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Notes about involving more young people February 2017

Getting younger people involved

Inspire the next generation!

Do some training
Pass the history on Pride
Ask young people how they want the
meetings run
Young people learn from experienced
What the meetings stand for
What is a representative?
What is co-production?
Learning how to stand up in from of a
group and speak
Methods of voting sticky dots to pick
priorities/areas of expertise
Policy context
How to run meetings rules
Use peoples interests and passions to
get the right people involved in the right
Involve young people leaving
Where are the young people? How do
we find them? How do we contact
them? E.g. The Gateway Club
Schools/colleges (16-20 years)
Target 20-30 year olds
Go along and meet people
Talk about self-advocacy
Do training
Ask what they are interested in
How would they like to see the group
What things are they worried/angry
Older generation pass on all knowledge
and skills
Recognise that younger people will
have another agenda and different

My Life My Choices
Nightclub, radio station, jobs
No problem getting young people
Already doing things that attract young
Then progress onto roles like Trustees
Run a self-advocacy group in a college
Go to them, dont expect them to come
to you
Invite schools to AGM re-think how
AGM works make it fun with games
Talk to support staff in schools get
them to help identify young people who
might be interested