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ABC Community School


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2. Position Paper
We believe here at ABC Community School that fundamental and proper use of
Technology has been
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our school district
technology advancements have been beneficial to every part of this school.
back with our state testing but also nationally. Basic technology has been ever presentCutting backinand
doing away with technology will set our school back and be detrimental to our future
school setting for many years, from a projector to a loudspeaker for announcements, all being children.
vital forsociety
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day driven on technology
instruction. Studentsandwho feeds off every from
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face a steepSchool
learningwe curve
take pride in the
adapting totime and research
a college we put
curriculum into each
or future job. product we use for
our kids. The benefits of technology in a school setting are endless and include, launching the
developing mind,
ABC learning easily
Community Schoolandhasmore
usedeffectively, and allows
some of todays teachers more
best technology. Oneone on one
of the toolstime
with students.
have used is SMART Kapp. SMART Kapp is an essential part of our day to day instruction, and

would be devastating if we were unable to provide this to our students. It allows you to save and


unfold using a regular dry-erase marker and is available on android and IOS

which allows it to be accessible at home. Its a whiteboard, but everything written on it can be

saved in a library on its app. You can also follow along in the app as other people write on the

board. SMART Kapp was awarded best in show at the largest Europeans AV show in 2015 by

ISE and the 2014 new product innovation award at InfoCom.

Studies have shown that the importance of technology in an educational setting is

growing. The editorial team from Ed Tech Review believe that technology saves money in the

long run after their initial investment. They state that technology essential adds functional-

teachers to the classroom and allows the real teacher more free time to address and answer

questions from the students individually. With the ever-growing free content that the internet

provides it will free up more time for the teachers and wont force them to spend as much time
Acquire Media (2/25/2015) Another award for the revolutionary SMART Kapp, retrieved from-


Ed Tech Review editorial team (4/20/2013) Reasons for technology integration in education,
retrieved from-

3. Identification Standards
The technology boom has integrated its way into every part of our everyday
life and the standards set forth by district, state, national, and common core
standards pave the way for millennial learners to master the effective use of the
tools it provides us. Nevada state technology standards are unique in the sense that
theyre not content standards. They believe the if a student is doing a research
report that it should be conducted on a specific topic. This idea is a way to integrate
technology standards into any content standard for any subject. Nevada computer
and technology standards are based on the National Education Technology
Standards for Students (NETS-S) created by the International Society for Technology
in Education (ISTE). The 2016 ISTE standards identifies the skills and qualities
desired from the students enabling them to thrive in the digital world.

The elementary level is probably the most important level that technology is
taught at. It gives young children a fundamental idea of how technology is used
effectively. Students at the third-grade level begin to learn word processing, spread
sheets, database, multimedia, and telecommunication skills. Students of the state
of Nevada skills are categorized in four groups- exceeds standards, meets
standards, approaches standards, and below standard. Students at the elementary
level will create projects throughout the school year that include, explaining
changes in information technology, and the effect they have on a workplace or
society, and evaluate environmental outcomes of technology. Students between
2000-2009 werent yet introduced to problem solving standards.

Middle school students will utilize problem solving process with resources to
reach a desired outcome. Using the same productivity tools introduced to them at
the elementary level, they will identify, apply concepts, and manage various
resources and tools to evaluate their accuracy and appropriateness in solving
problems and making decisions. Problem solving use to be introduced at the middle
school level but now is introduced at all levels.
Students at the High School level are now effectively using technology that
they have acquired from kindergarten and middle school and taking them to the
next level. Creating presentation summaries on advancements in technology keeps
the students on pace with the rapid growth of technology. Students will face the
same common core standards that are problem solving, productivity tools, research
tools, tools and process, systems, and implications on society.

The ISTE has developed a set of national standards that the state of Nevada
and Clark County School District follow precisely. The two documents provided on
the Nevada State standards are from the years 2000, and 2010 while the standards
from ISTE are from 2016. As of the 2010 Nevada State computer and technology
standards students are being introduced to problem solving in the elementary level
as opposed to middle school in the 2000 standards. The same standards are being
taught at every level by adjusting the complexity of the content. The Standard I will
be doing my assignment on is empowered learner. The ISTE states students will
leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating
competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.

4. lesson plan (Physical Education 12th grade)


Physical Education and Technology for most people dont necessarily go hand in hand in most aspects
of life but with recent advancements in pedometers, heart rate monitors, and accelerometers have
been used as motivational tools. The benefits of physical fitness are endless and the role that it plays
in an educational setting can be taken with you for the rest of your life. Former first lady Michelle
Obama launched Lets Move! Reports that nearly 33% of children in the united states were
overweight or obese prompted her to take action. She stated schools are a key setting for kids to get
their 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity, given the significant portion of time they
spend there. The students will be creating this project under the empowered learner standard provided
by ISTE.

ASSIGNMENT- most students now a-days have a pedometer (monitors the number
of steps taken in a day) in their smart phone and can track their steps dating back
for weeks. Today the Clark County School District is providing each student with a fit
bit to accurately document the number of steps taken during our class session.
ASSESMENT- Students who turn in the project and follow all instructions will
receive full credit (10 points) your project should include-
number of steps taken in a day based on your findings in class (If any or all
apply, please factor in walk/bike to school, extracurricular activities, running
from people with cuties)
(document your actual steps taken in class, and steps predicted outside of
Once calculated compare your findings to the national average of a H.S.
students daily steps.
Create a graph/table on Microsoft excel that compares your daily average to
the national average and your group members.
Write a page summary (single spaced) of your steps taken compared to the
national average, how proper physical activity can benefit your lifestyle, and
Include one hyperlink.
Your Microsoft word document should have your NAME, DATE, CLASS, AND
GROUP SIZE- 3 to 4 students
Pedometer (fit bit)
Pen and paper to document findings
Microsoft excel
Microsoft word
OBJECTIVE- This assignment gives students a basic understanding of how they
measure up versus the national average in a basic measurement of average steps
taken. They will use Microsoft excel to create a graph, and Microsoft word to
effectively use a hyperlink, and summarize what they learned.
Assign assigned fit bits at beginning of class (5 min)
Break up into groups of three or four (5 min)
Participate in the mile (15 minutes)
Document calculations along with the rest of their group (15 minutes)
Students will take information gathered and create their graph and summary

Jordan Swartz
Edu 214
5. Student sample for lesson plan (Making our Steps Count Towards Technology)

Today I learned the effectiveness of physical activity and the many benefits it leads to.
Physical activity to me is more than playing sports, it is your wellbeing. You are given one body
to live with so why not treat it the best you can, by exercising and eating right? Proper exercise
improves the recovery rate for diseases such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, obesity and arthrosis. It
also reduces stress, produces a feeling of wellness, and improves sleep patterns. Learning about
proper ways to exercise can also lead to valuable lifelong knowledge on how to stay in shape,
and teach discipline. If you get into the habits of staying active and set goals along the way you
will also feel accomplished once reaching those goals.
The national average of steps taken by a high school student is 12,000-16,000 for boys,
and 10,000 to 13,000 for girls. I took 1,435 steps today running the mile and walked to and from
school (2 miles one way) which is approximately 5,600 steps, walked around campus (estimated
3 miles) which is approximately 4,200 steps, and went to baseball practice in which I had to run
foul poles for forgetting my glove which was approximately 4,000 more steps. After my
calculations, I took 15,235 steps and I fall into the upper part of the estimated steps for a high
school boy. Jessica took 11,250 steps, albert took 17,200 steps, and brad took 9,000 steps.