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The preparation of this volume of the Assyrian Dictionary was

made possible in part by a grant from the Division of Preserva-
tion and Access of the National Endowment for the Humanities,
an independent Federal agency.


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Typesetting by Eisenbrauns, Inc., Winona Lake, IN 46590

Printed in the United States of America

VO LU M E 1 9




AUGUST 4, 1924 DECEMBER 31, 2005

The manuscript drafts for this volume were written by Hermann Hunger, Burkhart
Kienast, and Matthew W. Stolper. Martha T. Roth edited the nal manuscript, as-
sisted by Timothy J. Collins and David Testen. Comprehensive citation checking was
accomplished by Robert D. Biggs, Gertrud Farber, Michael Kozuh, Erica Reiner,
Martha T. Roth, and Matthew W. Stolper. Further work on the volume was contrib-
uted by Remigius Jas and Jennie Myers. The complete manuscript was read for ac-
curacy by the members of the in-house Editorial BoardRobert D. Biggs, John A.
Brinkman, Miguel Civil, Walter Farber, Erica Reiner, Martha T. Roth, and Matthew
W. Stolperand by our colleagues Wilfred G. Lambert (University of Birmingham),
Simo Parpola (University of Helsinki), and Klaas R. Veenhof (University of Leiden).
Karel Van Lerberghe (Catholic University of Leuven) worked primarily on the P Vol-
ume and consulted with the editor on this volume during his stay in Chicago in 1996.
The T Volume appears shortly after the death of Erica Reiner, who died on De-
cember 31, 2005. We dedicate this volume to her memory.

Chicago, Illinois MARTHA T. ROTH

June, 2006

Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

The following compilation brings up to date the list of abbreviations given in volumes A, B, D, E, G,
{, I/J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, S, , T, and Z and includes the titles previously cited according to the
lists of abbreviations in Archiv fr Orientforschung, W. von Soden, Grundriss der akkadischen Gramma-
tik, and Zeitschrift fr Assyriologie. Unpublished lexical series are quoted from manuscripts prepared
by or in collaboration with Benno Landsberger.

A lexical series A = nqu, pub. Civil, Ai. lexical series k i.KI.KAL. b i . =

MSL 14 ana ittisu, pub. Landsberger,
A tablets in the collections of the MSL 1
Oriental Institute, University of AIPHOS Annuaire de lInstitut de Philo-
Chicago logie et dHistoire Orientales et
A-tablet lexical text, see MSL 13 10. Slaves (Brussels)
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pology Wrterbuch ugaritischen Sprache
AAAS Annales Archologiques Arabes AJA American Journal of Archaeology
Syriennes AJSL American Journal of Semitic Lan-
AASF Annales Academiae Scientiarum
guages and Literatures
AASOR The Annual of the American Schools AKA E. A. W. Budge and L. W. King,
of Oriental Research The Annals of the Kings of
AB Assyriologische Bibliothek Assyria
ABAW Abhandlungen der Bayerischen AKT 1, 2 = Ankara Kltepe Tabletleri; 3
Akademie der Wissenschaften = Ankaraner Kltepe-Texte
AbB Altbabylonische Briefe in Um- Ali Sumerian F. A. Ali, Sumerian Letters : Two
schrift und bersetzung Letters Collections from the Old Babylo-
Abel-Winckler L. Abel and H. Winckler, Keil- nian Schools (Ph.D. diss., Univ.
schrifttexte zum Gebrauch bei of Pennsylvania 1964)
Vorlesungen Alp AV Hittite and Other Anatolian and
ABIM A. al-Zeebari, Altbabylonische Near Eastern Studies in Honour
Briefe des Iraq-Museums of Sedat Alp
ABL R. F. Harper, Assyrian and Baby- Alp Beamten- S. Alp, Untersuchungen zu den
lonian Letters namen Beamtennamen im hethitischen
ABoT Ankara Arkeoloji Mzesinde . . . Festzeremoniell
Boazky Tabletleri Alster B. Alster, Proverbs of Ancient
AbS-T eld numbers of Pre-Sar. tablets Proverbs Sumer
excavated at Tell Abu Salabkh Altmann, ed., A. Altmann, ed., Biblical and Other
ACh C. Virolleaud, LAstrologie chal- Biblical and Studies (= Philip W. Lown Insti-
denne Other Studies tute of Advanced Judaic Studies,
Acta Or. Acta Orientalia Brandeis University, Studies and
Actes du 8e Actes du 8e Congrs International Texts : Vol. 1)
Congrs des Orientalistes, Section Smi-
International tique (B)
AMI Archologische Mitteilungen aus
ADD C. H. W. Johns, Assyrian Deeds and Iran
Documents (ADD 11821281 pub. AMSUH Abhandlungen aus dem mathema-
in AJSL 42 170. and 228.) tischen Seminar der Universitt
AfK Archiv fr Keilschriftforschung Hamburg
AfO Archiv fr Orientforschung AMT R. C. Thompson, Assyrian Medical
AGM Archiv fr Geschichte der Medizin Texts . . .
AHDO Archives dhistoire du droit orien- An lexical series An = Anum, pub. Litke
tal God-Lists 39ff.
AHw. W. von Soden, Akkadisches Hand- An = Anum sa list of gods, pub. Litke God-Lists
wrterbuch ameli 248ff.


Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

Anatolian Anatolian Studies Presented to Ashm. tablets in the collections of the
Studies Hans Gustav Gterbock Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
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AnBi Analecta Biblica rische Keilschrifttexte . . .
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ungswerke Assur (= WVDOG 23) cae
Andrae Stelen-W. Andrae, Die Stelenreihen in Assur eld numbers of tablets excavated
reihen Assur (= WVDOG 24) at Assur
ANES Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Astour AV Crossing Boundaries and Linking
Society of Columbia University Horizons : Studies in Honor of
Angim epic A n g i m d i m m a, cited from Michael C. Astour
MS. of A. Falkenstein (line nos. in AUCT Andrews University Cuneiform
parentheses according to Cooper Texts
Angim) Augapfel J. Augapfel, Babylonische Rechts-
AnOr Analecta Orientalia urkunden aus der Regierungszeit
AnSt Anatolian Studies Artaxerxes I. und Darius II.
Antagal lexical series a n t a g al = saq, pub. Aynard Asb. J.-M. Aynard, Le Prisme du Louvre
M. T. Roth, MSL 17 AO 19.939
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AoF Altorientalische Forschungen Hirbi of Mama to King Warshama
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suchungen Observations Chronological Problems of the
Karum Kanis
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Balkan K. Balkan, Eine Schenkungs-
Akademie der Wissenschaften
Schenkungs- urkunde aus der althethitischen
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urkunde Zeit, gefunden in nandik 1966
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TCL 2231; 14, 18, 19, 21 = Textes Archives of Telloh
cuniformes de Mari 13, 5) Barton MBI G. A. Barton, Miscellaneous Baby-
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transliteration and translation) Barton RISA G. A. Barton, The Royal Inscrip-
Arnaud D. Arnaud, Recherches au pays tions of Sumer and Akkad
Emar dAstata: Emar BASOR Bulletin of the American Schools of
Arnaud Larsa D. Arnaud, Texte aus Larsa Oriental Research
Arnaud Louvre D. Arnaud, Altbabylonische Rechts- Bauer Asb. T. Bauer, Das Inschriftenwerk
und Verwaltungsurkunden aus Assurbanipals
dem Muse du Louvre Bauer J. Bauer, Altsumerische Wirt-
Arnaud Textes D. Arnaud, Textes syriens de lge Lagasch schaftstexte aus Lagasch (= Studia
syriens du bronze rcent Pohl 9)
Aro Glossar J. Aro, Glossar zu den mittel- Baumgartner Hebrische Wortforschung, Fest-
babylonischen Briefen (= StOr 22) AV schrift zum 80. Geburtstag von
Aro Gramm. J. Aro, Studien zur mittelbaby- Walter Baumgartner (= VT Supp.
lonischen Grammatik (= StOr 20) 16)
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syrische Rechtsurkunden versity of Pennsylvania, Series A:
AS Assyriological Studies (Chicago) Cuneiform Texts
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Akademie der Wissenschaften Nabonidus Nabonidus, King of Babylon
ASGW Abhandlungen der Schsischen 556539 B.C.
Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften Beaulieu Uruk P.-A. Beaulieu, The Pantheon of


Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

Uruk during the Neo-Babylonian Bhl Chresto- F. M. T. Bhl, Akkadian Chresto-
Period mathy mathy
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cinity of Emar in the Collection Coll. de Leidsche Verzameling van
of Jonathan Rosen Spijkerschrift-Inscripties
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Lugale enne
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form Tablets in the Kouyunjik relatifs aux prsages
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Bezold Cat. L. W. King, Catalogue of the Nergal nen an Nergal (= LSS 1/6)
Supp. Cuneiform Tablets of the British Bongenaar NB A. C. V. M. Bongenaar, The Neo-
Museum. Supplement Ebabbar Babylonian Ebabbar Temple at
Bezold C. Bezold, Babylonisch-assyrisches Sippar
Glossar Glossar BOR Babylonian and Oriental Record
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Texts enwerk Assurbanipals
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Bib. Biblica seinem 65. Geburtstag
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Hiba-Lagash : The First and Sec- Lesestcke (= AnOr 54)
ond Seasons Borger R. Borger, Einleitung in die assy-
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tions (= TCS 2) haddons, Knigs von Assyrien
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Texte Texte . . . schriftliteratur
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lection of J. B. Nies Boson G. Boson, Tavolette cuneiformi
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marianum 2) Culinary potamiens, Mesopotamian Culi-
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et administratives dpoque ba- BoTU Die Boghazki-Texte in Um-
bylonienne ancienne conserves schrift . . . (= WVDOG 41 42)
au Muse dArt et dHistoire de Boudou Liste R. P. A. Boudou, Liste de noms go-
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Grammar Babylonian Theory (= Studia Pohl : bution juridique de la 1re dynastie baby-
Series Maior 12) lonienne
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nian Planetary Omens (1 = BiMes
British Museum 2/1; 2 = BiMes 2/2; 3 = Cuneiform
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et dHistoire Monographs 30)
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at Boghazkeui PKB tory of Post-Kassite Babylonia,
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Grber Salje, Uruk : Die Gr ber mie der Wissenschaften


Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

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schaft der Wissenschaften sity
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Rainey Royal the Late Bronze Age Fourteenth
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ponymie thropologie de Nuzi
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Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

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Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

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Uruk Eshnunna see Goetze LE
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pub. in Or. NS 1719) Evil-Merodach . . . Appendix
Ebeling E. Ebeling, Stiftungen und Vor- Evetts Ev.-M. B. T. A. Evetts, Inscriptions of . . .
Stiftungen schriften fr assyrische Tempel Evil-Merodach . . .
(= VIO 23) Evetts Lab. B. T. A. Evetts, Inscriptions of . . .
Ebeling E. Ebeling, Bruchstcke einer Laborosoarchod
Wagenpferde mittelassyrischen Vorschriften- Evetts Ner. B. T. A. Evetts, Inscriptions of . . .
sammlung fr die Akklimati- Neriglissar . . .
sierung und Trainierung von EVO Egitto e Vicino Oriente
Wagenpferden (= VIO 7) Explicit Malku synonym list malku = sarru, ex-
Eblaite Eblaite Personal Names and Se- plicit version (Tablets III pub.
Personal mitic Name-Giving: Papers of a A. D. Kilmer, JAOS 83 421.)
Names Symposium Held in Rome, July Fadhil Arraphe A. Fadhil, Studien zur Topographie
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Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

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Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

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Provisional List of Bibliographical Abbreviations

Other Abbreviations

abbr. abbreviated, abbreviation fragm. fragment(ary)

acc. accusative gen. genitive, general
Achaem. Achaemenid geogr. geographical
add. addition(al) Gilg. Gilgames
adj. adjective Gk. Greek
adm. administrative (texts) gloss. glossary
Adn. Adad-nrar GN geographical name
adv. adverb gramm. grammatical (texts)
Akk. Akkadian Heb. Hebrew
apod. apodosis hemer. hemerology
app. appendix hist. historical (texts)
Aram. Aramaic Hitt. Hittite
Asb. Assurbanipal Hurr. Hurrian
Asn. Assur-nasir-apli II IE Indo-European
Ass. Assyrian imp. imperative
astrol. astrological (texts) inc. incantation (texts)
astron. astronomical (texts) incl. including
Av. Avestan indecl. indeclinable
AV Anniversary Volume inf. innitive
Babyl. Babylonian inscr. inscription
bil. bilingual (texts) interj. interjection
Bogh. Boghazkeui interr. interrogative
bus. business intrans. intransitive
Camb. Cambyses inv. inventory
chem. chemical (texts) lament. lamentation
chron. chronicle LB Late Babylonian
col. column leg. legal (texts)
coll. collation, collated let. letter
comm. commentary (texts) lex. lexical (texts)
conj. conjunction lit. literally, literary (texts)
corr. corresponding log. logogram, logographic
Cyr. Cyrus lw. loan word
Dar. Darius MA Middle Assyrian
dat. dative masc. masculine
dem. demonstrative math. mathematical (texts)
denom. denominative MB Middle Babylonian
det. determinative med. medical (texts)
diagn. diagnostic (texts) meteor. meteorology, meteorological
disc. discussion (texts)
DN divine name MN month name
doc. document mng. meaning
dupl. duplicate n. note
EA El-Amarna NA Neo-Assyrian
econ. economic (texts) NB Neo-Babylonian
ed. edition, editor(s) Nbk. Nebuchadnezzar II
ED Early Dynastic Nbn. Nabonidus
Elam. Elamite Ner. Neriglissar
Esarh. Esarhaddon NF Neue Folge
esp. especially No. number
etym. etymology, etymological nom. nominative
ext. extispicy NS New Series, Nova Series
fact. factitive num. numeral
fem. feminine OA Old Assyrian
g. gure OAkk. Old Akkadian


Provisional List Abbreviations Abbreviations
of Bibliographical

OB Old Babylonian Sel. Seleucid

obv. obverse Sem. Semitic
occ. occurrence, occurs Senn. Sennacherib
Old Pers. Old Persian Shalm. Shalmaneser
opp. opposite (of ) (to) sing. singular
orig. original(ly) Skt. Sanskrit
OT Old Testament stat. const. status constructus
p. page(s) str. strophe
Palmyr. Palmyrene
Sum. Sumerian
part. participle
pharm. pharmaceutical (texts) supp. supplement
phon. phonetic syll. syllabically
physiogn. physiognomic (omens) syn. synonym(ous)
pl. plural, plate Syr. Syriac
pl. tantum plurale tantum Tigl. Tiglathpileser
PN personal name Tn. Tukulti-Ninurta I
prep. preposition trans. transitive
pres. present translat. translation
Pre-Sar. Pre-Sargonic translit. transliteration
pret. preterit Ugar. Ugaritic
pron. pronoun, pronominal uncert. uncertain
prot. protasis unkn. unknown
pub. published unpub. unpublished
r. reverse v. verb
redupl. reduplicated, reduplication
var. variant
ref. reference
rel. religious (texts) voc. vocabulary
rit. ritual (texts) vol. volume
RN royal name wr. written
RS Ras Shamra WSem. West Semitic
s. substantive x number not transliterated
Sar. Sargon II x illegible sign in Akk.
SB Standard Babylonian x illegible sign in Sum.




tabahu v.; 1. to slaughter, butcher, to slit ultaqqitamma it-ta-ba-ah sahasu (see laqatu mng. 5)
the throat, 2. (uncert. mng.), 3. tub Lambert BWL 236 :18.
ta-ba-hu nakasu parasu CT 31 48 K.6720+ :17
buhu to slaughter, 4. III to have (an ani- (ext. comm.).
mal) slaughtered, 5. IV to be slaughtered; tu-tab-ba-ah 5R 45 K.253 iv 49 (gramm.).
from OAkk. on; I itbuh itabbah tabih,
I/2, II, II/2, III, IV; wr. syll. and UM; cf. 1. to slaughter, butcher, to slit the
natbahu, tabhu, tabhu, tabihu, tabihu in rab throat a) animals 1u in OAkk., OA: 1
tabih, tabihutu, tubuhtu. UDU qablasu marsama it-bu-hu (see qablu A
mng. 2b) MAD 1 178 : 3 (OAkk.); I sold sev-
s u-um UM = t a-ba- h u S b I 77; s u-um UM = eral sheep 2 emmeru ina bt ubrini t-b-hu
t a-ba- h u A V/1 : 209, also 214; [ s u-um] [ UM ] = [ t a- two sheep were butchered at our inn BIN 4
ba]-hu-um MSL 14 102 : 847:1 (Proto-Aa); [su- 157: 9; inumi 2 emmer ni-it-bu-hu-ni ibid.
u]m [UM] = [t]a-ba-hu MSL 14 143 No. 22 :17
23; 1 emmeram ana mut PN ni-it-bu-h CCT
(Proto-Ea); [su-u]m UM, su-u[b] UM = ta-ba-hu
Ea V 54f. 1 23 : 33; silver ana mussu sa alpam ni-it-
a b.t a g b a . r a . l .e g .bi h . n i . b. bu-hu-ni for his(?) mus ocial when(?)
u m . m u . n e : sa ina apti usarru kisassu lit -bu-hu we slaughtered an ox BIN 6 149 : 9 (all OA).
may they cut the throat of the one who leans out of
the window CT 17 35 : 68 and dupls., see Schramm 2u in OB, Mari : kisad SILA4 asakki ma
Beschwrungsserie Sag-ba 48; l . u x( GIGAL ) . l u har PN . . . ta-bi-ih the throat of the sacri-
b i . h u l u d u . g i nx(GIM) u m . m a : amela suatu cial lamb was cut in the presence of PN
arrat lemutti k ma immeri i t -bu-u h - s (see arratu Wiseman Alalakh 54 :18, see Kienast, WO 11 53,
lex. section) urpu VVI 9f.; d a l l a d a l l a i m . also kisad 1 SILA4 it-bu-uh JCS 12 127 AT
m a . a n . u m . e n . z . e n : dAlla dAlla i ni-i t -bu- h a
456 : 41, see Kilmer, JCS 13 95 (both OB Alalakh);
(var. [. . . -b]u-u h -ma) let us slaughter the Alla gods
(and make man from their blood) KAR 4 : 25, var. 1 sahiamma ana esid at-bu-uh I butchered
from A 17643 (courtesy W. G. Lambert); [. . .] one pig for the harvest workers TIM 2 70 : 9,
i m . m i . i n . u m . e . n e : [. . .] i- t a-ab-ba- h u CT see Cagni, AbB 8 70; sahiam it-bu-h-ma he
16 31 :127f. slaughtered the (stolen) pig CT 48 23 : 26,
e. lu b .i n . u m . mu .d.e g ud .g a l .g a l . and see sah s. mng. 1a; 1 UDU K.BI 2 GN
l a b . i n . r. r. r a : aslu tu-ub-bu-hu duss gu
ta-bi-ih one sheep worth two shekels of sil-
m ahe (see aslu A lex. section) 4R 20 No. 1 : 26f.;
udu . a s . lu m u m . [. . .] : aslu t u-ub-b[u-u h ] ver has been slaughtered UET 5 636 : 37; one
OECT 6 pl. 16 K.3228 r. 2f. (coll. R. Borger). cow nqum ana amas . . . ana amas t-ab-
k i g u d g a z . b a m u . l u b a . [ u m] : a s ar ha-at a sacrice for amas, has been sacri-
alapsu ippalku DUMU (var. amelu) it-tab-bah (see ced to amas Loretz Chagar Bazar 39 :18, see
alpu lex. section) KAR 375 r. iii 33f., var. from AOAT 1 216; um kaspam isaqqalu kma sibtisu
5R 52 No. 2 r. 55f.; k i e . z u m . m u m u . l u
2 immer i-t-ab-ba-ah when she repays the
b a . [ u m . m u ] : it-tab-hu i[t-. . .] KAR 375 : 35f.,
with parallel [. . .] . b i g u r 7. b i b a . u m . [m a ] :
silver she will slaughter two sheep in lieu
[. . . i]t-tab-hu pa-si-s it-ta-at-ab-ah 5R 52 No. 2 of the interest on it ARM 8 48 :11; 3 immer
r. 57f.; i m . m a . a n . r i . r i a h . n i b a . a n . u m : [. . .] t-ba-hu-[um-ma it-bu-hu]-ma they have

tabahu tabahu

indeed slaughtered the three sheep ARM this spring lamb is not brought up from its
14 79 : 30. pen for an oering, nor brought up for a
banquet, nor brought up for a sick person,
3u in Nuzi : immer ibaqqanma sipati
nor brought up to be slaughtered for a
sunu ileqqe ina libbi immer annti i-t-ab-
[. . .] Af O 8 18 i 12 (Assur-nrar V treaty); kur
ba-ah he will pluck the sheep and take the
k buura ta-ta-ba-[ah] (see kurk usage c)
wool, he will slaughter (sheep) from among
Kcher BAM 9 : 43, also AMT 102 i 3, Trans-
these sheep SCCNH 7 60 : 23; 1 UDU.NIT
actions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
PN ilteqe u ina btisu it-t-b-ah u takal PN
35 400 r. 31; at-bu-uh-ku-nu-si gukkalla ella
took one ram, butchered it at his house,
I slaughtered a ne fat-tailed sheep for you
and ate it AASOR 16 7: 56; 2 UDU.ME-su
(pl.) Mayer Gebetsbeschwrungen 523 : 22; at-
ina magratti sa ekalli PN ikkaru it-t-ba-ah-
su-nu-ti the farmer PN butchered two of bu-ha-ak-ki immera niq ella KAR 57: 24 and
dupl., see Farber Istar und Dumuzi 130 : 57; at-bu-
his sheep on the threshing oor of the pal-
ace AASOR 16 6 : 43; ina umi sa [GUD].ME uh immera KAR 327: 4; [summa] immera it-
i-t-ab-ba-hu ana ekalli ubbaluni when they bu-uh-ma CT 41 11 : 21 and parallel CT 28 38a : 3
(SB Alu); mamt immeri ta-ba-hu(var. -hi) u
slaughter the oxen they are to bring them
to the palace JEN 551 :12. nikissu lapatu (see niksu mng. 3a) urpu III
35; [DN ] sa . . . A{ ina panisa i-ta-[ba-hu-
4u in lit., rit., med.: tusamma ina gipa u-ni] Lady-of-Babylon, before whom they
rija a-ta-ab-ba-ah enza shall I slaughter the slaughter a pig KAR 143 : 44 and parallels
goat in my own yard? STT 38 :17 and 46 (Poor (Marduk Ordeal), see Livingstone, SAA 3 34; lam
Man of Nippur); NU.BN.DA ana sumud ma mu UDU.M.GAL ina qanni huli ubbulu
kalisu UM-uh asla (see mdu mng. 2) ibid. UDU.M.GAL UM-hu they bring the al-
92, see Gurney, AnSt 6 150; 1 immertum salim mond wood and the goat to the edge of the
tum la pattum . . . ina kirm i-ta-ba-ah-s- road, they slaughter the goat KAR 33 :15
[ma] in the grove he will slaughter one (NA rit.); immer meh patar sari tu-ub-ha
black ewe that has not been mated MDP 14 slaughter (pl.) a sheep of the storm with a
123 No. 90 : 8 (OAkk.); summa [immerum] ina dagger of wind (the dead will eat it, though
ta-ba-hi-su damusu summu if when the it is nothing but wind) KAR 252 iii 33; they
sheep is slaughtered its blood is deep red will lay seven foundation stones UDU.
YOS 10 47: 22 (OB behavior of sacricial lamb), cf. NIT ina muhhi [i-ta-ab-b]u-hu damu ulab
summa immerum istu ta-ab-hu- ibid. 1 and busu CT 53 75 :17, see Parpola, SAA 10 354;
21; immer annti i-ta-ba-hu they slaughter you prepare and strain a mixture of spices
these sheep Arnaud Emar 6 446 : 41u; DN ana and liquids ta-tab-ba-ah-ma ana libbi ta
bt alp userradu i-ta-hu 1 immera ana bt namsuk you slaughter (the animal) and
ss i-ta-ba-hu they bring DN down to the toss (the meat) in GCCI 2 394 : 9, see Ebeling,
cattle barn, they slaughter one sheep at the Or. NS 18 171; summa sru it-bu-uh-ma kul
stable ibid. 46uf.; AMAR 2 UDU it-ta-ba-hu if he slaughters (an animal) and eats the
L sa qidasi ikkalu isatt they butcher a calf meat Dream-book 314 Sm. 2073+ ii 9; sarru ina
and two sheep, the priests eat and drink pan ap[ti . . .] i-ta-bu-hu (in broken context)
ibid. 116u, i-tab-ba-hu ibid. 393 :13; uncert.: im
Or. NS 22 28 ii 7 (NA rit.).
markama askama ina UM immeri tusak
kalsu your physician will examine you and b) persons and gods : ilam isten li-it-bu-
you will feed him after slaughtering a hu-ma let them slaughter one god (to cre-
sheep Ugaritica 5 163 ii 13, see von Soden, UF 1 ate man) Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 58 I 208
194; hurapu anniu TA libbi pitqisu la ana (OB), cf., wr. lit-bu-hu-u-ma Iraq 58 170 : 91
UDU niq selua la ana qarti selua . . . la ana (SB); DN . . . ina puhrisunu it-ta-ab-hu they
marsi selua la ana ta-ba-hi an[a . . . selua] slaughtered DN in their (the gods) assem-

Above change

tabahu tabahu

bly Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 58 I 224 (OB), ana ikribsu ana isinni amas -t-bi-hu
cf. DN Enlil it-bu-hu-u(?)-su mahrti they they slaughtered three sheep for his
slaughtered DN , an Enlil of old(?) Iraq 58 oerings at the feast of amas not counting
170 :104 (SB); summa ilam it-bu-h if he (in the silver and(?) the sheep that they
a dream) slaughters a god BM 96951 ii 11u slaughtered for his oerings at the festival
(OB dream omens, courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); PN of amas BM 96996 :19. (OB list of wedding ex-
waradka sa kma sahm ikabbiruma ta-t- penses, courtesy K. R. Veenhof); there was a
ab-ba-hu-su your servant PN , who is be- severe hailstorm [x x] u 20 UDU.{I.A ta-ma-
coming fat like a pig and whom you could hi-ra-am -t-[ab]-bi-ih (see tamhiru) ARM
slaughter ARMT 26 5 : 25; fear not, O King 14 7:7; immer martu -ta-[ab]-bi-[ih] ma
of Assyria nakru sa sar mat Assur ana ta- harsu (see mar mng. 1b) AnSt 8 52 iii 17
ba-ah-hi addana I will deliver up the enemy (Nbn.); for other occs. see l A mng. 1a and
of the king of Assyria to be slaughtered 4R aslu A usage b; bet PN urdu sa sarri belija
61 i 33, see Parpola, SAA 9 1, cf. ajabka a-ta- etarabu . . . sahesu ut-ta-bi-hi they burst
[ba-ah] Parpola, SAA 9 9 : 26 (both NA oracles); into the house of PN , a servant of the king,
akbus gallaja [. . .] at-bu-uh geraja I tram- my lord, (treated his servants harshly),
pled upon my demon, I slaughtered my ad- and slaughtered his pigs ABL 564 :13 (NA),
versary Maqlu V 150; in metaphoric use: see Fuchs and Parpola, SAA 15 168; you (Istar)
ahua ina muhhi deki maraja ina psu ta-bi- loved the shepherd, who always served you
ih BD mak sarru sarru lisal my brother lavishly with bread [um]isamma -ta-ba-
is ruined (lit. killed) because of it (my law- ha-ak-ki unqeti butchering kids for you
suit), my son is devastated (lit. slaugh- every day George Gilg. VI 60; ut-tb-bi-ih alp
tered) through it, but the king is a fortress asgis immer umisamma (see sagasu mng.
for the weak, let the king investigate (the 3) ibid. XI 71; asib ali [u] mati sugullsunu
suit) ABL 166 : 9 (NA), see Luukko and Van Buy- ut-ta-ab-b[i-ih] he slaughtered the herds of
laere, SAA 16 30. those who dwelt in town and country BHT
pl. 7 ii 26 (Nbn. Verse Account), see Schaudig Na-
c) other occs.: patarni ina la ta-ba-hi it
bonid 568; [. . .].ME ina la tu-ub-bu-hu (in
tadi suhta our daggers have become rusty
broken context) CT 51 73 :7 (LB hist.); un-
for lack of slaughter Cagni Erra I 91; 4 GN
cert.: srsunu akkal masksunu -ta-ab-
ina libbi ishunnate 3 UDU.ME ina libbi
ba-[ah] George Gilg. X 261 and p. 874.
ta-bu-hu four shekels for(?) grapes, three
sheep were slaughtered there(?) Iraq 23 20 b) persons : kma zirqi lu -t-bi-ih I
ND 2310 :12 (NA), see Postgate, Iraq 41 100. slaughtered (the Hittite and Ahlamu forces)
like sheep AOB 1 118 ii 40 (Shalm. I), cf.
2. (uncert. mng.): summa kunuk imitti
[. . .]-s-nu -ta-bi-ih kma seni Borger Esarh.
atar u panusu ta-ab-hu if the vertebra is
65 s 28 ii 24; [ar]dati ina mastaksina
oversized on the right side and its surfaces
tu-ub-bu-hu kma [. . .] the maidens were
are notched(?) CT 31 48 :17 and parallel CT 31
slaughtered in their chambers like [sheep?]
18 K.7588 obv.(!) 8 (SB ext.), for comm. see
LKU 43 : 6; -ta-bi-ih-su-nu-ti kma as[l] I
lex. section.
slaughtered them like sheep Bauer Asb. 83
3. tubbuhu to slaughter a) animals : K.3408 : 21; for other occs. see aslis usage a
1,000 oxen and 6,000 sheep umisamma lu and aslu A usage c; ana burisunu -ta-ba
-ta-ba-ah I (Sargon) do slaughter daily (var. -ab)-bi-hu maresunu maratesunu to
Archivum Anatolicum 3 134 : 20 (OA lit.), see van ward off their starvation they slaughtered
de Mieroop, Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 147; their sons and daughters Borger Asb. 150 C
3 immer ana isinni [dUTU] ana ikribsu VIII 114; ana zaqpi qa[b]si betisu isakkunu
-t-bi-hu ezib K.BABBAR UDU.NIT sa su maresu maratesu ina psu -ta-bu-hu they

tabalu tabatu

will impale (anyone who interferes with the mnam nikkal keep the garum moist and
execution of these orders) in his own house keep an eye on the vinegar, if the garum
and they will slaughter his sons and daugh- and vinegar are allowed to spoil, what will
ters at his own command CT 53 136 r. 7, see we eat? ibid. 11 and 16; PN ana siqq u ta-
Parpola, SAA 1 22. ba-tim nuidma la ihatti give PN strict
orders about the garum and vinegar so that
4. III to have (an animal) slaughtered :
he is not negligent ibid. 19, see Frankena,
1 UDU.NIT -sa-at-bi-ih-ma I had one
AbB 3 37; ana ta-b[a]-[tim] u [siqq hiat]im la
ram slaughtered and (I provided bread,
teggi do not be lax in checking on the
beer, and barley) ARMT 27 80 :13.
vinegar and garum TLB 4 38 : 6; 5 SLA siq
5. IV to be slaughtered : sa inuma im qam u 2 (BN) ta-ba-tim lilqeam (see siqqu
meru ana DN . . . it-ta-ab-hu when a sheep usage a) YOS 2 144 :7 (all OB letters); 2 sik
was slaughtered for DN TCL 10 106 :14 (OB); katum 1 DUG ta-ba-tum two (oil) asks, one
summa alpum mimma a[na naptanis]u it- vinegar jar CT 4 40b : 8, cf. TCL 11 248 :10 (both
t-ab-ba-ah if any ox will be slaughtered OB lists of household goods); 1 DUG A.GETIN.
for his meal ARM 2 82 (= ARMT 27 75): 29; NA A.32064 :11; x E ana t-ba-tim Edzard
summa er[m in]a kuruppi[m] it-ta-bi-ih if Tell ed-Der 134 : 6, cf. x (barley) PN ana t(!)-
an eagle is slaughtered in a shed HUCA 40 ba-a-ti-im ibid. 159 :10, cf. also Tammuz Lagaba
41 90 ii 8 (OB Alu). 391 NBC 8559 : 3 and 6; barley ana mundi ana
A.GETIN.NA for groats for vinegar JCS 2
(tabalu) (AHw. 1376a) For urpu III 89 see 87 No. 12 : 5 (all OB); barley sa ta-ba-a-ti PBS
tapalu mng. 2. 2/2 34 : 25, also dupl. (omitting sa) ta-ba-a-
tum BE 14 167: 26 (both MB), wr. ta-pa-ti HSS
tabatu s. pl. tantum; vinegar; from OB on; 13 214 : 38, 221 : 62, HSS 14 61 :16, 63 (= RA 36
wr. syll. and A.GETIN.NA (A.GI.GETIN 123): 8 and 23, HSS 16 23 : 28, 116 : 6, 125 :13,
AMT 78,4 : 2, A.DIN.NA CT 38 32 : 34). 128 : 5, ta-ba-ti HSS 13 412 :12, HSS 16 59 :18,
ta-p[a-t]i-i HSS 13 234 :10; DUG A.GETIN.
d u g a . g e t i n . n a = MIN (= kar-pat) ta-ba-ti NA liskun he should set up a jar for (fer-
Hh. X 326; [a ] . g e t i n . n a , [ g e t i n] . b l . l =
menting) vinegar KAR 177 iii 23, see Labat
ta-ba-tu Nabnitu R 174f.; [a . g e t i n . n a ] = [t]a-
ba-tum Proto-Kagal bil. B 25; d u g m u = kar-pat Hmrologies 158; summa DUG A.GETIN.NA
si-ir-ri = kar-pat ta-ba-a-ti, d u g s i g 7. i g i = U-u = saknat if a vinegar jar has been set up
MIN, d u g s i g 7 . b a l = U-u = MIN, d u g a l . s . KAR 392 obv.(!) 30; [summa ina MN DUG]
s a = kar-pat siq-q = MIN Hg. A II 71., in MSL 7 A.GETIN.NA saknat K.2809 r. ii 11, also
K.4068+ r. ii 24 (all hemer.); summa ina bt
n i n d a . . d . a b i l . l u . m e . n i . l : miris
ta-ba-a-ti murus prepare a mirsu vinegar CT 17 ameli ina libbi DUG A.GETIN.NA kamunu
1 :14. innamir (see kamunu B usage a) CT 40 4 : 94;
AL.S.SA // si-iq // ta-ba-a-t Hunger Uruk [summa kulbabu] ina bt ameli ina DUG
47:17 (med. comm.); -pil-lu- // ta-ba-a-t sans A.GETIN.NA innamru if ants appear in
-pil-lu- // la-ha-nu BM 42271+ r. 13 (A II/5 the vinegar jar in a mans house KAR 376
comm., courtesy I. L. Finkel).
r. 24, dupl. Boissier DA 2 : 24; summa ina bt
a) as a household staple : assum siqq u ameli DUG A.GETIN.NA istassi if in a
ta-ba-ti . . . siqqu la lubbuku u ana ta-ba-tim mans house the vinegar jar keeps making
DU{.DURU5 ruddiam astapparamma about noises CT 40 4 : 91, cf. ibid. 8a :11f.; summa
the garum and the vinegar, the garum has suraru ana DUG A.GETIN.NA imqut if a
not been kept moist and I have had to send lizard falls into the vinegar jar KAR 382
repeated instructions to add moist bran to r. 43; [summa sru lu kisad] sappi samni lu
the vinegar TLB 4 37: 4 and 7; siqqa lubbika u kisad DUG A.DIN.NA ishur (see sappu us-
ta-ba-tim hta . . . siqqu u ta-ba-tum ihhattma age e) CT 38 32 : 34; summa ina bt ameli

tabatu tabatu

A.GETIN.NA -qir-ra if vinegar becomes A.GETIN.NA samrate u saman dapranu

scarce in a mans house CT 40 1 : 24, cf. ibid. bullulu (see samru usage f) CT 14 30 Sm.
23 (all SB Alu); summa A.GETIN.NA id 698 :16, also Kcher BAM 1 iii 9; sahl [. . .] sa
dinsu if (in a dream) he gives him vinegar A.GETIN.NA la sulputu tanakkal (once,
Dream-book 325 K.12525+ r. ii 5. twice, three times) he is to eat cress seed
b) as an ingredient in med. 1u qual- that has not been sprinkled with vinegar
ied as dannu strong: hqa A.GETIN.NA AMT 50,3 r.(!) 5, for other refs. see lapatu
dannati isattma he drinks weak beer and mng. 8d; ina A.GETIN.NA tuballal you
strong vinegar Kcher BAM 578 ii 68; m mix (the medicinal plants and ingredients)
kas u A.GETIN.NA dannati teleqqe you in vinegar Kcher BAM 3 ii 11 and 494 iii 54,
take kas extract and strong vinegar (and CT 23 50 :13; saman ereni A.GETIN.NA tu
sprinkle the ground-up ingredients on it) ballal Kcher BAM 396 ii 16; A.GETIN.NA
ibid. 168 : 30, cf. ibid. 579 ii 63; !3- SLA uhulu ina diqari tusabsal you boil vinegar in a
qarnanu !3- SLA A.GI.GETIN dannati 5 cauldron ibid. 556 iii 6, also AMT 66,7:19, cf.
siqil tabti 5 siqil nn ina sikari tusabsal Kcher BAM 396 i 26, 575 ii 61; ina sikari u
you boil in beer one-third sila of horned A.GETIN.NA tusabsal you boil (various in-
alkali, one-third sila of strong vinegar, ve gredients) in beer or vinegar Kcher BAM
shekels of salt, and ve shekels of nn- 168 : 68; !3- SLA A.GETIN.NA ana libbi tasap
plant AMT 57,5 r. 3; A.GI.GETIN (var. pak ina serti tusabsal you add one-third
A.GETIN.NA) dannati sikara samna iste sila of vinegar to it (the mixture of ingre-
nis tuballal you mix together (various in- dients) and in the morning you cook it
gredients, including) strong vinegar, beer, ibid. 579 iv 21; ina A.GETIN.NA tarabbak
and oil AMT 78,4 : 2, var. from AMT 94,2 i 2; you steep (the ingredients) in vinegar ibid.
ina A.GETIN.NA dannati u m kas ina 3 iii 30, 11 : 2, 482 i 3 and ii 27, AMT 20,1 iv 39;
isati tusabsal you boil (the ingredients) ina sikari u A.GETIN.NA tulabbak Kcher
over a re in strong vinegar and kas- BAM 168 : 58; MUN AL.S.SA A.GETIN.NA
extract Kcher BAM 216 : 24; A.GETIN.NA la tuqarrab you must not serve (the pa-
dan-na-tim (in broken context) KUB 4 51 : 6;
tient?) salt, garum, or vinegar AMT 78,1 iii
A.GETIN.NA dannati baslati cooked strong
17 + 28,7:14; !2- SLA m kas 10 NI+GI
vinegar AMT 57,1 :7; snat imeri A.GETIN.
A.GETIN.NA 3 GN samna halsa (see siqlu
NA dannati [u] GETIN BL.L tarabbak
disc. section) Kcher BAM 574 i 28; A.
you prepare a decoction of (various herbs
GETIN.NA irris he will crave vinegar La-
and) donkey urine, strong vinegar, and sour
bat TDP 44 r. 48; 2 SLA ta-ba-a-ta ana 4 SLA
wine Kcher BAM 3 i 50, dupl. 152 i 16; note
applied topically : ina samni taptanassas u m tanaddi Kcher BAM 391 :10, see Finkel,
ina A.GETIN.NA dannati taptanassas you Lambert AV 155; ta-ba-a-ti (in broken con-
keep smearing (him) with oil and you keep text) KUB 4 35 :10.
smearing (him) with strong vinegar ibid. c) in chem.: gab u a-x-x ina ta-ba-a-tim
152 i 13; A.GETIN.NA dannati tesr you tusabsal you cook alum and . . . . in vinegar
rub (him) down with strong vinegar RA 53 RA 60 31 r. 5 (MB).
8 : 43; for other refs. see dannu mng. 1a, siq
qu usage b, lsu A, and sursummu usage b. The proposal s.v. emsu discussion section
to read GETIN.BIL.L and A.BIL.L as
2u other occs.: A.GETIN.NA BIL.L tabatu is uncertain.
sour vinegar AMT 37,10 : 9; ina GETIN.ME
em-si u A.GETIN.NA tals you knead (the See tabtu A disc. section.
ingredients) in sour wine or vinegar Kcher For Ugar. 5 146 : 47 (= Ugaritica 5 54 :17), see
BAM 92 ii 2 (= KAR 225); (a plant) ina tabtu A.


tabbanu tabihu

tabbanu s.; (a plant?); SB. nisum) ARM 24 92 :7; 4 t-bi-hi siparrim

(among bronze tools and a bronze rhyton)
ta-ab-ba-na basla tudaqqaq you pulverize ARMT 22 204 iiu 22u.
boiled t. Kcher BAM 264 ii 22.
Bardet, ARMT 23 p. 32; Durand Documents de
Mari 1 p. 251.
tabbihu see tabihu.

tabbiu s.; (an aquatic bird); lex.; cf. teb v. tabihu (tabbihu) s.; slaughterer, butcher;
from OB on; NA pl. tabihani; wr. syll. (teb
h e . b a d m u e n = ta-ab-bi--u = kakkis nari Hg. bihu Arnaud Emar 6 602 :151f.) and (L).
B IV 290 and Hg. C 7, in MSL 8/2 170f., cf. GR.(L), (L).GAL.A{, L.A{.UM.
h e . b a d ba-ad m u e n = [ta-ab-bi--] Hh. XVIII
149, cf. also ibid. 259f. MA; cf. tabahu.
l . g r. l , l . a h . u m . m a = ta-bi-hu Lu I
tabbu see tappu A. 160f., also MSL 12 231 :16f.; g a l . a h , l . a h .
u m . m a = t-eb-bi-[hu] (var. t-bi-hu) Arnaud
tabhu adj.; slaughtered, butchered; SB; Emar 6 602 :151f. (Lu I); [L].GR.L ta-bi-hu,
cf. tabahu. L.{.UM.MA MSL 12 234 iii 8f.; l . g r. l =
ta-bi-hu Igituh short version 239; l . g r. l MSL
[n g . u m] . m a = ta-ab-hu Nigga Bil. B 68; 12 238 i 11, also 240 v 29 (NA list of professions);
A{.ME E.ME UM.ME Practical Vocabulary l . g r. l = ta-bi-hu Cole Nippur 122 :10, also
Assur 123. 120 : 4 (early NB list of professions).
-kur GAL.AH = ta-bi-hu S b II 124; [. . .] [GAL.
immer meh patar sari ta-ab-hu ikkalu A{] = ta-b[i-hu] Diri VI A 2 :12; ku-uk-ri-im
mtutu the dead eat sheep of the storm, GAL.A{ = t [a-bi-h]u Diri Ugarit 3 :174; [ l . x ] .
slaughtered with a dagger of wind KAR 252 x . r e = ta-bi-[hu] MSL 12 229 iv 3; UM = tab-bi-
iii 52; qatesu sepesu talammasu kma immeri hu = (Hurr.) za-am-ba-hu-un-ni SCCNH 9 7 RS 94
ta-ab-hi inappas (see napasu A mng. 1b) 2939 iv 15u (trilingual voc.).
STT 89 :142 (diagn.). [. . .] = [. . .] = pat-ru s L.GR.L Hg. A g lines
df, in MSL 7 172; k u . d a . b i . h u(var. adds
. u m) = mas-ka ta-bi-hi Arnaud Emar 6 548 :190
tabhu s.; (an ornamental dagger?); Mari; (Hh. XI), cf. [ k u ] d a . b i . h u = U Hh. XI 277.
cf. tabahu.
a) in econ. and adm. 1u in OB au wr.
[d a ] . b i . h u MIN (= [z a b a r]) = ta-bi-h[u] Ar- syll.: deposition before witnesses, includ-
naud Emar 6 581 : 4 (Hh. XII).
ing PN t-bi-hu-um CT 48 39 :18, see Harris
(garments) sa itti t-bi-hi-im sa hurasim Sippar 284; IGI . . . PN t-bi-hi MDP 22 21 r. 7.
ana ser sarrim PN u PN 2 ublu that PN and
bu wr. GR.L: goods deposited KI PN
PN 2 brought to the king along with the
golden t. ARMT 23 25 : 3; u t-bi-ha-am sa PN 2 GR.L.ME UET 5 404 :18; GR.L
hurasim sa PN pusu ina kunukkija aknu (witness) Jean Tell Sifr 97a : 25; UGULA GR.
ka[mma] I put under my own seal (silver L UET 5 866 :13.
cups and rhytons) and the golden t. that cu wr. L.A{.UM.MA: silver for L.
PN made ARMT 13 8 :16 (let. from Mukan- A{.UM.MA YOS 12 10 : 2, cf. Grant Bus. Doc.
nisum); [x]+!3- MA.[NA] 6@-3 GN x E K.GI 22 (= YOS 8 44): 30, Grant Bus. Doc. 28 (= YOS 8
KI.L.BI [1] t-bi-hi-im rabm K.GI sa 56): 26, PBS 8/2 164 : 9, YOS 5 129 : 22.
qabli sarrim (beside kippatu loops and an
sabtu ornaments, all for the kings belt) 2u in MB au wr. syll.: PN DUMU PN 2
ARMT 25 58 : 3 (coll. D. Charpin); [1] MA.NA tab-bi-hu (among recipients of sheep) TCL
K.BABBAR KI.L.BI 4 t-bi-hi four t.-s 9 47: 5; PN tab-bi-hu BE 14 44 :7; PAP 50
weighing one mina of silver (among cups NINDA tab-bi-hu- PBS 2/2 118 : 41, cf. BE 14
and rhytons stored under seal by Mukan- 73 : 47.


tabihu tabihu

bu wr. L.GR, GAL.A{: PAP 4 L.GR mu . . . pani DN u DN 2 izzizu the holders of

total, four butchers (followed by 3 L.MU prebends qualied to enter the shrine,
cooks) BE 14 120 : 34, also PBS 2/2 48 :1; un- who served before the Lady-of-Uruk and
cert.: PN L.GR(?) kar (?)-ri Sassmanns- Nanaja, (namely) the brewers, slaughter-
hausen Beitr. p. 425 No. 412 : 6, meresti L.GR ers, and cooks AnOr 8 44 : 2, see Kmmel Fa-
ibid. 327 No. 189 : 30, also 331 No. 193 :11 (all coll. milie 149, cf. AnOr 8 48 :15 and 22; isqu L.
D. Nevez), Ni. 2236 :19, Ni. 2254 :19, Ni. 6463 :19, GR.L.ME (as security for a loan) BM
Ni. 6563 : 20 (all courtesy J. A. Brinkman); ra- 74632 : 3f., cited Bongenaar NB Ebabbar 295; an
tions for PN GAL.A{ BE 15 44 :15 and ntu L.GR.L.[ME] UCP 9 111 No. 57: 8;
111 :16. 1 immeru mtu ana x kaspi ana PN L.GR.
L ana DN ina libbi PN2 nadin one dead
3u in NA: PN L.GR.L (witness) sheep disbursed against !# 24
- of a shekel of
ADD 248 r. 9, Postgate Palace Archive 53 r. 14u,
silver to the butcher PN , for (sacrice to)
ADD 248 r. 9, also Assur Fd. Nr. 11789i, cf. L Annuntu, on behalf of PN 2 CT 55 649 : 4;
ta-bi-ha-ni Assur Fd. Nr. 10693a A: 6, both cited rabi uqu ilten alpu [u 2]0(?) immer ana
Deller, Bagh. Mitt. 16 368; L.GR.L CT 54 gin sa DN ana L.GR.L.ME sa Esagil
405 : 4, ABL 1106 r. 6, ABL 969 r. 2. iddin ana Bel D- the general gave one bull
4u in NB au alone : x gubnatu ina pan and twenty(?) sheep for the regular oer-
PN L.GR.L x cheeses are at the dis- ings for Bel to the butchers of Esagil, and
posal of the butcher PN VAS 6 103 : 3; ku they were sacriced to Bel Sachs-Hunger Di-
rummat L.GR.L.ME CT 49 123 :11, also aries -273 :12.
ibid. 122 : 9; silver for wine ana PN L. b) in lit.: L.GR.L sra nas[ka] when
[GR].L nadin issued to the butcher PN the butcher brings you meat (do not eat it)
CT 49 158 :15, cf. BRM 1 99 :13, 32 and 34; STT 28 ii 42, cf. ibid. iii 57 (Nergal and Eres-
L.UGULA L.GR.L.ME CT 56 746 :16, kigal), see Gurney, AnSt 10 114; summa ina ali
coll. Bongenaar NB Ebabbar 295; L.GR. PN GAL.A{.ME MIN (= madu) if there are
L (witness) BRM 1 88 lower edge 29; ob- many butchers in a city CT 38 5 : 97 and par-
scure: L.GR.L mala sa ikkassidu (for allel CT 51 146 :11 (Alu); ina umisu gisimmaru
context, see ramaku mng. 1a) CT 51 64 :17; ana qat L ta-bi-hi basma then the date
as family name : L.GR.L AnOr 8 21 : 9, palm is in the butchers hand Lambert BWL
23 : 52, BRM 1 60 :16, Dar. 290 : 3, Nbn. 176 : 5, 15, 160 : 9 (Tamarisk and Date Palm), restored from
Nbk. 207:18, TCL 12 7:19 and 12 : 51, VAS 3 Arnaud Emar 6 783 and 784, see Wilcke, ZA 79
131 :16, CT 49 160 : 31f. and 34, and passim; L. 176; [. . .] L.GR.L isassi STT 38 : 52 (Poor
GR.L kari Nbk. 194 :11, Nbn. 518 : 23, Dar. its (the
Man of Nippur), see George, Iraq 55 75;
151 : 4, 152 :13, 168 : 8, 386 : 21, AnOr 9 13 : 31, VAS pigs) master abandoned it [ist]agissu L.
3 33 :14, BRM 1 50 :18, and passim; in canal GR.L the butcher slaughtered it Lam-
names : D.L.GR.L.ME TuM 23 7:11 bert BWL 215 :12 (proverb); L.GR.L (in
and 14; D.L.GR.L Stolper Records of De- broken context) KAR 132 ii 18 (rit.).
posit p. 73 A23 : 3 (Philip Arrhidaeus).
c) in rit.: L.GR.L sa Eanna OECT 1
bu associated with a deity or temple: sil- L.GR.L isas
pl. 21 : 21, cf. ibid. 40 and 45;
ver L.GR.L.ME (among prebendary sma qaqqad immeri ibattaqma he (the
professions siras, nuhatimmu, etc.) Nbn. priest) calls the slaughterer and he cuts
579 :7, cf. BIN 1 155 :17; salmu PN L.GR. o the head of the sheep RAcc. 140 : 353, cf.
L Marduk BBSt. No. 34 :1; L.GR.L sa ibid. 141 : 361f.; ana muhhi nakasa sa alpi u
Bel u Esagil YOS 3 8 :16; L.GR.L Marduk immeri L.GR.L naqbtu iqabbi at the
BRM 1 47: 2 and Nbk. 72 : 2; bele manzalatu slaughtering of the ox and the sheep, the
erib-bti siras L.GR.L.ME u nuhatim slaughterer utters a blessing RAcc. 78 r. 9,

tabihu tabihutu

cf. ibid. 11;siras nuhatimmu L.GR.ME the chief of the slaughterers, servant of
. . . SIG5 halpu the brewers, cooks, butch- Gobryas BE 10 85 upper edge.
ers (etc.) are dressed in nery UVB 15 40 : 8u
(NB rit.); L.GR.L kar-ri qaqqassunu imah tabihutu s.; slaughterers prebend; NB;
hasma RAcc. 133 : 214. wr. L.GR.L with phon. complement; cf.
d) as a divine epithet : DN t-bi-hu na--
du Isum, renowned slaughterer (play on 2-ta GI.UB.BA.ME NINDA.{I.A KA.
the divine name, see nadu B) Cagni Erra I SAG . . . L.GR.L--tu BBSt. No. 36 v 25
4; atta namsarumma ta-bi-h[u . . .] (see nam (Nab-apla-iddina), see Woods, JCS 56 87; sale of
saru mng. 1b) ibid. 12; DN GR.L erseti 2-ta um MN L.GR.L--tu ina Esagil bt
ana DN 2 at lipqidkama may Bibbu, the Marduk nakasu immeri gin guqq the
slaughterer of the nether world, turn you slaughterers prebend in Marduks temple
over to the porter Lugalsula (and he will Esagil for two days in MN , (the income
let you pass through the gate of Istar and from) slaughtering sheep for regular daily
Aja) ZA 43 17: 59, see Livingstone, SAA 3 32 and monthly oerings Bab. 33859 :1, cited
r. 19, cf. George Gilg. 662 VIII 177f.; Ningiszida Af O 16 45 (Kandalanu); turn over to me vari-
Bi-tu-hi L.GR.L ilani rabuti sa erseti ous sources of temple income, including
Bagh. Mitt. 21 461 :19 (NA funerary inscr., coll. sirastu nuhatimmutu L.GR.L--tu isur
S. Parpola). ginutu mandidutu L.NG.KAL.EN--tu
naphar isqati sa sarri u sa satammi mala
e) as title of a courtier or a military bas sa ina Eanna the brewers prebend,
ocer (NB): PN L.GR.L sa PN 2 PN , the cooks prebend, the slaughterers preb-
the t. of Sin-balassu-iqbi (governor of Ur) end, the oil-pressers prebend, the deliv-
ABL 1106 r. 6; PN L.GR.L LUGAL VAS 6 ery ocials prebend, the . . . . prebend,
252 : 5; real estate ina hans sa L.GR. (that is) all the prebend incomes in Eanna
L in the fty-eld of the t.s estate VAS that are under the control of the king and
5 92 : 2; real estate adjoining L.GR.L the satammu TCL 12 57: 5; sale of [isi]q
BRM 2 9 : 3 and 5; copper for attari sa L. L.GR.L--tu sa bt papahu [sa DN ] u il
GR.L UCP 64f. No. 34 : 3 and 37: 3; x gusure GN the allotment of the slaughterers
ina L.GR.L assabat I have seized prebend in the chapel of Lugal-Marad and
three hundred beams from the t.s estate the gods of Marad JRAS Cent. Supp. 44 :1,
YOS 3 10 :14 (let.); hatri sa L.GR.L sa bt also 10, 19, 21, and 24 (amas-sum-ukn), cf. Af O
mar sarri BE 10 45 : 4, PBS 2/1 133 :7, cf. (with- 4647 160 r. 5u; isiq L.GR.L--tu Jursa
out bt mar sarri) BE 10 5 : 4, PBS 2/1 128 : 2; sale
Bel-remanni 144 : 3, cf. ibid. 145 :16, 225 :12;
saknu sa L.GR.L sa bt mar sarri BE 10 of isiq L.GR.L--tu [u isiq] erib bti sa
95 :18. DN Peiser Vertrge 113 :1, cf. ibid. 20 and 119 : 3
Ad usage a2u : Sassmannshausen Beitr. 83f.; ad (both Dar.); sale of isiqsu mala zittisu gabbi
usage e : Brinkman, Or. NS 34 249 n. 1; Stolper sa erib-btutu L.GR.L--t sru baslu u
Entrepreneurs and Empire 55 n. 12. sru baltu sa immer sa pani DN u DN 2 u il
btisunu gabbi sa ikkassidu his allotment,
tabihu in rab tabih s.; chief of the that is, his entire share in the prebends of
slaughterers; NB; cf. tabahu. the erib-bti and of the slaughterer, cooked
meat and raw meat from sheep that belong
L.GAL GR.L MSL 12 234 iii 11.
to DN, DN 2, and the other deities of their
PN saknu sa L.GAL L.GR.L.ME shrine BRM 2 29 : 3, cf. isiqsu erib-btutu sa
ardu sa Gubarri PN , foreman (of the prop- L.GR.L--t BRM 2 55 : 2 and 20, cf. TCL
erty holders?) connected to the estate of 13 242 : 3 (Sel.); L.GR.L--tu sa alp im


tabis tabis

mer niqe sarri niqe karib gin guqq sa tion) 5R 62 No. 2 : 47f. (amas-sum-ukn); [. . .]
kal satti . . . pani DN the prebend of the k u . m . e r. r a z . e b . b a m u . u n . n a . a n .
m a r : [halhallat bi]kti ta-bi-is isakkanusi (see
slaughterer of cattle and sheep for the biktu mng. 3c2u) BA 5 667 No. 25 :13f.; m k
royal oerings, for the oerings of the wor- d g . g a u g u . n a b a . d a . n : ursa ellu ta-bis
shippers, and for the daily and monthly elisu sunlma (see nlu lex. section) BIN 2 22 :199,
oerings for the entire year before Ishara see AAA 22 94; d g . d a u . m i . n i . b . r(!) .
r(!) : DG-es udasska STT 197: 36 and 39, see
Nbk. 247: 2, cf. ibid. 9, Nbk. 416 : 2, Peiser Ver-
Cooper, ZA 62 73 :19; n i n d a d g . g a n u . m u .
trge 107: 3; debt of silver [isiq L].GR. r a . a n . k .e a d g.g a nu . mu . r a . a n . n a g.
L--tu pani DN [maskan] fPN for which a b : akla ta-a-bi-is ul ikkal m ta-a-bi-is ul isatti he
(the right to income from) the prebend of cannot eat properly, he cannot drink properly
the slaughterer in the service of Ishara is KBo 7 1+ r. 9., see Cooper, ZA 62 62 : 5.; u n . e
u 6 . d g . g e . e h . a . e k u r. k u r h . m i . i . i
(held as) a pledge by fPN Peiser Vertrge (later version : k a l a m . m a u 4 . d g . g e . e h .
108 : 2; satari sa ana muhhi [ paqa]ru sa isqi i . i r. r e . e h . e m . m i . g a r) : matu ta-bis lib
ssu L.GR.L--tu pani DN fPN itti PN 2 rka ana tanadati liskunka (see bar A lex. section)
tasturu the agreement that fPN drew up Lugale XI 34 (= 496); n a m . e n . n a l u . l u . . . m u
with PN 2 with regard to the claim against d g . g a h . e n . s a 4 . a : ana enut nise sum ta-bi-is
lu tambi (Erua) graciously named me to lordship
the said allotment, namely, the slaugh- over the people 5R 62 No. 2 : 36. (amas-sum-
terers prebend in the service of Ishara ukn); he created the Tigris and Euphrates and put
ibid. 119 : 8 (both Dar.); 2 umu isiq L.GR. them in their places m u . n e . n e . a n a m . d g m i .
L--tu Ezida bt DN sa ana x kaspi . . . im n i . i n . s a 4 . a : sumsina ta-bis imbi he graciously
gave them their names CT 13 36 : 24; u b u r g a
huru the two days allotment from the
d g m i . n i . i n . g u 7 (later version : [. . . d g ] .
prebend of the slaughterer of Ezida, the g a m u . n i . i n . s u b x(DAG.KISIM 5GA)) : [. . . t]ul
temple of Nab, that he bought for two ta-bis eniq he contentedly suckled milk at the
minas and two shekels of silver VAS 5 28 :1; breast JAOS 103 50 : 5 (Enlil and Sud); u r. s a g
sale of a sixth of a days worth of isiqsunu n . b i . d [ g ] . g e . e m u .u n . n a . a b . b : qar
radu ana ramanisu ta-bis iqabbi (Ninurta) the hero
L.GR.L--t pani DN DN 2 DN 3 DN 4 DN 5 talks happily to himself Lugale III 29 (= 119).
u il btisunu gabbi TCL 13 236 : 4, cf. ibid. 6,
11 and 18, 237: 4, 7, 14 and 16, 238 : 3, BRM 2 a) in lit.: sa ta-bis ibban saq edisssu
40 : 3, 8, and passim, 47: 6f. and 23, cf. also VDI (Marduk) who is well formed, who is ex-
1955 152f. No. 6 : 2 and 11, 157 No. 8 : 4 and 11 (all alted to a unique stature Craig ABRT 1 29 : 2,
Sel.); zittasu sa L.GR.L--tu salammu see Livingstone, SAA 3 2; may Adad hold back
bt DN sa kal sarri sa ina Eulmas (see sa the rain t-bi-is aj illika mlu ina nagbi
lam bti usage c) VAS 6 169 : 4, cf. ibid. 2 may the ood not come up from the depths
(Dar.); 10 GN L.GR.L--tu sa [. . .] Moore properly Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 72 II i 12
Michigan Coll. 52 : 6; [L.G]R.L--tu sa ina (OB); alkassunu lu sumrusatma i nisdud ta-
bt [. . .] CT 55 469 :1 (account of sheep, Nbn.), bis (vars. DG.GA-is, [t]a-bi-is) although
also (in broken context) VAS 5 153 : 2. their behavior is troublesome, let us en-
dure it graciously En. el. I 46; Marduk upah
tabis adv.; well, properly, favorably, hirma il rabti ta-bis (var. ta-bi-is) umaar
gladly, graciously; from OA, OB on; wr. inandin trtu Marduk assembled the great
syll. and DG(.GA); cf. tbu. gods, properly giving orders and making
pronouncements En. el. VI 18; [qere]b kima
s u hu g i . a .t e n a . m .u m u n . e . b i z . hi suatu asar nisirti ina saman sarruti ta-bis
e b . b a m u . u . u . u : isd kuss sarrutisu ta-bis usnlsu in kingly oil I gently laid him in
sursid graciously establish the foundations of his that secret tomb SAA Bulletin 1 1 i 7u; ina
royal throne 4R 18 No. 2 r. 13f., see Cooper, Iraq
32 63 : 39; E s a g i l . . . b r a . a . n i s i k i l . l a z .
mahar ilutika rabti ana ume stu suma ta-
e b . b i . d a . a h u . m u . u n . n i . i n . r i : ina MIN bis lu nabku (see nab A mng. 3b2u) Craig
. . . subassu elleti ta-bis lu irmi (see subtu lex. sec- ABRT 2 13 r. 14; accept my prayers mutb


tabis tabtu A

kabattika kakd ta-bis urtabb[a . . .] (I) the would gladly bless him, extol his name 5R
one who gladdens your spirit, always gladly 35 :19 (Cyr.), see Berger, ZA 64 196.
. . . . ibid. 1 31 r. 13; Enlil u Ninlil ta-bis ana
c) other occs.: [t]-bi-is a-na mu-[. . .] le-
damiqti istenesu Enlil and Ninlil will
q-ma CCT 4 27b :14 (coll. K. R. Veenhof ); istu
rightly seek him out for reward (apodosis) umim sa bel t-bi-is ibbas u anaku t-bi-
CT 40 40 : 60.
is abbas (obscure) Kraus AbB 1 53 : 6f.
b) in hist.: I came joyfully to Nineveh
ina kussi abija ta-bis usib I gladly assumed tabr s.; (a kind of fodder); Mari.
my place on the throne of my father Borger
GUD.{I.A sa bt mar u GUD.{I.A sa
Esarh. 45 ii 2; ina qibtisunu srti usib ta-
epinnetim tab-re-e-em ikkalu the fattening-
a-bis ina kussi abi banja Streck Asb. 260 ii
house oxen and the plow oxen eat t. Birot
11; ta-bis tusesibanni ina kussi abi banja
Mem. Vol. 72 No. 37: 29; puhat t-ab-ri-im sa
K.9155 : 9 (courtesy W. G. Lambert); istu . . . jti
GUD.{I.A ina eqel PN kulu as replace-
RN ina kussi abija ta-bis usesibunima Borger ment for the t. which the oxen ate in PN s
Esarh. 47 ii 47, cf. ibid. 81 : 52, Streck Asb. 6 i 44, eld M. 11560, cited MARI 5 671; x G t-ab-
Bhl Chrestomathy No. 25 :19 (Sin-sar-iskun), also ru-um SAG ARM 21 318 :11.
JCS 19 77: 21, Winnett AV 161 : 9, Iranica Antiqua
11 36 :16; u atta istu zittisu k DG.GA-is lu See also tabr.
teteneppussu (see epesu mng. 2a1u) MRS 9
193 RS 17.423 :11, also ibid. 23, cf. k DG.GA- tabtanu s.; benefactor; NA; cf. tbu.
[is] (in broken context) KUB 3 76 :10; um ilani rabti . . . ana sarri belija keni ta-ab-
manat DN gapsati melsa pasquti ta-bis use ta-ni raimu sa nise adannis adan[nis lik
lma I brought the immense army of Assur rubu] may the great gods lavishly bless the
up its (the mountains) treacherous ascent king, my lord, the true one, the benefac-
in good order (and built a fortied camp tor, who loves his people ABL 6 :7, see Par-
on the mountaintop) TCL 3 27 (Sar.); ana pola, SAA 10 228; [sarru bel ta-ab-t]a-nu sa
sillisu dar kullat nis ta-bi-is upahhir I as- adannis u raimu [sa nise s] ABL 1173 :10,
sembled correctly all mankind under its see Parpola, SAA 10 283; ta-[ab-t]a-ni-ma an
(the temples) everlasting protection VAB naka lassu CT 53 16 r. 8u, see Luukko and Van
4 94 iii 24, also ibid. 172 iii 35 (both Nbk.); ina Buylaere, SAA 16 128.
salimti maharsa ta-bi-is nitta[llak] (Mar-
duk blessed us and) we lived properly and tabtu A s. fem.; salt; from OAkk., OA, OB
in well-being in his presence 5R 35 : 28 on; wr. syll. and MUN, MUNx(U+TIM,
(Cyr.); Anu u Adad . . . ina tub libbi u kasad U+TIMKUR); cf. tabtu A in sa tabti, tabtu
irninte ta-bis (var. DG.GA-is) littarrsu A in sa tabtisu, tabutu B.
may Anu and Adad graciously lead him al-
mu-nu MUN = ta-ab-tum S b II 164, also Proto-Aa
ways in happiness and triumph AKA 106 888 :1, in MSL 14 103, cf. Diri Ugarit 1 :75, A
viii 62, also ibid. 125f. n. 3 K.2815 r. 5 (both Tigl. I), VIII/2 :128., Ea VIII 125f.; [mu]-nuMUN, [mu]-unMUN,
cf. Weidner Tn. 57 No. 63 : 9 (Assur-res-isi); [x] mu-nu .[DG] = ta-ab-tu Nabnitu R 177.; mu-nu
GMUN = ta-ab-t Ea IV 292; n a 4 . m u n = MIN
namrati sukk nakluti ina qereb GN ta-bis
(= aban) ta-ab-ti Hh. XVI 236, also RS Recension
irm (see sukku usage a) Winckler Sar. pl. 36 185, in MSL 10 44; n a 4 . m u n . g a g . u b . b a =
No. 76 :157, also Lie Sar. 76 :11; ta-bis usarm MIN (= aban) ta-ab-ti = [NA 4 MUD] Hg. B IV 88a, in
parakksu[nu] AAA 18 96 r. 12; sum ta-bis MSL 10 32; [s i g 4] . m u n = S[IG 4 ta-ab-ti] Hh.
XXIV 285; m u n . k u 6 = MIN (= [nun]) ta-ab-ti Hh.
imb they (the gods?) graciously sum-
XVIII 126; [A].IGI . m u n . n a = mu- ta-ab-tim
moned (me?) (to rule) UET 1 307 i 2 (Cyr.?); Proto-Kagal Bil. Section E; k u . d g . g a n . m u n =
ta-bi-is iktarrabusu istammaru zikirsu they tuk-kan ta-ab-ti (var. tuk-kan-nu ta-ab-tum) Hh. XI


tabtu A tabtu A
189, var. from von Weiher Uruk 52 v 11, cf. k u . wagon and x kaspam ana t-b-tim asqul I
d g . g a n . m u n = tuk-kan ta-ab-ti = n[a-ruq-q]u s paid one shekel of silver for salt CCT 5
MUN Hg. A II 152, in MSL 7 149, cf. k u . d g =
ta(?)-ab-tum MDP 27 257 obv. and r. 2; KI MIN(= [di]- 32b : 5; 10 siqil kaspum ana t-b-tim Con-
NE = ta-ab-tum, tu-um-ru Hg. X 373f., see Salla- tenau Trente tablettes cappadociennes 7: 2; x
berger and Civil Tpfer 153; ni-mu-ur KI.NE = tu- kaspum sm t-b-t OIP 27 10 : 6; 2 karpat
um-ru, ta-ab-tum (var. ta-ba-a-tum), id-ra-nu Diri t-b-tim BIN 6 232 :11 (all OA).
IV 286.
MUN.ME, MUN EME.SAL.LA, MUN a-ma-nim, 2u in OB, Mari, Alalakh : 2 GUR MUN
MUN K.PAD, MUN NAR.RI Practical Vocabulary ana 1 GN K.BABBAR Goetze LE s 1 A i 14;
Assur 51.; MUN A.MA.NIM : MUN a-ma-ni, MUN
A.MA.NIM : MUN sa-an-t, [ MUN] a-ma-a : aqbma 8 SLA .GI ana ta-ab-ti iddinukum
MUN, UZU L.U x(GIGAL).LU : MUN EME.SAL-lim, I ordered them to give you eight silas of oil
MUN EME.SAL-lim : MUN KUR-e, MUN K.GA, MUN for salt van Soldt, AbB 12 164 :7, cf. ibid. 8 and
NITA : MUN KUR-e, MUN BAR.SA.TU.RA : MUN ba- 27; 1 SLA .GI u 5 SLA MUN subilam
ri-ka-t, MUN K.PAD : MUN K.PAD ina KUR
URI.KI, [MUN ba]h-ri : MUN bu-[uh-ri-t], pa- send me one sila of oil and ve silas of salt
si-t : MUN KU MUN KU M[UN KU], MUN ma-a- CT 2 19 : 38; 2 (BN) MUNx(U+TIMKUR)
nu : MUN e--ri Uruanna II 557.; MUN EME. ana KU GUD pasari (see pasaru mng. 1c)
SAL-lim : A NA4 KA.GI.NA DIB.BA Uruanna III 56. VAS 8 110 : 5; ana m emmutim t-ab-ta-am
l i 9 . s i 4 n a g a m u n KI.A. dD. l . r u . g :
PN iddma PN threw salt into boiling wa-
MIN ina uhuli DG-ti kibrti BA 10/1 105 No.
24 :10 and 12, see Geller, Af O 35 2 :16u (utukku ter CT 48 23 : 9, see Rllig, BiOr 28 203f.; MU
lemnutu); m u n k a . l u h . h a d i n g i r. r e . e . n e . RN salam d{atta sa t-ab-tim useli year
k e x(KID) : ta-ab-t pett p il salt which opens Zimrilim erected a statue of Hatta, (god) of
(Sum.: washes) the gods mouths CT 17 38+ : 38
(ms p), see Walker and Dick, SAA Lit. Texts 1
salt NABU 1989/75 M.10591 : 9, wr. MUNx(U+
216 : 33; m u n s i k i l n a g a s i k i l u . m e . n i . g a z TIMKUR) M.6015 and M.18148, cited Durand,
: ta-ab-t elletu uhulu ellu puusma crush pure salt MARI 5 200 n. 5, cf. (Annuntu) BiMes 16 No.
and pure alkali 4R 26 No. 7: 44f.; l a g m u n 5 : 52 and case 49, see Guichard, NABU 2003/8; 1
h a(!) . e . n a : kirban ta-ab-ti u has a lump of salt
and of has plant CT 4 8a : 35f.; m u n k . g a :
meat ANE MUNx(U+TIM) istu GN ana GN 2
ta-ab-tum ebbetim Lambert AV 199 No. 42 : 6f. sussm send one hundred homers of salt
MIN (= di-ni-ig) KI.NE // ta-ab-t RA 13 28 : 26 from GN to GN 2 ARM 5 70 :7; x parsi t-
(Alu Comm.); MUN eme-sal-lim // MUN s lb-bi D ab-tum JCS 8 24 No. 283 : 4 and 8, also, wr.
ne-tasting salt means salt from the river BRM 4
MUN ibid. 15 (OB Alalakh); 5 ANE samnam
32 :13 (med. comm.); MUN a-ma-nu // .MU.UN //
a-ma-nu // [.M]U.UN da-mu as-s MUN sa-mat s u MUNx(U+TIM) usta[bil] M.8134 r. 4, cited
KUR Ma-da-a-a (see amanu A) ibid. 15f. Durand, MARI 5 199; nakrum Turu[kkm] -
s-ma ana [GN ] iksud[am] MUNx(U+TIM)
a) in adm. and letters 1u in OAkk.,
ilqma the Turukkian enemy has sallied
OA: x SLA MUN GI.KIN.TI imhur the
forth and reached GN , they have taken salt
smith received (x barley, x dried sh, and)
x salt AS 17 No. 20 : 3 (OAkk.); t-b-t summa and (launched a raid against the interior,
!2- GN.TA dinasi summa la kam libsi as for taking booty) ARM 4 21 : 8; sabum s ana
my salt, sell (pl.) it at half a shekel per u[kultisu pa]nam sakin E-im MUNx(U+
(block), if that is impossible, let it stay in TIM) u hiseh[tasu matt]imma . . . ikmisma
storage TCL 20 109 : 6; t-b-ta-k ammala that force is busy with its provisioning, it
trtika ibassi in keeping with your instruc- has laid up barley, salt, and (other) neces-
tions, your salt is in storage ibid. 14; 6 sities in large amounts A.654 :14, in Durand,
emaru sa ummian iktuuma ana mat Elme- MARI 5 203; Haneans sa ana MUNx(U+TIM)
elme t-ab-tm izabbilu six donkeys that sa ana narim urrad MARI 6 629 A.3344 : 6; 1
my creditor took as security in order to a-ma-num su MUN ARM 19 455 lower edge 2,
transport salt to GN Matous Prag I 537:19; I coll. Durand, MARI 5 201, also 2 a-ma-na-an
paid one and a half shekels of silver for a sax MUN T.42, cited MARI 5 201 , wr. MUNx

tabtu A tabtu A

(U+TIM) ibid. 203 M.12109 : 3, ibid. 205 samni 2 PI MUN.{I.A 2 PI sahl sidtu sa
M.18071+ :7, 15, and 17. 3.TA sanati one panu of oil, two panu of
salt, and two panu of cress seed (among
3u in MB, MA: preparation should be
other items), provisions for three years
made for the feast issu hasbu gizill MUN
Dar. 253 : 8, cf. TCL 9 85 : 20, VAS 6 202 : 5, CT 56
u merestu mala ibass lu mada there
650 : 9; PN . . . umu 4 SLA akalu 3 SLA
should be plenty of wood, twigs(?), torches,
sikaru ina satti 15 MA.NA sipati 1 PI sa
salt, and whatever else is desirable Aro,
massamm 1 PI MUN.{I.A x sahl ana fPN 2
WZJ 8 567 HS 110 :11 (MB let.); MUN (column
assatisu u PN 3 marisu inandin PN will give
heading) PBS 2/2 91 :1; 2 (BN) MUN (be-
to his wife PN 2 and her son PN 3 a daily al-
tween our and barley) BE 15 181 : 9, cf. BE
lowance of four seahs of bread and three
15 44 : 20, 22, and 35 (all MB adm.); MUN lassu
seahs of beer, and a yearly allowance of 15
there is no salt available VAS 19 71 : 25 (MA
minas of wool, one panu of linseed, one
panu of salt, and x cress seed Nbn. 113 : 4;
4u in Nuzi, RS: 3 ANE E.BAR ana sm samnu MUN.{I.A sahl u sipati sa sabe
ana 3 ANE t-ab-ti three homers of barley a qeme sa 2-ta sanati nikkassu epusma . . .
for the price of three homers of salt HSS 13 bel lusebila make an accounting of the oil,
44 :11, cf. ibid. 42 : 4, HSS 15 255 : 5; uncert.: salt, cress seed, and wool for those work-
bani akanna ana pa-ni-ka k janu karanu men, and of the two years worth of our,
u GI..GI.ME {AL.LA.ME u MUN.ME so that my lord can send them YOS 3 31 : 9,
does it seem proper to you that there is no cf. CT 22 2 :16 (all NB); for other refs., see
wine, or oil(?), or hallu vinegar, or salt? sahl mng. 2b1u; note in symbolic use,
Ugaritica 5 54 :17. expressing reconciliation : may the king
protect amelutti sa MUN.{I.A sa mar Ja
5u in NA, NB: 2 GUN MUN ana 2 GN
kni ilhimu all those who have partaken of
K.BABBAR Nbk. 447:1; x K.BABBAR ana
the salt of the tribe of Jakin (and spoken
MUN.{I.A ana PN nadin CT 57 162 : 8, cf. CT
of peace) ABL 747 r. 6 (NB).
56 153 :7 (both NB); !2- SLA .ME 1 (BN)
kuddimme 1 (BN) MUN.ME (among sup- b) in lit., hist., inc., omens : kma MUN
plies for charioteers) Iraq 15 146 ND 3467: 9, zera la is . . . kma MUN zera lu la ns
see Postgate Taxation 399; 8 SLA !2- qat MUN E just as salt has no seed, so, like salt, may
kuddimme attidin ABL 207 r. 2, see Parpola, we have no ospring KBo 1 3 r. 32 and 34
SAA 5 242, cf. CT 53 27: 4u, see Fuchs and Parpola, (treaty); summa MUN ina nam ali [innamir]
SAA 15 74 (all NA); 52 MA.NA MUN PN . . . if salt is seen in the outlying area of a town
mahi[r] 15 MA.NA MUN.{I.A
Nbk. 155 :1; CT 40 45e :10; summa ina hirt ali MUN [in
PN AnOr 8 33 :1, cf. CT 56 783 :1.; 1 GUN 20 namir] CT 39 21 :159 (both SB Alu); ina ali
MA.N[A] MUN.{I.A . . . ana PN . . . nadin MUN ittanmar CT 29 48 : 20; summa m nari
CT 56 604 : 2; note measured by volume: x kma idri MUN ihammatu (see idru A us-
GUR 2 (BN) 3 SLA MUN.{I.A Nbn. age a) CT 39 14 :17; lisansa lu MUN . . . sa
1017:7, cf. UCP 9 91 No. 24 : 28; 4 GN ana pusu kisp kma (var. adds kirban) MUN
MUN.{I.A four shekels (of silver) for salt (var. adds ina m) lisharmit may her tongue
CT 4 14d : 4, cf. BRM 1 99 :17; bitqa ana be salt, may she who put a spell on me dis-
MUN.{I.A sahl an eighth of a shekel (of solve like (a lump of) salt (in water) Maqlu
silver) for salt and cress seed Nbn. 173 : 6; I 31 and 33, var. from STT 78 : 33; summa ina
[x sa]hl ana MUN.{I.A nadin CT 56 773 : 43; MN Adad rigimsu iddma ersetu MUN lu
x (BN) E.BAR MUN.{I CT 55 62 :1; MUN [samna] lu itt lu kupra ihla if there is a
ki-ba-tum Camb. 295 : 2; unclear : 5 MA.NA thunderclap in Ajaru and the earth exudes
MUN.{I.A ana hi-is-pi CT 56 607: 6; 1 PI salt or oil or crude bitumen or bitumen

tabtu A tabtu A

ACh Adad 7: 5; summa Adad . . . MUN usaz MUN.{I.A sattuk u guqq Nbn. 850 :1; 1!2-
nin if Adad rains salt ibid. 13 :15; asruqki GUN MUN.{I.A gin sa MN sa DN GCCI
MUN KU.PAD ebbeta I have sprinkled holy 2 287:1; 12 GUN MUN.{I.A makkur amas
. . . . salt for you (fem.) Farber Istar und Du- . . . MUN.{I.A gin CT 55 170 :1 and 4, cf. (in
muzi 57: 27 (inc.); MUN (vars. MUN.ME, [ta- broken context) CT 56 329 : 4u.
a]b-tu) sahl usappiha serussun (see sapahu
d) in med.: .A{ MUN isququ ina esemti
mng. 5a) Streck Asb. 56 vi 79, also Bauer Asb.
sa immeri turrar you roast lard, salt, and
34 K.2664 iii 10, Thompson Esarh. pl. 17 v 7
isququ our in a sheeps bone CT 23 50 :7;
(Asb.), vars. from Borger Asb. p. 55 and 168; un-
MUN isququ turrar task Kcher BAM 152 i 7;
cert.: 100 kuddimme 100 MUN GADA.NI
kas MUN istenis task ina m qaqqassu tap
Iraq 14 35 :120 (Asn.), kma kaspi ana MUN
tanassasma you grind kas and salt to-
kma hurasi [ana . . .] STT 280 iii 29 (inc.), see
gether, you repeatedly rub it (mixed) in
Biggs aziga 49.
water on his head Kcher BAM 3 i 36, AMT
c) in rit.: 20 (SLA) MUN ana kispi PBS 1,3: 8, 43,6 : 4, and passim; MUN ina ursi
2/2 8 : 9 (MB); [sa]rru MUN ina muhhi ikarrar tudaq[qaq] you crush salt (and other ingre-
[kis]pa ikassap MUN ikarrar the king dients) in a mortar AMT 24,3 :14, cf. AMT
sprinkles salt on it (the water?), makes a 14,8 :7; MUN amanim task you crush red salt
funerary oering, sprinkles salt Or. NS 22 Kcher BAM 574 i 10, cf. Lambert AV 190 No. 34
26 : 20f.; k . . . MUN ana kararikani Ebeling A:11, for other refs. see amanu A; MUN lu
Parfmrez. pl. 10 :10, cf. ibid. 20, pl. 11 r. 10f. and ina m lu ina sikari isattma he drinks salt
13, see Ebeling, Or. NS 21 130.; for other refs., in either water or beer Kcher BAM 578 ii
see kararu A mng. 1c2u; MUN ina muhhi 70, cf. ibid. i 17 and 574 ii 37; MUN KUR-i MUN
takmsani sa ina libbi qirsi uqtarrib (see amanim istenis task you pulverize to-
qirsu A usage b) van Driel Cult of Assur 128 v gether mountain salt and red salt ibid. i 31
12u; [M]UN taparrik ina passur DN tasakkan and ibid. 575 iv 45; see also barikatu; .NUN
you strew (the meat) with salt, you lay it MUN tubahhar you heat ghee and salt ibid.
on the table for Marduk BBR No. 120 : 80 494 iii 56; ubanka . . . MUN tasabbu subur
and 83, cf. ibid. 62; [. . . K].GI MUN umal rasu takr (see sab mng. 2b) ibid. 575 iii
lama ina muhhi isakkan he lls a [. . .] of 48; 3 GN MUN.{I.A (among ingredients of
gold with salt and puts it on (the golden a salve) ibid. 391 :12, and passim, cf. MUN (in
table, before Bel) RAcc. 142 : 389, cf. ibid. 18 iv lists of materia medica) ibid. 152 iii 3, 168 : 5,
18; MUN u sahl tuballal (see balalu mng. CT 55 378 :7, and passim; MUN emesalli ina
3b1u) ZA 45 208 :13 (Bogh. rit.); MUN burasa uppi siparri ana libbi nesu t[anappah] you
gassa qaduta tuballalma you mix salt, juni- blow ne-tasting salt (and other materia
per, gypsum, and mud Or. NS 40 142 r. 4, medica) into his eyes through a bronze
uhula qarnana MUN erena burasa tanaddi tube Kcher BAM 510 ii 23, and passim in med.;
you throw horned alkali, salt, cedar, juni- for other refs. see emesallu; amlanu sr
per (and other ingredients into the holy sabti MUN KU.PAD qaran ajali amlanu
water) Or. NS 36 21 : 5, see Maul Namburbi plant, gazelle meat, . . . . salt, stag antler
359 : 61 and 294 : 5; aqmukunusi ina kibrti el (among medicinal ingredients) ibid. 3 iii 4,
leti u MUN amurri I burned you (gurines) wr. 10 GN MUN K.PAD ibid. 168 : 22, and
in pure sulfur and salt from the west Maqlu passim in med., see Farber Istar und Dumuzi 81;
V 79; kirban MUN ina lubarim tarakkas Mes- ina muhhi kirban MUN sipta 3-s tamannu
opotamian Magic 276 : 6 (OB rit.); MUN emesalli you recite the incantation three times over
. . . ina maski ne-tasting salt (and other a lump of salt AMT 52,1 :16, for other refs.
materia medica) in a leather bundle Farber see kirbanu mng. 2a; x m sun x A MUN ina
Istar und Dumuzi 62 : 92; 2 GUN 10 MA.NA dispi u sikari [isatti] he drinks ten shekels

tabtu A tabtu A

of chaste tree sap, ten shekels of salt wa- hiliba stone EA 22 iii 10 (list of gifts of Tus-
ter(?) (mixed) in honey and beer Kcher ratta); 2 ta-pa-lu D[A]L sa t-ab-ti.ME two
BAM 575 ii 50, cf. ibid. 168 : 46; note, referring sets(?) of salt containers Lacheman AV 389
to avor(?): idra sa MUN taqallu you roast No. 9 :10, cf. [x ta]-pa-lu sa t-ab-ti sa [. . .]
salty(?) saltpeter AMT 1,2 : 9 (= Kcher BAM HSS 14 520(= 234): 22, also ibid. 23f. (= RA 36
494 i 34); eqdi sa la MUN unsalted cheese 154); [1 purs]tu sa MUN.ME one saltcellar
AMT 6,1 : 3 and 5. Freydank, MARV 3 16 i 19, cf. ibid. iv 18 (MA list
of oerings); 2 purusiate sa MUN (part of a
e) for preserving and pickling: pagar PN
dowry) Iraq 16 pl. 6 (p. 55) ND 2307: 39, see
suatu ina MUN usnlma . . . ana mar siprija
Postgate NA Leg. Docs. 104;kallu sa MUN BBR
iddinma he laid the body of that Nab-
No. 66 :13 (NA); 1 tangall kaspi MUN YOS 7
bel-sumati in salt and gave it to my mes-
185 :19 (NB); for other refs. see tangall;
senger Streck Asb. 60 vii 40; for other refs.
ilten MUN u sahl Nbk. 441 : 2, cf. Nbn.
see nlu mng. 4e; salamtu ina MUN (in
1017: 6, 1 riqqi 1 MUN Af O 3637 52 No.
broken context) ABL 1284 r. 9 (NA); ina
7: 9 (all NB).
MUN andidilsu I pickled (the eight-legged,
two-tailed piglet) in salt Thompson Rep. 277 g) in topographic references 1u in
r. 2, see Hunger, SAA 8 287; 20 (SLA) MUN references to saline elds or salt deserts :
ana nun . . . illaptu twenty silas of salt have amatu sa MUN [sar] GN u sar GN 2 akanna
been sprinkled on the sh BE 6/1 106 :1 iqtab umma qaqqara sa MUN mala 3 GN
(OB); lipi kalt immeri sa MUN la nad (see A. i[massi(?)] 1 GN A. MUN ana RN
kaltu mng. 2d) Kcher BAM 480 iv 14; you sar GN a[ddin] 1 GN A. MUN ana RN 2
catch a male partridge(?), pluck its wings, sar GN 2 add[in] in the matter of salt, the
strangle it, and atten it MUN tazarru tub king of Ugarit and the king of Sijannu said
bal you sprinkle it with salt, you dry it as follows : The extent of the saline elds
KUB 4 48 : 4, see Biggs aziga 54; sru a . . . ina is an area of three iku, I gave an area of
MUN.{I.A sukunus (see kasadu mng. 1c) one iku of saline eld to RN , king of Ugarit,
CT 22 221 :7 (NB let.); [1 im]meru sa bt ur I gave an area of one iku of saline eld to
mtu ina [M]UN ina bt kar sakin one RN 2, king of Sijannu (and I divided the
sheep from the livestock barn, dead, it is third iku between them) MRS 9 74 RS
put in salt in the storehouse CT 55 646 : 2, 17.335+ : 57., cf. ibid. 291 RS 19.81 :12, A..
cf. Nbn. 1084 : 3, CT 55 480 r. 8, 630 : 3, 632 : 3, ME sa MUN.ME // se-e-si-ma (see sesuma)
634 : 3, 635 : 3, 636 : 2, 644 : 2, 645 : 4, 647: 3, 648 : 3, ibid. 108 RS 18.114 : 9; GN . . . mist nabali
also, wr. MUN.{I.A CT 55 654 : 3, 631 : 3; 2 qaqqar MUN asar sumame (see nabalu usage
immeru mtutu ina bt kar ina MUN.{I.A a) Borger Esarh. 56 iv 54; I incorporated into
sa DN CT 55 627: 2 and 7, cf. ibid. 629 : 3; 147 Assyrian territory GN sad adi MUN
immeru mtutu ina libbi 20 immeru ina the mountain GN , as far as the salt desert
MUN.{I.A ina bt [kar] 147 dead sheep, Rost Tigl. 50 : 23, also, wr. KUR MUN ibid.
including twenty sheep (preserved) in salt 62 : 32, see Tadmor Tigl. III 132 : 9u and 164 : 32;
in the storehouse CT 56 565 : 4; 1 immer DN GN nag sa it MUN sa qereb GN 2 Pa-
ana L.ERN.ME sa MUN.{I.A x nadin tusarra, a district adjoining the salt desert
one sheep belonging to DN , given to work- in Media Borger Esarh. 55 iv 46, also ibid.
men for pickling CT 55 470 r. 7. 34 : 31; [ad]i MUN lilliku should they go
as far as the salt desert? PRT 21 : 6, see Starr,
f) containers : 4 sa MUN sa sinni four
SAA 4 64.
ivory saltcellars MRS 6 186 RS 16.146+ : 42
(list of the queens possessions); 1 U sa MUN sa 2u in geographical names : telt URU
bur u sa nes NA4 hiliba one set of salt- MUN.KI taxes from Salt City CT 43 59 : 6,
cellars (decorated) with calves and lions, of cf. PBS 1/2 41 : 27, BE 17 26 : 6, 27: 5, 41 :15, wr.


tabtu A tabtu B

URU MUN BE 17 14 :13, MUN.KI BE 14 wr. syll. and DG.GA

274 :13, 277:12, NB);
167: 29 (all MB), see Kraus, ZA 51 63 and Rllig, (with phon. complement), MUN(.{I.A); cf.
BiOr 22 170. tbu.

