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EXPANSION GRAPHIC DESIGN < 1111..11.111 r ,.,,,, 1,11n

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CrisI 1 f3<Jlanesc 11 , Ai de11 l:le1 kw1111. All)!'! lo Uo11111111p1.
Joao Bosco, A11l11ony OC'Vlne, MJc ;1l1 I p!;l<!l11 , l1J11y 1ol.I,
Meirius1 Gi:Jlld7C'I, Carol111c C.<J11l 1a. Ddvld (lrlli 11I1, JorI
Ht1s1ak. i~orr1ana Ken<lelrc. Skoll l<il~J11d1r, lll<.' I dl1d.
Mark Molnar, MiCllAPI f<asrnussen, Ma<.ll'j l~rl>l'>I. ~111111
Rimm, Stephen Sonier<;, Alex Slone, Darnn frJll , .Jtr111
Tran, Tiffany lurrlll, Ryan Valle. Jose VcgcJ, Cl11 l!:>lc1
Wibc.>rl, Ben Zweifel and the l.11casi1h11t111 cir chive:,

Michael S1gla1n Jcnnifc:r I feddlc and lrank PrlrJSl

FANTASY rantasy f-l1ghl Garnes

199S West Count; Roao B2
GAAf~iS Poscv1lle, rv11l55113
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ISBN: 978 1 633Lt4 248 I ProdlJCI Code: SWF29

Printed in China
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answers to rule queries. or just to ~i:l'.:.'. 01 ~-".'."' .. g,. ~1s1t us on r.'= z-


Introduction 68
Chapter II: Powerful Vergences
Chapt~r I: Worlds of the Force 70
8 <..orusr u11 J"dl Trrnplt:
10 lluni Je<.li Ten1p1c It,
Pol"t' o I lerest 7(j
12 Dagobnh Tree Cave ...
i\o .1bO<.)
Po ~t... of 111 terest
16 Jedi Ternplc ot Eedtl ....... .. . . . ' ' . 18
18 The Acablas Ruins .. . . '. . .. .... ..... . .. . 80
2'1 Lothal Jedi Ten1ple . ... .. .. ... ... .... . . . . . . .. BS
Points of 1nterest .. ),$ 'I l
1v or '' .. ..... - ... .. . . . .. .. 84
50 The Wellspring of Life .. . . . ... .. .. ~~
Peop\e o"U CJ tL1re
Po r.ts of I 1terest '33
Vergence Creauon Rules .
Chapter Ill: Player Options
. - ... .... ... :>
...... . . . 96
SS New Species .. ..... . - ..... 9f},
Po nts of l1terest
40 New \Veapons . . . . . . . . . .
. .. .... 1
I 5
,.. a.
l14 G'":i' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ .

Po. ts: of Interest .... - .. '6 Ne~v Relles and Tahsmans . . .. .... . . . .... . ~ I 07
At.r le-fJ.
Po!iits 1:>i lnte est
48 Lo 1 t on Spec1t1c r.. to ,ations ~
'9 Chapter IV: M odular Encounters - - .....
.\ een 52 lxplor.ng the Al.'.ablas Ruins.. - 119
' Pv nts of h terest .. . 54 "YV'tct1's 1VVrath , !2
...... .... ....
p -- De-.:;< on
- ;: -- ~ .. . . 56 Cave Security . . . .. ... . .. . . .... .. .. ... . ......... .. .. 2!)
.... - 11-.tv'C.'l - ... . - . 58 Vault of Justice . . . .. . ..... . ........ . . . ..... I 2'7
E"l'lp '."'SS Tet .. .. . . .. ~
.. 60 The Trial of Skill . .. . .. . .... ... . ............ .... ...... ..... I ~'
Pc! nts of Interest ... . . . .... . .. .. ... 62 The light \Nithin ........... -' -- .............. .... . I 3 ~

~~~ ~~~~:~e:~: Good t~ .~~.~~.~.'.~ ::::.::::::::::.:~:: ~ ~~

0:.s:JS .. ' .... ... . . . .. . . . . 64
Po nts o lriterest ~ ......... ~ .............. 65 ..:: ...


F r r 1n I 1ifltr111r, (11111 1c10,, lh< WlirlCl, 0111111<.i111rllf
r mpir 1. ti 1 popul JC t LrlrT1t)!r, 111111r II 1<tow ol f rnp11
, ,,,Ip 1llnP ltlrlf' ('rip All li<r 1 '1<.1 rr11 IC1.L ll1u I rn11tror'r,
t U1I .di pqwer 1. f lf:tl t<> 1<:retn1 C:',, ttirnigl'l. IL c:ru1 tJrj t1 1!d
t" llllf''' 1,, krt<iv1lt<lp,1, 1111d c1.p1 riirJr ' : f nllrc ''''"f),11gnr, c-irt
111 1 ll 1 it h rnt . 1r1c.l 1ct111 11,1vt 11hvl,r1tH(r1lr cl tlu lr<li hr '"' 111111rHI n gro11p <>I llt'<Jf~lino f '"' 1: ',C11',Jllvc, 1t1t10 ,,,,.
Ir H 111r. Ule hl~l<1r / <ii th1l Je<lf ( )rrJr r Wo11ld b11 l<:<J1 rn1gt11
K11 , ht 1n uric 11nl mrnltJ llt orclcr Ill it orH 1 th frn<ltcl JH'rll 1 1
,( PK (Jiil l11rrrrrr J1 1tJ1 turnpf1.:. lfl<J rirJtpr;:,t!,, (J( <;t(l ttlf<J(Jfl,tl
rid'" .tttc 1cro ,, the P. 1lr1xv Yt I, (ff' Pitt 1111 I '"I"" 'r, I hen
lt11 rtllfl', of lho ,r lht I rrtp1rr: h;;', ,,jrc,,d~ f<11Jn<J Tti~<,t lo<,;,
JiJr,h ind '>I/ ,tt rn 1t1c .illt rnpt lo 1r 1.e l111 lf<h ()1t11r lrorn
11C!f1. f11(. 1tll111<1 .t IJJtr l'f f>li1c e, t11 f1ncl l1ghl'.obcr-;, tiol<.icron,,
111 tory lllf' I (lllf ~VOik'- lri rc<.lOl1 lictlctrlfl', ct11d lt11: lf'rll clff'
(}J l!Vlf! ltJlr'1fll'1rl', rrnhtlf~fl V/tlh I.hi P'>V'l<Jr <111.ht f<)(f(. ~A(J((;
00,v po, .cu lo rt turn
llflf10fl,1nfly, ',IJ( It ',flt~, ( i.1(1 iJl',fJ <1f(Cr ( h~f'1< 11(', <1(Jr1<J(t1Jnl
l~CIPl I' fo11.;1cn to th<..: <lOWllfr O<lchn, litll t1'rplr1111~ lr<li cirr I ir, (r1r 1tnnv-11c~<l(~<;, '"1f1trrL11ril f~rovll h, (Jf rn<1rn<'nl', r,f 1n:,1ght
td~1ng up I t1(1 ltCht lo rr I 11r11 I h {'.!!ldxy Lo lJt1l;111< I ttl<I ru Jn I r1<'11 101 Jf llf!V LOl/'/~r<J tJ:C.Or(llrlf~ rn11;tr;r', <1f thr ff>fr r.:.
,lt)lf lhctr (11<!1 1 l<i ii<, lor rn<r f!l<>ry I IOW!'V<:r, rtgc nl , <if 1llr:
Ihe- ,,,Jlaxy has rnDny '.:.1 1<h place;, o<>p1nne .J<.:cJr can 11-;it
ct irk \ldt !-.t<111r l r1 11Jy lo ,l.yrn1c Lfl<11 rflort, rJI cv!'ry 111111 10 <orn;nun<! vv11tti the for< <?, thr;ugt1 tho LrnpifC: ha', tight
A& oon <I~ Ll1r r rnp1rr dtlr 1n1 1n<~, I or< c 11.rp, rn;1y ho ,JC l ive!
dclr~n:,c, around rno~;L Pnor LO lrnr>ertr.il ru l<~. tr1r; lrr1p,~r,a1
1n 4J 1c{~io11. 11 t1!.'.1{J11f;" <.pct ltJ!i;cct tt1~k rorr" lo loc .il c lll<'rn
fJ;da< c w:J'> Lh<~ J<:d1Tcrnplc. the.: ~cat ()f JerJi po1Nr~r f(>r nur1-
I l1P lr11p111r1I> <:11.i,c; <vrry lf'tJCI. 11nt1I any su<..,pc'C l<c l JprJ1 ;ire~ cJ rrd1, of yeC:J r'). II rs now the rnosl hea vii y dr;fe;nrJcd place on
run to (lf01 111Cl.
CortJ!,CcJnl. fhc l rnpirc has also quarantined ref llurn, once
I urllior <<>111pl1< <1t 1ne tlie11 1ournPy toward rna',Lcry or tilt Lhc prirnary source of Jcdr lightsabcr crystals. Still, there are
I Orce, tllorc:1c1<;1!:. 111~,1 ler1111111t~ to use 1ls power rc:qu1rp r,111d 1c.. ~s protecl<!d worJ<Js where the Force is particularly strong.
cHICf clf1d trr11111113. Wl1i1l lttllc knowleclge ol thc:Jc:d1 and t.hcrr McHIY consider Bardotta to be the spiritual car>rtal of ~he
rrtl 111o<Js re111d111s is i.pre;1cJ ::ic ross lh<' larlt1est rcac he, ol Outer Rim. owing in parl to the planet's strong connection
known sp.ic <' /\II known f orce rract1ttoners hav<' l>een <Jc: to the rorcc Counlless other lost srtes a~1a1t rediscovery and
stroyecl, block 1<Jtcl. or fo1cc:cJ into h1<11ne Without proper 1n exploration by those able to tap into their latent power.
s1r11cL1011. lho~" w1ll1 even the best or inLcnllons can qurckly
be tu1npted down 11 clarkcr path.
Yet hope wl11J(' bdtlercd by the dark siclc. rcrnains! lndi
VICIUIJI, dCroc;c., llH f;;JluXy arc cl1scovering lhcir latenL Force Before the dark times. the Jedi Order guided young Padawan
s111.1livlly 01 rcco1111cc Lrng 10 ancienl Force Lradil.ions every lea rners as they plumbed the depths of the Force. Force sen-
ci;Jy I hose wl10 t1<lvc been in hiding for years arc resurfacing siLives were able Lo reach their full potential thanks to a sys-
10 11.i1t1 111<' nf'xl ecncrr1L1on, in Lhe hope they can free Lhe tem or tra ining that was both standardized and personalized.
{!rtlr.lxy rrorn tyra11ny Unfortunately, emergent Force wielders are barred from
seeking traditional means of training and education during
the reign of the Empire. Instead, they must seek out alterna-
tive forms of instruclion. Luckily. a number of other Force
sects still thrive beneath the notice of the Empire.
H1i111s. rnysl c.>rlous and powerful. are hidden in the far c?r
nc?rs of 1110 galaxy I Iere. Lhe Force 1s strong, and those with Bardolta. lktotch. and Weik all have native traditions
tile grit 10 tap inlo lllis energy field can harness the power that have a unique way of understanding and accessing the
U1at Ilows tllour.11 them rorce sects have learned l? harn~ss Force. The pacifistic Dagoyan Masters have access to much
Lile power of tile strange energy field toward their mynad knowledge and are deeply spiritual, able to help students
pur po~es. Ancient Lem pies built by these sects have long find inner peace and harmony. The seers of lktotch utilize a
l>een places where masters of the Force consolrdale or focus powerful vergence to read their future. but their isolationist
lh1s energy, cxponenllally amplifying the p_ower of the Force. stance against the Empire makes them wary of outsiders.
Jecl1 knew l11esr locdt ions as "vergences. and the~ foug~t The sorcerers of Weik have a unique perspective of ~vhat the
Vc1lt;Jr1lly to defend Lllcm from those who would twrsl Lhe1r Force is, and they have access to abilities not known to the
Power lo dark cnds Jedi. The Player Characters (PCs] can learn from these alter-
native schools of thought, broadening their understanding of
I 11,. J<~cl1 (Jrdcr cJiscovcrcd and mapped vergcnccs across the Force and gaining unique powers.
tl1r~ rr1.J11y world<) of 10 Republic, providing a useful list or f)lac
The mythical worlds of Ossus and Tython are thought to
l!s lor LI 11 I r11p1rP 1o IJlock<Jde wllen It rose Lo power. Known
11avc troves of holocrons and datacards lilied with Jedi wis
v1reunc;11~. on c 01 uc:,c ant and llurn rr.>ma in rirn1Jy In Lile contro~
dorn from throughout the ages. Characters tracking down
ol lhf I rnpuc. ()vcr lllC long years of their existence, Ll1e Jedi
L11cse legends might learn n1ucll along tt1eir journey. effective
lo:,t vllurs to lt1r1<~. )ucti H'> 1110s( on Dagobal1 and l.0L1111I.
ly llainPd by lhe sa1ne n1yl11ical sto11es tt1aL were used to train
I ur11a~r. tlto rorLt' ronllllllCS l<> c.rPal<' new vc1ge11ccs. GrJ1ne
Ute Jt'cl1 ol old Sl1ould plavcrs actually discover one of the
Mas11 rs arn <'tlCOLJt.lf!PU tr1 c:rr~;it<' llurr uwn V<'rp,cncPs Lc1ilo1ed
1.11llPct pldll<'ls, they could gain access to unmatched power.
<,pl Cif1rr11ly tu 1111 llH'flll'5 fJlld 1ttPd<; cil I i1ell CrHflfJdlgJl<,

\Vl1tle lhe llgl 1 t 01 the Jrcll hc1<> not sf1t1r11 1n rna11v ycC1rs. (!'> f Ile ( ry'>f::i: <<lVf;', 'HI lllJrri i1lld IJS')IJ'" ay.
sorne Jeoi <lid r~capt' Order 66 t>y go1ne into h1d1r1g 011 clritrr1 1hc1r r10wcr rJI l1~~ht,ab{:r (ry',!,-.sl'' Lri<JJl orJv,e1 li' tro; ,
plancl~ like Auratl'r~. Dagohah. t111d tolllfll Aspiring J1d1 <lcil.J, I )o I 1;,<l 'J, c1rluI 1I. <Jl<Jf f()f)'> fl< h ,.., ,.Jng fr:.rl!J)t
r , J
"'.;' f:! ""
, '.J " n , ,,..,, "'
ca11 follo1v up 011 rurnors illld local legrnd& lo tr cl Ck down (ron1 ll 11 ('Jr< lo U1r 0 J 'r P.rrn ,1,.... 111n ~ ' f, t: r,,.
Sll~pCCI Cd for ml'r Jl'dl l llt:>y ITltl\' C. VCll llt1V(' lO rclC C tll<' rortC POYl(;f lra1n1np <J ght,'lb<'r cori~tr
' '-"" P. l'.lv<!r 1,,r'"> 1 ~
LJr tr;t (
En1p1re. 1vhrc h has dgent':i scounng t11c galaxy to cnsur c C)r constr11c. t r~nl 11 '~ carnp;:llgn arcs ;j,0
, {"'
J j " 1-;, r
der 66 1s tafrfect Olll lo c.Om1>let1on V\1h1ll tile forrnl'r Jedi , "' ( r '1 "'?
t h1. y seek oo I 'omponcrrts <Jr 1a '<.JU$ Yir rid
"' - :r
, to ( ,, t
own llghls~.ihcrs or repair;:, br'JY< r "'i<A<>cror
art' unlrkelv lo con1e out of h11:i111e. l11ey rncly sl1vrr> sor nc of "' 1 ,. -
the11 1v1sdon1 ancl Sl't Plaver Chdracters 011 a pilttl Lownrcl
rulfilltng lllc1r dcst1n1e~ l~olo( r<JrlS dre fJOWUrtul knc;wle<Jge f'''.:N 1rr
. " ...e-; fc Jei;J
an era 111 Vo/h1c.h trad1L1on" J<:(JJ l Aa~wr~ ~ren't ;;v . , _
Leach the ways of the For( 0. a h(Jlc;c.r''" t :;, .,,t ~ " .., J v
GE ., 9..t.i1' il"'
rnentor Holocrons can also >er vc ,a, a c<invr:r ,~;t 'il:r :"
lowing GMs to direct lhe pan y l<J v1r>rkJc, strr,r.g 1 . ~ c
TherL~ !lave always been those who superslillously assign 1
by provid ing legends and h1stonca1 t;,,1es Sf~t in thr~e:: FA~
po1vers lo tolems and Lrrnkets. but for Ihose 1n tune w1Lh They might also offer knowledge of otrer ;,iri<;ien ::;~ .~,.?r~
the Force. objecls can hold real power. Force users across teach Jedi hopefuls hovr to cre<:te their ov.n tir
Lhe ages have sought Lo wield the energy of the Force
th rough specially crafted objects. Before the lightsaber. While the Jedi Order spec1ficall; shied a1v::y fro,, f't'J~,.
ll was Force imbued swords. Jedi even used the Force to imbued tali~mans. they are the cornerstone r;f rri::ir, C:'Of
channel a portion of their own essence into a holocron. Force trad1trons. The Dagoyan Masters ernployE:C ca ~ ....a
altering the Al of the gatekeeper protecting its contents. that allowed them to g? v,rithout food or drtnv for eYU:"tjoo
Force sects throughout the galaxy have created varied tal- periods to allow for uninterrupted r'leC11tat1on Tte sees
ismans that channel the Force for infinite effects. While the lktotch sometimes wore gems that boosted hC'l'I fa ~!C 'J
Empire has destroyed. hidden. and discredited much of future they could see. The Sith created Force-powe~ a
Jedi history. the defenders of peace existed for far too long lets and tokens to ser1e a vanet; of 'uncaons esno a~, i
to be erased completely. their powers. Such talismans are perfect OOJects tc cert.er
adventures around. as the characters compete l'l'Jtii lie tf"'
Throughout the galaxy. Force-povvered relics sit within an- pire and other groups to find lost relics.
cient vaults. inside decrepit dro1ds. or in other unlikely plac-


n exus oF PoweR is a setting book designed to take read
ers on a galaxy-spanning tour of locations strong in the
Force. providing marerial for players and Game Masters
into any ongoing adventure: they don't require a lot or se:
up and can be completely self-contairied GMs can use t~
modular encounters in a variery of vva;s. They are desigrse:J
alike. In this book. readers will find derailed guides on several to be flexible and to work as standalone expenences.asparr
planets. as well as profiles of the exotic and sometimes dan- of a larger adventure or campaign. or as lastfl" "i;~e ~
gerous creatures that live on those worlds. Chapter I gives tions in reaction to choices players make at me tab e
GMs everything needed to utilize worlds once critical to the
Jedi Order. and provides context to their historical signifi-
cance. Chapter II explores those places in the galaxy where
the Force flows more freely, known as vergences. These two A dozen of the most storied worlds connected ro tire =
chapters enable GMs to run a campaign focused on explor- tories of the most po\"lerful Force sects of the ga a\

ing sites tha t have helped shape the Jedi, the Sith. and other covered within this chapter. Frozen I.um. S\'Jamp} ~
Force sects throughout history.
and quiet Lothal. as well as Jktotch ..i\uratera. a1d f
Chapter Jll folloV11s up with Player Character and Non-Play- varon all have direct ties to the once-po\:erfu Je<l
er Character options and information well-suited for a Force Empress Teta and Ossus are legendary Ios t plarets ed ~.
and Destiny campaign involving the locations in previous mythologies claim as the birthplaces of che ~' ..~!
rhaptrrs. There are three new species options for PCs: the whi le. primitive. isolated V\ e1k: lush Naboo.h~~h r p

curio5ity-f1lled Aleena; the elegant and spiritual Bardottans. and the forests of Aleen all have h'story I'll[ 0 e
and the proud, arr1phibious Gungans The chapler also pro Force trad1t1ons. cfS
files weapons. equ1prnent. and varrous relics and talismans
found arnong their worlds, This presents players and Gl\~s CHAPTER II: POWERFUL f. .
\'tlth plenty of interesting options thfy can exercise to give a
campaign sorne local flavor. th t are strOr.g ,.
There are places ana even (h1ngs a he su .. "...,
F1na11,. NEXus OF PowER ends with an entrre chapLer oi \"Ille re 1t rlo\vs lrke a torrent. flood ng ~paces" J
rnodular (:r.r ounters Modular encounters can be tnser led \\'llh power The Jedi kne\\' the:e SP~'~ce 0)6'r5
"nexus points or verg2nces. \Yhe


easily access the po\~er of the Force Many Force sects con
struct rnonu1nents and temples around vergences, designed
to tap into Ll1e free fio~v1ng energy. Jedi Temples on Auratera,

Coruc;cant. Devaron. llum, ancl Lethal all take advantage of

vergerces. Others, like the dark side cave on Dagobah. serve
t!1e Force 1n other \Vays.

t a1., i

oa)a This chapter presents three nevv playable species: U1e
Aleena, the Bardotta. the Devoranians, and the Gungans. ll
enien ~
then details new weapons and equipment that cllaracters
gIP tr: f can purchase in the locations presented in Chapters I and
nthose P II. It also introduces a variety of items and talismans to en1-
1ent an,;~ci power PCs to fulfill their destinies. The chapter ends \vith
some location-specific motivations that can drive characters
ay fro,r.i c to rebuild temples. reclaim lost artifacts. or act as sentinels
over ancient ruins.
o! marr, ....
oyea ia,~-
kior ex:c
r The set1I The modular encounters here are set on some of the major
hOW tar 1ntor1 planets covered 1n Chapter I as 1vell as at some of the ver-
.powered a . gence sites in Chapter II Potential activities include ex
ns ano a~P. ploring ancient temples on Coruscant. llum, and Ossus.
. to cers PCs might have rediscover a lost Jedi temple. survive a
iects . '"' rigorous Jedi training regimen. or face an encounter 1vith
te w1tt1 :~e ~ an evil agent of the Empire.

IN 1 lfOOU(l ION
iddr11 .iw,1v t111llcr1111(11J(!f; lJy ltie JucJI, llurn wus one c the cornplcx 1hat a ship's pilot needed to be at least sensitive to
. prirr1dY e;ourl" ol llll' r1111c h <,()l1ct1l c1!1r1 kylicr c rystnl~
tli<tl /11{11u 1.1111 111111 l1ctit-,\1IJl'rs Tr1cl:iy 1l 1s r) howhn(~. frozen
lhu rorc.c. rf not ;i fully trained Jedi Master. to even at.tempt
rl. In cJCl<l1t.1on. rill references to llum in official reports were
wr1i.lPll1nd H<1111".011ud by Ihe worst b(lckhenc hers <incl lrist quilshcd, and 1h<." world was even kept from local. sector-
tli.111t t 'l'i ltlc lr11ptrtt1I \II rncd lorce!. hCJvr~ In ollcr. wi<Je. and galaxy &tar charts.


1111111'::; 1r><;o1 doc! 111:.t n1 y hcr.111s Iens or thousnnds of yea rs
;1go \..Yltl1 1L" d1)c ovr1y liy ;1 J(d1 scout whose narnc is lost
10 l11<;lo1 y, p<11011111111 ~I c1rc (' fl!-.Sl<;lccJ hyper!>pacc navigation
A~. I Ill' '>(Otll rnovPti tlirougti I.he hyperspace lanes, she was
F or thousands of years. the Jedi Order kept llum
and its bounty secret and safe from harm. Gen -
erations of Jedi, from the greenest Padawans to the
d1,1wr1 10 I lu lJ11k11ow11 l<Cf~ion, by a p'1rLicu larly powerful most ancient masters. traveled from all across the
11~!,011.111ce 111 l11L' lo1cc I allowing the siren ca ll or Lhe F-orcc galaxy to search for crystals, study the planet and
11so11a11c c. Ilic ~rout eve1111~c.Jlly discove red a lonely, hiLh its connection to the Force, and enjoy the mental
crlo 111H 11.11 Lccl 1,ysle1n 1n Ll1c far reaches of Lhe Unknown quiet of the uninhabited world. There is a nearly
H1g1011:;, l cnLerr'd ;iroun<J a bright. blue while slar. The Force forgotten legend that speaks of a dark and violent
wns slro11r, 1.hroughoul ll1C1 systcrn. but there was something time in the planet's past, however. Ancient sources
powc!r lul , 5ornc>lh111g spPcra l. on lhc fifth planet. and Lhat's suggest that the Sith may have laid siege to the
whc.:10 U1c Jrcl1 sro1 11 locu5cd her altenlions. world. eventually taking possession of it for a time.

1he lirsl scout's 1111lidl reports, as well as those from sub

sequent survey tcarns, tCf)Ortcd a barren. windswept world
of l(:Jll. 1ar,r,cd rnounlarns and shallow. frozen seas locked
away l)<'nc,1111 <Jo1cnc; or 1n0lers of ice. No selllemenls or With llum secure, the exploration of the world and its con-
dnr 1P11l 1u111 s wet c discovered. and all evidence pointed Lo nection Lo the Force was begun in earnest. Numerous settle
L11c wo1 lcJ being clevoid of sentient life. Whal the teams did menls were Founded over the subsequent decades. typically
firld was d world !hat. despite its inhospitable envi ronment. near the sites of important scientific or Force-related dis
rnanar,rcl Lo support some planl. and animal life. Packs of coverics. AL places with a particularly powerful connection
large frll1101ds stalked I.lie planet's steppelands: huge, slow- to lhc Force, the Jedi erected temples that served as tra in-
rnovi11a aquatic rna1r1mals thrived in the icy seas; power ing centers or pilgrimage sites where members of the order
lul arid aggressive humanoid reptiles haunted Lhe many cou ld go to meditate and heal. In addition. thanks to the
n1ounl:a1n cf1 ains. a11d plants and fungi clung lo life in she l abundance or kyber crystals on the planet. the Jedi Counci l
I crcd spo l.s away frorn L11e constant wind. These anima ls established a massive. baroque temple over the entrance
1111d plants d1d11'l exp lain lhe planet's strong Force shadow. to the largesl and richest cavern complex the survey teams
howcvC'r ILs presence in the Force wa s enormous. a fact had discovered. Once it was completed, the council began
that Lhe surveyors could not explain unlil one learn was send ing Padawans to llum to harvest the crysta l for their
ch;1scd into a rnounLain cavern by dangerous crcalures and lrghLsaber and to undergo the important training rituals as-
d1scove1c.'d llurn's real weallh . sociated with lightsaber construction.
BtncaL11 llurn's ice sticels and permafrost, Lhe planel's Countless Jedi over the millennia traveled there to build
er usl 15. hon0ycornl)ccJ by counllcss kilometers o~ interlock their first lightsaber or to find crystals to build new ones.
1nr~ cave sys1 ems. Wil.llin 1t1csc caves. the escaping survey Eventually. as other sources of kyber crystals were exhaust
learn cliscovcr cd a rnoL11er lode of pontite. mephite. and ed or became otherwise unavailable. llum became the Jedi's
ol11er kybc1 crystals Lile hcarl of a Jedi's lightsaber. The sole source of these precious crystals. While the planet re-
d1scovr.ry or 11un1's n11nc1 al wealth quickly changed the char mained a place of great importance. the Jedi Council re
r1ct1;r ol llu111's c.'xplor al.Ion fr orn one of curiosity .to one of cal led those members who were living on II um and shuttered
gr;ive 1rnpo11ancc lo l11c .Jedi Council. Upon receipt of Lhe all Lheir settlements and temples save for the main temple
111ws thc1t llurn possessed an 1ncredil>lc wealth of kyber crys used for lighlsaber construction. With the world's inhabit
tc1ls. I he c01111c 11 11nrr1cdiatcly dispal:ct1ed I earns of scholars. ants gone, its glaciers and ice sheets quickly consumed the
cJ1 t111ans. .ind Wdr fior<:> lo sc< ure Lhc world and to furLher Jedi settlements and research sites, burying them beneath
~tucly 115 na1 u1r1I w1)Jlth and 1n1po1 tancc lo the Force. To pr~ dozens 01 hundreds of meters of ice By the beginning of the
lee! Ilic crvst.ils. tl1n Council made a ciec1s1on lo keep Hurns Clone Wars, U1ere were no permanent residents on llum, nor
c:x1s1c11t<' il SP<rL~l f1orn tt 1e gul<1xy al large, and a number or any real evidence that there ever had been. and the main
slcps WPr t: 1c1ken lo 011su1 e that rl stayed that way I lype1 temple stood en1ply. save for the occasional Jedi pilgrim
5pacl' survc:yor-s r11~1pp<.!d out an uninterrupted. ded1c.aled there Lo find a new kyber crystal
liyperspac0 I.inc trorn Mctcllos. a wor lei 111 lhc Core region.
str111gh1 lo lh11n's orhll Tt1t nav1galion of this route was so


~dents eft ong ago. and the \\Or1d has
I ;;ms permanent
re:umed lo Its pr mal. pre settlement state The onl) hints of
L1S pre'li oos flhab tants are the occasional Jedi ruin revealed
At the end of the Clone V\'~rs. as part of Order 66. e'e1ier.ts
b; ,., 'ld eros on or g1acrer catv 'lg. and the rarely v sited Jedi of tJie 481 st Legion were dispatched to llum to ehm nate a
Temfhe a1 the entrance lo the C!\-Stal caves.
Jedr on the planet and i:O secure the temple there. Onte th
Emperor's pover \Vas finally consolidated and the structure:
CRYSTAL CAVES of his Empire \':ere firmly 1n place. these troops \-vere reca ea
to iherr home unit and dispersed to other b1lleLS FuUy at.'Cl~e
Home to perhaps lhe largest deposft o' :.:yber cr,'stals any- of the importance of llum to tne Jedi Order and of llums la
\,here t.>-ie {;:ala\y, llum's crystal ca\es \~ere said to be the
111 tent Force po~ver. the Emperor quickly replaced the troopers
Jedi's most sacred place by none other than Jedi Master of the 481st with a dedicated Joint forces m1ss1on benvee:i
\Oda himself. \.'"1ndrg for countless kilometers through and the Imperial Navy and [he Imperial Army,
beneath llums largest mountain range, the crystal caves
The Army forces. a mix of infantry. light armor. and engi
~ere nrsi explored .n the ancient past. \Nith1n the labyrinth
neering units. established a beach head not far from the Jed
of corridors. shafts. tunnels. ano chambers 1s a staggering
~ealth of the kyber crystals-mainly meph1te and pontite- Temple. while a small Navy battle group in orbit settled .nto
that make up the sear'ng heart o~ every Jedi's ightsaber. a planetary blockade. As the years passed the army's posi
\Vithin a few short years of the crystal caves discovery, the tion grew into a full garrison at the temple site. 1vith small ob-
Jedi Order erected a temp'e over the entrance to protect servation outposts scattered around the planet. Mean1vhlle
the caverns fro!T' ~respass and to pro" ide shelter and train- the navy kept its blockade with a constantly rotating roster
ing fac1lit1es for v'S1ting Jedi The caves eventual!~ became a of squadrons of varying strength.
pilgrimage dest.nat on for Jedi seeking crysta s for ne\'v hght- Despite the Emperor's insistence on the importance of
sabers and were incorporated rnto a Pada\\fan coming-of-age both the blockade and the garrison at rhe Jedi Temple. the
cere!T'ony called "the Gathering: Army and Navy use the billet to dispose of ineffecti\e of-
The stone from which the crystal caves are carved is a ficers, poorly run ships. and troublemakers and malcontents
smooth. black. basalt-like volcanic rock that absorbs ligh t of all stripe. Curren tly, the Imperial forces at llum are 1n a
and is surprisingly easy to work with. The crystals them- state of turmoil. and the Army and Navy forces there are
selves grow unimpeded from the walls and ceilings of the openly hostile to one another. They maintain their watch and
caverns and can occasionally be found littering the floors communicate through official channels, but there is no real
of corridors and chambers. In many places. the crystals can cooperation aside from what is absolutely necessary. The
be removed from the surrounding stone by hand. and even garrison is home to roughly one hundred and fifty soldiers
the most stubborn. inaccessible crystal veins require only and possesses a handful of AT-ST walkers. some light armor
basic hand tools to excavate. It was this ease of excavation and a handful of assorted patrol and utility speeders. The
as much as the sheer quantity of crystal deposits that made naval blockade consists of the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer
the crystal caves so valuable to the Jedi. Hoplite under the command of Captain Malthegn. along 1v1th
an escort of small frigates and gunboats.
Despite the millennia in which the Jedi lived and worked
on llum and the planet's importance to the order, surpris-
ingly little of the crystal caves' total area has been explored. JEDI RUINS
Most of the known caverns lie within the boundaries of the
temple's training area, and those few charted areas outside The Jedi worked and lived on llum for almost as long as
of the temple's footprint are a warren of dead-end caves. they existed as an order. While they never establisheo C'l
~unnels that turn in on themselves and either come to abrupt ies there-it was too remote too hard to reach. and to~
ends or plunge thousands of meters into dark cracks. and a sacred to the Jedi for that- they did build scatteied 51'13
confusion of chambers. side caves. and strange rock forma- settlements. research stations, temples. observation , pu<!'
. ce
tions. The sheer size of the cave complex is staggering, with and other structures on and beneath the planets su: " r
sorne (j11cient survey records suggesting thousands or even These abandoned sites lie scattered all across 11un1 111 ~.1 1
tens of 1housands of kilometers of tunnels and caves stretch- ous states of ruin.
ing deep into the bowels of the planet. In addition, the Force
tends Lo have a dls~ressingly disorienting effect on Visitors to Some are still intact. seeiningly a~va1t1ng . ebf ~tost.
. . th,
return 1

the caverns. So powcrful is the presence of the Force in the the ir inhabitants: others are little more than 1u:hir~n~ gW
crystal caves that 1t causes vivid hallucinations 1n even the however, have been buried deep bene<lth the er , osl
that cov 11
most guarded mind. This tias led many an explorer astray; clers and massive, slo\.Y n1ov1ng ice sheets of ir1teresu11a
countless Jedi have wandered into the unct1arLcc1 portions or. llums surface Nevertheless, a nurnber ,d n1oun
or the crystal caves 1n pursuit of some phantorn. never to be sites can sllll be found here and there 111 uurn's IJtl}
heard from again l~1n passes. at the bottoms of valley~. ~r witli~ettlernent ar
nnth1ne cave systems One such ruin is the
Holenesh Canyon.


4 15 1 1
Sk ills: B1~1,, :.t. c,\,)1\itn,,\t()n i. 1\'rct't llt)n 5. St.1'.lll ll ) <:>111 Skills (group only). \1hlet1<.s. Bril\\'I, Stealth
\ ''~ .; \ t{'~,,) '\.(' ~ ~ T.:ilcnts: N0nt'
Talents: \,i\\'l",l \ 1 ltlP~l.lOt' d n1cult) 01 ~\ll I otnl,:ll Ch!'t'ks Abilities: SIH ll'" ( \ n11111on group o 'our <' more t>I
,. " 1sma1 c0
,l~:.l, \'\\ \ 'IS t.ll{ t'1 (111t t') s1'l II) il <:IH 1<'"111{; r.1C"t'I. as dl1 JlllOl'l 1\ll t 1r tfc ,
.\.biliti'-~$: \:-h,ll ~\'11 l1 t'n1~)\ t' on Sut\ "'' , 11\'ik~ dtit' I!)
I .
1,ltlt~<~ n1u'I lll<lk1' <1 Hard (+++1 t
Resilience check

<(\I(\ ''"' 11 ('llHllt'nt~). l\ct'n Sens(~s \~hit1 D 1o .lll I \1rc t'pt ion \,\US<'' ;l Iill {~l'l I 0 sulfel 4 SI.I aln an<i l)t'(OITl!' .... ,,., I
. . , , q ~' It' e(l

,"1,) '-tll\ 1\ ,11 t'l1t'<'"S) P.\t k lnstnh:t<: {\ ''"''11 p!'t fo11nh1r, Ilk' 1111111 lllt' l)()j:"(' stops (h<lractcrs 1n S<.'i.llt'd ;lrmor ()f WIJ
. . o are
J~'1$l '),\Ht'U\"<'t. \~ll~lli f\,n\ ht'l'S ~1,111t DD inst 1';1d of IJl w1~.11111H <',1r protfct1on :lr(' not atfe..::tcd l ~1lhoui'lle o
Equ\pn1~nt: l~'''th ,lnd ,(J\\"'> {111,\\\'I f\1111.~r..1~ h. lnllt'\ll 3, Equlp111c nt: Tt>1'lh (Bra\vl. Darn,igc ~. Crit1r.1t 4, Ran~e ,tn
~J ){~t' ll 1~~,l~~l~il 1"1t'l\t' ') t~lt\1'dl PH'll C 3}.


Rhsrl,ll ,' t' :S"'.l hr '\ 'Oln'H~\t' t'd(nt-. \\ 111' lt\1' 1 l llh' (Jt)l gotlun~ ,lf 1'. Pt~r haps. Lile n1ost fan1ous crcatu!l's 10
h. l ~1' S ,Vl\) '.\\\'I '):S tit'!'P l't'l\t',lll\ llltrl):.. -.ttl ,\\ t' \l'''lll I lt' It\ 1' on fro, t'll ll111n The\ drc tndssl\ e non sent1l'nt, lhic~
" t' ,, .1 f'''' lhlP\ltl :s 1,nhi l'1s1'1.1 1.'\\'\' l\)UI k'~:=-- -.11.up -.K1nnl'd 1cpt1h,in < re,1tu1es '''11!1 long. PO\\t'rful ann~. short
't',11l1 t'li ,\, 1''> \\ 11' :Sl)),, l'\,)\ ~ ~,,,,~,, l\)llllt.1 t.',lt'\ ,111<1 l1lll~ ltiis .uid .11 ,\\<' ~11,1pc~d hc"id \ U11ck. sllaggy coat or daO\
'\/1\\"(S ,\t)d ':> \\\11 \,111 lt.'':'-'i 1<\ S \!\('ii (\t\dlt.'$ ,\ft' I ()\!'h'ci ill 1 ~1.l\ tur ro\1'rs lllt'n1 fll)lll then shouldc1~ to thcrr feet h\1\
llllt !.- l.1\.ll itlll' :-11\t' \ ti 111,H i<.t't.'1'' I h'll1 \\,lllll ,111<1 ..,11\'!1-. nlt~ ,inl\ l11cir hc<.1d, \vl1ic.h 1s .-i s1ct..I\ 01.1ngc color, bare to
\\,lit' ,\I'd d1 , 1111'\ 1'!',i "lt)'ol \ llll 1.l\1' 'llilt~ll$.:ll\d 111S1'< I:.., llH' l'it'lltc111-. Gorgodons .ne ill\ r('d1t1I\ .,Uong and c.:in l\ltti
."lthi tilt'\ .111' f\,ll\l)\
' . l~' h1' u'11 .,l1\f\1' in t~ll' d.uh. to li\1' ()\It ._1,1nc1 ,11rno..,t ,ln\ p11111sluncnt It rs said th,lt thev can eve
!h~'q l\ l'S sh1111~ ott lll.1st1~1 holt s. r~1cv ,ire .1 d<'ln1i0rous co1nl)inat1on of
dtllllb. ll:l{!I CS!)i\ c. ;~rhj [)( Ul~ll. illld JIC ()tlt:' or tl\1~ IC\~ Jl111'1als
I t\.-t' ll\\' (\,lfnlll'"-'-; l(\\\lt'.1tllt'l~, \\l,1111h\1'01111\1' S\ltl.1(1'
lh.ll ,ll l.ick ltll 110 Hc>Od IC~lSOll vVl1cl\ lh<\ Jtdt IH'5l .lrnvl'ti
lllt!\Hl,ll l),l\'' f\'\\ ll,lftll,ll p11'(i,lt~'lt" 1hi~ Is ilt/l1'l\ <1\ll' II'
\111 llu111, tile Hvrgoch)ns \\ICrc lh<' crcatun~s tt1.1l \J.~vc lhem
t'\\'11 ~p1'1'd ,lllli l ,lt1l1!)\I':'- t\<11111\~s. ,\lll\1)t1{-;1l 11\t'\ liO 11,1\ 1' ,l
lht1 rnost 11011blt?. Tl\loughottt Liit~ J<~rli Ordc1, 111,~ n.1n1t! of
tr lt!h I\'I llllHl\ \'11 l'( 11\.t\ dt'h'11:\\' l\'\l'Cl\,1ni-sn1 \ 1Vl)1~n Ir lnll 1l'l\1'11.
tins 1.:11\lltlll' 1vJs u~cd in t11rc.1ts Jnd <:urses, such J\ uurk
l' h~n1.1I 1n.1"t' ,1 -.h1ill p.1 111111 .u1ci sust,1i11('d ~1111l'kn1ti ll<'IS1'
us ,i 1~t)lgodon 01 ,,.., .ingr-y as ,a gorgodorfs 11101f\01 '
l\) \\,\l\l ,)(I .\11.h "l'l'S ,111d ('.10 ft)I ;l<;'\isl.ll\(t' lt'Ol1' l1lhl'I hits
'l\,ll \\ lh'll tlH!'t' \)f l1l)l!' l)h$1H ..ll j<)lll Ill 1111'\ 1 lt'.\ll> ,l hO\\tl
I\)t1,1 t 'th'll~!h t ,) :'I 1.1t 11'1 ( I\ :-1 als .n id 1 nu:-.t' t ,I\ l' 111s, .111 1h11it \
th.U J1"1t <.'\Pt'l t1'llt'!'d l11'\11l,1nti l1)ll~ ,lGl' The J1'd1 .llt11hul1'd
lhi::- .lb l.t\ It) lilt' hh~tll.lls l ll'SIJ (1)1llll~lltllll lo lh1' I Oll'l',
~nd l\t' 1' .lblt' I\)\ \'lllllt'I ll' l'lfl11 IS 01 lilt' slll il'"lnr, h\ l\l,I 21 1 a
n1p11IJL111t; l111' N.)lt'!' tlft)tnui tilt' tt(>:ttun's In 1t<'lllf' so, .ltdl
t'\.plonng llun1~ 1,1\1'tn ~\st~rn ''''It' .tlllc Lo fJJ>lllrt' hh~n1.11, Skill s: At,l\VI ' r1~1ceplion 2. SltrVIVdl 2. \'1grl.ince I
\\ht< h 1urnrd oul lt' l.H' tt'l,tll\tl'I\ 1\tS\ ll''l do1110st1< .Hi.' Tulc nt s: \<1\('f!>,ll\' I (upg1ack~ d1lhcutly ot all lOillbll
t'hl'<.ks 'Gllnsl I hrs t.~rgel once}
Abilities: Co11st11clor t:\ gor godon can grab an opporen.
,1nd .itll'lllpl 10 <.hol-.e or squeeze lhe life oul of ! OpflC}
n0nts .illecLed h) tl1e gorgodon's Ensnare 1ten1 qu.ihtY rm
. fl iuor as
n1cdtcllOI\' beo1n sulterino the ellects ol s11 lll
b b (,ire Rut
outllncd on page 221 of ll1e f o RCE ANO DLSTINY (
hook) Sllhouet tc ?. 8 Cn1
Equipment : Ti.:'<"lh ancl cla\\'S (B1<1WI Darn~r,t 1 \
. I Plt'l(f'
c..11 ~. Ranve [t11"J"edl: Ensnare ~. Ri~~'C
"' "' b G Cr 1litlll .,, ,
cious 1). Tali (Br a~vl, Darni.1t1.e . ~1 , 111
[l:ngaged]. Conc.usst\'l~ I f<.nvi kt
engnge an opponent or group of opponents. the opponents
KNIGHT LEVEL ADVERSARY mu.-.l make c1 Hard (+ ++J fear check).
Abilities: Heightened Sense of Smell (razhak upgrade ~It

Pe1cept1on checks once}. Searing Touch (when an oppone

he razhak is a very dangerous creature, and it ends its Lurn engaged with the razhak. the opponent suffers
T is recon1mended that GMs pit it against groups
of Knight-level PCs (see page 321 of the FoRCE AND
) wounds Jnd 2 strain}. Silhouette 2
Equipment: Mandibles (Brawl. Damage 1O; Critical 3. Range
DesriNv Core Rulebook). or PCs of an equivalent [Engaeedl. Knockdown, Pierce 4, Sunder)
povver level.
Snowfeathers are small . clever. flightless bird~ nat1v~ to llum
Aniong the 1nost fearsome predators on llum. these massive Their bodies are covered in a dense layer of oily, white feath-
creatures are as agile as they are deadly_ Averaging around ers that protects them from llum's bone-chilling col~ a~d
eight meters in length. razhak are armored, segmented, vicious weather. Relatively harmless creatures, they live in
1"ormllke creatures that propel themselves using rippling nesting colonies built into ice shelves or cliff faces.
muscle 1idges. Their bodies are broad and flat, covered with Despite their inoffensive nature and inability to fly.
~hick. chilinous plates in shades of white and blue. While snowfeathers have Few natural predators, for two :easons
the~ have no apparent eyes. their heads are topped with
First their meat tastes terrible and is mildly poisonous.
long segmented antennae that serve as sensory organs. caus.ing painful cramps, bloating, and loosening of the
Their huge mouths feature multiple rows of serrated teeth. bowels in those unfortunate enough to eat them. Second.
Aggressive and solitary, razhak live in the endless tunnel they have a connection to the Force that gives them the
systems beneath llum's surface. They are deceptively fast ability to project an illusion that makes them seem larger
and. when they attack. they rear up like a serpent and at- and more formidable than they really are. These charac-
tempt to swallow prey whole. Anything they can't eat in one teristics have allowed them to survive and even thrive on
bite they tear into pieces by grasping it in their mouth and an inhospitable planet full of savage creatures like gorgo-
shaking it violently. dons and asharl panthers.
In addition to possessing great speed and a savage de- ~
meanor. razhak also can generate intense heat strong ~
enough to rapidly melt solid ice and cause serious burns to
exposed flesh. This ability allows them to tunnel through ice
as though it were soft sand. Razhak usually build their nests 1 3
inside of ice wal ls or densely packed snow. typically leavir:ig
the nest only to eat or mate. Skills (group only): Brawl, Deception. Survival.
Talents: None.
Thankfully. while they are terrifying to behold and ex-
Abilities: Dense Fea thers (immune to the effects of co ld
tremely dangerous. razhak are also easily distracted and
and hazardous weather). Frightening Visage (as an ac-
creatures of minimal intelligence. Keeping this in mind. a
tion. may make an opposed Deception check vs. Vigilance
clever opponent can easily outflank them. lead them into
[when multiple opponents are present. the best Vigilance
traps, or make them lose interest in attacking altogether.
skill determines difficulty] to create illusion of greater size
and threat. If the snowfeather succeeds, all opponents
present must make a Hard ( ) fear check. Force-
sensitive characters add to the fear check; droids and
other characters immune to Force powers automatically
12 25 11 a a pass the check).
Equipment : Beak (Brawl; Damage 3; Critical 5; Range [En-
Skills: Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Perception 3. Resilience 3. gaged!; Pierce 1).
Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade the difficulty of all combat
checks against this target once). Fearsome 3 (when razhak



or a \\'Or1d so calm and unassunl1ng. N:1boo ha~ plnyeci
F an e\cepttonallv important 101e 1n galactic history ovPr
the past re1'f decades This \\'Orld of far rncrs nnd scholars
During tt11s pc11ocl, while there were no clashes between
till~ t\'IO species ctn<J precious Jillie tnteracuon ot11er1111se.
both <licl rhcir level h<>st to destroy themselves from w1lh111.
1vas t b r 1place or tile h1ghl\ respected and sorely In- The Gu11gn11s were a Lrib;il people with no unify~ng govern-
n ie' en SL nator Pad me Anlrdala, Rcpresentauve Jar Jar ment or culture The LribPs constantly warre<J with one an-
B nks J"d Shecv Palpatrne. the former Chancellor of the other unlil a powerful Gungan boss named Gallo united the
G.:i ac L Rei \1bl1c and current Galactic Emperor and Dark Gungans under a single banner. destroyf'd any holdouts, and
Lord o the 51,h \\ ll1le these credentials alone are enough eventually laid the foundations for the Gungan capital city at
o PL i\Jboo ear tile top of any list of important 1vorlds. Otoh Gunga Meanwhile. the humans. who i,vere now .calling
111s s111a 1\Jlerv l\'Orld has had a long and storied history
themselves "the Naboo." had fallen prey to bitter nfight~ng
and 1vas respected on the galac tic stage well before even
and had split along cultural and political lines. into warrrng
Patpat1ne \\1as born.
factions. This era. known as the Time of Suffering 1n Naboo
history books. is characterized by brutal wars betwe.en large
NABOO'S HISTORY cily stales. Eventually, a general named Jafan united the
city slates through both force of will and force. of arms, and
Naboo's history is best split into two distinct eras: prehuman ushered 1n the Great Time of Peace. It was dunng the Great
and post-human colonization. Before the coming of human Time of Peace that the human capitaJ. Theed. was founded
colonists from the stars. Naboo vvas home solely to the am- along the banks of the Solleu River. The era is considered a
phibious Gungan people. The Gungans. believed to be indig- golden age 1n Naboo history.
enous to Naboo despite some evidence to the contrary, lived
The Great Time of Peace came to an abrupt end when. as a
in large nomadic tribes that squabbled over grazing land and
precursor to the Clone Wars, Naboo was blockaded by Trade
access to Naboo's many waterways. The Gungans lived this
Federation vessels; it was eventually freed by the actions of
way for millennia. until the appearance of an alien species
the Jedi Council. The time of the Clone Wars ~vas tumultuous
known only as "the Elders. Little is known of the Elders save
for Naboo. Its beloved queen became an esteemed Senacor
that they came from the stars to colonize Naboo. waging war
and then died suddenly, leaving behind millions of mourners.
on the Gungans in the process. Eventually, the Elders left
Chancellor Palpatine. a member of one of Naboo's oldest and
Naboo for some unknown reason and passed from galactic
most prestigious families. was considered the pride of the
history, leaving behind little more than a handful of massive
planet for his apparently levelheaded and wise leadership un-
stone edifices and a bru talized Gungan society. The Gungans
til he dissolved the Senate, installed himself as the head of a
flourished over the following millennia until, around 4.000
new Galactic Empire. and instituted his reign of terror.
