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Niki Taylor Lic.


Lilium Tigrinum
Lilium Lancifolium, Tiger Lily

The moralist creates guilt and guilt is the cancer of the soul. Once you become
guilty you are ill and it will be very difficult for you to regain your health again.
But all the so-called religions which are not religions but only moral
standpoints have done that harm.


Materia Medica
Lilium Tigrinum

Lilium Tigrinum is a member of the Lilacaceae family. This beautiful flower is

very showy and ornamental and often used for decorative purposes. It is
native to hilly areas of China and Japan. The flowers are nearly always
bisexual meaning that they can not only self propagate the species, but
they can also be insect pollinated. They are survivors by nature however if
weakened in any way through lack of water they find it very hard to recover.
Its pollen is known to be poisonous, especially to cats, and if ingested can
lead to death from kidney failure within a couple of days. The plant also
contains steroid saponins eg. Diosgenin which are used in the preparation of
hormones pills e.g. birth control. This steroid is found in allopathic
medication used to reduce cholesterol and is also found in anti -stress, anti-
fatigue and anti-inflammatory drugs. Lilium Tigrinum has been used as a
source of medicine since ancient times when its leaves were used to soothe
burns, snakebites and injuries. Herbalists used it to cleanse the female
genital tract especially after childbirth as a salve to soften lumps in the
breast. It was also used as a diuretic and to control fluctuating fevers.

Although the Tiger Lily has orange/red flowers the Madonna Lily (below) has
petals that are luminous white encompassing the idea of purity. In all lilies
the sexual parts of the flower, the anthers and the stamen, fall out past the
petals which remind us of the feeling that runs through the remedy where
there is a sensation of the organs falling out through the vagina. The idea of
purity and sexuality run through many historic representations of the lily,
from its use at funerals where it indicates purity and a freedom from sin,
alongside its association with the Virgin Mary. We see this as polar opposite
to the biblical Lilith, Adams female half who epitomizes sin in her quest to
promote adultery and marital unrest. This sexual duality continues through
the homeopathic remedy.
Madonna Lily


LILIUM TIGRINUM is known above all as a female remedy and has a strong
affinity with VENOUS CIRCULATION especially of the FEMALE ORGANS
(uterus and ovaries), HEART, rectum and bladder. The remedy is usually
prepared from the tincture of fresh stalk, leaves and flowers, although some
remedies have been made with a tincture of the pollen alone and more
recently there has been a proving of the flower essence (see link 1
below).During the original proving there were symptoms of increased
activity, ill humor, drowsiness, unpleasant dreams, abnormal fullness after
eating very little, bloating in the uterine area, darting pains in head and
lower abdomen. There was also pressure in the vagina, increased sexual
instinct and crazy feelings with thoughts of suicide. There were many more
but these seem most relevant.

Mental Symptoms

CONFLICT between SEXUALITY and MORALITY- The female patient will

often suffer from a nun/whore complex- Wood Erotic, sexual excitement
alternating with apprehension of religious ideas- Phatak

HYSTERICAL and Wild- With the suppression of the sexual energy comes a
type of frantic state with a crazy feeling in the head- Morrison

EXAGGERATES own importance. - Indifference about everything being

done for her-Kent Tiger-Lily!" said Alice, addressing her-self to one that was
waving gracefully about in the wind, "I wish you could talk!"
"We can talk," said the Tiger-Lily, "when there's anybody worth talking to."-
Alice in Wonderland
Haughty and ungrateful- Frans Vermuelen

Intense and filled with RAGE- Frustration which is expressed through anger-

Extreme IRRITABILITY- Snappy and disposed to curse- Gibson

ALTERNATION between the mental states: rage and remorse, lust and
guilt. The mental symptoms and heart symptoms often alternate- James T

Depression and despair- Sits alone and broods over imaginary troubles,
dwells on past-(Murphy) Inclination to weep- Phatak Thoughts of suicide-

RESTLESS and HURRIED but unproductive- Must keep busy to repress

sexual desire-Lippe Must keep walking and walking faster- Gibson
Fear- Fearfulness of suffering from some terrible internal disease M.L. Tyler

Physical symptoms

Alimentary system- Abdomen sore and distended with heavy dragging

down feeling- Murphy
Nausea with sensation of lump-Murphy
A constant urge to stool better for urinating- Gibson

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM- HEART- Palpitations, sharp quick pain with

fluttering M.L. Tyler
Heart constricted as if grasped by an iron hand- Morrison
Irregularity in heart action with tendency to faint.-Gibson

Eyes-Twitching of the eyelids, sensitivity to light and lachrymation, dim

vision- Gibson
Wild look in eyes, blurred vision with heat in eyes and lids - Murphy

REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM -Premenstrual syndrome with much irritability-

Morrison Menstruation with severe downward and outward pressure, bearing
down sensation-Gibson Pains( cutting cramp like) in left breast and ovary-
Ovarian pain accompanied with palpitations ( also during pregnancy) and
mental symptoms- Murphy
Increased sexual desire-Murphy

Head- Headache that is burning, headache with vertigo and visual

disturbances (dependent on uterine disorders-Phatak
Headache with sensation of fullness (develops usually in hot room) - Gibson

Locomotor- Unable to walk on uneven terrain- Morrison

Burning feeling in soles and palms- Gibson

Respiratory system- Frequent sighing, and desire for deep breath- Gibson
Suffocates in warm or crowded room- Murphy
Tightness/ constriction. Sharp pains in chest (worse when lying down) -

Skin- Cold sweats, tingling, burning in various parts- Murphy

URINARY SYSTEM- Urging for stool but only passes urine-Phatak

Constant desire to urinate- Gibson
General pelvic distress affecting the bladder rectum and back- Murphy

General Symptoms
All symptoms are acute and intense
Pains are wandering, shooting, alternating and PRESSING/BEARING
Pains travel from left to right and tend to be backward pains i.e. nipple to
chest, eyes to occipital area- Phatak
Symptoms tend to be left sided.
Craving for MEAT
Aversion to bread and COFFEE (even the thought can cause nausea) and
cigar smoke.
Excessive thirst
Disturbed sleep especially in the first part of the night. Amorous, lewd
dreams- Murphy
Excoriating discharges (urine, stool, and leucorrhoea)


Some causes of being in a Lilium Tigrinum state would be: Being alone ,
celibacy, sexual excesses, childbirth, and menopause.


