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Performance Evaluation Sheet: Objective Individual teacher of the 1st cycle of b

asic education a) Item: Improving education outcomes of students

I intend to download the failure of my students with retention of 5 students las
t year to just two this year. Last year, I taught a class of 2nd grade with 20 s
tudents. I had five students with failure. This year still have the same class,
now in third grade. With the transfer of four students from another school, I st
ill have 20 students. I will try to reduce the failure, in my class to a maximum
of two students. I intend to achieve this through diversification strategies, f
ocusing on the teaching tasks meaningful to students and that requires work in s
mall groups slightly heterogeneous. As teaching methods, I will focus on coopera
tive learning, interactive teaching and learning tutorial. Taking into account t
he cognitive styles of my students and given the fact that I worked with them la
st year, I believe that a perspective that brings together the best that have th
e constructivist methodologies and, in particular the methodology inspired by th
e pedagogy of Vygotsky will be the most effective way to foster improved student
performance. Instead of lectures and directives, I will use methods that promot
e self-employment,
oriented, discussions and case studies. Regarding the teaching of reading and wr
iting, I intend to continue using the methodology of the Modern School Movement
(MEM), based on free text in the production
self-correction, A
peers and building books of life. interscholastic match will be a privileged way
to foster love of reading and writing. Body, make correct when deemed appropria
te, when it will put into practice methodologies particular type needed to stren
gthen certain errors and
learning, attitudes and routines or behaviors. All these methods will be accompa
nied by a frequent use information, both research and new technologies for the p
romotion, processing skills
information. Creating a school newspaper on how to blog, edited entirely by stud
ents, will be another strategy for teaching reading and writing. Formative asses
sment will identify the students' difficulties and what went less well in school
, always with the goal of corrections and changes in the teaching and learning p
ositive. ways I intend to raise with the well, using empathy and expectations of
students as reinforcement more
difficulties and improve their self-
b) Item: Reducing the school dropout
my such
order form
it is
any ambitious
but student
feasible: reduce the dropout rate that leaves the school. My strategy to keep al
l students in school is through frequent contacts with parents, particularly usi
ng alternative and informal means, such as conversations at the school, the mobi
le phone, email and sms. With the addition, I appeal to parents to try to commun
icate this awareness school. Besides informal
importance of keeping children in establish contacts with support services and s
ocial security work site in order to seek additional support for the families of
students at risk. I intend to also encourage parents to visit the school succes
sful academic and professionally in order to talk to students about the importan
ce of promoting nutrition information to school has on the parents social mobili
ty. with e
I will try to organize some sessions collaboration of specialists in the area of
infant, child health, psychological development in childhood.
c) assisting in Item I pledge to provide support to all the students' learning s
tudents, taking into account including those with learning difficulties Learning
detected. I will use the following
placing the older students to support those with the most difficulties, and teac
hing of tutorial, with new support from individual whenever possible. The use of
information technologies and actually carrying out meaningful tasks will increa
se levels of student motivation. I intend to create a blog that will act as a re
source center for my students. In this blog, students will find answers to quest
ions, worksheets, learning materials and tests solved.
d) Item: Participation in the structures of educational guidance and management
of the school group or ungrouped
I intend to meetings
meetings of the county school and in pedagogical fulfilling my duties and I am n
ot refusing to perform the tasks assigned to me are. I will take care and keep o
updated file class and meetings with parents at regular intervals, and the hours
are convenient to them. Keep up to date e-mail addresses of my classmates as we
ll as the special education teacher, school psychologist, teachers ensure that m
embers of the local committee of the activities of some enrichment curriculum an
d protection of minors.
e) Item: The relationship with the community
With regard to relations with the parents of my students, I will mark the conven
ient hours for meetings
and they will develop a formal process of communication that does not include em
ail, SMS and phone. In difficult cases, be willing to, in collaboration with the
school psychologist, to educating parents and helping parents to seek social su
pport in the community. Where necessary liaise with the responsible positions of
the local authority to express my willingness to do so, phone. gravity, in case
s for setting out to make bigger my visits necessary contacts by email and will
school readiness.
of premises in the company of a psychologist
f) Item: Continuing education
I will try to do a training every year. In addition, take part in seminars and c
onferences on issues of pedagogy and teaching wherever I can. 'll Sign a revised
pedagogy spaces around ee teaching forums and will organize discussion
published in these journals. These forums will join colleagues from school on a
voluntary basis.
g) Item: participation and promotion of curricular and extracurricular projects
Integrate the project "Together we make a better world", which brings together t
eachers from schools in the 1st cycle of basic education of my group of schools,
and make part of the team that edits the website of the group. I will continue
to give life to the draft
interschool correspondence with students from schools in East Timor, Mozambique
and Cape Verde, through a blog that was created for this purpose. Contribute, th
e extent of my abilities to help create the annual event, "Party School", the Ca
rnival parade and other festivities and celebrations that included in the Annual
Plan of Activities. Establish regular meetings with the team of teachers to ens
ure curricular activities in order to maximize the enrichment
articulation between the teaching component and non-teaching component.