Etymological and semantic associations a) in gen.: awlam sabtama i-t-ba-tim-

between tabtu A salt and tabtu B good- ma sahhitasuma seize (pl.) the man and be
ness (and tbu) were suggested already by so kind as to clear his accounts Sever, Hiti-
toloji Kongresi 3 529 Kltepe h/k 20 : 6; summa
Haupt, BA 10/2 246., see also Thompson DAC 1
n. 1;in addition, tabatu vinegar may share kasapsa i-t-ba-tim laqm la tamua if she
the association. For examples from Indo- is unwilling to take her silver peacefully
Veenhof AV 139 : 22 (both OA); ana ili u ame
European languages exhibiting connections
luti ana mtuti u baltuti MUN epus I did
between the words for salt, sweet, and vin-
what was proper for god and mankind, for
egar, see C. D. Buck, A Dictionary of Selected
the dead and the living Streck Asb. 250 r. 3;
Synonyms in the Principal Indo-European Lan-
istma ikpudma libbasu ana epes DG.GA
guages 382f. and 1032.
he behaved badly, though he meant in his
Potts, JESHO 27 225.; Butz, JESHO 27 272.
heart to do good ZA 43 13 :7, see Livingstone,
SAA 3 32 (NA lit.); re kenu epis ta-ab-ti sar
msari raim kitti the upright shepherd,
tabtu A in sa tabti s.; salt dealer; OA,
who does what is proper, the king of jus-
MB; wr. L.MUN; cf. tabtu A.
tice, lover of righteousness ADD 646 : 2; MUN
l . m u n = sa ta-ab-tim OB Lu A 307. sa abu ana TUR la [ pusu(?)] sarru be-l-a-ni
tepsanni[asi] the king, our lord, has shown
x (wheat) K.GAL URU {i-lu-niki AN.TA to us the kindness that (even) a father has
x (wheat) KI.MIN KI.TA L.MUN.ME not shown to a son ABL 838 : 3 (NB); sarru re
URU {i-lu-ni PBS 2/2 77: 9, cf. ibid. 106 :7 manu atta ana kippat erbette ta-ab-ti tetepus
(both MB); KIIB PN sa t-b-tim Kltepe you are a merciful king, you have shown
86/k 153a case 3 (OA, courtesy K. R. Veenhof ), kindness to the entire four (regions) ABL
cited Veenhof AV 475 n. 1. 499 r. 1 (NB); [. . . NUM]UN-s-nu ta-ab-t
damiqtu epus [bel tabti bel damiqti] sa sarri
belisunu sunu show favor and honor to
tabtu A in sa tabtisu s.; salt dealer (occ.
their family, for they are friends and fa-
only as family name); NB; wr. L (s)
vorites of the king, their lord ADD 646 r. 11
MUN.({I/{I.A/ME)-s; cf. tabtu A.
and 647 r. 11, cf. ADD 651 r. 5, see Kataja and
Whiting, SAA 12 26, 25, and 10; ana manni
L.MUN.{I.A-s (ancestor name) AnOr ibassi MUN k jsi sarru epus to whom has
8 58 :13, Oelsner AV 48 :14, VAS 4 69 :15; L s the king ever done such a favor as to me
MUN.{I.A-s YOS 7 118 : 21, 130 :17, 133 :15, (whom you appointed to the service of the
134 :15, 150 : 3 and 15, 154 :16, 168 :14; L s crown prince)? ABL 604 r. 5 (NA), see Parpola,
MUN.{I.A-s CT 56 368 : 4 (coll. C. B. F. SAA 10 39; mannu sarru sa ak ann ana ur
Walker), cf. FuB 12 p. 50 No. 8 :1; L s danisu deiqtu epusuni u aj EN DG.GA sa
MUN.{I-s L s MUN-s
TuM 23 141 :14; ak ann ana EN DG.GA-s ta-ab-tu uter
YOS 17 312 : 3; [L] s MUN.ME-s YOS 7 runi ak hannma ilani rabti . . . ta-ab-tu
132 : 21. deiqtu ana liplippi sa sarri belija adu sam
erseti darni lpusu what king has ever
tabtu B s.; goodness, good behavior, favor, treated his subjects with as much kind-
kindness, honor, loyalty, good fortune; ness, and what friend has ever done such
from OA, OB on; pl. tabati and tabtati (ABL honor to his friend? Just so may the great

tabtu B tabtu B

gods show kindness and favor to the de- SAA 16 78; manzaz pan sa belsunu sunu u
scendants of the king, my lord, so long as MUN sa belsunu libbuka ana muhhisunu
heaven and earth endure ABL 358 : 28 and r. tetiq they were courtiers in the service of
1 (NA), see Parpola, SAA 10 227; ina muhhi sa their lords, and the favor of their lords put
sarru bel ispuranni ma . . . ta-ab-ti amur them, like you, under obligation ABL 540 : 8,
anntu ma s ta-ab-tu atamar as to what the see Dietrich Aramer 160; MUN.{I.A ina kutal
king, my lord, wrote me, saying Behold lija ana TUR.ME teppus (see kutallu mng.
my favor, this (is it), I know it is a favor 5c) TCL 9 141 : 5, cf. ibid. 10, cf. also MUN.
ABL 6 r. 12., see Parpola, SAA 10 228; (the As- {I.A sa ana kutallika npus ABL 1236 :12; I
syrians, relieved that the succession to the have written to my brothers out of ex-
throne is settled, say to Esarhaddon) ina treme concern ag lu MUN sa ahheja ip
sarrani mareka ta-ab-t ana mat Assur epus pusunu gabar sipirti sa ahheja lumur this
bestow favor on Assyria by (the appoint- is the kindness that my brothers can do
ment of) your sons, the kings CT 53 31 (= for me, let me see my brothers answer CT
ABL 870+) r. 15, see Parpola, SAA 10 185; MUN. 22 155 : 21, cf. k nakuttu ana belija altapra
{I.A.ME madata sa ultu ressu sarru bel MUN-ka ina muhhija belu liskun CT 22
pusuma [. . .] iddinu the many favors that 101 : 25; MUN-a ina muhhika asakkan I will
the king, my lord, has done and given do my good deed for you (you need not
from the beginning ABL 521 : 4 (NB); MUN. repay the barley on behalf of PN at the
{I.A agti rabt[u] sa sarru bel pusma id term set for you) CT 22 187:10; send two
dinu ibid. 9 (coll. S. Parpola); ta-ab-ta-a-ti sa more minas of silver alla agai k MUN.{I.
sarri . . . ina muhhija mada many are the A-ka ina muhhija janu beyond this, through
kings favors toward me ABL 274 :13 (NB); your kindness I will owe nothing CT 22
ta-ab-ta-a-ti sa sarri belija ina muhhija in 182 :12 (all NB); [ta]-ab-ta-s ahsusma u[kn
dda ABL 277:12 (NB); s MUN.{I.A sa be sirikt]asu I planned to do him a good deed,
lija ina muhhija rabta my lords kindness so I conferred a grant on him ADD 646 :19
toward me is very great CT 22 146 : 9, cf. ibid. and 647:19, see Kataja and Whiting, SAA 12 26
129 : 6 (both NB letters); u sunga ag sa ina and 25; ina libbi ann MUN.{I.A-a husus
panja ban u MUN.{I.A sa utarrakka ana remember my favors through this Cole Nip-
libbisa ana mar mare this reputation of pur 2 : 29 (early NB let.); in personal names :
yours, which is excellent in my sight, and MUN-dURA CT 22 33 : 2; MUN-ia VAS 6
the favors that I will return to you (for 175 : 4 (both NB).
your delity), will be likewise for (your)
grandchildren ABL 290 r. 20 (NB), see Die- b) ref. to political or military alliance,
trich Aramer 198; you have done your duty loyalty 1u tabtu : t-ba-ti-su-nu sabatma
for a long time sunkunu ina panja tu salmsunu leqe accept their overtures of
dammiqa ta-ab-ta-ku-nu ina libbi ina panja friendship, take their oer of peace Eidem
nak-[. . .] ABL 561 :16 (NA); ina libbi MUN and Laesse Shemshara Letters 63 : 28; t-ba-tim-
annte sa sarru bel ana urdisu epusuni ana ma (in broken context) OBT Tell Rimah
ku ina kume mnu ana belija usahhir MUN- 10 : 28; ta-ab-tam-ma sa GN u GN 2 err[es] I
sa tupsar ekalli ina muhhija teteqi enesu wish for friendly relations for Akkad and
adaggal for this favor that the king, my Assyria 4R 34 No. 2 :13 (MA royal let.); the
lord, has shown (me) his servant, what did king of the Arabs sa ina adeja iht MUN
I do for my lord in return? Did the favor epusus la issuruma who violated the treaty
of the palace scribe oblige me, so that I with me, who did not uphold the alliance
must curry favor with him? (I will re- I had established with him Streck Asb. 64
port whatever I see and hear to the king) vii 86, cf. ibid. 12 i 119; uradka sa MUN-ka
ABL 211 : 8ff. (NA), see Luukko and Van Buylaere, inassaru Thompson Rep. 235A:12; mamt As

tabtu B tabtu B

sur . . . iksussunutima sa iht ina ade ilani {I.A- sa sar Babili ina muhhiki janu u
rabti MUN (var. ta-ab-ti) qatussun ubama atta knussu ul ted is there no friendship
sa epussunuti dunqu Streck Asb. 12 i 132; an for you on the part of the king of Babylon
nte parrisute sa ina muhhi ta-ab-te idbu and do you not know his loyalty? ABL 1236
buni . . . sa ina libbi ad ihtni . . . ta-ab-t r. 5; muster your forces and ittija libbaka
sa sarri taktasassunu ABL 584+ : 8 and r. 4 ata turru sa MUN-ia erresuka be loyal to
(NA), see Parpola, SAA 10 316 : 21 and r. 4; PN me, why should I have to ask you to repay
. . . la nasir ad la hasis MUN sa mat Assur my friendship to you? ABL 291 r. 3, see Die-
ta-ab-t(var. -ti) abija insma Borger Esarh. trich Aramer 191; ultu rese MUN ana GN k
46 ii 41f.; I committed a sin against Assur pusu u sunu MUN-a-a ul utirruni though I
by failing to heed the kings command (text : he) granted friendship to Elam from
MUN ana ramanija ul epus ibid. 103 : 22; la the very rst, they did not repay my
hasis ta-ab-ti (var. MUN) la nasir mamt friendship ABL 1260 : 5. (all NB); I (the
ilani rabti Streck Asb. 70 viii 66; RN . . . sa king) was not aware that some of you ap-
MUN abi . . . la hassu la issuru ibrut (the peared before me and others did not id
Elamite king) who disregarded the friend- ag mannu u ag mannu MUN sa gabbiku
ship established by my father, did not nu k ilten ina muhhija Do I know one or
keep the alliance with me ibid. 104 iv 16; another of you individually? The loyalty of
uncert.: lu i-ru-da-am sarra belija kma sa all of you is as one to me ABL 287 r. 14 (NB
abija u t[-b]a-ti-[su] EA 300 : 22, see Moran from Nineveh); attukunu min dumqikunu u
Letters p. 341 n. 2; enna ad k MUN ahua MUN-ku-nu ina panja as for you (pl.), what
uqattma pus now, if my brother has gratitude or loyalty have you shown to me?
made a complete end to friendly relations ABL 289 r. 9 (NB royal let.); MUN.{I.A sa
Cole Nippur 35 : 5; hussa ta-ba-a-te annt[e] sarri belija ina muhhija madat u ana ad sa
ABL 1022 r. 21, cf. ta-ba-a-te mada ibid. obv. sarri belija eterub so many are the favors of
13 (NA let. of Asb. to the king of Elam); assu ad the king, my lord, toward me that I have
rabti sa Assur la nissuru niht ina MUN even taken an oath to the king, my lord
RN because we did not keep the great oath BIN 1 93 : 4; RN sa MUN epusus askunus ana
sworn by Assur, because we violated the sarrut GN amas-sum-ukn, to whom I
alliance with Assurbanipal Streck Asb. 78 iv showed friendship, appointing him to king-
73; PN sa MUN tepusassumma u ad tuses ship over Babylon Streck Asb. 28 iii 71, also
bitus u s ana adeka iht aduk I killed PN ibid. 186 : 20 and 180 : 30, cf. asar abu banua . . .
to whom you granted friendship and whom ana sarruti ipqidus . . . MUN (var. ta-ab-tum)
you allowed to take an oath of loyalty and damiqtu eli sa abi banja usatirma epussu
who then was the one who violated the ibid. 14 ii 18; [. . . n u . g ] i n . n a . b i n a m .
sworn agreement with you ABL 1380 : 5, cf. m u . r a . a n . g e . e n . g e . e n : sarru sa tu
ibid. 9 (NA); sa ina libbi ta-ab-ti sa AD-
killassu DG.GA-ta la mitgurtasu ukinna
[ka . . .]-ka u ina libbi adeka ihtni ABL [. . .] (see mitgurtu lex. section) KAR 128 : 22.
1217: 4 (NA); ana MUN-i u ana mametija ul
tahti (see mamtu mng. 1a) ABL 539 : 6, cf. 2u la tabtu treachery, sedition : summa
ibid. 4; MUN.ME-te sa -man-du-u lu-se-sib . . . la MUN-s-nu taqabbni you must not
(see id v. mng. 4f) ibid. r. 21 (NB let. of speak any evil of them Wiseman Treaties 271,
Asb.); MUN.{I.A sa sarrani beluni [ pusu] cf. la DG.GA-t (var. la ta-ab-tu) sa ahhesu
ana appi luses ABL 878 r. 8 (NB); k ahhutu ina pansu taqabbni ibid. 344, see Parpola
u MUN.{I.A sebta if you desire brother- and Watanabe, SAA 2 6; la DG-tum ina ma
hood and friendship Cole Nippur 2 :10 (early ti [ibassi] there will be sedition in the
NB let.); MUN.{I.A-ni ana appa ul nusesi land Leichty Izbu XVII 65u; la ta-ab-tu et
ABL 1236 :10, see Dietrich Aramer 204f.; MUN. [apas] ABL 333 r. 8 (NA), see Luukko and Van

tabtu B tabtu B

Buylaere, SAA 16 121; for other occs. see tabu friend ABL 295 : 6 (NB let. of Asb.); sabe agan
usage o1u. ntu ul EN.ME MUN sunu bele dababa
sunu these men are no allies, they are
c) said of good intent, favorable out- enemies ABL 326 r. 10 (NB); anaku ahhea
come, good fortune 1u tabtu : ta-ab-ti ina marea u EN.ME ta-ab-te-e-a nillikamma
pani sarri qibi DN DN 2 ta-ab-ta-ka ina pani sepe sa sarri belini nissiq let me, my broth-
sarri liqbiu speak well of me before the ers, my children, and my friends come and
king, and may Bel and Nab speak well of kiss the feet of the king, my lord ABL 283
you before the king ABL 1250 r. 20f. (NA); r. 15, 793 r. 17 (both NB); if you learn of
dicult : summa ana ta-ab-ti(var. -ta) innep conspirators among you lu ahhekunu lu
pus RAcc. 42 : 25, var. from von Weiher Uruk 141 EN ta-ba-te-ku-nu [lu] ina nise mati gabbu
r. 17. whether your brothers or your friends or
any of the people of the land ABL 1239 +
2u la tabtu : ana lemutti tasteneinni ana
JCS 39 189 r. 22 (NA, loyalty oath), see Parpola
la ta-ab-ti tassanahhurinni you (sorceress)
and Watanabe, SAA 2 8; sa ina libbi ekalli
seek me out for wicked ends, you keep cir-
izzazzuni gabbisunu la iraumunni be-el
cling around me with evil intent Maqlu II
MUN-ia ina libbisunu lassu sa sulmannu
208; sum ina la ta-ab-ti (var. DG.GA-ti) iz
addanassunni imahharannini abbutt isabba
kuru they mentioned my name with evil tuni of all those who serve in the palace
intent STT 76 :16, dupl. 77:16, var. from Laesse there is no one who loves me, there is among
Bit Rimki 38 K.2563+ :16; ana lemutti u la
them no benefactor of mine to whom I
DG-ti lirteddsu may they (the gods) per- might give a present and who might accept
secute him with calamity and misfortune it and intercede for me ABL 2 r. 16, see Par-
BBSt. No. 7 ii 37. pola, SAA 10 226; mannu EN DG.GA la irm
who does not love a benefactor? ABL 435 r. 9
See tabtu A disc. section.
(NA), see Parpola, SAA 10 198; EN ta-ab-ti-ia sa
Ad usage b : Moran, JNES 22 175 n. 27; Wein- adannis s he is a very good friend of
feld, JAOS 93 190. mine ABL 221 r. 2 (NA); ana rabte sa sarri
L EN.ME MUN.{I.A-s-nu iqabbma dib
tabtu B in bel tabti s.; friend, benefactor; bja ina pan sarri ubaasu (because they
MA, NA, NB; wr. syll. and EN MUN, EN could not kill me) they speak with the
DG.GA; cf. tbu. kings courtiers, their friends, and bring
my reputation with the king into disgrace
PN . . . [E]N ta-ab-ti EN deiqt[i] [sa is]su ABL 1374 : 9 (NB), see Cole and Machinist, SAA
ridti adi epes sarru[ti] ina muhhi sarri du k ahua u L be-l MUN.
13 185 :17u;
belisu amr[uma] PN , a friend and compan- {I.A-ia atta I know that you are my
ion who has been devoted to the king, his brother and my friend Cole Nippur 4 : 27, cf.
lord, from the time when he (the king) was k ahu u L be-l MUN.{I.A atta ibid. 24 :15
the heir apparent until his actual reign (both early NB letters), cf. BIN 1 18 : 29 (NB let.);
ADD 647:10, cf. wr. EN MUN ibid. r. 26, ADD two Elamite leaders u L EN MUN.{I.A.
646 :10 and r. 26, wr. EN MUN-ti ibid. 734 : 5, ME-s mala ibass ittalku and all of his
see Kataja and Whiting, SAA 12 25, 26, and 31; allies have gone away ABL 281 :12, cf. ibid. 24;
Babilaja sunu mar ban EN.ME MUN sa PN babsu k isbatu ana L EN MUN.{I.A-s
ana muhhi sarri u sukkalli belija amru (see ittur Nab-bel-sumati took service with
mar ban mng. 1a) ABL 844 : 8 (NB); aj EN him (the Elamite noble) and became his
DG.GA sa ak ann ana EN DG.GA-s friend ibid. r. 14; PN L EN MUN.{I.A-s
ta-ab-tu utirruni (see tabtu usage a) ABL sa dibbsu ina pan sarri belija adbubu pa
358 : 27f. (NA); arm EN MUN-ia I love my siratti iltapra he (the Elamite leader) se-

tabu tabu

cretly sent PN , his friend, about whom I g ] a qa-a-du-ka (pronunciation) = pu-u ta-[a-bu],
have complained to the king, my lord ABL [ k a . n u . d g ] . g a qa-a-[nu-d]u-ka = pu-u NU ta-a-
bu Kagal D Section 4 :17f.; i n i m . d g . g a = a-wa-
792 : 6; I am being slandered, they are say-
tum ta-ab-tum Sag A iii 10; mu-nu KA.DG.GA =
ing s itti PN EN MUN s LUGAL K. ta-ab-t Diri Ugarit I 74; k a . b a l . e . n u . d g = p
DINGIR.KI sunu He and PN are friends of sa ana atw la t [a-bu] Kagal D Section 3 :11; m u .
the king of Babylon ABL 896 : 6 (coll.); L d g . g a = MU ta-a-bu, m u . n u . d g . g a = MU la
EN MUN-i s YOS 3 166 : 27; L.EN.ME [MIN] Izi G 64f.; m u . d g . g a = MIN (= sattu) t-a-
b-tum Arnaud Emar 6 542 :163 (Hh. II); [n g .
MUN.{I.A--tu (in broken context) ABL
n u ] . d g . g a = la ta-bu-um Nigga Bil. 66, cf. n g .
1320 : 5 (all NB); [. . .]-x-an sa ahija EN ta-ab- d g . g a = MIN (= mimma) [ta-a]-bu Arnaud Emar 6
ti-ka sut the [. . .] of my brother is your 573 : 67 (Nigga).
friend KUB 3 73 : 5 (MA let. from Tukulti- ku-ru-um DUG = ta-a-bu, da-mu, ku-ru-un-nu,
Ninurta I), see Weidner Tn. 40 No. 36. si-ka-rum, ka-ra-nu A V/1 :127.; ku- KU 7 = ta-a-
bu, mat-qu, das-pu Ea IV 185., also A IV/3 :169.,
S a Voc. S 2u.; ku-uk-ku KU 7.KU 7 = ta-a-bu, mat-
tabu adj.; good, sweet, fresh, aromatic, of qu, da-s-pu Diri I 247., cf. OB Diri Oxford 43,
good quality, benevolent, friendly, auspi- OB Diri Nippur 43d, Diri Emar 1 : 8; l l la-al =
cious, favorable, proper, correct, pleasing, ti-es-[ pu], [t]a-a-[bu], ma-at-[qu] S a Voc. R 12u.;
satisfactory, content, satised, honorable; [la-al] l l = ta-a-b [u], [dis-pu] S a Voc. Q 33uf.;
from OAkk. on; wr. syll. and DG(.GA); cf. m i r = ta-a-bu, e = mar-rum Antagal III 53f.;
SA 6 = ta-bu, el-lum MSL 14 120 No. 7 ii 10f.
(Proto-Aa); [si-ig] SA 6 = ta-a-b[u], [dam-qu], da-
DG = t-a-bu = (Hurr.) wa-ah-ru-se SCCNH 9 5 ma-qu A I/4 Section C 24.; [K]A . d g . g e, d g,
RS 94-2939 ii 2 (trilingual from Ugarit); d g . g a s a 6 = t-a-bu Nabnitu R 170.; [ta-am] UD = ta-a-
= [ta]-a-bu, e = marru Igituh short version 131f. bu, qa-da-su A III/3 : 55f.; [za-ag] [ZAG] = [ta]-a-
z . e b = d g = ta-a-bu Emesal Voc. III 116; a . bu, [da]-s-p[u] VAT 10185 i 6uf. (text similar to
z . e b . b a = a . d g . g a = A.ME ta-bu-tu ibid. 70; Idu), also A VIII/4 : 32; k i . n g . g l . l a = asru ta-
u 5 . z . e b = . d g . g a = MIN (= [samnu]) ta-a-bu a-bu Izi C ii 10.
Emesal Voc. II 176. a . d g . a [a . e ] . a : m ta-bu-t m marrutu
[ k a . g . m e . z ] . d g . g a = MIN MIN (= sikar sweet water, bitter water JTVI 26 155 iv 9, see
halli) ta-a-bi Hh. XXIII ii 36; t l . a . d g . g a = Lackenbacher, RA 65 128; p a d g . g a . b i n a .
bu-ur-ti A.ME t-bu-ti Arnaud Emar 6 559 :127 n a m : bur msu ta-bu-ti-ma (see buru B lex. sec-
(Hh. XXII); g i . n u . r. m a . d g . g a = ta-a-bu tion) JRAS 1919 190 :13, see Behrens Enlil und
Hh. III 194; [u 4 . h i . i n . e ] = marru, [u 4 . h i . Ninlil 16 :7; k d g . g a . n i n a g k u 7. k u 7 :
i n . d g . g a] = ta-a-bu Hh. XXIV 266f., cf. Hh. III akula ta-a-ba sit daspa eat (pl.) the ne (bread),
333; GETIN.ME dannu, GETIN.ME DG.GA, drink (pl.) the sweet (beer) Af O 14 150 : 235f., cf.
GETIN.ME matqu, GETIN.ME marru Practical BA 5 673 No. 29 :14; i m . d g . g a . z u h a . b a .
Vocabulary Assur 184.; .ME DG.GA ibid. 127; a b . [r i] : sarka ta-a-bu liz[qamma] (see saru A
. [ g i] . d g . g a = ta-a-bu Hh. XXIV 17; d u g . mng. 4a) OECT 6 pl. 20 K.4812 :7f., see Maul Er-
a b . . d g . g a = (sappu) sa sam-ni ta-a-bi Hh. X sahunga 220 :17u; d u g 4 . g a . z u i m . z . e b . b a z i
138; d u g . a g a n . . d g . g a = [(sikkatu) sa samni k u r. k u r. r a . k e x(KID) : epis pka saru ta-a-bi na
ta-a-bi] Hh. X 109; [d u g . k u r 4 . k u r 4] . . d g . pisti matati (see saru A mng. 4a) SBH 45 No.
g a = [(kurkurru) sa samni ta-a-bi] Hh. X 119; 22 :17f.; u r ki [ k i] d g . g a : Uri asru ta-a-bi Ur,
d u g . h a l . . d g . g a = (hallu) sa ta-a-[bi] Hh. X the good place SBH 12 No. 5 r. 16f., see Cohen
231; [ ] . g i . d g . g a = MIN (= saman) qa-ni ta-a-bu Lamentations 211 :a+72; z i DN l u g a l g d g .
Hh. XXIV 30; g i . d g . g a = GI ta-a-bu Hh. VIII g a h . p d : ns DN beli sa rigimsu ta-a-bu MIN
5; a n . d l . d g . g a = MIN (= sululu) ta-a-bu Izi A (= tamta) be adjured by lord Adad whose roar is
iii 18; m . z . [z] . e b = GI.MI . d g . g a = KI. auspicious CT 16 14 iv 1f.; t u 6 . t u 6 d g . g a . z u
MIN (= sillu) ta-a-bu Emesal III 125; KI.LAM . u . m e . n i . s [ ] : sipatka ta-ab-t id[ma] utter your
d g . g a = MIN (= mahru) ta(var. t)-a-bu(var. -bi) benecial incantation Af O 23 44 :12f., also CT 17
Ai. II iii 24, vars. from Hh. II 138, Arnaud Emar 6 39 : 57f.; i n i m d g l u g a l . l a u d . s . d a .
542 :116; n u n d u n . d g . g a = ta-a-ba-tum Kagal D m u . u n . n a . a [ b . b ] : amata ta-ab-ta(var. -t) sa
Section 9 : 6u; n u n d u n . d g . g a = t(text ba)-ab- sarri ana ruqeti qibsi (see amatu A lex. section) An-
tum, n u n d u n . n u . d g . g a = la t-ba-tum Sag B gim IV 37 (= 188), cf. ibid. 48 (= 200); g e 6 .
325f.; e m e . d g . g a = t-a-b[u-um], e m e . n u . s a 9. m . s d g . g a . k e x k i . n s a g l .
d g . g a = la t-[a-bu-um] Sag B 256f.; [ k a . d g . u x(GIGAL) . l u p a p . h a l . l a . k e x h . e n . g u b .


tabu tabu
b u . u : ina musi masal ina sitti ta-ab-ti ina majali b z . e b . b a : belet teneseti rementu sa nashursa
ina res ameli muttalliki lu kajan may he remain ta-a-bu (see nashuru lex. section) ASKT p. 115 No.
constantly at the bedside, beside the restless man, 14 : 9., see Maul Ersahunga 309; m u . l u u g u . m u
in the middle of the night, during sweet sleep CT z . e b . b a m u . u n . a k : sa elija ta-a-bu lpusanni
16 45 :153f.; [ ] d g . g a [n u . m u . u n] . d a . k u . (see epesu lex. section) ASKT p. 116 No. 15 :15f.,
k u : [sit]ta ta-ab-[ta ul] isallal he will not sleep a see Maul Ersahunga 290; [u 5 . z . e] b . b a b u r. r a
sweet sleep CT 17 20 i 64f.; r. r a . a . n i g i 6 .u m . m a . a n . e : samna ta-a-ba sa puri lippa
d g.g a .bi nu .t i l . l a .e.d a . n i .d i n a. sisamma Volk Balag 85 : 67.
n a m : ina utlu musi ta-a-bu la uqatt sitt (see sittu u m .me.g a .l g a l l.e u m .me.g a .l g a
B lex. section) 4R 20 No. 1 :7f.; n a m . t a r d g . e . a : MIN (= museniqtu) sa tulsa ta-a-bu MIN sa
g a m i . n i . i n . t a r. r a : [sm]ta ta-ab-ta i-s-ma tulsa marru wet nurse whose breast is sweet, wet
4R 18 No. 1 :16f.; . k a . n a g e . d g . g a . t a nurse whose breast is bitter ASKT p. 8485 No.
a n .d a . a b.k i n .k i n .e. a l . u l . a . u .n i 11 : 36, see Borger, AOAT 1 5.
i n . a k . e : must [ei rti masqti] ta-a[b-t] ana GI ras, GI ta-bu = gisimmaru the tree of
ameli qati uttr x [. . .] Lambert BWL 268 ii 5. wealth, the sweet tree (is) the date palm CT 18 2 i
(proverbs). 60f. (syn. list).
s u n u . d g . g a b a r. r a n u . s i g 5 . g a : sa ana
sri la ta-a-bu ana zumri la damqu (the disease) a) said of water, food, drink : mamt
that is not good for the esh, not pleasant for the kma m nari t-bu-te ana asrisu aj itur
body CT 16 14 iii 43f.; t u . r a n u . d g . g a b a r. like fresh river water, may the curse never
b i z a g . s g . b a . n i . b : mursa la ta-a-ba(vars. -bi, return to its source JNES 15 142 : 34a, also
-bu) ina zum[ri]su uk[kis] (see zumru lex. section)
ibid. 140 :19 (lipsur-lit.); if on uncultivated
Schollmeyer No. 1 ii 9f., see Borger, JCS 21 6 : 45;
a(?) k m [. . .] s u n u . d g . g a . [ x ] : ana ummi u land burtu ippetma msa DG.GA a well
kussi sa ana sri la ta-bu 4R 26 No. 7: 31f.; [ . has been opened, and its water is fresh
s g ] g i g . g a h . a t u . r a n u . d g . g a h . [a ] : (parallel : msa marru its water is brackish
lu asakku marsu lu mursu la ta-[a-bu] (see asakku line 3) CT 39 22 : 2, cf. summa msa (NU)
lex. section) CT 17 34 : 21f., see Rmer, Sjberg
DG.GA if its water is (not) fresh CT 38
AV 468; . s g t u . r a n u . d g . g a l i g i n u .
22 : 28f. (both SB Alu); the army will go on
u n . b a r. r a : asakku mursu la ta-a-bu sa la naplusi
the asakku is a severe ailment, not to be beheld CT campaign, it will suer from thirst m NU
17 14 O 5f., cf. 4R 29 No. 1 r. 33; u d . b u . b u . DG.GA.ME isattma imt CT 20 7: 24 (SB
u l . a . b i n u . d g . g a : bubutu sa assu la ta-a- ext.); kamar sa tusabilam . . . [a]kulma [ma]
bu (see bubutu lex. section) Lugale V 32 (= 268); dis ina pja t-bu I ate the kamaru sh that
n g . m e . g a r n u . d g . g a u g u . n a g a r. r a : qulu
la ta-a-bu elisu ittaskan (see qulu lex. section)
you sent me, they were very tasty to me
urpu VVI 5f.; n g . n a m . h u l . a n g . n a m . ARMT 28 88 : 8, cf. upumtum ana psu t-
n u . d g . g a : mimma lemnu mimma NU DG-bu ba-at Mlanges Birot 178 A.3451 :14u (both Mari
Labat Suse 1 i 36f.; s a n u . d g . g a : seranu la ta- letters); madis t-ab kma t-bu lu d it
bu-t (see seranu lex. section) ASKT p. 8283 (the usummu rodent) is delicious had I
No. 11 :19, see Borger, AOAT 1 4.
known how delicious it is (I would not
u r z . e b . b a k i . k i z . e b . b a : URU DG
as-ri ta-a-bi the good city, the good place SBH 114 have sent any to PN ) TCL 17 13 :12f.; x
No. 60 : 6f., see Cohen Lamentations 638 : 4; [. . .] GETIN.{I.A damqatim u karas ta-bu-tim
k i z . e b . b a d . a . k i : URU.DG.KI s ina as- ana PN paqadim subilam send me two seah
ri ta-a-bi ib-ba-nu- [. . .] BM 42271 r. 18 (courtesy of good grapes and fresh leeks to supply PN
W. G. Lambert); k i . t u k z . e b . b a . z u : su
YOS 2 99 : 6, see Stol, AbB 9 99 (both OB letters);
batka elletu ta-ab-tum your pure, pleasant dwelling
SBH 119 No. 67 r. 24f.; u m u n . e u r . n i . a n a .
ZD.DA DG.GA . . . tena grind the fresh
m z . e b b a . a n . t a r. r e : belu sa URU-s smtu our YOS 7 186 : 8 (NB); DG.GA ikkal DG.
ta-ab-tum(text : -BI) isimmu the lord who deter- GA isatti he will eat fresh (food) and drink
mines a favorable destiny for his city SBH 55 No. fresh (drink) Kcher BAM 575 iv 32, cf. akuli
28 r. 18f., see Cohen Lamentations 408 :110; n a . ta-a-ba sit [daspa] BMS 30 : 5 and dupl. Loretz-
m z . e b b a . a n . t a r. r e d m u . z . e b . b a . s a 4 .
Mayer u-ila 64 :10u, see Mayer Gebetsbeschwrun-
a : smtam ta-ab-tam ismsu suma ta-a-bu imbsu (see
smu B mng. 1b2u) Studies Albright 346 r. 16; sa btat
gen 458, also ibid. 537 BM 79-7-8,50 :7u;
m u . l u a . z a . l u . l u . k e x . l . s g u r.a n . i . il akalu bani sikaru ta-a-ab kibsu bani su

tabu tabu

rubtu salmat (see akalu usage a6u) WZJ 8 of fresh beer (made) from dates that were
569 HS 112 : 4, also JCS 19 97: 2 (both MB letters); given to him from the Eanna temple for
NINDA-ma ul bani KA.SAG-ma ul ta-a-ab u the provisioning of the king YOS 7 129 : 4; 7
kibsumma ul bani the bread is inadequate, dannu KA DG.GA . . . KA.SAG sa PN sa
the beer is not ne, and the rites are not ina bt PN 2 nad seven vats of fresh beer,
proper PBS 1/2 27: 6 (MB let.); KA.SAG ul beer belonging to PN , that was stored in
ta-am-ma akalu ul banma BE 14 42 : 6 (MB the house of PN 2 Dar. 495 :1; 10 dannutu sa
leg.); all is well with the service of the tem- KA.SAG DG.GA VAS 6 111 :1, also VAS 6
ple akalu karanu sikaru DG.GA u sulum 58 : 4, 104 :11; 1 dannu KA DG.GA mal
ana bti the bread, wine, and beer are BE 9 3a : 2, and passim in Muras texts, but x
fresh, and all is well with the building dannu sikar mal DG.GA BE 8/1 158 : 4, 6,
YOS 3 194 :14; akalu lu bani sikaru lu ta-a- and 29, BE 9 74 :1, 106 :1; 50 dannu KA.SAG
bi the bread should be good, the beer labri mal ta-a-bi . . . 50 dannu KA.SAG
should be fresh BIN 1 2 :11, also, wr. DG. essu mal ta-a-bi BE 10 9 :11f., also ibid. 15f.;
GA BIN 1 33 : 9 (all NB), cf. ana NINDA ta- 200 dannu mal KA.SAG DG.GA Nbn.
bi-im Edzard Tell ed-Der 158 : 5 (OB); KA t- 787:12; nesep qabuttu KA DG.GA (see ne
bu KA SIG5 OBT Tell Rimah 268 :1, 269 :1, sepu mng. 2a1u) TuM 23 235 :1, cf. ibid. 16
270 :1; 1 (BN) masstu sa KA DG.GA kn
(all NB); ina karanim samim sa RN usabilam
(see masttu mng. 2a) Craig ABRT 1 25 r. i 10 DUG GETIN.{I.A DG.GA sa satja . . .
32; arkisu 1 SLA KA DG.GA isatti after-
librma from the red wine that Hammu-
ward, he drinks one sila of fresh beer
rapi sent to me, he is to select ten jars of
Kcher BAM 549 iv 15; as long as you have
sweet wine for me to drink ARM 10 131 :14;
him in bandages KA DG.GA NAG.ME
x DUG GETIN.{I.A sa[mim] t-ba-am sa
he should drink fresh beer ibid. 556 iii 5,
satja ibid. 133 :12, cf. ibid. 132 : 3; ammnim
cf. CT 23 47 iv 12; KA DG.GA tusabba
karanam t-ba-am la tasamamma la tusa
suma (see seb v. mng. 2a) AMT 31,7 ii 7;
bilam karanam t-ba-am subilam why did
KA L.DIN.NA DG.GA isattma he drinks
you not buy and send me sweet wine? Send
fresh beer from the beer seller AMT 21,4
r. 11; dates and cress seed ana ri-si-in-
me sweet wine VAS 16 52 :14 and 17 (OB let.);
du- KA DG.GA for steeping(?) fresh ina karani DG.GA u KA.SAG tarassan
beer Nbk. 233 : 3; dannu a 100 sikar DG. (see rasanu mng. 1a) Kcher BAM 575 iii 33;
GA ulahhamamma inandin he will prepare ina sikari ina karani DG.GA NAG.ME-ma
and deliver the aforesaid one hundred vats ibid. 574 iv 50, also AMT 2,7:7; karana DG.GA
of fresh beer BE 9 43 :12 (NB); immeru qeme isatti sahunu lu sa ameli lu sa sarri (see
tabtu sahl samnu KA DG.GA mutton, sahunu mng. 2) Kcher BAM 556 ii 69, dupl.
our, salt, cress, oil, fresh beer BRM 1 ibid. 42 :11, karana DG.GA NAG-ma iballut
71 : 2; 6-ta KA PAD DG.GA VAS 6 48 :1; 1 AMT 21,4 : 5; [kma m] nari ina nadi masl
dannu sa KA DG.GA ana 1 siqil kaspi ihb karana DG.GA (see masl mng. 1)
TuM 23 232 : 9, cf. ibid. 18, cf. also RA 26 17 :1 TCL 3 220 (Sar.); x GI.GETIN DG.GA sa
(= RA 10 68 No. 3038, casts), Moldenke 14 : 3; GN x sweet wine from Suhu VAS 6 121 :1
dannu KA DG.GA sa MU.13.KM fty (NB); Mama zamarasama eli dispim u kara
vats of fresh beer in the 13th year Nbn. nim ta-bu ta-bu- eli dispi u karanim ta-bu-
815 :18, also ibid. 20; 25 dannu KA DG.GA eli hananabma hashurim elu ulu himetim
Nbn. 600 : 4, cf. ibid. 9; 200 dannutu KA zaktim ta-a-bu elu hananabimma hashur
DG.GA ina sulupp sa ultu Eanna ana sus CT 15 1 : 3. (OB lit.), see Rmer, WO 4 12; ek
buttu sa sarri nadnassu uselma ina ekalli kalu NINDA la mat ta-bu Z.LU[M . . .]
sa GN inandin he will bring up and de- Lambert BWL 160 : 21 (Tamarisk and Date Palm),
liver at the palace in GN two hundred vats see Wilcke, ZA 79 178 : 69u.


tabu tabu

b) said of oil, herbs, reeds, perfume: (making) a days endowment of seventy

sitta qarnatim PN nasakkunuti ammakam silas of aromatic oil CT 32 3 ix 3. (NB Cruc.
.GI DG.GA ana PN 2 u PN 3 mallianis Mon. Manistusu); when you go to the nether
sunu (see qarnu mng. 4a) Jankowska KTK world saman puri ta-a-ba la tappassis ana
19 (= Golnische 20):14; sam[nam] t-ba-am irisisu ipahhuruka do not anoint yourself
sebilam CCT 2 16a : 28 (both OA); x U. with fragrant puru oil, they will swarm
R.MAN x DG subultum GN x cypress about you, attracted by its scent George
oil and x aromatic oil, a shipment to Qatna Gilg. XII 15; DG.GA SAG.KI II-s tapassas
MARI 3 100 No. 114 : 2; .SAG DG.GA TCL you rub aromatic oil on his temples Kcher
10 81 :18 (OB); 1 DUG DG.GA Wiseman Ala- BAM 482 ii 61; DG.GA ana libbi uznisu
lakh 56 : 33 (OB); 10 kirr[atu sa] DG.GA tanaddi you pour aromatic oil into his ear
mal ten kirru vessels full of aromatic oil AMT 105 : 9, dupl. AMT 35,5 : 2; istenis turrar
EA 25 iv 55, cf. EA 14 iii 3445, EA 34 : 24; task ina .GI DG.GA tuballal you roast
.ME sa DG.GA EA 35 : 24; ina umi .SAG and pound together (the medical ingredi-
DG.GA ana qaqqad marti i[tbuku] when ents) and mix them with aromatic oil AMT
they poured aromatic oil on the head of 5,1 :15, cf. ibid. 18; ina lip GAZ ina DG.GA
the princess (our lands became united) taltappat ina maski teterri you crush it in
KUB 3 24+ : 5 (let.), see Edel Korrespondenz 138 tallow, you smear aromatic oil on it, you
No. 53; 10 emar +GI DG.GA ten homers spread it on a piece of leather (and apply it
of aromatic oil (among foodstus for a royal as a poultice) Kcher BAM 436 vi 8; .GI
banquet) Iraq 14 35 :138 (Asn.); +GI DG. DG.GA dispu himetu tanaddma ibid. 152
GA iskuru riqqe DG.GA.ME . . . [u]d sa iv 5, dupl. AMT 69,2 : 5; ibratu nadta DG.
dulli (see iskuru usage d) ABL 368 :12, see GA lipsus (see ibratu usage b) KAR 178 vi
Cole and Machinist, SAA 13 76; ina muhhi riqqe 27 (SB hemer.), cf. ibid. r. v 54 and 77; DG.
DG.GA damati u abn [sa ina lib]bi usse GA ana res ameli tatabbak you pour aro-
nikarraruni with regard to the aromatics, matic oil on the mans head ibid. r. vi 42;
the fragrant oil, the damatu paste, and the DG.GA eli kulbab u pilssunu tasallah
precious stones that we will set into the (see kulbabu usage a) KAR 377 r. 38 (SB Alu
foundations ABL 471 r. 8, see Cole and Machin- namburbi); gizill rab sa . . . .GI DG.GA
ist, SAA 13 161 (both NA), cf. DG.GA riqqe salhu (see salahu A mng. 1b2u) RAcc.
u damati saplanum libnati lu astappak 119 : 29; this tablet with the oath sworn by
(see damu usage c) VAB 4 62 ii 52 (Nabopo- Assur is brought before the king DG.
lassar); send me samni DG.GA ana lapati GA izarriqu UDU.SISKUR.ME ippusu they
sa sam aromatic oil to rub on the canopy sprinkle aromatic oil, they perform sacri-
(of the gure of the god) YOS 3 89 :18 (NB ces (and it is read to the king) Craig
let.); samni DG.GA Nbn. 283 : 4, also ibid. 1 ABRT 1 23 ii 29 (NA oracles), see Parpola, SAA 9
and 13; tiddasu ina dispi .GI DG.GA dam 3; qan salali dispu himetu .GI .GI
ereni sikari karani lu ablul I mixed its (the DG.GA tasakkan you prepare salalu reed,
bricks) clay with honey, aromatic oil, cedar honey, ghee, oil, and aromatic oil 4R 25 iii
resin, beer, and wine WO 2 42 : 52 (Shalm. III), 1, cf. AAA 22 pl. 13 r. i 50, KAR 298 r. 33; you
for other refs. see dispu usage c2u; +GI soak the skin of a kid in milk and oil
(var. adds .ME) DG.GA dam ereni IM. (var. .GI) DG.GA saman arhi elleti ta
ME DG.GA.ME (among booty) AKA 284 passas you rub aromatic oil and cream
i 87 (Asn.), cf. Scheil Tn. II r. 18, and (among from a pure cow into it KAR 29 r.(!) 14 and
[a]na x DG.
oerings) OIP 2 81 : 28 (Senn.); dupls., see Farber Istar und Dumuzi 59 : 52; ka
GA x DG.GA lu uraddi x DG.GA KIN rana u .GI DG.GA istenis uballalma ina
UD.1.KAM to 35 silas of aromatic oil, I babi . . . inaqq he mixes wine and aromatic
added another 35 silas of aromatic oil, oil together and pours a libation at the

tabu tabu

gate RAcc. 118 : 8, cf. Weissbach Misc. 12 : 21, GA ana ummani uss a sweet breeze will
for other refs. see samnu; namurtu sa RN come from the god to the army Boissier DA
sar GN NA4.BABBAR.DILI nisiqti NA4.ME 218 r. 6, see Koch-Westenholz Liver Omens 336,
riqq DG.GA.ME leq iqbmma the gift also TCL 6 3 r. 38, KAR 442 r. 14 (SB ext.);
that RN , king of Saba, ordered to be qutrinn ta-bu--ti (var. DG.GA.ME) ma
brought : pappardil stone, precious stones, harsunu usasli (see qutrnu mng. 2b) Lam-
aromatic herbs OIP 2 138 : 49 (Senn.), cf. riqq bert BWL 60 : 92 (Ludlul IV); nignak burasi
ta-bu-t ibid. 53; 10 emar riqq DG.GA Iraq zaa irisa DG.GA a censer with juniper,
14 35 :139 (Asn.), cf. 2 emar riqqe DG.GA. resin, fragrant aroma KAR 42 : 26 and dupls.,
ME-te (see riqqu usage a1u) ADD 310 r. 9; see Farber Istar und Dumuzi 57; for other refs.
ina libbi 2 gizill erenu surmenu GI DG.GA see eresu A and zau; sarka DG.GA liz
tusannas (see gizill usage a) KAR 26+ r. 21, qamma napist lrik may your sweet breath
see Mayer, Or. NS 68 154 : 21b; [IM.GIG] GI waft over me, may my life be prolonged
DG.GA IM.LI [ah tu]raqqa istenis tubal BMS 18 :15, also RT 24 104 :11; [sa . . . ina] IM-
lal you press oil of kanaktu, oil of aromatic s-nu DG.GA ittalliku Rm. 441 : 4, see Hun-
reed, and juniper oil separately, then mix ger Kolophone No. 517; dTu-tu . . . il sari ta-a-
them together RA 53 16 r. 19; abra sa GI bi (Marduk is) Tutu, god of the sweet
DG.GA tukab[bat] tadak[ki] (see abru A breath En. el. VII 20, with comm. DINGIR =
usage b) BA 10/1 106 No. 25 : 3; ina takkussi i-lum, tu IM = s-a-ri, du DG = ta-a-bu
GI DG.GA ana libbi uzni sumelisu tulah STC 2 pl. 51 ii 16, see Bottro, Finkelstein Mem.
has (see lahasu mng. 2b) RAcc. 12 ii 11, also Vol. 7: 20; estem[i] sari sa sarri DG.GA-ta u
ibid. 9, KAR 218 : 9; GI DG.GA u NINDA ina ittast ana jsi (see as mng. 2d) EA
libbi tarakkas BBR No. 3137 fragm. 2 : 24; 3 297:18; sa iballit ina sehisu DG.GA (the
MA.NA IM.SAL 3 MA.NA GI DG.GA 3 king) who gives life with his sweet breath
MA.NA IM.MUG(copy ZADIM) UCP 9 93 EA 147: 9; GN u GN 2 [ pan s]ari ta-a-bu sa
No. 27:10, dupl. Durand Catalogue EPHE No. 607 sarri [belija] idaggalu the territories of Pu-
for other refs. see qan
(OB inv. of aromatics), qudu and Gurasimmu will wait attentively
mng. 2b and as A; elie DG.GA sa muhhi on the sweet breath of my lord, the king
sarri (see eliu) KAR 220 r. iv 8; e-li-a ABL 1089 r. 15 (NB); adi sari ta-a-bi Lambert
DG.GA KAR 140 r. 2. Love Lyrics 104 ii 18; IM.ME DG.GA.ME
issi ZI.ME-ka apaqqid I will entrust your
c) said of aroma, breath, breeze: kala life to sweet breezes Craig ABRT 1 6 : 25, see
riqq biblat GN sa eressun ta-a-bu all sorts Livingstone, SAA 3 13; IM.ME DG.GA.ME
of aromatics, products of Mount Amanus, illaku KAR 421 ii 4 and iii 5 (SB prophecies);
whose scent is fragrant Winckler Sar. pl. iltanu tenga manit nise ta-a-[bu] (see ma
35 :143, cf. OIP 2 106 vi 24 and 119 : 23 (Senn.); nitu) Lambert BWL 74 : 67 (Theodicy), cf. ibid.
gusure burasi eresu DG.GA TCL 3 246 343 : 6 (Ludlul I), dupls. George and al-Rawi, Iraq
(Sar.); dalat surmeni sa eressina DG.GA 60 192, Wiseman and Black Literary Texts 201;
(var. ta-a-bu) meser hurasi kaspi urakkisma izqamma iltanu manit bel ilani ta-a-bu
I tted with gold and silver ttings cy- Borger Esarh. 104 ii 5; IM NU DG.GA ittabak
press wood doors whose scent is fragrant urea (see tabaku mng 3c) JNES 33 274 : 6
Borger Esarh. 23 Ep. 31 : 6, var. from ibid. 87: 23, (SB inc.); ina la ta-a-bi sar ili mahhutis tab-
cf. Thompson Esarh. pl. 16 iii 28 (Asb.), CT 34 [x] Af O 19 52 :151 (prayer to Istar); in personal
simat bti umall
29 :13, 33 : 9, VAB 4 222 ii 12; names : DG-sa-ri, Tab-sa-a-ri see MAD 3
irisu ta-a-bi (see simtu mng. 3a2u) VAB 4 302 (OAkk.); DG-ab-sar-ili VAS 9 10 : 26 and
258 ii 14 (all Nbn.); ta-bu-tu illaku sa napsu 11 : 27 (OB), DG-ab-sar-DN UET 7 24 : 4, BE
(see napsu in sa napsi) Pallis Aktu pl. 8 : 8, 15 52 : 21 (MB); DG.GA-sar-DN ABL 100 : 2,
also Lambert Love Lyrics 112 :19; naps ili DG. 101 : 2, ADD 601 r. 4; DG.GA-sar-sarri ABL


tabu tabu

840 : 2; DG-sar-Arbail ADD 23 r. 2, DG- 447; ina Ulaja naru sa kibrusa DG.GA sid
IM-Istar SAA Bulletin 5 54 No. 21 r. 2, DG. ru sitkunu (see kibru mng. 1a) OIP 2 75 : 88
GA-IM-papahi ibid. 66 No. 29 :16 (all NA); for (Senn.); ana mel narkabti sitmur ss la ta-
other refs. see saru mng. 4a and sehu bat-ma (see mel mng. 2) TCL 3 22 (Sar.); a
mng. 2a. fortress on the river bank sa . . . ana qitrub
ummanatija la ta-bu (see qerebu mng. 8)
d) said of animals : ilten alpu DG.GA
1R 31 iv 26 (amsi-Adad V); k qaqqaru ta-a-bi
suklul sa mintisu suk[lulu] one ungelded
ina sepe lillikunu jan ina elippi lillikunu
bull, awless, whose proportions are aw-
(see qaqqaru mng. 2a) TCL 9 84 : 22 (NB let.);
less VAB 4 154 A iv 30 (Nbk.); summa 1 al
adi middassu nimmaruni ina bet DG.
pam lem summa 1 arham ta-ab-tam (see
arhu B usage a2u) VAS 16 129 : 23; alpu GA-u-ni ina bet marsuni ana LUGAL belija
salassunu t-ab (see salamu A s. mng. 1d) nisappar as soon as we can inspect its (the
ibid. 9 :7 (both OB).
canals) measurements (to determine) where
it is easy and where it is dicult (to navi-
e) said of garments, textiles : I do not gate), we will send a report to the king, my
have enough food subat t-ba-am ula su lord ABL 621 r. 2, see Parpola, SAA 1 210; rtu
nor do I have a decent garment of my own ta-ab-t good pastureland (for context see
TCL 1 9 : 6u (OB), see Kraus, RA 65 30; SG ta-ab- rtu mng. 1a2u) Borger Esarh. 106 iii 35; qer
tum q-ir-mu u bi-ir-ri-su.ME Nbn. 258 : 9, bi Babili ta-a-bi elsis listakkana hidtu let
coll. Roth, Af O 3637 30 n. 126; qasatni ta-ab-t there be ebullient rejoicing in beautiful
ibbalkitma (see nabalkutu mng. 3g) Cagni Babylon Pinches Texts in Bab. Wedge-writing
Erra I 89. p. 15f. No. 4 r. 10 (NB lit.); note in geographical

f) said of metals, materials : asammema names : D {arri-DG.GA AnOr 9 3 : 55 (NB),

werium ina GN t-ab I hear that the cop- cf. Jursa Landwirtschaft 182 No. 65 : 9; e r i .
per in GN is of good quality BIN 4 64 :13; d gki = KI.MIN (= Babili) URU ta-a-bi Iraq
AN.NA-ku ta-bu Matous Prag I 813 : 5u (both OA); 5 56 : 21 (Topography of Babylon), see George Top-
5 URUDU 3 GUN URUDU DG.GA ve ographical Texts 38, dupl. George, Die oriental-
(talents) of copper, three talents of ne ische Stadt (= CDOG 1) 139; in personal
copper EA 40 :13 (let. from Alasiya); 3 sahu si names : A-al-DG ICK 1 63 : 6, 187: 4, 191 : 42
parri DG.GA Wiseman Alalakh 415 : 5 (MB); (OA); t-ab-Urim CT 4 47a : 38; Sippir-t-ab
agurru mala DG.GA ittasu they took CT 47 19 : 24 (both OB); for MB personal names see
whatever bricks were in good condition Hlscher Personnennamen 223f. and 263; DG.
UCP 9 67 No. 44 :13 (NB); gabari lei surmeni GA-Uruk VAS 6 184 :19, 188 :13 (NB).
ta-be copy of an original on a writing board h) said of buildings : has no one told you
made of ne cypress wood KAR 151 r. 68, kma istu umim sa ana alija alliku ina sub
see Hunger Kolophone No. 221; the goldsmiths
tim t-ab-tim la usbu that ever since I went
making the statue of Istar are to be in- to my city I have not lived in a satisfac-
structed sa isakkanu ina qat sumelisu NA4.
tory place? Kraus AbB 1 134 : 27; DN u mar
UK sa la hatti DG.GA-i ikkassidu that
DN usarm subassunu ta-ab-ti (after) I
they are to set in her left hand a . . . .-stone
caused Bel and the son of Bel to occupy
that is betting a ne scepter ZA 70 66 :13
their pleasant dwelling VAB 4 284 ix 45
(Nbn.); bt naptar sa kma ta-bu u nuppusu
g) said of terrain, places : DG.GA ina kullimsuma (see napasu A mng. 5b) VAS
narkabtija marsa [ina] sepeja lu etetiq I tra- 16 21 :19, see Frankena, AbB 6 21, cf. van Soldt,
versed the good (terrain) in my chariot, the AbB 12 144 :18; in personal names : DG-
dicult on foot AKA 45 ii 71, cf. ibid. 65 iv ab-Esagila YOS 13 91 : 24, cf. VAS 9 184 : 4
66, 83 vi 51, 143 iv 35 (all Tigl. I), and Lie Sar. (both OB).


tabu tabu

i) said of sleep: ina majal musi ul uqat in personal names : DG-ab-ri-gim-su BE 14

t sitti ta-ab-tim (see qat mng. 5b) OECT 1 115 : 9 (MB); DG.GA-ri-gi-ma-t-dIM ADD
25 ii 21 (Nbn.); ina ta-a-bi majal[i . . .] (in 64 :10.
broken context) Af O 19 53 iii 179 (SB prayer);
l) said of re: isata ta-ab-tum tasarrap
summa amelu islalma sittasu elisu DG.
you keep a good re burning Oppenheim
GA itbma [. . .] if a man goes to sleep, his
Glass 44 s 14 :113; isata ta-ab-ta la qatirta
sleep is pleasant, but he arises [. . .] AMT
47,1 :1; linhka sittu DG.GA may sweet tasarrap ibid. 34 A s 1 :16 and 18, B s 1 : 30.
sleep pacify you Craig ABRT 2 8 iv 2 (inc.), see m) said of health, the body, etc.: let
Farber Baby-Beschwrungen 84 : 359; [s]itta ta- him wash his hair and throw away his old
ab-ta ul isb panua I could not get enough garments ta-a-bu lu sapu zumursu soak
sweet sleep to satisfy me George Gilg. X 254; his body so fair George Gilg. XI 256, cf. ibid.
sitti la ta-ab-tu reh salali (see reh mng. 265; Ea said : O Belet-il, create a king ta-
3b) Lambert BWL 52 :11 (Ludlul III). a-bi ubbihi gimir lanisu cover his form so
j) said of prayers, praises, songs : [. . . fair VAS 24 92 : 34u (SB lit.), see Mayer, Or. NS
mara]t Sin ana dalali ta-a-bu it is pleasant 56 56; summa miniatuka la ta-ba if your
to glorify [. . .] the daughter of Sin Af O 19 health is bad PBS 7 123 : 6 (OB let.); sram ta-
54 iv 211 (SB prayer); ta-bat hissatka sitmara ba-am ana nis ana dar ism he decreed
parriku (see sitmaru usage b) Af O 19 61 : 2 well-being for the people for all time CH
and 4 (SB prayer), cf. Or. NS 36 116 : 6 (SB Gula xli 34; makale masqti suluku elija srua ta-
hymn), JCS 21 129 r. 5 (SB lit.); DN . . . sa bu-ma ullusi libb food and drink suit me,
spusu DG.GA AKA 257 i 9, also AKA 208 i 7 my body is healthy, my spirit is joyful
(both Asn.), Statue de Tell Fekherye 7, Af O 11 368 AnSt 8 5 ii 32 (Nbn.); ina srim ta-bi-im was
No. 8 : 6 (SB lit.); k ta-a-bu suppki k qerub bat she is living in good health CT 52
nesmki (see nesm mng. 2) BMS 8 :1 and 144 : 3u; I have a brother who cares nothing
dupls.; unambi Belet-il[] ta-bat rigma (see about me ina srija la ta-bi-im mnam telqe
nab B v. usage b) George Gilg. XI 118; mal what have you gained from my ill health?
lu halilu sa rigimsu ta-a-bu (see mallu) Boyer Contribution 119 : 33 (both OB letters); ana
Craig ABRT 1 15 : 6 and dupl., see Farber Istar und mar belija sulmu dannis kurummassu ikkal
Dumuzi 130 : 41; sepka ina .KUR u qataka u srsu ta-ab-su it goes very well indeed
ina irat Assur ilika lu DG.GA ina mahar with my lords son, he eats his food, and he
Assur ilika sang[t]ka u sangta sa mareka is healthy PBS 1/2 25 :12 (MB let.); since my
lu ta-ba-a[t] (see sangtu usage b2u) MVAG brothers messenger has been here sr ul
41/3 12 ii 32. (MA royal rit.); ina qerbetisu ta-ba-an-ni-ma I have not been well EA 7: 9,
nadti . . . rigim alala DG.GA usals nisesu also ibid. 12 and 14 (let. from Babylon); mimma
I made his (the king of Urartus) people lemnu mimma la DG.GA sa ina zumrija
sing out the cheerful work-song in his fal- srja siranja bas whatever pain, what-
low elds TCL 3 207 (Sar.); for other refs. ever ache there is in my body, my muscles,
see alala usages b and c. my sinews Maqlu VII 121; sr ameluti la ta-
a-[bu] dam ameluti nis-bu--[ti] the aching
k) said of noise, thunder : DN lu sumsu esh of humankind, the . . . . blood of hu-
kissat sam lrimma ta-a-bu(var. -ba) rigma
mankind 4R 58 ii 35 (Lamastu); unclear : la
su eli erseti lirtassin let him (Marduk) be
ta-a-bi sa rem[iki] Lambert Love Lyrics 112 ii
called Adad, let him cover all the sky, let
6; upassih siran mintika la DG.GA.ME
his benevolent voice thunder over the earth
(see pasahu v. mng. 2c) Maqlu VII 42.
En. el. VII 120, cf. sa kissat sam [i-ri-mu-
ma] ta-a-bu rigmas[u] CT 25 47 K.8222 :7 (list n) said of personal and political rela-
of gods), cf. also CT 16 14 iv 1f., in lex. section; tionships : sa ittija t-bu OBT Tell Rimah

tabu tabu

1 :10, cf. ibid. 35; ina mar alimma sa ittija tions with me, and as for me, I am indeed
t-bu ARM 2 137: 9; itti abika lu t-ba-at well disposed toward you Ugaritica 5 26 : 8f.
Birot Mem. Vol. 238 No. 122 : 24 (Mari let.); (all letters); ak deiq ak DG.GA ak na
sukun athutti DG.GA-ti ina birinu (see at siq . . . sa sarru bel epusuni (see nasqu us-
hutu usage b) EA 1 : 64 (let. from Egypt); [n age b) ABL 358 r. 22, see Parpola, SAA 10 227;
nu(?)] ta-bu-tu itti a[hamis] we are at peace ina muhhi GN lu DG.GA-a-ku-nu GN ina
with one another EA 10 : 23; k abbuni itti muhhikunu lu ta-ba-at may you (the king
ahamis ta-a-bu nnu lu ta-ba-nu as our fa- and his descendants) be good to Assyria,
thers were friendly with each other, let us may Assyria be good to you CT 53 31 r. 3f.,
too be friendly EA 8 :11f.; k sa pana atta u see Parpola, SAA 10 185 (both NA); PN ahua s
abu[a] itti ahamis ta-ba-tu-[nu] as you and ana ahhutika ta-a-bi (see ahhutu mng. 1)
my father were once friendly with each BIN 1 9 :17 (NB let.); k epesu ta-a-bi EN.ME
other EA 6 : 9 (all letters from Babylon); k atta li-pu-us my lords should behave in a
itti abija ta-ba-a-ta EA 17: 21; ina berini lu friendly fashion YOS 3 78 :13 (NB); dicult :
t-a-b-nu EA 19 : 32 (both letters from Mi- L {indari gabbi ta-a-bi uqatti all the Hin-
tanni); atta u anaku ina berini kanna lu ta-a- daru put an end to good terms Cole Nippur
b-a-nu EA 41 : 20 (let. from Hatti); inanna 13 :7 (early NB).
anaku u ksa ta-bu-tu nnu EA 10 :11, cf. ibid.
10 (let. from Babylon); may the gods protect o) said of utterances, news, reports 1u
my brother and me and grant us both amatu : awtim t-ba-tim lappitassuma (see
great joy u k t-a-bi i npus and let us lapatu mng. 4c) CCT 4 31a : 30 (OA); PN aw
behave in a cordial fashion EA 23 : 30 (let. tim t-ba-tim ispuram PN has sent friendly
from Mitanni); anaku addin [ana alakisunu words to me OBT Tell Rimah 61 : 5; awtim
ana k]sa k DG.GA k DG.GA in a most t-ba-tim-ma ina tuppim sutterma ARM 1
friendly fashion I allowed them (the phy- 24 :7, see Charpin and Durand, MARI 4 302 n. 44;
sicians) to come to you JCS 1 243 r. 16, see awtim t-ba-tim x u danna[tim] ana P [N
Edel gyptische rzte 106, cf. KUB 3 63 :13 and adbu]bma I spoke to PN of matters both
65 :15; temsunu k DG.GA ana amari KUB pleasant and harsh ARM 14 118 :15, cf. ARM
3 31 :7 (all letters from Egypt), also KBo 3 84 r. 10 2 24 : 8; assum awtim la t-ba-tim appalsu
(treaty);ahuja ta-a-bu ana lemutti -[ul . . . ana PN dannatim askun because I be-
utr(?)] my brother will not turn good came aware of some disturbing matters, I
into bad KBo 8 14 :7 (let.), see Edel Korrespon- gave strict instructions to PN ARM 14
denz No. 5; [summ]a arkanum {urri ina rig 83 : 27; ana L RN temam kl u awtuka lu
ma t-a-bi mimma [ub]aasunuti (see bu t-ba-sum Studies Landsberger 193 : 22, see Eidem
mng. 3a2u) KBo 1 5 iv 8 (treaty); sa ittini ta- and Laesse Shemshara Letters 64; amtesu sa
a-ab KUB 3 24 : 9 (let.); k ta-bi dugulsu (see ahija . . . k esm u t-a-bu dannis u ahtadu
dagalu mng. 1a1u) MRS 6 16 RS 15.33 : 29; k maduti dannis when I heard the words
[k] DG.GA dugulsu MRS 9 197 RS 17.78 :18; of my brother, they seemed to me most
k damqi k DG.GA ana pani sarrisu qar gracious, and I was very pleased indeed
ribsu be so good and gracious as to escort EA 19 : 26 (let. from Mitanni); PN illakam u ub
him before his king MRS 6 5 RS 15.14 : 27; balam amte sarri belija bantam u DG.
you and I are brothers u ina berini a[m GA-ta u hadiaku dannis dannis PN came,
m]ni la-a DG.GA-ni why should rela- bringing friendly and gracious words from
tions between us not be cordial? MRS 9 133 the king, my lord, and I was very, very
RS 17.116 : 24; u atta bel tahumija u ittija lu pleased EA 164 : 6; amatu DG.GA u an
t-b-ta u anaku ana muhhika DG.GA-ku nama lemna ana sarri belija liwassar (see
as for you, you are the ruler of territory on lemnu adj. mng. 1a3u) EA 149 :16; sitta amti
my border so you should have cordial rela- sa ina pan sarri belija la ta-a-ba PN tepus

tabu tabu

PN has made two statements that will be 101; dibb annte sa tepus sa ina muhhi ili u
displeasing to the king, my lord ABL 716 ameli ta-a-bu sunu (see dibbu mng. 4) ABL
r. 5 (NB); epsu bartu abutu la DG.GA(vars. 1380 :16 (NB); mannu panka banti l[mur]
add -tu, -t) la deiqtu teppasanissuni (see u d[abab]ka ta-ba lis[me] if only one could
bartu usage b1u) Wiseman Treaties 67, also see your splendid face and hear your gra-
ibid. 107 and 187; whoever says to you ma cious utterance PBS 1/2 36 : 8 (MB); for
abassu la DG.GA-tu la deiqtu qibia make other refs. see dababu s. mng 1a; you will
wicked, improper statements against him not weary of prayer, your tongue will not
(the crown prince) Wiseman Treaties 325; falter on your lips sa anaku dababu DG.
mannu sa abutu la deiqtu [la t]a-ab-t u GA attanaddanakka because I will bestow on
nabalkattu [ina muh]hi RN . . . [ta]salliani you the gift of gracious speech Craig ABRT
teppasani any of you who deceitfully com- 1 5a :11 (NA lit.), see Livingstone, SAA 3 13.
mits impropriety, treachery, or rebellion
3u p, epis p, saptu : ana PN PN 2 u awle
against Assurbanipal ABL 1239 :13, see Parpola
dubub saptaka lu t-ba speak to PN , PN 2,
and Watanabe, SAA 2 8 (text of loyalty oath); PN
and the gentlemen, may your speech be
. . . amat la ta-ab-tum sa sarri iqb PN
sweet CT 29 11b :13, see Frankena, AbB 2 141;
spoke treason Arnaud Larsa 54 : 5 (NB), see
epis pka lu ta-ab Kraus, AbB 5 178 r. 7u; note
Jursa, Cagni Mem. Vol. 503; PN . . . amat sarri
with eli : a tablet and a messenger should
iltutu amati la ta-ab-ti ana muhhi ekalli
arrive lam p kabtim sa eli belija t-bu be-
[ilt]akan PN has scorned the royal order,
fore there is a notice from some courtier
he has put out a wicked statement against
that pleases my lord CT 52 152 r. 13u, see
the palace ABL 1363+ :13, see Reynolds, SAA 18
Kraus, AbB 7 152; epis psu eli ili u sarri
57: 21; musadbibu sa amat la ta-ab-ti ana
DG-ab Kcher BAM 161 ii 10; ina KA DG.
muhhi [ PN] iqabb lu ana muhhi bel piqit
GA u sal[m tubbati] PRT 1 :10, see Starr, SAA
ti sa [PN 2] iqabb a plotter who utters
4 44; as it says in an Akkadian song assu
wicked statements against PN or utters
pka DG.GA reua gabbu ummani upaqqka
them against the district ocer of PN 2
(for context see zamaru s. usage b) ABL 435
ABL 1105 :13; amassunu ibassi sa illika ul
r. 11; ta-bu pmma watar bintam (Sin) is
ta-bu- ABL 436 :17 (all NB), see Dietrich, SAA
gracious in utterance, surpassing in form
17 106.
CT 15 5 ii 3 (OB lit.); ina p DG.GA [is]si
2u dibbu, dababu : you are not to keep su dubbu ABL 387:12; bt ina pani urdute
your messenger away from the Phrygian illakassunni ina pan urdute eppas bt ina
ruler dibb DG.GA.ME suprassu send p DG.GA illak ina p DG.GA eppas
friendly overtures to him Iraq 20 182 ND whether he comes to him out of obligation
2759 :14, cf. ibid. 183 : 63, see Parpola, SAA 1 1; as a vassal and acts as a vassal or comes as
dibb DG.GA.ME issisunu adabbub (for a result of blandishments and acts on blan-
context see kajamanu adv.) ABL 1046 :11 dishments ABL 945 :10f. (both NA); k ta-a-ab
(both NA); ahua dib-ba ta-bu-tu ittisu lidbub P-u-lisanu mannu isannanki DN how good
my brother ought to speak with him in is (your) Mouth-and-Tongue, who can com-
friendly terms Cole Nippur 1 :13 (early NB let.); pare to you, O Lady-of-Eanna? Limet Sceaux
annurig dibb DG.GA.ME [issi]sunu adab Cassites 8.11 : 3, cf. k DG KA E[ME] ibid.
bub I am now speaking with them in 8.12 : 3, k DG.GA KA EME ibid. 8.13 : 3,
friendly terms ABL 129 r. 21, cf. ABL 208 :12, cited lisanu mng 1d2u; summa kakku suatu lib
914 : 5, CT 54 49 r. 5 (all NA); for other refs. bi KA DG.GA ittul bel nukurtika ana sulmi
see dibbu A mng. 1a and 1b; will he con- isapparku summa al nakri u ummansu ina
quer that city ina dibb ta-b[u-ti] through KA DG.GA tasabbat if that weapon-mark
friendly words? PRT 11 : 5, see Starr, SAA 4 faces the middle of the (ominous feature

tabu tabu

called) the good mouth, your enemy will tection over it YOS 1 43 :7, cf. sululsu ta-
send you courteous greetings, or else you a-bu elika liskun ibid. 9; ina sillika ta-a-bi
will capture the enemys city and his army liskun[u . . .] BM 65637 right col. 6 (courtesy
through blandishments KAR 148 : 8 and 9; W. G. Lambert); you, Marduk, sought me and
for the ominous feature called KA DG.GA chose me from among my brothers sululka
see JCS 37 148 No. 18 : 9, 13, and 19, also JCS 11 DG.GA (var. ta-a-bi) taskunamma elija
102 : 6, for other refs. see Kraus, JCS 37 172 (all and placed your benevolent protection over
MB ext.); in a personal name : DG-p-Assur me Borger Esarh. 16 Ep. 11 :15, var. from Af O 24
CCT 2 8 : 21 (OA). 117; SILA ta-a-bi [eli u]lalu silla[su] street
(called) His-Protection-Is-Benecial-for-
4u other occs.: [nik]lu la danqu dababu
the-Weak Iraq 36 44 : 65, see George Topographi-
[la ta]-a-bu ina muhhi RN sar mat Assur
cal Texts 66; ilu rabtu . . . andullasunu DG.
[belikunu ina lib]bi libbikunu tanakkilanin
ni [tadabbub]ani ussuktu [la dei]qtu milku GA elija itr[usuma] AAA 20 84 :77 (Asb.); for
la ta-a-bu sa shi barte [ina libbiku]nu ina other refs. see andullu mng. 2, sillu mngs.
muhhi RN sar mat Assur belikunu [tamal 1 and 5, sululu mng. 2; kiribta DG.GA-
l]ikani tadabbubani if you (pl.) contrive and ta (var. ta-ab-ta) likrubunima (see kiribtu
bruit about wicked artice or malicious mng. 2) AKA 103 viii 35 (Tigl. I); ina ki
statements about your lord Assurbanipal, rimmesa DG.GA tahsinkama (see kirim
king of Assyria, if you contemplate and mu usage b) Streck Asb. 192 r. 8, also 118 v 71;
bruit about a bad suggestion(?) or malicious [ina] teka ta-bi liddappir mursu may the
thoughts of sedition or rebellion against illness be driven out by your benecent
your lord Assurbanipal, king of Assyria spell AMT 93,3 : 8; hatti isarti reti ta-ab-ti
ABL 1239+ :17 and 20, see Parpola and Watanabe, sibirri kni . . . lu isiq sarrutija ana daria
SAA 2 8; RN . . . [sa] ana DN matisu nisesu ti (see retu mng. 2c) VAB 4 102 iii 12
lemuttu la DG.GA-t ubama (see bu (Nbk.); in personal names : DG-b-s-l-
mng. 3b) Winckler Sammlung 2 1 :19 (Sar.); Assur TCL 20 166 : 3, and passim in OA; T-ab-
milku sa ina muhhi sarri belija ta-a-bu ana sillum YOS 8 124 : 31, BIN 7 194 :14, cf. Birot
sarri imalliku they are giving the king Tablettes 72 viii 38, CT 45 19 : 5; T-ab-silli-DN
advice that is advantageous for the king, YOS 13 168 :10 and 20, 275 :10 (all OB); DG-ab-
my lord ABL 517 r. 8, also ibid. r. 13 (NB); aw silli-DN UET 7 23 : 6, 41 : 5 (MB); DG.GA-
lum s mali elisu t-bu ana pani PN mar silli-Ekur ABL 95 : 2, 483 : 2 (both NA); DG.
siprim . . . idbu[b] RA 66 118 : 27 (Mari let.); GA-silli-sarri ABL 1119 r. 7 (NB); Ta-ab-sil
send a message u atta mimma ak sa ta-a-bi lasu OECT 13 82 : 5, cf. UET 5 292 i 3 (both OB);
itt dubub and you yourself make whatever l l . r. a l i m . m a = DG.GA-utli-Enlil
asseveration is appropriate as well YOS 3 Benign-Is-the-Lap-of-Enlil 5R 44 ii 17, see
125 : 27 (NB); temu nasqu altaprakkunu[si Lambert, JCS 11 12, also Ta-a-bi-utul-Enlil
t]emkunu ta-a-bu ul taspurani I sent a care- (comm. on l l . r. a l i m . m a) Lambert
ful statement to you (pl.), but you did not BWL 48 (comm. to Ludlul III 25), cf. STC 1 217 r.
send me a friendly statement of your own 2, see Lambert BWL 296.
VAS 24 91 r. 15 (NB lit.).
q) said of fate, destiny : smtu ta-ab-
p) said of divine and royal attention, t(var. -tu) smtu damiqtu a happy destiny,
protection, patronage, blessings, spells : ta- a fortunate destiny Borger Esarh. 27 viii 35;
ba nashurka gamilata benevolent is your smtu ta-ab-tu ismuinni ABL 926 :15 (NB);
attention, you are forgiving OECT 6 pl. 6 r. DN . . . smtu la ta-ab-t lu [tasmsu] may
17; for other refs. see nashuru; do no harm Tasmetu allot for him an unhappy destiny
to this grave, protect the grave site silli Iraq 19 133 ND 5463 : 21 (NA leg.); mimma
ta-a-bi elisu turus extend a benevolent pro- DG.GA lu ikkibkunu mimma GIG lu s

tabu tabu

matkunu (see ikkibu mng. 1b2u) Wiseman also ABL 1168 r. 9f., see Parpola, SAA 10 254;
Treaties 489. asipu uhulgal la DG.GA U.L.L.KM
la inassi the exorcist should not perform a
r) said of auspicious, favorable, suitable
hand-raising prayer on an inauspicious evil
times, events 1u days, months : ezib sa
day ABL 23 : 21, see Parpola, SAA 10 240; ta-a-
dn ume ann kma DG.GA kma hat dis-
ba ana alaki UD.2.KAM ta-a-ba UD.4.KAM
regard (the formulation) of todays case,
adannis ta-a-ba it is a good time to go, the
whether it is correct or awed Knudtzon second day is good and the fourth day is
Gebete 66 : 8, see Starr, SAA 4 89, and passim in
very good ABL 77 r. 3., see Parpola, SAA 10
these texts; UD.4.KAM DG UD UD.5.KAM 53; UD.13.KAM DG.GA lepusu ABL 76 r.
DG KAR 151 r. 58, also ibid. 59., see Pon-
13, see Parpola, SAA 10 59, cf. UD.8.KAM
gratz-Leisten, SAAS 10 327; ina ITI SI.S ina
DG.GA ana epasi ABL 370 r. 11, see Parpola,
umi DG.GA ina serti lam amas ittapha in SAA 10 277; the 20th, 22nd, and 25th days
a favorable month, on an auspicious day, ana sakani sa ad ta-a-ba are propitious for
in the morning, before sunrise KAR 50 r. 1, taking the oath ABL 384 r. 2, see Parpola,
see RAcc. 24 (rit.); ina umi DG.GA on an SAA 10 5; dibb annti umu anniu ana
auspicious day Oppenheim Glass 43 A s 13 : 95; hasasi la ta-a-ba this is not a good day for
MN urhu ta-a-bu s UD.ME-s DG.GA. considering these matters ABL 352 r. 11, see
ME mada . . . ta-a-ba adannis ana el ina Parpola, SAA 10 61; because I am looking
pan sarri belija Ajaru is a good month, its after him umu anniu la ta-ba ana alaki to-
good days are many, it is extremely propi- day is not good for me to go (I will go to-
tious for going before the king, my lord morrow) ABL 1 r. 3, see Parpola, SAA 10 222;
ABL 652 :13 and 16, cf. ibid. 6, see Parpola, SAA k issiar[i u]m il al[i su]tuni . . . la DG.GA
10 207; UD DG.GA amur select an auspi- ana u[s] ana epa[se] (it slipped my mind)
cious day ABL 673 :12, cf. MN DG.GA UD. that tomorrow is the day of the city god,
17. KAM DG.GA ibid. r. 1f., cf. ibid. 7, see it is inappropriate for going out and per-
Parpola, SAA 10 14; the king asked ma mar forming the ritual ABL 20 r. 3, see Parpola,
sarri ta-ba-a ina pan sarri ana erabi adannis SAA 10 260; ina ITI DG.GA ume salmu . . .
ta-a-ba umu anniu mar sarri ina pan sarri usssu addma I laid its foundations in an
belija leruba Is it an auspicious (time) for auspicious month, on a favorable day OIP 2
the crown prince to have an audience with 137: 30 (Senn.); ina ITI DG.GA ume sem
the king? It is very auspicious, let the Streck Asb. 86 x 81, also ibid. 188 r. 27, also Bhl
crown prince have an audience with the urhu
Leiden Coll. 3 35 : 29 and 32 (Sin-sar-iskun);
king, my lord, this very day ABL 1383 :10., anniu ta-ba-a is this month propitious?
cf. ITI ta-a-ba umu anniu ta-a-ba the month ABL 365 : 8, cf. ibid. r. 2; MN ITI DG.GA s
is favorable, this day is favorable ibid. r. 5f., the month of Duuzu is a favorable month
see Parpola, SAA 10 73; lillika ta-ba ana alaki ABL 471 :15; MN MN 2 ITI.ME ta-bu-u-ti
let him come, it is favorable to come ABL sunu ABL 1092 :15, also r. 10, 1308 : 8f.; ta-ba
406 r. 10, see Parpola, SAA 10 70; tuppa k qaretu ana epase (this month) is auspi-
amuru ina MN ana nes ta-ab (see nes v. cious for arranging the divine banquet
mng. 1) BE 17 23 :16 (MB let.); umu DG. ABL 406 :12, cf. ibid. 11 and r. 3, see Parpola,
GA.ME sa sarru bel s iqbni . . . PAP 8 SAA 10 70;ina ITI.AB ana usburrudani epase
UD.ME sa MN sa ana epes sibti palah il ta-[a-ba] it is auspicious to perform the
ta-ba-a-ni the auspicious days about which apotropaic spells during the month of Ka-
the king, my lord, spoke, altogether there nunu ABL 18 :16, see Parpola, SAA 10 255;
are eight days in Ajaru that are auspicious hurasu liptiu res urah ta-bu-u-ni ana um
for doing business and serving the gods man liddinu dullu lepusu (the king should
ABL 1140 : 5 and r. 4, see Parpola, SAA 10 379, give orders that) they are to release the

tabu tabu

gold from under seal, and, at the begin- igammela their activities became distress-
ning of a month that is propitious, they ful to her, their behavior was not appropri-
are to give it to the craftsmen so that they ate, but she indulges them En. el. I 28; (if
can do the work ABL 114 r. 10; umu essu k the sun and the moon appear together on
kaqqad urhimma e-pe-es ta-a-ba a new day the 13th day) alakti la ta-ab-ti ina mati
has the same nature as the beginning of ibassi there will be improper conduct in
the month, it is favorable ABL 354 :17, cf. the land Thompson Rep. 120 : 3; estu dalhatu
ibid. r. 8, see Parpola, SAA 10 52 (all NA); in u NU DG.GA.ME ina mati ibassma there
personal names : DG-ab-UD.20.KAM BE 14 will be confusion, calamity, and discontent
148 : 35, BE 15 191 :19 (both MB); note UD.ME in the land KAR 421 ii 13 (SB prophecies);
DG.GA.ME GABA.RI mat Assur hemer- eninna min ta-a-ba tikk tikkaka seberu ana
ology (lit. auspicious days), a copy from As- nari nasaku ta-a-ba what, then, is the
syria KAR 177 r. iv 39, cf. (colophons) ibid. obv. right thing to do? To break your neck and
iv 25, UD.ME DG.GA.ME AL.TIL KAR mine and to throw (ourselves) into the river
178 r. i 70 (hemer.), cf. also ADD 869 iii 8 (library is the right thing Lambert BWL 148 : 80.
catalog), see Parpola, JNES 42 19; ultu UD.ME (Dialogue); DG.GA-i sa anaku akanna amut
DG.GA.ME sa barti issattar (see sataru tu is it right that I am perishing here?
mng. 7a1u) RA 61 36 K.57 colophon (SB ext.); BIN 1 40 : 6 (NB let.); in the formulation ana
UD.16.KAM ina libbi UD.ME DG.GA. + innitive + tabu : namburb sa attal x
ME ta-a-ba UD.17.KAM NU DG.GA the tepsu mnu htu ana epesu ta-a-bi they have
16th day, according to the hemerology, is performed an apotropaic ritual against the
good, but the 17th day is not good ABL 362 eclipse, what is the harm? Performing (it)
r. 11f., cf. ibid. obv. 12 and r. 3, see Parpola, SAA is ne ABL 895 r. 5, see Parpola, SAA 10 114; I
10 221. will deposit (in the collection) whatever
tablet the king likes and remove from it
2u omens, dreams : mupassiru . . . su
whatever tablet the king dislikes tuppani
na[ti pard]ati NU DG.GA.ME he who dis-
sa adbub ana ume sti ana sakanu ta-a-bi it
pels (the evil portended by) inauspicious
would be a good thing to preserve the tab-
troubling dreams Iraq 18 62 :18 (SB nam-
lets that I mentioned for the distant future
burbi), 4R 17 r. 16, LKA 109 :15 and dupl. BMS
ABL 334 r. 13, see Parpola, SAA 10 373; mimma
62+ :11, see Maul Namburbi 469; sunate pardate
sa ana tarsisu ana epasi ta-a-bu epusma do
lemnete NU DG.GA.ME tanammar KAR
whatever it is right to do with respect to
26+ : 4, see Mayer, Or. NS 68 154; lumun sunati
him ABL 291 r. 8 (all NB); menu sa ana epase
DG.GA-u-ni epsa ABL 543 r. 11, 273 :10, 976
ME Maqlu VII 123; lumun .ME GISKIM.
r. 3, 1108 r. 11, 1244 r. 4 (all NA); PN PN 2 PN 3
PN 4 ina mahar DN ana gullubu ta-a-bi lugal
and 40, 4 : 40, 7: 61, and passim in suilla prayers;
libi PSBA 15 417:7, see San Nicol, ArOr 7 27,
UZU hatte pardute lemnute NU DG.GA.
cf. PN ana gullubu ina mahar DN ta-a-bi
ME awed, terrifying, bad, inauspicious
(see gullubu mng. 2) AnOr 8 48 : 29; mnam
extispicy features KAR 26+ : 41; [summa t]r
ma . . . mimma sa ana epesu DG.GA ina
tu NU DG.GA-at-ma if the omen is inaus-
usuzzuja ul teppusa why will you not do
picious KAR 151 : 3, also ibid. 4; k tru sa PN
what it is proper to do while I am present?
la ta-bu-ni (see tru F) KAJ 209 :7 (MA).
YOS 3 63 : 9; mimma sa ittisu ana amaru ta-a-
s) said of preferences, suitability of be- bu janu there is nothing that is good
haviors, activities 1u in gen.: t-ab an enough to please him when he inspects it
nm sa tepusanni is this a proper way to (so I have been delayed) Landsberger Brief
treat me? Kraus AbB 1 30 :14; imtarsamma 8 : 6; these people are no friends of the king
epsetasun el[is]a la ta-bat alkassunu sunuti sunu ana eberisunu ana libbi ul ta-a-bu it