BBY. a new threat to Naboo arrived from the stars.
Today, Naboo is at peace again. The people govern them-
HUMANITY. ARRIVES selves. albeit with Imperial advisors vvorking at every level
of their government. For the humans on Naboo. things have
Fleeing a brutal civil war on its passengers homeworld, the never been better. The Gungans have retreated into their
planet Grizmallt in the Core region, a group of colony ships deepwater cities. where the Empire can't reach them. and
carrying refugees arrived in orbit over Naboo. The Grizmallti nearly all of the other non-humans on the planet were evict-
had discovered the planet. which they had named "Nabu" af ed or incarcerated years ago. The human populace. espe-
ter one of their principal deities. almost a century before the cially in Theed. is very well looked after by its Imperial mind-
refugees arrived. At that time, it was used as a vacation spot ers. a fact that the population is well aware of.
for Grizmallti aristocrats and as a private hunting preserve
for big game hunters from across the Mid Rim. The native
Gungans. who had suffered the predations of the Elders for
so long, withdrew into their lakes and swamps to keep their The two primary species of Naboo-the insular Gungans
distance from these new interlopers. Indeed, it wasn't until and the civic-minded Naboo humans-share a tumultuous
~he colony ships landed and the Grizmallti began settling on history. Since humans arrived on Naboo nearly four thou
tt1e planet that they discovered that another sentient spe- sand years ago, the two peoples have clashed, niainta1ned
(1es called it home.
peaceable relations. carried on cold ~vars. and even banded
Despite the best efforts of diplomats on b.oth sides. rela- together to ward off invasion. It ls impossible to discuss the
tions between the newly arrived humans and the Gungans culture of Naboo without a close look at the contributtons
quickly soured. Over the next few decades. the two species of both and at 111/hat effects they have had on one another
engaged 111 a number of brutal conflicts over territory and ac-
Naboo culLure. centered in the bustling capital of Theed.
cess to natural resources They eventually reached a shaky
is founded on tt1ree core ideals. pacifisn1. rauonalisrn. tind
Peace in which both sides agreed. essentially. to ignore one
service. They are an intellectual people. some1vl1at reserved ,
another and hve separately on the planel. Life on Na boo
and given Lo long study and hvely debate Artists. poltti(1ans.
lapsed into a long period of peace and prosperity
scholars. and pl1!1osopl1ers t1old lac.es of pride among Na
boo society dnd the culture 1,ener ates great legislators the


l'\'ilY Olller < t1llllll'<i \CllP.'~llr greaL gentr.1ls That'c; 1101 to r..civ thl'll f11c;L underw.itcr !,ClllcmenL<> to P.<;c;ape th
thaL the Naboo don t l1avt: t11rlf' sharf' of great m11l1cirv l1'<Hl ,,ysl crr11c opp1 e<;.-.1on They were c;t.111 primani 11 i~ e 1nv11dery;
dfl(j o...1 I
e1s, 111deecl !Ill' explOtlS O[ l>rCl\C' l\'c11110rs and <:..1VVV general~ howl'Vt'r I1 ~vt1sn .L 111H1 I Lhe Grrtmallt1 arrrve<JI lh-::i c Ir ...
a1c ensh11ned 111 n1onurnents tllrouglloul 1 lll't'CI llo~v1 v11. r,.ins 11n.1lly ret 11ill eel beneath the water ror goocJ l the GJ11
Nciboo s rnart1al 11erots n1a11t llH'll rnark <lL'h'nd1ng 111c11 Cung.in!\ ,HP ,1 simple. prrcleful people With
p0ople rallltr ttian 111 \\Clr'S 01 e'pdnsron .ind 11)11qur <;I 111clrc)11 10 11c1Lure, llierr gocJs, and the Forc.e ~- t ose con
Frorn Lile c>i11 '1est davc; ol cc,lor11za11on. 1hc N,1!)00 have 1111111an:, and 1no5l oltH!r sp1!c1cs. 1hey prefP.r to 1 rstrusu1.1 of
IVC their
le>okC'd dol'vn tipon L111;'11 Cung.;in 111 1gl1llors 1Ile N 1boo llcivc deep wnlun I'IJaboo s many l<1kcs and ~eas. Her el.
an unfo1 tu11<Hr ltndl'llLY to1vard snobberv and possess per struct their ornate bubble cities and are contcn~ lthey con
hnps dll O\ er 1111 lat l'li v1c1' ol t 11c11 selfvvorlh Throughout then on their own terms. without external strife or enta live 'e
h1s101\ 111a11) l1Jv1 '>1..'e111l1e G1111gans as little more than un11n Despite whal the Naboo think. the Gungans havf~iglerner11~
Pr O\t'd ~avag1'" a li:cklcss people with no sense of property complex cul ture. Their literary and musical tradrt;oa nch ilno
or propr 11~t \ 1~110 had no right to tell the cultured and civilized back over millennia, and the quality of their rooo nws '\treich
' . . . 1ne ana
(Olorusts vvltrr t thev could and could not settle. During colo- art 1s every brt as good as that of their human neighb .
111?at1011. the l1dughty humans mostly ignored the Gungans. Where the Naboo are cool. the Gungans are pass ors
set lhng 1vl)l.!1 l'! Lhey pleased and doing wl1atever they wan Led Where the Naboo are reserved. the Gungans are grega.
1v1th tl1e plcu1et's na tural resources. This occasionally led to and playfu l. They seem to value joy and simple fun no~s
l~lood~ conflrcls as the humans settled lands already occu than do the bookish Naboo. The Gungans revel in sportsmo.e
pied bv Gungans or destroyed sites the nauves held sacred games. pa rticularly aquatic athletic contests and animal and
. and
ve hrc1e racing.
Tile Gungans. ror their par L. were already an old and es
tablrst1ed pC'ople by the lime t11e Grizmalltr humans arrived Despite their differences. the Gungans and the Nabooa
to colon11e Naboo Although they were descended rrom am bound by their connection to th~ir planet. With the rise~~
ph1b1ans and had the ability to breathe water as well as arr the Empire. many of the more liberal-minded Naboo hav
ror n1ost or tllerr early existence t11ey were a land dwellrng 1oined Gungan agitators to form a homegrown network ~ 0
people Organized 111 nomadic tnbes. these early Gungans Rebel cells planning to strike at the Imperial forces desecrat
1-vere llunter-gatllerers who stalked Naboos vast plains rn rng their planet. Although small in number and heavily per.
search ol the loVOrld's huge wild herd animals. Wilen the El- secuted. these Naboo Rebels may one day turn the tide n
ders arr ived and began their colonization, the Gungans built the fight against Imperial dominance.

n aboo is one of the most popular tourist destinalions in the
Mrd Rim and Outer Rim Territories. Its unique geological
makeup. natural beauty, and diverse nora and rauna have at-
Solleu River where it plunges over the Cliffs of Theed, the park
lies in the shadow of the Royal Palace across the river. and car
only be reached by boat. The park features a single structure-
tracted sentients for millennia. There is something for every- a tall. green-domed sandstone rotunda- that visitors use as a
one on Naboo. from urban nightlife and edifying cultural and shelter and event space. The rest of the park is given over to
educational experiences in Theed. to sightseeing and visiting well-tended lawns and flower gardens. shady brick-lined walk
the artists' retreat rn Moenia. to communing with nature and ing paths. a small orchard, a handful of recreational fields. a~d
engaging 1n adventure in one of Naboo's many preserves. dense stands of trees. Despite its proximity to bustling Palace
Plaza, Broadberry Meadow is rarely visited by the commo
populace of Theed. It is, however. quite popular among mem
THEED bers of Naboo's royal house, palace attendants. and c1tv and
The capital city of Theed is possibly the loveliest. most dra- state officials. It is not uncommon to see important govern-
rnaric city on any 1oVorld in the Mid Rim. Built at the edge of a ment business being done in the rotunda.
rnass1ve waterfall along the banks of the Solleu River, Theed
Is a bustling metropolis that boasts some of the finest cultural PARNELLI MUSEUM Of ART
attractions and entertainrnent in the galaxy. The Royal Pal-
ace 1s located Lt1ere. slraddling the river at the point where It Located a stone's throw from the Royal Palac.0. the f}Jr~~-
<>c ted n1usei. -
plunges over Ihe Clitrs of Theed, and the cily is packed with Museum of Art is one of Theed's many resp iellr l\l1c"
Named for the ancient Na boo noble house of P~
rnuseums, gallerres. and parks. There is so much to see and i toi11e
II' s dediratt
do 1n !heed that rnost residents state the city cannot be fully donated the funds to bu ild 1t. the Parnc 11 . le' 1~ 1 tn 1
expenenced until one has lived thflrc at least a year. display and pron1otion or conten1porar~ art -:.lY
rocuc; 011 Na boo ar Usts.
Broadberry Meadow rs one or Theed's countless well-tended nd Assen~
city parks Located on o triangular spit of land at a fork in the Built 1n 65 BBY l)y Outer Rim Constructior\ a r engr'lce ~
Tlleed's plasrna refinery comple:-.; is a rnaf\ie


located on t11c Cliffs of Theed next to the Royal Palace De-
signed as an extracuon and refining facility and as a power
generallon center. the PRC was buJlt as part of a Naboo-
Damask I lolcJ1ngs Joint venLure Lo expand plasma refining
on Naboo A massivt\ triple-domed complex Lhal blends in
qu1L<' W<'ll w1lh Lhc surrounding architecture, Lhc sprawling
PRC 1s centcrccl aroun<J a seemingly bolLomless shaft driven
deep into Nabooc; core. from which plasrna is extracted.
Near lhe extracuon shaft are the refining complex on one
side and a storage ancJ sh1pp1ng facility on the other. In ad-
dition. the PRC houses Theed's pnmary power generation
system and the headquarters of bolh the Royal Naboo
Securily Forces and the Royal Naboo Starf1ghter Corps,
which operate out of the adjacent Theed Hangar.


Considered the "Jewel of Naboo" and the loveliest building

1n Theed. Naboo's Royal Palace is a tour de force of Naboo
classical architecture. Constructed in 832 BBY by the people
of the newly founded city of Theed under the direction of

King Jafan, the palace sits astride the Solleu River where it
plunges over the Cliffs of Theed. It is a sprawling, baroque
affair featuring dozens of soaring sandstone towers capped
with bright green domes trimmed with brass. The interior
spaces or Lhe palace are bright and airy, with tall arched
ceilings and numerous windows that give even the small-
est spaces an open. expansive feel. A broad pedestrian
avenue. the Palace Plaza stretches from the steps of the
palace's main entrance to a large park known as the Palace
Courtyard. The plaza is lined with shops. museums. monu-
ments, and buildings housing various state agencies and
their attendant workers. The palace has been expanded and
renovated countless Limes in the nearly thousand years of its
existence; within il are many long-disused chambers. secret
rooms. and rorgotten corridors.

Situated al Lhe base of the Cliffs or Theed in a broad ex-
panse of reclaimed floodplain, Theed Spaceport is Naboo's
primary spaceport and one of the busiest ports in the Chom-
,a mell sector. Built shortly after the city's rounding in 832 BBY

s, t-"' and expanded in 65 BBY by Outer Rim ConstrucLion and
Assembly, Lhe mu l ~i Liered, high-volume spaceport is used
lfrfl prirn~rily f?r ~eavy shi~ping and commercial passenger
lfi~'I service. With 1Ls expansive platforms and broad. clear ap
h~ proaches. the_ spaceport can handle ships ranging rrom
crvt shuttles and light rre1ghters to Botajef freighter ltners and
even, in a pinch. ships as large as a CR90 corvette. The
spaceport also houses a large and ornate terrrunal build
ing. a handrul of administration buildings, and nurnerous
storage and ma1nlenance hangars.

A premier inslilullon of higher learning, 1tieed Un1ver
sity has 1 lonr 1ttcl stoned c11ccr that stretct1es back
to tile lounding ol the ell\ itself As it \\'dS built to servl'!
the neec.ls ol tilt' c1v1I '.er v1Lern1ndt'd p~ople of Naboo
Thecrl Uni\ 1r ::.1l y <;pec1ilh1es in polit1cnl sc1c>nr.c. civies

and lavv l'dt1cnt1u11 !)0s1tt~ lt11<; IOLus. 1he school h'1s also


1 111111 liY n -;10 111, d1vui.<1 illlllY111volUlllL'l'r 1ll CSflr1,1
1 11111111 1 1
1\1 111'\I 1\1\ 11111\\ l'lllllllllt'lll .1111''' H( "' 1.\11 11111 111111 I 1111tl 111111thl'1 I di II 11111 llllll, St111l, pl.i1lo1111, c1n1l (,upport 111 '
1 1 11
'-\ \'11\114\ 1111111 II' \ 11h1q, 1".\1 11fl11d 1111'1'1.ltll 1 111 11\,111 11 111 1111 p11.s1 ...,1"1 lll'i(r)llt.cll s1g11lllG
" Ill' Wltl\111 Cuno11 I cm
I>' I 1l~lt)p1
'Ill .11.11111'11 ,11111111111 111 ll1111lllt11\1'l '1ll\ l'.l 1111111111 l'1lpd (, 1 111 , 1111111 lr11n1 i1II ov11 1'lal1on lo 'lee lhe AnClt:!llt b ,,
\Ith' ,, lhlll\\ \\Ill l'I N 1\ll1I Hid llll' llllllll lll 11111' 111 II 11111'>1
1 llll'' .11111 lt.1111 1l11111t ltich pro11d 111tt1111" U1lcl
1n11-.l1Gl(\\I\ I 11111\11 11 11 1, ..,1cl1111t.il "''' l.\CJll'> ol . I.II<' /\ru::tr!lll Ou, 1rt 1,1 arc ~orne
nl i I it 111o<;t pt1"1lll!lo11, <111rJ uxpc~n'>tvc 111 1111 ol Otoh r.
i111y old liloocJ C..1H1g<111 f,1rn11t1 ;Liii hve In 1 ~ 11 , hUnl\d
I1 111
I ., I Olflfl
111 liy 111111 t111c1!,IOl'l Lt'n11ir1pc; <lgo C)ldrt rec;lclent , 1rncJ
111 1q ,.,1 1111\\'\l .11111 1111.l'I 111111111 111 1IH' l l1111g1111 1 llh'' ltJ cl.i,li llol 11wll11 vl'illltta yol~lr:; fror11 f.u llunR C.11ngan ciue~
,111 N.1111111 ~)1111\ ~tllllH.t \'i 11\l' '11.1l 11l l1lltlHdt1 tlPVlltlt1llnlll i1nd wllll i111yo11t. 111cy c.onsluc1 lo I)<' ii nuw rcsi<l(:nt
Uhl 111' 111111111 \\I flt. 1111\1111 1 ~)h,l1 l1lllH~1I C\lll'.l 1IS lll d 11111'

\1\1' h\\\\\)\\1111\ \\\l\l\\l\ 1 ,\I)\1\1,ll\d l1l d I 1111 t\111p lttlll\ ldilt iilll CITY BIGSPACE
'-11 t-111' ,,, , .11,1 l\11111n<1 1111 11nt1.11 b11llh I<, ,111111L111<lod l>Y
11\ I'll' \\I 'l\l,11l1t 111111\ll\''. 111 \,\I\ lllt; ,j;1'" l\Oldllll: Ollliy\t11 ,
I\ IC'lc1llV(~IY n<~W ;idcllllon to Oloh Gunga, L11c C11y Blg~pace
ll1'l~~l\\\111 ll1\1ld' 11\dll\lt t.11 11lll'S, l'lll('l ldlllll\Clll (1'111l 'l'i, ,Hid Is ;i p1tl>l1c cone our sc commissioned by Boss Rugor Nass
''"'''''' li11 ... 111 \ ll\' \1\111\l\ll 1.\(\ 1;1gct 10 lct1VC Ills rnark on Lt1c c1ly, Boss Nass ordered lhe
I'\\ 11t\ "1~ l\n111d1d nllllln111.1,1co h\ 1111' 1.1111(:.111 \Ndl lo1d < unc;1 11cl1011 or I Ile Bigspacc Lo provide the pcoplr of Otoh
H,,,, .....,Ho \\'llO, t1110ugll 111plllllhll \ ,111<1 h.>ll\' lll .111115, 111111 c..1111p.,1 wlllt c1 place LO gather and relax IL 1s a large, mull!
1'\I .111 ''' N.1h11,,~ d1...p,11,1l1' Cung,111 trtbl's undv1 his [l,11111l'I lcvl'I crncrtalnn1cnt district, home Lo nun1erous boutiques.
tb.1nu 1111" 111'''"1' .11111\ B1)s.,; G,1110 dl'st11iy1d 1111 .J11c ic111 11ie<11crs. and performance venues. as well as lo open spaces
l1~1ln''~ 111\ 1\I Sp1'.lrht"',1d. ho1111' 011111' 1op.111' 1v,11lo1d Bose; 11llecl wit11 tounta1ns. greenery, and art The Bigspacc 1s also
R1lt:O(' ,111d lilt' 1,1s1 11''" holdouts ;ip.;11nst G,1110\ t 011solldt1 1101nc to tile Bigspace Refreshment Bubble. which features
1101\ C.lll0 111011 llt1d (I Ill'\\ 111 v built on Spet11 h<ild's lou11d il " wide variety or tapcafes and mobile food vendors catering
t <'I\:!-. 1,11n1nt~ 1t Otol1 Gung.:1.1nd ll,111nl11e 11 ,Js LllC' c;1pittll of to nc;1rly rvery taste imaginable.
l'lt' \.1\t iga11 PC'<'Pll' 0\CI lhl' subsequent ee1101a11ons. Otoh
Since its opening. the City Bigspace has become one ol
l un1!' t'\PJlldC'l1 ,1<; Gu11g<1ns flo( kerl to t11c c11 y I10111 all
I Ile 1nosl popular deslinalions 1n Otoh Gunga The area bus
,\c 1's:> N.1boo. srC'l-111g salel~ t101n both th<' r<Jvcnous crcci
lies nigl1l and day with bhousands or cllizens from the city
1111c" 1\1,n 11\l' b111ea111 Naboo~ vvJle1s a11d Lile aggressive
anti oullying villages who come LO shop, dine, and relax, a ' ' IUlj 11' 1(J
htlllhlll::> \\lhO It\ l' on lhf' Slll IJCC
facL lhat greatly pleases Boss Nass.
Toda\. n1cl11.' 11\an one 1nillion Gungt111s live and work In \' J ~If

Olol1 Gung~1 It 1s a Lhrlv1ng. l)uslling, and 111odcr n city, de OTOH GUNGA GARDEN r111g111 irJm
spite ~vhal non Gungans n1ay bol1eve. Indeed. OLoll Gunga 'nr M~II !hr ,
Is a 11 ue 1vo11dl'I of Naboo, even If IL Is llltle l<nown on tl1c Located near Lhe center of OLoh Gunga. Otoh Gunga Garden
st11l,1ce Like anv large cit~, Ot.011 Gunga is i.1\'\'as11 111 places ls Lile city's premier sporting arena. Housed in its own hydro
of h1stor1cal and cultural 1mportance. and il is 11on1c Lo a diz static bubble, Lhe Garden 1s a massive space with a capacity
Z\ 1ng arrJ\ of ne1ghborl1oods and dislricls wiL11111 thc city 1n Lile tens of thousands Initially built for bongo racing, the
arena features a large, water rilled Lube raceway that winds
ANCIENT QUARTER arot1nd lhe interior of t11e bubble. Pits and bongo garages
line 1ls outer edge. Ranks of bleacher seats dominate the
Situated at tile heart of Otoh Gunga. the
circun1ference of the bubble at its widest point. and private
Ancient Quarter encornpasses the ong1nal
I cit) foundations laid by Boss Gallo The
luxury boxes cling to the bubble's supports above them
entire quarter is a htsto1 ic p1eser While it is primarily a racing venue. Ototi Gunga Carden
vat1on district. run or ancient can easily be converted to other uses Over the years. tne
buildings and 1nachinery Garden has hosted music concerts, stage performances.
n1ass religious ceremonies. and even pohtical ra111es
add1t1on to other spo1 ts popular among th!' Gun
gan population

. t1on rot tile
Otot1 Villages 1s a catchall des1~na 111a1
numerous discrete 11yd1ostatlc bLll>bl~ ga 00
n1ake up the population tenter$ of oioh 15 <ft'"
. t ell with 1
Each one 1s a small city unto ' 5 . 1ctvic ser
1cs1de11ua1 and commercial districts. 1oc,i 3 d 1 ~111c
vices. and even pe1 sonailty and customs Ttier e~sciost.'St o
h1cra1 chy <1n1ong the villages, 1'11tt1 the ouub c wtulel
01 oh Gunga's co1 e horne to rnore well off Gltngans.
----- -- ------ -----


m illennia ago, when the Gungans were forced un

den\later by the aggressions of recently arrived
11un1an colonists. they developed a unique shield tech
tains the hydrostatic bubble generator. various infra-
structure systems, and connections for building inter-
nal structures. The underside of the base typically has
nology that allo1ved then1 to develop an underwater a long, pointed spire, upon which are hung massive
society. Called "hydrostatic bubbles," these fields can counterweights and repulsor field generators to keep
displace 1vater and prevent the entry of foreign ob- the bubble upright and stable in the water. The Gun-
jects l'vhile still allowing admittance at specific entry gans have used this technology successfully for gen-
poi nts. The bubbles come in a variety of sizes and erations. Further research by the species has resulted
styles. but all share some basic design features and in the creation of smaller, portable bubbles used in
functions. The base of a hydrostatic bubble is a lattice Gungan vehicles, as well as the portable shields used
of lightweight alloys and transparisteel that con- to protect their war fambaas.

ou tl~ 1 ng bubbles are home to the m1d~le- and l~wer-class ote and secret loca-
ln addition to strong waifs and a re~ s stems to protect
citizens 1vho make up the bulk of the city s populallon. While
each village is unique. they are all still part of Otoh Gunga tion. the retreat has. a numbe;.,~~s~~~~Zsis~ance of the ISB.
and are subiect to the city's laws. the Emperor an~t~~sd c~~~t.a sophisticated security system
the retreat was t m combines an
run from a central security center. ~he ~Y: e and scanners
ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH FACILITY extensive network of holocams, audio pic .ups. ~vith
to make a safety grid through which nothing can pass attal-
Otoh Gungas Zoological Research Facility is a combinalton out alerting security technicians. A full stormtrooper b
zoo and science laboratory located in the heart of the Gun- ion is garrisoned at the retreat at all times. along with armor
gan capital Housed in its 01vn bubble. the ZRF primarily units from the Imperial Army.
-- -rr:a.;ac
features aquatic creatures from Naboo's oceans and am-
phibious and terrestrial creatures from the vast wetlands It is not known how often the reclusive Emperor visits his
:is =-t- ~ retreat. When he visits. he is typically attended by the ~sual
surrounding Otoh Gunga. Each creature or set of creatures
resides 1n a custom-built habitat contained in a small hy- collection of courtiers. hangers-on, Army and Na.vy officers.
drostatic bubble equipped l'>'ith a small holodisplay, which and high-level bureaucrats, all jockeying for pos1t1on and a
presents recordings about the creature and its .nativ~ habi- small sliver of the Emperor's attention.

GA GARDEN tat A cadre of highly trained keepers and their assistants

take special care of all the creatures who reside in the ZRF. LAl<E COUNTRY
hGu11;a Ga-a:. In addition to serving as a center for education and con-
10 llS 0'1'"' ... servation. the ZRF is an active research institu te dedicat- Located a few hours by speeder from the capital city of
ed to the study and classification of Naboo's sea llfe. To Theed Naboo's Lake Country is a place of staggering
e'' jJ a8"...a: beauty. It is a relatively isolated and unspoiled region fu ll
this end, the ZRF employs a number of marine scienti~ts.
biologists, and researchers who spend their days stu~~1n.g of picturesque lakes. winding rivers. waterfalls. deep valleys,
and cataloging creatures brought to them by the facility s rolling hills, and broad grassy meadows full of wildflowers.
hired hunters. The research done at the ZRF not only has The region is sparsely populated. home primarily to shaak
allowed the Gungans to make an exhaustive list of nearly ranchers and small-time agriculture concerns. There are also
every creature that lives in Lake Paonga. but also has led a handful of large estates kept by the wealthy and powerful
to breakthroughs in medicine. communications. and ma- as refuges from daily life in Theed_The famous Varykino Vil-
terials science. la, the retreat of the Naberrie family, is located on an island
in the Lake Country. and Convergence, the ancestral home of
the Palpatine family, is located here as well.
Thanks to its natural beauty and its close proximity to
Situated rn the hill country west of the artists' retreat at Theed. the Lake Country is a popular tourist spot for peo
Moen1a is a sprav.lrng, heavily fortified complex overlooking pie from all walks of life. Numerous transit lines and private
a tranquil and picturesque lake. This complex, hidden behind speeder companies run service to the Lake Country from
nigh walls. is Emperor Palpatine's private retreat. A sanctu- the capital, and on holidays the hovertrains are packed
ary from the hustle and bustle of Coruscant, the retreat is with picnickers, campers, and nature lovers escaping the ,
like a little slice of Theed transplanted to the hill country, heat and noise of the city to soak in some peace and quiet
ts oaroque architecture and green-domed towers loom ing in the country.
over the landscape The Emperor built his retreat here out of
a ~urpns1ng affection for his ancestral homeworld The land
speaY.s to hirn on Naboo. and its familiar sights and s1nells
sootne him and help hirn 111 his meditations.


f N b 00 rirc remarkalJly
Till' nalivL' florri and fnuna o a- inc 1uc1c "...
, '1ncl

Thr\ .:11c illso 1e.n1C'l1i<.ably slrnngc. <
) henotype 5
large nun1bc1 of aquill1c c1ealu1cs or various P
tllill exist novvl1c1c else in th<' gc1la\y


us kilier -
Tll(' Gungans kno\v and fear colo claw fish as a v1c10 l',J11, ,,,

t l1at haunt c; the depths or Naboo's oceans. An eel like. crea

'" or 1nonslrous size. the colo has a long. flat. and Fi nncd
16 55 1 1
ture .
body that bu ilds up Lo huge, jutting jaws. These, along w1Lh Skills: Brawl 1, Cool 2, Resilience 3.
the vicious 1T1andibles on either side or the mouth, allow Talents: None.
cola claw fish to grasp ahold of their prey and swallow them Abilities: Amphibious (fam?aa~ breathe underwater and de
\Vhole. Colo claw fish can grow to as long as 40 meters, mak nol suffer movement penalties 1n water). Beast of Burder 20
\ .

ing them one of the largest predators in Naboo's seas. [fambaas add + 20 to their encumbrance threshold), Fearless
Colo claw fish are indiscriminate hunters, willing to eat [fambaas are immune to the effects of fear). Silhouette 4 \

anything they can swallow. They use bioluminescent strips Equipment: Massive teeth (Brawl: Damage 12, Critical 4
along their flanks to distract and lure prey, although the Range !Engaged!; Breach 2.
creatures also use ambush tactics to hunt unwary creatures. Slow-Firing 1).
More than a few Gungan submersibles have been destroyed
\'\lhen a colo claw fish boiled out of an unassuming hole and
tore them apart.

6 45 0 0
Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 1, Cool 3, Coordina tion 2. Stea lth
2 , Survival 2.
Talents: Adversary 2 (upgrade difficulty of all combat
checks against this target twice).
Abilities: Aquatic Creature (colo claw fish suffer no penal-
ties for moving through water and can breathe underwater,
but cannot move or survive on land). Cunning Ambusher I
(opponents add to Initiative checks using Vigilance). Sil-
houette 4, Terrifying (upon first seeing a cola claw fish. an
individual must make a Hard l+ ++1
fear check)
Equipment: Massive maw and mandibles (Brawl: Damage 12
Critical 3: Range [Engaged!; Ensnare 3. Pierce 4, Vicious 2)

Fambaas are massive. herbivorous amphibians na-
tive to the sprawling swamplands of Naboo
Nci turally peacefu l and even tempered, these
gentle giants have thick, scaly hides in various
shades of brown and green; broad. sturdy
bacvs. and four powerful legs tha t end in
rnass1ve. clawed feet. Wild fambaas gather
tn nornad1c ti er ds 1ha1 wander Nab .
swarnps grazing on l11e i'lbundant pl~~Ls
Ille, occasionally gatt1Pn11g in nesting
groups with hundred'> of farn1ly units
Thanks to Lheu r(lative intelligence
and Cdlrn cjerneanor. rarnbaas arc
easily domel'.t1cated and have


\ ll\llct~., 1 ,
I fl\ 1t11 111tlI ,dl'I
GUALAAR [iRIVAl] 1111 ~ 1 t1 1 ,, t.._ i 1 h t11p lllt lit'- 1
\ f II'\' Ill 'Ill l1l II 1ll ll' Ill \\I llt'l) I l11l ll .tit ll11

,1 ''I Ill thi' ,f fh Ult\ l>f ~ht' ~ (, 1 tr \Ill ~ 11d11 (Jiil!')

' ~ 'i ' 1\1 lh. \
(,111lp1ntnt: ll' :' tl\1 1\\I l' )n1 ~llt' I ( 1n1\ I
,, .,, : ~ \ U' l 1 I\ lftt:I' 11
~ b Jl t' t. I ..~"*')
~ ' ' !:!\; ~ ' '.'\ta .. ~'\{1 et \_ n \
.e 3\" : 3~ " c-.. \\.Jtt'
dhi !' '' 1e
e~ :'lO t s!la~\ \1.111\ <X '~'ti 11w c,
b ~. are \\\: s -~ tor I rib nt:. \~ lh
oad:> th c_I, ~ PP s . -~, ' l 'fP dt'I\ ~l\\' ht' s,uido ,1qu,1 lllOllSlt'I is " Vl'I v d . lllf:t ' I 1111"
t'"'. "ttP them "rm' p ante\> ei e" _. ~ ~ ~ eE R'"t:; , h l'
rte g; 35~s "'Ost s~i.. ~ charac,e ~ c s ~ l'.\\'.\ ~ , . 11
T CIC'<ltlllt', dlld It is lt'COllltllt'tltll d tli.11 (;I\~<, pll II

,1e,1i11st groups or l\t1it\llt lt1Vl'I !"Cs ('-t'(' Jh ll!l' ~.' I ol

... ~ m:it g:-.a... ""(.'\Ill ._ :;) ~eaa .,..,,e ~1t'er par uf\' ., " the Fo11c1 ANt> D t:st1Nv Cotl' l~ul<hool-;) , 01 I 'C" (ll ""
s: e '"nn' a d CJf\ ng h r. :;: sec tor huttir~ und n1:1tt11i; equiv.ill'llt 01\lt'r ll'Ve>L
.1a s. :\~ e ihe sma t" si , oe ' <." "l::; 1e~r 1ls snt ut are
..sed m gore an.:i to.ss n e .a "rs n"'nl\~ .o e f sl~ngth
a ct su:,.d "'ess.. gua aar ma,e e\.~e le..,. beds," 'f burden
i:: ..
The ro)aJ tioase of Naboo eeos a sabfe 0 s0ec1all\ bred
gua ~ar t..,at are used to pu '-a ages anc ._.., mpvliant
The sant1o aqu,1 n1t)nstt>1 1s 11101c ..i c11'llltllt' ol 111\'ll1 .ind
01\ duas ou ng state 'urn:i 0ns.
legend tl111n 1eaht\ . as lt'I\' lla\c Sl'Cll 1111!' ltv11111.111 ol
the deep cl tld SUl\l\eci Thl'SL' llugt' qu,1dr11prd C lt'lllllll'~
,1re bclte,ed to L)e <iqu,1t1e ni.H111nals. 1nd c.111 p,rt)\V to lie
rnore t11.1n '>00 nlt'lers fr orn fang hllcd s11011l to t11u11 1cl 1.111
Son1e scientists on Naboo speculdte th,1t the Ln~c1tur t'S c.in
B 0 0 breathe air as 1vell as 1\',1ter J lernl~111g poss1bt1Hy ll1c11
makes those 1vho study tlicse n1onst1'rs h.ipp\ t lu1 I I I11:v
Skills: "' ~ tics 3. Bra\\ , 2 Res, 1ence 2.
tend to be ver\ reclusive.
Talents: !\one
Abilities: Beast of Burden 5 ,g..,alaar add - 5 to their en A true ape\ predator. sando aqua 1na11sters 1111111 t olo
,rr,bra1ce th esholdl Silhouette 2. Sure-Footed (gualaar cla1\ hsh and opee sea killers. 1vhile son1e u11co111111nt'ti rP
sutier no pena ties for moving through difficult terrain and ports rron1 s1varnp hunters and Gungan trappc>1s cl<ll111 1.l1<1l
upgrade the ability of A.thtetics checks made to climb vertical they can sometilnes strike at rambaa herds Wl1011 llic glgc1n
or near :ert1ca surfaces once) tic herbivores come to drinK. rrorr1 n1arsh lcikes. 13rei'lll1 lc:ss
Equipment: Horns (Bra\-vl: Damage 8; Critical 5. Ranged tales of these leviathans exploding out of the waLC'1 to ti rdP,
IE'lgagedJ Knockdown). trampling hooves (Bra\vl: Damage an unfortunate farnbaa to its doom are popular in Lile Cdl1
7 Cnt1ca 4 Range [Engaged!: Knockdo,...,n). tinas of N_aboo's outlying settlements. but 1vhel11er u1cy'r c
true remains unknown.
Tall. gangling. and almost comical. the duck-billed kaadu
are among the most common creatures found in Naboos
marshlands. Kaadu are nvo-legged. flightless, omnivorous
reptav1ans al home both on land and 1n the \\later They have
15 64 42 a a
smooth. moist skin colored in shades of yetlo\v and orange,
Skills: Athletics 2. Brawl 2. Resilience 4 . Survival 2 .
and moctled 1\lith darker spots of brown and black. Their
Tal~nts: Adversary 2 (upgrade difficulty of all can1bat checks
tails. used ma1nl~' for balance. are short and thick with little against tl11s target twice).
art1cu1auon. and their spindly legs end in broad, clawed feet.
Abilities: Amphibious
. (sando aqua monsters rnay b reallle
Used primarily as mounts by the Gungans. kaadu are eas- underwater 1v1thout penalty and never s rr
ily tamed and broken to saddle. but tend to be high-strung; . r .
pena Ities or t1avel1ng thrauoti water) sih
ll er nioverncnt
~hey spook easily 1f not held in check by a skilled rider. Gun 1 ""' 1 oueu.e S Su
gans have a deep cultural attachment to the kaadu and con-
sioer thern not Just beasts. but almost part or their families.
an ind1v1dual must make a Daunting
'ti h d'ffi
l +++J
preme_ ~ Ternfy1ng (upon first seeing a sando aqua ino~<;lt'r
ear check
llw1 l bl e ' culty upgraded once a~
reflect th <" shC'Ct d1eacl
ie east invokes). Sweep Attack (tile sando aqua 111onst l't
can spend @ on a successru1B1awl ct1eck to hit the t<1rgct ~s
well as anyone engaged wlth the target). -
Equipment: Massive, Lootlly rnaw (B1avvl. Dan 1.1gp l 'J C11tl
15 0 0 cal 2. Range !Engaged!. Breach t, v1c1ot1s t l 1 . I
B I D ' . I cllgc l (lW!)
Skills At hi
( i.iw c1mcJg<' 20, Cr1Lical 4. Range !Short!
Ensna1r ))
c 1 , ,2.
t et1cs 2. Vig1lanc~ 2
a ents: None .


f kUS OF PCNi'Dl
D agobah 1s a unique planet ts verdant svvamps <ind lt1nglcs
contain so much hfc t11at the L1v111g Furcc 1s 'ilrongcr lcre
than 1n atn1ost any other place 111 tr1c gdlaxv. rorcc <;ens111v11
The Bureau of Ships and Services maintains cornpre
hens1vc hyperspace records of most of the known galaxy.
Dagobah, however. is missing from these datallles. and f1nd
beings \'lSltrng Dagobal1 can be ovcrwheln1cd hy t11e power of 111g reliable hyper routes to the system can prove very diffi
the L v1ng Forl e Tiley n11ghl ex per 1ence unexpected visions or cull. If BoSS bureaucrats knew about the lack, they would be
cxenenccs. 01 reel tl1err 01vn po1ver 1vax or 1vanc. likely Lo bla1ne corrupted data. but 1t 1s possible that son1e
one delelcd 1nforrnalion on Dagobah intentionally
Dagobah's past is as shrouded as its surface Litlle is known
about the l11story of lhe planet or its inhabitants. apart from Visitors to Dagobah are few and far between Occasionally
rurnor and speculation. Those who do knovv of its existence un an off-course pilot may crash-land here; the swamps typi-
de;stand Lhal. Dagobah houses a massive amount of plant and cally make short work of these unfortunate beings. A tiny
an1n1al life. l1v1ng in a harmoni0us. if primordial, balance. Fewer handful of smugglers know Dagobah is the home of JUbba
still understand. that the evolution of this life is what engen birds, prized throughout the galaxy for their soothing song.
dered Dagobah s enormous concentration of the Living Force. Jubba birds are natural Force users; their song is not JUSt
Mount Dagger's l~rge. solid spire suggests that Dagobah
a gentle melody, but calms creatures and beings through
subtle manipulation of the Force.
was geologically active early in its history. No other evidence
of volcanic or tectonic activity currently exists. however. The These smugglers don't even attempt to land on Dagobah.
levels of erosion around Mount Dagger indicate that millions Instead. they snatch what jubba birds they can from the up-
of years have passed since lava flowed there. per sections of the jungle canopy and leave as quickly as
While life has flourished on the \vorld for millennia . 1t possible. They know that Dagobah is a very dangerous. if
. beauliful. place. They also know it's impossible to make
never evolved sentience. There are no native civilizations on
money if they're dead.
Dagobah: there 1s simply the pure ebb and flow of life itself.

A small number of places on Dagobah distinguish themselves
from the swamps and bayous that cover the majority of the
planet. The. brave or unlucky may discover more interesting
~1tes deep 1n Dagobah's unexplored biosphere. Following are
iust a few of the notable locations scattered across the planet.

One of the few clues about the planet's history. this tall spire
of Jutting rock is unique 1n that it is the only major geological
feature on Dagobah It stands almost ten kilometers tall, well
above the jungle canopy and the low-lying fog and clouds. It
may be the only place on Dagobah where someone can see
the sun with any degree of regularity.

Mount Dagger was once an enormous shield volcano. but

rLS outside has long since eroded away, leaving only the hard-
ened lava interior Its extreme age indicates that Dagobah's
reriod or geological aclivity happened millions. if not bil-
~ons. ol ye;,rs ago. Small plants and lichens thrive on Mount
aggr.r stunted species found nowhere else on the planet
theory, 1l might be possible to build a research station
r_c,olony on Mount Dc1ggcr out of reach or the nastier ani
rrri:I l!fe Lhf3L b'
.. 1
a IJI() in,1a its 'ne swamps and bayous. Apart from
OglC'J I s
fLJa!i " urvey, l!O\'IC!ver. Lhere is very little pract 1cal
on to do so
r>l lC ) ' fl'f rtfy ( flj~ ( 1111nn
flt<)t 'C:Cl(lP-, d "lf<tr
011 11'< 111
tea r chec k)
1nd1v1<h1<1t rnust mak" a Hard

r.qulpmcnt: I oHBl' clc1ws (Brawl, ()(Image 10

l.1 'lrri

} p II II ll ni: lB<1(11 Knoc.K<lov1n, Prerr e 7>) (fllJr"'

n111v1 (Ur.1wl, l).irn<tgl' G. Cnt1cfll 1, Ra 11ge IE too1tiy


Lesser t>ogwlngs ore a const.anl srght thro1J116'..,O!Jl [l",,,.
swamps and iungles or Dago bah 1hey rarely V''rit " urr 1ntr
llic: canopy, wl1c1e they become the prey of rnurh " 1~rger'
flying creatures.. instead. they feast on rodents 11lards
and other 1nhab1tants of the swamps. Lesser bogi,-11 ngs
winged reptav1ans wilh four spindly legs and leathery care
skin They're usually dark_ brown 1n color. although
cousins the greater bogw1ngs. which have adapted to life
above the canopy, are a bluish green Lesser bogwings ar
harmless individually. but a flock of them could quickly bee
come a nuisance

1 2 a 2
Skills (group only): Brawl
' .
Talents: None. :!_., L

Abilities: Flyer (lesser bogwings can fly: see page 208oit/ie

FoRcE AND DESTINY Core Rulebook). Silhouette 0.
Equipment: Claws (Brawl: Damage 3: Critical 6; Range !En-


Fe\v crealures on Dagobah are as feared as the dragonsnake. The scrange is Dagobah's apex predator. an eight-meter
Tl11s large. or11n1vorous predator lurks beneath debris float long reptilian nightmare with a powerful oeaked mouth ano
1ng on the S\\lampy surface. ready to snatch prey in its power- two enormous clawed hands. The scrange looks like a l~e
lul jaws or attack 1t l'Vith 1ls large. rending forelimbs knobby lizard with bioluminescent bumps on its back a1
ranged in a ridge that travels the length of its spine. lnstea~
The dragonsnake nieasures almosc five meters long. of two hind legs. the scrange has six crustacean-like limbs i:
Hall of 1ls body is its 1ong serpentine tail which it uses uses to skitter through swamp and over land in quick tiurs
to s1>J1n~ through the shallo\vs with alarming alacrity and Its long tail ends in a set of four bony spikes. pe~ct fer
to raise itself out ol the 1\later \\'hen attacking larger prey.
Unj11<e true snakes. a dragon snake has two large forearms impaling prey
hat end 1n se\eral clav:ed dig.ts. l\ny prey it can't swat- The scrange prefers to lure unwary prey close. us;r1; -~
b1oluminescence or its ability to camouflage 1cseif as . .~
O\\i v.hole. 1t tears into b1te-s1zed pieces with its claws.
r.-ese solltarv creatures have only one nacural predator or piece of debris. When a creature moves \\'1th1n rarge
or. Dagobah tt1e scrange. scrange strikes. Death is usually s~vifL

24 2 a 8 18
Skills: A1h1cL1cs ~ Br awl 11 Stealth 3. t1on ~ sie~ "
Skills: AU1lelics ti . Brawl 4. Cool 3 Coo_r~ina, of ,ill ("(l"
Talents: M .'Crsary 2 (upgrade d1tr1culty of all combat che k Talents: Adversary ') (upgrade d1ffkt1ll~ ') (l'~e1 ~1
''ti'>\ P 'i l<irr,el fwlceJ c s 1' Strike ~ 1t
checks against this target l\\llC.:C'), ouic . \ t.r~
Abilities: AouallC CtP(l{IJ(C (p,1gan11c. dr11gonsnakes Sl rr 0 oJl!l~I 10;
. ')(!011lt1es for mov ng !llrough w,1te1 dllu 1:nn brP~l1~1
r01 ming a con1l.>al check. add 0 a"<'
, e
under\vater. but C.tlr nrJt movr or survive orI 1.incII Sllholt l1as not yet <1Lled 111 tile encounter)


' . . . Of' POl:lilWt
Abilities: Ar1pf'11h oi..s [SC.' di eec;, brPath
do l'vl J'fer mo, ernen1 Pe'lallle 1 r LI'ldi_r\'~Jlc, 1 tJ
oufldge (PPrccptron cht eke; made t<; ~ \\:atl:::!) 1'1dlUriJ c~rr
".., l'r 1lc;,o offect-; scanrilr~ a~d r>l~c1 i lurk ng '>l rdrgP
llt rrnal ">C'nc;or~ or passivt l1gnt arr Jh~n~c :obrnoc Jlar-; u )'''fl
Equipment: Be.. kecl niouur (Bawi' D~c.~~ on1 "'>llhou(;Lle 2
Ranc1. ,Erie,agecj]. E1srare. 2) tna age 12, Crrt1ra1 3
aee 4, Cntcar .3, Rd nge IE;rgag;Ji~t~ claws2 [Braw1 Darr
(Brawl, Darnagc' 8. Cnuca l 3 Rang E erce .:>). tail ~pkcs
e 1 ngagedl. V1c1ou" 3J
The~e large, birdlike reptavians are
o{ Dagobah's Jungle canopy Acci Lhe unchallenged kings
Ou~ , Ives in lhe branches of Lhe gnant~rpteros spend their ent re
r.:j <>warnps. They reast o11 bogwin s ees that cover the planet's
g r~ c.hml)S or soars to the top of g ang any other creature tt1at
q~, Tre ac.cipipteros lower i aws .eonrda ove. Lhe grasping trees.
111 a wicked hook h
t hey use to snare prey they th w rc.'1
. en mane..iver the ha 1~
creatures into their mouths \\11th the small clawe P ess
their wings. Once ensnared . tre prey is eaten ah!
hands on

~3 j
. .
( 3 ~' ~ A J.
- ~~

4 ) c 15 ) a a
Skills: Athletics 2. Brawl 2
Talents: None
Abilities: Flyer (soaring acclp1pteros can fly; see page 208
- or the F ORCE AND DESTINY Core Ruleboek)
' Equipment: Hooked jaw (Brawl; Damage 6: Cnt1cal 3; Range
!Engaged]. Ensnare 2). clawed hands (Brawl: Damage 4. Crit-
ical 3. Range [Engaged) Pierce 3).


A lny, vicious winged predator the spade-headed smooka is Smookas dwell in caves and che hollo\v trunks of long
one of the fe\V species comfortable in both the canopy and dead gnarltrees. They roost upside down 1n flocks that can
number in the hundreds. and t) p1cal y hunt at night
the lovver swamps. Jrself popular prey for larger animals. 1t
feasts on insects. eggs. and young rodents. r ~

Spadeheaded smookas grow no more than ten centi ~ ~

meters long, and their appearance. which many beings find
adorable, means they are often underestimated Their large.
1 1
la head<; and deep brown eyes. combined with their furry 1 2 0 0
bodies. give srnookas the look of a potential pet. However.
Skills (group only): Brawl.
no smooka has ever been domesticated Their bite. which is
Talents: None
;itrr~rnuly painful. can tear through most kinds of armor and Abilities: Silhouette 0
.tic bars or rna11y c;ages Equipment: Rodent teeth (Bravvl, DarnC1ge 5. Cnucal $,
Range [Engaged!. Pierce 3)






11 t1

~ ep1
t5 l~C ,,
11P1r 11 r/



:; as ~ e.: !lO ~ ca tw r : t: F r 5e3 hed (a" fd.,, !j~ ar.a "'1 3 i'($ Of ~ ~,.., o

Ias '"'\.J -ea

s a rerr e ~
Aftr> t ::>. f:~t ~"
._ ~al"

e \.., p. t..::: t;:
c ...:d' OP E n a
t e n
,, 0 11 oocf a o <..e 5 >ea zeo
pe fo thE7f' passer:..;.ers SV:"\ .J .3s .:> set d.J """
... 't cs..~ e~ ro ~3rDar5 lP r oesc- l"dJ'lts ... a sp ~b e p .a~e- J1(J .a - ro.- reSl "2
spe ., ~ells
c" \;a!'i ro &ett11,g a Jt the o g ns anj nie co ~) s p ..i5ed :s .as rem a ng 5.!.IPP .es ..:> sea'!'C"'I
e ._ .J g J\ ge er Tt'e c ~ za: :>" that 5en a fo-: Slll:h a \,n1d nno g ' .a ~. 011 , -. e,.., had rea.:...j ~ ~
, ,....ed sees t e Repub ~. ttie Jed . ar:d the S tP ori v n
e~s ' t j egeno
abso ate l1m1ts o~ ts end ranee l~e -re\
trad tc P : t~e S: P
doi1tn 1n an unprn,eret'.J CKS" :rin ng s"" ng rter "' he s..,a
IO\\"S o: one o" t.~e \1ortd s a gc: seaSc Tre colo ... S[S s:.ru~g ed
WEll<'S HISTORY to shore. sett1n& uo camo a ~ a : ng "o~ res:i..--ue
Rescue. o' co,1rse, rae\.er arriveu Centur es passe,j. a""d
\\c . exlSts ., ttie depi:.~s :i \.' - o Soace. on ihe \'.1so1est
the iirst camps oera"'ie :c "S and e\-en:u3 Y a es. - ne
--ges or o~e of the gala s sc a. arms. There. iar from
colon StS ra1jec tne1r snio ia s . . ~o! es and anrth ng uset:.:J .
e ght of the galactic cc -e. :!:e p anet orbits its star 1n but the} COl.1 10 not cors:r~~~ a -:..nct1on ng 1dvS~"la base
s pre~e soiauon
:: e.,. ~!I~. ihe1r iec'"'..,c 0g -'aaeo a\\3) and \'an sheo ea
l fe e"o \e<l 0'1 \~ e I<. as 1i aid on so many worlds 1n I g sm 21 Commun ~ es C~ :a "'1eG S:flJgg Os tO SUr\ ve ~ tl'e
-~e ga a ~ In lime. ihe planet Oe\ elopeo a rich and d1- \ O!> c~ an unramed o d.
erse biosphere. though 1t ne\ er e\:ol\ ed sentient hie. That
nJ d onl~ corrie to \.~e1k \'.llen the planet's sohtuoe \'\as RESURGENCE
"''lall~ !lter-rupted
!\lmost no recorded his1.or',. on \i\ e " as SUf\ eo '"torr.
this time b~: : "'1av- ha\e <aken sec es O'" even ~-.:-eds
of generat1o"s before ci\ iliza;:'o"" bega- to reasse ~ =
During the lieyday of the a"ce'lt Repub'1c a color) \es sel' Each ir110.ation :'"'e . aer ga ax~ hac 'o-~ a e for
se departed the Core \\'o-"as cor t'"'e O ...ter Rir1. The sn p graf'ted. from '.Va~el1"~ee's :o nd-00\\ere.J S3 ng \'eS-
\'.as part of a mass1-.e joint co onzat on e~ort -,, nated b~ a selS. riad to oe re "\en: ed ;ro .-r. .,orhing. 6 ~ ~ 'le ime i.he
number of influential Core planets. and ~hus 'iad a di\'erse inhabitants of \\'eK began ro exper ""e .,~ \\'ith forged iron
population of sent1en~ aboaro. -erts o' thousands of 1ndi and advariced agricu ~ure. their- or' g n s \.ere nothing more
\ duals packed up their \vorlo _. possessions and set out than m~ ths and legends.
