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Day 3

Lesson Teacher: Taylor Preshinger Date: 3/6/2017

Lesson Grade Level: 4th Timeframe: 10:00 to 10:30

Content Area: Science Grouping Strategy: Whole class

Preparing for Lesson Development
1. What does your pre-assessment observation indicate about
your students needs and current performance and educational
needs? The pre-assessment indicates that students have a general
understanding that there are different kinds of rocks and they are all
different in their own ways. Student do not, however seem to know
where you can find these different kinds of rocks, how they are formed,
and the different characteristics they all have.

2. How will you design the lesson to meet the needs of all
learners in your classroom? I will provide hands on activities for
those kinesthetic learners that learn by doing, online interactive
activities for students who like to read and see in order to learn, and
the teacher will also be doing the activities with the students to
accommodate visual learners. Lastly, for students who learn by
hearing, the teacher will be reading books out loud and walking the
students through each step the student takes, whether it is an activity
or worksheet.

Lesson Plan Development

Lesson Title: Lets Rock!
Common Core and/or State Standard: Speaking and Listening 4.4 Present
information, findings, and supporting evidence such that listeners can follow the line
of reasoning and the organization, development, and style are more appropriate to
task, purpose, and audience.
Lesson Objective: Students will be
able to explain how metamorphic Assessment of Learning: Student will
be given a worksheet that will have an
rocks are formed, and be able to
outline of a rock and a place to list
accurately draw a metamorphic
characteristics that they will be asked to
rock and list characteristics a color and fill in.
metamorphic rock has.

Lesson Objective: N/A Assessment of Learning: N/A

Based on the lesson objectives, select an appropriate teaching

model 5E
Indian Education For All (IEFA) No Yes. If yes, please describe

Lesson Procedures/Activities Materials Classroom

Engage: The Book The Teacher will read
Start by reading the book The Magic School Magic School book out loud
Bus Inside the Earth and have them pay Bus Inside the and the students
attention to details the class find when Earth will listen quietly.
exploring rocks.

Explore/Explain/Elaborate: Students quietly

Then explain to students that they will be listening
learning about metamorphic rocks today. As
the word suggests, it is a rock that has
changed form. Discuss the two major factors
that influence the development of
metamorphic rocks, heat and pressure.
Explain that the farther into the Earth they go,
the more pressure and heat the rocks are
under. Tell them they are going to make their
own metamorphic rock.
In order to understand the role of heat and Sharing with the
pressure, have students rub the palms of their group when they
hands together really fast. Have them raise raise their hand.
their hands and share what they experienced.
Have teacher pass out the materials and tell Three different
students not to touch anything until they are colors of clay,
told to. Ask them why they think you gave enough for all
them three pieces of clay that are three students
different colors. Brainstorm as a class and
leave it open ended.
Have students flatten all three pieces of Plastic knife
colored clay on their desk to about 1 cm think
(Provide students with an example so they
know about how thick). Now, have them stack
the layers, to form a single piece with three
layers. Explain that in order to make our own
metamorphic model, we have to make heat
and apply pressure. Therefore, we must do
what we tried earlier and rub our hands
together quickly. Count to 5 then pick up your
clay and twist and squeeze the layers of clay
together. Now roll the clay into a ball. With a
plastic knife that was handed out to them
earlier, have them cut the ball in half and look
at the inside of the clay.
In their journal have them write what they see Journal Students will
and why and how they think the different work quietly and
layers formed. individually
Evaluate: Art supplies in As students
Hand out the attached worksheet to students. cubbies, finish writing
Next to the Sedimentary rock section, have worksheet their
them write characteristics of them under the characteristics,
definition section, and color the picture how they will go and
they learned a sedimentary rock would look, get their
using their supplies in their cubbies. materials from
their cubbies and
then return to
their desk and
work quietly
When students are done, have them work in Math workbooks Students will be
their math workbooks until all students have working quietly
finished. and individually.
Evidence of Lesson Effectiveness/Student Learning: N/A

Reflection and Recommendations for Next Time: N/A

Attachments, if required.