tabu tabu

would not be a good thing for them to come ceptable to the king YOS 10 37:7 (OB ext.);
across into (our territory) ABL 277 r. 9; sa eli belini ta-a-bu tem belini lrahamma
kars sa ana zakari NU DG k takkalusu (see arahu mng. 1) TCL 17 40 :13, cf. TCL 18
(see zakaru A mng. 1d) ABL 1240 : 9 (all NB); 132 : 26; [s]a elika ta-bu muhur AJSL 32 286 :17;
(120 copper objects) sa nibt sumisunu ana awtum sa ekallim elikunu ul ta-ba are the
satari la ta-a-bu (see nibtu mng. 2b) TCL statements from the palace unsatisfactory
3 364 (Sar.); izqamma sutu manit Ea saru sa to you? VAS 16 93 : 8, see Frankena, AbB 6 93;
ana epes sarruti zqsu ta-a-ba (var. DG. rub subassu elisu NU DG.GA the princes
GA) a south wind wafted toward me, the dwelling will no longer please him TCL 6
breeze from Ea, the wind whose blowing 1 : 5 (SB ext.); sa eli DN la ta-ba ula epus I
is auspicious for the exercise of kingship did not do what is displeasing to amas
Borger Esarh. 45 ii 3; mimma sa [ana] qab ta- RA 11 92 i 6 (Kudur-Mabuk); sa eli DN DN 2 u
a-bu bel liqbssunutu YOS 3 87:15; as my DN 3 ta-bu epus I did what pleases amas,
lord knows, his missing servant woman Adad, and Aja RA 61 42 : 98 (Samsuiluna); d
was brought to the palace at Babylon bel nu u puruss sa eli beli rab Marduk ta-a-bi
lu du k ana alaku ta-a-bi ina kutallisu bel CT 46 45 ii 23, see Lambert, Iraq 27 5 (NB lit.);
lillik my lord knows that it would be a rei nis sa epsetusu eli DN ta-ba the shep-
good idea to go (there), my lord should herd of the people, whose deeds are pleas-
certainly go after her YOS 3 46 : 27, see Coc- ing to Istar CH iv 47, cf. re puhur dadme
querillat Palmeraies 137; uncert.: anaku ultu sa alkakatusu sutura el Assur ta-a-ba AOB 1
akanna sulupp essutu u sulupp labrutu sa 112 i 9 (Shalm. I); sa epsetusu eli kal ilani
ana s ti ki(?) ta-a-bi ana ahija usebila I DG.GA eli salmat qaqqadi dussupat ressu
myself have had new dates and old dates Streck Asb. 244 :19, also ibid. 240 No. 6 :13; sur
that are suitable for . . . . brought from here kamma sa elika ta-a-bu grant me what
to my brother CT 22 84 : 21 (all NB letters). pleases you VAB 4 124 i 72 (Nbk.); sa elika
ta-a-bi lu[sep]es VAB 4 238 : 40; dumqu trti
2u with eli : summa . . . warkassa ema annti umi mahr amurma assum sa eli DN
elisa ta-bu nadanam la istursimma if (her belija ta-bu asn I observed the good for-
father) has not given her written permis- tune signied by this oracle on the rst
sion to give her estate however she pleases day, and I repeated (the inquiry) concern-
CH s 178 :72, also CH s 179 : 30 and 39, s 182 : 96, ing what would be pleasing to Marduk, my
cf. BE 6/1 116 : 20; btam . . . asar elija t-bu lord VAB 4 268 ii 21 (both Nbn.); kajanam [sa
anaddin I will dispose of the house as I see e]lisunu ta-a-bu [kak]d atammu I would
t CT 4 7a : 30; asar eliki t-bu kma taqabb always utter what would please them (the
linnepus Kraus AbB 1 70 :19; summa [nka gods) VAB 4 144 i 28, also ibid. 150 A ii 9
mahr]at supr[amm]a sa elik[a ta]-bu lupu[s] (Nbk.), cf. ibid. 214 No. 2 i 25 (Neriglissar) and
TLB 4 79 : 26; bel mali elisu t-bu lpus my CT 36 22 : 28 (Nbn.); sa elisa ta-a-bu uddakku
lord should do as much as seems best to la napark tammam libbam VAB 4 86 i 21
him ARM 2 81 : 37, cf. ARMT 28 65 : 39; sa eli (Nbk.); ta-a-bi(var. -ab) eli DN balata uttar it
ka t-bu epu[s] ARM 10 84 : 27; bel sa elisu pleases amas, he will prolong (his) life
t-ba-at lpus ARM 3 40 : 22 (= ARMT 26 221), Lambert BWL 132 :100, var. from ibid. 119 (amas
also ARM 3 36 : 29; alam warkija kma elikima eli ili NU DG.
hymn), cf. ibid. 100f.: 60 and 64;
ta-bu teteppusi after I left, you (fem.) al- GA TCL 6 4 r. 3, obv. 6, and 21 (ext.); UGU ilu
ways treated the town just as you pleased tika rabtu DG.GA-i . . . UGU DN beli rab
VAS 16 194 : 21, cf. k[ma] eliki t-b[u (. . .)] e- DG.GA-i does it please your great divin-
p-si VAS 16 68 r. 15, see Frankena, AbB 6 194 ity, does it please the great lord Anu? PRT
and 68; sarrum milik wardsu elisu ul ta-a-ab 122 r. 6 and 8, see Starr, SAA 4 306, cf., wr.
the advice of his courtiers will not be ac- DG-ab PRT 26 :7, see Starr, SAA 4 108; UGU

tabu tabu

ilutika rabti DG-a[b] Knudtzon Gebete 30 : 6, 7 133 ii 74, restored from dupl. JNES 7 270 B iii
also BBR No. 120 :71, 151, cf. ibid. 11 :7; 20; lessu tamahhas ina ME-ku-ti tu-ma-as-
GA-at eli ummani It-Is-Pleasing-to-the- sad-su-ma ana DG-ab taqabbi you
People (name of a gate in Assur) George Top- strike his cheek, you rub it(?) with . . . .,
ographical Texts 176 :121. you say Is it pleasing? Kcher BAM 574 i
15, see mektu discussion section.
3u with other preps.: maltaru sa abne u
sa ana sarruti ta-a-bi (the series) text on 4u with dative sux: summa ina btisu
(the properties of) stones and that which sa PN ana PN 2 la ta-b-su-um x kaspam ana
is advantageous for kingship CT 22 1 : 25 PN PN 2 utaarma u ittallak summa ta-b-su-
(NB), see Lieberman, Moran AV 335f.; eqlum epe um PN 2 warassu sa PN if it is not pleasing
s u ana GN qereb ana PN ul ta-ab-ma (see to PN 2 (to serve) in PN s house, PN 2 will re-
qerebu mng. 2c2u) TLB 4 2 : 38; summa ana turn x silver to PN and depart, if it is
sapirija ta-ab if it please my commander pleasing to him, PN 2 will remain the ser-
TCL 17 34 : 23 (both OB letters); istuma na vant of PN CRRA 34 492 Kt v/k-65 : 9 and 14
dansa ana belija [t]-bu because it is pleas- (OA); asar t-bu-si-im aplussa inaddin she
ing to my lord to give her (in marriage) may dispose of her inheritance as she sees
JCS 51 57:17 (Mari let.); summa attunu . . . sa t CT 6 47a :15, cf. Waterman Bus. Doc. 23 :14
ina muhhisu la ta-bu-u-ni la tubaani tep (both OB leg.); summa dababum annm la ta-
pasani (see bu mng. 3a4u) Wiseman Trea- ba-ak-ki-im-ma if this statement is not sat-
ties 231; why does he open the doors that isfactory to you TLB 4 2 :14 (OB let.); mnam
were sealed on the kings orders? mimma epus sa DN la t-bu-su-um-ma epesam an
mala pusu ina muhhika ta-bi-i does any- niam tepsanni what have I done to dis-
thing he has done seem right to you? TCL please amas that he has treated me this
9 106 : 20 (NB let.); [mimma s]a ana muhhi way? Sumer 23 161 : 9; saniam esema t-ab-
RN . . . ta-a-bu ippusu will he do what is ku-um if I seek out someone else, would it
right for Esarhaddon? PRT 16 : 9, cf. k . . . please you? BIN 7 39 : 6, cf. amtma t-ab-
mimma sa ana [muhhi] RN . . . ta-a-ba ip ku-um if I die, would that please you? ibid.
pusu whether he will do whatever is pleas- 45 : 23, see Stol, AbB 9 226 and 232; lu ta-ab-ki-
ing to Esarhaddon ibid. r. 10, see Starr, SAA im it would have pleased you (if he had
4 20; enna mimma sa ina panja ban u s-
failed me ve times) BIN 7 53 : 23, see Stol,
AbB 9 240; summa t-ba-ak-kum TCL 17
lam ina muhhi sarri belija ta-a-bu ana sarri
26 :19 (all OB letters), cf. summa ta-ba-ku PBS
altapra I have reported to the king what-
1/2 81 :15 (MB let.); ag lu ta-bt-ka may this
ever seemed to me to be right and sound,
proper for the king, my lord ABL 1006 r. 14, please you CT 22 52 :14 (NB let.).
see Landsberger Brief 73 (NB); k pani abija t) (with libbu) said of disposition, in-
mahir u ina muhhika DG.GA if it is ac- tentions, etc.: kalbu ina muhhi sinnistisu
ceptable to my father and pleasing to you k [el] pansu suhhu libbasu t[a-ab] when
BIN 1 48 :10; samassamm pestu sa ana ah the dog mounted his mate, his face was
hja DG.GA- ana ahhja lusebilu I will smiling, his heart was content Lambert
send to my colleagues the white linseed BWL 216 : 30 (SB proverb); amelu sa niq ana
that is pleasing to my colleagues BIN 1 ilisu ippus libbasu DG.GA-s (var. ta-ab-
11 : 21 (both NB letters); sa . . . epsatusu ana [s]) a man who sacrices to his god will
sr DN . . . ta-ba (Hammurapi) whose deeds be contented Lambert BWL 146 : 56 (Dialogue);
are pleasing to amas LIH 57 i 9; [sa] ana attend to his straitened condition libbus la
zumur DN belija u DN 2 beltija ta-a-bu lu ta-a-ba kabattas[u . . .] PBS 1/1 2 iii 66, see
epus I (Hammurapi) did what was pleasing Lambert, Sjberg AV 327:137; sarru libbu ta-a-
to my lord amas and to my lady Aja PBS bi la ahheja iltatakkannsi the king has

tabu tabu

always given contentment to us, (that is) w) said of spirits, wickedness, etc.:
to my brothers ABL 1204 :12 (NB); in a per- [ g id i m nu d g ] . . . t a k a l a m . m a .
sonal name : DG-ab-libbi-Gula UET 7 16 :10 t a b a . r a . [u] n k a l a m . m a a n . t a
(MB); note alone : ina ta-a-bi tamm el sa k i . t a l . l : [et]emmu la ta-a-bu ana
ma utassasama idabbuba arad Irkalla when mati usmma ni-is mati elis u saplis idluh
content, they speak of ascending to the a malevolent specter came forth in the
heavens, when they become apprehensive, land, it troubled the people of the land
they talk about going to the nether world everywhere CT 17 4 :1.; pus kassaptu kis
Lambert BWL 40 : 46 (Ludlul II). psu lemnuti usakilanni ruhesu NU DG.
GA.ME the witch has performed her evil
u) said of persons : ana sar mat GN ahi
witchcraft, she has made me consume her
DG.GA-ia qibma say to my faithful
unwholesome magic BRM 4 18 : 2, wr. la ta-
brother, the king of GN MRS 6 9 RS
[bu-ti] ibid. 12, dupl. AMT 92,1 ii 12; lubib ina
10.046 : 2; ana sakini DUMU DG.GA-ia qi
rus la DG.GA.ME (var. ta-bu-tum) may
bma MRS 9 196 RS 17.78 : 3; undu abuka u
I become cleansed of wicked sorcery BMS
anaku atteruta npusu u ana ahh ta-a-bu-ti
12 : 82; lemna ajaba kisp ruh rus upsas
nituru when your father and I brought
lemnuti NU DG.GA.ME KAR 26 : 53, cf.
about a cordial relationship and became
Maqlu V 122; u x(KABAD) . h u l u x . z u
faithful brothers KBo 1 10 (+ KUB 3 72):7;
u . r i . a n g .g i g n g . a k . a n g . nu .
ru--a ta-a-bi ukarr[as]a napist Lambert
d u 10 . g a : kispu ruh rus marustu upsas
BWL 34 : 88 (Ludlul I), see Leichty, Finkelstein
la ta-bu-ti ASKT p. 9091 No. 11 ii 65, see
Mem. Vol. 145 : 8; in personal names : DG-
Borger, AOAT 1 8f.:137f.; epis kisp lemnuti u
ab-tappum CT 2 40a : 20, 33 44b :12 (both OB);
ruh la DG.GA.ME Maqlu II 116; assum
Umm-DG TuM NF 1/2 192 seal 101*, and
ups lemutti mursu la DG.GA arni gillati
passim in Ur III, wr. Umm-ta-bt Westenholz
hitti sa ina zumrija [ibass] because of
OSP 1 24 iv 8, see Hilgert Akkadisch in der Ur III-
any wicked sorcery, malignant disease, sin,
Zeit 405f.
guilt, fault, that is in my body BMS 50 :17,
v) said of name, character, reputation : see Ebeling Handerhebung 146; GIG NU DG.
sumu ta-a-bu DN ann putur O Nab of ex- GA (var. [murs]u la ta-a-bu) BMS 12 : 52, see
cellent name, absolve my guilt BMS 11 : 32; Mayer, Or. NS 62 318; NG.GIG NU DG-t
[su]mka DG.GA lultammara ana nise rap BMS 7: 53; [ g i] g(?) . m u GUR n u m i [. . .]
sati I will extol your excellent name to [ g i] g(?) . m u n u . s i . s [ ] : [mursu(?)]
the widespread peoples BMS 21 : 90; sumka sa ana libbi la ta-a-bu ana libbi la isaru
kalis ina p nise ta-a-ab (vars. ta-a-bi, ta-a- (see isaru in la isaru mng. 1) PBS 12/1 6
bu, [ta]-a-ba, DG.GA) 4R 21 No. 1 obv. i(!) 7, r. 1.; arrat lemutti la DG.GA-tum (var.
dupls. KAR 59 : 9, 25 i 36, Loretz-Mayer u-ila ta-ab-tum) aj ith aj isniqa (see arratu
27: 9, 26 : 9, STT 55 : 8; istu mesherutija isaris mng. 1d) BMS 12 :74, see Mayer, Or. NS 62
sabtanni sum ta-a-bi lu-u imbnni (Mar- 320; usuh ina zumrija simmu la DG.[GA]
duk) has kept me aright since my child- (see simmu mng. 2) RA 50 22 r. 13; gillat[u
hood, imbuing me with a worthy character la] ta-ab-t the wicked crime ZA 61 54 : 92
VAB 4 214 : 20 (Neriglissar); ina naramija . . . (hymn to Nab); [aj ith] aj isniq mimma
resja ullma sumu DG.GA ina mati is lemnu mimma NU DG.GA ruh sa kassapi
kunanni out of love for me, he (Marduk) u kassapti may evil, wickedness, spells of
made me exalted and established for me an a sorcerer or sorceress, not approach, not
honorable name throughout the land VAB beset (me) Maqlu VII 175; attunu mimma
4 292 ii 20 (Nbn.); s a[mlu] sa ana DN lemnu mimma NU DG.GA BBR No. 49 r. 1;
DG.GA he is a man who pleases the for other refs. see lemnu mng. 1b4u; asru
Lady-of-Uruk TCL 9 70 :18 (NB let.). s ina libbisu NU DG.GA sadru in that

tbu tbu

place, wickedness will occur regularly CT and DG(.GA); cf. bel-tabtuti, mutbtu,
39 11 : 43 (SB Alu); ikkibu anzillu arni sertu tabis, tabtanu, tabtu B, tabtu B in bel tabti,
gillatu httu turtu [. . .] mihru la ta-a-bu lis tabu, tabutu A, tbutu, tubatis, tubatu, tub
s lirqu may what is forbidden, villainy, bu, tubtu A, tubu.
crime, transgression, misdeed, sin, revenge,
du- DG = ta-a-bu S b I 24; du-u D[G], du-ub
unfortunate mishap keep away, keep far D[G], du-ug D[G], ta-ab D[G] = [ta-a-bu] A
away urpu VIII 80. V/2 : 59, 66, 68, and 70; DG = ta(var. t)-a-bu Uga-
ritica 5 133 : 9u, 134 : 3, Arnaud Emar 6 537: 274
x) in personal names : Ta-a-bu-um Pinches
(all S a Voc.); [du-] DG = ta-a-bu Idu II 25.
Amherst 108 : 3; Ta-bum (KAUD) OIP 14 . g a . a . n i a l . d g = libbasu ta-ab-s Hh. II
109 : 2; Ta-ba-ti AnOr 1 88 : 42; La-ta-bu-um 104; k a . m u a b . s a 6 . g e = pi-ia ta-a-ab OBGT XII
Ci-Kizilyay-Salonen Puzris-Dagan-Texte 335 :10; 14.
for other Ur III and OAkk. refs. see MAD 3 301f., b . i n . d g = -ti-ib, b . i n . d g . g e . e = -ti-
Hilgert Akkadisch in der Ur III-Zeit 612f.; DG- ib-bu, b . i n . d g . g e = -ta-[a]b, b . i n . d g . g e .
n e = -ta-a[b-b]u Ai. I iv 73.; [n] a m . m u d . z .
a-a Hecker Geissen 41 :16 (OA); DG-il Matous e b . b a = tu-ub-bu Nabnitu R 173; n a m . m u d =
Prag I 22 : 24, DG-Assur ibid. I 438 : 46, Kie- murqu, n a m . m u d . z . e b . b a = tu(var. t)-ub-bu
nast ATHE 55 : 43, and passim in OA; T-a-ba Erimhus IV 97f.
ARMT 23 242 :16u, [fT]-a-ba ibid. 236 : 59, cf. [. . .] g a r [. . . a ] l . d g . g e : agarinnu enset sika
ARM 24 222 :1u, 8u, ARMT 25 490 r. 9; fT-ba- ri ina mnu i-ti-a-ab (see agarinnu lex. section)
Lambert BWL 270 A 8 (proverb); u g u . n i b a .
tum ARMT 23 550 : 4, and see ARM 16/1 206;
d g . g a : elisu i-t-bu Iraq 38 90 : 6b; [. . .] z .
T-ba-ia RA 73 121 No. 49 : 9, DG.GA-ia ibid. b a . a n . k u 4 a u g u . b i n u . u n . d g : [. . .]-i-su
133 No. 58 : 3 (both OB); DG.GA-ia YOS 17 ana marti ittur m elisu ul ta-a-bu (see martu A s.
288 : 5, AnOr 8 25 : 2; DG.GA-i BE 10 132 :1, lex. section) CT 17 10 : 53f.; d u m u . m u k i . z a .
with Aram. tby ibid. r.; fDG-ba-tum Moore r a d g.g a a n . . l a l k i. . l a l t u . lu g d .
d a . b i : mart ana ema ta-bu-ki susq suspula sadada
Michigan Coll. 47: 2 and 7, Ta-ba-a-t-Bel CT 44
u nu (see sapalu v. lex. section) RA 12 74 : 23f.;
79 : 3 (all NB); for other refs. see Clay PN 140, Sa- d n i n . u r t a . k e x(KID) b a . a 6 : libbi Ninurta i-
poretti Onomastica 1 485, Tallqvist APN 235., t-ib (var. it-ti-ib) Angim IV 44 (= 195); d i n g i r.
Tallqvist NPN 213; Mannu-ta-ab YOS 8 144 :19 r e . e . n e u r 5 . b i m u . u n . s i . [i g ] (vars. m u . u n .
(OB); DG-ab-adarum PBS 2/2 9 :14 and 132 i s [i g 5] m u . u n . a 6) : [sa il] kabattasunu it-ti-ib
the gods mood became happy Lugale VIII 37 (=
14 (both MB); T-ab-balatu VAS 16 111 :17, cf.
Szlechter Tablettes 30 16.370 : 4, ARM 18 61 :11; t u 6 . d u g 4 . g a . n i k a . m u b . i n . d g : tuduq
DG-gamalsu YOS 8 59 :11, cf. ibid. 135 : 5; qsu ana pja -tib CT 16 28 : 60f.; [d g . g ] a U.
T-ab-t[r]-DN YOS 13 89 : 26; T-ab-wasabsu SLA.DU 8 . k e x : t-ub-bu sa saq (see saq A lex.
TLB 4 14 :1, also ibid. 6 : 22; alamu-t-ab Edzard section) Lambert BWL 258 Sm. 61 : 6, see Alster
Proverbs p. 95 3.86; . d g . g a b a r. s . g a :
Tell ed-Der 59 :15 and 85 : 38; T-ba-at-sarrussu
libb -tib kabatta usrs he gladdened my heart,
Mlanges Garelli 37f. M.5225 : 6, M.7001 :1u and made the spirit rejoice BA 5 634 No. 6 r. 3f.;
M.8874 : 9; T-ab-palasu VAS 16 105 : 3 (all OB); [. . .] . z u . n e . n e . a . z u h . e n . d g . g a : [. . .]-
arrussu-ta-bt UET 3 754 ii 18 (Ur III); for x-su-nu -ka li-ti-ib-bu TIM 9 27: 5f.; d u m u mu
other refs. see usages c, g, h, k, o-3u, p, r, . a z . z u . g a . a m . g u . : marum mu-t-ib li-ib-bi-
ia Labat Suse 1 iv 4.; a n . n a b a . t e a n . n a
t, u.
z a g . b i . b a . a n . d g . g e . e (var. b a . d g .
For VS (= VAS) 6 175 : 4 see tabtu B usage a. g e) : ana sam ithema sam ana pattisunu -tib hav-
ing approached heaven, he gladdened heaven to its
tbu (tiabu) v.; 1. to become good, pleas- outermost reaches Cooper, ZA 61 13 :7.
ant, sound, sweet, 2. tubbu to please, sat- a n d e n . l l . l . d a z a g . d u . a . n a KA.DIN.
isfy, to heal, make healthy, to improve, NAM d g . g a . e . d a . n a : itti Anu u Enlil ina sit
prepare, to make pleasing, sweet, to rene, nunisu kurunna ina su-tub(var. -tu)-bi-s (see kurun
nu lex. section) Lugale I 19; [ ] n u . k u . k u n u .
3. III to make happy, to repair, to make d g . d g . d a : [. . .] ul usaslal sitta ul us-ta-a(var.
pleasing, sweet; from OAkk. on; I itb omits a)-bi (see sittu B lex. section) CT 17 25 : 6f.
itb (itiab) tab, I/2, II, II/2, III; wr. syll. (inc.); n a m . s i p a . d a . b i s u . k a l a m . m a d g .


tbu 1a tbu 1a
g a . e . d a : ressu el matisu su-tu-ub-bi to make his in NA and NB royal letters; say to his mother
shepherdship pleasing to his land 4R 12 : 21f.;
sulmu jsi libbiki lu DG-ki Rest as-
n i n . m a h .e . g a l . m a h . n e. a k i .t u m i .
n i . b . d g . g a . t a : istu rubatu srtu ina Egalmah
sured, I am ne (followed by complaints)
subta us-ti-ib-bu KAR 16 r. 21f.; g i . . l u h ABL 896 : 3 (NA); now, under the kings pro-
n a m . lu g a l . l a g i . hu l . l a . n a s a g .bi . tection NINDA.ME-ka akul mka siti ma
n a m . s i g 5(!) . b a . a n . a k : uluh sarruti issi libbuka l[u DG].GA-ka ma nikittaka issu
ezza kak la pdi ana idsa us-tib (see pdu A usage pan GN lu lassu eat, drink, and be con-
b) TCL 6 51 r. 35f. (Exaltation of Istar).
tent, do not worry about Phrygia Iraq 20
ME KI : tu-ub-bu Hunger Uruk 47:13 (med.
comm.); DG = tu-ta-ab Ebeling Wagenpferde 37 183 ND 2759 : 41, see Parpola, SAA 1 1; though
Ko. 10 (comm.); . n i r. m a h . k i . u 8 . z . e b . perhaps you (pl.) are fearful, the gods
b a . m u : MIN sri asar sitti su-tu-bu bt ersi Hun- know you are not at fault libbakunu a[dan
ger Uruk 136 : 8u (comm. on list of temples), see n]is lu DG.GA-ku-nu be completely at
George Topographical Texts 198.
ease Iraq 21 163 ND 2438 : 29; libbaka kaja
1. to become good, pleasant, sound, mani lu ta-a-ba ABL 62 r. 3; libbu sa sarri
sweet a) with libbu, kabattu 1u in gen.: belija adannis adannis lu ta-a-ba ABL 7: 6,
libbaka li-ti4-ib ARM 10 152 r. 9; istu GN wr. DG.GA ABL 5 :13, 198 :7, 226 :7, ADD
i[tt]asbatuma libbi [ah]ija it-t-bu after GN 810 : 5; libbi sa sarri belija madis lu ta-a-bi
was captured to my brothers satisfaction ABL 349 :7, cf. ABL 261 : 9, note, wr. lu
ARM 1 27: 20, also ibid. 25; summan . . . ina bt DG.GA-ba ABL 225 :10; libbi sarri belija lu
belija wasbat libbman t-[a]b if she were ta-a-bi Thompson Rep. 85 r. 7, also ibid. 50 r. 6;
dwelling in my lords house, I would be libbu sa sarri belija lu ta-ab-su ABL 970 :11,
content ARM 10 92 :14; libbaka li-ti-ib umisa 450 : 3, cf. ABL 178 :12, wr. lu DG.GA-s
may you be happy every day JCS 1 243 :18 ABL 437 r. 6, 502 :7, 503 : 6, 971 :7, but note
(Bogh.), see Edel gyptische rzte 106; summa libbu sa sarri belija lu DG.GA s-u the
lb-ba-am belija i-[t]i-[b]a-su if it please king, my lord, should be content (end of
my lord EA 55 : 61; ina silli sarri belini lb- letter) ABL 495 r. 8, cf. ABL 46 r. 29 (all NA);
ba-a-ni li-ti-ban-[na-si] let us be content libbi sa belija lu ta-bu-s YOS 3 36 :7, wr.
under our lords protection ABL 264 r. 11; ta-ab-s YOS 3 189 :10, TCL 9 78 : 9; libbi sa
libbi mati i-ta-bi (quoting omen apodosis) ahija lu ta-ab-s YOS 3 109 : 25 (end of letter),
ABL 1410 : 2; ann[tu] ittu imahharuma libbi also ibid. 8 and TCL 9 81 :14; libbi sa ummija
sarri belija i-ta-ab these persons will accept lu ta-ab-s YOS 3 22 :19 (all NB); libbi mati lu
the omen, and the king, my lord, will be DG.GA ABL 747 r. 11 (NA); lib[ba]ni lu ta-
content ABL 1006 r. 3, cf. ibid. r. 10, see Hun- ba-an-si ABL 349 r. 13; ana muhhi mimma
ger, SAA 8 316 (all NB); when I heard of that mala taspura atamar libbika l[u t]a-ab-ka I
good that the king, my lord, has done libb have looked into everything about which
i-ti-ba-an-ni ib-tal-ta I was gladdened and you sent word to me, and you can rest easy
invigorated ABL 358 r. 6, cf. ibid. obv. 16; I YOS 3 131 : 8; libbaka lu ta-ab-ka YOS 3 48 : 8
have placated them, saying dullakunu epsa (all NB); my property will be sold and the
libbakunu lu DG.GA-ku-nu . . . nehu dul orchard that I cultivated will be destroyed
lasunu ippusu Do your (pl.) jobs and be u atta ina btika libbaka ta-ab-ka yet you
content, now they are quietly going about are perfectly content with your own estate
their jobs ABL 208 r. 5 (both NA); libbakunu CT 22 113 :17 (NB); sarrum ina alisu libbasu
lu ta-ab-ku-nu dullakunu epsa YOS 3 1 :12 ula i-ti-a-ab the king will not become
(NB); sulmu ajsi libbakunu lu DG.GA- happy in his own city YOS 10 31 iii 19 (OB
ku-nu ABL 287: 3; libbakunu lu DG.GA- ext.); rub s marusta immar ul i-ta-ab lib
ku-nu-si ABL 293 : 5, 301 : 3, YOS 3 6 : 6; lib basu CT 13 49 iii(!) 5 (SB prophecies), see BiOr
baka lu ta-ab-ka ABL 288 : 5, 290 : 3, 291 : 3, 28 14 iv 5; [libbi sa] RN sar GN DG-ab PRT
296 : 4, YOS 3 5 : 5, 115 : 4, CT 22 1 : 2, and passim 30 : 4+, see Starr, SAA 4 7: 6u; .BI NU DG.


tbu 1a tbu 1b

GA he will not become happy KAR 212 i the silver, he is satised Beckman Emar
10, cf. ibid. 15, CT 40 48 : 5 and 8, CT 39 4 : 44, and cf. also libbusunu t-a-
35 :18, cf. ibid. 20 :18,
passim in omens; libbi mati DG-a[b] ABL ab they are satised ibid. 86 :15, 3 :17, libba
1391+ : 5 (NA), see Parpola, SAA 10 100 :16, cf. sunu t-ab J. Westenholz Emar 4 :10, and passim
ABL 1373 : 3 (NB), also CT 39 19 :111 (SB Alu), in Emar; E-am mahrata libbaka t-ab you
ACh Istar 20 : 95, see ZA 52 254 :109, ACh Istar have the barley, you are satised PBS 7
13 : 39, see BPO 1 48 : 35; alu s libbi nisesu ul 47:13, also ibid. 8; atapalsu libbasu ta-ab I
DG.GA CT 38 2 : 23, cf. TU.A libbi ali have paid him, he is satised VAS 16 77: 8;
suati NU DG.GA CT 38 1 :1 (SB Alu); libbi smam mahraku libb ta-a-ab VAS 16 126 :17;
nis i-DG ACh Sin 4 : 29; libbi bti suati K.BABBAR mahir libbasu ta-ab Kraus AbB
DG-ab CT 40 3 : 68; libbasu DG-b bssu 1 139 :7; annanum kurummatu masttu u id[]
issir he will become happy, his household mal[ah]im libbu t-ab (see masttu mng. 1c)
will prosper KAR 178 i 28; itti nammass m Kraus AbB 1 31 r. 15; ana labrutika essutim
i-tib libbasu (see nammass mng. 1) George nilteqe libbani t-ab TCL 17 47:7, cf. TIM 2
Gilg. I 112 and 177, cf. ibid. 173; libbaka li-tib 88 :12u, YOS 2 26 : 8, and passim (all OB letters).
kabattaka lihdu (see kabattu mng. 2a1u)
BBR No. 3137: 30; in OB personal names : b) with ref. to physical well-being,
I-tib-libbi-amas CT 47 17: 22; I-ti-ib-li-ba-su health 1u in gen.: adi DG.GA-s 3 ITI.
Birot Tablettes 72 iii 40 and 45, Li-ti-ib-libbasu ME tasammissu you bandage him for
CT 6 28b :15, cf. CT 52 34 :1; I observed the fa- three months until he feels better Kcher
vorable omens and I became condent and BAM 575 iv 36; nakkaptasa it-ti-ba-as-si BE
it-tib kabatt I became glad Borger Esarh. 17 31 :18; kk i-ti-ba-a[s-si] BE 17 74 : 4, also
2 : 25; the crown was most pleasing to Assur ibid. 7 (both MB letters); samna tappasis elika
i-tib kabattasu he became glad ibid. 83 : 34. DG.GA STT 15 : 20 (Gilg. VIII); napistum
i-ti-ib-sum-ma life became precious to him
2u with legal connotations : if a herds- TCL 1 29 : 30 (OB let.).
man who has been given livestock to herd
idsu g[a]mratim mahir libbasu ta-ab has 2u with sru : sr matima ul i-ti-ib (see
received his wages in full and is satised matima mng. 1a2u) PBS 7 36 :7, cf. VAS 16
CH s 264 : 51; in Sum. formulation : k . 140 : 8 (both OB letters); the queen mother is
b a bb a r i n.n a .a l.l a l .g a .a .n i . doing very well [sum]ma srsa [la i-ti-
d g i n i m . b i a l . t i l the silver is paid, b]u-si-i-ni I swear that her health has
he is satised, the matter is concluded improved ABL 719 :11; sru sa PN [i]t-ti-
UCP 10 86 No. 11 :12, 98 No. 22 :12, 125 No. ib-bi amas-sum-ukns health has im-
52 :12, and passim in OB leg., note wr. . proved ABL 740 r. 20; the crown prince said
g a . n i b a . a n .t g Dekiere OB Real Estate srja gabbu i-ti-bu-u-ni I am entirely re-
No. 8 : 8, CT 8 47b : 9, . g a . [n i] a l . d u covered (may the king be pleased) ABL
YOS 8 77:10; kasap kirm libb[as]u ta-ab he 570 : 9 (all NA), see Parpola, SAA 10 323; you ap-
is satised with (the payment of eight ply the poultice, you do not undo it for a
shekels of) silver for the orchard Grant full day kma srsu i-ti-bu (var. DG.GA)
Bus. Doc. 23 : 5; x K.BABBAR .BI AL.DG tasammid (even) as his condition improves
BIN 2 83 : 9; x E-a-am iddinusum leq lib you put on the bandage Kcher BAM 124 i
basu ta-a-ab they gave him twelve gur of 20, var. from dupl. AMT 73,1 : 25; srsu NU
barley, it is received, he is satised AJSL DG.GA CT 39 4 : 42 (SB Alu), cf. RA 13 29 : 24
34 135 :14; aplu libbasunu ta-a-ab Wiseman (Alu Comm.); sr amli NU DG.GA CT 39
Alalakh 52 :17, also, wr. ta-ab ibid. 53 r. 1 and 3 : 22; sr nis NU DG.GA CT 39 9 :7f. (SB
61 :13, wr. t-ab ibid. 58 :10 (all OB leg.); kaspa Alu); lbiba mintua mesretua elija li-ti-ba
mahir libbusu DG.GA-ab he has received (var. li-tib) (see mintu mng. 2b1u) KAR

tbu 1c tbu 1h

59 r. 19 and dupls., see Mayer Gebetsbeschwrun- he say) ina pan ili u sarri li-tib i-ta-ab
gen 446. May (my prayer) become pleasing before
god and king, it will be pleasing LKA
c) with ref. to construction : btu s eli
146 :19, see Lambert, AnSt 30 78.
belisu DG-ab Labat Calendrier s 21a : 8.
f) with ref. to deeds, conduct : sa alkaka
d) with ref. to relationships : accept
tusu eli il . . . i-t-bu-ma (the king) whose
their (oer of) peace kma ana mat GN u al
behavior is pleasing to the gods Weidner
GN 2 u ana harranim i-t-bu anntam epus
Tn. 1 No. 1 i 11, cf. sa epsetusu eli il . . . i-t-
do this so that they achieve good relations
ba-ma ibid. 8 No. 2 : 4; sa epset qatsu u nadan
with the land of Utm, the city of u-
zbisu eli il rabti i-ti-bu-ma (see zbu A
sarr, and the expeditionary force(?) Stud-
usage b) AKA 94 vii 53 (Tigl. I); sa sangssu
ies Landsberger 193 : 27, see Eidem and Laesse
eli ilutiki rabti i-ti-bu- AKA 208 i 13, 258 i
Shemshara Letters 64; gabbu halzuhluti sa ma
12 (Asn.); sa sangssu eli il i-t-bu-ma WO 1
tika ittisu DG.GA-nim all the fortress
456 : 24 and 390 :11, WO 2 28 i 14, 3R 7 i 11, La-
commanders of your land are on good
yard 87:18 (all Shalm. III); sarrut kma sammi
terms with him EA 67:16; at-hu- i-tib-bu //
balati eli sr nise li-tib may my kingship
E.ME i-ti-ib-bu CT 41 29 :15 (Alu Comm., to
be sustaining to the people like a healing
Tablet XLVI).
herb Borger Esarh. 26 Ep. 39 :13; mala tep
e) with ref. to speech, prayers : atmaja p[usu] elisu li-tib-ma limmahir panus[su]
sa msari ismema elisu i-ti-ib (Assur) lis- Streck Asb. 294 : 6, see Bauer Asb. 2 50 n. 1; pre-
tened to my righteous pronouncement and vious kings sa . . . issakkussun eli Assur i-ti-
it was pleasing to him TCL 3 125 (Sar.); zikri bu-ma Borger Esarh. 81 : 50u; elija i-ti-ib van
pja . . . eli nab sruti . . . madis i-ti-ib-ma Soldt, AbB 13 110 : 20.
(see nabu A) Lyon Sar. 9 : 55; the man who is
g) with ref. to taste: may they devour
angry with you will relent and zikir pka
the esh of their own sons and daughters
elisu i-ta-ab what you say will please him
and kma sr hurapi hurapti elisunu li-tib
KAR 43 : 20; zikr li-tib elika Loretz-Mayer u-
may it seem as tasty to them as the meat of
ila 6 r. 6, dupl. 7 r. 2u; amas [. . .]-s lisaqirsu
spring lambs Af O 8 20 iv 11 (Assur-nrar V);
epis psu eli nise li-tib (see aqaru mng. 3b)
mnu sa ta-bu-u-ni lekulu they should eat
KAR 105 r. 9, dupl. KAR 361 r. 4; atmea li-tib
what is good ABL 348 r. 9 (NA), see Parpola,
eli ili u sarri KAR 59+ r. 10, see Mayer Gebets-
SAA 10 242; [taku]l aklu li-ti-ib elika you ate
beschwrungen 445; [eli . . . u rub l]i-tib at
bread, may it be tasty to you KAR 58 r. 27;
mua BMS 49 : 9, see Mayer, Or. NS 59 467:14;
summa sizbu elisu DG.GA-ab if milk
li-tib elki annma zamaru Istar may this
tastes good to him Labat TDP 176 : 53; m
hymn please you, O Istar Kraus AV 202 IV
isattma elisu NU DG.GA Labat TDP 178 :13,
41 (arrat-Nippuri hymn); Erra listened and
cf. mimma kuluma elisu ul DG.GA Kcher
amat Sibittu iqb k ulu s [amni] elisu i-tib
BAM 578 i 30, cf. also AMT 76,1 : 6.
what the Seven (gods) said was as pleasing
to him as the nest oil Cagni Erra I 93, cf. h) with ref. to weather : umu li-t-bu-
ibid. I 191 and V 46; [is]mema Tiamat amatu ma lusebilakkum when the weather im-
i-tib elisa En. el. I 125; [t]e(?)-ret eppus li-tib proves, I will send it Kltepe f/k 128 : 25
elikunu may the orders I give please you (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); k umu it-ti-bu mar
(gods) PBS 1/2 106 : 35, see Elat, BiOr 39 5; siprija . . . sulmana ban mada ana ahija
[t]ka DG.GA (var. ta-a-bi) DN sipatka sa usebbila when the weather has improved,
balati your spell is benecent, O Marduk, I will send my messenger with many ne
your incantation is life-giving Af O 19 66 :11 gifts for my brother EA 7: 59 (let. from Baby-
(SB prayer, var. courtesy W. G. Lambert); (should lon); adi umu i-t-bu-ni until the weather


tbu 1i tbu 2a

improves Orthmann et al., Ausgrabungen in Tell Is-Pleasing-to-His-Land ARM 8 62 r. 8u, cf.

Chuera in Nordost-Syrien I p. 212 No. 92.G.138 :7, ARM 2 72 : 3; T-ab-eli-ummanisu ARM 1
cf. adi umu ta-bu-ni Cancik-Kirschbaum MA 39 : 4, ARM 4 53 :7, 60 :7; T-ba-at-eli-bt-abim
Briefe 6 :15u (both MA). (name of a slave woman) BIN 7 190 : 4 (OB).
i) with ref. to persons, gods : summa j) in volitional sense: [summa athu t]-
amtum isseriki la t-ba-at ana smim di bu pu[hur] usbu summa la t-bu betam . . .
nisima smsa leqi if the slave woman is izuzzu if the brothers are willing they will
unsatisfactory to you (fem.), sell her and reside together, if they are not willing
keep the price you get for her ICK 1 69 : 9 they will divide the house N. zg AV 141
(OA); awlum sa tusabbalu madis lu t-ab n. 46 Kltepe e/k 167:14f.; they occupy the
the man whom you send should be very house jointly summa t-bu- summa la i-t-
good Florilegium marianum 1 76 A.2761 :17 (Mari b-su-nu-ti AAA 1 61 No. 8 :10, see MVAG 33
let.); gana sa elisunu (or read elisu NU) ta-a- 8 No. 7 (coll. K. R. Veenhof ); for other OA refs.
bi x [. . .] ina GN . . . sarrutam lupus now see Veenhof, in Care of the Elderly 151; summa
let one who pleases them (or : who does not athu t[-bu] . . . [summa] la t-bu Matous
please him) reign in Babylon MVAG 21 92 Prag I 837:15 and 17; ana kma ta-ba-ta kas
iii 7, see Brinkman PKB 80 (SB lit., coll. W. G. pam subilamma awltam lupul be so kind as
Lambert); the king sa tarammuma tanamb to send me silver so that I can pay the lady
zikirsu sa elika ta-a-bu whom you (Mar- CT 33 23 :17, see Frankena, AbB 2 178; ilsu
duk) love and whose name you call, who is AN.TA-su DG-su (there will be love of a
pleasing to you VAB 4 122 i 58 (Nbk.); isten god for the man) he will be pleasing to his
ina ward sarrim sa eli sarrim t-bu ina god CT 39 4 : 38 (SB Alu); [. . .] elisu li-ti-ib
kussm sapiltim ana idi sarrim ussa[b] one (in broken context) STT 136 iv 22 (inc.);
of the kings courtiers, whomever the king [ann]tum i-ti-ba-am-ma this became ac-
likes, sits beside the king on a low stool ceptable to me VAS 16 135 : 28, see Frankena,
RA 35 2 ii 12 (Mari rit.), see Durand and Gui- AbB 6 135 r. 7u; anaku akannu mimma sa i-ti-
chard, Florilegium marianum 3 54; summa alu ib-a-ni ab-ba-lu here, everything that used
GURU.ME-s DG.GA if the men of a to please me is . . . . Aro Kleidertexte 39 HS
city are honorable CT 38 3 : 62 (SB Alu); umu 117:12 (MB); uncert.: anaku amur ina nish

hegalli mar Nippur DG.GA (vars. ta-a-bi, at-ti-bi (see nishu A mng. 5b3u) JAOS 36
335 : 6 (NB let.); in personal names : I-ti4-ib-
ta-a-bu) (inscr. on a gurine, see hegallu
mng. 2) KAR 298 : 6 and parallels, see Gurney, su-nu Dekiere OB Real Estate 846 r. 2u and case
22; I-tib-si-na-at He-Became-Pleasing-to-
AAA 22 64, see also Wiggermann Protective Spir-
its 8 : 56; PN . . . ana sarri belija ta-a-bu PN is
Them (fem.) TCL 2 5484 :18, cf. UET 3 272
r. i 12u, for other OAkk. personal names, see MAD
useful to the king, my lord CT 54 106 r. 10,
3 301f., Hilgert Akkadisch in der Ur-III Zeit 58,
and passim in this text, see Parpola, SAA 10 160;
376; E-t-ib-s-na-at Matous Prag I 740 :18 (OA).
ahhkunu markunu u sabkunu sa ana mas
sartu sa uttati ta-bu-u ina muhhi uttati piq 2. tubbu to please, satisfy, to heal, make
da assign (pl.) your brothers, your sons, healthy, to improve, prepare, to make pleas-
and (any of) your personnel who are suit- ing, sweet, to rene a) with libbu, ka
able for the guarding of the barley to battu, panu 1u gods : libbi Marduk beli
(guard) the barley TCL 13 152 :15; sab piti su -t-ib (Hammurapi) made his lord
nutu . . . sa ana dullu DG.GA (see pitnu Marduk happy CH xli 33, cf. mu-ti-ib libbi
adj. usage a) BIN 1 40 : 23 (both NB); a chapel Marduk JNES 7 269 : 34, also CH ii 7; libbi
called ta-a-bi ina p nis Marduk Iraq 36 ilutisunu rabti -t-ib I made their great
44 : 47, cf. ibid. 44, see George Topographical Texts divine majesties happy AKA 99 vii 114, also
66; in personal names : T-ab-eli-matisu He- AKA 88 vi 93, 102 viii 23 (all Tigl. I); RN . . .


tbu 2a tbu 2a

mu-tib libbi DN Nab-apla-iddina who No. 6 r. 3f., TIM 9 27: 5f., Labat Suse 1 iv 4., in
makes Sarpantu glad BBSt. No. 36 ii 22 (NB lex. section.
kudurru); RN . . . mu-ti-ib libbi Marduk beli
3u other persons : libb t-ib Sumer 14 69
ja Nebuchadnezzar who makes my lord
No. 44 :12 (OB let.);arhis assassu u marsu
Marduk happy VAB 4 182 iii 27, also ibid. 140
putramma libbaka li-ti-ib CT 29 38 :16, see
ix 63 (both Nbk.), 226 iii 16, 230 i 7 (both Nbn.);
Frankena, AbB 2 170; [lib]bi ahika t-ib make
mu-ti-ib kabattika (the king) who pleases
your brother happy! ARM 1 27: 30; libbi um
you Craig ABRT 1 31 r. 13 (SB prayer); kabat
meanika t-ib satisfy your creditor BIN 6
tasunu ut-ti-ib (Cyrus) pleased them (the
187:16 (OA); anaku arhis allakamma libbaka
gods) BHT pl. 10 vi 14 (Nbn. Verse Account);
-ta-ab I shall come quickly and satisfy
DN mu-tib-ba kabattija Mummu who pleases
you TIM 2 13 :18, cf. PBS 7 53 r. 15, CT 29
me En. el. I 31, cf., wr. mu-tib, mu-ti-ib ibid.
35b :13; PN illakamma libbaka -t-ab VAS
III 3; ana DN mari mu-tib panja for Muati,
16 68 :10, cf. ibid. 174 :19, cf. also Kraus, AbB 10
the son who pleases me LKA 146 :7 and dupl.,
114 :12; give him good silver li[bbasu] t-ib
see Lambert, AnSt 30 78; mu-tib libbi Anun
satisfy him CT 52 123 : 20, cf. libbani t-ub
nak musapsih Igig (Marduk) who makes
ibid. 15; before he informs his boss libbasu
the Anunnaku gods happy, who calms the
ti-i-ib satisfy him OECT 3 56 : 22, see Kraus,
Igigu En. el. VI 134, cf. mukn puhri sa il
AbB 4 134; libbasu [t]-ib-ba van Soldt, AbB 13
mu-tib libbisun En. el. VII 37; ilu rabtu lib
58 : 30; libb -ti-ib he satised me VAS 16
baka li-tib-bu may the great gods make you
126 : 21; x kaspam libbi PN PN 2 ut-ti-ib PN 2
(amas) happy PBS 1/1 13 :12, also BMS 8 :19,
satised PN with x silver UET 5 319 : 6; lib
and passim in prayers; [mu]-ti-bat libbi DN
basu li-t-ib Walters Water for Larsa 77:19, see
qu[radi] she who makes the hero amas
Stol, AbB 9 267; libbaki lu-t-ib I will satisfy
happy Mayer Gebetsbeschwrungen 515 :11; ilu
you (fem.) CT 52 22 :15; note libbu without
asib ekurri u aps libbaki li-tib-bu KAR 42
dependent genitive: he paid li-ba-am -t-ib
r. 20 and dupl., see Farber Istar und Dumuzi
YOS 14 26 :14, idam li-ba-am -ta-[a]b Kraus,
62 :77; ilu rabtu libbaka li-ti-ib-bi VAB 4 258
AbB 5 162 :16, cf. VAS 16 174 : 27 (all OB letters);
ii 19 (Nbn.); maliku mu-tib-bu libbi KAR
ahhusa . . . libbasa -ta-ab-bu her brothers
321 : 5; note without libbu : DN . . . li-t-ib-su
will satisfy her (their sister) CH s 178 : 87,
may Insusinak make him happy (as long as
cf. summa ahhusa . . . libbasa la ut-ti-ib-bu
he lives) Af O 24 95 : 3 (Tepti-ahar brick).
ibid. 2; PN libbi PN 2 ahisu ut-ti-ib PN sa-
2u kings, nobles, etc.: kabtum sa libbi be tised his brother PN 2 TIM 4 5 :13; ahum
lisu -ta-ab-bu- ibbassi (see kabtu mng. libbi ahim -t-ib TIM 4 40 : 21; (he said)
4b) YOS 10 43 : 3, 46 iv 31 (OB ext.); mu-ti-ib libb tu-ut-ti4-ib you have satised me CT 4
libbi belisu (I am) the one who makes his 7a : 33; ana sa ipallahusi u libbasa -t-ab-bu
lord happy AOB 1 38 No. 2 : 4; libbi RN be inaddin she will give (her possessions) to
lisunu -tib-ma I (Sargon) made their lord (the son) who reveres her and makes her
Ullusunu happy TCL 3 155 (Sar.); bel il lib content CT 8 34b :19; kaspam sm eqlisunu
baka lu-ti-ib-ka umeka lurrik may the lord gamram libbasunu t-ub they are satised
of the gods make you happy, may he ex- with silver, the full price of their eld CT
tend your days Thompson Rep. 187 r. 10; libbi 45 117:17, cf. kaspam sm btisu gamram
sarri belija li-tib ibid. 268 r. 10; libbu sa libbasu t-ub Meissner BAP 35 :16, cf. also CT 2
sarri [be]lini ina libbi nu-t-bi let us make 37:18, BE 6/1 5 :15, PBS 8/2 205 :11, x kaspam
the king, our lord, happy thereby ABL 942 . . . libbi PN t-ub JCS 9 70 No. 1 : 4, and passim
r. 11 (NB); DN . . . libbaki tu-ti-ib-ki Sar- in OB leg.; samassamm libbi PN -ta-a-ab
pantu made you (the kings daughter) he will satisfy PN with linseed TCL 10 91 : 8;
happy ABL 54 :10 (NA); see also BA 5 634 libbi PN -t-ab Kienast Kisurra 62 : 9; seam

tbu 2b tbu 2e

u kaspam . . . PN libbasunu -ta-a-ab BIN 7 c) with ref. to construction : sar Babili

192 :15; E BI . . . .GA.NI B.B.DG.GE. mu-tib isid mati (RN ) king of Babylon, who
E BE 6/2 16 :10, cf. ibid. 20 r. 2, PBS 8/2 124 : 8, makes the foundation of the land sound
and passim; SAG.GAR.GA.RA UM.MI.A VAS 1 37 ii 44 (NB kudurru); harranatu sute
UN.DG.GE.E-ma PBS 8/2 151 :13; [l]ibbi surama tu-ub-bat girru the roads were made
ekallim []-ta-a-ab he will satisfy the royal straight, the path was improved George Gilg.
administration YOS 8 100 :14, also ibid. 111 :12, V 5; hula ana meteq narkabateja u ummana
122 case 9, wr. BA.DU ibid. tablet 7; PN aplu teja lu-t-ib I indeed prepared the road for
sa PN 2 libbasu -ti4-bu the heirs of PN 2 the passage of my chariots and troops AKA
satised PN MDP 24 330 :16; dicult : istu x 39 ii 10 (Tigl. I), cf. hulani sa ina muhhijani
eqlum ana PN t-bu- RA 86 103 No. 2 : 5 -ta-a-bu titurrate ukabbusu they improve
(OB); libb ula -t-ib kasp salmam ula utir the roads leading towards me and fortify
ram he did not satisfy me, he did not re- the bridges ABL 198+ r. 6 (NA), see Parpola,
turn all my silver UET 6 402 :10 (OB lit.), see SAA 1 29; my troops -ti-ib-bu girru pre-
Charpin Clerg dUr 326. pared the road TCL 3 24, cf. ibid. 330 (Sar.);
titurrati ana meteq ummanateja lu--t-ib I
4u lands : he distributed presents among
prepared bridges for the passage of my
people libbi mati -tib-ba he made the
troops AKA 65 iv 70 (Tigl. I); mati . . . bt PN
land content CT 46 45 iii 15 (NB lit.), see Lam-
t-t-ba-nim when will you (pl.) improve
bert, Iraq 27 6; mu-tib libbi matisu (Sargon)
PN s house? Contenau Trente tablettes cappa-
who makes his land content Winckler Sar.
dociennes 29 :15 (OA); lu-tib suhhaka may I
pl. 48 : 9; I eradicated enemies everywhere
make your pedestal suitable (addressing
and libba mati -ti4-ib made the land con-
Bel) Pongratz-Leisten Aktu-Prozession 286 : 24;
tent VAB 4 174 ix 30 (Nbk.).
namkarsu ana siqtim ana meresti -ti-ib
b) with ref. to physical well-being, (see namkaru usage b) MDP 10 pl. 11 i 11
health (with sru): ana sr nis t-ub-bi-im (MB kudurru); 1 MA.NA .UDU PN ARAD
(the gods appointed me) to improve the .GAL a-na GI.IG.ME a-na t-ub-bi im-
well-being of the people CH i 48, cf. sr nis hur UM 29-13-323 : 5 (MB econ., courtesy J. A.
-ti-ib CH v 24, sr nissu li-ti-ib CH xli 94; Brinkman); k[ma] sarru bel ittalka tamlti
note the year name MU sa RN . . . sr mati umall -ta-ab-bu (see tamltu mng. 3)
su -t-ib-bu Horsnell Year Names 1 p. 57, etc.; ABL 1214 :11 (NA); sappa[ta ana] .ME qan
sr niseja -t-ib I improved the health of tu-ta-ab (see sappatu usage a) KAR 220 iv 4,
my people AKA 92 vii 33 (Tigl. I); sr matim see Ebeling Parfmrez. p. 31.
-t-ib I made the land healthy CH xl 34,
d) said of speech, prayers : inanna pka
cf. (Ninurta) mu-tib sr mati JRAS Cent.
t-ib now, make your speech pleasing (when
Supp. pl. ii 4 (hymn); mu-ti-ib-ba-at srja
you send a tablet to PN write to him about
(Gula) who makes me healthy VAB 4 164 vi
alliance) Ml. Dussaud 2 990 a 3 (Mari let.);
10, also ibid. 130 iv 53; ti-ib-bi srja ibid. 78
qb ana satammi ti-ib-ma make my speech
No. 1 iii 46 (all Nbk.); isat tu-sal-bi-su(vars.
pleasing to the administrator YOS 3 124 :13
-s, [tu-sal]-bis-ma) tu-tib (vars. [t]u-ut-ti-ib,
(NB let.); qibt psu eli il u nise tu-ub-bi to
tu-hab) srsu (delete sub lababu A usage
make his utterance pleasing to gods and
b) KAR 321 r. 6, vars. courtesy W. G. Lambert;
people Statue de Tell Fekherye 23; -ti-ba zikr
(Marduk) mu-tib simm marsuti who heals
[. . .] ina istarati he made my name pleas-
severe wounds BA 5 391 K.9595 : 8; uncert.:
ant among the goddesses Or. NS 36 116 : 24
GIG NU ZU -ta-ab-su Kcher BAM 396 ii 30
(SB hymn to Gula).
(MB); sa basti -ta-a-ab-si (see bastu mng.
1c1u) VAS 10 214 vii 17 (OB Agusaja), see e) said of deeds, conduct : sa . . . [ilu]
Groneberg, RA 75 111. rabtu ressu kma samme balati eli nise

tbu 2f tbu 3d

[mat As]sur -t-bu-ma he whose shep- bi-s hantis nasha KAR 321 r. 16, cf. Kramer
herdship the great gods made pleasing to ana tu-ub ZI-hi
SLTN 71 r. 5, CT 17 13a : 27;
the people of Assyria like a healing herb uncert.:
SBH 151 No. 24 r. 28, 53 No. 26 edge 1;
Unger Reliefstele 9 (Adn. III), see Grayson, RIMA t-ub-bu-um (name of a door) BiOr 30 368 : 51
3 208; retka kma ulu u samnu eli naphar (OB lit.), see J. Westenholz Akkade 198.
kissat ni[se l]i-it-tib-bu may they (the gods)
i) uncert. usage: kamm sa G.NU sa
make your shepherdship pleasing to all
tezibam []-ta-a-ab (see kammu B) TLB 4
mankind like ne oil ABL 1285 :10, see Par-
84 : 22 (OB let.), see Frankena, AbB 3 84; satari
pola, SAA 10 294, cf. ABL 768 r. 13, see Parpola,
sa parsu sa DN . . . [lu] tu-ub-bu- (see
SAA 5 146.
parsu mng. 1c) CT 22 15 :16 (NB let.).
f) with ref. to taste, fragrance: ibal
lalma -ta-ab-a-ma (see balalu mng. 1b) 3. III to make happy, to repair, to
VAS 6 182 : 6 (NB); he roofed the palace with make pleasing, sweet a) with libbu, ka
juniper wood and so irissa -tib made its battu : sa . . . Assur . . . ana . . . su-tu-ub lib
fragrance sweet TCL 3 211 (Sar.); [na]pist bisun imb zikirsu he whom Assur ap-
. . . kma ulu samni tib-bi eli nise rapsati pointed to make them (the gods) happy
KAV 171 :14 (Sin-sar-iskun). Piepkorn Asb. 64 v 32, cf. ana su-tu-ub libbi
Assur Streck Asb. 190 :17; kabattasunu su-tu-
g) said of rening metals : x kaspu ina ub-ba-ak I am the one who makes them
tu-ub-bu indatu (originally) six and one- (the gods) happy VAB 4 276 v 24 (Nbn.).
third minas of silver, it became less in
rening Nbn. 119 r.(!) 2, also ibid. 5, cf. x kas b) with ref. to construction : sa nar Te
pu sa ana tu-ub-bu nadin ibid. 21 (= obv. 10), bilti malaksa ustesn abbu us-tib-ma usesir
see Bongenaar NB Ebabbar 362f.; x hurasu sa mussa (see abbu) OIP 2 99 : 48, also ibid. 96 :75
(Senn.); chapels, daises ul-tib-ma unammir
. . . tu-ub-bu Nbn. 1095 : 2, also ibid. 4.
sassis I repaired and made dazzling like
h) with legal connotations : I am liable the sun Borger Esarh. 5 vi 19.
for half a mina of silver asurri PN e illikam
ma e -t-ib-k-ma tuppam e taddissumma !2- c) with ref. to speech, prayers, songs :
MA.NA kaspam isserija e ilqi heaven forbid eli sarri kabti rub a[na . . .] su-tu-ub-bi at
that PN should come and satisfy you and mesu in order to make his speech pleasing
you give him a tablet, and that he borrow to king, magnate, or prince 4R 55 No. 2 :13;
half a mina of silver on my account TCL 20 eli sarri haerisa atmsa su-tu-bi-ma ADD
644 :7 (SB); zikir s [aptisu] kma lallari eli ab
114 :14; awlam lu-t-ba-am Kltepe 91/k 501 :18
(courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); allakma -t-b-su . . .
rati li-s-tib may he (Marduk) make his
command as sweet as white honey to man-
23 awlam t-i-ib Kltepe 1994/200 :14; tam
kind Pinches Texts in Bab. Wedge-writing 16 r. 3
kar lu-t-ib Kltepe 1994/547:12 (both cour-
(coll. W. G. Lambert); us-tib saptja Iraq 60
tesy M. T. Larsen); give PN the silver t-i-ib-
194 :117 (Ludlul I); zikirka ina p nise su-tb-
ma KTS 1 33b :14; mislka K.BABBAR a-hu-
ba (var. su-t-b[a]) dLAMMA your name in
k t-ib summa la t-t-ib anaku PN -t-b
the mouths of the people makes the pro-
satisfy your colleague with your half share
tective goddess happy BMS 22 : 8, var. from
of silver, if you do not satisfy (him) I will
LKA 56 : 8, see Mayer Gebetsbeschwrungen 473.
satisfy PN BIN 4 33 : 26f. (all OA); -ta-ab-ki I
shall satisfy you (fem.) Kraus AbB 1 63 :10; d) with ref. to deeds, conduct : us-ti-ba-
asarisma wasabam tu-ut-ti-bi-ma ibid. 111 : 8; am-ma belussu srti he made his great maj-
al li-ti-ib let my city pay (the workmen) esty delightful to me VAB 4 124 ii 6 (Nbk.);
Kraus, AbB 5 217 r. 24; in colophons : ana tu- sa . . . sarrussu kma ulu samni us-tib-bu eli
ub-bi-s surris istur BRM 4 18 : 28, ana tu-ub- nise rapsati whose kingship (the gods)

tabutu A tahadu

made pleasing like ne oil to the wide- ship with RN , so I approached his family
spread people Streck Asb. 362 m 5 (colophon), about establishing friendly relations be-
cf. Bhl Leiden Coll. 3 34 :11. tween (our houses) EA 136 : 28 and 32 (let. of
Rib-Addi), see Moran Letters p. 217 n. 5; jsi itti
e) with ref. to smell : kma qisti hasuri sa iraamannini ta-bu--ta la umassaranni
irissu us-ti-ib-su (see qistu A usage e2u) he does not permit me friendship with
VAB 4 256 ii 5 (Nbn.). anyone who loves me EA 17:15; ahuja ta-bu-
-ta ittija libei EA 17: 51; ana la t-bu-ut-t[i]
f) other occs.: urud . . . us-tib-ma he (in broken context) EA 27: 48 (all letters of
made my throat better Lambert BWL 54 : 31 Tusratta); ana ta-bu-ti illaka (in broken con-
(Ludlul III); uncert.: ana anniatim kma b text) BE 17 71 : 5 (MB let.); u ahua ana muhhi
tum annm . . . zikir sumika irammu su-- abuja k damqi DG.GA-ut-ta nasta inanna
t-ba-si-na telei concerning these matters, ana muhhija akannama DG.GA-ut-ta usur
since this (royal) house cherishes your rep- you, my brother, used to bear friendship
utation, you can improve them Bagh. Mitt. toward my father graciously, so now like-
2 59 iv 25 (OB royal let. from Uruk). wise preserve friendship toward me MRS 6
10 RS 10.046 :10 and 12; uncert.: ta-bu-tam bu
For ABL 997 r. 4 and ABL 1194 r. 12 see
takkussu mng. 2d1u, reading ta-ad-di-ip it has bro- [x x] Kraus, AbB 5 62 r. 5u.
ken from daapu. For Winckler Sar. pl. 48 : 6 see
salapu mng. 1a. tabutu B s.; brine(?); RS; cf. tabtu A.
Ad mng. 1a2u : Mus, Studies in the Aramaic
Legal Papyri from Elephantine. [at]akal muddaja akala [astati mas]ttam
damam ta-bu-ti I ate my scraps(?) for food,
tabutu A s.; friendship, amity; OB(?), I drank blood and brine(?) for drink Ugarit-
MB, EA, RS; wr. syll. and DG.GA with ica 5 162 :18u (lit.), see Butz, JESHO 27 309.
phon. complement; cf. tbu.
tahadu v.; 1. to thrive, prosper, 2. tuh
[ina] sarrani ahhutu ta-bu-tum salmu u
hudu to provide lavishly, endow richly, to
amatu [bantu] among the kings there are
make prosperous, 3. II/2 (uncert. mng.);
brotherhood, friendship, peace, and ami-
OB, SB, NA, NB; I ithud itahhud, II,
cable relations EA 11 r. 22; ultu abbua u ab
II/2, II/3; cf. tahdu, tuhdu, tuhhudu.
buka itti ahami[s] ta-bu-ta idbubu ever since
my forefathers and yours discussed the mat- [du-u] [DU 8] = [t]a-ha-du S b II 341, also MSL 14
ter of friendly relations with each other 126 : 811 (Proto-Aa Secondary Branch); du-u DU 8 =
EA 9 : 8; anaku u ahija itti ahamis ta-bu-ta ta-ha-du sa MIN (= {AR-tu) A VIII/1 :141; du-u DU 8
niddabub (see dababu mng. 3a2u) EA 8 : 9; = ta-ha-du Nabnitu XXIII 340; [i n] . d u 8 = it-hu-ud
Ai. I iii 47.
atta ul ahhuta u ta-bu-ta tubema (see bu
tu-uh DU 8 = tuh-hu-du A VIII/1 :157; d u 8 . d u 8,
mng. 3a1u) EA 4 :15; assum anntimma ana g a . a b . d u 8 = tuh-hu-du, t a . LAGAB, t a . t a . LAGAB
ahhuti u ta-bu-ti assum ana ahamis qerebini = MIN sa samni, s . s . k i = MIN sa mirsi Nabnitu
ana ahuzati [as]purakku and did I write to XXIII 341.; s-r R = tuh-hu-du Idu II 74.
you about establishing ties of marriage be- g i l . s a d u m u . s a l l u g a l h i . l i d u8 . d u8 . a :
[s]ukutti marat sarri [sa] kuzba t-uh-hu-da (see su
tween us for just the same reason, that is,
kuttu A lex. section) Ugaritica 5 169 :17f., Sum. re-
for brotherhood and amity? ibid. 17 (all stored from JNES 23 2 : 25.
royal letters from Babylon); I thought to my- tu-tah-had 5R 45 K.253 iii 17 (gramm.).
self alikmi anaku i-pu-sa(!)-am DG.GA
(pronunciation gloss : tu-ka) ittisu sa RN u 1. to thrive, prosper : k amuru abtalut u
alkati ana btisu assum epus DG.GA biri sa abr at-ta-hu-ud when I saw (you) I re-
Come now, I must make terms of friend- vived, and I, who was starving, began to

tahadu tahadu

thrive ABL 880 :11 (= CT 54 43) (NB), cf. [at- the oering tables of my lords Nab and
ta-h]u-ud u abtalut KAR 73 : 31; it-hu-ud ka Nan more richly than before VAB 4 92 ii
rassunu samuhta rta (see rtu mng. 1a2u) 35, cf. ibid. 154 iv 57 (both Nbk.); 3 passur tu
Lambert BWL 177: 22 (fable). sallak kma sa DN DN 2 u DN 3 tu-tah-had
you have three oering tables pass (before
2. tuhhudu to provide lavishly, endow
the images of amas, Adad, Aja, and Bu-
richly, to make prosperous a) said of of-
nene), you provide them as lavishly (with
ferings and sacrices for gods and temples :
oerings) as (those) of Anu, Enlil, and Ea
mu-ta-ah-hi-id nuhsim bt Egalmah (Ham-
BBR No. 1-20 :102; sippu sigar medelu u da
murapi) who lavishly provides abundance
lati igul -tah-hi-id-ma I lavished per-
for Egalmah CH ii 52, cf. Tadmor Tigl. III
fumed oil on the door jambs, locks, bolts,
112 : 6; nqsu sra nindabsu ella ina Esagil
and doors (of the temple) VAB 4 258 ii 13
-tah-hi-da upaqqid he endowed and pro-
(Nbn.); he sacriced fattened sheep ina
vided Esagil richly with his superb sac-
dispi karani u mashati -tah-hi-da sigare
rices and pure cereal oerings WO 4 32 vi 1
he provided the locks with honey, wine,
(Shalm. III), cf. ibid. 3, see Grayson, RIMA 3 31,
and scented meal in plenty BBSt. No. 36 iv
cf. also Borger Asb. 275 :75; ana Ezida . . . mim
34; he who reveres the gods of Esagil and
ma sumsu dussku sa Emeslam . . . t-uh-
Ezida mu-tah-hi-id sigarsunu VAS 1 37 ii 4;
hu-da-ku hisbi I supplied everything for
sigaru lu tuh-hu-ud nindab lu zuunu Bauer
Ezida, I provided abundance lavishly for
Asb. 2 74 K.2524 r. 6 (lit.); ihenunnakku li-tah-
Emeslam PBS 15 80 i 16 (Nbn.); hisbi sad u
hi-da sippka (see sippu A mng. 1b3u) Af O
tiamati ultamlil -tah-hi-id-ma utahh ma
19 59 :164 (SB prayer), cf. lu-tah(var. -ta)-hi-id
har il rabti he supplied the yield of moun-
btka sigaraka lusaz[nin samna] BMS 6 :14
tains and oceans, provided it in plenty,
and dupl., see Ebeling Handerhebung 36 : 21.
brought it before the great gods CT 46 45 v
16, see Lambert, Iraq 27 7; mu-ta-hi-id kurunni b) said of prosperity, abundance for
bibil libbiki sa tarammi the one who pro- populations : nadinat [ku]zbi mu-ta-hi-da-[at
vides plenty of the premium beer that is nuhsi] (Gula) who grants abundance, who
your (Istars) favorite thing, that you love provides plenty LKA 17 r. 11, see Ebeling, Or.
so much AfO 25 39 : 20 (prayer of Asn.); mu-tah- NS 23 347; mu-tah-hi-id nis apti (Gula)
hi-i[d samn]u kurunnu naptan zbi sagigur who makes the teeming populace prosper
Af O 19 62 :16 (SB lit., restored courtesy W. G. Or. NS 36 116 : 32 (SB hymn); sakin mirti u
Lambert); ekurrati ta-hu-da the temples are masqti mu-tah-hi-du ursun (Marduk) who
richly endowed ABL 2 :14 (NA), see Parpola, provides pasture and watering place, who
SAA 10 226; mu-tah-hi-id ekurrati Borger lavishly equips their stables En. el. VI 124;
Esarh. 92 s 63 :7; mu-tah-hi-id gimir ekurri Adad mu-ta-hi-du kibrati (corresponding to
zanin esreti (Nabonidus) who richly endows Aram. mdn mt kln) Statue de Tell Fekherye 6,
each temple, who provides for the shrines cf. Weisberg LB Texts 51 : 4; aklu ru[bb] KA.
VAB 4 235 i 7 (Nbn.); mu-ta-ah-hi-id esreti mu ME tu-hi-da (var. a-kal pi-ka [x] KA.ME
kn sattukku who richly endows the shrines, tuh-du) increase the food, abundantly pro-
who establishes regular oerings VAB 4 104 vide the beer STT 87:19 (NA lit.), var. from
i 19 (Nbk.); sattukkusa -ta-ah-hi-id-ma ukn STT 371 : 3, see Livingstone, SAA 3 10; sa . . .
nidbsa VAB 4 144 ii 24, also 110 iii 50, cf. ibid. ina tuh-du u mesr istene nisesu gimir
170 B vii 54 (all Nbk.); mu-tah-hi-id sattukku ummanisu tuh-hu-du irussu dadmesu (As-
VAB 4 230 i 10, also 252 i 4 (both Nbn.), also surbanipal) who continually is solicitous of
BBSt. No. 35 :7 (Merodachbaladan II); for other his people with abundance and prosperity,
refs. see sattukku usage f; passur DN u DN 2 all of whose people are lavishly provided
belja eli sa pani -ta-ah-hi-id I endowed for, their villages thriving UCP 9 389 :13

tahdu **tahru

(Asb.) with dupls., see Frame, RIMB 2 226; -ta- 2 :11 (NA), see Parpola, SAA 10 226, cf. LBAT
ah-hi-id (in broken context) BIN 2 32 : 3 1552 r. 26; zunnu tah-du-tum ina mati ibass
(Cyr.), see Berger, ZA 64 200 : 38. LBAT 1552 :18; zunnu tah-du-ti mlu sidruti
ina mat Akkad ibass Thompson Rep. 185 : 8,
c) said of fodder for livestock, rations
cf. ibid. 271 :13; G-nu tah-du mlu mat-qu
for troops : suharu sa war[kika] uku[ll] alp
CT 20 3 : 6 (SB ext.), see Koch-Westenholz Liver
. . . li-[i] t-t-hi-du-ni-[im] the servants
Omens 193 : 6, cf. zunnu tah-du izannun (op-
who are under your command should keep
providing plenty of fodder for the oxen posite: su) K.10566 : 6u (SB astrol.); tusaznan
VAS 16 154 : 5, see Frankena, AbB 6 154; pissata zunn tah-du-ti ml gap[suti . . .] you cause
. . . zumursun -tah-hi-id I provided (the abundant rains, [you release(?)] mighty sea-
workmen) amply with oil rations for their sonal inundations Craig ABRT 1 30 : 23 (hymn
bodies OECT 1 27 iii 29 (Nbn.). to Asb.), see Livingstone, SAA 3 2; ina zunne
tah-du-ti (vars. tah-du-u-ti, tah-TU-ti) rade
d) other occs.: tu-tah-had-su-nu-ti tukan gapsuti (see radu usage a1u) Streck Asb. 144
nasunuti you prepare them (the statues ix 52, see Borger Asb. 118 D viii 66, cf. Borger
representing the sick mans father and Esarh. 17 Episode 13 : 38; zunn ta-ah-du-te
mother) lavishly, you treat them with due sanat nuhse u masr ana paleja lisruku may
respect Kcher BAM 323 : 81, see Farber Istar und
they (Anu and Adad) grant abundant rains
Dumuzi 211 :7; samnu ellu samnu ebbu samnu
and years of prosperity and wealth for my
namru . . . -ta-hi-id-ka saman tapsuhti . . .
reign AKA 102 viii 27 (Tigl. I).
apsuska saman balati addka I have pro-
vided you lavishly with pure oil, clean oil, b) qualifying silver (OA): kaspum t-ah-
shining oil, I have anointed you with the du-um lilliksuma AKT 3 39 :11; ina x kaspim
oil of pacication, I have poured on you t-ah-dim Kltepe 89/k 355 : 22 (courtesy Y. Ka-
the oil of life Maqlu VII 35. wasaki); kma kaspum t-ah-dum ina {attim

3. II/2 (uncert. mng.): summa kuraru s innepusu u libbaka ihadd epus Kltepe
92/k 205 :13 (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ) .
ana pansu ut-t-hi-id Labat Suse 8 : 2, cf. ibid.
3, wr. ut-tah-hi-id ibid. 5, and passim, see ibid. c) other occs.: NG.DU ta-ah-da-am lip
p. 191. tattanu ARM 1 52 : 35 (delete s.v. nadu A mng.
2a), see Durand Documents de Mari 1 63 No. 1
tahdu (fem. tahittu and tahuttu) adj.; abun- n. 3; I provided oil, wine, and fruit for
dant, profuse, lavish; from OA, OB on; cf. them as funerary oerings surqinnu tah-du-
tahadu. tu . . . uknsunutima I established abundant
a) referring to rain or inundation : mlu oerings for them VAB 4 292 iii 17, also AnSt
ta-ah-du-um illakam an abundant inunda- 8 50 iii 2 (both Nbn.); liskun ana qateja ritti
tion will come RA 44 pl. 3 p. 43 : 22 (OB ext.); Anz sebti u ta-hu-ut-ti (see rittu A mng.
umam stima sam t-hi-it-tum iznunma 1d) von Weiher Uruk 23 :13, also ibid. 17; in
that very day it rained profusely and (one broken context : [. . .].ME ta-ah-da aqs
hundred sheep could not be plucked) ARM [suma(?)] BiOr 28 7 i 6u (Marduk Prophecy).
2 140 : 8; samutu ina res arhi ta-hu-ut-tum
izannun there will be copious rains at tahhittu see tahhittu.
the beginning of the month TCL 6 2 r. 22,
also ibid. obv. 55, CT 30 5 K.3814 : 3 (all SB ext.), tahittu see tahdu.
see Jeyes, Lambert AV 353., wr. ta-hi-tu KAR
153 :10; zunn th-du--ti ml gapsuti ma **tahru (AHw. 1379a) In AR 138, 17 (= ADD
hru damqu (there) are abundant rains, 74 left edge 1) read da-ra-ri, see Kwasman and
huge seasonal inundations, good prices ABL Parpola, SAA 6 259.


tah tam

tah (or dah) adj.; (qualifying garments); SAL a l . NU.NU = ta-me-tum Lu Excerpt II 17;
MA.* [SAL a l . N]U.NU = ta-mi-t [u] Lu III ii 16u.

5 (BN) fPN DUMU.SAL PN 2 ta-mi-tum

TG.{I.A.ME suppate SIG5.ME ta-hu-tu
PAP 5 (BN) ta-mi-tum CBS 8848 iiiu 8f.; fPN
thick textiles, of good quality and t. KAV
ta-mi-tum CBS 13743 : 3u and 5u (both MB, cour-
108 : 5 (let.), see Freydank and Saporetti Babu-aha-
tesy J. A. Brinkman); (rations for) PN ta-mi-
iddina 68.
tum BE 14 91a :12f. (MB); x ZZ SAL.ME te4-
mi-tum pilakkuhuli (see pilakkuhuli) JCS
tah v.; (a culinary activity); SB; cf. teh.
13 27 No. 266 r. 6 (OB Alalakh), see Dietrich and
ina muhhi balala sa girsi u ta-hu- sa em Loretz, WO 3 193.
meti (they recite) over the mixing of the
dough and the t. of the hot (breads) RAcc. tam (tem) adj.; twined, braided, twisted,
77: 46. spun; EA, RS, SB; wr. syll. and NU(.NU);
For ABL 1000 :10 and TMH 2 (= TuM 23)
cf. tam v.
214 : 6 see tnu. For CT 19 18 II 40 (= Antagal G
148) see teh. 1 AN.TA KI.TA te4-mu- one (textile)
with spun (cording?) at top and bottom EA
Oppenheim, Or. NS 11 127.; von Soden, Or.
22 iv 11, cf. x TG.ME . . . AN.TA KI.TA
NS 46 196.
te4-mu-tum EA 25 iv 48; TG.GADA te4-me-ta
Ugaritica 7 pl. 15f. RS 34.134 :15; SG NU.NU sa
tah see teh.
unqi la petti [u] puhatti la petti twisted
hair of an unmated goat and an unmated
tahu see tehu. lamb Af O 21 17: 30 (rit.); ina turri NU isak
kakma ina kisadisu isakkan he (the diviner)
tahuttu see tahdu. strings (stones) onto a twisted band and
places it around his neck BBR No. 11 r. 8
tajae see dajae. and 29 (rit.).

tajalu see dajalu. tam (taw, tem) v.; to spin, twist,

braid, entwine; OB, Mari, Bogh., MA, SB;
talanu (or dalanu, talanu) s.; (a type of I itmi itammi tami; wr. syll. and NU.
footwear); OA.* NU; cf. tamtu, tam adj., tamtu, tamtu,
timtu, tmu, tumnu.
senen t-l-n-e-en (beside senen sa-p-t- NU = te 4-e-m[u] Arnaud Emar 6 537:156 (S a
e-en) Michel and Garelli Kltepe 1 142 No. 69 : 8 Voc.); [su-u]r SUR = ta-[mu-u], [t]a-mu-u s TG A
and (without senu) 17, cf. ibid. 84 No. 20 : 30. III/6 : 98 and 111; s a g . g a r, s a g . g a r. a k . a = ta-
mu- Kagal B 238f.; za-ra BAD = ta-mu- Ea II 82;
taltaltu s.; fugitive woman; SB; Aram. lw. du-du BR.BR = ta(?)-mu- Diri II 55.
. . l i . i n g n . a s g SAL..GR [ g .
k tal-tal-ti luttaggis ina ka[mti] like an n u . z u ] s g SAL.SILA 4 g . n u . z u u . m e . n i .
NU.NU : ulinna burrumta sarat unqi la petti sarat
exiled woman, let me roam about outside puhatti la petti ti-me-ma braid a multicolored cord
(the city walls) ZA 61 52 ii 78 (SB hymn to out of the hair of an unmated goat and the hair of
Nab), see von Soden, ZA 61 64. an unmated lamb CT 16 21 :179.; u . s a r e 5 .
m u . m e . n i .NU.NU : pitilti suslustu ti-mi(var.
tlu see dlu B. -me)-ma braid (the goat hair) into a three-ply cord
von Weiher Uruk 2 :177, var. from dupl. CT 17
24 : 231 (s a g . g i g ); s a l . . t u . a . t a (var. s a l .
tamtu ( temtu) s.; twiner, braider, web- m u d . d a . g i 4 . a) n g(var. omits) . . z i . d a .
ster, spinster; OB Alalakh, MB; cf. tam v. u . m e . n i . s u r(var. . s r) : sinnistu paristu ana


tam tanapu
imni (var. imna) lit-me-ma von Weiher Uruk tabarra
AMT 103 ii 30, cf. Hunger Uruk 61 :10;
2 :75f., vars. from dupl. CT 17 20 :75f.; s g . seran B RI.RI.GA NU.NU you entwine
b a b b a r s g . g i6 g u . m i n . [ t a b . b a g i ] . b a l
red wool and a sinew of a dead cow Kcher
s u r. s u r. r e : sipate peste sipate sal[mate] q espa
ina pilakki it-me (see sipatu A lex. section) urpu BAM 237 i 31, cf. AMT 103 ii 14, and passim in
VVI 150f.; g i . b a l a . m u . u n .NU.[NU] : pilak med.; tur NU.NU- tarakkas (see turru A
ka a-tam-[mi] Volk Balag 200 :72; s g . b a b b a r. mng. 1a) Kcher BAM 248 iv 38; a-ta-mi(var.
m i n . t a b . b a . s u r. r a : sipati pesti sa ina ta-me-e -me) turru suslusu sa uqnti I braid a
espa white wool which was made double in spin-
three-ply band of blue wool LKA 106 r. 2,
ning ASKT p. 9091 : 55, see Borger, AOAT 1
dupls. LKA 107:14, STT 237: 9 (egalkura inc.);
8 :128f.; g u . m i n . a . t a b . b a . m e . n i .NU : q
espi ta-ta-mi-ma you spin a double thread RA 65 sinnistu pilakka la NU.NU (on that day) a
134 iii 9u (ardat lil inc.). woman should not spin with a spindle
s-ta-hu(text : -ri) // ta-mu-u A VIII/1 Comm. KAR 43 r. 6; ina guhassi burrumti sa sin
15. nistu it-mu- samta tasakkak KUB 37 104 ii
a) in econ.: 12 MA.NA sutm sa suhara 8, see W. Farber, ZA 91 254.
tum sa bt isparim it-wi-a twelve minas of
sut wool which the maids of the weaving tamu s.; wise, knowing one; syn. list.
establishment spun YOS 5 177:7; 1 kustum ta-a-mu = mu-du-u LTBA 2 1 iv 10, 2 :74, 3 ii 6.
. . . napsat mazrat su-up-pu-ka-at ta-wi-a-at
In VAT 10485+ III 10 (= Igituh I 201) read
YOS 14 310 : 21 (both OB); 1 SAL !3- GN.TA. KA.[{]I = DA-[x]-x-[x] (between KA dim-ma {I = te-[e-
M it-wu- ARMT 22 332 : 20u; (wool?) ina qat mu] and KA.{I . k r. r a = si-nit te-e-mu).
PN . . . [L s]a-pi-e [an]a ta--e [t]ad[n]assu
i-ta-i iddan Renger AV 93 VAT 19549 :14. tamtu s.; (a band or fringe); lex.; cf.
(MA). tam v.
b) in med. and rit.: turri SG tabarri SG riksu, tam--tu, adapu = -la-pu An VII 269.
BABBAR ta-tam-[mi] you weave a band of
red and white wool AMT 88,2 :17, also, wr. tamtu s.; spinning work; MB; cf. tam v.
NU.NU Kcher BAM 480 iv 11, 514 i 41, iii 1,
CT 23 7 ii 33, and passim, see also sipatu usage ana PN ispari ana ta-mu-ti iddinsi he
i; SG SA5 SG BABBAR ahenn NU.NU you gave her to the weaver PN to do spinning
twine red and white wool each separately work UET 7 1 : 6, cf. ana ta-mu-ti nadnat
Kcher BAM 514 iii 20, cf. ibid. 104 iii 25;
she is handed over for spinning work ibid.
r. 16, see Gurney MB Legal Texts No. 1.
SG.ME tanassahma turr ahenn NU.NU
you pluck hair (from a ram and a sheep)
and braid it separately into bands Biggs tanapu v.; 1. to become soiled, spoiled,
aziga 29 r. 14, also KAR 56 r. 5; nr salmuti
2. tunnupu to soil, to spoil; Emar, SB,
ta-tam-mi you twist black strings(?) Kcher NB; I itannup, II; cf. tanpu, tannapu.
BAM 409 r. 32; sarat nesi NU.NU you braid lu-um LUM = t-un-nu-pu A V/1 : 66.
lion hair CT 23 3 : 20; as-lum NIT PA
1. to become soiled, spoiled : sut i-ta-nu-
GI.GIIMMAR NIT NU.NU you entwine
up anaku azakku he will be soiled, I will
male aslu plant and twigs of a male date
become clean KAR 134 r. 7, see TuL p. 99.
palm BE 31 60 ii 5; urt subat gisimmari sa
iltani [N]U.NU AMT 3,2 : 9; PA MIN ina ta 2. tunnupu to soil, to spoil : k ina dibb
barri ta-ta-me you entwine leaves of the agannute ittisu ramankunu la tu-ta-ni-pa if
same (plant) with red wool Kcher Panzen- you have not sullied yourselves along with
kunde 1 v 23, cf. Kcher BAM 66 :15; sa [SG] him in these matters ABL 301 r. 14 (NB), see
SA5 turra NU.NU you spin a band from red Moran, Tadmor AV 326; sah . . . mubahhis su
wool Kcher BAM 510 iii 7; tabarra NU.NU qani x [mu]-ta-an-ni-pu btati the pig,

tanpu tapalu

which fouls the streets and soils the houses scorn. Is it not a grievous thing to hear in-
Lambert BWL 215 :14; -ta-an-na-pu (in bro- sults and scorn? AJSL 32 272 :14, see Stol,
ken context) Arnaud Emar 6 474 : 6u (rit.). AbB 11 139; you sent me only twenty minas
of tin semm mnam iqabbi ul i-t-pa-la-n-
tanpu s.; spoiled dates; lex.*; cf. tanapu. ti-i what will someone who hears (of it)
say? Will he not look on us with scorn?
[z . l u ] m . a . s u r. r a = ta-ni-pu Hh. XXIV
ARM 5 20 : 24, see Durand Documents de Mari 1
No. 256 n. 28, ul i-t-pa-lu-ka-[a] ARM 5
tannapu s.; vulva; lex.*; cf. tanapu. 76 :10; awatum t-ap-la-at it is a shameful
matter Birot Mem. Vol. 212 No. 117: 51 (Mari),
p i . i n . z i . i r = li-p-is-si 20 -tum t-an-na-pu cf. terhatum stum an[a n]adanim t-ap-la-at
(see pizzir disc. section) Arnaud Emar 6 602 : 371
ARM 1 77:11 (delete s.v. sapalu mng. 2c), coll.
(OB Proto-Lu).
Charpin, RA 92 81 n. 18; ana epesim annm ul
Pentiuc West Sem. Voc. Emar 186f.
i-ta-ap-lu-ka (for ittapluka or itappaluka)
UET 5 62 : 32, see Rowton, Iraq 31 71; ana [m
tanu see danu.
ni]m ta-pu-ul why is he scorned? PBS 1/2
11 : 32, see Stol, AbB 11 160; mahar awle sab
tapalu v.; 1. to scorn, to treat scornfully,
taplatija taddanabbubi . . . anaku tem im
with disrespect, 2. tuppulu to scorn, dis-
taqutma mahar awle sab tapultaka aqabbi
regard, to insult, to behave insultingly, 3.
mnam tepusannima taplatika adabbub sum
II/3 to slander, 4. III to make contempt-
ma mahar awle sab tapultaka aqbi awlu
ible; from OB on; I itpul itappal tapul
sunu inaddninn it-pu-l[u]-ni-in-ni (you
and itpil itappil, II, II/3, III; cf. musat
sent a message to me) You (fem.) con-
pilu, mutappilu, taplu, tapultu, tiplu, tuplu,
stantly speak scornfully of me before the
tupull, tupultu.
honorable tavernkeepers, but for my part,
ka-ra GN-ten (vars. GN and -ten) = ri-ik- have I so lost my senses that I would speak
su, ta-pa-lu Ea I 186f.; ka-ar GN-ten = ta-pa-lu scornfully of you before the honorable tav-
S b I 162; su-u = t-[ p]a-lu Idu II 262; [ u .
ernkeepers? What have you done to me
k r] . g a = ta-pa-lum, [ u . k r] . k r = tu-up-pu-
lum Antagal C 231f., cf. Erimhus VI 202f.; bi-iz BI that I would talk about you scornfully? If I
= ta-pa-[lu], tup-pu-li A V/1 :167f.; [. . .] = ta-pa- spoke scornfully of you before the honor-
[lu], MIN [s x], t-pul-l[u], MIN [s x] CT 51 able tavernkeepers, would those gentle-
171 :7. men abandon me? (In fact) they scorned
ukkudu = sum-su-ku, tup up -pu-lu (var. tu-up-pu-
lu) Malku II 282f.
me Kraus, AbB 5 138 :19u; la ta-pa-lu (in un-
tu-tap-pal 5R 45 K.253 iv 48. cert. context) TCL 18 86 : 30.