!:o make a ne\"W r~e for <.henise .es or a recently explored
As the colonists descendants spread oui: across L.he
\'IOrld 1n the Oorer R rn
\\'Orld. their societies became 'nc'"eas; 1g.y frag "~ e r .ea.
Fate had other plans :n 111 re_ The colon~ ;esse lost its \ \fithout modern transponarion and corr.,..,t.,catio"s eac1-i
\".ay among the t\vis;: r g h~ per!aries of the Outer Rim after commun1t) \'>as 1argel~ on ir.s O\\'ll T'ie . a~gest go\ e " ""e"~s
a chance encouni:er ~h a b1ack 110 e's mass shadoV" sent it that could e\ ol\e \\ere single cit) Sta~es. a1d , "l 1e each c .
hurt ng blindly 1n;:o <.he farthest reaclies of \Atld Space Far state might \var or trade \virh its neighbors. t had no conceo<
~ond Ute range of any re.;ab1e comm.Jn1carions. the crew of ls place \\ r.hin the \Vider \vorld.


People on \Veik 'al) from "ind hearted fa ~1e s .::i~<.1 inn-
keepers to greed) bandits and cruel reudal :o as. e1'eraHv.
the~ tend to be in\"'ard focusing, most" conce 1ed \vr1 the~r
homes and immediate lives. and less co11ce1 tlt"d \Vtth the
surrounding \\!Orld There a1e a le\\ or av~ sous \\ho break
the n1old. ho\vever These adventur'ng t\ pes cllll :o \vander
from place to place looking 101 1vorl\ and getung Ill\ oh ed
vvith other people's busi1ess Depend ng on their acuons
an<l attitudes. thev n1av be dubbed bus\ bodies. bngc111ds. or
saviors by tile people the\ encounte1
Althouet1 111e ong1ns or the colonists ha\e long been for-
p,otte!1 , one uad1t1on to persist rrom the wider galaxy \Vas a
cer t.-.1n cosrnopol1ton cJl tude lO\\lard differences of species
or gender f\ lose of \Ve1K s nc1tion-states consist of a medley


' l
' I
l'I '
I l 111111
JI ' I l
11 Tl I 1 11
\\ 1 I I I I I

I lj I I I I I

'~ ~ I l

t t r 1l 1; 1 \~ 1~ do 1101 1e-nen
1l ~ 11e1n c;t111 llc,d C,\"IJY
l L
e: , \ AlrntJ ,\ <1 ~dY'> t docs so 111
' I r. ~U'1lCtCJI r('hl Somr or llH.'
tl t t ll1111g '"' voc;c;poil have tronspar
\\ ., in ., 1nd Fu111p'c; tncr-nd1fe1~ are durc1
l l 1 , old bygone <1ge In add1l 0n. ''11.! brc;t

, I h pc. o1 hr I rad~ guild& have long i>eerc;
1 sl.d1 c;t rycr-; that dre n actu.~llly lovingly
., 1nt.a1nc-cl mC1 robtnoru Jr'"> and auto compass
l'J> II ~1ng t11r.m to tr.iv<:' unt>rr.ngly across the
R 'T (St a 1'>'1t 1oul c,1ay1ng with n s1P,hl or land
However. 1t1(' tecl1no 1el1c<> rnost coveted on
\~1: 1k 1c11d to IJL weapons arid arrnor Blasters
tirf' kno1\ln l>Y mtJny narnes "light ltlr owe rs
<l"<I sun 1>01..,s l)e1nr, son1P or l11e rnore popu
13r Working l)last C'l"S are h1gtlly uncornmon but
'lot 11nho:11d ol. and 1111s makes them a status
<>vrnllol ol kings and 1\lar lords. IL also means that
tho:;e lcw "alcllemrsts" wt10 still have Lhc means
to 1iro\11ci( ;irnrnun1llon charges for such weapons absolutely In many wa~s. tn'S ""
(usuallv via carclull\ cared for solar collectors or an- true. at least for themselves A Force use
c1en1 lusron lanterns) are treated with the utmost defer- believe in what he or she 1s doing, doubt c C1)jS
ence and 1espccl mind and causes a Force user ro fail. v\'eiK sha""a"5
casters believe in their arcane trappings absol~te!y a'"r.'
Mooe n larn1nate or battle armor ts also considered to be
e1chantcd in some way, ll's stronger. lighter. and provides for them. their po1\ler works.
better protec:llon than anyth ng that We1k's smiths can forge --- .-... ,.. ..,.
.. ,. r
~rom loc.<il n1at~nals. In fact, most smiths craft armor sets in ORDERS OFTHEFORCi r

ttle rorn1 of these ancient protective carapaces. so a visitor

LO VJe11< might be surprised to see the Vossport guards or a On Weik. the Jedi and the Sic11 are comp!eie u..ic.,.'"G ~
,. 0 rcrriary force wear ng crude recreations of the laminate knowledge of them has been lost over the cenru es.' ~
all other information about the \'Vider gala"-' :'\;~'
..,rnor of the Republic's ancient armies. \.
on\ '==" . - .._
symbols and icons of those orders ma' e"si
meaning has been lost or d1sto11ed ro the m5 tsor tr:
- or \''ell\ - ~

Thus. Force-using organ1zauons _' At:I''"'.

Fr ''f!' ,...~,.;arc teared and J1onored 1n equal measure in most homegrO\A.'n. Son1e. hl<e the Paladins o .r.e : 'i1
als \~1tti l"
r:. ,i.,e; Jr rul 1.41re~ However. Lhe concept of the Force as it share a similar purpose and :er o f de
1 . nm: ollt
v;1drl1 inde .tood is alien Lo Weik's inhabitants. Instead Republic. even if that s11111lant~ is coinciae
rrJll. I ':,(!( '"' rorcc as magic Even those who can touch th~ zallons have no analog \'>'ith the \\ider gala:--"
r:orce bPllc>1i Ule1r power cornes lrorn rituals, canLrips or Lalis-
rn~n~ '.11e>'>1 I Orr(' 1Jt,1 re tIJ1nk U1vy I1ave to Shout OUI ~ords of PALADINS OF THE ADAMITE roWER.
powrr ri1fun u,u g Lh~ Fr1r1 n L'> ltll a boulde - . . e or \."'1'
own blooa ,,nth" -;kk IJ"fore !hey fdll use Lrfu~. srnea1 Lhe11 Tl1e Paladins of lllc Ad,11111te TO\'er ar , J.J , '
A )r tt1e (I\
thPnl A great 1n 1ny "<thnoie cf l 01cr lo heal 1ng wa1rlo1 1udges. Tl1ey \\'1l \~ 11
" 1
a 11e \\t?!i '
hl'ive o' I Pr) over I !1" (.., it ell b111.1llflf, disputes, pr'Oll'lJlll{>' d I l ~ r .

j rriae1cal t ho11gl1L rJlld I hc>n1 Y
' " er u111:~. Wlll111t 1~ . j rldl\ I l '
urn 'rorn tile> rnys111nrJu'

ti ,r.. I
.) J I(' o1 )!> Jf(
l llii 'rlllt v111L1n~s r.1111: OC'pOlilflg lVJ1llll:> clll(I t'\I ' i 1r t '
Ad.1111111 101'lrr. 1\llll'rl' 1l ~ il1t1lOr7'1 .,
Howc1;er rtd1rulou IL niay S(r-rn rcsnttrl e~ 10 rcpt1tr ,l11d n1<intJUl '
user rrorri Weik Di'hr.vr; in lhes .Lo an oulstd(r, n I o1c1.,
e <Jr Coner ,1 ual5 and pr rlLllCc~ Olill'I fll ( flrlC' llldr \ C'fS

CENDIARY PRIESTS The Skyholme Astromancers put great stoc~ in the posi-
uon of asLral bodies and being able to predict the future
A gro.. p or n1cnd1cant crultseople. these nnests lrvc ntost u1rough celestial portents. They are also pracuced ntuallsts~
I\' 10 Fun1c> The\ possess sec1el 11Luals that allO\v them to and are convinced that they cannol. use the Force \,1thOUL
neat" ti1e durdtrete 1ncend11crs by smoothing c.rackc; c;hut ctlalK c1rc:lcs, personally crafted fetishes. and muttered
"'th a toucti They also have the ab11itv to channel energy \vords 1n dcncl languages They are almost universally an
,., 10 the rorg1ng process Metal 1n1plemcnts crafted l>y a cen-
1nc;ular and disagreeable bunch ~vho distrust each olher al-
d ar\ rnest arc stronecr. sharpe1. and more durable tllar1
mosl as much as they distrust everyone else.
those crafted bv a con1mon blacksrn1t11
H01\e\ i::r. as pc1 I.he rules of lhelr order. cend1ary pnests must
not use ttlell abi1t1C'~ for rnonetary ga1r Instead. they survive An offshoot of the Skyholme Astromancers. the Lucites are
off a!.,.,s It 1s also (111 LHl\'Vrttlen tradition that any smithy grant of a decidedly darker bent than their brethren. In fact. they
a ceridlal"\ pnrst a ~vcek's stay for a 1'\'eek's work 1n the forge. are reviled by other Astromancers. who go out of their way
to hunt down Lucites whenever they become known
Lucites claim to have seen "the truth" in rhe form of a star
Tuts conclave of \'\'iz.ards do not actually operate in the
that fell from the heavens. This truth revealed that true pov.i-
n1ounta1ntop city or Skyholme. but merely meet there dur-
rng \Ve1k's annual solar eclipse The rest of the lime these er can only be unlocked through suffering and terror: ~refer
ant1soc1al and fiercely territorial arcane scholars remain 1n ably inflicted on others through complex and arcane ntuals
their respective domains. usually isolated crumbling towers These 1nd1v1duals are. of course. dark side Force users of
or ominous villas on the outskirts of towns. Even their name the worst stnpe They disguise therr true natures whenever
1s Jnoffic1al. but the group has never been agreeable enough possible. and it is likely that more than a few wizards wno
to come up with a mutually acceptable moniker travel to Skyholme each year for the Astromancer's conclave
are secretly Lucites.

E ven after being inhabited for thousands of years, sentients
have only colonized a small fraction of Weik's surface.
Much of the planet remains unexplored and uninhabited. Vossport is ruled by the trade guilds that enable commerce
though some points of civilization do exist. across the Rimesea. and ar:-e thus fabulously wealthy. The
most powerful guilds (generally those run by Duros sea-cap-
VOSS PORT tains) control the fleets of wind-ships that travel across the
- Rimesea. trading with the various settlements along its shores.

Self-styled center of civilization and bastion of culture, the free However. some. of the oldest guilds are those that forged the
city of Vossport evolved out of the first settlements founded tract~ ro~tes with far-off Fume in the earliest days of Voss-
by colonists on the shores of the Rimesea. In the centuries port s existence. The steady supply of iron and steel goods
since. rt grew into a major trading hub for the wind-ships that ensures those guilds constant wealth and steady influence.
Pl ed Vveik's oceans. Today. its shining walls serve as a symbol

Th.e Guild Hall sits on a hill overlooking the city's docks.

of \vealth and povver. but also hide corruption and criminality. and 1s constructed out of massive blocks of pressed st
that. (the guild leaders claim) were moved into place ~~
Vossport is a huge city-for Weik-with almost 150.000
"!habitants. Most of the city exists behind white stone walls. magic. The central hall also boasts a roof made entirel}- r
although in the last hundred years. more and more commun1- ~nbreakabl~ transparisteel. a marvel that the guilds nev~r
l es have sprung up outside their safety. The neighborhoods tire of. boasting about. Here the heads of the guilds meet and
on t:tle h Is overlooking the port tend to be the oldest and the organize the commerce to and fr<:>m Vossport. as well <is th
nchest with houses and shops built from thick stone blocks governance of the city itself. ' e
arid, oc.c.a~1onally (in the case of the oldest and most expen-
~ ~e UJ11s11ucl1ons), durasteel plates. The neighborhoods THE DOCKLANDS
~lor g the inside or 1he cl Ly walls. on the other hand. tend to
""L' Po(Jr~r and consist of a Jumbled mesh of wooden dwellings Most wind-ship captains are fond of saying. "If it c;an't be
L!lol lr.;,r 111
" ,,
1Jnr.rJ11ly against one another fou~d on tl1e ~ocks of Vossport. it's p1ob;ibly not ivorth llav
fh(! di~rrrts lrnn1ud1attly f.Urrounding Lhe c1Ly gates ancl ~ng. Vossporl s docks arc <l\AJ(lke dav Jnd night vvith the activ
Pl}rt a1 c bt 1 11y or lrade and co1nn1erce Huge stone quays st 1etch into the
anrj il isl 111g co1nr11crc1a1 centers, frorn Lhe flsllrna1 ket
5 l1nr hor. and lo\'\' 1voocie11 IVClrE>llouses line the shore The City
the C fdlsti11cuve odor to the lurr111t:es anu workshop'> or
Gu..ud lllcllllltllllS cl CJllclt let ol ston(' blockhouses alon th
Prob~~! LS Quarter If 1L's not m~dr 1n Vosspon. one ra11 st Ill
"ru Y buy IL fro1n one of Lhe rnany t racJn slo1e<; and 1111lld doc ks lo on~orce Ihe l~w but, nrvertheless, sn1uggling, ~hef~
.111d 01 ht'r c111 nt>s n1 e l11gllly lucrac1ve and very coinn
1011 .
'"" C' Lh "
, at import rare and exouc 1terns fron1 arros~ Weik.


lllEXla' OF POJ!TDl
A J )Y
- F--
r::. .,: f> .>':~ r.; u ;,

r .an <J f t (;" )f"<) .... tep;:.i=1

es .3 ri-:1 faced cJ(,.' e ,., '::'l r ~ ")......... , ~

' 0' flie f::l'l{;IT 1 f.:0 J j no~ c;~r """" <:I
or.~ ~-

1 a b.Ede. aP j r s 1)_.,~~-
wa and
the r \'.oy t roug ~e 'lr>rdes ir r ~t; .- ttte Mam
t on atl s des we heroes ch:::.,.p _ ., commun l
se .J c:. ... l"Po-

n s ng e comoar. and r:. ea :a!.'J 11e "' - ~~J.J ed by the

blade. When the r eader fe he '~rr a~~r: v - Wtlat f
rnro cne h1I fs & r

Afterwards. the champion led her fne
of Vossport They eschewed al r Ches the
only that they be allowed to conquer the ~
large that it blot- the Ordan Spine. and gain rrghts of~
lili'd ofttie heavens so of fire It soared
-~me- wefk riding a wave rt of the Ordan rands around rt The Gurlds were only too hagpy
. -aashed deep In the hea d he
lNJ>pers and adventurers who dare t
told tales of whOle acres of blazing forests an~ THElO-.
tock slldes surrounding a deep canyon gouge I fn the years since. the Adamtte Tower has
de c;Jf the mountain At. the canyon's head, a meta symbol of 1mpend1ng doom to a s gn Of hope
li(fmpossfble height now loomed over the lands below for the c1t1zens of Werk. The Paladins Of the ~
Altttoueh meny worthy c1t1zens dismissed these tales as have turned the impossible wreck nto a ~
mad ravings. they soon found out how wrong they were In from their fastness they travel out into the $1iadOW
only a matter of weeks, an Impossible army marched_ out twisted:
the helpless and dispense Justice on the Cruel ltld
of the Ordan Spine. Clad in shining white armor and wield go~

Ing 1mposs1ble weapons that spat burning bolts of light, they From ground level. the Tower 1s a stranaety woutdJ
struct1on made from dense and tough metals. l~ijtb
burned the villages of the Karnrk Valley and sent thousands
of refugees fleeing before them Th err leader. the self-styled trusrons across its surface The metals canno qatotl
captain Vasque Mrrlan, declared that all of Weik would forged. so 1n the 1nterven1ng years pans ,.._ ~
bow betore him or perish into d1srepa1r However 1t stlll rema ns the s
In desperar ion. Vossport's armies mustered at the on "e k and to underpin that strength
mouth of the Karnlk Valley. only to be sc:ythed down by their vassals have built a
the invaders by the hundreds.
Wti IJ/iJ ~f>t p 1111111HI 1111 b.i~I' [ lkl lrtO!tl ff'IHl11I 1;0(1('lJI ,
l'tl Acl 1m111 ln\\1 r 1ppor1s 1 ~rndll 11111 11111v1n11 I l11nu1p,
l rnrnur1HV 111 I work 1111' ,11rro1111cl1np, 1.1n(f, irul 11., ptrJ'', 1
, l.l b, 111r f'l111f11., 111 1111 n

Vl'h H kw kfl111\, l)01vrv11 ,i; t fl ti lhL 1\1f"1n11' IOWl'r 1x

1 llr1 01111..h IJrll1e1 llclcn~ 1111 i.11r1uc" 01 lh1 1 11111 111.rn 11
do lbO\l B11111 d h1111L1tlJ the '>011 111" rr11v11 rorr1dor'> arr(!
Jli)!;S 1g1 Wl\'iOf tire llll\11'1 <,Ill tell (111101IHHHlrirl<,01 fTll'IPr.
~ l I Lh1 r n 11,~1('1s (tfL' tw1blccl >nd Wrt!c krocl. scorr:IJ,.d
11, 11
by old ftrl t. lr ( l(l~llt'd liy '>lllll( tt'rflfl( lfllj)df I I liJWl'Vlr
lti 11 <.t1ll lr'fvos h111tdnds o/ 100111, <ind hall!. 1u11xplorcrJ I hr
PJl1tcl1n 1111p Ill!! lo1vrr IC!VI I') sealed oll, .1ruJ 'OITI( wlthpl'r
lllfll I'll SC? ~hacJ01411rl vauJ1 contain ct:irk LI ra":.u11~. tind drJn
C~ rtiu~ !.i'( 11 11!> 111 PqU<il rrieas1111

Br>yond I he Orcl<Jll <lp1nr mo11nldtrl'i 1111 land 1~rnw, <11 y
.111cl pitrc herl. though no IC'<;~ r Uf.?~l<l I. Ill It r.rnwo; in 1he ra111
shadow of the Ord<111 Sp1nr:, and 111< Ian(! scerr1:. riven ;111c1
twr<;lccJ f)y sornc long r1go ca1nc1v.,rn 11110 an insane rnr11c: of
gorf.:Pl>, h1Jllt!S, c:;111yo11s, ;J11cl ~.nrle (!dCPd r1clg1s Nol>ocJy
r s a 'ic would Vl'nt1111! 11110 this lrind, rxc c!pl that road'., throuRh ti arP r11h1111nl11crali; an<J lhc lava ronstanlly flowing throllgh
IOU rte' lead Lo the Highl.111d Lake~ Jllcl Sunrac c Ctlacl<'I <lo:;rr 10 1h<' ll1P 111c111dlfPri; pow1!rc; do1cnc; of smelters and forges nrghl
cq11a1or lrav1:lers who \Vlsh 10 lracJc with these f,H otr .ind .rnrJ 1Jr1y
meta s~ exo11c realrns rr1us1 hrsr r.ross the Madlands.
ar; par
M~1"S ~- The> wa~r Ol<Jnd 1.., d hav<'n lor rardC?r <; <ind < 111 t hroa1 ,, 111c11 LANNIK HAVEN
rind worncn ai. r11acJ ;i~ Ihe land rhey 1n'1ab1t l hl'Y prcy 011
siJen""" P A sl1aille jJC!fCC'lllilf{C or wc~rk's l.annik populatron has 5CtllccJ
Lhl' oc r.lls1onal r a1 avan II 1ci1 cro!iscs I he was1 cs or each
~ bll" /j ., Irr I 11rr1e over the years. ro the point whcrc I hey n1akc up thC'
other whcn l1tnc5 <11c lean Occas1onally, cl charlsrnattc war
1na1orlly of the clry's lnhab11a11rs. I ;,inniks Lend lo be phys1
lorrJ unite~ n111Jt1plr bands of these raiders. and lead!> thcrn
tally liarcly ancJ <rrc nccrrly fearless, so Lhc prospect or f1v
;1ga1n~1 th< prosperous lands lo the norlh or south. So rar.
lnr, over a11 active volcano doesn't trouble I hem fn tho leasI
lhPy llav(' not suC'.cended In Lhclr droarns of c:o114ues1. hirl
Wllllo the city !)Liii wolco1ncs other species, a number ol thf'
lilar docs tlCJI slnp the> next would he conqu~ror rro111 Lrylng,
b11ilclln(!s (cspccl<.JllY those constrrrcLcd more recently) have
The Madlands arc also ~aid to hide caches ol a11clen1 bocn bull I to l.annik proportions. In fa cl, one can loca Le Lhc
tccl1110-rel1cs w1th1n lhc rocky rnazcs, perhaps stored lherc In old clry center simply L>y searching out the buildlnr,s with
lhc d;1y ol 1l1e hrst colonists Such rumors inspire a few expe hurnan sl1.od doorways.
cfillons lo venture tnlo the wastes, where mosl never return
Two hundred ktlometers from Vosspon. across the twlst1nr,
On the cxl rcrnely rare occasion when an outsider has stum.
rrdges and w1nd1ng canyons of the Frosllall. and in the heart
blecJ acros~ Welk, the traveler may dismiss the locals a
ol a vas1 caldera known as the Bowl ol Glass, hes the crty or
completely harrnless. It's true that spears. bows. and hands
Furn() rIle Bowl ol Glass srts atop a volcanic hotspot lhaL
forged arrnor may not look very dangerous to a person used
erupts mo1e or less continuousfy, a suffen grurnbfing that
sr,1lls ou1 flows or lava across the bollom or Lhe caldera to dealing with blasters ancJ starfighters However, the inhab
1tants or W<.!lk know an arrow between the eyes is JUst a
Furnn was constructed alorrg the inner waif of the caldera cJcadly as a blaster l)olt s
by \Verk's first settlers. who planned lo take advantage of
I.hp P ent1ru1 ecothcrrnal energy The sclllers uscel modern
1bund111g U:cl1111ques lo reinforce their structures anrJ p10

' ' ' fi"n1 lr<ir111J1e hudt The r.realest of ll1es<.! aic the in Vossporl 's City Guard arc well ar rned and equlppccJ. as beflls
'"n'llf".r . rt.1if,l:<J durrJcrrle aquifers desl"ncd l o catty 11101 t!10,sc -~ho kcpp 111: peace in Work's most prosperous cit~
;~ r rol~ lf1"lC!~d of water They channel lflc llows fl !OU ll d f hey Cdll y hcilvy W.Jrspt~Ar s and lh<.'l1 breasl'Jlatps be II '
.,/ c:rty, JhrrJueh lh<' w;,ilfs ()I the Bowl oJ Cla!:ls, and out ln lo "IOa nl 1 l f I s t . . ar . IC
f 18nrJ, t)r V011d ,, <, ' fl. crc!s <> I JC ix Guilds l hat rule the u.idrr1R purl
llowevor, ' he 1an ks of lhc C1ly Guo rd are 1iven l>y llltt'lltt
A"ru11fl I' r 1nr- polllrrs and gr'11l Wl 1on surnn1on1no the Guarc1
1, 1 I 11P lr1cks 1JI P.flolhP1111al power generrJLlon IJ,1ve I t' L~lll
nc vcr Jr 'lLllP WhPthor they II br ~l('lr>cd by .i stdl\ol/drl eri
, , [ . , " < , 01
rc ln'1 n lo t r111
mt ' ('""Ill ('J(( IJfl1llllli ol r11rne sull lak(' iJcl
,, I dP,f ,,, ltiP b11u11u111r hC:FJI /111 r..ilder,1 and lhf' IJOW'> lorce1 ol Vos~po11 \ luws or cl COi lllpl LT1rn1nt1I h1c11np, behind
fl bullHe> nl off Ill' ~


f 7 "'IS Of' POll'Q
4 6 2 2
S"ills {group onl~ )~ B \ \ \ :\ ' '
Talents t' Equ i~' ll t'nt.
.\bit.t ies \oJ

Equipntent \ \ '!"..0~.1 \ i;; et: D

R~ ge E" De t1_ t' ...,' s .; \ ~ :e~ D ""'". ~ :; CRYSIFAL liROLlBANE fR.rv. J
(" '- S R g~ Enr...ig J Delei1 ' \t: tit: ' t '-"I" ) S.lf:'t'
b-X _tpljt l .. l SC 1,) T '
., . \
"" ""'C>. ..
< . ~
,...., .... N'~ ,' ,, ~
' '
\ ('
' ' '
" '
ADAMITE TOWER PALADIN [NEMESIS] .... ' . '\ ~'1' {l.tt, ":-. llK' ,~, t::
,, \' ' .~~ ,! \? \'\tfi' ----~ ~~ ~ ~
Sapp ants S\'-ear t ... ~'-e up ttie f~r~ \t1-. ,,,..f'
t..,ti\ tt \ \\ )'" .. ~ \\,l' ~- ~~ ' ' f ..','
' '
becon1e Jne Q( the- PJrali '.ls or tl\e '\d, '1l tl Tv\\t 1 \ l \.) t~ \\'' t ~~ " ~' ,. ._" ~ ' . . ~~!!
...-o tt'd the r denllt\ bE'~ 'lo u 11 .;.Xleu t t r: l)(''"'l' th ' t-'\ "''"l' t .,,
. n'\

. .' ~f ..J
,,' '\

re'orged .: tar Jn1or rd n " "' frti'l1 tht- :i:l"' '(\ 'l" l )
en~on.::e Jll$t1te ar.a pNice 1 '-1:. ,)n' 5h t-10.~~ t,') \ ~ !lt
o~ ,1 ' .
' .... " '~ ' ' '
''If ltl l, ' '\\' ~
a Pa1uo1'l \\1 I hqd un erem , . _.~ .ira ~1,tE' t" n <Io, \ ~ '00 ~ ,1tr.)\'. l \~' 1)(,j\ .1~ .
~nal ne,ng ana '' th a ~ adC' l ar n~ tiiss t~ ' n e

Sh.Ills: \, '.<'l , ' =-. Ur.n\ ' t\t'' ~ , (' ' ' "\
S"ills : D1sc1phnc 2. I\ le,11r1nt' .5 ~1t:'lt'e _, 11~ "'-.\\~~'' , 'tlll'n~ ~t-l 't' ' {<.\ 1,i [ ::-- .,', ,,,' : ~ ,',
R, ''t'eli ,rit>a\ ' 1 "'. \ rg1tanct' 2 'h', '\~l
Talent s: \t 'E'"'-'"''' (up~ro,1e ,ilffii..~ :, ~)' ,11. ,-,,n\t\tl "\ bllitl\.1S: ;-..:,,l1t'
(. ~('{ "" t1~~.11 ~$l '$ l,\lt;t't ()t\ t'). Fot\~ R.:1l 11 l~~ ) ~ll \ ,"I
l Equlpnh."nt: ~l\.'1\\ '~'"' ,~ ,\\\ :\" ;1,1~' ~i \
l~' 1~1 ~ti ut i\ b~ a h11 l)lll a nh'lt't' ,ilt,lL" ,),1l t't'K11\' ,\ppt\ l .1~~ ~t~('\il (\\1\\ \ s: \' . ~.1'' '\\h''' '
111g so<'" ~l rr01 3 'train to rt'l',u.t' 0~111,,~t"' ,,, ~'
Abilities: fore~ P()\\t"'l l--tt>,1 St't"lO ) ,o 't';ll ' \\1..'l lt1~ RAIDER WARLORD [NEMEStSJ
I on on1.:' en~~ageo II\ ng cn.1,, ~ ,1nrlutll 'f ~t'I 1 '-Pt'll(i 1._)
Lo 1ncrea~t> 1\0und~ healt'\i b\ ) l11,\ ,~1... \,Ht' ' 111111 Pit' l'hl' \\,llf,ll i" \\ 1'1..' ,',llH t ,,. \'.1,)f. .,,, <'",l ~ '
t1111es) Force '\> ,,-.- En'1a11c~ Cl)lll" ...._, t' nrn'~'t' Rt~1\\11 1\lll~: ,\fl(i \ \'tt)l "- ,l\ 1t'\ ,\I\' ''jl)t' '{'\ l"e I '
b\ ((1111 O 0 1nc:1 t'a~t' \t~i , \ D\ thr\ tt~h h\\I \lh' '\ ~\I\ I''~~' ,,r ~ I~,\(" J s
Equ ipment: <:. 1 .~ S\\lt1n.i (Lrght:::abPr: l),.:i1n,i!:1' (), \.11t1(\ll th )'f' \\'h 11'!l' \\ ~\\llH' l ' It' 1'\''t ,. l',."" '
~. ,~ l' !Engaged!. B1t-ach 1. ~1::h.1.i atr ~1 dP1). I )llt~ l''\ 'll \It' s.ud l\' lh' ,ll'lt' t,, ,-_111 ur \ft' ' '
bo1v (RDni;ed IHea\ ~I. Dan1at:e ~' l r nt ) I\, ~t't' (l onr I: lht'll t'llt'll\1\'S \\Ith ,l ~:{'"lll'\'
Cu111be1son10 3, Ll'nHea \nuno P1er't"P I l t' t'r~rd ~t-11
arn1or ( + 2 soak. +I dtfrnSt'). qlll\t'r uf ,11rt'''~ \\,11h )l~l'.
Adam1t~ sr~nr.L 1111~~,


Tne c.cndrar y p11t'c;ts a1 t" as nHH. h J ~l~l)lt l)f r urnl' 11' tilt'
I 1\ir1 Uo1"'s lht n::;rl\1'!> llit'\l l\.tfl(i\~1 tht' s111't'l' 111 t-ittt'lt'd
sn11111y Jl)ron!-i, slt.:c:1)1ne 111 doo11verv.s t11 1vo1k1111i 111<1t'S~,Ul\I\
111 'oc ll r,r111U11e~

Skills : AtlllfltCs S (~rd\\ll 11, I~~ .!lit r.c( ~ ~lHVl\rll ~


Skyholrr1c 1\c,trom11ncer or :1n engaged character. and
'l ., 11 g soJk
oct 1
le 1~1c,. rr,ullt1lle urne~~ Spr:ncl
, an~t.
C.p~nd( t tu 1nc.t l'll' c ''ound~ 1nf1c tl d l>y ~ lrnc1v
to nt rC'Cl<;t r<~llgf' ol
hdnd l111c1v c11vt1tf 1111.-., n1u11 p e t1rnc<>ll
llH' damnge is rcc1uc~d by 4 plr:s 1 per ~ Spend () to al
IO\'I tllf power 10 affect all types of attacks Spend () to af
Equipment: ' pC'r bl<1de reaper (MelC'r., Ddl'l'lP,< c, (riticril 5 'cc t ? ,1dd111on(lf targets (may activate this multrple times)
R - 'l di. Llnkl"cl 1 Pierce .2, \ ICIOi.J:S )) ll(l.hl tlHOWl'f forcr Pow<r Unlerish Nlakc a Force po\ver check target,
t lR:i'lgca IL1ghtJ D::in1aec 6, Criucc11 ~ RJne.e lfl.1eCJ111"1'll lnar. Inf. one C'rtt"\rny ot short r -Jn(ZE ~nd ro a ranged att.ari< dS

Lllr te 1 Stun Set1111fM c;c. lVl~nr,f'd pt11 lltll pl 1tc l t 2 <.ocJI\) pdr t of 111c ool, u<;lrtg -lrl Average (+ t JDiscipline check
1ns1 l 'a<t of nor mat d1ff 1<: 1111 , 1r th check 1:> =>urcess1 JI and
RAIDER [MINION] gPnt r 11.c, ( ) ( ) . the al tack deals 1, darnagE: plus 1 damage
per ~ \vith a crillcal rating ot 4 Spend <) to increase the
Raidt~rs and h'lg;v1d'i naunt the roads and \Vrld places of range by one range band spend () to affect one acJcllt1onal
\\cllo. l Ile\ hn1 1 fro1n t!\'eryspecies. united only by their target \Vitl1in range. and spend () to deal 2 add1 ional dam
r,iel"d (l'ltl' cious disregard for sentient life. age (he may activate all of these upgrades mulllple times)
Equipment: Wizard's staff (Melee. Damage 4, Crlt1cal 4.
Range !Engaged!: Disorient 2). heavy and smelly robes 1-t l
soak). wizard's pouch.


4 6 a a
.... Skyholme Lucites are part of a secretive cabal of evildoers
Skills (group only) Brawl. ~1elee, Ranged !Light]. Survival who masquerade as Astromancers. It is unknown how many
Talents: None. of this order are secretly part of the Lucite cult. but even one
Abilities: None of these devious individuals can cause untold suffering and
Equipment: Stabbing svvord (Melee. Damage 5: Critical 3.
devastation if allowed to run rampant.
Range Engaged! Vicious 1). hand crossbO\'I !Ranged !Light];
Damage 5, Cnllcal 4. Range [Medium!. Limited Ammo 1
Prepare 1). boiled leather Jerkin ( + 1 soak)


Skyholme Astromancers may seem odd to those who first
c2 16 18
encounter them. they are errallc and unstable men and Skills: Astrogation 4. Deception 3. Discipline 2. Knowledge
women \Vith long robes, disheveled hair. and a pouch full of (Lore) 4, Melee 3, Perception 3. Vigilance 2.
strange and disgusting items. However. individuals would be Talents: Adversary 2 (upgrade difficulty of all combat
foolish to discount their abilities. for they can see the future checks against this target twice). Force Rating 4, Ritual
and even shoot fire and ice from their hands. Caster (must spend a manewver before using any Force
powers. In addition. may only use the Foresee power out-
doors and at night.) Dark Side Force User (uses Dark Side
results instead of Light Side results. see page 281 of the
FoRcE AND DESTINY Core Rulebook).
Abilities: Force Power: Foresee: Spend () to gain vague hints
2 14 20 0 0 of events to come a day in advance. Spend () to increase the
number of days seen into the future by 2 (may activate this
Skills: Astrogation 4. Discipline 3. Kno\1\fledge (Lore) 4. Per- multiple times). Spend () to gain more specific details. Force
ception 3 Vigilance 2. Power: Unleash: Make a Force power check targeting one
Talents: Adversary 2 (upgrade difficulty of all combat enemy at s~ort range. and rolls a ranged attack as part of
checks aga nst this target twice}. Force Rating 4. Ritual the pool. using an Average ( } Discipline check instead
Caster (must spend a maneuver before using any Force of normal difficulty. If the check is successful and generates
po,\'ers. In addition. may only use the Foresee power out- ()~._the att~ck deals 4 damage plus 1 damage per :-f . with
Juors and at night.} a cnt1cal rating of 4. Spend () to increase the range by one
Abilities: Force Power Foresee: Spend () to gain vague range band. spend () to affect one additional target within
" of events to come a day in advance. Spend () to in- ran~e. and spend () to deal 2 additional damage (he mav
crease the number of days seen into the future by 2 (may
activate this multiple times). Spend () to gain more spe-
activate all of these upgrades multiple times) Spend () to
decrease the critical rating of the attack to 1.
cific details Force Power: Protect: Make a Protect power Equipment: Wizard's staff (Melee: Damage 4. Critical 4:
checi-.. ro1'1ng an Average (+ +>
Discipline check as part Range ! Engag~~ l : Disorient 2). hidden razor-dagger (tvlelee;
o: tre pool Sprnd <)() to reduce damage from one hit of Damage 2: Critical 2: Range IEngagedl: Pierce 3. V1c1ous 3)
an energy based attack that occurs before the beginning of l1eavy and smelly robes ( + 1 soak}. wizard's pouch
trie Skyl\olme Astrornancer's next turn The attack must hit


, .. 111 IC' 1111111{' lilt lollv (11 11.11111
I .I 11114. 11
1 11 11d 1\1,1\' V\11111 IJ\'f!.111 " 1 Ir lir,, 11 1111
t ;II,., q1111 kl\ l>c< cllllll I l11ll lilow11'c.~l~llr h1011 111 I,, htlflf1lr1
I{ lit I li111 th1
' iPll 'llJlllt' ,., c;tr1pp11113 I olh.il Of II r "1> 1t1r,,1 I\, I It ' 11111 111 II lr 11 1 r i t I
t/:(' 1 '
I111 11II l'tl.1>< V Wr"' ' I I1u,11 I<J11
> I IJIJfr I ' VflllJf l'lr lllt1 'Jl1,1 I r t i ' ,, r
< 111 cpl1 1vrt11out (on1p111 1c 1
I II " 1011 11 Ir I 111111rn1,,IVl11 ,, , It I I '~1 1
'n. ,, ''1' "r ' ' I
11 ""l1c:1 .itrilt1th ro1v,11d l11t I Otllt1ll,1ri!, I1 ffllJh1 ' 'VtH1 II ! II I I 111 I ~ i I
,, 1..11011 1111 1 .i: 11;,.,~ O (!,,I '

l~ r1 11 1I Wllhlri II 1 Y
11 f{ !
II 111 l Ild<; ' 1'

.t 'r>l'fJI<' clllg(.I ll'f('ftlly I V. I 111111 1111 t1u Irr," r cir1 t i1tl ,, II r I d or ' I ')
vi~, n, 11Ill1 t 11 111 1
111\S Ori. ;ind IUlf_!l' '.ft.lit' lhlff of, lrrtpl'lf I rl '" lr1.1rr1'1111 l'lV 'I I 111111 (II ( ' '1IA 1

11'\ 1 rn' 1rr1rr l~ ,. r ('II I~. I
'-I ll rJ tl.,1~\\j 11 1 I ' l1ru ' tnt lln' I '
" rr1111r" ho1r1 tu 1 '" ~lfltJi:ly l<1r Ii c on 11 ,,1
fi r.1rit1 :it1 1 llltf r1 It I
f'flSTORY /\I f
I If 11111,. I '1!11 rj
I J ' lrJ( I

I lltplr" 'tl~J' 1, ._ 1 ')Ill it. ll!'J. l"'I fqr ,; IJ , , I,,~

It1r1t ,1r1rrl'ct
, "'' n1i 1 9.
olll<ll"" 1u~torv rs d common 011t 1hr 01 J ,1 : .i<Jr ff"<
1 ,
'''Jr(' Of rl 11111 <I~ 11 1 1;;, r, l~,
11101 .inrJ ,11rv1; >. ic "' f11;rl1;<.l 41<11 " " 11 hOi>rv; >Jtf.''l'.t
L t scit/l'rS were rancl1crs ar iC'I lilrmcr! All U11, 1.:i1i.i/y II.
''irn Vl~s' lt 1 ,,,1, 1 1
,cll es csla bl' I I LI
ts iec 1ernsetvrs 1r 101 ,,. ' !-. lht I"' "'" ,. 111 1 'lltv1"111 <Ill\. JY/ hl11( ' I > rr<: I.(; ,t1Jl11r ,. r1 ~ ' lt
hr1~'H1 lhi!lr v'' k ~ ' 1 trnr;r::, '':rr 1111t1'lll/ n n ;; tc /

rar . . ' 1>coplt 11 1 .

"I Sl'VC'lltng tl1c ranks ol worker _ , t 11n1p,rn11<1 lri
LO ll, "' ,
. ' r 111 u .U(.111llr I rlc Ii . < ti . J1,r .., th1:1r rnlrirl', 1.1 Hcl' 11h:.,frl"'<l H(" '''1th tc '
neW 1-1nn11grar1Ls brought L11e1r faniili's " , ci 1111 -;0011 11.i11<;, 1111 ..,e ' ) int rc,lhnv f 1P'rJ "f
llrllJ' Irt Ill1. IJf<" n' I ~ ' '~ v,r;11r Wn',;; ;h<J' '{''"'

n<-sl\ 1
01011 y villages vverc bu 1sling al lhe SCJr 1 u Vnrlo11'., >;;
l'r " r,I () rAr:c.lulJ!, ;t.on<!... V'l'ithl'l ,s "''''" c,1 tn<
ceoplc of Lot ha I lound~d a planetary ,ca ~~ta. ~< n 1 rilly, lh1 1 1 1 1 ' t r1.;port cJ I ~
Wt r j 'rrio ' 1 ar rr11n1n!1 I"'1: l ;s ar1<J clro1cl rl.l'I fr, u 611
fi 1e main olfwo1ld sl11pp111g port Lothal sl~wl 1'-'l lht 'i1tro 01
A '., hf'urr tl!>P<ilrh~<J to l.<;lt\;:il, a1r1rr(' v11th ~n lrr111'"1:i\ ~:,rr ';,{)~
n increase 111 population came an increase 1Ygrew: ancl Wilh lirnc t;11"'
~ .
lh 1,; r1..rf1tJlr
. 1 ,
'l1a. l1rm1 y ~rltrfr
c.t1d ori th1
I)I <1nct and 11 s c
a n prosptnty '
, "'e,truct1on of lf.lltrat', c<..onomy and crtv ron
Unfortunately. lhe past rew decades ti av' b rncn1 began '" earnest
. " (en rouf?ti
he 11ard\-vork1ng people Lothal Being 1 lron1 " t bl, on With lr1~htfut efhc1ency. the Emo~rc bee.an ..tr11,p1ng tne
t or ra
perspace Ianes. Lo th aI was never much of a cJ"'s a 1shed
hJ . esunauon rninerat wealth from Lotha1 Y11th httle <CW.rel for ts oe<Jv e
Its only regular v1s1tors were crew from ca 1go ships d or cnv1ronment The onceclear <,vies became c oucleo v. t.h
. an vari-
ous import/export peopIe D unng lhe Clone Wars. the planet smog, and the rivers tilled with the poisonous etl JV a o' a
suffered both a severe drought and a deadly plague among dozen heavy industries Sren::ir Fleet Systerr bu t a sccre
nianY of its livestock herds. Crops withered. and countless test fac1hty on Lethal to take advantage of the burgeon rig
slock animals died or \\'ere killed to save what few animals industry as v1elt as the huge un1nhab1t(..d sp3rec, for le ng
remained . These circumstances. combined with a genera' ne~v ships, vehicles. and v1eapon systems ltle quaht:t o{ fP
loss of traffic due to the \-var and the predation of rnrates in for the average Lothalian dropped prec1p1toJS\y. and lt e
the area. put Lothal 1n desperate straits by the un1e tne Em planetary government str11gg\eo to ma1nti>111 '">Overe l'JllY Al
ire esLablished rtself on Coruscant For y<~ars. Lot hdl'S r.ov the l"lh1le. the Empire d1rJ as 1t pleas<.!d \'11th 1mpun1ty
~rnment had petitioned the Republic. 101 econorn1c: al'd rood Ahcr the Imperial occ.upauon. Lothal 11nclef\"icnl clrabt1c
chnnges Joblessness and poverty skyrotketed ano rnany
once respectable people h;1ve t11rnrc1 to cr1mt 1ust lo le~cl
lhctr families The 1ancl 1s no1soncd, Lhu people arc s1c.Y. hun
ery. a"u de~peratc. anti the llnpr-nats Q.row ,.,r.alt11 1 on the
\>ac ks of the struggi ng c1u1enr)' Lothal 1~ Qu1c\dy reac\11n~ a
l1Pi> l'g po nt. ano vlo1e11cc Is ~11re: to en~ue What t11e hnr.11
out ornc ,.., be and \'who v,111 survive.\;> an1one's guc<:is



,. '1\ 0 ,,,~,, td l ~)1 t
' l It I I
[!. ,, \ti l .... ,

l 'tt: l ,, ltlr tnrf h \I~ )I ii l I'

'!'1 l1.\I l lhl
p nC'l J . r f l '' ,x n1U< h to ..)I l ltc:. n.. ltH I l n1tv 1
o i.: L'dl 1111 t' l l\l \Jr n)1\ ~ \\ r <:" '""' ' :-tll<1t' nd
' ' n 4 l)ut l ~ C'1t \ 11 '' t <h n1 lt>t \\ i ngr..,l l l\
th~ apt ' n lml'd ( lJ t 1 t l\ I ' ""'"t
('f l1l 'lll ,., \)IU
\'>OU~ l' pl t 111, n1 01 1n, ltl'l'ICI l 1 Jtt l I'


Jl'l IJ \ l\ s Ll tha r, t l.Onom1c. t t'nter rind UH' ~eat 01 Lill'
P Cl'lt'l \ ~i\c1nn1l nt \ re1atl\eh n1001;1n c1l\ for 'ucll ll
IJJCK\\ 1\t'l \\ rld, C J Ital Cl\ '1""s gf'0\\'11 O\(' thl' \ l?cllS 110111 J ,,11 I
11 .11 I ,
a sn1all tf<1d1ng outpost into a spr<l\\hng ri'\ l..ap1tol C.11\ " ll'lfli '
P->Pll'allon 1S pnmar jf\ hun,~n. \\111 a '\ll1i''' e11n~1 or C'I 11t'I JUNIOR ACADEMY ~O I f'l 1~1IC(
stxi c>fa1 ng <:.Oet es 1nclud1ng Rod1a1':-. '\Qt ..1ltsl1 1nd th<' ot t lllllf
ta!'1onal ltl1011an 1l 1s a bt.stl,ng urbJ.l l(' lll~I lhAl 1nan,1ft'" 1111Prrt
to com hint. the diverse:'. n1ult1culttiral fet"I 01 a lilr ~e i\1rd R1n1 Onl\ r\'Cl'llll\ C\pencct 1n Loll1.11'<; C.1pi111 City 11 1 ~ lu I 11/tllf
nlcgalopolrs '''llh ll'e Llose-1-\ntt co1nP1un1t\ anl1 shcl1Cti \di \t.1<i1'lll\ lot \ppht'd ScrcrH es (.-.\pp~ci) Is i1 fPCth, d
I 1111/ll lt
ues of a small orovrnc1al countn to1\r \~tors fro1n of1\\01 Id
tor till' l111pl'lldl \ c,1dt'lll\ systen1 '\11111.ilcd with ti L , 11111111
often refer to Capital crt\ as "the b1gges. small to'' n 111 I ht' hnpe111I N;i, <11 \t i'!d<1nv. tll(' \pp'I( 1s rnission 1s to 1,
Outer Run: a label rts c1t1zens \\'ea1 \\ t '1 p di.!. R1rn
\Ollllft lrllPL'lii.11 <.1l1 .. <'l1S for IC\\'<1rd111g ccircer" 1n the[, ,11
Before Lhe lmpcnal occupation. Capr , Cit\ 1,as. ar~ ll1 gO\{'l 11111Cl11<'11. lllS~l~llllOllS .-.\s llS llillllC Sllt;;gcsts, lhr AppSc I ltlC'

tecturally speaking more s1n1llar to placec: i..e i\los E sit') tocuo.;es on sc1L'lll 1f1c ,ind lech111c<1I educ<rtron Stu<1cn1s l'I 1 r 101 111
on Tatoo1ne than to a planetat) capital L ose1 to t ie Corl!. P<lSS the ,1dn1iss1ons lest receive lhc1r p11rn,11y ci.lucc1tion a
II ) i tf I
I\ lost of the bu1ld1ngs \'\ee one or t\\O sto1\ pr elabncJted th~ ,.\ppS(i ,111d if their grades are accept,1blc upon cr.idua
I ct 1\'!' ll
ferrocrcte l id plastee co11st ucts bu ; t)~ the 11rst l\'(l\ es uon. thev are tr<tnsterred into one or the En1pirc's ded1ca1
oi color 1sts Ne\\'er structures of local!\ quar rred stone and engineer 1ng or science academies. Everv App5c1 111 the trr
imported plas1ee1 1'\ere added O\er the years. but the) ad perial system 1s tailored to the planet 011 ~vh1Ch 1t 1s based 1't '1 U 1

hered to son1e unspoken rule that Capital Cit) should gro\v Lothal's AppSc11s no different, concentrating on ugncuitot~ .,.,.,.,~ 1l11rt1 Hie Ill
out rathe1 than up sciences, geology. rnining and planetar'v eng1neenng. an
naval engineering.
V\lhen the En1p1re a111ved. ho1\lever. it changed the face
of the citv It seized large s1vaths of property. kich.ed out or
tmpnsoned ovvners and residents, and den1olished existing SIENAR FLEET SYSTEMS ADVANCED
structures 10 n1ake \\oay for ne1\I lrnperial-style buildings. Al PROJECTS LABORATORY
most overnighl. \Vl1ole sectors of the city became depopu-
lated In place of rnodest 11omes and lo\v-rise con1111ercial Tt1e Advanced Projects Laboratory is one ol a h.in~lul o!
buildings. the En1pire erected brutal edifices lhal d1'\larfed Sienar Fleel Systen1s secret pro1ects fat:illties sc,n1e1
the surrounding ne1ghborhoods. t\~eeting ensuing protests throughout the Outer Rini. Lott1al 1vas chosen for the OU
\'Vitl1 niass arrests and violent crackdowns. tile Imperials ce ous hono1 of hosting tl1e tacillty fo1 a number of rease-OS-
r11ented their domination over Capital Cit~ and Lothal First and fo1en1ost. the planet's obscuritv and reniote 'c<.
lion provide a1nple protection fron1 prving eyes. In addi
Toda) Capital City rs a strange amalgam of the old and the the broad, 1elatively flat. and sparse!~ populated tandSCll
ne\\o Near!\ half of the city 1\las demolished Lo make room is perfect for vehicle proving grounds, weapons tes
for nev. Imperial indusu ral and administrative buildings. 1111 ranges. and all n1anner of protot~ pe testing .ire1s fun
penal vehicles constantly patrol the streets. and Imperial ml
Lotl1al's n1ineral wealth provides direct a(cess 10 '~ ~ 1

personnel s1vagge1 t11rougt1 the neighborhoods and market

als. saving enorn1ous Jn1ounts of li1ne ,ind n1onr' '"st
places. abusing the inl1abitants and lording the occupation
prototyping and production.
over t11crr The11 er uel and destructive beh<.1vior, con1bined
.. 11nlv !l '~
w1tl11 l1e now apparent bad faith 1n which the En1pire offered Tile .Adv<lnced P'.ojccts.Laborator~ I~ .P"''. ' rotot)ClC
Its assrst::ince to the struggling planet, has led lo 1nore out e1 ctes1gn iH1d t cst1ng fa<:rlity l IH' 1\PL ) t11~t P !~!:!
