Jason wasnt able to attend the meeting

but Dave Norman the co-ordinator gave
an update
They are going to try to continue and
are going to ask their ADASS lead for


Have you thought about linking to


Have you thought about linking to NVFF

regional group?
Lucy can provide the links/contacts

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