1. to scorn, to treat scornfully, with b) other occs.: amiru aj it-pil the reader
disrespect a) in OB, Mari letters : [b]t (of this tablet) must not treat it with dis-
isabbatma ana babim usessiannima ilam mu respect CT 14 9 r. ii 17, cf. amiru la i-ta-ap-
terram ul arassi GN u GN 2 [is]emmma i-ta- pil Livingstone Mystical and Mythological Explan-
ap-pa-lu-ka he will seize my house and atory Works 28 K.2670 : 9, tupp la t[a-t]a-pil
drive me out the door, and I will not see STT 38 iv 11, for other refs. see amiru mng. 2 and
my fortunes restored, (all of) Ur and Larsa Hunger Kolophone p. 179 s.v.; rub ark . . . la
will hear (about it) and look on you with ta-ta-pl O future prince, do not treat dis-
scorn VAS 16 140 : 28, see Frankena, AbB 6 140; respectfully (the wild beasts that I col-
give your mother barley so that she need lected) AKA 204 iv 59, see Postgate Palace
not dwell in poverty ul i-t[a]-ap-pa-[l]u-ka Archive 267: 39; ridd [te]mes summe ta-at-pil
ana p[i]stim u tupullm u semm ul (see msu mng. 1a) Lambert BWL 82 : 214
marus so that they will not treat you with (Theodicy); in broken contexts : ta-bi-lum


tapalu tapasu

ibid. 261 : 23 (MA proverbs), i-tap-pil Kraus Texte In UET 7 140 : 2 and dupl. VAT 10426 II 16 (=
59 i 9u (SB Sittenkanon), see Kraus, ZA 43 92 : 20u. Erimhus I gap b 17) read [KA gu ] . k u . n u (var.
KA. [m]u-r[u] [{AR]) = mu-ta-ap-pi-lu.
2. tuppulu to scorn, disregard, to in-
sult, to behave insultingly a) to scorn, tapapis see tapapu.
disregard an oath, a matter : (I wrote that
Zimri-Addu contends with Ibal-p-El) ma tapapu v.; to become full, sated; SB; I
tum sa belni itrudannti matum s amaram itpup *tapup; cf. tuppi.
ilei mu-us-ta-la-at [ul mu-t]-ap-p-la-at the
land to which our lord sent us, that land su-u = ta-p-p Idu II 263; [si-i] [SI] = ta-pa-
pu A III/4 :164, see von Soden, ZA 70 143; SI = ta-
can conrm it, it (the land) is judicious p-pu CT 19 12 K.4143 r. 7 (text similar to Idu).
and not contemptuous ARMT 26 380 :10; ta-pa-pu = s [e-b]u-u, [ma]-lu-u, a(?)-pa-rum An
kma ns sarrim -ta-ap-p-lu [l]u ippusu VIII 15.; ta-pa-pu = s [e(?)-bu]-u, un-su = bu-bu-t
ninni (if I break this agreement) I should Malku VIII 11f.
be treated as if I had scorned the oath by
the king RA 69 121 No. 8 :14 (OB leg.), cf. akkannu sirrimu sa it-pu-pu su x [x] the
nska -t-ap-p-il Kraus, AbB 5 229 :16u (coll. onager, the wild ass, who grew sated with
[. . .] Lambert BWL 72 : 48, restored from dupl.
V. Donbaz); [n]s amas u Marduk -t-a[ p-
courtesy W. G. Lambert; kurum sahhija ana nes
p]-il (that city) scorned the oath by amas
b nes[nni] kurunnu napsat nis ta-pa-pis
and Marduk ARMT 26 385 :19u, cf. ibid. 302 : 20;
ruq[anni] the food of my meadow is too re-
la t-t-ap-pal sa tesemmi do not treat
mote from me for sating (me), wine, the
what you hear with contempt KBo 28 4 : 30
sustenance of mankind, is too distant from
(royal let. from Egypt); -t-ap-pa-lu (in bro-
me to satisfy (me) ibid. 72 : 32 (both Theod-
ken context) ARMT 28 145 r. 2u.
icy); [e n . n a . m e . x . x . e n] : [a-di ma-

b) to insult, belittle a person, a god : tum t]ap-pat ZA 64 146 : 41 (Examenstext A).

tu-te4-p-el-su-nu ana pani mati you humil- In ana 2-i-su TAB-pu(-)qa-tu(?) sa kabli ana 2-i-
iated them in front of the land EA 1 : 91, see su KI.MIN sa pani kutalli U.NIGIN . . . ana 4-i-su
Moran Letters p. 5 n. 36; all Gilgames sa - TAB-pu(-)qa-tu VAS 19 58 : 6, 8, and 11 (MA list of
tap-pil(var. -pi-la)-an-ni al idduk (see all pots), a countable commodity is expected, see W.
Farber, NABU 2004/2.
adj. usage c) George Gilg. VI 158, var. from
Garelli Gilg. 122 v 4u.
**taparu (AHw. 1380a) see daparu and
c) to behave insultingly : summa -ta- duppuru; see Moran, JCS 33 44.
pa-al if he behaves insultingly (parallel :
summa ittanazzar) Kraus Texte 57a iii 13, cf. tapassu see tapasu s.
[summa] -ta-pil ibid. i 17 (SB Sittenkanon),
see Kraus, ZA 43 102 : 29 and 92 : 42u. tapastu see tapsu B.

3. II/3 to slander : kazratu pitquttu mut- tapasu (tapassu) s.; (a part of the exta);
tap-pi-la-at sarrabti ina qibt Istar sumsu Mari, SB; cf. tapasu v.
kat alti kabti (see sarrabu usage b) Lambert
BWL 218 iv 6. [. . . sum]elam t-pa-sum tarik u isrum
sumelam deki on the left the t. is dark, and
4. III to make contemptible : al tanittisu the isru is raised on the left ARMT 26 116
umassikma -sat-pi-la nagsu I made his r. 2u; summa ta-pa-sum imna lapit if the t.
glorious city disgusting and his province is abnormal on the right (followed by
contemptible TCL 3 226 (Sar.). sumela on the left, imna u sumela on the

tapasu tpu

right and left) Boissier DA 98f. r. 10.; sum tappu A (or dappu, tabbu) s.; (mng. un-
ma ta-pa-as-sum mehret se-e-ri ZAG/GB cert.); OB.*
lapit if the t. facing the . . . . on the right/
left is abnormal ibid. r. 7f., cf. summa ta-pa- [summa] ta-ap-pu-um sa damim re [s] mar
as-sum mehret MA.GN lapit ibid. 9; sum tim sabit if a t. of blood holds the top of
ma kalt ZAG/GB ina ta-pa-s ZAG/GB the gall bladder (the diviner will die) YOS
DA-a-at (see teh v. mng. 1e1u) KAR 152 r. 10 31 xi 26 (ext.).
32f. (both SB ext.).
tappu B s.; (mng. unkn.); OB lex.*
Durand, ARMT 26/1 p. 283.
l .[. . .] = ta-ap-p[u-um] OB Lu B vi 39.
tapasu v.; to become plump; SB; I (only
inf. and stative attested); cf. tapasu s., tappurtu s.; (mng. unkn.); OA.*
tapsu B, tuppusu, tupsu, tupustu.
ina ta-pu-ur-tim ana mera ummeanim
bubuta rabku akala ta-ap-s-ku I have piqdama entrust (pl.) (ve or ten minas of
grown large on provender, I have grown silver) by(?) t. to a merchant VAS 26 70 : 6;
plump with food 2R 60 ii 10 (lit.), see Rmer, kma kaspam 10 mana u [20] mana ta-
Persica 7 55; summa kunuk imitti atar u pa pu-ur-tm arassi [uni] BIN 6 195 :17, cf. ibid.
nusu rapsu . . . san sumsu kunuk imitti 12; ta-pu-ur-tm . . . mimma la is CCT 6
atar u panusu ta-ap-su ta-pa-su rapasu pa 11b : 32.
nusu rapsu if the right vertebra is over- Veenhof, VAS 26 p. 23 reads ina dappurtim in
sized and its front is wide, another ver- VAS 26 70 : 6 and proposes heimlich/eiligst as a
sion, the right vertebra is oversized and possible translation.
its front is fat, (with comm.:) tapasu means
to become wide, its front is wide CT 31 tapsu A adj.; (describing a poor quality of
48 K.6720+ :15, dupl. CT 31 18 K.7589 obv.(!) 6 tin); OA.
ana tappaea annakam damqam tusebilam
jti annakam t-p-sa-am tustebilam you
**taphum (AHw. 1380b) see tabhu. had sent good-quality tin to my colleagues,
but now to me you have sent (only) t.-qual-
tapiltu see tapultu. ity tin KBo 9 6 :7 (let. from Bogh.), see Balkan
Observations 49.
taplu adj.; scorned, contemned; lex.*; cf.
tapalu. tapsu B (fem. tapastu) adj.; plump, fat;
OA, OB (occ. as personal name only); cf.
l [ ] . k r. g a = ta-ap-lum, l . u . k r. g a = mu
tappilu OB Lu A 332f., also OB Lu C 3 15f.; l .
k r. a k = ta-ap-lum, l . u . k r. a k = mutappilu
OB Lu D 240; t i r. hu-um h u m = ta-ap-lum Lu Ex- Tap-sum Hecker Giessen 32 :17 (OA); un-
cerpt II 180; u . z i . g a . d u g 4 . g a = [t]a-ap-lum cert.: Ta-pa-s(?)-tum UET 5 663 :1 (OB).
Nigga Bil. B 143.

In CT 40 11 : 97 and dupls., read ni-is DINGIR tap see tep.

sa AD lu sa AMA isabbassu, see Freedman Alu
172 : 223. tpu v.; (mng. unkn.); SB; I *itup.
tapn see dabn. kum ta-t[u-u]p-pu q-e Belija Lambert
Love Lyrics 110 Section I 21.

**tappilu (AHw. 1380b) see tapalu. See also dpu.


tapultu taradu A

tapultu (tapiltu) s.; disrespect, insult; Texte 60 : 5 (Sittenkanon), see Kraus, ZA 43 88; ta-
from OB on; pl. taplatu; cf. tapalu. pu-ul-t[u] (in broken context) KUB 4 21 : 3.

u.k r n a m . l . u x(GIGAL) . l u . k e x(KID)

**tapum (AHw. 1380b) see tabu adj.
n a . m e n a . a n . d u 11 . g a : ta-pl-ti awluti mamma
la iqabbi who does not speak disrespectfully of
gentlemen? Ugaritica 5 164 : 30f. taradu A v.; 1. to send, 2. to drive out,
drive away, send away, to expel, 3. tur
a) in OB, Mari : bel t-pu-u[l-ti la] rudu to harass, to drive away, 4. II/2 to
iqabbi my lord should not speak ill of me be driven away, 5. IV to be sent (passive
RA 60 20 (= ARMT 28 60): 37; t-pu-ul-ti barti
to mng. 1), 6. IV to be expelled, driven
(in broken context) ARMT 26 165 : 3U; mahar away (passive to mng. 2); from OA, OB on;
awle sab ta-ap-la-ti-ia taddanabbubi (see I itrud itarrad tarid, I/2, I/3, II, II/2,
tapalu mng. 1a) Kraus, AbB 5 138 : 5u, cf. ibid. IV; wr. syll. (SAR ACh Supp. 2 Sin 1b : 39);
10u, 13u, and 16u; fPN sa t-ap-la-at belija idab
cf. tardis, tardu, tardu, tardutu, tarittu,
bubu . . . ilum . . . ubanatisa u[kas]siss[im] u *terdu B.
binnum elisa imtanaq[qut] (concerning) fPN
who speaks ill of my lord, the god muti- [a]d GR = t [a]-ra-du A VIII/2 : 225.
lated her ngers and epilepsy continues to i n . s a r = it-r[u]-ud, is-[tu]-ur, i n . s a r. r e . e =
it-[r]u-du, i[s-t]u-ru, i n . s a r. r e = [i-ta]-ra-ad, [i-
plague her ARMT 26 312 : 36u; u t-ap-la-ti-
sa]-ta-ar, i n . s a r. r e . n e = [i-t]a-ra-du, [i]-sa-ta-ru
ia idabbub u qaqqad uqallil anniatum dam Ai. I iii 3037; [n a m . d u m u ] . a . n i . t a b . t a .
q he speaks of me with disrespect and he a n . s a r = ana MIN (= marutisu) it-ru-su (see ma
has slighted me, are these decent things to rutu lex. section) Ai. III iv 14.
do? Sumer 14 38 No. 16 r. 3u (Harmal let.); 5-su l . hu l b a . a n . s a r. r e . e k i . s . s a . m u
u r . a k . e : lemna i-tr-ra-du inassaru kibs (see
t-ap-la-ti-ia mahar abija iskunuma ARMT
kibsu A lex. section) KAR 31 :15f.; n g . h u l
28 155 :10. s a r. r e . d a m . h u l . d b . b a k g a b a . r i .
b i . a l . g u b . b a : ana mimma lemni ta-ra-di MIN
b) in SB: mutam ta-pil-ti-ia(var. -i) (= mashultupp) ina mehret babi ulziz I placed the
sakin ana resi he who speaks disparagingly expiatory kid in front of the door to drive away
of me is promoted Lambert BWL 34 : 94 (Lud- every evil Af O 14 150 : 213f. (bt mesiri); dUD.
lul I), var. from Wiseman and Black Literary Texts U x(GIGAL) . l u . s g s a r. r e . d a . g b . b u .
201; amt ina pan ummani ta-pil-ti iqbi in a l . g u b . b a : Ninurta ta-rid asakki sa ina sumelisu
MIN (= izzazzu) it is Ninurta, expeller of demons,
front of a crowd my slave woman maligned who stands at his left side ibid. 148 :152f.; h u l .
me ibid. 90; ta-pil-t[a] aj iqbi may he not g l i m i n . b i h . [ b] . t a . a n . z i . z i s u . b i h .
speak (of me) with disrespect von Weiher [ b] . t a . s a r. r e . e : lemnuti sibittisu lissuhma ina
Uruk 77:11, cf. ibid. 13. (SB prayer); amat tas zumrisu lit-ru-ud may he remove the seven evil de-
girti ta-pl-ti PN ana PN 2 . . . idbubma (see mons and expel them from his body CT 16
46 :160f.; d n u n . u r 4 . r a DUG.SLA g a l a n . n a .
tasgirtu) Lie Sar. 102; IGI AB.BA amelu ta- k e x(KID) d u g . s l a . g a z u d u n k i . k . g a . t [a ]
pl-ti ameli ida[bbub] before witnesses one a l . e g 6 . g . a h . n i . b . s a r. r e : dMIN paha
man will speak ill of another KAR 426 :12; ru rab sa Anu ina MIN-e (= silagaz) sa ina utuni
summa ultahhas ta-pu-ul-ta-su G[AR-an] if elleti baslu ina bti lit-ru-us-su may Nunurra, Anus
he mutters to himself, disparagement of great potter, drive him (the demon) out of the
house by means of a half-sila container that has
him will be widespread Af O 11 224 : 83; ana been red in a pure kiln BA 10/1 105 No. 24 :15
ta-pul-ti ameli la qab uban lemutti arkisu la and 18 and dupls., see Geller, Af O 35 3 :17u (utukku
tarasi that disrespect not be spoken of a lemnutu).
man, that a malicious nger not be pointed [d i n g i r . a d i n a n n a ] . a i m . m a . a n .
at his back Kcher BAM 316 iv 7, dupl. STT d a . a n . t i . e : il bti Istar bti lu tar-du CT 16
39 : 6; PN i m . s i k m a . t a GN a n . n e . n e u
95 :126; ta-pul-ta-s ul iqqabbi Kcher BAM
h a . p a . i . i m . t u : PN IM.SIG mat GN qadu
316 iv 10, dupl. STT 95 :129; [summa . . .] ta- ERN.ME.E-su at-t-ar-da-ak-ku I have sent Lu-
pil-ta-s DUG4.GA if he is maligned Kraus Nanna, the governor of Simundar, to you together


taradu A 1a taradu A 1a
with his troops Labat Suse 1 ii 15.; g i . k i . i m 9, BIN 4 23 : 38; ammala trtika suhara a-t-
l i.g i.i n .ne .g u .z e.e . e me.e.r a .a m . ra-ad-ma CCT 4 12b : 27, cf. CCT 2 28 : 25; su
g i : ul egi ana serika at-t-ar-da I have not been
idle, I have sent (him?) to you ibid. iii 12.
haram isten a-t-ra-da-kum I will send you
i n . d i b i n . s a r i n . d u 8 : lippatir lit-ta-rid lik one employee BIN 4 34 : 5, cf. ibid. 24; suhare
kami let her be undone, expelled, overcome Kcher sina ana GN tur4-da-a ibid. 48 : 33; suharka
BAM 128 iv 17, also 124 iv 22. la tusbiat tur4-da-su-nu do not delay your
s-ar SAR = ta-[ra-du], habatu, sus Izbu Comm. servants overnight, send them here CCT 2
293f., restored from von Weiher Uruk 37:10.
50 : 29; emar eilma u suhar t-ur-dam tie
(comm. to Leichty Izbu VIII 41u); SAR [//] ta-ra-du,
SAR [//] ra-da-du Izbu Comm. V 254e; ta-ra-du // up(?) the donkeys and send my servant
ra-da-du Lambert BWL 82 comm. to line 213 (un- here TCL 19 51 : 28, see Veenhof Old Assyrian
pub. join, courtesy W. G. Lambert). Trade 11f.; summa suharum istu GN erubam
tu-tar-rad 5R 45 K.253 vii 46 (gramm.). isti PN t-ur-da-ni-su if the employee comes
1. to send a) persons, messengers, in from GN , send him to me along with PN
craftsmen, ocials, etc. 1u in OA: ana 2 Jankowska KTK 19 : 21; ahhua attunu idama
ume errabamma a-t-ra-da-su u trt zaku wardum u PN la ibittu tur4-da-ni-su-nu su
tum istisu illakakkum in(?) two days he nuti uqaa you are my brothers, see to it
will come here and I will send him o, and that the slave and PN do not delay over-
my precise information will reach you with night, send them to me, I await them CCT
him VAS 26 47:16; PN la isahhur ana trtika 4 6d :10; amtam isti PN t-[ur-dam] TCL 14
t-ur-da-su-ma PN is not to tarry, send 44 : 38; PN umakkal la ibiat t-ur-da-ni-su
him here under your orders Jankowska KTK PN must not delay for a single day, send
23 :17; summa annakam tasama tur4-da-ni- him on KTS 1 10 : 26, also Kienast ATHE 60 :12;
su summa annakam la tasama raqam tur4- issamsi PN errabanni 5 um la isahhur t-
da-ni-su (see raqu mng. 2) KTS 1 2a :17.; ru-s as soon as PN comes in, he is not to
aslakam arhis t-ur-dam send the fuller to tarry for (even) ve days, send him on
me immediately OIP 27 5 : 25, cf. ibid. 6 :15 KTS 1 6 : 27; umakkal la isahhur tur4-da-su
and 25; summa ab atta isti paniutim suha Contenau Trente tablettes cappadociennes 11 : 8, cf.
ram t-ur-da-su if you are truly my father, TCL 14 4 : 26, BIN 4 20 :16, CCT 4 42c :19,
send the servant to me with the next (car- 40b+41a : 27; 5 ume la isahhur isti batiqim t-
avan) BIN 4 85 :14; mamman ina suhar sa ur-da-su he is not to wait for ve days,
ammakam wasbuni tur4-dam send me any send him along with a traveler TCL 4 7:12;
of the servants who are there BIN 4 98 : 8; isti panmma alikim PN tur4-da TCL 4 6 : 20,
amt ina betika la wasbat t-ur-da-si Matous cf. BIN 4 63 : 26, 69 :15, TCL 14 94 : 38, KTS 1
Prag I 705 : 26; ul mamman issuhar illikam 37b : 6, TuM 1 2b :14, 3b : 8, CCT 3 3b : 24, 43a :16;
la takalla tur4-da-nim BIN 6 5 :16; summa umakkal i-Kanis la isahhur isti panmma
ina suharja mamman ta-t-ra-da-nim ICK ni-t-ra-da-su ICK 1 184 : 35, cf. Contenau Trente
1 84 :18, cf. KTS 1 27a left edge 1; uzan s-ha- tablettes cappadociennes 24 : 26; isti paniutim PN
ri-im sa ta-t-ra-da-ni-ni peteama explain ni-t-ra-da-kum-ma we will send PN to
to the employee whom you (pl.) are going you with the next (caravan) VAS 26 32 :10;
to send here (that he should look at the PN isti [wa]rkiutim ni-ta-ra-dam we will
tablets) ICK 1 84 : 24; sunuti isti suhar t- send PN with a later (caravan) TCL 4 28 :19,
ur-da-su-nu apputtum suhar iidma tur4-dam cf. KTS 1 18 : 21; esis tur4-da-su (see esis)
send them here together with the employ- CCT 2 27 : 32, also TCL 19 61 : 33 and 35; sum
ees, it is really urgent, take care to send ma la taidma PN arhis la ta-t-ar-dam if
the employees here Jankowska KTK 12 : 20.; you are not assiduous and do not send PN
trtaka lillikam u suhar l-at-ru-ud your here as quickly as possible BIN 6 74 : 32;
instructions should arrive, so that I can maletum saknatkum ul kaspam ammala tup
send out my employee CCT 4 6c :13, cf. ibid. pija saqalamma PN t-ra-dm (see maletu)

taradu A 1a taradu A 1a

Kienast ATHE 27: 22, cf. ibid. 3; I said PN a-t- sending a colleague of his to you with PN ,
ra-dam mimma PN la a-t-ra-dam I will send me the boy, my brother VAS 16 28 :13.;
send PN , but I will not send PN after all tuppatim . . . addinsumma ana serikunu at-
TCL 19 9 : 6f.; PN t-ra-dam la ileuni (see tar-da-as-su TCL 17 70 :16; awlam lu-ut-ru-
le mng. 1a1u) TCL 19 32 : 24; gimillam is ud Kienast Kisurra 153 : 31; assum 2 laputt sa
serija sukunma PN tur4-da-ma do me a fa- ana serija t-ra-dam taspuram concerning
vor and send me PN VAS 26 16 r. 9u; anna the two lieutenants about whom you in-
kam PN ebarutuni -sa-zi-zu-ma it-ru-du- formed me that (you) would be sending
ni-su here, our colleagues appointed PN them to me TIM 2 23 : 6; 2 laputt t-r[u-u]d-
(as their representative) and sent him on ma ibid. 12; mimma 2 laputt la ta-t-ar-ra-
TCL 4 28 : 35; summa PN PN 2 ammsam ik dam ibid. 16, cf. CT 33 20 :19, see Frankena,
tasdassu t-ru-s-nu-ma ammala tuppija le AbB 2 175; redm ittisa ni-it-tar-dam we
pusu if PN and PN 2 have reached him have sent a soldier along with her YOS 2
there, send them to act as my tablet in- 25 :17; ahi redm ul ta-at-ru-di-im Charpin-
structs JCS 14 3 S. 559 : 34; PN la i-ba-ri tur4- Durand Strasbourg 88 :7, see Kraus, AbB 10 168
da-ni-su PN 2 ina dase tur4-dam PN must (all letters), cf. redm it-ru-du-nim-ma PBS 5
not go hungry, send him here, send PN 2 in 100 ii 32, also ibid. iii 39 (leg.), see Roth, JESHO
the spring HUCA 39 12 L29559 :10f.; illikma 44 283f.; anumma PN redm restiam [a]t-tar-
isliassuma i-t-ar-da-su (see salau usage da-ak-kum herewith I have sent you a
a1u) Hecker Giessen 31 r. 10u; PN tur4-dam soldier of the rst rank CT 52 57:7; anum
wedaku send me PN , I am all alone BIN 4 ma 1 rakbm lasimam u qaqqad red at-tar-
34 : 31; PN ana ~lim la ta-[t]-ra-ad do not dam (see lasimu usage c) TCL 1 4 :15, cf. LIH
send PN to the City HUCA 39 27 L29-571 :7; 80 :13, 11 :18, OECT 3 36 :7, see Kraus, AbB 4
[a]na ~lim t-ru-ud-ma CCT 2 16a :11; ana 114; 1 rakbm u qabbaam at-tar-dam (see
GN at-ru-s CCT 4 10a : 26, cf. LB 1207: 6 (cour- qabbau) LIH 89 :15, also ibid. 19; 1 rakbm at-
tesy K. R. Veenhof ). tar-da[m] Kraus AbB 1 120; x B.GUD.{I.A
sunuti u x kaspam ana rakbm sa at-ru-[d]a-
2u in OB: maru si[ prik]i t-ur-di-im-ma as-su idnama ana GN liblam turn those
send me your (fem.) messenger (and I will three cows and the one-half mina of silver
have him escort the slave woman to you) over to the rakb whom I sent to you, for
Kraus AbB 1 51 : 21; bukasum . . . itti zikir him to bring to Babylon LIH 79 r. 5; sad
sumi sa L GN [ana] GN 2 subulu [. . . mar] dagdim rakb L.BAN ana eqletim susbutim
sipri ta-ra-dam uknma the prince decided at-ru-da-ak-kum (see sabatu mng. 11b) TCL
to send messengers with the presents that 7 11 : 5; anumma PN ababdm u PN 2 rakbm
the ruler of Aleppo had sent to Babylon . . . at-tar-dam (see ababd mng. 1) LIH
VAS 16 24 :16, see Frankena, AbB 6 24 :14u; PN 34 :7; anumma rakb sa eqlam isabbatu wakil
malak at-tar-da-ku (see malaku B s.) CT 29 amurrsunu u PN DUMU .DUB.BA ana
21 : 20, see Frankena, AbB 2 152 : 20; naspar ta- mahrikunu at-tar-dam now I am sending
at-ru-dam . . . temsu uterram the messen- to you (pl.) the rakbs who are to take pos-
ger whom you sent has given me his report session of the eld, their commanders,
PBS 7 112 :11, cf. VAS 16 147:10; si-pi-ri ar[his] and the scribe PN TCL 7 11 : 23; kma btum
t-r-dam send my messenger(?) at once watru sabrm ta-at-ru-ud-ma (see sabr A
Whiting Tell Asmar 15 r. 11u, cf. ibid. 32 : 28; aw usage c2u) PBS 7 10 :7; 10 satamm sa 10
lam sa tupp ubbalakkum la takalla arhis t- aslatim ana mahrija t-ur-dam (see satam
ru-su do not detain the man who is bring- mu mng. 1a2uau) TCL 7 21 : 28; assum PN
ing you my tablet, send him at once Sumer wakil tamkar . . . u PN 2 wakil tamkar . . .
14 27 No. 8 :18; itti PN tappsu ana mahrika ana GN t-ra-[di]-im-ma . . . wakil hamus
at-tar-da-as-su sehram ah t-ur-dam I am tim x ittisunu t-ra-di-im sa aspurakkum

taradu A 1a taradu A 1a

ma concerning what I wrote to you about ibid. 18; inanna fPN u s-ha-ra-tum ul ta-at-
sending PN , a chief merchant, and PN 2, a ru-di-im Kraus AbB 1 31 :13; amtam suati
chief merchant, to Babylon, and sending a ana suharja sa at-ru-dam piqidma ana GN
squad leader with them LIH 33 : 8 and 10, cf. lirdnissi entrust that slave woman to my
ibid. 27; PN tamkar L GN . . . [ana] GN [t]- employees whom I sent so that they can es-
ur-da-nim-ma send PN , the merchant from cort her to Babylon PBS 7 100 : 27; anumma
Sippar, to Sippar LIH 90 : 24; anumma ra PN at-tar-da-kum suharam suatu t-ur-da-
bian GN suati ana serika at-tar-dam LIH as-su now I have sent PN to you, send that
19 : 8; PN sang DN . . . ana serika at-tar-da- employee to me TIM 2 71 :13.; anumma PN
as-su VAS 16 138 :10; ulltis naggaram a-ta- u PN 2 suhareja ana suhatinn sa mahrikunu
ra-da-kum I will send you a carpenter the epusu leqm at-tar-dam VAS 16 92 : 9; suha
day after tomorrow TLB 4 25 : 20, cf. Kraus ram requssu ta-t-ar-ra-da-am you are send-
AbB 1 67:14; naggaram ana mahrika ta-[ra- ing the servant back empty-handed CT 29
dam] VAS 16 74 :10, see Frankena, AbB 6 74; 14 :10, cf. VAS 7 91 : 6, AJSL 32 280 : 9, PBS 1/2
naggar ana PN apqidamma at-tar-dam Birot 4 : 20, PBS 7 44 :19f.; summa . . . redm . . .
Mem. Vol. 69 No. 35 : 28, cf. ibid. 88 No. 50 :15; agram gurma puhsu it-ta-ra-ad (see agru
re anntim ana mahrija t-ur-dam-ma nik mng. 1a2u) CH s 26 : 6, cf. van Soldt, AbB 12
kasssunu lpusu send these shepherds to 106 :15; note with wuuru : awle ana bu
me to settle their accounts LIH 29 : 42; inan qumim . . . subqumim uwaeramma at-tar-
na PN rem ana mahar ahija kta at-tar- dam (see baqamu mng. 3) TCL 17 63 :10, cf.
dam VAS 7 200 : 20; 2 kiz t-ur-dam BIN 7 OECT 3 8 :7; anumma PN . . . ana niq sa GN
223 : 9, cf. LIH 31 : 9; PN kullizam aspurakkim uwaeramma at-tar-dam now I am sending
ammnim ittis la ta-at-ru-di-is-si I have PN with my orders to the sacrices at Ur
dispatched PN , the ox driver, to you (fem.), LIH 9 :13, cf. ibid. 15 : 8, OECT 3 25 :12, 80 : 3,
why have you not sent her with him? TCL asranum
TCL 7 41 :14, Kraus AbB 1 16 r. 4; PN
17 56 :13, cf. ibid. 48; PN u PN 2 sahitam at-tar- ammnim [wa]sib wuerassumma an[a U]D.
da-ak-kum I have sent PN and PN 2, the oil- [x.]KAM warhim annm ana serija t-ur-da-
presser, to you YOS 2 125 : 6; PN nuhatim sum why is PN delaying there, give him
mam . . . ana mahrija t-ur-dam LIH 35 :10; orders and send him to me by the xth day
anumma PN wakil gurgurr at-tar-dam here- of this month (send him to me before win-
with I have sent PN , overseer of the crafts- ter blocks the roads) Unger Mem. Vol. 193 : 51,
men TCL 7 31 : 5, cf. ibid. 11; anumma mare see Eidem and Laesse Shemshara Letters 1;
ummiani at-tar-da-ak-kum TCL 7 9 : 20; inanna alak sa btim qerumma mamman ul
anumma 360 UN.L.ME at-tar-da-ak-kum at-ru-dam (see alaku mng. 3c) Sumer 14 62
I have now sent you 360 porters (half of No. 36 :11; anumma 13 L.ME wedtim sa
them are to work with the crew at Larsa, qat PN at-tar-dam now I am sending you 13
half with the crew at GN ) TCL 1 3 : 5; as notable men, led by PN TCL 7 30 : 5; ana
sum mahisim ta-ra-di-im sa tas [ pu]ram (see GN t-ur-da-as-su-nu-ti ittija linnamru u
mahisu mng. 2) VAS 16 114 : 4; sahitam t- ina t-ra-di-ka m[i]tharis l[a ta]-tar-ra-da-
ur-di-ma adi la i-ri-su la illakam send as-su-nu-ti ah awlam ana ramanisu t-ur-
(fem.) a raider(?), but he should not arrive dam send them to Babylon to meet with
before the plowing(?) TCL 18 109 : 33; asap me, but when you send them, do not send
paramma suharam ul i-ta-ra-du-nim I send them here together, rather send them indi-
messages, but they will not send me the vidually, each man by himself LIH 41 :13.;
servant (do they love the servant more awle sunuti at-tar-da-kum sikmsunu mu
than they love me?) TLB 4 6 : 20, cf. ibid. 14; hurma (see sikmu usage a) VAS 16 32 :13;
assum PN u suharatisa ta-re-di-im (for ta anaku awle t-ra-dam ul elei atta alkamma
radim) TLB 4 15 : 9, cf. t-ur-di-si-na-a-ti-ma ina k[a]btutika awle t-ru-ud I am unable

taradu A 1a taradu A 1a

to send any men, come now, you, with your summa tagammilinni t-ur-di-im-ma litba
inuence, send some men RA 62 20 :11uf.; lusunuti if you (fem.) are willing to help
anumma PN at-tar-da-ak-kum 1 maturram me, send (someone) to take them away
ana rakabija idnassu herewith I am send- UCP 9 332 No. 7:17; ana PN suati gummurim
ing PN to you, give him a small boat for me at-ru-ud-ma I sent (someone) to arrest
to ride in TLB 4 23 :15; rectify the harm that PN VAS 16 171 :12, cf. ana mugammeri
that they suered and PN sa ihbulusunuti sa at-ru-dam ibid. 15.
ana mahrija t-ur-dam send to me PN , who
caused them harm LIH 18 r. 8; isten taklam 3u in Mari : tuppam usatteramma ana qat
km ittisu t-ur-da-am-ma VAS 16 57:13, cf. PN u PN 2 addinma at-t-ar-da-as-su-nu-ti u
ibid. 15, also Sumer 14 62 No. 36 :19; there ina harranim issabtusunuti I wrote a tab-
should be no very old or very young men let, gave it to PN and PN 2, and I sent them
among the corve workers etlam dannam o but they captured them en route ARM
ma t-ur-dam send me only strong men 10 166 : 5; itti sammsunu as sunuti . . . ana
LIH 27 r. 5; awlam dannam ana libittim la ser belija at-t-ar-da-su-nu-ti I have sent
banim t-ur-da-am (see labanu A mng. 1a) those physicians along with their herbs to
Sumer 14 68 No. 43 : 20, also ibid. 8 and 10; seh my lord Finet, AIPHOS 14 135 :13, cf. ibid.
herutim ittija ul atrm ana GN at-ru-ud-ma 132 :16, 133 :12; u tartam a-t-ra-a-di I am
I did not bring the children with me, but also going to send a wet nurse ARM 10
sent them to GN CT 2 11 :13, see Frankena, 43 : 26; bair bel li-it-ru-dam-ma my lord
AbB 2 81; have the documents sent to the should send me fowlers (to catch birds)
king but uhhurutija t-ur-dam send me my ARM 14 41 : 8; (three porters) ana GN ana
men who have been delayed BIN 7 39 :12; tnatim leqm at-t-ra-ad I have sent to GN
ina srti la takallm ina srtim t-ur-da-as- to get the gs Florilegium marianum 3 263 No.
su (see sertu A mng. 1b1u) TIM 2 121 : 20; 129 :11; anumma PN at-t-ar-da-ak-ki-im L.
ana GN ta-ar-da-a-ku harran tarsat I have ME eb-bi ittisu t-ur-di-ma now I am send-
been sent to Hit, my business trip has ing PN to you (fem.), send loyal men with
come to a successful conclusion UCP 9 346 him (to collect the tablets) ARM 10 12 :7f.,
No. 21 : 6, see Stol, AbB 11 185; anak ana na
cf. ibid. 18, ARM 14 46 : 25; [inanna] anumma
rim at-ru-ud-ka is it I who have sent you to
PN u PN 2 sa nesam stu iduku ana ser beli
the canal (to have the eld irrigated)? UCP
ni ni-it-t-ar-dam now we are sending to
9 335 No. 11 :13; itti sapir narimma ana k
our lord PN and PN 2, who killed that lion
sum t-ar-da the matter rests with the
Syria 48 10 : 24; PN bel ina kubbut qaqqadim
sapir narim, they (the women) have been
li-UD-ru-da-as-su my lord should send o
sent to you CT 52 59 :18, see Kraus, AbB 7 59;
PN with honors ARMT 28 44 : 33; the Baby-
note the writing: PN ana serija t-ur-
dm(UD) OBT Tell Rimah 289 :12, see Grone- lonian messenger has returned and I have
berg, ZA 69 268; her husband said ana bt
detained him for a day inanna anntam la
abisa adi ulladu lu-ut-ru-us-s . . . ul it-ru- anntam sa ana ser belija t-ra-di-su u la t-
us-s I am going to send her to her fa- ra-di-su arhis bel [li]sp[u]ram now my lord
thers house until she gives birth, but (as should send word to me at once whether or
a result of my protest) he did not send her not he is to be sent on to my lord RA 66
PBS 5 100 iii 8 and 10, see Roth, JESHO 44 283; 120 A.2983 :16f.; bel sa t-ra-di-im li-it-[ru-
without explicit object : I am sending you u]d-ma my lord should send someone ap-
a receipt for the silver arhis t-ur-dam propriate to send ARM 10 15 :13f.; ina qatim
send me (a messenger) at once Kraus AbB 1 rq[tim] k lu-ut-ru-u[d-ka] how could I
85 : 21; summa la kam arhis t-ur-di-ma send you away empty-handed? MARI 8 244
TCL 18 86 :15; the dates should not spoil r. 26u; assum fPN [ana] GN [t-r]a-di-im . . .


taradu A 1b taradu A 1b

inanna f
PN bel . . . li-it-ru-da-as-si Flori- rilim) ARM 6 51 r. 13u; x L.ME Sut . . .
legium marianum 7 102 No. 27:7 and 12. illikunim inanna anumma itti wabil tuppija
annm ustasbitassunutima ana belija at-t-
4u in RS: anumma mar siprija ana muh ar-da-as-su-nu-ti one hundred(?) Sutians
hi belija at-ru-us-su herewith I have sent arrived, and now I have set them under
my messenger to my lord MRS 9 225 RS way along with the bearer of this tablet of
17.422 : 31; you wrote to me, saying aml mine and sent them to my lord RA 66
GN ann ana muhhika at-ru-us-su-mi This 118 : 22; I have written to Isme-Dagan 3 ME
man from Emar I sent him to you MRS sabam i-t-ar-ra-da-kum he is going to send
9 217f. RS 17.143 :16, cf. ana muhhi abija at- you three hundred soldiers (send one hun-
ru-us-su-nu-ti ibid. 28, cf. also ibid. 196 RS dred of them out to garrison forts) RA 66
17.78 : 9. 123 :17u; I inquired for a second time through
extispicy summa [sab belija] sa ana ser RN
b) armies, troops : do not worry anna it-ru-du sabam [sti] RN la ibr la idk la
kam rubaum ummanam ana panikunu i-t- usdak whether my lords army that he
ar-dam here, the prince sent troops to sent against Hammurapi will not Ham-
meet(?) you (pl.) CCT 3 44b :16 (OA); umman murapi capture that army, defeat it, or
ana kirri[m] ta-ta-ar-ra-du nisirti nakrim cause its defeat? ARMT 26 100bis : 30; assum
usessiam the army that you send on cam- sabim ana RN . . . t-ra-di-im bel istanap
paign will remove the enemys treasure param sugag . . . assum sabim t-ra-di-im
YOS 10 36 ii 44, also ibid. 36 and 40, sabaka sa astalma sabam ul at-ru-ud my lord has been
ana kirrim ta-ta-ra-du ibid. i 39; um-ma-an sending me messages about sending troops
ana harranim ta-at-ru-du- YOS 10 41 : 51, cf. to RN , I have asked the chieftains about
RA 27 143 : 4; resua itti ilim ana dkim ta- sending the troops and I have sent no troops
ar-du- (see dku v. mng. 5b) YOS 10 46 ii RA 82 110 A.1610+ : 23., dupl. A.1212 : 23.; sa
44 (all OB ext.); istu harran GN bel i-t-ar-ra- bam sa t-[r]a-di-im ana GN bel li-it-ru-
du x sabam sihirti bab ekallim [bel] li-it- ud-ma ARMT 28 165 : 21.; if my lord loves
ru-dam-ma ARMT 13 30 :16 and 18; [sa]bam this city and his servant 100 sabam u 1
kabittam [ana] ser RN [at]-t-[ra]-ad I have waradka taklam arhis t-ur-dam-ma send
sent a substantial force to Zimrilim (but as me quickly one hundred troops and one
you know, the road they have to travel is of your reliable servants ARM 10 98 : 8; PN
very long) ARM 6 54 : 6; sukkal GN sabam u PN 2 qaqqadatisunu ustemiduma ina kibit
terdtam itti PN ul it-ru-ud the ruler of te sabim it-ru-du-su PN and PN 2 have got-
Elam did not send a contingent of reinforce- ten together and sent him with the main
ments with PN (he had to return empty- force of the army ARM 10 5 : 9; sabum kas
handed) ARM 6 52 r. 19; nehraram at-ru-ud rum sa nahraram warkisunu a-t-ar-ra-du
I sent reinforcements ARMT 26 8 :15, cf. neh ul ibassi (see nararu mng. 1a) ARM 14
raram . . . at-t-ra-ad Birot Mem. Vol. p. 326 121 :12; 600 sab[a]m ana massarti GN at-t-
A.3006 : 29 (translit. only); I am sending a mes- ra-ad I have sent six hundred troops to
sage to Zimrilim summa Sut sa at-ru-da- garrison usarr Eidem and Laesse Shemshara
ak-kum tusetteq Sut sa at-ru-dam sutasbitma Letters 19 : 5, cf. ibid. 14 :7; sa arhis t-ra-ad
[ana s]er RN t-ru-ud [u summ]a Sut sa at- sabim annm ana ser RN i npus let us act
ru-da-ak-kum [la] tusetteq if you can send to send these troops to Zimrilim promptly
on the Sutians whom I have sent to you, OBT Tell Rimah 4 : 39; 5 lm sabam damqam
then get the Sutians whom I sent under [d]amqam qadum [unu]tisu li-it-ru-da he
way and send them to Zimrilim, but if you (my lord) should send me a good force of
cannot send on the Sutians whom I have ve thousand equipped troops TIM 2 97: 34,
sent to you (then send this tablet to Zim- dupl. TIM 2 92 : 37, see Cagni, AbB 8 92; sabum


taradu A 1c taradu A 1e

s la ulappatam arhis t-ur-da-as-su-nu-ti- River, the just judge CT 29 43 : 26, cf. TCL
ma alakam lpusunim that detachment sapir red ana dajan it-ru-d[a-as-su-
10 34 : 6;
must not delay, send them here immedi- nu-ti-ma] CT 45 37:11; PN u PN 2 it-ru-du (the
ately, they are to travel here to me LIH 23 judges) sent PN and PN 2 MDP 23 321322 : 43;
r. 6; to be ready for reports of the enemy we have not investigated the question and
ERN etlutim sa ni-it-ru-dam arhis li-it-ru- judged their case ana ser abbni ni-it-tar-
du-ni-is-su-nu-ti-ma they should at once da-su-nu-ti warkassunu pursa[ma] but we
send the detachment of young men that have sent them to (you) our fathers, you
we sent VAS 16 186 r. 6f.; sab u narkabtam decide their case PBS 1/2 10 :19, see Stol, AbB
a-ta-ra-da-ak-ki I will send you (fem.) men 11 159; note said of a distress : SAL niptam
and a chariot TCL 1 53 : 20 (all OB letters); t-ur-di (see niptu usage b) PBS 7 106 : 24,
note said of a god : the chariots and the also ibid. 29 and 36, cf. TLB 4 18 : 20 (all OB).
third man who leads the king DN sma d) animals : emare latim unussunu u
sa ana DN 2 i-tar-ra-du-su ikammsu he is eriqqatim tur4-da-am BIN 6 94 :12, see Veenhof
Nab, whom they send against Enlil and Old Assyrian Trade 40; ANE.{I.A umallnim
who defeats him CT 15 44 : 25, see Livingstone, ma i-t-ra-du-ni-su Kltepe 87/k 439 : 20 (cour-
SAA 3 37: 26u.
tesy K. Hecker); kma emaru . . . erubuninni
c) litigants, parties to legal proceed- umakkal la usbiassunu a-t-ra-s-nu when
ings : sbe u bel a-WA-tim [li-it-r]u-s-nu-ma the donkeys arrive here, I will not delay
they should send the witnesses and the them for a single day, but I will send them
plainti (the judges are to convene and on BIN 4 1 :14 (all OA); temam supramma
render a just judgment) Belleten 14 228 : 57; alp lu-ut-ru-da-ak-kum send me instruc-
kma PN awatam is ni-it-ru-da-su since tions about whether I should send you the
PN has a legal matter, we sent him (to you) oxen Kraus AbB 1 123 :17, cf. ibid. 6, 40 :7;
CCT 4 23b :12 (both OA); PN u sb sa iqab (heifers) [ana] sa[rr]im t-ru-ud YOS 2
bkum ana mahrija t-ur-dam send me PN 89 :16; summa 3 erbenetim summa 4 erbene
and the witnesses whom he names to you tim sutasbitam t-ur-dam-ma whether there
LIH 2 :15, see Frankena, AbB 2 2, cf. LIH 92 : 25; are three plowing teams or four, collect
investigate the matter and grant him a judg- them and send them here Sumer 14 55 No.
30 :12; sen itti rem ana alim at-ru-[da]m I
ment in keeping with the edicts summa
episkunusim suati u bel awatisu ana serini sent the ocks to the city along with the
t-ur-da-nim but if he objects to you (pl.), shepherd YOS 2 76 : 5, cf. van Soldt, AbB 13
4 :16u, 33 : 23; senja . . . asar ana GN at-ru-du-
send that person and his adversary to us
VAS 16 142 :16; PN u PN 2 bel awatisu ittisu
[s]i-na-ti PN . . . itbal PN took away my
ana Babili t-ur-dam-ma awtusunu liggam ocks when I sent them to Larsa VAS 16
157:13; imer naspak 10 GUR lu naspak 20
ra LIH 9 : 20, cf. LIH 47: 8, Boyer Contribution
GUR E simidma ana GN t-ru-ud-ma
122 : 28; dajanu . . . ana bab DN it-ru-du-su-
equip donkeys with a load capacity of ten
nu-ti the judges sent them to the Marduk
or twenty gur of barley and send them to
Gate TIM 4 35 : 4, cf. ibid. 5 : 6; PN u PN 2
GN TCL 1 11 :11, cf. ibid. 12f. (all OB letters);
dnam usahizusunutima ana bt DN it-ru-
GUD.{I.A ana GN at-ru-ud ARM 14 105 : 9,
du-ni-is-su-nu-ti-ma dajanu dnam usahizu
cf. ibid. 10.
su[nutima] Grant Bus. Doc. 29 : 9 (= YOS 8 69),
cf. ibid. 27: 8 (= YOS 8 66), 56 :10 (= YOS 8 150), e) boats and wagons : elippatim . . . gum
sarrum ana dD
Jean Tell Sifr 58 : 6, 20, 37a :7; meramma t-ur-dam send me all the boats
. . . it-ru-da-na-ti-im-ma D dajan kittim
van Soldt, AbB 13 42 :7; elippam la takalla t-
niksudma the king sent us to the divine ur-da-am do not detain the boat, send it
River and so we approached the divine here BIN 2 69 :11; 1 makurram qadu rikbisa

taradu A 1f taradu A 2a

. . . t-ur-da-nim-ma send (pl.) me a boat 2. to drive out, drive away, send away,
and its crew VAS 16 14 r. 27, cf. ibid. r. 28 and to expel a) rulers, armies, forces 1u
35, see Frankena, AbB 6 14 r. 7uf. and left edge; in hist.: [RN ] RN 2 sarru it-ru-da utruk-
anumma 1 elippam 40 GUR ana eper snim Nahhunte drove out King Zababa-suma-
[a]t-ru-dam herewith I send one boat of iddina 3R 38 No. 2 : 59, see Frame, RIMB 2 p.
forty-gur capacity to be loaded with soil 19 : 2; [assu]h GN GN 2 GN 3 at-ru-ud RN sar
TCL 18 146 : 6; elippi redm x asbatma ana GN GN 4 I depopulated the lands of Kasku, Ta-
at-ru-ud-ma I seized the boat of the sol- bal, and Hilakku, I ousted Mita, king of
diers and sent it on to Babylon Kraus AbB Muski Winckler Sar. pl. 27 No. 57:16, cf. ibid.
1 93 :7; elippam ta-ta-ra-di-ma elippam isab p. 38 : 37, Lyon Sar. 4 : 24 and 14 : 24; ta-rid RN
batu u idsa tamaddadi if you (fem.) send mar RN 2 sa ana sar mat Elamti ittakluma
me a boat and they seize the boat, then la usezibu napsassu (I) who drove away
you will have to pay its rent CT 29 18a :11; Nab-zer-kitti-lsir, the son of Merodach-
temka supramma elippatim lu-ut-ru-da-ak- baladan, who had put his trust in the king
ku[m-m]a (for transporting bricks) van Soldt, of Elam but could not even save his own
AbB 12 23 : 8, cf. ibid. 15; summa x tibnum ana life Borger Esarh. 47 iv 32; at-ru-ud RN sar
malallm snim la iksud malallm requssu mat Elamti I drove away Ummanaldasi,
la ta-tar-ra-dam [tibn]am sutamliassuma [t- king of Elam Streck Asb. 194 No. 7:16, cf. it-
ur-d]a-as-su if six gur of straw is not enough ru-ud-ma RN sarra JRAS 1894 p. 815 iv 16
to load the raft (completely), do not send (Chron. P), see Grayson Chronicles 177, cf. it-ru-
the raft o empty, load it fully with straw da (in broken context) Grayson Chronicles
and then send it here TLB 4 44 : 8 and 11; itti 188 iv 19; asbat arkasunu ana sad namrasi
elippim sa ana E-e a-t-ra-da-am TCL 17 at-ru-su-nu (see namrasu usage b) STT
28 : 25, cf. van Soldt, AbB 13 82 :18, 23, YOS 2 43 : 46 (Shalm. III); ina ziqit malmalli adi sa
137:19;elippam la takalla t-ur-da-am BIN 2 lamu samsi lu at-ta-ra-su (see salamu B us-
69 :11 (all OB letters);assum GI.M rukuba age b1u) AOB 1 118 ii 32 (Shalm. I); adi ti
tim sa bel . . . it-ru-dam ARMT 13 127:7; 1 turri GN misir matisu at-rud-su-ma I drove
narkabtam u majaltam ittisu bel li-it-ru- him back to the bridge over the Euphra-
dam-ma my lord should send with him tes, the boundary of his country Tadmor
one chariot and a wagon ARM 10 113 :18; nar Tigl. III 52 :11u; it-ru-du-su adi mi[sir matisu]
kabtam la at-ru-da-am van Soldt, AbB 12 176 : 8. Streck Asb. 212 :16, cf. Borger Asb. 96 B IV 53.

f) other occs.: I wrote to you, saying 2u in lit. and omens : gerk[a sa] ta-at-ru-
sikk tur4-dam sikk la ta-t-ra-dam send du sallata ileqqema innabbit your enemy
sikkus, but you are not sending sikkus whom you have repulsed will take plunder
TCL 20 120 : 5f. (OA); kma E-am stu [us]tes and ee KAR 454 : 25 (ext.); tu-ru-su-nu-ti-ma
asammidamma a-t-ra-da-kum when I re- kussissunuti mahas muhhasunu nii irtasun
lease that barley (from storage), I will drive them away, expel them, smite their
make it ready and send it on to you TCL 18 heads, turn them back PSBA 37 195 :10 (SB
87:18; merchandise worth ve minas of lit.); uncert.: uk-ta-si-du it-tar-du-s KAR
silver ana li[bbi] matim at-ta-ra-ad I have 375 r. iv 28 (bil. hymn to Enlil, Sum. broken);
sent into the hinterland UCP 9 360 No. 28 : 9 ta-r[id d]Kingu kasid tmti gallati (Mar-
(both OB letters); apuhhu anunu hattu pirittu duk) who drove o Kingu, who defeated
tar-du-sum-ma anxiety, fear, panic, and the . . . . sea JCS 48 96 : 5, see Frame, RIMB 2
terror are sent against him Af O 19 58 :128 p. 264; LUGAL ana mati nakarti i-t-ra-du-
(SB prayer); in broken context : [. . . ana] isa su they will exile the king to a hostile
tim t[a]-t[-ar]-ra-ad ARMT 26 25 : 26; lu tar- country YOS 10 60 :11 (OB ext.); sarru ina ba
du George Gilg. V 130. latisu marasu rab i-tar-rad-ma sehru ina

taradu A 2b taradu A 2c

kuss ussab the king during his own life- have mercy on him, drive away his dis-
time will drive his oldest son into exile quiet Af O 25 42 : 80 (SB royal prayer); ina s
and a younger son will succeed to the rija tu-ru-ud namtaru lemnu Mayer Gebets-
throne TCL 6 4 : 32 (ext.); sarru marasu ana beschwrungen 540 r. 1; tr-di eel drive away
tarduti i-tar-[rad] the king will drive his (fem.) my binder demon Af O 19 50 ii 66
son into exile ACh Supp. 2 Sin 1b: 52, cf., wr. (SB prayer); lit (var. li-it)-ru-du ruhea may
SAR-su ibid. 39; Enki and Enlil have be- (the various medicinal plants) drive away
come angry [it]-ta-ar-du-ni-in-ni ina [. . .] the enchantment that is on me KAR 236 r.
Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 90 III i 44 (OB). 7 and dupls., see Biggs aziga 28; luddkum sip
tam t-ri-da-at kala mursi I will cast a spell
3u in letters : istu GN [inna]bit[uma] la
over you that drives away every illness CT
at-ru-ud-[m]i they ed from GN , I did not
42 41b :1, also ibid. 21, see von Soden, BiOr 18
drive them out EA 62 : 38, see Moran Letters
71f., cf. Lambert AV 235 :7f.; anandi sipta ta-ri-
p. 134 n. 8; PN sa itti belisu it-ru-du-nis-sum-
ma ana mati annti illikamma abua usata dat kal marsati 12N 657:7f. (s a g . g i g . g a); nas
pusassumma ana matisu utirrusu PN , who hat tar-da-at ukkusat duppur[at] you are
was driven into exile along with his master plucked out, driven out, driven away, ex-
and came to this country, to whom my fa- pelled STT 215 iv 56; istu umi ann ina
ther gave assistance, returning him to his zumri . . . nashata susta tar-da-ta u kussu
own country 4R 34 No. 2 : 4 (early NB royal data Kcher BAM 323 :15, cf. Or. NS 36 32 : 6u
let.), see Weidner, Af O 10 2 and Landsberger, (namburbi), ZA 23 374 :77, KBo 14 53 ii 18, ZA 45
ibid. 140. mimma lemnu . . . lu
204 iii 8, 17, 202 ii 32;
naskun lu ta-rid lu tabil lu duppur lu ukkus
b) illnesses, demons, curses, etc.: gall ina zumrija von Weiher Uruk 12 ii 28; ana
samruti ana erset la tri a-tar-rad (see sam ereb samsi ta-rid ina zumrija nasih it is
ru usage e) Cagni Erra I 185; at-ru-ud asakku driven o to the west, it is plucked from
ahhazu surupp sa zumrika (see asakku A my body KAR 92 left edge i 3; ana nasahiki
usage c) Maqlu VII 39; two gurines of dogs, ana ta-ra-di-ki(var. -ka) ana la triki . . .
one named ta-rid asakki sum san kasid utammeki I conjure you (fem.) to be
ajabi Repeller-of-the-Asakku-Demon, the plucked out, to be driven o, not to return
name of the other is Conqueror-of-the- 4R 56 ii 5, var. from dupl. PBS 1/2 113 i B 34
Enemy KAR 298 r. 19, see AAA 22 72, cf. (Lamastu); lit-ru-ud-ki siptu elletu sa Ea u
Wiggermann Protective Spirits 14 : 200, Af O 19 upsu sa Asalluhi UET 6 393 :12; Enlil li-t-
tu-ru-ud utukku kusud lem
119 K.11586 r. 5; r-si Adad lukassissi Studies Landsberger 286
nu drive away the utukku demon, conquer r. 25 (MA inc.); enu hep enu tu-ur-da smash
the evildoer KAR 58 : 44, see Mayer Gebets- the (evil) eye, drive the (evil) eye away
beschwrungen 485; hulliq ajabja tu-ru-ud
ArOr 17/1 204 :16 (SB inc.).
lem[nutija] destroy my enemies, drive
away those who do me harm BMS 21 : 64; c) persons : amtum la tasmtum awassa
DN ta-rid-su-nu DN mukassissunu attama agammarma a-t-ra-s the slave woman has
ta-rid-su-nu sa lemnuti kalisunu . . . ta-rid no sense, I will settle her aair and send
ajabi u lemni Af O 14 142.: 52. (bt mesiri), see her away LB 1209 envelope 4 (courtesy K. R.
Borger, JNES 33 194; [t]a-ri-du lemnu gall Veenhof ); suhartam it-ru-du-nim-ma Kltepe
ajaba KAR 26 : 48; [susi etemma murtedds]u 1994/610 : 5 (courtesy M. T. Larsen); note in I/3 :
t-ru-ud lemna sa siransu expel the ghost annakam ina bt ubrini PN ussabma i-t-na-
that bedevils him, drive away the evil from ra-da-ni PN is occupying our guest house
his sinews Farber Istar und Dumuzi 137:176, here and keeps sending me away CCT 4
also Kcher BAM 339 : 49u, see Farber Istar und 45b :10; (she will reside in PN s house as
Dumuzi 186; rissu remu daliptasu tu(!)-ur-di long as she lives) merusu la i-t-ru-du-s

taradu A 2d taradu A 3e

his sons shall not drive her out Donbaz Cu- EA 137: 24; tu-ur-rid-su-ma sussu a[na] babi
neiform Texts in the Sadberk Hanim Museum 107 drive him away, expel him through the
No. 28 H.K. 1005-5534 : 9, see Veenhof, in Care of gate STT 38 : 60 (Poor Man of Nippur), cf. -
the Elderly 143f. with n. 58; the house is held as tar-rid-su-ma ultes[su ana] babi ibid. 63, see
security for twelve shekels of silver sum AnSt 6 152; -ta(var. -[t]ar)-ra-du kna sa
ma i-t-ru-da-su x kasapsu utarrusumma u tem ili pu[qqu] they harass the just man
ussi if they intend to oust him, they must who heeds the will of the god Lambert BWL
return to him his twelve shekels of silver 86 : 270 (Theodicy); kussid ERN-ka tu-ru-du
and he will leave Michel and Garelli Kltepe 1 ERN-ka ana kakki CT 20 49 : 20 (SB ext.); -
88 : 4; atta ina dittim tartagmam u istu alli tar-ra-da-s-s-nu-tu (in broken context)
kannini ta-at-ru-da-ni-ma ikkdim wasba ABL 1342 :12 (NB), see de Vaan Bel-ibni 318.
kuma you brought a complaint against me
b) animals : ana barbari tutterrsu -ta-
in court, and when I came you sent me
ar-ra-du-su kaparru sa ramanisu you (Istar)
away, I am now living outside the city BIN
turned him (the shepherd) into a wolf, and
6 219 : 31 (all OA); ana GN t-ur-da-as-su la
now his own herders drive him away George
takallassu send him to GN , do not detain
Gilg. VI 62; the wolf did not even know how to
him PBS 1/2 14 :13, see Stol, AbB 11 163; as
enter the town, but eninna [ina] suqani sa
sum sa kam taspuram umma attama ina
h -tar-[ra-du-s] now the pigs chase him
uzzim ta-ar-da-a-k[u] concerning the matter
through the streets Lambert BWL 218 : 56;
about which you wrote to me as follows, I
ina babat ali ina qerebisu -tar-ri-du-s kal
was driven away by rage TCL 18 94 :11 (both
b when he (the fox) approached the en-
OB letters); ana ta-rad bel dababi to drive
trances to the city, the dogs chased him
away the adversary KAR 171 : 2, also KAR 178 r.
away ibid. 216 : 23 (both sayings); [us]telnni
vi 10; sa . . . ibbatu i-tar-ra-du uhallaqu ukannu
ana bab kalbi mu-ta-ar-ri-du u[mami] he
ubarru usasbaru he who destroys, drives
(the Fox) sent me (the Wolf) up to the
away, ruins, accuses, convicts, spreads gos-
gate of the Dog, the harasser of wild ani-
sip urpu II 59, dupl. UET 6/2 406 : 5; s ta-ta-
mals ibid. 194 : 9 (fable), see Kienast Serie vom
rad she chases (the ecstatic) away ZA 52
Fuchs 44 :13; kma nesi kma bibbi tr-ri-di-
226 :15 and ZA 51 134 : 29, see Livingstone, SAA 3
s like a lion, chase him like a wild sheep
35 : 31 and 34 : 29 (Marduk ordeal);note (as a
LKA 70 ii 23, see Farber Istar und Dumuzi
metaphor for dying): ana serri lak lubki sa
131 : 80.
ina la umsu tar-du shall I weep for the
helpless infant who was driven away before c) demons : umu ezzu mu-ta(var. -tar)-rid
his time? CT 15 45 : 36, dupl. KAR 1 : 38 (De- gall rabti (Asalluhi) the raging storm,
scent of Istar); in a personal name : DINGIR- the harasser of mighty gall demons Craig
ta-ri-si-na KAH 2 35 : 64 (eponym), see Saporetti ABRT 1 59 : 6; lizziz DN bel parakki li-tar-rid
Gli eponimi medio-assiri 59. namtaru may Zababa, lord of the dais,
stand by and drive away the bringer of
d) other occs.: summa selibu kalba it-ru-
death urpu IV 102; [. . . ni]-is-sa-ti mu-tar-
ud if a fox chases a dog away CT 40 43
ri-du -sur-r[u] K.3613 + 13877: 30 (courtesy
K.2259+ r. 11 (SB Alu); kma m nari essuti it-
W. G. Lambert).
ru-du(var. -da) labruti as new water in a
canal drives away the old Mayer Gebetsbe- d) other occ.: nemequ tu-tar-rid you have
schwrungen 540 r. 2, var. from dupl. Kcher BAM driven away wisdom Lambert BWL 82 : 213
461 iii 2, see Mayer, Or. NS 59 471 : 25. (Theodicy), for comm. see lex. section.

3. turrudu to harass, to drive away e) uncert. mngs.: from the 15th day on,
a) persons, troops : knanna jpus arna u I have the our for their meal UD.17.
ju-t-ri-id-ni istu ali (see arnu mng. 1a4u) KAM wardja -t-ra-da-ma on the 17th, I

taradu A 4 taradu B

will send away(?) my servants Florilegium durru); tar-du it-tar-rad the exile will be
marianum 3 278 No. 133 :14 (Mari); a-du k - driven out Boissier Choix 46 :15.
tar-ri-du umma amat sarri s even(?) when
b) said of illnesses, curses, witches,
they remonstrated(?), saying: This is the
etc.: linnessi mursu sa zumrija li-ta-rid ta
kings order (no one is to accept gratuities)
nhu sa serija may the illness of my body
BIN 1 73 :18; the governor listed the barley
be removed, may the weariness of my esh
as owed by you, when I complained on be driven away BMS 1 : 45; linnessi mamtu
your behalf, the governor listed the barley li(var. lit)-ta-rid nsu may the curse be re-
as owed by me and PN k [n]u-ta-ar-ri-du moved, may the oath be driven away BMS
sakin temi ul i-x-[x-an]-na-a-[si] when we 1 : 48, var. from 33 : 32; lemnu sa ina zumur an
remonstrated(?), the governor would not nanna . . . ibbass linnasih [lit]-ta-rid-ma an
. . . . us TuM 23 254 : 33 (both NB letters); nanna liblut may the evil that has arisen
[mar sip]ri sulum DN ana DN 2 ubilma arhis in the body of so-and-so be removed, be
hantis t-ru-dam-ma [. . .] a messenger driven away, may so-and-so recover AMT
brought greetings from DN to Enlil and 93,3 :10; leqesuma linnasih lit-ta-rid ana ar
immediately, in haste, having been sent kisu aj itura take him, let him be plucked
o(?) [. . .] JCS 18 16 Text B 5 (SB prophecies), out, driven away, let him never again re-
see Biggs, Iraq 29 120. turn LKA 89 i 17, dupl. KAR 227 i 21, cf. KAR
227 i 20; lit-ta-rid lumn OECT 6 pl. 13 r. 10;
4. II/2 to be driven away : summa ru
it-tar-da-ni ana sad kassapatu elijanati the
bm -t-ra-ad ana alisu if a ruler is
deceitful witches have been driven away to
driven away from(?) his city RA 35 48 No.
the mountain TCL 6 49 :16, cf. ibid. 12, see
24 side 2 : 2 (early OB Mari liver model).
Thureau-Dangin, RA 18 165.
5. IV to be sent (passive to mng. 1): e
c) other occs.: it-ta-ar-du-ma erubu ana
taqbi umma attama mamman ina suharsu
hurri they (the Fox, the Wolf, and the
i-t-ra-dam you must not say One of his
Dog) were driven away and entered (their)
servants will be sent Kienast ATHE 27: 8
dens Lambert BWL 192 :12, cf. arkikunu lit-
(OA); 1 mar abulli requssu la it-ta-ar-ra-da
ta-rid (in broken context) ibid. 208 r. 9, see
(see abullu in mar abulli) CT 2 19 : 26 (OB Kienast Serie vom Fuchs 44 : 53 and 56 : 60.
let.); [mar sipri s]a L GN ul it-[tar-du] the
In ACh Supp. 2 32 : 28 read sarru ana matisu
messengers from the ruler of Aleppo have ZUKUM-su (= kibissu) KR-[r], see van Soldt EAE
not been dispatched VAS 16 24 :19, see Fran- 27 B 28u.
kena, AbB 6 24 :17u.

6. IV to be expelled, driven away (pas- taradu B v.; to name, call; Sel.; only IV
sive to mng. 2) a) said of rulers, ene- (passive) ittarrid attested.
mies : MU RN ana GN i-t-ar-du the year MU.161.KAM sa s MU.225.KAM Arsaka
that Sumu-abum was driven back to Der sa it-tr-ri-du Gutarza sarri u Asbatar DAM-
OIP 43 191 No. 113 (OB); rub ina alisu it-tar- s belti year 161 (of the Arsacid Era),
rad-ma the prince will be driven from his which is year 225 (of the Seleucid Era),
own city CT 28 50 r. 7, 13, 16, BRM 4 13 :15, Arsaces who is called Gotarzes, the king,
15 : 28, 16 : 26 (all SB ext.); abul alisu kams lit- and Asbatar, his wife, the queen LBAT
ta-rid-ma ina kamt alisu lisarbisusu (see 1295 r. 15 (= CBS 17, unpub., partial copy in ZA 6
*kams B) MDP 6 pl. 10 vi 16 (MB kudurru); 222, photograph in Sachs, Philosophical Transactions
etlu dannu sa ana zikir sumisu nakirsu ina of the Royal Society of London A 276 (1974) pl. 10
pansu lemnis it-tar-ra-du iness sar beri g. 16),cf. year of Arsaka sarri sa it-tr-
(see nes mng. 1a) VAS 1 37 ii 36 (NB ku- ri-du [Gut]arza u Asiabatar [. . .] . . . DAM-

**t/taras/su tardu

s belti Arsaces the king, who was called they will kill him CT 30 16 K.3841 r. 4, cf.
Gotarzes, and Asbatar, his wife, the queen ibid. 5; tar-du ana bt abisu itr CT 30 50 :12,
SBH 93 No. 51 r. 10, see Oelsner, AoF 3 40., and cf. CT 51 158 :11, CT 20 22 81-2-4,279 : 8, see Koch-
Oelsner Materialien 276f. note w, cf. also ZA 6 230 Westenholz Liver Omens 241 (all SB ext.); mar sar
Rm. 844 : 3; Arsakam sar sarrani sa it-tr- ri tar-du CT 28 38 Rm. 2,516 : 8, see Leichty
ri-du(copy -GI) Uruda (year of) Arsaces, Izbu p. 199; tar-du kuss isabbat nindabe il
king of kings, who is called Orodes ZA 3 isakkan ekurrati istenis izannan an exile
147 No. 9 : 3, cf. Oelsner AV 223 No. 17: 3; [Arsa] will usurp the throne, he will institute food
ka s(!) it-tr-ri-d[u Ur]uda sarri u fIs[ pu oerings for the gods, he will endow all the
barza . . .] LBAT 1446 : 2, see McEwan, Iran 24 temples altogether ZA 52 242 : 34 (SB astrol.),
93; bt ritti . . . s ina sik-tar-ri s it-ta-ri-du cf. CT 28 50 r. 14 (SB ext.); sarru tar-du ina al
sik-tar-ri sa Anu the rittu property lo- asbu [imt] an exiled king will die in the
cated in the siktarru known as the siktarru city where he dwells Leichty Izbu VIII 97u;
of Anu Weisberg LB Texts 22 : 3. tar-da nasha tur-ru nanzazu qatukka [ paqdu]
Oelsner, AoF 3 40.; McEwan, Iran 24 92.; del (see nanzazu mng. 2b) STT 71 : 31, see Lam-
Monte, NABU 1996/3. bert, RA 53 135; tar-du pi-du-su ta-nam-din
you (Marduk?) pay the ransom for the ex-
**t/taras/su (AHw. 1381b) For PRU 4 (= ile KAR 321 r. 1; in broken contexts : rabti
MRS 9) 225 : 31, 217:16, 218 : 28, see taradu A sa teme tar-du il-[. . .] CT 54 524 r. 5, see Liv-
mng. 1a4u. ingstone, SAA 3 20; tar-da-a-t von Weiher
Uruk 224 : 2 (lit.).

tarasu (AHw. 1381b) see darasu and b) said of animals : ibr kudanu tar-du
darasu. (var. ta-rid) my friend, a wild mule on
the run George Gilg. VIII 50f.; akkanni tar-
tardis adv.; like an exile, refugee; SB; cf. du (var. ta-ar-da) sirrimu LKA 101 obv.(!) 7,
taradu A. var. from ibid. 94 i 15 (inc. catalog), see Biggs
aziga 17 and 12; 3 nese tr tar-du-te aduk I
iprud tar-di-is kma [. . .] he (Kastilias) killed three lions on the run 1R 31 iv 3
became afraid like a refugee, like [. . .] Af O (amsi-Adad V), see Grayson, RIME 3 187; ob-
18 48 BM 98731 :18 (Tn.-Epic). scure: [. . .]-x tar-du-ti [x] senu iktaldu 6
puhal bel lusebilam my lord should send
tardu adj.; exiled, driven out, chased; me six rams when(?) the driven(?) [. . .]
from OB on; cf. taradu A. and(?) the ocks have arrived CT 22 232 :12
tar(!)-du = raddu Izbu Comm. V 254d. (NB let.).

a) said of persons : tar-du ittarrad . . . tardutu see tardutu.

tar-du irrub the exile will be driven out,
the exile will come in Boissier Choix 46f.:15f. tardu s.; exile, fugitive; OB; cf. taradu A.
(SB ext.), cf. tar-du irrubam RA 44 16 :10 (OB
ext.); sarru tar-du itebbema mata ibl an ex- ta-ri-du--um sa kussudu ana alisu itr
iled king will rise up and rule the land CT (see alu mng. 2d) YOS 10 31 ii 52 (ext.); as
39 11 : 48 (SB); tar-du u [kussudu ana alisu personal name: Ta-ri-du-um rabianum Pin-
iturra] an exiled, expelled person will re- ches Peek 14 : 24, also JCS 11 78 r. 7; ana T-ri-
turn to his city Leichty Izbu VIII 41u, restored di-im BIN 7 39 :1, 51 :1, see Stol, AbB 9 226 and
from Izbu Comm. 292 with dupl. von Weiher Uruk 238, cf. Walters Water for Larsa No. 28 : 4; umma
37: 9; rub tar-du ana alisu itrma idukkusu T-ri-du-um-ma Sumer 14 18 No. 2 : 3, also 19.
an exiled prince will return to his city, but No. 3 : 3, No. 4 : 2.


tardutu tatu

tardutu (tardutu) s.; exile, banishment; usage a) AKA 146 v 15 (Assur-bel-kala?); ekal
OB, SB, NA; cf. taradu A. ereni surmeni daprani taskarinni musukkan
ni ekal butni u GI tar-pi-i ana subat sar
a) with alaku : rubm ta-ri-d[u-tam ill]ak rutija ana multat belutija ina libbi addi I
the prince will go into exile YOS 10 24 :17, built on it (the terrace) palace halls of ce-
39 :10 and 18 (OB ext.), CT 30 20 :19 and dupl. dar, cypress, juniper, boxwood, and musuk
KAR 424 : 9 (SB ext.); rubm ina matisu ta-ri- kannu wood, palace halls of terebinth and
du-tam illak the prince will go into exile of t.-tamarisk, (all) for my royal dwelling,
from his own land RA 67 42 : 41, cf. YOS 10 for my majestic leisure AKA 186 r. 19, also
40 : 26, (in broken context) 17: 35 (all OB ext.); AKA 220 :18, Iraq 14 33 : 26, Postgate Palace Ar-
rub ina la matisu ta-ri-du-ta(var. -t) illak chive 267: 57; sird susunu allanu GI tar-pu-
CT 20 8 r. 14 and dupls., see Koch-Westenholz u (see susunu) Iraq 14 33 : 43 (all Asn.); 5
Liver Omens 202 : 55 (SB);sarru t-ri-du-tam il kapp tar-pi-i (see kappu B usage g4u)
lak wr. t-ri6-du-tam ibid.
Labat Suse 9 : 30, Iraq 23 30 ND 2461 :13u, 21u, and 23u, also GI
4 : 47, note bssu tar-du-tam illak ibid. 4 : 32; tar-[ pi-i] ibid. 17u, cf. ibid. 15u; [. . .] sa GI
.BI ta-ri-du-tam DU-ak K.2052 : 6 (courtesy tar-pi-i Postgate Palace Archive 155 i 18 (inv.);
W. G. Lambert); sarru ta-ri-du-tam illak UCP [. . . sa] putisu ina GI tar-pi-i ar[sip] I
9 397:15 and dupls. ACh Supp. 2 36 : 8, ACh amas constructed a [. . .] of t.-tamarisk in front
10 :17, also ACh amas 2 : 25; sarru palsu tar- of it KAH 2 67: 6 (Tigl. I); butuntam siqda tar-
ri-du-tam illak the kings reign will end in p[i-a . . .] the pistachio, the almond, and
exile Leichty Izbu VIII 33u. the t.-tamarisk trees SEM 117 ii 21 (MB lit.).
b) other occs.: sarru marasu ana ta-ri- Thompson DAB 281.
du-ti i-tar-[rad] the king will drive his son
into exile ACh Supp. 2 Sin 1b : 52; maru seh tarpiu see tarpau.
ru s[arra] abasu ana ta-ri-du-ti SAR-su a
tarru (AHw. 1382a) see darru adj.
younger son will drive his father, the king,
into exile ibid. 39; ummansu ta-ri-du-tam tarr s.; beating, assault; NB; cf. ter B.
[. . .] (in broken context) Rm. 109 :12 (tam
tu, courtesy W. G. Lambert); nakru ta-ri-du- ina tar-re-e sa it-ra-an-ni (I suer) from
[tam . . .] PRT 127: 4, see Starr, SAA 4 332. the beating he inicted on me BIN 1 94 : 28;
kaspu sa kum ta-re-e sa PN PN 2 it-ru- u ina
tarru (AHw. 1381b) see darru. UGU pan imhasusuma simmu marsu isku
nusu the silver (paid) is in compensation
tarittu s. fem.; persecutor (name of an ill- for the beating which PN gave PN 2 in the
ness); SB; cf. taradu A. course of which he struck him in the face
and inicted on him a terrible wound AoF
ina himit seti ta-rit-ti u rihilti Adad . . . 24 235 : 3; k . . . alla PN . . . ana panija k
ist will he escape (various illnesses,) heat- illa it-te-ra-an-ni tar-ru- k it-ru(text
stroke, t., or Adads devastation? Craig -te)-ni-ni I swear that it was no one but PN
ABRT 1 81 :14 (tamtu). who came up to me (early in the morning)
and beat me, and it was (only) because of
tarpau (tarpiu) s.; (a variety of tama- the beating he inicted on me (that I ac-
risk); MB, SB, NA. cused him) YOS 7 18 : 6.
g i . .GR . s i g 7. s i g 7 = tar-pa-u Hh. III 5a tatu see tatu.

ekal ereni ekal taskarinni ekal butni ekal tatu (tatu, datu) s. fem.; 1. gift, gratuity,
GI tar-pi-i ina alija Assur epus (see butnu bribe, 2. (a payment share, OA), 3. (a fee

tatu tatu

or payment); from OA, OB on; pl. taa (released my brother and) took a female
tu; wr. syll. and NG.A; cf. saqil tati, slave, an ox-hide, (etc.) as a gratuity ibid.
tatutu. 26; ana PN ana t-t sarru iddinannimi the
king assigned me to PN as a reward AASOR
k a d r a (NG..A) = ta-a-tum Nigga Bil. A i 12u,
16 25 :14, cf. ibid. 18, see Eichler Indenture at
also Nigga Bil. B 42, [k]a-ad-ra NG..A = [ta-a-
tum] Diri V 180; KA.KA.TG.RU.KR = ta-a-tum Nuzi 137;one mina of wool ana t-ti PN ilqe
UET 7 93 :7, see Sjberg, ZA 86 224. PN received as a gratuity HSS 13 373 :17; in
u . g d . [i] = [ma]-ha-rum s ta--ti Antagal I i broken context : t-as-s-nu AASOR 16 1 : 54,
also ibid. 50.
i-gi-su-u, ta-(var. omits -)-a-t, ta-mar-t = sul-
ma-nu LTBA 2 2 : 275. and dupls. 3 iv 11. and 4 c) in RS: minumme marat RN sar GN lu
iv 6.
kaspu lu hurasu . . . lu tamartu lu qstu lu
LUGAL ha(text ZA)-ab-bi-lu = ma-hir ta--ti 2R
47 i 13; kd-ru-u // ta--tu CT 13 32 r. 7 (comm. to ta-a-tu lu ardu lu amtu . . . sa ina libbi GN 2
En. el. VII 110, see kadr usage a). marat RN sar GN epusu gabba ana RN 2 sar
GN 2 irtehu everything belonging (now) to
1. gift, gratuity, bribe a) in OB,
the daughter of RN , the king of Amurru,
Mari : he said ina GN t-a-tum ibbasma
whether silver, or gold, or a present, or a
awlu sa t-a-ta-am ilq u sbu sa awtim si
gift, or an emolument, or a male or female
nati id ibass . . . warkatam purusma sum
slave (etc.), which the daughter of RN , the
ma t-a-tum ibbasi kaspam u mimma sa ina
king of Amurru, acquired in Ugarit, all
t-a-tim i[lq] kunkamma ana mahri[ j]a
will remain with RN 2, the king of Ugarit
[s]ub[i]l[am] There has been bribery (lit.
MRS 9 127 RS 17.396 : 8 (divorce).
a bribe) in GN and there are men who took
the bribe as well as witnesses who know d) in hist.: rub mahir ta-te-su-nu . . .
about those matters. Investigate the mat- anaku I am the prince who receives their
ter and if there has indeed been bribery, gifts Weidner Tn. 28 No. 16 : 86, also ibid. 5 No.
then seal and send to me the silver and 1 iv 37; sepeja isbutuma ta-tu amhursunu bil
whatever they took in the bribery LIH ta u tamarta udannin elisunu ukn they em-
11 : 8., see Frankena, AbB 2 11; 3 MA.NA K. braced my feet and I received their pre-
BABBAR ana ta-a-tim niddinakkum VAS 29 sents, and I imposed increased tribute and
2 :10; ask your sons and all of Isin kma taxes upon them KAH 2 84 : 90 (Adn. II); ana
ana ta-tim [] si-bi-t-tim (for sibit tatim) ak GN ana resuti illik {att ta-ti-su ilqema re
!3- MA.NA kaspum watrum gamru whether sussu ul epus he went to the Hittite land
extra silver, even one-third mina, has been to seek assistance, the Hittite accepted his
used for a bribe or accepting a bribe VAS presents but did not give assistance to him
16 73 : 20f., see Frankena, AbB 6 73; t-ti sa Af O 5 90 : 22 (Adn. I); ana RN sar GN . . . use
SAL.NAR.ME anntim . . . bel lisarsnni bilus ta--tu . . . Elam . . . ta--tu imhursunu
Hirsch AV 480 : 5u (Mari let.); ta-ta-am 5 GN K.
tima they (the Babylonians) sent it (the
BABBAR Lowie Museum (Berkeley) 9-1834 :13 treasure of Esagila) as a gift to RN , the king
(let., courtesy M. Stol).
of Elam, the Elamite accepted the gift from
b) in Nuzi : 1 UDU ana t-a-ti ana PN at them OIP 2 42f.: 34 and 40 (Senn.), cf. ibid. 91
tadin u umma anakuma assum eqlatija itti r. 7; [ana] RN Elam iddina kadrsu senu
PN 2 dn epusmi dn la epus I gave one Elam ta--tus imhurma edura kakkeja he
sheep as a gratuity to PN , saying, Con- gave his present to the Elamite RN , the
cerning my elds, attend to my lawsuit wicked Elamite accepted the gift from him
with PN 2, but he did not attend to my but feared my weapons Lie Sar. 368; the
suit AASOR 16 8 : 28, cf. ibid. 67; PN . . . 1 Elamite king sa ta--a-tu imhurusuma itb
amta 1 masak alpi . . . ana t-a-ti ilteqe PN ana kitrisu who had taken gifts from him

tatu tatu

and advanced to help him Streck Asb. 32 iii adi la ta--ti u s[ul
courtesy J. A. Brinkman);
137, cf. ibid. 128 : 41, 126 iv 1, 184 : 6. mana a]na muhhisunu i[nandinu] sabu imut
[tu] unless they give them a bribe or a gra-
e) in lit. 1u in gen.: usamhir irba ta-
tuity, the men will die CT 54 37 (= ABL
-ti(var. -t) igis etandute I caused (them)
1345+) :18, see Dietrich Aramer p. 162, cf. ABL
to accept a welcome gift, a t., an accumula-
tion of igis-presents Lambert BWL 60 : 93 1052 :1, ABL 702 r. 1; ta--ti sulmanu ana
(Ludlul IV); suq ta-as-su (vars. ta-at-su, ta-a-
muhhi idini as a gratuity for me, give a
s) karabi the street Worship-Is-His-Gift gift instead Cole Nippur 35 : 8, cf. ibid. 16 (all
NB letters); k ta--t tannepisuni when a
Iraq 36 46 : 80/81 (topography of Babylon), see
George Topographical Texts 68. bribe was made CT 53 46 :18 (NA), see Luukko
and Van Buylaere, SAA 16 63.
2u in judicial contexts : Nab dajanu la
mahir ta--te the judge who does not ac- 2. (a payment share, OA): luqutum sa
cept bribes WO 1 478 :14; amas dajan la ta- tamkarim tamkarum ina GN ta-tm isa[q
-ti Schollmeyer 96 : 6, also Mayer Gebetsbeschw- qal] the merchandise is the merchants,
rungen 515 : 2, KAR 32 : 22, von Weiher Uruk the merchant will pay the share in Kanis
amas mustalu la ta-a-tim 4R 60 : 31
25 : 25; BIN 6 101 :12; U.NGIN 28@3- MA.NA 8 GN
mahir ta--ti
(namburbi), see Ebeling, RA 49 38; kaspam nadatunu 15 MA.NA.TA ta-tum ik
(var. NG.A) la musteseru tusazbal arna sudma 1 MA.NA 12 GN kaspam tanappala
la mahir ta--ti (var. NG.A) sabitu ab in all you (pl.) have deposited 28@3- minas
buti ensi tabi eli amas you (amas) make eight shekels of silver, the share amounts
the one who accepts a bribe and then lets to 15 minas each (person), so you will have
justice miscarry bear his punishment, but to pay a balance of one mina twelve shekels
the one who does not accept a bribe and of silver BIN 4 33 :17, cf. 20 MA.NA.TA ta-
espouses the cause of the weak is pleasing tum iksudma BIN 6 63 : 24; 1!2- MA.NA kaspam
to amas Lambert BWL 132 : 98f., var. from Si. qati t-tim sa PN altapat BIN 4 98 : 20; ina 27
832 r. 6f.; dajanu ta-a-t u kadr ileqqema MA.NA ta-tum sa iksuduniatini 4@3- MA.NA
CT 46 45 ii 7 (NB lit.); ta-a-t u kadr ina kaspam PN qassu nadi 22 MA.NA anaku ta-
nis iprusma libbi mati utibba he abolished a-s asqul of the 27 minas (of silver), the
(the giving of) bribes and presents among share that we incurred, PN has deposited
the people and brought contentment to 4@3- minas of silver as his part, I myself paid
the land ibid. iii 14, see Lambert, Iraq 27 5f.; 22 minas, (the balance of) his share CCT 1
tupsarru sa ina mahr ta--tu imhuru ZA 43 21b : 2 and 7; x copper ta-at-k ana bt ka
19 :73 (NA lit.), see Livingstone, SAA 3 32 r. 33; rim asqul BIN 4 172 :7; 12 MA.NA.TA ta-tum
mamt dn ta--ti (vars. ta-a-t, [. . .]-a-ti) iksud CCT 1 19a :1, cf. ibid. 3 and 10, see Veen-
dnu the oath to pronounce a judgment hof Old Assyrian Trade 270, cf. also AKT 3 61 : 43f.;
for a bribe urpu III 24, see Borger, Lambert 4 MA.NA kaspam PN ina ta-tim sa bt ka
AV 39; ummn u sut-resi . . . ta-as-sun imah ri[m habbulam] PN owes me four minas of
har should a secretary or sut resi ocial silver, part of the share (paid) in the bt
accept bribes from them (the citizens of karim ICK 2 129 r. 23u, cf. Belleten 57 45 : 20;
Sippar, Nippur, and Babylon) Lambert BWL U.NGIN 26@3- MA.NA 4 GN .BA 20
114 : 46 (Frstenspiegel), dupl. Cole Nippur 128 : 44.
MA.NA ta-at-k 6 MA.NA sahittum VAS 26
f) in MB, NA, NB: sa ta--ta qsta u sul 46 :17; umma karum GN -ma ana saqil ta-tim
mana . . . imahharuma whoever accepts a u berutim qibma Oelsner AV 287: 3, cf. (all
bribe, a gift, or a gratuity BBSt. No. 11 ii 6, karum Kanis to saqil t.) Belleten 61 223. Kltepe
also RA 16 129 iii 18 (both NB kudurrus); 1 GUD 92/k 200 : 2, 203 : 2, 207: 3, 221 : 3; kma
a-na ta--ti im-hu-ru-ma Ni. 1213 : 6u (MB, tamkarum saqil ta-t-ni because the saqil t.

tatu tatu

is a merchant Matous Prag I 442 :19; see also ina 13 TG 2 TG ta-tm la ilammudu two
saqil tati. of the 13 textiles are not liable for the toll
VAS 26 58 : 28; ta-tm u nishatim ula ilam
3. (a fee or payment) a) road tax,
mudu BIN 4 85 : 8; 52!2- MA.NA ta-tum is
toll 1u in OA: emarum ana 30 L 1
sikin TCL 4 83 : 9; ta-a-su-nu u tassiatisunu
MA.NA URUDU tadin .BA lu ta-tum sa
harranim lu ukulti ANE lu ukulti PN u sa sa 8 subat their toll and transport costs
biltika alaqqe the donkey load has been sold for eight textiles CCT 1 41a :10; ta-a-s u
for 29 minas of copper, from that I will ukultusu sa PN istu GN adi ~lim PN 2 isqul
Kltepe 91/k 319 :1, cf. ibid. 10; 5 MA.NA.TA
take (the costs of) the toll for the journey,
the fodder for the donkey, and the food for ta-tum iksudam . . . [x] MA.NA 5 GN.TA
PN and your carrier HUCA 27 68 note 289 : 31, ukultam iskunam Kltepe 91/k 354 : 33 (both
cf. ta-ta-am sa harrani[m] Jankowska KTK courtesy K. R. Veenhof ), cf. AKT 3 34 : 4, 89 :11;
9 : 4u, a-ta-tim sa harranisu KTS 1 29b :18, cf. ta-a-a[t] subatika u tassiatisu KTS 2 35 :19;
AKT 3 61 :19, KTS 2 35 : 8.; U.NIGN 9 G ta-tm nishatim u mutae ishiruma the de-
awtka 3@3- MA.NA 2 GN.TA 33!3- MA.NA ta- ducted toll, the import tax, and under-
tum adi GN iksudam the value of your weight TCL 14 69 :7; balum ta-tim sa tas
shipment (including tin, garments, don- siatim . . . ina GN isaqqal TCL 4 75 :17; cf.
keys) totals nine talents, at a rate of 3@3- Michel and Garelli Kltepe 1 94 :13; nis[h]at
minas two shekels per (talent), the toll as AN.NA u ta-tm anaku asqul I myself have
far as Timilkia amounted to 33!3- minas (of paid the import tax on the tin and the toll
tin) BIN 6 79 : 8; 10 G 10 MA.NA [a]wtum RA 59 45 No. 20 :11; ina libbi ta-tim sa adi
5 MA.NA.TA ta-tum iksud Donbaz Cunei- GN la taddinanni sibaratim sa 2 GN kaspim
form Texts in the Sadberk Hanim Museum No. samamma . . . sitti ta-t-a isti panmma sebi
12 : 33, cf. AKT 3 75 : 5, Kltepe e/k 46 : 5, Kltepe lam CCT 4 28b : 20 and 25, see Veenhof Old As-
91/k 301 : 4, Kltepe 91/k 483 : 9 (all courtesy K. R. syrian Trade 243; AN.NA sa ta-t-k din give
Veenhof ); for other refs. see awtu usage b; the tin for your toll BIN 4 102 : 6; ta-tum
ina 4 G 4[8 MA.NA AN].NA 6 MA.NA 1 mala iksudu u mala tazmirani trtaknu lil
GN.[TA] 1 G-tm ta-tum iksudam 28%6- MA. likam let a message from you (pl.) reach
NA 3 GN AN.NA ta-DAM iksudka (on the me telling how much the toll amounted to
shipment valued at) four talents 48 minas and how much you have accounted for CCT
of tin, the toll amounted to six minas one 4 34b : 6; ta-tum mala ikassudu PN lusah
shekel per talent, thus for you the toll hirma let PN deduct the toll as much as it
amounted to 28%6- minas three shekels of tin amounts to BIN 4 23 :11; @3- MA.NA 5 GN
TCL 20 157: 3 and 5; 5 MA.NA 11@3- GN 15 E AN.NA ta-a-s-nu 10 GN.TA 4!2- GN K.BI
biltam ta-t-um adi GN iksudam the toll TCL 14 24 :16; 4 GN.TA kaspum adi GN 5-
as far as Zalpa amounted to ve minas 11@3- niati ta-tum iksud ICK 2 293 : 3; !2- MA.NA 5
shekels and 15 grains per talent CCT 3 GN kaspam ta-at PN asqul CCT 4 13a : 31
34b : 4, cf. istu ~lim adi GN 3 MA.NA.TA ta- (coll. V. Donbaz), cf. 1@-3 GN sa ta-at 5-niati
tum iksudam from the City up to Puhitar Kltepe 91/k 364 : 1 (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ).
the toll amounted to three minas per (tal-
ent) CCT 2 21b : 9 (= CCT 4 46b), see Veenhof 2u in OB: ana ga-me-er-ti-su harran
Old Assyrian Trade 235; istu Wahsusana adi serim gimram ta-ta-am inaddin he will
Kanis ta-tum 1!-3 GN K.BABBAR ik-su-d provide in full for the trip through the
Kltepe 91/k 111 : 2 (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); 3%6- steppe, (i.e.) the travel expenses and the
MA.NA.TA ta-tum iksud TCL 4 106 : 2, see toll Jean Tell Sifr 70 : 8, see Charpin Archives
Veenhof Old Assyrian Trade 236; ta-tam ula ilam Familiales 127; ezib ta-tim u gimri[m] ABIM
mudu (see lamadu mng. 4c) ICK 2 292 : 6u; 28 : 29, cf. ana mar siprim 1 MA.NA kaspam


tatutu tebetu

ana ta-tim nittadin ABIM 22 : 26, see Veenhof Rusa, king of Urartu, and 22 biratesu k
Old Assyrian Trade 220f. ta-a-tu--ti iddinsu gave him 22 of his for-
tresses as a present Winckler Sar. pl. 31 : 39.
b) other occs. 1u in OA: ta-tamx(TUM)
[m]aristam adi [a]rbesu astaqal I have had
taw see tam v.
to pay a heavy quadruple fee BIN 6 91 :11;
u ta-tm kamma usaqqal CCT 3 8b : 32; after
teanu see tnu.
the packages had been sealed 7 MA.NA
URUDU ta-tm PN emudkama PN charged
you a fee of seven minas of copper TCL 19 tebetu s.; (name of the tenth month);
12 :7; 3 GN AN.NA ta-at emarisu ina GN
from OB on; wr. ITI.AB.BA., ITI.AB.
asqul I paid three shekels of tin as fee (.A), ITI.AB(.BA).
for his donkey (load) in Washania OIP 27 i t i . a b . b a . = t-bi-tum (var. t-bi-e-t) Hh. I
54 : 5, ta-a-at emarisu anaku irraminija usaq 230.
qil ICK 1 72 : 9, cf. ibid. 15; PN took 15 shek- i t i . a b e z e [n . m a h] . a n . n a . [ k ex(KID)] i t i
els of silver saying ta-a-at suhar It is the n . g a [ l . d i n a n n a . k e x ] a b . b a u r u [. . .] x [. . .]
i . [ u m k ] . n e . n e [. . .] u . b a r. r a x n k i
fee for the servants HUCA 39 26 L29-
[. . .] i t i . t i l . b i . i n . x [x] : ITI.[AB i]sinnu
569 : 21, also LB 1200 : 21, see Veenhof Old Assyr- sru sa [Anim arah] namrirr sa Ist [ar] sbut ali ana
ian Trade 245. puhri us[sni] Isum babanisunu i-[. . .] amas subar
rta u nai[la] sa erseti isakka[n] arhu s adi nagmari
2u in OB: (silver) ta-tum ana PN URU [su] lu-up-pu-[ut(?)] Tebetu, high festival of Anu,
GN LB 952 ii 6 (adm.), in Veenhof Old Assyrian month of the splendor of Istar, the city elders go out
Trade 220; since I was detained here 3 GN for the assembly, Isum [. . .] their doors, amas
kaspam ana samassamm ana ta-ti-im leqi establishes freedom from service and . . . . for the
earth, this month is aected(?) up to its end KAV
aku I have collected three shekels of silver
218 A iii 11. (Astrolabe B), see BPO 2 82.
as t. for the linseed Sumer 14 32 No. 13 : 24;
dicult : ina ta-at ramanini uladni idk a) in gen.: [ITI.AB(.BA)]. (var. ITI.
ABIM 20 : 45, see Veenhof Old Assyrian Trade 221, AB.BA) min ukultaka in Tebetu, what is
cf. ina ta-a-at ramanija x-[. . .] van Soldt, your sustenance? 2R 60 No. 1 r. left col. 54,
AbB 13 144 : 8u. see TuL p. 19 iii 13, for var. see Langdon Babylo-
nian Wisdom p. 95, see Rmer, Persica 7 64;
In OA tatum designates both a share a
AB kussu dannu iksudamma Tebetu, (the
merchant pays to the bt karim, usually a
month of) severe cold arrived OIP 2 88 : 42
large amount of silver, in order to partici-
(Senn.); ITI.AB sa Papsukkal sukkal Anim
pate in some enterprises (see mng. 2) and
u Istar Tebetu, (the month) of Papsuk-
a kind of road tax which is paid in small
kal, vizier of Anu and Istar Labat Calendrier
amounts of tin (rarely silver), the amount
s 105 :10, cf. CT 38 10 :14, ITI.AB.BA. KAR
apparently related to the distance traveled
178 r. ii 36 (hemer.), KAR 212 iii 20 and passim
or the number of stations along the route
in this text (iqqur pus); for month names (all
(see mng. 3); see (also for proposed ety-
broken) equivalent to ITI.AB.BA., see 5R
mology) Veenhof Old Assyrian Trade 220302.
43 i 5257.
For CT 12 39b i 15 (= Nabnitu V 15), see diatu.
In ARMT 13 149 : 23 read L.ME sa-ta-am utem b) in dates 1u wr. ITI.AB..A: Grant
midu, see Charpin, NABU 1993/57. Bus. Doc. 34 :7, TCL 18 125 : 35, YOS 12 32 :17,
85 : 5, YOS 13 55 :13, YOS 14 344 : 32, RA 9 22 : 35,
tatutu s.; present (in expectation of reci- and passim in OB; note ITI.AB.UD.DU.A
procity); SB; cf. tatu. UCP 10 216 No. 7: 30, YOS 12 31 : 8.