. II ' DJ\ (C
l)rei:lk~, 01 insurgen t violence Despite crackdo1-v11s and cu 1
t ltl) pf\J. 1 1
l IF Actvancod v l \"le\S unv<'iled ctl (111 1np t [ ~
' I
fP.W!>. 1111) i;11nn1ering uni esl w1 ll1in Cap1Lal City is slowly coni 11\ ~) BR) ' rile figl1LPl'S Sltbst~quentlV \\!Oil H 11llt't'
. .111111 nu1
1ne tu a l~orl Soon. ll1e linpcrlal forces 111ay 11ave 0 full blown LolhHI t111d \\101 e 111cll1Ufi1\.l ll1 ~~d ttlCI\' Ill ' '
rc;IJell1011 on ltJl'll 11nnd~.


, .. f , '~ I -~ , ",; -..
IMPERIAL , , , , , ' , .. i' .,,, /.,.;a
"" ;; ..,,.. ,,
. ' .. ...,
" , 'l'. - ::h'"'

r CENTER ' (
. ' ~
, ' ~

'j (
' ?
~ , '.> ,, "'
r c ., ' '
, r .' , f 1 ,, , .. , tl,
...,. ,,, , "'
, r ~
, t ,, ' , ..., , , .,, ~

' ' I I
I f

( I I
' , ' .

, ., '
t I J
,, .
( I ~ j
. .... ,. .
'' (
, 1 ,
' 'L
, ,. ;

r J fr ~r>c rr,al'!'; ,,
( ,,sttr-r , f ..., I

,q, rr.<>, ;'( 1-;' ,, ( r
r r.J tab e b "' l'' 'J<:t:, !,lJ1e t < '011r1" 1/
11 I ( flrJ((lf 1 <,V)!f(;d f)' frJ?,'1 y Vfllt CI m'f lJ( f ~
'l' 1 .,ru1 a ,,,n:.ill ~; J-3CJ '>f tt,rrn11oo;si r~ a iy' 1
d rJ 1t
._ 'h 'he drrr.nri.:d and ..h el<!etj :. :sfr o' rt" '?"lo',' rt~'..,,
ti.. ~ rJf thr- Irr r n~I can::Jn s cI;" ~11 r ,,, 'if fr;'1
r, tor" OJ Lr1rha Powered by:; drtfJ VJt; rt cm:; P:ft ra
'"' rtJc (.QffiffiS (t.OWI t10U'.C', :; hCJ .-1' ~1 LJt'1 ~<1<:":':. Jd'
a~d an enrryple<' hypcr<,p;;c.c 1anu:.c:1i,rr It~ f>J111 ; ca 1;n
co"1mur11c.'3L1onq ?,n<1 'c:n,<,1 JJlf; provrd~S lii!. garrison vt t
tie atJ111ty lo C(1rllr 1.11 miln~ry .:tn<.J c1~1 t;;r tr;;rsm f;S 0r ~ 'Jf:
thr: plan1Jl aria to L.<"J(nrTllJrrtcatE f~UI!. kl y wrth Irr pi::rfa fvrce:.
U1ro11gf1011t U1r! () Jl!!r Prrn

(i1vet1 rts rmportancJ to lhf.: lmrJ!:nal r/i ,',SJOr

Lolh;;I, the {Jri ,,, ...
::;; .,;
,. - i;... ..... - ...
.J - ;,,.rJ

ICC rs a Lempung r.arget tor in< ., 'f,;r" atr/3c,. Rec.enUy, ~ ... i:<i
an attae} de::,troyed rnany or t '- r...c ~ 'YSterns and render~
rt unab1e tc.. send or recetvc trar...r:. :;son:; This terro , :,ct
brought Lothal uncJi::r .ncreaser.1 ,.,., oe1at scrvun~ Pads 0r ~e;.,r .,_, l.U(..f'"t:,# ,. (' 1"1fJ - ,....f1 ~ ... t:.. I"~ ;'.)~....- .L'- ::.:::;,c::.,,.. r .,.,. - ":'_<'. - -_:.,.,
.,,..,... J ,,,_,,.,,.. ~..,,, .., ~ .- ,,.,,,...,._ ? -~ ..,,,~ ~ v.,,. -...> -
s.Jspecten Rebel :;afc houses a"'c a.-ests o: susper (;0 PBo O'J"' o ..V,,._ ~,,,.
r ' ' 1'
'- '";:7
t , ..... ,.. ,. .,., f--'
,,.t+.:, ~ -~ ~r -~ "' 1 ~'-'"~Jt..'
,,,-.r;;,. '3
,.,...._ .-::;
.... -:.J" ~
- ,. S
e!s have rncrea$ed dramatically "'"f~'
f ');i;) I -

,.,. 1"'r'~ ..,,..,...,.,.

:). l'

,. .r .,,, ,..~ . ...... ,,,.,,. -~--

U)u-::; 0,.. ,. U J ~r1 ~ 1 "; I ii J ";::
f',.. , 1,.
lll "J-!;'11';:. ~
, __ - -

th~ rrr.;t,.,Jt:arilS r,.,f T~r:..-llJ:o-~,. ~ ~re '.r.rtl c,. e ...... <'_..'~ ?;:_ ....;:: :~
;,.. 'rr13
I 1\...-U .,.,., O',. ,.,....10"' o' ~.. ~ ~=rr:
,,; 1.11 ....,.;,;, - - ...

\~'hrle expanding their industrial ooera1 ror.s ar:ross tne D~"'

et lhe lmpenals have beer lore r:g people ~'v'' the r , ages
and ~1orriesteads Tf'us has cavsed a srr;a o.... fas~ gro.-. ,,..g
relugee crisis on Lothat. as h.;noreds o: pre11ous.J cor"fr,rt-
ab.e and employed crtrzens ha 1e fourd ~Mefl"se /es s Jdder f
homefess and desuwte. These refugees ra1e begur gatr-
errig 1n small shant;rovns across Lothal in ~n atl.ernpL to
rest<Jrt their lrves. One such place was the rarnshacltle settle-
(l'Jent of TarkinLown. before its destruction at lhe hands of
the Empire.
l\ l. I ,1 ,, r l111n ,,, llv j 11111
1 (! 1h 1
1 t 1' II , l'I 11 r 1 11\ 11 1n1 , 11111 h
l )\ t 1 11, \\I \1 di 110 l\\ Ir' IHdl\1dU 11
\ t t t l' t \It 1t 111 pt 11 I\ lll u 1111
l l 101 1 1 11 \I \ 111111 dlll\ ~\\Ill l\l,lllll
L\,"') (' d\<,1, 't" \IP I l,ll.1111HI\ 111!1


R ''lil ht 't ._,,,11 'll't 1ni,11 '"

'1 'II''' I,, \It' [)I,) hi plilll1'l
r11 l l>\!),ll I ,)ff' ,1n1'! 111{,l\1\
lt1ti?11 ' ' ''" 11 10\ n11,1~u 11 h1'
t\\l'l n lt'll HHI 1l)ll1 l1'1111 1n1lli
"f'll \('I" . ' t Tl)1'\ I\;\\,.... l hil1d
ed. b , " ,, 1i "l\1\1' bot111''l.
11tlil'::.l 1 it 1 \'11'1~~. .1n11 IH1ft1\
t 1tght Hr11'1\ , '1':- 1\s t l\i'll
n.~nl~ blbofllh11 s
Iel'o on n1an1n1ttl blood, al
l ht)llgh t hr\ .11,o ni~c:--t pol
lin nd n1' tar l 11t'\ tl'nd 10
gall1('1 ,)IOlllld llt'rd<: Of lc11gl'
<H'11n.1ls Slll 11 .is 11\')I ts, \\'l11 r0 1

tl11' foori -~ pl01H 11 ul

\\ llllt' I lit'\ ll,1\ l' ,11) l'X
ll1:1 n11'I\ p~1nlul bile. tllcv
.111~ 1ISO C\ll ,~111c l~ nois\' 11\
0rs \\'l11cl1 n1.1k('~ the1n, al
0i1S\ 10 J\'Otd Blood fllc-s
OCLclSIOl1JllV carry a L)IOod
borne di\1.:"'as0 c<111ed "blood
ti\' sickness. 1vhich saps afflicted
sentients strengtl1 and energy and
causes fe\ er, vorniting, and painful
raslles. Thankfully. L111s disease 1s easily treated before applying soak unless the weapon has tne Blast~
Burn qua lily, regardless of whether or not that quail~ rs
1\ itt1 bacta 1m1nersio11 and resl.

Equipment : Mandibles lBrawl; Damage 2 Critical 4. Rance
[lngagedJ: Pierce 4. Vicious 1).
\l,f..'lrtfl .. \f LOTH-CAT (RIVAL]
0 1 1 1
Members of the far-flung tooka family. lothcats are S:.
Ski lls (group only): Brawl. wild relines native to Lothal They are. on average. ~air
Talents: None. . h fifteer kt og
a meter long and can weigh as muc as ellieS 1.
Abilities: f Iyer (blood flies can fly; see page 208 of the They have short. brindled coats with wtiite b1rg qi
Lhick tails; and narrow, black legs that end 1 e ~v in s-.; 1
F o Rc E AND DesT1Nv Core Rulebook). Bloodfly Sickness (a 111

claws. Their races are remarkably expre~s1 ;1.1 1 ; of 11eec

cn.'":lrac ter wl10 takes damage from a blood fly bile musl
1nake an Average C
Resilience check; fai lure resu lts
black eyes. large ears, and a broad niout
111 4 dc1rncJ9.C' ignoring soak. and the cha1acle r halves his
strain t11r_cshold. rounding up, until the cha racler spends sharp teeth. t~a1< ~JS
rilV 111 LO kl
<it least ar~ hour 111 a bacla Lank or undergoes similarl Loth -ca Ls live solitary lives prrma .-i af1l1 raise
I)' to bree1 or
exte11s1ve n1ed1cal treatn1ent fas deLerm111ed by the GM!r grasslands. coming togeth~r on , ieY lcuge I
Silhouette 0. Swa11n (halve the damage dealt to Lhe sw<irr~ llunling by sight and l1eanng. tllC} P


1Ci 1,and other assorlf'l1
r(ldt11lc; lll<t 11 11
C IV tlllf1l;I fx )
...talKt>rs. 1otl1 rats hunt tl1C'11 pr<'v f<'r 1,0

Irr t
llfs 01 l!V('ll cl l ft. mttssrvc s~v;irm. ct1ch one r11shing and lc;:ip1ng onto its
,,a1t1ng 101 the Pt'11crt t1n1fl Lo tlll<l(k 0 11 'ys, l,irgt't ;)l)cl learing <II 11 with Leeth ;ind claws.
t e co11111111 tod ri
10111 l,ll <;p11t1gs r10111 ll1d1nt; a 11 ct atlt'rn 111.,' 1o k11I 1ts p 1' t'V
~s Q(llC kl\ JS p05s Il1 I(' \\,llrn :1l t,1ck1r1(, ,,
~ , 1 <'V 1lllt'L'I Ill
thcnl<;l~I\( s U'.ll.111\ \\'il('tl 111gllll'tl1'd
. 01 lO l 11"'
1' tlll
ti 10111
cal t\ n1L3 I\ goC's ror 1 t~rgct s la1 i' 111 s1 1,.. ,
. ' i u\\11llP, at l'YPS
and <111\ otl1e1 <.('1<\1ll\0 Cll\'as. Lotl)Llll!\ onl\' 11 n'111
I h
f'l'C\ unt1 l e\ c.an \.scape or lht' crc~ture is clt1vcn
b 1
nrgcr a :;;;.J
anti \\'Ill run 1f tht?~ can oH, Skills (group only) : Brawl. Survival
\ \ hrie n10c; arr \Vrlti , lotllCals can be dome"Lc l d . Talents: None
. ., ' a e w1t11
\df\ 1ng dr~1 ees 01 success 1hev make fine 1
r c~pnc1ous
.' Abilities: Silhouette O Swarm (halve the> d<1mage dealt to
and shgl1tl) li0stru< t 1\e, pets. \r\lit11 enouo11 pat Lhe minion group before applying soak. unless thf' weapon
. Q 1ence, they has the Blasl or Burn quality (if Blast or Burn quality has not
ca'l e'en be tr a1ncd to hunt and retrieve
been activated, damage 1s still not halved)
Equipment: Teeth (Brawl, Damage 2; Critical 4. Range [En-
gaged!. Pierce 2, Vicious I)

2 6 1 1
Perhaps the most ubiquitous beasts in the galaxy. nerfs are
Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2. Coordination 3. Perception 2 found nearly everywhere there are humans. These cloven-
Stealth 3, Vigilance 2. ' hoofed, goal like ruminants stand between 1.3 and I .5 me-
Talents: Natural Hunte1 (once per session, may reroll any ters tall at the shou lder, have thick matted hair. and sport
one Perception or Vigilance check). Lwo sets of horns. They are remarkably unpleasant creatu res
Abilities: Cunning Ambusher 1 (opponents add to 1111 on the whole, Lhanks Lo their stubbornness. powerful body
L1at1ve ct1ecks using Vigilance). Leap (loth-cats add O O Lo odor. and thick. black. ropey saliva. which is extremely caus-
all Athletics checks made to perform horizontal or vertical tic and stains anything 1t touches.
leaps) N1ghtvision (Loth-cats remove all added to checks Docile and not easily spooked. the hardy creatures can
due to low-light conditions or darkness). Silhouette O. adapt to nearly any environment. which largely makes up
Equipment: Teeth and claws (Brawl: Damage 4; Critical 2; for their more unpleasant traits. These qualities, along with
Range IEngagedJ; Pierce 2. Knockdown). the fact that nerfs are completely unfazed by space travel. is
what makes them so common throughout the galaxy. Nerfs
LOTH-RAT [MINION] Found on Lothal are descended from ones the first colonists
brought there generations ago. A number of breeds unique
Loth rats are large. hairless rodents native to Lethal. to Lethal have since developed. and Lothal nerfs are prized
Roughly the size of domesticated felines. these burrowing for the flavor and quality of their meat.
creatures typically live in underground colonies compris-
ng dozens of members. True omnivores. loth-rats have a
reputation for bei ng ab le to eat nearly anything, thou~h
they prefer grubs and grains. A hungry pack of loth rats will
uproot an entire field of grain and leave nothing bu Lmuddy, 5 12 a a
trampled dirt: or destroy a plasteel si lo of harve~ted veg-
etables in search of their next meal. Thei r strong Jaws and Skills (group only): Athletics, Brawl. Perception.
sharp. 1agged teeth allow them to che\~ through the tough- Talents: None.
est materials: Imperial Navy pilots have reported tl1~m Abilities: Nightvision (nerfs remove all added Lo checks
gnawing al the bottom or TIE/In solar panels and chewing due to low-light conditions or darkness). Ornery (add to
notes 111 duracrete fortifications at airbases. all checks made to handle. dornesticate. or othen\lrse \'Ork
wiltl a nern.
Typically shy or sentients. loth-rats are easi.ly frigh tened Equipment: Horns (Brawl: Dan1age 4: Critical 5. Range [En-
off In numbers. howr.ve1, L11ey ca n be exceed1~gl y danger - gaged]: Disorient I).
ous. especia lly when cornered. defending L11c11 young, ~r
kept trorn a rr1eal Angry 0 1 frightened loLh-rats attacl< in


llDGJI "" pOJU&R
' '
B '

Dur ll ( ~ I re I tv1 1r,l1 r lvlu ' \N1l'l(lll 1111d Rf'prt

\ \ ' ,,
I ti I
l 1 'ol'
' 0 R \I
KJr,j tl 11
fl I"
t! ,c;
111 st~ J J 1 R111k Inv 1 1-c I fh tit 1pl'J Hl1'1CC or<.<. vcr
11 D 111-.l '>tlr~ An ~11t1< 111fr1fl 1v11 ~ron .cry prc<11<t.t:d tJ
o l th t h ~~ r.htc, Lhi: 11nr 011 111r l' cf Utl I "11(' \'tfl('fl lh D lf'.OY ") WOlllCI (I wpr.ir 11, I ](I flP, lO ttl(' rcc;ur,
~, \ ,.\ i tr ll l \11 and llm nel!ll for ii -;tro1g ,.,,sc Cl OCC' or lh(' rr111gc11vl fl llgOll 1\ SrrHlil h11L c1r11vr r(tJrlflil'r'll cul
l\ 1l lO cu d lhl' planet w;1s r t>~po11s11,Jfe for tile cHs.1ppt 11 ri1 es I ho rufl ~' ' <1tlrrnp~
111c to rorcr? tilt' prophecy 10 come true~ ti) ~ 1<1n.ipp111g rn 1s1er

HISTORY <llld olfPr 111g thcrn .is 0 111u,i1 s I( 11fice 1n .in olrl Fr cllll'dlfil tempi
I Ile I rc)llf?dWI Plll t11e rnasters llllO cl t1a11r l', lhffl clrOpec.l
ea iJOUJn t11story spans thotJsands of v<'.:irs l Ill' or1g1na1 the111111to lire rnoutll ol .in ancient ancl trr111llv ,ton( r.1r11ue Of
Ba dottan C1\1l12'(1t1on. 1\h1cl1 ros~ <1bout s1\ t11ous.1nd \liars a dr,.iec111 I llts cltclinctl t11e11 for<.c cc;sencc Into nn ev,r growing
dgo 1vas far more l\'Clt 11ke t llan lhe culture lhat n:>.1s1c; to sph1're k1111ne thcrn 111 the procPss 1 hC' sphere .iclccl llko <1 b<3l
da~ Tills cl\1ll1at1011, n<11Ttcd for a11d ruled hy a rnvs11c cull. Lt'rY 101 rorc1' po1\cr. storing tt lor lt1e Frt1ngC1wrs cJcJr k fJLtr poses
thr Frangawl <.Jeveloped an unusual lOnnec1101110 the ror cc
\Vhcn the 1Jart.lolli111 r1iler 011e<~n J\Jlid, w<1s c11pt11red l)y
t111ough med1tauo11 hctore bat lie This alio1~ed so1Ul'rs 10
thl' c11IL. Binks and \'V111du uncovrrcd the plot f hcy followecl
tap into tht dark side and focus the11 anger lear, and hn
Liu~ cul! 1sls to the near by world of Zilrdossa Sllx ancl, ~11tcr Cl
tretl into a kind of Dattlc rage As a rec;ult. tile lranga1vl 1vPrc
ncarlv 1nv1nc1ble 1var rrors. IH?c1tccl chase to illl <111c1c11t pyramid deep in the moon s clc~
L't l<., d1scove1ccl \Vho was btll1nd tile cull and the Fran,awl s
Stil . the ai tstic sp1nt of modern Bardouans also tx1stt>cl 11b11 lh tvlolhcr lal1111 of the Nights1stcrs.
111 Frangawl culture Their slr uctures still dot tht' l.inclsccJpl!,
and their art1vork adorns museurns and publc spaces across BARDOTTA TODAY
tre planet A. te141 of their temples. massi"e structures 11ewn
from sohd rock survive to this da\ Ruined chunks of beaull Mttce Windu's rlSStstance in stopping tl1e Frangawl cult led
ful. soarrng Frangawl architecture and magn1hcent rrangawl to a rncnd1ng of relations between Lhc Jedi and Bardott<1ns.
anin1al sculptures ate valued as cornerstones and artvvo(k in Unfortunately, Lh1s happened right before the beLray,11 of the
rnode1 n Bardotlan buildings Jedi and Lhe end of the Republic. Today, Bardotta r0m<11ns
Tvvo thousand years ago. the Franga1<Vl 1el1gion slowly gave a politically neutral world, Its inhabitants c.ontent to focu'>
1va, to t11e Dagoyan n1yslic tradiLfon This change occurred on medl lalion and their connection to the Force. So far. the
after a series of srnall-scale wars savv the ruling Frangawl re plancL's ren10Lc location and neutrality have allowett ll to
placed by the new Dagoyan order. which grew as BardoL- avoid close ln1perial scru tiny. The governrnent ac.knowledges
tans turned to deeper meditation in limes of peace. Because Lhe Empire's power and in return. Lhe Empire leaves Bardol
La Lo ils own devices.
Dagoyans discovered lhe wisdom and knowledge accessible
to those who focus on the Force. they were able Lo over- Because BardoLta does contain many beings strong 1n t11c
power and outlast their more violent forebears. Eventually, Force (albelL rn a way not found anywhere else 1n the galaxy).
the Franga1'\ll cult was outlawed and its practitioners faded tn theory a Jedi escaping the Empire could llrde there and
into rnemory. and from memory into history. blend in among the Dagoyan Masters without arousing suspi-
Frangawl sites are still places of meditation and con cion. Anyone doing so would still have to convince Lhe rnas
ters to harbor a fugitive from the Empire and son1eonc who
templacion. It 1s not unusual to see colorful. square prayer
f1ags-a Dagoyan meditation tool-strung across Frangawl was, until a generation ago, an enemy of the Bardotlans.
temples. statues. or ruins.
As Bardotta made contact with other planets and civiliza PEOPLE AND CULTURE
l:ons throughout the galaxy. it stayed clear of the Republic and
The BardoLLans are a peaceful and conternplclllvc people
1s po1 t1cal machinations, preferring instead to remain neutral.
Visitors often find Lhcrn aloof. alU1ough this 1c; only bel;t1l1s0
lhe Jedi studied with the Dagoyan Masters. attempting to
Bardottans Lend Lo be so inwardly focused Barc.lott.1n cul
learn trie1r very differenL way of interacting with the Force. For
Lure Is intertwined wlLh t11e Dagoyan mystil lrt1d1t1011. rr1 (1
a nr1cf llrne, Force sensitive Bardoltan children were senl. Lo
way. Chey are one and Lhe sa11~e Most [l,11'llolt,1ns 111edll0tu
tt1!:1 Jedi len1ple for Lraining. This nearly caused Bardotta to go
and help support local nionasterles. Clnd L'Verv Bell dotl 111 1u
to war, a'.> lhe Dagoyans viewed this act as kidnapping. To aver I
celved an ociucallo11 tll D<lgoyan sLhuol~ lVl'n Bdrdoltdns
a 1-10111 lCal cata5lrop11e, the Jedi returned tile children 1.o be
wl10 go offwofid still 1110kl:' ll1ne for n1cdit<.1llori. P<.1rlic1pal1011
raised 1n the Dagoyan Lraditlon Relations beJ werin Bardol la
111 l),1goy.i11 Lr.idil 1011c:; ts rnlirelY volu11t.1ry, ll1erc 1s no soc tal
and the Jedi re1nalned rool up unlll U1c Clone Wars
r,t 1p,1 lid c1gc1111'>1 llOllpdl I icip<l llOll


d in< icnl fortsts w.ir cl " poof CJI rnngma t<.ipp<~cJ rrorn (lee
nnd .inyone \vho f;JIJS throur~h Malrnour r~ ~Ith n lhe fl

S \'lCL'Pll'lg n10J11tJtn rcJnge'i \vJ11n seas. an '

rnal l Boir doua an jeal dec.unat.on ror l)(.>H\{.',S '>t't" ,
king J
d 1l n i'i ol~e~-v 11C'1 < 111
I v111g rori c rorn from their bodies ., J r-.sl rncut~ r: "'i ..
d1 opplrl 11110 the molten rock b;~ :~ l~eir llfefe~s ~r 't

rrsp1te frcm thr 1.;011flltt a 1d hars11 (0 11 ' ' B rloll;;1 s
lht calax~ ThO"C' J>Ul~lllllg cld~nture ti)~ ('};~,~~:: B~rr(lottart 1ncJ1v1clu 11 who c:ntcrc; this cavern feel ' 1Y Force ~!IP
nlCI"\ runs Cll'J le'll{;IOllS l>lll d llCS, as \\ell Cl or tile dark s1clc cn1anat1ng from the ~r~ne Strong IJr~r
RO\ J Palac.e l~C'I~ pool ol mc1grna This rs where lhc rnsur gon Statue ~"" ,.
~ gf.:nt F ''RJ r
sacrificed Dagoyan Masters by dr;j11110 h rangaw1c 11
g t eir Foree , ,~

. J t
1l1e Balicllari Rovdl P(llace sits atop a massive stone spire. The ancient port city of Jour-un has bee
J d. t. rooms
1~ d spra1"' 1ng con1plex of living quarters. me rta ion . for thousands of years. It is the planers n a tr,,drrg
Jrd the Bal1k toy Council Chamber. The elected monarchs and merchants from across the galaxy ca:~ior 5Pace;llfl!,
0111clCJI r~s1dence occupies the top levels of a square stone business here. Trade is carefully regulated at~ founa dQ1.11i
to1ve1 U1al protrudes rrom the top of the spire. guards keep the peace. and an intricate b our-un IGv
The palace winds around several stories of its host sprre. sures lhat no illegal goods enter or leave th cy er
ard some or 1ls hallways and rooms are carved into the rock city's peace and safety is maintained through t~ Planet TIJe
itself Ong1nally constructed from vvood-1t 1as a der:ion- and a large network of informers who help ferretcity guards ~fe,ee
. kl .
legal act1v1ty qu1c Y and quietly. Anyone lookin t
e out a~y 9'!~ ctJJYJ:.
strat1on of strength to 11aul its massive timbers up the sp1re.- 0
1t has been expanded and remodeled several times over its in black market trade will need to do so elsewheg engage
re. ',9S
thousand year lifespan. Jour-un 1s built on an enormous natural harbor 1n .Jhllt "
....... e~u v 0
(f\ le!
The palace functions as both a political and a religious . d . Th e c1'ty 1s surrounded on all sides by the sheeanar-0\',
fior ~~~ oerers1ve 2 SW
seat ol power. ll is normally accessible only via a long. ar- cI1.ffs of Bardottas mountains.
. I
but a narrow switchbargrdnre
, t ....,
Ci( ""l.k
-- -
duous chmb up the spire. This isn't intended to separate grants access to t he city. n modern times, the port
Lhe Dagoyan Masters from the rest of Bardottan society:
. . d f
to starsh1ps 1nstea o watercraft. In response. builders ha.
instead. Lhe physical iourney mirrors the spiritual journey filled the harbor with living quarters and commeroal stru~
a BardotLan must undergo to become a master. A single tures: what was once a lively shipping way is now a vast~ ?51.r'S w..na }ears 1n incense
landing plalform has been carved into the top of the spire. work of canals, serviced by gondolas and othersmallwatt: . t>. rig astate in whrcfJ they
allowing offworld dignitaries to visit Lhe palace without the craft. Owning a house on the water in Jour-un 1s cons1derea . i~e are only a fe1v dozen
exerting climb Lo the top. a major status symbol among Bardottans. ::i;i ~-,.and only twelve of the
: l,.:llfle Tne others spend the
HALSOUN MONASTERY ~ a.:ous Dagoyan mystic comrtll
This ancient Frangawl temple cave is nestled into the base . \~s:ers do ~ot f
of the same spire upon which the Bardottan Royal Palace
Tucked away on a low, rocky island off the westemmostc' use therr c yp1cally enga
was built. A winding path ends at the maw of the cave. which
Bardotta's two southern continents, the Halsoun Monasrery .. ~Ole we1~~nect1on with the
is the home of a special sect of the Dagoyan mystic tratf' .Y.am Par g conf/1cc as a s
Bardottans still consider an important site. Most only know
ti on. The Dagoyan tradition teaches that masters shou dr: I.
it as a senes of catacombs that has a mystical significance
separate themselves from the rest of society; instead. [)lfi
lost to time However. deep in its tunnels lies something far
should be leaders. A select few masters. however. 'eei Crt"
more sinister.
pelled to remove themselves from the world at largeano .e
The cave mouth opens into a complex labyrinth of natu- a completely ascetic lifestyle. These masters retreat io tre
ral tunnels that are exceedingly difficult to navigate without Halsoun Monastery, an ancient fortress that has been c.
a guide or a map Occasional hints of the cave's original verted to accommodate Dagoyan monks.
purpose dot its walls and floor: carved Frangawl symbols rhout spea' -
Halsoun monks may go months or years wi .., n,
worri with age. peeling paintings, and the occasional dis- They iv.
carded artifact. to, or setting eyes on. another Bardottan. of rnedita
cells and spend their time in a constant state onks P:" ~
,If a visitor knows where to go, the cave eventually opens A small lay staff that exists to support them
in,o a vast cavern hewn from the spire. Th is is the Frangawl
food water and other supplies. ""' .
tern~le, an enormous complex devoted to the ancient reli- ture
.f I stone stnrc 1i" '
g10~ s <Jark praclices. Rusted cages hang from th 1 The monastery itself is a beau ti u t out the
. . not a secre .
while rarnps lead cJown Lo the gaping maw of ed ce1in~.
in primary colors. Its location 15 'de through Jn r"
statue carved rrom dark stone a racon1c remote and only accessible at 101" ti landing p!Jt'OI ,\
no natura1 e1' J
The stone statue is an avata f sand causeway. There are , ltnough tlier ~ti
war dernon worshipped by the F~a~1 l\11afrnourral, an ancient the island Visitors are welcorTie. D i suPt'11e' 1fl
rood allc ;ee
gawl practice lheir rituals th gawl cult Wiren lhc Fra11- ken ru le that tl1ey sl1ould biing equest'to>
w1th rnagical energy This ~ta~u~~~~lh of the dragon crackles rnonaslic cornrnun 1tl Any
one who r
ouy angles downward to- " . decline
n1onk is politely buL 1111111Y


AN 1111 Ii 11 111>1111 IA 1 ,11 r ,, 1/ <f.;f11f1 1 1 rJ11c1 J1r;r f'11r '~,
Viltf fl Jf tll t( k I 1r1 ( It ( f),tl ''':f' r (tf. JfJPJ~rJ<- ~n
rl1f hr 11111 t,f I h 11 1 Ur rJt r11 r, r Jr,<,, '; r ,,1 Jri 1j 1 , r~r tt e

llht,1111111111 111 Vvlhlhlt 11ul11111111 1111 1r 1111111 ,, 1111 !

Ii IP,lly .,, lv1 '''' Ill,~,, J lfJ(T1t.,11 rr (" '{
JI1P,..r:,rJr '~ ( '1U
II I ' Irt { v. (,, {( )
t11t.1111ultt "' r 111111tl 11111\ t11111t11111 11 , 1111 ,11111 IH
I qul11n1111 t : Wol~lri 1 t 'I' HAr 1<. [Jrl'f '1f 1 r.J r4 ',,
Ir 111 111tl lltllh fl 11111 11 \\/111 tlu t 1 111lirii1h rl 111 I tyt 1111
I 1 II' 1('< tl I l>r '>ff( nl I J, f'Jh0'
(1 l \ 111 ll ll ltl!I llllllt lH '1t 1
ltlilll llullll I It llfjl Ill t Ill II 1
It nt t\' ll 11 'I 11 rlll r 1111\ 'HHI I~ 11'1 1111 1 1 11, 111 f!r 1,, 11
pl l~t 1l1 ll'l 11111\ II\
/\ L111y r11111<1111 v of f3,1rcJ01 t.:1n, !'1ng f'J' a '' J[r '; t~e r!W',
BARDOTTAN PAlAC GUARD [MINION) Wilt 111111 r f<lflP,D 1tll fUhrJ UI! ,, pl;;n<L fh(:'".e ((Jll ,I<, ~~c J')U
,111v c (111111n t1, ,fay 111 Lhf ,t1,ldov1',, tnt:1r t ~ret c;;3 o<~ ~fr,
\.~ih 1111''.\ 11 111 '-'ll I~ udot1111'"1111111. <11111111111to1.' 1.,, J1Ill , f>\((dlf 1I
l1l<Jdr11, 11111 01 '.i ,11J11.1lly Jhc r11" ?,rrr11-., In fJ()~;':' e' 'JlPJl ro
11 1~r 1,ti\ 11 I 11 Ill' c.1111d'> 11111 ln111111ll1l1I" np 111 ,111 111 .,, liul
r11.ik" i1pr1llU<111 rn<11c iJgr11nst tr r lJ;1ur)yan (;,4?,sltrfl
tll I ll 1111U ll ktll. ,111 ldll IY l1t,l1d I llllJ' I I 111 J1111) Jlllld kP.I'
k; \\ lifU\ lit 111 l\ 1 l\'ulllll 11111p!1111I'1)1 11, iltlt tlitl Ill', I 1,H1{1 1wl t u111i:,1 s w<:rJt IJfge. fe;(Jr:KJrrc rnasv-; r,ar 1ed
frorn W0(1<I 111 1liP r,h:ip1. of fanta~uc c.rc:attJres In ;,rJcJ tl'Jn
1u 'rrn 1111g drl unr,r!LI llr1g !3ppcaranc.e. these rnasY-s hrde thE!
I 111l1 1,fS' 1d1 rlllltr>S

'"' I I 11 I~ '11//I '. 'i(!J II I/ I/I I I,,_\/

3 a 2 0
S~i ll ' lt!oup only) : Cul)!, IVli ltp
~le nt' l\Jl 111 12 a o
Abihtil', . NotH
Equ1pnltnt: l\~1 dot tn11 t;lfc lt ol.11H l' (M<'le1~. (),11nae1 b, Cr11 Skllls: Coe rc1on 2. lt/lelP< /
f'l'rcPpllon l , 'J1g1lance ?
1~.111ec 1111e.i1~Pc1I. l:>t;ft11s1vr. 2. Sl1111 sct1111gJ
Talents: r~one
Abilities: None.
DAGOYAN MASTER [NEMESIS] Equipm ent: Spear (Melee.
Darnagc 6; Critical 3, Range
D.1gov.1n tvl.i-;lf't"> ~Pt'tll l yc ,11s In 1111.cn,c sLucly Dnd rncdila
IFngagedlJ, thrown spear
uon L)('IOl t' cll l lll'V111r. J <;Lelle In wl11(1l Lliuy arc worthy of the
(Ranged IL1ghll: Damage 6:
l1tlt "t\.l<l':>IL' I " 1IH'lt' .1rt' only cl lrw do1c11 Dagoyan Masters
Critica l 3; Range !Short]),
evl r\ Cl~llt'I 111011 Jnd only l welvc of l11e111 can s1l on the bag or sleeping powder
cou11c1I Cit nny 111nt> l l1l' at.hers spend their lirne Leaching (Ranged !Light]; Damage
and lec.1d111g \'t-111ous l)c1goya11 n1ysllc co1n1nun1ues. , Cnucal ; Range [Short!.
not typical ly engage in combal. In
Dagoy{111 f\.1 llste1s do I .im1Led Ammo 1. if a tar-
foct they will use tllc11 conneclton wiU1 the Force to avoid gel is h1l by this attack,
t \vhencvcr po::>sible viewing conflict as a sad arufact frorn It musl make a Hard (.
B; rdoua's distnnl past.
++l Resilience check,
lhe target suffers l 0
strain if he fails. plus I
strain per {} J

2 14 21 a a
Skills: (11'.)crc on~. Cool/, l) iscipl 1nt' 3 . Cducalion 5, Leader
~hip 2 Prrcept1on 2, Vigilance 3.
Talents: Advcr(ary I (l1pg1ndc d1fflt ulty of all combat cl1ccks
'. ' th15 t;Jr{:e1 LWtli>), lorct Rating '.S .

~brllties: I or<e PowP1 l~ l n<l [As a11 ac. llon. u1e D1;1goynn
'"'' 1' nray rriakt d B11 1d fJOVI< r 1 l1<c k Tl 1r. chdractc1 rnay
(~C:rld (. lo 1111111ol;ll 1111 OIH' I(H g p l WI lh I11 <:i llOrl I llllgP., ()
to clffE:cL Olli' i1ddltl<JllcJI tnrgel, rJll<l C t I.CJ irilfl< l r, sl r:1111
;:;~H.ver ar1 dfl<c l <'d tarr,1)t LtJke5 ;1n c11l1011 J. 101< ti Pui-v
r nt,c !111 1 l)aooyd n Ma'>ter 111<.JY 111ak1>a Se11~t: pow1' 1
(terk a~ an actio nn l 11(' c naracter 1nc1y "ifJ<>11cl () 10 '>P 11 "'"
ilflt hvine Lreatur e w1 tll1n 1iort ranee rJr Lhe trnul 1o11d I
srote of dllY ~ c.1 1<1lu11 w1t1 11n engaged rdnge As cin (.Ill ion,



I '

lff I \'t(ltld of l)'IChl ... kll \ ll!Cl ltn1 ltd lllP,hl *'i~llk
UI ti
A ll) 11... unton!"'lOn ...1n1 "'"ll rn tonhgur u1or1 Th '>~ rrm
'l.'lS l\\'O SlJIS. ll11c rl1dnV In lhL e iii.Ji..~ l)Ul ,,.., lhr('P plrHl('L<; THE CIVILIZED GALAXY
orti ,, 11 1~ ttt{ 1C1rgr1 51 1r Aurt 11, p~s ng hetwr.cn rt nrli.l 11 1 ~
s!1Jt1llci ~t:ir. R\ t'llt As Lill pldllt.il h lS ri fac,ter than <rv<rdge Most c1uzens of Auratcra regarded the ..-ergencc as I ttle more
row LIO" ttll.' sh1rs l&lll up \ur ateras sky the maiority or than a m>'SLerrous sour<.!! of trouble, dr<r111ng aggresS1\C Force
ttic a:iie N1ghtt1rnL1 only truly o<.curs \\'hen Atirell complete- users who then sought to ahgn the planet with thc,r po111cal
' ec' pc;es R~er11 The rest of the llrne. the amount or light 1n1erests Dunng the time of U1e Republtc. most ot the set
\urJll ra rl'CC'IVC' lrorn Rye11 depends on rlS proximity and tiers and colonists ran farms. forestry operauons. or rariches,
!lleii co1rprirdlt\ <' or bits Somet1n1es the two stars are adja exporting foodstuffs and other products to the surrounding
cerl 1n thl' sky, resullrng in very bnghl days and \liarmer tem- systems. Each successive ~var drove more res1ctenL'> awa /from
perat.11s. but at other times Aurell lights the day and Ryern the vergence. and evenn1<Jlly off\.vorld altogether. By the lime
bncrtens the nrghL When at its closest point to Auratera. Ry tile fast Sith War ended. Auratera was a ~var-torn ""reek. only
er,, provides atJout a lh1rd of the light that Aurell does. about I 00,000 beings rerna1ned. scattered 1n small co~"nc;
across the planet The forest quickly reclaimed the destroyed
For thousands of years. Jedi and other Force users have
and abandoned to1vns and Slr clCtures
speculated L11al Lhe unusually bright skies have slrengthened
Lhe light side of the Force on Auratera. \Nhife no one t1as de In a bid to protect the vergence and the world from yet
ft'.'! Lively proved such a connecuon, there is no doubt that another Sith resurgence and from other dark side adherents.
1.11e lrght side 1s stronger than normal on the planet. Some an lthonan Jedi I\1Clster Nareen Cale. successfully altered
speculate that the connecllon is indirect as the add1t1onal the official vvilr reports to 1nd1cate that the planet was a total
sunlight enables more plants to grow and anrmals to flourish, loss nnd 1vould be env1ronn1entall~ dangerous for centuries
vh1ch. they posit, in turn strengthens the light side. to come l his reinforced efforts to secretly reclassrfy the
systcn1 as uninhabrted and undes11able rn official astronav1
An alternative theory centers on a pO\AJerful vergence 1n gallon charts. The ren1aining residents fully supported the
the Force that existed before, and probably \-vas U1e cause measure. having had enough violence The Jedi checkecl in
of, the planet's ancient drscovery According to this account, on l11e vcrgencc penod1cally, and occasionally secretly vis-
the vergence drew a now long-forgotten Force user to the ited the disparate inhabited zones.
\vorld. The Acablas vergence. as rt became known. is a site
of focused Force energy so powerful LhaL only experts in the
Force can enler the area safely. Access to the Acablas ver LIFE CARRIES ON
gence likely attracted the earliest settlers. but the planet's
widespread hibrek tree forests and s11\1eeping green plains Tho efforts lo conceal Aurater<J'S ex1sLence largely c;11ccecdcd.
naturally drew rts share of colonists. Al its height. the world and Lhe world successfully rernained hidden lrom the Ropub
\Vas home Lo almost five mrllron beings. lie and the En1pire. Only Ll1e Jedi Council and a rcw select
research staff and individuals were aware or its existence, and
Unfortunately. ancient Auratera couldn't avoid l11e dra Liley resolved lo keep the secret to hide it from Lhe resurgent
rnat1c power swings l11al s11\1ept through this region of the Sitl1. Since ll1e Jedi Order was destroyed. almost no one 111
galaxy Sometrrnes the planet was conquered. but at 0U1e1 the outside galaxy knows of 1l. The towns and settlements
limes 1t srmply switched sides vvhen ne1N rulers dominated carry on and keep to themselves. They have only short range
the sector. The power and mystery of the Acablas vergence sensors and limited defense. with no control of space- within
invariably drew the interest of some of the most powerful Lheir own systeni. They periodically lose residents who ~vant
Jed. Masters and Silh Lords dunng those eras. As such. the to leave or travel the galaxy. Those individuals seem to have
vergence is virtually surrounded by ancient ruins of Jedi kept the secrel intact. if for nothing more than to protect
Te'llples and Sith buildings. overlaying the foundations of friends and loved ones. The inhabitants ad1usted to the low
even older structures. See The Acablas Ruins, on page gravity and shorter than average days generations <1go anc.t
ao. for more 1nformalron find standard gr avily Lo be a bothersome burden

p 111ay a~>oul
l:-ittr fJ1"'rar.tr-r5
Jf'arr1 rnost of U1cc;e po111I s of
rntere~.t oncP lhey arrrv(' arid 1n<Jke: run tac r with Ille loc.t1I
111c11ls cind n11clc11l texls, rl1 lc1c11cps to lhc F\t.ibl<ls vergtric.1
arl' cas1C'sl 10 locale otitt: lllt'Y k110\-v whctl lo look tor (St't'
1nhauna t
h 11 ~. a'isurn111e Liley <a11 co11v111ce sor11f'IJody tu let Ik Io I 1, 1gP 80 for The Acablas Ruins l
l em ll1ey rrv1y also find a fev-1111i11or ncitts tn l11sto1K docll


DC'\\ll)11eht ' ln lltivr r '"iorn r ited ( il-.. C'll rour,h
I J: f'Cl(I l l r l' 1he 1111011an~ on t\ur Jtt."fa h i\>e tort~
dl dll ll( ti Lhr I 11\ l ~ to rr'-lOI n, II lO ll 'i 11 lll.lf I c;t Jll
rolu\\1n 11e ~1\h \\ Jrc. \o\ 1 Ir t11r ast \\ lr \\JS JI u.rt
I l)l)l) \l' }!"') )ec t'lert: arc <.ll I llr'" l >lie.it 1nd din
t;l r... u l11 f'i al<, 1nd dflt'll'' to nt 11lr ~1 1 1e In keeping
\\ti ILl'Ofl<lll Lr lllll Ill [1(\\lbr1ghl SllC. dhOYl' tll(' sur
fcic_e of tlil w1)rld vr PIL -.:dtl d platrorms It 1c; tucked
1r ltl a 11' t'P c l1\ r l r t hf> c l':>ter r coast of the large nland
("' ~tc..il (\l J 11 t lthor1a1's use boats and sk1mrners to
tT.3\rl tile ..,0 Hid It$ 11\ers to reacti restoration siles far
ard '"''rir ll'O~s thl' region. Devvbnght is in the southern
he111,p'1t 1c ori the oppos1le side of U1e 1\lorld fron1 the
.\c blab Ruins

Ef'k<'C're R1<Jgc s a 1llln meandenng mountain range that
S,f>hts Auratcra's la1 gest conuncnl. rorm1ng an unbroken line
bel,'\leen tile planet's noru1 and south poles. The tall. 1agged
rnounta1ns creaLl' a pronle similar to the ragged teetll or
a 1>r1n11t1ve hovv sa\\' Its most prominent tealure is Oran's
Petik, Lhc tallest n1ounta111 111 the ndge. standing llalf again
Lile ltc1gl1L ol rls lou1 closest neighbors Tl1e ndge and
Dr an 's Peak a1e v1s1 ble 1rom L11e Ac abias Rtuns. and once
pli1Yl'cl a part 111 Sith sorcery r 1tuals at un1es vvllen the ver-
gf"nce WrtS allgnccl w1t11 the dark side

ll111n is U1e cloi:,csl acllve sell lernent lo tl1e Acablas Ruins,
bul 11. 1s sllll over -:S,000 kilorneters away and 011 the olhcr
side or Lhe Er keerc Ridge ll 1s a Lown or about 8.000 be
1ngs. n1ost1y llumans and Twi'leks. It 11as no sLarport., but
1t does have landing pads for airspeeders. Hriin sits on
h1gl1 blulfs on Ll1e no1 Lh bank or L11e Hnin River. wl11ch is a
source oi lood as \"!ell as 1"later and Lransport Basic heall11
and maintenance services are available, but power is
problernatic.:. as t11e town's old. ~vater-driven generators
arc exlrcrnely temperan1ental. An elected chancello1
over'>ees 1he Lown and ts services.

Sr-r J!Oro 1s Aur atcr a's largest city, with a popula
ton of ol)oUL ~o.ooo l1urnans and Duros. IL is lo
Col 1 rrght or L11e equator. on a large island like plain
rvr~~c.J lJy ll1r s1z 5tH rouncJing inland seas and Lr1eir
tvt rs I .inn~. dlld c0mpou11d~ are scaucred ll1rou t I
tl11 r1c1011 Str oloro 111~~ ~;bout d lt1lrd of l11u WD 'g 1ou.
lhce11Jl1r~lrorr1ttl'A1i111la f>u111~ ltt- ll I y,round
. ' . ta';) IC p drlPI '!) rno I
~.1Jva11(1(J r,L,Hf>l)fl, I <1rn111{.rt1C? l1ltl1> 1111)1(' 111 .I ~
llclllBcH'i lor S"IVI( 111g <1ld l111nt1t1r< IJ' t>d , I dll J ew
~ 1' , ,,, l)IJ y 1-111ly
ror V';.llll1g Lill ';Ul<,td< al Jf.Y 111 1 1 l '
' ' ' I '/ I , r ll ll'rl 1 .1
Covc1 nc,r for 1 rf" I lr ellCJ 1~ 11 ,,.. 1 11 1/
rna11 re:.:vrlc(J bv ll (1',r> Wll<' Off, ( '1111 n111ric ldllr 1111
J )IJ!)I )/J ( 11c1J
at dCld1u011 "' PO\AJf 1 ic,~ r.r T1'1',


:> l b.. \ lilt: Cik)'>!lcl'l' 1c, <JI uer av1.in cr&uturc w1U1 a w1ngSpdr1 of up
.J t c to luu rn le 'S lac. motlle:d, blue 1vh te plumage gives 1l natu
, di l 1moull 1g<' dnd \'vnltr fciat~ers actorn the leading edges
l rn~ I ll ;:,
' of ll~ 1v1ngs It<> rou1 11m1>~ end .n powerful talons. which .
..>r't'tt ~ \ ~ t ..\c. ::ib Ru s l '1e
) s
-"' ~ " lt J " ~..;e \I \t st1,11e5 Jlo"g '~Ith its long. hooked bectk. ae stark ~vh1le The crca
t <l "~ o - e>' tti.. e:u est ~~ \ \.iirs l'l lure has fou1 deep blue eyc5. t~Jo <Jt Hie top or rts head ancl
<:" - s e ,3 btir t Jnd exa... tl\ ho\~ or l\vo on the botton1 Th s al 011s tne skysnare to constantly
s1 r e\ the ground. even while 11y1ng and nav1gat1ng al high
speed Skysnares are found mainly 1n Auratera's mountain
1 anges. including on the Erkeere Ridge. bul a srnall floe K also
CREATURES AND lives near the Acablas Ruins.
HALLENGE Asrde from their enormous size. the most fnghtenlng as
pect of the skysnares that live near the ruins is their limited
3-_ vs a" :'!la e encompasses nauve creatJres supple

Force ability A skysnare can sense living creatures and po-
~ec ... o<'S!'oots o recogn zab e dolT'est cated animals
tential prey 1vh1le flying several hundred meters above the
-~ tr~ ti"e anaen: co:o"' s.s HO\\e er the Imported
ground Ho1\lever instead of simply diving and grabbing its
: "'3Ve ons s nee aoar:ed t.:: i'le ,, orlo's IO\'ler grav
prey. 1t uses the Force to pull rts target into the air. \.vhere it
-... terd to be ta ter ano thinner t"ar the,. nterstellar
catches tl wrth its talons Given the creature's natural stealth
~ ~ ~s_ a"a the\ have sma !er eyes :o compensa e for the
and camouflage while flying. it is highly skilled at sneaking
t- t" :ere ~ o~meri~
up on its prey unnoticed before yanking it into the arr.


- "f :J-ateran '"eenee .s one of ..,e pr mary \\Orl<1ng beasts
...sea b) ocal nhab1tan'5. The or g.rial reenee \,as genett-
:a 1 eqg ~eereo cunng the Rep..ib' c TOf"' l,l'lat 'S no\'/ a 2 10
.u-g-1.JS: soeaes to serve as a pack a('t rria Tne reenee 1s
a ro.. r...fegged beast \'< th clawed <eet able to grasp rocks. Skills: Brawl 3. Coordination 1. Perception 2. Stealth 2. Vigi-
tr.:nc".es and other footholds. It stands ore to one and a lance 2.