Worse: After Coition, before and after menses, after anger, from a
miscarriage, WARMTH of room, Motion, standing or walking, for

Better: Cool fresh air, when BUSY, crossing legs, supporting area with
hands, rubbing, PRESSURE


A FULL, HEAVY and FORCED OUT feeling (in uterus, ovaries or heart).
A sensation in the pelvis as though everything was coming into the world
through the vagina- M.L.Tyler
As if diarrhoea would come on but goes with urination- Murphy
Oppressed, Isolated, Excluded. Of lump- in chest, rectum. Burning- palms
and soles.

Clinical conditions

Angina, Astigmatism, Arrhythmia, Colitis, Cystitis, Dementia, Depression,

Dysmennorhea, Headache, Heart disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Ovarian disorders, Palpitations, Premenstrual Syndrome, Sexual disorders,
Tendonitis, Uterus disorders, Prolapsed Uterus, Vertigo and Visual



Rubrics Selected:

1) Mind, Indifference P129

2) Mind, Lavisciousness P143

3) Mind, religious affectations, too occupied with religion P173

4) Mind, mental symptoms alternating with physical ones P156

5) Chest, palpitations, pregnancy aggravates during P1254

6) Female, complaints of female genitalia, uterus P1045

7) Female, Pain, bearing down P1072

8) Bladder, urination, urging constant P968

Highest Ranking remedies: Lilium Tigrinum 22 8/8 Sepia 21 8/8 Conium 16


Lilium Tigrinum vs Sepia

For the mental symptoms:

Both these remedies are very irritable and disposed to cursing. Lilium tends
to mentally be wild and crazy where there is a sluggishness and confusion
with Sepia. They both think about sex however with Lilium again the
symptoms are much more consuming with intense desires verging on the
obscene whereas with Sepia there is an aversion to it. Sepia feels exhausted
after sex whereas Lilium feels angry or remorseful. Liliums fears are much
more psoric ; being afraid of death, of ill health of something bad
happening, whereas Sepia has more an anxious fear over trifles. There is
indifference noticeable in the 2 remedies but with Lilium that is due to a
sense of being better than others whereas in Sepia it is more
disconnectedness to family and a hardness. Both are intolerant of

For the physical symptoms: Both these remedies are very female orientated
with an affinity to the pelvic organs most especially the uterus, however
according to Margeret Tyler the Lilium Tigrinum state is much more acute
and intense whereas the Sepia state tends to be more chronic. Both of
them have a sensation of bearing down as if their organs will prolapse
through the pelvis but with Lilium the feeling is like everything is being
forcibly eviscerated whereas with Sepia the pressure is more of a passive
weight .Both feel the need to cross their limbs to hold their insides. A lilium
headache goes from outside inwards and Sepia is the complete opposite.
Lilium has a sweet taste in the mouth whereas Sepia has a burnt one. Both
experience heart palpitations but with Lilium the heart feels clutched, cold
and weak in Sepia they are accompanied by flushes. Both can have the
sensation of a lump in the rectum.

For the modalities: Lilium is better for diverting the mind whereas Sepia is
better for exertion. Lilium is worse for heat but Sepia is worse for cold. Both
are worse for pregnancy and abortion. Unlike Lilium, Sepia is worse for
rubbing the affected area. Both also do better in the open air. Lilium craves
meat but Sepia has an aversion to it. Lilium is worse for miscarriage and
Sepia worse for pregnancy.

Lilium Tigrinum vs Conium

For the mental symptoms: Unlike Lilium a Conium state is gradual and is
arrived at slowly and progressively. The mental state tends to be more dull
and confused as opposed to the wild, crazy Lilium. There does not seem to
be the alternating sexual desire and remorse that we see in Lilium. Conium
women tend to be broken down and tired of life. There is depression and
despair in both remedies but Lilium the sadness comes from dwelling on the
past and Conium from a dissatisfaction with herself and her surroundings.

For the physical symptoms: These remedies both have an affinity with the
nerves and sexual organs but with Conium it is more related to the
mammary glands than the uterus. Conium suffers from sexual suppression
whereas Lilium suffers after the sexual act. Both suffer from distension of
the abdomen and ineffectual urging to stool but Lilium has an intense
bearing down feeling with it whereas Conium has severe aching in the liver
area and the right hypochondria. They both suffer from headaches but
Conium is unable to urinate during them whereas Lilium tends to suffer
them during uterine disorders. They both have a tendency to vertigo. Both
suffer ill effects from sexual excesses. With conium the ill effects felt tend to
come from hard work or blows to the body. We dont see that so much with
Lilium. Both have a sensation of a lump but with Conium it is in the brain or
epigastrum not the rectum.

For the modalities: Both are worse for motion. Conium is better for letting
the affected part hang down where Lilium needs to hold on to it, however
both are better for pressure. Comium is worse for cold whereas Lilium is
worse for warmth.

Related Remedies: Aloe, Plat, Puls, Spig, Murx, Med, Bell Nux-v.

Complementary remedies: Lachesis, Lycopdium and Sepia


I have quoted as coming from the books that I read however, a lot of those
quotes came originally from the first two books listed here.

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