Ullusunu the Mannean, whom I had in- 2u wr. ITI.AB.: Grant Bus. Doc. 18 : 24 (=
stalled on his fathers throne, trusted in YOS 8 75 : 25), YOS 12 35 :15, YOS 13 68 :13, YOS


tebetu teb

14 144 :12, CT 48 62 : 29, CT 4 36a :12, and passim (OA), 5. II/2 (uncert. mng.); from OAkk.
in OB, BE 14 77: 6, 63 : 6, and passim in MB, see on; I itbu itebbu tebi, Ass. itbu itab
Brinkman MSKH 1 398. bu tabi, I/2 ittebu, Ass. ittubu, I/3 (lex.
only), II, II/2; wr. syll. and SUD; cf. tab
3u wr. ITI.AB: JCS 8 25 No. 311 :1, ibid. 26
biu, teb adj., teb, tbu s.
No. 317:1 (both MB Alalakh), Nbk. 46 :13, 63 :15,
YOS 17 18 :12, 252 : 4, Dar. 214 :14, 215 :13, 358 : 20, GIR 5.GIR 5 = t-bu--um, ti-t-bu-um OB Diri
CT 49 42 : 8, and passim in NB, ABL 18 :15, 241 : 4, Nippur 100f., cf. OB Diri Sippar 2.2 : 6, Diri
629 :15, PRT 130 r. 5, see Starr, SAA 4 331, ADD Amarna 1.3 : 3f., Diri Bogh. 3 :13 and 16, Diri
Emar 4 : 4f.; gi-ig-re GIR 5.GIR 5 = te-e-bu-, ti-t-bu-
179 r. 7, 197 r. 5, and passim in NA.
Diri II 39f.; GIR 5gi-ig-r[i] GIR 5 = te-bu-, napagu,
For NA personal names wr. ITI.AB-a-a see ki sal Lu Excerpt II 70. (coll.); g i r 5 . g i r 5 . r e = te-
nun. For ARM 2 62 :14 see tebtu. bu-u (in group with sal, napagu) Erimhus II 168.
k i . tu-um t m = te-bu-u(var. -) Erimhus V 211;
Cohen Calendars 335.
[s]u SUD = te-bu-u MSL 14 143 No. 22 :10 (RS
tebetu see timtu. sa-ah {A.A = t-ub-bu- Diri VI B 5.
s u . s u = ri-a-b[u]-um, t-u[b-b]u--um Nigga
teb (fem. tebtu) adj.; sunken, submerged; Bil. B 328f.; [su-] [SU] = [tub]-bu-u MSL 14
94 :148 :1 (Proto-Aa), cf. A II/7 iv 6a; [i n] .ZU = -
OB, SB, NB; cf. teb v.
ta-ab-b, [i n] . s u(text . z u ) = i-ri-ib, [i n . s u . u ] =
g i . m . s . a (vars. g i . m . s . d a , g i . -ta-ab-bu-, i-ri-bu, [. . .] = []-ta-ab-bu-, [i]-ri-bu,
m . s u . a , g i . m . ) = te(var. t)-bi-tum (var. [i n . s u . e . n e] = [-ta]-ab-bu-, [i-ri]-ib-bu Ai. I i
te-bu-[x]) Hh. IV 284. 4350.
l m . a b a . s . u . u d . d b a . u g5 h . m e .
a) said of boats : a m . s i m a . s a . a e . e n : lu sa ina G[I.M] it-bu-u imutu atta whether
d e . d e . e n i . i m .t u . m u .u n e . e : pra you are one who sank in a boat and died KUB 37
111 iiu 10f.; g i . m . b i a . s . g a h . m e . e n :
ana elippi te-bi-tim ana sul ireddu an ele-
[lu s]a ina elippi ina m it-bu- atta CT 16 10 v 3f.;
phant is appropriate for raising a sunken l m a . a b . b a . k ex(KID) x . x . a . z a . a g . g a
boat Alster Proverbs 121f. 5.2; g i . m g a b a . h . m e . e n : lu sa ina GI.M qereb A.AB.BA it-bu-u
r i . a . n i g i . m s . s u . [ m] : elippu [atta] KUB 37 111 iiu 12uf.; [. . . b] a . d a . s
imhurusu elippu te-bi-tum the boat that (unilingual version : m b a . d a . a n . [s u] ) : elip
pasu it-te 4-bu Lambert BWL 274 :12, see Alster
came to meet him was a sunken boat BA 5
Proverbs 110 3.179.
620 I b 7f. and dupls., see Cohen Lamentations a . g i r5 . g i r5 . d z i . m u m a . d a . l u g d . d a :
617: 230; t u r. t u r. b i g i.m s.s it-te-eb-bu-[in-ni] ikteru napi[st] they pushed me
(var. i n) . n : sehherutusu ina elippi te-bi- under (the water) and my breath nearly stopped
tim nlu its small ones lie in a sunken boat Lambert BWL 245 iv 46 (proverb), dupl. Wiseman
and Black Literary Texts 202 r. 11u.
4R 30 No. 2 r. 10f., dupl. SBH p. 67 No. 37: 21f.,
z i . k a l a m . m a b a . a n . s . g e . e : napistu ma
see Cohen Lamentations 689 :119; see also Hh . in tu -ta-ab-bu- they (the demons) submerge the life
lex. section. of the country von Weiher Uruk 1 i 5f.; d a m . a n .
k i . r a b u r x(ENGNA-ten) m u . n i . i n . s u d . a .
b) said of elds : x E.NUMUN hal-qa n i : itti Ea eburu -ta-ab-bu- Studies Albright
te-bu- x arable eld, ruined and sub- 344 :12; b u r x i s i n(PA.E) . b i . t a b a . d a . a n .
merged CT 57 389 : 4 (NB ledger). s u d : eburi ina isinnisu -ta-ab-bi it (the ood)
submerged the crop on the stalk SBH 73 No.
For CT 18, 13 IV 22 and 17 b Rs. 3 (= An VIII
41 : 5f., see Cohen Lamentations 429 :17, cf. b u r x
68) see intu B.
i s i n . b a m u . n i . b . s u . s u : eburi ina simanisu
Salonen Wasserfahrzeuge 48. -ta-ab-bi SBH 10 No. 4 :159f.; e . n e . m DN b u r x
i s i n . b a m u . [n i . b . s u . s u ] : amat DN ebura
teb v.; 1. to sink, to drown, to submerge, ina simanisu -ta-ab-bi SBH 7 No. 4 : 28f., also, wr.
m u . n i . b . s . [s ] : -teb-[bi] BRM 4 11 :17f.,
2. tubb to submerge (trans.), to immerse, cf. b u r x s . s : ebura -ta-ab-bu-u Lugale III 34
3. tubb to sink a foundation, 4. tabbuu (= 124); b u r x h u l . l u . b i m u . u n . s //. s u : ebur
to cancel (a tablet), to settle (a matter) mati lemnis usrq // -ta-ab-bi BA 5 617 No.


teb teb
Ia : 21f.; a . g a l . g a l . l a b u r x s u . s u : butuqtu mu- b) said of persons : 7-s i-t-bu ina pan
te-eb-ba-at eburu ZA 10 pl. 1 (after p. 276):1f., also 7-i te-bi-s sa psu ana nari inaddi he im-
SBH 43 No. 21 : 41f.
[za-al] [NI] = s UB.NI t [-bu-u] A II/1 iii 18u,
merses himself seven times (in the river),
with comm. za-al NI // . . . s UB.NI // tu-bu- // UB before his seventh immersion he spits out
// su-up-lu // NI // ni-[. . .] A II/1 Comm. B r. 5; into the river (the plant and grains of sil-
[G]AZ // he-su-u // GAZ // te-bu- CT 51 136 :1 ver) that are in his mouth CT 38 38 :71f.,
(comm. to Labat TDP IV). see Maul Namburbi 346 : 20uf.; 7-s ana qiddatu
1. to sink, to drown, to submerge a) 7-s ana mahirtu i-te-eb-bu-ma illmma he
said of boats : when we head upstream submerges and resurfaces seven times fac-
GI.M mala bas ana id ul i-te-eb-bu GI. ing downstream and seven times facing up-
M.ME gabbi [. . .] YOS 3 172 :12; lumnu stream Or. NS 40 143 :15, cf. ibid. 142f.:12., cf.
madu ina nar Ulai ntamar GI.M.ME ana qiddat D SUD Or. NS 36 1 : 5, 3-s ina D
madeti ina libbi it-te-ba- we have experi- i-teb-be Or. NS 39 135 :19, wr. i-t-bu Or. NS
enced a great calamity on the Ulai river, 34 121 :17 (all namburbis); summa ana nari it-
many boats have sunk TCL 9 110 :11 (both bu-ma E11-a if (in his dream) he submerges
NB letters); the owner of the boat sa elip in a river and emerges Dream-book 330 r. ii
pasu te4-bi-a-at whose boat has sunk CH 33, cf. ibid. 34, 43, and 70; summa amelu nara
s 240 :72; i-te-bu--ma 5 GN K.BABBAR lu appara birma i-te4-eb-bu u illi if a man
.L.E ihalliqma 10 GN K.BABBAR (in his dream) crosses either a river or a
.L.E if it (the hired boat) sinks, he will marsh and sinks and then emerges MDP
pay ve shekels of silver, if a total loss 14 p. 56 r. i 28, cf. ibid. 30 (MB dream omens);
occurs, he will pay ten shekels of silver m ta-ab-a-ta lises rikis lumnija von Weiher
YOS 12 111 :13, cf. OECT 8 13 :11, cf. GI.M Uruk 248 :15 and r. 7 (rit.); t-bi umman nakri
ihalliqma !3- MA.NA K.BABBAR i-te-eb-bu- drowning of enemy troops KAR 428 r. 43;
ma 10 GN K.BABBAR .L.E YOS 12 nasi katimtasu hirt ali te-[bi-ma] (the
119 :16; we loaded barley onto the boat m fowler) drowns in the city moat still hold-
iddiamma it-te-bu--ma-an van Soldt, AbB 13 ing his net Lambert BWL 216 : 43 (SB prov-
6 : 27, cf. ibid. 29; ina pani sattim GI.M ul erbs); i-teb-bu raggu [i]na GI.M.GUR8 la
jattum arkabsima it-bu--ma at the begin- tillat bairi ibbir knu the wicked man will
ning of the year I boarded a boat that was drown, the honest man will cross (the wa-
not mine and it sank TCL 17 8 : 6, cf. kma ters) in a boat of no use even (to) a sher-
elippum it-bu- ibid. 8 (all OB); tilmun sa man RA 68 150 : 6; note in an ordeal : the
ina sus e-lip-s it-bu- anaku I am a man servant crossed the river while carrying a
from Dilmun whose boat has sunk in the millstone [ina] eberisu it-bu he sank while
marshes BRM 4 6 :10, see TuL p. 92; rukub crossing Florilegium marianum 1 30 : 26u (Mari);
sarrim i-te-bu- the kings barge will sink ina A.ME te-bi-ma he was underwater
RA 63 155 : 22, cf. GI.M DILMUN.KI i-te-bu (from dawn until midday no one saw him)
ibid. 26 (OB ext.); elippum maltum i-te4-bu u CT 46 45 iv 6 (NB), see Lambert, Iraq 27 6; sa
ertum ina aladisa imt the fully laden boat zibbat nesi isbatuni ina nari it-tu-bu sa zib
will sink, or : the pregnant woman will die bat selibi isbatuni ussezib he who grasped a
in childbirth Jeyes Old Babylonian Extispicy 97 lions tail drowned in the river, but he who
No. 1 : 6; GI.M SUD CT 31 38 i 7 (SB ext.); grasped a foxs tail was saved ABL 555 r. 5,
summa KI.MIN [i]t-bu (referring to the see Cole and Machinist, SAA 13 45; bel tamti
ceremonial boat of Marduk at the Aktu ja . . . sut i-ta-ab-bu anaku ellia (see tamtu
festival) CT 40 39 : 31, RA 19 142 : 9, von Weiher mng. 1c) KAR 134 r. 7 (NA inc.), see TuL
Uruk 35 : 45; if a boat adrift lu it-bu lu inn p. 99; dicult : in 7 GI.GIIMMAR in 7
either sinks or capsizes Af O 12 52 : 3 (Ass. GI.{A.LU.B in 7 x-x-x-e li-it-bu may
Code M s 1). they sink by means of seven date palm

teb teb

(branches), seven haluppu (branches), and the harbor crossing, they (the weight of
seven . . . . MDP 14 p. 123 No. 90 r. 11 (OAkk. the bull colossi?) sank the large boats OIP
rit.). 2 118 :11, also ibid. 105 v 74 (Senn.), see Lacken-
bacher, NABU 1989/35; summa malahum g
c) said of oil in water, etc.: [summa]
ma elippam ut-te4-eb-bi mala -te4-eb-bu-
samnam ana m addma samnum it-bu l
umalla if the boatman is negligent and al-
ma if I pour oil on water and the oil sinks
lows a boat to sink, he shall restore the
and comes up again CT 5 4 :1, cf. CT 3 2 :10f.,
value of whatever he allowed to sink Goetze
summa samnum it-bu--ma ana hallija te
LE s 5 A i 26; summa . . . malahum s gma
liam CT 5 4 :10, also YOS 10 57:12, and passim;
summa ina libbi ummatim sulmum it-bu elippam ut-te4-eb-bi u sa libbisa uhtalliq mala
liamma if a bubble sinks in the middle of hum elippam sa -te4-eb-bu- u mimma sa
the mass of oil and comes up again CT 3 ina libbisa uhalliqu iriab CH s 237: 47 and 51,
cf. CH s 236 : 33; summa malahum elip awlim
4 : 62 (all OB oil omens); summa ina m it-bu if
(incense thrown into water) sinks in the -te4-eb-bi-ma usteliassi if a boatman sinks
water CT 39 36 : 84f. (SB Alu). a mans boat and then raises it CH s 238 : 58;
if a boat going upstream elippam sa muq
d) said of elds : ina m te4-bi-i-ma pani qelpetim imhasma ut-te4-eb-bi rams a boat
eqlim ul amur istu UD.15.KAM eqlum m going downstream and sinks it CH s 240 :71,
issahhat (the eld) is submerged and I cf. ibid. 78; summa . . . elippa . . . imhasma -
could not see the surface of the eld, for [te-eb-bi] Af O 12 52 :10 (Ass. Code M s 2); [ma
15 days now the eld has been inundated la]hu ina nari elippasu ut-ta-ab-[bi] Thomp-
TCL 18 128 : 23 (OB let.). son Gilg. pl. 59 K.3200 : 4; elip PN -te4-bi-i-ma

e) other occs.: kisir sa ubanikunu ina he sank PN s boat (and paid two shekels of
lesi lu la i-ta-ab-bu may not even your (pl.) silver) YOS 8 53 : 2 (OB leg.).
ngertip sink into the dough Wiseman Trea- b) persons, animals : sutu izqamma jsi
ties 447, see Parpola and Watanabe, SAA 2 6; ut-te-eb-ba-an-ni the south wind blew at me
summa martum it-bu--ma ittasi if the gall and sent me under EA 356 : 52 (Adapa), see
bladder sinks and comes out YOS 10 31 iv 46 Izreel Amarna p. 44; imhasannima kma a-
(OB ext.); uncert.: sa ta-bi--ni qa-a-ta tu-sal- mu ut-teb-ba-an-ni George Gilg. VII 173; gara
pat AMT 41,1 iv 41, dupl. Kcher BAM 49 : 42, banu sa ina nari -t[a]-bu-u garib Anum
50 r. 20. [. . .] the leper whom they immerse in the
2. tubb to submerge (trans.), to im- river (means) the leper of Anu [. . .] LKA
merse a) boats : agm itebbiam elippatim 73 :16 (SB cultic comm.), see Livingstone, SAA 3
-te-b the ood waters will rise and 40; ak-ta-ra- ak-ta-ba-as-ku-nu-si kma m
swamp the boats YOS 10 26 i 35, also ibid. ut-ta-ab-bi-ku-nu-si kma elippi von Weiher
24 : 41 (both OB ext.); elip sarri ina nari ag Uruk 24 : 9 and dupl. Mesopotamian Magic 239 BM
SUD-[ba] CT 20 31 : 40, also JNES 33 353 : 3, 45755 : 5, cf. aktabaska kma elippi -ta-bi-ka
Hunger Uruk 80 :17 and dupl., see Koch-Westenholz kma amu Mesopotamian Magic 237 BM 61471 : 5u
Liver Omens 109 : 45 and 330 :16 (all SB ext.); ag (SB incs.); [. . .]-ti -ta-ba-ma (in broken
-te-eb-[be . . .] Labat Suse 6 iv 52; ed dannu context) AMT 15,3 :12; just as a wax image
ina tmtim li-ta-bi-si-na may a huge wave is burnt up in re and one of clay is dis-
sink them (your boats) in the sea Borger solved in water [k h]ann lankunu ina
Esarh. 109 iv 13; (O evil eye) you smash the girri liqm ina m lu-ta-bu- (vars. -u, li-
potters kiln sa malahi tu-te-eb-b (var. tu- ta-bu-u, li-ta-ab-bu-) so may they burn
ta-ab-b) elippa[su] you sink the boatmans your (pl.) gures in re and immerse them
boat ArOr 17/1 203 No. 6 : 8; ina nebir kari in water Wiseman Treaties 611, see Parpola and
GI.M.GU.LA.ME -te-eb-bu-(var. -u) at Watanabe, SAA 2 6; (oxen) k upattihu ina D


teb tehtu

Marrat ut-te-eb-bu- (see patahu mng. 3) tesy K. Hecker); tuppam sa sum laptu sum
ABL 520 r. 21, see de Vaan Bel-ibni p. 266. t-bi4-ma sumi PN luput as for the tablet
on which my name has been entered, de-
c) elds, crops : reinforce your canal
lete my name and write in PN s name CCT
openings so that no break occurs ina umu
2 50 : 22; (gold) sa i-qatija -t-bi4--ma sum
bitqa ina libbi ibtatqa u zerja . . . ut-tab-bu-
should a break occur and submerge my sa alputu which I canceled from my share
elds (you will pay compensation) BE 9 and registered to her name Anatolica 12 152
55 :11; (grain) kum E.NUMUN . . . sa -ta- Ka 423 : 21; mehr -t-bi- they voided the

ab-bu- Donbaz and Stolper Istanbul Muras copies TCL 19 44 r. 14.

Texts 91 :11, see ibid. p. 143 (both NB).
b) with amatu : (before he died) awassu
d) weapons : anaku kakkka ina dam nu-t-bi-ma we settled his debt (and he
-tab-b-a (var. -ta-ba) I will plunge your paid x gold) CCT 4 24b :7; awatam sa assat
weapons in blood LKA 107:13, dupls. LKA rabi ss isserija mala tale t-bi4-ma to
106 :12, KAR 71 :17, var. from STT 237: 5 (egal- the extent that you are able, settle the
kura rit.). matter of the rabi sss wife for me BIN 4
e) in transferred mng.: summa qatesu 38 : 29; uncert.: aw[tisu] esmema esme [x]

ina psu -teb-be if he (the sick man) sticks la esmema -t-be-su whether or not I have
his hands into his mouth Labat TDP 92 : 28, heard his words, I have ignored(?) him
dupl. Hunger Uruk 34 : 27. ICK 1 85 : 23; awatam sa bt PN sa ta-wa-t-
(error for tataww) t-bu-a-at the aair
3. tubb to sink a foundation : I re- concerning PNs household about which
moved the ancient mound adi muhhi m you spoke is resolved CCT 3 25 : 3, see Michel
lu ahtut 120 tikp ana muspali lu -ta-bi I Innaya No. 4.
excavated down to water level, I sank the
foundation to a depth of 120 courses (of c) other occs.: ina mahrim PN -t-bi4-
bricks) AKA 176 r. 12, also ibid. 186 r. 17, s amtum amassu PN removed her from
220 :18, 345 ii 132, 387 iii 136, wr. -ta--bi the market, the slave woman is his slave
AKA 210 :17 (all Asn.), cf. 50 tibk ana supali woman Archivum Anatolicum 3 161 Kltepe
-t-bi AKA 97 vii 82 (Tigl. I); adi muhhi m 87/k 287:11; uncert.: kma ~lim qatam sa-ka-
lu usappil 120 tikp ina muspali lu -ta-bi NUM -t-bi4- TCL 19 42 :17.
Postgate Palace Archive 267: 56.

4. tabbuu to cancel (a tablet), to settle 5. II/2 (uncert. mng.): padanu imittasu

(a matter) (OA) a) with tuppu, etc.: tup issakkanma sans imittasu ut-tab-ba-ma su
pka 3 lu nu-t-bi4-ma tuppam 1 sa naruq melsu s[-mit] CT 20 25 K.9667+ : 9, restored
qika lu nilput let us cancel your three tab- from von Weiher Uruk 46 : 3, see Koch-Westenholz
lets and write a single tablet concerning Liver Omens 238 : 63.
your joint-stock capital KTS 1 34a : 5; sa For Era (= Cagni Erra) I 144 see tubb adj. In
ahiki u kuati tuppam panmma lu-t(text - CCT 5 8b : 25 read ta-be-a-la, see sinnistu mng. 2a
sa)-bi-e-ma tuppam sa kilallekunu lalput let 1u. For RA 38 85 : 8 see teb v. mng. 8a; for NBr
266 : 6 (= JAOS 36 335 : 6) see tbu v. mng. 1i.
me cancel the prior tablet for your (fem.)
brother and you, and write a (new) tablet
for both of you CCT 3 15 : 22; kaspam
teb s.; (an activity); OB lex.; cf. teb v.
[suq]ulma tuppam t-bi-e pay the silver and l . s a g . g i r 5 . g i r 5 = t-e-bu- OB Lu A 175;
cancel the tablet Dalley Edinburgh 10 :19; l . a . g i r 5(text .DU) . g i r 5 = t-[e-bu]-um ibid. 169.
tupp sa mislija t-bi4-i cancel my tablet
for my half-share Kltepe 87/k 493 : 27 (cour- tehtu see tehtu.

tehh teh

tehh s.; client, dependent, neighbor; 3. tuhh to conduct, bring into someones
OB; cf. teh v. presence, to bring near, to hand over, to
present, 4. tuhh to add to, 5. tuhh to
i m . r i . a . b a d = arb[u], l . n u . t u k u = te-
eh(var. omits -eh)-hu-u, .KAL . n u . t u k u = la
involve (someone), to make (someone) con-
isan[] fugitive, client, indigent person Erimhus cerned, 6. III to have (something) brought
IV 119.; [ l . k ] a r. r a = arbu, [ l . t e] . a = te-hu-u near, 7. IV/3 (passive to mng. 1); from
Ai. III iv 20f. OA, OB on; I ithe itehhe (Ass. itahhi)
a) client, dependent : alanisu nawsu tehi, I/2, I/3, II, II/2, III, IV/3; wr. syll.
duranisu ersessu u te-eh-hi-su qassu ikassad and TE (DA KAR 152 r. 9f., 32, 427: 21, UM
(one king will defeat another) he will con- Dream-book 334 Fragm. I); cf. tehh, tehhtu,
quer his cities, pastures, fortresses, land, tehtu, tehu s., tehtu, tuhh B.
and dependents YOS 10 56 ii 39 (OB), see te-e TE = te-hu-u A VIII/1 :186, also Ea VIII
Leichty Izbu p. 205; lumnu sti u te-eh-hi-su 72; te-e TE = te(var. ta)-hu- S b II 310; TE = te-h[u-
isabbat misfortune will seize that one and ] S a Voc. Fragm. X 6u; t e te-hu-u 4 Proto-Izi II 117,
his dependents Af O 18 64 i 36 (OB omens); in cf. t e = te-hu-um Izi E 98; t e = te 4-hu- (in group
a personal name : alim-te4-eh-hu-su His- with ep and nasahu, see ep v. lex. section) Anta-
gal G 148; t e = ta-hu-, d i m 4 = sana[qu], u =
Client-Is-Well Studies Landsberger 235 : 27, emedu, k u . n u = qerebu Antagal G 195., cf. Anta-
wr. alim-te4-hu-su ibid. 28, see Kraus, AbB 7 gal Fragm. l 5u.
153. t a b = te-hu-u CT 18 50 iii 12, dupl. CT 19 33
80-7-19,307 r. 3; bi-e KU = te 4-hu- MSL 9
b) neighbor : summa aw[lum] btam ip 128 :184 (Proto-Aa); l . t i . r . d a n u .UM = sa
[ pesma] te4-hu-su [. . .] if a man intends to mu-s-ku la t-hu-su OB Lu A 130, also B iv 23.
build a house and his neighbor [. . .] Driver GAB = t-h-hu-um MSL 14 126 : 810 (Proto-
and Miles Babylonian Laws 2 p. 34 ii 32 (CH s B). Aa Secondary Branch).
a n . n a b a . t e (var. a . b a . t e) a n . n a z . b i .
b a . d g . g e : ana sam it-h-ma (var. it-he-e-ma)
tehhtu s.; position of dependent, client; sam ana pattisunu utb (Enki) approached the
lex.; cf. teh v. heavens and made them content all the way to
their borders ZA 61 13 :7, cf. (Inannas shout) a n .
[n a m . l . t e . a x x t] e : a-na te-hu-te it-hi-su
n a b a . t e : ana sam it-te-he Volk Balag 57: 30;
he approached him to become a client Ai. III iv 22.
a . a . n i . i r b a . a n . t e n . t a r b a . n i . b . g i4 .
g i 4 : ana abisu it-he-e-ma [is]tanlsu he approached
tehtu s.; delegation, embassy; Mari; cf. his father, repeatedly asking him CT 17 21 :117f.;
teh v. l . t u . r a . t e . g . d a(var. . e . d ) . m u . d : ana
marsu ina te 4(var. te)-he-e-a when I approach the
te4-hi-tum maru sipr istu GN u GN 2 iksu sick person CT 16 4 :149f., dupl. CT 17 48 :149f.;
dunim a delegation (of) messengers ar- l . t u . r a . m u . u n . n a . a n . t e . g : ana mar
si ina TE-e-a when I go near the sick person PBS
rived here from Yamhad and Qatna ARM 6
12/1 6 r. 7f.; z i DN n . b . t a n a m .
14 :7, also 22 : 6; maru sipr te4-hi-tum istu GN m u . u n . d a . t e . g . e . d : ns DN pilahma la te-
iksudunim ibid. 15 : 6, 63 : 3, cf. ibid. 25 : 5, 70 : 3; te-eh-ha-a KAR 31 r. 17f.; e . n e . e . e u m . n i .
PN . . . u PN 2 mar siprim L GN alik idi i m i m . m a . a n . DU : inanna ummanu it-te 4-ha-a
su te4-hi-tum Florilegium marianum 3 293 No. now a workman approached Labat Suse 1 i 39; . a .
139 : 9, cf. ibid. 299 No. 147: 5, (without mar t u 5(var. adds . a . ) t e . g . d a(var. d ) . z u . d :
ana bt rimki ina te-he(var. adds -e)-ka when you
siprim) te4-hi-tum istu Babilim iksudam (king) come near the bathhouse 5R 51 iii 44f., see
ARM 6 16 : 5, 21 : 5, Birot Mem. Vol. 151 No. 83 : 8, Borger, JCS 21 12 : 34+a, dupl. von Weiher Uruk
Florilegium marianum 3 294 No. 141 : 9. 66 : 39; n u . n u s x(NUNUZ) DU. a t e ti . a m e . e i .
i n . g a . m n . [n a ] : sinnistu sa alik u te 4-he ana
B. Lafont, CRRA 38 173f.
ku[ma] (see sinnistu lex. section) SBH 106 No.
56 : 35f., see Volk Balag 196 :18; [. . .] x . [. . .] . t e
teh (tah) v.; 1. to come near, to come (unilingual g i . m k i . b i b a . t e) : elippasu ana
close, to approach, 2. (trans.) to add to, kibri it-te 4-he his boat approached the shore


teh teh 1a
Lambert BWL 274 :17f., see Alster Proverbs p. 110 n . t e . g . d a . k e x : nunu u issur simat apparu ana
3.179; d a s a r. r e b a . a n . n a . t e : ana Marduk te- putika ina tu-uh-he-e von Weiher Uruk 66 : 57f. (bt
he-e-ma (var. t-he-ma) approach Marduk CT 16 rimki).
44 :108f., cf. ibid. 114f., dupl. von Weiher Uruk 1 t e . a . n a = t-he-sum, i [n] . n a . t e . e . e n =
ii 26f. and 32f.; s u . m u n a m . b a . t e . g . e . n e : [te-et-h]e-su-u[m], i n . n a . t e . e n = e-et-he-sum, n a .
ana zumrija aj it-hu-ni may they (the demons) not a n . n a . t e . g . d . e n = la te-t-h[e-s]um, n a m .
approach my body CT 16 1 :14, cf. CT 14 47 BM m a . t e . g . d . e n = la ta-t-he-a-am, n u . m u .
35503 : 4f., 3 :120f., CT 16 6 : 214f., and passim in r a . t e . g . d . e n = -la e-t-he-a-kum, b a .
inc.; . s g l . r a s a g . b i m u . u n . n a . [t e] : a n . n a . t e = i-t-he-sum, b a . a n . n a . t e . e n = e-t-
asakku ana amli ana qaqqadisu it-te 4-he CT 17 he-sum, i n . n a . t e . e . e n = te-et-he-sum OBGT V
9 :1f., cf. ibid. 3f., and passim in this text; [ d a s] a l . 19; [. . .] = [x x]-x-su it-he-a-am OBGT III 282;
l . h i z . k u d m u n u . t e .BI l . u x(GIGAL) . i n . g a . d a . t e = i m . m a . d a . t e = it-te-h[a-a]
[ l u ] : Marduk nisik seru NU TE-hi ana amelu[ti] Emesal Voc. III 177.
Mesopotamian Magic 239 : 6u; [ . s g ] m u . u n . DUB = te-hu- CT 41 26 :18 (Alu Comm.).
n a . t e . g l . t u . r a . m u . u n . n a . t e . g (var. tuh-hu-(var. -u) = MIN (= na-da-nu) Malku IV
. n a) : asakku sa te-et-hu- ana marsi e ta-at-he CT 187.
16 13 ii 7f.; l . u x . l u p a p . h a l . l a b a r. m u . tu-tah-ha 5R 45 K.253 iii 16 (gramm.).
u n . n a . t e . e : ana amli muttalliku ina ahti it-
hu-u they approached the restless man from 1. to come near, to come close, to
outside CT 16 2 : 38f.; . s g . g i n x(GIM) l . r a approach a) said of persons 1u to ap-
t e . a : sa kma asakku ana amli i-te-eh-hu-[u] CT proach a person au in gen.: ina bab har
17 29 : 3f.; b a . r a . a n . t e . g . e . n e : aj it-hu-
ranim at-he-su-ma before the business trip
AOAT 1 8f.:143f.; n g . h u l n u . t e . g : ana mim
ma lemni NU TE-e Af O 14 150 : 211f. (bt mesiri);
I approached him and (said) BIN 6 92 :16
m i r l . r a t e . a . t a : sibba sa ana amli i-te-eh-hu- (OA); et-he-ma PN kam asal I approached
u (see sibbu A usage a) Angim III 35 (= 142); and asked PN as follows ibid. 500 : 8; [m]im
a m a m u . g e 17 (GIG) . i b d m . m e . e r . b i m u . ma awlum s [ana] serija [u]l it-he-e-em
l u n a . a n . t e . g : ummu istartu sa idasa ilu mam that man has never come near me (and I
ma la i-te-hu-u (see istartu mng. 1) ASKT p. 116
No. 15 :11f., see Maul Ersahunga 290, cf. . n i l
have never seen him) ARM 2 19 :14; te4-he-e-
n n u . m u . u n . n a(var. omits . n a) . a n . ma ana abbu bti qibi approach and say to
t e . g : ana idisu mamma ul i-te-eh(var. omits -eh)- the elders of the house Af O 24 121 No. 2 : 5;
he 4R 18 No. 3 : 33f.; b a r. b i a b . h u l . e k u . PN kma it-hi-a-am when PN came near
n u . d n u . u b . z u . a : sa itatusu suglutama ana ABIM 8 : 40; istu inanna ana ITI UD. 30.KAM
ta(var. ta)-he-e la nat (see galatu mng. 3b) TCL 6
51 : 31f., dupl. TCL 6 52 r. 9f.; d a . d a e n g u r.
e-te-hi-a-kum within a full month from
r a . k e x(KID) z u k u m . e b a . a n . n a . t e . e : idat now I will come to you UET 5 82 r. 12u (all
aps ana kabasi it-hu(var. adds -)-ni CT 16 OB letters); ustapia et-te4-he-mi I made my-
45 :136f.; d a . g a l . l a . k ex n a m . b a . t e . g . n e : self prominent and approached PBS 1/1 2
idat ekalli aj it-hu--ni CT 16 21 : 214f.; a n . iii 58 (OB lit.), see Lambert, Sjberg AV 327:121;
g i n x u n u . t e . g : btum sa kma sam qatum la
te-he e tadur approach, do not be afraid!
i-te 4-hu Acta Sumerologica (Japan) 12 8 r. 3u
(hymn to Utu); . e . m u b a . a n . t e .NI : itateja ul Gilg. Y. iii 12 (OB), see George Gilg. 200 iv 147;
it-hu-u 4R 10 : 60f., see Maul Ersahunga 245 ana ser sarrim i-[t]e4-eh-he-e-ma he ap-
(coll.); PAD. dINNIN. b i d u t u . r a h . e n . n a . a n . proaches the king RA 35 2 iv 11 (Mari rit.),
t e . g : nidbsu ana amas l[it]-he let his oering cf. i-te4-hu- ibid. iii 19; [it]-he-sim-ma mal
come near to amas BIN 2 22 :183, see Gurney,
katus epesa isruksi he (Enlil) approached
AAA 22 92; (the temple Ekisnugal) n g . n a .
m e . n u . m u . n i . b . t e . t a : sa ana mimma sum her and granted to her to be its (Nippurs)
su la te 4-ha-ku--ma PBS 1/2 135 : 21f. queen Lambert, Kraus AV 200 IV 5 (arrat-Nip-
me.en .d . a . n i n g. n a . me. nu . mu . puri hymn); it-he-e-ma ittaziz maharis DN he
n i . b . t e . t a : niati sa ana btisu ana mimma sum (Marduk) came near and stood before An-
su la t-ha-[a-nu] ibid. 46f., see van Dijk La sar En. el. II 103, cf. ibid. 100; salmsunu . . .
Sagesse 128f.; k i n . d b n t [e . . .] (unilingual
Sum. var.: k [i . . .] . t e . g . d a . b a) : asar anihi u-
ana ilutisu srti . . . i-te-hu- (vars. i-te4-hu-
t [-hu] Geller Forerunners to Udug-hul 76 : 805; u, i-te4-e[h-. . .]) mnu how can their stat-
k u 6 m u e n . n a m e . t e . a m b a r. r a s a g . k i . z u ues approach his sublime godhead? Cagni

teh 1a teh 1a

Erra IIb 18, var. and restoration from Iraq 51 isuma it-he-a-am ina kaspija hubullsu up
palhakuma ul a-te-eh-ha-a [ana s
114 :18/33; pil he had no silver so he came to me and
su] I was so afraid that I could not go near he paid his debts using my silver UET 6/2
him George Gilg. I 156; ana nissu aj it-he 402 : 6, see Charpin Le Clerg dUr 326.
may he (the cursed ruler) not approach his
cu a patient : ana ersisa u kusssa [mam
people MDP 6 pl. 10 vi 19 (MB kudurru); sa
m]an ul i-te4-eh-[he] no one should ap-
harrani ruqte TE-a one who went on a far
proach her bed or her chair ARM 10 14 r. 7u;
journey will approach KAR 382 r. 27 (SB
ana marsi TE-he approach the sick person
KAR 31 r. 23; ana marsi ina TE-ka (title of
bu with a demand, a petition : elleku ana a sub-series of diagnostic omens) Labat
puhur il e-te-eh-he I am pure, I approach TDP 44 r. 59, 78 : 80, 88 r. 20, 110 iv 28; nakud
the assembly of the gods JCS 22 25 : 9 (OB la TE-s (see nakadu mng. 3a) Labat TDP
ext. prayer), cf. ana mahar DN u DN 2 . . . 2 : 2, 54 :11, also RA 73 156 : 4, Hunger Uruk 27 r. 5
TE-he he will approach amas and Adad (both comm. on Labat TDP).
(for an extispicy) JCS 21 132 : 29 (SB); summa
ana ilisu unanzimma la TE-he (see nazamu du with hostile intent : kma sa umam
mng. 3a) CT 40 11 : 69 (SB Alu); mahar sarri nakrum i-te 4-eh-he-kum (be prepared) as
belisu RN it-he-ma he approached the king, if the enemy would approach you today
his lord, Enlil-nadin-apli BE 1 83 :19 (early Eidem and Laesse Shemshara Letters 8 : 26;
NB kudurru); summa phatum ittabsi ul te-te6- (enemy territory) sa ina sarrani abbeja
eh-he-a-ni-i-im (see phatu mng. 2) TCL mamma ana qerebsu la it-hu- into which
18 114 :16 (OB let.); it-te4-hu-us SAL ssi asar no one among the kings, my forebears, had
PN ana eresi they approached him with a penetrated KAH 2 84 : 83 (Adn. II), also, wr.
request for (residing with) that woman PN TE- AKA 271 i 50, 276 i 63, 316 ii 63, 320 ii 73
Genava 15 18 No. 10 :13 (Nuzi); mamman ina (all Asn.), 3R 8 ii 71 (Shalm. III); nakru sa i-te4-
sahhurutim asser awlim sa nikkassim ula i- he-ma sillu ana duri ippusu the enemy who
t-hi-ma (see nikkassu A mng. 1a) JSOR 11 will approach and make a hole through the
122 No. 19 :16 (OA statutes); adi esrsu ana PN wall Iranica Antiqua 2 73 No. 47:10, see Berger,
u PN 2 at-he-ma ten times I approached PN Or. NS 36 422 : 2 (Elam. brick); [. . .] i-te4-eh-he-
and PN 2 (but they do not agree) KT Blanck- ma u gimillam [a]na turri i-te4-eh-he he will
ertz 3 : 22; ammala trtika ana PN u PN 2 at- approach [. . .] and he will approach in or-
he-ma according to your instruction I der to take revenge KUB 1 16 : 21 (Hattusili
approached PN and PN 2 RA 59 172 MAH bil.); it-he(var. adds -e)-ma belu qablus Tia
19602 : 6; ana abika ni-it-he-ma ana kaspika 1 mati ibarri (see qablu A mng. 1c1u) En. el.
GN la ni-t-he- we made a demand on IV 65; inne[nduma] puhursunu istenis it-hu-
your father but we will not make a demand ni they banded together and all of them
of even a single shekel of yours TCL 19 came close to me Lambert BWL 42 : 58, see
1 :16.; tamkarum mamman ula i-t-he-su- ibid. p. 344 (Ludlul II); akiltum la kattum i-te-
nu-t no merchant must approach them he-ak-kum (see akiltu) YOS 10 44 : 57 (OB
ICK 1 26a : 9; ana sa kma suati at-he-ma I ext.); ana mati nakru TE-am for the country
approached his representative TCL 19 10 :17; (it means) an enemy will come near CT 20
PN istika li-it-he let PN approach with you 49 : 23, also nakru ana KI rub TE-am ibid. 26
Or. NS 36 411 Kltepe b/k 95 : 23; annakam r. 4, nakru ana .GAL tillatija DA-a-ma GAZ.
DUMU PN sahrum istini i-t-he RA 60 98 [x] (see tillatu A mng. 1c) KAR 427: 21 (all
MAH 16373 : 20; uncert.: anaku PN ana aw SB ext.); nakru ana pan abulli TE-ma the
tim l-at-he-su-ma I will approach PN about enemy will approach the city gate CT 40
the matter KBo 9 9 : 4 (all OA); kaspam ula 12 : 9 (SB Alu); a-t-eh-he-e-ma nakra adk I


teh 1a teh 1a

shall come close and defeat the enemy CT amli TE CT 39 44 : 8, summa amlu ina uri
31 11 i 22 (SB ext.). TE ibid. 6, and passim in this text; note: ana
qinnat mehrisu TE (see qinnatu mng. 1d)
eu for sexual intercourse : immarkima i-
ibid. 13, ana assinni TE ibid. 45 : 32, ina nipih
te-eh-ha-a ana ksi he (Enkidu) will see you
Nri ana assatisu TE (see niphu A mng. 1c)
(the prostitute) and approach you George
ibid. 38; ana assat amli TE-he he had sex
Gilg. I 183, also ibid. 144 and 165; [as]sum PN
with (another) mans wife Labat TDP
[sa] . . . ana la te 4-he-e-em [u] la ahazim 160 : 32; ana ummisu TE Labat TDP 58 r. 25,
[n]s ilim izkuru concerning PN (the dis- and passim in diagn. omens; mar ilisu TE-si a
trainee), whom he swore not to approach son of his god (i.e., a member of his fam-
nor to take Grant Bus. Doc. 7: 6 (= YOS 8 51 : 6); ily?) will approach her ibid. 214 : 20f.
(PN adopted PN2 and gave her to her hus-
band) ul iwairma PN2 [ma]har PN ana mu f u with a message: maru siprika . . . ana
tisa ul i-te4-e-hi PN2 shall not take the ini- serija la i-te4-hu-nim-ma your messengers
tiative to approach her husband in the must not come near me ARM 10 101 : 20;
presence of (his wife) PN CT 48 57:15; sum mar sipri sa damqatim nas i-te-he-ak-kum
ma amlu ana sinnistisu it-he-ma if a man a messenger bearing good news will come
approaches his woman AMT 65,7: 2, see Biggs to you RA 27 142 : 22 (OB ext.); mar sipri istu
aziga 51; ana SAL NU TE-he he must not matim nakartim i-te-he-ak-[kum] ibid. 16, cf.
approach a woman (for sex) Iraq 21 48.:18 mar sipri sa mat nakri ana sarri TE-am CT
and 32 (= Wiseman and Black Literary Texts 58), 20 28 :14, Boissier DA 8 : 38, see Koch-Westenholz
qat assat
KAR 177 r. i 9, and passim in hemer.; Liver Omens 320 : 40; mar sipri sa amat da
amli libb ana assat amli TE-he hand-of- miqti ana sarri TE-a CT 31 37 K.7971 r. 5 (all
a-married-woman, meaning he approached SB ext.); mar siprim wedm i-te4-he-a-am (see
a mans wife Hunger Uruk 27 r. 9 and dupl. ed adj. usage a2u) YOS 10 21 : 4; rabm
(comm. on diagn. omens), see George, RA 85 kabtum ana matika i-te-he-ak-kum (see kab
ana sinnisti ahti TE-he he ap-
148 : 23; tu mng. 4b) YOS 10 44 : 69, rakib imeri i-te4-
proaches a strange woman Or. NS 42 509 he-ak-kum ibid. 65 (both OB ext.).
r. 28, see Maul Namburbi 490 :77, cf. ibid. 285 :14; 2u to approach a place au with the
ana assat tappsu it-te(var. te4)-he(var. -hu) toponym mentioned : bel ana GN qadum
he approached his comrades wife urpu II gamarat ummanatisu it-te-he-a-am . . . ana
48; summa . . . ina suttisu ana sinnisti TE- UD.20.KAM i-te4-eh-he-a-am my lord has
ma if in his dream he approached a approached Mankisum with all his troops,
woman CT 39 36 :109 (SB Alu), cf. ina suttija within twenty days he will approach here
ana ummija bantija ana AMA emti ja ana TIM 2 15 :15 and 19; ana mat Qut et-he-e-ma
ahatija lu at-he (or whether) in my dream I have come near to the Guti land TIM 2
I approached my mother who gave birth to 92 : 30, dupl. 97: 26, see Cagni, AbB 8 92; sanat
me, my mother-in-law, or my sister AnBi GN RN it-hu- year when Sin-abusu came
12 285 : 86 (SB prayer to the gods of the night), cf. near GN (year name) Reschid Archiv des Nur-
CT 29 48 :14; DI ana DAM L UM Dream-book samas p. 3 j; ana pat GN . . . ul e-te4-eh-he I
334 Fragment I No. 1 x+ 11, and passim in Frag- shall not come near to the territory of u-
ment I, see Oppenheim, Dream-book 290f., and see sarr Eidem and Laesse Shemshara Letters
note: DI ana
Civil, Jacobsen Mem. Vol. 70, 11 : 39; sabum ana GN i-te4-eh-he-em the
umami UM if he approaches an animal CT troops will come near to Suprum ARM 2
40 42 K.13642 : 3, cf. ibid. 4ff., see Oppenheim, Iraq 44 : 20; kma ana GN te4-hi-ia when I came
31 157; summa ina nari ana sinnisti TE-he if near to Carchemish RA 35 117: 5; um
he has sex with a woman in a river JCS 29 4.KAM A. zuzam ana GN la te6-hi-im
66 :1, also ibid. 2f.; summa amlu ana assat tuppi PN imhurannima when I was a half-

teh 1a teh 1a

mile from Karan, PN s tablet reached me ana UZU KA la i-te4-eh-he if a man eats
RA 66 128 :14 (both Mari letters); tmta ana and drinks, but he will not go near meat or
mat GN et-he-e-ku (I put soldiers on the beer AMT 86,1 ii 12; adni srum ibs la
ships) I approached the land of Mukis by te-te4-he-nim until now the meat has been
sea Smith Idrimi 33, see Dietrich and Loretz, UF putrid, do not approach it Birot Mem. Vol.
13 215; ana subat GN la i-t-ha-a [. . .] he 153 No. 84 :16; inuma RN ana GN suzubim
must not come near to the dwelling of i-te4-eh-hu- atta ana matisu nahbit when
Dur-Kurigalzu Af O 18 42 : 37, cf. ibid. 44 : 44 Zimrilim approaches to save Razam, make
(Tn.-Epic); ahuja ana GN k it-h[u]- CT 54 a raid into his country! ARM 6 51 :10, 52 :11;
463 :12, see Parpola, SAA 10 163; ana kar GN adni ana rapsatim la a-t-ah-hu- ARM 10
iqribma i-te-ha-a ina sulme (see sulmu 141 : 20, see Durand Documents de Mari 3 487
mng. 3c) Streck Asb. 266 :15; DN sa it-te-hu No. 1256 note e; [ina] umim sa it-ha-am
ana qereb GN Nab who approached Baby- they said la ta-te-he
Greengus Ishchali 17: 4;
lon VAB 4 158 vi 49 (Ner.); n i b r uki . ana sipri Do not approach the work! Cagni
b a d . r l i . b . i n . t e . a . d a : ana Nip Erra IIb 23.
puri nesis la te-he-e so that he not ap-
3u to claim au in OA: mamman am
proach Nippur from afar Angim II 18 (= 77),
makam ana kaspim 1 GN . . . la i-t-he no-
cf. itati Babili nesis la ta-he-e VAB 4 134 vi
body there may claim even one shekel of
27, and passim in Nbk.
the silver RA 59 165 MAH 19612 : 27, cf. TCL
bu other occs.: ana bab DN ina te 4-hi- 14 21 : 21, cf. also CCT 4 37b :15, TCL 19 1 :18,
su when he approached the gate of Anu cited mng. 1a1ubu, see Veenhof, Chicago-Kent Law
EA 356 : 38 (Adapa); aj it-he-si-im a-hu-um no Review 70 1725f.; anaku ammimma ula at-he I
stranger shall approach it (the door) TIM 9 did not claim anything CCT 3 19b :7; summa
46 i 25 (OB Gilg.); palg kma te-te4-hu- when ammakam PN rigmam ittidima ammimma
you approach the ditches VAS 16 199 :7, see i-t-hi if PN has led a complaint there and
Frankena, AbB 6 199; eqlu s belsu NU TE-s has claimed anything Archivum Anatolicum 1
CT 39 9 : 22 (SB Alu); warki mubabbilim sa hu 54 No. 3 : 50; ana luqutim sa sep PN mimma
musim i-te4-hu- (see mubabbilu) RA 35 3 la ta-t-he KTS 1 19b : 20; alletija ula i-t-
r. iii 19, see Durand and Guichard, Florilegium hi-i (see letu mng. 2c) CCT 3 7a : 27; ana PN
marianum 3 55 iii 23; mar bar asar dni la ula i-ta-he--su-um (the family of the slave
i-t(var. -t)-eh-he the diviner must not PN ) shall not make a claim against him
come near the place of decision (without a (the purchaser) for PN N. zg AV 146 : 26.
present) BBR No. 120 :118, cf. la TE-he ibid.
bu in OB: ana eqlisu mamman la i-te4-e-
6, see Lambert, Borger AV 146.
he-e nobody may claim his eld TCL 7
cu elliptical : bel ana kakk i-te4-eh-he-e 47: 9, cf. ABIM 30 :10 and 16, OECT 3 52 : 27,
umma sunuma kakku ul inneppesu (I asked) 81 : 6, BIN 7 2 :12; ana eqlim suati la te4-he-e-
Will my lord come near the ghting? em udanninamma TCL 7 36 :17; ana btisu
They replied, There will be no engage- mamman la i-te4-he BIN 7 22 :11, also TCL 18
ment ARM 10 4 :19; la ellum ana nqim it- 134 :15, and passim; ina A..ME [ .ME]
t[e4-he] an unclean person came near to sa PN [PN 2] la i-te4-eh-he JEN 574 :10; ana
the sacrice CT 3 2 : 2 (OB oil omens); DN it- ssim assatisu u marsu mamman la i-te4-
he-a ana qutreni did Enlil draw near to the he-e no one may claim him, his wife, or
incense? Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 98 v 41 his children CT 29 3a :14, see Frankena, AbB 2
(OB); uncert.: naptan apattanu ul e-te-ha-a 122 :14, cf. BIN 7 14 : 9 and 12, TIM 2 108 :10,
[. . .] I will not go near the meal I am to u PN 3 la ab
110 : 8, 115 :12, and passim; PN PN 2
eat ZA 5 80 r. 9 (prayer of Asn. I), see von Soden, buama ana mimmsunu la e-te-hu-ma u ana
Af O 25 42 : 65; summa amlu ikkal isattma sigarsunu la e-te-hu--ma (he swore) PN ,

teh 1b teh 1c

PN 2,and PN 3 are no longer my fathers, I lumun seri ana amli NU TE-e AMT 91,2 :1;
have no claim to anything of theirs nor to [ana] . . . lumni suatu sutuqimma ana am
their . . . . RA 73 76 AO 10334 : 25 and 27, see li u btisu NU TE-e to make that evil pass
Charpin and Durand, RA 75 97. by so that it does not come close to the
man and his house LKA 112 : 3, ittu s ana
b) said of animals 1u in gen.: summa
rub u matisu NU TE-e CT 34 8 : 6, and passim
. . . ipruma ana huhhtisu zumbu NU TE-he
in namburbis; ana mimma lemnu ana amli
imt if he vomits and not even a y will
NU TE-e so that no evil aict the man
come near to his vomit, he will die Labat
Kcher BAM 311 : 42; ana ups lemnuti ana
TDP 162 : 60 and KUB 37 31 : 9, see Wilhelm,
STBoT 36 61, cf. kalmatu NU T[E] a louse
amli NU TE-e Kcher BAM 435 v 12, cf. (with
named diseases) Kcher BAM 1 i 60, 194 vii 13,
will not approach Kcher BAM 494 i 28u.
248 iv 39 and 41, 461 iii 28, KAR 26 r. 8, BMS
2u for copulation : summa kalbu ana sin 12 :1, and passim in med.; mamt aj TE-s may
nisti TE-he if a dog approaches a woman the oath not come close to him JNES 15
CT 39 30 : 66, cf. summa sah ana immeri 136 : 97 (lipsur-lit.); mimma lemnu ina zum
TE if a pig approaches a sheep CT 39 26 :14, rija aj TE-a nothing evil must come close
summa alpu ana ss TE ibid. 22, summa to my body STT 214217 iii 12, also 4R 21
selebu ana kalbi TE-he CT 40 43 K.2259+ r. No. 1B r. 8; aj TE-a aj iqriba aj isniqa may
12, summa barbaru ana sabti TE-he KAR (the evil portended) not come close, not
396 ii 1, and passim in SB Alu. come near, not reach me LKA 123 r. 2, cf.
BMS 12 :74, and passim, for additional refs.
c) said of evil, demons, spirits, dis-
eases 1u in omen apodoses : tesm ana see qerebu mng. 3c; kispkunu aj TE.ME-ni
matim i-te4-he-a-am confusion will aict may your (pl.) sorceries not aect me
the land CT 44 37:15 (OB ext.); niziqtum ul Maqlu V 136, cf. BMS 12 : 63, 21 : 65; sibbu nerti
i-te-eh-he-sum worry will not come near brtu u attal aj it-hu- ana Uruk (see ner
him Af O 18 64 i 28 (OB physiogn.), cf. adira tu) BRM 4 6 : 22, 26, and 39 (rit. at lunar eclipse);
tusu ul TE.ME-s KAR 386 : 2 (SB Alu); ana putur lemnu la TE-a begone, evil one, do
GN u GN 2 NU TE-he (the announced evil) not come near STT 214217 i 40, AMT 97,1 :7,
will not aict Elam and Amurru ACh Supp. 95,2 :15; [e ta]-at-hi-i (var. [t]e-et-he-e) 4R 58
2 15 :11; mukl res lemutti ana ameli TE-he i 52, var. from LKU 33 r. 5 (Lamastu); ina zum
the mukl res lemutti demon will approach rija la TE-e Maqlu V 177; lumnu pasis ana
the man KAR 212 ii 39 (hemer.); exception- amli u btisu NU TE-he the evil is can-
ally said of a protective spirit : ana ameli celled, it will not aict the man and his
suati lamassu TE-s CT 38 39 :16 (SB Alu). house LKA 120 r. 3, cf. lumun kalbi suatu
ana amli u btisu NU [TE] KAR 64 :15, cf.
2u in prayers, rituals, incantations : aj CT 38 29 : 51, see Maul Namburbi 462, and passim
it-ha-sum-ma naspanti (see naspantu usage in namburbis;you perform this and lumnu
a) Ugaritica 5 17: 38; it-hu-nim-ma anassusa ana sarri ul TE-he evil will not aect the
umisamma (see nasasu usage a) KAR 26 : 39; king RAcc. 36 :1, also ibid. 38 :13; zikurud
ina baliki gall ul TE-he without your per- ana amli suati NU TE Kcher BAM 449 ii 15,
mission (O Istar) the gall demon does not also 10, 461 iii 25, Boissier DA 42 :7, Iraq 22 224
approach KAR 57 ii 17, see Farber Istar und r. 8 (= UET 6/2 410); saltu ana ameli NU TE-he
Dumuzi 133 :102, cf. Kcher BAM 339 : 27; ana
KAR 178 v 52 (hemer.).
lumun ittati lemneti ana amli u btisu NU
TE-e so that the evil (announced) by bad 3u in lit., hist.: hantis harpis izrua lit-
omens not come close to a man and his hu-ki (var. lit-hu-ka) ksi may my curses
house LKA 115 : 2, also KAR 38 : 2, 64 : 6, 298 quickly and speedily catch up with you
r. 43f., ABL 977+ :14, see Parpola, SAA 10 296; (amhat) George Gilg. VII 105; assu ad ana

teh 1d teh 1f

lemutti aj it-[hu]-ni ZA 43 19 :74, see Living- if Mars comes close to the Old Man star
stone, SAA 3 32 r. 34;mursu ana amli NU ABL 679 : 9, see Parpola, SAA 10 100, quoting
TE-e (NA4. E.TIR is a stone) for keeping
d TCL 6 16 r. 46, see Largement, ZA 52 254 :107,
disease from aicting a man OIP 2 132 :73 and passim in this text said of various stars, wr. it-
(Senn.); lumunsa ul nasih TE-am its (the te4-he TCL 6 16 : 40; ina lumun [MUL].ME
omens) evil is not eradicated, it will come sa ana ahames it-te4-eh-h[u-] in the case of
close JNES 33 200 : 46 (SB Diviners Manual); evil from stars which come close to each
exceptionally said of a protective spirit : other BMS 62 :19, see Maul Namburbi 469 : 24.
[ina] K dLAMMA.RA.BI lamass it-te-h[a-
e) said of parts of the exta, body 1u in
an-ni] (see lamassu mng. 1a4u) Lambert ext.: if the middle nger of the lung is
BWL 60 : 80 (Ludlul IV).
divided in two and ina imittim te4-hi-a-at
d) said of celestial bodies : Salbatanu it lies close on the right YOS 10 40 r. 20, also
erbe ubani issu pan Kajamani pate la it-he ibid. 39 :7, (on the left) ibid. 39 : 9, 41 : 69f.; sum
ina muhhi la iksud Mars was four ngers ma tulmum . . . ina bamat G[B(?)] i(?)-te4-
distant from Saturn, it did not come close, hi-i if the spleen comes close to the left
it did not reach it Thompson Rep. 88 : 9; k side of the chest RA 67 42 : 41u; summa kakki
ma ana MUL.GABA.GR.TAB it-te-he ak imittim ina res martim uban la te4-hi-a-am
ann innassaha . . . kma iqtirib la i-ta-ah-he sakimma if the right weapon-mark lies
ipatti ettiq if (Venus) had come close to the less than one nger distant(?) at the top of
Breast of the Scorpion, it would have been the gall bladder YOS 10 46 i 13, also 17 and
copied like this, (but now) when she will 21, sitta ubanatim la te4-hi-a-am ibid. 26, 30,
have approached, she will not come close, 34 (all OB); summa uban has qabltu ana
she will pass at a distance ibid. 112 r. 3 and imitti TE-at if the middle nger of the
6, cf. ABL 647 r. 5, see Parpola, SAA 10 67; lassu lung is close to the right side CT 31 40 iv
la i-ta-ah-he (Mars) will certainly not 17, cf. KAR 422 r. 19f.; summa uban has
come close (to Saturn) Thompson Rep. 89 r. qabltu . . . sulultasa ina asrisa TE-hi (see
5; TE-ma (with gloss) it-hu-ma ibid. 246G:1,
sulultu A mng. 2) CT 31 40 iv 11, cf. ibid. 3,
6, and 9; summa kalt imitti ina tapas imitti
see Hunger, SAA 8 50; sa ina panti an[a MUL.
PA.BIL.SA]G it-hu-u-n[i] (Mars) which be- DA-a-at if the right kidney is close to the
fore had come close to Sagittarius ABL right . . . . KAR 152 r. 32, cf. (left) ibid. 33.
1014 :12, see Parpola, SAA 10 350; TE-he-e 2u in Izbu : [summa izbu qa]ran imit
ilani approach of the gods (i.e., Sun and tisu/sumelisu ina letisu te4-ha-a-at if the
Moon) ABL 437 r. 12, see Parpola, SAA 10 352; right/left horn of a malformed animal is
iqterub assa it-te-hu-s (Mars) approached close to its cheek Leichty Izbu IX 24uf., cf.
(Libra), as soon as it has come close (I ibid. III 11f.; uzun imittisu/sumelisu ina la
shall write to the king) ABL 1113 r. 1, see hesu TE-at (var. te4-ha-at) ibid. XI 22f.; uz
Parpola, SAA 10 172; ina 19 sanati Sin KI nasu ana letisu te4-ha(var. -hi)-a ibid. XI 69u.
ML.ID.ME asar TE- TE-he in 19 years
3u in physiogn.: summa L[I.DUR ana
the moon will come close to the Normal
u]ri te4-hi-a-at BRM 4 22 :11 and dupl., see Bck
Stars where it came close (before) JCS 21
Morphoskopie 121 : 57.
202 r. 18 (LB astron.); dele-bat e GR r s
UR.A 1 SI TE Venus was one nger above f) said of water, bubbles : m it-te4-hu-
Beta Virginis, it came close Sachs-Hunger ni-im the water has come close to me YOS
Diaries 322 A r. 7u, cf. ibid. 322 D 36, 289 : 23u, 2 35 : 5; adni m ul it-hu-ni-a-si thus far
651 i 11, iv 16u, and passim in astron. diaries the water has not come close to us ABIM
when a distance of only one nger is observed; 6 :10, cf. m ina te4-he-e-em ibid. 13 (both OB
[summa] Salbatanu ana MUL.U.GI TE-he letters); mlu TE-am the high water will


teh 1g teh 3a

approach Boissier DA 218 :15, cf. ibid. 217:10, sa PN aqqerbimma t-hi one mina of PN s
summa . . . sulmum . . .
TCL 6 2 r. 26 (SB ext.); silver is added to it TCL 19 51 : 6; tahsistam
ina libbi ummatim ana imittim it-he if a amrama ana ser sa nikkassija t-eh-a CCT 4
bubble in the main mass (of oil) comes 34b :17; sittam ana ser qatim sa abini t-ih-a-
close to the right CT 3 4 : 62 (OB oil omens). am add the remainder to the share of our
father TCL 20 90 :13 (all OA); food allotment
g) said of weapons : ul it-he ana Anz sa ana nikkas PN la te4-hu- which was not
qan ittura the arrow did not come close added to the account of PN TCL 1 110 : 5; x
to Anzu, it returned LKA 1 ii 23 (SB Epic of K.BABBAR NG.ID TIL.LA sa ssi u
Zu), cf. la it-hi-a-am ana Anz[m] RA 46 94 kanki te4-hi-ma (see ssu mng. 2) VAS 18
iii 15 (OB); (arrow) ana ameli la TE-e (quot- 10 : 4, also JCS 34 160 No. 10 : 4; x kaspum u
ing incipit of a ritual) CT 22 1 : 21 (NB let.); sibassu te4-hi-i-ma Muhamed OB Haddad No.
assum qan tahazi ana GN la ta-he-e so that 16 : 6 (all OB).
a battle arrow should not come close to
Imgur-Enlil (the wall of Babylon) VAB 4 b) mng. uncert.: sahl ksati ina tinuri
138 viii 44 (Nbk.); kakku sa ana libbi la bablu TE-ma (vars. te-te-eh-hi, te-ep-pi) Kcher
ana rub TE.ME-ni Leichty Izbu X 72u, also BAM 515 ii 26, vars. from parallels Iraq 65 226 ii
Koch-Westenholz Liver Omens 187: 3; patar sibti 24 and Kcher BAM 22 : 34u, see also Antagal G
ul i-te-eh-hi-su (vars. i-te-eh-hi-i-ma, i-te-hi- 148 in lex. section.
su/s-ma, i-te-eh-s-m[a]) (see sibtu A us-
age b1u) Cagni Erra V 58. 3. tuhh to conduct, bring into some-
ones presence, to bring near, to hand over,
h) said of foodstus : kma . . . ana nap to present a) persons 1u in OA: PN
tan ili u sarri la TE-u just as (this garlic) ana ser PN 2 -t-hi-ni-a-t-ma PN brought us
will never be served at (lit. approach) a into the presence of PN 2 and (said) TCL 21
gods or kings meal urpu VVI 66, cf. ibid. 264A: 2 (leg.); PN ana PN 2 PN 3 -t-hi-ma PN
76 and 116. brought PN 3 before PN 2 and (said) MVAG
35/3 34 No. 311 : 3; adi salssu PN -t-hi-su-
i) said of news, reports, omens : bussur
ma BIN 4 41 :13; ammakam PN PN 2 u PN 3
tum i-te-he-ak-kum news will reach you
a-karim t-hi-ma bring PN , PN 2, and PN 3
YOS 10 44 : 49, cf. bussurat lumnim ana bti
before the karum there BIN 4 151 : 20; beu
awlim i-te-he-a ibid. 25 : 35 (both OB ext.);
latisu taerma ana serika t-hi-su TCL 19
amat had i-te-ha-s joyful news will reach
27: 20; PN isti mera ummeanim knim t-hi-
him CT 40 50b :18 (SB Alu), also amat had
a-ma littalkam TCL 4 49 : 23, cf. KTS 1 9b : 20;
ana rub TE-a KAR 423 iii 27; amat damiqti
siparkunu isti siprisu la t-t-ha-nim assur
TE-a CT 31 33 r. 33, wr. DA-a KAR 152 r. 9;
ri siparkunu isti siprisu e t-t-hi-a-nim-
amat lemutti ana rub DA-a ibid. r. 10 (all SB
ma saltum sa ekallim ina karim e issikinma
(see sipru mng. 2a) Jankowska KTK 3 r. 9.
j) said of seasons : eburum wuddi it-t-
hi-a-am the harvest season certainly has 2u in OB, Mari : ana PN t-uh-hi-su-ma
arrived Eidem and Laesse Shemshara Letters lipassu conduct him to PN so that he can
59 : 24; sammu wuddi it-t-hu-nim (see sam imprison him YOS 2 48 : 25, see Stol, AbB 9
mu mng. 1b1u) ibid. 15. 48; ina alakija ana dajan GN -ta-ha-ki-
na-ti-ma when I come, I shall escort you
2. (trans.) a) to add to: I paid two mi- (fem. pl.) to the judges of Sippar (and they
nas of silver 1 MA.NA miqissu a-qatikunu will deal with your case) Kraus AbB 1 92 :12,
at-he-ma one mina, its prot, I added to cf. VAS 16 12 : 6, UET 5 257: 6; ana sapir GN
your account BIN 4 33 :12; 1 MA.NA kaspam -ta-ah-ha-su he will bring him into the

teh 3b teh 3b

presence of the governor of Sippar Kraus lord was (already) sick when he presented
AbB 1 49 : 21, cf. TLB 4 38 : 37,salassu ana ser it ARMT 13 25 :7f.; quppam sa kamatim . . .
sapir narim t-uh-ha-a-ku CT 33 23 :7, see -t-he-em (see quppu A mng. 1a) ARM 2
Frankena, AbB 2 178; ana ser PN alkma ana 104 :11; let him buy one sheep and li-te4-eh-
PN 2 li-te-eh-hi-ki-i-ma go (fem.) to PN , let hi-sum let him bring it to him van Soldt,
him present you to PN 2 YOS 2 63 : 23; I am AbB 13 111 :13u; GUD.{I.A sa ana awle t-
here in the palace satammu u ummianu uh-he-e-em itrnimma the cattle that they
. . . 1 warad ekallim -te6-hu-nim the ac- led away in order to present them to the
countants and craftsmen brought a palace gentlemen Greengus Ishchali No. 9 :13; x our
servant before me TIM 2 54 : 4u; ana sabrm itenma -te4-hi-si CT 2 44 : 25; TG u sappam
la t-uh-hi-su awlum jaum do not conduct . . . ana beltija muballittika -t-hi I dedi-
him to the administrator, the man belongs cated the garment and sappu container
to me TCL 17 67:18; PN li-te4-h-hi-i-ma (that you sent to me) to my Lady who
AJSL 32 281 No. 5 : 24, see Stol, AbB 11 139; [. . . keeps you alive ARM 10 38 : 26, see Durand
G]UD.{I.A-su-n[u] u suharsu[nu] li-te4-he- Documents de Mari 3 p. 392 No. 1195 (coll.); nap
em-ma ARM 5 30 :13; 6 SAG.R sa red -te4- tan ilim uluma ilatim ina kisikkm ut-t-ah-
hu-nim they escorted to me six slaves be- hu- CRRA 26 142 Mari 12803 ii 6, see Durand
longing to the soldiers ARM 2 13 : 20; three and Guichard, Florilegium marianum 3 68 No. 4.
women sa PN -te4-eh-hu- whom PN pre-
sented ARM 8 92 : 20 (adm.); the day after I 2u other occs.: mala artu ikkalu tu-
send this tablet to my lord PN u PN 2 . . . tah-ha-s-s you oer the pregnant woman
[ana] GN -te4-eh-he-ma ARMT 28 62 : 22. as much as she will eat von Weiher Uruk
84 : 88, cf. Schwemer Akkadische Rituale 92 :73uu,
3u other occs.: lu-te4-eh-hi kta I will see W. Farber, ZA 91 255 : 23, cf. also (in broken
take you (to him) George Gilg. 280 iv 18 (OB); context) [. . .] ikkalu -tah-ha-as-si-im-ma
the king granted land to PN ana Ebabbara [. . .] KUB 37 64a :7 (med.); n i n d a s u . n a
-ta-hi-su he presented him to (the tem- m u . n i . i n . t e : akalu ana zumrisu -tah-
ple) Ebabbar RA 66 164 i 8, also ibid. 172 : 59 hi CT 17 33 :13, also ibid. 17; TG.{I.A ana
(both MB kudurrus); salmis ut-tah-ha-s a[na PN -t-ha Matous Prag I 558 :12 (OA), cf.
kibri] (see sal B mng. 3) CT 46 45 iv 5 (NB TG.{I.A ana PN t-hi-su-nu ibid. 10; nun
lit.), see Lambert, Iraq 27 6.
suati adi ana beli rab Marduk te(var. t)-
b) presents, deliveries, oerings, etc. hu- ana ili sanmma ul ut-tah-hu(var. adds
1u in OB, Mari : [qst]am sa ana belija -t- -) they would not oer that sh to any
ah-ha [u]l ibassi there is no present that other god before it was oered to the great
I could oer to my lord ARMT 28 49 : 22; lord Marduk Grayson Chronicles 150 : 59, cf.
tamartani nu-te4-eh-hi Florilegium marianum 1 ibid. 148 : 42, for var. see al-Rawi, Iraq 52 7; see
134 note 18 A.822 :7 (translit. only); when my also bursagg; the best of his possessions
father arrives in Mari nebeham sa kna utahhidma -tah-ha-a mahar il rabti he
tim ana abija -t-ah-ha Birot Mem. Vol. 13 oered in abundance before the great gods
No. 1 : 30; x silver neba[ham] PN u PN 2 PN 3 CT 46 45 v 16 (NB lit.), see Lambert, Iraq 27 7;
-tah-ha-a VAS 7 38 : 21; sa fPN ana sarrim - mimma sumsu naptan seri llati -tah-hu-u-
t-ah-hu- (garment) which Addu-duri pre- ma Streck Asb. 264 iii 9, cf. ibid. 268 iii 24; -
sented to the king ARMT 22 170 :17, cf. Birot tah-hi mirsa ana kaparrati sa DN I oered
Mem. Vol. 291 No. 131 :7, ARMT 22 151 : 8; 1 mirsu cake to the shepherds of Dumuzi
KIIB NA4.ZA.GN SIG5 sa [. . .] -t-ah- Farber Istar und Dumuzi 130 : 58; pt p tu-tah-
hu- ARMT 26 549 r. 4u; alpam sa PN ana ha-su-nu-ti BBR No. 48 :10; [ikrib] asli tuh-
belija -t-ah-hu- inuma -t-ah-hu-[s]u- hi-i prayer for presenting sheep BBR No.
ma has the ox that PN presented to my 100 : 34, cf. ibid. 7578 : 4 and 52; sum tu-tah-ha


teh 3c teh 4a

you present roasted meat Or. NS 17 pl. 24 :19 close to his body Labat TDP 90 :19, emended
(MA rit.), AMT 71,1 : 24, RAcc. 36f. r. 6, 12, 22, summa ina isid mar
from Hunger Uruk 34 :18;
etc., BBR No. 26 ii 19, CT 23 36 iii 50, and passim tim pitrum sakimma ana zumrisa t-h-hu
in SB rit., wr. TE-hi KAR 50 r. 5, see also if there is a ssure at the base of the gall
sum A usage a; ana seri tusessma ana bladder and it is close to its (the gall blad-
pan DN tu-ta-ha you take (the oering) out ders) body YOS 10 31 xii 31 (OB ext.).
to the countryside and present it to amas
f) other occs.: tuppaka . . . ana sarrim -
CT 39 24 : 31, also Or. NS 39 118 :11, 119 : 35, Or.
t-ah-hi-su-ma I brought your tablet to
NS 47 445 :7, 11, and passim in namburbi rit.;
(the attention of) the king ARM 18 26 :7,
-ta-ha-ku-nu-si uqarrabkunusi I bring
cf. TCL 1 20 r. 10u (OB let.), van Soldt, AbB 13
near to you (amas and Adad), I present to
115 : 4u, Florilegium marianum 7 107 No. 28 : 84;
you BBR No. 101 :1, cf. ibid. 100 r. 44.
sahirtam leqema isti alikim PN t-hi-su-ma
c) blessings, curses, evils : DN u DN 2 TuM 1 3d :15 (OA); la -tah-ha ana zumrija I
ikribsunu ana sarri belija lu-ta-hi-u may did not allow (ne garments, jewelry, and
Bel and Nab bring their blessings to the perfumed oil) to touch (lit. come near)
king, my lord ABL 572 : 6 (NA); [ut-t-e]h-ha- my body AnSt 8 46 i 24 (Nbn.); a n .u s n .
am-ma tsu sa i[kas]s [. . .] he brought a n . n a m . h u l . d b . b a s u l .ux . l u
near his incantation which binds [evil] d u m u d i n g i r. r a . n a . m u .u n . n a .
Lambert BWL 52 : 4 (Ludlul III); DN . . . a-ia a n .t [e . g ] : ina simetan mashultupp a[na]
-ta-ah-hi-a-ak-kum ana zumrika may Nanse zumur ameli mar ilisu tu-uh-[hi] (see si
not let (diseases) come close to your body metan lex. section) CT 16 35 : 30. and dupls.,
Bhl Leiden Coll. 2 4 : 25, cf. a-i[a ]-te4-eh-hu- see Gurney, AAA 22 86 :115f. (inc.); MA.MA
ana smtika ibid. 3 :15 (OB inc.); awatam samm kir kalisunu -ta-ah-ha-as-s (var.
ammtam DN u DN 2 e -t-hi-a-ni-s KTS 1 -tah-ha-s-s-ma) Maul Namburbi 236 :14;
15 : 27; mimma ul tu-tah-ha-s-nu-ti AMT (the evil of the dog bite) naram lirdm li-
71,4 + Sm. 678 : 2 (bt mesiri, courtesy R. Borger); t-h[i(?)]-a(?)-am [an]a nagbisu JAOS 121 34
amlu s DN {UL NU TE-s amas will not A 704 r. 11 (OB inc.); obscure: tuh-ha-a Kraus
let evil aect that man CT 38 28 : 33 (SB Alu). Texte 22 i 27 (physiogn.).

d) boats, expeditions : 1 elippum sa PN 4. tuhh to add to a) in OA: x hura

sa ana karim -te4-hu-ni one boat of PN sum asser hurasim sa sazzuzatuka iknukuni
which they brought to the mooring place t-hu three and one-fourth shekels of gold
VAS 9 93 : 6, cf. ibid. 75 : 4, 101 : 6, TCL 1 92 : 4; are added to the gold which your represen-
(bricks) sa GI.M PN ana karim -t-hi-a tatives sealed Kienast ATHE 58 :7, cf. (silver)
which PN s boat will bring to the mooring ana isurtija la t-hu ICK 1 111 :13, also ICK 2
296 : 8; silver asser gamrim sa taphirika sa
place BM 79324 : 3 (courtesy F. van Koppen); a
DN nu-t-hi (see tapharu usage a) VAS 26 43
sixty-gur boat [-te4-eh]-hu-ni-kum Kraus,
r. 8u; kaspam suati ana libbi tuppija PN -t-
AbB 10 74 :7 (all OB); elippa ut-t-eh-ha-a ana
kibri (for context and translat. see par hi PN added this silver onto my tablet
TCL 14 34 :14; 2 MA.NA K.GI sa awltim a-
risu A usage a) George Gilg. XI 277; girri be
lija salmam nu-t-ah-hi-ma we brought my qatija t-hi TCL 14 9 :19, cf. umma attama 2
MA.NA K.GI ana qatija t-hi-a umma
lords expedition safely home and (the king
nnuma 2 MA.NA K.GI ana qati PN nu-t-
was very happy) ARMT 26 9 : 5.
ah- hi BIN 4 21 :14.; sa tuppim sa abim an
e) body parts : summa ammatisu ana nisam K.BABBAR t-hi ICK 2 74 :12; sa an
zumrisu NU TE-hi (see ammatu mng. 1) nikija u s[ubate] K.BABBAR t-hi-ma VAS
Labat TDP 88 r. 15; summa qatesu ana zum 26 58 :19; x K.GI sa . . . ana tuppija -t-hi-
risu NU TE-a if he cannot bring his hands -ni half a mina of gold which he added to

teh 4b tehu

my tablet BIN 6 183 : 24, cf. AnOr 6 pl. 5 No. kaspim PN la t-hu PN is not concerned
annaksu ana annak qatim
16 : 25, BIN 4 42 : 38; about the silver BIN 4 194 :11, cf. ibid. 21,
-t-hi I added his tin to the loose(?) tin TCL 14 70 :11; mnam t-hu- why do they
Matous Prag I 706 :17; summa kaspam t-t-hi interfere? JSOR 11 4 : 22, see Larsen The Old
trtaka lillikam if you added the silver, let Assyrian City-State 263 n. 39 (coll.).
your report come here KTS 1 4a : 22; note
6. III to have (something) brought
with qatu share, account : x kaspam ina nik
near : karu . . . abnma itti karu ab pusu
kass [ana] qatija t-hu-am [q]abiati you
-s-at-hi-ma I built a quay wall and had
are instructed to add two-thirds mina of
it brought close to the quay wall that my
silver at the accounting to my share ibid. 8,
father had built CT 37 15 ii 60 (Nbk., coll. I.
also 13; silver bt karim a-qatija -t-hi CCT
L. Finkel); ina zumrija ukkis la tu-sat-ha-a la
5 38a : 6; sa PN ana qatisu -t-hi- (copper)
tusasnaqa drive (the diseases) from my
which PN added to his share KT Hahn
body, do not let them approach, do not let
17:11; a-qatisuma lu-t-hi ICK 1 184 : 39; ana
them come near KAR 26 r. 33 and dupls., see
qatika t-hi-ma mihratam K.BABBAR sebi
Mayer, Or. NS 68 155.
lam add it to your account and send me
the equivalent (in) silver BIN 6 15 :13. 7. IV/3 (passive to mng. 1): summa
b) in OB, Mari : kaspam . . . ina MU. kaltu it-te-n-et-ha-a if the kidneys are re-
TM-su -t-ah-ha-am he adds silver to his peatedly brought close together KAR 152 r.
29 (SB ext.).
deliveries ARM 1 73 :13, cf. ibid. 17; sibatim
ana qaqqadim ut-te4-eh-hi (see sibtu A mng. In EA 359 r. 10, read perhaps it-ta-d({I) kus
1b1uau) PBS 5 93 ii 6, see Roth Law Collections sasu, see J. Westenholz Akkade 124 with note to
line. In RA 53 130 (= STT 65): 20, read ut-tah-ha-
98 LH gap s w; [. . . si]batisa t-uh-hi add her
sa, see Livingstone, SAA 3 12 : 20.
interest van Lerberghe Ur-Utu 1 12 :11; annm
sa ana DUB nudunn la t-u[h-h]u- Grant
tehu (tahu) s.; 1. proximity, (in preposi-
Bus. Doc. 65 :17 (= YOS 8 154); x silver sa . . .
tional use) next to, adjacent to, 2. (part of
ana libbim t-hu--ma TCL 10 96 :13; senija
a boat), 3. (part of a wall); from OA, OB
sa hi-ri-ra-a ana senika t-uh-hi-ma piqis
on; pl. (in mng. 2) tehatu; wr. syll. (NB
sinati (see paqadu mng. 4a) PBS 1/2 3 : 25,
tahu) and DA (MA, NA SU{UR); cf. teh v.
see Stol, AbB 11 152; eperu ann [a]na eperi
sa L Alalah ul t-uh-hu this territory is [da-a] DA = idu, te-hu S b II 29f.; [d a ] = te 4-hu
not added to the territory of the ruler of Izi Bogh. A 260; d a = te-hu Hh. II 242, see MSL 9
Alalakh Wiseman Alalakh 58 :17, see Kienast, 158, also Ai. VI iv 44f.; d a = t-hu, d a . b i = t-hu-
su, d a . b i . n e . n e = t-hu-su-nu, d a . = t-eh -ti
WO 11 57f.
Arnaud Emar 6 542 : 203u. (Hh. II); d a = te-hu-um,
5. tuhh to involve (someone), to make s . s a . d u = i-tu- Erimhus V 237f.
g i . t e . m = te-hu MIN (= sa elippi), g i .
(someone) concerned (OA): mimma PN ula d a . d a . m = te-ha-a-ti MIN Hh. IV 383f., see MSL
t-hu kaspum jaumma PN is not concerned 9 171.
at all, the silver is mine TCL 19 16 :11, cf. -ru SIG 4+BAD = te-hu A V/1 :114, cf. Diri V
attama talaqqe anaku mimma la t-hu-a-ku 269; SIG 4.BAD te4-hum(text -rum) Proto-Izi I 264.
CCT 5 9b :10, also CCT 3 46b : 9 and 17, CCT 6 t e l . t u . r a . k ex(KID) u . m e . n i . [n ] : ina te-
eh marsi sunlma make (a white kid) lie down next
27c : 6; sa ana awtim anniatim anaku la t-
to the sick person CT 17 11 :75f. (inc.).
hu-a-ku-ni that I am not concerned with
these matters Kienast ATHE 41 : 22; mnam 1. proximity, (in prepositional use) next
t-hu-a-ku what is it to me? CCT 4 5b :10, to, adjacent to a) in descriptions of
cf. atta mnam t-hu-a-t TCL 20 110 : 24; sut houses, elds, etc. 1u in OA: qaqquru sa
la t-hu atta maskanatim tustenebbalassum t-hi-i bt PN the grounds that are proxi-
u anaku la t-hu-wa-ku KTS 2 37:17.; ana mate to PN s house Jankowska KTK 103 :17;

tehu tehu

sa t-hi qaqqir sa PN t-hi bt PN 2 t-hi bt to the Inner City KAV 127: 3, t-hi eqli sa
PN 3 t-hi qaqqir zitti sa PN 4 t-hi ribtim PN KAJ 13 :11 and 15f.; t-hi narte ibid. 17; a
(a lot) that is adjacent to the grounds of house t-hi bt PN t-hi qaqqiri sa PN 2 . . .
PN , adjacent to the house of PN 2, adjacent t-hi ribti rabti Iraq 30 163 (pl. 47) TR
to the house of PN 3, adjacent to the inher- 2037:16., see Postgate, Iraq 41 90; istu t-hi DN
ited grounds of PN 4, and adjacent to the t-hi bt PN Af O 20 121 : 8f., and passim in MA,
main thoroughfare JNES 16 164 : 5.; sa t-hi see Deller, Bagh. Mitt. 16 354, also, wr. SU{UR
bt PN t-hi bt PN 2 t-hi sa qaqqir zitti sa KAJ 133 :13, 154 : 5, KAV 186 (= KAR 149) r. 8f.
PN 3 t-hi qaqqir zitti sa PN 4 NABU 2001/ (all MA), ADD 325 :7., 327: 3., 329 : 6., 343 : 5.,
56 :10.; (a lot) t-hi sa PN t-hi qaqqir sa 382 : 5, 7, 9, 416 :7, and passim in NA, see Kwas-
PN 2 VAT 19864 : 4. (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); for the forms
man and Parpola, SAA 6 p. 315f.;
btum sa sa te 6-hi-i bt PN 2 ArOr 47 34
PN of the signs transliterated SU{UR in MA
(= Matous KK 21) I 568 : 2, wr. t-hi ibid. case and NA, see Saporetti, Or. NS 35 275.
10; btam sa t-hi-k sa bt PN iddunu (con-
6u in MB and NB: btu . . . sa ta-hu suqu
cerning) the house next to you which the la as a house which is next to a dead-end
family of PN will sell RA 58 126 Sch. 22 : 3. street VAS 5 78 : 2, also 64 : 2, cf. ibid. 82 : 2, BIN
1 127:11, VAS 1 35 :13, 16f.; ta-a-ah sa PN VAS
2u in OB: .D.A . . . te4-hi [bt] PN
5 121 : 6f. and passim; btu . . . DA bt PN a
te4-hi bt marat PN 2 a built-up lot adjacent
house adjacent to PN s house VAS 1 70 ii 32,
to the house of PN and adjacent to the
iii 20f., iv 9., VAS 1 35 :19, DA phat sarri VAS
house of the daughter of PN 2 BE 6/1 8 : 4f.; 1 37 iv 14, DA Puratti VAS 1 35 :11, and passim
[te4]-hi PA5 erimtum i-ta PN (a eld) ad- in kudurrus; DA bt PN TCL 12 32 : 8, 43 : 5, VAS
jacent to the erimtu canal and next to 5 117: 2, BRM 2 18 : 5, VAS 15 22 : 5, 46 : 6, and
(the property of ) PN BIN 2 78 : 2; DA bt passim; DA kisubb sa PN VAS 15 39 : 9, 49 :15,
PN (a house) adjacent to the house of PN
BRM 2 35 : 6; DA makkur Anu BRM 2 41 :17;
BE 6/2 6 : 3, PBS 8/2 110 : 2, Grant Bus. Doc. 8 : 2f. DA duri labri VAS 5 105 : 9; DA suqi qatnu
(= YOS 8 83), 70 : 2 (= YOS 8 167), TCL 1 TCL 12 33 : 8, BRM 2 45 : 23; DA suqi rapsu
157: 54f., TCL 10 10 : 2, 18B: 3; (eld) DA eqel Dar. 256 : 3, BRM 2 49 : 3; ina DA sa duri sa GN
PN UCP 10 205 No. 3 : 3; DA PN Grant Bus. (orchard) near the wall of Bt-Dakuru UCP
Doc. 1 : 2 (= YOS 8 55), UCP 10 29 No. 1 :16, BE 9 69 No. 55 :7, cf. VAS 3 178 : 2; note DA next to
6/1 9 : 4, and passim, wr. . . . DA.BI bt PN S.SA.DU: btu sa PN sa DA duri sa S.
Grant Bus. Doc. 15 : 2f. (= YOS 8 94), Szlechter SA.DU bti sa PN 2 PN s house which is ad-
Tablettes 60 MAH 16.201 : 2f., 46 MAH 16.353 : 3, jacent to the wall that is next to PN 2s house
YOS 8 50 : 2f., 94 : 2f.; x btam DA btisu sutam VAS 4 64 : 5; S.SA.DU suti DA PN along the
liasu (see mal v. mng. 12a) VAS 16 126 :19 south (side) adjacent to PN VAS 1 35 : 41f.
(let.). (kudurru), also 39f., and passim beside it (all NB);

3u in Elam : DA A. PN (eld) adjacent 2 NINDA 4 K U AN.TA I[M.MAR.TU]

to a eld of PN MDP 23 289 : 3.; DA PN DA PN B. 151 : 2 (MB real estate purchase, cour-
tesy J. A. Brinkman), also ibid. 7 and 9.
MDP 23 257: 3, 258 : 3, and passim.