1-a F ne:ers ta! The beast's strong thick neck ends in a ~vide. Talents: Draw Closer (the skysnare may take a Draw Closer
jc:'Tled head encircled b 1 a half-dozen eyes, and its meter- action. making a Brawl combat check against one silhouette
.:i11g snou: rs prehers1le Its ra11 can extend in whip-like fash- l (or smaller) target within medium range and adding O O
"l from .tS normal ha f-Meter coil out to three meters.
to the check. The skysnare may spend () before resolving I

the success or failure of the check to move the target one

r"f Aurateran reenee 1s coiiftgured for low gravity with range band closer to the skysnare (including from short to
';".Xferare-weignt fur " shades of gray. green. and brown. It engaged). It may also spend () to add ':(:[. to the combat
: gr.:er 1n we gh than mar; of its cousins. but is perfectly check. If the skysnare cannot move its target to engage it.
serv ~be on J...urarera The inhabitants still use domesti- the combat check automatically misses).
r:a~ed ree'iee. ou mass e v d herds run free in some of the Abilities: Flyer (skysnares can fly; see page 208 in the
.ager grassy pfa1rs SJch herds formed from the thousands Force and Destiny Core Rulebook} Silhouette 2.
o' reenee left ber "d b, t'1er o~vners when colonists aban- Equipment: Hooked beak {Brawl; Damage 4; Critical 3:
OO"Ed tile planet during the arcient wars. Range !Engaged!; Pierce 3), talons (Brawl; Damage 5: Critical
4. Range !Engaged!. Ensnare 3).

4 15 a a
Skills: Athletics I Brawl J Coordination 1. Resilience 2.
'.: ,r.,. v,,1?
Talents: r~one.
Abilities: 8e~st of Burden 4 (Aurateran reenee add 4 to
'l'\e r enc Jr~t>rance thref>hold}. Domesticable 2 (downgrade
1 ,,r JI' I of che.cks to trarr Aurateran reenee twice), Silhou-
t e ?.. rra nc:d ~AotJr. J la<Jd DD to rider's survival checks
e. r'lcJJn..,d
vn or P irol eran rl?ence)
~ 0 Pment: Prerens1le sn<JUl (Brawl Damage 2. Critical 5:
ti;:~ ~~ngagedl. Enc;nare I Knockdowr J l.d1l (Brawl. Dam
' 1Lrca '1, P.ange !Engaged!: D!sorierL 2. Knockdown) .

nl\' t optiv~1c a' but also IL 1s a no1n1 or pride for most Aleena rhat tncy arc v1cll
l 1 t n-. ~nt1t nt SPE'(1~ make
'l'I t e pas ib 1!\ of a th rd existing
a\vare lhat thesr so called pr1n11uvc hrestvle 1~ u m;1r1er of
cro1ce clnd relrg1ous faith E'ien 1\ leena young) ngs CcHI rer.1tc
, s 1 ti u ae'\"1or1d the details of the comri;ict 1vilh the K1ndalo thaL 1nclircctly
'ed to t11eir ancestors' ernbrac111g a pastoral, low tect1 fife
HISTO,RY AND CULTURE st~ le 1n keeping with their spiritual beliefs.

-,. are ~ ro...vn to I vc across the \\'Ider galaxy,

~ as d stant from the Core as Tatooine to lhe
,.. 'l~ metropo.1s of Coruscant. n1ost representa- For their part. the b10Juminescent. plantlike K1ndalo of the
e sea ed rept I.an species encountered by travelers Underworld also maintain little or no contact vv1th wider ga
r J"'Cestry ~o Aleer lvl nor This Inner Rim world was lact.c society D\velling 1n caverns produced by the growth
~ 1 l'le A.leena during one of their long-ago expan of lhe arbozo1c trees' gigantic root systems (it has been es
~ DP"odS when they embraced high Lechnolog1es and umated that as much as lwo-th1rds of the mass of a typical
o the ' dtterillon out\vard arbozorc specimen 1s contained in its roots). the to\vering.
""), - C1en1zens or the surface of .i\leen proper. ho~vever. have skeletal K1ndalo are obsessed with their own privacy Prac
... ,,.,e las fmv m llenn1a 1n self-imposed seclusion from lltioners of a forrn of government unknown elsewhere 1n 'he

~of the galaxy They are alwavs welcom ng and gener- galaxy, lhe Kindalo take no action at the societal level un-
; ~ tn their few v1s1tors. but mindful at the societal level less every single K1ndalo agrees. This insistence on absolute
~ t e1r distant ancestors undertook a carefully del1ber
consensus not only results in very few actions being taken by
~:a dec1s;on to conflne themselves to a low-technology llfe
the notional K1ndalo government. but also has led poli tica l
~ foe.used on family and fa 1th following a cataclysmic \'Var.
theorists and xenologists Lo speculate that the total number
or Kindalo must be quite small.
1hal war 1s main y remembered through oral histories
The Underworld, where the Kindalo dwell. however. 1s sur-
nd the complex pictograms that adorn the pediments of
prisingly large. ll supports a complex ecosystem completely
the towering stone statues that surround most Aleena settle-
separate from that of the planetary surface. to the point or
rrents It was waged between the Aleena and the subter-
havirig an atmosphere substantially different from that 1n
ranean Kndalo 1n the early days of the Republic. long be-
which the Aleena thrive. In fact, the different atmospheres
fr;re hyperlane scouts from Duros discovered (or perhaps
are mutually toxic to the two species. How the atmospheres
'ed >eovered) the planet and its peoples. The human-centric
re~a in_ e~ ti rely separate on a planet known to be seismically
holarsh1p of the Empire has expended little effort on prob-
active 1s 1ust one of the questions that Republic and. later,
~; Aleen's past. but 1-vhat is knovvn suggests that at least the
Imperial planetologists have raised about Aleen .
Ari::na and possibly the K1ndalo. were client species of the
P.akatan Infinite Empire. though liltle evidence of any such
,,_ upat1on remains above or below ground today. THE GREAT SEAL
At some point in the distant past. the Aleena and the Kindalo
RELIGION AND clashed in a devastating war that savv the deployment of ter
GOVERNMENT rible technological weapons. The battles that raged on and
below the surf~ ce decimated both populations. with as many
.' i:!"l, r.if phys1c~f culture that do exist prove the Aleena casualties attributable to the intermixing or the dual atmo-
'f ' ' i-''O'>~c;c;t><f or a sophisticated and ancient way of life. spheres as to blasters and blades. While the reasons for this
",r n r 10 a raulL the Aler~ na live 1n close-knit family groups, ancient conflict have been forgotten. the ultimate result h<is
-ti "I r I Jt r ore (Jrgan11ecJ into larger kinship clades known not A compact. still reverently spoken of by both peoples.
0 > 1.a~ ~~ Ac. Alecna $((tlcn1cn1s tend to be small. a single was forged The aim of this covenant was to forever scp0
'.r.i~~J:> rr11gttt c01ripric;13 LhP. entire population of a village or rate the Aleena and Kindalo, and 1t took physic<JI forrn 1n ttie
,Qttu l t ,, c ;rllc.1 n11 n1tiur ~ or ca( ti r.al1lko act as represen Grea t Seal. which prevents the two wo1 Ids 1ron1 1neet111g.
.iti,,(' n a ptll11i>Wry .idv1<;<1ry body, which keeps in com Since the Underworld is a cornplex of cave1 ns th,n spre<Jd~
rn Jr,,, dlJQn Vlo r ari <'II 111our1 tld t <JUr 1ers This body elects t l1roughout t11e upper er usl of the enl11e plc1net, till ttlrt icy
~' 10 c1rJ:."es lh<> Al1~111ci k1 11 g r111: ldtfl':ly cerernon 1al post is or 1l1e c; redt Seal llilS llOt!ll d SOll ll (' ol ! llUC~l 'l->Ctllllllil>ll
tJ ~ 11 t hel<J by a dlst1ncu1slled prre~L. wt1os<' < )11<>1d1Jl1Ps111
<11nong lhc le\'>/ gc1lc1t l 1c -;cl1oli1rs .1wc.1rl' ol 1ts ex1~te11cc, 1v1t11
ot '' Of hr 1r.1t1np a1 rollg1ous c.cir P1110111<:'>, ,H.trng .i<; I hu vole<! nro'>l l1t>llC'v111g Lll;11 IL i. ":oo111Pho1v 11nb11ecl \Vltll the Force
r lC' AIPr-na Wllh r,111 uf lworld v1s1LcJ1S nnd 1na1rlln111111g ll1t!
-.ir<'at C,e I I .
<1 <;tc Points of Interest, page r)/; l


~ernesses between lhe Widely separatecJ Aleena romrnur11
l ies and ho1ncsLcads. They use Lhe isolation to nbscrvf. th(
naLural worlcl and discuss their species' place In t.hc galn1y
~llhough 1nany wanderers leave behind friends and family,
ll ls not In the na ture or the gregarious Aleena to cut thern
s~lvcs off from family permanently The wanderers usually
circle back Lo home and heart~1 at least once every year or
two to check on the health and happiness of their clan mem-
bers. bless any newborn children. and enjoy a few days 1Nith
a roor over their heads.

In addition Lo their travels. these groups of wanderers

often maintain lhe colossal statues built by earlier genera
tions. Usually. this is a simple matter of keeping a passage-
way clear of debris or driving off native fauna that seek
to make their dens there. However. on occasion. as in
the wake of one of the not-infrequent groundquakes that
plague lhe planet. groups of Aleena must band together
to effect larger repai rs, usually drawing on t he resources of
nearby communities. In these cases. the Aleena communi-
t ies showcase their knowledge of engineering and masonry.
7 fol lowing the directions of the travelers in righting fallen
wl 3 Resilience 2, Vigilance 2. statues and repairing damaged features. Somet imes these
Skills: BraNat u~al Brawler (once per session may reroll any
repairs are so extensive as to constitute practical replace-
ments of entire statues. It was these rare instances that
1 or Melee check). .
on: . :a~ Ni htvision (suffer no penalties when moving,

Ab1ht1es. Fi ~ting in low-light conditions or darkness), P~n

disproved earl ier theories, held by offworld xenologists,
that slated the Aleena could not have been responsible for
bui lding the monuments in the first place.
hunting, or g d more than one maneuver moving
derous (can never spen
per turn). . dy fists (Brawl; Damage 9: Critical
E uipment: Massive woo )
4.qRange [Engaged!: Concussive I. Knockdown .
\llAH VAi /If


Skills (group only): Coordination. Charm. Knowledge llore).
mbark on quasi-spiritual
The deeply spiritual Aleena _ofte~h:m traveling from village Mechanics, tv1ed1c1ne. Survival.
iourneys ivhen the mood strrkes II 'elderly Aleena gather Talents: None.
til village across Aleen. ~he~~ usua Y .vander the stony wil- Abilities: Silhouette 0
1n groups of !Ike-minded rndivrduals to 1 Equipment: Robes. traveling pack.


fC)OJS Of! FOdJt
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I'! Ill 11 IHI 111111 Ii I lit I 1111 I tr q11
llllllq 111 I I 1 ' I II II I 11111 I I I ,, II I I 11
Ho I I 111 ,, , ,, 111111 Ill If 11It'11(1 hllt 'I f11r1' 1111111111 I '"'''
111 1!h 1111 t1111 I 11111111 1 11.1111 1111< 11l I
II r1 I 1111111 I
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f fi1 111~1 11111 11111 11111 tilt Ill ltlflll 111 Y l II
Ill tllll I 11~1i.111111111lhllt I ll1h1\lttl\f1f11111h 111111 111d 11111fj1iu111 111 1 111i ur1 111111 r111111,,, r 1111111 ltr1W1 "'"'
Ii h 111 fh 1111 1<11 Hill I 1111 I 1111111 ~!Ill 111 I I 111!\VI I I 11 1 1111plr 111' 1111111111 I 11'J1r11ril lf1111lr I 111 1111111( Wltll
1.1111ild I' Ii{ f'l 11111111111111111 11 111111 ll'ftlfllt
111 11ly r ,,,.,, \-'41III111.w11I11i11rr1r11111 1 111 '" r I '" 111 lllir I 11111
ii ipl lldllllth 1111111! I 11111 Ii 1ll(l11111llt1ll1~ 1 1111 1 I 1111111 1111111111 r 111h1pf1l 1I 1111! 11 rl11t 11 I lf1 IV
II \ 1\\ll 11111I1111 1111 11111 Ill Ii Ill lh
Ill jlllllllflPl! 1[11ly
I I\ l I 111\111 \II 11Hl1 11 11l\ 1\1111111 Ill[ ' 111\ 1111111111 111\1111
111 11 Ill 11111111111111\ '111111 ('l'IHh I lilltl 11. 111fl111111
I 11 1 1ltrlJI 1111rl 11 llr 1 f 1111111 111 1trl Ir, 111/f l1t 1f r1 1c llV 1 1
1111 1111 11 1, 1fl!llll1.,1 11 H'" 111 111111W1 !11frt1il11f1111 ll
I .1111111111111 1111111 l 't'l'lll1)l1 111d ~ I Iii r Iv If 11th 11 I 10fll n
l I 11 \II )11.l!'ll 1111, dll11l1 1 l\'llf1lllt 1I 111111 I 1111111 I llliill 11 11111 11111111111111 y 11111. 1111111 1111111111 llt \'1lllJJ1l 111 1 '" 1d1
Pl\1. I d l\1 1 11111111111 11 llliP ,] 111\ I 111j11 \ 1111111111 111,1111\ 11, 1 111 11 11 .il "11 11 1 l1t 1111 l'"'"'r11 111 111 111l111v pl 11111t r ulll
\\Ill I 11111111111 \\'I ll q11l11d 1111 111\IV 11 I 111 .111111 11 Iii\ Ill 1111 I 'I ,, , 11, II I Ill 11111 ti If II

l'l \ 11 \, 'Ull lIP 111111\1111 111\111\1 1.11111ltl 111 ti 1\ 1, 1\\1IV1111111 N11t 111 111 11 ,11 11, w11111 fi1 11111i1 .. ,,, w111111v L 111 '" Pie n1v "r
1 ,111111\\ l.tllll' 111 l 11 .1tlh1111111 11. 1111 111 Pitt\ llllHI 1l1d 111 I lllV 11111111111. 11,11t1111111 l1vp11 I' 11 I' 111illl il11/lllfl .kill. tu r111cl
,111111\'1 l 1\\11\I d lhli.1lf 1 1l lltl' 111111:h.. I l111d111 1111111111~1 ,111111 ,I.ti lt1lll1 1
l1ltlP(llJI ,, ttlld ' 1ln \'11iild 1111 lit< f' 111 V

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l1h111,I lltll\ ,11 ..11111\1 11\ 1 1111 1!1.111ii1111 I'll'! \'th 111I l\'111 11\ll\' lullo1v 1111 10,1 'i111111 I' 1111.
t 111 1 \\Ill I! l\1l 11l1 l'\1 11'1 ltd 111It111111 \VIiii lt111tl 111 111111 I
111 1v 1111111111. 111v1 ,111,0 111t11h 111111f" 1111 1l11111.1lv11. 1
ttd 1\11 111111 I 11111111 111 lill1t'. .111111 11111111111111111 ... 111 n.11tl1 1il
\\ !ldlllllll' 11, d 1\11111111\1 1 111 .tlld lllolll\ llhil1. !11111, 1111 1 11 11111
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(o111d 1,1111 1111111111 111 ''11"11 11111c,1 J)1v,110111.i11 .1 111t1l111, h l\it'
I 11111~11 ! I llh 1 \\,lltdl'il'I ,I \1111
li11 1 1) lt'llhlll 1 1111 ' .. 11111' l1t1ld. 11111' 1111 1111 llldll>l 11\ I 1t ur
\\l11h dh hll'd 11111111111,11111111 h111i.ll1 11111 l11i1lt I !11\11111111 v.11111111111" 1vl111 .111v,11111 1 111 l11,1d11 .11111 11111, 111 1111' li11,111r Ii'
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llld I Plll'l'l1lll1lll lll 1 l\Y1 1t 1ll l:l'l1th1, lltl'. l 11\\llll 1d l)\ 1\iillllll.til' IH'll l lt1l11q{.1l.11 lh ltll'l!olt Ill jl'I
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plll'. l1111 1, 111'.lll'd 111'.1 1 111t1,1 1111111 1-v11rl<I{,
\>I'\ 111111.11,l!o. 1111 1111 d1l1,111 tlll\ l1111k 111 l11l1 1 1,l\ll~11 ll.t\1 11
llllJH'l idl Id\\''. di\' 111k.1111 1 d, 11\d 1l
Hh1 ~I\ \'" f.11,11111 11 \pl1'I 1111111 d1\1h1p1d, 1111 1\
lld'i ,\ d1 1 l1111t1 l11q11'l l1ll j}l<''.1 11\( l',
l\tlf1 111111ilf' 1111 t.111\ 1\plPl1'I" 1111)1\t! \\ll.il
1111 hldlll;i 'llhst llllt II II l\~11 \ll't'I I
111' tflH' 1111 1u11lll111 l1111h1 'Pllll' 11\ p111
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"111\{ ft1lll1 \'\1~1 1111111, ''"'' llllj(ll
lt.1:; d1lllll\ISl1td I )1'\'11\\llklll llllllll'll< \'Ill
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l'V lll' ~ hlll ,11 pll\I \,tlh 1d "tl111
11111 111c11t11H1111 n1d .1li1111t lht hu111111 l111
I\ 1111 l'I r'.11l1nn, \\l111t1 1\ph11
P('I k1l l 10\ 011\\,ll 11'\ l'llll\ !ll'lh)ll\t1J l\) I 1111
l 1'1 l\I lt 1J111-, \\11t1ld 111111 hll11fl\
ll1\(1t1111 l !11111 :ti this 111 ... n't 11pp1d l)1'\ l
l' v11 ht\1d1nr 101 ti 1f>11 .I up ...
11111 111111 11ul111ht '.'\1d1tl\111, till' p1.,1pul 1-.t
\11 111 ltIH I\ 1t11l l'I 1a,11 t ill(t pl.t/ 1
1h11:-n'\ \~\ 1 tll;l \II ll11\l1 \\.l\ l\l lll.l"l'
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~th" ,1 "1'"11 1n 1111
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I\ 111 Pl 111111, l1ut 1111 \\\llld(1fll1,' l '1'\ 11{11\l,)I''. Ill' 11'11
n llt,1! H \\,p, '111h11d pn\1'tll1,1I ~.11ubl1'lll lk1 1 r' 1111
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t'll'll ll\}llh'\\1\lld ltl l1'"ll1lll\1\ lht' I 111
pill' l\,\S '.l,lf\1\i hi llll\'th 1 t1' \\llll ()t\ I
t ~It I I tu
ll'llhltl 1\)11\lll llh ,,, I\ tlh'll I 11111h1" h 11"
I ,4 \ 1 l \ h~1 ll
lll'llll\ I hi' ll, l'1>hl11 ''"' lllllll\ 11ll'l1 II\ 11
I I 11 l I It "
d1 h' l\l 1!--1 111 lilt' ( t'\,11 lt\l,Hl\ lllll II\ l"\'
I \ t lill'll\ I .l'\11'1 It) 1 ill\\ 111 1111\t'\ 'I ll 111 l\
p11\ll l"'<'\.\l1lll 11\11\ llt'h\hl\\ l1 "" l. 111,l tit'
I 1111~111 n t' .111li !1\1 .111

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timt\llCW Poiru.R


rt r tt c1v11 1cc:1 gala "Y a cul tr ire <leveloped


T 1

J ...
>rnmon 1nt>Orn ablltly lo ~,ee vision~. of the fu
ur .. v a lhre..il or ;Jn opport.Jn1ly. For lhc earliest
~l 1 t c uls v~no rJrnvcd al lkto1.ch rt was t.1 t)t{'. s1Jrpnsc
1 1 t~ 1 c Rt>ptilillc syrnhol car 1~() into a mountains1cJe wa~.
( 'le arict ;i vrv1rt (Jcmon'>tration of the lktotch1's power
r 1rrotc111 forc5aw nol rJrily the Firrivol of lhe Republic. but
1hu1r O\'ln part 1n t.s f111.urc. and ho~v lo take advantag(' of
llttt ~J1ow.edgc
1~to1ch1 do nol all h;ivc Lre sarr1c lcvr!ls of skill ;:incl tal
rr.t 1n rcc.elv1ng anrt lnterprctrng v1s1ons through the Force
lvlcn.' v1!'.1onc; 11rnvc uohrd<Jcn an<J are not under the control
of Lhc rec plcnt Of tho5e v1ho do have the power Lo call and
focu~ their v1s1onr.. many feel it 1s a gift that they must use lo
tic ip ottlcr~ lktotcnt who follovJ this path sometimes become
ScC'fS. t1onorccl 1n<J1v1<l11als who are called to help others de
lC'm1ne the best course of acllon by which to arnve al a others and the extent to which other species distrust their
ticncflc1al fu1 ure motives. These attitudes provide another deterrent to lktot-
lhP Jc<h nrways t1ad an 1nlcresL rn the lktotch1 and their chi engagement in the galaxy.
Seer(, lruly skilled lktotch1 regularly 101ned the Jedi Order
However, their precognitive abilities can land them good
r,/rr the m1llcrnia l he Jcdt were also fascinated by the abll
jobs 1n areas where they are a natural advantage. Some lk
lly of most nl tt1c species to engage with the Force Lo at toLchi rnake excellent pilots. with incredible reaction times
lrast <,orne dcgr(:c. anet were equally puzzled by the rapid
compared to most species. Recruiters for dangerous jobs
cllrn1n1sh1nent of their conneclion to the Force after leaving
and positions often favor lktotchi. figuring their abilities
uv1r ho1ncwo1 lcJ provide them with increased personal safety. Yet. whi le Lh 1s
Tt11~, loss ol a naltJral power or supporting instinct discour might work for a while, lktotchi tend to avoid a job com-
;ig1J<J mnny lktotchi rrom leaving their world for long periods pletely when they detect future trouble. Since not all events
11( t rnc Tho\,e of lesser ability round their trips away from occur exactly as they do in a vision. most would rather not
l~cir plcir1ct to be less disturbing. Those of greater abil1Ly risk the danger.
rn1'1t'L no11c1 ttlc los!. or power, but they were often able to Such attitudes came to the fore when lktotchi began re
karn lecl1n1qucs to overcorne the problem turning to their homeworld during the Clone Wars. and es
Ihe lktolchi are well aware of the attention and distrust pec1ally upon the declaration of the Empire. Their visions
'ht1r powers can bring. While they may use them lo avoid revealed the terrible treatment they and much of the galaxy
ric.r~orial 1ro1;ble. they arc wary or others who seek them would receive under the new Emperor. though most, cun
~t. with requests to sec or somehow determine their fu
ously, did not anticipate the sudden collapse of the Republic
t JuJ Bus1n1>55 leaders, entrepreneurs. government officials. and the Jedi Order. The same dark side effects that hindered
ff rJ rn.111y 1riore come to lktotch seeking advice Some have the Jedi likely did the same to the lktotchi.
11 cir1 1 J to IPss lriendly rnPlhods. such as kidnapping or
The lktotchi were less surprised when the Empire opted to
tio <1ec laking, lo lorre talented lkt0Lch1 Lo foresee sign1fi blockade their world rather than risk much contact bet~veen
"it v1111, Of c.ours1., s11ch rnclhods arc often 1neffcctive,
1 1 Imperial personnel and the world's inhabitants. IVlost lklotch1
' (11Cl' 1', rr11P,hl slinply foresee 111e atlernptcd subterfuge also rind it a safer option. A few have sLarted to seek out
ir l ,,f.'(: ~rep<; l<J <.1vo1d 11 or 1urn 11 Lo their acJvantagc. Suell
<l1H 1r ult 11 1 I ,, Rebels and olt1cr Imperial opponents. sensing tllcit anolt1er
, '' ltJY<, 1llW<1y', be<n parl of lklol.ch l1islory anu arc
fh1 111 w o I change in Lhe galaxy might be forLhcon11ng 111 the next tew
J 11.r u;1vP l<J off wCJrldcr'>. years or decades lklotchi away frorn lktotcti arc not prohib
1ted fro1n !raveling within the Ln1p11e bul ll1ey tend to <.!rCl~v
CULtURAL CAUTION ra1 rnorr tilc111 Lhci1 ltlir s11;.11e ol llnpe11al s< 1ut1ny.
lfi, c.1b11it
u I r111 I y lo [Q!f,( 11 h11n13: irJVOfC1lilu 01 11nlnvor' 1l 1lc I(!
'''n1 t' I q 11111 ".. vi 111, 011 111l' 110111011, i:illd good 11i111e'> Io
r, lh;
rn 1'111 Litt) lktotcl11,; cauuoui:. ancl 11iou~l1tf11I <,pt
y UI Cit l';l<Jrl(J lhP lhrc.it llJdl th<'ll .ih1lltll"i pOSl) lo


n '
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1, I/" I',-. ,{,
. ... .. .. . ,.
, ... , , .
PRESS 'S STO , , ,,.. I (, . ..t"'
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, J ,..,
( J{o ,f( .. n,,,, i'l't:.'"

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~ ,,~,.._.,,
" .... ,.. "
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, . f'I' ,, ,. ,, f' , '- :;,.,,..,,-,, ,f'G ,;r ' I .-::- A ,. .,. ~ ~,.. ,.-,...-..,
~ ' , ,l ,# -t:"; ,..-__..,J """ ., ,,, r,. ,.. ~ -.. _, ";I ,. ,...

l ''t1 ,.,, . , ,,.

, ,, ,.,
., W"
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,.~ '-~
.> /, ~.,,,..
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-Y.- .,,,.,,,,,,. ,
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.rvJ.,,,, /
_,.. vi' ,. ,

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...., ..,
, -:; ,....,."'-"'
,,..~~ ,J r,,.,,. , '&- I"('
,, --:
. ,.
, {",'( '1 ','f ~ ,.;',;.' / l"}r~, ,~,(" ,, 1, , . ,. ' '> ,
, JI, ,,.

v t ,', "> " , ~,.,,r 'rf..!:''1","1 ...,,,r.;;
( fwF ,'I I 1 (,,, r/..r," '! r,,,,. , ,,, ,,. y r1 t... ::.,. ,,

' . 1, r r~rt, ( />f 1 "~, I ~f"; 1'


(, r ' 1, ,rr, (; n ,', ., rt; -;/(/>" ~1 , , ",

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~ ',"f , ,. ,-, ?. ,., "1{>f <.(~l "V, t' ~ U:(t(:',. <,1 f:f ( p;,(t(r ~
J f (; ~r, (, , (,' /''nf', I' 'I J p1: ! (f1;j t'J(!f/1 :t~ (' /1( ';s
.'>'"'I <I J{(.J Pf1 _, ' <.1!:.- i.-ft;'(17: (1f1l'J ',rf,''f I!. C/.:" ~
y ..
1111 .<J"'J {I:.<;(, t>f#>'I: rr{ tl1f:I: ff ,,..(;,, :,'j1 [{~ ', (,( f.t(),'(~,'',
,; tr,' i ir~ (> '~ t V.-r,rr~ .f. 1;m ;, ',n~..t'!e J':t1 rA~ e-;
f>(Jt;' >r< t: ''>' :;,r I P,1ff ~"fJ Jgtr.{, ," t: 1: '/if,: 1~. T; e ', r
Fr ;, '' ~ /;j'fl".11 vtr ,. frnrYr~~ Teh ;;. r,"" rer,, "J ~! ''r;;r
l' 1 '(,,f '>r ""?Jr . /,.(, g (,'f - 1,.-~:-: ri1r~~1.r,::ce v"~

r .( rI,rri >"f 1 ffi 'ji' 1;' Er' p<l:'/. i.t;;; ;;;'Ill t:rt Jf:<1 r;rrti:t
Of'>:J t, ~I t, r, lf>'r1 1''tf1 <,n<!'J1/~ (r;"'L-<.r ~( '! V:?. Tfi(f;/l
' :1' n' ,,. ,' '(?, (ij: "/'f
f r' 1 r, J'" l<ltt~. (J,<r Jp f!'Jr,,.f; rJE:".1.1;' <!/.' ' '.1 'f1pr1:$'.
.r,., (:/( if)'I, t,(f1 tJy r> 'h ~ra:i1 t'.. f(J(((jf:(1 t<' / ~ , ~ t;.:1
f; , 1( f),,ry <, 1je ( .. /< ,,, . /;I r P, (r.ffe,( tr f; Em..- ~ /, ,J:r;., ',/v
("!($1,,~ ,-,.!ft, ,- ,,,.,,,
(#If' ., <,-,,,,_,-..r.,;,.p
("_-,,.".1L~<t',, I'" -;,,_ , , , ~.,....r~ , , r ~_.....

:J:'l'/l'J>J'1,{l' /,_, f~ ,f;!r1e(f;J '1'.1(AJ {l',Y:'!';

1 '' '1'1'-v~tt-"' , .lrJ :..r..~,
:. ...
., ~
I' :.J
f '"
I} 'P, , rt l )l.;(J ( >rr!(~( f' /,ii', , ~ ~ )W' u:rc<! th1, '';f;( f,~. {J~
r:rnr>rfr/) tJf '> 1 Ttl~ r. ,rrer.~ f 1 ::r ~ E ji':rr... r ;. ~, r.&; ... , ;;
1 , r { f:>'J '~ f ,I r,'r; ft f;',!Jif (;I ;rt; '?, /(, :r11f',k(f:f] (.(1 lrtW
v1!~(j /, 1neff~ r.u;; r) lf>p&;t o' lne
g .r.r. J '1 H , .., ~ r-~ .1. .,.. ,.
18~tJ '.f~ ~f,:(~ r1el~(!f:-:,, ~ t ,, ; r.ea ~ rY't;~ J ,..~...,
(, 1 I' 1' V.ri1rti ;,,,rJ 1Ju~tf 11J tY1f;' ''(1f', 11 '~'" )r <1rrJ:(l~U: f,

f) <J~h~ 1: Th!: r1~ ( fJ fr!:l' 5 r ~ ~r;,e, EP-':: l:>'h ~ sv.rn g

rt tJ~fl(,tj('(l'>ff '1'<:(1 I r ' 1i<">.l/;I ft/1,(t)'~(r;.; r ,t; ,,,g
WI 1:(! jfJ rt.g g,r vh\', frf;qJ~' U/ f' ~/~~ 'if~ 1Yta r ~ "}., ,.;:
1 rtt' '~ i<f, J11, ;,, , t '
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'>t!,1-1.{iJ:r, ; 'I tiv1'l E1npr.:'.r-;
'If;,,, f. /l,fiJl)'l'd 11' j 'l;'f1 ~t fl . f(1(Jdl:
rt1r fJ'C1te,t1r ~ lt" I 'I fJg wa.'! 1 r1"",, f1i' r.r e pr ~.. o: ;;"' '.i
f1t>n.1a (,' the V-t',(! rtg wr "! <')f'K tr.r r '~~ e .... , C(~
1 <.( f t 1rri t:il :j11t;y trt1tt1 ti1f~ t1-sr%r1f:o/, <;' <J rt
' ''"' J,i Uf(; <fC,f.l:f'I
'I 1 '' t ,f~ "/ f t> ) lJ(lf f dff/ f t'f; (15{ CJ:t t;,ff f((j((I tJte f ()((I;
' ,, ., t,, , fh 1~ fC'.' ,1, tr': r f>[> t h<:s. ;; r- ~ .. Jt3(c o' a :.<
1,, t { 1;r, 1 ,,,,,~rrff, (;: 1gh~ 1r, 1n(t Jt:rJI tt1r~ <J;,r
ftt! r, J ~ or.ier"t -;n; trn: t,f" P."r C?;ar' (I n~ ., ,.,.......
(i' f I fJ,jt~ , 1f t1flt ,t)ffie r:teJ f;i/(: (i1e t,1.0ffff-', l'tfl9)flf11J:
1 #

11 r 1 , ,.,,

/.fr r tJl ,, ( 1'>)(.fJ ,t 1t 1r'-. ~ n1'filf; a Ltn"t f;t,1

111t:a Ul f Aff~' r o:) t;.~ txur: o v~p, a~p ~'a"'"'
"" r;r g !/{J( j'} JS C,Of.fij ore~-; ("1}{ r. ~ f 4 (jt~ ....,, rJ f
r I 'lfi 1 ff '>r (,I{ "'' n ,,,,, ,,,,,.() f.(J /(;(If I [( 1 lr{StT tJ(,



The lt:.Jd r.L' lk' ,-e .. tilt E t '~ "' ... '

G d \\f ~I' l "'latt \ "" 'st _ t t:1 J. "-

lxi"l e 3n,i 'H.~ , -::n , e the ,, ~e \\ .__ l l i
:l'-po:r;:ttJD 1, m:.~i.: 1-e~fle ag, oot ~,.
erid p.:i.: .:t:,, ~ t:
-' tern e..-. !: Pd\ " t rm; to the ~... .:i ;_rr.,1 !'l"f ~.:- ~ ~ t'- re
' ~ t' u _pute _ \\ romo.rat "S Tllt'- t: .1 '11.11nt.~ ~ l
r~ )ntj he-a aqua ~ ..... ull" , ._.., 't' the t.it)J~ o J "'\"I.'
l1.1r' ca 1 near fro11 ~ ' 1as "$ ~ , s ~ )l>t".' 111u 1.i rect
O\'e1a ooerat 1s e "l , ~ 0" - - ., ''.'; 1et:t .1e c.: 'tt J) w J
lo h ~h e\'t-'I b1.1reaut :: s ('(' ,,. ieti l'\ ntc r,1 ~ it -~
to ca-e rnt1\ h atx ut c '-'"31.i"' :;:s. ~'-'

he pl<int>t\\ rce ( t\~ 3i)t' o C1ni1,1~--a ,kt ~1 'l:lh.'' En~ r ,, ..,,
T Teta. but urban de\~e>r- , - tm tet1 bt'"''~ f\ ''' b ,1
tt'n' Th,', ~ '
th,lt lht> , ,, '
'""' t' <.' ' . l '- " .... l ' \ ...
t ' .. \

llH'\ ,, ,
nature ''as et)\'('re<l An e ''\:' htd<'" :h" dl'k.1 lit>nt~t 1~ .." >. \ \.' '~ :\.. ~' \\""'
foundatton~ a1,<1 1 11n~ reu '-'' ..~ e
lllt'! ll ,,.,
t)t't' ,
~:,1 ...~, ,~ .t"d \\ !lt t~
.. ' . . '
:!\' \\
f l,l\ l' 1~ "\',' ~~ \ I' " ..\., h~ ('"1h't \' 1 tN ~, '\'l , ,
CINNAGAR t'\:11. n
... lt~ ''\. ' ,1
t'''--"'" ,, -..'' 1.'\\'l t'\t''I.'
'"' l 1t...t lt"
,, h,1\,' .._,1 ,
~~- .. ,1 ~~ ~, ' \
' "''
:.,. \;;._\.
[\,. . ''

Tt1e 1.1,1st' r.~. pl'1net\\1dt' t'roru:e ,1n i ~ .}~-;. ,, l'.ll' :>t'1 '"' ,1'\l R'''~ i('t~t"lfl~ -~t,J1bll!t'<1 ,,, , )I;' S\ S ~''
",1t '" "- ,.,,1~,11 dt' '"", tes 'll' ~' J''t'! l\l, .11 d1L' t~-.:\1.(' o
c,1. llSt 'll'I. ,')bSCll $ l>atJ '1 ('\1. ('~"-'$. 11lt' ,11'-".hilt'~llllt' IS GREAT LIBRARY OF CINNAGAR '
I t-' .. l I\~\ ll~\\ \\ l ' "'10$t Ot 'Li~ 1(1t1$ 1.1."lt"1~ !),11.:.._ onh J '~~\\
thot1.;y, 'd \ t"J~ \\ti t' , "t' Co e ['1:;, ct '.:i1s 1 le.:' ~l,lle-:;;1 \ "'" T lt$ l' \\) H0\1$.. ''"tS \I\.\)')-) $.1.\Pl'\i ,,, ,, ' . ' l tM: {ii;
aP\ \\(), 1 ""' Cor ~ \ \ '.11 ,.._, ''OSl 0t , 'lt> s11 1 ounti1 it-: t11$1 l t$ ~1 <'h\t'~ll t \t' L0 <' ['\~, ,('t ,ll\ti '\()\ ~l ~':'- t I\~',, I
Ct'nt~r on <l s 1 ~1~ cion11na11! sri {\ , 'Ot< \ ,l11 ,111,1n\ l\0t..s ,)It' Bul11.itrl~! ,,,i (\" us..:~ui~ Bt"h'\l 1 ,, '" t l\'11 ,
t\ l1n1ng Gu t1 ,fl\\<'t lll1ilt ah'P ,1., 1.'f1.) ll ''t' \ \,u -ers or qu,u it :; t lt' l.11~:t'$t -:;;t\_) l' l1..'ll$t' '~ <' ()
1. IP,, ', "' <> l E_' .. ~
ll'Sltit>ntial ilats -0nn con1r1t' \.., 01''-' ~ "l' t.' 11.1 t lt' t."entr,11 Ttt,i t',l<u "1~; (' 11.'ns 1..) fC' 1t'-..1t'\-; \\ , 'u:'> ' ' ''
spires to pro' roe ,1uicl.. a\1. ess \,' ll1t'' ''' "-<''t:1':; un,i I ,\ 1"''- 'l' "- ll ,ll~(' \\.1u$t'' ,~ n,'S('l " , 1 ' .:t'\'I tl'
IH\ lh11. ,l h.'l,1t'S 1,)I ll\t' 'It' (') 1.)l'\..' ,, , s ~t .~
CORE DISTRICT lht' 1.'1,1 ,lC'l 1.'fllJ),"'lll\ ,\' t $\ .._ t:-'l t\llk' ''.' 1. JO\
llC lt' ~ ,\ id 'll,\t'h1t\t'~ t' \\,l < 't't; h\ l 1.'lh :::> tlt' .-
8\ tar th<' n1ost upscale pa11 "-)' ( 111agdr s 1t' Lo t' ()i:;tnc-t. [ 11p1 css reta ,ind '1("1 , , t1.", , t11t' t n f', ,1""\}!l \\
lilt? D\'~P Core':. pinnacle e:-..pe e11te il'' "it t1 l1 1g. sh('t'Plng, l lt' Sllh$t'<)Ut'lt \.~'~".lt H\ f't>'>~'--\1..t' \\~I .l!'l' th< ' '
and the a11s. BorOt"nng Ult~ RO\.l r 1st 1.._1 1e Ct.'lt' fl.;; 11. t 1.a 1'\h1h1ts l l\t' HO~t ,it'n t''\S ,~ t n11\''-' Tt't,1 ll't' "
ll'l'S lO IOUnSt~ 311U \Ve<illh\ llOl'ile'- \\. (\ l1t'St t ,'l ,) t:.1 t"'d ll\ ~)lt''>t~llt\ tl)t' t'P ,-~ ,1$ l,\l ldi.l1 )l">\'I\, l\1lhl'UI ,l t \ '
Uf\ P\pl'llt'nre, ." 11.'1e lt'11 e\ 1"''\ '' 1111 "S..llf'll r 1v \ l)lli ti 11R l ~n1 'l(l"ll\f,. llt' ibr,1 \ ,11 t.'Qllt'llt t,u"~t l' '" ' '
1' '
1s d 1\'01k or llt1 a -.. 01\n. con1l111111{:ur\.lllte1 uiJI st\ It'' 110111 Sl\lt' lht' ~\ stt'lll
cro's tht' gala\\ ..\1 angular. Co1us1..Jn~ t~"~s... "PHt' nllt'ht
1H'1ellbo1 Uie 1.H~.1111c cuf\es n1111UtKlllt; -\u.it'r ,1Jn-., \\'hlli' t II, HYPERSPACE NAVIGATOR'S GUILDHOLISf
of Alderu t-.lo->t 10std111ants and bou11qut~s ,111' lllt'lllt'd ~)n
~pec1r1c Core \\'or Id" e110\Vlll'l.i 101 t 11.it !l<1t l1( ttln 1 tlll!.Ult' 01
f l'lh1on Tllf.' Co1 Ollt'l NO\,'} !>I t'<ll\lloU'\t> \k1~1 n.111 t\ ltt!'t'lltll 01
r1r1 .. An., Co1usct11 ; I 1sh1ons 1nt1 l\u.u Cll\ l'vi\U' ,1u hllllt' lilt'
t..ullU'l' Of lh( Core \\'orld') to r1nplt''>S lc111\ doo1~h'p

Horne to till 10\Tl tc.11n1ly lhP RO\lill D1t;l11~1 (OllSi<;l!>.> Ill \
r.oldt>!l sn
IP!; <'Cl< II 10prc-;unt1np d d rte Hltll \\'Ori I
1 111 Ille"\'-


f Ml.JS OP PD'-R
hloocl 1ne Others bl?I e trir P.~pur; . oe-;rJjed the 3dc
'fO(' gu1l(lilOLl'ie S ~1n ti'1C IPlll lcti'Jll mnnt,1on ffiflll(' rrom 10
.,, cxuntl \\IOorJs 111> rn.inS!On ha<. l>een mnvecl t;('V
while rf.li:IY.1ng rt:c> cyscerr fro~ t e Kra ,. 11~st r; -s 'Je Err
1 1101 press TC't.d clo11ht 1t ever ex sed a a
('1 , urtleS c1nd currently >l<ii upon a t0\'1L r sllc:1ped llKe an
cerorit pointed nav.g itors cornpai;;s Th e tower c:onl.(1 ns clock
., h">\S po1,crful con1ms cqu1nmcnt capahlr or pl1nrnrr10
1n1> ..,., t. CREATURES AND
through tl1c radial on ol thc> Deen Core. and endless !'it.arks or
computers contain ng llvperspace data In front or tl1fl tower 1s CHALLENGES
r"lonurnent 10 lost nav1g(lto1s, a n1ass1\ <.> carbon te staLlie oi
3 Empress Tela 1s ec;se11t1a if one g.ga111r u!'Dan spra-1 'Jlost
the ancient unnancd ratnnrr ll ol 1he Coruscant1 family th al
of the crei:ltures encoun~ered nere are also fo.ir9 a-:ross rre
~gedl\ hlazed the Koros lr11nk Line on a generation ship. 0
0 gala.<y, alchough some are un que co the p .a e


l\lany Tetans take. the Oel Droma Epics as their system's lit The Tetan monarchy trains the mosc Joya and ca?aC ~
e:-a\ 1~story. spurring fruitless expeditions for ancient battle- members of its system defense force for a spo~ on the Teta~
g"ounds and relics from a lost age of heroes. Guard. The guards are responsible for the secu,.. r:.:y of tr.e
palace and the ruling family. To a esser exte"[. trey proect
IRON CITADEL the entire royal bloodline a1d tha~ of a"~ -;::[a'1 'IOO e As
~varnors, they are fea,..less v-1hen defend "g Jieir eaders" p
~ mas.s1ve stone palace named for its iron battlements. the and as investigators they are nreless a~ see:-J1g J~s: ce for
Iron Citadel was once home to the crovvn of Keros Major It those \Vho threaten the secunty o~ the ..,..etan eh~e
\\as thought impenetrable, having repelled invasions and in-
fi tratrons by the Republic, the Jedi Order, the Mandalonans
and the Sith Only the Krath were able to take the c~tadel
" and only thanks to betrayal from within. The Krath used it a~
a command center from which they directed their crusade
..,' .. 12 1 1
- to wipe out the Jedi 5
The locals believe the Iron Citadel once stood 1n the center Skills: Bra\'.JI 3. Coercion 2. Cool 3. Disc phne 3. Rar,geo
of the modern Royal Palace. where a large block of twisted (Light) 2. Ranged (Heavy) 2, \i1gila'1ce 3
iron rests as a monument to legendary days. A small mi Talents: Body Guard 2 {may perform a Bod)' Guard 'Tlaneu-
nority claim the citadel is beneath the spires of the Royal ver once per round to protect one engaged al ~ St..f'er 2
District, still visited by remnants of the Krath within the royal strain; all combat checks targeting ally until the start of tne
FCINNll Tetan Guard's next turn are upgraded t\vice J.
Abilities: None.
Equipme.n t: Ceremonial blaster rifle (Ranged (Heav~ t. Dam-
age 9: Cnt1cal 3; Range [Long]; Stun setting), ceremonial ai-
mor (+ 2 soak. + I defense). binders. comlink


Th~ tvllning Guild is one of the single most pO\\'erfLll organi-
zations on Empress Teta. \Vhile it L1ses subte po itical rna-
neuvenngs 1n the rarified halls of the planets govenm t
on the streets it enforces its authority \\th
oh no l\'IOUa
who can be as brutal as any mobster

4 11 a a
Skills: Brawl 2, Coercion 2. Discipline 1, Street\\ ise ) \'1o 1
lance 1 b
Talents: Loom (\i\lt1en an all) engaged \Vlth the l\hn 'lt; Gliild
Enforcer makes a 5Uccessful Charm. Deception 01 \: ~cotin
t1on ct1eck. add t) t) to the 1.hec.k) '"
Abilities: None
Equipment: t;plke<i "-nuL"-le glo\'es (Bra\\ I, Da111age 5. Cnti
c. 11 ., Ri1ngt: llngc1gcdJ \ 1( 1ous I). leather iacli.et ( + 1 soak)
con1l1nk. Guild 1nc111bersh1p


I '~

-~"" 1moortance
.. J r~'-' ,
.:5 ,. ) ears. 01 per I
c.,.,:he cro1 Sup
:e , four tt1ousand
ot:a esec1a1!\ t
; .ammg of the c
afraction of
..... re (S made rt to
t :( sStation

-:- .... o 0SS!i5 IS PU

0 (!..... 'T
' (

" fd ,
# F

() 1 f..D{l'P ,
r 1 APr 't')oQ. , 'l?S ft

f' , Ill ' At:r ,,. ., , ") f' Ot'j e:; I

HISTORY ( < l/t ~ lt; f rr ':-:11: Cot.~' {)( "'I ~(j ;3 l'a.!jP
rcr '' 1Jai,." aGtJ.afi to ()w~ r.rr.. i-e .or,; <;tl<>d 3
s~ r>:, -:' ha>': frrJr. ,, rn f!J searrr. f0 !I,' 3'" .;ir~ A!.
ffi?:' f years t;ier 111 respc,se EO t ,rnc;:; o$ a Se~ra t
d SC'J: r-ry ll'C fA?. '~< Tr.<J <nr u.:nt an ef e Wf'I r.~,., o'
AJir rQQpr:rl') 1i. rJ1t".it~i:e. Trie ,,., fl uated ~base .a~.d
rP..r.f.>-V<.red o itftt'J() IS drt 'acts fl.e!ore c:; ..ng 1ri .31'1 a slr vp


Tht 1 1 <tL-'O ~(J O~!:.JJS ;;s nali;g b-=>..e: rr.e ,, tJJra cener

f ;; I ? <JO:> 1 c.ar pct od, \lh c::h Ult 1 rn::i1e a near rnanda-
t< r I fll ff ;n:sge te ,,,, Jedr of that era Jed opera r-; a l)'.g
LOST PARADISE I'; Perlr:m .,n Tra1e P.<> ,fn <ire t::i:rJ to ti.a .e gone '> (;: SJS
for ur 1Jr: OPDOrt.un' es t<J t.ra n :nde; othe 'A.a ,:er> 3,d
DI' p c 11 ! "' cgcd 1rr1pc1rt.-11(r ot CY.'..JS ,1, wr- Jedi OrrJr.r rantfrr'ip .,le., v1irlr:.r l1l"ll of the Force
I r '' JU .and . r1f Y! r1r P':rtr;;p<, bf.;cai;<;.(: ol th< Or 1
t>rornti E.plc r.ldlrn t~' r ''1:l 'HJC1fr; rJ<1:C:~ d',1royr.a th<: plan YSANNA
r appro1lmc1te y lo ir .1101> .'1n<l yr"' ;,t''J LcP.' rd CJ<:.cnr1e<i
r 1 havoc 1n de1.a1 e<,prc 1:il/y lh{; v1r,rld'-: '!YO' 1Ja1.1on The /VJ.<JrtJ.r P. llJ le:~end, 11; at fe'll Jf:rJ S,;,. ve(} rie Cror Suoer-
Jrrl hcid f.LLfr Wfl<r1tr1!~ ,,, tt11;: r.orn ng c.;,t.aclytrn ~flr1 v1t:re n<, Ill!: t;;,r1flrr.l 'f,(51'lhcr UJ r,1;r 1r1e li"f: 1as. .-1aste1a"d Oss..is
h::i1J bewrr 0,,., mll r;r.n ,,., 'll'r 11~ re nor hr.:maf! ;>opu1a
nnly iole LC> ';r1vt, ri frrict1c>r1 <Jf Lt1r pnr !.:IC:'.'> arlJldr r ,,,
L1or q1itr l'I / r11r!<J r,,Jt, Lr:'. r1.Jr'laf':, beOJrne tne rioal Ys;:ir r1a
rrl{Y.l 1rnporu.ir11 rchc' m;,rtc 1l ro lh' Jedi Tcmplr ,,,, i..r1r..;:,
' 1n1 "'(j r11:,1rt1y I 11. (,r.;;1 ion ;, P,.roup tA nf:ar-r1umans v11tr a h a.r perce11tage of Force us
r:rs ;,rnr)na, hr~rn Their '.'.harr1ars. r.ncr11n ac; storm sheprterds.
