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Editing Techniques Used

In order to create a successful film, my editing

techniques would have to be at a high standard. I used
many editing techniques in order to keep it at adequate
standards. These are some of the techniques I used when
Technique Explanation
Shot Reverse Shot Shot reverse shot in used in
our film to show the
conversation between the
preacher and the
protagonist. This was an
effective way of introducing
a new character into our
Filters I used filters in my film in
order to change the
atmosphere. I used a filter
called hard light, which
made the atmosphere dark and
Transitions Transitions played a big
role in our film. I used
many transitions in order to
create a distorted
atmosphere in the scenes. A
good example of this was the
use of Gaussian blurs
transition when the
protagonist confronted the
character. I did, however, I
use many straight cuts as
getting too fancy would be
over the top and amateur
like. I also used many fades
to provide smooth scene
changes when needed most.