4u in Nuzi : eld te6-hi eqli JEN 28 : 6, b) in royal inscriptions in descriptions

47: 8f.; te6-hi PN JEN 33 :7; [eqlu] te4-eh-he
of topographical features, mostly buildings
and their parts : sa t-hi na[mari(?)] (a
pai[hu] Lacheman AV 380 No. 1 :16, and passim.
wall) that is adjacent to the tower(?) AOB 1
5u in MA and NA: t-hi adri sa bt PN (a 100 No. 14 : 5 (Adn. I), see Grayson, RIMA 1 155;
threshing oor) next to the threshing oor I cut down the gardens and trees sa te-eh
of the house of PN Or. NS 36 334 : 9; sa t-hi durisu next to its (the citys) wall Tadmor
hul libbi ali (a eld) adjacent to the road Tigl. III 162 : 24; kma surani te-hi durisu is


tehu tehtu

batma like a cat he slunk close to his city Substantival use is attested in lex. only.
wall and (entered his city) Winckler Sar. pl. References written DA are cited here, see
34 :132, see Fuchs Sargon 228; the river Tebiltu it A discussion section.
sa ultu um arkuti te-eh ekalli ibauma which
for a long time had owed close to the pal- teh s.; (a culinary professional); NB; cf.
ace (and undermined its foundations) OIP tah v.
2 105 : 81, also ibid. 118 :13, 99 : 47 (Senn.); ina te-
hi abulli qabal ali sa Ninua . . . usesibsunuti 19 L.MU.ME L e-pi-ia L te-hi-ia
kams (see asabu mng. 4a) Borger Esarh. 50 (total) 19 cooks, bakers, and t.-s (who will
iii 41; dicult mountains sa te-hi mat GN
prepare a temple meal) TCL 13 221 :14, cf.
PN L te-hu- ibid. 1.
next to Tabal ibid. 51 iii 49; ina te-hi dur
agurri . . . ekalla ana nisirti GN epesu libba
ublam I was moved to build a palace next tehtu (tehtu) s.; 1. close approach (of
to the wall of baked bricks for the protec- celestial bodies), 2. (part of a building), 3.
tion of Babylon VAB 4 118 iii 11 (Nbk.). (part of a garment, trimming?); OB, MB,
SB; wr. syll. and TE with phon. comple-
c) referring to divine statues and other ment; cf. teh v.
objects in rituals : (several named gods) ina
d a = te 4-hu-tum MSL 14 126 No. 9 : 801 (Proto-
DA Adad izzazzu take their place next to Aa), also Arnaud Emar 6 537: 389 (S a Voc.).
Adad KAR 132 i 11, also ibid. ii 2 and 4, iv 9, t e te-hu-tum Proto-Izi II 116.
18, 19, 23, see RAcc. 99.; the royal scepter d-hi UM = t-hu-tum MSL 14 96 :185 :1 (Proto-
ina DA-s izzazza stands next to her (Istar) Aa); di-ih DUB = te 4-hu-tum A III/5 :16.
RAcc. 115 : 5 and 10, cf. ibid. 66 :18; ina DA
1. close approach (of celestial bodies):
parak smati alpu ina pansunu immahhas nemettu sitqultu TE-tum unnutu u saruru sa
next to the shrine of destinies a bull is bibb u lumas station, opposition, close
slaughtered before them (the gods) RAcc. approach, faintness, and brightness of plan-
120 : 6; ina te-eh guhs tasakkan you place
ets and constellations Hunger Uruk 94 : 3;
(ritual arrangements) next to a reed altar [summa] MIN (= MUL.U.GI) kakkabusu
Mayer Gebetsbeschwrungen 511 :12, cf. (vessels)
nenmudu te4-hu-t ina libbi ibassi if the
ina te4-hi riksi tasakkan Or. NS 39 119 : 31 constellation Old Mans stars are next to
one another, (that is, if) a close approach
d) other occs.: suhatu sa ina DA dalat takes place therein TCL 6 18 :7, cf. JCS 21
arkabinni (see suhatu B) TCL 6 32 : 4 (Esagila 202 r. 20 (all astrol.); ana te-hu-ti kakkabi rab
Tablet), see George Topographical Texts 114; gold u Sin atamme ina libbija I (Nabonidus)
placed in a container u ina tah PN piqid was concerned about the close approach of
and entrusted to PN Iraq 43 137:12, also Jupiter and the Moon VAB 4 278 vi 4; te-hu-
138 :16, also, wr. DA ibid. 142 :19 (all Arsacid); ti mimma idati lumni ul ibassi ibid. 9
gurines of sages ana te-eh marsi tukan you (Nbn.).
set up next to the sick person AMT 71,4 : 3, 2. (part of a building): sa BD te-hu--
cf. AMT 94,9 : 9; see also CT 17 11 :75f., in lex. tim pusu (wages for hired workers) who
section. built the t. wall YOS 5 181 : 27; te4-hu-ut bt
PN the t. of PN s house (in broken context)
2. (part of a boat): see Hh. IV 383f., in lex.
TIM 2 144 : 8f. (both OB); summa istu bab bti
te-hu-tum pus if he builds a t. from the
3. (part of a wall): see A V/1 :114, Diri V gate of the house CT 40 3 : 68; summa MIN
in lex. section.
269, Proto-Izi, (= kamunu) ina te-hu-ut bt amli ibassi if

teintu teman

fungus appears on the t. of a mans house see Ziegler, ibid. p. 104, cf. also Florilegium mari-
CT 38 19 :17 (both SB Alu). anum 7 119 No. 32 : 25;te4-i-na-at SAL.U.BAR
Loretz Chagar Bazar 7 iv 2, 42 iv 17, 45 iv 33; 2
3. (part of a garment, trimming?): 1 ne
L 4 SAL te4-i-nu two men, four women,
behu te-hu-ut takilti one sash with a trim-
millers ARM 24 247 iiu 23u, cf. ibid. 17u, also 3
ming(?) of blue-purple wool TuM NF 5 37: 2,
L[].ME 1 SAL L[ t]e4-i-nu ARM 9 24 iii
see Aro Kleidertexte p. 12, cf. 1 nahlaptu qa
5, cf. ibid. i 29f., ii 54, iii 9, ARM 9 27 iii 29 and
tantu KA birmu te-hu-ut takiltu BE 14
38, wr. t-i-nu ARM 7 189 r. 10, coll. MARI 2
157: 40, also 41; 1 TG.IGI.NG.KAL BABBAR
85, also M.14021, cited MARI 2 85;te4-i-nu
te-ha-tum takiltu PBS 2/2 121 :16 (all MB).
(consisting of twenty men and one woman)
For MSL 1 48 (= Ai. III iv) 22 see tehhtu. Loretz Chagar Bazar 42 i 24, also 45 i 19, cf. OBT
Tell Rimah 207 iii 21.
teintu see teinu.
c) in Nuzi : 2 SAL.ME te4-i-n-du JEN
teinu (fem. teintu, teittu) s.; miller; OA, 507: 21.
OB, Mari, Nuzi; cf. tnu.
For refs. wr. L/SAL.{AR(.{AR), see
l .{AR.{AR = t--i-nu Igituh short version
243; l .{AR.{AR = t--nu-, l .EZEN.{AR = s- ararru.
mi-du- OB Lu A 422f.; l .{AR.{AR = [te-i]-nu,
EZEN.{AR.{AR = [sa-mi]-du Lu Excerpt II 12f.,
teinutu (tnutu) s.; work of the miller,
cf. l .{AR.{AR = EN-i-ni Cole Nippur 122 :19, also
123 :16; a-ra {AR.{AR = te 4--i-nu Diri II 60. milling; MA, NB; cf. tnu.

a) in OA: betati 2 amatika kilaltemma u gelzulimma sa . . . ina sa D useribanni u

t-i-t-in kilaltemma ana [smim dinama] ana t-i-nu-te tadnuni (see saddagda usage
sell the houses, both of your two slave a2u) KAV 107:12 (MA let.); ITI 8 iskar sa
women, and both of the female millers qeme gin naptanu sa Nab te4-nu--tu ina
(and send me the silver) TCL 20 88 :14, see bt kunnu sa Ezida . . . ina qat PN PN 2 isab
Larsen The Old Assyrian City-State 99 n. 60. bat ippus uttatu gin ultu bt qati inassi
b) in OB, Mari : assum PN naqidim sa eight deliveries per month of oering our
ana alp sukulim la issanniquma PN 2 te4-i- for the meal of Nab, PN 2 will take over
nam ana alp sukulim taskunuma taspuram from PN the responsibility for doing the
about the herdsman PN who repeatedly did millers grinding in the bt kunni of the
not show up to feed the oxen so that you Ezida temple, he will bring the oering
assigned the miller PN2 to feed the oxen barley from the storehouse VAS 6 173 : 4 (NB).
and then informed me A.3534 : 6 (OB let.); sira
sm ul ibassi u L.ME te4-i-nu ul ibass teittu see teinu.
there is no brewer (here), nor are there
any millers (let me have our for the sol- teman (fem. temantu) adj.; sensible, in-
diers rations) Birot Mem. Vol. 88 No. 50 : 31 telligent, clever; SB, NA, NB; cf. tmu.
(Mari let.); id te4-in-tum u kurummatum
(barley for) wages (for) the miller woman lil-lu // se-e-ri // lil-[lu // x x x // l]a t-ma-nu
unpub. comm. to Lambert BWL 76 :76 (courtesy
and (for) rations Birot Tablettes 51 : 8; te4- W. G. Lambert).
i-na-tum TLB 1 131 : 3; 2 SAL te 4-i-na-tum
2 TUR Amurru 2 127 M.5206 : 24 and dupl. t-ma-n-t[u]-ia usadbabki I shall make
M.13013 : 20u; 2 SAL 1 TUR te4-i-na-tum ARM my intelligent women talk to you Lambert
9 26 r. 14u, cf. ibid. 25 : 42, ARMT 22 57 A iiu 10u, Love Lyrics 110 : 28, cf. la t-ma-ni-t[u] ibid.
B iiu 10u, Florilegium marianum 4 221 No. 40 r. 1u, 116 B 3; summa te-ma-a-nu anaku if I am


temtu temu

sensible ABL 972 : 3, cf. (in obscure context) a . r = te-mu-um OB Diri Nippur 315; [a . r ] =
te-ma-a-nu s ibid. 6 (NA); la t-ma-[nu la te 4-e-mu = (Hitt.) wa-tar-n[a-x-x] KUB 3 103 :7
(Diri Bogh. Section 6); a . r = te-mu-um Proto-
l]e Livingstone, SAA 3 29 r. 6; fT -ma-ni-ti Kagal Bil. Section B 16; a . r = MIN (= te-e-mu)
(personal name) Cole Nippur 125 ii 15 (NB). Nabnitu III (= A) 177.
u te-mu-um Nigga 282; SU(?) = te-mu MSL 9
temtu s.; she who is sensible; OAkk.; cf. 136 : 586 (Proto-Aa); [x] = t-mu 5R 16 r. ii 25
(group voc., coll.).
[. . .] KAGAN-ten.A = te-e-[mu] sa -[l] Ea
III 105; g = MIN (= ter-tum) s t-mi Antagal E ii
Te4-mi-tum (personal name) MAD 1 326 i
12; u d . n a . m e . k a m = t-mu si-ih-rum ZA 9
2 (ration list), also (name of a slave woman) MAD 160 : 33 (group voc.).
5 60 :1. u m u d n i n . h u r. s a g . g . k e x(KID) m .
g i 6 . r a t u 6 . d g . g a p a . b . i n . a k : ina t-em
temtu see tamtu. Belet-il ursa salmu ina sipti usapma (see ap A
lex. section) BIN 2 22 : 200f., dupl. CT 16 38 iv
7f., see Gurney, AAA 22 94 (utukku lemnutu); [r a .
tem see tam. g a b a u m u] . m u : [rakb] sa t-e-mi ASKT p. 119
No. 17: 4f., see Volk Balag 58; . m u . u e r e . n a .
temu s.; 1. report, news, information, situa- a k . k e . g u .u z . z e . e . e m e . e . r a . a m . g i :
te 4-mi ummanija ana serika tu-r-ku Labat Suse 1
tion, matter, 2. order, command, instruc- iii 28.
tions, 3. decision, deliberation, (divine) m u n u s d m . m a r. b i b a . n i . i n . [x . x] u m .
counsel, will, discretion, initiative, 4. m a d m . m a s i b a . a n . [ x . x ] : sinnisti te-mi
plan, intention, 5. reason, intelligence, 6. sunsa usabb[i] pursumti te-mi uste[tesir] (see pursum
(friendly) relations, 7. characteristics, es- tu lex. section) BiOr 30 168 ii 45.; d i m m a (KA{I)
d u m u . m u d EN.ZU. n a : t-em marija Sin a report
sence; from OA, OB on; pl. temetu, tematu, about my son Sin CT 16 20 :116f.; d i m m a .b i
and temanu (Aram. temanata ABL 266 r. 13 b a . a n . k r : te-en-s ustann they altered his
and YOS 7 69 : 5); wr. syll. (ta-e-em RA 68 30 :19, mental state CT 17 15 :16f.; d i m m a n u . m u .u n .
Mari) and UMU(TG), KA.{I (UR Labat Suse d i b n . m u n u . m u .u . t u k . m n : t-e-me ul sab
taku raman ul hassaku I am unable to make a de-
4 :12, 7 r. 36, 10 : 39.); cf. tmu.
cision, I do not understand myself 4R 19 No.
3 : 47f., see Maul Ersahunga 354; u m . m e . a d i m .
us TG = t-e-mu S b I 158, cf. Arnaud Emar 6
g a l . k u r. r a s . p . d a d i m m a . l i . b i :
537:120 (S a Voc.); u 4-mu-us TG = te-e-mu MSL
[um]manni markas Ekur ata milki t-e-me ul samni
14 91 : 69 :1 (Proto-Aa); u-mus TG = t(var. te)-e-
RA 12 74 : 47f., see Hruska, ArOr 37 489; d i m m a
mu Ea I 169; u m u = te 4-mu MSL 9 134 : 535
d i n g i r. r e . e . n e . k e x : [i]na t-em ilma accord-
(Proto-Aa); -musTG, g e t . MINTG = te-e-mu
ing to the will of the gods Ugaritica 5 164 : 20f.,
Nabnitu III (= A) 174f.; l . g a r. u m u = s-kin t-
also 41f.; d i m m a n a m . l u g a l . l a s .u d .r .
e-mu Cole Nippur 119 :7, 121 :7, 122 : 2, 123 : 5
d u g 4 . m u . u n . n a . a b : t-em s[arruti . . . qibsi]
(lists of professions). Angim IV 48 (= 200), restored from IV 37 (= 188).
na-am TG = t-e-mu Ea I 166; na-am TG = t- k i n g a l k d e n . k i . k e x a . r . i n . g a r.
e-m[u] MSL 14 530 Recip. Ea B 11. r a : sipru rab ellu sa Ea ana te-em iskunu 5R 51
gal-ga GGAR = mil-ki, t-e-mu Ea IV 257f., cf. iii 28 and 30, see JCS 21 11 :18 (bt rimki);
Ea III 248; ga-an-ga GGAR = te 4-e-[m]u Arnaud k u r. r a a l . m u . u n . d a . a b . b d i n g i r. r e . e .
Emar 6 537: 219 (S a Voc.); ga-gaGSIG 7, MING[] n e m [u . u n . ] u b . b a a l . b a l u s a g . g . n a
GAR, MINT[RGAR] = [MIN] (= te-e-mu) Nabnitu III n g . l u l . l a a b . z i . z i . e . a : iqbma mata iddsi
(= A) 178.; KA.KA . s . g a = MIN (= te-e-mu) ibid. ilu isni t-em nissa suhuza surrati (see surratu lex.
176. section) JCS 21 128 :18, restored from dupls., see
[KA].{I = te-e-mu-um (var. te-mu) OB Diri Nip- Lambert, CRRA 19 436 :18; u 4 . d a (!) . u . d . b i
pur Section 9 : 9, also OB Diri Oxford 552, var. from g e 6 . [m] e . a . b i . [d a k i] d i n g i r . i n . g l : te-
OB Diri Kis 5; KA.{I = t-e-mu Antagal A 200; em urrisa u musisa itti ili ibassi Ugaritica 5
KA di-im-ma {I = te-[e-mu] Igituh I 200, cf. Igituh 164 : 26f.
Short Version 170; d m . m a , KA.{I = te-[e-mu] UMU // t-e-mu Af O 19 118 F 13 (comm. to
Nabnitu III (= A) 181f.; KA.{I . k r. r a = s-ni te- Marduks Address to the Demons); e-[t]m-me //
e-mu Igituh Short Version 170a. qa-bu- t-e-me E // qa-bu- // K[A] [de-e]m4-ma{I // t-e-


temu 1a temu 1b
me etemmu (means) to speak a command, (be- t-e-mu sa mat Elamti the report about
cause) E (means) to speak, dimma (means) com- Elam ABL 521 r. 15, 280 r. 15, 281 : 4 (all NB);
mand Hunger Uruk 49 : 36f. (med. comm.); [a . r ]
= t-e-mu ZA 4 157 K.4159 : 9, restored from dupl.
t-e-mu sa mat Urarti Iraq 20 200 No. 48 ND
von Weiher Uruk 37:100 (Izbu XII comm.); EGIR = 2453 :11, see Saggs Nimrud Letters p. 117, cf. Saggs
te-e-mu Izbu Comm. 414; UMU = t-e-mu STC 2 Nimrud Letters p. 41 ND 2761 : 4, p. 53 ND
pl. 60 K.2053 + K.8299 r. 10 (comm. to En. el. VII 2065 : 8, ABL 515 : 3, 548 : 6 (all NA); ina t-e-mu
114); g a l [ g a k r] . r u . u // s-n-e t-mi RA 17
sa mat sarri belija uzne sa mat Elamti ipett
190 :13; ur-qa t-e-mu unpub. comm. to Lambert
BWL 72 : 37 (Theodicy), cf. la mur-qa (var. ur-qa) // they inform Elam with news about the
la t-e-[me] ibid. to line 78 (courtesy W. G. Lam- land of the king, my lord ABL 277 r. 10;
bert); e . u m u . a (vars. u m u . . a, u m u . i i b . assu t-e-me sa L Kaldu concerning in-
b a . a) = KI.MIN (= Babili) t-e-mu u mil-[ki] (var. formation about the Chaldeans Cole Nippur
t-em ka-ku-[ gal-lu-ti]) George Topographical
34 : 5, also ibid. 22 : 4; t-e-mu sa mar Jakn re-
Texts 40 Tintir I 33, for vars. see George, in Die
orientalische Stadt (= CDOG 1) 140.; si-ib-q // t- port about the Jakinite ABL 261 : 9, also
e-mu A III/1 Comm. A 12, in MSL 14 323, cf. A 238 : 5 (all NB); t-mu sa sar mat Elamti re-
III/1 Comm. B 12, in MSL 14 327; si-ip- tu t = te-e- port about the king of Elam ABL 1348 : 4,
mu A III/1 Comm. App. 20u, in MSL 14 329; cf. sa sar mat Elamti mnu te-en-s ABL
AN.GI -u-ru MIN s-kan te-me A III/1 Comm. B
799+ : 8 (= CT 53 89), see Fuchs and Parpola, SAA
48, in MSL 14 328; dub-bu-bu // s-n-e t-e-me
Lambert BWL 72 comm. to line 35; rid-di // t-e- 15 113 (both NA); k te4-em-su-nu ban be-
mu ibid. 82 comm. to line 214 (both Theodicy cause their news was good EA 21 : 29; dajal
comm.); ur-t -tar // t-eme -ta-a-ri // ur-tum // t- museribu t-em matati spies who bring in
e-me Hunger Uruk 83 r. 21 (physiogn. comm.).
reports about various lands TCL 3 300
sibqu, urtu, murtu, alaktu, x-tum, [x]-tu, iltu, pak
(Sar.); k ann sutu t-en-s-nu their report
ku = t(var. t)-e-mu Malku IV 111.; pakku, mil
ku = te-e-m[u] LTBA 2 2 168f., dupl. 4 iii 5f.; is like this ABL 43 r. 5, also left edge 28, see
tasmtu = t-e-[mu] RA 17 153 r. i 16. Parpola, SAA 10 96; anniu t-en-s-nu ABL
424 r. 9, 548 r. 9, 340 r. 22; mnu t-mu what
1. report, news, information, situation, is the situation? ABL 314 : 6; ina hp libbi te-
matter a) in gen.: te4-mu-um . . . madis e-me ina muhhija lassu to my dismay I
sa hadm the report was very much (a rea- have nothing to report ABL 687 r. 18, see
son) for joy Eidem and Laesse Shemshara Let- Parpola, SAA 10 45 side 2; anniu t-e-mu sa PN
ters 64 :7; assum te4-e-em harranim sa nilliku ABL 198+ : 22, also r. 11, see Parpola, SAA 1 29,
concerning the matter of the journey on cf. ABL 197 r. 4, also r. 16 (all NA).
which we went Kraus AbB 1 57: 5, cf. PBS 7
42 : 8; assum te4-m-ti-ia tasahhuru annik b) with abalu (subulu): te4-em-ka dam
am wasbatima do you (fem.) stay here in qam ina kunukki sutteramma subilam write
order to meddle with matters concerning a report about your well-being on a sealed
me? Kraus AbB 1 28 :11; k te4-mu-um what tablet and have it brought to me Greengus
is the situation? Sumer 23 pl. 8 IM 49274 : 31; Ishchali 21 : 20; te4-em-ku-nu gamram . . . subi
te4-mi ul kajanakkum Kraus AbB 1 37:14u; as lanim send (pl.) me your full report TCL 7
sum te4-mi-im sa ummanatim concerning 77: 37, cf. CT 29 7b :14, YOS 2 151 : 27, TCL 17
the matter of the troops Bagh. Mitt. 2 56 i 2, 33 : 24; summan la PN mannuman . . . te4-em-
cf. YOS 2 1 : 8; assum te4-em wardim concern- ki-ma-an ubla if not PN, who would bring
ing the matter of the slave PBS 7 60 :7 (all you the information? Kraus, AbB 10 169 : 8
OB letters); assum te4-em eburim concerning (all OB letters); te4-ma-am annm sartam u
the matter of the harvest ARMT 27 33 : 4, sissiktam ublamma he brought me this re-
36 : 5; tuppa ana te4-mi-su ana PN . . . udan port, the hair, and the hem ARM 10 8 : 20;
ninamma ustabilam I sent a strongly te4-ma-am gamram . . . subilamma Eidem
worded tablet to PN for his own informa- and Laesse Shemshara Letters 29 : 25; PN te4-
tion van Soldt, AbB 12 2 :12, cf. ibid. 92 r. 15u; ma-am ublam KBo 1 11 r.(!) 10, cf. ibid. obv.(!)

temu 1c temu 1e

2, see Gterbock, ZA 44 114., and Beckman, JCS send this report to your lord (I shall
47 23.; ubla t-e-ma sa lam abubi George speak of you before Zimrilim as follows), I
Gilg. I 8; see also abalu A mng. 5a temu a. heard a report and sent it to PN , but PN
did not forward that report to you M-
c) with harasu : t-mu anniu ihtarsa iq langes Garelli 56 A.2920 : 28. (Mari); te4-mu-um
tibnnsi he related this detailed report sa ana RN aspuru sa hamatim ARMT 28 7: 8;
to us ABL 342 r. 3, cf. t-en-s-nu iharrasan mala sa ippaluka te4-ma-am supram send
ni iqabbkkani ABL 608 r. 5 (both NA); PN me a report about his response to you CT 4
. . . t-en-s-nu haris ABL 280 r. 24; t-e-mu 24a : 33; warkat awatim suati purusma te 4-
sa PN . . . PN 2 haris ABL 791 r. 11; t-e-mu ma-am supramma investigate that matter
gamru sa Uruk hursanimma make a de- and send me a report CT 6 34a : 29, cf. TCL 7
tailed, precise report about Uruk ABL 20 : 26; arhis te4-ma-am gamram supramma
1366 : 9 (all NB); mni sa t-mu-ni iharrasi he send me a full report promptly CT 4
will detail whatever news there is ABL 992 35b :18, cf. Florilegium marianum 7 9 No. 2 : 4; as
r. 1 (NA let.); for other refs. see harasu A sum te-e-em suharti te-e-em-ki gamra sup
mng. 4. rimma concerning the matter of the maid,
send me your full report Kraus AbB 1 55 : 5;
d) with sakanu : te4-mi mahar PN asak te-e-em-ki gamram supri YOS 2 63 : 27, cf. VAS
kan I will place my report before PN Kraus 16 65 :15, Sumer 14 64 No. 38 :13, TCL 18 148 :13,
AbB 1 88 :11; alkama te4-em-ku-nu mahar PBS 7 114 :12, and passim; te4-ma-dam-am-q-
ekallim suknanim go and place your report am (for te4-ma-am dam-q-am) supram TCL
before the royal administration Sumer 14 17 58 : 35; te4-em-ka rqam ul taspuram (see
19 No. 3 :14, cf. te4-ma-am anniam mahrisu rqu usage 1e) Kraus AbB 1 102 : 8, cf. CT 52
asakkan TLB 4 2 : 29, cf. also OECT 3 55 : 8, 176 : 3; te4-em eper . . . supranim send (pl.)
Kraus AbB 1 140 : 9, Fish Letters 4 :15, 21 :1, see me information about the silt (that was
ana sakanu t-e-mu
Kraus, AbB 10 4 and 21; dredged) BIN 7 7: 23; te4-em E-im u mim
ana muhhi tuppi sa rehanu (see sakanu ma sa ezibakkum supram send me a report
mng. 5a temu d) YOS 7 198 :12 (NB adm.); te4- about the barley and everything that I left
em eqlim stu ina GN mahar belija askun with you TCL 17 19 :13; te4-em E-im sa . . .
Birot Mem. Vol. 38 No. 11 : 23, cf. ibid. 322 tamhuru supram send me a report about
A.3900 : 9 (both Mari letters); PN t-ma sukun the barley you received A 3531 :13; te4-em
MRS 12 No. 14 : 23; te4-e-ma ul iskunanni EA eqlim suati supram BIN 7 6 : 20; dnam gum
29 :111, also 151 and 160, wr. te-e-ma EA 7: 51f.; rasunusim u te4-em dnim sa tagammarasu
t-mi-i-s sarru bel ana hittija liskun ABL nusim supranim settle (pl.) the case for
190 :15 (NA), see Parpola, SAA 1 124 :15; see them and send me a report about the case
also sakanu mng. 5a temu b; sakin te-mu- that you (pl.) settle for them BIN 7 3 : 27;
um ana ssim issaqarsum (see sakanu mng. te4-em tuppatim u ksim . . . supranim CT 29
5a temu a) RA 46 90 : 26 and 28 (OB Epic of Zu), 34 : 21; te4-em n[ep]estisunu . . . ul asapparam
cf. CT 15 39 ii 32 and 34, 40 iii 8, CT 46 37: 32 JCS 21 229 A.1081(= MARI 26 96): 38; te4-em-
and 34 (SB version), see Vogelzang Bin ar Dadme ku-nu u sulumkunu supranim TIM 2 12 : 37;
34 : 93. te-e-em sulm asapparakkum I will send
you news of my well-being van Soldt, AbB 12
e) with saparu 1u in OB, Mari let-
193 :12, cf. ibid. 2; magana te4-e-em-su supram
ters : te4-ma-am anneam ana belika supur
please send me a report about him BIN 7
. . . summa te4-m[a]-am anneam ana belika
12 :15.
ul tasappar . . . te4-ma-am esmema ana PN
aspur u PN te4-ma-am stu ul uterrakkum 2u in later letters : ittika mnumm [su]l
send this report to your lord, if you do not mani t-ma tisappara send me whatever

temu 1f temu 1g

news there is of your well-being MRS 9 196 ram iqb PBS 5 100 ii 7, see Roth, JESHO 44
RS 17.78 :7; [a]mata ssu saalma te4-ma su 282; ahum ana ahim te4-em-su uterma CT 29
pur inquire about that matter and send a 42 : 9 (both OB leg.); adi te4-e-em-ni nutarrak
report KUB 3 56 r. 8; mimma t-ma ana be kum ekallam la tulammad do not inform
lija ul aspu[ra] (see saparu mng. 2a3u) the palace until we send our report back
PBS 1/2 22 : 6 (MB), cf. bel t-ma lispuramma to you BIN 7 37:10; te4-ma-am anniam PN
PBS 1/2 19 :12, and passim in MB letters, see Aro . . . uterram PN brought this report back to
Glossar 112; mnu sa t-mu-u-ni ahua lispur me Sumer 14 14 No. 1 : 33; ul kaspam tublam
let my brother send whatever news there ul te4-em-ka tuterram ibid. 45 No. 21 : 5; kma
is TCL 9 68 : 21 (NA), see Lanfranchi and Par- te4-em-ku-nu tutarranim as soon as you
pola, SAA 5 81 r. 4, cf. Thompson Rep. 109 r. 2; (pl.) make your report BIN 7 50 : 27; te4-e-
sa . . . t-e-mu akk annmma issaparuni he em-su literram TCL 17 51 : 8, cf. ibid. 43 :18,
who had reported as follows ABL 197 r. 24 PBS 7 112 :15, van Soldt, AbB 12 158 :12, 177:18
(NA); mnamma t-e-ma la taspuranni ABL (all OB letters); te4-e-em-su damqam u lem
468 : 5; t-en-s ul taspurannu BIN 1 25 : 41 nam ul utarram ARMT 13 36 : 8; te4-ma-am
(both NB). uterru Birot Mem. Vol. 68 No. 34 :10, cf. ibid. 15
f) with sem: te-e-em btim ahuka la (Mari let.); uncert.: t-em-su [. . .] asserisu
isemmema your brother must not hear taerma send a report about it back to him
the report about the house ABIM 26 r. 14 CCT 4 31a : 40 (OA).
(OB); kma te4-ma-am [st]i esm ARM 10
178 :10, cf. YOS 2 44 :10, ARM 14 86 : 22; t-e-mu 2u in MB, RS, Emar, EA, Nuzi, MA:
k sa asm ana sarri belija altapar I sent ana bel utteti te-e-mi . . . luter I will make
the report to the king, my lord, just as I my report to the owner of the barley BE 17
heard it ABL 960 :11 (NB); t-e-mu u amat sa 76 : 8; te-em-ka ana ekalli ter PBS 1/2 57:14
asemm whatever report and word that I (both MB letters); te4-e-ma hamutta literrunim
hear ABL 521 r. 26; mnamma immatimma ma let them send back a report promptly
t-en-s la asme u sipirtasu la amur ABL EA 17: 48; itti belija minumm sulmanu t-
1431 : 6, see Dietrich, SAA 17 21; t-me-e-ti mala ma literruni MRS 9 224 RS 17.422 : 9, cf. ibid.
nisemm the reports that we hear ABL 865 222 RS 17.383 : 9, MRS 12 No. 9 :7, 20 : 5, Aula
r. 8; kapda t-e-mu sa belija lusmu let me Orientalis 2 181 :10 (Emar), 186 :12, cf. ibid. 182 : 29;
promptly hear a report from my lord te4-e-ma ana dajan uterru they reported
(whether the month had 29 or 30 days) CT back to the judges (as follows) JEN 662 :78,
22 167:10; t-e-m[u sa] belija ina muhhi sumi and passim in Nuzi; t-em-su ana sarri RN utr
u sulupp lusme CT 22 81 : 26; ikkibi sa il he reported back to King Adad-sum-usur
mnamma t-e-mu-ku-nu ul asme (see ik BBSt. No. 3 iii 1 (MB), cf. ibid. iii 38, v 10, and
kibu mng. 1a4u) CT 22 40 : 5, cf. ibid. 6 : 32, 19; rabi nuhatimm t-e-[mu] utr ma the
TCL 9 102 : 4; kapdu t-en-ka ina qate mamma chief cook reports as follows MVAG 41/3 66
allaku lusme (see allaku mng. 1) CT 22 iii 48 (MA rit.), cf. ibid. 60 i 6 and 9.
151 :16; hantis t-e-mu u sulum sa had sarru
isemmu Thompson Rep. 48 r. 2, see Hunger,
3u in later texts : re-du- t-en-s ute[r
SAA 8 343; hantis t-en-gu-nu nismu let us
ramma] the soldier reported back (as fol-
hear your (pl.) report promptly ABL 1112
lows) CT 13 39 ii 2, see J. Westenholz Akkade
r. 7; t-e-mu u sulum sa belija lusmu YOS 3
314 : 69; t-e-mu utteruni ma (while I was in
62 : 30, cf. ibid. 28 : 27, TCL 9 115 :18, 127: 22, CT
Nineveh) they reported back to me as fol-
22 175 :15, and passim in NB letters.
lows AKA 311 ii 49, also 280 i 75, 302 ii 23, 353
g) with tru (turru) 1u in OA, OB, iii 27, and passim in Asn., WO 2 224 :147 (Shalm.
Mari : sbu . . . te4-ma-am ana puhrim tur III); t-e-mu ina pan sarri belija uteri I re-

temu 1h temu 1h

ported back to the king, my lord ABL that report proves reliable OBT Tell Rimah
479 :7, cf. ABL 493 :16, Iraq 14 pl. 23 (p. 69) ND te4-mu-um s ul ikkasir that infor-
86 : 8;
1120 : 5 (all NA). mation was not collected ibid. 8 : 5, cf. ARM
10 165 :11; te4-m[u-u]m takitti L Esnunna
h) with other verbs : te4-ma-am . . . ana
ana serija iksudam (the very day I sent
PN u PN 2 ab-bu-ul-ma I . . . .-ed the matter
this tablet) the news reached me, (that is,)
to PN and PN 2 ARM 2 139 : 6, see ARMT 26
conrmation about the ruler of Esnunna
111 and n. a; pqat te4-em alim muruma per-
ARMT 28 168 : 5; ana L Sams-Addu te4-ma-
haps they saw the situation of the city Ei- am kl Studies Landsberger 193 : 21, see Eidem
dem and Laesse Shemshara Letters 11 :18; inu
and Laesse Shemshara Letters 64; te 4-em-su
ma . . . te4-e-em-ni ntamru when we have limdam get information from him for me
reviewed our situation Sumer 14 62 No. 36 :14; VAS 16 89 :19, cf. TCL 17 29 : 29 (both OB letters);
maru sipri te4-ma-am stu muru ana be te4-e-em musi alammadma [in]a amas na
lisunu te4-ma-am stu nas the messengers pahi asappara as soon as I nd out news
saw that situation and are bringing that about the (patients) night, I will send it at
report to their lord CT 52 58 : 8; alkamma sunrise BE 17 33 : 28 (MB let.); te4-ma-am
te4-em-su amur CT 33 21 :17 (all OB letters); mimma eleqqm ARMT 13 147:12, cf. ARM 14
alkamma te4-em bti i nidbub come and let 128 :15; kma te4-mu-um assum nakrim ana
us discuss the matter of the house PBS 1/2 ser belija imqutu when a report about the
2 : 9 (MB let.); te4-ma-am mala PN idbubam u enemy reached my lord ARM 5 36 : 6; te4-
[t]e4-ma-am sa ina ahtim esm . . . astap mu-um istu maha[r PN ] imqutam Eidem and
r[am] I sent on all the information which Laesse Shemshara Letters 47: 5; te4-em Babilim
PN related to me and the information [lidd]ikkumma let him give you the report
which I heard from other sources ARM 14 about Babylon ARM 6 20 : 22; te4-em-su-nu
83 : 38f.; te4-em bt abiki ul idbubunikkim did kam iddinunim they gave me their report
they not report to you about your fathers as follows Bagh. Mitt. 2 56 i 10, cf. ibid. 23; ula
house? CT 52 36 : 3; ana bt amas rubuma ninnawirma te4-mi ula addikkum we did
te4-em-su-nu pusuma (the partners) en- not meet, so I did not give you my report
tered the temple of amas and conducted Sumer 23 161 IM 49219 : 22; within two days I
their business(?) CT 2 28 : 5 (OB leg.); nnu shall be with you te-mi anandikkum I will
te4-e-em gamalini i npusamma (see gamalu give you my report YOS 2 132 :15; te4-mu-
v. mng. 1c) MDP 18 237:19 (OB let.); te-e-em- um sa PN iqb the news which PN re-
ku-nu gamrum lihmutam let a complete re- ported Bagh. Mitt. 2 59 iv 27; assu te-mi-im
port from you (pl.) come to me promptly sa aqbkunusim as for the matter which I
ABIM 16 : 25; sa . . . te-em phati td WZJ 8 told you Kraus AbB 1 81 : 37 (all OB letters);
571 HS 113 : 9 (MB let.); ela ssu t-me(var. te4-ma-am stu nasram ana wardja la aqab
-mi) umesina la i-ad-da ilu mamman (see b (I swear that) I shall not tell that se-
id mng. 8a) En. el. VII 114; te4-ma-am sti cret information to my servants Mlanges
kinnamma conrm that report for me Eidem Garelli 143 A.361 iii 9 (Mari treaty); alka t-e-
and Laesse Shemshara Letters 26 :15; [a]dni ma [q]ibia OIP 79 No. 3 : 23 (MA let.); t-en-s-
te4-em taradisunu u la taradisunu ul ukn nu iqtibia Iraq 17 26 ND 2717:19, cf. ABL
ma ana ser belija ul aspuram inuma awl 171 : 5; sa t-me-ni ina pan sarri iqabbni
sunuti itarradu te4-em-su-nu ukannamma (an ocial) who will relate our reports to
te4-em-su-nu g[amram] ana ser belija asap the king ABL 415 r. 12 (all NA letters); ana
param ARM 2 73 :18 and 24f. (= ARMT 26 361); te4-mi-sa . . . bel madis liqul let my lord
ina ahtija te4-ma-am almad adni [ul] ukn pay close attention to her report ARM 10
suma ana belija ul aspuram Amurru 2 121 34 r. 4u; ana te4-em tuppija annm ab liqul
M.8823 : 5; summa te4-mu-um s iktun if Voix de lopposition 182 A.1153 : 32; for addi-


temu 2a temu 2a

tional refs. see qlu A mng. 2b1u; te4-ma- mng. 1d) TCL 1 46 : 8 (all OB letters); summa
am panam sursianimma ana belija luqbi sarrum ina te4-e-e[m s]ikarisa sa qabsu iq
make (pl.) an explicit report and I will bkkum should the king say anything to
speak to my lord van Soldt, AbB 13 122 r. 3u, you while under the inuence of alcohol
cf. te4-em kirm suati gamram panam sur Florilegium marianum 7 151 No. 45 : 25; sa . . . t-
siamma supram TCL 7 13 :15, cf. also te4-em ma suatu inn he who changes this com-
samassamm . . . panam sursiamma supram mand MDP 10 pl. 11 iii 31 (MB kudurru); mar
YOS 2 11 : 26, for additional refs. see ras A sipri sa ana sarri i[s]puru te4-ma damqa
mng. 11a; te-ma-am sa rudd ruddia add ileqq will the messenger whom he sent to
whatever information needs to be added the king receive a favorable command? JCS
ABIM 26 r. 25; assu . . . t-e-mu sa mat Assur 37 137: 64 (MB ext.); sa . . . balu t-me-ia ina
lapansunu irequ because a report about kusssu usibuma he who occupied his (fa-
Assyria did not reach them ABL 1241 : 9; thers) throne without my (Sargons) per-
min t-en-ka lapanja ireqqam why does mission Winckler Sar. pl. 33 : 84, see Fuchs
your report not reach me? CT 22 6 :19 (both Sargon 217; 5 arh ag pan t-e-mi sa sarri
NB letters), also ibid. 26; [te4]-em-ka [ana] se belija addagal for the past ve months I
rija lu sadir (see sadaru mng. 1b1u) RA waited for an order from the king, my lord
42 38 : 20 (OB let.); te4-ma-am astalsunutima I ABL 698 : 6; sa ana t-me-e-ti sa sarri belija
asked them for information ARM 14 109 : 9, illikunu (the messengers) who came for
cf. ibid. 110 :12, RA 66 118 A.2801 : 23 (Mari); te- the orders of the king, my lord ABL 749 : 6
em mursisa k isalusi when he inquired (both NB letters); ammar t-en-s-nu hassuni
about her illness BE 17 22 : 8 (MB let.); t- ABL 584+ : 4 (= CT 53 21, NA), see Parpola, SAA
ma-te assaalsu sulmu adannis I asked for 10 316 :17; ana uur t-e-mu sakani situlti u
news from him, (he said) it is very well paras arkati to issue commands, hold de-
ABL 414 r. 12 (NA let.); assu tibt Elam . . . liberations, and investigate matters CT 36
usannni t-e-mu they relayed to me a re- 21 i 17 (Nbn.); ina UMU sa sarri at the
port about an attack by the Elamites Piep- order of the king Sachs-Hunger Diaries -273B
korn Asb. 64 v 20. r. 6uf.

2. order, command, instructions a) in 2u from other authorities : t-em ~lim

gen. 1u from the king: assurri bel kam di-
Kltepe 94/1117:11 (courtesy M. T. Larsen);
la iqabbi umma sma te4-ma-am sa uwae cult : mala t-m-k kma kaspam asqulu
rusu ul ispuram u te4-em ramanisuma ispu (you know) that I paid silver according to
ram on no account should my lord say : He your orders VAS 26 76 r. 11u (both OA); te-e-
did not send me the orders I issued to him em belsu uwairu inandma te-e-em ramani
but sent me his own orders Birot Mem. Vol. suma ippes he disregards the orders his
325 A.1960 :11.; t-ma-am gamram sarrum lord issued and carries out his own orders
usabilakkum the king sent you detailed in- TIM 2 14 :17.; PN ana te4-mi-ka lamadi ispu
structions ARM 18 26 :10; assum te4-em ma ra PN sent word to me in order to nd out
tim sahatim sa bel . . . ispuru concerning what you command Kraus AbB 1 79 : 28; te4-e-
the orders to raid the land which my lord em PN dajanim u PN 2 gamram suharu [l]il
sent Birot Mem. Vol. 206 No. 116 : 37 (Mari let.); qnimma [l]illikunim let the servants re-
belni liqbi te4-mu-um lissapranniasim (see ceive complete instructions from the judge
saparu mng. 6b) TCL 1 8 : 9; te4-em tuwai PN and from PN 2 and let them come here
rassunuti pusu they executed the order Greengus Ishchali 9 : 3; te4-ma-am gamram sup
which you issued to them Bagh. Mitt. 2 57 ii ramma su[mma x x] summa samnam lusa
22, cf. ibid. 56 i 24; awlum te-em ekallisu is bila send me detailed instructions and I
niassumm[a] alakam ul elei (see san B v. shall send either [. . .] or oil VAS 16 90 :13;

temu 2b temu 2b

assum PN te4-mi gamram tatamar you saw ders HSS 14 29 : 21; to the people of GN ki
my nal order concerning PN Kraus AbB 1 nannama te4-ma saknu orders are given as
74 :18; bel . . . te4-ma-am lispuram (see sa follows ibid. 14 : 23; ana A..ME ssu te4-e-
paru mng. 2a2u) CT 2 20 : 35; adi te4-mi ma asakkan HSS 9 34 : 8, cf. ibid. 21 (all Nuzi);
asapparakku until I send you my order CT k PN te-ma askunuma when I issued or-
2 29 :14; te-e-em belini nuqaa we await the ders to PN KBo 1 10 r. 9 (let.); sarru t-e-ma
order of our lord ABIM 26 : 38; come to me iskunsuma BBSt. No. 3 iii 8; akkai askunka
and te-mi luddikkunusi I will give you my te-e-mu Lambert Love Lyrics 118 A 13, cf. ibid.
order Kraus AbB 1 81 : 24, cf. OECT 3 62 :7; ana 122 C 14; issma isten isakkana [t]-e-ma(var.
te4-mi-im sa PN at the order of PN (the -mu) Cagni Erra I 31, cf. ibid. V 24, George Gilg.
troops did not enter the city) Bagh. Mitt. 2 III 120; rabni L s-kn t-em matisu (for
57 ii 28 (all OB letters); k sa t-mu-ni bel context see sakanu mng. 5a temu c) TCL 3
lispura VAS 19 71 : 29 (MA let.); L ikkaru te4- 58 (Sar.); t-mu la tasakkansuni ma you will
e-ma terrassu give orders to the farmer issue orders (to your descendants) as fol-
HSS 9 4 : 23 (Nuzi); L.ME sa t-mi-su men lows Wiseman Treaties 290, see Parpola and
under his command MDP 2 pl. 21 ii 38 (MB Watanabe, SAA 2 6; idaggalu pan sakan t-me-
kudurru); [t]-e-mu utarru ana Gilgames they ia Streck Asb. 30 iii 95; Istar saqt ilani isak
(the elders) gave instructions to Gilgames kanka te-e-mu Istar, highest among the
George Gilg. II 288; see also tmu v.; t-e-mu gods, will give you orders Piepkorn Asb. 66 v
sa belija lusme janu dullu ibattil let me 58; (Assurbanipal) sa ina sakan UMU-s u
hear my lords order, otherwise the work nadan urtisu . . . ikkisu qaqqad Teumman
will be interrupted CT 22 57: 20 (NB let.); who by issuing his orders and giving his
pani t-mi-ka nidaggal we await your order command cut o the head of Teumman
YOS 3 200 : 32; note Aram. pl. and acc. Bauer Asb. 53 : 4; libbu sa anaku t-e-me asku
marker : ana t-ma-an-na-a-ta suturannsi nusunu as I had ordered them VAB 3 87
issue (pl.) instructions to us (and we will s 2 : 21 (Dar. Pg); ag sad t-e-mu [il]takan
completely provide the regular deliveries ana epes pansu he (Darius) issued orders
to the Lady-of-Uruk) YOS 7 69 : 5; ana t- to prepare the surface of this rock VAB 3
man-a-ta [lus]anniqsunuti I will question 119 s 3 : 20 (Xerxes); sarru bel t-e-mu liskun
them about the instructions ABL 266 r. 13 let the king, my lord, issue an order ABL
(all NB). 375 r. 10, also ABL 667:11, 181 r. 1, and passim in
NA letters; t-e-mu assakansu Iraq 21 175 No.
b) with sakanu : te4-mi gamram ul 64 ND 2683 :16, cf. ABL 52 r. 2; t-e-mu sukun
askunka I did not issue my full instruc- sunu issue orders to them ABL 434 :13; t-
tions to you Dalley Edinburgh 17:12 (OB let.); e-mu saknaku I am under orders ABL 90
ina libbikunu mannu k sarrimma t-ma r. 10 (all NA); ul ina mahr t-e-mu askungu
isakk[an] who among you can issue orders did I not give you orders previously? Cole
like a king? 4R 34 No. 2 : 6 (early NB royal let.), Nippur 95 : 8; sarru bel t-e-mu issaknanni
see Weidner, Af O 10 2 and Landsberger, Af O 10 the king, my lord, issued orders to me M-
141; arhis t-ma sukunsu issue orders to langes Garelli 129 : 6 (NA astrol. report); t-e-mu
him immediately VAS 19 15 : 8, cf. ibid. 43 :10 iltakannsu (the king) commanded us ABL
(both MA letters); [sarru te4]-e-ma istakan 210 :12, cf. ABL 1006 r. 12; ag sa t-i-ma
sunu the king issued orders to them HSS askunkunusi this is what I commanded
15 1 : 2, cf. ibid. 29 (= RA 36 115); [sa] ikkall you (pl.) BIN 1 62 :7, cf. CT 22 74 : 27; asar sa
sarru te4-e-ma isakkan (see sakanu mng. 5a LUGAL.E t-mu isakkanu UET 4 109 : 5 (all
temu c) HSS 9 7: 25, cf. HSS 14 10 : 3, 21 : 20, NB); ana sikin t-me sa KUR x [. . .] VAS 19
HSS 19 3 : 9; ana sarri qibi u te4-ma liskun 43 : 6 (MA let.), cf. Piepkorn Asb. 74 vi 61, Streck
speak to the king so that he will issue or- Asb. 142 viii 63, cited siknu mng. 2e; t-en-s-nu

temu 3a temu 3b

tassakkin (see sakanu mng. 5a temu f) med.; [u m u] . b i n a m . b a . h a . z a // t-

for additional refs. see
Lambert BWL 99 : 23; e[m4-s la sabit] Hunger Uruk 38 : 8 (comm. to
sakanu mng. 5a temu c. Labat TDP 246 :15); enna sa appatru t-ma-a
ul asbat (see sabatu mng. 8) ABL 1431 : 9
3. decision, deliberation, (divine) coun-
(NB); sibit te4-mi-im lu tsi OBT Tell Rimah
sel, will, discretion, initiative a) deci-
87: 8, cf. sibit te4-mi lirsi ibid. 110 :11, VAS
sion, deliberation 1u in gen.: te4-em situ
16 118 :14, TCL 17 16 : 22, van Soldt, AbB 12
lika lamadam uwairanniati (see lamadu
58 : 21 (all OB), and see sibtu B mng. 7a.
mng. 4b1u) Bagh. Mitt. 2 56 i 14 (OB royal
let.); te4-e-em-ku-nu gummeransimma u m b) (divine) counsel, deliberation, will :
sa Balih i nugammerakkunusim (the people RN te4-em DN imtas has Zimrilim forgot-
of GN said) give us your (pl.) nal decision, ten the will of Adad? Florilegium marianum 7
and we will leave the water of the Balih 24 No. 8 : 26; ilu matim iptanahhuru ana te-
river to you completely RA 68 30 :13, see Du- mi-im the gods of the land gathered for
rand Documents de Mari 2 591f. No. 789; te4-em deliberation (and Anu addressed them)
tuppi ann kutalli itr the agreement on RA 46 88 : 6 (OB), cf. CT 15 39 ii 26 (SB Epic of
this tablet will become invalid MRS 9 55 Zu), see Vogelzang Bin ar Dadme 96 : 6 and
RS 17.334 :19; iltanu t-en-ga manit nis ta sa Igig t-en-s-nu tdema sa Anun
34 : 87;
[bu] your mind is a north wind, a pleasant nak miliksun you know the decision of
breeze for the people Lambert BWL 74 : 67; the Igigu and the counsel of the Anunnaku
lezenu e tatami t-e-mu la kni utter noth- Cagni Erra IIIc 40; ilu ajumma ul ilammad t-
ing slanderous, no unfounded opinion ibid. en-s no god can discover his (Marduks)
100 : 29; in personal names : Pani-Nab-t- decision Wiseman and Black Literary Texts
e-mu 5R 67 No. 3 :1. (= Stevenson Ass.-Bab. 201 : 32 (Ludlul I), see Wiseman, AnSt 30 105, cf.
Contracts No. 29), Ina-pan-Nab-t-em VAS 3 Streck Asb. 278 line z after line 8, see Borger Asb.
10 : 8 (both NB); sabeja sa t-e-ma ahames p. 201, cf. also Lambert BWL 40 : 36 (Ludlul II);
iskunu umma (see ahames mng. 1e) ABL t-em amas Adad almad OIP 2 145 :13,
1339 : 6 (NB). 137: 29 (Senn.), Winckler Sammlung 2 53 r. 12; sa
2u with sabatu to make a decision : t- . . . t-en-s ilu mamman la id Perry Sin 23
em-k lu sabtakkum you should make your No. 5a : 5; u m u [. . .] : nadin t-me u milki
decision VAS 26 27: 8, also CCT 3 46b : 22, t- he who gives decision and counsel LKA 77
em-k sabatma . . . tibamma atalkam (see ii 15 (inc.); attama nadin urti u t-e-me you
sabatu mng. 8) BIN 6 2 : 5, t-m lu sabtam I (re god) are the one who gives orders and
am resolved CCT 2 50 : 30 (all OA); atti te4-em- commands Maqlu II 82, cf. Perry Sin No. 6 :7,
ki lu sabta[ti] you (fem.) should make your Craig ABRT 1 35 : 5; Arbela bt t-e-me u mil
decision CT 52 17:15; te4-em-ka sabat YOS 2 ki LKA 32 :11 (hymn), see Livingstone, SAA 3 8,
84 : 8; te-e-mi sabtak[u] TCL 17 6 :13; te-mi ul cf. bt ridti asar t-me u milki Streck Asb.
sabtak OECT 3 74 :10, cf. Kraus, AbB 10 100 :14 258 ii 4; DN mukinnat t-em ili u amli
(all OB letters); te4-em KASKAL.A lisbat Birot (see knu A mng. 4b1u) Craig ABRT 2 16
Mem. Vol. 205 No. 116 : 25; te4-em salmim nis K.232 + 3371 : 25; ina t-em (var. nemequ) sa
bat we agreed upon peace ARMT 28 25 :15 Nab u Nisaba VAB 4 62 ii 16 (Nabopolassar);
(both Mari letters); isbat t-en-s-ma iqrub ma (Nisaba) [. . . r]amanus ibanni t-e-mu Lam-
harsun George Gilg. IX 47; (if a man drinks bert BWL 170 : 37; sa la tubu t-em(var. -mi)
beer and) amtesu imtanassi . . . t-en-s la ili min kusrka unless you seek the gods
sabit keeps forgetting his words, cannot will, what is your prot? Lambert BWL
make a decision Kcher BAM 59 : 23, 575 iii 84 : 239, cf. illigmijama t-em ili ash[ur] in
52, cf. Syria 33 122 : 24, wr. UMU-s Labat my youth I sought the will of the god ibid.
TDP 84 : 34, 104 iii 21f., 106 iii 34, and passim in 76 :72 (Theodicy); k t-em ilimma ina bibil


temu 3c temu 4

libbija ala epus according to the will of the measure which he showed him, acceptable
god and prompted by my own heart, I to him (valued in copper) JNES 41 207:18
built a city Winckler Sar. pl. 35 :155, see Fuchs (MB); ardu sa te-mi-ka s he is a slave at
Sargon 235; plu pes sa k t-em ilimma . . . your disposal WZJ 8 567 HS 109 :19; anaku
ina erset GN innamru white limestone ina te-mi-ia kk rakissunu arakkas (see kk)
which was discovered in the land of GN in WZJ 8 570 HS 112 : 34 (both MB letters); k te-
accordance with the will of the god OIP 2 mi-su-nu ana matika ammni illikuni why
126 : 2 (Senn.), also ibid. 95 :70, 133 :79; k t-em did (the Assyrians) go into your land on
ilani rabti . . . asar nisirti usesibuni Borger their own initiative? EA 9 : 32, also EA 162 :13;
Esarh. 42 i 38; Bel u Beltija . . . k t-me-s- sa . . . ana t-m-su ukannu he who con-
n[u ina] qereb al Assur ibbanma (the im- rms (this eld) as his own ZA 65 56 : 36,
ages of) Bel and Beltija were made in Assur also Sumer 23 65 ii 22 (both kudurrus); sa . . .
according to their will ibid. 88 r. 11; sa ina ana PA.TE.SI bt t-mi-su . . . isarraku
t-mi(var. -me)-s (var. ramanisu) ibban BBSt. No. 7 ii 4; for harab temi see harbu D
anaku I am the one who was created ac- and Aro Glossar p. 37; he became afraid and
cording to his own will Af O 17 315 F 6 (Mar- k t-me-s-ma biltu . . . ilqmma of his own
duks Address to the Demons); sa ina milki u accord he brought me tribute Borger Esarh.
t-e-mi ibban TCL 3 115 (Sar.); nakru lemnu 52 iii 75; ana t-mi-i anaku mamma sanm
. . . ina la t-e-mu il itbmma BM 56617 iv ma ittija janu I am responsible for myself,
10 (courtesy W. G. Lambert); sa . . . ana te-e-mu there is no one else with me ABL 496 r. 8
ilutisunu bas uznasu he who is attentive (NB); sunu ana t-me-s-nu eppusu they
to the will of their divinity VAB 4 150 i 14 will act at their own discretion ABL 413
(Nbk.); utarradu kna sa ana (var. omits ana) r. 3 (NA); PN akannu ina t-me-s PN is
t-em ili pu[qqu] they drive out the just here on his own CT 22 176 : 6; ina t-mi-i
one who is attentive to the will of the god anaku PSBA 31 pl. 19 : 20, cf. CT 22 73 : 3 (all
Lambert BWL 86 : 270 (Theodicy), also VAB 4 252 NB letters); PN ana te-me-su BE 14 151 :16
i 1, cf. CT 37 5 : 4, wr. ta-im il PBS 15 80 i 2 and 25 (MB).
(all Nbn.).
4. plan, intention : t-em ekallim ina erab
c) discretion, initiative : qemam liknuk subat anniutim limdanim nd out (pl.)
ma . . . ina te4-mi-ni-ma i nipte let him put about the intent of the palace when these
the our under seal, let us open it only at textiles arrive KT Hahn 13 :18 (OA); ana t-m-
our discretion CT 48 80 :19, see Kraus, AbB 7 sa la damqim malkisa parruim (see malku C
189; kma te-e-em ramanisunuma liseseruma usage a) BIN 4 126 : 8 and 14 (OA Lamastu); te4-
let them proceed according to their own e-mi u te4-em-ka istenma my intentions and
judgment ABIM 26 :13; ana sarrim kma sa your intentions are one Bagh. Mitt. 2 59 iv
te-e-em ramanikunuma kam qibia umma at 15f., cf. u m u . b i d i l i . m : t-em-su-nu
tunu speak to the king as follows, as though istenma KAR 8 ii 9 (hymn to Nippur and Baby-
it were your (pl.) own opinion A 7535 :18, lon), see Lambert, in Nippur at the Centennial
see Rowton, JCS 21 269; PN . . . ina te4-em ra (RAI 35) 123; ilten t-en-s-nu u ilten rikis
manis[u] PN 2 . . . gursu PN 2 hired PN with sunu ABL 1374 r. 5, cf. ABL 1120 r. 9 (both
his own (the hired mans) agreement YOS NB); te4-em matim k sulm umma sma
8 70 : 2 (all OB); UD antal ra-aq-ma ina te4- sulmum (I said,) Is the intention of the
mi-su-ma iwwir (see raqqu adj. usage f) land peace?, and he said, Peace CRRA 18 62
KUB 4 63 ii 27, see RA 50 16; x .GI GI.BN A.725 :12 (Mari); te4-e-em matim [a]dni ul
12 SLA ina GI.BN sa ukallimusu sa t- mur so far he has not discerned the in-
mi-su iddin he gave x oil (measured by) tention of the land ARMT 13 142 : 29; te4-a-
the twelve-sila seah measure, by the seah am-su-nu ammaramma Florilegium marianum

temu 4 temu 5a

7 46 No. 18 : 21; I sent two men to the as- sbut alim te-em-su-nu isanni (see san B
sembly of the Benjaminites assum te4-mi- v. mng. 2b) RA 65 73 : 52u; ajumma ina il
su-nu leqm ARM 14 84 : 5; [t]-em-ka u [t]- latika UMU-s isannsu . . . ina zumrika
em matika lmur u littalka EA 15 : 20 (MA let. ipattar (see san B v. mng. 2b) CT 31 41
of Assur-uballit), cf. EA 162 : 26; [. . .] u suk Sm. 2075 : 5; t-em-s la isanni Wiseman and
kallu UMU-s-nu ahames isakkanuma Black Literary Texts 63 ii 10 (tamtu); san
sarra idukku the [. . .] and the sukkallu UMU sahluqti mati change of loyalty, de-
will join in a plan and kill the king CT 28 struction of the land Leichty Izbu V 90; mi
45 :12 (SB ext.); t-e-mu ahais nissakan (see his qaqqadi san t-e-mu sa ummanija (see
sakanu mng. 5a temu e) Iraq 25 71 No. 65 ND san B v. mng. 2b) PRT 105 : 9, see Starr,
2385 : 6 (NA let.), see Saggs Nimrud Letters p. 45; SAA 4 280; san te-mi change of loyalty
sabe . . . ina te4-em ili ina t [e4-em sarri] u Sumer 34 Arabic section 62 IM 74500 : 34 (Alu);
te4-em raman[isunu] isallimu will the sol- ta-e-em-su-nu is-n[e-] RA 68 30 :19 (coll. Du-
diers be saved by the determination of a assum te4-
rand Documents de Mari 2 592 n. 15);
god or of a king or of their own? Wiseman em Turukkm . . . te4-em-su-nu ittanakkir as
and Black Literary Texts 63 iii 14f. and dupls. for the Turukkians intentions, their in-
(tamtu, dupls. courtesy W. G. Lambert); te-em-si- tentions keep shifting (and thats why I
in limdi (see bar A v. mng. 4) RA 15 180 havent sent you a conrmed report) ARM
vii 22 (OB Agusaja, coll. from photo), see Groneberg, 4 22 : 5 and 7; te4-em mat Esnunna CRRA 18
RA 75 127; assu tapsuhti sa il usannssu t- 57 A.257: 6, cf. ARM 6 27:15, 51 r. 8u (all Mari);
e-mu he repeated to him a plan to relieve nakar te4-e-mi-im change of loyalty YOS 10
the gods of work En. el. VI 12; sapih t-ma- 47 : 29 (OB behavior of sacricial lamb); t-em
su-ma sehti epsessu (see seh adj. usage c) bti nukkuru Af O 14 144 : 87 (inc.); ti-in-gu-nu
En. el. IV 68; summamin . . . t-em-su la as sa sar mat Assur janu ERN.ME-ia attunu
sanappah (see sapahu mng. 2) TCL 4 41 :7 you have no loyalty to the king of Assyria,
(OA); hubursa iktabas te4-em-sa ispuh JCS 11 you are my troops ABL 1114 r. 10 (NB).
86 iv 5 (OB Cuthean legend), see J. Westenholz
Akkade 274; amas . . . t-en-ka liskip may 5. reason, intelligence a) in gen.: DN sa
amas spoil your plan STT 215 iv 50; sarru is te4-e-ma ina puhrisunu ittabhu in their
idanninma UMU mati uhallaq the king assembly they slaughtered DN, who has
will become strong and will thwart the intelligence Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 58 : 223
plans of the land Leichty Izbu XXI 50u; sal (OB), cf. ilam tatbuha qadu te4-mi-su ibid.
mani tabn lu sa t-me-ki m tahb lu sa ra 239, cf. also UN sa is ilu te-ma Aula Orien-
maniki Maqlu V 7; t[e4]-em matim isanni talis 17/18 170 : 47 (= Atrahass I 47), sa is ilam
the loyalty of the land will change RA 67 t-e-ma Iraq 58 170 :103 (both SB); s isi t[-
44 : 56u; te4-e-em matim istananni YOS 10 36 ma r]apas hassa he (Enkidu) had intelli-
iv 25; te4-e-em matim isanni amas sarram gence, was of wide understanding George
sa ramanisu ana matisu isakkan (see san Gilg. I 202; nadu t-en-ka(var. -ga) tumassil
B v. mng. 2b) Af O 5 216 : 5 (all OB ext.); te-em la les Lambert BWL 70 :14; ina sanaq atm
nis isanni (var. [ina]kkir) Leichty Izbu VI tusannah t-en-ka (see atm A mng. 1b1u)
54; te-em mati isanni ibid. 9u, also BRM 4 15 : 31 ibid. 104 :134; assaru t-en-ga suquru [. . .]
(ext.), wr. UMU mati Leichty Izbu VI 15f., VII ibid. 80 :167; t-em awlim u alaktusu tdema
42u, BRM 4 13 : 30, KAR 152 r. 30, TCL 6 3 : 31, you know the bosss sense and his ways
CT 40 37:77, and passim in SB omen apodoses; BIN 4 76 : 20 (OA), cf. te-e-mi u alakt u mus
UR-em mati isanni Labat Suse 4 :12, wr. UR- kenut ul td Kraus AbB 1 89 : 28; PN mude
mi ibid. 7 r. 36, wr. UR ibid. 10 : 39, 41, 43; te4- tuqunti aml t-e-me PN who knows battle,
mu-um isanni YOS 10 36 iii 39; te-mu-um u a man of reason 1R 30 ii 18 (amsi-Adad V);
milkum isanni RA 27 149 : 30 (both OB ext.); ina t-em ramanija amtallik I deliberated in

temu 5b temu 5d

my own mind OIP 2 145 :11, cf. ibid. 122 : 25, [t]e4-em-su-nu nuparradma alam
11 obv.(!) 18;
109 vii 5; munammiru t-mu rubtisu (ser- nuhallaq we shall ll their minds with ter-
vants) who brighten his noble mind ibid. ror and destroy the city ibid. r.(!) 21, see
52 : 33 (all Senn.); ana t-e-me ramanisunu tak Gterbock, ZA 44 122 and Beckman, JCS 47 24f.;
lu they trust in their own intelligence uncert.: sansuku t-s-nu siqirsunu pit
Borger Esarh. 42 i 33; ahiz t-e-me u milki la rudu (see sussuku) LKA 62 :16.
mid situlti Bhl Leiden Coll. 3 34 : 8, also WO 8
46 : 5u, JCS 19 77:13 (Sin-sar-iskun); enquti ras c) referring to change, vacillation : t-em-
t-mi the wise ones who acquire experi- su isteni his mind changed TCL 19 52 : 21
ence VAB 4 264 ii 1 (Nbn.); sa t-e-me hissatu (OA), see Ichisar Imdilum 359; t-em-su sansu
L itbarutu ana RN sarri iddinu (see itba Af O 12 53 i 3 (MA Laws O s 2a); sa ameli mut
rutu A) Herzfeld API Abb. 5 : 2 (Dar.); uncert.: taprassidi t-en-s [us]tannsu (see san B
ITI.U.GAR.NUMUN.NA mukn t-em ad v. mng. 6) Lambert BWL 144 : 25 (Dialogue); k
nati (see knu A mng. 4b1u) TCL 3 6 pet u katami t-en(var. -em-[. . .])-si-na sit
(Sar.); babt mala t-m-sa lu epsat Contenau ni (see pet v. mng. 1d1u) ibid. 40 : 43 (Lud-
Trente tablettes cappadociennes 5 : 6, see Michel, lul II); nukkur milki san te-e-me harran tak
RA 80 109. pudu [tanaddi] (see san B v. mng. 2a1u)
b) referring to loss or absence of rea- CT 20 10 : 4, also CT 20 12 K.9213 i 14, san
son : u [m u ] . a . b i [. . .] : te4-em-su-nu ese UMU-mi KAR 430 r. 16 (all SB ext.); UMU
am (see es adj. usage b) UET 1 146 iv 9 (OB sarri isanni the kings mind will change
royal); la akalu la sat t-e-mu usassa not CT 27 49 K.4031 :7; amlu s KA.{I-s isanni
eating and not drinking confuse the mind (see san B v. mng. 2a1u) CT 39 42 K.2238+
ABL 5 r. 17, see Parpola, SAA 10 196; ittadlah i 4; ilu rabtu t-en-ku-nu k usan[n] when
te4-e-mi tesi mili[k . . .] my mind became the great gods changed your minds ABL
perturbed, the counsel [of my . . .] became 924 : 9 (MB let.), see Weidner Tn. No. 42; sa . . .
confused PBS 1/1 2 iii 56 (OB prayer), see Lam- la iknusuma la usann t-en-s (see san B
bert, Sjberg AV 327; t-em-s ul hasis masi v. mng. 5a1u) Winckler Sar. pl. 35 :152.
rama[nsu] Af O 19 52 :157 (prayer); sah [. . .]
ul isi t-e-ma the pig has no sense Lambert d) referring to derangement, insanity
BWL 215 : 5, cf. ibid. 9 and 15; la ras t-e-me u 1u with san: summa amlu KA.{I.KR.
milki he who had no sense or insight OIP RA DIB-su t-en-s (var. UMU-s) ist[a
2 41 v 15, also ibid. 42 v 34 (Senn.); parsumu sa nanni] amtusu ittanakkara UMU-s (var.
t-en-su lassuni (I am) an old man who has t-em-s) UB.UB-su u magal KA.KA-ub
no sense ABL 3 r. 4, see Parpola, SAA 10 191; ana t-me-s turrisu (see sint temi usage a)
ina libbikunu sa t-e-me u milku ul ibassi Kcher BAM 202 :1., var. from STT 286 ii 14.;
there is no one of sense and intelligence istanann t[-em ra]manija (see san B v.
among you ABL 924 : 8 (MB let.), see Weidner mng. 2c) Schollmeyer No. 21 : 22; [summa
Tn. No. 42; muhhasu mahis kma muhhisuma UMU]-su s-ni-su-ma UMU-s la sabit if
t-em-su ibassi his skull has been hit, his his mind is deranged and he cannot make
mind will be like his skull Af O 18 65 ii 30 a decision Labat TDP 182 : 47; DN . . . muh
(OB physiogn.); te4-em matim suppuh u balum hasu limhasma te4-em-su lisanni may DN
te4-mi-im ittallak the morale of the land is smite his head and drive him mad ZA 68
diuse and it proceeds without direction 116 : 91 (Takil-ilissu); sa tamhas amlamma tus
ARMT 28 63 :17f.; te4-em mati ip-pr-ru-ur tanni t-en-su STT 215 vi 11 (inc.), von Weiher
KUB 4 66 ii 5 (ext.); t-em-su purrur his Uruk 82 iv 43 and dupls. courtesy I. L. Finkel;
mind is scattered Af O 18 65 ii 17 (OB physi- amahhas muhhaki usanna t-en-ki I shall
ogn.); sa sunuti te4-em-su-nu iparrir KBo 1 smite your head and drive you mad Maqlu

temu 5e temu 7

III 148; limhas muhhakunu teltu Istar li mng. 5d1u and maqatu mng. 1h; UMU-s maqit
sanni t-em-ku-nu Af O 12 143 :17 (inc.); RN Kcher BAM 240 : 29; mi-qit t-mi sint t-me
. . . Assur . . . t-en-s usannma illika adi . . . iskununimma they inicted dejection
mahrija Assur made RN (who set himself and madness upon me Af O 18 290 :13 (inc.);
upon the throne of Arabia) go mad and he ina me-qit te-e-me unassak rittsu in his
came before me (I tied him up at the gate desperation, he gnaws his wrists Iraq 30
with a bear and a dog) Streck Asb. 66 viii 6; 110 : 28 (Asb.), see AAA 20 89 :159; sassatu mi-
ultu RN t-en-s tusann taqb sapah matisu qit te-mi isqulunimma they have meted out
after you (Assur) confused RN and ordered to me (various illnesses), sassatu, and de-
the dissolution of his land ibid. 204 v 38, cf. pression Kcher BAM 323 : 30 and dupls.; see
t-en-ku-nu usanni milikkunu aspuh Maqlu also miqtu mng. 1b3u.
V 128; mahhtis temi usanni t-en-s (see
6. (friendly) relations a) in gen.: amur
san B v. mng. 5a2u) En. el. IV 88; [Enki
te4-ma sa . . . sar mat Misri u . . . sar mat
i]stani te4-e-em-su Lambert-Millard Atra-hass
{atti KBo 1 7: 9; ana epesi te4-ma to estab-
94 : 25 (OB), cf. Kraus AV 194 II 23 (arrat-Nip-
lish good relations ibid. 11; sunu ak te4-mi-
puri hymn); Istar sa quradsunu usesni te-ma
ni they (our sons) are (to be friends) ac-
Istar who drove their warriors mad Tn.-
cording to our good relations ibid. 20, see
Epic ii 32.
Edel Vertrag 5f., cf. KBo 1 24 :10, 29 : 8, KUB 3 69
2u san temi : sa ina s-n-e t-e-me ana r. 5f. (let.), and passim in treaties from Bogh.;
emuq ramanisu [ittaklu] (Kutur-Nahundi) -se te4-em-se itti sarri (why dont you
who in his madness had trusted in his own send a reliable messenger to observe) her
strength Streck Asb. 178 :13, cf. Piepkorn Asb. house and her good relations to the king?
74 vi 63; sud pan s-n-e t-mu (var. t-e-me) EA 1 : 36 (let. from Egypt).
(see san B v. mng. 2c) Maqlu I 91, IV 15;
b) L E4-MU diplomatic messenger
for refs. wr. KA.{I.KR.RA see sint temi.
(Akkadogram in Hitt.): probably to be read
3u other occs.: summa . . . UMU-s halugatallas, see Friedrich and Kammenhuber
KR-s-ma (see nakaru mng. 2b) KAR Heth. Wb. 2 H 83; for refs. see Pecchioli Daddi,
211 : 8; summa . . . UMU-s KR.KR- Mestieri, professioni e dignit nellAnatolia ittita
sum-ma ina la id urappad if he becomes (= Incunabula Graeca 79) p. 142.
deranged and wanders about in a daze La-
7. characteristics, essence: amratama t-
bat TDP 22 : 37, cf. ibid. 28 : 83, 70 :14, Kcher
e-me qistija t-e-me ku x x you are experi-
BAM 449 iii 25.
enced in the ways of my forest, the ways of
e) (with maqatu, maqtu, miqtu) refer- . . . . George Gilg. V 175; atypical : istu umim
ring to depression : umam reqa te-e-em aw sa ana te4-em sarrutim anntim t[askunanni]
lim imaqqut (see maqatu mng. 1h) YOS 10 subat nehtim ul usib ever since you in-
17: 4 (OB ext.); te4-mu-um maqtum iqbkkim stalled me in this oce of kingship, I
[ma] . . . ina la id iqbkkim ana awat te4- have not dwelt in security ARMT 28 153 : 4;
mi-im maqti la taqulli in a depressed mood summa m kma m marti IGI-s-nu-ma
he spoke to you (fem.), unawares he spoke kma m id-ri te-em-s-nu if the surface of
to you, do not pay attention to a word spo- the water (in the canal) is like bile and its
ken in a depressed mood OBT Tell Rimah t. is like saltpeter water CT 39 16 : 50 (SB
20 :15 and 22; anaku te4-mi-i imt[aq]utma Alu); summa Sin adris usma kma t-em
Kraus, AbB 5 138 : 8u; te4-mi imtaqtanni ABIM sam GAR if the moon comes out darkly
20 : 57 (all OB letters); summa te-e-ma maqit if and it looks like the t. of the sky Thompson
he is depressed CT 51 147: 34 (SB physiogn.), Rep. 270 :7, cf. ibid. 272A: 8, see Hunger, SAA 8
cf. Kcher BAM 202 : 2, dupl. STT 286 ii 15, cited 336 and 103, also Bab. 6 120 K.6570 : 4, Bezold


temu tenu

Cat. Supp. 91 K.14380 : 2;UMU silitisu inak sakin temi, sakin-temutu, sint temi, te
kir // t-eme silitisu inakkir Hunger Uruk man, temtu, temu, temu in bel temi.
36 :13 (Labat TDP comm.).
1. to inform, give information, to com-
Ad mng. 5 : von Soden, Symbolae Bhl 352f.; ad
mng. 5d : Bottro, Voix de lopposition 146f.
mand, give orders a) to inform : tem ilu
tiki rabti assu mti tarmanni ta-t-man-ni
temu in bel temi s.; 1. bearer of a report, you have been kind enough to inform me
reporter, 2. presider over deliberations; about your great divine will concerning a
OB, NA, NB; wr. syll. and EN UMU; cf. mortally ill man STT 73 : 34, also 14, 19, 40,
tmu. see JNES 19 31f.

b) to command, give orders : [U.AN.