1Jr:f1nr~r1 the For(r,: a:> a 'l>t' or atl3v1srir m.3gir.. The tnbes stiff
MODERN HISTORY hte nr.:at thr: r~1ec, therr ancestors vnce took shelter w1ch1n,
farrf11flfl thr~ n1tro~(:n rich <:01 of the /alleys near che Eocho

h'p O:;sus is al tJ(;<..f a rJ11v~~tatecJ ruin pla~i;nrJ by hghl
W nine sto1rns. ttio (J<~I Drr;rna i:.picc-,
t: "II 11- f}ff!at
rJE:w :> - nurnb<:r
r' , 1tcs Lh;)l wurc: onr:e rintral to I he .J<:dl Or<Jer 1he';<; l<Jr.a
install;itiCJns Y1ilh spires of solid gold. The legends mention
arc.h1val rollcct1ons. classrooms. read1~g areas. 1nfor-
rn;,1ion Y.1oc;Y.s. and housing, an<l tl1ey even describe some
I '>:1 l1avc lone br.:en f(J!,l, and If they SIJll Cl.iSI. ror f.:'/er t:llSlcd areas in dc:ta1I Whtie counlless old maps and floorplans cir
ollJ ,t,ey (JO so as 1uirt5. culalc ;;roun(.l ttrc; black market. many trace back to a long
de;:,cJ c.on artist named Skavak
1he 1fall or Knowfe>dgc was the rna1n ubflc area or Lhe C1cc1t
J JI I ft rar y rh( hundfnds of thousands of da1.c1c ~1rds 1r1 the
~~I ~u:,. >i-JJCJ c onl<un ancient star charts Jedi tc-.:ts, ~:<1
r~(~'" hlstori<" for thoui:;ands ol worlds. clll(l phllosopl11c ti
ti , IS!l)
IJ(J(I frorn LI11. h''real lhlnkerc; uf Lhe ige

(I 1l>Pr ol Ant1q1JIll,.,. l'~ wis
wllert' f'v1 1stcr Odo111 Urrj
ftt1 , lrHI UJlfl(I JrJCIC'tll tJI llfrl( tc; tr cHISl11(Cd ()II{
'rJl ilOf'ltt'd l111d Sll kr >l t hu o1ost L1casurcd anrl <liJn~er
i11u1t 11,.cJ w11t1111s, ,111<1 I
aus 1te1ns 1n the enli1 e hbrarv T1\'0 levels belo1v ground. the
r.hnn1be1 1\aS a l<ll)~ nnth of roo1ns and vaults dl's1gned to
protect its \'Jluablc contents \ 1s1tors ,,ere seldom pe m1tted
Into the chan1ber '''htcll 1vas on1~ accessible by t1\'o hits fro111
lhe hrst suble\el.
The gardens \\ere nan1ed for an ancient Jedi t\ laster of the
Ill\ th1cal. Lreeli"e ~el.I species. 1vhich lived on Ossus s rarest
n1oon According to the epics Jedi t-.1aster T'alla constructed
the gardens and then planted herself at their center transforr11-
1ng into a tree. TI1e gardens. specificall) the tree thought to
be T'alla 1\ere a ravoreo place for contemplation b~ \is1tors
TI1t~ gardens gre1' over the millennia, and included vast hedge
n1a es and colorful no1verbeds. There 1vere greenhouses '"'here
the Jedi '\griCorps gre1\1 and e."Xperin1ented 1v1ll1 plants. Jedi
~laster.- v1s1t1ng 1v1th Padal'~ans favored the rock gardens. 1nspi
ration 101 the t-. luntuur Stones of Coruscant For more phvsical
t 1ain1ng \JL)ranans often taught courses outdoors. \l\ here old

l\ 1."1s t-rs engaged n ohHosophicat debates before backdrops of

'le ~O\ ti ea p lars. gazebos. and fountains.

0,.. a ie\\' a ... s all\ fron ~re Grea Jedi L1bral)', this great
1.a;1~ on 1...as ion t ~ a 11eD\0 k of subl"'lerged tunnels. The

aquattc Je.. l\' "'S .e ~nsi:a"' 11ad offices near the surface but
he spent n-1\ s 01 s ,.,,e deep r the tunnels. \\!here he f-Jad
a small ten p t Snn e belie\e /'\laster Anstak and his stu-
alleged!~ riddled \\ tr Cl"\'Sta ca\ es a1d one OE.ah -~
dents cou1d ha\e Su \ea the Cron Supernovae. protected -
to the Eye of Ashlanae a PO\\er-\.1 \e gence. Knossa Su
\Vtth.n the deep ca\e1 '1S
port. i,.vhich reseMbled a sora1vhng pron~enaae 1 "a::'(X: .
l\ las. e An Si.all. s temple had three caverns. The firsl, and around Agom l\1ounta1n 1..-as or g:1a 1~ bu t ti'.> S1.1t'pD-

la 6eS'. ,,as ar a1 c.h ve that 11eld deHcate items that 1vere cre- grin1s v1s1t1ng the nearby Eye of .-\sh.anae
ated b1 aquat .c species and could not be preserved 1n open
air ~L a'so had ~ "l'lOte access that al101ved fast con1munication JEDI PRAXEUM
bet\ee r 1e Great Jedi L1brarv and its undenvater branch.
Created to house Jedi p:'g:ims to the E~e of r\S -r~
The second chamber was a small praxeum \'here aquatic
Ossus Jedi Praxeum becan1e a soJrce of "1-0\\ ~~ '
Padal'.~ns could train comfortabl~ Finall\ there \vas l\1aster
,.\nstak s vault. \\here he kept. created and experinen ed s1sta1 ice for those Jedi d.e'e"a1rg the oppresse\l: ' -
with Force artifacts related to underi.ater endea\ ors. lhe Rim For a t.Me the p a\'eu!Y' conta nee &e :Y~ ~
co ectJon of Jed' i<..:10'\ edge ,., <he foon of scr~ - "-J' )'.!"
and other artifacts .Jed II. taste OdanLJf rece.'~ =
KNOSSA ing there under Jed l\lasi.e~ Oo oo. \\!101112ri3,,-'ect
One of the fe\\' c1ues on Ossus named '''1thin the epics. the until his death aunng the Ci ea< H~ perspare \\
stone and bronzium city of Knossa \',ith its squat don1es sat 1ng of Jedi Pada\\'ans cont "1ued .:t tt.e PfCi\t.--
tngh in the ,..,.estern Eocho l\iounta1ns The mountains \\ere tt,..: 1S? 1d years until the Crzy S. oemova~ ~~
Tne 0ss1 1s P a\'.eun1 \\'as a "'~nered ;..gs
ded1cae,, o a a~ e o the Jec1 The tor w ,..

\\'aS \\'here . '1e n10Si. easurea ortl~JCtS ~ O -


stored Bene... ~n i. vas :he oer of Ham~m 1'

the i\iasi.e -s COL c \, 1an1ber, d:o Jrrarc c ~
tat10 'l oo ~,s_ T 1e Se enit) oer '':as re~cn't?i.1 --:
supplen1e 'ted b\ "'1eci1tatn-e ba .:en~: Cl:C' '
- r
The Peace le\ el. 1ron1call\. ''as ,,here - ~ "-"
bat Finall\.3 l-'le .:
ouno levt>I rep!'t'-:.se"tca t..' ...
resen ed e\c uSr\ el~ for tra ni l~ studellts
n1~st1cal ener g'. t.e!d.


Jedi t-. ,~ e 0c rn-t.:rr's Great JE'<l .,
of lar~ 0 s. t: s:..aceoort il~~ : \\~ .~.. ~
Kno s . - . ..1ru\ .:;e bra,..... ..-- .J
pea,. )
Knossa ~
aoe 1 :a
~o s;.ippr

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10' lj
tf J .

I tlO I <n1pl<> <;fl!V0.rl <JS I Ill' ()peratlonc11 1Hld c l
'tnttH 1ri::, t~1P Jrt11 It n'1"3lt s.toon on Co1 l1r; 1111 ti!. .i 1 Plr1tua1 1
F l''
\li1bo. ~>~ 1t1c 1111flil Ei11d \Vlc;(iotn 01111r Jf'dt c>rdrr l\ulll
llcp t ht rtons ol un ()ldc 1 !;Ith ~111111(1 , t110 It\111plt l'Vd" 1
,111 ilr l er., or 1llP Je<h Order for 1ust over a tho
f) 11 r 111 n tl)r Clon~ W.ire.. the Je<l1 Co1111tll r<in v
n .
11 ;ancJ
<H rou) rn
cnrllJ)ill('n', lrl>ffi tr1c C011nr11 Ch1irr1be>r In the rr inq
,01111)111 it!or JLddcrnv rnhl JIV ht'.1dQU lll('f.., 111cl holv " '
111 ' ' ' UI ly s I
trulnid 111 111 r1 tilt' 111r1ss1vr 1n11itdrY commur11ci'J11onc, roorn le.ca P.rr
''Ill fl' \ OUllf pl pll 'l'tlfT oc 1o<,, t I1r: P,d I 1 V \"C'tl'
fr~v floor!<. 1J11low ll'IJ
lhc> 1\J\ ol till I 01 l' l 1kC' Ille It cit 111>11)!,('IV(\C.,, 1n11cll lflOlll
11'1.! ll'l'lJllP 11<; ({lr tfllClfl)O, tllH'I \\J\al l'Vt'lll tlli lll!JldC! \\1Cl
5 f l1c1nl<s Ill p,11 l I 0 I trr~ Irt flt renc f! nf I hf~ <lark rd
~ r ,,, C Cnr.
i.i11oudl cl 111 'Tl\ trry Onlv a SL lcct 101v 11011 j (;, l Ji 1vcrc cvcr
Ilil.11 c;ull C'rn.111<1ted rom I 11e ..>llh v1 rg<nt( the Jc<J tg-1
. . ' '~re
alh.>1\C'U II lO ll1Jl llclrll\\''led SPCIC(', anrl CV('ll then only Oil ii al>IC' LO -,ce. the. trec~c:hcry "".<J evil or fJ,1rth Sicliou~. Who ~"
\ ('~ li!lllh d l>Cl'JI!; dJily in 1hell rn1clst 111 hrs guise rJ', CJ1t1ncc.llor Palpiltrnl! I tro,
the cre<'p1ng 111fluence of I he.: vcrgC'nrC! over the rr l wa,
11 en'l1:irti
as niucll tis the schemes or Dart, 1 ,)1rJ1ous Lh;it lc<J
i.. c.
HISTORY downfall of tile Jedi. Trrc Sith influence wcakcnerJ lh hP
10 1

ror .i t1111e lJt!lore l11c rise of lt1c Gal;.icllc RcpulJlrc. thr c1nd Jllowcd pllysical and spiritual shortcomings to~~~:
dre(1ded S1L11 don11n<llt?d tl1e galaxy During lilts t1111e. tt1c Uiroitgliout the order like a cancer By Lhe tirne Dar&Srd
S1Ll1 ll1111l a sll11nc con1plcx atop a 111ountarn on Co1 uscant as rn,idr hrs final play for control of the galnxy, he had but
a sign 01 l11c11 g18<1l power. The sl1n11e stood black and n1e11 gently push. und the entire Jedi Order collapsecl l.ke ah
c1c1ne (lgn111s1 Ct)1 u~cD11l's sky an 11 nplied thrcal to anyone or snbacc cards.
wl10 \\IOuld <:>lC-llld ;Jg;unsl tile Sith dominion. until the Jedi
lr11<l s1eg<' to 1L and burnc>d it to its foundauons V1lllh the Sith
ro11tl'd lrorn Coruscanl and lhe11 corrupt sl1rine little n1orc
Llla11 a srr1ok1ng c1a1c1. the Jedi Order decided l11at they The currenl conditions within the Jedi Temple are unkrOi
1\lould stn111p ou1 t l1e 1nen)o1 v 01 the S1llfs legacy on Cor us AfLer Lile purge of the Jedi Order. the site ~'las refashionea
cnnL. Over 111e fou11daL1011s of tile ruined S1t11 slu inc. tile Jedi l11c new lrnperial Palace. The glory of t11e old temple now 11e
laid ll1c loundauo11s or Llleir 01vn g1and ten1plc 111 an altc1npt on only in fragments of dala left in forgotten archives arll
Lo l1111y llH' Sitll, sy111boltcally al least. once and ro1 all. U1e memories of those few Jedi and Force adepts \vho surv ~
Ov0r the follo1v111p ccnuu ies. tile Jedi Te1nple slowly Orde1 66. Tt1e points of interest presenLed belO\'>' describee
tool< 101111 r11r 1u1ned roundauons or the Silh shrine were Jedi Temple as it was before tl1e fall, bul the e\1stence of these
slt'dClrly builrd 1Jc11catl1 layers of plasteel and ferrocrete places today can neither be confirn1ed nor denied
as c1 n1,Jss1ve flat topped ziggu1a t \'Vas built around tl1e1n.
l l1f' 111ou11la111's interior was l1ollowed out and pacl<ed wil11 JEDI ARCHIVES
hundrrds of cl1an1bcrs and grand l1alls connecLed by un -
counted k1lo1nete1s or broad corridors. l1nportant Jedi art The Jedi Archives once held all of the Jedi s ~nowledge
unrl ,ir lilaLIS were brought to the temple r101n all across the l1istory and even. it \o\Jas suggested. the sum tot1t oi al. gat
glllcl\V. and records fiorn L11e lost Great Jedi Library were lie knowledge. Constructed in the first years 01 Jedi resKie ~
installed in tile nevvly built Tetnple Library The ziggurat 1-vas on Coruscant. the Jedi Archives 1nit1all\ held \Vhat 1e1\ llO
cro1v11ecj by five tall. slender to1vers: one al each (Orner and books and artifacts \Vere evacuated fron the old Great ,
one. 111credibly tall and graceful. 1n the center directly over Library on Ossus. Located near the sun1n1it of the ter
l11e site of the shrine. ziggurat. the Archives \vas a huge cruc.1torn1 chamht
\\'itll the co111pret1011 of tt1e towers. tile Jedr Council stories tall and centered around an ornate rotunod 11 ~
111cn1be1 s left 111ei1 Lernporary lodgings and installed then1 rnain branches of the chan1be1 held tens 01 n1! 10'\) 0
selvt~s 111 tllcir nc1'\' pe1 rnanent home in Lhe To1-ve1 of First books, datapads. and ancient tzil11et5 CO\e11ng e\el\
K1101vlcdg<. 1 llc Jedi 01de1 1\1as novv hrn1ly entrenched on able subject The central rotunda \\JS tl1e .arn pub '
Cor11scan1. Over 1llc centuries, L11e lortunes ol L11c Jedi reached via the Archiv0s' rna1n entt ,11K t' ' contoirt"j
Tt!l11J)IC IOllOl\'CU those or ! Ile Jedi Order The strucl Lii c IO\\ls or data Lei n1inals, stud\ ca1 r{lfs, a id,, l t>ntr 11 t:_':,
ol Ulf' 11eg111a1 co1111nued to grow, spreading ove1 11 10 desI\ SlCI rrCd b) lhe head 1lbr .:lt'lill1 \ $S1..'t 1~tt' r"l ~ ~I \ '
~urroundine or<'.i .ind increasing strc:it1ily 111 sla lurt' and od by JN GG and SP Lt ddl<l nndl\ $1\ d101d<> "''L' l ''
. . lht' ' 1'
e or y So111r.t rr1ll!S 111ouc;c1nds of Jecl1 lived ulld vvo 1keLi 111 llCdl (lf1d org;;inized anci helpt~d \'i\1trngJl'l1 ' ,,.~ ,1\

1t1r ti 1npl 11nd .it oll111 l 1n1r.'), t1 n1e1 (' lltlnd[ul \\lt'f 0 IL'fl dtlti lt'S0(11 cli. Tl1e Ar('hivl'S .11s~) 1,\)1lt.11111d !I hll ,~ 1
to lcnd lu t11Q ':;\'~11111<, .111c1 stand 1\1.:11.cll ovc 1 till' ernply I crOl1' \\l I
"ec11011 rn \Vhich i11n111lb~'t of p11ttlr~~ I')\\
lldlls 11111111 ~ lv 111< 1u11sLa11t h111ld111n :iricl t'\) )! ' II tlll 'I
\ ( . I dllSIOll l 1ll' l 1h1' llllll ll 1)1 till' r~st l)f llh' J1~d1 it 11 1 ~ '
T '
111lt 1101 DI ll1< lt111pl0 V\'d~ c.i 111 a1i llki WlrJt'll I 'I
tial s, .inti (0urn'> of cvr>rv 1ilralJt.: 111 c1di"'l r1 )1
U lOtltt
' .lhOlll lilt' l,ltC ()f rll1' \11 lll\1'' .tfl('I LIH' l ~' t
I I ., 1 1011 \\'<15 so I~llllll}f\ suggl~~l llH11 .1 ()I ''ll LlJ . l p ~ 1 t 1n ni l
Cornp 1 X l l/Jl 1101 l'Vtn lht> oldi" I lllHI J [l \ ' t"fl ( \
llD\tlCatr It WU lJOUl il llulo1111p .l \\'15t'Sl 1flr [llllld \V,IS <ll'~l10\ Cti Ill Ill cfilll t to l\tpt~ lhl' r Ol I '

('dl,1\\ I llllll('I, ti f~ '11!>0 lllll101t'd tJ1~1l tl\t'l'u

1110 IJD11Cls Ol lh(' f:tni)t'l'OI


..oc.;tcd 1n 1he Lcrnplc's First Knowlcctgc Ouar
er 111c Roon1 of a Thousan<l f-ounta1ns vvas a rnas
1,r: seven-story gr cenhousc f)tHIL .is a meditative r"' 't'.:il for
Jedi v151t1ng or working :n lhe t1~rnplc Design eel by a <adfc
of c;uorcrnely talented l>otar11s1s and art 1s<1ns. 1hr> re.1 was
packed with exotic flor;i nncJ faunn lrom ac.ross thc galaxy
T~e w;irrn, hurn1cl, and crninently con1forl(lblc sp,1rc)
smellccJ of flowers. flll!cnery, ancl r 1cti. wel soil Dense cops
es ol gricn an<J golcJcn leafed lrPes. lush grc:cn ::ohn1bs and
(\lclS~l'S, lowcnng IJrorneltad~. drtci flowrrs Of evcry COl1C(.'IV As ii was cJes1encd t.o hold sornc or Lhe mosL powerful Force
.1ti1e shcip1~ ;1ncJ c..olor llll<'cJ lite soar1nr grcenllouse Cou111 use1 s In the~ galaxy. I hl' Detention Center was built from corto
.. le~.> t11rd1,, bu1trrll1c>s. ancJ 1r1sccts fl1uecJ abouL. while the sis rc1nrorcccJ rJu1acrcLc shcalhcd with rare Force resislanl al
con!.t1nt butil1l111g ol !>rooks. chrJLlo1 or lounLa1ns. and rush loys, Its c.Joorways wcr( sealcc.J by blast doors and shield gen
ol ~ha llow w1terl<ills provided a sool111ng, aln 1os1. 11ypnouc c1at.ors, ;incJ <1 ray shield genera Lor sealcc.I the whole cornplcx
r,our1dslapc: lo acco1npdny 111c n<.Jlu 1al tJeauly ofl lrorn Lile surroundl11g quarter. The lnncr coll blocks of I.he
Walk111e pell h:. ol dir l, er u<it1cd grave: I. and 01 nale c111 <;lone Dctenl ion C011 Ler were Ihe rr1aximum sccuriLy cells, designed
tr1s,no.,c:cf lllC! lloor of lt1P 100111. <)nci rr1c11an111es and ca l to cletain powc1lul Sllh and fallen Jccll Outer cell blocks were
walks ollcrccl a r.enc~ o( Plcvolcd v1ew1ng Lcr races BC>ncl ll'S 1ncd1un1 and lowsecurlty wings designed Lo l1old criminals
arc1 srnall ga1!l>o!:. were sc:altPred th1ougtio111 the sacr>, who were 1101 I orcc users ancl those Jedi and apprentices who
had IJrOkC'n one of 111e orcJer's rnany laws.
p1ov1d1ne cornlortable placls lor rest, med1tat1on. a11cJ
, l1cnr11y eat11cri11gs. rhe vast dornC:' of tile. ccll1ng conLatnecl
a SCit11r.t1cat1:d holoproJection su1Le progrorn1ncd to s11nu TEMPLE PRECINCT
.itc anay 1.111c1 nlgltl c;ycle c.ur11plete witl1 sunrises, suns(>ts.
/\l!>o known as the Tcrnplc Districl. the Temple Precinct was
Ul1Jt1;d clouds. and the 111et 1t :,k1es ol a hundred worlcJs.
an adrn1n1strrJLlvc cJlsLricl surrounding the Jecli Temple on
lh( Room ol a l housancJ Fountains sc>rvc<J the Jedi as a C.oruscdnl Composed of do1cns of Ctly blocks, lhe precinct
r mulu ui;" s<Jce. /\tong with rncdilallon ond relax was controllerJ Jointly by the Jedi Council and the GalacLtc
11 1 11 w.15 u.i;:d for quiet rneellngs, exerr1sc. biology 1n Republic J\ busllinr,. constantly busy region . the p1 ec111ct
If' on ,,n(I Pven llettr,r..ibPr tra1r11ng. IL 1s prcsurned L11al llelcl 111ilny lrnporl<Hll r.overnrnPnl buildlngs, hundreds of pri
I P',Orl'i or ,,
I hOU'ifJll(J lounla1ns WfJS hevvlly darnag('d v<tlC' rcsldenti<ll block!,," vast enter ta111r11enl cJ1st11c l, tl sn1<1ll
, l'J ' 1011d !JL1rinf1 lht r>Uf'f'I' or the J0di al tile end ol thc c1 n1uc,cun1 and c~ducallon d1slric.l ded1calecl to Lhe h1story ol
1I l/v , '
ore,, tJu1noH1111r,1, known ;1IJOUL its ultlrntJ le lotc. 1Jot l1 UH (,n J,1c1 le f~C'p 11 hllL <llHI the Jedi Order. <111cl ((Jl1t1llcs-;
Sllli111 C:Otrlll)C'I tlal dist1 ic L'> ( dlC r l11g l.o LIH' LdsHs .111C.I llCC'ds
TEMPLE DETENTION CENTER of lltl' wcrill hV lll ll<'cllltral'> Wl10 CdllecJ ~Ill' -;ecto1 honlt'
TIH 11111plc i>1u1 l11cl sufltr0cl llt 1dVlly c.lurinr. lhe '>l('t~t' ol
1111 J r ~dl liJ111plr. Clono .1111111"; de~ 1 10v1d 01OtLltpll'Cl111<111v
ol 11~. nov111111 1111 i.il h11l l cli1 1 g~. <1ncl till' 1nt1'>1)11111 l11'.t11ct 1~.1s
llllt't ly cl1<,t1nvod Mo.t nf tlH 11slc.ll11t'. lled Lht 11eh11ne.
r1lorit wlllt l>u,1111",<i ow111t .. i111d 111ll 1 tt 1111t'1 s lod 1y the pr1
1 1t11 I 1:, !llu11 I111('1\i q11ht ind !'.ip<11'Ci1ly 1nhc1llll1.?d

I IH' ll'lllpl0 Sp11a \Vi'!~ tile talhst 0f tllr 11vt' sp111'S tl1fll
c 101~11ed llH J0d1 1c1npl0 on Co111sc,;111l 1\lso c,1f11rl 11<111
qu1111v Sp11l'." the Tl~1npli' Spire 1vns built In till' 11'11!1'1 ot
the Jedi TC'1n1es roo1, eq111cJ1s1ant 110111 its rn111 'ilJl,lfft'I
s1hllng~ l-01 t 11l' 1housanll years ol 11 s t'\ISI t 1H; l', t 111 spll t!
1vc1s C1.111s1tlered nrnong th1' llollcs1 site!\ In till' Jt'd1 !tn1ph
lt 1va~ hltcd 1\lilh ln1pr gallcnc., dep1c1111t1 lilt' t~lo1 io11'i l11s
to1~ ot tile Jedi 1111nosa1cs. 1ap1'sl1IC's. ,111d 011i.1tl' ~c1llp
I lll l~ 1nstall<ll IOllS l l1esc gallr1 iPS WCI(' Vl<'IVl'd lilt Ollf!lt
1ranspa11st1't'l l u1bolHt tubrs th.ll 1.111 1l11ougl1 11111cl1 ol
l lle to1\le1, laking vis1to1s to and fto1n lfH' l1npo1 l.inl kvl'IS
at lhe top
At l llc apex or the sp11 e, 1vhicll stood 111ore l l1.i11 .i f\I
lo1110te1 abo\e tile surrounding len1plc Precinct. \.Vet t' cl
11un1be1 or 11npo1 tant halls dnc1 chan1bers. f'\1any we1 c given
ove1 to 1neclilal1011 and con1e1nplauon or I Ile Jedi's place
\\Ill h1n the universe 1vll1le others were rnect111g roorns. 1<.'C
tu1e halls. a huge 111tcraclive holon1ap roon1 that acted as
both a planetarium and a repository or counllcss galactic
charts, and even a mode1 n milttarv command and control
center built during the Clone \o\,ars.
Above these chan1bers \'vas the Veranda. 1vhich consist
ed or three rnultilevel v.1ngs 1utting out from the sides or
tile to~ver supported by buttresses. The Veranda housed
a VIP hangar that could handle light ship and speeder
traffic carrying dignitaries and important Jedi, the Hall of
Knighthood 1vhere Pada1vans took their vows and became TH
full fledged Jedi Knights: and dozens or private med ila
Lion rooms, 1-vhere Padawans spenl the week before their Tim
knighling ceremony in deep con templation
AL the very summit of the Temple Spire was l11e Pinnacle
Roo1n. a round chamber with a dorned ceiling and walls
dominated by massive arched windows. Within this room
were kept the rnost sacred documents of the Jedi Order,
some or which were rumored to date from lhe Order's
founding. The Jedr Council also held meetings in this room.
and by the time of the Clone Wars, it was the group's pri-
mary meeting place
lud1\ lilt lr11p1'1111ll',il1H1'">ldlld'i .l1lll11 11rrl1 1 r nl l111pi11 II
1l\t'flllllfl)l lli111'r1n1 11\1r 1111 1111(lcllt 1 1ll lll1 111'\VIY < r11 ilid
rl'tit'I JI ( lj";ft ll I 1111 lr11p111 ,, I '.11.H 1 I ii' 1, d p.rll i)\lt'I lite'

Ull\ltll)dlrtf' 1 ii\'\( ljlt' 111~ l1111pli P,ltlllllcft, 11.IVl' lllr 111 t)ll
\otlltcl llllt) lilt l'.1l 1r1 t.01111 , \~lltcll 11.1(,, p.11 Hit' 11r<.11111d'l
f<}t r111l11.i1 \ dl'ipl 1VI\ 111d h11 ll111111 do1 l(o;, lnr ,nr11i1 111 Lit('
::.111,1llP1 ~trll l 1p1t 1l tf,1.,i-.1~ nl '.--.l.11 IJ1".lrnv1rs 111 .idd111011,
b11tlt Lill' Cl)t\l!'Nt}f~ \rtulCJH)' h111ld111*' Wiiii tl<i ll1011c., Hl(I,
ot ln11Hn,1l n11111~l1\ 1)11111'~ u1rl llu lu.idq11 irt1r1 nl lr1tpl'
1t11 N,1\,11 l1111 1 ll11~cn< L' l1.1v1' IH't~ll t <11l'ilr 11< t1rl c lr>,1 in tilt'
P<11<lc t' 101 (\l<\l' (11 ,\(\ ess

\\'hen rile Sl!h b111ll llle11 s/11inc 011 Co1uc.cc1nt. llley
die! so over a powerful light side vcr gene r' rl1 is cfec.1
s1on 1vas rnade 1n an atten1pt Lo corrupt thC' ver
gencc and use its po1Ner to fuel dark ntc<; Thc11
plan \Vorked to a point, and by the nmc the Jcdr
took Coruscant and pulled the shrine down. lhc
vergence had become corrupted with dark side
energies. The Jedi were well aware of the dark
side corruption of the vergence, but believed
CURRENTS they could reverse the process and return the ver
OFT ETEMPLE gence to the light side. Thus. they built their new temple
atop the foundations of tl1e old Sith shrine.
Today. the Temple Spire is occupied by Emperor Palpatine as Unfortunately. the Jedi were wrong on bhis accounl. Even as
his seat of po\ver Passersby still see lights in the 1Nindows of they built the temple, a small portion of lingering Sith corrL1p
the Pinnacte Room, 1AJhere it is presumed that the Emperor tion infused its foundations. That hint of dark side influence
~olds court w th his lapdog \''ader and his simpering pack of 1nay have been enough to cloud the Judgment of the Jedi, leav
courtiers and favor-seekers. ing them vulnerable to the manipulations of Darth Sidious.
Dunng the fall of the Republic and the purge of the Jedi
Order, the temple l"as besieged and occupied by the 501 st CORUSCANT VERGENCE RULES
Legion. As the 501 st laid its siege. rhe fallen Jedi Ana kin Sky-
~alker led an elite force of clone commandos into the temple When making Force power checks or using Force talents \Nith-
to slaughter everyone 1vithin. Despite brutal close-quarters in the Coruscant vergence. add automatic O to the check.
fignung. the temple and the area around it survived the fall \!\lhen a Force user meditates 1vith1n the Coruscant ver
'.lf the Jedi To cement his dominance over the galaxy and the gence. the Force can reveal many things. including other
destruction of the Jedi. the Emperor moved into the temple places. the past. and the future. Within the temple. how
a rrost immediately and declared it the new Imperial Palace. ever. the visions can sometimes be cloudy and ambiguous
Dunng the months that followed, Imperial agents scoured
After meditating at the vergence, Force users may add o
~ ler'iple or all traces of its former occupants. The numerous no greater than their Force rating to the next Knowledge
~t;;r Jes. pa1ntngs. and tapestries recording the Jedi's proud
story \'.ere destroyed, replaced with statues of the Emperor
check they make that session. Each O generates automatic
for the check results.
:1d ar dedicated to the glory of the new Empire. Palpatine
"'JJra his
Any e or (} (} generated by the Kno~vlcdge check
.;iu a quarters Into Lhe old Tranquility Spire. which stood negatively affects its results. This reflects the lingering co1
l0p the Palace, and held court in the Pinnacle Roon1. ruption fron1 Lt1e Sith shrine, wh ich can cloud v1s1ons <lnd
The Jedi A I provide in con ect answers to questions. Tl1e details of these
i:Viay by trr re lives VJere looLed, Lhe data held within spirited
1 nega Llve errects are left Lo the G<J rne lvlaster's disc.relion,
~ua1 d Perial S~cur1ty Bureau agents for study and even~
bu l tl1ey sllould involve misleading 01 m1sdu ec.l1ng tt1e PC
'he d;_s1t ruction rhe seer els held within the Archives led Lo
~d 1is or c 111 some \VflY In addition l11e Gl\1 can have any roresee
or)(j ''>the di ~unuess Jedi and. Force sensitive 1nd1v1cJ11Jls, powe1 check 111ade al l11e vergence be( orne a combined
aoa r<i(ihtJ SC:Ovcry and destruction of rnany h1dde11 ternples
cI 1ec.k \Vil 11 d Hard ( ) Vigilance check .t\ny . or {~
'lany t 01 ~ Jedi artifacts 1ound 1n the temple 1nclud1ng
{~ generated can c1e;:ile tile same negative consequences
U>er >tudy ~~;is. Were destroyed, \Vere locked a1AJay lor fur
de<>c 11bed above, but G;> or 0 t) t) can guarantee that
Year Of"- ound their v~ay onto the black n1arkel. Wit11111 a
a u ie te1np1 . tile v1s1011s the PC sees a1 e truthful or can simply reveal
lrace or lh 1 es conversion to the Imperial Palace. barely that a lingering co11 upling influence is at work.
e ormer Jedi 1nhab1tants remained.

I I\

,n I ti 1, 1 l I 11 1111111'1 11111 Jiu ,, Lt ,[, t 1ltP 11 1 1 r1111n ul to 11 cl1 d<
\\ \ I I JI <\ I I { Ill! I' 1n 1 111tl 1l11 lll11l1 th ll pl 1y 1111 .i II.ti I' 1111' 1111ol1ort.il
..., I I I I
I ' I It ' II \ 1 I ll \\ 11-.111 .1111~ 11111 t liu 11vt1lo1111 l1y 1111 / h1tr1l(lt1 (l1ul11 i>V
I I "
' I j \ ' 11-11111 1111 lk 111d lh11111h ('11(111 l11f1pl.iv111f! Of! Ill<' J>1HI nl
lhl l ll.11 It l< 1 <, pl,1v1'1l
I \ ,, l I II. I ...1 \1' Ill( Ill,:'> \\l 11
\ ; \\ It I \ \ !\\b,11t\._ll\ht'lll\;l1rt I 11111 1 11 0111 111111 lllr Ill I 11 ,1, ,, 1 l1.11.i1 lr;r 11111c,I rlllkr
ll I\ lhJ'I, \\1 \ Ht t1\1\t ~ 1 11 \ l'vt'l1
\\,',\\I !l\(' 1"11 11\I '- ltll1,1l'i \~\I"
.i 1t.11d ( +l ft" " ( hl.'rk tnr ,11111111"1 1 J1C11K II th" C.l\il
' h1 I .1 dlll11111l ltlll \Vt>llld tu'lt1 1 1 lt'Jllt"1l'lll lfll!fll flVl'flOlll
1 l, I ~,,,, .l1l lllti\ll1 ,\l11'lil\-.(ll \o;
111 11 111111 p1'1lllldl1111u1111111,1I \Vl"''\"'"'"' '>lfr cl'!'.>: n111111 '""'
, 1 .,, ,."1. 111 \ fl 11'. \,f\<S f\h1l1'1i1\\ ll'l1~tcc>t 1 11\o,lld 11111l\11111.111 111 11.i, Llkl'll .1111.11(11 'ili'f ' tqvvnrrl k11ow1111 li111 1
, \ s t I \\,1s dP'il 1111111 II\ l~f.' I '11'11 s I ih' \ ,)llil('IHlt:s \1lf .1111l l1)1 l111 dn\Vll Ill'- lll'it'C Iii 111!'<, J ,11ltlrC' 0111111 lttlll.il !c, IJ
(. \ ' ~\ ,1 ill I ,, lt'1 I II'\ 1.~11'l1 th1'1l I h''Pt''I
11111 J.. 11111.; .1 111.11.u 11'1 1v1tl1 fl'.11 . 111d ~.ell do111>1. n111ddl1r 1E
lli lfl..,t' 111 111' ~'I \ lh1u11r,l1 ll\('f\ nn)n1 1
fliS lilllll,1i1l' .111d 1lllc'll lt 1t1dlll('. 111111 1<1 lllcil't' )lbOI rllld C'Vl~ll
1 , \\
\\<\ 'l l,;\t''> l\')l ll1 \1),tnp I \ "-< l)\I 11111'1 1 l\\t,\I
Ille' lll1 1'.lh'l111lf dc1 li..1t1110., 1111~, f!!'llCl.tt I)' , ( 011rl1rt lor Lit<'
th11 (lhlf,lt 1111 111 1tld1t1011 the' (,1\1c.111II1v1 1 tilt' PC 1n<ll<r ,111 .id
, )
ft"lt I lllllfl' \\f J1111l111ll1'l\\\'l1t1111' <'l\11tll 1l
,,.n c,,,nll' 11\Pn' 1'\f <'11\'I', 1 d Jt\1t , ,lnh hi 1110 <1H1n11,1l H ,ll d (. ++l f <~JI check lo t1llC'll1pl to ovc~rfOllll'

' t 1.ll , 1,'111 u'tt'll n11)'1 1111 pt r~on.ll

i t 1 i.1111 l'l.1 110 Ill'\ 'l""' d \('((Hid [lllll'
, 01t'lllC'lll \11 p1n ~11 1' t'l~n '1 , ll1'1\ I..\ hc1 11\1'.t.it 1he ~Ll l-"'t's!:.lllll\ 11,1\ 1nc1tn11~ 11111 G.rl l1t'1111g IS inc rerlrlJl y d1f
t f nt l<'>TlCd P.! ll~ 1 Ill' h\ l.1"-1' .1 l1llh'. l'l.lld t>n"- \\llh1n
111.. ull. b11t tht' p,l\otf 1s 11101L' 111,1111vo1tll l11c d<lngcr Ille
lS{'1\,>S )J)U f.~1,,(' , , 1111 J)\)(('l\Ual \ ll~I\ ltlllhs
\1olll1rr Ill' l'i ,)s lllll(h a rol1pl.lVlllfl l!\L'ICISt: (lS 11 IS" lll<lllPI
OI e<~llll' lll1'1 li,111h s t.<11llt' l\f,lSll'IS cllld pl<lVCl"S ShOUJd
ILUM VERGENCE RULES f'\plo1l ~11 llJ1.11t11~1'\Pt'lll'IH t':'.-, hacKp,round. clrlcl Ille erno
llt'lldl l\1',1knt'ss tif his tvlo1illitv, ;111d ust~ th.it to pcrson.1li1c
\\ ~nm i.,nr Ft1r<.e> J)c'l\t J ( !1ec "' ,, ~ ,1rr1' 1.1ll'nl' ''th lilt' ll 1,11 0\11 rr1)rH1ng lht 1r1,1I nl Ille Gatt1enng grants Player
:he llun1 \'\!fUl'O(.t', .1dd cll1l1llll<1 1 (..10 1.. Lht> ht't'k. Char ,l\ l1'l'S .1 lll'l"I II urn KVllt'r crystdf (set" page I 97 of the
\s (h1lrt1C-ll'~ St'lll 11 tllf"t)Ut: "J(' l I\ :-tc11 CJ\ t'~ 1ilf llf FoRcE AND D es11Nv C.Oll' Rult'bookl In adcl111011 to obtaining
'he 01at1l' tll tlh' Gdtllt>11ng. t'''
11 1s confrontt'tl l)\ 1 t'sl 1111' li{'llt ::..ll11'1 c1 vsl,ll<;, Pl.1ver Clla1 <lctcrs should conic out of
er:1t !1.l t'\Plu1l f,1\111. 1lcHtlt lt'I > Ot'l'p~s.1 1n:-t'C111 rt'' .ind t lh! 01111~a1 1111111 b1'll l~I undl'l"St,1111i1ngs of t11emselves.


T llr f<r r.ot ten wortd of DilBOl>al1 hold':. 1 <., ndll hut 1ilt,.nt.<'
\l lgC'lCC' '" ~h<" 1-0IC(' In lhC' 101111 of l rn~1 <;f('J111llr.. lf<'l'
1..a' e t11ddC"11 dl cp .1m1d D;icohah'~ cncJlt s'> cl'll'>C' c;w11111ps VERGENCE: FEAR
and abundnnt ft1una, tf"r <..ve> Is 111 Cl\ (H grown la11cllor rn <'fl GIVEN FORM
cased l~\ u ranglP of trt'l ll'OI~. gnilrlrd t>ranchcs. ond c.u11.a1ns
0 1 '1rl'!> Tht> c111rk \ef'.elat1011 ;ind Dagohah's c1,ier dun l1gt1L I t1ose cnl ering ti re <:av< bC(.Omr> SJblC<.t l.O l:
111r n1ak,cs 11 dlf11<.:u.1 Lo ascer1a111 the rnakcup of the 1nte1101, of the vcrgcncc for Lhe duration or lhEir ,.,,, Ee t(la,y '"lr~
' >voy 1r. ry
1\r1cthl r H c:; a holl' 111 the ground. a void ~\11l11111 a n1assive tree, exptrrence is d1Herent and llS1Jil1lu t1 1nn1y ri . - l.'r '.!~~
' ""'' , .r'O(;na l
01 d co1nh111at1011 thereof T11e thick overgro1\lth surrounds a gcnce 1ends to confront 1nd1v1duat!l witfi lh ~
. e1r 'll<;r t I
11a1ro1'" natu1a1 entry, and signs of an ancient stone struclur e Whether through appant1ons and 1llu~ion'> c t ' "-i'
rr lhe 101 rn ol \\falls and ~\11de, shallov. steps provide anol her Ing directly w1th characters' minds, I.he vcr:~ :~ rr:ra
entrance to lhe area. or 1n1 . to acung out personal .,,,..n
.sIead s l hern 1n scene ' <vr ,,.:.1.
veal their natural weaknesses and v1ornes Ho ' l"..i '
The vergence 1s small in area but intense IL is very sl!ong ,, r( rJrj ' "
respond to threats determines the outcome (f ,. '
rn the dark side or the Force Despite this. its presence rn tile ; ne ~~
Force seems to ebb and flow according to rts own manner or Whatever the results. characters are usually left with
being Those vvho venture close expenence feelings or cold sense of doubt and fear about what they JUSt ex C:p!,e;,
ness. menace. malrce, and darkness. However, the distance and what il means to their future P 1

from wh1cl1 the vergence can be detected vanes unpredict- . fhe cave 1s nol Just dark. but evil. It seleclS and LI'. stsr~
ably. While rnost senlrent beings seem to notice a chill and v1s1ons rt presents to induce the worst poss1ote Outc
a creepiness to the area. those wrth stronger connections to even rf subjects believe lhey chose the nnhl re or-es,
the Force gain a much deeper sense of the darkness w1tl11n . v ~~
The obvious danger confronted 1n a v1s1on isn't the 0
Though visitors usually recoil from the cave. Dagobah's ev threat. and often isn't the worst threat. to the ''Cl , 0
er-present animal and plant life are largely undeterred l l1e experiencing the vision The way the 1nd1v1dua1 oo~n~
cave 1s home to a mulutude of creatures. from tiny insect negates. or deals with that threat usuallf reveals adarr.~
like lrfe forms to n1any types of small reptilians. The animals and unw~nled outcor:ne.. The result or conseQuence m~yoe
don't seem overly influenced by the dark side presence that one the 1nd1v1dual d1dn t even consider until be111g mace
surrounds them, and while the plants at the cave are twisted to lrve through rl in fear inducing detail As the suoiect~
and foreboding to behold. they are the same in many places fear Increases, so does the likelihood of a Future fall to tile
on Dagobah. dark side.


When making rear checks or any other Discipline or Vigilance

checks within the Dagobah tree cave vergence. a charaaer
must add 0 equal to his Force rating to the check Eacr l
result cancels one *-
in the check (in other words. treat I
results as Y resul ts)
Upon entering the tree cave. Force users see an ,
s1on of one or more of their greatest fears coriing rue
The 1llus1on might portray a Force user's most currel"
concern or a long held worry. The charaoer rrugn'
be confronled or attacked directly (as Dar'" \t
der attacked Luke Skywalker). or the cha!act
could be a helpless observer unable LO \\)di
ence or stop the events of the visior ri1s
experienced on his visit to the ca " bf
the end of the Clone Wars)
Tt1e PC makes one or rnore ~ , ~e:i.
while experiencing ti re veige1it~ '"'
cl1ecks uepc11d on tile ~;r.~~- 11w"
but at ,, m1111n1u1n. 1t111 ' he<k il
Daunting (. ++) fear' .l)
hrst :.e(tnG ,he Ulu( ;1 .
-. .


' ..

- -., ......

. --

-- --- -

- __... ~-

-. ~

-- ' s.it1..essf1.i or :.'le 'ea c"ec -~e =>c =0rms a p-oo GO'l S;,Jbsecuer: s..~ ere~~ <!~_oe~:: c-- :~~ '.n...., -n- =>(
- ...,_.... ~

'-:" gon~Q 'o ea~ ... u--ca~ce ed tJ res ... : from <re cnecll. m g11: ha.e iO i'lg'.'IL a" e~em~ ~s ";:; cc-:-a: s s~ res:s: a~
- ... ~PC ""ar spen<J those I i as des rec O" S'.J:::>Sec.;en: S" enern}' s tauncs or ceceGoris "'si~5 sooa 5, s. ('.)(}. 0 .-
'" -s Taae tl'Je \ egt:rce, ~ "::' ::r-e ooo s exriavs:-
I'> ~ ~ V g ance. o,. a o:-c oe r.g c =rccrre ~- -'=e3r. p.a.., r or aes
e 'ea cheer s success-.. c ... ~ ge"erarec t..r;cance ec pera! on .-\'hen sna.."' a :::erso"a . ce 3s-._a- .., g sion 1r.e
'"e PC S\J"es I stra r. ~ {~~ amculcy 1J" t."ese cr.ec~s "c . . ci r-g c et: anc 3ra ... checks
'"''"' eadlec1< fa s.. tlie PC g es r:o rs 'ea. Besides u-e
s typ cal} a min murr, o~ Hard C
+ }. o~ :~e o r;c... r..
silou d oe upgraced or.:e
'= ,.. e."ecrs th s may e"ge"de 's:" ,, "g o. . r agans;: the
.. '2t ~ ... 1 or oihel"W se reac::"g ~c : as ; t s real ano Tne G .1 shoulc be \',ary aoo1i: mz., n5 n s PCs ma"e

' , J(; l r.g as an I usion). d"e P( also ga rs 5 Conil.Ct. too man} add1uonal S!{t.! chec:-\5 n i.lle Dagooah tree ccne
,;- Jlld ':Ina I Conf' ct tor eYe ....1 aca tona Y gener Generally one or n.o su!:.lsec!..en: cnecKS s enougr ~o .:iet
11: T~ Gfvl a so tows a pool of one per across i.r,e effects of i:he ca . e. T.>-ie \ son ends ;._e,,.,en
,. @ ne C'.1.1 may add Lflose ~o subseouent PC characie{ has o. ercome the cha enge sei. n ron or h rn

rie pool s exhausteo Success or failure is less 1mporranr cnan ,,het er ne ga 1e
" ?113 r... 'T 1n;:o hrs fear (ia1led the feaf ched a;, the oeg nn r.g or the
~--'16 r. e o 1tcomes above. il'l:? G~l ma,
encouncer and \\ neiher or not '1 s act ons \\'ere 11sp ~ed oi.~

. ~~
J...... P~e aoit na ~tiet"-5 of tl'e PC's 'Sutcess or
J;;",J r. ' ,. PCs spec. flt fear oi rear: anger or hate


'T t t 1\ t' ' \ I l

Ol \ I
' l \ \
l t tl "I l' { \ \

.. t
l 1t l \
' \ tI ' I I t \\
t 'l
' $
l' 1( \ 'i l 11 I
' \'
l ( ll

Eeu t Ro, L1 J t d clilpt;.)acll1ng thl;' tt'l1ll)ll'. 1\a" v11r1'

a :1 11Li ro mJ t1ron1ena<.ie that cut a \\id<'. <;tru1ght pdl 11
t""1<X1gr the Jungle Deep red 11l rolo1, 1t end("d <ii d stdl< 11\
'l"D~.in1ental sta1rc,1se leading up h.1 the h~n1ph''~ 111. 1~51\ 1'
c ors. \>1h1ct1 l'\:ere '::>et 1n tile larg~r of th(' lernple's l\\\) l(l\\1'l':l
The ten pit 'l 1vas quite 'inia" 1..0r1parcd to I ht' 111.i~
Sf\e Jedi Ten1p1es on Olller '"o ds I s ,,11r of d1ss1n11l,11 t\1 ,1\
.. : -s v.ere placed qu11.i: 1..'1..)<;e toge_he and JOllll'd <ll llH'll
. . Sots The large1 t01\e1 ''as L ~pped 1v1tl1 dcco1 all\,, flns
Adjacent to the to1vers \\as a circular cou1 l\c'.1rd 01111' ll'\i'd
by the Jedi for n1ed1tat10". Fo1ce l a1n111g. hghtsJbc1 11,1111
ing. and conte'1 ' o' at1on. A fe,, sn1all0r bu1ld111gs hor dl'l L'd
the court\ ard h s de tl1e to\vers \Vere a large ~nlt v h.111 ;111d
a fe1v classrooms. as \vell as caretakers offices. d111i11g l<lc iii
t es. and sleeping rooms Tile temple had litlle 111 the vvav or
staff. 1t \vas not unco1nrnon for a single Jedi I\ 1aste1 and an
apprentice lo be the onl1 caretakers on hand for e>- Lended
periods of ti me.
During tl1e Clone Wars, the temple also served as a '
Republic surveillance post. teeming 1Nith sensors and corn and n1ucl1 or 1.hc cou1 Lyard . I vc 11 <;o, ,orrH nl tht r111111d
munications dishes. In addition to a Jedi f<nighl and l1is SLDl.ucs nianage lo rcLa111 th eir b c~ .i1rl y, wl11cll r, 1v1dcnt r I
Padavvan. Republic clone troopers operated and protec ted so 111eon c slops Lo Lake noli c.u. [
the station.
The Lop of Lhe rnain Lower wc1 ~ blow11 ,1wc1y, wh1rt ~rll
Lered rubble inside and ouL I he r ntr y ~iall sustprnc~ ~db
CURRENT CONDITION stanlial damage; rubble complctC'ly blocl<s the rniJ.n <Joo
and an enormous crater dom1ntllcs th1.: hdll It 1r, ur1
Using the Temple of Eedit for military purposes proved to
that lhe explosion was deliberately set. possibly to Cl u
be the start of its undoing. In his guise as Darth Tyranus,
something that used to be 1n the center of the room
Count Dooku ordered his new apprentice. Savage Opress, to
attack the temple and kill the Jedi guarding it. When Opress The old courtyard is now overgrown with trees ar~ '
arrived, Separatist droid forces were already attacking the vegetation. as the jungle ~eeps back 1nlo the SPc1 al~
fac tity and fully engaged in fighting the clone trooper de- rimeter buildings are useless ruins. What was once d
fenders Axe in hand, Opress charged down Eedit Road and fountain has become a dark pool wilh waLerborne
cut through friend and foe alike until he was the last one tion. The courtyard is inhabited by p1khrons. w cl
standing from either side. The temple grounds sustained se- ered it served as a rine refuge from tt1c senuen
rious darnage, as did the surveillance and communications animal predators in the surrounding 1u11glc
gear, but it was not yet a total loss. THE TUNNEL
After lhe end of the war. the Empire sought to destroy
anything and everything Lo do with the Jedi. Imperial forces d p'oV:'lb r
Due to the rubble. wanLon (lc:strucuon. an rricr; T
targeted the facility directly, bombing it and then going 0
planning, cnlc11ng the tcmr;le grounds 15 to ~
back through to ensure the destruction of anything w1L11
t1(lll 1s cornpletr:I~' in1passable DroPp'""~ rrle' .
obvious Jedi syrnbolism . Blaster bolls. grenades. and ex-
fr orn nbove 1s possible but hm1ted to srn "''' ,
plosives vandalized the once-arristrc statues. res1cJences. d at r
Plus. t11e plkhrons are none too please

... I I
' I l l p
\ I l 0,1 h ._ 'f. J t ~ EEDIT TEMPLE VERGENCE RULES
l'Q i C"$ { 11 , r
OC th I k.~
<; N ,..