1. bearer of a report, reporter a) in
N]A.KI-ma te-t-em (var. tapaqqid) Esagil
oracular queries : PN L.GAL {AL EN
ma tumaar you command (var.: you ad-
UMU ina bt ridti etapsu the chief
minister) uanna, you rule Esagil Cagni
diviner PN , the reporter, performed (the
Erra IIId 8 var., note U.AN.NA-ma ZU-ma
extispicy) in the palace of the crown prince
SAL.GL-ma t[u-ma-a]-ar unpub. amulet, cour-
PRT 116 r. 4, see Starr, SAA 4 326; PN u PN 2
tesy W. G. Lambert; [itti] Enlil maliki ta-te-
EN.ME te-me PRT 131 r. 6, wr. EN UMU
em-me dadme together with the counselor
PRT 109 r. 12, 130 r. 4, 124 r. 8; PN EN t-me
Enlil, you (fem.) command the inhabited
PRT 111 r. 5; PN bar PN 2 EN t-e-[me] ina
world BMS 5 :16 and dupls., see Ebeling Hander-
libbi ekalli [essete] etapsu PRT 102 r. 10, see
hebung 60 : 6.
Starr, SAA 4 279, EN t-e-mu PRT 119 r. 5; for
other refs. see Starr, SAA 4 p. 325 s.v. bel temi. 2. IV (passive to mng. 1): a-ie-et-te4-em
b) other occs.: annurig PN rab nuha si-iq-tu-us-[sa . . .] PBS 1/1 2 iii 61 (OB
prayer), see Lambert, Sjberg AV 327:127.
timme EN t-me-ia now PN , the chief cook,
is the one who conveys my report ABL Possibly connect with tuumu A and
555 : 5, see Cole and Machinist, SAA 13 45; kma muteemu.
egirtu . . . ina muhhi EN te-e-[me-ia tatal In BIN 4 35 : 48 a-wi-lam t-em-su . . . (end of
ka] when a letter comes to my reporter CT letter), the verb is missing. In ABL 954 :16 read a-
53 391 : 6u, see Luukko and Van Buylaere, SAA 16 di UGU en-na, see Parpola, SAA 10 171. PN maresu
6 (both NA); PN sepru u EN t-e-mu u PN 2 et-te 4-em-ma nrutam usahiz ARMT 26/3 558 : 6
sepru u EN t-e-mu JNES 48 284 : 4f.; PN . . . (M.13050), cited Durand, MARI 7 52, is obscure.
The verb in KAR 26 r. 21, see Mayer, Or. NS 68
EN t-e-mu sa ana muhhi UDU.NIT ana
154 and 162 note, is uncertain.
PN 2 iqb PN , the bearer of the report, who
spoke to PN 2 about the sheep Moore Michi-
tenu adj.; ground, ne-ground, milled;
gan Coll. 89 : 41 (both NB); uncert.: 9 SLA EN
from OA, OB on; wr. syll. and {AR; cf.
UMU.ME URU ru-[ub-t] Iraq 23 21 ND
2371 : 8u (NA).
ki-in-ki-in {AR.{AR = te 4-e-nu Diri II 67.
2. presider over deliberations : sa Anu
illikam bel te4-mi where has Anu, the pre- a) in gen.: 1 naruq qemum t-nu-um
sider, gone? Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 96 III ibassi one sack of ground our is available
iii 51, also, wr. te4-e-mi ibid. 98 III v 40 (OB). TCL 4 84 :14 (OA); 4 (BN) te-nu-um (paral-
lels : ana ukull, ana mundi) UET 5 456 : 2
Ad mng. 1b : Stolper, JNES 48 299.

tmu v.; 1. to inform, give information, to b) qualifying cress seed (all med.): sahl
command, give orders, 2. IV (passive to te4-ni-e-t ina sizbi tals you knead ne-
mng. 1); OB, SB; I item itm, IV; cf. ground cress seed with milk von Weiher

tnu tnu

Uruk 50 : 22; sahl te4-ne-e-ti qem lapti istenis the troops rations is not ground, there are
tuballal you mix together ne-ground no millstones ARMT 28 151 : 37; x E.UD . . .
cress seed and roasted-barley our Kcher ana te4-ni-im OBT Tell Rimah 187: 3, also
BAM 11 : 33, cf. ibid. 398 r. 31 (MB), wr. te4-ne- (emmer) ana te4-e-nim JCS 8 19 No. 258 : 27
ti AMT 98,3 :10, te4-ne-tim Kcher BAM 548 i (OB Alalakh), (barley) ana te4-e-ni BE 14 107: 4
5, 575 i 24, te4-ni-ti Kcher BAM 579 i 28, AMT (MB), HSS 13 66 :1, 4, 6, and 8 (Nuzi, translit.
82,2 ii 15, KUB 37 23 ii 6, te4--ni-te Kcher only); x E ana t-a-ni JCS 7 131 No. 40 :7;
BAM 3 i 12, wr. {AR-tim AMT 20,1 obv.(!) 37, ana t-a-ni tadna[ssu] i-t-an iddan u tup
Kcher BAM 35 iv 6, 480 i 6, iii 14, 482 i 50, 494 pusu ihappi (barley) given to him for
ii 24, Jastrow, Transactions of the College of Phy- grinding, he will grind it and give it (back)
sicians of Philadelphia 35 (1913) 399 : 39, {AR. and he will break his tablet KAJ 318 :7.,
ME Kcher BAM 482 iv 38, te4-ne-ti AMT cf. [. . . ana t]-a-ni iddunu i-t-nu Iraq 50
100,3 r. 10, also Kcher BAM 3 i 28. 27:10, also ibid. 7 (all MA); kabesunu ihassalu
For UM (= PBS) 1/2 31 :17 see tnu mng. 2. For ma inappma ana libbi ahames usammahu
VAS 6 173 : 4 see teinutu. ma i-te4-nu-ma ipp ikkalu (see nap usage
a) ABL 1000 :10 (NB), coll. de Vaan Bel-ibni 295;
tnu (teanu) v.; 1. to grind into our, 2. dullu qatesu NINDA.{I.A te-nu- u sadr k
III to have (someone) grind something sa s lamdu TuM 23 214 : 6 (NB), see Joanns
(causative to mng. 1), 3. IV to be ground; Archives de Borsippa 141 and 226 note to line 7.
from OA, OB on; I iten itn (MA itean)
2u our : x ZD.E i-te4-en-ma -te4-hi-si
ten, III, IV; wr. syll. and {AR(.{AR); cf.
(the second wife will be angry when the
metenu, teinu, teinutu, tenu.
rst wife is angry, she will be friendly
a-ra [{AR] = te 4-e-nu Ea V 120, cf. A V/2 : 203, when she is friendly, she will not break
S b I 31; {AR te-e-nu-um Proto-Izi I 100; ar {AR = te 4- into her sealed stores) she will grind into
e-nu Arnaud Emar 6 537: 60 (S a Voc.); [x-r]a {AR. our and present to her x grain CT 2 44 : 25
{AR = s-ma-du-um, te-e-nu-um, a-ra-ru-um OB Diri
(OB marriage agreement); qemni sa ana ku
Nippur 111., cf. OB Diri Oxford 94., OB Diri
Sippar ii 14u.; a-ra {AR.{AR = te 4-e-nu Diri II 59; rummat L.L.ME i-te4-en-nu our our,
{AR a-ra {AR = te 4-e-nu, mu-u KAKU = MIN sa qemi which they are to grind for the personnels
Antagal III 231f. rations ARM 14 74 :18; ana qemim te4-[e-ni-
e r. r a = seam i-te 4-en he will grind barley im] JCS 2 88 No. 14 : 2, cf. van Lerberghe Ur-Utu
Hh. I 363; e . g u d e . m u 5 e . i n . n u . h a a b .
1 36 :15 and 17, 37: 2, VAS 9 53 : 2 and 54 : 2 (all
s n . b i u d s . d u g4 . g a . b i u m . m a u . s i k i l .
OB), see also Kraus, AbB 10 98 r. 6u, cited mng. 2;
t a u . m e . n i . b . r : arsuppu segussu inninu sa
ina serisa umsa kasdat pursumtu ina qatesa elleti li- assum qemim su-te4-nim ana qemim te4-e-
te 4-en-ma let an old woman grind with her clean nim la iggma in the matter of having the
hands early barley, late barley, and inninu barley grinding into our done, they must not be
that has ripened in the furrow CT 17 22 :129., negligent about grinding it into our Kraus,
dupl. von Weiher Uruk 2 :137.
AbB 10 98 r. 5uf., cf. ana qemim su-te4-nim
1. to grind into our a) in leg., adm., ndi ahim la tarassi do not neglect to have
and letters 1u grain : ina x E.GUR . . . x (grain) ground into our YOS 2 14 : 6, see Stol,
ana samadi x ana te4-ni out of x barley, x is AbB 9 14, also TCL 17 73 :15, cf. assum qemim
for grinding into groats, x is for grinding su-te4-ni-im sa sapir ispuram ana qemim su-
into our VAS 7 170 : 4, cf. VAS 13 26 r. 1, wr. te4-ni-im ndi ahim ul arassi A.3522 :16 and 18
te4-e-nim Gautier Dilbat 46 : 4, te-nim UET 5 (all OB letters); x E ana PN qema ana t-a-ni
681 :1, te-ni-im TCL 10 69 : 3, TCL 11 237:1, tadin fty homers of barley given to PN
te4-nim TLB 1 184 : 3 (all OB); sapilti seim for grinding into our VAS 19 1 iv 44, also
ana ipir sabim ul t[e4-i-i]n NA4.{AR.{I.A ibid. i 6; qema la ta-t-en (see qemu usage a
ul ibass the remainder of the grain for 7u) JCS 7 135 No. 62 : 9 (both MA); x qemu i-te4-

tnu tnu

ni-ma . . . inandin he will grind (grain gether Kcher BAM 240 : 49, cf. ibid. 556 iii 14,
into) x our and deliver it Bagh. Mitt. 5 227 AMT 82,1 r. 12, 96,1 :12, wr. te-te6-en Kcher
No. 17 iii 16; qeme hirgal qalla u rab . . . BAM 131 :13 and parallels CT 23 13 iv 21 and
put te4-ni-s u eter[i]su . . . nasi he assumes AMT 4,5 :7, wr. te-te-en Kcher BAM 398 : 23
warranty for grinding and paying hirgal (MB), wr. {AR-en AMT 28,7:10, 95,3 i 13, 77,1
our, both ne and coarse VAS 6 114 : 8; i 11, Kcher BAM 430 iii 39, 431 iii 41, 494 iii 2,
(dates and barley) ana SAL.ME sa qeme 548 iv 8, 552 iv 10, 571 ii 23, wr. {AR.{AR
i-te4-en-na-a nadnu Bongenaar NB Ebabbar Kcher BAM 578 i 49.
113 BM 74964 : 4, cf. ibid. BM 64014 : 6, Camb.
131 :19; qemu ak assabe sa ina alani sa DN c) in lit. and rit. 1u in gen.: E.
a-sab-bu itti PN ni-te6-e-in we ground (grain PAD.ME ana ti-ia-ni lu tahliqakunu kum
for) our along with PN , just like the in- E.PAD.ME esmatikunu marukunu maratu
habitants of the towns of the Lady-of-Uruk kunu li-ti-nu may grain for grinding disap-
YOS 7 186 :16, cf. qemu itti PN gugallu sa DN pear from you, instead of grain may your
te6-e-na- ibid. 13 (all NB). sons and daughters grind up your bones
Wiseman Treaties 444., see Parpola and Watanabe,
3u food rations : GIG labratim ana ku SAA 2 6; L.{AR ina muhhi te4-e-nu sa NA4.
rummatim li-t-na (see arsatu usage b) {AR . . . naqbt iqabbi (see er B usage a)
CCT 3 7b : 32 (OA); er ana kurummat suhare
RAcc. 63 : 44; 1 SLA qema sa zikaru i-te4-nu
te4-e-[nim] ul ibassi there is no millstone teleqqema you take one sila of our that a
for grinding the employees rations CT 52
man has ground LKA 70 :15, see Farber Istar
80 : 27, cf. VAS 16 50 : 20, CT 29 23 :11, TLB 1
und Dumuzi 129 :17, also, wr. i-t-nu Kcher
92 :1, A 3532 : 33, cited kurummatu mng. 1a1u (all
BAM 339 : 9u, see Farber Istar und Dumuzi 185; 1
SLA E-am rab GURU.TUR i-{AR.{AR-
4u other occs.: they should not sell en a young man grinds one sila of coarse
them, rather nsunu lilput[u]ma i[na nepa barley CT 39 24 : 30; E.BI . . . L.[TUR] sa
rim] li-te4-nu uluma lisanasunu [linnaksa] SAL NU ZU-u {AR-en a young man who has
they should blind them and let them grind never known a woman grinds that barley
in the workhouse, or else their tongues STT 73 : 66, also 101, wr. i-te4-en-ma ibid. 89,
should be cut out ARM 14 78 r. 11u, see van der see JNES 19 33f., also LKA 138 : 3; x segussu . . .
Toorn, RA 79 189f.; ina GN i-te4-nu- E.BAR SAL.PE4 EN .TU lu ulappatma ina um
ana kinaltu attadin they ground it in GN, hlisa SAL.TUR i-te4-en-ma ina m hlisa
I have delivered the barley to the kinistu i-la-as the pregnant woman will indeed
collegium CT 22 76 :16; uncert.: istu libbi sa touch x segussu grain until she gives birth,
t-en BE MN CT 22 17: 5 (both NB letters); when her day of giving birth arrives, a
summa libbaka leqssima te4-e-nu li-KI-in young girl will grind it and knead it with
TCL 1 49 : 23 (OB let.). her amniotic uid (for making magic gu-
b) in med.: sahl bututtu ina er {AR-en rines) von Weiher Uruk 248 r. 39 (rit. for di-
(see er B usage a) Kcher BAM 480 i 3 (= CT cult childbirth); summa qema i-te4-en if (in
23 23); 6 samm te-te4-en you grind up six his dream) he grinds (barley into) our
herbs Kcher BAM 171 : 46, cf., wr. {AR-en Dream-book 335 K.9945+ :14; i te-te4-en-mi
ibid. 158 iv 30, 3 iv 21, RA 53 16 : 26; 27 sam amtu (in broken context) SEM 117 ii 23, cf.
m annti [. . . tu]samsa {AR-en you [. . . li-te4-en-mi ibid. 26 (MB lit.); dicult : adi
and] grind up these 27 herbs in sucient ram kna asakkanu u Uruk mtam ubal
amounts Kcher BAM 555 ii 9, cf. ibid. 564 ii latu sut Uruk te-te-en until I (the goddess)
21, AMT 21,4 r. 7, AMT 101,3 : 6; istenis te-te4- install a just shepherd and so bring Uruk
en you grind up (various ingredients) to- back to life, you will grind (grain by?) the

tnutu tep

measure of Uruk UVB 18 28c :12 (OB lit.), see NB; I itpi iteppi tepi, I/3, II, IV; wr.
van Dijk, ibid. p. 61. syll. and TAB; cf. tpu.
2u in transferred meaning: bel GN dan tu-un TN = t-[ pu-] A VIII/1 :129, with
dannu sa ina uzzat tegimtisu rabti malk sa comm. t-pu- // ta-pu- A VIII/1 Comm. 11, see
MSL 14 495; b a r. k u n . b a l, s u . b a r, s u . d u b =
kissati e-ten-nu-ma (Assur) the almighty
te-pu-u, [d u b] . s g . g a = MIN s tup-pi Nabnitu B
lord of Assur, with whose fury of towering 236.; za-ah {A.A = t-up-pu- Diri VI B 5.
rage he (Sargon) grinds the princes of all nin-tu- // ta-pu-[] Izbu Comm. Y 241b; sum
the world TCL 3 117 (Sar.); DN massar qisti ma ke-pi // te-pi (possibly a scribal notation about
gummirsu nersu t-en-s as for Humbaba, an illegible sign (KI/DI) on the scribes original)
von Weiher Uruk 151 : 6 (physiogn.).
the guardian of the forest, nish him, kill
tu-tap-pa 5R 45 K.253 iv 46 (gramm.).
him, pulverize him George Gilg. V 184, also
ibid. 183; lumun taspuranni ana muhhikunu 1. to add, attach, append a) in math.
tur[ra] ajasi te-te4-na-nin-ni KAR 47:18. and astron.: x itti y ta-DIB-pi TCL 6 11 r. 19,
x itti y gabbi ta-DIB-pi ibid. r. 18; 2 itti 6 ta-
2. III to have (someone) grind some- DIB-pi-ma 8 TMB 5. No. 126 : 5, cf. ibid. 127: 6,
thing (causative to mng. 1): ana qemim 129 : 3, wr. TAB-ma ibid. No. 132 : 3 and 6, cf.
[s]u-t-nim qatam astakan I have begun to TMB 57 No. 118 : 3 and 5 (OB), 76. No. 151 : 2,
have it ground into our PBS 7 62 :19, see 166 : 4 (NB); uncert.: [. . .] 30 itti ahames te-
Stol, AbB 11 62 :12u; my lord should give or- pu- MCT 141 :19; 8 ana muhhi 8 TAB-ma
ders E-im ana su-t-nim la inaddin that 16 TCL 6 11 r. 14, cf. ibid. r. 10; 7 itti 20 TAB-
he is not to hand over barley to have it ma 27 ibid. r. 16, also Neugebauer ACT 411 r. i
ground into our ARM 5 36 : 20; qemam sa 14; x ana y TAB-ma ibid. 190 : 25; note ti-pi
ina pantim ana pan sabim tillatim us-te4-nu ittisu ul te-pi an addend is not added to it
the our that I previously had ground for TCL 6 11 : 29, cf. ti-pi ittisu te-pi ibid. 33, ma-
the use of allied troops (is infested with la . . . ti-pi ittisu la te-pu- ibid. 31, cf. also
insects) ARM 14 74 :7; summa ZD.TUR. ibid. 32; misla sa siddika [ana p]utika TAB-
TUR u ZD sibri la te-i-in sibra u su-te4--na ma s you add the half of your length to
lissma (see seberu mng. 1e) PBS 1/2 31 :17 your width and this is it (the diagonal)
(MB let.). TMB 57 No. 118 : 2, cf. salsu sa putika [a]na
siddika TAB-ma s ibid. 4 (NB); SAG.KI.
3. IV to be ground : [] e . z u GGI(?) .
M[E] ana muhhi ahames TAB-ma add the
s i k i l . l a m a . r a . r. r. e (gloss) it-te-e-
sides (of the trapezoid) to each other Neu-
en-kum TuM NF 4 7:154, see J. Westenholz,
gebauer ACT p. 430 r. 5; x u y ume sa amas
Sjberg AV 554.
ana muhhi ahames TAB-ma ibid. p. 411 r. 15;
In KAJ 101 :15 read se-um.ME me-et-har-su, ZI Sin sa isten umu ittisu TAB-ma add to it
see Postgate Urad-erua 55. In ABL 843 r. 7 read the velocity of the moon for one day ibid.
la-di-ni let me deliver it, see Parpola, SAA 1
p. 205 :10; KI 5 U ZI sa Sin sa UD.28.KAM
TAB-ma ibid. p. 208 : 22, cf. TCL 6 11 r. 4 and
22; uncert.: summa Dilbat . . . kakkabu TE-si
tnutu see teinutu.
sans it-pi if a star comes close, variant :
**teptum (AHw. 1388a) In AMSH 26 . . . ., to Venus BPO 3 68 BM 75228 :18, also,
wr. TE-pi ibid. 46 VAT 10218 ii 64f.; for addi-
read ki-pa-ti, see
253 : 23 (= Sumer 6 134 r. 23)
tional refs. wr. TAB in astron. texts, see
Robson, OECT 14 p. 204 H 4.
Neugebauer ACT p. 493 s.v. t a b.

tep (tap) v.; 1. to add, attach, append, b) said of attached objects or persons :
2. tupp to assign, attach, apply, 3. IV to hussu sa itti bt kari te-pu- the reed hut
become fused, agglomerated; OB, MB, SB, that is attached to the harbor-area house

tep tep

(is at the disposal of the tenant) Nbn. -ra-am ina birksu li-te4-ep-p may Istar
499 :19; bt sad u dulban sa te-pu- itti bt . . . . day and night to his loins Wiseman
kussu VAS 15 24 : 8, cf. ibid. 3; [ma]hra qalla Alalakh 1 : 20 (treaty); uncert.: [. . .] saman
u rab itti nis bti sa PN u ti-pu sa itti hallulaja ili lemni ta-DIB-[ pi] ZA 61 54 :105
btisu te-pu- . . . la teppus do not make any (hymn to Nab).
purchase, small or large, from the people
2. tupp to assign, attach, apply a)
of PN s household or those who are at-
tached to his household GCCI 1 307:12; un- persons, elds : mamma suati ana agr ut-
cert.: 118 amelutu libb tuppi sa satru sa te4-ep-p someone assigned that (man) to
PN ittisu te-pu- TCL 13 223 :10; obscure: ti-
the hired workers Kraus, AbB 10 30 left edge
2; awlum anni[k]am ana eqlim sti t-up-
pi itti musanntu ti-pi CT 22 65 :15.; MN dir
parskunu ina MN sa itti MN 2 te-pu- . . . pu the man is attached here to that eld
TCL 7 62 : 9, see Kraus, AbB 4 62; eqlum . . . t-
epsa Addaru is an intercalary month, per-
form your (pl.) rites during the Addaru up-pu-s[u]m the eld is assigned to him
TCL 7 47:7; assum eqlim . . . sa ana PN u PN 2
that is added (before) Nisannu YOS 3
152 :19 (all NB); we have nished writing on t-up-pu--ma TCL 7 52 : 8; e[qlum] ina tuppi
this tablet tuppu saniu ni-ta-ap-pi nisak t-[up-pu]-su-nu-si-im kma t[]-up-pu-su-
kan we will continue by appending a sec- nu-si-i[m] ana PN u PN 2 idin the eld is
ond tablet Parpola, SAA 10 63 r. 15 (NA); [. . .] assigned to them in a tablet and since it is
itti PAD.{I.A-i EN li-it-pi-i lu-se-bi-la my assigned to them, give it to PN and PN 2
lord should add [. . .] to my rations and ibid. r. 5uf., cf. ibid. r. 12u, see Kraus, AbB 4 52, cf.
send it to me Sancisi-Weerdenburg Mem. Vol. also VAS 16 69 :11, see Frankena, AbB 6 69.
272 r. 2u (NB let.); note : IM.KIIB-s-nu ittisu b) said of medical procedures : (medica-
la te-pu- their seals were not impressed tions) KI KA-s tu-tap-pi-ma (see tpu mng.
upon it RA 97 104 :18, cf. ibid. 21f. (NB). 3) Hunger Uruk 44 :79; ina hand ina muhhi
c) said of a compress, poultice (in med.): tu-tap-pa-ma you apply it in reed pulp
task kma ti-pi te-te-e[ p-pi] (see tpu mng. upon (the lips) Kcher BAM 543 i 51, cf. tu-
3) Kcher BAM 515 i 67; tabla te-tep-pi (vars. tap-pa ibid. iv 6; ina musi sinnatisu AN.TA u
ta-te-ep-pi, tu-tep-pi-ma) you apply a poul- KI.TA -tap-pa he applies (the com-
tice (of the medications) in dry form AMT pound) at night on his upper and lower
18,4 : 5, vars. from Kcher BAM 513 ii 5 and 159 teeth Iraq 65 227 iii 11, wr. ut-tap-pu- ibid.
iv 21;1 kirinna te-te4-ep-p AMT 61,7: 2; tu 231 iii 22; in broken contexts : tu-tap-pa ibid.
qallap ta-tap-pi-ma Kcher BAM 158 iii 26; 27: 5, qaqqassu tu-tap-pa ibid. 33 :18.
sunhu ana nsu te-te4-ep-pi Iraq 65 227 ii 30; 3. IV to become fused, agglomerated :
note in I/3 : ti-pu sa DR.GIG te-te-ni-pi- sa la it-te-ep-pu- ana atuni tasakkanma isa
ma DR.GIG [isallim] (see tpu mng. 3) ta UD.7.KAM [tasarrap] you place (again) in
Kcher BAM 152 ii 11, cf. ibid. 104 : 34, STT 97 iv
the kiln what does not become vitried(?)
18;dicult : qat etemmi uznasu istanass enough and keep the re burning for (an-
magal it-t-ni-pi BRM 4 32 : 3 (med. comm.).
other) seven days Oppenheim Glass 40 s 9 : 81,
d) other occs.: (the sorcerers have put also ibid. 50 s C 27.
gurines of me in the parapet) ina bii sa For MSL 1, 4, 43/9 (= Ai. I i 43.) see teb v.
duri i-te4-pu- they . . . . them in the drain- For Gilg. X v 32 see tabahu mng. 5. For CT 22
age opening of the wall Af O 18 292 : 29 (SB 15 :16 see tbu mng. 2i (and parsu mng. 1c). In the
inc.); uncert.: ul ipaddassumma it-pe-e-ma dicult reference in appi mas-si-ka abna te-lem-ma-
m-ma te-t-ep-p-si tuzaqqarsi (see lamamu B) Iraq
(var. i-tap(?)-pu(?)-ma(?)) adi imuttu illak 3 90 : 26f. (MB), see Oppenheim Glass 63, the
Cagni Erra IIIa : 25; may Istar hand him over meaning is obscure. In Pinches Berens Coll. 9 : 5 -
to his pursuer DN SAG.UR.SAG se(?)-ra DA-pa is obscure. In YOS 10 25 : 65 read perhaps


tepu tertu
ki(text DI)-e-pi, cf. similar refs. cited kep mng. 1c. Cagni Mem. Vol. 503; uncert.: there are not
For Labat TDP 64 : 45u see atm A s. mng. 2. enough sheep for the regular oerings, my
lord should send sheep for one month te-er-
tepu s.; (a weapon); NB.
du [ina muh]hi kalume sakin YOS 3 99 : 9.
ilten te-e-pu parzilli sa KU saltu one t. For MDP 57 92 : 22, 140 : 3 (= Labat Suse 4 : 22
of iron, with leather case (in enumeration and 6 iv 3) see trtu mng. 6e.
of weapons) UCP 9 275 : 9.
Jursa, Cagni Mem. Vol. 497.

tepu see tpu. *terdu B s.; persecution (name of a demon

or illness); EA*; cf. taradu A.
tpu v.; (mng. unkn.); SB*; I *itep.
te-ri-[i]d [in]a seb . . . babi iltakan he
naratu liml agammu li-te-e-pi may the
has set (the demon) T. at the seventh gate
rivers become full, may the marsh . . . . von
EA 357: 69 (Nergal and Ereskigal).
Weiher Uruk 248 :15 (inc.), cf. arnusu . . . na
ratu lissa agamma li-te-pi ibid. r. 7. tertu adj.; (mng. and reading uncert.); SB.
terdu A s.; protest, resistance, obstacle; 9,30 SAG DI-ri-t A.R 9,30 [tallak]
NB. you multiply 9,30, the t. side (of the trap-
ezoid), by 9,30 (cf. 9,30 SAG TUR-t 9,30
No kustu garment was donated from is the small side r. 2) Neugebauer ACT 430
Eanna, except once in the reign of Nebu- No. 817 r. 10, also (in broken context) ibid. 405
chadnezzar te-er-du ina muhhi k issaknu No. 813 i 23.
RN (dupl. adds k) ism iktels when there
was resistance and Nebuchadnezzar heard tertu (terutu) s.; 1. silt, mud, 2. (a
of it, he put a stop to it YOS 6 71 : 30, dupl. bread); Mari, SB, NB; pl. tertu; cf. teru,
72 : 30; two men detained in the prison at- ter, turr.
tacked PN te-er-da k iskun ana muhhisu
[e] A = m, riki[btu], te-ru-[tum] MSL 14
nu k nrubu sar ina kudurri tikkisu mahsi 89 : 4 :1. (Proto-Aa); i m . l . a (vars. i m . l la . a ,
when he put up resistance and when we i m . l ) = ti-i-ri, ti-ru-tu(var. -tum), sau Hh. X
went against them, he was struck viciously 397., see Sallaberger and Civil Tpfer 154f.; g i .
on the . . . . of the neck YOS 7 97: 9, cf. PN m a . n u . l . a = ti-ru-t [u] Hh. III 165a, in MSL 6
te-er-da k iskun PN 2 ana muhhi[ni] teribi 163; ba-r BAR = te-ri-tum A I/6 :189.
naritu = rusumtu, te-ri(text -hu)-t (var. te-ru-
ibid. 17; (a man took a woman by force into
tum) Malku II 68f., hibartu = rusumtu, te-ri(text
the house) te-er-da sa amltu u qallatisu la -hu)-t ibid. 70f.
nism (we swear that) we indeed heard
the protest of the woman and of her slave 1. silt, mud : jabiltum s ana kibrsa t-
woman Cagni Mem. Vol. 498 :10; ina umu fPN ri-tam imla that canal has lled with silt
itti PN 2 tattanammar u ina pirsatu tab up to its banks ARM 14 14 :11; abnu sikinsu
kma te-ru-ut nari the stone whose appear-
kassima te-er-du la tal-[tak-nu] u ana bel
ance is like river silt STT 108 : 36 (abnu sikin
bti la taqb umma ana PN 3 abi sa PN 2 su
su); summa te-ri-ta kul if (in a dream) he
pur if ever fPN is discovered with PN 2,
eats mud Dream-book 318 : 23; nise matisu . . .
even if he lures her away by deceit, if she
[use]ridamma usesib te-ra-a-ti (the king of
does not put up resistance and does not
Elam) brought the people of his land down
say to the householder : Send for PN 3, the
and made them dwell in mud OIP 2 91 : 27
father of PN 2! Cyr. 307: 5 (coll. M. Roth), see
(Senn.), see Frahm Sanherib 131.
Joanns, NABU 1994/72; PN . . . amat la tabtu
sa sarri iqb u PN 2 [isme]ma te-er-di ana 2. (a bread): white barley ana 30 NINDA
[muhh]i iskunu Arnaud Larsa 54 :7, see Jursa, DI-ri-tum CT 57 287: 4 (NB).

terru ter B
For TuL 93 (= BRM 4 6): 24 see rutttu usage e. 59, 62, iii 15;qem kunasi ana pani tasabbah
ina maski te-ter5-ri qaqqassu tugallab tasam
terru see teru. midma you sprinkle emmer our on top of
(the mixture), you press out the liquid by
ter A v.; 1. to extract, squeeze or press means of a piece of leather, you shave his
out liquid, 2. to ooze; OB, MB, MA, SB; I head, you bandage (him with it) Kcher
iterri, II (lex. only); wr. syll. and SUR, TE. BAM 11 : 3, cf. ibid. 398 :18, wr. SUR Kcher
BAM 152 iv 20, 482 i 4, 9, AMT 92,4 r. 7; samme
[x.S]UR = te 4-ru- BRM 4 33 i 12 (group voc.).
t e .t e = suhhulu, t-ru-, dukkumu, suhhumu, duk annti istenis taps ina himeti talappat ina
kusu, surrupu MSL 9 94 :127. (SB list of diseases). maski SUR pana u naglaba . . . tasammid
you crush these herbs together, moisten
1. to extract, squeeze or press out liq-
them with ghee, you extract the liquid us-
uid a) in recipes : m tukn lipia tanad
ing a piece of leather, you bandage (him)
di susikillu samdu karsum hazannum da
front and back Kcher BAM 575 iv 36, cf. ibid.
ma[m . . .] kisimma te-te-ri (for broth) you
436 iv 9; ina tamgussi tarabbak ina maski
prepare the water, you put in fat, [you
SUR-ri tasammissuma AMT 77,8 :12, 79,1 iv
add?] onion, samdu spice, leek, garlic,
13, 26, cf. Kcher BAM 566 i 13; ina KU.
you press (the ingredients?) with(?) blood
and soured milk YOS 11 25 :19 (OB), cf. ibid. EDIN.NA te-t-ri Kcher BAM 171 : 30, 43, 48;
27, 36, 44, 51, 53, 57, see Bottro Culinary Texts
ina KU.EDIN SUR ibid. 3 ii 45, 547:10, 555
iii 44, 47, 50, 61, 558 i 17, 575 ii 42, iv 42 and 53,
37. and index 222.
AMT 43,1 ii 1, 49,1 i 9, 53,9 : 3, 53,11 ii 6, also,
b) in med. prescriptions : you mix the wr. SUR-ri RA 53 16 r. 17, Kcher BAM 403 : 9,
ingredients, put the mixture in a pot ina 558 i 13 and iv 6, 571 ii 12 and 19, 574 i 25, 580
tinuri tesekker tusellma ina lubar te-te4-ri iiiu 7u, AMT 31,2 r. 7, 49,1 r. 3, and passim; ina
enclose it in an oven, take it out, you ex- masak sabti SUR-ri-ri Kcher BAM 41 : 8;
tract liquid with cloths (and bandage the you crush the ingredients ina masak sabti
sick woman) Iraq 31 30 : 30 (MA); ina lubar te- tunattak ki-li-te tasakkan SUR-ri eli kisirte
ter5-ri urra u musa tasammid Kcher BAM 575 tasammidma AMT 49,6 r. 4; (ingredients)
iv 29, cf. ibid. i 6, AMT 15,3 :15, 17, 68,1 r. 15, task SUR-ri tasammid you crush, ex-
73,1 :10, 12, 100 : 3, 14 + AMT 32,2 : 24, wr. SUR tract, and bandage AMT 32,5 :11.
Kcher BAM 575 i 16, 18, 20, 27, iii 22, iv 18, 31,
Lambert AV 181 No. 23 : 8, wr. SUR-ri ibid. i 7, 2. to ooze: summa amlu IGI II-s it-ri-
iv 13, 16, 21, 23, 26, AMT 96,1 :16, Kcher BAM ma Kcher BAM 22 : 25u, cf. [summa amlu
240 : 63, 408 ii 8, AMT 70,7:7, wr. TE AMT 73,1 IGI II-s] it-ri-ma izziz if blood oozes
i 17; you make a compound ina KU sipki from a mans eyes, and (the condition) per-
te-ter-ri you press out the liquid by means sists(?) AMT 10,4 : 4, also 2 and 9 (= Kcher
of a piece of sipku leather (you bandage BAM 522 : 5u, 3u, and 10u), see Fincke Augenleiden
him while it is hot) Kcher BAM 398 r. 35 113 n. 868; uncert.: [. . .] lu- te4-ri-a-at (in
(MB); ina lip tuballal ina maski te-ter-ri ta broken context) KUB 37 2 r. 15.
sammid you mix (the ingredients) with W. Farber, BiOr 33 331f.
fat, you press out the liquid by means of a
piece of leather, you bandage (the patient) ter B v.; 1. to strike, beat, 2. IV to be
AMT 57,6 :12, cf. Kcher BAM 398 :11, 14, 575 i 51, beaten; SB, NB; I itri iterri teri, I/2,
wr. SUR Lambert AV 180 No. 23 : 5, AMT 24,5 :11, IV; cf. tarr, tirtu.
13, 30,2 :13, 51,1 : 8, 63,7: 3, 98,3 :12, Kcher BAM
575 iii 58, 579 i 18, wr. SUR-ri RA 53 14 :13, 1. to strike, beat : adi . . . a-t-ru-u lessu
AMT 24,5 : 5, 77,1 i 12, Kcher BAM 3 ii 51, iv (see letu mng. 1a4u) KAR 71 r. 4 (SB); it-te-
37, 216 : 36, 405 :13, wr. TE Kcher BAM 575 ii ru-in-ni panja sa it-ru-in-ni sarru tamar

ter C ter C

they beat me, the king has seen my face a) said of the horns of the moon : sum
where they beat me ABL 1374 r. 3f., cf. ibid. ma Sin ina Nisanni UD.1.KAM . . . qarnasu
r. 13; u anaku Babilaja . . . [i]t-ter-in-ni as for sam te-ra-a if the two horns of the moon
me, the Babylonians have beaten me ABL (when it is rst seen) on the rst of Ni-
1106 : 21, cf. (in broken context) [it]-te4-ru- sannu pierce the sky ACh Supp. 2 3 : 49 +
CT 54 243 :7, it-ru- CT 54 401 fragm. a 10; la Supp. 10 : 2; qaran imittisu sam te-rat Af O 14
mutanu sa PN it-te-ru-in-ni ihtapapuinni u pl. 1 :7, also ACh Supp. 2 3 : 45, wr. t-ri-at Roch-
senu makkur DN . . . iktatamu the hench- berg-Halton Lunar Eclipse Tablets 187: 9; summa
men of PN beat me, struck(?) me, and stole qaran imittisu keptma qaran sumelisu sam
the sheep that belong to the Lady-of-Uruk te-rat if its right horn is blunt and its left
YOS 7 189 : 6; i-ti-ru--s Arnaud Larsa 54 :16, horn pierces the sky ACh Supp. 2 1b i 33,
see Jursa, Cagni AV 503; PN it-te-ra-an-ni u cf. ibid. i 43; summa Sin ina tamartisu kabar
rittuja ultabbir PN beat me and broke my KI.MIN kuri u qarnasu sam te-ri-a if the
wrists YOS 3 123 :12; it-te-ra-an-ni selanija moon is thick, variant : short, when it
ultebbir musi u kal ume ina tar-re-e s it-ra- rises, and its horns pierce the sky ACh
an-ni ananziq he beat me, he broke my Supp. 2 8 i 4, also ibid. i 1f.; qarnu imittisu
ribs, at night and all day I suer from the sam te-rat sa iqbni ina sam ihallupma la
beating he inicted on me BIN 1 94 : 26. innamir DIRIdi-ir halapu sa qarni its right
(coll.), cf. PN . . . k illika it-te-ra-an-ni ultu horn pierces the sky, of which they say it
eqli ultelnni when PN came, he beat me slips into the sky so that it is not seen,
and ousted me from the eld ibid. 8 (coll.), because DIRI pronounced dir means halapu
see Stolper, NABU 1998/110; ana panija k ila to slip in, said of a horn Thompson Rep. 43
it-te-ra-an-ni u tar-ru- k it-ru(text -te)-ni- r. 1, cf. ibid. obv. 5, see Hunger, SAA 8 57.
ni (see tarr) YOS 7 18 : 6; sab sa itti PN
b) said of horns of animals : er erkuma
ana PN 2 it-ru- itti PN 2 supra[nimma] send
nukkupu unakkap ina qarnija qaqqaru te-ra-
here to me the men who were involved ku ina zibbatija ustessera turbui I (the
with PN in beating PN 2, along with PN 2 cow) am indeed pregnant, eager to gore,
YOS 3 123 : 25; x silver kum ti-ru-tu sa PN
with my horn I root up the soil, with my
PN 2 u PN 3 ana PN 4 . . . it-te-ru- in com-
tail I sweep the dust Kcher BAM 248 iii 56,
pensation for the beating that PN inicted see Veldhuis Cow of Sn 14, cf. [. . . qaqqa]ra te-
upon PN 2 and PN 3 because of PN 4 YOS 7 ra-at Acta Sumerologica (Japan) 11 243 : 38; qar
184 :7; silver sa kum ta-re-e sa PN PN 2 it-ru-
nu k sabti 1-at ana kutallisa te(text KI)-
(see tarr) AoF 24 235 : 4; u alla msi ina r[a-at] (see qarnu mng. 1c) MIO 1 72 iv 6,
libbi te-er-ra-ku-ma yet it is I who was very dupl. CT 17 42 : 27 (SB description of representa-
nearly thrashed on account of the matter tions of gods and demons);ina qarnisu qaqqar
Pinches Peek 22 : 27 (all NB); uncert.: ti-r tam
te-ra-at : da-ru-u : SAG.S, sans te-ra-at :
seri (see tamsaru mng. 1a) Craig ABRT 1 55 hesnet : da-ru-u : ha-sa-nu with her horn
i 9, see Livingstone, SAA 3 4.
she roots up the ground, da-ru-u means
2. IV to be beaten : bel piqittija sa ina permanent, also te-ra-at means she shel-
[lib]bi it-te-ru- is [qati] parzilli ittad they ters, because da-ru-u means hasanu JNES
have clapped in irons my supervisor who 33 332 :15f. (med. comm.).
was beaten on account of the matter BIN 1 c) other occs.: akukutu sa qablt sam u
54 : 9 (NB let.). erseti te-rat (Istar) blaze that threatens
For ARM 3 5 : 27 see ter adj. (lit. presses against) the very core of heaven
and earth KAR 57 i 9, see Farber Istar und Du-
ter C v.; to pierce(?); SB; I (only trans. muzi 130 : 43, cf. ibid. 186 r. 5; IM.DIRI te-ri-
stative attested). [. . .] (in broken context) LKU 116 :11 (astrol.).

teru tbutu

teru (terru, tru) s.; 1. mud, silt, 2. (a spe- tru v.; (mng. unkn.); lex.*
cies of ash tree); OB, Mari, SB; cf. tertu,
ter, turr. ga-ag KAK = te-e-rum MSL 9 130 : 323 (Proto-
Aa), see MSL 14 122.
i m . l . a = ti-i-ri, ti-ru-tu, sau Hh. X 397.,
see Sallaberger and Civil Tpfer 154f. terutu see tertu.
g i . m a . n u(vars. add . i m , . a) . l . a = e-t-ru
(var. ti-ru), ti-ru-t [u], sau Hh. III 165., see MSL
6 163 and MSL 9 161; = ti-ru Izi E 250k. tiabu see tbu.
1. mud, silt : ana narim sti muballittum
tibhu s.; (mng. unkn.); SB.
sa te4-ra-am ana narim rabtim isa[hh]atu ul
ibassma te4-ra-am ana na[rim rab]tim I-
summa ti-bi-ih narkabti iskun if he
te-eq ARM 3 79 :12f., see Durand Documents de
(Adad) causes a t. of a chariot CT 39 4 : 33
Mari 2 p. 594. No. 793; m te4-er-ru kajanta
(SB Alu), quoted as eqlu libbi ali lu qanni ali
isaddad he will regularly divert water and
Adad irhis lu ti-bi-ih magarri iskun (if)
silt (to the eld) MDP 23 289 : 22, cf. atap
Adad devastates a eld inside a city or on
pu sa GN te4-er-ru kajantu ina muhhi eqli
the edge of a city, or causes a t. of a
sti sakin ibid. 8 and dupl. 290 : 9, see von Soden,
wagon ABL 74 r. 3, see Parpola, SAA 10 42;
Salonen Festschrift 332; (a boat) sa siknu te-ru
ti-bi-[ih GI.GIGIR] zunnu u abnu birqu
u rusumtu isbatu (see siknu C) Af O 8 198 : 34
is[atu] il alija . . . uqall (whether) t. of a
(Asb.); [summa amlu] nasu dam te-ri dalha
chariot, hailstorm, lightning, or re con-
if a mans eyes are blurry with clotty(?)
sumed (the statue of) my city god BMS
blood (preceded by [summa . . .] dama it
21 :17, see Ebeling Handerhebung 100 :19; mur
rma line 5u, see ter A mng. 2) AMT 10,4 : 5
nisqu u ti-bi-ih GI.GIGIR.ME thorough-
(= Kcher BAM 522 : 6u); summa m te-ri u
bred horse and t. of chariots Journal of Jew-
zaktu dulluhu if muddy water and clear
ish Studies 33 65 K.8692 :15 (royal inscr.).
water are turbulent CT 39 20 :142 (SB Alu);
summa m te-ri u m SA5.ME dulluhu if
muddy water and red water are turbulent tbu s.; immersion, submersion; MB(?),
ibid. 143, cf. ibid. 144.
SB; cf. teb.

2. (a species of ash tree): see Hh. III 165f. Aqqi L.A.BAL ina t-ib dali[su] lu
and Izi E 250k in lex. section. uselnn[i] Aqqi, the water-drawer, did
For YOS 13 161 : 31 see tru A usage a.
draw me up (from the river) where he sub-
merged his bucket CT 13 42 i 8 (Sar. legend),
ter adj.; silted up; Mari, SB; cf. tertu, see J. Westenholz Akkade 40; ti-bi elippi sink-
teru, turr. ing of a boat KAR 178 v 62 (hemer.); pl ina
ti-bi sa buri kunnu (see plu usage a1u)
a) in gen.: narum ana gamrim te4-re-e- AOB 1 38 : 20 (Assur-uballit I); uncert.: [. . .] ti-
[e]t the canal is completely silted up ARM i-bi inattuk BE 17 54 : 6 (MB let.).
3 5 : 27.
In Atr. (= Lambert-Millard Atra-hass) 58 : 209
b) qualifying the medicinal plant nu read ina q-er-bi, see George and al-Rawi, Iraq 58
hurtu : [x G]N IM.G.LI 1 GN IM.E 5 187 note to line 92.
GN NU.LU{.{A te-ri-t (totaled as 3
.{I.A) AMT 31,1 : 2, cf. (among four plants) tbu see dpu.
AMT 60,1 ii 15, (among six plants) Kcher BAM
431 v 5u, cf. ibid. 430 v 11u, AMT 85,1 ii 6. tbutu s.; goodness; NA; cf. tbu.

tiddu tdu

ina ti-bu-te sa sarri baltu they are alive [. . .] i-di ALAM ti-di amelutti : ti-id-di ikt [aris
because of the kindness of the king ABL ittadi] ina seri Hunger Uruk 27: 4u (comm. to Labat
TDP I), see George, RA 85 146 : 26.
1161 : 6, see Luukko and Van Buylaere, SAA 16
16 : 4u. a) in construction, used mostly as plas-
ter or mortar 1u in royal contexts : lib
tiddu see tdu. nate u ti-id-dam ina qaqqadija lu azbil (see
zabalu mng. 1a1uhu) VAB 4 62 ii 66; bukram
tdu (ttu, tiddu, tittu) s.; mud, clay; from rest . . . ti-id-dam billat karani samni u
OB on; wr. syll. and IM. hibisti . . . lu usazbil I had my rstborn
son carry clay mixed with wine, oil, and
i-mi IM = ti-du Idu II 343; [im] [IM] = ti-du-um aromatics ibid. iii 2 (Nabopolassar); IM-su ina
Ea VII iii 34 (= 221); im IM = ti-i-du S b I 39; i-im dispi .GI DG.GA dam ereni sikari karani
SA{AR.A.SUD = ti-du-um Diri VI B 90; i m, i m . lu ablul I mixed its (the buildings) mud
a . s u d, i m . s a h a r, i m . s a h a r. t u r = ti-du Hh.
(for mortar or plaster) with honey, scented
X 388.
i m . b a l . b a l = nap-pal-la-a-t, ti-du MIN Hh. X
oil, cedar resin, beer, and wine WO 2 42 : 52
393f.; i m . g u r 7 = ti-di(var. -du) ka-re-e Hh. X 473; (Shalm. III), see Grayson, RIMA 3 56; sikin ti-
i m . i n . n u = ti-id ti-ib-ni, i m . i n . n u . r i = MIN il- i-[di] btat il k ahames altakan I applied
ti Hh. X 484f.; i m . i n .BUL+BUL . h i . a = ti-id pe- a layer of mud plaster evenly over the
e, i m . n g . d a r . h i . a = MIN -la-pi Hh. X 489f.;
temples JCS 19 97:11 (MB let.), cf. igara su
[i m] . d . a = kullatu = IM palgi Hg. A II 133, in
MSL 7 113; i m . g = qa-du-tum = ti-du Hg. A II pal k ihlusu ti-i-da altakan (see supal
136, in MSL 7 114; i m . la-gabLAGAB = MIN (= -sul- usage b) ibid. 32, cf. ibid. 30; MU 3,20 .
tum) s IM Antagal G 49; [n a 4 . n a . d . a ] = na-du- D.A GAL sukka sa t-it-t ilb year in
u(var. -) = na-a-du s ti-di (var. na--a-du s IM) which the king surrounded the Large Build-
Hg. B IV 131, in MSL 10 34, cf. na-du-u = na-du s
ing with a sukku of plaster DAFI 6 110 No.
IM MSL 10 70 : 45 (= Uruanna III 188c).
gi-[r]i(?) LAGAB = ka-ra-su s IM A I/2 : 27; gi-ri- 10 : 5 (MB Elam); eper ti-dam elluti qerbasa
LAGAB = MIN (= ka-ra-su) s ti-di Antagal III 144; umall I lled its (the walled terraces)
KD = ka-r[a-su s IM] Antagal G 67; [he-e] [{I] interior with pure sand and clay VAB 4 84
= [n]a-pa-lu sa IM, [ra]-a-ku s IM A V/2 : 24f.; i m . No. 6 ii 1 and dupls. (Nbk.); muslala sa bt As
s . s . k e = ur-ru-u s IM Nabnitu L (= XXV) 84;
[. . .] = [MIN (= sapaku) s] IM Nabnitu K (= XVI)
sur . . . sa ina pana itti pli u t-di epsu
75. enahma the gatehouse of the Assur temple,
g i.a l i m . . s a h a r(?) . a g a r. r a d n i n . which had originally been made of lime-
k i l i m . m a u r u . n a : allum sa ina ti-dim na[d] stone and mud, had fallen into disrepair
sikkutu a[li] the hoe used in mud is (like) a she- AOB 1 68 r. 2 var. (Adn. I), see Grayson, RIMA 1
mongoose in the city Lambert BWL 272 :11 (OB),
140 : 38 var.; elenu kupram kapiru elis t-da-
see Alster Proverbs 289 : 3; [. . .] . a g [. . .] i m .
g i n x(GIM) [. . .] g u l . l a : muhabbit muqtabl kma am qadutam isirrusu the upper part (of
salam ti-di-im (Hammurapi) who destroys warriors the igu (drain?)) is smeared with bitumen,
like clay gurines LIH 60 iv 14; [i] m . g i n x x x and higher up they will apply plaster (and)
b . g u l . l a : kma ti-di-im iabtuma von Weiher mud to it ARMT 13 27: 9.
Uruk 229 r. 7; a b . b a . b i i m . g i n x m u . u n . d .
e n : sbusu kma ti-di eme (see ew lex. section) 2u in private contexts : IM pana u kutalla
ASKT p. 121 No. 18 : 4f., see Maul Ersahunga
isakkanu they will apply mud at the front
195 : 22, cf. i m . g i n x m u . u n . d . m : kma ti-di
teme 4R 24 No. 3 : 8f.; i m . a b z u (var. i m . m a . and rear (of the hut to be built) JCS 30 237
a b . [z u ] ) : ti-da-am ina aps PBS 1/2 122 :7f. and BM 136872 :11 (NB), cf. VAS 5 117: 9 and Lowie
dupls., see Wilcke, Af O 24 10 : 3; i m a b z u . t a Museum (Berkeley) 9-2919 :11 (courtesy M. Stolper);
[ . m e . n] i(?) . t i . g : t-id ap[s] gi-r[i-is-ma] IM isakkan TuM 23 26 : 6, cf. ibid. 27:7, BE
pinch o clay from the Aps (to make a gurine)
RA 65 138 iii 9f., cf. CT 17 29 : 30f.; [n g ] . z . g
9 54 : 6; ti-du isakkan Af O 24 126 (pl. 23) No.
i m a b . z u . t a : li-si t-di sa aps a paste made of 13 : 8; IM.{I.A isakkan Nbn. 845 :7; 5 kuda
mud from the Aps Labat Suse 2 iii 33f. ratu sa IM CT 56 557: 2, 50 kudurru sa IM

tdu tdu

CT 55 401 :1, cf. CT 55 1 : 4, Nbk. 433 : 6, and 2u of gods and demons : ina IM-ki sa
passim in NB, see kudurru B mng. 1a; agruti lam Ninsubur abanni I will make an image
sa ti-du ana muhhi sakillu izabbilu (see sa of Ninsubur from your clay BiOr 30 178 : 6
killu) GCCI 1 408 : 6; kinsu ikannis ina IM (foundation rit.); ina marri IM sa tuqaddisu
isakkanu (see kinsu) TuM 23 134 :12 (all NB); takarrisma salam DN teppus with the shovel
mithara PN usallal u papaha t-da-am isak you cut o clay that you have puried, and
kan (see sullulu A mng. 1a1u) MDP 24 you make a gurine of Ninsubur BiOr 30
391 :13 (OB Elam); u ti4-dam u libittam lizbi 178 : 33; salam DN sa IM teppus Farber Istar
lunim furthermore, they should bring me und Dumuzi 228 : 34; salam marat Anim sa IM
mud (mortar) and bricks AJSL 32 281 : 29, palgi teppus you make a gurine of the
see Stol, AbB 11 139; summa igar bti qerb IM Daughter-of-Anu from canal mud ZA 16
sahitma if clay is sloughed o from the in- 196 iv 2, dupl. KAR 239 iii 3; kullata tuqaddas
ner wall of a house CT 38 15 : 53, cf. ibid. 54; IM kullati teleqqe salam DN teppus you pu-
summa [btu] IM ishut (see sahatu B mng. rify potters clay, you take clay from the
3a) CT 40 2 : 45, see Freedman Alu 114; igar IM potters clay pit, you make a gurine of DN
tasakkan you make a mud wall Farber Istar 4R 56 ii 23 (Lamastu), cf. Kcher BAM 212 : 40;
und Dumuzi 227:17 (rit.); 2 GUR t-da-am 1 gurines of uridimmu dogs, bison, scorpion-
awlum kala umim isr one man spreads men, both male and female sa IM sa kal
two gur of mud (as plaster or mortar) in labsu made of clay, clothed in yellow pig-
one full day Sumer 43 202 iv 4 (OB math.), cf. ment BBR No. 50 ii 5, cf. ibid. 7, see Wigger-
ibid. 204 : 8 and 14; t-di mnum ibid. 7 and 202 mann Protective Spirits 14 :187 and 189; salam
iii 42. mursi sa IM teppus you make an image of
the illness out of mud KAR 66 : 8; salam
3u with ref. to workers : .BI sa t-t sa mti sa IM . . . salam etemmi lemnu sa IM
UD.2.KAM wages for a clay worker for two ABL 461 :1 and 4.
days RA 74 51 119 :15 (OB); note as low social
category : PN sa TA L D-us.ME dullu 3u of people: IM kullati teleqqe salam
IM.{I.A sa bt il sa Uruk PN from the halqi [teppus] you take clay from the pot-
ranks of the clay workers of the temples ters clay pit and you make a gurine of
of Uruk VAS 15 22 :1 and 15, cf. ibid. 27:1, 7, the fugitive LKA 135 : 6; salam puhi ameli
14, and 20, BRM 2 53 : 5 and 18, FuB 16 31. No. sa IM salam puhi ameli sa IM palgi a gu-
10 : 2, No. 13 : 8, No. 20 :7, YBC 11633 : 6, cited rine of mud as a mans substitute, a gu-
Stolper Entrepreneurs and Empire 77 n. 32, also, rine of canal mud as a mans substitute
ABL 977 + CT 53 536 r. 5f.; ina seri ina mahar
wr. IM VAS 15 34 : 4 and 8, and passim in Sel.
Uruk; susanu episanu sa IM PBS 2/1 120 : 5, 8,
amas IM annanna mar annanna akarris in
and upper edge, and 193 :7, 12, and left edge (both
the morning before amas I will pinch o
Achaemenid Nippur).
clay (for a gurine) of so-and-so, son of so-
and-so AAA 22 pl. 11 iii 19, see ibid. p. 48, and
b) as material for gurines and statues dupls., cf. Maqlu III 17; mihha tanaqqi IM usal
1u in gen.: biniatisu kma salam ti-di-im nari tel[eqqe] passi sinnisti teppus you
lihbus may he (Nergal) smash his limbs make a libation, you take mud from a riv-
as (one smashes) a clay gurine CH xliv 38; erine meadow, you make a gurine of a
k sa salmu sa iskuri ina isati issarrapuni woman Loretz-Mayer u-ila 59 :14u, see Mayer
sa ti-di ina m immahhahuni (see mahahu Gebetsbeschwrungen 530, cf. LKA 25 ii 14; IM
mng. 1c2u) Wiseman Treaties 609, see Parpola kullati teleqqe salam zikari u sinnisti teppus
and Watanabe, SAA 2 6; see also LIH 60, von you take clay from the potters clay pit,
Weiher Uruk 229, ASKT p. 121 No. 18, 4R 24 in you make an image of a man and a woman
lex. section. Kcher BAM 323 : 80, see Farber Istar und Dumuzi


tdu tdu

211;kullata tuqaddas . . . IM kullati (var. Kcher BAM 140 :10, see Farber Istar und Dumuzi
omits) teleqqema salam andunani teppus Or. 214.
NS 42 508 : 9u and dupls., see Maul Namburbi
4u of animals : snat imeri ina IM sa bt
486 : 21;lsa kunasa u IM kullati istenis tu
tuppi tuballal tark 2 imere teppus you mix
ballal salam zikari u sinnisti teppus you
donkeys urine with clay from the school-
mix dough made of emmer with clay from
house, you pour it out and make two don-
the potters clay pit, you make gurines of
key (gurines) ZA 45 200 i 4; imera sa IM
a man and a woman KAR 70 i 6, see Biggs
palgi teppus you make a donkey (gurine)
aziga 46 No. 27, also dupl. Hunger Uruk 9 : 5u; IM
from canal mud ZA 16 196 iv 3, dupl. KAR
KI.A dD kilattan . . . teleqqe salam sinnisti 239 iii 4; [. . .] sa IM ilta u qema ballu teppus
sti teppus KAR 61 :13, cf. UET 6 410 : 21, see Or. NS 36 33 :13, cf. ibid. 32 :7 (namburbi), see
Gurney, Iraq 22 224; salam andunani sa snat
kalba sa IM teppus you
Maul Namburbi 211;
ameli sa Namtaru isbatusu sarat suhatisu make an image of a dog out of mud STT
sarat irtisu u liqit suprisu itti IM suatu tu 64 : 3 and parallels, cf. ibid. r. 4u, see Maul Nam-
ballalma salmam teppus (to make) the sub- burbi 313.; [naphar(?)] 10(?) kalb IM ina
stitute gurine (using) the urine of the man babi kam tetemmir you bury (gurines of)
whom the demon Namtaru has aected, [a total of(?)] ten(?) clay dogs at the outer
you mix hair from his armpit, hair from gate KAR 298 r. 22, cf. ibid. r. 1, 3, 4, and 15;
his chest, and parings from his nails with tamsl muras sa IM teppus ina gassi
that clay, thus you make the gurine ZA .BIL.L tubarram (see baramu B mng. 2)
45 200 i 12, cf. ibid. 20, cf. also IM isarim or- LKA 112 : 6, cf. BBR No. 58 : 3; alpa sa IM tep
dinary clay ibid. 7; salam kassapi u kassapti pus . . . salamsu sa IM teppus KAR 62 r. 2
2 NU IM 2 NU lsi 2 NU lip 2 NU itt 2 and 5.
NU iskuri 2 NU ereni 2 NU bni teppus you
make images of the sorcerer and sorceress, 5u of other objects : 7 NU.KR.KR sa
two images of clay, two images of dough, IM ina ruti tuballalma teppus you make
two images of tallow, two images of bitu- seven . . . . images of clay, mixing them
men, two images of wax, two images of ce- with spittle KAR 72 r. 6 and dupls., see Maul
dar, two images of tamarisk KAR 80 : 9, cf. Namburbi 449 : 46; 7 lisanati sa IM teppus ana
ibid. r. 17, Biggs aziga 28 No. 11 : 23 var. (= LKA makurri sa IM lisanati takammis IM ma
99d i 8), PBS 1/1 13 :19, Maqlu IV 41; salam kurra tarrim you make seven tongues of
IM sa .UDU {I.{I an image made of clay clay, you gather up the tongues in a boat
that is mixed with tallow Maqlu IX 37; as made of clay, you cover the boat with clay
UET 6 410 :17, cf. ibid. 15 and 22f., see Gurney,
pur ana hirt ali ikrisuni ti-i-[da]-ki I sent
Iraq 22 222, cf. also Maqlu IX 52; silagaz sa IM
to the city moat, (where) they pinched o
clay (for an image) of you (the sorceress) tasakkan ina libbi silagaz salam IM tasak
for me Maqlu II 189, cf. ibid. 182; salam IM kan (see silagaz) LKA 115 : 6; 4 pass sa IM
lip ina res libbisa era ina kaltisa tusan teppus you make four game pieces of clay
Af O 12 143 : 32 (SB rit.), cf. KAR 178 r. vi 23; 2
nas a clay image (of the sorceress), you
humbisetu sa IM teppus von Weiher Uruk 235
stick tallow into her stomach, cornel wood
r. 8; note as material for molds : zepi ti-id-
into the small of her back Maqlu IX 40, cf.
di abnma (see zepu mng. 2) OIP 2 109 vii
ibid. 179; salam IM sa kassapi u kassapti ina
16 (Senn.), also 123 : 29, wr. ti-d ibid. 133 :79.
muhhi salam qemi [tasakkan] you place a
clay image of the sorcerer or sorceress on c) in the creation or decay of living
the image made of our Maqlu IX 158; 1 E things : DN imtasi qatesa ti-da iktaris ittadi
K.BABBAR 1 E K.GI [tasaqqal]ma IM ina seri . . . Enkidu ibtani Aruru washed
tasm salam kassapi u kassapti teppusma her hands, pinched o clay, threw it down

tdu tdu

in the steppe, and created Enkidu George Af O 19 56 : 54 and 56 (SB prayer to Marduk), cf.
Gilg. I 102; [ibr sa aramm]u [tem]e ti-id-dis sa ti-id-dis m min nemelsu (see nemelu
my companion whom I love has turned to mng. 1a) ibid. 57: 67, restoration courtesy W. G.
clay George Gilg. X 68 and 145; sarhu DN karisu Lambert; kullat teneseti itura ana ti-id-di
ti-id-di-si[n] (var. t-id-da-si-na) (see karasu all mankind turned into clay (after the
mng. 1a) Lambert BWL 88 : 277; ti-id-da-am Deluge) George Gilg. XI 133, cf. ibid. 119; bu
(vars. ti-id-di, ti-id-da) liddinamma anaku la rurma utr ana ti-id-di he cursed the
lupus let him (Enki) give me the clay so wild creatures and turned them into clay
that I (Nintu) can perform (the work of Cagni Erra IV 150, cf. ibid. I 74; itri ana ti-id-
creating mankind) Lambert-Millard Atra-hass di (in broken context) Lambert BWL 108 : 6;
56 I 203 (OB), vars. from Iraq 58 170 : 86 (SB); ina ituru t[i-i]d-di-is SEM 117 ii 7; [da]nna eksa
srisu u damisu DN liballil ti-id-da ilum [. . .-s](?) ana ti-di-is BMS 22 : 48, see Mayer
ma u awlum libtallilu puhur ina ti-id-di Gebetsbeschwrungen 476 r. 7; min epusma ti-
let Nintu mix the clay with his (the dead id-di-is [. . .] (in broken context) Durand
gods) esh and blood, so that god and man Catalogue EPHE pl. 121 No. 336 : 2 (= RA 18 21
are thoroughly mixed together in the clay No. 16, SB lit.).
Lambert-Millard Atra-hass 58 I 211f., also ibid. 226;
istuma iblula ti-da sti (SB var. ti-da-a-s[a]) d) as writing material : t-da-am sa GN
ibid. 231; rutam idd elu ti-id-di (the gods) ana tuppatim sa ustanabbalu agdamar I
spat upon the clay ibid. 234; [ti-i]d-da ikab have exhausted the clay of GN for the tab-
basam mahrisa (see kabasu mng. 2e) ibid. lets which I am constantly sending o
60 : 252 (all OB); rut[a tat]tadi eli t-id-d-s ARMT 28 105 :10; IM istu kdi asri elli ik
[14 kir]s takris she spat on her clay, she risamma tup-pi isturma he pinched o clay
pinched o 14 pieces of it ibid. p. xii S iii 4 from outside, a pure place, and wrote a
(SB), see ibid. p. xii; Belet-il ikteris ti-da-a-s tablet RA 88 60 r. 15 (colophon), dupl. Gesche,
. . . ibtalal ti-da-a-s VAS 24 92 :14u and 16u, cf. NABU 1995/66, also Matous Festschrift 2 111 :17,
ibid. 8u, see Mayer, Or. NS 56 56; Ea ina teka cf. ti-da(?) [u]ltu kir aps ikris Borger AV
ibbani amelutu tustasnma ina asrat aps p. x VAT 17035 r. 14; [u l4] . l e(?) . e [. . .]
IM-si-na takris Ea, it was by your spell [i] m u(?) t e . m a . [a b] : [arh]is alkam
that mankind was created, for the second ti-da-am l[eqe] come quickly, take the clay
time you pinched o their clay from the Borger AV 1 i 5u (Akk.) and 14u (Sum.) (OB); ana
shrine in the Apsu Af O 23 43 : 26 (SB re p nishi sa ti-i-di (see nishu A mng. 4)
inc.); Ea ina aps ikrusa ti-da ibni DN ana BBSt. No. 24 : 42 (NB colophon); musar ti-id-di
tedisti [bt il] Ea pinched o clay in the (var. IM) sarputi lumase tamsl sitir sumija
Apsu, he created DN (the divine brick) for esiq serussun (see musar A mng. 1a)
keeping the temples renovated RAcc. 46 : 26, Borger Esarh. 27 Ep. 40 : 9; d [u b . s a r i] m . m a
dupl. von Weiher Uruk 141 : 3, see Dietrich, Oelsner = MIN (= tupsar) [ti-di] Lu I 141g.
AV 36; karisma ina apsm ti4-da-su clay for
it was pinched o in the Apsu RA 88 155 : 5 e) as food for the dead : asar epru bu
(Mari inc.); ina IM Ea ibnkunusi BBR No. bussinama akalsina ti-id-di(var. -tu) where
48 :1 (incipit of an inc.); we ti-id-di-is RA 46 dust is their sustenance and their food is
88 : 22 (OB Epic of Zu), cf. immi ti-id-di-is CT clay Gilg. VII 188, also CT 15 45 : 8 and dupl.
15 40 iii 4 (SB version), cf. ibid. 39 ii 51; raggu KAR 1 : 4 (Descent of Istar), STT 28 iii 3 (Nergal
ajabu usemme ti-id-dis he (Ninurta) turns and Ereskigal), see AnSt 10 114, cf. CT 15 45 : 33
the wicked foe into clay Or. NS 36 122 :115 and dupl. KAR 1 : 34 (Descent of Istar).
(SB hymn to Gula); ti-id-di-is tusemi Kcher
BAM 215 : 49 (SB rit.), see Kcher, Af O 21 18; f) other occs. 1u in leg. and adm.:
ti-di-is-ma teme he has turned into clay may the king give attention to (me) his

tdu tikmennu

servant and may he instruct his ocer lid 3u in gurative use: umma PN arduka
din GN ana A.ME mi-e-ma ana ardisu ana epri sa sepeka u ti4-id sa kapasika thus says
laq iss ana tibnu ana t-i-t that he should PN , your servant, the dust at your feet,
give GN to his servant for water, for col- and the mud on which you tread EA 213 : 5,
lecting wood, for straw, for clay EA 148 : 33; also, wr. ti4-ti EA 241 : 6, wr. IM.ME EA
2 paspas . . . k niduku ina ti-du niqtebir 220 : 6, ti-id s[ep]eka EA 61 : 3.
when we killed the two ducks, we buried
g) hammar tdi (a tree): GI ha-am-mar
them in the mud Iraq 13 96 :13, cf. ibid. 4 and
ti-di = (space left blank) Practical Vocabulary
16 (NB leg.); 5 (BN) IM usalla nari BE 8/1
Assur 678.
154 : 9 (NB inv.); fPN sa fPN 2 ultu suqu tas
smma turabb u sepsu ina ti-id-da taskun h) massar tdi earthworm (lit. guardian
PN whom fPN 2 took from the street and of the mud): is-q-pu = ma-sar ti-di (var. IM)
raised, and whose feet she impressed in Practical Vocabulary Assur 412, also (with var.
clay VAS 6 116 : 9 (NB leg.), cf. sepesunu PN ma-sar IM) Uruanna III 215, in MSL 8/2 60;
abusunu fPN 2 ummasunu ina IM.ME is [m a] r. g a l = isqippu = ma-as-sar tIMdi Hg.
kunu Arnaud Emar 6 217:10. A II 274, in MSL 8/2 45, Hg. B III iv 33, in MSL
8/2 48.
2u in lit., rit., inc.: 7 kupatinnu sa IM
For IM mal in med. and ext. see saru A mng.
tukappat you roll seven pills of clay Dream- 3a; also in ZA 43 18 :70, see Livingstone, SAA 3 32
book 343 79-7-8,77 r. 21; eper elippi IM usalli r. 30, and ABL 1194 :13, see Cole and Machinist,
nari eper askuppat babi kam lu ina m bu SAA 13 28, where IM (= TU 15 )(.ME) stands for
ri lu ina m nari tuballalma tasallah you saru.
mix dust from a boat, mud from a riverine
meadow, and dust from the threshold of tiknu see tikmennu.
an outer gate with well water or with river
water, and you sprinkle it KAR 377 r. 39 tikmennu (tikmenu, tiknu) s.; 1. ashes,
(namburbi); sa amlu ssu up-l-s L U ub soot, residue, 2. (a plant); MB, SB; wr.
balma ana IM takammis the barber(?) re- syll. (ti-ki-ni EA 10 : 21 ) and D.
moves that mans lice(?), and you put them te NE = ti-i[k-me]-nu nu-ul-x (var. ti-im-[ g]i-nu)
into a clay lump Or. NS 42 510 r. 29, see Maul Arnaud Emar 6 537: 306 (S a Voc.), see Civil, Aula
Namburbi 490 :78; you put the dough in a hole orientalis 7 10; de-e N[E] = ti-i[k-me-nu] A VII/
ina IM p babsu tepehhe you block up its 1 :108; d = lamu, [t]ik-me-n[u], [d ] . d a l = ditallu
Antagal VII (= H) 227.; [d .da]-al d a l = lamu, nab
opening with clay (mixed with) cha (and lu, ti-ik-me-en-nu, ditallu Izi I 174., cf. NE di-ki-mu-um
seal it) CT 23 1 :10 (rit.); you gather hair Proto-Izi 5, cf. also Proto-Izi I Bil. Section A 2.
clippings in a pot ina IM E.IN.BUL+BUL la--mu, di-tal-lum = ti-ik-me-ni LTBA 2 1 iv
babsa -a[ p] and plug its opening with 38f., dupl. 2 :104.; la--mu, di-di-lu = ti(var. t)-ik-
clay (mixed with) cha Or. NS 36 21 : 8 (nam- me-en-nu An IX 12f.
burbi); irt [sik]kata ukinnu qulla IM ip[h] 1. ashes, soot, residue a) in gen.: ti-
(see qullu usage b) Ugaritica 5 163 ii 23 (Coun- ik-me-x (var. ti-ik-mi-en-su) sa kinun tuses
sels of Wisdom), see von Soden, UF 1 194; ultu 1 sip you collect the ashes from braziers Or.
bri IM TM nar Idiglat 2 bri IM TM nar NS 36 289 r. 21 and dupls., see Maul Namburbi
Purattu the Tigris brought mud from one 137:110; (in MN ) mi-nu- -kul-ta-ka a-ba-
double-mile away, the Euphrates brought nu di-qa-ri ina ka-ma-ri ti-ik-me-ni ur-ba-
mud from two double-miles away KAR 61 tum ina su-man-nu(var. -ni) s nap-pa-hu
r. 15f. (inc.), see Biggs aziga 72; note in a curse: (var. L.SIMUG) tapattan 2R 60 No. 1 r. left
ina hep btisu qatasu ti-da lruba at the col. 43, see Rmer, Persica 7 63 : 2, restored from
destruction of his house, may his hands dupl. courtesy W. G. Lambert, var. from Wiseman
plunge into the mire BBSt. No. 6 ii 58 (Nbk. I). and Black Literary Texts 205 iv 5; ti-ik-me-[en-


tikmennu timtu

nu] (in broken context) CT 39 36 K.10423+ b) of specic materials : 5 MA.NA ti-ik-

: 2 (SB Alu); your messenger brought some- mi-nu sa uhuli qarnan x (amount) of the
thing less than twenty minas of gold, when ash of horned alkali (as an ingredient in
it was put in the kiln (for smelting), not glass making) Oppenheim Glass 43 Tablet A
even ve minas came out sa l ina salami 111, also, wr. D ibid. 34 Tablet B i 22; D
pan ti-ki-ni sakin (see salamu mng. 1c) EA sarbati ina m kas tals (see sarbatu usage
10 : 21 (let. of Burnaburias); [ana] ti-ik-mi-ni itur d2u) Kcher BAM 480 iii 1; 1 SLA D am
if it turns into ashes STT 330 :1; summa hara tuballal (see amhara usage c) ibid. 237
naru mesa kma ti-ik-mi-ni salmi ubil if a iv 9; D alam task (see alam) ibid. iv 23;
canal carries water (looking) like black soot D elpetu ibid. iv 22; D libbi gisimmari
CT 39 20 :130 (SB Alu); [lisas]limusi kma ti- AMT 74 iii 19; D ereni ibid. iii 21; 1 SLA D
ik-me-en-ni may they make her black as supur immeri 1 SLA D pill zikari (see
soot Maqlu VI 34; eli dadanisu tikkisu D pill usage c1u) Kcher BAM 396 i 10f.; you
tasakkanma iballut (see dadanu A) Kcher burn cedar, cypress, apple wood, and grape-
BAM 3 ii 8; ti-ik-me-en-na ina mahhalti [ina vine D-s ina saman ereni tapassas you
as]kuppat babi kam tanahhal (see nahalu smear its ash with cedar oil KAR 72 r. 15;
A) LKA 135 r. 7, cf. ibid. r. 13 and 14, see Ebel- you take clay from a canal ina ti-ik-[m]e-
ing, Or. NS 23 54; ZD ti-ik-me-ni sa kanni en-na elpeti tuballal you mix it with ashes
powdered ashes from a pot Kcher BAM 124 of alfa grass von Weiher Uruk 83 : 24; (a sheeps
iii 50, also ibid. 125 :11; kasi ti-ik-me-na(var. eye and a sheeps horn) sa ina isati iql
-en) pasa tumalla samna tunattak you ll a madis tab ti-ik-me-en-na-s-nu [. . .] that
cup with ground-up ashes, you dribble oil have been burned with re are very good,
(onto it) Or. NS 39 127 r. 29, cf. 1 DUG ti-ik- their ashes [. . .] ibid. 153 :15; to learn
mi-nu [tumalla] ibid. 126 r. 11, see Maul Nam- whether the woman is pregnant or not
burbi 427: 67 and 425 : 49; sutu ti-ik-me-en-nu -sa-bu ina IZI BL ana ti-ik-me-en-na GUR.
tumallama patru ina libbi tusannis (see sa RU you roast(?) . . . .-plant over a re, it
nasu usage a) 4R 56 ii 24 (Lamastu I), cf. 4R 55 turns to ashes UET 7 123 r. 7 (birth progno-
No. 1 r. 35 (Lamastu III); garakku adi ti-ik-me- sis), see Reiner, ZA 72 134.
en-s inassma ana nari inaddi he removes
the reed altar with its ashes and throws it 2. (a plant): SA5 : ti-ik-me-nu Uru-
into the river BRM 4 6 : 30, see TuL p. 94; ti- anna III 325;sammu samu : ti-ik-me-nu
Kcher Panzenkunde 4 : 24.
ik-me-nam suatu ina 7 ume ana nari . . .
inassma izzibam on the seventh day he For Maqlu III 116, IX 50, etc. (cited AHw. 169b
takes those ashes to the river (to an iso- s.v. dikmenu, and see CAD s.v. diqaru usage a3u),
see ummnu.
lated spot) and he leaves them LKA 139 r.
15, dupl. LKA 140 r. 9, cf. [ti-ik]-mi-en-ni ana
tikmenu see tikmennu.
nari [. . .] KAR 124 :10, cf. ibid. 8; you pour
the liquids into a cow horn ti-ik-me-[na]
timetu see timtu.
ana pani tasab[bah] (see sabahu A usage a)
KAR 234 r. 6, cf. ibid. r. 19, see Castellino, Or. NS
24 262; ti-ik-me-[na (x-x)] ina m [. . .] LKA timtu (tiwtu, timetu, tebetu) s.; yarn,
108 :11 (namburbi); uhulu qarnanu ana muhhi
thread; Mari, MA, MB, SB, NB; pl.
ti-ik-me-ni [. . .] KAR 47: 5 (royal rit.); ti-ik- timtu; wr. syll. and NU.NU; cf. tam v.
mi-[na . . .] itti epere kimahhi tuballal (for s g .NU.NU = ti-me-t Practical Vocabulary As-
context see sahanu mng. 3) KUB 37 87: 4; sur 218.
N kukrumma kukru p[] ti-ik-me-en-na
Maqlu IX 101; 1 SLA t-ik-mi-[. . .] Kcher a) in econ.: 22 shekels ti-wi-it GADA ana
BAM 241 ii 5f. kubs of linen yarn for headbands ARMT

tmu tpu

23 202 :1; t-wi-it GADA ibid. 203 :1; 1 MA.NA upon as with yarn (commenting on a dap-
t-wi-tum Z ibid. 204 : 6 and 16; uncert.: 1 pled pig) Hunger Uruk 27:18u (comm. on Labat
MA.N[A . . .] ti-wi-[tam] PN [am(?)]-hu-ur TDP I), see George, RA 85 148 : 96 and ibid. p. 156.
ARM 7 95 : 2, see MARI 2 78; t-be-ta le-ta sa
b) in NA: 31 talents ti-mu(text -BU)
GADA.ME sebila send me . . . . linen yarn
GADA ABL 347 r. 5.
Cancik-Kirschbaum MA Briefe 7:17u, cf. t-be-tu
sa GADA ibid. 23u; 5 MA.NA ti-mi-tum ana c) in NB: 5 MA.NA SG.{I.A ana ti-
kimmagati mahasi ve minas of yarn to mu ve minas of wool for yarn Camb. 90 : 6,
weave kimmagatu textiles BE 14 150 :1, cf. cf. ibid. 158 :1 and 5; GADA ti-mu sa MU.8.
(in broken context) ibid. 51 :7 (both MB); mam KAM ana ispari nadna linen yarn given to
ma iltt itqu ina libbi a[na] ti-mi-t[i] la the weaver during the eighth year YOS 6
inassi nobody may take even one eece 113 : 9, cf. ibid. 1, TCL 13 233 : 24; 10 GN ti-mu
from (my animals) for (making) yarn TCL sa pes 10 GN ti-mu tabarri ten shekels
9 84 :13 (NB let.); 10 GN KI.L ti-me-tum sa of white wool yarn, ten shekels of red
sap sa kustu sa DN tabarru ten shekels wool yarn GCCI 2 105 : 5f., also ibid. 108 : 3.,
weight of yarn for embroidering(?) a red 121 :14f., 365 : 8f., YOS 7 183 : 29f.; !3- GN ti-mu
wool kustu garment of Aja CT 44 73 : 22; 2 sa pes !3- GN ti-mu sa parsigu Mesopotamia
GN takiltu ana ti-me-tum ana sap sa 1011 18 No. 32 :7f.; ti-mu u kibasu (see kibsu
TG.{I.A metu u TG.{I.A kululu sa DN B usage b2u) TCL 12 109 : 4, cf. ibid. 107:10f.;
two shekels of blue wool for thread to em- 1 guhalsa sa MUD ti-mu YOS 7 183 :7; ti-
broider(?) the metu and kululu garments me kabbaru thick yarn GCCI 1 388 :16; un-
of Annuntu Bongenaar NB Ebabbar 308 BM cert.: 20 MA.NA MUNUB(?) ti-mu gam-mar
PN . . . mahir CT 57 261 : 2.
75767: 8; wools of dierent colors ana ti-ma-
a-ta UCP 9 93 No. 27: 29; 5 MA.NA SG.{I.A For YOS 3 190 : 33 see kmu adv.
ana ti-mi-i-tum sa pisanna (see pisannu)
Camb. 24 : 2, also, wr. ti-me-tum Cyr. 190 :1, 5, tiplu s.; scorn, insult; SB*; cf. tapalu.
16, CT 55 822 : 2, 827: 5, Bongenaar NB Ebabbar
kakki ti-ip-li (var. t-pil) kakki lumun libbi
319 BM 63912; 4 MA.NA inzahuretu ana 2
a weapon-mark indicating scorn, a weapon-
MA.NA ti-mi-tum sa bt DN CT 55 353 : 9;
mark indicating distress KAR 148 : 26, var.
ti-me-t ana mal sa kuss yarn for stung
from dupls. CT 31 28 : 8 and Boissier Choix 101 : 9
(upholstered) chairs BE 8/1 154 : 26, cf. ibid.
(SB ext.).
17 (all NB).

b) other occs.: (31 stones) ina ti-me-t tpu (tepu) s.; 1. attachment, addition, 2.
SG SA5 SG BABBAR tasakkak you string (a feature of the exta), 3. compress, poul-
on a yarn of red and white wool BE 31 60 tice; OB, SB, NB; pl. tpanu; cf. tep v.
r. ii 6 (med.); NU.NU barundi itti unqi sub
1. attachment, addition a) addend
ina ubanisu seherti lirkus (see barundu) (mathematical term): ti-pi ittisu ul te-pi an
CT 4 5 : 22 (NB rit.); muttatu sa tabarri ZA. addend is not added to it TCL 6 11 : 29, cf.
KUR.RA busu ti-mi-tum (see muttatu A ti-pi ittisu te-pi ibid. 33; ma-la . . . ti-pi ittisu
mng. 3) BBSt. p. 127:16 (Nabopolassar), see la te-pu- ibid. 31, cf. ibid. 32 (astron.).
VAB 4 70.
b) building addition : summa ti-pa-a-nu
tmu s.; yarn, thread; SB, NA, NB; cf. ina bt ameli ibass if there are additions
tam v. to a mans house CT 38 15 : 56 (SB Alu); btu
sa PN . . . adi ti-pa-nu . . . ana PN 2 iddin a
a) in SB: burijamu sa zumursu kma ti- house belonging to PN , including the an-
me ussuru a porcupine whose body is drawn nexes, given (in shared rental) to PN 2 Dar.

tirru tru B

499 : 3,rhit ti-pa-ni PN 2 usallal PN 2 will against PN by PN 2 KBo 9 10 : 2, also OIP 27

roof over the rest of the annexes ibid. 14; 20 :1, wr. t-re-e KBo 9 3 : 2, 4 :1, MVAG 33 29
ti-i-pu (rented) BM 61742 :1, 1 ti-pi BM No. 34 (VAT 7676): 2; x K.BABBAR t-ri ana
64159 (all NB, courtesy C. Waerzeggers). .GI DG.GA ana PN addin I gave to PN x
t. silver for good-quality oil KTS 1 52b :10; x
2. (a feature of the exta): ti-pu paris res
K.BABBAR t-ri Akkadica 42 21 Assur Ph.
ti-p . . . patir the t. is separated, the head
4159 (= VAT 19864):10; x K.BABBAR t-ri . . .
of the t. is split YOS 10 10 :11f.; GI.TUKUL
te-e-pi sakin JCS 11 104 No. 22 r. 6 (both OB ana PN suqul pay x t. silver to PN OIP 27
51 : 5; 5 MA.NA K.BABBAR t-ri ina kaspija
ext.), cf. GI.TUKUL Istar . . . sans GI.
TUKUL te-e-pi sumsu the weapon-mark of kunkama lublam seal ve minas of t. silver
Istar variant : t. weapon-mark is its name from my silver and let him bring it here
VAB 4 268 ii 30 (Nbn., ext.). KTS 1 10 : 23; (real estate) ana smim ana 3
MA.NA K.BABBAR t-ri PN u PN 2 ana PN 3
3. compress, poultice : (plants etc.) ti-pu iddinu JNES 16 164 :18, cf. ibid. 27, cf. also
sa n a compress for the eyes Kcher BAM NABU 2001/56 :19; 15 GN K.BABBAR t-ri
515 i 57, also ibid. i 10, 20 :10, 159 iv 1; 8 . . . addin Matous Prag I 610 : 5; 8 MA.NA K.
sammu ti5-pu ibid. 515 i 9; 3 .ME ti-pi sa BABBAR t-ri addinakkum 8 MA.NA K.
n Iraq 65 226 ii 2, cf. ibid. 231 iii 13; ti-pu sa BABBAR t-ri kunukkja PN u PN 2 nasu
DR.GIG te-te-ni-pi-ma this is a compress nikkum U.NIGIN 16 MA.NA illikakkum
for rectal disease, you apply the compress Matous Festschrift 2 114 WAG 48-1462 : 4f., wr.
repeatedly (and he will recover) Kcher t-e-ri Kltepe k/k 19 : 2, cited Veenhof, T. zg
BAM 152 ii 11 and 104 : 34; kma ti-pi tetep[ pi]
AV 523, for additional unpub. refs. see ibid. (all OA);
you apply (the medications) as (you would) x MA.NA K.BABBAR t-ir-ru aban bt ali
a compress Kcher BAM 515 i 67; (for bu
KI PN PN 2 u tappausu ana TAB.BA ana har
sanu disease) KI KA-s tutappma hepi essu
ran GN mahru PN 2 and his companions
ti5-pu sa KA nasmatti KA you apply (medi-
have received x minas of t. silver, (weighed
cations) on(?) his mouth(?), (new break), a
by) the weight of the City House, from PN
compress for the mouth(?) is a poultice for
for a partnership enterprise for a business
the mouth(?) Hunger Uruk 44 :79.
venture to GN KAJ 32 :1 (MA).
For ABL 347 r. 5 see tmu. StBoT 7, 10, 33, etc.
(= Erimhus Bogh. A i 33f. and ii 24f.) probably be- b) qualifying tin : (PN received from
longs to dpu v. For W.22650 (= von Weiher Uruk PN 2) x AN.NA t-ri aban bt ali KAJ 12 : 3,
34): 21 (Alu) see W. Farber, Or. NS 58 89. For the
also ibid. 13 : 3, 14 : 3, Iraq 30 183 TR 3021 : 2, 185
MB glass text references te-p-sa tammarma sum
ma parutu la tanakkud you inspect the . . . . and if (it TR 3030 : 2, and passim in MA loans.
looks like) alabaster, do not worry Oppenheim Glass
63:11, te-pa-a-sa x(SA 4) tukassa you allow the . . . . to
c) qualifying grain : 5 MA.NA K.
cool o ibid. 28, and summa di-pu parutu la tanak BABBAR 1 ME ANE.ME E-um t-ri
kud ibid. 29, Oppenheim Glass p. 65 suggests deriving aban bt ali KAJ 47: 3 (MA).
te-pa-(a) from ep, thus molten mass, and di-pu from
For CCT 4 47a : 32 see tiritaraju.
daapu, thus piercing, hole.
Ad mng. 3 : Goltz Studien zur altorientalischen Veenhof, T. zg AV 522f.
und griechischen Heilkunde 69f.
tru B (tru) s.; (mng. uncert.); OA.
tirru see tru A.
Inspect (pl.) and open my sealed pack-
tru A (tirru) s.; (mng. uncert.); OA, MA. ages ana t-ri be-e-li-im riksam sa hurasim
suknama kunkama place the package of
a) qualifying silver : x K.BABBAR t- gold in the fund(?) of the lord(?) and seal it
ri isser PN PN 2 tsu x t. silver charged TCL 19 68 : 26, see Veenhof Old Assyrian Trade 43.


tru C tubatu

tru C s.; (a dyestu); plant list.* t see d.

ti-ru : in-zu-hi-re(?)-tu Uruanna III 492, see Stol
tunu see tumnu.
On Trees 73.

tubatis (tubbatis) adv.; cheerfully, peace-

tru see teru and turu.
fully; SB; cf. tbu.

tirtu s.; beating; NB; cf. ter B. sittu irtehsu salil tu-ba-ts (vars. t-[. . .],
tu-ub-b[a-ts]) sleep overcame him, he was
x silver kum ti-ru-tu sa PN PN 2 PN 3 ana sleeping peacefully En. el. I 64 (coll. W. G.
PN 4 . . . it-ti-ru- in compensation for the Lambert).
beating that PN , PN 2, and PN 3 inicted on
PN 4 YOS 7 184 :1; uncert.: PN . . . ana PN 2 tubatu (tubbatu) s. pl.; good will, friendli-
. . . itteme k ina K dUrdimmu tattasiz u ness, cheer; OB, MB, SB; wr. syll. (DG.
ti-ru-tu ina libbi tetepsu PN declared under GA ACh Supp. 2 2 r. 16, DG-ba-ti KUB 4 74
oath to PN 2, You will not stand at the gate r. 4); cf. tbu.
of the temple of Urdimmu and inict a
beating(?) there TCL 13 167: 5, see Beaulieu, a) in gen.: will the enemy take the city
NABU 1990/121. by making a treaty lu ina KA.DG.GA u
salm tu-ub-ba-a-ti lu ina mimma sipirti ni
kil[ti sa sa]bat ali or through cordial words
tistisu s.; sediment; MA.
and friendly peace terms, or through any
You strain the oil through the cloth into cunning stratagem for taking a city? Knudt-
the ask t-is-t-sa u midduhra [sa i]na ildi zon Gebete 1 : 9, see Starr, SAA 4 43, and for
diqari irhuni tunakkar you discard the other refs. see salmu mng. 1d; elis ina
sediment and the residue that remain at saptesu itamm tu-ub-ba-a-ti saplanu libba
the bottom of the ask KAR 220 iv 6, see su kasir nertu outwardly with his lips he
Ebeling Parfmrez. p. 31, cf. ibid. p. 41 :15.
was swearing friendship, inwardly his heart
was full of murder Streck Asb. 28 iii 80, cf.
(dicult) Babylon (= CDOG 2) 326 : 47, cf. also
tittu see tdu.
min tub(var. t-ub)-ba-a-ti elis nastima
(see elis mng. 4) En. el. IV 77; Ansar libbasu
ttu s.; (a qualication of beer); SB, NA.
t(var. tu)-ub-ba-a-ti (var. t-ub-ba-ta) imla
qabutu KA t-i-ti a bowl of t. beer RA 69 (see mal v. mng. 4a) En. el. II 104; [a]sar
182 :18, ADD 1003 :12, 1018 :14, qabutu t-i-ti salta t-ub-ba-ta ba-x-[. . .] asar t-ub-ba-ta
ADD 1003 r. 8, 1007 r. 9, 1009 : 5, 1010 :15, 1015 salta ba-[. . .] KAR 306 r. 17f., also (parallels
r. 3, 1017: 4, 1019 r. 6, 1024 r. 8, 1029 r. 4, and asar ekduti, asar salti) ibid. r. 30 (SB lit.); st tu-
passim in NA, see Fales and Postgate, SAA 7 p. ba-te loss of good will KAR 178 iii 42, cf.
227 s.v.; itqur . . . ti-t van Driel Cult of Assur Boissier DA 27 i 7, Dream-book 329 r. ii 7, also

100 x 24u; 3 pasirate s E.PAD E.SA.[A ZI.GA t-ub-ba-a-t ina bt ameli ussi von
Weiher Uruk 97: 36, ZI.GA t-ub-b[a-a-ti . . .]
. . .] sa KA ti-ti sa ZD.E.SA.A BBR No.
68 :16; []IM.MUG IM.E KA ti-ti .
ussi ibid. 99 :17, cf. ZI.GA t-ub-ba-a-t // si-
it ma-as-[re-e(?)] ibid. 145 : 4 (both comm.).
NUN.NA ina isati tusabsal Kcher BAM 480
ii 29. b) in prep. phrases with adverbial
sense 1u in OB, MB: (slaves inherited
ttu see tdu. by the brothers PN , PN 2, and PN 3) sa PN
. . . ahusunu ina emuq ramanisu irsma ana
tiwtu see timtu. PN 2 u PN 3 ahhsu ina t-ba-ti-su izuzu whom


tubatu *tubb

PN , their brother, acquired by his own (tamtu); uncert.: matu ina tux(D)-ba-ti illak
means and of his own good intentions Labat Suse 9 : 27.
shared with his brothers PN 2 and PN 3 For CT 37 27 iii 26 and dupl. KADP (= Kcher
Meissner BAP 107:14; PN ina t-ba-ti-su 2 Panzenkunde) 28 iii 5 see tubtu B.
kalumatim ana PN 2 iddin (see kalumtu us-
age a) JCS 5 78 MAH 15916 :16, see Szlechter, tubbatis see tubatis.
JCS 7 92; ina t-ba-ti-su u mitgurtisu CT 4
11a :14; PN u PN 2 itti PN 3 u PN 4 imtagruma
ina t-ba-ti-su-nu u mitgurtisunu eqlam kma tubbatu see tubatu.
eqlim uptehh Dekiere OB Real Estate 455 :19;
PN ina t-ub-ba-[ti-sa] ina naramatisa eq *tubbu adj.; sweet; SB; cf. tbu.
lam itti btim ana smim . . . [iddin] fPN will-
sahl tu-ub-ba-a(var. omits -a)-ti tasakkan
ingly and voluntarily sold the eld with
you put sweetened cress (on bread) BBR
the house MDP 4 191 No. 15 : 4, see MDP 22 76,
No. 1-20 : 34; [. . .] tu-ub-ba-ti ana muhhi ta
cf. MDP 4 187 No. 11 : 4, see MDP 22 154, Veenhof
sakkan Kcher BAM 499 iii 28.
AV 31 :1 (all OB), for other refs. see naramu
s. mng. 3b2u; PN u PN 2 . . . ina t--ba-tum
ana berisunu imtagra Mayer Tall Munbaqa- tubbu see tubu.
Ekalte Texte No. 20 : 6 (MB inheritance division);
ina t-ba-tim-ma eqlam suati la epesam PN *tubb adj.; (mng. uncert.); OA*; cf.
su-ud-di kindly have PN leave that eld *tubb v.
unworked TLB 4 2 : 41, see Frankena, AbB 3 2;
uncert.: meher tuppija ana t(?)-ba-ti(?)- @3- mana kaspam 20 mana husae eliatim 4
[ma(?)] subilam kindly send me an answer mana t-bu--tim ana GN PN ubilsum PN
to my tablet OBT Tell Rimah 144 : 31. brought to him in GN two-thirds of a mina
of silver, twenty minas of scrap (copper) in
2u in SB: [mim]ma nakru irriskama ina the form of eltus, and four minas of t.
tub-ba-ti-ka idinsu the enemy will demand (scrap copper) Kltepe n/k 524 :12, cited Derck-
something of you, give it to him willingly sen OA Copper Trade 76.
Leichty Izbu XIV 83u; sarru ina DG.GA-s
mimma ana nakri inaddin the king will tubb s.; (mng. uncert.); NB.
willingly give something to the enemy ACh
Supp. 2 2 r. 16, cf. sarru ina t-ub-ba-[a-ti . . .] elippu sa 6 ammat ina muhhi saburri rap
Boissier DA 229 r. 5; ina t-ub-ba-a-ti al patika su tu-bu- sa ina muhhi nabalkattu u elippu
irrisukama la tanaddinma they will demand sa 5!2- ina muhhi saburri rapsu sa ina gisri
from you in a friendly manner one of your sa istt elippi sa 5 ammat ina muhhi sabur
border towns, but you must not give it to ri rapsu . . . uspe[lu] a boat which is six
them Boissier DA 6 : 4, cf. ibid. 3, CT 20 34 :15, cubits wide at the beam, a t which is at
cf. also (in broken contexts) ina DG-ba- the crossing, and a boat 5!2- (cubits) wide at
ti [. . .] tanaddin [. . .] KUB 4 74 r. 4 (liver the beam which is at the bridge, they ex-
model), nakirka ina tu-ba-a-ta [. . .] CT 51 114 changed for(?) one boat which is ve cu-
r. 5 (ext.), see Koch-Westenholz Liver Omens 380; bits wide at the beam BM 32873 : 2; PN put
[ana] jsi ardika ana tu-ub-ba-ti sidirma (see us-ku--t elippu tu-ub-bu- u elippu sa
sadaru mng. 1a2u) BMS 21 : 88, see Ebeling gisri nasi ibid. 8.
Handerhebung 104 : 38; ina tu-ub-ba-ti-ma ten
sunu tassakkin Lambert BWL 99 : 23; ina tu- *tubb v.; (mng. uncert., said of metals);
ub-ba-a-[ti x x x] ipturus Craig ABRT 1 81 :7 OA*; II; cf. *tubb adj.

tubtu A tubu

x kaspam ana URUDU t-bu-e-em one- kindness; from OB on; wr. syll. and
half shekel of silver (as payment?) for pro- DG(.GA); cf. tbu v.
cessing copper by . . . . TCL 20 163 : 8.
l . . g i 4 = t-ub lib-bi = (Hitt.) ZI-ni x-[. . .]
Nbn. 119 : 2, 5, 21 and Nbn. 1095 : 2, 4, cited MSL 12 216f. ii 8u (OB Lu Bogh.).
tbu v. mng. 2g, might belong with this verb. . u . m e . a 4 k i . t u . d g . g a . z u (OB
var. k i . g . z u ) a s i l a l (OB var. a ) k u 4 . k u 4 .
Dercksen OA Copper Trade 75f.
d a . z u . d : ana .MIN subat tu-ub libbika ina rsati
ina erebika when you joyfully (Sum. var.: alone) en-
tubtu A s.; friendly relations, friendship; ter Esumesa, the dwelling of your contentment (Sum.
Bogh., SB; wr. syll. and DG with phon. var.: your beloved temple) Angim IV 34 (= 185), re-
stored from K.9037; d i n g i r. r e . e . n e k i . t u
complement; cf. tbu. . d g . g a b . i n . d r. r u . n e . e . a . : il ina
subat tu-ub libbi ana susubi (see asabu lex. section)
summa ttub-t ittenpus if he always CT 13 36 :19; [u r u ] k . g a k i . t u . d g .
practices friendship (parallel : summa le g a . k e x(KID) . e . n e m u . m a h . a m i . n i . i n . s a 4 .
muttu ittenpus r. 11) KBo 1 22 r. 12 (let. from a : alu ellu subat tu-ub libbisunu sris imb (see
Egypt), see Edel Korrespondenz No. 24 r. 38; nab A lex. section) ibid. 16; n a m . t i . l a .
d g . g a s a g . e . e h a . r a . a b . r i g 7 . e : balat
DG-t u sulumm itti ahames iskunu they tu-ub libbi ana serikti lisrukuka 5R 51 iv 22f., see
brought about friendly relations and a peace Borger, JCS 21 12 : 2, also ibid. 11 : 32 (bt rimki);
agreement with each other Grayson Chron- ez en . d g . g a : isinnu tu-ub libb[i] BM
icles 93 : 29, cf. King Chron. 2 58 : 6, see Grayson 98846 : 8f. (courtesy W. G. Lambert); [a n] . t u m
d a m .d a m k i. g.g .z u i n i m .d g.g a .
Chronicles 180, wr. tu-ub-ta CT 34 39f. ii 1, 27,
z u h u . m u .u n . r a . a b . [ b i] : Antum hstum naram
iii 24 (Synchron. Hist.), see Grayson Chronicles tika amat tu-ub libbi liqbka may Antu, your be-
162.; ul issakkan salmu balu mithusi . . . ul loved spouse, declare to you a pleasing word TCL 6
ibbassi tu-ub-tu balu sitnunimma no peace 53 r. 14f.; t u . l u . d a n g . u r 5 . s a 6 . g e . d : ru-
mu--ta t-ub kabatti Acta Sumerologica (Japan) 19
will be concluded without ghting, there
262 r. 4uf.; a n . n a . r a i n i m . b a l b a r. z . e b .
will be no friendly relations without con- b a . k e x h l . l e . e n a m . m i . i n . g a r : ana Anu
ict Tn.-Epic iv 16. napal tu-ub kabatti hads issakinsumma (see na
pal lex. section) TCL 6 51 : 25f. and dupls., also
RA 12 75 : 51f.; k . d i n a n n a . k e x s a 6s-ig .
tubtu B s.; (mng. uncert.); SB. g a . n a m . z i m u . n i . i n . d u g 4 : elletum Istar ina
tu-ub libbisu knis ukanni in his contentment, he
= t-ub-tu Izi E 250h.
duly honored pure Istar TCL 6 51 : 27f., see
naphar 16 .{I.A tu(var. t)-ub-t in Hruska, ArOr 37 483f. and 490; n u . d g . g a :
la t-ub libbi Maul Ersahunga 366 : 4uf., and
all, 16 plants (for?) t. AMT 98,2 :11, cf. ibid. 8; passim; s u n u . z . e b . b a s u . [n i . t a . . .] : la t-
uncert. (pl.?): x-la-a-t : tu-ba-tum(var. -t) ub sr usu[h . . .] expel distress from his body
CT 37 27 iii 26, var. from dupl. Kcher Panzen- OECT 6 pl. 2 K.4664 : 8f., cf. OECT 6 pl. 25
kunde 28 iii 5. K.3131 : 6f., see Maul Ersahunga 257:19f. and
281 :7uf.
NU. duDG = la tu-ub libbi Izbu Comm. 164.
tub s.; (a reed); NB.
a) in gen.: istu inanna warah lunehhas
[ g i . n . b a r] = tu-bu- Hh. VIII 22; [he-en- sunutima ina t-bi-i-[s]u-nu-ma lusar[su
bur] [GI.E.KAK] = hab-bu-[ru], -di-i[t-tu], tu-bu-[u]
nut]i (lest the servants take fright) hence-
Diri IV 206.; . k a . z a l . l u m = ka-za-lu, tu-bu-u,
.MIN = ta-si-hu, ze-e ma-lh Hh. XVII 66.
forth I will reassure them monthly so that
I can send them with their compliance
(silver) ana tu-bu- ina IGI PN Moore TIM 2 19 : 34, see Cagni, AbB 8 19; saptaka tu-ba
Michigan Coll. 68 : 3 (adm.). limhura may your lips (O my god) receive
sweet things (for context see saptu mng.
tubu (tubbu) s.; goodness, good results, 1c) JNES 33 276 : 49 (SB inc.); put . . . tu-ub-bu
good outcome, good relations, good will, sa sik[ari PN ] nasi Jursa Bel-remanni 159 :14,

tubu tubu

cf. ibid. 161 :12, 180 : 9, 193 :7, VAS 6 115 : 9, wr. d) said of personal relations, goodwill :
tu--bu VAS 4 200 :11, Dar. 543 :10, YOS 6 ana L.ME GN t-b[i-ma] lu sabtat you
241 :14, wr. du-ub-bu Nbk. 233 :7 (all NB); in should be conciliatory toward the men of
broken context : tu-ub sikari LKA 15 r. 3 GN ARMT 28 19 : 5, anaku t-bi-ma sabtak
(SB); ileqqe etla ina tu-ub lalsu she takes sunusim ibid. 8; mar sipri[m] . . . s ana
the young man in the potency of his vigor belija t-bi [u s]arratim idabbub that mes-
JNES 33 224 :7, cf. LKA 37: 6 (both SB lit.), senger will speak sweetness and lies to my
Kraus Texte 7: 8 (SB); [. . .]-bi(?) ridd u t-- lord Mlanges Garelli 67 A.885 : 24; mar-sip
bi my guidance and my kindness PBS 1/1 retisunu sa tu(vars. add -u/)-bi u sulumm
2 iv 80 (OB), see Lambert, Sjberg AV 328 :166; tu- ana Ninua adi mahrija ispurunimma (see
ub-ba itpesu KAR 321 :10 (SB lit.); dicult : sulumm usage a) Borger Esarh. 59 v 31, cf.
niqm innaqi t-bu-um umtalli u salam be Iraq 30 109 :17, AAA 20 86 :117, and parallels (all
lija mahar DN usziz the sacrice was per- Asb.); in omen apodoses : DG LUGAL mes
formed, a favorable result was obtained(?), r usamad the kings favor, he will gain
and I set up the statue of my lord before great wealth CT 28 28 : 25; DG LUGAL iqat
DN Florilegium marianum 7 44 : 6 (Mari); mala
ti the kings favor will come to an end
ibid. 29 : 21 (both SB); t-ub-b pasaha . . . lih
hula ina tu-be-ka Ebeling Wagenpferde 16
B:10, cf. ibid. 19 E r. 3, 22 F r. 12.
liq (see pasahu s.) KBo 1 1 r. 66; ta-ar-ta-mi
tesm ritum t--bi (see ritumu) RA 22
b) said of medical results, outcome: 172 :17 (OB lit.).
urra u musa ann teppusma DG-ba tammar
e) ina tubi graciously, kindly (in let-
do this day and night and you will see good
ters): ina t-bi-im 6 GUR usesi out of kind-
results Iraq 31 29 :13 (MA); istissu sansu sa
ness, I have released six gur (of barley)
lassu ann teteneppus DG.GA immar
ABIM 25 : 9; PN ksama anaku ina t-bi-ia
AMT 26,3 :7 (= Kcher BAM 566 i 15); summa
atrudassu (see ksa usage a) CT 6 21b : 5, see
DG la mur AMT 31,5 : 4 (= Kcher BAM 558
Frankena, AbB 2 108; ina t-bi-ia ustamar
iv 15), also AMT 86,3 : 9, AMT 51,5 : 3, AMT
rasma x GN . . . eppes (see marasu mng.
81,8 :7 (= Kcher BAM 548 iv 6); ana simma[t
8) TLB 4 2 : 34; u atta ina t-bi hurasa [k
s]ri nasa[hi] t-ba-am surs to alleviate pa- sa libbi]ka subila for your part, be so good
ralysis, to obtain relief Kcher BAM 398 : 31 as to send me as much gold as seems ap-
propriate to you EA 4 : 43 (MB royal let.); u
c) said of attitude, disposition, inclina- ina t-bi ana min tusebilam why would
tion : amurma kma la t-bu-su-nu annanum you send me (the gold) even out of good-
wa-sa-ba-am I saw that it was not their will? ibid. 46; tuppa sutramma subilam as
preference to stay here ARM 1 117: 9, see sum ina t-bi-im-ma-a ahamis subbuti write
Durand Documents de Mari 1 607 No. 414 note a; and send me a tablet in order to maintain
k ana tu-bi panka if it is good for you connections graciously with each other CT
Cole Nippur 7: 21 (early NB let.);note with sa 43 94 : 31; EN(?)-s ittija illaka anaku ina

kanu : ina siari [sum]ma ana tu-bi sakin t-bi-ia e-pi-{I lumassir should his mas-
kma etarba ana sarri aqabbi tomorrow, if ter(?) come with me, I would gladly release
it is appropriate, I will come to speak to the . . . . PBS 1/2 57: 25 (both MB); if a fugi-
tive has information ana mar sarri ina
the king ABL 23 r. 27, see Parpola, SAA 10 240;
tu-u-bi taqabbi be so good as to tell it to
[k] ana tu-bi-s saknu Cole Nippur 108 :13,
the prince ABL 434 r. 7 (NA).
cf. k ana tu-bi belija sakna ibid. 83 : 25, cf.
also ibid. 28; [k] ana tu-bu belija la saknu f) tubu, ina tubi, ina tub libbi willingly
ibid. 33; adi ilu ana tu-bu istaknu ibid. 15, (with legal connotations): x .D.A PN PN 2
see Dietrich, Veenhof AV 69. inhil ina t-ub libbim x K.BABBAR PN 2

tubu tubu

PN inhil PN handed over x house plot to (pl.) have been intent on securing our
PN 2, PN 2 willingly handed over x silver to privileged status and our happiness Rey-
PN ARM 8 13 : 5, coll. Durand, MARI 1 100; nolds, SAA 18 158 : 3 (NB); sulmu sa sarri be
ina t-ub libbim i-za-iq-da (see *zaqadu v.) lija tu-ub libbisu u tu-ub srisu . . . sarru
ARM 8 15 : 9; annm t-bu ul nullanu (see bel ana urdisu lispura may my lord, the
nullanu) ARM 8 8 : 5 (leg.); atypical : pana king, send word to his servant concerning
num [. . . PN ] ina t-bi eq[lam] isbat PN 2 the good health of my lord, the king, his
i[ss]aki[nma] ina t-bi-ma eqlam isbat . . . happiness, and his well-being ABL 44 : 8f.,
kma panttumma ina t-bi eqlam isbatu see Parpola, SAA 10 91; may the king lift his
anaku ina t-bi-ma asabbat earlier PN (then sons grandchildren onto his own lap tu-ub
the district governor) held a eld by gen- libbisunu u tu-ub srisunu kajamanu sarru
eral consent, then PN 2 was appointed (to lidgul may the king always behold their
the oce) and he too held a eld by gen- happiness and their well-being ABL 453 :17f.,
eral consent, just as (my) predecessors held see Parpola, SAA 10 245, cf. ABL 9 r. 10f., see
elds by general consent, so I too should Parpola, SAA 10 218 (all NA); ana balat napsati
hold (a eld) by general consent ARM 14 arak um tu-ub libbi u tu-ub sri sa sarri . . .
81 : 27.; ward ina t-bi-ia-ma ul addinak usalla ABL 326 : 3 (NB), cf. CT 22 6 : 4, 27:10,
kum I did not give you my slave willingly 35 : 6f., 37: 4, 53 : 5, 65 : 6, YOS 3 7: 9, 8 : 5, 45 : 6,
(so hand him over now) CT 52 31 :7; btam 95 : 5, 153 : 6, 194 : 6f., BIN 1 76 : 5, TCL 9 85 : 6,
ul ina emuqim u kakk ekimka ina t-bi-ka wr. tu-bu-ub libbi tu-bu-ub
87: 9, 123 : 4,
taddinam I did not take the property away sri CT 22 198 :7; tu-ub libbi tu-ub sri sa
from you by force or violence, you gave it sarri belija liqb may (the gods) decree
to me willingly IM 67016 : 6 (courtesy Kh. al- happiness and well-being for the king, my
Adhami, both OB letters); tuppi la ragamim lord ABL 852 : 5f., cf. ABL 328 : 5, 1143 : 4, CT 22
i-t-bi-su-ma zib he made out a quitclaim 4 : 4f., 107: 3f., 163 : 5, TCL 9 107: 5f., YOS 3 46 : 4f.,
deed of his own free will CT 47 12 :18 (OB wr. tu-ub libbi tu-ub sri
141 : 4, 180 : 3,
leg.); anaku ina DG.GA-ma .{I.A A.[ CT 22 212 : 5; umu ana umu urhu ana urhi
a]ttadnassu I have willingly granted him sattu ana satti tu-ub libbi tu-ub sri . . . ana
the houses and elds MRS 6 83 RS 16.143 : 28 sarri belija liddinu Thompson Rep. 19 r. 3f.,
(leg.). also 19A r. 4, cf. ibid. 15 r. 4f., see Hunger, SAA 8
421, 422, 445 (all NB).
g) tub libbi (emotional) contentment,
happiness, tub sri (physical) well-being 1u 2u in hist.: balatam t-ub libbim darm
in letters : eli qati ahtim sa t-ub libbi[ki] . . . ana qstisu iddissum he (amas) gave
lupus I mean to do that which pleases you him (Samsuiluna) an enduring life of hap-
(fem.), even more than some stranger would piness as his gift CT 37 4 iii 108 and dupls.,
do PBS 7 41 :14, see Stol, AbB 11 41, cf. YOS 2 see Frayne, RIME 4 378 :110; [i n i m .
68 :14; balatam t-ub libbim lamassi qab u d g . g a m u .u] n . d a . a b . b : awat t-ub
magarim . . . lisruku may (the gods) bestow libbim ittisunu tawu he (Enlil) spoke
health, contentment, a guardian spirit who happy words with them (Zababa and Istar)
will intercede and show favor Kraus AbB 1 Finkelstein Mem. Vol. 97 Ash. 1924-1545 : 30
61 : 6; ina had u t-ub libbi ana mahar DN u (Sum.) and YOS 9 35 i 30 (Akk.), cf. in subat
DN 2 alaka mimma la tapallah do not be t-ub [l]ibbim lisesibkunuti ibid. i 50, see
afraid to appear before DN and DN 2 gladly Frayne, RIME 4 385f. (both Samsuiluna); palm
and happily TCL 18 80 :14 (all OB); bel ina arkam sa t-ub libbim . . . lisruksum Syria
t-ub l[ibbisu] lillikamma sep Dagan rai 32 16 iv 20 (Jahdunlim), see Frayne, RIME 4
misu lissiq ARM 3 8 : 25; ana kasari kidin 607:114; u nnu . . . t-ub libbi pasaha kabat
nutini u tu-ub libbini pankunu saknu you ti ana dartimma i nidgul may we (the

tubu tubu

Hurrians and Mitannians) experience(?) tawusu ta-ap-

r. 1, see Livingstone, SAA 3 11;
happiness and hearts ease forever KBo 1 3 se-ha-at t-ub srsu he spoke to him of the
r. 41, see Weidner, BoSt 8 56 : 58; ina tu-b relief his well-being (would bring) RB 59
(vars. tu-be, DG.GA) libbi u kasad irnitte 246 Str. 7: 9 (OB), see Lambert, AOS 67 192 : 47;
litarrsu (see irnittu mng. 2a) AKA 106 viii ana balat napsatisu arak umsu t-ub lib
61 (Tigl. I), see Grayson, RIMA 2 30; asib lib bisu t-ub srsu . . . tuppi isturma he wrote
bisun ina tu-ub sri nug libbisu namar ka the tablet for the sake of his long life, long
batti qerebsun lisalila lisb buari (see alalu days, happiness, and contentment CT 42 37
B mng. 2b) Winckler Sar. pl. 36 :193 and pl. r. 17f., also SBH 109 No. 56 r. 94, cf. PSBA 33 pl.
40 :147; ina tu-ub sri hud libbi nummur ka cf.
xii 20, LIH 59 r. 27, and passim in colophons,
batti seb littuti qerebsa . . . lurmma lusb ana DG.GA sr hud libbi namar kabatti . . .
may I make my dwelling there and enjoy istur Hunger Kolophone No. 327:12; uncert.:
old age in good health, happiness, and light- t-ub(copy -) UZU ullus lib[bi] KAR 83 ii 9;
heartedness Borger Esarh. 64 vi 55; sanat tu-ub -bi DG.GA sa qabuni tu-ub -bi Hunger,
sri hud libbi lismuinni ibid. 72 : 34, cf. ibid. SAA 8 232 r. 2 (excerpts from Babyl. almanac);
120 s 101 :12; [libbu ra]psu karas tasmti sa
note tub kabatti : asar girrani lu sirihki asar
ana tu-ub sri nise [. . .] a great heart, a tu-ub kabatti lu tiknuki wherever there is
prudent temperament that [is conducive?] wailing, let there be a dirge sung for you,
to the peoples well-being WO 8 46 : 4u (Sin- wherever there is happiness, let there be
sar-iskun); ume arkuti sanat tu-ub libbi ussi
honor (done) you Kraus AV 204 IV 44 (arrat-
pamma AnSt 8 48 ii 25, cf. subat tu-ub libbisu
Nippuri hymn).
ibid. 46 i 38 (Nbn.), also 5R 35 : 34 (Cyr.).
4u in omen apodoses : t-ub libbi sub
3u in lit.: surkani DG.GA libbi balata
tum nehtum contentment, peaceable dwell-
qsani grant me happiness, give me life
ing YOS 10 20 :7 (OB); mlu illakam sans
PBS 1/2 106 r. 2, see ArOr 17/1 178; a-re za
DG-ub libbi the ood will come, alterna-
ninisu balat tu-ub libbi listarrak may he
tive interpretation : happiness TCL 6 2 r.
(Marduk) always grant life and content-
24; DG-ub libbi (entire apodosis) TCL 6
ment to the shepherd who provides for it
3 : 40, 2 r. 10, Boissier DA 217 : 3, 219 r. 17, Kraus
(Esagil) Pinches Texts in Bab. Wedge-writing
Texte 6 r. 35, DG.GA libbi KAR 423 ii 52,
p. 15 No. 4 : 9; sirdaki ahuzu lubil tu-ub libbi
(see sird A usage c) BMS 8 : 6, dupl. Loretz- .BI.DG.GA BM 96951 i 3u (OB, courtesy
K. R. Veenhof ); ina trtisu DG-ub libbi sa
Mayer u-ila 14 : 26, see Ebeling Handerhebung
60 : 25; umu palah il tu-ub libbija the day kinsu BRM 4 23 : 4, cf. CT 27 49 K.4031 r. 8,
of revering the gods (meant) happiness for Leichty Izbu IV 52; sarru DG libbi isebbi CT 40
me Lambert BWL 38 : 25 (Ludlul II); lu bt tu- 40 : 63; matu .BI.DG.GA immar the land
ub libbi u h[ud libbi ana] episisu s may it will experience contentment CT 39 14 :13;
be a house of contentment and rejoicing amelu s ina umisu .BI.DG.GA immar
for the one who builds it ZA 23 372 : 59; ina BRM 4 21 :15; bel bti ina .BI.DG.GA it
bti ann tu-ub libbi lteppus ibid. 69, also RA tanallak the owner of the house will go
65 160 :15; ina tu-ub sri u hud libbi itarrnni about in contentment CT 40 17:73; maru
umisam guide me daily in contentment .DG.GA irassi CT 39 45 : 38; amelu s
and delight BMS 8 :16, see Ebeling Hander- .BI.DG.GA u rsatu issakkanusu CT 39
hebung 62 : 35; [hu-u]d (var. tu-ub) libbi DG- 44 :18; amelu s ila irassi .BI.DG.GA
ub (var. tu-ub) sri lirteddnni Maqlu VII issakkansu CT 39 44 :16, cf. CT 38 14 : 8 (all SB
169; [nb sumi] DG.GA libbi hud libbi girra Alu), also Leichty Izbu III 31; [ina D]G-ub
SIG5 u asaridu[tu] eli sarrani ana RN belini libbi s (in broken context) PRT 41 : 9, see
dinanissu (see asaridutu usage b) LKA 31 Starr, SAA 4 81.


tubu tubusu

5u in leg.: PN received grain and silver ease are inicted on me, I am aicted with
from (the temple of) amas ina baltu u sleeplessness day and night Gray amas pl.
salmu EN(?) had u t-ub li-ib-bi(text -si) 20 K.8457+ :10; la tu-ub libbi (in broken con-
ukallamusu DN belsu ippal when he is sol- text) Lambert BWL 288 K.2765 : 2 (prayer paral-
vent, as soon as(?) he (amas) shows him lel to Ludlul I).
joy and happiness, he will repay his lord
amas YOS 13 429 :11 (OB); PN assigned an- 3u in omen apodoses : sibsat ili NU DG-
nually . . . .-s to PN 2 ana balat napsati sa ub [libbi] divine wrath, unhappiness Kcher
BAM 240 :70; nissatu u NU DG sri CT 38
sarri u tu-bi libbi attusu for the sake of the
10 :14 (SB Alu), KAR 26 : 39, KAR 402 :12, Labat
kings long life and for his own well-being
Iraq 11 143 No. 3 :7 (MB leg.). Calendrier s 7:7,UZU NU DG.GA BM 96951 ii
26u (OB, courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); [N]U E.GA
h) la tub libbi, la tub seri 1u in NU DG.GA UZU (in broken context)
curses : ina . . . imt tanhi la tu-ub libbi la KAR 389a i 4; NU DG-ub (vars. la tu-ub,
tu-ub sri . . . um la napark listabrsu NU DG(.GA)) libbi U.ME-s uddati IGI.
may (the gods) make him endure endless ME misery will pursue him, he will re-
days in depletion, exhaustion, unhappiness, peatedly experience distress TCL 6 50 : 3 and
misery ZA 65 58 : 84 (Marduk-sapik-zeri kudurru); dupls., see Maul Namburbi 389; awlum s ina
mursu tanhu diu diliptu nissatu la DG. la t-ub libbi ittanallak that man will live
GA UZU (erroneous var. NUMUN) eli naphar in misery Af O 18 66 ii 36 (OB physiogn.), cf. CT
btatikunu lisaznin (see nissatu A mng. 1b) 38 35 : 56, NU DG.GA libbi sakinsu CT 39
Wiseman Treaties 418 var. (on pl. 31), see Parpola
4 : 29, NU DG-ub libbi CT 38 15 : 29; bel bti
and Watanabe, SAA 2 6 : 418B; ina lemutti u la suatu ina .BI.NU.DG.GA issabbat the
DG-ub seri adi um suti sa baltu liqtma owner of that house will be gripped by
may he perish in wretchedness and misery malaise CT 40 3 : 53; .NU.DG.GA issak
after a life of but a few more days BBSt.
kansu CT 40 10 : 5, also KAR 395 :12 (all SB Alu).
No. 5 iii 38 (MB kudurru); smtu la tabtu lu
[tasmsu] la tu-ub libbi la tu-ub [sr lu 4u other occ.: ina muhhu la tu-ub UZU
taqbi] Iraq 19 133 ND 5463 : 22 (NA grant), see ann sarru bel issi libbisu la idabbub mur
Kataja and Whiting, SAA 12 95. su MU.AN.NA s the king, my lord,
should not worry about this illness, it is a
2u in lit.: NU DG-ub libbi NU DG-ub
seasonal disease Thompson Rep. 257: 6.
sri mal upnaja my sts are full of unhap-
piness and misery urpu VVI 128; tes di tubuhtu s.; slaughtered animal(?); OB,
lipta qula kura [l]a DG.GA libbi la DG. MB; cf. tabahu.
GA UZU iskuna (she who) laid confusion,
anxiety, stupor, lassitude, unhappiness, and 1 UDU.NIT KU.A t-bu-uh-tum naqi
misery on me STT 76 : 29 and dupls., see Laesse dum PN Greengus Ishchali 117: 2; maska t-
Bit Rimki 39 : 28, also KAR 80 r. 10 with dupl. bu-uh-ta ilten . . . ana askapi attadin CT 43
(prayer to amas), KAR 387 i 10 (namburbi); ni 59 : 21 (MB let.).
ziqtu la tu-ub sri (see niziqtu usage a3u)
STT 65 : 20 (hymn to Nab); ina DIB-bat libbi u tubusu adj.; (mng. unkn.); NA.
NU DG.GA sri raman uqtatti I have ina apti karrati // ap-tu tu-bu-su Af O 12
exhausted myself in constriction(?) of spirit 241 : 8 (comm.); as personal name: Tu-bu-u-si
and unhappiness Craig ABRT 2 3 :16, also
VAS 1 84 : 25, 85 : 24, wr. Tu-bu-su ibid. 86 : 32,
sta hulqu u la DG.GA sri issakna ibid. 12,
89 : 32, 92 : 22.
see Schollmeyer No. 18 :17 and 12; [la] DG.GA
libbi sihhat sri issakna [u ana]ku urra u Possibly derived from *tub(b)ultu > NA
musa la salala endeku misery and skin dis- tub(b)ussu (of unknown etymology). Note

tudanu tudu A

that there is a personal name Ta-bu-su a-ti sa elis u saplis breaker of trails in every
(i.e., Tabussu) as well, see Tallqvist APN 237a. region WO 1 456 :18, also Iraq 25 52 : 6, 3R 7 i 8
(all Shalm. III); amas sa tu--di iptma su
tudanu s.; (a tree); SB, NB. lulu iskunu eli ummanija who broke the
trail for me and extended protection over
GI.MA.NU GI tu-da-a-nu (in broken my army TCL 3 416 (Sar.); they took to the
context) Kcher BAM 308 : 2; as NB personal inaccessible mountains and adi umi si-DIM-
name: Tu-da-nu YOS 6 56 : 2, Camb. 398 : 4, ti-su-nu tu-du la iptma la epusu tahazu
UET 4 11 r. 17.
until their dying days they did not break
a path to do battle OIP 2 83 : 42 (Senn.); tu-di
tuddu see tudu A. sapsaqi nerebe marsuti lu apti (see nerebu
mng. 2a) AOB 1 116 ii 19 (Shalm. I); t--da-
tudu A (tuddu) s.; path, trail; OB, Mari, am iskunsum padanam iptesum [ put]tukum
SB, NA; pl. tudatu and tudu (AKA 64 iv 53, t--du padanu x-[x]-x-ku-um (see padanu
OIP 2 37 iv 15, BHT pl. 7 ii 24, etc.).
mng. 1b) YOS 11 86 :14. (OB inc.), see van
G = t-du- Arnaud Emar 6 537: 213 (S a Voc.); Dijk, Or. NS 42 503.
a d . m a r = a d . g a r(!) = tu-du ma-ru-u Emesal Voc.
III 82; [. . .] = pa-da-nu, [ g ] r. r i . a k = tu-du (var.
b) other occs.: ina harranim ina t-di-
t--du-um) Erimhus II 39f. [im] ina meteqim ina nahlim Mlanges Garelli
zi har-ra-an
ka ska l.m h.en .du KA. k a s 143 iii 19 (Mari treaty); amas and Aja tu-da-
k a l a m . m a . k e x(KID) : ns urhu harran tu-du pa at msaru upattsu opened for him the
danu sa matu (see padanu lex. section) PBS 1/2 ways of justice VAB 4 234 i 24 (Nbn.), cf. ilu
115 i 19f., see Ebeling, ArOr 21 380 :19f.; h a .
r a . a n h i . i n . d u u d . k u g r. A k i . s i . [ l i] .
rabtu ina situlti u tu(var. t)-da-at msa
m a g r. u d i . i m . m a . k a m : pet urhim u t-di- ri irteneddsu (see situltu usage a) Lambert
im i-meteqim asar sulmim tappt ulali alakum (it is BWL 112 : 8, dupl. Cole Nippur 128 : 8 (Frsten-
in your power, O Istar) to open path and trail, to go spiegel); asar salme sa tu-du u padanu sute
to the aid of the weak on the road and in a safe [suru] a peaceful place, where track and
place ZA 65 188 :117 (Inninsagura hymn); h i(?) .
i n(?) . d u(?) s g . g a d r. r u . n a . m e : ina tu-dat trail are made straight Craig ABRT 2 17
saqummes usbu they sit in silence on the trails von r. 16, cf. tu-du su-s-r[u(?)] (in broken con-
Weiher Uruk 1 i 11f.; h a r. r a . a n a s i l a l h . text) Lambert BWL 184 D 8 (Fable of Ox and
e n . d a . e . e . g a u . a n . n a .t a m u .u n . Horse); ina tu-di (vars. t-di, tu--di) pusqi u
d i b : uruh rsati tu-da-at tasm u ma-ga-ri isbata
udd (var. imt) tusesser kna you guide
ana qereb uanna (see magaru v. lex. section) 4R
20 :12., restored from AJSL 35 139 Ki. 1904-10- the honest man aright even on a path of
9,96 : 9. crisis and tribulation KAR 321 r. 2 (Marduk
[tu]-du = har-ra-nu, KASKAL (var. gir-ru) CT 18 hymn), vars. courtesy W. G. Lambert; (Sargon)
15 K.9980 : 4f., dupl. CT 26 43 vii 17f. (astrol. who opened up the mountain regions, saw
comm.); [tu-u-du] = gir-rum Izbu Comm. 53.
its remotest regions tu-da-at la aari pas
a) with pet: tu-da(var. -di) pitema lus qati sa asarsina sugludu etattiquma who
bat harrani break the trail, let me get un- passed along the narrow, inaccessible paths
der way Cagni Erra I 96, cf. ibid. IIc 12, see al- that are in fearsome locations Lyon Sar. p.
Rawi and Black, Iraq 51 118, cf. also Cagni Erra 2 :11, also Winckler Sar. pl. 30 No. 64 : 3, Iraq 16
IIIc 24;susir padanus pete t-du-us make 199 : 8, and passim in Sar.; urh la petti tu-di
the way straight for him, break the trail pasquti unblazed trails and narrow tracks
for him RB 59 246 str. 10 :1 (OB lit.), see Lam- OIP 2 37 iv 15 (Senn.); allik tu-ud-di marsute u
bert, AOS 67 194 : 68, lippetianim t-da-at sa nerebeti supsuqate (see nerebtu usage b) AKA
du let trails through the mountains be 64 iv 53 (Tigl. I); alik mahri tapp usezz[eb]
broken for me (Naram-Sin) Af O 13 46 i 3, sa t-du id ibirsu issur (see ezebu mng.
see J. Westenholz Akkade 176; mupatt tu-da- 6b1u) George Gilg. III 5; t-da-at matija nakru

tudu B tuhdu

ezzibma mata karmuta usallak the enemy ina palesu nisu mati nuhsa u tuh-du muru
will stray from the trails of my country Kraus AV 401 : 28 (chron.); for other refs. see
and reduce the country to ruins Leichty nuhsu usage a.
Izbu I 96, cf. ibid. 97, for comm., see lex. sec-
b) provided by the gods : bilat kibrat
tion; lihliqsu tu--du aj uta harranam
erbetti lusatlimuma nuh[su] t-uh-du hegal
may his trail vanish so that he cannot nd
lu ana matisu lukinnu may (the gods) con-
his way Kinnier Wilson Etana 32 I/C 1 (OB);
fer on him tribute from the four quarters,
Nabonidus decided to go to Arabia issabat
may they establish plenty, abundance, and
tu-du nest urhu he took a far distant trail
prosperity in his land AAA 19 110 : 41 (Asn.);
BHT pl. 7 ii 24 (Nbn. Verse Account); ikteser
[Marduk] bel ana RN . . . ume arkuti [sanat]
tu--di he repaired the roads Af O 18 48 BM
tuh-di u hegalli lisruksu may my lord Mar-
98731 : 24 (Tn.-Epic); tu-da-at [. . .]-ni-ma
duk grant Assur-uballit long days (of life),
JCS 19 77: 21 (Sin-sar-iskun).
years of abundance and prosperity AOB 1
ZA 62 226 :11 (= George Gilg. II 265) does not
40 r. 17 (Assur-uballit I); sanat t-h-di-im u
contain this word.
hegallim ana qstim qssu Bagh. Mitt. 34 150
xiv 9 (Dadusa), cf. ibid. 140 ii 4; Marduk bel
tudu B s.; (mng. uncert.); NA.
tuh-di hega[lli musaz]nin nuhsi BMS 12 : 27,
1 qulli tu-di kaspi ADD 939 r. 10, cf. 1 sal restored from dupl. Loretz-Mayer u-ila 46 : 6u;
tu tu-di K.BABBAR ADD 1047 r. 1, see Fales pal arka sanat tuh-di rapsati (var. tu-uh-di
and Postgate, SAA 7 72 r. 18, 64 i 1; as personal tabati) . . . ana sarri belini dina grant (O
name (uncertain): Tu-di-i ABL 986 : 2. gods) a long reign and years of widespread
prosperity (var. sweet prosperity) to our
tuhdu (tuhudu) s.; abundance, prosper- lord, the king 3R 66 x 15, var. from KAR 214
ity; from OB on; cf. tahadu. iv 2, see Frankena Takultu 8 and 26; Marduk . . .
mukn tuh-d[i] u hegalli VAS 1 34 i 4 (Mero-
[ h ] . g l = tuh-[du], h . n u n = nu[hsu], m a .
dachbaladan I); mukl markas sam u erseti
d a m = hi[sbu] Lu Excerpt II 102., cf. h . g l =
tuh-du, h . n u n . n a = nuhsu, m a . d a m = hisbu . . . mukammir tuh-du mud il Liverpool 63-
LTBA 2 2 : 203.; n a m . h , n g . h , n g . 188-4 : 5 (courtesy A. R. Millard); Adad . . . mu
b a .LAG[AB] = tuh-du Nabnitu XXIII 346.; kammir tuh-di hegalli Tadmor Tigl. III 94 : 9,
[ k i . n a ] m . h = KI.MIN (= asar) tuh-di Izi C i 35; cf. ibid. 112 : 6; sakinu nuhsi tuh-da u mesr
ba-r BAR = za-na-nu s tuh-di A I/6 : 327.
JRAS 1892 352 :16, see Lambert, JAOS 88 125;
z z z a l a g . z a l a g . g a z z . b i m . a : kunsu
namirtu tuh-di makal (see makalu lex. section) Iraq tuh-du mesr amari ina sam erseti ikribsu
21 55 : 29 (= Wiseman and Black Lit. Texts 107). [. . .] (so that he will) experience prosper-
ity and riches, (so that) his prayers [will
a) provided by the king: mukammir tuh-
be heard] in heaven and earth Kcher BAM
di nuhsi u [hegalli] he (Sargon) who heaps
322 : 65; nadini t-hu-du LKA 38 : 4 (hymn);
up abundance, plenty, and prosperity Le-
[mu]sars tuh-di BM 42325 left col. 8 (courtesy
vine Stelae 16 i 9 (Sar.), cf. CH i 56, dupl. CRRA
W. G. Lambert); for other refs. see kamaru
34 719 ii 20; nuhsu tu-hu-du u hegallu ina
mng. 4a, masr mng. 1b2u, nuhsu usage b.
matisu lukn may he (the future king) es-
tablish plenty, abundance, and prosperity c) as a result of irrigation, rain, etc.:
in his land AKA 166 r. 12 (Asn.); akal tuh-di Uruk uddas . . . narati tamirati tuh-du u he
u nesb niseja usakil (see nesb) TCL 3 264 galli umalli he will renew Uruk, he will
(Sar.); sattisamma ina tuh-di msa[ris] arte ll the rivers and meadows with abun-
baulat Enlil year by year I righteously dance and prosperity Hunger Uruk 3 r. 15
shepherded the subjects of Enlil in pros- (Uruk prophecy), see Hunger and Kaufman, JAOS
perity Thompson Esarh. pl. 16 iv 11 (Asb.), cf. 95 372; Assurbanipal sa ina palesu Adad
KAR 105 r. 7 and dupl. KAR 361 r. 2 (SB hymn); zunnsu Ea naqbsu ana matisu ustabr

tuhdu tuhh A

ina tuh-du u mesr istene nisesu in whose t-uh-du sumsu btu lapnu [isarru] (this
reign Adad made the rains and Ea the phenomenon) is called prosperity, (mean-
springs unfailing for his land, so that he ing) a poor family will become rich CT 38
could shepherd his people constantly amid 16 : 66, also CT 40 6 :7 (both SB Alu); amelu
abundance and prosperity UCP 9 389 :12, suatu tuh-du ikkal that man will enjoy pros-
dupl. YOS 1 42 :12 (Asb.); Patti-tuh-di abilat he perity AMT 63,5 iv 5, also Dream-book p. 311
galli u nuhsi Canal-of-Abundance, bringer K.6267: 4; tuh-da (var. [t]u-uh-du) Amurri
of plenty and prosperity AOB 1 38 No. 1 : 6 Ahlam ikkal the Aramean will consume
(Assur-uballit I); Adad usaznan el nis samut the abundance of the West Labat Calendrier
tuh-di (see zananu A mng. 3a) SEM 117 iii s 68 : 3, var. from Thompson Rep. 69A: 2, see Hun-
15 (MB lit.); tuh-da izannun CT 39 29 : 21 (SB ger, SAA 8 514; tuh-du ina bt ameli ibassi
Alu), cf. Kinnier Wilson Etana 122 :13; mami KAR 423 i 27, cf. lip : tuh-du : summa
hisbi u tuh-di sumkira tamirtus (see ma martu UZU..[UDU . . .] (see lip mng. 1a)
karu A mng. 4) OIP 38 132 : 6 (Sar.). CT 20 40 : 27 (SB ext. with comm.).

d) referring to the yield of elds : eser f) other occs.: tuh-da hegallu u taslatu
eburi napas Nisaba tuh-du u hegallu ina ma lirteddnni may abundance, plenty, and
tija lisabsma may they (the gods) bring glory attend me Or. NS 39 114 : 21 (namburbi);
about successful harvests, plentiful grain, dunnam sa takluka isebbi tuh-du even the
abundance and plenty in my land Borger lowliest person who trusts in you will have
Esarh. 27 ix 16; [aslu]h ella himatu tuh-di his share of prosperity PSBA 17 138 : 9 (acros-
asnan Lambert BWL 60 :100 (Ludlul IV); [. . .- tic), also K.8204 :13 (courtesy W. G. Lambert);
a]t asnan u tuh-di mukillat napisti nise [sa] ina um tuh-[di] irb ina um summ iqab
muballitat kala mimmama (goddess) [who [birusu] (see qeberu mng. 1c) Cagni Erra IIc
brings(?)] crops and abundance, who grants 19; nakdi palih Istar ukammar tuh-[da] (see
life to the people, who keeps everything nakdu mng. 2) Lambert BWL 70 : 22 (Theod-
alive KAV 171 :19 (Sin-sar-iskun); [gimi]r(?) icy); ina paleja nuhsu tuh-du ina sanatija
nuhsi tuh-du hisib kibrati [satti]samma na kummuru hegallu in my reign there was
ris lisahbiba qerebsu may he (Marduk) have prosperity and abundance, in my years (of
bountiful prosperity, abundance, and the rule) wealth was piled high Streck Asb. 6 i
yield of all the regions murmur in it (the 51; ittika lrubu tuh-du may prosperity en-
temple) like a river year after year Borger ter with you (parallels : nuhsu, hegallu, mes
Esarh. 90 s 58 iv 11; [mukammir] ispikk tuh- r) KAR 58 :13, dupl. CT 51 149 :10; 9 abnat
di(vars. -du, -da) ana mris sei ugari (see isdhi u tuh-di nine amulets for success
ispiku mng. 1c) Af O 19 62 :11 (SB lit.), restora- and prosperity Kcher BAM 376 iv 18; isdhi
tion and vars. courtesy W. G. Lambert; ellmma tuh-di u nemeli ras to have success, pros-
dsu irs tuh-du (see rsu mng. 1b1u) BBR perity, and prot ibid. 375 i 33, also 322 : 46;
No. 100 :17; tuh-du russ hegalla sullunu du nisesunu ina tuh-di u mesr [. . .] TCL 3 244
muq matitan (see sullunu adj.) VAB 4 168 (Sar.); tuh-da u mesr (in broken context)
vii 27 (Nbk.). Af O 18 384 iii 9 (SB lit.), cf. LKA 31 : 22 (prayer
of Asb.), see Livingstone, SAA 3 25 and 11.
e) in omen apodoses : tuh-da sa mati
Adad irahhis CT 39 20 :140, also ACh Adad tuhh A adj.; (qualifying silver); NB.
33 : 24; tuh-du u hegallu ina mati ibassi TCL
6 1 r. 6; parakkusunu tuh-du IGI.ME Thomp- x kaspu tu-uh-hu- ittehsi x t. silver re-
son Rep. 196 :10, see Hunger, SAA 8 115; t-h- verted Nbn. 119 r.(!) 3, see Bongenaar NB Ebab-
du (var. tuh-du) ina mati ibassi Leichty Izbu bar 362f., cf. x kaspu tu-hu- ana NG.GA
V 62; tuh-du ina mat nakri [ibassi] ibid. V ittehsi YOS 6 115 :11; garments ana x GN
63; if oil oozes(?) from a hole in the wall K.BABBAR tu-du-hu- it-te -hi-is CT

tuhh B tulmu

57 125 :7;kaspu tu-hu- sa kuttimmu ultu bat m u r = t-li-mu Izi H 207, also Arnaud Emar 6
qu utirra t. silver which the goldsmith re- 537: 63 (S a Voc.); [mu-ur] [{AR] = [t]u-li-mu A
V/2 : 252.
turned from repair work TCL 12 46 : 2; k
[UZU.BI.RI] = tu-l[i]-mu Practical Vocabulary
aptesu 3 GN kaspu ina libbi tu-uh-hu u reh Assur 930; du-li-im-mu = (Hitt.) lu-[. . .] KBo 1 51
ti ginni (see ginnu) YOS 3 153 : 23; tu-uh-hu ii 13 (Akk.-Hitt. voc.).
K.BABBAR pes belu lusebilannsima may [u z u ] . . g i g = U-kum = tu-li-mu, [u z] u . .
my lord send us white t. silver YOS 3 68 : 38; g i 6 = ir-ru sal-mu = MIN Hg. D 55f., also Hg. B IV
uncert.: insabtu hurasi u tuh-he-e-ti sa fPN 52, in MSL 9 35 and 37; summa amelu t-lim-s
. . . ana belija usebilu the golden earring kulsu . . . ina .GIG : dSAG.ME.GAR : .GIG :
tu-li-mu if a mans spleen causes him pain,
and the t.-s of fPN I sent to my lord Cyr.
(comm.) in (the tablet with the incipit) .GIG
381 :11.
(means) Jupiter, (is found the lexical equation)
.GIG (means) spleen JNES 33 336 : 6f. (comm.
tuhh B adj.; oered; SB; cf. teh. to Kcher BAM 78), cf. (obscure) ibid. 10, see
Reiner Astral Magic in Babylonia 59f.
Qut nuna basla la tuh-ha-a ina qatisu
ekimus[u] the Guti took from him (Utu- a) in ext.: [summa t]-li-mu-um ina
hegal) the sh that had been cooked but imitti karsim ittaziz if the spleen stands
not yet oered (to Marduk) ZA 42 53 : 27, see on the right side of the stomach YOS 10
Grayson Chronicles 150 No. 19 : 60 and al-Rawi, 41 :15; summa t-li-mu-um sirsirr mali if
Iraq 52 7. the spleen is full of rings ibid. 19, cf. ibid.
55; summa ina nib t-li-[mi-i]m kakkum
For STT 108 : 34 see tuhtu.
sakinma (see nib s.) ibid. 45, and passim in
tuhhudu adj.; lavish, luxurious; SB; cf. this text; summa srum ina sumel ubanim
tahadu. kma tu-li-mi-im sakin if there is a piece
of esh on the left side of the nger
du- UL = t-h-hu-du Houwink ten Cate AV (that looks) like a spleen YOS 10 11 ii 24;
281 B i 5 (Proto-Aa); kib-sur NG.LAGAB.LAGAB =
tuh-hu-du, im-ma-al NG.[U.DUG]UD = MIN Diri V
summa BI.RI kma sassarim tarik if the
192 and 197; m a . d a m = t-uh-hu-du (vars. t-UD. spleen is elongated like a saw RA 67 42 :10u;
DAM-da, tu-h-du) Erimhus IV 5. summa BI.RI sartam lahim (see lahamu A)
ibid. 44 : 46u, also YOS 10 41 : 30; summa BI.RI
mimma sumsu t-uh-hu-du udassi I pro-
vided an abundance of every lavish thing eli miniatisu irabbi if the spleen is enlarged
VAB 4 262 i 23; akale sikaru sre u karanu t- beyond its normal dimensions RA 67 44 : 43u,
h-hu-du udasssunuti OECT 1 pl. 27 iii 27 and passim in this text (all OB); if when you
(both Nbn.). sacrice the sheep ulu kaltu halqat lu BI.
RI isahhit either the kidney is missing or
tuhtu s.; (a part of an ox); SB, NB. the spleen is twitching STT 231 : 4 (SB rit. to
avert ext. portents), see Reiner, JNES 26 186;
abnu sikinsu kma tu-hi-ti alpi NA4 sabu summa BI.RI SAG U [. . .] BM 79-7-8,97 r. 3
sumsu the stone that looks like the t. of an and 4, also obv. 1., cf. K.11242 :1 in Bezold Cat.
ox, its name is sabu STT 108 : 34 (abnu si p. 1150, cf. also ibid. p. 1245 K.12472 : 2, and
kinsu); 30(?) tu-hi-tum sa alpi (in enumera- passim in ext.
tion of objects and foodstus) TCL 9 117: 20
(NB). b) in med. 1u wr. syll. and BI.RI:
summa amlu t-lim-s ikkalsu umu u mu
tuhudu see tuhdu. si la isallal if a mans spleen causes him
pain and he cannot sleep day or night
tulmu (tulmu) s.; spleen; OB, SB; wr. Kcher BAM 78 :1, for comm. see lex. sec-
syll. and BI.RI, .GI6 (see usage b2u). tion; summa amelu t-lim-s ittanazzaz if a

tullumau tummumu

mans spleen continually stands Kcher tumnu (tunu) s.; (a ne thread or fab-
BAM 77: 30, cf., wr. BI.RI-s ibid. 33. ric); NA, NB; pl. tumnatu; cf. tam v.

2u wr. .GI6 (read irru salmu?): sum 40 MA.NA tu-a-nu GADA qatnu (beside
ma irassu u sasallasu ikkalusu kisirti . tbu) ADD 953 v 13, see Fales and Postgate, SAA
GI6 irassi if his chest and his back cause 7 115; 2 (GUN) 33 MA.NA GADA tu-man ana
him pain, he has a congestion of the spleen 1@3- MA.NA 2 GN (among imported items,
Labat TDP 180 : 28; summa amelu [sagik]ku between lapis lazuli and Egyptian alum)
marus [].GI6 Kcher Panzenkunde 22 i 13 YOS 6 168 :10, dupl. PTS 2098 r. 5 (NB), in JCS
(= Uruanna IV), [summa amelu b]rki marus 21 236 n. 1, also, wr. GADA tu-ma-nu TCL 12
.GI6 ibid. 14; see also Hg. D, etc., in lex. 84 : 4; !2- MA.NA GADA tu-man-ni 10 GN
section. SG.ZA.GN.KUR.RA ana lubusti . . . PN
isparu ittasi the weaver PN has taken one-
c) as a cut of meat : 1 UZU t-li-mu-um half mina of linen t. and ten shekels of
(between 1 UZU. and 1 UZU wirra sal blue wool for the clothing ceremony Moore
mum) A 3207:18 (OB list of cuts of meat); BI.RI Michigan Coll. 7:1, cf. UCP 9 62 No. 20 :1 and 4; 2
GUD (among med. ingredients) Kcher MA.NA GADA tu-ma-nu ana ispari . . . ana
BAM 237 iv 25; t-lim sa . . . ajasi . . . tusab TG.NG.LM GCCI 1 388 :1, also ibid. 6 and
sal you boil the spleen of a weasel (and he 12; 1 GN K.BABBAR ina kurummati PN
drinks it) Kcher BAM 77: 30, cf. t-lim pusaja ana GADA tu-ma-nu nadin one shekel
anduhallati ibid. 46, wr. BI.RI UR.KU MI of silver, part of the allowance for the
spleen of a black dog ibid. 33 and 39. fuller PN , given for linen t. Nbn. 805 : 3; 10
For an uninscribed ext. model of a spleen MA.NA GADA tu-a-ni (among goods sum-
see J.-W. Meyer, MARI 7 349. marized as ud sa ana Babili nas) YOS 17
116 : 4; note wr. without GADA: 4 MA.NA 17

tullumau s.; liar, cheater; NA, NB; GN tu-ma-na-a-a-ti 200 UII ittannu four
Aram. lw. minas 17 shekels (of silver spent for) vari-
ous t.-s, they have delivered two hundred
amelutu tl-lu-ma-a mankind is deceit- bundles (for context see salhu usage a)
ful (I, Istar, am she who does what she Nbn. 164 : 21; 1 GN K.BABBAR ana [. . .]
says) Langdon Tammuz pl. 2 ii 17 (NA oracles), tu-ma-nu ina qat [PN ] Nbn. 624 : 2, cf. BM
see Parpola, SAA 9 2; perhaps the king will 63984 :11, see Bongenaar NB Ebabbar 340 (all NB).
say sunu tl-lu-um-ma-a-u they are liars Oppenheim, JCS 21 247.
(I shall send my message secretly to them)
(for context see pasratti) ABL 281 r. 4, see tummumis (AHw. 1394b) see tummumu s.
de Vaan Bel-ibni 244, cf. (in broken contexts) CT
54 94 r. 5, 276 r. 2 (all NB). tummumu s.; deaf person; SB; cf. tum
For CT 54 276 r. 2 see sulumm. mumu v.
von Soden, Or. NS 37 268 and Or. NS 46 196. = [t]-mu-m[u] MSL 9 129 MAH 15850+ iv
274; IDIM = t-mu-mu MSL 14 534 No. 23 iii 6,
tullumu v.; (mng. unkn.); II; OB.* cf. IDIM = t-mu-mu-um MSL 14 125 :718 (all
Proto-Aa, secondary branch); s i l . t a = t-um-mu-
(he took away my canal and gave it to mu (var. t-um-mu-mu-um) = mu-ni-ir-t [um] (var.
PN ) PN elija t-ul-lu-ma-am ileema iddis e-re-bu, ka-sa-su) Studies Landsberger 23 :75 (Silben-
vokabular A), vars. on p. 26, see G. Farber, Renger
sum is PN able to . . . . better than I am, so AV 129; s i l . t = tu-u[m]-mu-mu Studies Lands-
that he gave (it) to him? Walters Water for berger 37: 35 and 39 : 2 (Silbenvokabular from RS);
Larsa 36 :11, see Stol, AbB 9 252. g e t = hassu, g e t . l = tu-um-mu-[mu], g e t .


tummumu tuppi
= amiru, g e t . . a = peh, . pi-il GR = suk [. . .] = me-su, tu-up-lu, tu-pa-lu Izi F 367.; NI i-
kuku Antagal C 44. su-u[n]
BAD = tu-u[ p-lu] Antagal Fragm. b 2.

tabil tuppi suati Nab u Nisaba . . . tu- tu-pl nise e [t]aqbi you should not speak
mu-me-is isimmusu Nab and Nisaba will scornfully of people Ugaritica 5 163 i 22.
decree that anyone who steals this tablet
will become deaf KAR 31 r. 28, see Hunger tuppi adv.; some time (past or future),
Kolophone No. 192; mannu saninka ina il appropriate time, proper notice; Nuzi,
kma hasikku tu-um-mu-mes tu-se-me who SB, NA, NB; cf. tapapu.
can rival you (Ninurta) among the gods?
You would turn him into a deaf person like a) for some time (past) (in the phrases
the unhearing Or. NS 61 27: 43. tuppi ana tuppi, tuppi u tuppi, tuppi tuppi,
NB only): tup-pi ana tup-pi [adi] la PN ana
tummumu v.; 1. to deafen, to make deaf, hazannutu [ip]qidu sartennu dn iptaras
2. II/2 (passive to mng. 1); SB; II, II/2; some time ago, even before he (the king)
appointed PN as mayor, the chief judge
cf. tummumu s.
rendered a decision in my case ABL 716
1. to deafen, to make deaf: sassatu miqit r. 13, see Reynolds, SAA 18 181; k tup-pi u
temi isqulunimma umisamma (var. ut)-tam- tup-pi ag 2 hallimanu ana qat ana muhhi
ma-mu-nin-ni they have meted out to me samullu la aspura (see qat) ABL 462 : 9, see
sassatu, depression (and other illnesses), de Vaan Bel-ibni 261; (he had the scribes and
day by day they are turning me deaf Scholl- diviners conceal unfavorable omens from
meyer No. 29 : 9, var. from dupl. Kcher BAM the king) tup-pi ana tup-pi [lumnani] gab
323 : 30. bisunu i-da-ku for quite some time, they
censored(?) all unfavorable predictions ABL
2. II/2 (passive to mng. 1): uznaja sa 1216 r. 4, see Parpola, SAA 10 109; ammeni
ut-ta-am-mi-ma (var. ut-tam-me-ma) ussak tup-pi tup-pi a temka la asme why is it
kika hasikkis (see sakaku usage c) Lambert that I have not heard a report from you for
BWL 52 :18 (Ludlul III). some time now? UET 4 189 : 20 (all letters);
hpi tup-pi u tup-pi (passage) long-since
tupalu s.; (mng. unkn.); lex.* broken (wr. in smaller script, parallel : hpi
s a g . s = tu-pa-lu Kagal B 236; [. . .] = me-su, qateja (passage) broken by me line 3 ) Nbn.
tu-up-lu, tu-pa-lu Izi F 367.; uncert.: [d u g . a ] . l 475 : 2; tup-pi tup-pi mar-su-ka I have been
= tu-[x]-lum (var. tu-ub(?)-[x]) Hh. X 312, see ill for some time VAS 5 21 : 3 (leg.).
Sallaberger and Civil Tpfer 148f.
b) for some time (to come), at the ap-
tupgallu (dubgallu) s.; large tablet; SB; propriate future time, upon future notice,
Sum. lw. proper notice 1u in NB au in leases (in
the phrases ana tuppi ana tuppi, adi tuppi
ana p tup-gal-li labri (manuscript) fol- ana tuppi, adi tuppisu, adi tuppi (u) tuppi):
lowing the text of an old large tablet CT 24 btu . . . ana id bti ana x kaspi . . . ana tup-
46 xii 8; ultu libbi tup-gal-li gabar Ba[bili] pi ana tup-pi ana PN iddin he leased the
STT 323 : 84, cf. Lambert BWL 208 r. 17, CT 20 23 house to PN for x silver, until further no-
r. 5, cf. K.8679 colophon, cited JNES 26 200, and tice Dar. 499 : 6; btu . . . ana assabutu adi
passim, see Hunger Kolophone p. 161 s.v. dubgallu; tup-pi ana tup-pi ana satti x kaspi iddin he
TA DUB.GAL zamar ana tamartisu [. . .] von gave the house in tenancy until further
Weiher Uruk 98 :16. notice for a yearly (rent) of x silver Evetts
Ner. 29 : 5; adi tup-pi-s btu ina panisu Nbn.
tuplu s.; scorn, insult; RS; cf. tapalu. 500 :13; adi tup-pi tup-pi btu ina panisu


tuppi tuppi

CTMMA 3 120 : 21; adi tup-pi tup-pi btu ina est), there will be no interest on it until
pan fPN ina libbi asbat the house is in the proper notice, if he has not paid the silver
possession of fPN until further notice, she to PN by the end of MN 2, one-half shekel
resides in it VAS 4 152 :7, also ibid. 13; btu sa of silver accrues (as interest) on it per
PN adi tup-pi-s PN 2 PN 3 ina libbi asbu month VAS 4 3 : 4; adi tup-pi tup-pi kaspa
VAS 5 23 : 2, cf. BRM 1 78 : 3; (a house) adi tup- a 1 MA.NA 10 GN ina qaqqadisu inandin
pi ana tup-pi ina panisunu BE 8/1 112 :13; Camb. 348 :7; adi tup-pi ana tup-pi igamma
adi tup-pi u tup-pi elippu ina panisunu CT ruma ittiru Cyr. 322 : 5.
4 44a :16; 5 dannutu rqutu labrutu . . . adi
cu in apprenticeship contracts (adi tup
tup-pi-s ana id ana PN iddin he rented to
pi u tuppi, tuppi tuppi): fPN ina hud libbi
PN ve empty used vats until further no-
su PN 2 qallasu ana tabihutu nuhatimmutu
tice BRM 1 69 : 5, cf. idsunu sa adi tup-pi adi tup-pi u tup-pi- ana PN 3 ta[ddin] . . .
tup-pi PN etir PN has paid rent for them PN 3 tup-pi u tup-pi- nuhatimmu[tu] qatti
(the empty vats) until further notice VAS ulammas[suma] . . . [adi(?)] 3 ITI elat tup-
6 40 :7; ultu UD.5.KAM sa MN . . . adi tup-
pi [u tup-pi-] id-da(!)-s-s-s it-ra-s-s-
pi-[s] (in broken context) CT 49 175 : 3. s fPN voluntarily has given her slave PN 2
bu in loans (ina tuppisu, ina tuppi ana to PN 3 to work (as apprentice) in the craft
tuppi, adi tuppisu, adi tuppi tuppi, adi tup of butcher and cook for the appropriate pe-
pi ana tuppi): sulupp . . . ina MN hubulli riod (for learning the craft), PN 3 will in-
kaspi a . . . inandin ina tup-pi-s kaspa ina struct him for the appropriate period in
qaqqadisu inandin he will pay dates as in- the entire craft of cooking, she gave him(?)
terest on that silver in MN , he will pay the for three months beyond the usual period
silver in its original amount on proper no- BOR 2 119 : 5, 11 and 14, cf. PN ina hud libbisu
tice VAS 4 149 :7; ina tup-pi-s kaspa inan PN 2 qallasu ana lamadu nuhatimmutu adi
din . . . hubulli kaspi a x GN fPN adi tup- tup-pi tup-pi 3 ITI.ME ana PN 3 iddin
pi-s takkal he will repay the silver upon BOR 1 83 : 4, see Petschow, RLA 6 564; tup-pi
proper notice, until (that) further notice tup-pi umu 1 SLA NINDA.{I.A u musib
PN (the creditor) will have use of the in- tu fPN ana PN 2 tanandin fPN will give to
terest on the aforesaid x silver TuM 23 PN 2 a daily allowance of x bread and cloth-

55 : 5 and 9, see Joanns Archives de Borsippa 179;

ing for as long as necessary (the period of
ina tup-pi-s kaspa ana PN inandin UET 4 apprenticeship specied as ve years line
4 ) Cyr. 64 :7, see Wunsch Iddin-Marduk 2 p. 228
72 : 4; of the original principal of four mi-
No. 278.
nas, he will pay two minas of silver in MN
rehet 2 MA.NA kaspa ina tup-pi-s sa la du in other legal and administrative
hubulli inaddin he will pay the remaining texts (adi tuppisu, adi tuppi ana tuppi, adi
two minas of silver upon proper notice, tuppi tuppi, arki tuppi tuppi): k adi tup-
with no interest BE 8/1 93 :7; sitti kaspi sa pi-s x kaspa PN ittasmma ana PN 2 ittan
irehh ina tup-pi ana tup-pi kaspa ina qaq na if PN brings x silver and pays it to PN 2
qadisu inandin he will pay the balance of on proper notice TuM 23 103 :1, see Joanns
the silver that remains outstanding, in its Archives de Borsippa 191; adi tup-pi tup-pi
original amount, upon proper notice Af O batqa sa fPN isabbat (see sabatu mng. 8 bat
16 40 BM 38246 : 6; ultu umu UD.4.KAM [sa] qu b) VAS 6 290 :10; atypical : ziktu sa
MN adi MN 2 ul irabbi adi tup-pi-s hubul f
PN PN 2 u marsu u sa 2 nis btisu ultu
lasu janu k ina qt sa MN 2 kaspa ana PN la UD.1.KAM sa MN adi tup-pi pu- tup-pi
ittannu ITI !2- GN kaspu ina muhhisu irabbi PN 3 uzakku (see ziktu) VAS 6 86 : 4; x kaspu
from day 4 of MN until (the end of ?) MN 2 sa urasisu ana sarapu sa agurru sa PN ultu
it (the hubuttu loan) will not accrue (inter- MN MU.1.KAM RN . . . adi tup-pi ana tup-pi


tuppi tuppi

PN 2 ina qate PN etir PN 2 has been paid x he will give it (in silver) at the rate of ex-
silver by PN for the urasu service due change prevailing in month VIII of year
from PN from MN of year 1 of Cambyses 39 (of Artaxerxes I), with (an additional
until further notice, for ring bricks Camb. payment of) ten gur of barley (equivalent
88 : 5; ultu MN . . . adi tup-pi(text -TI)-s PN in silver) per mina of silver for the extra
ITI 8 iskar sa qeme gin naptanu sa Nab time(?) NBC 8394 : 9 (NB, courtesy F. Joanns),
. . . PN isabbat ippus (see iskaru A mng. 3f for the comparable phrase ak mahri sa
4u) VAS 6 173 : 2; put seh u paqiranu arad- MN ina x (kaspi) x (uttatu) inandin see van
sarrutu u mar-bantu sa PN qallisunu Driel, JEOL 29 52.
PN 2 fPN 3 u PN 4 nas put helequ u mtutu sa
2u in NA (ana tuppisu, (sa) (adi) tup
PN adi tup-pi ana tup-pi PN 2 u fPN 3 nas
pisu): tuppusu e-pa-ru-s kma a-tup-pi-su
(the sellers) PN 2, (his wife) fPN 3, and PN 4
salim they will cancel his (debt) tablet
warrant against (suits brought by) a per-
when it is paid in full upon proper notice
son acting unlawfully or bringing claims,
ADD 68 r. 1, see Kwasman NA Legal p. 446 No.
(claims of) status of royal slave or of free
392; annte 3 sa adi tup-pi-s iskaru ugam
person against their slave PN , and PN 2 and
f maruni these three (scribes) are the ones
PN 3 warrant for a suitable period of time
who will complete the (literary) series (as-
against the disappearance or death of PN
signed to them for transcription) within a
(compare put la halaqa . . . a[di] 100 umu
suitable period ABL 447 r. 19, see Parpola LAS
. . . nast she (the seller) warrants for one
2 p. 459 No. 28; x SLA sa tup-pi-s x (wine),
hundred days against (the slave) running
for the appropriate time (parallels : x (wine),
away TCL 13 248 :11f. ) Nbk. 346 :10; adi tup-
day x lines r. 3. ) KAV 79 r. 4 (NA schedule of
pi tup-pi amelutti mtati u halqata sa PN u
wine oerings); (sheep skins and iron ob-
kaspu ana fPN 2 inandin arki tup-pi tup-pi
jects) sa tup-pi-s masennu rab iddan the
amelutti fPN 2 tadaggal until further notice,
chief treasurer gives at the appropriate
dead or missing slaves are the responsibil-
time Postgate Royal Grants No. 4244 r. 28u, cf.
ity of PN , and he will give silver to fPN 2,
(pitch given by guards of the well) ibid. r. 30u,
but after such notice the slaves belong to
f (clay given by potters) ibid. r. 31u, see Kataja and
PN 2 VAS 4 27:11., cf. adi tup-pi tup-pi x
Whiting, SAA 12 69 r. 18.; ten shekels of sil-
kaspu PN ana fPN 2 . . . i-da-[d]i(?)-in-ma PN
ver PN abisu igrisu sa tup-pi-s ittisi his
gave(?) fPN 2 x silver until further notice
father PN has taken as his wages for his
ibid. 1; PN PN 2 adi tup-pi ana tup-pi put
term al-Radan 17 243 No. 14 : 9, cf. ibid. 4; un-
nas Nbk. 207:14, see Wunsch Iddin-Marduk 2
cert.: tup-pi-su dullu ina muhhisu etapas
p. 4 No. 4; adi tup-pi-s fPN . . . naspartasu
ABL 706+ r. 4, see Parpola, SAA 1 204.
tallak until further notice fPN will be in
his service VAS 6 92 :1. 3u in Nuzi (ina tuppmisu): ulami 1
immersu ina arhi ssu la elqemi ina du-
eu uncert. occs.: fPN amassu . . . u fPN 2
up-pu--mi-su 1 immersu elteqemi I did not
marassu eniqtu sizbi sa tup-pi-i-s ana x
take a single sheep of his during that
kaspi . . . iddin he sold for x silver his slave
month, I have only taken one of his sheep
woman fPN and her daughter fPN 2, a suck-
at t. AASOR 16 No. 6 : 57 (translit. only).
ling of appropriate age(?) JCS 53 103 : 5 (NB),
see Stolper, ibid. 107; k adi 3 sanati uttatu a c) balance(?) of a period of time:
330 GUR PN ana PN 2 la ittadin libbu summa adi tup-pi satti Dilbat ana libbi Sin
aranatu sa MN sa MU.39.KAM ana tup-pu rub if Venus enters the Moon for the bal-
10 GUR uttatu ana 1 MA.NA kaspi inan ance(?) of the year ACh Supp. 2 Istar 70 :11;
din if PN has not given the said 330 gur adi tup-pi satti amatu kittu during the bal-
(of barley) to PN 2 within three years, then ance(?) of the year there will be a reliable

tuppu A tuppu A 1a

omen decision (the land will prosper) AOS tuh short version 9a11; i g i . l a k . a = MIN (= ha-
67 341 : 57; ertu BE.ME EN tup-p[i] MU a-tu) s DUB Antagal VIII 10; [si-e] [SIG 7] = hu-pu-
s tup-pi A V/3 :198; [. . .] = MIN (= x-x-x-u) s
pregnant women will die during the bal-
tup-pi Nabnitu Q (= XXIII) 8; [d u b] . s g . g a =
ance(?) of the year ibid. 343 r. 34, cf. ibid. MIN (= te-pu-u) s tup-pi Nabnitu B 239.
340 : 47, 341 r. 3; ina GN sunqu ibassi ina tup- i m . g i 4 . a = tup-pu i-sih-ti Hh. X 454; g i .
pi MU(?) there will be famine in Subartu pi s a n .du b, g i .pi s a n . i m . m a, g i .pi s a n .
during(?) the balance(?) of the year ibid. i m . s a r. r a = MIN (= pi-sa-an-nu) tup-pi Hh. IX
337: 21, see Rochberg-Halton, AOS 67 349 note to 51.; i m . u . g u b . b a = U-u = qa-tum s tup-pi
Hg. A II 118, in MSL 7 113; i m . m u . d a . s a 4 ,
line 21.
i m . mu . n e . d u g 4, i m . i g i . d u g 4, i m . z i . d a ,
d) mng. uncert., with ref. to terms of i m . g a r. r a , i m . m . p , i m . g i . p = U-u = qa-
tum s tup-pi Hg. A II 121., in MSL 7 113;
oce: Assur-dan ruled for 46 years PN g a . m . m a . a n .TU = mal-tk-tu sa tup-pi Izi V
tup-pi-s sarruta epus . . . tup-pi-s PN 2 104; [ x . x ] . x . x = MIN (= mas-ka-nu) s DUB Nab-
kuss uktail sad emid PN (his son) exer- nitu K (= XVI) 221; [ g i . x-x]-za-me-inKAB . z . m ,
cised kingship for . . . . (during the nal [ g i .du-u]b-za-me-in d u b . z . m = DUB (vars. tup-tup,
year of his father), PN 2 (PN s brother, de- tup-pu sa) sa-am-me-e Hh. VII B 49f., vars. from
revised edition lines 83uf. and Arnaud Emar 6
ported PN and) held the throne for . . . .
545 : 400; for qan tuppi see s.v.
and then died JNES 13 218 iii 33 and 36, also [d u b n a m . i b i l a . a . n i i n . n a . a n . s a r] :
ibid. 219 :19 and 22 (Khorsabad king list); 6 sar tup-pi aplutisu istursu Ai. III iv 32f.; d u b
rani mar la mammana K tup-pi-s sarruta a 6 . g a . n a b a . a n . g u b : DUB damiqtisu sutur
epus ibid. 214 ii 11 and 215 ii 12, see Grayson, 4R 11 r. 47f.; d u b r. r a . m u : tup-pi sirhija
RLA 6 106.; 3 ITI.ME ina muhhi tup-pi-s SBH 100 No. 54 : 5f.; d u b l l . l . m u : tup-pi zaq
qija ibid. 7f., see Black, Acta Sumerologica (Ja-
ina res saknutuja sa ina kuss sa abija usibu pan) 7 27: 286.
three months . . . ., at the beginning of my pa-s-lum // ina DUB ul s-lim [. . . k]i-na-a-tum //
term as governor, when I took the throne DUB ul s-lim A VIII/2 Comm. 19f., in MSL 14
of my father (hostile tribesmen gathered 504.
and conspired) Bagh. Mitt. 21 343 i 8 (NB
1. (inscribed) tablet (of clay, rarely of
from Suhu).
other materials) a) referring to records
Rowton, JNES 10 184.; Landsberger, JCS 8 of legal process or event, instruments hav-
111.; Boese and Wilhelm, WZKM 71 21.;
Wunsch Iddin-Marduk 2 p. 4f.
ing legal force 1u in gen. au in OA: um
mean abija ana ~lim illikuma tup-p-am sa
tuppu A (tuppu) s. masc. and fem.; 1. (in- ~lim ilqeunimma ab i-Kanis usasmeuma
scribed) tablet (of clay, rarely of other kaspsunu ilqeu my fathers investors went
materials), 2. board, at surface, 3. in- to the City (Assur), obtained a tablet (with
scription; from OAkk. on; Sum. lw.; pl. the ocial verdict) of the City, and made
tuppatu, tuppu, tuppanu; wr. syll. and DUB, my father hear it read out in Kanis, thus
IM, IM.DUB; cf. qan tuppi, tuppu A in bt they received their silver Veenhof AV 4 : 44;
tuppi, tuppu A in mar bt tuppi. tup-pu-um sa sbutini the tablet (record-
ing) our deposition Kltepe n/k 1930 : 3, cited
i m . m u , i m . d u b , i m . s a r , i m . s a r. r a = tup- Donbaz, Veenhof AV 90 n. 34, cf. (in broken con-
pu Hh. X 438.; i-mi IM = tup-pu Idu II 346.
text) tup-p-am sa sbutim sa [. . .] JSOR 11
du-ub DUB = tup-pu A III/5 : 4; du-ub DUB = t-
up-pu Idu II 40; d u b = tup-pu Igituh I 41; DUB = 9 :13; see also sbutu mng. 2a2u; ina tup-p-
tup-pu Arnaud Emar 6 537: 393 (S a Voc.). im sa ina bab ilim PN u PN 2 iknukuninni
ka-am KAD 5 = tup-pu A VIII/1 :11. TCL 20 130 :15u, for other refs. see babu A
i m . g i 4 . a = MIN (= e-se-hu) s DUB Antagal G mng. 1c4uau, cf. also tup-p-im sa dn ~lim
53; [d u b] . z . e r = MIN (= se-e-ru) sa tup-p Nab-
ibid. 21u; tup-p-am sa dn karim Kanis BIN
nitu E (= VII) 278; d m, [d u b] . d m = MIN (= e-
pe-su) sa DUB u GI tup-p ibid. 123f.; i g i . k r = 4 112 :7; tup-pu-um harmum sa dn karim
MIN (= ba-ru-u) s tup-pi, = MIN, MIN s tup-pi Igi- N. zg and Tunca Kltepe-Kanis Bullae 296 Kt


tuppu A 1a tuppu A 1a

93/k 273, cf. ibid. 301 Kt 94/k 1062; tup-pu-um and let them remain in your house TCL 14
annium sa mamt PN this tablet with the 15 : 27; DUB sa umusu maluni summa kas
deposition of PN made under oath CCT 5 pam utarrakkum tup-pu-su amurma summa
14b : 24; tup-pu-um annm sa migrat PN PN 2 umusu etatqu kaspam u sibatisu sasqilsu (as
u PN 3 sa ns ~lim itmni this tablet of for) the tablet (recording a debt) whose
agreement between PN , PN 2, and PN 3 about term is due, if he returns the silver to
which they took an oath by the City TCL you, examine his tablet, and if his term
21 216B:7 (case of tablet); tup-p-am sa mamt has expired, then have him pay the silver
PN nihrim BIN 6 29 : 26; pay the silver sum and the interest on it VAS 26 31 : 27.; am
ma la kam tup-pu-a tup-pu-a otherwise my makam tup-p-i sa a-PN habbulakuni bt PN 2
tablets remain my tablets C 11 : 29 (courtesy ibassi . . . ina erabikunu tup-p-am sesiama
B. Landsberger); [tu]p-pu-su sa 1 MA.NA [sa] . . . sebilanim my tablet recording that I
~lim tup-pu-su-ma ICK 2 71 :10f.; tup-pu-su owe a debt to PN is still there in PN 2s
sa x K.BABBAR sa sumi PN udd tup-pu- house, when you (pl.) enter (the house) ob-
su tup-pu-su-ma TCL 21 249 :16.; tup-p-i sa tain the tablet and send it to me CCT 4
qatatija tup-p-ma my tablet concerning my 17a : 4 and 9; they will enter the house of PN
guarantorship is indeed my tablet VAS 26 tup-p-su ilammudu and (there) they will
76 :7f.; summa tup-p-am ula sb usteli if scrutinize his tablets VAS 26 116A: 9 (case)
he has produced either a tablet or wit- and 116B: 8 (tablet), see MVAG 33 No. 274; tup-
nesses BIN 4 147:18; ummi tup-p-im sa ka p babti kaspija a tablet recording my sil-
rim nukl we are holding the original tab- ver assets TCL 19 29 : 30, cf. RA 59 154 : 5, TCL
let of the karu RA 60 99 :13; ana tup-p-im 19 62 : 26; tup-pu-um sa beulat PN CCT 5
annm PN ana PN 2 ammimma sumsu la itu 19b :10, and passim, see beulatu; tup-p-am sa
ar PN will not come back to PN 2 because of naruq PN u PN 2 tablet concerning the part-
anything with regard to this tablet CCT 1 nership between PN and PN 2 Dalley Edin-
9a :13; adi meher tup-p[-i]m sa dannatija ta burgh No. 8 :13; elan tup-p-e sa tarkistim (see
sammeu (see dannatu mng. 2) BIN 6 162 : 3, tarkistu) CCT 5 9b : 23; heed my orders tup-
cf. ibid. 69 :16; mehrat tup-p-im annm eqlam p-e-a zakkma PN umakkal la isahhur have
ettiq TCL 1 239 :16, cf. CCT 1 1a : 37; tup-pu sa my tablets cleared and PN should not tarry
sbeja u mehrusunu ammakam ibassiu the even a single day TCL 14 4 : 24; 2 tup-p sa
tablets concerning my witnesses and their bab ilim assu[mi] PN PN 2 nasakkunu[ti]
duplicates are there KTS 1 40 : 33, cf. BIN 6 BIN 6 43 : 6; 3 tup-p-a PN ublakkum 2 tup-p-
96 :14, Matous Festschrift 1 106 :14 and 17; (wit- e PN 2 ublakkum TCL 4 19 : 6f., and passim with
nesses) ina tup-p-su na-lu-ni who are lying abalu; tup-p-a lusernikkum (see ar A v.
on (i.e., sealing) his tablet Kltepe 91/k 362 : 9, mng. 3b) KTS 1 40 : 26; summa tup-p-am sa
cf. ina tup-p-k PN u PN 2 na-lu Kltepe a/k sabae . . . tablam Matous Prag I 446 : 25; see
264 :12 (both courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); tup-pu-k also seb v. mng. 1c; kaspam PN sabbiama u
sa sep PN lassu BIN 4 28 : 3; tup-p amrama tup-p leqeama i-libbi tup-p-a sukna satisfy
inspect (pl.) my tablet TuM 1 5c :12; tup- PN with silver, obtain my tablet (of pay-
p-am isten petema sitamme [isten] tup-p- ment) and store it with my tablets ibid. I
am kail open and listen carefully to one 649 : 8uf.; tup-p-am qati PN isabbat he will
tablet, keep the other tablet safe HUCA 39 take the tablet which pertains to the share
32 L29573 case 12ff.; ana bt PN nerubma tup- of PN CCT 4 25a : 31; tup-pu-su ina libbi tup-
p nubarrima we entered PN s house and p-a-ma libsi let his tablet be kept with
checked the tablets Matous Prag I 580 : 8; en- my tablets CCT 2 10 : 57, cf. ibid. 62; assumi
ter PN s house and tup-p-a attunu putrama tup-p-im annm abuka ana abini usebilam
Kltepe n/k 405 : 5 (courtesy C. Gnbatti); tup-p- because of this tablet your father sent (the
e-a leqema ina btika libsiu take my tablets silver) to our father CCT 1 45 : 30, cf. ibid. 32;

tuppu A 1a tuppu A 1a

tup-p-am sa tamkarim TCL 19 52 : 4; ana asammema tup-p-am ana sapartim iddi CCT
tamkarim habbulati tup-p-am anaku ukl 3 42b : 3.; tup-p-am sa hubul PN nusessm
you owe (gold) to the creditor, I am hold- ma u napalatisu adi 5 umim zakussa isti PN
ing the tablet TCL 20 86 :7; tamalak pita u PN 2 nisapparakkum (see napaltu) CCT 3
ma tup-p-am sa x K.BABBAR sa hubul PN 12b :14; x gold sa hubul PN ana tup-p-a utah
u PN 2 u x K.GI sa PN 3 nadi sebilanim u hiuni isahhir BIN 6 183 : 23; kaspam suati
ina tup-p akkusutim . . . sa x K.BABBAR ana libbi tup-p-a PN utahhi (see teh mng.
tup-p-am sa PN 4 u tappaesu u sa x K. 4a) TCL 14 34 :12; sina tup-p-an sa hubul
BABBAR tup-pu-um sa PN 5 u sunuti sebi PN . . . tup-p-an kilallan ana PN 2 illaka
lanim TCL 14 31 : 4. and 14.; tup-pu- an tup-p-en ana PN 2 piqda two tablets con-
niutum akkusu (see akasu mng. 3a) CCT 5 cerning a credit taken by PN , both tablets
18d : 3, cf. tup-pu harrumutum akkusutum are going to PN 2, entrust the two tablets to
Kltepe 88/k 178 : 6 (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ), cf. PN 2 TCL 14 19 : 6 and 11.; mehram sa tup-p-
also T. zg Kltepe-Kani 2 pl. 50 1a Kt r/k a lu sa nuae lu sa tamkarutim a duplicate
17: 6;tup-p-am sa x K.BABBAR sm PN of my tablet, either that of native or (As-
ana PN 2 . . . apqid I entrusted to PN 2 the syrian) agents VAS 26 44 : 5, see Michel Innaya
tablet concerning x silver, the purchase 2 No. 157, cf. ICK 2 102 : 2; (various tablets)
price of (the slave) PN TCL 4 81 : 30; summa 27 tup-pu ina tamalakim rabm saknu 27
la 2 sina tup-p-e-en PN u PN 2 VAS 26 47: 25; tablets which are placed in the large box
in all, x silver sa 3 tup-p (recorded) on Kltepe 92/k 213 : 39, cf. Kltepe 92/k 230 : 22,
three tablets BIN 4 189 :11; istenis 5 tup- 232 : 22 (courtesy K. R. Veenhof ); wabil tup-p-
pu- sa kunukkija kilasunu ina libbi tup- im sut tamkarum the bearer of the tablet
p-a suknasunu (tablets of mine concerning is the creditor OIP 27 56 :7, also CCT 1 1a : 36,
debts of silver and copper) in all, ve tab- Kltepe 91/k 203 :15, see Veenhof, JESHO 40 362f.,
lets with my seal impression, hold on to mukail tup-p-im sut tamkaruni Michel and
them and deposit them with my tablets Garelli Kltepe 1 No. 120a : 6.
Kienast ATHE 26 : 9, cf. ibid. 1., cf. TCL 21
275 : 4.;in your house in GN lu kasp lu bu in OB, Mari : a debt concerning x K.
huras lu kasatum sa ikribja lu tup-pu lu BABBAR . . . sa p tup-p-im x K.BABBAR
sahirt lu kitaatum ibsiu (see sahirtu A us- sa la tup-p-im x silver according to a tab-
age a3u) TCL 21 271 : 8; lu kaspam u hu let and x silver for which there is no tab-
rasam lu tup-p-e tamalak TCL 21 270 : 21, let ARMT 23 237:10f., cf. ibid. 23, cf. also ARM
also ibid. 27; lu awlatima ana trti abika 1 130 : 8; [tup]-pa-ti-ia ana puhrim alqeam . . .
ihidma tup-p sa abika sa-s-ir be a gen- tup-pa-ti-ia muru (see puhru mng. 1b3uau)
tleman and heed the instructions of your Studies Landsberger 235 : 30 and 33, see Kraus,
father and guard your fathers tablets KTS AbB 7 153; tup-pa-su sa btam ittika isamu
1 1b :13; a-p tup-p-k kaspam tappalanni in ublamma amurma panam su hesi kunuk
accordance with your tablet, you shall re- kika u 5 sbu ina tup-p satru summa tup-
pay the silver to me MDOG 74 65 r. 10; kas pa-am suati dajan uktallim simdatam ittiqu
pam sa tup-p-su sa PN usasqal BIN 4 34 : 25; nikkum he brought to me his tablet (docu-
tup-p-am sa x K.BABBAR . . . kaspam u menting) that he bought the house from
sibassu lisqulakkimma u tup-p-am usseri you and I inspected it, it is unambiguous,
su[m] as for the tablet concerning (a debt the impression of your seal and (the names
of) x silver, let him pay to you (fem.) the of) ve witnesses are written upon the tab-
silver and the interest on it, then relin- let, if he shows that tablet to the judges,
quish the tablet to him TCL 20 116 : 3 and 8, will they circumvent the law for you? TLB
cf. CCT 3 50a :15; adi tup-p-im sa ana PN ezi 4 82 :12 and 18f.; ermum sa tup-p hepma tup-
bu ula sut illakam ula tup-p-am umam pa-sa isrumuma ana p tup-p-sa labri x

tuppu A 1a tuppu A 1a

SAR ukinnusi (see saramu mng. 1) RA 9 able persons JEN 980 :14; itti tup-pi-su-nu-
22 : 22.; dicult : anumma x K.BABBAR ma ana magannti ana PN attadissunuti
ina NA4 tup-p sumija aknukma ana ser abi HSS 9 35 :13; minumm awle sa Nuzi ina
ja ustabilam herewith I have sent to my KUR Nulluaju illiku tup-pa NA4.KIIB sa
father x silver under my own seal(?) ARMT la nas sabassunutima ina muhhija subilsu
28 97bis : 5; assum 2 tup-p sa x SAR qaqqara nuti seize any people from Nuzi who have
tim concerning the two documents record- come from the land of Nullu who are not
ing four sar of building ground PBS 7 104 :13; bearing a tablet or a sealed document, and
k DUB eqlim sa marat PN aplata you have have them sent to me HSS 14 21 :15; tup-pu
been paid according to the tablet concerning sa btati ssunu HSS 9 110 : 26; summa PN
the (rental) eld of PNs daughter TLB 4 67:4; tup-pa sa eqli annti usell if PN produces
silver and the interest on it sa p tup- the tablet concerning this eld JEN 621 : 34;
pi(var. adds -i)-su tamkaram ippal he shall as for the silver and the gold sa p tup-p
pay to the merchant according to (the terms labri JEN 383 : 46, cf. JEN 950 : 8, JAOS 55 pl. 4
of) his tablet CH s A 21, in Driver and Miles (after p. 431) No. 3 : 6; btati sa p tup-p ann
Babylonian Laws 2 34; aplut marat ahi abija il asar PN alteqemi I have taken the build-
leqema tup-pa-ti-sa iddinamma PBS 7 55 :7, ings from PN according to this tablet HSS
see Stol, AbB 11 55; ezib p DUB-su sa x eqlim 9 21 : 27; silver sa p tup-p PN ana PN 2
sa ana PN kulmastim iddinu Renger AV utarru u eqelsu ileqqe HSS 9 98 : 24, cf. HSS 9
610 : 21; ana kma kank tup-p kl keep my 20 :19; dajanu tup-pa-ti sa simumaki sa fPN
tablet in lieu of my sealed document YOS 2 istem JEN 333 : 38; tup-pu eqleti sa GN HSS
107:11, cf. Kraus AbB 1 21 : 26, PBS 7 71 : 34, see 9 34 case 1 (entire text on case to a eld transfer);
ana sbut awatika tup-pa-
Stol, AbB 11 71 r. 6u; tup-pa-tum.ME sa immerati muddsu sa
ka lu(text su)-us-s-ur Sumer 14 45 No. 21 :16; L.ME SIPA.ME-ti tablets concerning
tem tup-pa-tim u ksim ina girrim mahrm sheep, delivery due by the herdsmen HSS
supranim send me a report about the (debt 13 278 :1; tup-pa sa leti EN 9/1 448 : 9, for
note) tablets and the money at hand with other refs. see letu; ana PN 1 GEM u 1
the next caravan CT 29 34 r. 21; I gave x ANE ana jsi tidennu itti tup-p-su . . . ana
barley to PN tup-pa-su nasiakuma LIH 24 : 9; PN 2 attadin HSS 19 121 :7, also ref. to tiden
(he owes x barley) ezub p tup-p-su apart nutu : tup-pu sa PN u sa PN 2 asar PN 3 asbu
from (the debt) per his (earlier) loan tablet tablet(s) concerning PN and PN2 who live
Boyer Contribution 56 H.E. 211 : 2, also UCP 10 (as pledges) with PN 3 JEN 534 :1, cf. ibid. 5;
100 No. 23 : 3; kma p tup-p kaspam luddin tup-p sa PN u sa PN 2 sa GN PN 3 ilteqe JEN
[x]-ka a-na L. Isin lu ana sa Babili sa ta 532 :1; [1] tup-pu sa [PN ] 1 tup-pu sa PN 2 . . .
sappara TCL 18 151 : 32 (coll. K. R. Veenhof ); 2 tup-pu sa PN 3 PN 4 PN 5 . . . ann tup-pu
ezub tup-pi-su panm VAS 8 39 : 3; ina tup-p- PN 6 [l]eqi JEN 521 : 2f., 12, 17, cf. HSS 15 285 :1,
su labrim BE 6/1 105 : 3; PN tup-pa-ni-su 3, 6; ina tup-pa-[ti.ME PN ] 2 tup-pa-t[.ME
sab-tum-ma PN is holding his tablets MDP PN 2] 2 tup-pa-t.ME PN 3 2 tup-pa-t.ME
24 369 : 8; for nasi tuppi(su) in OB and Elam, PN 4 2 tup-pa-t.ME PN 5 [ilqe] from among
see nas A mng. 2d1u. the tablets (pertaining to the assets) of PN
(their father), PN 2 took two tablets, PN 3
cu in Nuzi : PN tup-pu ssunu ana pani
took two tablets, PN 4 took two tablets, and
dajane usteli u iltasi PN produced and read
PN 5 took two tablets RA 23 144 No. 7:1.,
out those tablets before the judges Jankow-
also ibid. 146 No. 15 :7.
ska, Peredneaziatskij Sbornik 2 p. 486 No. 51 :15, cf.
ibid. 13; tup-pu sa PN ana pani dajane ilteq du in Emar, RS, Alalakh : tup-pu ann
JEN 399 : 23, cf. ibid. 33, JEN 385 :18, 651 : 27; ileesu anumma tup-pu istu ku[nuk] RN sar
tup-pa-t u mudti tablets and knowledge- GN u istu ku[nuk sar] GN 2 kanku PN u[kl


tuppu A 1a tuppu A 1a

summ]a PN tup-pa.ME ssu[nu use]ll tup- tablet concerning x barley, in which tablet
pu ann il[eesun]uti this tablet will pre- the name of fPN is entered (as pledge) and
vail against him (who challenges in court), which is issued to the debit of PN 2, x eld
PN is in possession of a tablet sealed with has been entered in that tablet as pledge,
the seal of RN , the king of GN , and with now PN 3 has handed over that tablet to PN 4
the seal of the king of GN 2, should PN pro- in full consideration of the debt KAJ
duce those tablets, this tablet will prevail 165 : 2.; for nasi tuppisu see nas A mng.
over them Arnaud Emar 6 201 : 34., cf. ibid. 2d1u.
202 :13., 121 :11, 124 : 20, and passim; tup-pu la
f u in MB: ana eseri qat PN tup-pa PN 2
bru ina bt [belisu] sakin summa ina arkt mahir gabar i-tu PN 3 sakin PN 2 received
um tup-pu ill tup-pu ann ilaesu ibid. the tablet for collection by PN , a duplicate
76 :15 and 17; tup-pu gammuru a valid tablet
was deposited with PN 3 PBS 2/2 75 : 21;
Arnaud Emar 6 194 : 25, cf. ibid. 13, cf. also tup-
(after date formula) DUB PN (ref. to a
pa sa gammuri ibid. 90 :16, also 85 : 34; DUB 3 debt note) ibid. 82 : 8.
GN [. . .] ibid. 26 :1; summa ina a