-:1 Jt L ~I rt I r u > nt of tr,i 1 thE:J r~
' ~ \ 1\1 \ p.Jrl c; ft ~ t \
' I
o C>Jn p ( te ..i
d ra1~n tr l r lr< 1ur r 1h v.~ rteE-~dt fef'll
lh~t be- cIt' ir~ \\' I~
I t .x "' I\ ' bb l
r 'f lil" P e 'W.en c Da k :1t For P U'>f rs fl , r !'J() n re <1-1 r

t Th t llt o "'~ d l'"l.l access to lht: '>lfdin tll lh end of fr. ouriters

A PC v.1n a Fo~ce ratJng or I or ti ihr.r at th <>rte can

EEDIT ADVENTURES cnoose to med Ila Le tor c1n hour on the resil ence of lrfe made
Slroni;er tH Lile Force ~.ften~arrt 1r""e per da .~n " a .,
" : ,~.. U'e Eei; I JS a sllort terrn base o' operations
' ' > t PenOd wl ~ lo train and to use lhe ver
.:tt1i 1n the PC may make " Hard ( +J Discipline
check The PC rna~ heal [WO "Ounds oer '# an<J liea - rvO
t D re to-e mind ano sp nt Charactef"'5 research
rr n per \.:} The PC rnay also spena@ co hea 1 one m l"'Or
s la\ d SCO\er tha~ frescoes and other pa1nt1ngs Cnt1ca1 In 1 I\ the Gf\.l's discretion. tne PC may spend ad-
e r '.and other tO\\er rooms provide limited n d L1ona1@ Lo ~1eat more severe Cnucal lri1unes.
~ " c gn'5aber tra1n1ng ano forms The~ ma~ fiaie to
nterpret the images. or to clean ano restore them to Add1t1onally ! a PC spends chrec days 1n silent a11d con-
...e Lhe..,, n?adable The C~ 1ma, require skill checks such templatr\e n'ed1:.at1on at the site, he may pJrchase one rank
5 N-o ~ edge Education) Kno\.,edge (lore/. c Perception '" either lliled1c rie Res1'1erice. or S11rvival reducing the cost
~ eterrr '"e \\l'elher the~ are able i.O accurate!~ interpret o~ itiat rank by 5 XP A PC may orl~ ever do tn1s once
the} f.nd

;he Eed r \e'"gence the ong1nat 1mperus for 'le temp1e s
cD~'"'LCTJO'!'i doesn i: appear to ha1 e beer s gri Acantl~ a:
e..'"ted b; the battles of the Clone \Vars and i:.he a~ages of
t!"e E"'P .-e Upon entenng lhe temple grounds, \~s1tors are
sr su'TOUnded b\ the po\ver of the Force Force sens1r 11es
ca"I 'ee Lile presence of the vergence thro1Jgh the stronger
amrec:,or 1r provides to '1le Force. T"lose 1>'ho are 11ot Force-
sensi: ve ma\ also percerve a genera. sense of strength or
ren1\'ed sp1nt
The\ ergence is S(rongest 1n the courcyard. t IS one of the
reasons <he ar1mafs feel safer here rhan rr the surround-
~s ..rig e Force users fino that mar pula[lng or tearri1ng
,..:-;, corce PO\~ers and ao ties 's enha11ced here. espec1all.r
~se re ated i.o heah,..g a~d rene va' o: sp.rtt_ Force users
:: are ta nted bu~ ror rt.. -' corrupred o;. jie dark side
'r:i ~connecru1g \\1th he ight sioe a rtJe b't easier '.1ed1-
.io. ,. and con:emplat1on in he ergence cafl a.so be more
.::':fu a:id re>. eahng. especia , . re,-. concen:rar1ng or
~~,.3 'es1 ence. renewa. or strengch of sprrrt . - 0 ,.. rare
:;o-..as ~s foreseeing 1s enhanced
- -e pc1ter o' the l.Jv1ng Force is slowl~ dr. ing a rebirth
~-:culT)ard Plants 1eft behind
by the Jed. are chr v-
a-:1 t"e J"gle advance 1s slo~:ed b.ir no[ sropped
" -11.f , io.r.d t d.fhculr to operate ir and around
>- "'E"ce <add cwo or more to predaror,
.: S cneci<s, The longer characters sray
area e 1rt0re tney notice the p1easanr
Dea., i. ' fl'g5 that survived or appeared
o:. f'l t a:tar- ;
p ,,.et lul
' l) "" ~~ ( t1
I l [ (-:.t \ UI clCCt 0 , !Xl6t'
t l
~ 1 \1:l' r.t
11 h 1.-. oh
j , p \\'._ Ill f flt' u<.lr._. 11l ll'lll
t d l I n JNI to. I '\lC! Ill t ell;;
' 1l
l "'? lt J ... t DlhC'I \t.'~ Cl: 11 ('
t :\. t ....... \ t f\1~'' e to lest or pun
ll ,f_ J i t>L'\\\'t?ff\1 appreot ce though 111 ii
._ '\\: l \ f..: t l l"\d llften to a leth.11 e11d
T , t re~ of ttndent \ ablJs predoted the
nt e e'p'oret built tht> ong1nnl ternplt'hk~
Q t1e ]I\:.,) ;\I (" t \ese \\"ell' dt>Sll\.)\t>d 01 IPll
, tlle n ennlJ pr~' t,s-,e, CL111t ti ol \urntera and
' ' " t ~, t: n 'tee th1't l ~, vl ' :;t0'\ a~ l ie Republtc .
.k.~ ' ' ~th Er1p 11'~ ~ ~i 1..1.'1e' ~a1n~ ...1 ano lost con-
t t"' ~ n Corr uor h\ ~e -:; '11(c> ""ll te {once l\l'O\\ n as the \Yater slains on the dome seen1 to indicate IL has rot,
'l'le\\'1 ~ rJce antJthe\') , ...1>e1...or en above three quarters of the chamber's depth A centt;
tti the JE?\.1 and the S th bt.11 t ter11, e" J ....: sunilar >ttuc roughly circular stone platform rises JLISt above the '10f'IT.
t ~... -ro "ti tt'e \'e~K: e c..~ ;: 0ri tne .. "s o eat11er build \Yater le\'el. directly beneath the opening n the top or ..
' n~t "lleS the fle\\'l:vr i:."' 0 -e do'' ~ ie ')l)O<.:s1ng or- L :;i1,ern. The platform and \Valh.Y'lay are so old and v1om that
s dtlficult to determine \vhether they vere naturally fofrlled
;J -:-t"..tet~:re..; t 1t someu es e\ ... l-.ed the eso ces to
a... 'Tltrdl r re than ta,e O\er ,..,1... -:.1. stood Son1e etnples or constructed by ancient visitors. At the \valk\vay level area
cl o tiJrnbe ' are Ql te elaborate T 'e resulting layenng or nutnber of tunnel openings leading to other chambers.
m"\\ \~ o u h:is: 11a t> 'o s.:-~t. l 1... s..a and coniphcated in
The 1vater in the chamber is extremely clear and cool fl 5
teno .: ,., th 'tl(l al l iJ~ ~ , ie a10 (0'1'5 c,op fron1 <.harnber part of the underground river and 1s fed and drained o~ mu
t cha11be1 It s certr ' 'l(L nJ '' st u...:tures and roon1s have tiple tunnels. \.Yith strong enough ltght. it is possible to pd:
been bu N 1.: r bl1.x:~ea up aru ost tc t.'le centuries neglect out shapes and other details under the ~vater. down ma",
meters to the rough chamber floor. The \vater holds ma~
THECENOTE secrets. including discarded items from ancient rituals
An indeterminable number of skeletons are scattered
The center of the 'ergence 1s '' tt1 n an enonnous cenote.
throughout the pool. tvlost are likely unfortunate souls 11ho
3n unoef$round nat<1ra cavern l\ith a hole at the top and
narr 2 \ ~oode-.1 b\ <J slO-\\ n1 0\ ng underground river The
failed their trials or attempts at exploration and becarre
d,Jtl e "' "pej
chan1b s ..:01Pected to a comple\ of dan- ovenvheln1ed by the vergence. Ho\vever. a fair percer~e
gero,is " s g caver's. '' h1c 1 are per;odicall\ intersected n1et violent ends at the hands of fello\v Sith Loras~ ] a~
b\ the e~ '" J , , st ng ' \et Ear1) \ 1s1tors reinforced and prentices. Despite the dead. the vergence seems to s~ u ~
cecoratea tt'e ..:iC'"' e o tr1e ce1ote demonstrating tt1eir or eltn11nate any lingering spirits that are ofte ass.. ~
po\ver \\Ith che R:>rce and the ,. ab t\ to carry out the \vork \Vith ancient Sith sites.
that \\:ls aone at the hear or the vergence.
Little of the site's nat1.i1a1 roe" -erria ris' 1sible in che liorne. ACA'S FUNNE
\\ h ch \\CIS once complete!~ CO\ -ered '' tn a conglon1eration
of rnate ' cJud1ng a roe;.;. haid duracrete t ke substance. Outside. above the cenote. the gro~1nd s "l"5 " an er.
sroqe _ ;.. :> < id rntnca~e '"11asoriry. t\ luch of the re1ntorce irregular!\ shaped elliptical cone. its na10'' po oo e"\'
e1t has .." 1 do1\n, aPd so ne reu into the 1vaters belO\'< it flat. stone paved surface. The circular opt>'l ~g . . . . L~ lt"X ~ '
cenu.1r e:i ago Tr e ._. "\. ) su ace or the dome is adorned sligtltl) off -center bet,,een the scone-pa\?<i" , rt'' "Q" '
" h Cf\ ptic svn1bo s cid s \ 1, .ed 1llustrauons ot For 1.e po\v the nJrrU\\ sides of the ellipse O 1g1naH~ ,: n,1l1. ~ l\'X ,\
e~ use Thout, 'l~':>f 111 the ..1bstractdd subiects are hu tion the funnel \\las transFon11ed into ~1''1~1 ng ~'
11 ne d. some are il."'. ,11~1 H I$ d1fncult to pinpoint '\Jct highly treache1 ous due to weather 111g and ,)th~ 0 '"
~pc es. In t>'.1 es t !~ cleat tt1.:it or igi11al 1vorks have been
The ruins of ancient ternple-~ J~(~ i a1nn~ .~a '' ~,, .
re.:i: Ced I'. th l ler pieces It ts dot ff cult to uet\~l llHlle Wllt"ltl ~
s1"ttJ~ su110un<.i tht~ tunnel s. . 1.i0t 1, nn1 \'-i- "Ot
lht'. rep Lerr( nt<:> were rntlcit) to conceal the eat lier t ~): l,, l)Ulll t U lht'! cl\\,l) to p",_,~10~ ~
)(!l(:' .
l' I 1lllletii.:1te ~:re~~
lo rep! ce n turJI} oarr.!.lgl.'d po1 lions or tile dun ')' t
ll:' ilClllg g\~ll( (' ~ l~v~;t 1.)f lilt' -.;, . t'" 1.)ll t)lf' 0111 ~ \ 't"' ' "~
The o,\nr po..-t101 or th1.> <Jr n1ber rern.1111s n10 I
111 ~ thl' llllHlPI, tl11..)ug~ ~1l etl:- )n~ nl"~t
f0t 'o: t~ ,
natu1 al swt A stont \Vct "\"J~ cne:irc'ec; lh , l) ll\ .:1ncl Stth -..tt u, ltll~"~ dll'- s~' ert-'I\ ,1Jn\J.~ ' , '
JUSl ttto\e the l\'PICttl \\Jte>r level Re 'to l ChtH111l~1 \'lJll
11ort1t<'d. hut thou t10-;1c 10 nt' 1rt' rt ' J. ,
d1ou hls <-u1 t lU~ thr l\Jlt'r level lo U nal rluoos tlnCI rne ot
~,, er f> 111~ though ne1l I 1('1 s1ue l"'\ Pr nlplett>l\ e! 1t Pate"

*X\11 OI' POWwt


' I 1 ""' I , 'j II I

I I f rr lll
t I
I f' l If I
r ' t 1 nr l 11 1n' l r
' ( ... ( llr opr- 1ol11t
l r l J t n or 11 path lned \v1Lh

t l t li l ti e once lurmal ent1d'1Ce

' t j , ~ c."'):t nds ove1 1he runnel. ending
rt' t ~ l>o\!e the c.enote opening Sith dlclle
Oti r11ua s on the baleon\. and n1ore L11a11 one
l pprern1r-e 'Tlet ttre1r end rere


T C" Jech Order 11Gid tne Acablas Ruins from !he end ol Lile
s~ unc 1rr t Sith Emp.re unt1 latt? 1n the Clone Vvars They
r eated 1t n1ore as ar arcllaeorogrcal site than an acuve ten1
o e 1r1 order Lo c;vo1d 1rr1Lat111g the Au1ateran c1l 1:r 1nd o
hrde 11 from dark <"o1de Force users and S1Lll (<;tr Auratera
page 48) The .ast Jedi t\ iaster and apprentrcr 11 s1 r\'C I
syslem can cause it to abruptly s~vitch from lighl side to dar11
as caretakers Ltiere \\!ere recalled Lo Coruscant near the end
side altgnn1enl. and vice versa Altering the \>ergence from
of t '1e Clone:> \o\'ars and \Vere caughl up 1n Order 66
or~e slale lo anolher is more easily achieved during certam
The terr.pie c.ons1sts of t\\IO tO\'iers flanking a tall central alignments or Auratera and its suns. Ancient S1th ant1 Jedi
bu1ld1ng on rhe runnel's nn1 Underground chambers and realized this and used it to their advantage, espec.1ally when
older st1 uctures are built tnlo Lile srde of the funnel \!\/here trying lo wrest control from each other
as the S1tt1 Pyramid 1s entered at the too 01 Lhe nm. the Jedi
Ten1ple l1as a fo1 mal path l11a1 ascends a 1nonumental stair Even when Acablas is aligned wilh a user's Force mclina
lion. it is nol easy to withstand or work within 1ts bounds. t.Jl1~
to reac l1an opening about llarr~vay up the funnel on ils outer
slope. Stone overlooks once provided exLerior training areas While the effecl is greatest in the cenote. its outer edges r~e nJl!J
outside of the funnel extend beyond the rirn of Aca's Funnel [see page 80). The iuachn1
vergence is used primarily to Lest individuals. bul 1t can 3lso so hcc:im
AUXILIARY BUILDINGS enhance roresighL and provide useful guidance These errects as tie
Fe\v caretakers lived vvithin the temple. due to its proximity may happen at any Lime. but they aren't constant What'~
rion 11
to the veigence. A small number lrved in chambers on ils consistent is Lhe presence or a variety of lesser effects that
exterior side on occasion Any Jedi Masters \oVith Padawans skilled Force users can keep at bay or under control. but thJt .t Je
resided n nearby auxiliary buildings to protect their wards overwhelm the senses of less talented or experienced user\ Lot ha
from the vergence. The most recent stone and metal struc th
tures are adjacenL to a landing zone for Jedi ships. The aux ACABLAS VERGENCE RULES ror
lliary buildings contained research facilities. data libraries, ri hcd
food. replacement parts. living quarters. and training rooms. When making Force power checks or using Force ta1ents
The buildings have suffered greatly since the Clone Wars within the Acablas vergence. add automatic 0 0 to :tie
ended, having been damaged by storms and the multitude check if the vergence is aligned with the light. or add fl lO
of nauve creatures that have moved in The landing zone is the check if the vergence is aligned to the cta1 k.
overgrown but ts reasonably usable. The vergence's alignn1ent seen1s to S\\'1trh ill rJndo
lirnes (and should happen wl1en the Gtvl choosesl H '~\.

THE ACABLAS VERGENCE: a character may atten1pt to switch t11c al1gn111ent I Ile ntll 15
used st1ould focus on meditating 011 tt1C' pO~\ll:!f 0 I the ~lJI'

TESTING ONE'S LIMITS natural ligl1\., and should only OCClll dlll lllG clfl tlll'P111;r 1r.

. 1', 1ev1s
t r111c sucl1 as a solar eclipse or WIH.~11 boll1 sui 11 , n11i1~r
ftlougl I Au1 vlcr <J IS fJOWer (Ully lfl fluenced by the Iight side of lh I I . lkt' I Flll'll I"
c s <y. 11 tidd iliOll, the c.ll<H 11( lt'I 111L1Sl ' w1111out ll' Uli
Lt1c forr.c. It11< Acabla:.. v~rgenc.P 1s rnuch less stable. ll IS ClS
though Lhc.. rJi1r k s1d<! l1t1s < onccntrated n1ut 11 of ii s sl 1r. LI
( hrc I< dS pa tl or Lht~ ri Luci I. dtld SPl'lld (tltlt1.J
at !tie vergcncr~ rattler lhan ,,,, ,
. ,
IJe c11re
' .c
l(l ll 1111. rl(ng
e (01 0 If Ill' is d d,u I\ sid<' 1"01< l' ll'l'I)
. , 1ntient :ivlrlli
a ~)rrgh1 ~101 Id. I fie ligr1L ~.idP 'JfJf>os 111011 1,1 c<ttr ' 111 Y flOWPt Ill lJpgr c1du l11c clif11c ultv of all cllecks lo st 1
1 1 c11..ir ..l:
lllp'> w1t l1111 tin \'lll eenL<' t~vile. In acld1t1on. wttCll ,, 50uc11
rJut ne1tl1er holds perr11ar11.Hll sway over lltL' loc.c1lion
. ' lite strcll
s11lle1s ':tn1111111 lll1 vergence. Ile 111crt:<15CS 'l~ 10 ,,o art
The vergencu 1s usually aligned wrlli Liu: lighl sid<! 01 1h( 1
Force. r1er llcips influenced by u1e abundanc'' 01 1 1 . IJy 2 ;\ cllarC1cle1 rllClV senct iJ @on anY crit; tilt' rcnr::wtl
\,; 1g 1l 111 Ille
star systern HO\'.'tv<-r. loc.al events or ctiarioe ll<ive Lile d11r1culty of 11is cllccks ugraJed or
"' !> 111 11 1e sttir
ol l he SP~SIOll .

S\, 1 ,
,.,!'\\11 tn Lolll 1 c; I l' 11011t,"""1ri ldtltudc
.p~>f co'~
to be Lilt: ni111c; of an tlnr rnt
1 or tJn t Th s meg::il th c str uc llrr1 ~ < ornpoc:.t d

w con c.al c;ttinP sp1'l' do ens ol 111c;;tc" t 111 R ,

1nb out lrorr t!r ~r 1e I kc nppk \ 1n a PC111d illl
......1 c~ c.onct:ntnc. Ltrl Ii~ l l \C'd 111lo the f'O.ind
,, 1r1v:. h I
~(;rt f10"1 allO\l' t f' \\'110 e 5 le rt.st>mb'es a
\'\' o T
Ile ~lte is not 1ust a s1m-
r r'llti\'l: sol1r S\ c;ten1 rnJp
p l'"' 11 ru liO\\'C'\ c>r It ts a so t11e site of a po1verful
,, ,, u.: nd ) 111ddC'11 Jedi Tcrnple
1tl\> 1

l , 0 go. Jl~d1 p1lgr11ns passing lhrough the Outer Rin
pped to construcl Lile Lothal Temple. The maiority of the
T;;-"' " existed unde1 ground. built into a pre-ex1st1ng net-
' :t of caverns Corndors and chambers were vv1dened
'ld shored up 1'V1lh ornate stone pillars. Large caverns
\\'ere embellished with stone and tile to create medi-
L3tlOl1 and study rooms. To make an entry hall, the
J~dl ho:lo1ved oul the cen tral spire and built 1v1th1n it
J broad circular room The spire was set back 1n place.
and ;i grand entrance was built into it For added securi
t~. the spire was 1vorked in such a 1vay that 1t could screw
1tse1r into the ground ltke a bolt to seal off the entrance.
The Jedi soon real ized that the vergence was concerned
with explo11ng the nature of a Jedi's attachment to ot hers
and ho1v those attachments related lo that Jedi's service to
the Force. IL also became a place for Padawans to face their
nrsr real challenge as fledgling Jedi, and it soon became rep- during the cur-
resentative of lhe bond between Master and student. rent round (or With-
With the fall of the Jedi Order. most of the scant infor in the next five minutes
mat1on kept aboul Lothal was lost. Some old records make in narrative time). The other character must also be within tile
oblique mentions of the temple and its ordeal. but only Lothal Temple. and must also have a close personal bond to
someone who has a strong command of Jedi history would the first character (such as that between Master and student).
.inderstand their significance.
A Padawan embarking on the ordeal is subjected to vi-
sions of terrible fates befalling the Pada\-van's Master and
TH'E LOTHAL VERGENCE: those closest to the Padawan. The character must make a
Ct. tJ
.. THE ORDEAL Hard Vigilance check or Seek power check to dis-
pel illusions. Success means the PC can dispel the illusions.
and takes a step toward letting go of attachments. Failure
'?lie trial 1n the temple at Lothal probes the nature of the
means the PC lashes out in an attempt to affect the visions
re1ationsh1p between Jedi Master and Padawan. To enter.
and suffers 5 strain. plus an additional I strain for every
both lvlaster and student must commune with the stones to
uncanceled ~> .The PC can reattempt failed checks. but PCs
ra :>e .he central spire from its bed and reveal the temple's
who exceed their strain threshold have failed the trial and re-
ertrance Once inside, the Padawan enters the Ordeal while
ceive I 0 Conflict (or more, if the GM feels the circumstances
"I" Master waits 1n the entrance hall in a deep meditative or a PC's actions warrant it).
tfdr.re As the Padawan travels through the catacombs, he is
~t t>y pov,erful v1s1ons of his Master. friends. and family. Successfully negotiating the Ordeal and locating the cen
l'leanwh1le, thr1 Master waits in the entrance hall , hoping the tra l 11all means that the PC has taken a step closer to lhro1v
Par.i .
owdn r~n overcome Lhe v1s1ons and return. ing off his attach1nents to others. Failure 1neans lhal the PC
was unable to overcon1e personal attachments throughout
tl1e Ordeal. If a Player Character ge11erates any O or @
on t11e cl1eck. l11esc results can be spent to give llle PC au
\Vt. 1e at
ra.. or W1th1n the Lothal TE>rnple. a character rnay spend cfitional 111sigl1l into lhr nal urc of ,1ttacl1n1ent. For C\an1ple.
Renerat"d h 1 . a PC wl10 generates tJ tJ rnay learn ho\\' lo ca1e about
f()rc - v~ I e rnak1ng Fo1ce rower checks 01 using
e talt!lts lo add() lo one other c11arac1er's next check ill05l' 11ei11 hy 1vil11out letting t11osc attachrnents cloud the
PC i; 1ucJg111en t 01 1ule ltll' PC"s dtc1sions.

,,, llv 1 \\ ti Ir 1vt'li d 11c1ctt r(J111r in<J lflllf In ~A
,,h 1l '" 1 1' I lit I pl ll t'


t . tll \
\\ t
I '
Pl Ill l'd II ll
l ~ C...l\I l ' ll \I I 111\\1
I 111ld 11,1\"y
h''" 111d
t I 1111 ti lr ''' w;l H111111111 U1c 1r ('l<Jicc ll'rl <le ~l1n,Jt1ur1 "' 1 ,


\ t
'l I 1th l 1.c l lll' I lu ht
\ \
\ \ \l
' h l ,,, I\ 1~11 ll
' l
' r, \ l \. 1hi i AND THE DAUGHTER
A PLACE OF PURE FORCE ~11111v dc1nl:c1ri11~ 1ir111n 1ls 1r1on1 M()rlt'i I'" 1 v1.11rr
llllCOlifllf'I lt1JC l' lllll:lli{!Pr\I l10lflg', Ll1:f(' lt,o f,tf
~ 1
Ai I
\\ 'tlt: l1;g1.::nt1~ .:.ptal-. o! a \\olld (1\1ts1c.lc 1)1
" r \l c11HJ llu l>1u1nl1l.1r. nr t '
1' I-. " '' te out~1Jethe~"'1ax\ t111dr11-;l\U('L'\l'll\llll 1itt''.C' l111cv l1e1np'. c1rl~ 111<.Cir11aL1or1c' of ttI(: r()rcr
11' \ ~~ "her,~ till' fDll.C' l Oll\1'lt!,llS llll\l (11\'cllrll I IH' C.,l)Jl 1cp1f'<;cnrr. 111c 1ir1fcucr(<J d11r~ <>r<IP the D
1.i ' , "e antas\ Tho<:. \\110 11nd thl'!l1Sl'l\l'5 sOllll'llt>\\' 1s llH' purt l1cll1 ,1dr\ vnd I.he: Folhcr 1s the m<l ator ;u Of'r. '"
' ... nt tht e 1 M vi ~1orus e\p@rtC'llt c n plcH e \\'l1t fl' 1lle

hr<.; l\'VC 1 l1llclr1'11 111. ',ltc;11gtt1 keeping r:11ller ore r(om

r,, :s ~1e:u:ef\i \1110 lllC hghl ll ,C'll l\l'C111~ to lll'.11 1Inv.
~vt1clr11111H tlH' 0L1lc~1 Each <.an Lake <HlY form 'hey rJi"'
-.>u L~l lllu e ea~o l In a roihnP. land~i:.ape ol 1~1 ePn c111d .irHl l1kc:lv .11v not r 1er1turcs of flesh and blood
b e anJ b own that seen'" to he tl1c "'ca1 nJllOll ol hll' 1lSl'll
TJ:t o;; JI c.~:ing~s \\hen the night 1,,0111cs THE FATHER
\\hen tre 11ght u1 appears. nla'1ts \\'1thcr, the lun11nous
I Ile rat Iler Lypically appears as a w1zene:d old huriar, ..
c.reJt1..re:s \Jn ,h, ana cl sc:ild1ne rain ffl ., '1. 1 n si..y as blt1ck
ncally lhlC'C lllClerS tall, Wllh n long flow1ng beard and ,
3 end e~~ night An\ being stuck \\ 1thoul st1e1 let c1L 111ghl risks
Ll1P color and consistency or a smoorr. gray scone. He t-1
death from the ran. lhe beosls that ro::\n r-.1ort1s. 01 tioll1
p1crc111g blue eyes and moves slowly as though bc-ser 0
Despite the aay night cyLle. there 1s no d1sLer111ble sun grcal age I le speaks with a deep but C1red voice 'Nnen ~ '
1n tne sh.\ t\ 1")ftlS. t11e light simply con1es At night. pin cssary, the Father can defend himself. or act co contiv 6
pricks of st irs "e thee~ es of stal"-1ng creatures stare d0\\111 ther lhc Son or the Daughter.
at the un\\dr~ These stars conrorn1 to no kn0\\'11 constc lla
inleracling with the Father can be an exercise in fn,~ua
t1on or ilrrangernenl lion. 1-lis responses may come across as crypuc or oon~e~
Upon 1eavir1g ~ 1lortis. beings who spent days sical. or he may be so direct and blunt that he can .31
or ..,.,eeks inside find t11at only seconds have someone's secrets bare.
passed since they left
The Son is a white-skinned male nurra: c
No one finds t\1ortts: they only oid who chooses to incarnate h msa
find themselves 1n 1t. dra\\'n inexpli- dressed head to toe in black
cably through the Force Some- crimson tattoos co~ering "iS 'act
times t\1ort1s manifests as an His eyes glow a menaoog !PC
enormous diamond-shaped color. and he speakS 1'1 a~eas
structure 1\'ith a door that ant but firm and cornrnard
opens to allow a ship voice. He is quick to a';;
n Other individuals and thrives on conr cl
could simply walk
trlfOUgh a
1\-1 is ... c" 1ng1ng 1Jndstdpe can ne'ver truly be mapped
1 lh n 111'> cir pprcJrs or vdn1shrs ill I.he 1ih1ms of the Fa
I r 1; t' Son ~1d the Daughter There is a pair of piaces that
(l( ippt .:ir tio\'vC'Vt:'r even 1f thclf locations \ary


The Father can olten be found 1n his tv1onastery, a soaring.

-- " p~ 1am1d hke structure atop a rocky spire From the outside. the
1 t\ lonastery appears to be some kind or temple. and a. glowing
r crystal at its pinnacle 1s visible for kilometers 1n any dtrect1on
On the 1ns1de. rooms and comdors shift and don't correspond
to any intentional floor plan. and anyone on the Inside who
tned to map the building would quickly find that it Is. s1gn1ficant
ly larger than its exterior dimensions would allo~. Tiny medita-
tion roon1s open into enormous chambers in which thin ~ridges
cross impossibly deep chasms Glo~ving symbols covenng the
\valls and floors correspond to no recognizable language.

- il'1e Son IS &e most direct of the rhree inhabitants or

J lort5 He greets Visitors to assess their usefulness to him. THE CATHEDRAL
ard ar:1 ttat he can rnan1pulate or use against his family are
'3000 si;oiect to tpe Son's charms JF an~ v s1tors are Force- The Son has created a tall. black tower he refers to as his
se'lSc .e the Son auempts to move them to the dark side. Cathedral. It is made of impossibly black rock that seems to
He ca~ ca.,se his tagets to see dreams and s1ons and he reflect no light vvhatsoever. A circular base. much like the ribs
not hes tate to b ataritly deceive ti1s victims to get them of some giant beast. leads up to a dagger-like point. Above
:.o suca..mb to arger or rage. the to\ver. an enormous glo\ving green orb winks malevo-
lently into the perpetual night surrounding the Cathedral.
The Son would love nothing more than to overthro1\I his Inside. the structure is a series of prison cells. tiny rooms.
-- Father. destroy the Daughter. and escape Mortis. He 1s a oubliettes. and hallways. Smaller towers ring the larger one.
...... ~
master schemer and manipulator. hatching plans that can
L3ke m1llenn1a to come to fruition He revels in the fury of
and at the latter's base lies an open courtyard. Partway up
the center tower. looking out upon Che Son's domain. is a
comba'. and incarnates himself as an enormous winged qe- vast circular window before which sits an enormous throne.
rion when entering into a fray.
The Daughter often chooses to remain invisible. but when
we does take visible form. she appears as a tall, willowy, Mortis is a powerful vergence of both light and darkness.
.....,., .
humanoid woman Her long, teal-green hair fans around her
F.ne face. and her skin seems to glow in any amount of sun-
Everything that occurs in Mortis does so at the discretion of
the Son. the Daughter. or the Father. Any bonuses granted
~ ,.._
~- jj , .ght She wears a long. white dress that spills around her by the vergence are ultimately in the control of these three
II~_,; 'eet and always remains spotlessly clean. In moments of re- beings (and, of course. the GM).
flection. she can seem sad and far older than her youthful
appearance might suggest.
The Daughter is constantly on guard against the Son's
!ates! schemes She knows that he will attempt to man1pu- When making Force power checks or using Force talents
ate v1s11ors, so she offers what protection she can, including within Mortis. add 0 0 to the check. Any Conflict a PC re-
ceives while in Mortis is doubled.
wijr111ng them about the dangers of Mortis. Her main goal is
toS<:e that visitors escape Mortis safely, though her concern Normal notions of time and space are meaningless in Mor-
<;;1, (;()me across as reserve or disinterest. tis, and Force users can more easily see their futures and
, VV!-ieri r<;used to action, lhe Daughter appears as a winged those of their allies. At some point during a character's stay
~ifliri. h<r green hair a majestic feathered ruff offsetting her in Mortis. the GM should have him make a Foresee power
'IOtor,rJ1Js b rdl'k h . . check (he counts as having the basi11: power even if he normal-
' 1 c ead. A massjve pair of snow-white wings
flre;)d Lo 1?1th ..J f ly would not). The Force user may spend () to see a year inlo
, ,j
II!'( \JC<l(jl
er s1ue of her feathered body. The only hin ts o
Lhe future (this replaces the usual duration upgrade) and may
w11 k d Y abil11.re!i in ll11s form are her large claws and the
111,. ~a r;~ak capping h<,1 noble face. While in griffin form,
activate Lhis multiple times. However. if the PC uses any to e
11 n1E>r~l{ rc~r rlPfends I.he helpless or offers succor lo lhose
generate () for this vision, the visions he sees are universally
terrible and tainted by the Son: designed to dnve the PC to
the dark side (The GM should not tell the player this!)

t )f l llt' I IVtllH
Oml' \CrgC'll(l'I; illl' llctlllltll l'('llC:t'l111lll)llS t
f-01\p ll'l'lf \\ ht'n H plJ( (' tc0n1s \\'llll 1111'. 1111 I o11 t' tti
C'S an<J flo1vs tlllOllP,11 ,, llkt' ti \<t~I l USilllL 111/1
'I Sllll)l'l 1111 1'<;

tho~t"' edd1ec; colll 1 t lllU.1

' '
pull' .-1 I
IOl ll'>l'\I 1v111g 1, 1111
nv rl lC'~t
p JC~ c'lrt' k!lO\\I) JS \ \('lli;pr 11C5 ill I 11{', 1111(f 111 l y t 11l' St)lllC
or t11 e st1 ong1:. st 1nd rnJSI po1,r1 rul lighl side 'c1 gcnces 111 I Ile
gala'' ll 1s thought tlti~l cJll llfe 1na\ ha' e 011g111ntcd f1on1 such
ii \"eltt'ncl' Jnd the \ \ rllspring n1a\ l>e 1vher e the Fo1 cc could
be g \en forrn dnd \'Otce

Jedi f\lasle1 Ou1 Con Jinn hrst recognized the 11nportance of
\\ellspnngs of Life not long before his dealll al U1e hands of
Da11h f\1aul He began studying these vergences. first lheo
riz1ng about lhei1 existence. then pinpointing several loca-
t1011s vvllere Liley might be round. Hts study 1vas cul short
by his untimely demise. but f\~aster Ou1-Gon's sptnt lived on
after his death. and he was eventually able Lo contact Yoda
and tell his old fnend aboul his studies. tieIng,
and exotic plants grow on these islands. forming entrre. vi-
Prior lo tl1e end or Lhe Clone Wars. Yoda journeyed to brant ecosystems populated by uncountable creatures. mundan
Dagobah. a planel where the vast amount or nalive life rnade
Force users can travel through these jungles for hours.
, ose still air
a natural focal po1nl lor the Force. Deep w1th1n the swamps, Does
Yoda finished what Ou1 Gon had started learning the loca- days. or even weeks and not be disturbed, animals will not
attack them. and hunger will not bother them. They do not nger a
tion of the \r\fellspring of Life.
even require sleep. ~ s phvsic
eone 1v1r
The Wellspring of Life that Yoda journeyed to appeared as a The dangers of a normal jungle are absent within this Well- aDO'iverful con
planet deep in t11e heart of the galaxy. A nebula of golden gas spring of Life. Instead. ctiaracters may encounter creatures r IS 1tans1t1on ca
envelops the Wellspring, glovving with the warm radiance of a here that ex ist nowhere else in the galaxy.
sunrise. Scanners cannot penetrate the nebula, and if one at- These creatures are creations and expressions of the IJy.
tempts to enter, its ship's systems soon shut off and go inactive. ing Force itself. Characters may find a beloved childhood pet
If the pilot trusts in the Force and lets it guide him. he may wrapping its tail around their leg, or catch a glimpse of a
pass into the nebula unharmed. his ship seeming to fly without
long-extinct animal from a planet consumed by a supernova
his guidance. Should he attempt to fight unresponsive controls
thousands of years ago. These creatures only exist wlto1n
(or if. perhaps. he is deemed unworthy), the pilot may end up
the Wellspring of Life, and anyone attempting to remove one
on the far side or the nebula in a powered-down ship, with no
finds that the animal vanishes upon leaving.
memory of how he got there. He can restart his vessel, but any
attempt to reenter the nebula generates the same result. Other dangers exist within the Wellspring, however. These
If the pilot manages to pierce to the heart of the nebula dangers are those of the sou l and psyche.

he flnds a planet at its center. Though cracked rock and clay
cover the entirety of the surface, the planet has a breathable LIFE AND BEYOND
atmosphere and is perfectly hospitable. There is a clean pu-
nry to the stark features that belies any notion of bareness Meditating within the Wellspring of Life allO\\IS a being co t'e"
associated with this world. arh anv-
come closer to the Living Force than is possible ne ~-
. nec'1C ,>
.A"ross the surface or the planet, great geysers of light where else. A Force user can begin to visuallze con ..... s
erupt. Tu those who can sense the Force. it is as though lif between I.rv1ng.
things: trees. small planets. an
d the a11111 ...
ands ci.
itself were boiling rrom deep within the world . One who i~ that ca ll them home. Then. the Force user underst t or
brave or wise enough can descend into one of the g connections between the living things and uianima
fl . eysers, jects: clothing, rocks, even the ground itself re-
y1ng through the: light and into the planel's interior.
sses norrna1
WITHIN THE WELLSPRING Finally. the Force user's understanding surpa thire1n 1!le
of tune
t1ons . Just as the Living Force connec ts ever\ . wh3!- "1Cl"
The space witt11n the world rJcfies all know . . . ell 1urn1ng of t?
- d n s<.1e1111ric laws present. so rt does ttirough space time its pesrrY
an seem-; as 1r~poss1ble as il is awe inspirin A , c beings perceive as ltnear into an 1nterconne
cted ta . ~
the conr.
low space occupies the center or the worlcl f'llg d t 1 dl hol er senses
clouds and drifting islands or solid earth ju11 el, w1tr11_a111ber and Lhe galaxy It 1s 11ere that the Force us F rce
' ~cs o strange Lion between Lhe Living Force and the Cosmic
V' I IV' Ill
I I\ 't! j, ''t I the 111 ' ' Ill I r111111 11 ti \\'llllt I I I 1111 It tll It lfl1 fr1 If I' 1 I 1111 cl HI<' II I1 IJI( I l I) 111
d I\) t ]; 11 111111 \1 f\ I\ n1 111 111 \\, . 11 II "'' 11 11111
111 11 ft 111p1 111 in 11ow1 v1 1 llH ,, wI11} 11 1 rl Ill rIt 11111' )o
1 ' !c I 1
1 rr.1 II '1 11\ 111 I 11!11 1111 1 1111 t 11 111 111111111 11 1 1111.111111 111 111 ttfr, blllll ptltlt 111lltf11 1111111'1 1') ri
' I I lit!'''"'' 11111 1\111 1111 I 1\111 It I 1l tl11 111 11\lllt I I 111111111111 II 1111111111111111 y ,, 1v1 fll ,.,1 111d 111 1, vii wltlllll
I \I'
I 1( 1, ind '"'"''I' 1111 c 11 1111< I 111 ' r1111
1111 \\ 11 1111 tll lup,1 llll 1111l l1111ri1111 ,111111 l,111,i1n1 111tl ",ltl 1nll
I , ~ n,11 ,1fll\ 1111 ll'tllld 1111)11 \If llfl lit lf11 t' 11 IX\r ii Ii ii ,fl !II 111111 11\Vll "111 .11111 111d tfl ( Pfll 111~t1 If l' ,J IJrlff or ll1rrr 1
1' , ~ 11 11 1!111111111 1111 11\lllt l1111t 111111111 \ti liih l1tllt
1 111111 111111'\lfll 111 IJ111il l111d wl1llt 1t 1111 .,11111 111111' 111.11rHI((
.on111t1d!C1ll11 1 11111t1lhl! Jlill\11h1l\l l1111 11 1
,l1 111 ll Ii 111 1 "'' )Hl\Vl'I ()\l'I 1111 Ill
~ p ,, t'' I .lllll ful1U1' II 11.1 1 111111\ 1IOh1 11 f I 111 ltl I 11111 11<,11, Wit< 11111111t'111 ,11 r n111pll,h 1ti1, rr111',l <.1111 p,i r,
,in 1111 ,,,1, n 111111' .ii th1 I 11111 111d 111 1111 1111 , , 11111 lit 1t11u11pll v1.1on. ol p 1111 11111 ""'"''" .. 11111 ,111,0 r1f pt'", 111d
\ It , 11d11-.111111111 01111>11 11 111,, 1.. 1111111111 1tt' 11111 , ., 1
j11y I ill'\' 11111,1 ll'l't I II '" 1111 f'IJl)d illltl lhf> 11,t(I, tHld r1 111/Jlll
)('-. ni't 1111~1 1111 I 111t 1 11~11 n10 111 i~t1 i 11 1 11111 y ' 11!11 tllHI ltt'fl l11111t 11n11ll()ll C)rlly 111111 r r111 lfl"Y l>tJf:lll lt\U
, 11 lh', ~11p11lrdr,1.1l)h 1111 .. 1\1.ito111 11id 1111111 vltil , 11!1111111 tll 11 11111111! dll<f it 1111111(1 Iii.it Jll' /<'lflllll'd lti lllldtr
"~( '
, I lt !..t \ h' 11111 Of lh1 I )It l\I ll 11lllh'\ ti I 1t1t I' llS11 t Ill IHI, I 111tl !111 11 1111'\', 1111111111111 I lill y

, x' \ 1, 1 ,)Jlllf)lh'd t'\I \t't111 11! lilt'\ '>PHii 11111 .IP tllt
~. 1 i\'lt' ~'}"\\\ IYl\dl 1 l1i:i11t:P' \\\ 1111 \Vl\111 I tll11' ll'il'I, jllt' WELLSPRING VERGENCE RULES
,~Iii t t''"tfht lf11'I dt.itli 111' llh 1,Ht''>l tll 1 11111'>, rllld
<'''I ~,,I)[\ .1 !1"\\ lllll\ll't ~h111 l11lp111111tlll\ 111ll\ llui,11 \Vll111 111.1k11111 I 01< 1 pow11 11!1<1(', ell ll'>lllH I 01< t' 1r1l111l"i
till ffll\1'd11'0):>l\1)fll\\ ,IJ1'.tllltl1)\h\ ..11 l11h11tl11lt' 1vlll1l11 1111 V\/1!1"1111111 111 1111, .1rld () 0 lo ilu c l1<ck 1IH!
11\ LI'\ he1nr- 1\ltO 11.Ul\111lhf, llhlll.ll '"'~It I~ llll 'illtlplt1 ,11111 'll'llHlll ol 1111' I l\1111' I 0111' Ill llH' W1ll'>p1'111g 11n1>11t:i
1 k 1t 011~111" ''"\" llns l--rpt ,1111 \ .. 11111 110111t111iv11tt' 111111
...... 1 !111 111..,t'I 1v1tlt \/ll.1lllv 1111111y, d1.ill1. r111d t:Xllclll'>llOll l<ltl ()((Ill
t ,,, 1), r,n,
t- 111011i11111111 11111. 11 ...1'1 lil 1ll 1t'111.11 11 li ,1 11111 l\'llhln 1111' W1>ll1..,p1l11H. l1n~v1v11, Ilic powc'r ol llH' lOt(<' llicrf'
li I l' f,,f\ r llf' !\;th'\\ .1p.11 t l1n111 ti "' \\'1'11 111.il,1 1'> ~11cl1cv1'111,1111l1k1'IY. 1l 110111r1po<>'.1llJlc Al tllC' encl ol
.ill 111lt tllllllt'I, .ill ltvlng 1 IJ,11.11 lcrs IH't ll dll WOlUt<f,, 'llldlll,
\, 1-1lur11,,11, b1'Hlf th1' I 1)t11' 11-.11 .11.,11 h11 ''"H'" .,1.p. 1 .111tl ( 1il1<.il l111111l1"1 llHy rllJI 'illilt1l11n 110111 ()(t1rl clli11t1< lC'fS.
,lh ,! h1)1\\ ll\1 llllU\d.lt\\1 \\111Id l llllllfll lilt' li1 1111n 111.t\ 111 llll\Vl'\C'I, do 11nl H'llll 11 Ill lllu I IH'll {1!\SC'lll ( 1 ll(( CJltl<'~ p el l I
111,11,.l 1\tlh tll(\\1' :-1111 .lh\1' II\\' 1111111, nl Iii.ti 11111 11.1111t111 .iii' 111 1I11 1 C.1>s111l1 1011 c'
I~'\\ Utl~ll1\l\ll f\ 11''> 1\1-.. 'ldlt' 111 l 1 \l\ll 1l\11' 111111phl1'I\
,11, 1'\Ct' ,.... 1lt' )ti k'll1:11 dll1( l1d lt\ pll\ -.11 .ii di .... 1.lllt 1'' I ( 111 tvln11 111.111 .111y 1111111 111.ils <1 P< rn,1y f,1re, Ille' l1l,1ls OI
1r1n1tf~'hl \\flh 111:-. ph\,11.ll '.'t\lll1\ltll11111t''i 111 .1111111 sl111pl\ llltlllOl l.llily lllltSl 111 .J llldlltt OI n,111.llfVI' cllld IOl<'plilylng
Di\ 1n ,1t1H' F,, 1' "1'''' t1\ 1 ll1'1l\t:''"' l'1"1'S 1111 1 I 11111 11'1'1 1.1tll1'1 lli.111 ol '.>111 Lt''>s 01 1.111t111 1 on t1 < lll'Ck A <~!vi should
t'\ 1tuall\ 11rc '"' '11' 1)111' '' 1t ll lll1' I,11 \1', .1 ... Ii. 1pp1'1\' \\1t l1 111ns1 lhll It.IV(' .I pl.1y1~1 llt'f!ltl Ill\' 111.il lllll('SS 1)0111 It.IV<' cft'(ldt'd
be"~' 11110 .1 P0\\1't ul 1)11111'111011 '''!Ill' I 0111 t)111\ thnst'
1 Iii.rt lllls is tile ':-tlo1y .111 tltl'Y 1.van1 llH' pl,1yc1 's PC to lollovv
1' ,,, n1.ii..1' 1111~ 11.ln:.it10111 .111 "-tt''''
ltl1 l 1'1 t,1111 111 .1 "<'11Sl'. 1l11s 1111i.i11s s111 tC'iS ls p1cord,1i11cd. I lo1vc'vrr. 111st
l11'1,1t1sl1 ll\t pl.1yor ,111cf GM l1.1vP ,11 ,1cit 1111dC'1stilllcll11p, ils to
1111 1 ()ll((Of11C ol 111l' lll,11 d0c)Sl1'1 tl1l1.111 [)Olll can't 1 1.\Vl~ SOil)('
11111 IOl11 pl,1yillfl lltl' l'lll'Olll\lt'I
Si , lli:t' 111dt1'1du-il:. t'\ 1st \\'II I\ In 1l \\' \ \ 1llsp t 11 lt~ 1111' 11 1Pl\\~" 1 VV'1l 1 tt 1olc'Jll.1ylnn 1111s 11'1.il, llll' 111st <'t1ro1111l<'1 <.111 bl' vvill1
a 11 e n1.l\ '"'" dt1p1111d111g 1i11 \\ll1)1l\ lilt'\ ,1pp1'.11 11), .111d 11111\ Ilk' PC"" l111hr1s ll11s st'1Vc'" lo ll'Vl~i1 l l11,1l t'Vt'11 skill1'd I orcc
n \ 011! b1' 1nlih 1duol~ .H 111 R.1tll11 lilt'\ 1 outd \llttpl\ 111 1 II St' IS l c111 lllll)I 1)V1' lll1'll\S1'IVl'S lo <1Clllt1Vl' l lli~. lhl' l~I\ 1 C.\111
e' &l ()flS of till"' R)r 1' lilt'\ s1'1 1111 It' 1'\1st so1111'1\'lll'I 1' b1' 1\11\1' lllr PC 1,1<(' olf ,1g,1i11s1c1d<lrk1l'lll1llio11 ol tilt' PC' .1nl1
tl\'een th!' L1\ "! ~1110 ~11111111 t os11H1 I 01(1' .1nd p1'1li.1ps <.11111sc' 1h1' rll.11,1rt11 t\ O\Vll p1oflk to lt'Pll'Sl.'llt tl r111' Gl\1
1.01 dtf'lht',,t' :>t> Hhl,\11011 i.''I tll.1111111-- 01. p11l1i1ps tll1'\ .ltl' <.111 dt'SCI ibt' till d,11 k l1 1 llt'CltOI\ lt111/lhllt'Vt'I 1\\,1111101 St'l'lll\
.._" nr<;t fi.1 \t' L'l'IS It) ,lthtt'\1 1 1111111011,1111\ . .ind 110\\1 f~lll<ft1 .1pp1op1h1l\' l'"
.1 sl1,1d0\\1\' .1pp.11i1lon 1111111t~lo\l/tllg1l1d i'\<'s,
' ii ft-1\ (II lt"~ i I\('\ dt'01ll I \'01 l ll\ .1cloi1k1'd11n1111' 1\11lll lllc1d11111''1l1111's, l~I l'\l'll son\\' llt'llH'')ts
ol 1111' PC''sl. ,11nl \ .11111'1\tl' I.Ill' du1'I\ tt'flc1cuo11 1.1un1. li\tlt k,
"' i;I\ t' P ll'Sl t~SSt'S htl\ l' St)l))('l 1111l'S \lpp1\)I \)d .l::i I\\'
01 1'Vc11 ,H1,1rk lill' l C (dnd lilt' PC's n\L,1tks 11~1v1 1 no t'llt'Cl
~ t'IO\\lni~ 11i~ll1 . .11Hi .11 oth11 111111 1~ .1::. IH1111,u1oid liH
nn tlh' 11'lli't.llon 111111111). <..)111\ ,,l/l \l~ll ll1t1 l'C ,1tt l'Pls tlhll th0
"~<'1ng 'on{; l,l,1cl\ 1c,li1's I h11 ll r,1r11-s. <ll t~ 1)l1s111111d 11\
d.11" ll'lll'C'Lll)I\ is,\ p.lt I or l\hl\St'll bul ti\'11\t"> i\$ Pll\'11'1 {)\t'I
each '.J'5!\ s h)l\'111~ l d1111~1t1 tll 01notin11 s1'11'1Hl\, 10\, llllll dOt'$ II \dlliSll i\lld 11\t' I'll( 0111\lt'l l'l\O
contu:>u" , 'ltl :;alillt'~' 11 11 1s nn it1dl\1d11,1rs 1,11t' It)
rie secrets or
1111n1l)rlflht\. tilnt 1ndl\ 1011.11 n1u-;1 lt1111 1
111\' s1'( and 1 1\c 011n1t1 l!' 11\ 1111 111011' "'" 1 Hi\ 1 l Ill' c.I\ 1
Oo so 1ron1 lilt' priest t"ss~s sllo11ld dt'Sl t lllt' 1 \ l'\1011 111 I\'hit ll I hl' I Ol t 1' us11 1 ts l onl t \)I\ t
t'd \\1111\ "c t~llt~s lt1ll\l 111<\I I'( s <'1'111 :..lt'I\ .Hld ,\d\t'11llllt'~
~'H)ll\\ 1 ::.l1n11lct ....11n1\l ll1t I II.it,)( ll'I \; ntt\l\ f,Hllllt''> \)I p1ll1't1li,1I
THE WELLSPRING: THE ltllllli' lt1tltt1 11-S, 1llld 11\\'ll llllt'I lllt' l'C ,1 tlh111l l' It' II\ lllill{~'S
TRIALS OF IMMORTALITY L)l ltt'I \'l~lnns '\l\1)uld Plf'st1111 1d\ lit{ l:>-11'1\~'" nl \\'ll.tl tilt' 11t
1~.llll"i n10$l p1\I< I'. pn1vt11 p1,l~p1'11l\ \\t '"''' l )t1I\ .i r't \\110
O'!le unctl'rgoes 10If'1rn th~ ~1'l ll'IS ol 1111111011.11tt\
,'~ .,. :'ld nr on the 1ndl\ dual onu th 11 111c11\ 1d11 11':, 1111
ng (If the r-oH:(' For ~ JN.ll (llf sornt'1lfl\' l\1hn ll.1';)
I1'J1 '< l S ,\II OI l lh '"1' \ ts IOils ( ,lll Sil\\ I't'd

I \till ;i I 11111' 11~1'1

\\hn 111.11...c\' It thrl)llt\ll tht's1' lit lls still
(,\11'~ I llli'ltlllt' 11! h1 .'1Jlllllf llld :.>llld\ lllHitlltl lt di\ ll\1'
SOnle ~tspec1 of JPdt uo1n1nel u111' 01 tilt first
1 111(.,lll~ till' ( ll ff,I\ (1'1 1\111 hl(t' ll\\)l\1 ,\(f\1't\llllt1 '\ Ill lhl' ltllllft.
to racca Olll' 0\'1 ll huhns

l9)QJS OI" PC\aa
- ==--




hvlnt~ (flOrfly hr.Id t ,,l .urrt11Jn<J', aorJ r,f~(
T flt fnr< C I il
tr.Ile , (vtfyth1np, tnnrj1ni~ Lhc: Jy;l:Jxy t.c>!'"ttie;r In 'A)ffl '~
pl!lre, arid rJround ~omc
<1l;Je< l"J, 1tw1 Forl ': c~nf~r{ y flr;Vlf;"
l(:rf!I,{ ~ I) ~ :"J t ~ r~ /f:(ffa' '.'/."
{j< " f,f,:.,.. '~~

:.J f t;'tf~ ,,.,,~. /', t,; ~~ff:[~~'!';.~ ~r ~ < (I~'.)-:, r

'., ~ 1~ ii ,.

',1.t: ,,, ' -,~ rt;:;J~ra :t,';J,.o/r.f:. a F41''~b.~' .~"'~'"/;,~

pU\'fPrful torrC'r11 r;, 1JllOw1nr~ P{)rc;e ',:n'trllv'(;!J to f1c:rf<>rrn iyea'
:,rJr;-., r ./ ,, rt f; tJ, "d Vlf', Je''>"".t; ~ e , "~ii j "tJ ~
ft'-tl~ Ttus (,c:icllon dct.arlr, thl! rule:. for C1Mf1 ''' rrt:;,tc Ltr'~"
C!i"ll VCI ecncel:'! lrl the rOrc.c, t~llOffCJ t(J ',p'~C.lfl' JJ(:<; I!> 1ria~e I t) ~u
3t f:~'Ji llf ttif: ,_ '1;.r.g:t"";
, -:i , 1e jj r'* ". J.V ~;.;1 ..., ~
for r!X( lllrlC. mcmr>rable C.hollcngc~ ~lc>ng rJl:,:1ers' JC>Urnt..ryr Tt ':"1.: "'~ ti'! f1'J1/;, o "! ~ !Jli't ~(!'.$.. ,,,.. a ~'!'Pft.' ce ? '.! .,,~
toward I orcc rn;-;stery (J'A ~ho J fj '.f.; t;i.1 'Jf '1 a'~ v' J lj' ~1 fr,f r ~ ,i:;r~!'}(.i;


E::;tr1 V<:rgr:nr.e is ;; umQ .. t- :;,rt~. 1:1rJ1e;;~. :; :w ai.i u~ F-rc.e
lo er cat c a verccnce. a GM must hr~t idenufy it as a site wills Sornf: v::rgenc.es fJ"OV1rJ': a :.. "~t U:Sl fi.;rre u;e'f
or oh1cct. Vergencc otJjects are typically only of m1nuf or thar<ic.wr anrJ sn3oe -"tr de, r.,, . . e veig,enc!.'S 11~"'* 1
rnoderate strength. bul unlike a sit~. they off'?r murJrhty eas !:r to aca:;,s sr:>eo~ as;Je!..:t.s <i' u e force .i.~...in t.'t!>se
Vcrgenccs also have associated alignments, s IJ,..' r ~ a" r, \'11th tf.:JlflO~ r.:j" ':!"l<:.'O
unique quallties CMs mighL select a quality rro1 Table 2- 1
or create their own. Tab! 2- 1: Sample Vergence Unique Qualities ~11
pagepi:ige 9t. " J e~ Y.J""e ~ t,. a ~.,e (f ,u3 ~es ~ e
When a GM creates a vergence using his rules, tle needs GM could add to n..s own :ergen.':e. ;. ::: ' 5WJ.ll !1 geneta Y
to choose and deflne three core elements of the vergence only select one uniq!Je quality for a ve gence
1. Vergence strength VERGENCE TRIALS
2. Vergence alignment ':vren a Force-sens1ave PC e'lters a vergefice a tn3l. r11tn
3. The vergence's unique quality the PC e1.periences Visions or llusioris that offer a d ffi--
cull moral choice. -.,e Gf\1 should ue we exper1e'"tce to
Note. the qualities and benerts presented here are "
that PC's ~'1oraflt) oaci<gro .. nd or rllouva~10:;. Players 1n-
tended to be very general exampies of poss'bilitres tl1e Giv1
teresreo '" se,,d "g tre ,. characters to me dar1': side may
can use for vergences he creates. Unique qua ht es. by their cnoose to fa, a erect< a... -:oma~ca .. /, getting the chance
very nature. shoula be unique. this 1s why the qualities pre- to rolep1ay ou .her ci1a"f'Oc~er fa ng re trial and gain-
se~ted in the specific vergerces ear1ier in this chapter may
ing Conflict from t Otrie~ 1se. the PC riust succeed on
not match with the options presented here. a check to resist r1s dar1<er riature. The i.ype of check 1s
defined by the vergence.
Force users exit a :r1a fore,1er charged. having under
E~ery vergence 1s an access point to the rcn-. energy of th~ gone a significant spirrua. JO.Jrne~ of person_al insight.
Force While no t\\'O vergences are exact.y alil<e. Jed archr- Players should ro epia; their characte~s accordingly. Givl.s
V!Sts and researchers have managed to classrf1 KnO\'ln ver- should encourage p1ayers ,\hose charac~ers have experi-
gences into various types. Vergences rr'ighr be light side ver- enced a trial to ampl f~ the emotiona strength or weakness
gences. dark side vergerii:es. or rieurra ,;ergences. and each of their tvloraliry as befits the trial result for at least the
remainder of the sessior Griless a ~rial is specifically 1nd1-
::>f these types exists ir ,ar. 1rig srrengths.
cated as being repeatab e a cnaracter can only undergo
STREN GTH that trial at a spec1!ic vergence once
Fo~ lr'e purposes of gameplay, .1ergences fall into one of two
strength categories. which dererrrne several factors for a
verr:'.en"f!. as detailed below:
Minor Vergence: VVhen making Force pov,er checks 0 ~ ~s
i ,g Forti: ::i:e1 ts within a rr1nor .iergence, a Force-sensitive
character adds ar automa: rc O result to the check rf the
iergence is .a light S!df> vergenre If it 1s a dark side vergence.
a Force S\?ns1tive character adds an automatic result tn-
\tc;)d Minor neutral vergences provide no mechanical bene
f but Force users w1Lh1n feel more confident and connected
'.(, lflr- R:irrr;
Ma us
Jor Vergence: When making Force power checks or . -
" frJrr.r la'cnts WJthrn a ma1or :ergence. a Force~sensftive
" 'lf. <i!l1s automaLH OO results to the check ir the

I P( t
T k

I ~ -

11 e PC e'lc.ounte'"S the PC s ,...,.,.st tiaLed ene,.,..y Ti;E: PC ffiJS'L ma! e Q Hard t t t Jti;,~J th f(
'lr Success rneans t:he PC h~s a t.111r: ed a rneas... re of seren t1 and 11r1::...r ~ ..::ir "a. r~ "'"tt.3" .,.~

ronsumed by rage a1d ga ns 10 Corfl: t lus an aCJOI ~ ~ .a Con 1m for ev~r ~t @

"'"'he u1a C'ut;ects l.he PC c ' ri r l+"le P( mJSl tradt fe u;ef :.J.iJ pr01.ec~ :..-~ d~"':i~I"""
l\4ake a Hard C t t t JDiscipline check Suc.c.es:. means t!1e PC ha!> dernostr::r..~ se ~;,1~:.
lo a oar. s oe chara rer r;j"" ,.....,.,,,-:. ::i r step tCl1'\ards atone_rnent Al tte end if r1:0 :;=::., v.r
Tnal of Sacr fice
resolving CGnf' rt arid ac ~st ng f\1<>~1 ty, tl'le pla;er should ro 2al 9 arid 11[e3si: c :;~8::-"' . -
Mora ty by I.hot amount fa1 ...rr -.p;i c; the PC 1s c.or surned br r3gt. ~e1era:.1r,s r ~ :i. pl a-
add1uona 1 Corll1ct for e\e!) n"' {~

1 me and space are MOre fiu a at t'"'JS vergerce, ,and ::Orce users. r.an rno'e .ea:; se-- 'lep r....:_ir:: ... '3'
:.herr alfies. V1~e ustng tfle Foresee po1vs 'oran equ1vatert ab1hty Fore~ use~~ :11e e g::1~ ~ .,.,
() to ncrease thet me they can -see nto tre futJre oy one ye~. aqd "13",Y .:i::::_v-a:..=: ~:. "1:.Jtr.;.= ~
Meti1tat ng at t.t>1s .. ergence deepe'1s a pracuuoners cor riec'1rr r 'he Fore::: ::.,;...c" - e"1:::11~ 1 ~. rz
Lving Force \'ergence 1'ergence for a;: leasl an hour a character may make an A verage
":) tr all Force D(Mer checks tne character mav.es for the resr. of rr-1e sess1cr
r+t J
D"'isd p line c:ieck s;:cE: an:

\Vhen a character rreo1rates ar trs vergence. the Force car sl7o ..-,any tri11Jgs. ru:: ..:n:i~g a:& ;:;ae;
and the oast .A, Force user may add a number ofO rio greaier thari Force ratrg :D :.1= i:"lov:~
checK he rna~s ~ i.. eat this vergence f11m1ted to once per sess1onl - i"le cha-act.er ma ~ ) :r::: a:i~
Cosmic Force Vergence
tJ nr to the check. The character may also Lry and push the Force to r~vsal :,,r,g-f:irg:m;:i:i::~
althougr this veers ri rhe d rectron of the dark side The character r:1ay sp::rd ')')l).ard SJa ...
Conflict to add @ :o -he check.

ENHANCING VERGENCES uaditional t ests \~ere of sk 1 cot...rage sp:tr1.., -=-es~ 3~_: r.

All vergences strengthen a character's connec:ior to the sight. \Nrile those 1earr rg tc .15- tr ::: r:o:-c.= d..i"f!lg :1:-==-
Force. but some are particv lar _. useful for arrp,1f': ng spec "ic of the Empir~ don't ar s er iB ~ .... ~s Cc-.Jncc '?:>Jr'~--'
techniques. The natures o: tljese erha"cernen3 ar, " de J . trad tora J ed i Trials C1 15 :riZ 6''
- =,..[Bf(IC-"3:: ..,.. -

Force poV\ers might be amp '1ed or J r~!e a~ rr e s re. or to lend a sense oi accomplis..,r;e": ara - ar- :."::. s:i -
they might provide ar .rs,grt chat a 0 1.-s a ternporar, ben- grQ\-..t h tov.ard masL.er of .u~:: =ore:..

ef t for the rest of rhe sess or \l\'h1!e t;.nciergc rg a ifia shot.. d oe a s.g-' ~ca-: s.;:
Force user's JO... rre _ :1il a: a c o am ~:,T ttie :1-:,;
USING A VERGENCE IN t(a does not ha.e LC De r,r=~:::t:m li :-!'.l - t :7s~ .f ~

PCs \1oraliry offers a grea- .:pDC"TI.ffi-: } w aa:: a~

A CAMPAIGN encounter at a +ra i=-~e-c2 -::o rhe s.::-s::; .:. .:."'~ --_
reucally iJSe a ergerce to cc.cour.i ~ oT'"y ::.., ......i
Vergences ae powerful toofs for cr..1s to Jse 1n a campaign.
lhe nrernall~ foc..,,s.ed mats 'il\l{)f ties: 3! -ergc .:es
They c.;;n r.est a Force user's commltmer;: ro the Lghr side
cally the iJi1als of spirir a11 ris: gnt
or ne car}: or grant v1s1ons that lead me PCs ro adventure
\.'ergenc:es can even funGion as headQ1.Jarrers for a part TRIAL OF SPIRIT
P'"Ov1d1ng them v.1th a pov1erfuJ resource aga,:~st furure clla~~
enges f na ly. g.v1ng IJ!!rgenc:es a r ch h1srory provides a '.la-
vorful bao:ground. enhanctng 1mmer1'ton within a campaign


Be'ore ttte dark umes \'hen tre Jed Orde
ic sub,ected Padawa~ to a se~ es of five ter _v.as st1 strong
Jedi Tnals before they could become Je Ksts knol\n as the
a q grrrs The fr\e



) ....




- ~

.. ,-:~~

~5 ~-
T he F-orcc (.cJll~ lo rnen1l)r1<; o~ alrno'>l r;vt(y '>Pt cu~ 111 1tH
eala;\y I llOC,t \\1110 lll'31 (llld (Jfl~Wl'r llD v~hlt,p()f'j <)flt>n ll:!V
el fn1 fr on1 U1e11 tldllVP ~yst<>ms to fulllll 1111'11 Gft>sltn11>i 1111r.
~0c lion pr csent~ St'Vl.!1 al ~pcc1rs that f!n 11>1 at t r>xplortJt1011 or
the wider gcilaxv.

The d111111111t1\ l'' Al Pena are enthusiastic explorers and lravel
er..,, n1ak1ng tllern a cornrnon sight Lhroughout lhe galaxf
Reno\vned f01 thcrr qu1c kness and adaptab1hty, Aleena SPECIES ABILfnEs
'ead1lv crnb1 ace advenlure. often in the form of compeli
uve spot ts. 1nctud1ng Pod racing. Some use their natural
ath t.l1c1sm t.o fund their travels, working as entertainers or
ath'etes Others take on service with military groups Their
sn1all stature makes them ideally suited Lo roles as explorers
o .. scouts. Wound Threshold: 8 + s~a ""I

Physiology: Aleena are a reptilian species. Their skin is cov- Strain Threshold: J 0 4 WI powe
ered in scales thaL typically range 1n color from tan to blue Starting Experience: 95 XP
or purple. Their elongated skulls house two large eyes. a
broad nose. and a large, tooth-filled mouth The curvature of Special Abilities: A1eena beg r ~e game ~ ~ ra
their mouth suggests a perpetual smile to many non-Aleena. 1n Coord1nat1on The:r st -r,a_ '"'Ot :re; il Cood~ ~
Mature Aleena average about eighty centimeters in height above rank 2 during characte" creatio" ~ ~-~ c.:.
smaller than a 'erage ard co1.;rt as s i-.tJ...,=u= 'J
Unlike many reptilian species, Aleena are \.varm-blooded.
They maintain their body temperature in part through a par- Sturdy Frame: Aleena begin rre ga,.....e i~ '.!ion~'?'~ "
ticularly rapid digestive system, believed to be a by-product the Durable talent. a
of the competitive nature of their homeworld. The ability
to rapidly convert food into energy is tightly linked to the
species' characteristic quickness. Aleena are omnivores who
typically prefer very spicy cuisine. but there is no clear physi-
ological basis for this preference. Visitors to their homes and
world are often surprised by the food's intensity.
Society: Aleena are fiercely loyal to their families. In their
native cultures. extended families dwell together. often shar-
ing interlinked rooms within a larger structure. All Aleena
within a village typically share blood ties.
This strong connection continues when they travel beyond
their worlds of origin. It is rare for an Aleena to travel alone.
Instead. family members commonly travel together. In cases
where a single Aleena travels as a performer, relatives join
the performer as an entourage. They rejoice in their kin's
success and offer comfort at times of disappointment.
Homeworld: Aleen Minor is an Inner Rim world and the
species' planet of origin. It held membership in the Galac-
tic Senate for rn1llennia. The world's climate is unrelentingly
harsh. a11d the planet is home to such vicious predators as
sagcatcher:;. rrequenl travelers. Aleena have colonized other
worlds.includ1ngAle<~n. a world in the Mid Rim that many ga- BARDOTTAN d~('1
lacuc cit11ens understandably confuse with the Aleena world i11 cell1gent aro . ,~
BardotLans are charactenst1cally _of ph)S:'
of origin l heir population has grown substantially through 1
spiritual. and n1any dernons[rate tilgh !e'e ~reir ,\e!l to
their travels. such I.hat f<ir moro Aleena live elsewhere 1n Lhe as well They are often scholars. de\ oung ,eJ tlie g.:: J'l
galaxy Lhan on Aleen Minor ne
- Id f\ ta"" tr<l'ans t,p1cal' "r
intense study of a specific
Bardott f ifl.3 '
Languages: All Alecna are fluent in Lheir native language of pursuit or U1eir research Acaaemic eo all 1n o....11 A'
e unco' er -earv
Aleena Most also learn Basic. especially those wt10 choose co11unue a jou1 ney after they ha\ ihe1r fe~
1evant to
to travel from their homeworfd. in their current location that 1s re


Aleen a

Lhc\ study, Bardottans lend to meditate as a key component

consider all information precious. earning the right to infor-
of the learning process. Often. these meditalions include re-
mation is a part of their educational and professional pro-
r1ecuons upon history. family. and their cultural interpreta- cess. They become quite loyal to their immedia[e peers. bur
'1on of Lhe Force
they are reluctant to work with those outside of their group.
Physiology: Bardottans are a saurian species. with scaled Homeworld: Bardotta is the homeworld of the Bardotran
1r Their lowe1 legs bend backward. and they walk on people. The planel's government is a monarchy. though the
three-toed feet Their forearms are shorter Lhan their lower king or queen is assisted by a contingent of Dagoyan Master
extren11ties and end in three fingers and a thumb. Their long advisors. Bardotta has isolationist tendencies. Almost al of
neci<s are heavily wrinkled and can bend in any direclion. A the planet's inhabitants are members of the native species.
tleak-llke snout dominates their head. Bardottans vary sub
After their exposure to the larger galaxy millennia ago.
stant1ally 111 height at maturity, ranging from just over a me
Bardottans colonized other worlds. including Phu. Cultural
I.er to more than two meters tall. Their skin tones range from
norms on some colonies vary substantially from the cul-
Pae gray to yellow. green. and even purple. Some ~a~e a ture native to Bardotta: for instance. Bardottans from other
consisterit tone across their bodies. but others have d1st1nc- worlds are not always as secretive or isolationist as those
vp ~ark1ngs, including striped and spotted patterns. from the species' homeworld.
~ciety: Bardell.an culture traditionally values knowledge Languages: All Bardottans are fluent in Basic and many
~ Cl ;dtication very highly, and cu ltivates an intense devo- also study the trad itional Bardottan language. Those who
h~n m ~P 1 r11uar rnaLters. Bardottan scholars tend toward a explore oLher cultures often master other languages as
gh de{!r<:e or )ccrecy with the informaUon that they uncov par~ of l11eir SlUdies.
(J ll'P 1our r> of lhr1r research on ly sharing details with
p ception of the Force: The Bardottans have a strong
'lutsid<;rs \Vhen 1L btcomr; absol~tely necessary. They are
r1ro11(J a11 d I . . k for ~~ I force tradition. whose skilled p1ac;uuoners are
~Ssta ndependenl: b<>1ngs who are reluctant to as cu ura tlie Dagovnn l'vlasters. This tr ad1t1on links the Force
wlJ nee lristr.ad 1hey prc:fcr Lo resolve issues 1nLcrnally known as ' Tl D .
LO tIle Idf'il Or ll
virig In 11armonv 1vlth the gala\y ie ago) an
h enever Possible.' They r.xi>n.ct ouLs1de 1n1erven11on only
~II ~ .
. d d
t' I he Force as a tool for ed11c.aL1011 an un e1
Jrlt1ons beco1ne par ticulcJrly dire Mnslelrs u~ ' tunes u1LPg1at111g its use into negotiations
Baraonans deliberately . >S ~t;1ncl1ng, sonH 1 1 believing that the Force should never
Yi 'h isolate therr society into grotif Th<'\ tll l' no11v10 en .
" d ffcrcnt academic and reflg1ous fields. Because Lhry l>C llSI' d lo
inJUI e another l1v1ng being

f K1JS 01F POWElt
cor1l11c n , , llt 1 \ lit ~riit-,
Bardott 1 ~ JI<", I llO~e to t llC tvJdi. ' rI Jr l i\\ l I. ll I TI 11~ l < I
l 'ht Dt ' I I I " t , , l'i< .t
order c:rntJSdC.l" thl ua1k c;1dt ,.,1 tllr r f' n lht ''' 1 J r
of an dnc.1enl de 1non n JrnP,1 1\1 ltll.J<llT 1 fl , r 1 ill h\I <1ut f'h' -.IOIOi1) : I'll . ' I I ll I I I 11
,,1111nc1, C'1nph.>\ ('(!' olt n f' 111 th1 11 11..I ton!. t n ' 1111~ "" lh1 -.kn<< l r tl ' 1 l lll 1 , ' I

fur t15. to l ''' ll l 1t1C' Lt\ nr, f 0r' e 1ron1 hP ''' t n ., <.<~ llkil 1.<1101 11"' n t<' '.1 , 1 n~ '
tile>~ tl'.4110 S. llllfll t' ll ...is pa11 of thf'll r l\hll!. 1\,1\" \ '\I t 11 ~I' I , I ht " Il I ..

111 \ .lh n '" 1n1 )I.I"" t' I tl \'V I h

B(irdoll ln(, afl opposl.'!d to ti\ Jl (11 II dll lHl l'I t 1klnt'
\OUnghngs to Jt'd1 Terrplc" lo~ tr.11n1nr, 1tu:- P lf't'\ i' i,1
fl fl 1flJ(,JI I \ l flt I \'.1 )I It I \ti I I 1
tl!Cll d1t I
ter~ bC'l'C'\!e t.,at an\ F'-Or(t: <;i.;ll\tlt\t ulrn\ht'r<. ''' 11\L''I pt
c10s. should 101n thC' Ban1ott 111 trc;1Ci1t1011 l h1<> ll'tl to 1 tnnfll I ("11 \tlll lll1lf)~ I\ )Vt l)' )1.1\ \ll\11 I\. I <1 I )\ 1 \
C\f 1nte1 e'>t \'\1th 1tie Jrd1 1n ,., hc I\ the B,)rdol lJll ~ovri111n11nl tr.ill 1~ I llkt d tn p tl1c 1l,1rty II., loll 1 h k 11
labeled \.-,C'1n as ktfinappers t 1c.:ins111(~ sv~t1 111 ~1rmt't''- 1 II , 1, , . Ol ,,
l'I~ ~... 111~11 ( 1\n~t int I\ ( !11 " ' (' II (' l O(ly l I \ \
SPECIES ABILITIES r111ng1111:. l 111~ f;l.llll.., 1hrm ,in 'Xt <'J)~to1 v l
!<~ pol'<'ll' .il,c1 t llfll)llllt' tl)('ll1 l<l lt'ln~11r , O<'J
I~(' lllf'.l11v ltl\I( (() 01 IH'r ~P<'t I<'~.

l)i'v.11 ()nr,111 pl1y... 11)IOt-'.u'<ll q11 1k:-. 1 .11 1'-1 sulr 1 10 t

111 111.11 I\'1'll1rtl\ (' -,t111111l.1nl \1\d11'n 11111,111 d th<" r .ilr
icll\ l'!11<'1" Ill<' hl<)C)c1:.trc'.1nt t~1.~n11n11 p11~1i, 1 ,,o
Wound Threshold: 9 + Bro\'\ll ~net "P<'1'd IiO\<\<'\,<'t, l111" 1.. , one' ch 1 n1~nt th.ll l t
t.1111101 t lt\\11~<) tl~ l'll<'fll\1'lV 11\ 111 111t' l1111n Ir' m t ~
Strain Threshold: 1O + \\lillpo\vcr
<'\Pt)Slllt' IO '>1111111 C,ll) IJ,l\<' ~1'111)11\ f)11<it1 ,ll (0 ~l QI
Starting Experience: IOS \ P IOI ,l l)t'\',ll01\l;ll1
Special Abilities: Bardottans begin the g;unt' \v1ll onl' Society: I)<'\'" or11.1n cull 111 <' '' pnn1a11ly Ill tr 3rt.'1
rank n Kno\vledge (lore) . They still n1ay not \lain l\no\vl spt'< t<'s o;llo\vs n C1~1l<Jn1 (11ll11r:-JI c11n101pf\lsrn lnk<1d t11
edge (lore) above rank 2 during cllart1ctcr c1t~<111on <1L'l f t.'111,llt' ()e\',ll<'ll11dt1S .lit lyp1< :tll~ f;lr fll()fl' 'it'lll(ij n
\,1hlt' s('flll!IV cllld prosp1'11ly l)lt'lc'rnn15 le) f:ll't' lh111 ~

BARDDTTAN SECRECY vv1th1n ,1 st.Ible 1'nv1ronnH'lll tv1,1I<'~ . by c.:onlr.l'll 11av1 ;in

ndl<' cultu1al w;u1rlcrh1~t Tiley cnlt111s1:1st1c,111v pur~.ic 1<',
Sl<llll tr ,1Vt'I ,1nrl t1,1vc .Jn 11111<'1 c'rll ly ht~h l1'V<'I 11r 1:;~ l01u
he Bardottans are a proud species. While they
T hold themselves and others to a very high stan
dard. they are uncomfortable adn1itting to those
.111cc. In spilt' or ll11 ~. n1.1lrs di) rn11Jr.11 <' rt''ipon:i1l11i11y fe11
L11cir 1n:1tes ,u1d olfsp1ing. f'v\;.ilc Dev.11-0111,1ns 1yp1ct1llv ~1 nd
the n1ajority or Lhch earnings IJ~ck lo I h111 ;po11,c5 on .i rr.6
times when they have failed to live up to that stan ular basis, prcft'rring Lo 1:>Uppor l lh<'il 1.1m11ie, 1'\1'n as lh11~
dard. Bardottans recognize that their culture has cxplo1 e Lhc gcililxy.
gone through growing pains. as most do. However,
they have tried to conceal these n1istakes fron1 the Homeworld: Dev1:1ro11 is d Len1p(!I al<' wo1 Id 1n 1ht Coh.>
greater galaxy rather than using them as an ex nics region. The plonel lt1clude5 den5e 11.1 n~IC'i .111d n 1l1lc
ample fron1 which others could learn . n1ounlainous regions, The species h.1., t'~l.1hli'>hed pr11~r111
ous clues in mo5L regions ol Lh<' plan<.1\ I hough thr 1Jldc.t
The Frangawl cult is a tragic exan1ple. In their and most populous are within Lhe lo\v mount 11rt5. 01Vi! rn
shame. the Bardottans have tried to ignore the jungles encompass a range of dangerous p11d:Jtor5, 1~t11t
cult's existence. even as cultists have kidnapped continue to Lhnve on the la1 gely c1v11l1C'd \-vorld Jo11rrk v I
and sacrificed important citizens. Because of the
Lhese uncivilized regrons can be dang<'rot1:; even tor ll~l
Bardottans' degree of sophistication. these inci
pllshcd explorers.
dents have been rare. but they remain deplorable.
Rr' ~1\
Languages: All Devaron1ans ar(' llu(nt In B. 1 ~Il
rew study their ancestral ldnguage of Otv,ironc~l!

DEVARONIAN Perception of the Force: Dcvaroni.111.11.1vc J h1gtl ht'<;,1 "

cy or Force sensitivity hut lhev do not It.we luiv prt''~
. . , . I c l1cer ' i
Dcvaron1ans independently developed Ll1e hyperdrivc Lens native lrad1L1011s of Force . u5cr.:, I rll<'ll' , 'ivIn I 1lt ,,,.. f r
of 1housands of years before the Battle of Yavin. Tl1cy ex her ol notable Devaron1dn Jedi, iowtvi r .. , 011
!hCll'\\ 1 c
plored and made contacl with Lhe greater galaxy long be Trrnplc wa~ loundcd on Dev:iron 111<. iu ,u ia vstnt, , t 1
YOl111glil lgS rrorn this pli.111('1 .ttld llPll{ll l l(>llf v ' IJC"J'llf1
f<;re 01 hc>r inhabited systems near Devaron were officletlly
I lilf \'/llll [tJI
d1~co1<r<>.d by I.he Republic. Members of Lhc en l.l cnrencu r Illy a local Lr<uning racilll Y 111 "l't'P Ll iv 110 nl~'' 11
ial ~pe< if', Qr< a cornmon site in spaceports ancJ olhcr ccn gPnclC'1 -.pocllic. pl'r<:;o11.1lllY t1 1111<rr1o tll! c 1 ~r 1 r 1nl11"tf
'll 1ltc nrd1..r I iii
ter~ of trade. 11101(' horivlly lt~plC'<>t'llltLI WI 1111 1nt1llC11
l l l'lldCd lt1
YC'dlllll\{l [OI ltrlV\'I tllld cldV('ll llll
f)evaron1ans l1r.ive t.h~ 1n1slorlu11e of resernblirig rnyltio ~
1111 11 (

t 1.ill1i11g ri cir 1Hn. 101 n 1.ilc LJl'V(irt tl

logical de1nun~ of rnany grilactic cultures Br< dl l 'i<' ol 111 1<;,
they are one of the gf.llaxf''.> rno~.t d1~trustecl 'ilJIJC Ir!',. A~, r1

SPECIES ABILITIES l"IC!I er, whrll' c rlic"i dorninatcd by humans are located upon dry
land The two sprc1c.s have a long history of interacting peace-
rully wit 11 one anolh<'r Tile Gungan lirgh Council links Gungan
11nd human soc1cl.ics together to form a planetary government.
Members of both species contribute to the democratic process.
particularly for 1ntor;1ction wrth offworld entitles. Currently, this
Wound Threshold: 11 + Btavvn
government 1s under the oversight of the Empire.
Strain Threshold: 10 + \'\t1llpovve1
Naboo'<; oceans have a broad range of predators. in-
Starting Experience: q~ \P cluding the sanclo iJqua monster and the opee. both large
enough to swallow a bongo sub in a single bite. Areas im-
, Special Abilities: Dl'\ lr on1<)ll'5 begin the game vvith
mediately surrounding their cities are largely secure. but ex-
,_ r 1r K r <;un ''di or Decrpt1on They still may not
tended journeys can incorporate a high degree of rrsk.
uain Survival 01 Deception above rank 2 during char-
ic'e' creauon Languages: All Gungans speak their native Gungan as well
as Basic.
Resilient Metabolism: Devaronian physiology is natu-
l r 1rd1 and resistant to toxins. Members of the spe- Perception of the Force: Gungans do not have a native
cies add automatic to all Resilience checks they make. Force tradition or a strong tradition of membership 1n the
Jedi Order. However, their cultural tendencies to live in con-
nection with the natural world are consistent wrth an under-
standing of the Livrng Force. Gungan underwater crt1es are
relatively isolated. even from Naboo's human population. ft
Fe\v Gungans travel away from their homeworld of Na boo
is likely that Jedi simply failed to discover the majority of
nstead n1osl prefer to live in cooperation with U1eir planet's Gungan Force sensitives who might have joined the order.
nalurr:il ecosystems. In fact. Gungan galactic ~ravelcrs are
often exiles. Gungan law is unforgiving, and expu lsion is a
cornn1on form of punishment Consequenlly, Gungans found
"'fvorld are seldom characterisuc of Lhe species.
Physiology: Gungans arc a bipedal. amphibious species.
11c1 are Lall and thin. averaging nearly two meters in height.
T'leir expressive. long ears and eyestalks are set around a
bill like moul11 They are omnivorous. wit11 a diet composed Wound Threshold: I 0 + Brawn
'arRely of mollusks and aqualic plants. Gungan compound
Strain Threshold: I 0 + Wi llpower
lungs arc capable of effic. ren l ly cxLracling oxygen fron1 both
:iir and water Gungan Infants c:ire born as Ladpolcs within Starting Experience: I 00 XP
WJter cradles Their limbs develop within a month or bir111. Special Abilities: Gungans begin the game with one rank
Society: Tl1e vanous Cungan cities are largely stratified In AU1lelics. Tl1ey slill may not train Athletics above rank 2
J ord1ng lo residents' rnembersh1p rn partrcular clans. In
during character creation.
terrelallons between cities t1avc been established Lhrough Amphibious: Gungans may
carefully 1\lorcled treaties. A I llgll Council serves as an overall breal11e underwater without ~ l
govcrn1n1;1 body t11al extst.s largely to resolve disputes be penalty and never suffer 1 :;r-
t11ecn the different c1Lics. move1nenL pcnalllcs for .
traveling throug11 water.
Curigan soc1e~y places a vcr y hlgl1 va lue on peace and
tirder Wlrlle Lhoy arr: a gcncrdlly 11appy people, Liley l1avc
'lie lolerrincc for elements l11at disrupt their lives. Even
rr :'lOr crimes are treated severely; Vandalism. for example.
m nt~ corporal pu111shrnenl or even exile.
C1i, ~11ns arc proud ol L11c11 independence and arc
, e1oeo to gre.JI lengl11s lo dcfrnd 1L Eacl1 city rr1a1n
:. 1 own rn1lflia arincd witll energy sluelds and plas
,, { fin :>
ip,y l1allt Gunr,.Jns 1nake extensive use o an11nc
r ' ii
L!.i, drlcJ lhl'lr nrilt;1r.il tools rcrnaln effective in co11ibl
\vJtl1 lllfl1r sh11id LL'( t111olor,1cs rhr various 1nllllias
h11 lvu,)..'ltlf'r lt>gL1la1 ly dlld <till rlS'\t'IJlblf'
, I l 'il I y
lllLO a Pane
vtono Army , f
.c ace~ brc).i<J,lr 1l1rt~HI'>.
~ornewo I
L1ie c rd: C.unga11s c11 cl nCJUVv 10 1110 pldnel Nc1lJoo ncnr
I l"')u. r Pirr Terr1lor1os lll"ll('ll ll1i'Y sllaru l1ab1L.1llOll w1ll1
"Jns o v ,
lt 11, n that \'-1ot1d Ille> pl.inlt's cli111.it<? t'> pri111.111ly
~ndPr~ratt> SutJ<;,1.(11111.ir or eans ::.<'I><11.11 t tt., I11C1VilY for t<; Iicl
ri~~es Alrnost Clll Gu11go11 1lc11>11.11 c, .ir(l l<1rnuly undi '1
a a~ ~' J;) ast

' boorr ~a g e ~ner . .
am tE- r
' g nto a "E'e tJ 0 a
I J t ~ "~
t 'lg the o g ta i.a' t ~
t r J e user s i'ta"'d. t

E ERGY WEAPONS I' eme.;ecf a th nnomerang can be usect ~ _ .a.

ch.1...dt:ter ma spen t> n a m ssed att1t11. JO~ .-

\ os :O"",.,...O"" ..,-a"'ri-h~ ~ e erg, atta{ mad:"' "he G... iJei qua ") to ha\-e tre rv...._
VVUlT ~ rcJ:"..g
1 s ro :11e o'.l} i)~ a a ru el ,-eturn to the se~ s narid
!ls :o~-e ...... o c e-,=er a err.at .a
I.\ Gungan \,arr1or could rnro\v one of her s gna~1..re P:aSf"!.,
Less a weaoo"' e i:.~ m...scn a'O"JS o:-ar.~ers
... the ba s 11'\e a grenade (and ':';+.e.,.. do). bui: a Gungan afa g .-es
~ ..~ ~ a 3'" -~il ...-.ea de\ e. - e user
"'gsr-o i.S oo r.ts i e \\eaoon a grea:er 1ange and aids 1n accura(} The a
st a~ t~ 13.,..get pu s baa e e er;; :Ed cup a'"'tj ai also pro4et:Ls. i:he v. e de' from 1nad\'erten: d1schagei
'-"e"' s.~ re ~ases e ~ ..::;:VJC: .._:.res a c.:so.. 2~'" !1; s.hoc - These ,,e.apons are trad uonall~ ca~ed from noncordJ.:
t:t-1.1~ 0\--er S! on a S!a'lCes T"'e S"'OC -CJ~ s ~.., elha t l e Ila rd,.,..'.)()() s.
but ery a oo "'..g. ~a "g ~: - :s , =aoo" .s ega on
most \' ds P"e:':l o. rr.-.. n c pa :. es e.;;- a ,, m or.; to
.. a s '"O' Cu"ga"' oasma oa' s see Table 3-1.
Ranged Weapons g "g j"e'T' g'eate" "a"ge "' :i
purchase m e c...~ag " o' "'" E"'fG"Ce::r~~~ c -rers \\no
.. s "' P a c; ::>p o: o as""la oa s 'o'" ammun,iJor..
ha\e top... up \tr OO'rlg p t.eo b_ St'!Y.:1.-!!.... !'S~ from rO\'id]
~oung hoo gans
Tnggenng hp D ..........':!"'. Qua t) o" ms \Eapen recu1res
tJ ~eac tJ. t> Plasma balls are the predominan;: arnriu"1tl0fl fo C-uog.an
\'re<iOO:Jf). loaded ,,j> a -:JuKi-like plasma j;e ordnar.ce oorm
EXPLOSIVES AND upon 1mpac~ :, ~h :ne ;:arger,. discharging '.ts payloaa Plas.T;a
balls val) n sze. :.itll versions rough!} J.>enry ceni:irrieiEIS 11
OTHER WEAPONS diameter assoc ared v:itil niost handhefd ..e<;ooos
The-1 are
especial!~ da11ge'"ous to dro1ds and mechanical de-.'ices.
In sp i.e of t.'1e blaster's ease of use anc ::s ready avauaoil-
lt). not every culru..e fu 1) e""'braces <:ne \\caoon. Some\ e\,
a d1ffereni o;eapon as a hat mar o: ::her c ... ~ ......es maraal
tra1n1ng. In omer cases. a :ernauve \\taOOi'JS fT' g~- .o~r. bet- l'vlucr ess ~ecrr"ca } sopllis;:icated thar a blaster. a 'o"g
ter n the environment L'1e~ nnari L
!:>o\v renia 11s a dead.: . eapon ., prooeri. :IOJ'ed n:"~
The quret '.:' arg of a bo :s~:ririg a1so does "'O<: carr} 11c-a '
AURATERAN BOOMERANG as tar as the R- ng sounds oE a Olas;:er O'" s.ug:" 011er Ir
pnm1tive env1ronme"'~ cnarac:ers separated <r('"I cecr"~
A tnough Aurate'ans hae access to 'T'ode-"' energy \\eap-
logical resources car fasf1on arro\\'S =rem natura Mater-:
orts the s MP e but relaofe ooome:arg s still a popu'ar
far more easily than tre:. ca11 ae.e1op a charg.r-gs;stem'!l"
.-eapon for ocal hunters and rrappers "e \1eaoon t.a es
an ererg~ \eapon.

R;inged 'Lrg1't:1 [\i ~

o sonent 2 St\lfl

A'.Jra Pf3f
Rong.ea (l..Jght) 4
Boomer rg ll.1echum l 65 6 Gu deC1 I l.J'' cd .\:
J rt,.;i A Rr t A 1,.t1("Jl1.. I Si.
:'> l~e<.hum ) 0 10 Ll'T' l J Ar"'~
GJ g?!'i Pf3o:m3 B:; Ran rl ll.ie, ll, Burn I lu l L
Short 0 01 20 1 Amrro I
" gr.i. P.dfl ~ H :J 'I (t.f"~
L ng 1 120 4 AJrf'lC I P-.c ..

. . . OPP~

na1cloth1ns 1r 1cti11or1.1lly wr<'ld ,, ant' tinncJrd l<Jncc as a ccr

11110111c1I 1vt-.1pon I nnr.us hold d cult 1u <11 srgn1l1c..cJ11cc lO Lhe
species. iis Bnr do11,ir1s helve usecl lhrn1 ,1~ I heir prC'ferrc:>d
n1elt'C wenpon s1nct lonv bf'forr lhr 1ncor porauon ol n1odern
ll'C.llnoloe1cs Morl<r n clc>ctrolances arc similar to fore< pikes
1n t h,11 tlley P1n1t (1 powerful blast when striking th<: Larget
1hey can cilso be St!l to stun This setting is most commonly
irnplPrnl'lllccl ~vhun us('<l hy law enforcement personnel seek-
ing to 111c.1pacil<llc c.1 s11spcc1 for further questioning.
The grip of the Bardottan electrolancc 1s placed in the
n1iddle of the weapon The lance rs carried like a walkrng
stick, with the longer end extended above the wielder's
l1ead. IL is U1c longer end that is used to strike a foe. In com
bat. the shorLer end is typically pivoted to parry incoming
attacks. The shorter end also incorporates a counterweight.
making it better balanced for one-handed use.
The Bardottan electrolance is a one-handed weapon. how
ever it cannot be wielded with other weapons. It may, at the
GM's discretion. be wielded while using a shield .

Gungan herders traditionally use electropoles to guide and
guard their shaaks. Though it is essentially a peasant weap-
on, familiarity led the Gungan militia members to incorpo-
rate it into their military traditions. While herders typically
used the weapon while afoot, militias often use electropoles
while mounted upon kaadu. Its relatively low weight makes
it well suited for use in one hand while controlling a mount
with the other. Because electropoles were designed for con-
trolling cattle as well as scaring off predators, the weapons
incorporate both stun and deadly settings. The electronic
components of an electropole are watertight, so they can be
However, a longbow is a large weapon, even the smal lest used effectively on land or underwater.
models being well over a meter in length. Good arrows, near-
ly a meter long, are also awkward to carry and extremely An electropole may be thrown as a ranged weapon. If used
difficult to conceal. A longbow is an unusual and distinctive in this manner, change the skill to Ranged (Light) and the
signt on most or the galaxy's worlds. Passersby are likely range of the weapon to short. The weapon also gains the Lim-
n remember seeing a warrior who chooses to carry one in ited Ammo l quality (but can be retrieved and used again).
Place of a more common weapon.
t.,longbow requires a supply of arrows to fire; if the GM
~eecs Lo set a price. she can charge 1 credit per arrow (or a Gungan engineering incorporates a particularly advanced
!e1; Cupper pieces on Weik). understanding of shielding technologies. Their underwater
cities make use of shielding extensively. Even their offensive
MELEE WEAPONS weapons are designed around encasing a ball of high-energy
plasma with in a temporary energy shield. It is hardly surpris-
11 1
;;' sr>ecies have characteristic Melee weapons that are ing, then, that they are one of the few species that have suc-
: Part of tr1cir cultural martial proclivities. In some cases, cessfu lly designed an easily portable defensive shield
1 .c:~e v11,0 fJOrc; 11rc particularly wel l adapted either
for the
f..f,"'<.1e~. t h The Gungan persona l energy sh ield is sized to the wearer. ,,
,. ., r.>ny'...1()l<>J:'f or for its native environment. In ot er It is worn on the user's off-hand arm, so that a weapon can
I')(I r1glc
~ suet, v1P.ap<,ns are! a hallmark of their world's tech

0 1d
be wielded in the other. Notably, it does not cornpletely
a". eveloprnents Often. a cu lture conlinues to use encase the user in a secure field. Rather. it onlv offers de-
1(!8fJOn rv ft
~tro 11 .- en I >ettr~r aftrrnal 1ves are available, due to a fense againsL attacks con1ing fron1 a single orientation. To
'Prc ~ rr ilit;:,rv lra(j1L1011 assoc1alecl with ii. In rnany cases, benefit rro111 t11e sl11eld, tile wielder must be able to focus on
r,,; ic weapon(_, act11eve a level of cultural significance tl1al
0 Jrbg"~ l~ dellec.L111g c1tlar ks
~ 11e1r continued use
I he vulue of Lile Gu11ga11 personal energy shield's Defen
s1ve qu,1l1ty Is reduc.ed to 0 while the wielder is suffering from
tile staggered 01 drsonented condition


Lt 11 hll 111 I l
' r,, 'r
1\11 ti, I t\1 't I I I
l ,ll I n l hll f I( f 1\.11 I I
,, f 11 I ,J ) 4 1 I) I
",! 11
/l /

' ' '>

, '
1111 111 I\
I'll tt' '-Ito h1
I II l I
t\lllcl I I
I 11(' I II 1, ,, I til1'i I ()1 fr,

I /( ) )rlf

11 Ill fill ..,, k l1 11t ,,,, 11 ) II ~1,

~ ,Nr ;'1111
I J I r

1, ' ' "' 1 1 >' If (J;i

\\.I .... '' H I t\.11'1l ( i ,

I; j1llf' ,,,, (f 1, ) J I ', ~~ (J('fff
'"' J

\\\'If l 1l ,, \~{ d 1,111t1.1. :t, I tlf} lf'"d 1, J ~Ir, ~, Curr 'Y." JJf'lt t,
I 1, 1Jt1


1 hl Jl'dl l1 avc usc.:c1 llgl11 ~:1hcr!l lur so long 1l1rJ I 1110,,l !or P1g:Jrdll''>'., of I' !' hnol 1Jg1c.8l <irJv(.lntr;s, ;J '>irnr.;le rr<
Cf'l l11Pr( 1nc1y 11f'JVc\ IJe:1 c1 n a l11111~ wl1c11 lllcy llacf no .JC c;e~.s
~~ ~
r0rncJlllS Jrt <! ffer111r :JnrJ r<.:h'tb1e Vfe:Jf;r;n. A :(v.t;l "1' ...
lo L\!1(' 1gy wc<1po11::; I lowcve1. on wor lc.J~ willl rorr<' tr;id1 runs <J1!l of p1~v1rr ll 1~ r eav f en<JJ~h ano .or g en 0 Jg)' ,~
l rc1ns b11 t no re:1c1y acc r!Ss Lo energy weapon<,. olhcr dcv1rcs ;:, warrior a s1gn1f1cant ad;ant.a~e .n c.omn~t al':l '<t ~r f; ,, f7' .>

\Vera used 1hc so called "training 5L1ck" looks Lo be noll1111g armed opponent or one v1i.e1d.r g .a more cornp:::ict .,,~p(Jr

mor c than a sin1plc \\talking suck. but 1s pc>rfcclly balanced Legends suggest that lorg r;6fore the 1nvenuo, of ~f!"
to be used as a duelist's weapon Alll1ough most comrnonly
to und 1n the hands of an apprenllcc. sorne 1naslcr S\'IOrd
saber. the earliest Force adep s JSed swords ~$ pr- u-;.
ferred weapons. A greatsworrJ perro'rts a v11elcer to t"'.!K..
hghlers prefer the simple training stick as a non-lethal a trcrnendous amount of PO'fter and leverage to each Sh 'lg_
wea pon that. lo the untrained eye. appears to be nothing
rnorc than an eider's cane. The greatsv1ord requires two hands w .,.,ie!d

This wea pon appears to be a l1a1mless cane. Add

to a character's Percepuon or Vigilance checks to discern - .
this weapon's true nature.


A spear is essentially a blade at the end of a long pole,

typically about two rnelers in length. In a pinch. tying a
combat knife to the end of a reasonably straight branch is
enough to fashion a spear. A less hastily constructed ver-
sion incorporates a double-edged blade as well as a shaft
that is made of a material sturdy enough to parry other
weapons. The city guard of Vossport on Weik prefer heavy,
long spears as their primary weapon . as they are simple to
master and versatile.
The Voss warspear is a one-handed weapon. however it
cannot be wrelded with other weapons. It may, at the GM's
discretion. be wielded while using a shield.
A spear may be thrown as a ranged weapon. If used in
this manner. change the skill to Ranged (Light} and the range
of the weapon to short. The weapon also gains the Limited
Arnrno l quality (but if retrieved. rt can be used again}.

Gungan Energy
Bardottan Elertrolance

, " r. -....,, 1' tt AfJ', , :,
' ;; . , ,
.... ,, -
.,~, ....-:;. ,, 0\. "

, , '..,,
r/J" I~ 7 ,., "1,,~y,,.e .. , ~ I:,._; ,., ,.., " 'J


0 , ', ( 'Y: .,:!.. ~,,.. .,..-; /,f'I.



V111 (J' r Y~ ~'J .. j. r/' f , ~ AfJ/J , .. ~~ J'J11~ :; fft~ "~ '~ ~
r.L , ~, . . ., ' ; ,,,~
, ' ' '!".( - (
., .. n .... -f,,, ~' r 'i ' , ', .. , ~, /";,- ,,e1 (r..,~
e6" ' .....:;
r "' /,,, ~,,, _,, """~ .,
~ '' " r